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Ok, first of all, thanks for reading my story but please don't think that I'm weird or anything because of what I'm about to tell you. PLEASE, I know

it's different but it's all true and it really happened like this.

I lived in a nice home with my parents and I had one s****r. She was older than me but very pretty and I loved her a lot! She and I shared a large

bedroom together and mom and dad had of course the master bedroom down the hall. We were a normal f****y in the suburbs and we even went

to church every Sunday! My s*s and I were both in high school and she was a c
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Stepdaughter Catches Me Nude 7

(NOTE: I made an error in posting. Part 6 went to my blog instead of main story page in case you are following).

Sharon asked me just what did I have in mind about being "daring" for my neighbors. "Well" I told her, "You don't know this but a long time ago I stopped at a store that was going out of business". "I had no idea of what I might buy there until I found these." I then retrieved a box I had hidden away in my bedroom. "Here, what do you think about these?" Sharon began pulling the items from the box. Everything that was in the box looked like they came from a high-end store ... Continue»
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A Matter Of Time

It was only a matter of time...

As soon as it’s clear what we both want, there’s no preventing it and neither of us really wants to, despite what’s at stake. Your frustration and mine combined is like jet fuel-propelled lust, charging us into a frenzy of sexual desire where nothing else stands a chance of grabbing our attention!

‘I’m coming,’ I read when the text comes through.

‘Lol dirty bitch,’ I respond.

‘No, I’m at the station and walking to your house!’ you clarify. I crap myself (not literally). One day we’re sharing pics of nudes in an inbox conversation, the next we’... Continue»
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"I'm sorry. I just can't fuck you anymore."

Not the sort of thing any male wants to hear, eh? Even when coming from
one's s****r. I had been expecting this for weeks, but it was still a
jolt, especially since it was delivered in the midst of one of those
adolescent moments when you simply have to get off or die in the

I groaned.

"This is about Jake?"

Kim nodded.

"I'm sorry. I just don't feel right dating him and still doing it with

She was standing there in one of her "fuck me" outfits (though the
message was probably unintentional)--tight scoop-n... Continue»
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Taken by a Demon

I took a shower, toweled dry, and put on a bathrobe. I was drying my hair when I thought I heard a noise from the garage. Not barking, but like someone thudding against the closed kitchen door. Armed with the blow dryer, I went downstairs and tip-toed cautiously through the living room and out into the kitchen. I could hear a dog whining just outside the door. "Well, shit," I said aloud, at the sound of which he began to whine even louder and started scratching at the door with his claws."Hold on, hold on," I said, wondering how he'd gotten in. I know the garage had been empty when I'd gone i... Continue»
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You First

I remember when we started doing it. It was the result of a
conversation we were having, but I don't really remember how we got onto
the subject. Looking back, it doesn't really seem like the kind of thing a
b*****r and s****r would talk about. But then, Jen and I have always been
a bit unusual in that regard.

For starters, Jen and I were nine months apart, almost to the day. Our
parents hadn't ever come right out and said it, but they implied that,
well, once Mom was back from the hospital with me, and she felt, er,
"ready," Dad got her pregnant again. The phrase they u... Continue»
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Hubby being an SOB

The husband was being an ass. He had been working too much, not paying me any attention. When he was around, he was distant. He was busy with a project at work and focused on nothing else. I tried to get him to relax. I dressed sexy, attempted to give him head, even a hand job. He wouldn't come around, always remaining focused on his work. I would only wear lingerie around the house hoping to entice him away even for a few minutes. Eventually I wore nothing around the house, still no attention from him. Finally I began masturbating loudly when he was home, but he would never engage. ... Continue»
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Cluster Breeding background and setup - Nikki Cuck

Cluster Breeding Background Nikki and Rich Cuckold

As Nikki explained prior to 79 AD the entire breeding tradition in the mediterranean changed when a volcano erupted and buried Pompeii Italy, the center of Cluster Breeding, in ash. As very few know one of the main reasons the Greeks and Romans were so advanced is by superior human breeding techniques. When there is sperm from different men competing to fertilize an egg the female body selectively accepts the best sperm to create the strongest and most intelligent baby. In addition it was discovered that the more ethnically diverse the... Continue»
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Donny's Lessons from Mom

Donny's Lessons from Mom

Ever since he had returned from the farm, Donny had watched
his mother for signs of sexuality. Until that point, Donny
hadn't even thought about her having a sex life. She was
simply his mother, a person who was always there. As far as
he had been concerned, she might as well have been asexual.
Of course, he knew that she and his father must have engaged
in sex to conceive him, but beyond that he hadn't thought
about it. That his mother might have a sex life, that she
might, in fact, be having a sexual relationship with some man
even that point, was n... Continue»
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Kate and I got really close, she sneaked into my room
Saturday night I knew mum would be out, we would have the house to ourselves for at least 5 hours,

On Friday Kate came home from work, soon as she walked in I kissed her, and run my hand up her skirt.
She pulled away from me
What are you doing Chris, I didn't tell you to touch me!
But I thought it was OK I said.
Only when I say so she said,
Sorry I said
Make me a cup of tea and some toast ,
I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on , she came in a couple of minutes later with a piece of paper and a pen, and sat at the table... Continue»
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i guess its you first.

It was evening time, my plan for the night were canceled, dad was sitting on coach watching ESPN and texting ( well i know 47 year old man chatting seems weird).. my mother was out of town from 2 months actually they had a fight and she was at her parent's since then.

I was starving so i went to kitchen in search of some food, open the door of refrigerator and putting my head inside in search of some food but my stars ain't so good so once again i was with no food, i had no option other than cooking. I pulled out utensils which made some noise which made my dad worried so he came to see wha... Continue»
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Stepmother's Bed

San Francisco International Airport was brimming with people, scurrying
about, bound for destinations all over the world. Denny Reardon, fifteen,
and his s****r, Joyce, f******n, were so excited about their trip to
Portland, Oregon they hadn't even played secret "sex games" in the backseat
of the car on the way to the airport.

"Flight 426 for Portland now boarding," the announcement came over the
loudspeaker system.

Denny and Joyce hurried with their mother and stepfather toward the
entrance of the Boeing 737 jet. The c***dren held hands, their palms
s... Continue»
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BIG s****r

My s****r Nikki is four years older than I am, and more than a little
attractive. That's something I noticed early on, maybe when I was
around ten. I know that seems awfully young to notice such a thing,
but that's the way guys are. Even though at that age they may not know
exactly why such things are interesting (and they certainly want
nothing to do with girls their own age) they're still interested in
girls who are old enough to be developed. Especially when they're
developed in the chest area. That described Nikki all right -
developed, especially in the chest area. She was an am... Continue»
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Erin and Megan plus Mom 3

Megan's Mom had her dress unbuttoned all the way and pulled open, as they pulled on the highway. The sun rays shining through the sun roof danced over her naked body. " You know how much I love doing this Tom." She said. Shiver after shiver swept her body and her big nipples grew even bigger as they pulled up along side a semi. " Ohhhh Tom he is looking right at me!" She moaned moving her legs apart as she looked at him." My pussy is so wet already."

"My cock is fucking rock hard babe, I love you showing your sexy body!" Tom moaned glancing up at the truck driver through the sun roof. "Loo... Continue»
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Evolution of Shitty Anal love, it started early

I have always had a fascination with the female ass, since a very young age. And by chance, my very first sexual experience was anal. That is the truth, but it's because I was d***k and inexperienced. I fooled around with my girlfriend's tits, and fingered their pussies, but real sex was just around the corner.

I was a freshman in high school (always the youngest in my class) and a girl named Sandra transferred to our school early winter. She was from Texas, and I lived in the north east. I was hooked on her curvy frame right away. She walked into class wearing tight jeans and a fluffy sw... Continue»
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Swimming Pool Slide takes on another meaning.

I've got this desire for younger gals and I figured what a way to get to see some up close so we organized to have a bunch of neighbors and close friends over with their k**s one night for a night time pool party. We were all swimming and just hanging around the pool well after midnight and naturally some horsing around started. One girl in particular grabbed my attention. She was the youngest of all the girls but already developing into a very attractive young lady. I remembered earlier in the evening, after we ate, we all decided to go back to the pool. Then a few people showed up late. I gr... Continue»
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Mom Scared

Mom usually gets scared at night when she sl**ps at night because she thinks there are ghosts that attack her and give her bad dreams. She feels much better when she sl**ps next to someone or has someone in the room with her. My dad use to be there to help with this problem. However, my dad left us two years ago and we have been on our own since. I have been working to help pay the bills. My mom worked part time as well to earn extra money.
One night my my got so scared that she couldn't sl**p so she told me to sl**p next to her in her bed. I was annoyed that I had to sl**p next to her... Continue»
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Late Start with Latina prostitute in Amsterdam

So being a british pakistani male, it is safe to say I was a late starter sexually growing up at home. Although I had access to my b*****rs porn vhs cassettes, i needed some physical action that would not involve me and a close friend wanking with each other. I needed more than that.

One summer when i was 18, I went travelling across europe via inter-rail and visited a number of countries. It was a great experience and I loved meeting up with women from various european countries and having some fun, unfortunately none of it was sexual.

At the end of the month travelling, I still had ... Continue»
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Tori’s Arousal – Part 1

Tori’s Arousal – Part 1

--------- Chapter 1
Tori watches as Cassie & Pam play…
Wednesday Morning

Tori stood watching from the stairs down to the basement rec room. Her daughter, Cassie was sitting in the middle of the carpeted floor; her skirt was bunched about her waist. Her legs were spread out wide before her, her panties lay around her ankle. She sat sideways to Tori’s line of site, and it was obvious to Tori that her daughter was playing with her hairless pussy, agitating her clit with her fingers. Soft gasps of pleasure came from the girl.

Directly in front of... Continue»
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How My New Step s****r Amy Became My GF

My name is Jim and this is the story of how my new step s****r Amy and I
became fuck buddies. I guess my story starts with my dad and mom. You see
my mom died when I was just three so it has been just me and my dad for as
long as I can remember. That is until he meet a nice woman named Erica.
They went out a few times. Then she started coming over more often until I
eventually noticed she was at my house almost every day.

Then he finally he did it. He popped the question. Today, I was
dressed in a suit and tie watching my dad and my new mother walk down the
aisle. The... Continue»
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