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Early Sexual Experience part 2

Hey everyone this is my second time writing my

story so please excuse some errors. This story

is really about me when I was (11+1) years old.

Please enjoy :)

A few days later at school Matt told me to

meet him at the church storage room. After we

went in

there he locked the door and said he had a

surprise. He had taken a Hustler magazine that

he took from his dad. We sat in there looking

at the pictures, within seconds we were both

hard. He told me to show him my cock and I

did. I was nervous and excited all at the same

time. He began by pu... Continue»
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Jack Ass Jackie #2

The new addition of the bunkhouse attached to the rear of the main house had simplified everything. Bud remained in "care" at the assisted living facility. All of Jackie's men were basically under one roof. Each had their separate rooms which allowed their sexual individuality out. The farmhands were quite different in their choices, but were steadfast that she belonged to all of them. They had requested that she no longer trim her pubic hair which wasn't a problem for her. She restated that they economize on their use of her. Less is more, she told them. Less energy spent to reach the same... Continue»
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Caught Panty Handed!

Caught Panty Handed!

There I stood, like I had on countless other occasions, hovering over my mother-in-law's open hamper, digging for the silken dirty treasures I knew where hidden among her worn clothes. I spied a hint of bright orange and reached in with trembling fingers to pull out an incredibly sexy pair of full cut briefs that I knew had been snuggled against her sweet mound. As I lifted the stained gusset to my nose and took a long inhale of her sweet aroma, they did not disappoint. I held them open and studied the spot where her pussy had left its indelible mark. Her p... Continue»
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Saying goodnight to mums turns into fun.

It was a Thursday evening and I was watching tv in the lounge, it was coming up to about 10pm when mum came in and said to me good night hunny im off to bed. Night mum I replied. It seemed as if she was going up earlier than normal, maybe she wanted to read. 10 minutes had past and I was ready for bed also. I walked upstairs and started getting ready when I popped my head into mums room and noticed she was sitting up ready a magazine. She looked up and just smiled. Dad's phoned his working the night shift now she said to me. I just finished brushing my teeth and was in my lounging shorts when ... Continue»
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Sugar Daddy for an XH Nymph

I have long wanted to meet a sexy young woman from Xhamster for some fun. The girl in the picture is not the one, but... I love the look and sets the tone!!

Anyway, I had a dream that she finally agreed to meet and this story attempts to convey what not only the dreams was, but what I hope to some day share with.... her.

Maybe it is you! What would you say to this kind of meeting? Guys, does this sound better than going to an auction on a Saturday morning? Gals, would you .... you know!!


I had told Les... Continue»
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A Mother Confessions

My son is 24. Two months ago he called me and said that he had got on hurt playing flag football. He said that he tore his groin and that he was on crutches and needed bed rest for a few days. He asked if he could come to my house to recover and so I could help him with any of his needs. I told him that was fine.

A few hours later, his friend dropped him off and helped him into my house. He brought along a gel pack that you put in the freezer for an hour or so until it hardens. Three times a day he needed to ice his groin area. He asked me to wrap the ice pack around a bowl so that when it ... Continue»
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Sowing seed beneath the bombs....

Sue Hyde sat looking into a dark London night remembering bygone days. The c***dren growing up carelessly playing, life thriving and Churchill a budding politician. Then World War II came along to claim her husband and leave her a farm widow. She thought, Thank Goodness for Peter and Mable. The aroma of a cigar, then a puff of smoke blew around her head. "A penny for your thoughts", it was the baritone voice of her b*****r George. He sat beside her puffing in nothing more than his pajama bottoms. His strong physic, muscled arms, Hairy chest gave Sue thoughts she knew she shouldn't have.

... Continue»
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Can you imagine seeing all those nude high-school girls who showed up for their annual check up? That must be very hot and exciting…

In my youth, as a young college graduate, I was sent to a mountainous province to teach at a complementary school of adult learners aged 18 to 32.Naturally I had to behave properly, warding off sex scenes or sex topics in our conversations for fear of being spied on by my students. In fact’s themes hardly have a place in our Asian culture and literature, let alone voyeurism which is considered to be deviant, highly offensive and an immoral act. Tom peepers onc... Continue»
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Dad’s birthday party

This guy is telling us about the adventures of his mom, well, she is a real whore I must admit!

It’s April! The winter’s left behind together with hokey. There is also a skating-rink in the sports club, but we are not allowed to play there except training. I think I like winter much more because of hokey. I can also play hokey on the grass but it’s better to play football in this case.

In short I’m just hanging around and the only fun I have is my computer!

I like your site and I have a real story to tell! I am 22 years now and I hope you’re going to like my story.

It happened a we... Continue»
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Gone to have snack!

This guy goes to the shop to buy some snacks during lunch break, the saleswoman is a lustful horny bitch and there’s no way he can resist her…

It was supposed to be an ordinary day, a sunny nice day with warm weather. Supposed to be – this is the main point you should focus your attention on. Streets were half empty, hardly anyone wanted to come outdoors for any reason: it seemed like the nature itself stopped breathing and air changed its location somewhere high in stratosphere. Usually streets of the town were crowded, but today the whole world came to a standstill. It was not war, or som... Continue»
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Mr. Wong

This guy loves to hang around in the book store where he can get a pile of porn magazines to read and jerk later, but this time he becomes the witness and sees the store owner fucking the shit out of the sales girl…

You might say it is because I have a dirty mind that I like to hang out in adult book stores.

I live on the west side of Chicago and there is one very close to where I live. It is an old building with a brick front. It is owned by a certain Mr. Wong. I thought he ran the place alone until I saw a girl pop out from the back. I thought that she must be his sales clerk. She was ... Continue»
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Do you like spying on other people when you are sure they are not seeing you and you can see them doing things that would never do in public? If you like voyeurism, this story is just for you…

The female genitals are parts of the body carefully covered and protected against any exposure to people, especially in our Oriental cultures. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are proscribed and condemned by the whole community. Women who commit a public nuisance by peeing along the roadside or in a dark corner of a wall merely bare their buttocks and squat down to piss. Very occasionally, in rural areas o... Continue»
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Getting to know relatives better!

It’s nice to secretly watch someone doing the naughty things, and imagine you are watching your mother in law masturbating and then get fucked in the toilet…

Last Saturday night my wife and I went over to my mother in law. We went out before night fall, a bit early, so nobody was home from work yet. It was a big mansion of 2 stories, with a wooden fence around and a green grass plot on the back yard and the front side of the building. We were both tired and hungry after the road, so we had to use their restroom. My wife took the guests’ bath upstairs whereas I went to use the hall bath. Sit... Continue»
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How To Make Babies

I always had a thing for my mom. When I was 14 and my penis had started to grow harder in the company of girls, I came across a peep hole in my mom’s bathroom. I used to watch her bathe every day. Her boobs were a 36C hung well on a 32 waist. She never shaved her cunt but fingered herself once in a while in the shower. From that day till date, 15 years on, my mom has always occurred in my jerk-off fantasies. She is 49 now.

I got married and a couple of years on, my wife and I decided to make babies. I was however, mortally afraid of cumming inside her. I had always worn a condom when I was ... Continue»
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Living With A Beauty Out A Night

“Aadhi, who are you with, on the phone this whole time?” I heard mom yelling out from in the kitchen. “Right, I will call you back and let you know” I hung up the call. “May be Aadhi has a girlfriend” Anu couldn’t wait longer before she turned me any red. “Haha very funny. How about we split the credit with your boyfriend who found me, his s****r?” I knew it wasn’t a great come back but it sure made people laugh. I know, I make terrible jokes at times. And then you know, she hit me with the remote and I ‘playfully’ fight for the remote where I can feel my s****r up a bit without, she realizing... Continue»
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s****r in Law

My s****r inlaw is a bit of a strange woman, she is 22 about 5'8"
has nice firm tits and a unbeleivably sexy arse and allso a verry
good looking girl, but a bit dim with it, but we cant all be

So I have decided I was going to fuck her, and this is my story
of how it came about.

We were at a party one saturday night, her husband Ben who's a bit
of an idiot was well pissed and had a spliff or 2 too many, was
passed out on the toilet floor of the football club.

Since i was not drinking that night, as it was my wife's f****y
that was having the party, i was in charge of ge... Continue»
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My First young Sexual Experience

This story is true and real, is about me. This

story takes place when I was twe!☆e (11+1)

years old. This is about my first sexual

experience with mt friend Matt. I hope you


My friend slept over one day and we were

flipping through channels late at night, and we

came up on some porn. We were both excited that

we came across it. As we were watching it our

cocks began to twitch. My friend Matt called my

name and when I looked over at him he had his

shorts to his ankles, and his hard cock was

pointing straight at me. He was uncut and maybe

... Continue»
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Mistress Viagra torture part 3

My new mistress and I headed downstairs from her bedroom to meet her Mistress for dinner.
I practiced wiggling my ass as I walked keeping my hand bent straight and moving front to back as I walked.
When we arrived in the dinning room My Mistresses Mistress was seated at the end of a long dinning room table big enough for 12 people.
At the other end of the table was another woman I had not met yet, she was very pretty with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfect figure. I was introduced as Nicole, the girls new slave, and mistress told me the other girl was Tiffany, her husband. Tiffany ... Continue»
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The Slumber Party

Charlie turned the corner to his block. Four more houses then he would
be home. As he walked he threw a baseball in the air and would catch it in
his glove. He slowed his pace as he walked closer to his house. He was
thinking it would be nice if you could slow time by moving slower. He knew
what he was about to face in three more houses. He can't believe that his
parents were making him do this. What did he do wrong? Two more houses,
then he would be home. Did he take out the trash this week? If he washed
the car, would it make any difference? One more house. Charlie lo... Continue»
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Jack Ass Jackie #1

One Husband, two boys, four lovers, mules, burrows and Jackass mules, much to maintain, Jackie thought. She needed to talk to the lovers grouped, with out Bud. The opportunity came the next morning, when Bud demanded to go check the ranch. Jared and Jed took him.
Bob, Ted, Zak and Joe surrounded her as they watched them disappear in the distance. Jackie walked in and sat against the wall. She pointed to the wall across from her and had them all sit. She raised her hand in a "Stop" sign type motion. "Listen to me, I am yours but I always give the orders. Is that understood", she spoke. Eve... Continue»
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