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The Covert Operative

“I love fucking your faggot asshole,” the tall, slender career military man announced in French.
“I love that big African dick,” screamed the toned effeminate bottom.
“Take it, slut!”
“Yes sir! Fuck me good. Fuck me like a girl.”
“You are a girl. My girl. Ohhhh, baby!”
“Yes, daddy! I’m your sissy girl. Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard.”
“Bitch,” he roared. “This ass is all mine.”
“Oh yes sir!”

Colonel Rodolfo Urikob slammed his generous ten inch dick into his pussyboi’s asshole. The sweat from his forehead streamed onto the smooth caramel-skinned boy. He plowed feverishly nearing ejaculatio... Continue»
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Dirty Talk

I was with a friend of mine who i had sex with from time to time and we were getting ready to fuck when she asked me "What kind of porn do you watch I want to watch some porn to get in the mood." I told her to go into my laptop and open up the downloads folder. She looked through all the porn and said "Wow you have a lot of porn. But all you watch is tranny porn?" I said "No I have triple penetration double anal and some gay porn too." She said "oh anything where the dicks are touching then?" I said "yeah." She asked "Is that why you invited me over because you wanted to touch my dick?" I said... Continue»
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Purchasing Panties and Finding Playmates

I've found a very easy (and fun) way to obtain the used panties of strange women. 

All of the thrift store chains around town carry used women's underwear.

I'll put on some synthetic fabric sweat shorts with no underwear and go shopping. A lil caffeine pill is probably bad for my k**neys and heart, but it sure gets me in the perv mood.

The first thing I do when I enter the store is look to see what cashiers are working, and I begin to scope out the youngest and cutest one they have available. Sometimes I don't manage to get a chick, and it's a dude. Still kinda fun, but I prefer to ha... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

The Hitchhiker

It had been snowing all day. A wet, heavy incessant snow that was covering everything including the highway. Combined with a wind-chill factor in the teens, Christopher was almost frozen stiff. He was elated when the huge semi pulled over to pick him up. He climbed up into the cab and smiled thankfully at the driver.

"Thanks a lot mister. I was just about frozen out there."

"No problem, son." The driver smiled at him. "Name's Zeke," the driver said and extended his hand.

Christopher took the offered hand and shook it. His hand seemed to disapp... Continue»
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Cold flour


Kneeling on the cold, concrete floor beside the toilet, dressed in lingerie and wearing pink lipstick waiting for the door to open, my mind kept going around in circles to what led me here, wondering if I could have done anything different to prevent it.
I remembered sitting on the toilet, I looked at my bight pink nylon and white lace panties, resisting the urge to play with myself. They looked so lovely against my pale, shaved legs above the stocking tops and garter straps. I blushed slightly and smiled at what a dirty little pervert I was to wear lingerie under my stre... Continue»
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Heather's Sissy

Heather's Sissy

My husband, Bobby, is standing with his nose in the corner, quietly sobbing, as he contemplates the ill-advised temper tantrum that he threw this afternoon. His sobbing is due to a very sore bottom, for which I take credit foróalthough to be fair, my favorite wooden paddle should also take some of the credit too.

I'm not sure what it was that finally sent Bobby over the edge today. It could be the fact that I arbitrarily extended his sentence of chastity for another month, or it could be that he was upset about the date I was going on this evening. However, the ... Continue»
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The BOLD Steward

Hi All

Just a small recap of myself. I am a crossdresser from India and living ina joint f****y and all my crossdressing sessions are done when i am travelling and alone. So here is what happened on one of my work trips last week.

I had some work in the town of Raipur in central india. I reached by flght in the morning and checked in to my hotel. i had a shower and changed and went to meet my client. i got free with the first round of meeting in a couple of hours. i had lunch with them and was free around 3 pm. I had to stay there for 4 days so I asked my cabbie to take me to a place whe... Continue»
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Jr. Prom 3

In the morning, I got up early and was so happy, I couldn't believe it. I
had sucked cock and been fucked like a girl. Not only that, I was so good
at it, my dad was proud of me.

I had a big smile as I walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but my night
gown. My dad was sitting at the table drinking coffee.

"Good Morning... How are you today?" I asked as I lifted my gown and
flashed him some pussy.

He just smiled. "I'm 38 years old and last night I fucked the hottest 16
year old in town. Not only that. I'm fucking a mother daughter team of the
two hottest women I know. I'm here... Continue»
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Jr. Prom 4

When his orgasm subsided, I leaned back against the front seat again and
spread my legs wide. I had a huge smile as I watched him lay back and
relax. He had a content, dreamy look that couldn't hide the satisfaction he
had gotten from our encounter.

I could feel his sperm gurgling around inside me while his fat cock was
still buried balls deep. The whole thing was so peaceful and so

I was so proud of what I had just done, I could hardly contain my
excitement. I loved being a girl and this is what made it worthwhile.

"So what do you think?" I asked cheerfully.

B... Continue»
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Jr. Prom

My Jr. Prom-2


When my parents came out I was still reading stories and wishing I could
suck somebody's cock. They went into the living room and watched TV until
noon when my dad jumped in his truck and went to the gun club to do some

After he left, mom came over and asked what I was reading. I told her what
they were and we sat and read some of them together. I was trying to hide
the fact that I was grinding my pussy into the chair. While my mom tried to
hide the fact that she was fingering herself. Neither one of us did a very
good job.
... Continue»
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Jr. Prom 1

My Jr. Prom-1

When I was 8, my f****y moved from Chicago to the middle of nowhere
northern Wisconsin. Soon after that, I met Bob. We became friends instantly
and have been best friends ever since. We're 16 and juniors in high school

He's a jock and a sports freak. While I'm a science geek and a book
worm. He was 6'1" and 190 lbs of muscle and built like a jock. While I was
about 5'8" and 125 lbs, with a fat ass. My mom was a nurse and my dad was a
carpenter. His dad was a farmer and his mom was a teacher.

Despite the differences, we hunted, fished and camped out quite often... Continue»
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i cant baleave i just fucked a shemale

I was at work and the express had hired a new sectary for me I asked her I said hey crystal can u get me my papers please from my printer cause I was writing and needed to save time crystal walked over and bent over a little she was dark black I mean real black she had thick legs big booty nice thin abs big lard tits long bl**d red hair red lips bright green eyes panties hoes on red thong red dress shirt black dress suit and skirt crystal said it ok to stair I said im not im working she dropped the papers and bent over to get them opps she said then I started really staring she said see I kno... Continue»
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Bed side manner........

I woke early the next morning for my bl**d test and after showering dressed in a black soft cup lace bra, I now filled the 38B cup and resolved to buy some larger bras that day. I slid over my feminine hips a pair of matching hipster boy shorts and suspender belt. As I clipped on the suspender belt on the lace top stockings I mused on what outer wear I could reasonably get away with. i choose a very pale, almost off white with a tinge of pink linen shirt. It was loose fitting but when close to the skin became tantalisingly just see through. I then those a baggy pair of off white cream linen tr... Continue»
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sissy caught by daddy

I was so scared ,Dad had caught me several times dressed up in my s****rs clothes but the last time he told me that the next time he caught me the punishment would make me never disobey him ever again,and that was less than a week ago.Now here I sit on the foot of my bed wearring my s****rs satin lace panties and bra,her stockings,heels and her favorite slutty skirt and top.I had skipped school just so I could dress up and had just finished putting on my lipstick when dad walked in and caught me.He laughed and told me that the school called him because they didnt believe the lame story I told ... Continue»
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Caught by the Neighbor Crossdressing While Home Al

Do you know a crossdresser who got caught in the act?

This is a real life story of a crossdresser caught in the act!

This happened around when I was 15 yrs. old.

As my s****rs were off at college and it was just my mom and I at our apt. I was home from school as we didn’t have any school that day. But my mom was still at work. So I got myself all dressed up looking pretty. As I thought I will make it a girl’s day in. I decided to wear a pair of my mom’s dark navy pantyhose with one of my s****r’s jean skirts and a blue and white sweater with some black 3 1/2 heels.

I put my ma... Continue»
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I'm coming home.........

The text from Mistress pure;y read, "I've missed you coming home Monday midday, rest of day off" It came in Monday morning. I had had an uneventful Sunday which had allowed me to complete some washing and house work.
Monday morning was relatively plain, with the exception of a letter from my doctor asking me to come in for some tests on the following day. I rang and made an appointment for early morning.
Mistress arrived shortly after noon. She looked tired and travel weary. I had dressed plain in a grey figure hugging skirt, Hold up stockings a plain white thing, low kitten heeled sling bac... Continue»
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la révélation

Je n'avais pas encore 18 ans et je vivais une adolescence plutôt chaotique.

Entre les conneries d'un garçon de cité HLM, les petits vols (emprunts) de mobylettes et une situation scolaire catastrophique. Je n'étais franchement pas le plus épanoui des garçons de mon âge !

Toujours puceau, je ramassais râteau sur râteau de la part des filles qui m'aimaient bien pour la plupart mais comme copain pas plus. Il faut dire que j'étais le roi de la déconne et des bêtises et çà m'attirais une petite aura auprès de la gente féminine mais en tous cas çà ne m'aidait pas pour la baise.

Un samedi so... Continue»
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Thailand part 4

Relaxing with pizzas and beers, the afternoon seemed to fly by. My mates wife came back from the beauty looking much the same and when challenged undid her shorts and flashed both of us her completed hairless cunt whose lips were parted glisten with cunt juice and bending over showed us her newly bleached arse hole and oz fag painted nails which extended her fingers by an inch or so.
Walking to their room, she called for us to get off our backsides and take her out for dinner and party. I made my excuse that it’s a work day tomorrow and needed to organise a few things for next week. Bizarrely... Continue»
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It was Friday night and I had had a long week work sucked my boss is an asshole and I just wanted to go out and get laid! I got myself all dolled up brand new wig and it looked amazing with my hair flowing dark red it really brought out my green eyes I painted my all my nails ruby red and matched it with some glossy non smearing lipstick the expensive king that doesn't budge even if your sucking a huge cock and I was going to be baby if I had anything to say about it...My slinky red dress and matching fuck me pumps that were so high I needed to practice walking around a little to get my balan... Continue»
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Sucking cocks in DC

I stayed at a hotel in DC. I put an ad up on CL to give blowjobs (put a picture of me in a teddy up). I had several responses but I chose two. The first that showed up was a 6'3" tall black man!!!! OMG!

I let him in wearing the teddy. He looked me over, pulled me in tight and gave me an incredibly sloppy kiss! As he released me, he pushed me to my knees, I thought I was going to take his cock into my mouth right in front of the door! Instead, he walked over to the chair. He told me to shut the door but not all the way and crawl over to him. Of course, I did... leaving the door op... Continue»
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