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Caught by my s****r and her friend 10

Ah Saturday morning! Mom and Dad out for the day, Grandpa can get down the stairs and my s****r is at her friend Kate's, nothing better than a good wank. I raid Dad's porn stash and put a movie on, strip naked and settle back on the couch and begin slowly stroking my cock. For some reason I prefer to masturbate naked it just feels better and as there is no hurry I can work up to it slowly. So there I was , after about fifteen minutes of slowly teasing my cock watching some really hot porn my s****r Susan and her friend Kate arrive unexpectedly, as they do! Given what we had all shared I didn't... Continue»
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Jill sat on her chair in the downstairs TV room. Her b*****r, Tom, sat on the other. Their parents had made a room for them in the cellar so they could watch their own shows. It had transformed into Jill's and Tom's private sanctuary. For a b*****r and s****r, they got along fairly well, but Tom was still the little b*****r and, at times, did irritate Jill. Today she was looking at him differently.

At school this week Jill and her friends were in their usual “boy” conversation when the subject of cocks came up. Sam, short for Samantha, an only c***d, had revealed she was envious of Jill b... Continue»
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Katie my girlfriend, and my uncle, with anal induc

My best friend Katie and I slept in a tent in our back yard, during that Summer. We shared a sl**ping bag and cuddled-up together, wrapped in each others embrace, falling asl**p in the warmth of our nude bodies, girls aged seven, giggling as girls do, and in the morning, I remember very well the lurch when she moved to get up, as if a part of me was being lost.

Can a girl of seven feel that kind of love, I think so?

Katie slept with our legs entwined, locked in a scissor like fashion, our cunny's crushed against our thighs, as we subconsciously squeezed and softly crushed against each ot... Continue»
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Gran Meets Me Halfway

It might have been a scenario I conjured up on my way to the bathroom for my first hand crank of the day but would certainly have made a quick retreat had I known my mother's mother was topless the other side of the open airing cupboard door. Had often pulled off looking at a picture of her I removed from Grandpa's collection I had found in the loft but, 'wow' this was for real.

The door closed. "Oh!' exclaimed Gran standing there holding a bra in one hand and the door handle in the other. Neither of us moved. For me no problem; the expectant half hard waiting for my hand was tucked well ... Continue»
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The New Man of the House

Mother called me the week before Christmas Vacation. I was just finishing up the first semester of my Senior Year of Med School and getting ready for a three week snowboarding trip in Colorado with a group of friends. She wasn't quite crying yet, but I could hear a quiver in her voice.

I had been an only c***d and mom and I had become extremely close after she and dad divorced. She loved to take me shopping with her and would always come out and model for me after she had tried the clothes on in the dressing room.

She was a business woman so most of the time she was trying on fitted dres... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 10

Please read Chapters 1-9 before reading this story for context (at the very least Chapter 9). You can easily get there by clicking on my author name, 'Batman_112, in blue just above here on the left. Click on 'stories' and select any of the first nine chapters to get you better acquainted with the story. Thanks for all the wonderful responses and enjoy!
I swallowed hard as my cock fought its way out of my boxers. Jenny was kneeling sheepishly on the bed in front of me as she watched her story sink in. I didn't know what to say. I laughed to myself; I had created a little sex monster. She bit ... Continue»
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A Small Caravan

My parents broke up during my first year of university. I think without me there, they just didn't have anything in common anymore.

Before that, every summer my parents would save coupons from newspapers and go on the cheap holidays they offered, as it was all we could afford.

On the phone with my mother one night, she lamented that we wouldn't be going on our little holidays any more. She sounded so sad and lonely, it was painful, I just wanted to cheer her up.

"Why don't just me and you go?" I suggested.

"Really?" she asked, seeming to brighten up.

"Sure! I have some tim... Continue»
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If You Want To !!!!!!!!!!!!.

Without taking his eyes off the television screen, the boy grunted, and began stroking his penis through his jeans. His mother, sitting in the armchair opposite his, noticed the movement, and twined her fingers together, knowing what would happen shortly. The programme they were watching was a nature documentary, completely innocent of sexual overtones, but she knew that had nothing to do with it, and she stared at him, her breath starting to come faster in anticipation of what would he would want her to do to him.

He slowly unzipped his jeans, and struggled briefly to free his penis - it w... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 9

Thanks to all those readers who have asked for more chapters in this series. I never thought of writing a series but because you have continuously asked for more from this story, I have done my best to comply. We all live multi-faceted lives (I don't have time to write but once or twice every other week) but I will try to write new chapters and follow-ups to my other stories too. Thanks again to all those readers who have emailed with kudos, I live and write for them. For those who write saying they don't like something, thanks too but only when it is constructive criticism. I'm learning to... Continue»
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War Time

A London Suburb. August 1940.

The Germans were bombing hell out of us -- or should it be into us? I was eighteen and was awaiting my call up into one of the armed services; in the meantime I was working as a messenger for the Civil Defence.

There was just me and mum because my dad was with the Royal Engineers in the West Country where they were laying beach mines and building defences against the anticipated invasion.

Mum was understandably scared of the air raids, and it was made worse because that was when I had to go on duty and she was on her own.

I think she must have written... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 7

I drove home from the bookstore with a smile on my face. Spunky hadn't changed a lick. To Spunky any guy who was getting any, was 'The Man'. He really was all about sex. I felt funny leaving my step mom there in the glory hole room but I figured she was getting just what she wanted. She wanted me to screw her on the side and I was all right with it as long as I didn't hurt my dad. She was in heaven sucking the cocks as they stuck them through the wall so I didn't feel bad about it but just a little weird. In a matter of thirty minutes or so she had gone from my step mom with a hot little body ... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 8

This is an addendum to Pretty Mouth Ch. 07, due to error on my part or Literotica's the ending was lost. This will conclude Ch. 07 and include a full story for the series. Thanks for all the wonderful emails praising my writing. I write fairly well but I think it is our twisted minds that make you enjoy my stories so much. For those who don't like my stories, that is fine too but you need to use more constructive criticism rather than boring vulgarities. I'll gladly try to incorporate all suggestions good and bad into my stories.

Jenny wasn't going to let me put my cock in her mouth, at lea... Continue»
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Wartime Diary

I recently bought a box of old 78 jazz and swing records dating from the 1940s and 50s. As protection the records were seperated mainly by old newspapers, but I also came across what looked like an old school exercise book. I was about to toss it away with the newspapers, but it fell open and I saw that it was some sort of diary. An entry dated Sat. 26th August immediately caught my eye: 'On sofa with Mum. Me naked, she too except for knickers. Much kissing, etc. Sucked her tits, she wanked me. Came twice.' I started to get en erection, remembering what I'd done with my own mother, and settled... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 4

The next day, I couldn’t think about much more than Jenny’s wonderful mouth. She loved sucking cock and she got off on being naughty and treated like a slut so I couldn’t help but think of what to do with her next. The Glory Holes website really turned her on, despite her saying it didn’t. The way she wiggled on my hand and came, told me she would really enjoy the experience. I thought about when we could go and the weekend was the best time. Jenny wasn’t allowed out during the week because of her school troubles and I really didn’t want to sneak her off in the middle of the night and get caug... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 5

The rest of Tuesday was uneventful, as Jenny didn’t make it home before my dad and step mom. Apparently her high school is going to have a big game this weekend and she had to stay late so her squad would be adequately prepared. I did some odd jobs around the house to occupy my time and chatted with an old buddy on the phone.

When my dad and step mom got home I went to my room so I could check my e-mail. I was busy doing it when I thought about the Glory Holes at the adult bookstore out by the airport. I couldn’t wait for the weekend and to take Jenny there. I brought up the site for Glory ... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 6

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling pretty weird. I had a nightmare that Jenny and I were on the couch and she was giving me one of her World Class blowjobs when her mom walked in. What was weird about it was that when I looked down at Jenny to see what her reaction was, it wasn’t Jenny but instead it was her mom between my legs and it was Jenny who walked in on us. I felt ill because now they were both mad at me for using them. Each one was mad that I had been seeing the other one too. They left together and left me holding my own cock. To top it off my dad comes walking in right then and sta... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 1

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth!

I don’t know what pervert said it to my s****r but I wish I could find him so I could shake his hand and thank him.

I was home from college when my steps****r, Jenny, came home from high school in a huff. We were not really tight as her mom and my dad had only been married four years and I had been gone 2 of them at college. But she looked at me as a confidant and older b*****r. She felt she could come to me when she had problems and needed help. Twice in the last month, she had called me at school for help with a school problem and once for a problem wit... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 2

Let’s just say after Jenny polished my knob, I was horny all the time. Jenny was mum about our experience together even when it was just the two of us around. She played the good daughter with our parents and even seemed to be doing better in school.

A day after our oral session, a buddy of mine asked me along on a fishing trip he was taking with his dad and I agreed. I agreed begrudgingly as I wanted to explore the wonderful possibilities with Jenny. We went up into Canada and found some cool fishing cabins off Lake George. The fishing was awesome as we caught more than our limit each... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 3

I passed out about 5 minutes after Jenny left my room. I had a hard-on when I woke up that could break bricks. I don't know what my dreams were about but I knew they had to have been good. I remembered that I had told Jenny to come back down after our parents went to sl**p but really didn't know if she would. I glanced at my clock and it was 9:45. I was starved but wanted a shower first. I dragged myself to the stall and showered. I thought about beating off but decided to wait to see if little Jenny would be stopping by. After my shower, I went to my room and put on something so I could go up... Continue»
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I sit alone in the dark except for th flicker of a TV. My wife (sometimes its my wife and sometimes it my girlfriend when I imagine it) had been out for almost and hour. Her only instructions, "Don't play with your cock when I leave. I want that cum for myself." As soon she left. I immediately strip and turn on some porn. I can get off to anything and everything. I guess its a sign that I am either extremely one minded or simply perfectly perverse. I like to think I am date perfectly combination of both.

There in the dark I fun my cock and balls. From time to time I lean over and spit down ... Continue»
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