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The Not So Quik Stop!

So there I am standing in line at the corner gas-stop/foodmart. Last in line behind four really pissed off people who have already been standing there for quite some time.

After joining them, I've been in line for about two minutes, the first fuel customer, a lady in her mid thirties, retrieves a small fold of bills from her purse and leaves it on the counter. She then departs the store, hops in her car and leaves.

The second patron, an older man in a bermuda shirt and kahki shorts, says "Fuck this..." takes a map book from the stand, walks away from the store and hops into an RV and h... Continue»
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Affair with Not my Mother In Law

This is a work of fiction.

I've always been attracted to my 50 year old mother-in-law Amy. I love her fat ass and pretty eyes. She gets me hard when she wears her white pants you can see through. I'm always staring at her ass enjoying the view. My wife knows how much I want to fuck her and sometimes agrees to pretend to be her. This has been going non since we've been married and I've gotten to cop the occasional feel of her ass and tits.

One day my wife told me my mother-in-law needed some help moving boxes. Her dad was going to be at church and refused to miss it to help out. He wasn'... Continue»
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Wife Visits Biker Bar

It had been two weeks since I had caught my suburban housewife Debbie getting ass fucked by Butch her biker boyfriend in our basement. A few days later I searched our basement and found a large trunk. I opened it and wow!!!. It was full of clothing a “Goth” or biker chick would wear. There were tight cut off shorts for summer, black leather bras, black nylons, leather vests and leather pants. I found a pair of black combat boots and a denim vest with the words “Butch’s Old Lady” embroidered on the back.

Again, I went out of town on a business trip but I decided to come back two days early... Continue»
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Stories I like: Great Grandmother Comes Alive

Great Grandmother Comes Alive

My great grandmother, Edith has been in a care home for some years. She is 93 and, put bluntly, is not all there -- it's not Alzheimer's but a form of dementia which means her mind wanders and she behaves irrationally much of the time - although she sometimes recognises the staff in the home, she less often knows her f****y but can cope with the majority of routine activities in the place.

I'm now 18 and until recently had only visited her when f***ed to. It's not that I'm callous but she's been in there since I was a little k** and I don't really kno... Continue»
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Found in the www. "82yo Mother In Law"

82yo Mother In Law


I have always been sexually attracted to my mother in law and have had many sexual fantasies about her and have come close to getting inside her knickers a few times but have always been to scared to do anything about it until now……..

My Mother in law Betty is in her 80’s, the typical woman of her age, 5’ 5” tall, bottom heavy, tight grey perm, glasses, average breasts (Saggy) and dresses to her age slacks or a skirt usually worn with tights and a blouse or a jumper.

Last week she asked me if I would clear out her ... Continue»
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Caught By SIL

Vicky was sitting at her computer dressed in underwear she'd stolen from Anna's wash basket. A black bra and some of her worn panties, and hold ups. Before she'd pulled on Anna's panties she'd smelled and licked then while she teased her little clity dick. Then she put on some of Anna's lipstick that she'd also stolen form her.

Vicky was so excited, her little girlie cock was pressing straining against Anna's panties leaking pre cum mingling with Anna's dried pussy juice.Vicky wondered what Anna had been doing when she was wearing these panties, was she sucking a big hard cock, dancing in s... Continue»
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Hmong s****r in law 4

What's going on there guys, it's been a while since I last posted a story on here. So if you guys have read my stories before you all know that I have been fucking my wife's two s****r for a very long time. The older s*s for about 3 years and the younger one for about 6-7 months. So here is another story about the encounter that I had with the younger s*s.

So it's been about since I last saw my s*s in law Samantha. It was about mid September and my wife and I were going to visit her f****y for something that my wife's b*****r was doing for him as he was getting older. When we got there bot... Continue»
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My wife Phil and I decided to have a horny sex holiday in Thailand
We are both bi sexual with a real delight in fucking young girls and boys
Phil is a tall skinny brunette with small but pert tits and gives the impression she is very conservative
but she loves all types of sex play and is game for anything
We decided to holiday in Thailand because you could cheaply buy any sex fun you desired
We both wanted to try everything
We flew to Bangcock what a great name for the worlds sex capital and were met by our individual
tour guide a beautiful 21 yr old Thai girl .She was tall like Phil ... Continue»
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Controlled by Your Cocks

Gentlemen, I cannot speak for lesbians, but I can assure you that the rest of us, to the last woman, want you to be aggressive and dominant.

Last weekend, I was in bed with a guy who kept asking permission: "Is it okay if I do this? Is it okay if I do that?" Needless to say, I never came close to cumming. The fucking twerp left me wanting a REAL man! (He also left cum in my cunt, for which he apologized! Jesus!)

I'm originally from Indiana, a place where guys know to ignore a chick's protests and proceed to fuck us. I'm not advocating **** (although it's a delicious fantasy... Continue»
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An erotic mmf evening

As I have told in some of my other stories, I was the captain of a 100' charter yacht that operated in Alaska, and that gave me the opportunity for many wonderful sexual experiences over the years. One year a young African-American couple was on board and we ended up having a great time together with the husband having his first bi experience with me as his wife watched.

A few years later I was in San Francisco for a conference, which is where they lived. I let them know I was in town and they invited me over to spend the evening with them.

Katharine was extraordinarily beautiful. She... Continue»
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How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part II

The principal left me with the gym teacher in the locker room. First period wasn’t quite over yet and the class was still in the gym. He came over and sat down on the bench in front of me.

“Did the principal’s cock taste good?” he asked me. I nodded and licked my lips. It did taste good. I was actually disappointed I didn’t get to taste it longer…then again he was holding my head down so far on it I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to without passing out. Especially after that ass fucking he gave me. My head was still spinning a bit.

“I bet you didn’t get much of a chance to suck it, did... Continue»
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Camera slut - part 2

I sat with Suzie in the back of the taxi. The taxi that was taking me to meet Baz, Mikes friend. She’d explained that we needed to go to a proper photographic studio to do the pictures that her Dad wanted. The naughty pictures. Naughty and dirty. It wasn’t a part of town I wanted to be in, let alone my daughter. Mike had gone ahead, taking various clothes that I would need for the shoot.

Baz was older than I’d expected, in his forties. He was small, with one of those ridiculous pony tails that some men have when they start to lose their hair, as if the pony tail can make up for the reced... Continue»
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a very special girl


Everyone in the hallway jumped slightly, turned and quickly looked at
the tall girl near the sound of the slamming locker. Satisfied that
there was no crisis at hand, the k**s at the school mostly went about
their business. Of course, there were the few admirers that glanced at
the girl at the locker, but it was no major deal.

After all, Marilyn Walker was used to being looked at. After all, how
many 6'3" girls wear 4 inch platform heels? How many 6'3" girls are
there? Oh well.

She swung her backpack over her shoulder, and strode slowly along the
bustling hallways ... Continue»
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Life of an RN wife.

Guess I can explain a little of why I have an itch for bad girlz. My ex wife was an RN " Registered Nurse"
Her job included visits to private homes etc to help those who need assistance in lots of various ways. These women see men and other women all the time. She was a taking care of a young guy like 22 years old in the first year of our marriage. She confessed to me that the situation with him had her feeling emotions she was uncomfortable with.
Of course we had to talk about it because it was her job after all. She told me that this guy was recovering from a car accident and required h... Continue»
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Passing with flying colors

Waking up to the screeching sound of a rocking wooden bed as my body moved in a constant motion opposite to that of the bed’s, forward, backward, forward, backward and so on, I felt edgy yet happy, there was this tension building up through my body while lying in bed on my back, slightly regaining consciousness, I felt my penis throbbing inside a squishy wet hole and was fully erect; buried in that very tight soft wet hole which belonged to a small body, a fragile entity, this entity was warm, welcoming; the feeling was incredibly stimulating.

My penis had an upward spasm, as "her" body f... Continue»
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A Very Special Lone Star

A Very Special Lone Star

My name if Jennifer and I hail from Texas – the Lone Star State. I became the woman I was meant to be so long ago, it is almost impossible for me to remember ever being that “other self.” It took a while to figure it all out of course. Most gurls know the story – discovering dad’s girly magazines, the fascination, the urge not just to look at, but to look like those beautiful women. The first foray into mom’s or s****r’s closet. The breathless thrill of slipping into your first pantyhose or bra, the first touch of lipstick, the first pair of heels, most of all... Continue»
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Having my daughter at the week-end Part 2 Frankie

Four weeks ago my daughter Sarah stayed with me; you may have read about it It was quite an unusual but none the less exhilarating experience which I shall never forget. I felt ashamed that I allowed the situation to get out of hand but in the end I was just putty in her hands.

She had burst into my bedroom without knocking which was obviously wrong; and as it happened it was particularly embarrassing too as she caught me masturbating whilst displaying my penis on Omegle looing for girls. I tried covering it up but she had seen too much. I should have chastised her for not knocking; apol... Continue»
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The Cafe Down the Road

Danny sat perched on the edge of his seat across from Alison, who was absentmindedly stirring sugar into her coffee. A soft murmur of voices surrounded them, people coughing and scrapping chairs, hanging damp coats on brass hooks or carefully laying dripping umbrellas down on the floor. The rain sizzled softly outside, hitting the pavement and pattering the windows.

"Does this feel strange to you," Alison asked Danny, looking across at him attentively.

"What, us having coffee together," Danny asked, unsure of Alison's meaning.

"Yes, I mean I'm not with your dad anymore and your f**... Continue»
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My Girl. But I Can't Call Her That Anymore.

“We’ll take turns, and then we’ll both cum.” She said.
My girlfriend was in school about an hour and a half from where I was going. We took turns going to see the other. She was black and had an ass to prove it. The stereotypes were true in her case but she had a very strange personality: quirky, jaded, stark and bold. She was an awesome girl. She liked to call me “big daddy,” after we saw Django together just to mess with my head a little.
The sex was alright. There was something missing from the usual grind we had. Maybe it was the distance or maybe it was that we just didn’t have it betw... Continue»
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Face Down, Ass Up

While my husband was working, my girlfriend came over to spend the day. We love to fuck each other, so we watched porn and ate each other out. She ended up with the strapon and fucked me senseless throughout the day. Something I wanted to give back. Didn't care who, just wanted to fuck with the strapon. She left before my husband arrived and said she'd come back soon.
My husband came home and went to take his shower after work. I went in to check on him and starred at his ass. "Now that ass looks good enough to eat". He laughed it off, but I asked him to spread his cheek so I could see his pu... Continue»
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