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Cervical Sex with Squirting Orgasms

(This story is fantasy)
Knock. Knock. Knock. She tapped on the door. She was running a few minutes late she was nervous he wouldn't see her. Her back was in knots after a long week at work and he was the best around. Jenni has only had a few massages in her life, but it had been a few years since her last one.
After a few seconds the door opens. She sees a tall good looking man blue eyes with long blonde hair reaching down his back. He had also had a short beard but the second he saw me a huge smile took over his face. He said "my names Jonathan," and "mine is Jenni,"she replied. He extended... Continue»
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Every Witch has a Familiar, A black cat. Pyewacket is her name.

Part 1 of 5

Pyewacket jumped up onto Regina's bed & lay down facing Regina's bureau. She was all alone as everyone had left for The Country Club.
Pye watched them come home the night before all excited about something & when she jumped up on the back of the couch & into Regina's lap she saw the plastic containers sitting on the couch between Rebecca & Regina & the shadows of movement from inside. Both tupperware containers had several holes punched into the cover so the little Ex Cons coul... Continue»
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Step Daughter's Mother Finds Out

My wife Carol loved to fuck outside. We would hit the backyard pool as soon as it got dark and off came our bathing suits. As usual, I sat on the pool steps and Carol swam over and placed her luscious small mouth around my engorged cock. I never met a woman who could suck cock like Carol could. She had what you would call an “oral fixation” and you could tell she just loved having a man’s cock in her mouth. Carol was a very skilled cocksucker and loved sucking cock, she was a “swallower” and men loved it. We went to a few swinger parties and got really into group sex. She didn’t like the lad... Continue»
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My Granny

This is not about my first time to have sex. Hell that story is boring, my friends older s****r. I nailed her one night during a sl**p over. Did not have a clue what I was doing. Since that night I have fucked her and maybe a couple of hundred of girls over those years. Sex addict you say? Well I might have to agree with you. I do love fucking new women, fresh pussy is what I crave. And if I am not dumping a load in some hot pussy then I am jacking off thinking about it.
My granny is in her seventies. The f****y has been taking turns staying with her and watching out for her. Now it was ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #30: Moms & Dods: Helena-3

Helena and I get a chance to experiment more with love at the end of that sexy summer's hot holiday
Helena and I get our hours of privacy every working day of our memorable long school summer holiday

Helena comes from licking along her love lips and soon we discover fingering around her cute clitty
Helena comes from fingering and discovers like this how she can play her pussy now to please herself

Helena and I are at the brink of finding out by try and erotic error how the hell fucking would work?
Helena and I are both shy to take that step, which seems most forbidden for unclear
... Continue»
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First Internet hookup

Back in the early years of the Internet when people were just discovering the whole business of online sex, I formed a relationship with a younger woman who lived halfway across the country from me. I was in a largely sexless marriage, but the woman, I'll call her Susan, had a good, monogamous sex life with her hubby but wanted to taste the thrill and excitement of something outside. Her hubby encouraged her in this.

We chatted online frequently and soon began to get each other off in our sessions. Wow! Cybersex! What a discovery! Who knew that typing dirty thoughts back and forth with some... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #14 – Bang Sigh

[Author’s Note: I do want to explain something. As I was writing, I realized that this chapter was going to be extremely dark and painful. It is not for the easily upset. And because of how tough this chapter is, I thought that my planned ending, my true ending, was a bit darker than I felt many readers would want after all that, so I decided to write two. And so you can choose which you want to believe. The 'happier' ending will go along with the story, and then after a break, for those that want to read it, I have the end... Continue»
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Outdoor fun with my girlfriend.

If you read my previous story you will be aware of the relationship me and my now ex-girlfriend had. This is a quick story of one of the few times we got horny on the way home from town and couldn't wait until we were home before we got the fun started.

I can't actually remember what we had been doing in town; it might have been date night, we might just have both been in uni all day or just gone to do some shopping but we were getting home pretty late it was already dark and having spent more than a few hours with each other we had been pretty horny for a while. Now there is something abou... Continue»
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s****r's Flute Practice

I had a cute s****r. Alicia was 18, long dark hair, tall with really nice curves, B cup breasts, and long perfect legs. I was 14 and a bit nerdy, really being into computers and electronics. Every so often, I would get a glimpse of her fantastic body when she loosely wrapped a towel about her when she dashed to her room from the shower.

Being the obnoxious little b*****r, I would do things like squeeze her butt or tickle her when she wasn't looking Kris, stop it!” she would squeal in a huff and stamp away. The feel (and look) of her delicious ass and soft skin would give me hours upo... Continue»
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Eastern Step

It was my version of a middle-aged crisis. I had been a bachelor since high school, and was now in my early thirties. I worked on computers, which guaranteed that no American woman would give me the time of day without a financial supplement. I was a bit lonely, so decided to turn my life upside-down.

I went online and met a wonderful 28-year-old lady from the Ukraine. (If you know women, you know that Ukrainian girls are the hottest bl**ded around.) She also had a daughter, twelve.

Well, one thing led to another, and I was soon flying over to meet them in their small town in the ... Continue»
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Hot Lektion

Fatima wohnte schon einige Jahre neben uns, ohne dass sie mir auf besondere Weise auffiel. Ich war sehr gut mit ihrem Sohn Amir befreundet und sie war immer nett und gastfreundlich. Auch mit meinen Eltern verstand sie sich hervorragend, so dass man insgesamt von einer guten Nachbarschaft sprechen konnte.

Eines Sommers jedoch sollte diese Nachbarschaft mein Leben grundlegend ändern...

Amir hatte mittlerweile eine Freundin und verbrachte die Ferien mit ihr irgendwo in Frankreich. Ich hingegen blieb zu Hause, um... Continue»
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Summer Camp

My s****r and I were playing a game of cards as we are wont to do after school, when my mom came into my room and announced, "Your father and I are going on a trip this summer, we will be gone three weeks." I, being 19 years old, immediately starting thinking about the great summer we would be having, parties and staying out all night! Looking over at my 18-year-old s****r, I could see the same thoughts dancing in her eyes.

"I will take good care of Alice, and I hope that you and dad will enjoy the trip", I said.

"We are sending you two to summer camp over at camp Wantahoochie", she re... Continue»
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Programming s****r

By Ivan the Terror

Codes: mf+,inc,mc

Chapter 1

I had the hottest, sexiest, nastiest older s****r that any horny 18 year old boy could have. She was two years older than me and had the perfect bod. I ached every time I saw her. Every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of her running naked between the bathroom and her bedroom. Her perfect B, almost C cup tits were to die for, puffies with no sag. Her long legs were the perfect curved shape with a ripe ass that she thought was too big, but every guy thought was perfect. The problem was that she treated me like dirt.

She l... Continue»
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Seducing My s****rs

They were hot. Teenage hot. My two older s****rs, Jenna and Lena, were exact opposites, but both were beautiful. I had one s****r a year and a half older than me at 14 who had blondish red hair and the perfect hourglass figure. My other s****r was sixteen, tall, dark haired, with a trim body. Like most teen sibling relationships, they treated me like I was nothing but a bother, and I spent a lot of my day in my room jacking off to memories of the few times I had seen them dash topless from the bathroom to their bedroom. I was proud of my cock, being a full seven inches, which for a 13... Continue»
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Camera Man

David walked into the main room to what used to be the back lobby of a theater. Now it served a different purpose. His heart raced in his chest as he walked past a small raised stage. For the moment, the place was empty. But his mind drifted back to just a week before. He had not had so much fun in quite a long time.

An hour later, the room was full again as camera crews finished up the last touches to prepare to film. Seventy other guys had gathered with more and more filing into the room. A lot of them wearing masks so their faces would not be seen on the cameras while others kept eyeing ... Continue»
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Brainwashing s****r

Ken was frustrated. He had the hottest girl in town as his s****r Angie, and she wouldn’t give him the time of day. She was a two years younger than his 16 years and studiously ignored him. She was blonde with a perfect figure, C cups with a narrow waist, hard and toned round ass and legs. Her innocent appearing face was to die for. Ken couldn’t count high enough to know how many time he jerked off to the picture of her in a bikini from last summer.

He was watching The Manchurian Candidate (the original) when the idea hit him. He immediately dismissed it, but it kept popping back in... Continue»
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Fucking Elder s****r Priyanka

Chapter 1

A s****r’s Helping Hand

Vacation sucks! That’s what I have been thinking the first week of my two months summer vacation. Two more months of this I am gonna die of boredom. My name is Arun. I am 18yrs old. One week before my 8th std exams are over and my summer vacation had started. It’s not like previous years I am practically not interested in anything that I used to enjoy. I spend the last week finding that. But there is this one thing I am interested in doing. I have been thinking about doing it even before the vacation started. Playing “Computer Game”.

The main prob... Continue»
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A gift from my wife

A Wife's Gift

I am very open with my older s****r Savita who is married to businessmen Vikram. They have two k**s and they are studying in school. Vikram is most of the times traveling and Savita often spends some time with my wife Simrun. My s****r loves her Bhabi (b*****r's wife) and so does my wife love her Nanad (husband's s****r) I am Anuj, married to Simrun for two years.

Simrun is hot in bed and we fuck like a****ls. Many nights my s****r has complained when she stays at my house that I and my wife make loud noises at night. I blush at her words"Asal mein Simrun bahut shor ma... Continue»
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Getting A Suprise While Spying On s****r

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

Growing up I always enjoyed just sitting in my room by myself enjoying the peace and quiet especially when I discovered internet porn. I was already really into girls but once I found porn I spent a majority of the time in my room with my laptop on my bed jerking off. But eventually it got to the point where porn became boring to me and then one day I started looking at my s****r Amy differently then I had ever done before. My s****r was always an annoyance to me but that day she became a girl I couldn't help but wanna fuck. Amy... Continue»
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s****rs by loyalsock

It was the evening before Meg and Jennie were going to Malaga. Jennie came up and stayed overnight, as the flight was very early the next day and I was to drive them to the airport. I have been married to Meg for five years. Her s****r, Jennie, is a fun person, married to my partner, Peter. The s****rs get on really well together--love parties and provide lots of laughs. With just f******n months separating them, they have always been very close.

We spent the evening watching TV, talking and, of course, drinking wine. I noticed that Jennie and Meg were giggling as they watched a TV scene an... Continue»
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