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Ms. Whitman, Teacher of The Year - PART 1

I always knew that I liked young boys. When I was a little girl, I had crushes on boys older than me and into my teens I had crushes on boys my own age. As I reached womanhood I realized I loved boys that were younger than me, specifically between the age range of 10-15. Anything younger was typically too c***dish for me and anything older was just too typical of boys trying to become men. My name is Jenna Whitman, by the way, but most call me Jenny. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes and I’m about 5 foot 8 and weigh about 120 pounds. My tits are on the larger side, but not too big and I alway... Continue»
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Step Daughter Suprise!!!

I have been seeing my girlfriend for a couple of months, and I have been fucking he every chance I get. Sometimes I bend her over the hood of a car in some dark cold alley or just have her strip and suck my hard dick while we drive. As you can tell we don't have normal sex, in fact the crazier the better or so I thought.

So I am 32 6' with around ten inches to give. She is 32 and Latino 5'2" with small tits and a slight frame. She has daughter who I had meet a few times. she had when she was young and stupid. The story goes that she had been kicked out when her mom found out, but managed t... Continue»
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Sexy teen girl at work

Imagine you work in an office where 80% of the staff are horny woman!! Well I am the lucky guy who does.

I am an average guy, not bad looking and look after myself, so what is this amazing job? I manage a team in a call centre!! It might not sound so exciting but with so many sexy woman around my cock is always twitching.

This story is about me and a very hot girl called Kate, imagine a sexy 19 year old, about 5'3, blond, deep blue eyes, great smile, lovely curves, big firm D cup boobs, and an arse which is just slightly overweight making it really juicy and a personality which is ve... Continue»
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Your Mom's in Porn Now - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Your Mom's in porn now...

It all started pretty innocently. I was back home on summer break from college. I was walking our f****y dog. I just turned the corner on my street. "Beep! Beep! Hey Buck. Long time no see." said a guys voice. I turned my head toward the voice. "Hey dude. What's up?" I said. It was Small Daryl. He was a friend from high school. We used to hang out all the time in school. It's been close to two years since I seen him. His real name was Daryl Stiles. But everyone called him Small Daryl. He was only 5ft. Maybe a hundred pounds... Continue»
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Mom, Daughter, Teacher - Part 1 of 2 - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Mom, Daughter, Teacher - part 1 of 2

I wrote my name on the chalk board. "Buck Kelly"..."My name is Mr. Kelly. I will be your substitute teacher for the next few weeks. Mrs. Gladstone is on maternity leave. What chapter did she leave off on, in your text book?" I said. I heard a few groans. I then felt a big wad of paper on the back of my neck. I played it off. I just turned and stood in front of my desk. "Anybody?? Like to tell me." I said. A girl in the front row opened her mouth. "Chapter 4. Mr. Kelly." she said. I smiled. "Thank you. Would you l... Continue»
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New House Guest - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I was just waking up, after a long night of studying. I could hear my Mom, yell something down the stairs. I rolled out of bed. I barely got a pair of boxers on and a t-shirt before my Mom opened my bed room door. “Morning.” She said. I smiled. My hands were in my lap, covering my morning wood. “Hey!” I said. “I’m running late for work. I should be home on time tonight. Don’t forget my best friend from college is coming for a visit.” Said my Mom, as she shut my door and headed to the garage.

Two nights earlier. My Mom got a late night pho... Continue»
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The Welfare Lady - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Shit! How does a white guy with a college education live in a small apartment in the projects on the 15th floor of a high rise and have nothing to show beside a small check from a insurance settlement? I will tell you assholes.

It started about six months ago. I was working at a retail store that sold baby clothes and maternity clothes to first time mothers. The store was in a adjacent mall about a mile from were I lived. They had a help wanted sign on the door for awhile. They needed a stock boy / maintenance person to help around the store. After ... Continue»
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Milk you Later - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

It all started on the drive to work. It was just before 9am. I had missed all the traffic on the beltway. I took the first exit. Then down some side streets. I was using a short cut to get to work faster. I was hoping my Friday would fly by. Then I could go out tonight. It had been a few weeks since I got out. I took a sip of my Coke. Before I slowed down at the next intersection. I was looking out the side window. I was minding my own business. Sitting in my big SUV.......

"Wham! Crunch!!!" I felt my SUV roll through the intersection... Continue»
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Mom discovers son

Fictional for your entertainment
This Fictional story will be told from the mother's point of view.

It was your typical summer's day. It was a the first Saturday since my son was out of school for the year and that meant one thing. He was going to get to go swimming. Since my husband had left, I was able to set the rules in the house, and one of them was no swimming until school was out. The other rule that applied to the pool was no swimming unless an adult was present and I knew about it. Josh new the rule and had been waiting for weeks counting the days until this Saturday. As for me, ... Continue»
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f****y Camping Trip

2 friends want to spent the summer together and this get discovered
Abigail flung her bag onto Olive’s chair and threw herself down onto her best friends pure white bed making her long black hair spread out around her head. She locked her beautiful green eyes onto Olive as she exhaled sharply “I just found out that instead of staying home like we do every summer my dad planned this camping trip, we are going out to a f****y cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You have to come with me Olive, my dad says it’s okay if I bring a friend along. You’re the only one I’d even consider bringing,... Continue»
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Lizzy loves being a bad girl: part 1

Elizabeth is a single woman and she had just turned 19. It had already been a year after she broke up with her high school sweetheart when she started becoming bored of just "playing" with herself and by herself. So she began looking for someone to satisfy her specials desires without being tied to that person for relationship. She was more than okay with that, since her last relationship was a disaster, needless to say she was young and adventurous.

One day when she was seeking for someone online to suit her "needs", Elizabeth found a guy named Sam and they "clicked" at an instant. He liv... Continue»
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Lizzy loves being a bad girl: part 2

Part 2:
As I woke up Saturday morning, I shuffled around in my bed looking at the girlie pink covers and then I remembered I was still in a wet diaper since late last night. I suddenly felt a strong urge to pee like I usually do in the morning, but I made sure I changed my posture first to prevent it from leaking. This time I turned facing the bed while I laid my head down on my pillow to relax as I released a strong and steady stream of my warm pee inside my already wet diaper. I completely flooded the middle as I felt the warmth spread towards the front of my diaper and soon I also flooded ... Continue»
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“This is perverted”, f******n-year-old Jessica told herself as she crept along the darkened back hallway of her house, moving closer to the soft moans coming from her parent’s bedroom. It was almost one o’clock in the morning, and Jessica, clad in her flimsy powder blue nightshirt had been fighting the urge to peek for ages. Images of being caught peeking flashed into her mind, the outrage of her parents, the embarrassment of being caught.

But other images flashed into her mind as well. Images of passionate, wriggling bodies and glistening skin... a hard cock, sway... Continue»
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The Twin's Revenge

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Story....

I had been next door for about ten minutes. My swim trunks were around my ankles. My towel was in the grass. I could feel Mrs. Levi tongue swirl around my cock. I looked down to see her huge breast rub against my legs. She had almost all 9 3/4inches of my cock down her throat before she gagged and spit me out. She licked my big naked balls and put her index finger on my ass hole. I was close to cumming. She smiled as she inched her finger in my ass, and jacked my cock with her small hands. My knees buckled. I then shot a huge load into her mout... Continue»
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The Handy Man

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I pulled into the small driveway. I looked around. The Royals lived in a nice neighborhood. I got a call from them last night before I went to bed. Mrs. Royal best friend - Mrs. Diane Smallwood. Gave her my number. I just got done remodeling the Smallwoods house. I did some small repairs around there old house. I fixed up the spare bedroom. I remodeled another room into a new baby room. Mrs. Smallwood is expecting any day now. I originally was called to put on a small wooden back deck in the back of there house They loved my low rates and expert servic... Continue»
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The Cleaner's

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Story....

I just lost my job, 2 month ago. My friends were little help in finding me another one. It had been close to 4 years since I had to fill out a resume and go on interviews. First I was living week to week. Now I'm living day to day. Eating noodles and bumming day old pizza from my friends. I even had to use the bathroom at a local gas station, because my water got shut off in my small apartment. I was dreading having to see my landlord at the end of the week. I had never been 3 months behind on the rent. I did how ever still have a computer. I decided to ... Continue»
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The Big Boob Neighbor

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

“Knock! Knock!” “Craig you got that?” I yelled from the couch. “Buck! I’m upstairs dude. Can you get the door?” said Craig. I shook my head as I got off the black leather couch in the living room. I could hear someone knocking on the door leading to the garage. We had moved in about two weeks ago. Craig was a good roommate. We split all the bills down the middle. He works as a manager for an upscale shoe store. I work from home. I help people with IT problems. I also set up new web sites for clients.

We live in a good neighborhood. We... Continue»
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Cought in the Act

He was still dressed in his sl**p wear, jockey shorts and a "T" shirt.
He'd heard his mother talking to her in the hall. He was sure they would
both go to the store. His mother went every Saturday morning. He was
positive she would take her as the two of them had been up late last night.
A friend of his mother's was here, visiting for several days. And she was
hot !

He was fifteen and tall for his age, almost six feet. He quietly opened
his door and listened in the hallway. There wasn't a sound. He opened the
door all the way and tip toed down the hall. Across the den... Continue»
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Life of Getting Freaky

If you have read any of my other stories you know that I love wild adventures when I crossdress. I'm getting horny right now and figured I would add to them by starting this series of short stories for your enjoyment and mine. Please let me know what you think and friend me if you wish.

Well living in Las Vegas during the 80's and 90's might have added to my wild side and even though I had been married just a few years I still could not feel my need for crossdressing without her knowing. On this day I was so in need to just dress up and play around with my hidden stash of toys and magaz... Continue»
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Tinder and my friends ex.

So I am married going on 10 years soon. And the sexlife is so so. We get the heat on from time to time but there is so much baggage. So it requires some mental strength and fantasies to keep me getting the hard on. And so I have been peeking on what goes on on the internet. I've gotten a profile on bad and ashleymadison. And I'm on Tinder. Just peeking. I'm not really up for any drastic steps. I've had some one night stands thru the years. I travel a lot in my line of work. And I recon there might be more. So I'm not desperately seeking anything online.
To my big surprise i find my colleague... Continue»
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