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Seduced by a Black Man and His Uncut Cock - Part 3

Part 3

It was around 10pm by now and he asked if I wanted to spend the night. I was exhausted and excited by what just happened. I was so horny and my cock was still hard. My pussy lips were still engorged with bl**d and my hole was slippery and craving more. I know I took a workout in my virgin behind and it felt so good.

All of his big black cock had fit inside my young 14 year old hairless skinny body!! I could not believe how he went balls deep, yet he did. It took 3 of my fists to grip the entire dick. I could not wait to get it inside me again!!

I said that I would stay... Continue»
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Gay f***ed orgy with my mother

"Get on the ground,NOW!!" they screamed

as i was in my room,i only heard this and not seen it,so i thought it was the tv,but when i heard my mother scream,i knew something was wrong.

I ran out,with my cock hard,and ran iton the lounge room and there standing were three tall black men,and my mother with a ball gag in her mouth.

"Another one,"one of the guys said

"good,now we can have a show while we rob the place"

"what do you mean?"one of the guys said

"i mean,we can watch them fuck,while we rob the place!"

"AWSOME PLAN DUDE!!"said one of the me... Continue»
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Mum s****r and me

This is about the first time that I ever had sex with my f****y.

When i was 17 i first started seeing my s****r in a different light, she is 16,massive tits, a nice round ass and looks like she is always begging to be fucked.

My mother, she is 40,she has huge tits also, a nice fat ass and a little tummy but that does’nt bother me.

One day i came home from work and my stepfather had gone out to his night job and he would not be back until the late hours of the morning.

I had gone to bed early because i was tired,but my mother and s****r had stayed up to watch a movie on tv.

A... Continue»
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Mum s****r and me 2

This is part two of my sexual crusade in fucking my mother and s****r

If you have read the previous story,you know what we are up to so far,if not,read the first part

Anyway,when we had finished fucking i went back to bed and i thought about it for the rest of the night.

For the next few weeks we did not say anything about it,we threatened my s****r that if she told anyone,she would go to jail for it,she was dumb enough to belive it.

But i knew that i had to fuck my mother again, and that this time, it had to be as hot as the last time.

I planned this very carefully, when she ... Continue»
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Mommy wants my 14 year old cock

I was 14 years old. I was well into puberty and I had been masturbating for about 2 years. My mom was not very good at closing her bedroom door so there were many times when I would see her dressing or undressing or she would be getting out of the shower and she'd be drying her hair and her body. Of course at 14 years old I would get very aroused watching her, especially since she was so hot. She was rather petite, about the same height as me. She had big breasts. I didn't know what size they were but they seem to defy gravity. She definitely had a nice figure for a woman of 39 years old. So m... Continue»
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My robbery expirience with mum

Mom and I were just sitting on the lounge peacefully watching a movie when suddenly the door was smashed in by four men,all of whom were wearing balaclavas.

“Stay down,nobody move or il blow your fucking head off!!” said one of the hooded men.

Mum and I just sat there and nodded

They started walking all around the house shoving our things into sacks that they had and then hoisting them over their shoulders.

About ten minutes went by until they finally finished and all met up at the front door again

“Right,now we have your stuff,well just kill you now”

... Continue»
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My Mother and My Husband

Mother's plane was due to arrive any minute. She would be staying with us for 2 weeks. She and I both would be asl**p when Mark came home. I know it was about 2:00am when I finally fell asl**p. Mom had gone to bed several hours before. I vaguely remember hearing Mark come in the front door. I just remember him snuggling and pulling me close, so I could feel every inch of his cool body against my warm skin.

The next day Mark was off, and he must have awoken from one of his hot dreams, because he rolled over against me with his cock hard and long. And of course, all that seemed t... Continue»
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Me and mom alone in bed

I was 13 years old just hitting puberty, I was small build black hair blue eyes. My mother was young in her early thirties. She was hot brown hair body shaped like an hour glass with 34c breasts.

My father had just left for a week on a business trip. Every now and then he would go away for business. It was school holidays so I was going to be at home whole week. It was a cold Saturday night and it was just me and mom at home. We decided to watch movies and have pizza that night. Because it was cold we decided to watch the movie in my parent’s room in bed. I was wearing my boxer only becau... Continue»
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My 18 year old wife and her 2 b*****rs

This is the story of my wife Dee Dee’s life comes before she and I were married. I only know about it because it turns me on to think of other men seeing her naked and hearing about her. One night before we made love, early in our marriage, I had asked her if she had ever had sex with anyone before me. She laughed and asked me what part of sex I had in mind. That confused me a little, to be honest, but I said any part. That was when she told me about this period in her life. As far as I know, no one but me and her b*****rs know the story, and hopefully will never know I told anyone. It’s reall... Continue»
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Mom and Daughter

This is what a lady told me about her c***dhood experience with her mother.

Her mom and dad divorced when she was 8

Linda was 14 at the time and wishes that it had happened when she was 12.

For a couple of years she had heard moans and pleasure from coming from her moms bedroom. Linda had started masturbating when she 11 and knew what those sounds meant.

On this day at the age of 14. She heard those familiar sounds coming from her moms room. This time the door wasn’t closed all the way. Linda slowly pushed the door till she could see her Mom on the bed. She was laying there with h... Continue»
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Telling Daddy I'm Pregnant

This is another fantasy story of mine, hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I sat on the edge of my bed eagerly waiting until the pregnancy test in my hand read "Positive". In that moment I was happy but at the same time scared to death thinking how I was going to tell my dad and wishing my mom was still around and had not left a few years ago. I sat on my bed trying to think of anyway to tell my dad without being grounded forever and maybe disowned until I made the decision that since I wasn't showing yet I would just wait and not tell him until I had to and maybe I would get lucky and catch him... Continue»
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Sharing a room

My name is Kyra and I am the single mother of two k**s who are both in their teens. Although my daughter Macy is a few years younger than her b*****r Ethan, they generally got along with each other, but since they were both in a difficult age they still picked fights an argued over almost anything imaginable. Having said that, you can imagine their reaction when I told them that they would have to share a room for the next couple of nights, because our house is being refurbished and there is not enough space for everyone to have their on room. Since the refurbishing started with Ethans room it... Continue»
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Taboo 1

This is a real story. It is unlike those other fakes where people directly have sex with their moms.

I am 22, live in Pune and work in an IT firm. My parents live in Mumbai. My dad had bought a house in Pune long back and thus I live in it alone. My mom and dad visit frequently and stay over the weekend.

My dad had to go to London for business work for 2 weeks and hence my mom came to live with me in Pune while he was gone. Living alone, I had got me into some very bad habits like masturbating twice a day, watching a lot of porn. I also had habit of watching i****t porn and reading ISS s... Continue»
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Taboo 2

Next day was a Sunday, and I was home all day. I could tell her to jerk me off and she would obviously jerk me, but I wanted more. My mind was running in all directions to just fuck my mom, but till now the slow approach had benefited me, so I thought I will continue taking it slow. I had one more week with her in this house before she returned to Mumbai.

I woke up and she was in the kitchen. I caught her from behing and hugged her tighly, and kissed on her cheeks. She was very surprised, she turned towards me, and I didn’t hesitate to put my lips on hers. I kissed her passionately, and she... Continue»
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Ashley and Her Friends

I walked out of the kitchen onto the patio to the squeals of my daughter
and her two friends jumping on the trampoline. I placed
my beer on the patio table and sat down so I could watch them bounce.
I couldn’t help but notice that each time my daughter
Ashley jumped up her sundress would float up allowing me to see her pink panties.
Her two friends were wearing shorts so I
didn’t get so enjoy the view of their underwear.
I sipped my beer watching the three having fun in the warm summer sun.
Ashley was the tallest of the three. Her dark hair hung down to the middle
of her... Continue»
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S.I.L. Travel two

I was planning another business trip and then to my s****r-in-laws for a long weekend. So I called Debbie and told him that I was coming in for a long weekend and not to tell anyone except Lance. Debbie informed me that Lance will be gone the whole weekend returning on Wednesday. So I was thinking the two of us would be together Thursday on thru the weekend. I called Debbie with all my plans and when I would arrive. I surprised her and arrived Wednesday night she had to work on Thursday so nothing happened went to dinner and home. Thursday when she came from work she had her mom my Mother–in-... Continue»
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The story of how my wife became a Hotwife and foun

When my wife first met Dr, Sharon C. it was her first day at work. Sharon was an orthopedic surgeon and my wife was her new assistant. Sharon was your typical doctor...driven, confident, and the boss. My wife was more nurturing and had a better bed side manner. They were opposites but the made it work. They did share a lot of interests and became good friends. We had hung out with Sharon and her husband Jake many times. Sharon's bitchiness wore on my wife. Bonnie would constantly say she was going to quit, but she didn't because of their friendship. As life moved on my wife and I had begun our... Continue»
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Future mother in law approval

It was a warm Sunday afternoon and Mandy was getting ready for her night out with John, John had been asking Mandy out for some time and decided she had made him beg enough, to go on a date. As she got undressed she looked at herself in the long mirror in her bedroom, Mandy was 19yrs old and worked as a beauty consultant in a huge department store in the city, she lived at home with her parents Alan and Dula as well as her b*****rs Andrew and Carl, Mandy had a younger s****r Stacey who was 17 and at the moment away travelling, Mandy and Stacey were close and had spoken about a hour earlier. Ma... Continue»
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Games That Grown-ups – Part 3

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups – Part 3

"Happy Anniversary," said Joyce.

"Mmmnnn, one week today," said Dawn as she stretched and opened her eyes. She rolled over on the bed so she was half lying on her Mom. One of her hands moved to her Mom's nearest tit to squeeze the sexy mound, the other slid over the MILF's mons, stroking the smooth flesh. The teen's lips went down lightly onto her Mom's, the kiss tender, but sensual, "Happy Anniversary."

Joyce giggled as her daughter's hands slid down, but she also knew Friday was a school day, "Later... when you g... Continue»
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Boi CD Hooker

There I stood, by the gas station waiting for my next "client" to come along. "Client" makes it sound so professional. Shit, I was waiting for
some horny old man to come by and pay me for my ass. I admit I looked good. All 5 ft of me, long black hair, smooth tanned skin, wearing
tight torn daisy dukes with a hole in the ass for easy access and a bra covered by a leather jacket. No underwear, of course. That just gets in the
way. I'd had three "clients" tonight. I'm sure i could have another soon. Who were these clients? Whoever would pay my fee. What do they look
like, I don't usually reme... Continue»
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