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Punk Rock Show 3 - Kelsie and the Punker Girls

"Me and my friends, we're gonna start a band!" Kelsie told me over the phone.


"Yeah! I'm gonna play guitar."

"You play guitar?"

"Not yet but I can learn!"

"Cool. So what's the name of your band?"

"Well, we have a bit of a debate about that," Kelsie said. "I think it should be 'Kelsie and the Punker Girls.'"

"I like it!"

"Yeah! So," she lowered her voice, so her parents couldn't overhear her, "we're having another sl**pover at Mellie's house tomorrow, and we were thinking we would sneak out again and maybe come over to your house. Would that be OK?"

"Sou... Continue»
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David Falls in Love with Pussy (Part 2 of Davids

All I can really remember about those first moments as she pulled her nightgown off was her breasts. They were the most wonderful, beautiful, womanly things I had ever seen. Full and pale, the top of her breasts were completely covered with large, dark pink nipples, thick, stiff nubs in the very center of each. Her tits were large enough that they hung from her chest, pointing somewhat downward. To this day, these are the type of breasts that I find most attractive; I am very lucky that my wife has similar breasts, although substantially smaller; but her nipples remind me very much of Brigid... Continue»
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The ASSassin: A Sting In The Tail

WARNING: This is a very dark and twisted fantasy , something I have riffed on for some years now. I was inspired to share it thanks to my friend Samantha, aka Little Miss Fart who shared this similar story here
What follows is clearly just a fantasy, please be mindful of that.

And if you need some visual accompaniment for the heroine I've described within this tale think of Phat Phoebe....

The ASSassin : A Sting In The Tail

Th... Continue»
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Punk Rock Show 2 -Kelsie Learns to Suck Cock

Kelsie couldn't believe how big it was.

She knew it was big, it felt so huge inside her when he had sex with her the first time a couple weeks ago, she thought it was tearing her apart. But she didn't really even see it then, not until afterwards when he was done and she was cleaning herself up, and it looked pretty big even then but it was already getting small, hanging down instead of sticking up like she knew a boner ought to do.

But now, it was right in front of her face, and she couldn't believe how big it was.

All that she could really see, from this angle, was his head, and... Continue»
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Punk Rock Show

It was loud, it was hot, and it was sweaty. Punk rock at its finest. I was playing the edge of the mosh pit, diving in and slamming with the hardcore dancers, then jumping out before things got too nasty. There was in particular one group of guys, huge guys, the biggest one must have been six foot six and 300 pounds. All of them had shaved their heads bald. Big bald skinhead punkers. They were brutal; slamming into them was like hitting a brick wall, and then you'd get shoved back and pinballed between them. But I'm a big guy, 6' 3" myself and 200+ so I could hold my own against them, at lea... Continue»
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The Lighthouse

I slammed on the brakes and threw my truck into reverse, drove backwards about a hundred feet and quick rolled down the passenger window.

"Hey!" I yelled over the roar of the storm. "You alright?"

I'd barely even recognized the figure by the side of the road as a human; it was crouched on the ground, completely covered in a big oilskin raincoat. In the gathering darkness, it looked like a rock, or maybe even a discarded bag of garbage. I'd just noticed a hint of the glimmer of the oil skin reflecting my headlights and only after I'd driven past did it dawn on me what exactly it was.... Continue»
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David Gets a Blow Job

When I look back on my "tween" years, I'm sort of amazed. I had an incredibly rough eleventh year. My mom had died, after a terrible but quick bout of cancer, just after my eleventh birthday. My dad then spent most of the next year in a deep funk, barely able to survive let alone pay any attention to the needs of an eleven year old boy. While other k**s' dads were taking them to baseball games and driving them to soccer practice, my dad was in the basement drinking beer and listening to songs that mom and him used to like.

So it was really kind of almost inevitable that my twelfth year wo... Continue»
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Strap-on Sex

A while back I dated a woman that when we first got together was shy and introverted. We met on the "old" Yahoo Messenger where you could go into different rooms and chat and look at cams. At first she would only let me see from her neck up. Her reasoning was that she was ugly and didn't like her body. I finally got her to show me the rest of herself and was immediately turned on. She was a BBW and had a nice big ass and 36DD tits. When I told her how she had affected me she didn't believe me. Well, our conversations went on for a couple weeks and finally I let her talk me into coming o... Continue»
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How it Ended up Being Mom and Me 2

Getting out of the car at the hospital mom lead the way to the emergancy room then to the sign in desk which the woman behind the desk asked, "May I help you?"

"Yes I hope so. I'm Mrs. June Harriason, I'm here to see my daughter Magan Harriason that was brought in from a car accident."

"Okay, hold on a minute and I'll be right back." the woman then stood up and went through a door behind her.

It took a moment for the woman to return, "Mrs. Harriason, if you would step out and to your right there at the door, is another door and someone will be there to meet you and let you in."

A n... Continue»
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Step daughter dilema

When Suzy and I married she already had a daughter from a previous marriage. Nic was 10 when I married her mother. Now Nic never was treated like a daughter, she had a good relationship with her father and I was somewhat a big b*****r figure who she turnd to for advice and help.
As she grew into a beautiful teen I benefitted from all of her equally beautiful friends coming over to the house on vists. As I was not a full generation in age ahead of them I was a bit of a curiosity to some of them. Nic would often let me know how some of her friends were quite smitten with me, she always said she... Continue»
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Mother and Son Attend Sunday Church Service

[Story] Mother and Son Attend Sunday Church Service

Today is Sunday morning and my son promised to take me to church, so I walk naked to his room to make sure he is awake and getting ready. Darn him, he is still in bed, so I pull the covers away and gently tap on his young muscular shoulder to wake him up.

He rolls over, opens his eyes and says, "Mom, what time is it?"

I respond, "It's time for you to get up and take a shower, otherwise we will be late for church."

He suddenly sits up, grabs my wrist and pulls me into bed with him, then begins trying to kiss me while he runs his ha... Continue»
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Sexy Students #1: Kelly-1

Kelly has the highest and best BQ among all my yummy young fine female friends: BOOBY beauty
Kelly has as well a high IQ, sense of humour and insatiable sex drive to keep her lust alive

Kelly meets me for the first time in real in Summer in Alaska, she immediately sucks my member
Kelly meets my meat for the first time in real and she can't get enough of my big brown banana

Kelly is my friend with the best BQ: boobs by age, a blonde beauty of only twenty-one
Kelly is my friend with a great IQ: we are fine friends, in admiration of her hot humor

Kelly is offering us a fres... Continue»
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Erotic Education #1: Erica-1

Erica is ignorant in erotics, slender sexy sweet tender tiny tit tasty teen blonde beauty
Erica comes along for a walk and a private talk, surely she comes for the very first time
Erica shows soon her mix of submissive curiousity for erotic education by sex in practise
Erica is born to be my tasty teen sweet sex slave, I hope her siblings share her talents!

Erica comes to sit next to me at a sunny bench in Westerpark half way an afternoon in May
Erica starts to chat a bit and eagerly answers any questions about her life and siblings
Erica is eldest of three and feels lonely,... Continue»
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Ms. Clark after Vegas Pt.2

"Hey, Mom, WHY are your panties so wet?" I sat there not really digesting what the boys were saying to me, and then it dawned on me that my legs were not close together,r and that the short skirt I was wearing, was showing them my pale blue panties and I remembered that I ad been leaking at least 2 loads of cum since I left Vegas. I snapped out of my fog, and closed my legs, and stared at the boys standing there. "Why are you looking at your Mother's panties anyway?" I asked of Jake. he seemed flustered as to my question. "I AM your Mother, and you should not be looking at my panties" It was a... Continue»
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Dads toothbrush

“No way! What was it like?”

Kylie and Megan sat in shock. Their friend Erica had just told them that she’d lost her virginity the week before. While the three young girls often joked and theorized about sex, none of them had ever done more than make out with a boy.

Well, until recently, it seemed.

“It was really awesome!” Erica bragged. She relished the moment, feeling superior to her friends. She didn’t want to admit to them how nervous and scared she’d been. Or how uncomfortable the blanket had been at first, with the sand scratching her bare backside. Besides, all of that had p... Continue»
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Chrismas Pudding

Another wonderful Christmas. Aside from the two final tasks that lay before me - one self-assigned, the other directed by the wife - every aspect of the day had already been a success.

Our four-year old twins, Jenny and Julie, were in bed, quite asl**p. They had been finally worn out with their new toys, their grandparents' daylong visit, and the late Christmas Eve church service the evening before. My wife, Cindy, had asked me to clean up the wrapping paper and packages strewn about the tree while she drove her parents back to their home in Mt. Norton, about thirty miles distant. At th... Continue»
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b*****rs Bathroom

“Ha, ha. Very funny, Kylie,” Megan deadpanned into the phone.

“I’m serious, Megan!” Kylie giggled.

“You expect me to believe that the morning after Erica told us that she lost her virginity to her cousin, your dad fucked you and took your cherry? I call bullshit.”

“Fine, I’ll prove it.”

Megan’s phone chimed, indicating that she’d just received a picture message. When she opened it, she rolled her eyes. The picture was of Kylie, wearing a pink bra and lacy yellow panties, lying on a bed. Since Kylie had taken the picture of herself by using the huge mirror on the ceiling above the b... Continue»
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Teaching the Taboo - Lesson 2

It's a shame I can't put her photos here; it'll be considered jailbait.

The morning after I took my cousin's virginity away I got nervous. "What if she tells someone?" I kept thinking to myself.

It was a Sunday so my mother was out with her friends, I was having a late breakfast when she came down. Her top's buttons are in the wrong holes, it was my fault, I tried to put her clothes back on after taking advantage of her.

We silently ate breakfast, after a while she looked at me and smiled. "Can I ask you something?"

I tried to play it cool. "Go ahead."

"What we did last night, w... Continue»
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Whole Lotta Love

The early 1970s were probably the last days of sexual innocence. I don't mean that we were sexually innocent, far from it. The pill was still fairly new and exciting. A girl could fuck who she wanted, when she wanted, without sweating a lot of heavy stuff like pregnancy or fatal diseases. You might get crabs, you might get a case of the clap but, nobody had heard of HIV and friendly sex was cool. A "do your own thing as long as you don't hurt anyone else" attitude was in the air. With all the nasty stuff and nastier people running around today, I'd be scared to death if my daughter had that at... Continue»
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Meine schüchterne Mutter

Meine schüchterne Mutter

Liebe LeserInnen, diese Geschichte ist nicht von mir. Sie ist vom Benutzer "optocynic" der diese schöne Geschichte auf der britischen Plattform von xxxxxxxxxx hochgeladen hat. Allerdings hat sie mir so gut gefallen als ich sie gelesen habe, dass ich mir dachte: Ich muss sie übersetzen. Also habe ich mich einen Tag lang hingesetzt und hier ist sie, übersetzt ins Deutsche von mir mehr aber auch nicht.

Noch eine letzte Bemerkung: Ich habe nicht wortwörtlich übersetzte, ich habe mich sehr, sehr an die Vorlage gehalten allerdings bei manchen Begriffe andere verwen... Continue»
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