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My favourite erotic story :P

Sebastian Bench and his wife Joan owned a small publishing company in the Midwest. They had a reasonably happy marriage but she was not as interested in sex as she might have been, which caused her husband to lust after all the eye candy that passed by his desk. Johanna Patterson was some such candy, she was a long legged, long haired, perky titted blonde whose bum moved provocatively from side to side as she walked. The problem was, according to rumor, she was having a lesbian affair with Skyla Rolf, another rather delectable piece of candy who worked in the mail room.

Somehow Sebastian co... Continue»
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Master's Gift

Masters Gift by Dogcrusher

Tonight is special.

I've slowly seduced this young female for several weeks. Early on, we just talked. Sometimes we'd go out for a bite to eat. I loved making her think I was her best friend.

Eventually, I got her to sneek out at night. We would go out to bars and talk. I'd play the older woman looking for fun. She followed my lead, expecting me to take care of her.

Finally, we slept together. I skillfuly brought her to orgasm after orgasm. She fell for me, as any young girl would. She thought it was love. I knew it was... Continue»
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Fun times with s****rs panties continued part 2

This is the continued story of Fun times with s****rs panties and my exciting exp (true story)

As I sit in floor looking at her sexy yellow panties with mesh front of which a few of her black pubes extended thru the more I wanted to touch, my whole body was heated and my cock was so hard and the temptation was more then I could stand as her legs where slightly spread offering me just a beatiful view of Lisa's panty covered pussy. I knew Lisa was a heavy sl**per and the added sucurity of her being wasted and had passed out made me decide to proceed with taking further and I decided to test t... Continue»
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Pious Muslimah turns Cock Addict Slut - Part 3

How did I get to my home, I am still unable to comprehend. My hands were time and again moving
either to my nipples or to my pussy (under the burqa) till I got home. At home, I lay down on my bed.

Neither my b*****r nor my mother was at home. I locked myself in a room, threw off my clothes and
lay naked playing with my nipples and pussy. I wished I had more than two hands to work simultaneously on pussy and both the nipples. But I just had two hands and merely ten fingers to
help. I moaned loud enough and did cum again and again till my bed sheet was soaked.
That night I could not sl**p... Continue»
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Part 2 A day full of suprises

Please note this story is completely fake, but is based on some sexual fantasies and/or experiences

Shannon Flynn is a presenter/actor for the BBC (CBBC channel)

PREVIOUSLY... It had been quite a day but never had I imaged that I would be naked in bed with Shannon Flynn, the sexy 18 year old actress from Rochdale in Manchester...

As Shannon started to fuck my cock, I began to start feeling her small perky tits, the where fairly small no more than a 32aa cup size, but they where decent enough, I enjoyed the thought of them b... Continue»
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The Diary: Primal Lust

She had been with me as far back as I could remember, after my mother left, and long after my father had passed. In truth, I had no recollection of him, nor could I consider her anything other than a parental figure. She raised me to adulthood, and I watched her struggle. Single parenthood took its toll on her adult life, and she found herself facing the pitfalls of being single in her mid 40s. Weight gain had robbed her of any chance at remarrying, or so this was the case in her mind. Once confident, she had grown to fear her reflection, starring at what she could only view as a shell of her ... Continue»
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Why I love feeling a cock in a hole.

What is it about a hole, created in whatever or where ever, that arouses a girl?

I told a story once when I was just ten, we went to the beach, Mum, my s****r and I. When my s****r and I returned to where mum was, she had erected a multi-coloured striped canvass wall, for wind protection.

My First Time on the Beach at 10

I noted a man had pitched his beach towel on the other side of this canvass wall, and as I lay down, I saw a tear in the canvass at ground level, and as I watched as the wind blew, it opened up, and I saw the flesh of his bare leg.

Mum and s****r had ... Continue»
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The Caretaker Takes Care Of A young Man

The Caretaker Takes Care of A Young Man

My mother and I constantly moved from place to place. I was in my mid-teens when we rented an upstairs flat at the rear of a two-storey block of four flats. The caretaker Vera, a pleasant happy English lady, occupied the front flat downstairs. Soon Mum was able to get a rent reduction of five shillings a week if I did a range of work to help Vera. As I received a shilling of this from Mum I was fairly happy with the arrangements. I pushed a mower around the small area of grass front and back, chopped wood and kindling, and other minor tasks in my spa... Continue»
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Scene 1

All of a sudden her messy room seemed so creepy. She never realized until now how narrow the walls were. The place was dusty and crowded: posters, books, clothes, and those annoying little pieces of paper with things written in a hurry…Annie was starring at the walls - ”Am I supposed to decide good from wrong?... but sometimes there are those things that are sooo good, in the most evil way possible…hmmm…” Finally, for her own peace, Annie had to admit she was only 14 so she should take things as they are and be happy about them. As she was getting back to sl**p she had this feeling... Continue»
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wifes mother catches me watching porn

me and my wife had just got married and were staying at her parents house her dad worked away and one weekend my wife took the baby to her grans and was going to stay as I was working it was just ann and me in the house
I finished early on saterday and went home as ann was leaving saying she was meeting a friend
so as I got my porn mags and put a movie on I was reading a story about a real wife needing a bigger cock as her husband was only 6 inches and worked away a lot reading more it described the wife just like ann heavy with big tits and she said she had sensitive nipples and a very ha... Continue»
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My Twisted Step-s****r XVll (A new Begining)

Waking up early on Monday felt it was time for a good run to get my bl**d going, as I walked back through the kitchen this is what I saw. Mom and Kim busy cooking breakfast Dan, Jen and Kathy sitting at the kitchen table not a stitch of clothes between them. Mom yells breakfast ready in 10 minutes go shower and hurry.

I do and as I am getting back I see waffles, sausage and eggs with a large bowl of fruit cocktail. I slide in next to Jen and Kim next to me. The other side was Mom on the end with Dan then Kathy. While eating Kim and Jen is playing with my dick and in just a few minutes I am ... Continue»
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Me and my c***dhood friends Carly

This happened about 10 years ago when I was 11/12. My mam used to take me to her friends house every weekend so they could talk and drink. This weekend was exactly the same. We arrived at 6pm and were greeted like normal.
My mams friend had a daughter called Carly the same age, who I went to school with so I knew her pretty well. We usually just messed about like k**s do and annoy our parents and today was no different, other than my b*****r wasn't here this time (I can't remember why). We played hide and seek and ate our food then it came round the time we usually left to go home 9pm.

My... Continue»
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Glory Hole

Glory in the Shadows

She focuses on the infamous hole positioned waist high on the graffiti strewn wall. The dank, closet-sized room is dimly lit by the forty-watt bulb hanging by a wire. Lewd porn is flickering on a video monitor and the stale air is laden with cheap perfume from a recent visitor, possibly a T-girl. Another odor, quite organic and pungent, wafts from viscous dollops of liquid clinging to the wall beneath the Glory Hole.
Unzipping her tight skirt, she feels the stare of the welcomed stranger peering with a single eye through the hole. His lust and close proximity t... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves#1: Introduction

Ai Aisha and Alex are three tasty sweet sexy slaves I train and educate at me

Three tasty sexy slaves I train simutaneously - but each one very differently
Each of the three needs her personal erotic education, lusty liberation by me

Let me first introduce them three to you - each in a different little chapter
Let me first give you their names: Ai, Aisha and Alex, different in character

Ai is shy and very conservative, Aisha seems happy she smiles all of the time
Alex I know the best but she is still a riddle to me, as to herself long time

All are slender built, only
... Continue»
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Filthy Warehouse Sex

He took her panties off the door handle as he left. I would have too. They were sexy and reeked of my wife's pussy. I hadn't realized he had her bra also. I couldn't see it. She came out several minutes after he had split. She was taking small steps. Her clothes were on. Her hair was somewhat tussled, but not out of place. She sat in the minivan for a minute. She lit a cigarette. She usually only smokes when she drinks,but I don't think she had had a drink yet. She tossed the smoke and split. Now to retrieve the evidence.

Weeks earlier I had mentioned a fantasy that came to me. It was grea... Continue»
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Finally Fucked My Mom

So for anyone who follows my page knows of my extreme attraction to my hot milf mother (which most of you have seen and can go see in my galleries). Well the this past Sunday I moved away to college, and Saturday was my going away party. The party was cancelled due to me having too much packing for the trip and f****y obligations. Of those obligations was to go see my mom who me and her have not been getting a long too well. About 2 months ago she went on my facebook and found that I had sent a guy friend some of her pictures and did not take that too well.

I went over to her house Saturda... Continue»
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The girl likes to be wet...

I was out shopping with a few friends from school and I paused to look at something through the window of a store. I felt the sudden urge to pee as I stared at a cute dress on the other side of the glass. I released all of my pee right where I stood, feeling the warmth of my urine flow as I peed in my well hidden, girly, pink Goodnites diaper. My skirt was long enough to hide my diaper and it remained a secret of mine since I never told any of them I was wearing them. As I stopped peeing myself I told my friends I had to go to the ladies room and I walked over to the nearest one. I walked into... Continue»
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A Betrayal of Lust

starring Victoria Justice & Madison Reed

Dear Diary:

What a roller coaster the last few weeks have been. I had been working on another project, and getting ready to go on a trip so I had felt like my world was all coming together then all the sudden it came crashing down around me. It all started around Saturday night when word had started to spread that numerous celebrity stolen camera iCloud accounts would be posted for everyone to see. Needless to say what was once a happy time in my life has turn into an utter hell?

Finding out that not only was my iC... Continue»
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Pious Muslimah turns Cock Addict Slut - Part 2

After Primary, I went to a high school specified for girls only and after completing my studies there; my father took the initiative in deciding that I should now go to College and complete my graduation.

My father searched a girl’s only College which was far away from our house but as I was to wear
burqa all the way and take my younger b*****r along to the College as my guardian, it was found to
be workable. At the College I met my seatmate, Puja, a Hindu girl, who lived close to my place. She
was my seatmate and we became good friends in a day. Her friendship helped me relieve my b****... Continue»
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My wife's best friend and her mom

I am a big overweight guy that is in his late 40's. My wife is heavyset and has a big rack and gives the best head I've ever had so far. We have a decent sex life. Not great just decent.
I have a wondering eye. I think it's because we have a pretty blah kind of sex life. It's in a rut and she won't think about anything kinky. Kinky is what I like. That's why I think I crave the mouth of another guy on my cock.
We have this couple as friends. Robin one of my wife's best friends and her husband is an OK guy. She is good looking with a drop dead ass and the legs to go with it. She will be 50 so... Continue»
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