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Dad, Daughter and Dog

The back screen door slammed shut as Kellie returned home from her evening jog. Her father Al sat in his easy chair behind his newspaper. "That you, honey?"

Kellie snorted, "It better be or they'll be trouble!" Rex, her shepherd dog, made klik-klik noises on the linoleum with his nails. The two had been inseparable since he arrived in the house a tiny puppy.

"Can you come in the living room for a minute?"

"Sure." She walked in lean and lithe, barely five feet tall, tiny breasts held in a sports bra and tank top, tight bottom in running shorts, her chestnut hair tied back in a pony tai... Continue»
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It was 4 AM and Sam was waiting for his daughter to get home. It was way past her curfew. He finally heard a car pull up and then the front door quietly opened. He waited till she closed the door before he grabbed her. He yelled "Where the hell have you been?" She looked at him and did not answer. He dragged her to her room and sat on the bed and bent her over his lap and began to spank her ass. Then he pulled down her pants and really spanked her bare ass. She fought trying to get away but he held her there. As she struggled he noticed her pussy was wet and he then realized she had been fucki... Continue»
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RoadToGlory: Friend’s Korean Wife

A year ago, Dave my Korean friend had gotten married to a beautiful Korean girl name Sunny. They had been dating since collage and had known each other for a very long time. I had met Sunny several times before and always enjoyed her company although her spoken English was quite poor. Sunny at the age of 26 years was about 164cm (5.4ft) tall and weighs 47kg (103lb). Her face was very smooth and small, mostly covered by her big brown eyes. Her smile was sweet and pink with perfect teeth, at a glance you would know she has something special.

Not long ago I heard the couple was moving to Aust... Continue»
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My wife's sexy friend

My Wife’s Sexy Friend
You will probably think I am a horrible person after reading this but you be the judge as it actually happened.

My wife and I met in a little shop that made cannoli. Marie is her name. She is a beautiful Italian woman, Five foot six, with deep dark brown hair and stunning brown eyes. We started dating shortly after meeting and things moved quickly for both of us. She told me early on that she thought she loved me and I said I felt the same. I really did but I was never really sure.

We were married the next summer and shortly after had our first c***d. I was v... Continue»
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Inappropriate Worker

Inappropriate Coworker

It was a balmy afternoon. Another school year was coming to end with a lack of A/C to save us from the strengthening orb in the sky. I could feel the sweat trickling into every unwanted place on my body. Summer was just around the corner but, of course, we had to get to day one – eight – zero.

All year long I had to deal with this one coworker that constantly flirted with me while knowing that I was trying to stay professional. Dating someone from the school, while not against the rules, was frowned upon as a conflict of interest. Sarah is this coworker’s na... Continue»
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mike tuck exposed




A BIOG of personal reflection by





This has been written to share the point of view of Michael Tuck in public concerning Rachel Storey. This document is not endorsed by him, or her.
It has been written by a third party and talks about Rachel, too.
Real names have been used, including Lucy Blayn... Continue»
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Roberts and Dannys weekend

After a great cum thanks to watching Robert and Danny, I washed up in the bathroom. I figured I'd give them a few more minutes before telling them to straighten up his room and take showers. Just before lunch Ann pulled up and they came in carrying bags from the department store. I told the boys to help their moms unload the car. Danny's mom said to take her bags across the street and put them in her room. Thankfully I had them bathe because Ann told Robert to come see the clothes she bought him. She showed him some shirts and a pair of jeans for school. She told him to take his pants off, an... Continue»
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The lady and two school friends

> me and friend playing are playing bat and ball on field behind our houses
>it's a hot day got shorts an vest on
> ball,goes into someone's back yard
> we knock ask for ball back
> nice woman answers asks us to come in and get it
>she is someone who mum and dad know so we feel safe
> once in she tells us ball smashed window and a very expensive ornament
> she tells us she has to ask our dads for the money
> both scared of our dads as they beat us sometimes .
> I tell her this but she says there is nothing she can do
> I cry ask if I can do anything else , work off the money ... Continue»
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Neighbor's wife

Well this is my first time sharing this story with anyone, but I just had to tell it. A couple of weeks ago I came home a little early from work, it was a very hot day as it usually is in this area during the summer and I had just turned on to my street when I noticed there was a small k**s swimming pool in the front of my neighbor's house. I thought it was a little odd, I mean they had a couple of younger k**s, but even though I have none of my own it seemed a little reckless putting the pool in the front with the street so close. Anyways as I got closer I noticed there was someone in the poo... Continue»
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May Fantasy turned into reality

Well this is a story that connects with a fantasy I wrote about a Daycare Mom. See I had a crush on her for some time. The fantasy story was a means to satisfy my hunger, and yet the desire was still there. Well I finally banged her and it was worth every moment. So this is how it played out. She had pulled her k**s out of the daycare, due she to switch to a job that wanted her to travel. Two months go by and I get a Facebook message from May about bring the k**s back. I ask about why not hit me wife up with that, and she said in responds that she like talking to me instead. For the business ... Continue»
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After 20 years of marriage my wife Diane informed me she was leaving me as she was in love with
her niece's (Ingrid) ex boyfriend Dave and went to live with him at Ingrid's council flat
He was more than 20 years younger than my wife.
I was greatly supported by our friends and in particular by her older s****r Liz who was a divorcee
We had been visiting and staying with an old friend John who also was divorced
John had to go away so Liz came to stay with me at his house
Liz cooked and looked after me and although she had a long term boyfriend she
went out with John as a fr... Continue»
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Explanation to my wife

Trying to tell my wife how this all happened was tough to say the least! I am married to a lovely early 40's brunette with large 38dd breasts on a very lovely not fat but thick frame. When we met she had already had 3 c***dren youngest Bradley 13, Dakota 17, and Daphne 23. I work alot of hours at night so Katherine and i dont get to see alot of each other at times,but we are very very much in love with each other. I am 37 a decently built man 6'3 212 pounds not ripped but in good shape. My main asset is that i have a fairly large cock...its over 9 inches!!

One day i came home from work to a... Continue»
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altruistic sexual mothering

I am a woman in my early thirties, still active and fit. Older boys, my son's friends to be more precise, think of me as a MILF, and they are sixteen, on the cusp of manhood, no wonder I get wet in their presence.

Of course as a well balanced and sexually experienced woman, I keep those powerful sexual urges in my panties, but secretly, I do tease, just to encourage these thoughts of self denial, but hoping, deep down, I do give them thoughts as they lie in bed, and stroke their cocks.

Whenever there is a stay-over, I always check the bed-sheets for semen stains, a tell-tail sign my nau... Continue»
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BLACK l****a 4

Black l****a 4


She felt the trouble brewing. But what did she really expect, after she let Jeff Wheeler fuck her. She was not some innocence little girl who didn't know what the repercussions of her action could bring. She was well aware what fucking her father's best friend could do to her f****y. But she wanted her Uncle Jeff, and two months after letting him take her pussy in her f****y's pool house she still wanted him.

Jack Davis, l****a's father is suspicious that another man might be getting into his daughter's sweet pussy. It has been four months sin... Continue»
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Danny and Robert

Danny rubbed his dick against robrts hole to lube it, and pushed. Robrt flinched a little, but didn't move. Danny started humming him emeditly. Watch Danny's ypunh butt was so tempting, but I just watched. He finally pushed all in, Roberts facr was a mixture of pain and. Pleasure. Danny fucked him for about 5 minutes, them pulled out and turned and bent over for his turn. I told Robert to let me put so shampoo on him. I came up and offered his dick to me. I wanted to taste it so bad, but knew better, amd just put shampoo on him.
I suggested he push in slow at first, he pushed into Danny ... Continue»
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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 2: Pansy Parkinson

Hermione didn’t sit in the same compartment as Harry and Ron did on the Hogwarts
express, she and Ginny had found a compartment for themselves. Ron thought he
and Hermione had argued and kept telling Harry to go apologize.

Harry finally got tired of Ron and reminded him that Prefects needed to patrol
the train. Ron grudgingly left the compartment leaving Harry alone. Harry’s
thoughts immediately turned back to Sirius and the prophesy. Hermione had been
able to keep these thought away for a couple of days but now they returned and
on top of it Hermione wasn’t his friend anymore.
... Continue»
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Harry Potter I got tired of waiting

The door to the Gryffindor common room swung open to reveal a distraught Ginny Weasley stumbling in, her hair a mess and her face dirty and tear-stained. She looked up and then quickly looked down as her blue eyes met with the emerald ones of Harry Potter. He quickly rose to his feet and knelt at her side.
"What's wrong, Gin? Are you alright?" Harry asked softly, brushing some of her hair back from her face. She looked hesitantly up at him and sniffled a little.
"I... it's nothing. Just a little... disagreement," Ginny whispered brokenly,ing ing to keep from crying again. Harry's eyes narro... Continue»
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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 1: Hermione Grange

Harry awoke abruptly. He was covered in sweat and was all wet. This was the
second night in a row had these dreams and he knew he had to start acting on
them or he’d go insane. These new dreams were wonderful and even stronger then
his nightmares had every been but they also left him in frustrated mood. He
carefully put his hand down his pants; it was a mess and his cock was still
throbbing slightly.

He smiled as he remembered the dream it had been nice and he could only imagine
what it would be like in reality but he didn’t want to do that or he’d just grow
hard again. With a... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the teachers

Elizabeth felt a pair of calloused hands roam her body and she moaned. Merlin, the lad had magical hands. They knew how to touch her and where. They then cupped her swinging breasts and she groaned. She was on her hands and knees with Harry in back of her thrusting in and out of her gushing cunt.
“Mmmm, Harry” she moaned.
“Yes professor?” Harry asked.
“Harry, you know you should call me Elizabeth during your tutoring sessions” Elizabeth chided gently.
“Sorry, Elizabeth” Harry said.
“No problem Harry” Elizabeth said.
Harry pumped into Elizabeth a few more times then he came in her. Elizab... Continue»
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The Long Con - A Cuckold Story

so once upon a time there was a very hot wife and while there is so much more to her as a strong, take-no-shit kinda woman, for the purpose of this story we're going to focus on some of her other traits... specifically that she liked to fuck... a lot. and what's more; she was good at it... like... really really good at it. Wifey was sexy and sultry and filthy and patient. her eyes glinted with trouble and her half grin's sharpness instantly melted when she caught her lower lip between her teeth. her's was a body perfect for fucking, hips swaying her firm thick ass behind her. tits filled a lit... Continue»
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