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Miss Allison goes gardening

Miss Allison goes gardening
I was in the kitchen having my morning coffee I was wearing my micro shorts really show of my big ass and had my low cut tight tshirt no bra my huge tits and thick nipples tight against the fabric and my tennis trainers I was going to do some work in the greenhouse and old bill from next door was going to give me a hand
As I finished my coffee there was a knock on the back door it was old bill morning miss Allison morning bill you ready yes bill he was just wearing a pair of shorts and trainers he said it was going to be hot today as we went into the greenhouse I... Continue»
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The Dark Backwards Ends !

These three ladies kind of cornered me. I'm looking down at a semi erect cock dangling from a miniskirt. The transsexual saw my reaction to her beige colored dick and asked " Do you want to taste it ? " Just as I was about to answer, a sharp knock at the bathroom door and a shrill voice followed " No soliciting ! Take that shit outside !" The ladies quickly turned and made some quick tucks and adjustments and headed for the door. The prettiest of the trio tuned to me and said "Meet us outside." I nodded in agreement and waited a couple of minutes before existing the john.

I quickly l... Continue»
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My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry

I parked the car and walked to the lift in the multi story and after pressing the call button waited for it to arrive, it did so the doors opened and i stepped inside. I pressed the button that would take me to the large shopping complex where i was sure that i would find all that was on my shopping list. As the doors closed i wondered what Jeanie was up to with my husband, i smiled to myself as i imagined that he had by now realised that Jeanie was not the "nice" woman he had thought her to be.The doors opened and i stepped out of the lift and made my way to one of the larger retail stores th... Continue»
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first time penetrated

Girls I have been thinking about how we all started. focusing on your first time a man took your virginity by penetrating you. How it came about and how you felt afterwards.

In my case I was a senior in high school just turned 18 and was a bit feminine in my appearance and certainly didn't weigh much or present a very masculine appearance. I tried to be friends with other male students but seemed to gravitate towards the girls. I admired their clothes and how free they seemed to act, hugging their friends and each other. In the gym locker room I tried to be macho in an attempt to fit in... Continue»
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Dear Doreen

Dear Doreen,

You've always looked so beautiful on your knees, smiling up at me, my cock in your mouth, my balls gently cupped in your hand, your lips glistening with my precum as I stoke your blonde hair and looking lovingly down at you wishing it was me wearing that sexy black thong and bra that you are wearing and sucking cock, lovingly looking up at my man.

Everytime you let me cum on your face, over your lips and i cannot wait kiss you and feel my own cum all over your face and wish I was licking another mans cum off of your smiling lips.

I know you are so much more experienced, f... Continue»
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Bianca Fucks Miranda (A Futanari Story) Part 1

Days rolled by since I pounded Elizabeth's tight asshole, and my cock craved a hole to fuck. My pussy quivered while my futanari cock stirred in my pants. The more pussy and ass I got, the more I wanted, feeding my sex addiction. I considered calling Sara, my futa friend, but decided against it. She had a big meeting coming up tomorrow and I didn't want to bother her. I decided to call Elizabeth again, but when I did, it went straight to voicemail. She must be at work, I thought.

I tried jerking off, even while fingering my wet snatch, but it just wasn't doing it for me. I needed something... Continue»
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Ecstasy In Hosiery.


My name is Penny Pantyhose and have been a transvestite for as long as I can remember. I've an average size body and am about 5' 6” tall. I've blue/grey eyes and short brown hair. Perhaps a little grey now as I am 50 years old. I adore sheer to waist tights, especially Cecelia de Rafael and Platino Cleancut brands. I've always had a penchant for fully fashioned stockings and retro foundation wear. Very high heels have also been a great love of mine. With lingerie in mind more will be revealed as my kinky little story unfolds. I've always lo... Continue»
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A night in Japan

I was traveling in Japan and had a free Saturday night
so I headed down to the area with all the night clubs.
I went into a couple before I found one that I liked.
There were naked girls dancing and other girls
wandering around flirting with you.

One girl caught my fancy, her name was Sindy. She was a
tall blond, I would guess from Eastern Europe or
Russian maybe. Sindy was topless and was rubbing my
crotch as I watched the girls and then asked me to go
into one of the private rooms.

We headed off and as soon as we were in there she had
my pants down to my ankles, pul... Continue»
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Vanessa and Rachel come to stay

Jess and I had been cleaning up the spare room, which had become a store for anything we couldn’t be bothered to put away like books, clothes, empty and full boxes, cleaned washing etcetera. The reason being, we had Jess’s good friends coming to stay from down south for a week. But we had been half way through tidying when we both got horny and ended up having some impromptu sex on the newly made bed making it sweaty and sticky with only a few hours before our guests were due to arrive. Laying there in that calm glow you get after sex, my arm around Jess with her head on my chest I suggested ... Continue»
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Andrew’s Angel pt. 2

Angel laid in the gym floor for what felt like hours quivering from her encounter with the coach. At this point all the cum had dried on her face and what had leaked from her boipussy also dried. She had never felt so violated in her life. Finally Katie returned to the locker room. She helped get Angel off the ground and take off her now soiled clothes and removed the cock cage. “Here take these and go clean up,” Katie said handing her a towel, shampoo, and body wash which was cherry blossom scented.

While in the shower Angel began to wander why Katie had sounded so caring when she helped h... Continue»
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Chris cums home last week - 1-8-2016

Hello everyone – a mostly true story that just happened!!!

Today my Bi- friend Chris arrived back from a few months in Malaysia. He said he had been reading my stories and wanted to be part of them. So we decided to act one out and he would a Sissy (well I always thought he was one anyway!!)

Firstly I fitted him with a pair of Niplettes which he wore all day. He loved the way his nipples doubled in size. When I took them off and rubbed oil on them he started fondling mine through my silky blouse. I was wearing one of my bras with nipple holes. We almost climbed into bed there and then bu... Continue»
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Bobbie and Me

First my backstory.
I am Micheal or rather Michelle. Let me explain that , you see this story starts when I was six or seven. In school I learned the name of a classmate was Michelle and that was the feminine version of my own name. After learning this I really wanted to have that name, explaining to my mother that I should really be a girl and I do not feel like a boy at all. My mom already had taken note of my girlish tendencies and agreed. So since then I had been allow to dress and basically be a girl as much as I wanted. Of course I always wanted to be in dresses and act like a little gi... Continue»
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Shemale Surprise

This is 100% true, I know it may sound difficult to believe and I know if I read what is detailed below I’d struggle to believe it but this is what happened to me on Wednesday.

I needed to take Wednesday off from work as a holiday to get some work done to my home, as the day wore on I had planned to get a tribute made, but I felt too horny to tribute I’d been to Northwich Sauna before (Which I’ve posted about before) and seen that they run a TV/TS day on Wednesdays, all are welcome to dress how they want.

After rushing to get there when I got there two guys dressed up were getting ready ... Continue»
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Rainy Day III

I was now wearing a white pleated knee high skirt , white PH , pink blouse with a white collar & a pink bow in my long brown hair. White lacey bra & matching panties {I have very little body hair} lipstick and light pink rouge. I looked quite passable {to really good in the evening}.

Mike drove my Toyota while I sat like a lady in the passenger seat. We were off to Provincetown MA which is an open gay community. M. asked if I would agree to an open relationship for now but I was his GF. I would mostly be in girl’s clothes whenever possib... Continue»
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cum slut

The sky over the mountains turned a purplish orange as the sun set on the third day of my cross-country motorcycle trip. I had been riding for hours, and my stomach was starting to rumble almost as loudly as the Harley engine between my legs. I needed to find a place to eat, shower and sl**p-- not necessarily in that order. A nice piece of pussy wouldn't have been bad, either.

But as I scanned the horizon, all I saw was a ribbon of concrete cutting through the cactus and scrub brush. I was beginning to think I was going to have to ride clear to Albuquerque to find a hot plate of food and a ... Continue»
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0047 Femboy Camp – Nick

0047 Femboy Camp – Nick

Phil and Scott were sprawled out with their legs wide. Each man was on one of the twin’s beds. Phil’s son, Jack, was sucking on his daddy’s throbbing dick while Scott’s stiff cock was in Steffie’s warm mouth. Warm pre-cum from both men was leaking into the twin’s tight, nursing mouths. Jack was stroking his dad’s balls, even twisting them a bit to bring Phil a wave of pleasure-pain coursing to his brain. Steffie was fingering Phil’s asshole. She was doing what she called Swirlies, circular propeller motions in his butt. This she knew always drove Scott complete... Continue»
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Confessions of a Cross-dresser June 29, 1982

It is 8:35 on a warm summer morning. I hear the front door close and already the excitement is building. I hear the car start and then pull out of the drive way. I run to the front of the house and watch my mother pull up the hill and off to work. My s****r left for work 5 minutes ago and Dad is gone until 2PM.

I turn and walk up the green carpeted stairs. With each step I feel my heart pounding harder and harder. As I reach the top of the stairs I take one last look out the window to make sure mom has driven out of sight. I turn left and open the door to her room. Instantly the sme... Continue»
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0048 Blog Fantasy – Stu

0048 Blog Fantasy – Stu

Stu was being smothered… smothered with love. He was caught between the two most wonderful cocks in the whole world. The largest was gently siding back-and-forth in his hungry bottom hole. The oversize head was massaging his prostate so nicely; preparing him to explode his own sweet essence. His stretched grommet was delighted to be so open. Stu felt like his special hole was a flower ready to accept the cock’s love pollen deep inside him. Stu was so ready! The other wonderful love cock in his life was inside Stu’s mouth. He could feel the steady throbbing of... Continue»
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Be-cumming a School Girl Part 2

Be-cumming a School Girl
Well the years have rolled by. I am now 18. Being a prostitute had its moments. So many men with weird fetishes – but it was fun – I just love being fucked so much and drinking cum. They seemed to love the fact that I was a young boy with a girlie body. Some clients came nearly every night and if I was already busy they would join in with one at each end or sometimes Aunt Anne would help out. I loved best those men who liked to have sex dressed as a girl – it turned me on more also they seemed softer and more feminine. I guess it reminded me of Dad wearing his... Continue»
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A night at the bookstore

There were 2 adult bookstores in or close to the town I lived in for many years. I lived close to one in a seedier area of town and there was one just outside of town. Either one offered some kind of action, something that would interest me. I also did my toy shopping there (but you knew that). The one outside of town was more progressive and up to date, it was also cleaner most of the time. That was the one where I met Jack. They each seemed to have their own crowd.

Over the years of me being a slut I put time in at both places. There had been some surprises over time and in some cases, ... Continue»
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