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Morning with Melissa

So you think having sex three times in one night would be enough, but sometimes for me its not. This starts with my wife having a bit too much to drink, and leading her to be very horny. I was in bed, when she stumbled in and climbed right up on me. Three hours later she is asl**p and I am drained. So I head out to the living room, watch some tv and check my texts. At 4am, didn't think I have any, but I had one message. It was from Melissa, a s****r of my wife's best friend. She only text me if she was straight out bored, d***k, or depressed. It turns out she was two out of three. I text her ... Continue»
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Mom’s surrogacy contract

Hi Readers. My name is Royden, 21 years old student, and I today share the story of me and my 43 year old mom. For about three years, I and my biological mother are in a sexual relationship. I encountered sexual intercourse with my mother when she was married to dad. We maintained our relation in secrecy for almost a year. It was getting difficult for mom so maintain her relationship with both me and dad, sharing her body with two males. So she decided to choose one, and I got lucky. Mom wanted a divorce from dad but couldn’t l... Continue»
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MEGHA – The Matured Horny Divorcee !

It was my b*****r’s marriage when I first saw her. She was tall, fair, long black hairs, well build, wearing an orange colored netted saree and a reasonable amount of jewellery. I was wondering “who is she?” most of the time standing near the bride. I moved through the crowd towards the stage to get a closer look. My eyes were sparkling when I saw her. She was looking damn beautiful. I realized she was wearing a Mangalsutra that too was of great designing work but I didn’t see sindoor is her head, which generally an Indian marr... Continue»
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Divorced Lady From Online Chat to Bed

I am from Jaipur, India and I want all u to read my experience and give response…and if anyone are unsatisfied with there partners. Please contact me for this wonderful service…any aunties, bhabhies, girls, I would love to help them and secrecy is guaranteed.

Hey there friends myself gautam. I’m 23 year old guy from Jaipur. I have an athletic ripped body with some really fair and hot looks. My height is 5’11″ and my tool is as big as 8 and 2’5 cm thick I am doing fashion designing course from a well reputed college. This is
... Continue»
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Lucky Night With Bubbly Aunty

Hello all, I am male 25 from Hyderabad. This incident happened 1yr back, coming to story One Lucky night I was going to room from office its around 8.30pm need to catch bus. So I was walking alone towards bus stop a car stopped by and a beautifully aunty asked for directions usually I don’t know much routes in Hyderabad but the address she asked is towards my room. I politely told her address but I observed that there is some confusion in face.

So I asked madam, I need to go the same direction if you don’t mind can join yo
... Continue»
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As the hair brush lashed down on Vicky's arse the pain was so bad, Vicky wanted to scream out loud with all her might.
Anna lashed her over and over till her arm grew weak.
Vicky's whole arse was red raw and burning like hell. Vicky was whimpering and sobbing her cheeks swollen and tear stained.
She had almost chewed the used tampon to bits as Anna flailed her arse with the big wooden hair brush.
She lay over the desk sobbing her little heart out, as Anna sat on the bed panting for breath after her hard work.
Her hair tossed and her face almost as red as Vicky's without the tears... Continue»
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Young Wife Learns To like Anal

My wife Karen is a petite 5’2 gorgeous brunette. When we met when she was just 23 a recently divorced young mother of two who apparently had been married to a guy who knew nothing about sex which was fortunate for me. I got to teach Karen everything about good sex and her own body. She had her first orgasm after I had fucked her for about half-an-hour. After that she was hooked, she was a former ballet dancer in high school and she knew dance moves that she used during sex that would drive any man wild. When we first met I was teaching her how to give a blow job and she asked “what do you do w... Continue»
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Silver-Haired Devil

I’m a 59 year rather distinguished looking silver-haired guy who recently lost about 25 pounds. Ever since, MILF’s and GILF’S have been eyeing me wherever I go, some even approach me and strike up a conversation whether it is at the grocery store, the casino and even in waiting rooms. Finally, Kathy a busty 27 year old co-worker said hey Tom “you silver-haired devil” since you lost that weight you look really handsome, if I was thirty years older I’d bed you down”.

I was surprised, but I thought “hell, I haven’t gotten laid in three years”!!! One Saturday I went to a craft fair and bough... Continue»
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Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 2

Part 1 concluded with the arrival at LHR (London Heathrow Airport). For a better understanding you should read the previous part first.

We had rent a two bedroom flat, one bedroom for me, one bedroom for my stepson and a living room.
The rooms of flats are really small in London.

The “best” thing was the shower which was a tub and then covered with a curtain. It was a chamber-like room without a door. At least the WC was separated and ok.

My strategy was to use the shower when my step-son would not be at home to avoid embarrassing situations.

We couldn't renovate the flat much bec... Continue»
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Still in his apartment

I woke up with the feeling of wetness around my dick. Still groggy I thought I wet the bed, and tried to get up but I was held down. I looked around and realized I was in my friends apartment. I looked down to see he had my dick in his mouth. He sucked me till I came, that's when I woke up. Using his fingers he milked my balls till I was dry. When my limp dick fell out of his mouth he looked up and smiled. He wiped his mouth and brought his hand to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked my own cum off his fingers. He leans over and kissed me on the lips. Again I tasted my cum on his lips a... Continue»
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"I want to have sex in the elevator."

It’s the middle of the night. I’m sl**ping soundly. Then suddenly, I’m awakened by the lights in Caroline’s bedroom. I say “What the …” and sit up to see Caroline, naked, rifling through her closet. She says “Get up!” I ask “What for?”

"I want to have sex in the elevator."

Still half asl**p, not thinking clearly, and not entirely certain of what I just heard, I ask “… with me?”

She stops what she’s doing, faces me, stands with her fists on her hips, fully displaying her slim figure, small tits, trimmed pubic hair and tanlines, and gives me a look of exasperation. I smile, my 9 inch bo... Continue»
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The Benefits of Having Bathroom Troubles part 3

First of all, I noticed some people disliking part 2, which I can only assume is because they are stuckup cunts that think the stuff they get off on is so much more wholesome. You can use the high horse to go somewhere comfy so you can at that location fuck yourself.

Meanwhile, a few of us are going to revel in the wonder of paying highly trained professionals to place their hands upon their genitals.

When I went to my dermatologist to have my skin tags removed she had a young, super cute average looking Midwestern chick taking notes for her.

'Alexis is training to be a doctor, do yo... Continue»
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Accidental Intromission

Since Dad left us Mom and I had settled into an "It's us against the world" mode even though we knew it was not true. We had f****y and friends to support us including Dad's mom, however our attitude brought us closer together.

Mom and I had an easy love. We kissed and hugged often for no particular reason other than to show how much we loved each other. I do not remember when our soft, lingering lip-to-lip kisses started but to me it seemed that I had enjoyed them my whole life. Partial nudity had also been common in our household and we had each caught glimpses of the other naked.

Yet ... Continue»
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Be-cumming a School Girl - rewrite

Be-cumming a School Girl - Rewrite

From the time I was 5 or 6 I would sneak into the lodger’s bedroom after she had left for work. I would dress up in her lingerie and climb into her warm bed. It just felt so good wearing silky clothes which felt so delicate against my skin. I just loved to feel feminine. If anyone looked in I would pull the covers up to my neck to hide what I was wearing. A few years later I would be wearing my elder s****r’s panties and occasionally my mother’s when she was out. I guess she was suspicious because one day my s****r caught me out and paraded me in front o... Continue»
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My Lovely s*s

In our country one of the normal things is to go to the sauna, at least once a week. This means that the f****y strips nude and goes into a small room with a temperature of around 90 degrees Celsius, that is quite close to the boiling point of water. You sit there for about a quarter of an hour getting warmer by the minute. You start sweating, the sweat running down your entire body. That is one thing you don’t feel embarrassed about. What you might feel embarrassed about is if you get a hard on in the midst of your f****y with parents b*****rs and s****rs around. Alas, at some stage when the ... Continue»
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I fucked my ex boyfriends dad.

So this story is one i haven't told too many people, because in all honesty it's one i like to keep to myself, or to my own "wank bank." but since you're all such good boys i thought i'll share it with you to add yours. i'll call it "my boyfriend's dad." this goes back to when i was with my first real boyfriend around my teen years (wont say the age). my boyfriend at the time had a dad who was one of the biggest flirts i've ever met. bigger than i am. yes, hard to believe. but anyway, he was a womanizer in all respects, even down to shamelessly hitting on my own mother. regardless, i liked him... Continue»
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b*o & s*s together

My plane got in at 10.00 am, and I lashed out on a taxi to take me to see Mum. I'd phoned ahead, and she was waiting to see me. I got a big kiss and a very motherly hug when I arrived.

"How long can you stay, Scott? It's been so long since you were home."

"I'm sorry, Mum," I apologised, "I've got to fly out to Melbourne this evening -- I start my contract on Monday, but it's only six months, and then I hope I can come back."

"Oh, pooh," Mum voiced her disappointment in the usual way, but she knew I wasn't going to be able to stay for long. I'd recently finished my IT degree, and some... Continue»
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Her thanksgiving Memory

It was Thanksgiving holiday I would never forget. We were all gathered at a relative's house for the big day, a dozen or so f****y members at once in the large, rambling mansion on the Main Line of Philadelphia. Many of us got there one or two days ahead of time.

I was 18 at the time, there with my mom and dad, and also staying were my mom's s****rs, Aunt Barbara and Aunt Linda, two very attractive and physically fit older women in their early 60s.

And it turns out, very competitive women. They would talk and laugh about their youthful competitions for boyfriends, the best clothes, good ... Continue»
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Everyone gets to fuck the Bride and Groom –

I met the sweetest and cutest girl in the world. I couldn’t believe my luck. She was from a South American country that will go unnamed. Along with this girl came some of the strangest customs that I had ever imagined. She was worth it through.

She was dead set on remaining a virgin until the week of her wedding. She never really explained why the week, not the night, of her wedding. When I would ask her, she always found a way to skirt the subject.
... Continue»
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Me, Holly and Christine

This is my first attempt at writing a porn story, open to constructive criticism/tips! There will be more to come if people like this one. This is not a true story, pure fantasy.

When I was 20 I was going out with an 18 year old girl called Holly. Holly wasn't the most traditionally beautiful girl in town, but she had incredible 36DD tits and a perfect round arse, which on her 5'2" size 14 frame made her incredibly fuckable and we had a lot of fun together. She had great come fuck me eyes and let me do whatever I wanted with her.

Holly still lived at home with her M*m, Christine, and her... Continue»
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