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school girl and her daddy

Its Saturday night and I'm getting ready for some fun. I just finished my bath, which included some nice scented oils and a shave making my body totally smooth. Well except a cute little landing strip. I step from the tub and towel off, as I let it drop to the floor I take in the sight from the mirror. There I stand smooth as can be, erect nipples sticking out with the rings running through them. A dangling belly ring hangs below. I am very excited and that is evident in my little girl cock getting hard.

I begin with my hair doing it into two long pigtails, guys love pigtails and I want my ... Continue»
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Jan. 11, 2000
Here begins the mission journal of Samuel French. I'm a 19-year old
college freshman - well, I'm taking a semester off for this. I'm about to
go on a missionary trip into Brazil! I never really expected it, but
about four months ago, a missionary on tour in the US came and spoke in
our church, and I really felt a calling - no, a Calling - to go
myself. Nothing like that had happened to me before.

When I talked to the church's missions board about it, they were really
excited, because I've been working summers with my uncle for a long
time. He's a general contracto... Continue»
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Used by my daddy and his friends

After meeting Tel for the first time and being fucked by him i kept in touch with him online,

and he popped in to the chatroom some nights to watch me on cam.He said he enjoyed

watching me show off my cock and tight ass all dressed up and that i was his little slut

and he had a surprise for me at the weekend if i could come round his place. I said that

would be no problem and what did he have planned for me.He said not to worry its just

my next lesson and i would enjoy it.I wondered what he had in store for me and hoped

he was going to fuck me again maybe a little more gentle... Continue»
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Hey. My name is Lyosha. And this is my story. Enough fun, read, can enjoy. Maybe you want ...

I have not enough years to call myself a boy in the fourth ten years. But, as I said Ostap Bender, let him first cast a stone at me, who's to say it's a girl.

Although, although now I would so clearly himself did not speak. And then we can get the stone. And all that's why.

Yes, I have long been fond of the theme of trance. He liked me in all sorts of role-playing games, the image of the ... Continue»
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A Deal is Completed.

Part II of 'A Deal is Struck'.

I was woken up by my cock pressing hard into my cage. I was on my front with my Mistress spooning me, her leg over me and pressing down, with her arm around my waist. I pushed my cunt back slowly into her groin, enjoying the warmth of her body.

'Someone's horny,' She said, as her hand crept down to my cage, wiggling it, 'Your little clit wants to be freed.'

I groaned a yes, my straining clit too much. I pressed my cunt backwards.

Her hand snaked around my arse and down to my gouch, rubbing it slowly. 'Not now Sissy. We need to get ready for later.... Continue»
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T Is for Teresa

It was when I was still living at home, or at least staying there in the college holidays, that Mum came home and found me and Jack Horton lying on the living room floor, naked, and giving each other sixty-nine. She knew I was gay, or course, but was still shocked. As was Jack.

After he'd dressed and left, literally with his tail between his legs, my mother and my father came into my bedroom together. Looking grim. I thought I knew what was coming, and I was in fact right.

"Terry, look. When you've l... Continue»
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Aunt Jenny's Perverted Futa-Cock

Sex has always been a taboo topic in my f****y. My Mom, Judy, was strict about enforcing a 'No Pornography' ban in the house, and on the rare (but still far too often) occasions that she caught me masturbating...She never told me not to, but the tone was clear: she disapproved.

My Aunt Jenny, on the other hand, was (and is) the opposite of my Mom. She loved sex and didn't care who knew it. My friends even found a few old pornos that featured her on the internet and made copies for me. (My Mom had inst... Continue»
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A Date

Dad sat across from me at the table and shoveled oatmeal into his mouth more out of habit than for nourishment. Dark circles under his blue eyes confessed a lack of sl**p. His constant sad expression made him look older than his forty-seven years. It didn't help that his hair had rescinded back to his ears. Worry had thinned his once bulky frame. He had been in a declining emotional state since my mother had left us last spring.

The day after I graduated high school my mother packed her suitcases and ... Continue»
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L Is for Lucy

This was it. IT! THE chance of a lifetime. The sort of evening I'd been waiting so long for. A couple of times I'd thought my chance had come but each time something had gone wrong, someone had changed their mind. Either Mum, or Dad, or Stephanie, someone had decided to stay in. Or decided that I should go out with them. But this time it was going to be OK, it was going to work.

Stephanie - well, no problem. She was away at college now. She was a year older than me. I was heading off on my own soon, just hoping to end up in some sort of accommodation which would allow - you-know-what.

Mu... Continue»
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Closet Sissy step Son Made Into step Daughter

Why was I on all fours with my dad's cock in my ass and my s****r's pussy in my face? Well little did I know that my mom knew about my secret. She knew that I had been wearing her and my s****r's lingerie.

It started when one day I was home alone and wandered down to the garage to play around on the air hockey table. I got bored and looked around as we had a lot of stuff down there. Boxes were piled up on one side and I looked in a few of them and found something that made eyes pop open.

I saw a naked g... Continue»
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The Fire Alarm

I have a recurring nightmare. A fire alarm has sounded in my apartment building in the middle of the night. I've evacuated with the rest of the residents and am standing out on the sidewalk as firefighters rush into the building. There's no sign of smoke. It's cool out; a light drizzle is falling. I don't mind however; it's refreshing.

What bothers me is my gradual self-discovery that I've left my bed wearing pantyhose and panties. The red lacquer on my toenails is visible through tan hose's reinf***e... Continue»
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Daddy's Panties

I rounded the top of the stairs at the hallway and there sat my daughter at the computer table, beaming. Without further intro Brittany declared excitedly: "Oh daddy this is wonderful! All these pics of you in women's underwear?"

I felt myself turning white. A few steps earlier and I might've toppled over backwards down the staircase in a faint.

"I wasn't snooping," Britt said in her weak defense. "I was just poking around on your computer. I saw this pic folder and opened it and-"

"Brittany you ... Continue»
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Jamie's Descent Part 6

Chapter 6

Fiona leaned forwards, wrapped her arms around me and drew me into a
passionate kiss. My eyes closed instinctively and I swear I could my
heart pounding as her tongue snaked into my mouth. My knees almost
buckled, and I felt myself surrender to her lock, stock and barrel. I had
never felt this way before; my emotions had gone into freefall as my
head began to spin, and I almost fainted.

Fiona sensed this and caught me as I began to drop.

'Come on baby, let’s get you to bed. I think you’ve had enough
excitement for one day.' She whispered tenderly in my ear as she ... Continue»
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Megan becomes vicky at a gloryhole spitroast.

I was 19, and i had decided to go to a local gay sauna for one of their crossdresser nights.
I only had a cheap french maid costume,some kitten heels,black lace thong and fishnets and latex gloves, with a dark brown bob wig.
I stuffed it all in my bag and got the bus,sat in the front seat on the top deck watching crossdresser porn on my phone to keep myself hyped up.
Get there and i can hear my heart pounding in my ears, and after half an hour nervously pacing past the door, go in.
pay my entrance fee and get told if im dressing i can change in the back room .
Go in and i'm the only on... Continue»
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Turned my Mistress

I woke up, groggy, in a world of bright lights and fuzzy shapes. I couldn't move properly, my arms slopping about like sticks. I turned my head, trying to focus on the world, but it just slumped to the side.

'Good, you're awake,' Came a sultry voice.

I heard loud clicking and out of the corner of my eye I saw a hazy black shadow tower above me. My mind wanted to say, 'who are you?' But all that came out was a few slurred noises.

A hand ran its way along my body until it held my face, tilting it upwards. 'Don't worry sissy. We are nearly there; one injection to go.' With that, My le... Continue»
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The Roommate Pt. 03

sissification – sissy – feminization – transformation – transgender – slow transformation – domination – blackmail – prostitution – blowjob

Normally the walk to the subway is boring. Cars go past, people walk by, and on the subway I sit and read a book or listen to music quietly. I avoid eye contact, and everyone else does the same. Not this morning though.

The second I walk out the door, it feels like eyes are on me. Not in a creepy way though, more like I'm a celebrity. I can see passengers in cars turn their heads to look at me more as they drive by, and men turning around to g... Continue»
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Jamie's Descent Part 5

Chapter 5

Fiona loosened the ball gag from my mouth and I gulped in lungfuls of
air. My jaw hurt like hell and my arse felt like it was on fire and I
slumped straight to the floor. Immediately, I felt tears spring from my
eyes as I began to realise what had just happened to me. I am not sure I
could tell you what I felt at that moment; physical pain for sure, and
burning humiliation. Mixed somewhere in there was also the memory that
at some point I had stated to enjoy what Fiona was doing to me. In some
dark corner of my psyche I began to feel that I had taken another step
into fu... Continue»
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Jack took Kim to the specialist and had size DDD implants put in his chest. He had injections to his nipples to make them larger. His cock was already nine inches and fine. He put the large metal rings around his cock and balls. A thick plug for his ass. He put heavy make up on his face then a dress that plunged to his naval showing lots of tits. His hair had already grown to almost waist length and he curled it for Kim. Jack put a thick coating of lipstick on Kim's lips and put him on his knees. He dropped his pants to his knees and pulled Kim's mouth to him to suck. He grabbed him by the hai... Continue»
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The Roommate Pt. 02

feminization – sissy – sissification – slow transformation – blackmail – femdom – anal – transgender – f***ed feminization – anal

It's been a week since Claire gave me the formula to change my body, and "turned me into her slave" as she calls it. I've been able to keep going to classes without much problem, too. I always was the quiet one so my voice isn't a problem, I've been wearing baggy sweatshirts to hide my new boobs, and I've been putting my hair into a ponytail. Nobody seems to even realize it's different. My biggest concern is my face. It is rounder, softer, and generally mo... Continue»
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Like Mother

It was no wonder Lori grew up to be a whore. She grew up listening to her mom fuck men at night. There would be a knock on the door and her mom would answer it and let him in and take him back to her bedroom and Lori would lay and listen to them fuck. Sometimes their was lots of dirty talk. She would hear a man tell her mom "Get down here and suck my dick" or "Spread your legs and show me that nasty cunt." "I am gonna shove this big dick in your cunt and fuck you so hard." "Stick your ass up here you dirty whore." Even "How do you like a big black cock?" Lori liked when they left the door ope... Continue»
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