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Dad calling my mom a dirty slut...we walked in the

Deep down I have always thought of my mom as cheating little slut every since that day. My mom has always been vulgar when she talks about sex. Not that she freely talks about sex to me or around me, but when it happens to be brought by her friend or my aunts, I would hear her say something like damn I would to choke on that cock...knowingly her 14 yr old boy is sitting right in front of her gives me grin as she finishes her sentence. At that age, what boy would openly admit that her mom is a slut. I didnt think she was a saint or anything. Believe me when I am jerking of to her pictures and... Continue»
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Filling my s****r

It was a Saturday night. Our mom was spending the night
at her boyfriend's house, so my s****r and I were home
alone. I was sixteen years old and was in the midst of
my sexual awareness. My s****r Katie was s*******n and had
at least a couple of boyfriends that she had been sexual
with. I was pretty sure that she had already had sex
judging from the moans coming from the basement when her
boyfriends were over while mom was out.

I was super horny, and I had already noticed my s****r
and fantasized about fucking her. I had watched her
change several times and caught glimp... Continue»
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Horney Big s****r

Mindy Masters lay stretched out on her bed wearing nothing but a
yawn. It was a scorching hot summer day, not to mention boring. Mindy
was wondering how in the world she was going to make it through a whole
long, hot summer without a man.

Mindy, a petite 20-year-old brunette, was home for the summer and
separated from her boyfriend, Vince, who'd had to return to his own home
town hundreds of miles away. Vince had given her plenty of steady loving
over the past three months, and Mindy missed it desperately. In fact,
she missed it more with eac... Continue»
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My favorite wet "punishmnt"

I grew up in a rather large city and I was brought up by my mom. Most people thought I was given all the love and attention anyone could ask for, but there was something no one knew about how I was brought up... 

It started when I was in the sixth grade. At the time my mom was still dealing with the divorce and she didn't want to have to deal with any of my misbehaviors. So when my mom got a call from the school nurse saying I had peed my pants during class she wasn't too happy since it wasn't the first time this happened to me and she came right over to my school to pick me up. Mom entered... Continue»
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It was late on a Saturday morning when Kevin awoke from his slumber, he made his way to the bathroom to have a piss before heading downstairs. Kevin passed his mother in the hallway as she was rushing out. "Want anything from the supermarket, baby?" "I'm ok mum" he responded. She lent in for a kiss, their tongues entwined. "Ok see you later" she said. Kevin made his way through the living room and into the kitchen, as he crossed the room, his fathers eyes followed him. This marked the 1st time since his father was tied up that were alone in the house together. Kevin put the Keyes on and went... Continue»
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Lizvette weekend part 4

I sat in my leather desk chair as she knelt between my thighs, on her knees. She had my jeans unzipped and my cock out. Even I was surprised that, after all the action it had seen since yesterday morning, it could still sit up ready for more, at age 52. Her eyes locked on it. She had a very pleased and confident smile on her little girl's face. Her pretty brown eyes were locked onto my upright cock. She spoke to it, saying, "Are you always stiff and purple? Or is it just when I see you?" She giggled and licked her lips. She pulled her hair back and up behind her and, as she leaned toward my... Continue»
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Wendy & Tommy being naughty - Part 2

Wendy & Tommy being naught – Part 2

This story involves (I)ncest…so if that offends you, Do Not read this story!

This was formerly titled: Windy & Tommy Playing Together – Part 2

…………Chapter 4
Playing with Wendy & Tommy
Friday evening

Later that evening…the house was quite when Leslie Stone entered her home; apparently Wendy & Tommy were still out of the house. She went to her room, undressing to her panties as she went into her room. She carried her clothing into the bathroom, then ran the tub full of hot water.

She not... Continue»
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Caught Wearing s****rs Cloths

My name is Kevin and I am six teen years old and I live with my mom, dad and s****r Lucy. My mom and dad work a lot and Lucy is usually out with friends so that leaves me home alone which I don't mind because I really enjoy the peace and quiet. I guess my story starts when one night while my parents were working and Lucy was out I was bored and started to wander around the the house when I got to Lucy's room. I was a naturally curious person and also I loved messing with Lucy so I entered her room and began to go threw her things. I went threw her dresser flipping threw all her cloths before m... Continue»
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Mom & Me In The Cold, Cold House!!!

When mom got home after working the second shift, I was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs bundled in a heavy sweater and blanket. For a hot Florida home, it was a cold winter’s night. Very cold. I was only 1 5 and out of school for the winter break. Ginger and Mikey were staying with Grandma for vacation.

"My Lord, Donny, why don't you have the heat on?"

"Sorry, mom, I think there’s something wrong with it. I just got home myself and it was freezing in here. I turned the thermostat up, but nothing happened."

"Did you check the breaker box?"

"That was the first thing I chec... Continue»
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Old Man Ben: First Craigslist Stranger

I made a post onto the craigslist casual encounter m4m section. I posted looking for an older daddy to please. I wanted to suck fuck and swallow and do what I am told for the daddy. I explained my details and told them to e-mail me if interested. I received maybe 15-20 e-mails that day. I sorted through and replied back to maybe 10 or so of them. But one really caught my eye. His name was Ben he was 63, but wasn't very good and fucking so he wanted to just dildo my ass and let me suck him and swallow. I got his number and we texted back and forth a few times. He lived in the next town over lik... Continue»
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Brazilian Teenager, Part 2

This is a followup to the Brazilian teenage story I posted here recently.
You may remember about some cock teasing by a group of teenage girls on the beach and then a little more intimate fun, by chance, in my apartment.

Well, some time passed after the chance, but incredibly sexy, meeting with the girl. Giselle, as I found out her name, and there were no chance meetings. I even went to the beach as regularly as I could to try and accidentally see them, but no luck. They didn’t come back, so I became concerned that someone had spotted us and I was a few moments away from a beating.
As wit... Continue»
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Masterbation Chronicles - Anal Puke Whores - part

I promise I'll show you more later today and tonite.
Sam - I'd really like that. Those are adorable panties by the way.
Ali - if I had on a skirt I would totally give you so,e spread shots before we leave.
Sam pulls out his phone and shows her the pictures he took of her bending over
Sam - that there is one sweet brown-eye. Look at that fucking asshole.
Dawn - damn, that is pretty hot. Really hot you are so in to buttholes. -giggles-
After several pictures are taken, Sam gets kisses from both girls and gropes each one, who offer no resistance whatsoever, they get in to sams suv.
Da... Continue»
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First time massage - from my Dad's contacts..

I found my dad’s porn stash by accident one day. He had gone away on business and I was in the loft when I found the bag. There was the usual wank mags, videos and I thought that was all. So I pulled out my cock and started to wank. He had some good, hard core, heterosexual stuff.
As I pulled my s*******n old cock, I was really enjoying this stash when I found a little black book. Inside was his contact list with whores, e****ts, cinemas and other acquaintances. Mostly there were places a long way away, but one contact caught my eye and made me wank faster. He has details, and a photo of a n... Continue»
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The Rambler part 4

That was less than a mouthful, that's for sure.

It was little more than a week after we had pawed through the pictures that the bomb arrived in the mail in the form of a bill, forwarded from my mother's last address, for the next year's storage fee. The bill didn't state what was being stored, just the square footage and a rate per square foot for heated indoor storage space, and a total payable within 30 days or the contents would be seized and disposed for services rendered.

I called, but the attendant didn't know what was in the storage room. The room was was secured by the owner's lo... Continue»
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Story 4

I found my guy in his bed asl**p. He looked so sweet and peaceful, and for a moment I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wake him or not, but in the end horniness overcame me. I took off my clothes, slid under the covers next to him, and was pleased to find he was naked under the sheets as well. I put my hand on his dick, and gently stimulated him. His dick responded almost instantly, and he let out a soft moan, but didn’t wake. Not wanting to waste any time, I slid my head beneath the sheets and took him into my mouth, sucking, savouring his salty hardness. It took longer than I expected, but he fina... Continue»
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The Rambler part 2

As you can no doubt imagine, Tim and I were eager to compare notes about our experience at the drive-in but in the aftermath we were both showered with interest from girls who previously hadn't given us the time of day. It was overwhelming, not in numbers but the sheer unexpectedness of it all. To our credit, it soon rang hollow and neither of us were predisposed to respond favorably, partly because we were confused about the new choices and also wary about the validity of the options.

Our procrastination led to a defensive reaction of feigned disinterest from the best of our new fan club, ... Continue»
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The Rambler part 2b

"My skin looks so loose now, not tight like it used to be. No wonder your father and his cronies were trying to look up that slut's dress, she wears it so short."

Stunned, I watched as Mom dropped both hands to the top of her legs and pulled her nightdress back almost to her hips in demonstration. Though her legs were too tightly pressed together for me to see between her legs, her right leg was raised sufficiently for me to follow the back of her thigh down until I saw the line of a pair of pale blue panties stretched across the bottom of her legs, provoking an immediate response in the sa... Continue»
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The Rambler part 3

I wish I could say I had free access to Mom after that but I can't. There were a variety of reasons, I guess. First off, getting banned from the drive-in, though not a big deal in and of itself, was a very close call with shameful isolation in our community. While Tim and I didn't fully appreciate the significance of such a calamity, our mothers certainly did. Both of them were aloof in the following weeks.

While I don't think either of our mothers were suffering from remorse they were nevertheless more cautious, making the next week at home a sexual drought for us. There was no sexual inte... Continue»
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The Rambler part 1

"Jeez, Dad. What an ugly car."

My son laughed as he held a picture up, arms length from his face as if it could actually damage his eyes.

"You didn't really drive around in that, did you?"

I stretched my hand out and waved it, silently demanding he turn over the offending picture and Tom put it in my hand just as my wife leaned over and laughed.

"That was your father's first car," she cackled.

"Man is it ugly. What was it?" Tom asked as I jerked the picture from his hand.

"A Rambler," his Mom said.

Miffed, I corrected my wife, "A 1959 Rambler American Continental."

That... Continue»
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Ai Kawaii as sweet slave

At the end of last issue I left my readers with a thrilling cliffhanger and very difficult choice
Ai Kawaii is deeply sedated in bed and tied up with ankles to wrists at both bed posts: all open!

On offer for me are two tight holy holes of her: her hymen intact, her sphinxter never penetrated
On offer for me are also her small bums both firm tight - a bottom begging for some sexy spanking

In her sedated state I make her come from my licks and kisses at her slit and clit both swollen now
In her first ever squirting she wets my face while I shoot my load of love in her throat, deep
... Continue»
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