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Andy and Brandy 2

Subject: Andy and Brandy Chapter 2

Andy and Brandy

The usual applies that if its i*****l to read this wherever you live then
leave now!!

Chapter 2

Andy took Brandy a lot on his walks while his owner an old lady was in
hospital, there really wasn't much else to do in this small English
village, he was there because it was his school holidays and his parents
were away abroad working so his grandparents were taking care of him.

His walks with Brandy always took on the same scenario, they would walk for
around 30 minutes into the thickest part of the woods and when Andy thoug... Continue»
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"I won't give you blowjob"


One of the hottest summers,if someone was on the beach he would be in shade or in water but never on Sun.
Michael,tall 5 feet 9 inches with little longer black hair and dark brown eyes finished swimming,got towel and few other thing and leave the beach while his sweat was dropping everywhere,temperature was over 40 degree
celsius. He passed 4 blocks and enter the building where he took the elevator to 6th floor and got in the apartment. There he found Silvana,41 year old women with black-blonde hair, 5 feet 8 inches,she wa... Continue»
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Christmas Wish for s****r

Kyle knew what his Christmas wish was.

His f****y had a tradition. Every year on Christmas Eve, they'd each write a secret wish on a small piece of paper and throw it into the fire place. If they were lucky, the wish might even come true.

In past years, Kyle had often had trouble deciding, and would be almost as slow throwing something in as his s****r, Millie. But this year, he knew exactly what he would wish for.

He wanted tits. A curvy body, a round ass, big bouncy tits, a cute smile, and a tight, wet, willing pussy.

And he wanted it bad.

He wanted it so bad that the wish it... Continue»
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Sharing My Room With My s****r (Part2)

"Wake up, Abby." I came out of the bathroom and found my s****r still asl**p in my bed. I poked her shoulder. "Come on, it’s almost time for school." She didn't as much as move. Somewhat annoyed, I began shaking her. "Abby! Wake up!" Barely stirring, she tried to roll over, but I practically pulled her upright.

"What? What time is it?"

"You slept in too late. You only have fifteen minutes to get ready. Hurry up; I don't want to be late again."

"Then maybe you shouldn't have kept me up so late." Abby disappeared into the bathroom.

It had been a little over a week since the fatef... Continue»
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Sharing My Room With My s****r (Part 3)

It was Saturday. After a hard week, things seemed to be looking up. All week unseen f***es seemed to be trying to end the new relationship Abby and I had forged since I was f***ed to share my room with her. People had noticed how closed we'd become, and we'd had to distance ourselves from each other, not daring to let anyone know what we'd been doing in room. Until the night before, we'd barely been able to touch each other all week.

The most shattering moment of all had come first on the last Sunday. Abby's new friend Izzy had come over to our house for the day, and had spied on us dur... Continue»
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I Dare You

"I dare you not to get a boner."

Before Eli could resist, his half-naked s****r was on top of him where he laid on his bed, pinning his chest down and sitting firmly on his thighs. Lenna had two and half years and twenty-five pounds on her little b*****r, and more than enough strength to keep him down.

He tried squirming free, but she grabbed him by his wrists, bearing down on him. He gave up and held still. "What are you doing?"

"I dare you not to get a boner. I just dare you."

"I'm not going to get a boner. You're sick."

"Oh, I think you are. I just dare you not to." Putting o... Continue»
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A Helping Hand from an Overly-Nice s****r (Part 1)

"Is there anything else? Anything you need?" Mandy was standing next to my chair, looking down on me with that sparkle of concern in her blue eyes. "Really, anything at all. I'll do whatever you need," she reiterated for the umpteenth time over the last few days.

"No, I'm fine," I said. "You can go for a while."

She took only one step back, then half of one forward again. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." I guess because I was agitated by Mandy and generally restless, I sat up in my recliner in front of the TV and actually reached forward for my drink, almost reaching it before the bandages r... Continue»
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A Helping Hand from an Overly-Nice s****r (Part 2)

"So how are we doing today?" No sooner had Mom said bye to me and walked out the door than Mandy walked in to check on me, starting her 'shift'.

"I'm alright, just kind of stiff," I said.

"Oh really? Need some help?" Mandy replied walking around in front of me, ready to aid me.

I pushed the foot of the recliner down and rocked forward to stand up without using my hands. "No, I've just been in the chair too long."

"Oh, that. I see.” I almost laughed at her misinterpretation. “So, what? Your neck? Back?"

"Yeah," I said, stretching. "Maybe I'll run around some today."

"You sh... Continue»
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Sharing My Room With My s****r (Part1)

I woke up to a large crash of thunder, followed by a gentle knocking on the door. I looked over at the clock. It was still the middle of the night, and there was a heavy storm outside. As I pulled myself awake, I saw my s****r Abby come into my room carrying a sl**ping bag. She was wearing an old pair of pajamas, a blue long-sleeved shirt with yellow dogs printed on it that buttoned up the middle and matching pants.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, still confused from being half asl**p.

Mom said I could stay in hear tonight," she answered.

"Why can't you sl**p on the couch?" ... Continue»
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me and my aunt, years of desires...

Hi all… I’m Ajay from Hyderabad. I am working as a senior engineer in a company in Delhi now. This is my first ever story on ISS… I have been following ISS for so long now… but never had time to share my experiences. Finally jotting down one now… this is my first ever sex experience. This is about how I lost my virginity to my aunt ;-) :-) She is elder to me by just 4 years.

We used to meet during every summer holidays at my grandma’s place. I am eldest of all the k**s (7th or 8th std by then) and our less age difference was the factor that we bonded great. She used to spend time only with ... Continue»
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Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 9&am

Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 9…The End

--------- Chapter 19

Linda wore nylons and a garter belt under her mid-thigh length skirt, her cunt was naked and exposed. She laughed as she d****d her legs over her Mark’s shoulders and pulled his face tighter to her pussy. She was glad Rick hadn’t fussed when Julie threw herself at him…it could have gone so badly…she knew from experience.

Mark had told her what they had planned for their father once they got in the kitchen…they had been watching from the doorway as Julie, first sat in her father’s lap, and then on the coffee ta... Continue»
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A Granddaughter's love

When it it all started, was all most a year after my wife had died, which at the time of her death, my step-granddaughter was s*******n and just short of graduating high school, which she turned eighteen one week after graduation, then about one month after that she came to live with me, to go to the collage that was just a few short blocks away from my house.

Thursday morning when the phone rang I answered it, "Hello."

"Hi grandpa."

"Well hi there Pumpkin. How are you doing now that your out of school?"

"I'm doing okay. I was wanting to ask you something, is why I'm calling."

"... Continue»
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Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 8

Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 8

--------- Chapter 16

While Linda was showering, Julie and Mark put their heads together and came up with a plan to bring their father into the fun. He was a good father, but he was always so exhausted after his business trips...

“What if Daddy won’t do it?” Julie asked innocently.

“If he won’t, then there’s something wrong with him.” Mark laughed. “Every man dreams of a tight, young pussy. Listen Jewels, haven’t you heard all that stuff Mom has told us. You know…when they were first married. How Dad couldn’t get enough of her, always fuck... Continue»
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She Made Us Rub Our Cocks Together

As I approach the age of 40, there is little that I have seen nor done sexually over the course of my life: I’ve experimented with both boys and girls of all ages and races. I’ve been in threesomes, in orgies, and practically every kind of sexual act known… but when I think back to the very beginning of where and when I had my first sexual experience, it all started with *****.

I was very young and just about to enter my first year of high school. It was the end of the summer, and I spent my days hanging out in the living room watching television or writing on the sidewalk with chalk in ... Continue»
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Slutty cleaner Sue teased me with her tits at work

My workplace has two cleaners, who are man and wife.

Jim the husband is pretty unremarkable in this story but his wife Sue is pertinent.

Sue is probably in her mid to late forties. In the hot weather like we have today she often wears a tank top with high waisted shorts Although not a beautiful woman she scrubs up relatively well, and at the Christmas do wore a gorgeous red dress and had her makeup done in that she was damn near unrecognizable. She spent the first half of the night drinking wine and the second half talking with people, inebriated enough that she didn't realize the men ... Continue»
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Mom best friend educates me

Mom’s best friend and I

This was 1965, in the summer between high school and community college. I was 18 at the time. I was 5-7, skinny but toned, an electronics fanatic, complete with the black frame glasses (sorry, no tape on them), really average looking for that time period. Because of being a nerd; the “cool” girls were drawn to those guys who were either athletes or have money, I did not date much and was a virgin. The “nerdy” girls were usually short, fat, and had an attitude. Not desirable…

Mom and dad were into Friday evening’s card groups with their friends. No money but frien... Continue»
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Full Moon Fuck

I’m at a lovely little B&B in Vermont with Sarah, the same lady I wrote about bending over the pool table in her hotel suite. This is fairly early in what was to become a four-year affair. I’m married, she’s freshly divorced. She’s ten years older than me, and, at the time, the most sexually open and adventurous woman I’ve been with. She loves to fuck, and is not shy about letting me know when she needs some cock. My sex life in my marriage is pathetic, to say the least, so I’m more than happy to give Sarah’s insatiable cunt as much attention as it needs.

We live quite a ways apart from ea... Continue»
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Workout with new Amazon Co-worker

A dark haired Amazon of a girl walked by me today at work and I wondered what it would be like to pound her. The compulsion to touch her was so strong when she bent over to put some sugar in her coffee that I almost earned myself a trip to HR!!! I think it would have been worth it!
Anyway, that got me to thinking……


I had noticed Amanda the very first day she started work in our office complex. Most guys did, come to think of it. It was not every day th... Continue»
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Wild For Horses

"Tanya! Come and set the table for dinner!"

"All right Mom, be there in one second!" Tanya called back.

She was sitting in her room in the middle of her pink shag carpet,
looking through one of her horse books. Tanya loved horses. More
than anything else.

Of course she had hardly ever even been near a real one.

She had seen them as a little girl, in the circus.

And she had seen them on TV and in the movies.

But she had never even ridden a real horse.

The idea of being on top of all that power and that brute a****l f***e
was thrilling to her. And scary... Continue»
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My S*ster Eva Started It All 4 by loyalsock

"I am not! Dad is crazy if he doesn't fuck you every night!"

"Well then he is crazy because I get it about once or twice a month!"

"Bull shit!"

"Back at you son! And from now on, you are only Dale to me and I am only Robin to you! I can't deal with 'mom' and 'son' while we make love. And I said 'make love'; I don't want you to fuck me. Yet!"

I didn't say a word, just took her gently into my arms and kissed her deeply as I turned her and placed her on her back. Slowly I kissed all around her face, each eye, behind both ears and then slowly dragged my tongue down her sexy neck and i... Continue»
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