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Me Jerking my cock

After a long day at work, I decide to go the local library to study for an exam. I'm already stressed out and I have a huge throbbing bulge in my pants that will not quit.

I'm at the back corner of the library on my laptop away from everyone else. With only a few people there I decide to take a huge risk. Fuck it, there's hardly anyone here and this hard huge lain cock is unrelenting!!

I can not concentrate anymore and I have to release this mind numbing pressure off my cock!! I bust out my headphones and plug them into my laptop. I put one on my ear and leave the other one out so I can... Continue»
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Adult Video Store #2

I got up and walked into the next room as she closed the door behind me.

I took a second to look around the room. First I noticed the desk she had been leaning against when she first appeared on the tv screen. Looking to my right, I saw a nice camera on a tripod. Behind it was another desk with more camera equipment and a computer with a large monitor. On the monitor, I could see the room I had just been in. The chair I had been sitting in was clearly visible in the center of the screen. I had a feeling, while I was in the other room, that she was able to see me somehow. Now I knew she had ... Continue»
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Yesterday we went shopping...

Yesterday we went shopping.

Master Silk had decided that my undies were dowdy, and my heels not high enough, so we went shopping. Naturally, we shopped in a town not too local to us - we didn't want our cover completely blown! (OK, it was Bath! Lovely tea shops in Bath!)

I wasn't wearing my sissy outfit - I'd not convince anyone! But I was wearing tight jeans to show off my bum, and a girly blouse. A dog collar around my neck was disguised by a pink silk scarf. Our first shop was good old Marks and Spencers, a stalwart of the British high street. M&S may have an old fashioned imag... Continue»
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A Romantic Evening

“I’m pullin’ up,” Nate Jackson said into his smartphone. “You ready?”
“Yes, sir,” replied his roommate.
“Alright then. I’m bout to request the Uber. Just come on out.”
“Okie dokie. See you in a minute.”

Nate parked his 2010 metallic dark blue GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab pick-up in an empty space in front of building 17. He shut off the vehicle and opened the car service app on his phone. After completing the request, he stepped out into the chilly evening air. He grabbed his black faux-leather jacket from the seat and put it on. Underneath, he wore a 3XL navy button down shirt that was ... Continue»
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It Started With Tattooed Eyeliner

"We settled on black, right?"

"I'll leave it up to you," I said. Lynn began organizing her bottles and
tubes, preparing the ink for the tattoo machine she used for applying
permanent makeup. In this case, she would applying permanent eyeliner to
my upper and lower eyelids.

"Good. Black is basic. Now, we never really settled on what style. There
are a lot of things you can do with eyeliner, and you've specifically
asked that I not take into account your being a male. Is that still what
you want? This is the last chance to change your mind."

"Y... Continue»
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Good News, Bad News

Good News, Bad News

"Honey, I have wonderful news. I've decided I'm finally ready to have a

I perked up. "That's wonderful!" I said. My wife, Laney, had dragged her
feet on for years ever since we had married eight years earlier. "What
made you decide to do it now?"

"I'm 32, and while my biological clock isn't becoming a big issue yet, I
don't want to get into a situation where it is. So I'm thinking maybe
tonight would be a good time to ... uh ... work on that. How do you feel
about that?" She gave me a sly smile and winked.

"Sounds fantastic. I'll be lookin... Continue»
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Adult Video Store #1

A few years ago, a longtime friend of mine, Brian, asked me to help him move to a city about three hours away from our hometown. I told him that I was not happy that he was moving but that I would be happy to help him if I could.

We got everything loaded, which wasn't much, in both of our vehicles and headed out on a Friday afternoon. His new apartment was in a city I had never been to before, so I got to see many new things on this trip.

Before we left, he told me that it should take three hours and fifteen minutes to get there, if we didn't have to stop for anything. It was a long driv... Continue»
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My Ex-Girlfriend's Mom

My name is Bobby. Before I tell this story, let me set it up by telling a short story first.

At the end of my senior year in high school and into the beginning of the summer, I dated a girl for a few weeks but never got past making out with her. Her name was Jill. One weekend Jill and her mom, Lana needed to leave town and asked if I would check in on things at their house. I did as they asked and once, while I was there, I got on the computer and watched some porn, shemale porn.

A few days after they got back, Jill and I got into an arguement and I broke it off with her. She tried calli... Continue»
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Ballsy Secretary

Shemale - cum-eating – dominant – submissive – big cock – secretary – boss

A few more good strokes and I'd be like a fire hydrant. My breathing was ragged; my fist pumped up and down the long neck of my cock nearly as fast as my heart beat in my chest. I love this part. That moment where your knees go weak and you finally give in. Your eyes clench shut and the pressure from your balls explodes up your shaft until your tip blasts that first strand of cum and sweet relief finally takes you over.

I was there right now. My big girl had never looked harder; the massive pole looked lik... Continue»
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Part 3

I suppose I had better get the one where I had my fantasy, out of the way. It's not that interesting, unless you are me!

When dressing I always fantasised about two things, either having sex with a guy whilst wearing lingerie and stockings or being pounded by a big black guy with a 12 inch cock. I got one but not the other!

In one my chats with Steve he asked me about my cross dressing and why I did it etc. I told him that above all, I just love cross dressing. He had tried it in the past but it hadn't done anything for him. We got into a discussion about female clothes and what I ... Continue»
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Since I moved from Knoxville back towards the airport in Alcoa, I have had some fun times with a big dick black daddy, a hot, young hung white country boy and an older white daddy dom with a big, fat beautiful cock. However, I hadn't had much contact with the neighbors other than hanging out with some of the girls and getting snickers from the men. That all changed this past summer (2015)

Across the hall, two young college age guys moved in and they immediately noticed the effeminate sissy boy next door. I tried to avoid them as much as possible though I did sort of like the humiliation wh... Continue»
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Wet dream...

I woke up this morning with my panties wet, I am a male that dress as a woman and loves panties. My wife knows my tendencies and love them.

It has been a long time since I have had a wet dream, for some weird reason it happened and this is what I remember.

I was in my male mode. I was in a house full of people. Little by little I started to recognize faces and places. It was my friend Olga's house. It was a big house in the suburbs, two levels and great rooms. I found myself in the middle of the table with my friend having dinner. Everyone had an idea that she and I were going out,... Continue»
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Cutting Ms Betty's Lawn ~ Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I nodded, of course I did. I wanted my pants off and I wanted to be touched and sucked. I loved sex and would if asked, say I was addicted to it. Betty undid the button on my shorts and they fell to my ankles as I stepped out of them. "Oh have such a lovely cock smooth and you shave it? she asked. "Well.....a little.....I hardly have any.....but the few I have look I take them off." Betty cupped her palm over my cock. It felt warm and I shivered thinking how much she seemed to like it. "Oooooooooh.......did you just tremble?........ Continue»
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Cutting Ms Betty's Lawn

My mother had suggested I might consider cutting Ms Betty's lawn as none of the other boys in the neighborhood would. All the other mothers hated Ms Betty and wouldn't allow their sons to associate with her. She was one of my mom's friends and I thought nothing of it, so I agreed to do it every week. It seemed Saturday mornings would be best, so I put her in my schedule and planned on the following Saturday to the first.

I was doing a great job with my lawn cutting service, picking up new clients from word of mouth after I did a lawn or two, but my schedule was becoming full. I needed to sa... Continue»
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Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Nikkie Silk

It was the last Friday night before Christmas, and the pub was packed
with office workers intent on celebrating the Christmas spirit by
getting as d***k as they could manage. Slade were belting out ‘Merry
Xmas Everybody’ over the speakers and the whole pub was raucously
joining in with the chorus. People were kissing under pieces of plastic
mistletoe and more than one office romance would begin, and probably
end, that evening.

The group that had grabbed a table to the side of the bar were typical
of the customers in the pub. Working at one of the companie... Continue»
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Jayne's Story Part 2

My story now continues in 1978, I was no longer seeing my earlier lovers, & had moved to London,& to become friends with Dave,a guy I meet in a disco one friday. I would normally get the last train back to my West London bedsit,but Dave insisted I stayed at his apartment south of the river,so we went there.Being very d***k,neither of us was shy talking about our private lives,& I told him I liked wearing womens clothes,& was in fact wearing a bra & panties as we spoke. Dave said he didn't belive me,so I removed my jumper & shirt exposing the black 36a bra underneath & dropped my jeans to pro... Continue»
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My First Time - part 2

Seems right that I talk about the second time Steve and I had sex. Don't worry I'm not going to talk about them all, just some of the kinkiest times we had. The second meet was notable not only for the sex but also I was sort of willingly pushed into a higher level of crossdressing. For a long time I had been wearing panties, tights, stocking etc under my male clothes, when I got the chance. I had worn dresses etc when home alone, but this was different.

I got a text message from Steve on the Sunday evening after our Saturday night, saying he had enjoyed himself and did I want to do it ... Continue»
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gay sex with 60 years old man in chennai

Hi I'm ashwin, about me IM FAIR AND SLIM HAIRLESS BODY MY AGE IS 23. I LOVE GAY SEX CD SEX AND STRAIGHT SEX. TOTALLY IM A PURE BISEXUAL GUY THATS WHY I ALWAYS WEAR RING IN THUMB FINGER. BOYS OR GIRLS IF YOU WANT A HOMO SEX PARTNER THEN WEAR A RING IN THUMB FINGER AND MIDDLE FINGER, LEFT HAND OR RIGHT HAND IT DOESNT is my another true story which happened 2days back. As I told you in my last story I'm a call taxi driver in chennai. Before 2 days at morning I got a trip so I reached there to pickup my customer. I called him and said I reached so u can come sir, he said OK I'll co... Continue»
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The secret sissy in question claimed to be a young, successful man,
heading his own department at work and living the good life. But he
yearned for his teen years, where he would passably dress up and meet men
off the internet. He wanted to be completely broken and feminized to the
point of no return.

Here is what I had to say, and after writing the little scenario at the
end I thought it might be a good enough start for my first posting to
this site.

Without further ado:

Hey there- this is a long message but consider it your first test.

I see you've posted your request under... Continue»
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Yoü can´t decide

"He's here, Sissy- answer the door," she calls confidently from the
dining room where I just poured her a glass of wine.

I steel myself for the humiliating ritual that's been perfected through
rote repetition- though the number of times it's performed, like every
other degradation I suffer through on a daily basis, does little to
lessen the sheer gut punch of the act of pure submission.

I open the front door and step back to allow Sir through, my gaze
downcast as not to make the punishable offense of eye contact. In my
mind, the ridiculousness of this situation is heightened as he'... Continue»
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