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Memoirs of long ago

Memoirs of a past that had some great times in it, this is a true story that happened to me in the early 1970s so I am showing my age now.
I married young, just 19 and my wife was 17, we married as was the standard of the time, because she was pregnant, a man did not run away like they do today, he stayed and faced his responsibilities.
I was already working for a large department of government and held a secure position so income to support us was not a problem and by the time I was 21 had saved enough money to put a deposit on a home and that is where life became interesting.
My wife cam... Continue»
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And Mother-in-Law Makes Three! - Part 1

Sue and I have been married for five years. With an age gap of ten years she is now twenty-seven, I'm thirty-seven and her mum, 'D', is forty-seven.

Both women are quite beautiful. Nice shapely figures, long shoulder-length hair, very pretty, smiley faces and loads of fun.

I have to admit I fancied D from the word go. Although I kept it to myself and behaved accordingly Sue was aware and often k**ded me on about it saying her mum was very fond of me too.

A year ago Sue's dad passed away. He was only fifty-five so it was a bit of a shock to all. Especially D.

Since then D has withdr... Continue»
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Aunt Feminizes Nephew

Aunt Feminizes Nephew
By Greyhalm ©

It was Wednesday lunchtime and the manager of the medical practise where I worked at the reception told me the centre was closing this afternoon for stocktaking. It was short notice but I was pleased to have my afternoon off. I went home.

I entered the front door and saw immediately my nephews’ school satchel and shoes in the hallway. He was in his last years of seniors and should have been at school. I though he must be ill and called out his name „Philip!" but I got no answer. He must be in his bedroom probably in bed. I climbed the stairs and as I... Continue»
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Mom Fucked My Girlfriend Part 1

This is a story fictional story of mine, I hope you like and sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes enjoy.

I met this girl online she was beautiful curvy with big tits and a gorgeous ass. She had blue eyes, brown hair and a sexy smile. She seemed perfect being witty, fun, polite, outspoken and alway very confident, or was it obnoxious. We had fucked a couple times by this point and we both seem to be hitting it off. Im really starting to like this girl so I decide to introduce her to my mom. My mom was hot for her age, being a tall women with a huge ass. She had decent size boobs that ... Continue»
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Fantasy on the train

Another train journey to work, half an hour in a hot sweaty carriage, everyone trying their best not to end up in conversation with the other passengers. Yet always the same faces. For five years I have wondered why I do this every day. I glance around the carriage, people reading the newspaper, most with headphones on, some looking blankly out the window as the train speeds into the city. Each one of us becoming one of the millions of ants racing through the warrens of the city. Nameless throngs of people.
The one saving grace, sitting directly opposite me, she’s wearing a dark business sui... Continue»
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Fantasy on the train

Another train journey to work, half an hour in a hot sweaty carriage, everyone trying their best not to end up in conversation with the other passengers. Yet always the same faces. For five years I have wondered why I do this every day. I glance around the carriage, people reading the newspaper, most with headphones on, some looking blankly out the window as the train speeds into the city. Each one of us becoming one of the millions of ants racing through the warrens of the city. Nameless throngs of people.
The one saving grace, sitting directly opposite me, she’s wearing a dark business sui... Continue»
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I knew I was gay by then time I was 10 and so did my f****y
From watching my older s****rs I learned quickly that all men loved
girls in short skirts and lacy pantys
I decided to dress as a girl and act as a girl to attract boys and men
When I was 12 I started watching my s****rs with their boyfriends in their bedrooms
by hiding a secret camera
I watched as my s****rs used to tease my uncles letting them look up their short minis
at their little silky pantys always wagging their little arses at their lusty gazing and their cocks hardening
I realised the way to get men was through sexy ... Continue»
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Gay friend fwb gives me a blowjob

Last week i texted a friend from work to hang out. We hadnt seen each other in a while but said sure why not. After mentioning a large load of supplies at work, i jokingly said "i have big loads too lol." but that comment sparked a long sexting conversation. He wanted a dick to suck, and who am i to say no to a blowjob. The next two day were filled with dirty messages and me sending him dick pics. We finally got together and were ready for a good time ;)

We sat down on the couch, threw on the tv, and decided to smoke a bit. It wasnt long before we couldnt take it. After all the texting, i n... Continue»
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Fun at my mate engagement party

I'm sitting at my mates engagement party bored out of my skull as I appear to be the only person not in a couple. I slip off to the toilet to see who is local on fab.
The first profile I see is my mate new fiance Cheryl whose party I am now attending and reading her profile she is single and according to verifications has been a very busy girl over the last couple of months despite going out with my mate.
Reading her verifications the words cum slut seems to be a popular theme,as well a dirty whore,best blow job ever and many more that have me intrigued.
Now my dilemma is do I tell my mate ... Continue»
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Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla

Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla
Vic parked his beat-up yellow Volvo in the parking lot of the gated community. He'd had a bit of difficult finding the place but he was here finally. He'd gotten directions by the security guard where to go and now he was looking up at the three story Spanish Mission style home in a rather affluent section of San Diego.
He looked at the flyer in his hand. He saw the number on the house. Yep... it was the place. Strange... there should have been more cars. The party was going to start at eight and he was a little early but no problem... he could help set up.
... Continue»
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Naughty Girl - Round Six

Naughty Girl was laying on the bed, her body covered in sweat and sticky cum from her sessions tonight. Her hair spread on the pillow, her thick legs spread slightly open and her finger toying with her clit. Kenny's cum was still slowly leaking from her cunt. As Ron and Roger got to the door they saw her dipping her middle finger into her juicy cum filled cunt to get some of that cum and lick it from her fingers. Everything she does, every way she moves is pure sex.... They stood there for a few minutes, cocks in hand, just watching her play with her sensual body. She hadn't noticed them ... Continue»
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Soccer Practice. Clarinet Rehearsal. Anal Practice

Soccer Practice. Clarinet Rehearsal. Anal Practice. Ballet Recital. Dinner. Homework.

It's 4:25pm, and she's still lively as she trots to the van.

How I admire her youth. Had I gone through a full day of classes only to follow up with an intense soccer practice, I would already be physically spent. But not her. And the day is only half done.

She hops into the backseat, a huge smile on her face with sweat and grass stains on her side. This was her favorite activity of the day. Maybe second favorite.

There is no time to wash the earthy smell off of her as clarinet rehea... Continue»
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Fucking my step-s****r Tina

Our parents met when I was 15 - Tina was 13. At the time Tina lived with her mom.

Three years later, her b*****r James and I both graduated High School - he went off to college, and I remained home, choosing Community College because I knew I was just not a good student, and didn't want to waste the money.

Once James left, Tina moved in. She was really cute - about 5'4", 125lbs with light brown curly hair, and brown eyes. She had some B cups, but they were really nice. And she had a spectacular ass. She had this one pair of jeans that made her ass look so good, anytime I would jerk off ... Continue»
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Secret Black Lover

I met Robert thru a mutual friend Carol.
At her parties Robert and me usually would find each other and have a good time.
We talked about everything. He knew about my husband working for a months away from the house from Carol.

Robert came straight out asking me if I needed company. I knew what he was asking.
We started out meeting at coffee shops and then to small diners. Then I suggested he stop by my house.

So eventually he did stop by the house when my husband was working. He normally goes to work at 7 am.
Robert would call me and I would say OK he is at work. Noth... Continue»
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City Folk

I have not been in town long. I moved out here from the Great Plains... Kansas... A very backwater place where the biggest thing that ever happens is a beer keg and cow-pie bingo. If you don't know what that is, you are better off not knowing. Any way, I moved here to the big city, and out of the great Midwest... Into sunny California. After being here for a while, I got my job at a collections agency, and made a few friends there. It's hard to make friends in a collections agency, I'll tell you, but I managed to make friends with this cute little temp named Sherry. She had been there only abo... Continue»
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Penetrative Activity

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, just a few nights ago, I woke up with a stiff cock in my cunt . I'd been out partying, and my first thought was that some guy had roofied my drink, taken me home, and was having his way with me. Which I don't mind: if a chick's gonna be out drinking, it's her responsibility to keep and eye on her drinks. I hadn't, so I accepted the hot, in-and-out thrusting by wrapping my arms around his shoulders and back, while raising my legs and drawing them back, so he could invade my supine body even deeper.

I breathed in his intoxicating male scent, and enjoyed h... Continue»
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Feel Your Skin

Dr. Amanda Ledgard stood in the lab with her notepad and pen.

She was a brilliant doctor who was highly respected in the medical and scientific community.

She observed the patient, a naked male, who was her test subject for the afternoon. A small cylindrical device was placed over his fully erect penis. Buttons were pushed and within moments he began to moan. A few more moments passed and he withered in pain & pleasure. It wasn't long before his knees buckled and he nearly collapsed. His orgasm was hard and he looked like he was in agony, but once he recovered, it was clear that he more... Continue»
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a foot perv 7

Over the next few weeks Ann and Kate kept their word and gave me footjobs anytime I wanted. I was really liking getting footjobs once or twice a day but we were in the last few weeks of summer vacation and frre time to play would be limited. This comming week would be tough too as Kate and Ann were going camping with some friends and that meant no footjobs for me.
The first few days were hard,I'd jerkoff a couple times during the day,then mom would get home from work and I'd rub her feet for her then go up to my room and jerkoff again.

It was now Friday,mom had called and said she was go... Continue»
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Delightful torturous

Walking slowly through his mansion’s private museum of medieval instruments of torture Jennifer stopped next to an authentic wheel rack that had once graced the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition and smiled, “Have I ever told you that of all the diabolically cruel instruments of torture in your vast collection I love being on this wheel rack the best. I love the way the rack gradually stretches my body taut until every muscle in my body burning with exquisite masochistic pleasure, the rack’s tension leaving my body helplessly vulnerable to whatever dark amusements you desire to inflict upon m... Continue»
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Eva was a single mother. She loved her son. She loved nursing him and he has always slept naked with her in her bed. As he nursed she would put his hand on her other tit and he would always play with the nipple. She loved the way his sucking made her pussy tingle and she would get wet. Because she loved this feeling she never quit nursing him. She home schooled him so he could nurse morning noon and night. She never bothered to dress and he stayed naked too. As he nursed her she would finger her cunt and make herself cum. As he got older he would look up sex on the computer and play with his o... Continue»
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