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The job..............

Money was tight again, and i was sick of counting change every friday.
There hiring at the sunshine (name changed lol) bar, my partner said.
You have got to be joking i stammered....that place is full of dirty old men and i have heard some horror stories.
Oh well he said, just thought i would say.
Im in my early 30s a bit chubby but can still turn a head when i put my mind to it.

Another friday came and went and i thought about what my partner had said, whats the harm in just calling i told myself.
I spoke to a man called paul who said to come down saturday lunchtime.
I got dressed an... Continue»
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An Anonymous Relationship Pt 5

I woke up to the sound of the front door shutting at my parent's farmhouse. I looked and watched Stacy sl**ping peacefully when I heard my Dad's pickup rumble to life. I quickly looked out the window to see him driving away.

"Now where is he going to?" I wondered as I lay back down on the bed.

Again I looked at my blonde friend as she lay on her side with her back to me. My father's flannel shirt was pulled up and I could see her ass covered by her thin blue panties. I started to wonder again what it would be like to have sex with another woman.

Stacy had always just been a friend to ... Continue»
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Storys I like: Fun with My Mother in Laws Sexy Fee

Fun with My Mother in Laws Sexy Feet

In the 5 years since I first met my future Mother in Law Kathy, I had had many opportunities to admire her sexy feet in her support tights and had built up a nice collection of her tights, knickers, bras and even a pair of her shoes. Whenever I got the opportunity I would wear and wank into her soiled tights and knickers.
Things had moved on and I had married my girlfriend and we had moved into our own place which meant that I was seeing less of Mother in Law. Apart from calling in at the weekend I hardly saw her. Then one weekend I was chatt... Continue»
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Some private time

My cell phone rang it was Jonny. "Hi". It was the third time he'd called already but this was a social call, not another question about our homework.
We had been in the same class since we started school but only became friends about six months ago when we discovered we had exacting tastes in nearly everything. We knew every secret, we share every fantasy, absolutely everything.
Jonny had given me the usb stick on Wednesday, telling me it was the new film starring his favourite milf that he'd downloaded. We always shared porn both of us considered ourselves addicted. At fifteen though we w... Continue»
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Jack & Jessie part 3

This weekend has been amazing! Having Amy over and sharing Jack with her was awesome. God, we must’ve fucked in every room in the house! It was so nice to be able to be filled up with a massive dog cock, then have a sexy teen girl lick his cum from my pussy. And then, to be able to watch her get fucked, and drink Jack’s cum right out of her honeypot? My GOD! It was so hot. But, unfortunately, it had to end. Sunday morning, her mom called and said that they were going to dinner at a relative’s house, and Amy had to go with them, and she was to head home right away. After a little bargaining, sh... Continue»
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Girl Friend and I Become Step... #3

Girlfriend and I Become Step… #3

Nestlé and I kept Nancy nude like we were every day after that first time we included Nancy in our sex time, the day she barged in on us hiding from her boyfriend, and at night we would put Nancy in the bed with us, putting her on one side of me and Nestlé on the other side of me, when we slept. Nancy got into the routine of saying, “I have a little sexy ass butt” every time she had to turn her back toward me for whatever reason every day, like I told her to do, which I did it to get her to believe the truth about herself, and not the lie that her ex had h... Continue»
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Fun with mother-in-law

Fun with mother-in-law


My mother in law is 76 years old and has problems getting around so my wife is constantly asking me to drive her around so she can do everything that she needs to. Usually when she gets home she gives me a instant lottery ticket.

One day she handed over the ticket and I said to her "You don't have to keep doing that...."

She assured me it was some sort of payment for driving her around but I interupted her ".... there are other ways you can repay me". I ran my hand o... Continue»
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Kennel Girl

It's kinda weird how it happened I guess. I was always interested in dogs but just a normal everyday kind of interest nothing “K9”, but I'm getting a head of myself. I didn't event know it was called that back then. All I knew was I wanted a dog and I had pestered and pestered to try and get one for ages promising to take care of him and exercise him everyday but my parents just wouldn't bend, “No” was the answer. Finally, after months of pleading, they made a bargain with me, if I took a job at a kennel and worked there for the summer they'd consider letting me get a rescue dog. It was b... Continue»
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Saturday at Work

So being spoiled by my Mon-Fri job, i am pissed when i have to go in on Saturday and catch up.

Last Saturday I walked in to find Cheri crying in Sandy's office. Of course she was the only one in the office,being the weekend. Cheri is in her late 40's, short curly red hair, 5'1, plump with an average face (not naughty at all) and a BIG, albeit lumpy, ass. Her pants were somewhat tight and when she bends over, her button shirt treats you to a nice set of pale white D cups. She has 3 daughters (all of which are teen moms)

"You okay, Cheri?" I asked, peeking my head in the door.

"Not... Continue»
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English Class

English Class
I was 28 years old and decided to go back to college to finish my 4 year degree. I was taking all the night school courses possible before asking my employer to let me take some day courses.
The first night of class I got there early after work and sat in the room until others started showing up. The room had about 15 people in it when “she” walked in. She was about 19 or 20, great figure, wearing a dress, nice tits and a come hither smile. She stopped as she came into the room and glanced around the room. She saw me sitting on the far side of the room and came over and ... Continue»
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The Musings of Girl Readying Herself to be Fucked

It's past midnight when my mobile phone rings, it's my husband, he has picked up a man and wants him to stay the night with us.
Inwardly I groan, 'I'm bl**dy tired darling', I meekly complain down the line, 'I'm in bed, you just woke me up', I fruitlessly complain, but I know in my heart and soul, my husband has an idea, one that my naked body with a complete stranger enjoying it, will only suffice, he wants a good wank session watching me submit to men, and hear me beg them to have a baby.

He hangs up, and they are on their way. I can't imagine what men talk about, especially if the stran... Continue»
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Summer transformation Part 1

My jaw hit the floor as I read the first email I ever received from John. My mind twisted, heart raised, and my pussy pulsed repeatedly.

A week earlier I had posted an ad on craigslist... One of those late night d***ken fantasy ads where you spill your darkest desires, wake up the next morning and think "wow... I really am a pervert!" My ad was placed M4M, M4MM, M4MW, and T4M. I wrote:

" 18 year old looking to experiment. 5'5", 170, naturally smooth. School is out so I have lots of free time, super horny all the time, looking to learn. Discretion is a must, can`t host, love mature ... Continue»
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A Commitment is a Commitment

It was my mothers 38th birthday in two weeks and I had been searching for a book she used to have from school, she had often told me about it. And one day she went into the loft to get it to show me. I had been showing an interest in poetry, which had surprised her greatly, me being Mr Macho and all that.

She called to me and I climbed the ladder. We hadn't been up there for years and had forgotten how much junk she and my dad had collected, but she couldn't find the book anywhere. We even stripped it nearly, we had a real clear out and lots of fun doing it, finding all sorts of forgotten t... Continue»
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Conversation with Ella

Ella is desperate for her sons.

I received this email some time ago. It speaks for itself. But the exchange ended abruptly. Read on!

OMG ...Thank you!

I just finished A Conversation Online with Rene and am absolutely exhausted. I've carried a passion for i****t erotica for longer than I can remember hon. I'm married, with two sons, and live in what could be best described as Mayberry West, so it's obvious a fantasy I've hidden from all. Finding Literotica was such a treat and finding so many female authors on the subject of i****t has been wonderful. I certainly enjoyed many of your s... Continue»
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Cousin's Apartment

My cousin's apartment is on the fifth floor. So carrying up my desk is no easy task per say. See, I am going to be staying with her for a couple weeks before I go to the college that I am transferring too. I'm 22, went to community college for a couple years but am now going to a university. Though I can't move into my place there for about sixteen more days and where I was living, the lease is up and I needed somewhere to go. No way would I go back to living with either my mom or my dad at this point. So here seemed like the best bet.

Getting to the top of the stairs (desk isn't that heavy... Continue»
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My Sexual Fantasy became a Reality

When we masturbate there is a little bit of us that drifts off into the unknown. As a young girl, my d***k father(Who had fallen asl**p) let me watch a porn movie, where a girl was passed around a large group of older men, and repeatedly ****d, over and over.

As I sat wide eyed and realised what my vagina was for, I found myself touching it repeatedly, as my father snored in his chair. I had made the connection between forcible sex, and passive sex, and the more I dwelt on it, I found I enjoyed having my **** fantasy.

A few years later as I went into a local toilet I was confronted by a ... Continue»
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In & Out

So after the the session with Tina, my wife had taken to letting a small and very select group of friends have access to to me for sexual favors. She had sent me over to Tina’s a few more times and let another friend of hers who wanted to lean how to peg her husband use me to to practice on but aside from that no one else. One evening she informed me that she was letting Jane (for whom we had thrown a very sexual bachelorette party) use me for a evening. She went on to explain that while the favor was for Jane it was actually her new husband Daniel that I would be playing with.

Turns out Ja... Continue»
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Jack & Jessie part 2

Amy let herself into the house. She and Jessie had been friends since grade school, and knocking had fallen by the wayside. “Jess! Saw you were home alone, and came to hang out!” Amy was puzzled, there was part of a pizza on the coffee table, bottle of wine, and moaning coming from the back of the house.

“OMG! She brought a boy over, and got her cherry popped!” Amy thought giddily. “I gotta sneak a peak, and see who it is.” So she quietly made her way down the hallway to Jessie’s room, and cracked the door.
What she saw was more of a shock than she would have ever expected. A giant Dane ha... Continue»
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Asifa 10/10

Jim was standing next to me when he grabbed my left nipple between his thumb and index finger. He yanked up with such f***e I winced in pain and bit my lower lip until bl**d trickled down my chin. It felt like my perky B-cup breast was going to tear off he pulled so strongly. He reached down with his free hand a produced a large, rusty pair of scissors that were once used to cut chicken bones at the diner.
They were dull... exceedingly dull in fact. Whereas a sharp pair would have gone through my delicate flesh without much effort, Jim had to make repeated attempts cutting off my small nipple... Continue»
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An Anonymous Relationship IV

"I think we should have long talk, Heather." Said the voice of my friend Stacy.

My fingers gripped my steering wheel as my heart raced with fear. What did my friend know?

"Ok, we can talk at my place." I said.

"I will see you there." She replied as the call ended.

The drive home was longest of my life as I wondered just what my best friend now knew. Had she followed me to the porn store? Did she know that I had been having sex tonight? What if she knew my father was in there too?

I pulled into the drive leading to my parent’s farmhouse. I could see Stacy's headlights follow me t... Continue»
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