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I was on a trip to Berlin and and as usual had booked a room
with a mature divorced women who advertised one room in her apartment.
I had found around Europe this is common. Most women are looking to generate some extra money
but quite a few enjoy being fucked by a young stud as a bonus.

I rang the doorbell and Greta a 60+ year granny open the door
She had short blonde hair.She was wearing a tight fitting black mini dress with white stockings
and black high heeled shoes.
Her big tits bulged and her tight arse stuck out in her tight short mini dress
I got my familiar tingling in my co... Continue»
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The night which changed me to a slut.

It's Friday night. I am on my way home. When I reached my front door I notice that it unlocked. I slowly walk inside my house. It is dark. I press the light button, but it doesn't work. I call my husband 'Bae? Are you home? Bae?' There is no response. Maybe he is sl**ping. I went to our bedroom but he isn't there.

Then suddenly someone grabs both of my arms and puts a bag over my head. I scream. He throws me with on my bed. And told me to stay quiet or he would hit me. I stopped screaming. I can hear men talking and laughing. If I have to guess it is 10 or more guys.

They ripped a hole ... Continue»
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Bookstore Meeting

I could not stop staring at this guy at the bookstore. He was a well-built b*****r, in his 50’s about 6’2” and was looking a ladyboy magazines. I asked his name and he answered “Rob”, talked had went to the bar a few steps over and had a few drinks. After getting to know each other some we caught a cab back to his place. As soon as I opened the door he smacked me on the ass when I went past him. We sat for a while then he started stoking his dick through his pants. I told him I wanted to see it, he said once he takes it out it’s not going back in. I said okay, he told it out and damn that was ... Continue»
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christmas party....

23 rd December the annual works night out. 3 directors off the company myself being one. 5 lads who work for us ages between 19 and 38.
I was the youngest director at 41, so always stayed out later than the other 2.
The night had been good fun , lots of shots, cocktails , pints of every strong larger possible.
It was around 3pm, a few of the lads had left.
Shaun 25, Lee 22 and myself was left. Both had girlfriends but that hadn't bothered them all night getting numbers , pulling girls all night long. I told them I didn't want to cramp there style so would go back to the hotel we had all ch... Continue»
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The Benefits of Having Bathroom Troubles Part 2

So first I had to make an appointment with a doctor that specializes in gynecology and pelvic floor therapy. The day of my gyno appointment, I had my little hidden recorder on so that it would be well documented. I've managed to choose female doctors that are nice looking ladies no older than about 45. The doctor that would be examining my asshole today was no exception.

I also made it a point, I mean they suggested it and all, to wear 'comfortable' clothing. To me, that means a T shirt, some sweat pants, and a nice pair of satin panties underneath. Today I had on grey sweats and some ... Continue»
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A Holiday Surprise Ch. 01

Some time ago I watched a news special about a condition known as sl**p sex.

According to the special, some men and women masturbate, and even engage in sexual activity while sl**ping.

Those who suffer from this condition are usually unaware that they are engaged in sexual activity while sl**ping. They usually find out after their sex partners begin to question them on their strange behavior.

During the special a woman said her Husband would ask her why she masturbated all night long. She said she wasn't even aware that she was doing it.

The interviewer talked to a man's girlfrie... Continue»
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Mature Extreme Tranny Prostitute Part 2

"Yes, but I'm not messing about. If you would like to come then follow me now. I will explain what will happen when we get outside. "
The folder was quickly passed around the five of them, each of them looking at each other- silently asking - should we or shouldn't we?
Dave stood by his car knowing that at least some of them would come.
Eventually, one by one they emerged and started to walk over to Daves car.
I moved the sofa into the centre of the room. It was now facing directly away from the entrance door to my front room. Just as Dave had requested. Everything was in position, I j... Continue»
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Becka, tied up...

I had been told where to find her. “Just go in the back door, down the hall, and go into the room on the left. The light will be on, so you can’t miss it.”

This had been arranged a week ago on the forum I frequent. Becka had solicited me, telling me she had a fantasy she wanted help with. Her husband was in on it, and would leave a camera running so he could watch later. I walked into the room, and she was there as I was told. Her hands were tied, and a blindfold covered her eyes. The dress was blue with spaghetti straps. I could hear her breathing. The room smelled like desire.

I reache... Continue»
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My husbands friend was into BDSM

I had just bathed and settled down to watch a Porn movie and enjoy myself with a bottle of Red, one of the few little treats I give myself, when my husband was away working on the rigs, on his two on and two off schedule.

I had spoke with him a little back around six, just before he went on night tower, and it had been eight days since I last was with him, so my juices were flowing.

All day had been leading to this moment, a magical time for a woman, where her mind and body can go somewhere no man can physically, into the realms of her fantasies, where she dons a new persona, full of ins... Continue»
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Off The Leash

I was watching Tracy dress --- marbled skin across the curve of her butt; her breast hanging between her ribs and upper arm, not as full as it once was. My mind drifted to the way her tit filled my mouth. It's funny, I thought, the way the beauty one lives with, over time, becomes the measure of attractiveness.

'What?' She doesn't like to be on show.

'Just thinking that you're more beautiful every day.'

'Perhaps I shouldn't tell you, then.'

'Tell me what?' I wanted to hear keep hearing her voice as I lay in the bed and breathed in the scent of our sex.

'Pam and I have decided t... Continue»
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Color Of Cum

Mark was stumped. He couldn't figure out how to keep everyone happy and not go crazy in the process. I really felt bad for him, especially since I couldn't come up with any ideas either. We'd gone from just having the centers out and playing … then the cum rained to outside, or in some off the wall place that you wouldn't expect a bukkake party to be. Frustrated Mark and I collapsed on the couch and turned on the TV in hopes of getting it off our minds for a few hours at least.

I mean worse comes to worse we just have the party here and try and think of something special for the guys next ... Continue»
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Not Stepdaughter Comes Home from College

You've been away at college for a few years, and you've had a falling out with your Mom. Ever since the divorce, she's been a different person and you've stopped seeing and talking to her entirely. Winter break is starting, though, and it's a new year. You've decided as one of your New Year's resolutions that you're going to reconnect with her and try to make things work, starting with surprising her with a visit.

After your flight, you load up a cab with your suitcases and head to your c***dhood house (of course, Mom got the house after the divorce, she had a much better lawer). Looking ... Continue»
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A May-December Romance

Doris and Grace had not crossed paths, expect for telephone and email exchanges, for almost half a decade. That said, as s****rs, they remained close; it had been that way since their earliest c***dhood days in England. The two women had both 'married well' and settled into their lives on opposite sides of the Atlantic -- Doris in Los Angeles; Grace in Paris. They had both managed successful careers and the demands of being both wives and mothers. When Doris's marriage had ended in divorce several years ago, it was Grace who first reached out to make sure her older s****r was alright. So when ... Continue»
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Chapter One

"You seem like a cool girl."

The teenager nodded tearfully, trying to cover her nakedness with her elbows and knees.

"I'd really like to get to know you," said the man in the shadows, "but I don't think we have that much time."

He stepped out of the shadows. Cigar smoke drifted up and past sunglasses which were propped on a long angular nose. He stepped in close with a confident stride like a leopard and the girl had to tilt her chin up to look at him. The man crooked her chin with a gentle forefinger.

"I heard from a mutual friend.. that you sure are apprecia... Continue»
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The Genie

Darren awoke to a blaring alarm clock. Fighting the urgent pull to stay under the warm covers, he swung both feet onto the floor and reached over shutting off the alarm. 6 a.m. and the beginning of another exciting November Tuesday.

In every respect it was another typical day in the never-ending cycle of workweeks. Shower, masturbate, shave, dress and run out to the freezing vinyl bench seats in his ancient beater of a car. It had been the same cycle for six years now. College had been an exciting litany of girls, beer, and d**gs but somehow left him ill prepared for the monotony of living... Continue»
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Aunt in Heat

I could hardly believe my ears. I was walking up the hall as I heard moaning from my Aunt Sarah's room. As I paused I heard her say "Oh yes David.....Slide that cock in me". I was staying with my Aunt for the summer as her husband had run off with his secretary. My Dad thought it would do me some good since I wouldn't be able to be playing Xbox all summer. My Aunt Sarah was a beautiful lady mid 50s. Average size tits but such a beautiful ass. I had jacked off many times after seeing her ass in tight jeans or her yoga pants. I was starting college at the end of the summer and Dad had offered Au... Continue»
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Helping MIL

My wife and I have been together over 20 years. When we first started dating her mom seemed to be somewhat of a bitch. I don't know if it was because I was 3 years younger than her daughter or what. My relationship with her daughter blossomed, got married and had k**s. Over the years my mother in law warmed up to me, and we developed a great relationship. Over the years I had grown attracted to my MIL. She's not overly attractive, but she's not pond scum ugly either. She's around 230 lbs give or take, but she carries it well. I would call her on my day off and see if she wanted to go to lunch ... Continue»
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A sexual and sensorial renewal

I take some time to massage my muscles, starting by my shoulders to help them be less tense. Then I do flexibility exercises, re-aligning my body and helping me breathe in a more sustainable way, which in turn allows for longer-lasting erection and solidity, sitting down in meditation position, I enjoy teasing the sole of my feet, slowly embracing the sensations in a relaxation stance. My penis reacts by little nods, back and forth, then I can feel her hand placed softly close to my neck, pushing me back a little, so she can sit down next to me. She had blonde short hair. A very flexible woman... Continue»
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The Affair

Night One

She is totally naked and exposed. He is laying on the beds lusting for her sexy body. As she stares into his eyes, he grabs his dick and begins to stroke it, making her pussy begin to melt. She crawls into bed with him and he slowly rubs her clit while he licks her neck and breathes warmly into her ear. Her hips begin to thrust into the air and he knows why. Her throbbing pussy wants to be filled by his long piece. When he is not inside her she longs to be filled up by him. She knows she is going to get what she has been waiting for and so her hips continue to crave... Continue»
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my mom and the bbc part one

In May my parents separated, they were together since their sophmore year of high school and had me when they were both 16, 26 years and 5 k**s later they grew apart. Instantly my dad started dating my future step mom but it seemed my mom wasn't dating. Until November

I coworker John and I had been hanging out for a few months, he owned a condo in Layton, just down the street and often we'd carpool together to salt lake city to work together. Occasionally we'd go drinking after work, he'd gone fourwheeling with me this summer and we had become friends. He is in his 30s and is 6'4 or ... Continue»
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