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Living among the Kilitoki

Manhood Rite

*** Warning: This is a long story, with a plot that slowly builds up. The actual sex happens towards the end. If long stories aren't your thing, then please beware.

*** This story is fiction and all characters are of legal age (18 years of age or older).

- Chapter 1 -

"I'll see you in twenty minutes." Zoe hung up the phone and, mop in hand, looked at the kitchen floor of her flat. Half of the tiles were sparkling white, while the other half had a dull, dusty look to them. She dipped the mop back in the bucket and began untying her apron.

"Peter!... Continue»
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Reading Geraldine's Diary: How My Teenage Dau

If young pussy is the sweetest, and forbidden pussy the most desirable, then my daughter Geraldine's is the sweetest, most desirable pussy in Puerto Rico. And from what I just read in her diary, its also one of the busiest pussies known to man! Especially black man. I knew she liked black cock, which is rare here and maybe part of the appeal for her. I also knew she was very proud of her hot little ass. For that I must take some responsibility. I've always commented on it, told her now cute it was, even when spanking her as a c***d I noticed now round it was and joked she would "break a lot o... Continue»
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A Tale of two s****rs

Here’s the story of a Mexican with nine fingers and how he was lucky enough to bang the hottest s****rs in the central valley. Gringo’s try and remember, Spanish J’s make the H sound.

Kaylee and Sonia are fine half Latina, half Scandinavian s****rs with dark eyes, tight pink pussies, pale pink nips, big cock-sucking mouths and long pink tongues. Even up close they remind me of Selena Gomez (Kaylee) and Ariana Grande (Sonia). They’re not dead ringers but I think they’re just as pretty in their own ways. I’m just a f****y friend, but the girls call me Uncle.

Okay eh, so Sonia’s kind ... Continue»
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Glory Hole Conspiracy I

Connie looked her daughter Beth while she stood next to her friend Sara as both the teen girls looked at their moms. It was embarrassing to be standing there with cum stains on her dress and probably still in her hair from her time at the glory hole. Of course Sara's mom Lisa looked just as used since she had been in the booth just down the hall from her where she had sucked and fucked the evening away.

"What's a glory hole mom?" Beth asked as she looked at the cum stains on her mom's dress

"It is none of your business young... Continue»
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My friend Jason and I were at his house one night and I was staying over there all night for a sl**p over. His mom and dad were really cool and let

us stay out a later later than we really should sometimes.

That night, around 10 pm, Jason and I were just hanging out, riding our bikes and checking out the neighborhood we lived in when we rode past my

own house. I noticed two cars in the driveway I didn't recognize and I decided to investigate and see who they were. Jason and I went up to the

side window to see inside and I saw my dad sitting on the sofa with two men I didn'
... Continue»
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Episode 55 - Alia and Tee

In Bed
Alia couldn’t sl**p.

She just had to tell someone – Tee would do.

Tee was her best friend at school – Alia was sure she was still a virgin, but Tee would understand.

Tee’s phone under her pillow went ‘boing’; Tee was now wide awake.

Stupidly the message from Alia asked: ‘You awake?’

Tee sent back: ‘I am now – you know its 3:30? – go to sl**p’

Alia: ‘Ive got to tell someone – my cunt keeps creaming – and its red hot’.
Tee: ‘well stop stroking it – oh shit – youve got me doing it now – hang on – just get these shorts off – don’t want them getting sticky again’.
... Continue»
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Fun with My b*****r-in-Law's Dog

Once we gave Buddy away to my aunt, we didn’t have a dog at home anymore. That didn’t stop me from getting my kicks though. My s****r is 10 years older than me and she got married when I was around 16. Her husband had a wonderful dog named Barney who was a black and tan German Shepherd/St. Bernard mix. He was about the size of a shepherd, with all the goofy enthusiasm of a young energetic dog not long out of puppyhood. I spent a lot of time after school at my s****r’s house since she lived only a couple streets over from me and I didn’t have much else to do once homework was done.

Barney ... Continue»
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Kate Gets a Puppy

Every morning, Kate started her day with a jog along the beach. The fresh sea air, the sand under her feet, and the sense of freedom was the perfect way for her to clear her head as well as keep fit. Her typical running outfit consisted of tight Lycra shorts and a sports bra which struggled to contain her ample 34D chest. She usually wore her long, raven hair in a ponytail but at times let it flow freely, and the sun beating down on it made it shine like silk. She was an exquisite vision, and never failed to gain the attention of any male passersby (and on occasion, the random female). Kate pa... Continue»
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Moving Into My Dorm Room

My b*****r and I have always been close. We literally did everything together. He was a few years older than me, though it didn't matter much to us. My name is Scott and my b*****r is David. I'm shorter with brown hair and David is tall with black hair.

Over the years I developed a little crush on him. I'd sneak peeks of him in the shower or when he changed. We shared a room and he usually slept in tight fitting underwear that left nothing to the imagination. Then when I turned 18 and finished high school, he started sl**ping naked sometimes giving me a boner on the nights he slept in the ... Continue»
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After-School Hours

We are fucking so eagerly. She pounds her hot wet pussy on my tingling and hard dick. Her big scrumptious white ass cheeks bounce and clap on my thighs and around my dick. She is facing sown while her ass and pussy are in the air. I love drilling her raw pussy, but love it even more when she takes charge and rams her own rear up my dick. She loves it too.

Even more exciting is the threat of being caught. Although it was afterschool hours, we still decided it is risky to do it out in the hallway. It gets us both so excited that we can't even resist doing it right outside Ms. Shaffer's office... Continue»
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My First Job

It was my first job and I was just a young lady at the time. I worked at a pizza parlor of which I cannot share the name of. I am a full figured ebony woman with a cute face, as I have learned through life many men have a taste for women like myself, even if they are afraid to admit it.

My boss was a very fit and attractive white male, in his early 30’s. A man that was a lifelong bachelor. Quite the lady’s man, at least in his eyes and of the eyes of all the young ladies that worked for him. I had only been on the job for about a couple weeks when I had caught him occasionally taking a gla... Continue»
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Camping with Mom

Camping with Mom

Hi to all.I was reading Iss from last so many year,N finally i wrote something.Please any gals or aunties from anywhere in gujarat for any kind a relation do contact me on my id

It was January 2008 and I was your normal almost 19 year old… always full of energy and ready to do anything fun and exciting. At nearly six feet tall, one of my favorite things to do was hiking and camping in the mountains, near our home. Ever since I was born, my mom, dad and I have taken trips up into... Continue»
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kate 9

We sat at the table eating I felt so awkward sitting naked in front of her,
So what would you like to do tonight she asked,
I thought you was dressing me up I said?
Oh yea that's going to happen she said but that will only take half hour and its only 7 o'clock but what do you want to do
I want to lick and shag you I said!
Oh so romantic she laughed, stand up she said
I stood up , come closer she said ,
My cock was level with her chin, she stared at it, turn round she said and bend over , I hesitated, a light smack went across my bum
Touch your toes she said,
I reached down to. My ... Continue»
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mom and I -2

"Kiss me... I want you to kiss my whole body..." she murmured. I immediately obey her request and start kissing her tits, the little nipples, surrounded by large pink areolas, were rock hard. After sucking and kissing them for a long time I began exploring the rest of mom's body with my tongue. From time to time she shuddered and panted. Eventually, after playing for a while with her belly button, I arrived at her pubic hair. Carefully I parted her cunt lips and stared at the pink crevice tipped by her clit. An exquisite perfume emanated from her cunt. She accepted patiently my inspection for ... Continue»
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Flexible s****r

This is an original story – enjoy.


I’m Ted, and I have a story that I have to share with somebody because it is just too amazingly sexy not to tell you. My little s****r, Lisa, can lick her own pussy, and I have watched her do it, many, many times.

There now you know.

Yeah, there is more to this story of course, and so here is what happened about how she found that she had this exceptional skill, and how I became involved in her sexual awakening.

We live in a nice Chicago suburb with mom and dad, just the four of us. Lisa just turned 18... Continue»
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My True Love Index

I was 25 years old; just got three months leave from the Marine Corps. I haven't made up my mind if I should go back to my f****y lives or not. That is the reason I went into the Corp, so I would get away from my s****r Sara. Because I had feelings for her that I b*****r should have for their s****r. Although I never told her I had to tell someone, and that person was my dad.

So, there we where I told him I was in love with one of my s****r, one of his daughter; he just looked me. I was ready for him to hit me, swear it me or something, but he didn't do anything. So, I ask him why he wasn't... Continue»
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mom and I -1

Every boy has at some moment of his youth dreamed about his mother. It might be simple curiosity about women's bodies or a stronger physical attraction to her alone. Only a very few have the opportunity to make these dreams a reality. I was one of the lucky few and this is my true story.

I was eighteen years old when my story begins, the youngest of three c***dren. My s****r was twenty two and at college whilst my b*****r and I, due to health problems during c***dhood, still had another year of high school. When I was sixteen our parents had decided on an amicable divorce to give them a cha... Continue»
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Jake Cums at Home

This story is continued from "Daydreaming on the Hardintown Bus" here is a link:

Jake walked home from the bus as fast as he could he really wanted nothing more than to jack off and think of Natalie feeling his cock! It had only been an accidental touch but for a teen boy it did not take much!

He arrived at home and was alone. He quickly went to the dirty clothes hamper. With two s****rs and a mom there was always a pair of used panties to sniff while he... Continue»
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Chapter One

Buffy came home and collapsed on the bed.. Not a great night for slaying, she said to herself as she lay there in the dark room feeling so tired she was almost sick.. This wasn’t the first night that had ended this way. Lately it seemed she was slower to vanquish the demons, and a couple of times she was dangerously close to being one dead slayer. It was strange, she thought, I can leave the house so full of energy, but as soon as I start to fight, it slowly drains away.. What is wrong with me? Maybe I’m just coming down with something. As she drifted off to sl**p, she assured... Continue»
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Encouragement 2

The night after my mom let me cum all over her I had a hard time sl**ping. I guess I was still in a little bit of shock. Between the embarrassment of getting caught masturbating and the fact that it eventually lead to my mom helping me out had me in a blissful but confused state to say the least. Really all I could do was keeping picturing her standing in front of me in her bra and panties and of course the image of my jizz running down her face and body was something I would never forget. I kept getting massively horny and was debating in my head going into her room to either push my luck or ... Continue»
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