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Just Another Sunday Afternoon

"That was a delicious dinner, Monica," my husband, Roger, complimented me.

"Yeah, mom, your fried chicken beats the colonel all to hell" my son, Rick,
added and laughed.

"Mom, I'm gonna weigh 200 pounds if you keep feeding me like this" my daughter,
Angie faux-complained. Since she weighed probably no more than 120, I didn't
think she had much to worry about.

Amy, our other daughter, just rubbed her tummy and blew out her cheeks to show
how full she was. I had to laugh at her funny expression.

I enjoyed cooking for my f****y. I enjoy doing things for my f****y and with my... Continue»
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Fucking my chubby babysitter

One evening the f****y went out for the night and I was left at home with my babysitter Lauren. I had often fantasized about her, I found her very alluring. She was quite chubby and through her clothes seemed to have amazing set of boobs and a chubby arse on her, she had just got back from work when she had to come right to our house so that she could watch over me that night. She began to have a shower and I had been in my room playing with myself to a playboy magazine, when I decided since the bathroom doors didn't have any locks on them to see if I could sneak a peak.

I carefully opened... Continue»
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Mom and little incident

My eyes widened but I couldn't manage to stop stroking. I just sat there, slowly stroking as my mom went around my room picking up my dirty laundry. When she finished, she glanced up at me.

"And what about those clothes?" she asked.

I didn't know what she was talking about.

"The ones you are wearing."

I gasped.

"Those are old too yah know. Give them to me. I want to do all the laundry."

I didn't move. There was no way I could just take off the clothes I am wearing.

"Come on, son," she sighed as she approached me.

She dropped the other clothes she had next to the bed and... Continue»
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What moms go through for their boys. Part 1

Jackie Malone pulled into her driveway and pressed the button for the automatic garage door opener. After work she stopped by a local grocery store where she did some shopping for dinner which she would be making later that evening. Her three boys came running out of the side door to help her carry the groceries inside. She popped the trunk as her boys kissed her on the cheek one by one. Her husband John greeted her as well. She kissed him on the cheek and said with a smile. "What do I owe this nice welcome to?" John was smiling "How was work honey." Jackie took off her jacket and handed her p... Continue»
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Jackie, Lynn & Threesome

It was just after our 15th anniversary and we had spent the Saturday shopping for new clothes. Lynn, my wife, bought a new skirt and I noted that it was shorter than she had been wearing lately as the current fashion was pencil skirts. I told her that I thought that she would look great in it, especially as I liked to see her legs when we go out in the evenings.

We had booked a table at our favorite Thai restaurant for the evening, where the atmosphere was always alive and buzzing and I hoped that she would wear her new skirt tonight. That evening Lynn took a long bath and shaved all the bi... Continue»
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Lifes a bitch and now so am I!!! This is a stor

Life's a bitch, and so am I now

This is a fiction story!! The people in the story are not real!

Please exsuse the puntuation and spelling I'm just a blond sissy!

I start of my story with my wife leaving to go bingo with her mum, as soon as the car pulls away I'm up to my secret girl cloth's and sex toys.

I am a sissy cross dresser, I can't help it i love the feel and how girlie it makes me look. I have tried many times to stop but I cant, so i lay on my bed and put my computer on. I don't know why but I needed to feel a bbc cock, just to see what it is like I wasn't going to su... Continue»
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I Help My Aunt, Who Helped Mom

I Help My Aunt, Who Helped Mom

My mom and I have lived alone since I was nine years old when my dad just up and left us and never returned, or even calls to talk to me, or even see how I’m getting along, or invites me to stay with him, where ever he maybe in this world.

My mom never dates any one, she doesn’t go out drinking or partying any more, since dad up and left us, and she could have any man that she wanted, unless it is because my mom has a k** to raise and they don’t want any k** to get in the way of him and my mom, because mom and I are very close as any mother and son can be, ... Continue»
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The Stepdaughter

Sam came home to find the house empty. He performed his ritualistic
coming home actions: placing the keys on the key rack, emptying his pockets
of their items, and finally changing into more comfortable clothes suitable
for lounging around the house. He made a perfunctory check around to house
to see if anyone was home but out of view. He almost always jerked off
while his wife and stepdaughter were away. Pretty much, he was checking to
see if things were a go for a quick toss-off. He stepped into his
stepdaughter's room to see if she was actually there or not. Looked around
and... Continue»
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Holly, My Steps****r

I stood in the front doorway, mouth hanging open like the village idiot.
In front of me were a pretty auburn-haired thirty-something woman and an
absolute knock-out around my own age. And the woman had just introduced
herself as my new step-mother, Lynn, with her daughter, Holly. This was my
new steps****r? I'd envisioned a nine-year old brat. What I'd got instead
was a nubile fifteen-year old with clear blue eyes and copper hair in those
mini-braids that make a girl look like a hippy, or an elvish princess.
This was definitely the second version, in spite of the dusting of fr... Continue»
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s****rs boyfriend

My f****y moved in the middle of a school year and I went to live with my s****r and her boyfriend so I could stay at my school and be near my friends I get on really well with my s****r so it was a sweet arrangement but there was one Lil problem I had the biggest crush on her boyfriend. My s****rs the oldest and I'm the youngest so there's a really big gap between us and her boyfriend was older again but I didn't care he was fit and I couldn't stop how I felt for him. They had a 2 bed apartment pretty small but cozy for the three of us. They spoiled me like I was there own and everything was ... Continue»
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A 'loving' f****y.

This happened in the 80's when I was married to Gill (Gillian) and she was pregnant with our d aughter.

My wife's mum (Joyce) was a sweetheart,a plump lady in her 60's who was divorced and semi-retired.She'd been a full time
legal Secretary but now did 2 afternoons a week.Gil and I were made for each,both had a very high sex drive and after 3 years of marriage we still 'did it' several times a week! She loved oral and anal..which were her 2 favourite things about sex..lucky for me
lol.I've 7" and she said it fitted up her arse perfectly..and was a nice size for her mouth as well! We trie... Continue»
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I'm One Gangbanged Boy Toy!

Knocking this time. Was something wrong with my doorbell?

Cinching my bathrobe, I went to the door and opened it.

My paperboy, who had already established dominion over my fully-adult-yet-powerless womanhood, was standing on the step with three other males of his age. I gasped as they piled into my apartment without asking. Seamus had obviously told them what an obedient whore I was.

"Did you wash it off?" he demanded.

"N-No," I stammered, already fearful of what this young boy was going to do with me should I displease him.

"We'll need proof," he said casually. Then, withou... Continue»
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The Vacation


This story is about a lustful encounter in one of the most peaceful countries in the world, Costa Rica. Known for its amazing tropical forests, gorgeous beaches, and beautiful women. A fantasy about your average male tourist and a beautiful young local lady. An unforgettable connection and the most amazing sexual adventure to experience... Enjoy!

The Vacation

Summer is near, and the exhaustion from work and life is taking a beat out of me. Its early June of 2015 and I decided that I needed a vacation! Just the thought of getting away and forgetting about the... Continue»
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fucking slut! by xhamster friend

hi so here is a little something for you it may seem a little extreme but let me know what it does for you, anyhow heres my dirty fantasy, hope you like it and if you want tell me your deepest dirtiest fantasy:)
i would take you down on a nice big bed lay you flat on you stomach with you ass up and lick your pussy and ass till you are moaning in pleasure, my dick is so hard and wanting you so just seeing your sexy body is making me hotter and hotter fuck i want you fucking bad. You are getting so wet, and you taste and smell so good, your legs start to shake as i put a finger inside of you an... Continue»
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New Boyfriend

Read this story some where else thought i might share it....................

My s****r Karen and I had been enjoying the pleasures of each other for at least two years when she announced that she had a boyfriend and wouldn’t be needing the services of my cock any longer. I was a little pissed but we had a great “last fuck." I had been fucking my girlfriend for the last few months so I wasn’t going to go without anyhow. Her boyfriend it turns out was a k** named Brad who I had seen around school, seemed like a nice enough guy, I just hoped he’d be able to satisfy s*s. I started checking... Continue»
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Twisted Fantasy??? Update 10/24/15

Hey again its the misses!!!
There has been a huge update... In case you haven;t read the original post, this fantasy involves me wanting my mo to see me and hubby while going at it. She has mentioned that she found our videos while she was borrowing out laptop but that was pretty much all that was said about it but the idea of her watching the videos was awesome!
Well...the other night, my husband had to go out of town overnight for his job. We watched How to get away with murder on the laptop which was hooked to our tv. During the episode, she came right out saying " Remember when I told yo... Continue»
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Sexy Mother-in-Law

Melanie was not your typical 42 year old married woman. Yes, she had a husband of over 20 years and she had three grown c***dren. But Melanie was something else that very few people realized or observed out in public -- Melanie was a very attractive and very sexy woman, and she had a very active and nearly insatiable desire for sex and sexual attenion from men. It didn't matter whether it was her husband who was attending to her needs; Melanie craved the sexual pleasures that men could give her and she wasn't sure that one man could even rise to the challenge adequately.

There were lots of ... Continue»
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My Loving Little s****r

I never knew just how much my little s****r loved
me until that night that she came to me when the
girl I had been dating for several months, having
regular sex with her told me to go to hell, that she
had found someone more exciting than me.

We had had a date scheduled but when I went to
pick her up she had another man there, one older
than me. She was already topless when I knocked
on the door and she came to the door. Hell I could
even see the fresh sperm on her lips. Then I heard
a male voice yelling from the living room.

"Hurry up bitch, get back here and finish fucking... Continue»
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Traveling With My Little s****rs

I didn't plan on it happening but it did and now I am
not sorry.

As of yet our parents don't know what just what we
now enjoy. Their just so glad that, me, their b*****r
is happy to take care of and enjoy being with his two
younger s****rs.

Yes, I have two younger s****rs, that I spend just as
much time with as I can. I love my two s****rs, more
than our parents will ever understand or know. My
two s****rs love me just as I love them. More than
most b*****rs and s****rs.

It all started last summer, right after the end of the
school year. My s****rs, Mira, thirteen and M... Continue»
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Moni growing up

Another true experience

I Have a Naughty Side

Moni At The Drive In When I was 16 my b*****r was going to the driven in movies with 3 of his friends. My parents were gone and I didn't feel like being alone so I pestered him to take me along.
He protested but after much pleading he agreed. This back in 1971 and coming from a strict f****y I always had to wear dresses or skirts and my parents refused to let me wear mini,s like some other girls. I had bought one but never showed them so I took this oppurtunity to wear it as I knew my b*****r would not tell them, especially since he had me ... Continue»
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