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Caught by my s****r and her friend 8

We collected our clothes from our rooms at Kate's house and mom and dad drove Susan and I home, the trip was silent until we got home and mom and dad revealed that we were to share a room as they had moved grandad into Susan's so they could look after him. Susan and I showered in turn and put our PJ's on, we said goodnight to our parents and headed off to bed, once in the room we both stripped off, having experienced sl**ping naked at Kate's we wern't about to go back and besides we had seen each other naked plenty over the past couple of weeks. I had been asl**p for a while and I was woken by... Continue»
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I arrived early to Mark and Christie's place. I wanted to chat with them both before the party. To put it simply, I was nervous as hell. Yeah, ok I knew I was sexy, after years of turning heads and almost causing accidents, it finally sunk in. Despite that fact I was still self-conscious. Christie laughed as we talked, "Hon I only wish I had your figure. You'll do fine." She proceeded to tell me about the first time she was a center and about how her nerves almost got the better of her. Granted she had another woman to share the center with, but all in all, that doesn't lessen the stares from ... Continue»
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ummmm not my Daughter pure fiction of course

I have recounted this tale to a few friends. Two on here and a 3 guys. It seems to turn all on? I even ended giving one a blow job as a result. So sitting here at work I thought I would put pen to paper as it where?
Of course so I don't drop myself in the shit this Never happened (?) Just all made up. If it had happened I would be a dirty Daddy peso a always horny bi cunt? It would also have happened around 20yrs ago too but of course it didn't happen lol.
It was mid August. Strangely for the good old UK fucking hot too. Mrs and I had turned in around midnight. We had waited up for the retur... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Perhaps Caroline was not really jealous of Helen Ramsey as far as
Darleen was concerned, but she would sure as hell have been jealous if
she had known what had inspired her husband's rare morning hard-on, and
more jealous yet if she had realized that such a morning hard-on was
not, in fact, rare at all, but that he usually saved it for his
secretary. The sight of naked Helen Ramsey, doing her morning
exercises, had been responsible for a lusting in his heart--but the
lust that he had for Brenda had nothing whatsoever to do with his
heart, except that his heart be... Continue»
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s****rs Wet April Fools

You've probably read this kind of story; even the same theme as this story, before but I just wanted to write my own version, so here it is. And to avoid any hint of plagiarism I've carefully made sure I haven't read anyone else's versions beforehand, should they even exist.

Short and sweet and hopefully sufficiently tasty for your pleasure!


You'd have thought that by the time we reached and passed 18 that we'd have got past playing silly jokes on each other but not so. Julie and I, Chris, still acted like a pair of real juveniles at times; perhaps not that muc... Continue»
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Annie Cries Uncle and an Apricot for Daddy

Annie Cries Uncle and an Apricot for Daddy
Jack Evermore

“What the fuck, Uncle Mike! Really!” My niece shook the discovered pencil cam in my face.

“Er, ah, sorry, Annie.”

“Sorry, sorry for spying on us with this?”

I had concealed it in the ceiling vent of my stepdaughter’s room, giving me a perfect view of her bed and everything that happened on it.

“I was afraid that Erin was doing d**gs.”I had a carefully crafted excuse at the ready. What parent doesn’t worry ... Continue»
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The younger s****r of the girl I wanted

It was the summer of 95. I was working at hardware store and Jenn was a sexy young cashier. she was short, red hair, and a great body. To me a great body is slim, small breasts (b's) and a tiny little ass. when she wore her shorts to work that summer, my brain melted. she was hosting a party because her parents had gone down the shore.

When I arrived at the party, it was raging...about 70 people, and lots of booze. Jenn was there, and so was her Boyfriend.... I then realized it was not going to time to drink. I drank, and then drank some more. got into the hot tub...g... Continue»
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Ms. Whitman, Teacher of The Year - PART 2

Charlie Part 2

Charlie and I rested in my bed for a while. He was still rock hard laying on his back propping himself up by his elbows looking at my body while I did my best to look good while he did so.

“Charlie,” I said as I extended my arm and ran my hand up and down his hairless torso. “I had no idea a boy your age could eat pussy so amazingly.” A smile grew across Charlie’s face clearly proud that he could satisfy a grown woman using only his mouth. “If your mouth could do that to me I can’t even imagine how good it’s gonna feel when you fuck me.”

At that moment Charlie’s facial ... Continue»
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Grandma's Secret Part 1

My grandmother Lynn was my grandfather's second wife and was about 20 years younger than he. She married him after his first wife died and Lynn raised his c***dren as her own even though she was only 12 years older than the eldest c***d, my mother. When my mother was married and had her first c***d at 18, Lynn was about 30 years old. Lynn is young thinking, young looking, and young acting which made it strange to have her as a grandmother because she certainly looked more like an aunt than a grandmother.

When her first grandk** (me) came along she was understandably freaked out. Only 41 yea... Continue»
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Benefits of the Job

My mom was not a looker, I mean as far as hot moms go MILFs go, my mom would not be at the top of the list. I know this because as boys growing up, we always talked about the hot moms and who's mom might be the best fuck. My mom never made the list. She is petite, maybe weighs one hundred pounds wet, small boobs, nice ass though but you would never know it because of the way she dressed. Mom's face looked older than she really was and the way her hair was cut and the clothes she wore made her look much older than she was. Mom and I got along really well, more like b*****r s****r than mom and... Continue»
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Mom's Roommate Part 2

**This is the second part to Mom's Roommate. Enjoy!**

Written by, klrxo

"Oh wooow, Mom!" Garrett whimpered as he watched Kristen's tan bare buttocks beat against his midsection.

The naked mother fucked her cunt back onto the horny hardness of Garrett's teenaged dick as they went at it doggie-style on the center of the bed.

The handsome 18 year old youth watched in aroused fascination as the warm meaty ass rippled, clapping against midsection over and over. His vieny erection glistened with Kristen's juices as it emerged, her cunt-mouth clinging to the beefy prod. Then quickly he wa... Continue»
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Taboo 2015 Pt. 1

I am not the author of this story. The author is Kinkybelle

It all started when I saw my 14-year-old son masturbating for the first time.

Over the winter, my son Nick moved his bedroom down into our finished basement. I guess he was feeling crowded up on the second floor with the rest of the f****y and moved down there to get some more privacy. What he got was just the opposite.

While puttering around the backyard on a warm day in March, I passed by the small window that sits down near ground level and looks in on Nick’s bedroom. His bed is positioned practically under that window, an... Continue»
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Spontaneous new girlfriend for my fiancee and I ..

We met years before. I was a substitute teacher, she was a junior in high school. 5 years later, we see each other at a party. Now I'm only 10 years older than her or so, but sure enough, our eyes met. We did the awkward 'where do I know your from' and when it clicked, she asked if we could go outside and talk...

We kissed before the next word in the back hall, upstairs from the party. She said her boyfriend said that she needed to get better at blowjobs... I said my girlfriend said I should get more head because it isn't her favorite. My jeans were undone and open and she went to work. Th... Continue»
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My step-s****r and I had a strange relationship, growing up.

Well, not strange, per se, but definitely on the "taboo" side of things,
according to religio-societal structuring.

Siblings, whether by bl**d or their parents' marriage, should never
engage in any form of sexual relationships with one another. Never. It's
wrong. It's sinful.

Yeah, right. Like we should all just blindly abide by the decree of
some decrepit old men wearing cassocks.

Oh, but it's sinful. It's perverted. You'll go to hell!

This coming from men who have allegedly sworn off any f... Continue»
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Filthy Gorgeous Kate!

++ This is a true story, but names have been changed ++

The first time I used an adult dating site, I got chatting to a woman named Kate. I am a fan of a more voluptuous lady, so it was a BBW dating site, and Kate, in my mind, was the perfect BBW. a size 18 but with most of it on the bum and boobs, nice toned chubby thighs and a gorgeous smile. We chatted online for a few hours and then she had to go, so we shared mobile numbers and we texted a couple of times later that evening.

The next day Kate sent a text asking if I wanted to call her to arrange a meeting. I wasted no time in calli... Continue»
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With mom

Few days later, when I fingered mom a little bit, we were alone at home.

Dad was in job and mom was cooking a meal. She had t-shirt and tight trousers. Her ass was fantastic, even when she bend over, I could see her cameltoe.

I was sitting at the table and looking to her lovely shapes.
My cock was getting hard and I wanted to do another step in our weird relationship with my mom.

I started to talk about that night. When she come d***k and I helped her to bed. Asked her if she remember everything.

'Don't know what about you talking.' she said. But she knew.

'Well, I will help yo... Continue»
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loving pantie sniffer

When I was younger I used to go thru my older s****rs clothes hamper an pull out a pair of her worn panties , the fresher the better . I think she knew I was jerking off to her soiled panties because I would shoot a hot load in them an leave them so she would see them covered in my cum . One day she went to take a shower an left a fresh pair she just wore on a hot summer day after playing tennis .As soon as that door closed I went in a sat on her bed an pulled out my hard cock as I picked them up noticing a brown pubic hair in the middle of the crotch as they felt really wet from her juices , ... Continue»
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Slutty Wife in the Back of a Van

Let me start by giving you a brief background of my wife and I. My name is
Richard and I am a computer professional responsible for the operation of a
large IT department and my wife Lisa is in retail sales. I am 34 years old, 6'
tall, and weigh 185lbs with brown hair and eyes. My wife is 28 and absolutely
gorgeous, she stands 5'4"and weighs 125lbs with blonde hair and green eyes, she
has a nice set of 38C breasts that are wonderful to behold and likes to keep
her pussy clean shaven which I assumed was because of her fascination with
swimwear and therefore her bikini line.

We both ar... Continue»
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Mountain Meat 1

Mountain #2

Christa lay still in the afterglow of Ralph's great fuck. Her womb still tingled with sensation as his cum load felt like a cork inside it. Alice knew exactly what she was experiencing and with it coming under these intensely taboo circumstances, it had to be delicious. She spoke saying, “Stuck. That's where you are. You know nothing is going to stop you from having more him, even if it's so wrong. Yes, I'm right there and Todd is mine. Life might change things but he can always “cum” at home”. Christa asked, “how ... Continue»
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Mom Teaching BF And I A Thing Or Two

My name is Lindsey and I just turned eighteen years old. I live with my mom in a pretty nice house just the two of us since my dad left when I was a k**. It gets kinda lonely sometimes because my mom is always at work it seems like so its usually just me wandering the house texting my boyfriend Travis. Travis and I have been together for almost a year and is seems like we were just meant to be together because we have a lot of common interests. One place where were different is Travis is more of a shy, quiet guy while I am more ... Continue»
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