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My Little Toy Sissy-boi - Ch 1

My Little Toy Sissy-boi

Chapter 1

By CDJackie

I was standing at the sink with my lingerie about half done when I heard the door bell ring. I didn’t care for the interruption but thought what could I do so I went to the door figuring I’d just send away whoever it was. When I opened the door my young lover was standing there and it ticked me off, when I talked to her earlier on the phone I had told her to come over to see me but to not arrive for at least 2 hours since I was going to be busy.

I let her in and as she moved past me in to the living room my eyes dropped to the sway of... Continue»
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Boygirl Mouths of Auvee Island

On Auvee Island in French Polynesia, we are called Mahu while in other lands we might be termed "girly-boy". We are born with some male anatomy but we are almost entirely female. For hundreds of years, we have lived as third-gender females with full acceptance and encouragement of our people. I am Brynn and I am Mahu.

Since our mouths are our natural “receiving” orifices, we orally copulate males, not just because our elders have for centuries taught that such unions are appropriate for those of us born as third-genders, but also because we believe that swallowing semen and consuming estro... Continue»
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The Jungle Whore

a stolen c***d becomes the favorite pussy of a clan of chimpanzees
The Jungle Whore

During my first trip to Tanzania with the Peace Corps in the mid-1960's, I heard several tales about c***dren who were occasionally stolen from small native settlements by wild a****ls.

Big cats were the most common offenders but apes and chimpanzees were known to grab small ones, too.

I never gave it much thought, thinking that the c***dren had merely become meals for hungry a****ls, rather than the other way around.

After several trips over the years, I had become familiar with ma... Continue»
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From Wimp To Pimp

Fictional tale of a man who once had a ‘perfect’ love and a ‘perfect’ band. After betrayal from both, he decides to summon the devil while in a stupidly d***ken state. He gets an unexpected turn for the better both in career and in love.

“Babe please, can’t we please talk about this?!”

“Sorry, but I just can’t see myself being with you anymore.”

Kael continued to beg his fiancé not to leave. It was all futile as Jane walked away with her boss, George. All of his hopes and dreams were shattered as Jane took those steps outside the door. No matter how much he be... Continue»
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The Long Road To First BBC part two

What's wrong with me? I love pussy. I love women. I was so paranoid, I just knew everyone was looking at me by the time I got back to the motel. I was certain that everyone I saw could tell that I had just sucked a cock. The desk clerk asked if I had a "Good" time while I was out. How did he know? Do I still have some cum on my face? I could still smell and taste the cock that I had just let explode in my mouth mere moments ago. I just needed to get to my room. No one could bother me there. Finally I arrived at my room.
As I stated earlier, I have an average size dick 6" no more or no less.... Continue»
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Honey Trap

Honey Trap

John had been out with his mates this evening but had become separated. He was out of his comfort zone in an area he didn’t know at all. John walked up and down a street locally known as Clubland, the road was approximately one mile long and every building was either a night club or fast food outlet.

For an hour John had walked the length of the road which was full of colour, delicious smells, and wall to wall noise, but failed to find any trace of his friends. He decided to try in one of the clubs, if nothing else a drink would be very welcome and so entered a brightly... Continue»
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The Waitress

The Waitress

Sophie sits in a corner cafe, her emotions all over the place. As she surveys her surroundings the tables were in need of a wipe, the gloomy ochre, smoke stained paintwork peeling away from the Victorian brickwork beneath. The gloomy surroundings fitted her mood, the girl she was supposed to meet hadn’t turned up, Sophie felt alone, lonely, unwanted and depressed.

A new girl appeared at the far side of the counter, it was easy to see by the waitresses wide shoulders and slim hips that she wasn’t a real girl, her black dress and white pinny rather shorter than would normally ... Continue»
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f***ed To Be a Slutty Whore

We were to meet for coffee at a coffee house. There he seemed nice and asked me if I wanted to go to his motel room. I said yes and we went there.

It was just across the driveway. I thought he was just a straight guy and no kinky stuff. Boy was I wrong. Once inside we started to make out. Kissing and hugging. I took his clothes off and started to suck his cut 7 inch cock. He started to tell me I was a good cocksucker. That he was going to make me his bitch. He smacked my ass. Not hard, but enough to let me know I was his for the time being. He grabbed my hair and f***ed it in and out of my... Continue»
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The Trannyformation

I headed back to the adult bookstore where I had my first taste of cock and cum. I needed more, and headed for the gloryholes in the back booths. It wasn't long before a man entered the next booth. He rubbed his crotch and slowly lowered his zipper. My heart was beating faster in anticipation of sucking his big cock. He pulled it out of his shorts, and it was about 3 inches long, and not very thick.

He moved toward the hole, his uncut cock being stroked slowly and tantalizingly, precum appearing at his piss hole. My face was at the hole as he pushed it through, the head and precum slipping... Continue»
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First blowjob (Part 5)

I knocked on the door, and it was opened immediately by an over weight naked black man. He told me to get in and clean his bitch up. I walking over to Mommy and cum was leaking from her pussy. I put my face right in front of her pussy and began to lick his cum up. While I was doing this, Daddy was made to clean the mans cock. I stopped to watch.

"You like this dick don't you, you sissy bitch?" He asked. "Well to bad. His little dick is the only one you'll get tonight." He said this and pointed to Daddy. That was fine by me. I loved Daddy's dick and while the black man's cock was slow... Continue»
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The Trip Part 1

I was 19 and starting to explore my sexual boundaries. I had been wearing panties and nylons for some years and whilst I would tell anyone I was straight and I had only ever had straight sex ( not often or enough lol) I was realising that I did have thoughts of gay sex particularly with another panty wearer and found my thoughts wandering in that direction more often. I noticed I was checking out the cocks of my rugby team mates more often and was imagining holding and sucking them.
I was going to university in a few months and having saved some money decided to take some time to have some fu... Continue»
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my first black cock

One day when my mum was at work, I was laying in her bed, masturbating. I got up and rummaged through her underwear drawer. The drawer smelled like perfume and the odor made my dick stiffen. Some of her panties had stains - I think they were cum stains - on the crotch. Anyway, I don't know why, but something prompted me to try on a pair of her silky nylon hose. The material felt so good on my legs! Next I stepped into a pair of her red french cut panties. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror - and was electrified.

I was about 5', 2" then, and the only body hair I had ... Continue»
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First blowjob (Part 4)

First blowjob (Part 4)

Three days after my first trip to the hotel, I called my "Daddy". He told me to meet him at the same hotel the following weekend. Only this time I would not need to check in. I was to call him at 3:30 to find out what room to go to. I was also told to buy some black high heels and and to bring all my gurly clothes.

I agreed and showed up at the required time. I called him at a few minutes after 3:30. He then told me which room to go to. When I got to the room, I knocked on the door and got a surprise, a woman answered the door. I told her I must have the wr... Continue»
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Rear Window

Rear Window

Rear Window is a 1954 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring James Stewart and Grace
Kelly. This fictional story is inspired by some of the characters and events of the film. It is in no way
connected to the film and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

For a while I wished I could go back and start that day again. It had all begun so well. The forecast
was for a beautiful summer’s day; clear blue skies and wall to wall sunshine. I hadn't taken the
Norton out for a long time and this seemed the perfect opportunity. I pulled on my leathers feeling
them a ... Continue»
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Trailer Park Whore (Part 1)

“Have another drink, Tammy,” said Tony and filled my glass with vodka.

My real name is Tommy but guys who know me call me Tammy, which I preferThen he added, “Why don’t you get out of those pants, you look uncomfortable.”

The room was spinning a little. I stood up and almost fell over, but I regained my balance. I unfastened my belt, then I pulled down my fly and unfastened my jeans button. I pulled the jeans down and fell back onto the couch. I’d spilled the vodka a bit, but then I chugged the rest of the glass.

It was a hot night, and I was in my neighbor Tony’s trailer. He’d invit... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 9- Theater Play pt. 1

Trust me- its long, but super hot... enjoy and comment!!!

A good night at the theater can usual ease my naughty cravings. Of the cities I play in three have full size adult movie theaters. One city has a big screen TV theater in a large dark room and another has a mini-Cineplex of carnal delights.
My favorite theater is an old classic theater with a number of personal side theaters and an arcade called The Grande (sic). It was the state of the art in about 1948. Over the years it was modernized, but the surrounding area just stopped attracting theater-goers.. The owners sold i... Continue»
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Passionate Femboy

[Lauriselle]: -She grins at the slim femboy to her side, reaching over to slide an arm around his waist, pulling him close, her head resting on top of the shorter elf's- "Well hello there cutie" -She purrs, holding the boy close to her-

[Crystalwine]: He makes a cute little noise as he's grabbed, and puts a hand across Lauri's stomach. "Hey there, stud. Looking for a little slut?"

[Lauriselle]: -She smiles down at the boy, pulling him around to her front and wrapping her free arm around his waist, holding him close in an almost protective embrace- "Mmph, always" -She purrs as she presse... Continue»
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I Could Really Use Some Extra Money (Part 1)

Boy, I could really use some extra money, I was thinking as I walked over to George’s for a Saturday visit. Maybe George would have some ideas.

I arrived at George’s house. He greeted me once I was in the house with a kiss while he squeezed my ass cheeks. I loved the way he touched me.

I’d known George for two years, since I’d started mowing his lawn.

I lived with my Mom. She was a d***k and paid me no mind; I might as well have been living alone.

But George had taken a keen interest in me from the beginning.

We got some coffee and sat down to chat. After awhile, I brought up ... Continue»
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”I like cock” she said in that strange nasal tone of voice. I looked at her askance.
”Cock. I love it.”
”Thats what I thought you said” I said. Why was she telling me this?
Irena had asked if I could take Bela up to the hills and I’d agreed readily enough. Who wouldn’t want the company of a pretty young girl on a hike in the Upper Vidalen National Park? The sheer beauty of Norway laid out before our eyes.
I reached back and grabbed the thermos. I needed a moment to gather my thoughts.
”Tea... Continue»
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sorry about the story set up, I don't like giant walls of text.
“Knock it off already.” Cassie had the remote control firmly entrenched in her hand and was doing her best to keep it out of reach. The TV was stuck on basketball, which sucked. I knew that there had to be some combination of leverage and brute f***e that would cause my s****r’s fingers to open and let me gain command of the remote. Getting up and walking to the TV was simply out of the question.

“Knock what off?,” I replied, making another grab. Cassie just rolled her eyes and pushed me away. Time for a despera... Continue»
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