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Underworld: Whitney, Death in the Maiden

Alone in one of the countless dungeon torture chambers of the Underworld, Whitney felt the disturbingly familiar mix of excitement and utter terror coursing through her mind as she stared at those horrifyingly sharp looking spikes that ominously lined the open doors of the Iron Maiden who’s deadly confines Whitney found herself securely shackled within.

Even now, over a year after that fateful night when Whitney willingly accepted Lady Jenova’s offer of eternal youth and beauty, even knowing its dark and terrible price, sunset still came as a shock. One moment Whitney was relaxing by one o... Continue»
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My name is Jonathan. I am by all means your average 16 year old k**. I get pretty decent grades, I am on the school soccer team, and I just got a new car for my birthday. Things were great until that one day that would change my life forever.

Being a normal 16 year old boy, I did what every single k** my age does: masturbate. I typically did this every day or so. I would get home from school around 4:00, seek refuge in my room and rub one out before anyone got home. I had my own computer so I was able to scour the internet for videos that tickled my fancy and typically these were vid... Continue»
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Stepdaughter Catches Me Nude 4

After getting Sharon off I stood up and took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. She said nothing as I had her lie down. Not to brag but I think she was still in a state of euphoria. Lying flat on her back I then crawled on top of her, settling in between her open legs. My flaccid cock is pressed against her still wet pussy and my chest against her soft fleshy breasts as we once again lock our lips in a passionate kiss. Surely she can taste her own juices as we hold this kiss for a long time. In this position I can feel her legs begin to wrap around me as if to say, "Take me, oh ... Continue»
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Wendy's World-4

Wendy's World - 4
Wendy Counsels Some Big Black Cock
§§§ Fact or Fiction ? Kisses

I have been a guidance counselor at the local University for years but decided a few years ago to retire and provide counseling at home to a select few of entering freshmen. Several weeks ago I received a young man at home for a session. His name was Nathan. He was a walk on Backetball player wanting to eventually go on to the NBA but wanted a career in radio or TV if that didn't pan out. I had scheduled him for early this morning and he arrived promptly at ten. He is a tall young black man. I was struck by ... Continue»
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One boy was really pressing his finger right up where my arse hole was saying - Her arse
hole is right here’ Yeah & her cunt hole just here’ This went on for 15mins.
The boys were Feeling my body with me on my back’ front’ sideways all over’ I was dieing to get hold of there cocks but made myself hold back ..for now, But it was to much for 2 of them as all of a sudden a huge torrent of spunk blasted on my tits & face’ To say it was only 2 loads they both had a hell of a lot of spunk on them, Oh wow that was nice’ I ran my fingers in it all then licked it off’ HMMM that’s lovely’ Then... Continue»
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The Story Of Me And My Bitch Cousin (True)

This is a true story of mine from many years ago when I lived back home about the first and only time my cousin Krissy and I had sex. Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

Now first I should probaly explain that growing up Krissy and I never really got along all that much atleast not behind each others backs. I would always hear from other people about how she would talk shit about me to her friends who would eventually come and tell me what she had said. Now I was always good about shrugging off what I had heard she said about me and ... Continue»
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Sometimes when a guy is cumming & his cock is jerking away I grab the back of his arse & pull him as tight to me as hard as I can until he has totally empted his balls’ Fuck so its like that when your with a group of guys? Hell yes! The more the better hhaaha’ Have you ever made a video of yourself being fucked,
I have actually yes maybe 4 or 5’ A couple of them some guys filmed & I don’t know what happened to them but the best one was video of me in a gangbang with loads of Black guys! Oh wow have you still got it? Oh sure’ We called it 16 black pipe fuck frenzy’ & before you ask No y... Continue»
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Adoption gone wrong 2

Carol woke up with her head spinning. The wine had left her with a horrible headache. Her body felt sore as she tried to sit up. "Wow what a weird dream that was.", she thought to herself as she stood to get dressed. She felt something on her leg and reached down to brush it away. Her fingers felt we and sticky. Looking at her hand she saw that it was a large amount of leftover cum draining down her leg. "Oh my God! It wasn't a dream!". she thought now panicking. She realized that her crotch hurt as well. She rushed to her bathroom to clean up.
Jamal woke up relaxed and rested. He s... Continue»
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My Grandson Brian Part 3

I just tried to breath, as my ass shook off the last of my orgasm. As my world slowly began to come back into focus, I looked up at my grandson. I had been neglecting him. For how long? I’m not sure.

I felt his cock pulse and twitch in my hand. It felt like it got a little bit harder if that was possible. I captured some of the pre-cum oozing out with my thumb, and smeared it along his shaft as I stroked him.

Up & Down― Up & down― Up,
I stopped for a second and gave what he said some thought.

“I’ve never had anything this big in me.”

I felt Brian push up into my hand more often ... Continue»
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My Sexy Aunt

Aunt C was the youngest of my mom's 7 s****rs born in 1920. She didn't get married until late 1956. She was a real party girl. She lived on the West side of Buffalo in an apartment over a storefront. The neighborhood was then mostly blue collar Italian, a very apt place for the daughter of Italian immigrants. C was the bad girl in the f****y, flitting from one boyfriend to another, out most nights doing the 50's bar scene. Mostly the higher class places because she was very good eye candy.
I was 14 when my most erotic experience with Aunt C happened.
There were a couple of break-ins on her... Continue»
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A delicious surprise

This happened yesterday afternoon, but only today have I regained enough of my calm to post the fabulous story of the incident.

As men, we have to be careful to not misread any signals from women. We have to be particularly careful when it comes to women who work around us - as any signals from our side can be viewed as sexual harassment. So, for the longest time, I avoided having any desire for this beautiful 24 year-old East Indian maid who works part-time in my apartment. I mean, she is a beauty to behold. She has this slender waist, round, firm buttocks and big, ripe breasts. Some of he... Continue»
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Cousin Lindsay's Panties

I love women's underwear. Not wearing it, but looking at it (especially when it's being worn by some hottie), touching it, and yes, occasionally sniffing it. Luckily for me, Lissy loves buying new stuff and modeling it for me. Even so, sometimes I need a little more, not that I ever get tired of looking at my beautiful wife, but sometimes you just need to spice things up a bit. As a result, shortly after we bought our new house, I made a promise to myself. I pledged that I would attempt to get my hands on underwear from every female guest (excluding my siblings and other relatives) who staye... Continue»
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Stranger in the Night

"Goodnight, Sweetheart"', I said, kissing my daughter's cheek, "Your
Mom and I had a nice time with you tonight. Thanks for having us over." "I
was glad for the company, Dad", Lenore smiled, giving me a quick goodnight
hug, "It's been kind of lonely here this week with Len out of town. With
just me and Elsa here, I really needed some adult time." "Night Mom",
Lenore yawned, giving her mother a little peck on the cheek. Pat looked at
her daughter worriedly. "You sound like you need a good night's sl**p
dear" she said, stroking Lenore's hair from her forehead "You've looked
ti... Continue»
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Oh, Teacher, Teacher!

Linda has been sitting in the front row of my last period History class all year and has been driving me crazy. She is an overly developed young thing that can never seem to find bras or blouses that can keep up with her seemingly rapidly exploding boobs. There is always just so much more tit there than her clothing can contain.

As if that wasn't enough, she always wears the shortest, skimpiest mini skirts legally possible, then sits in a way that she always gives me the greatest panty-crotch shots that most men can only dream about—except today she wasn't wearing any panties.

She was ... Continue»
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My Daughter Did Porno - My Wife!

This story continues the tale of a Dad who discovers his daughter has done a porn video. There are two previous chapters.

"Holy Shit!" Was my response as my daughter informed me that her mom had also done a porn shoot

Allison just smiled at me as my cum dripped down her chin. I could not believe what she had just told me.

"Your mom has done a porn movie!" I said in the most shocked voice of my life

"Daddy, sh... Continue»
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Just This Once: A Mother's Devotion

Josh hung up the phone. He was definitely turned on now. His pants open, erection in hand, Josh got up to go grab some jergens and go to the computer. He thought he had some time before his mother got home to check some porn and maybe blow a load. But once he turned the corner, he saw his mother in the kitchen.

Elaine looked right at his hand, holding his cock.

"Oh shit...." Josh stuffed his cock back into his pants.

"How long you been home?"

Elaine studied him carefully. "Long enough," she said.

Fuck, Josh thought, now I can't bust this nut.

Josh went to continue to his room... Continue»
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Horny Devil

Mike Harding was lost, he'd been stuck in the woods now for at least an
hour, it was starting to get dark, the sun slipping down below the tree
line casting long shadows as it descended.

Mike was getting nervous, he looked at his watch, it was a little after
9.00pm his parents would be wondering where he was, especially his over
protective mother, Sarah.

Sarah looked up at the clock she'd just unpacked it from the boxes and put
it on the wall, it had just gone 9.00 pm and still her son Mike hadn't
shown up. Sarah had almost finished unpacking the stuff they'd brought with
them... Continue»
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Forgot the keys to my apartment

I'd just got back from a Spanish lesson and I realised that I forgot the key to the building and to my apartment at the apartment. And my neighbor, who is actually also my friend, was at school and the owner of the apartment wasn't in town for the next 2 days. So I just had to wait at the door until someone from the building comes in so I can ask them to let me in. It was so hot outside and I was sitting on the steps to the building's entrance.

After 10-20 minutes, my friend's hot mom comes carrying lots of bags from the grocery store. So I offered help and I got to her apartment and dropp... Continue»
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Patricia and her Son

Patricia and her son (complete story)

Patricia Jackson looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, it was after
10.30 am, and her son, Andy had still not gotten out of bed, Patricia was
becoming increasingly concerned about her s*******n year old son's
laziness since he returned from college over two weeks ago, he spent most
of the day in bed and most of the night sitting up watching television,
no doubt watching some dirty movie she thought to herself angrily, he
should have got a summer job like the rest of his friends, and done
something positive with his time.

Patricia knocked on... Continue»
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Watching My Son Getting Fucked By His Friend

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

A couple years ago when my husband left leaving my son Josh and I it was hard for both of us but after awhile I could see it was really affecting Josh in ways I never thought of. He was always the shy type and kinda kept to himself in his room but would always help be out around the house if I asked. He got most of his looks from his dad like his short brown hair and sky blue eyes and I always thought to myself "He's gonna break hearts someday". After his dad left Josh completely seemed to cut himself off from everyone ne... Continue»
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