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Dream of Me

Me and my live-in gf have been together 8 yrs, I love her but she's selfish and usually a cunt unless she wants something ..or..she's sl**ping.
Today was hot outside, so hot my window air conditioners were lagging behind, leaving the house a little warm. This prompted my gf to take of her pants and bra off as she lounged on the living room couch for a cat nap. she sl**ps heavy.. a college girl by day, a waitress at nite..she usually sl**ps hard and today was no exception. It had been an hour of lightly snoring when I noticed she finally fell into a deep sl**p - zero noise, zero movement and... Continue»
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She showed me how a bj feels

Hi, my name is John. My story is about the summer my
s****r Melissa and I shared when I was fifteen. She was
seven-teen at the time. My story begins about three
weeks into our summer break.

I had just broken up with my girlfriend Mia. We had
been dating all year and I thought it would last
forever. She said she needed to spend time with others
and wanted to date other people that summer. None of
her reasons were very good. Well, we separated. I was
devastated. I didn't understand what had gone wrong.
For about a week, I ran through every-thing in my mind
to try and figu... Continue»
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Velvet Crush: A New Beginning


I finally realized where I was, as I pulled the filthy blanket down to find that I was naked. I was lying on a mattress in a dirty room, in some house, somewhere in LA. Our tour had ended nearly four months ago and I had been on a sex and d**g binge since then. It had begun as a party to celebrate our tour and after a sequence of events, had degraded into my demise as a street whore, d**g abuser and live sex act star.
After two days of partying, I had returned to see my mom and grandma off to Japan. They were going to be flying back in a private jet with my grandma’s husband, who ... Continue»
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Mom totally d***k passes out

My name's Ronnie , my folks got divorced a little over two years ago and my Mom took it pretty hard , as it came to a shock to her that her husband had been having an affair for the past several years , which led to him leaving her . After the divorce , my Mom began to drink , mostly at night after dinner , but as time went by , she began to drink more. At first bottles of vodka came in 5ths , then by the gallon . The minute she entered the door after work , she would head to the kitchen make herself a screwdriver and continue drinking most of the night until fairly well into the... Continue»
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The Giantess: Crushing a Tiny Man Underfoot

This started as a text chat with someone who has a crushing fetish. I realized after a while that I had basically written a piece of erotica so I copy/pasted it, cleaned up the grammar a bit, and now post it here for your consideration.

You can clearly see the dirty sole of my shoe as it hovers over you. I'm keeping my heel on the floor though because I don't want to just squash you, I want to play with you first. It's not often that I get to torture a little man.

I lift my foot, turn it a bit to the left and stamp it down hard. The SMACK sound it makes on the floo... Continue»
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Gawd... you wouldn't believe what my mama made me do this past summer. There it was, the first week of summer and my mom ships me off to my grandfather's farm out in the sticks! And not for just a week visit or anything, but for the whole freaking summer! I had been soooo looking forward to being home all alone while Mama was working and free to do all those things that I like best, like staying in bed, sl**ping in late and messing around with the neighborhood boys. I was also looking forward to spending some quality time with Mama's boyfriend, Ronnie. He has such a nice dick and he r... Continue»
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It was a short, wet two blocks to Sam’s house and he walked quickly because it had started sprinkling again. It had been raining earlier and now puddles on the street, shimmering mirrors of black and silver from the street lights, flashed and disappeared then appeared again in new shimmering puddles along his way. Trees sporadically dripping in the light breeze offered undependable protection from the drizzle and just added to Sam’s foul mood. Hands shoved deep into his pockets and his head drawn into the collar of his light jacket made it appear he had become a kind of weird turtle as he... Continue»
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Allie and the Old Man

The "bay" at Cooper's Point looked more like a dirty puddle. It was
full of rust-brown that sat festering and stagnant along a littered beach
with more rocks than sand. The bugs loved it, and the boys were happy
enough to swim in it, but Allie was (shockingly) the only girl in sight.

If it had been up to her, she wouldn't have stayed either. If it were
up her, though, she wouldn't be in stupid Maine with her stupid f****y
being stupid.

"It's a hundred degrees out, Allie-gator," her father said. "You should
get in and cool off!"

The fifteen year old scrunched ... Continue»
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Allie and the Old Man Chapter 2

When Allie's dad tried to drag her back down the beach the next day, she
wouldn't budge. The thought of going back made her skin crawl. She told
him she didn't feel well, and when he pressed, she just said it was "girl
stuff." That always did the trick.

With her dad, Uncle Neil and her stupid b*****rs away, she finally had
the cabin to herself. After a quick shower in the gross outdoor stall, she
changed into her bikini--the super skimpy yellow one she wouldn't dare wear
to the beach--and settled with her book onto the big lounge chair on the
porch. Solitude at last!

... Continue»
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We had been both working hard to make our business venture a successful venture. Anyone who has done a startup from scratch knows just how difficult this can be with the low cash flow, unreliable vendors, high rent, unsympathetic customers, and no time to spare.

For me it was stroke of good luck in hooking up Clyde, as he proved to be an absolute genius when it came to creative product development. I had the cash and business experience and he had the raw intellectual talent. Of the two, he is the more valuable to the business. Without him, there wouldn’t have been a business.

Now... Continue»
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Standard Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic and explicit material and as such it is not suitable for minors. If you are a minor, please leave now as it is i*****l for you to be here. If it is i*****l for you to read or view sexually explicit material in the community you view such material, please leave now. This story and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance to events or persons (living or dead) is purely coincidental. If you are offended by sexually explicit stories, please read no further. If you are offended by stories featuring group sex, bisexual situ... Continue»
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I first met Jane when I was but twelve and she was f******n. Jane was a very pretty brown-eyed brunette and was stacked. She had a rack that made any male, no matter the age, take notice of. Nice ass too; very nice. Features that definitely piqued my interest. She was quite the looker and had an A+ personality too. For me, it was love at first sight. Of course as far as she was concerned, I was just the awkward and dorky nephew of the man and woman who, just a few months before, had decided to adopt her.

Up until my Uncle Tim and Aunt Vera had taken her in, Jane hadn't had a ve... Continue»
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My Grandson Brian Part 2

A month had gone bye. Almost every night I was masturbating to pictures of Brian from a few years ago. Each orgasm taking me further away from reality. Each one making me feel less like there was anything wrong with what I was doing. I ended up cutting my hair a bit shorter and working out more. I guess maybe I was trying to become somewhat noticeable to my grandson.

Except for the occasional glance or the fleeting feeling, I pretty much kept my dark rituals and fantasies to myself. It was June, when all that changed. It was early on a Saturday morning; I had just come in from a run and fi... Continue»
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I was still dealing with a broken heart over Heather, Bruce's little s****r, when Morgan, who was also a member of the "freak community" at my college, came up to me and said, "Hey, you still in the babysitting business? Think you can entertain my little s****r while I study for my summer finals? No matter what it costs you, within reason, I'll repay you. And give you twenty bucks up front."

Now, having a better idea of the emotional risks involved, I was not so quick to agree.

I asked, "Entertain? For how long?"

"Yeah. She's a good k**, if a bit shy. She just needs somebody to han... Continue»
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Watching My Mother

It was a gorgeous morning outside as I leaned nervously near the top steps of the staircase. My name is Paul, I am 37 years old, and I'd only recently woken up to the joys and possibilities of sex and the female form. I've always been such a shy and nervous person, but I'd been skirting the edges of thoughts about sex for quite some time now, probably a randy boy since the age of 13, but I went to an all boys high school and it took me a very long time for the information to get through to me that girls were good.

I had taken of late to spying on Carolina, my 67-year-old mother, as she was ... Continue»
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Stepdaughter Catches Me Nude

My wife and I have been together for 28 years now, the last 17 of it a sexless marriage. So why don't I leave? Well, I suppose you could say I am loyal to a fault. Truth is she is a good and decent woman. All other facets of our life (except the sex part) are ok so I just trudge along taking care of business myself if you know what I mean. Which brings me to her daughter from a previous marriage and now my stepdaughter. For the last few years or so I have been having fantasies about my stepdaughter. Her name is Sharon and she is now 41 and certainly is classified as a grown woman. I have only ... Continue»
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Hmong s****r-in-law 2

Here is another story of my sex life with my s****r in law.

So like I said Nancy and I would fuck every chance we got. This encounter happend during the summer of 2013. We were all going to Florida for a f****y vacation. My wife, Nancy, Vince and I. When we got to Florida we stay at a vacation rental home. I don't like spending a lot of money to stay at a nice hotel when I can spend the same amount for my own private place. As we all got there to the rental home we took our luggage into our rooms and changed and was ready to hit the pool. Vince said he was going to the store to grab some st... Continue»
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Episode 52: Jenny and her Dream Dog

Jenny didn’t usually remember her dreams when she awoke next to her boring husband John – but this one was special. Jenny rolled over trying to suck some life into his limp prick – but the warm bed and with two fingers exploring her warm, wet cunt she fell back into a deep sl**p:

Jenny was jogging along the nude beach, her faithful Great Dane Toby trotting beside her – head raised to crotch height, breathing in her musky cuntal perfume. The pale blue bikini bottoms were soaking wet – not from the lake – they hadn’t been swimming yet – but from Toby’s tongue. Every time Je... Continue»
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My Muslim mum with black bull

My mom is a 44 year old mature Muslim single mother. My dad left us when I was 10 and since I've lived with my mum. My mum was a very attractive lady for her age, she wore a hijab/scarf, very attractive facial features, busty figure, big boobs and a massive ass. Everytime we used to go shopping she would get so much attention from guys including young ones, and especially black guys. Once a black guy came and commented on her ass right in front of me, she laughed it off and thanked him. My story is about when i was 16 and wasnt feeling too great at school so the teachers decided to send me hom... Continue»
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A Helping Hand from an Overly-Nice s****r

"Is there anything else? Anything you need?" Mandy was standing next to my chair, looking down on me with that sparkle
of concern in her blue eyes. "Really, anything at all. I'll do whatever you need," she reiterated for the umpteenth time
over the last few days.

"No, I'm fine," I said. "You can go for a while."

She took only one step back, then half of one forward again. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." I guess because I was agitated by Mandy and generally restless, I sat up in my recliner in front of the TV and
actually reached forward for my drink, almost reaching it before the... Continue»
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