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Ass-Scent of a Goddess

As I sit in the waiting lobby of a beautiful marbled complex, I look at the women around me.
I'm surrounded by beauties of all shapes, colours and sizes.

I know I look good, but these girls ranging between the ages of 18 - late 40s are all so beautiful.
There's a beautiful marble fountain in the middle of the room emanating a calm soothing sound of flowing water, like a steady stream.
It's intricately decorated with statues of Rubenesque women sitting on the faces of smaller men and women.
Each statue is made up of platinum and silver and gold and other precious metals.

The centrep... Continue»
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Samantha's Breezy Shorts - The Fart Doll

All credit to a certain Mr. Bryan for giving me the wonderful idea and inspiration to write this story.


"You are so precious!"
A sweet girl gushes as she squeezes me tight in her arms.
It's a good job I don't need to breathe as such a tight bear-hug would have been the end of me!

"I'm going to call you Samantha, and you're all mine!"
She continues to cheer gleefully before throwing me up in the air and catching me,
like as if she's play... Continue»
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How Laura's Tits Got Us Home

How Laura’s Tits Got Us Home

The following is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

There’s a phrase people use to describe the bodies of hot, young Jewish girls who have massive chests: Jew-Boobs. This expression wasn’t around when I was in college. But looking back now, a girl I once dated named Laura had the ultimate Jew-Boobs.

Petite, small-waisted, well-spoken, and well-mannered, Laura was the epitome of the nice Jewish girl stereotype. She was academic. She acted in all the plays. She preferred “show tunes” to rock music -- something we... Continue»
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The Small Bet w/ s****r In Law

The Small Bet w/ s****r In Law

It was a f****y get together and it was a perfect day for us to watch sports and play board games. The entire f****y was over. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, b*****r, and s****rs. The story begins once the f****y started coming over. I said hi to everyone except my s****r in law. We knew each others presence was there but for some reason we didn't acknowledge each other. Although I am one to keep to myself this was unusual for her. Well throughout the board games we played, laughed, and argued. It was a great time. My s****r in laws team was goi... Continue»
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The Perfect Episode of Benny Hill (Story not my ow

This is something I pulled off one of the Yahoo club sites. It says it was written by someone named Wallace Mason. It's a dream edition of the Benny Hill Show. All I can say is, "Bravo, Wallace!"

The Ultimate Benny Hill Show No. 1 by Wallace Mason

It’s the mid 1980’s. British policewomen still where the white and black caps with chequered bands and nurses still wear blue uniforms and caps. The unaired Benny Hill show is about to start. It does include some of Benny’s real sketches, some stolen from other programmes, and others from my twisted mind.
Opening shot Benny lies in bed ill, mo... Continue»
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BBehind Closed Doors chapter 3

It was seven o clock in the morning and Daisy had managed to sl**p for five hours the night before, she got out of bed and made herself a cup of coffee. Today she decided would be the day to venture into town, she had some errands to run and may even stay for a drink in town. She jumped in the shower and soaked her body with the warm water, after scrubbing from head to toe she wrapped her towel tightly round her body. Daisy decided to wear her distressed denim jeans with a black t shirt that clung to her breasts. She tied her hair up, put her boots on and was out the door. On her way into town... Continue»
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Unusual meeting.

A bit of a dive, was the bar I went too, the music was loud and the beer was warm.. But it had its ups.. One being a very beautiful lady, dressed and make up was spot on and covered all the bases.
She was all alone it seemed, and as I was too, I took the brave step, and smiled at her. I caught her eye, and she unfolded her legs that were under a long velvet bottle green skirt, and smiled back.
I asked her if she'd like a drink? A JD and Coke, she replied. She then edged toward me. The drinks arrived, and we chatted about the usual things, weather, jobs, and age.. The weather was mild, the jo... Continue»
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Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 3

It was seven o clock in the morning and Daisy had managed to sl**p for five hours the night before, she got out of bed and made herself a cup of coffee. Today she decided would be the day to venture into town, she had some errands to run and may even stay for a drink in town. She jumped in the shower and soaked her body with the warm water, after scrubbing from head to toe she wrapped her towel tightly round her body. Daisy decided to wear her distressed denim jeans with a black t shirt that clung to her breasts. She tied her hair up, put her boots on and was out the door. On her ... Continue»
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You Can Have Mine, If I Can Have Yours

It was early in our dating, Karen and I had read several articles about the "new" swinging lifestyle that was becoming so popular in New York City: several new clubs had recently opened, and with some research, we found that right here in our village was a very large and famous club called "Michael’s Lounge."

Our first trip out was a bit of sensory overload: the entire club was filled with happy, fun loving couples, dancing, drinking, socializing and just plain making out on the dance floor. At 1AM sharp, the lights went down and red lights were turned on, illuminating the dance floor with ... Continue»
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The PLAN !

I’ve always felt that in the wrong place , i was born in the wrong country , living in the wrong society and the wrong people.
So i was looking for people who think like me and never really found someone who really do , especially girls , most Egyptian girls are sexually ignorant or have the wrong idea about sex and even if they like or enjoy it the rest of their personality is not what I’m looking for in a woman.
To make the story short i will not talk about my past experiences this time and I’ll just talk about one of the rare times that i set a goal to myself and actually achieved it and... Continue»
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

by The Duck1930

Once upon a time and long long ago, there was a very young girl and a very young boy, who next door to each other. They were both 4 years old. The little boy had a goldfish pond and little girl had a movie projector and some cartoon films. They both liked each other quite well and played together almost every day.

The little boy really liked to watch the little girl’s cartoons and spent every afternoon he could watching them with her. The little girl would come over to the little boy’s house and they would play in his backyard a lot, as long as the wea... Continue»
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Sons Are so Hard Haeded

Chapter 1 – Piling on Straws
Oh shit, I was busted again. My mother, Roseanna, stared at me with a fiery gaze, her eyes
like penetrating lasers.
"How many times Brock! How many times do I have to tell you not to fist that, that, that big
filthy prick in my living-room!" mother yelled.
I sat completely still, silent and stunned with my mouth and eyes wide open. Mother must've
been really heated. I had heard her curse a few times already, but not regularly, and only once
before was it directed at me. Evidently I struck a nerve, a deep rooted nerve.
This made the third time that... Continue»
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Maviah Modda. Pakkinti Lanja Manisha

Hi Everybody. This is a Telugu Story written in Roman Script. It is not a short story But I hope you all will enjoy it.

Ma illu first floor lo vuntundi. kinda ground floor lo house owners vuntarru. Kanni pillalu chudadaniki anni USA vellaru. ma pakkana illu votti ground floor.Ma rendu illa madhyana gap challa thakuva. samayamu summurga udayamu 11 ayyi vunda vachuu. nennu newspaper thirgestunna. appuddu vehicle vachi aggina sound vinnapadindhi. yevarra anni paiki legisi chusannu. voka truck aggi vundhi, danillo inti sammunu vunnayi. truck ma pakka inti mundhu aggi vundhi.

Ma pakka illu vo... Continue»
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The Wrestler's Revenge

WARNING: This story is entirely fictional but does contain dark themes and elements.
This is not for the feint of heart! Don't say I didn't warn you hehe


Part 1:

In a small run-down building in a run-down part of town, the wrestler and former champion known as Sammy Bunns
was about to enter a very murky world. She looked different out of her usual wrestling attire, less glamorously sport... Continue»
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Friends: Moving Day

Friends: Deleted Scenes - Moving Day

A gloomy haze hung within the purple walls of Rachel and Monica's apartment. They had lost a rash betting contest to the guys, and now they found themselves f***ed to pack and move to a smaller, dingier place.

Monica was in the living room trying to lift a heavy box, when Rachel walked in from Chandler's new bedroom.

"Hey, Rach, can you give me a hand with this box?" she asked.

"No! Put that box down!" Rachel demanded. "We are not going anywhere! This is my apartment and I like it! This is a girl's apartment! That is a boy's apartment, it's dirt... Continue»
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Back in my early days of my career in the plumbing business I had struggled and work long hard hours to gain the experience
it would take to work a plumbing service van . When my big break came I found employment with a top notch company which quickly put BIG dollars in my pocket. The last thing I needed was to lose this once in a lifetime job by having an affair with my supervisors wife.

When I first became employed at my dream job I quickly impressed one of my supervisors named Mike and gained trust with him
as we became friends at work and on our down time. On... Continue»
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Penectomized public exhibition

I declare that this report fully complies with the truth!

Yes, I'm married, but a cuckold. And yes, I'm an exhibitionist, but penectomized. So I have to accept that real men fuck my wife. That for me this is no problem but ever a great pleasure to watch her in ecstasy. Nevertheless I often feel very horny. Of course I know, that I'm not able to satisfy a girl or a woman. So I have to satisfy myself! And I prefer to do this in public!

Some days ago I took my broomstick dildo and went to a train line nearby. I placed my camera in a direction to be able to document both me and the passing t... Continue»
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My Boyfriend Be Trippin'

My Boyfriend Be Trippin'

You'll Give Me A What? If I Drive You Where?

Take it from Frankie: You can love a whole category of women, and I most definitely do: Hookers. I could give you a hundred reasons why I love 'em, one skillful blowjob in the front seat of my cab or one quick hot fuck in the back seat at a time. But this isn't about "love" in the way I love big dogs and baseball and homemade lasagna. It's about Love with a capital L. Stupid Love at that. It's about Kat.

I'd just driven Kat from Geary, the street she was working, to the motel in Oakland where she was living,... Continue»
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{Story} Pt 2.James,s Birthday.{Fun & Frolics}.

Sorry everybody for delay Continueing.
Story.Pt 2.James,s Birthday.{Fun & Frolics}.

Well it had been an eventful morning,Sex in the Shower,James going through his Birthday cards,showing disappointment in his face not getting anything from me,"Well he did say he did,nt want anything from me".
We left the kitchen,got the horses ready for the show,we had a good day at the show,James had got into the jump offs in the Open Jumping on our horse Bienne More,(Ben) jumping a clear round in his 1st show against top International Showjumpers.
Mom & Dad turned up at the show while I was watching the... Continue»
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Pussy Glory

I'm having my morning coffee and scanning the Sunday newspaper; she comes in all wrinkled after her sl**p BUT FRESH and in her nightie. She bends over a bit and gives me the morning kiss. I kiss her back grabbing her waist with my left hand, lifting her nightie with my right and sticking my head inside her nightie; she smells GOOD. I kiss her stomach softly and smell the sweet smell of her still naked pussy. She's clean shaven with just a bit of pubic hair on her pelvis.

I'm not letting her go and just ask her to play along. I'm moving aside my empty cup and newspaper, push back my chair a... Continue»
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