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In Too Deep

"Hey dweeb, Mom wants you." My s****r barged into my room without knocking, obviously enjoying getting to boss me. When
I didn't respond immediately, she gestured her thumb harshly toward the door. I sighed and got up. Somewhat strangely,
she seemed to just wait where she was as I walked out to find Mom, rather than going on her way.

Mom had no idea what I was talking about. I stormed back to my room knowing April was doing something. When I went in,
she was digging through the trash can.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing," she said, continuing to root around.

"Seriously... Continue»
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I Dare You

"I dare you not to get a boner."

Before Eli could resist, his half-naked s****r was on top of him where he laid on his bed, pinning his chest down and
sitting firmly on his thighs. Lenna had two and half years and twenty-five pounds on her little b*****r, and more than
enough strength to keep him down.

He tried squirming free, but she grabbed him by his wrists, bearing down on him. He gave up and held still. "What are
you doing?"

"I dare you not to get a boner. I just dare you."

"I'm not going to get a boner. You're sick."

"Oh, I think you are. I just dare you no... Continue»
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Christmas Wish for s****r

Kyle knew what his Christmas wish was.

His f****y had a tradition. Every year on Christmas Eve, they'd each write a secret wish on a small piece of paper and
throw it into the fire place. If they were lucky, the wish might even come true.

In past years, Kyle had often had trouble deciding, and would be almost as slow throwing something in as his s****r,
Millie. But this year, he knew exactly what he would wish for.

He wanted tits. A curvy body, a round ass, big bouncy tits, a cute smile, and a tight, wet, willing pussy.

And he wanted it bad.

He wanted it so bad that t... Continue»
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Our New Pet

Our New Pet

Durango Dan

“Please, we promise to take care of it. We will walk him and
feed him, you won’t have to do anything” I begged my folks as I
asked for a dog. My younger b*****r was on my side saying that
he would help in all the chores connected with the dog. “Think
of the protection that he would give us” he told our parents.
Mom and dad smiled at us and told us that they would think about

My name is Jennifer but all my friends call me Jen. I am 12
years old with puffy little tits with long dark nipples forming
on them already. My long legs ar... Continue»
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Hope and Sam

I have a s****r a year and a half older then me a a b*****r three years older. We lived in an old farm house in the country and were close growing up. My b*****r Sam liked to wrestle with us and would pin us down and tickle us. My older s****r like to read a lot and played with us less as we got older.
By the time I was 13 or 14 I was tall for a girl, almost the 5' 10" I am now. My little boobs were an a cup while I hoped would get bigger, they did not. Sam was 6'2" and athletic but and could be a jerk. He always teased me about everything.
One warm day I was watching tv in shorts and... Continue»
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A Trip to a sauna with my wife

Tom, my hubby and soul mate, surprised me by offering to take me on a shopping spree to Edinburgh.
Now if there is something I love more than shopping, it’s shopping in Edinburgh.
The day had been lovely and warm and Tom was laden with my purchases.
As we entered Princess Street from our fortieth shop, a sudden cold breeze hit us.
The crowded street was quickly becoming deserted, as the crowds of shoppers scuttled onto the numerous buses that would take them home.
Tom and I turned into a side street that was sheltered from the cold biting wind.
Thirty yards on, I saw a sign-post, dir... Continue»
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kate 4

Kate and I lay there just hugging and kissing,
Are you OK she said
Yes wonderful I replied
You must not tell anyone, not even Paul do you promise
I promise I said
She moved her head and started kissing my neck and nibbling my ear, her hand moved down to my chest stoking my nipples
Do you want to do this again as she moved her head down and licking and sucking me
Yes I said very much
She pushed the bed clothes off me, I went to sit up, lay still she said, her mouth moving down my body, I could feel her still erect nipples rubbing against my skin, her tongue licking my belly button , he... Continue»
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Hungover Mom

Son helps himself to mom who is hungover by the pool
It was a beautiful Saturday morning and mom was d***k again, or high, or both. It could be hard to tell with her sometimes. I was laying out by the pool when she came stumbling out to the deck. She had on oversize sunglasses but her unsteady walk gave away her true condition. I hardly bothered to look at her. She almost fell into a lounge chair next to me and spent a minute adjusting it so that she could lay flat on her stomach. Soon she was oblivious to the world, her steady breathing indicated that she was sl**ping off anot... Continue»
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Our Time Togethe

This chapter does not include any sex, just an intoduction and a prelude to what is to come.


Although her real father has always been somewhat in her life my stepdaughter (Anna) and I have always been extremely close. During the f******n years I have been in her life she has only called me daddy a few times and I had never pushed her to do so. I always felt I should be as good as a friend to her as well as daddy, I seemed to work great. Over the years I have always communicated with her on a higher maturity level than her mother had so she always seemed to act ... Continue»
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Cumming on My s****r's Face

Holy fuck. I thought, as I swiped my thumb across my s****rs iphone revealing yet another nude selfie. This one was from above as she held her blonde hair up and pouted in that stupid duck-face way that teenage girl do these days.

Claire was three years younger than me. She was eighteen and she was the biggest pain in my ass you could imagine. She was the 'it' girl in her high-school and she walked around like the world owed her a fucking debt of gratitude with her short skirts and her blonde hair and her fake tan.

Don't get me wrong, I understood why she acted like this, she was hot... Continue»
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Cumming On To Big b*****r

Except for the sighing of the breeze and the chirping of the birds it was quiet and all the windows were open to the spring air, softly scented with the cherry and magnolia trees surrounding the house. It was a lovely two story colonial that Dale's mother had gotten when his father had decided to chuck it all and head off to Mexico with his secretary, who happened to be at least half his age. Dale's mother didn't mind, she got the house paid for plus a more than adequate amount of cash, stocks, and bonds. But she still liked her job and she had worked her way up the corporate ladder so her... Continue»
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My Naughty Confession 2 (My Aunt)

Before this, I've told the story of me and my grandmother before ( This time, it's regarding an incident I had with one of my aunts, or at least an incident I had with her lingerie... It first happened back when I was in high school, around Christmas time. During the holidays, my f****y would usually pack into my grandparent's place in my old hometown. It's a f****y tradition, you know, always going back to the old hometown for Christmas as a whole huge f****y.

I have this one aunt of mine, named J. which is my dad's older s****r. Marr... Continue»
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Threesome with Wife and s****r

I am very open with my older s****r Vandana who is married to businessmen Arjun. They have two k**s and they are studying in school. Arjun is most of the times traveling and Vandana often spends some time with my wife Deepti. My s****r loves her Bhabi (b*****r's wife) and so does my wife love her Nanad (husband's s****r) I am Abhishek, married to Deepti for two years.

Deepti is hot in bed and we fuck like a****ls. Many nights my s****r has complained when she stays at my house that I and my wife make loud noises at night. I blush at her words" Asal mein Deepti bahut shor machati hai jab mai... Continue»
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Lil s*s's Friend Gina Discovers My Big Dick

This is a continuation of the tale of Ed who has a big cock. The first tale was "Lil s*s Discovers My Big Dick!"

Britney was looking forward to spending the day with her b*****r Ed who was home from college on mid-term break. Today would be really special since mom and dad would be gone. You see Ed was not just her b*****r but also the best fuck she had ever had in her life!

It all started last summer when she had walked in on him jacking off. What she discovere... Continue»
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Willie the Dog

Hi, my name is Willie, I’m a dog. I’m a medium size terrier, black and white. My owner, ’Lady’, I call her, feeds me, pets me, scratches behind my ears, buys me toys, Frisbees, and plays with me. I’m full grown now, but when I was a puppy, lady let me sl**p in her bed with her.

At night is when I really have fun, I’m a male, un-fixed. It started one day when ‘Lady’, and I were taking a nap on the couch. I was having a dream, and my long pink dick came out, as I dreamed I was fucking some female beauty. My one hind leg started jumping and woke up lady. She smiled as I woke up and she started... Continue»
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Life Change for Mom and I pt.2

It took about five minutes to reach the edge of town to the open highway, that would take us thirty minutes to reach the next town south of us, and on the drive, I had mom turn and put her feet up on the seat by the passanger door with her knees bent and open as I pulled up beside a big truck, then I slowed to the same speed as the truck was going and reached down and started fingering mom's pussy, where the truck driver was able to look over down at us and see the action, going on beside him.

In a short time of fingering and rubbing mom's pussy and clit, "OH, fuck me master, I'm cumming." ... Continue»
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My Grandson Brian Part 1

My name is Kathy. I’m a 63 year old widower. I have a 12 year old grandson named Brian who I have been raising since his parents died a few month's ago. I’m a slim woman; five foot seven inches, very long, dark grey hair that comes down to my waist and dark brown eyes. Tennis and running has kept me in pretty good shape. I’ve been told I look like an older Eva Mendez but I think they’re just being polite.

My grandson Brian took more after his dad…my son. God rest his soul.
He has coal black hair and stands no more than 5’0”. He’s a little shy but has a very good sense of humor. Brian’s f... Continue»
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Mommy and sissy

I really had been expecting to be shopping most of the
morning, but I got to the mall and miracle of miracles,
not only did I find a place to park close in, the mall
wasn't at all as crowded as I had expected. I got in
and picked up the few things I needed, and headed home.
One of the things I had to get was a couple of new
bras. It just seemed that the elastic in the ones I had
were wearing out. I sort of calked it up to their being
more cheaply made, every thing was any more it seemed,
being made in China or wherever.

I pulled into the drive and I didn't open the gara... Continue»
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Accidentally, or On Purpose?

College was always a fun time, despite the extra studies I was so involved in. But despite all the work and late night papers, I somehow still managed to make a few friends. One friend in particular, Jess, and I had become quite close. Close enough that we shared a small house and expenses close to school beginning with our second year. Being we had many of the same classes, not only was sharing the expenses working out so well, so was our studies together. We ended up even sharing spring break together, part of it with my parents, and part with her parents.
As we hit the road head... Continue»
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Visit to the Laundry Mat

"Ewwww, these clothes stink." I say, as I rifle through the clothes at the base of my bed. I looking for a clean anything to wear. "Maybe we need to go to the laundry mat," you pipe up from the bathroom. I sigh before I admit that you are right, and start packing up the clothes into the laundry basket. "I'll come too," you say, as you come out of the bathroom, toothbrush still in mouth, towel wrapped around your waist. "Not like that you are not," I say as I ogle your hot body, as it walks around the room bending over to pick up clothes, and tossing them into my basket.

You grin, as you cat... Continue»
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