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loop of 420 nutz


It was during the summer of 2006 and I was staying at a friends house in Boston,well actually I was working for him and house sitting. I was 24 and always horny Well one day I was really stressed and upset and my friend asked me to smoke some of his Weed. I had never tried it at this point and he smoked infront of me for years and never offered me any. That was the day that I decided that I was gonna rebel and try it. I was that green. Well at first I felt nothinf then about an hour later it happened I began to feel the floor bend beneath me and I felt really good!. I li... Continue»
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Captured ( long story)

It was evening around 8:00pm or so when I was leaving my condo walking out to my garage I needed to run to the store to get a few items. As I edited the building and was walking to the garage I noticed a white construction van parked at the back of my building. It was a pretty common thing around here someone was always having work done so I didn't think anything of it. As I approached the van I noticed a worker towards the back of the van down on his knees looking at his back tire. He saw me and asked if I could help him he thinks he has a flat and asked if I could shine the flashlight on the... Continue»
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Revenge on a cunt girlfriend (true story)

I had been in a relationship with Maribel for about 2 years and we experimented with BDSM. She was a total control freak whom tried to be submissive and liked to think of herself as such but she was so out of touch with herself and no matter how hard she tried she was never a real submissive, Let me tell you after 2 years of living together I had developed a deep hate for her and couldn't stand even having a conversation with this fucking cunt but the sex was great and she was one of the best looking girls I had ever dated
Well we had over time with other fetishes but she was really big on... Continue»
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Mommy tits

I always had a very close relationship with my mom , always been accomplices and confidants . But there is one thing that I never shared with anyone.
I have a fetish with my mother´s breasts.
First I'll describe her. She is a 41 years old woman, she has a pretty face, she is short, has blonde hair and pouty lips,
a white and smooth skin, plump legs and a fat ass, and the best part, she has a fantastic round and huge breasts.
I started masturbating when I was about 13, I started mostly because of her.
I always saw my mother naked through the house mostly after showering, she did not mind o... Continue»
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Miss French, Part 1

As near as I can remember, my first sexual experience as a little girl happened when I was just ten years old. I was in elementary school in the fifth grade. I had an introduction to French class with a teacher that was probably the prettiest girl I had ever seen up to that time. The Intro to French didn’t teach the French language to us, but was rather more about France itself, and to get us interested in electing the French language course later on in the seventh grade.
At ten years old, I had very long (down to my butt) wavy, natural light blonde hair that I almost always either kept pinne... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Revelation (Proposition part 4

She was so startled and disappointed by how things had suddenly taken a U-turn since Saturday. Having become immersed in this brave new fantasy world, running parallel with the reality that Rachel's daughter, Emma, was now a lesbian, she too had done more than dip her toes in to test these new waters. But maybe it had been a case of too much too soon.

Rachel didn't know what to think right now. It was as if the d**g had subsided, and prematurely, sending her high plummeting to the depths of depression. What world had she entered? What had she done with a perfectly good friendship that she ... Continue»
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Tapping the baby-sitter

Her steel blue eyes rolled up and then closed tight. Her arms pressed against her breasts rubbing them as she
moved her hands over the crotch of her pants. Gentle moans of pleasure fell from her lips with every stroke of
her body.

She frantically unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles were she kicked them off to her side.
With one hand she yanked her tiny white panties to her knees exposing a very young mound of thin brown pubic
hair. Pale white skin clearly showed through the sparse patch of hair.

Her knees bent outward, stretching her pantie... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I pt.6

The morning that Clare is to meet dad in town for the insurance on her new car he gave her, we ate our breakfast and drank some coffee out on the patio in the nude, and while we ate and drank our coffee and made small talk, three does walked out into the clearing on the back edge next to the tree line, and went to eating grass.

After we finished off another cup of coffee, “I guess I better go get ready to meet dad at the insurance agent or I’ll be late and you know how dad is, when we are not on time.”

“Yea, he either starts looking for us or just up and leaves without us.”

“Are you... Continue»
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From the diary of jane.

I remember like it was yesterday, I was standing up my legs spread a bit with my back to him. He was holding his dick in his hand and had it press up against my entrance. I could feel the squirts of cum shooting up inside me. That boy never did put his thing all the way in me, but he loved to place his dick at my opening and let his seed fill me up. Sometimes he would slide his prick across my clit as he came, and that felt awesome too. But this particular day, this first time, he made sure to put all he had to offer in me. After he was done, he stood there for a few moments, his cock holding ... Continue»
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My s****r in law

To start this off my name is Mike I've been married since I was 16 . I have watched my wife's lil s****r grow up since she was 10 years younger than us . I always thought she was a hottie back when she was in her teenage years . But move forward I was 36 when this took place. So she was 26 . It all 1night her and her ex husband was over playing cards . We had all been outside smoking when her husband said he was going to roll another. I excused myself to run inside to grab something to eat . Standing looking threw the cabinet for a little Debbie or something . My s****r in law came in runnin... Continue»
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Curious Daughter

My daughter Amber had always been curious about things. When something got her attention there was no stopping the girl.

It should have come as no surprise to me the day she saw my wife and I having sex. Donna my wife was sucking my cock while she was grinding her pussy in my face. My wife is a talented cocksucker but if she gets her pussy licked at the same time b*****r you better watch out!

I was just getting ready to bust my nut when our bedroom door burst open. I could not see anything but I could hear both my wife and A... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Intuition (Proposition part 3)

Memories of the rest of that day flooded her mind ever since - seeing Donna to the door dressed in nothing but her black satin robe, her hair ringing wet with sweat and still falling down around her ears, kissing her on the lips and hoping she'd come back soon!

How hastily she had then set about washing and drying her daughter's strap-on dildo and then hoping it would be unnoticable that she had even moved it, let alone the other things she had done with it. And then she poured herself a hot bath and soaked with a glass of chilled wine. It wasn't long before she was touching herself bene
... Continue»
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Sluty hot MIL AND SIL visiting for the weekend &qu

So my mother in law and s*s in law our in town. They are both smoking hot and sluty. Mil is 56 5"5curvy frame lbs big 36Ds nice legs wide hips and sexy ass short brown hair, Sil 20 5"6 135 sexy b cups phat phat ass so we all went to dinner and our the girls were pounding drinks all night long as the night went on they trashed and being extra flirty well sluty towards me when my wife wasn't around or paying attention. Teasing me when they could I even danced with the my MIL my cock was growing hard as she felt it she turned around I thought I was in trouble but she had a sexy naughty grin p... Continue»
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Meeting With Son’s Teacher.

Meeting With Son’s Teacher.

Hi i am julie, and this story is based on a chat i had with a very good friend i have on here :D He asked if he could make it into a story. an here is the result of our chat and his work :D

I am sitting in my office at work when I get a call from my sons school telling me that his teacher needs to talk to me about my son right away. I tell them I will be there after I get off work. Hanging up the phone I think to myself what did he do now. I show up at his school after all the students have left for the day and find my way to his teachers classroom.

“H... Continue»
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By Amanda Wrighter


1: 10 PM


Tiffany Phelps clicked the alarm button on her keychain and waited for the telltale chirp of her BMW convertible. After the annoying noise informed her that her car was secure, she dropped the keys into her purse and made her way the short distance up the steps to her townhouse and found the front door locked. Annoyed, she rapped on it several times.
Her son, Franklin opened ... Continue»
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Mrs. Smith {Part VI}


"What the fuck are you up to now?" I asked, stunned.

"Just checking out your toys. I was wondering which one you used last night when you called out my name"

"You bastard. Were you listening at my door?"

"No, actually I was in the room," you lied, "I was hiding in your closet using my phone to tape you. I'm sure my friends would love to see it"

"Why do you always have to ruin everything. I was so happy with what you did to my boss that I was going to give you a treat anyway. You don't have to resort to blackmail"

“A treat? What, another blowjob? Not that they aren'... Continue»
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Granny Kate Makes Up for A Bad Date

Granny Kate’s Makes Up for A Bad Date

Now I consider myself a nice guy which is maybe why so many of the women in our Seniors Singles Club like me. I do a lot of favors for my Grannies. Last week one of my favorite Grannies Kate called me and said “I’ve got an usual request for you, and if you turn me down I’ll understand” I replied “go ahead”. Kate explained that her long-time friend Angie was coming to Tucson and would be staying at the posh Westward Look Resort. She asked if I would take her out to dinner as a favor. Well I knew what “take her out to dinner meant” it meant that Kate had ... Continue»
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Sex Education – My Daughter!

This story is a spin off from my series "My Son's Secret Desire". Please visit my profile for the earlier stories. Here is a link to the introduction Leigh Darby:

Leigh pulled into her garage after another day as Principal of the local high school. She really enjoyed her job but even more so recently when she had seduced young Tony. It had been way too long since the mature principal had any sex at all. When she had let go with young boy it was the best sex she had ever ... Continue»
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There Are No Limits, part one.

*This story is a work of short(ish) fiction, and despite the tribute that I would like to pay to the real people these are based off of, their names have been changed. Chicagoland area residents will recognize some of the places despite the name changes.*

Part 1:

Sheridan and I have been partners at the Wesley Avenue Police District for something like six years. We're part of a larger group of six: Me, Bonds, Martinez, Sheridan, Maurice (the only one who uses his first name) and Woodard. Officially, we're known as the patrolmen on the night shift in Lakeview, but the brass calls us the... Continue»
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Oh, Teacher, Teacher! Ch. 02

God I felt guilty. I tossed and turned all night in bed feeling nothing but shame for letting my lusts get the best of me—and with one of my own students. I couldn't believe that I'd fucked one of my own students right in the class room! God, what a scum I was!

I should have put a stop to it before it ever got that far. But no, I had to let my horny dick lead me by the nose—right into the honey pot of forbidden fruit.

I knew that somehow I'd have to cool this relationship off or else I might lose my job.

About the time I finally got to sl**p, the alarm went off, or so it seemed to m... Continue»
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