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Irish Exchange Student No Longer A Virgin

My wife is from Ireland and she and I visit there every two years or so. Last time we went she befriended Kathleen a very young college freshman at Trinity College, Dublin. My wife Kim and Kathleen spent a lot of time together that summer taking pictures of old Irish cottages. About six months later. Kim told me that Kathleen called her and wanted to spend a semester in America but needed a sponsor. We had a big four bedroom house and our k**s were gone, so I said “go for it”.

Two months later I was asked to pick up Kathleen at the airport. I was at the gate and my jaw dropped!!! Apparently... Continue»
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story about me from a friend from xhamster

I guess one night get home and find you waiting for me standing, wearing a wide dress hiding your whole body and your curves, like a veiled Muslim woman hiding all your charms.
You would come off my jacket, my shoes, and my tie. You settle down on a chair and just bring me a tea, as a docile wife. You let me rest while removing my belt and unbuttoning my pants. Under your nimble fingers, I could not keep an erection. However, this is not the time; you leave again and put you away from me
You are standing in front of me. You turn the Hi -fi and jazz filled the room, Miles Davis plays and swee... Continue»
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Penectomized public exhibition

I declare that this report fully complies with the truth!

Yes, I'm married, but a cuckold. And yes, I'm an exhibitionist, but penectomized. So I have to accept that real men fuck my wife. That for me this is no problem but ever a great pleasure to watch her in ecstasy. Nevertheless I often feel very horny. Of course I know, that I'm not able to satisfy a girl or a woman. So I have to satisfy myself! And I prefer to do this in public!

Some days ago I took my broomstick dildo and went to a train line nearby. I placed my camera in a direction to be able to document both me and the passing t... Continue»
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I fucked my step s****r in the arse whilst she was

So here is the deal: I was nineteen and my steps****r was 24.
She had a very hot body but was not the sharpest pencil in the packet.

So one day when my parents went out for a weekend and left us in charge at home I went and bought some Marijuana, some beer and some wine.

My step s****r and i then sat chatting about life and what we wanted to do with ours....I took out a couple of beers and offered her one, she told me that she hardly ever drank alcohol as she did not like the taste or how it made her feel.

Long story short I convinced her that we were alone at home for the weekend an... Continue»
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a cum hole for my two black uncles

I called my husband upstairs. I had to tell him. This is what i told him. Hi my love. I dont know how to say it but you know my uncle mac? Well of course you do. Yes my moms s****rs husband. Ya your right. The fat ugly black alcoholic man the only black man at the party for moms bday. Well here is the thing my love. He has been training me to be a good white girl... well more like a white cum just listen. Its been a long time since my uncle gave me huge load.he always buried it super deep too. Its been something he or i didn't want to hide from you...he thinks you are a wimp and r... Continue»
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Becoming Madison_cd,s Daddy

We had an unexpected power cut at work SO AT 1.30PM the boss told us to go home which was nice it would allow me to spend some time with madison.
I drove on to the drive at home and saw that the curtians in the living room were drawn we never draw the curtians in the living room could we have
someone trying to rob the house .
I decided to sneak thru the back door and try and suprise them. As i came to the living room door I could hear groaning it was coming from the TV I
slowly quietly as a could opened the door and there was the back of Madisons head on the couch.
I co... Continue»
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Young gurls w*t the bed too – Part 3

Young gurls w*t the bed too – Part 3

--------- Chapter 4

Late in the evening, that same day…

Jenny was very happy that night, she had the whole night for them planned out…she went about the house singing, humming, a smile on her face. She had never felt so good in her entire life. She loved to fuck…and now it was with her own teenage ch(i)ldren; she had so many erotic thoughts swirling around in her mind…she had talked to son after he recovered from his powerful climax. She told him not to say anything to Emmy about what they had done together, or of what she had sai... Continue»
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My SSBBW Granny Part II

Well, when my grandmum woke up she was stuck in the shower/tub. She had collapsed after me and my 3 b*****rs and had given her her best orgasm since grandpappy had passed away. Weighing nearly 400 lbs when she passed out she slumped to the floor and had wedged herself into the small tub. She woke up and saw all 4 of us standing there looking helpless with our growing cocks in our hands.
She asked "Are you boys just going to stand there with your peckers in your hands or are you going to help your grandmum up so we can all go to the bedroom and really have some fun?"
We were all dum... Continue»
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His version of the pickup fuck

Part 1
I was on my way home, had just passed by the market and pick up some weekend goodies and things to the taco. It had been a long week and I needed something to relieve the stress. My plans were to see a movie and eating tacos. Then I saw her standing in the street, hitching for a ride. A girl in short white skirt and long blond hair, standing all alone. It had just started to drizzle and I knew that it would turn rough soon. This wasn’t a street for prostitutes either. I steered my car in to the side and opened the passenger door.
- Hi, can I get you a lift?
- Yes, that’d be... Continue»
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Breast Reduction - An Adult Story - Her Second Fir

A had my cigar in my left hand. I had a drink in my right. I had thrown down a straight on the poker table. "What the fuck. You never loose man. Buck are you cheating man?" said Tony I got invited by some guys from the gym to play some poker. I knew almost all of them except for Tony. He was a cool guy. I only met him twice before tonight. He was a little arrogant. "Relax man. Were just playing for fun. I guess I am just lucky tonight." I said. "Yeah he is lucky in cards and women." said Oscar. "Lucky in cards yes. Lucky in women maybe. I am still single guys." I said. They all laughed. Tony h... Continue»
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The MILF Camping Trip - An Adult Story

His bully was going camping with him and his big boob mother.....

It had been about 18 months since I had taken the school bus home. My car was in the shop again. My parents could not pick me up. They were on vacation for the next two weeks. I had the house to myself. They left me some cash, and some numbers were they would be staying. I looked around the bus. I recognized a few k**s. I was trying to hide my face. Being the captain of the football team, it was not cool taking the bus home.

I had about three more stops before I got off. I was sitting in the l... Continue»
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My first real thoughts of sex happened on the last day of school when I was barely a teenager. Danny said that he saw his s****r Heather putting on her clothes after her shower this morning, seems she left her door slightly open and Danny could see her in the full length mirror in her room. As Heather who is a year younger than me removed the towel from her body turned to admire her growing tits and shapely ass wondering when she would get the big tits like her mother. Danny's mom is the talk of all the men in the neighborhood , blonde hair big boobs tight ass and friendly to ... Continue»
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After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 3

After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 3

The next morning when Magee and I woke up we only had time for a quickie before we got up to eat breakfast and dressed and off to work which is what we did with Magee having to leave first as usual.

At noon when I got to stop work long enough to eat dinner I gave my mother-in-law Magee a call since it is the time she usually got time to eat her dinner where she works at, “Hello.”

“Hello, may I speak to Magee Henderson please?”


“How is it going sexy?”

“Pretty good, really. How did I rate so high, to get this honor, for a phon... Continue»
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Becky' s After School Surprise

I drove slowly up to the stop sign looking up and down the road for traffic. The bus passed in front of me from left to right, it was empty and the driver probably wanted to be at home or somewhere else other than the country road he was driving down. He was probably just as glad to be rid of the crowd of brats her had to drive around every day after school. The red tail lights disappeared over a rise in the road, just a swirl of rain and mist behind him.
It had been raining all afternoon and I waited for the wet mist thrown up by the bus to c... Continue»
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My Very Nice Niece

My Very Nice Niece

The bedroom door creaked open slowly. Julie, my teen niece stood there in her dress. Her white cotton blouse, normally fastened meticulously to the neck, was now open showing the uplift of her lively breasts which had grown adequately since I'd last seen her to a nice tight stretch across her chest. Her short grey skirt was cut well above her knee showing a nice spread of long teenage leg.

'I thought you'd like some coffee, uncle.' she said smiling with the tray in her hands.

'Well thanks Julie baby. That's very nice of you. Put it down here.' I said pointing
... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girl

“Bailee, sweetie, please come in here.” Bailee Madison heard her Father call for her but she really didn’t want to go. She knew what she was going to have to do and she thought about running out of the house. “Bailee, I need to you come in here please,” he said. The pretty teen actress stepped into her Father’s office and looked at the man sitting in a chair next to her Father. “Yes Daddy, is there something you need?” she asked. “Bailee, this is Mr. Forest. He’s thinking about investing in my company. Mr. Forest, this is my beautiful daughter Bailee. You may have seen her in one of h... Continue»
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Meeting Beth, part 1

I've met a few women off here and had, as I'm sure everybody has, some pretty weird experiences. There are a lot of crazy people out there, a lot of real sluts too. Well my god did I meet a slut last week. Her name is Beth - that isn't what she's called on here, but I reckon some blokes might figure out who it is once they've read this. We had been chatting on here for some time and I thought it was time we met. I've been working down south a lot and hadn't had time, but I was back in Birmingham to seal a property deal and knew I should have a day free, once we'd signed on the dotted line.

... Continue»
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Wife share fantasy

This story starts with me and my wife, m28 f26, both quite open and willing to a degree but sex has somewhat died off and become routine.
In an attempt to spice things up we recently began to explore toys and roleplay. My wife being into vibrators and f***ed scenarios. When we first met sex was always great and frequent and she told me often she watched porn her choices were mainly cumshots, dp and threesomes. At first i was a little freaked out by this but as time has gone on ive really begun to grow fond of the thought of her getting off to it.
One sunday afternoon recently the topic of n... Continue»
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Mark and Andrea (plus two); One Last Time

It had been days since Mark and Andrea had fucked in the men's room at work. Their days off from work kept them apart. By the time work was starting back up again, the two were horny and ready to fuck at the drop of their clothing. But Mark had time to think about things and knew this little affair was just that and couldn't last. Though Andrea knew how to suck a dick and loved to swallow his cum, he loved his wife and needed to the affair.

He drives over to Andrea's house prior to work. His wife has gone out to a neighboring casino and will be gone all night. This stirs the debate within M... Continue»
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My Nephew's Soccermatch

Sorry for my English P

I went to watch a soccermatch today from my husbands nephew, it was a mice Saturday early afternoon it was a nice weather
so i decided not to wear to many clothes nice knee sized skirt normal shirt just simple.

When we arrived my husband met up with the other parents n the other k**s playing in my nephews team
After a while they prepared doing a warmup and they started the match.

I was just standing next to my husband watching the match and the first half went by and the 2nd half of the match started.
Couple of min into the 2nd half i felt like i needed to ... Continue»
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