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{Story} Pt 2.James,s Birthday.{Fun & Frolics}.

Sorry everybody for delay Continueing.
Story.Pt 2.James,s Birthday.{Fun & Frolics}.

Well it had been an eventful morning,Sex in the Shower,James going through his Birthday cards,showing disappointment in his face not getting anything from me,"Well he did say he did,nt want anything from me".
We left the kitchen,got the horses ready for the show,we had a good day at the show,James had got into the jump offs in the Open Jumping on our horse Bienne More,(Ben) jumping a clear round in his 1st show against top International Showjumpers.
Mom & Dad turned up at the show while I was watching the... Continue»
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Pussy Glory

I'm having my morning coffee and scanning the Sunday newspaper; she comes in all wrinkled after her sl**p BUT FRESH and in her nightie. She bends over a bit and gives me the morning kiss. I kiss her back grabbing her waist with my left hand, lifting her nightie with my right and sticking my head inside her nightie; she smells GOOD. I kiss her stomach softly and smell the sweet smell of her still naked pussy. She's clean shaven with just a bit of pubic hair on her pelvis.

I'm not letting her go and just ask her to play along. I'm moving aside my empty cup and newspaper, push back my chair a... Continue»
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The Classes Day Trip to HIS Dairy!

The Classes Day Trip to HIS Dairy!

It was spring time and the c***dren of Lory's class were supposed to go
on a nature day outing.

All the class were excited about it and they desired to visit Lory's

They all remembering the cool exhibit that Lory and her DAD put on
earlier in the school year.

Ms. Appleton's sudden departure afterward had necessitated her
replacement by Mrs. Gunther, but no one blamed that on Lory.
p**o files are everywhere, who would of guessed.

So Lory's FATHER arranged for a luxury bus and one of his drone's
to be th... Continue»
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I Love Slutty Sluts.

I love when females dress as sluts they used to let us play knob touch with then in the night clubs. We would take out our dicks and of course you would be on an erection and you tried to touch their arse's with your knob without them feeling you. Of course the club would be in semi darkness and most times the sluts would be d***k and would not feel you touching them. The sluts loved it and on occasion you would cum.
I love women who dress like slutburgers with extra sleaze.
I love sluts like the kind of tube top short skirts that hookers wear on street corners.
I love Halloween when all w... Continue»
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Let us come to the incident which happened few days ago. It was my real life incident. But with confidence I decided to try it. I am searching for an BEAUTY to try with her.I got the beauty.

Her name is Keerthi (name changed for secret ) She lives in our colony with her husband.Husband is working in exporting company. She had 2 year son. She looks like a less than 25. She was damn beauty.I many times sites her.but not talk to her much.Now I decided to seduce her.

So I purposely talk to her and play with her son always. She think that I like her son so I am going there but my thinking to ... Continue»
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My Ex and her Other S*ster

My Ex and her Other S*ster

Please read my story My Ex and her S*ster for a Background of who's who.......

Marie is Kat's middle s*ster. She's 30, married with 3 k**s. She is also the biggest slut I have ever met. I don't mean that in a nasty way but she has slept with at least 100 different guys in her short life maybe 200. She's around 5”5 short mousey blonde hair decent size tits and size 10. She like her s****r Emma lives in Scotland and comes down to visit Kat every few months and always has a good time. She normally sl**ps with different guys on Friday Saturday and Sunday so you can... Continue»
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The back story of Kim from the bar.

Well, Here's a new one for you.

I met Kim right during the middle of my run as a bartender. I was in full stride by that time, fucking everything I could anytime I could.

To be honest I don't really remember much about Kim herself, other then that she was a College student, and lived on campus. She showed up at the bar one night with some friends and I managed to convince her to call me. She actually did! Anyway, As I was in my prime, I was already fucking 3 or 4 other girls at the time. The Waitress April was about a month in, Laura the Milf was on call about anytime I wanted, an... Continue»
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The back Story Of Lee From The Bar

The back Story Of Lee

In the time that I was a bartender, there were only two girls out of the close to 20 I slept with that I actually really liked. April was one, and near the end of my 2 year run Lee was the other.

As if a gift from the sex gods, Lee showed up at the bar right around the time I was getting ready to dump Sarah. If you've read Sarah's story, or seen any of her videos you know that she was a fuck machine. She'd complain a TON, but you could fuck her whenever or however. Well, at least until the last month or so. By then she was just a bitch.

So I had to cut her... Continue»
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My Favorite Night As A Bartender.

My Favorite Night As A Bartender.
Now, If you’ve read my stories or seen any of my videos, you know I had a LOT of fun as a bartender back in the early 90’s. I had the opportunity to fuck a bunch of college girls and 2 milfs during a 2 ½ year period of time. There were a lot of girls. There were a lot of nights. There was a lot of fucking. But there were 3 nights that defined my time as a bartender. The moment a Milf named Laura started to suck my dick the morning after I had had sex with April, The first time I got a girl on tape, and this moment… The single best night I had as a bartender,... Continue»
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The Back Story Of April A Waitress From The Bar

The back story of April a waitress from the bar.

If you've read any of my stories or seen any of my videos, by now you know that I was a VERY luck SOB back in the early 90's while working as a bartender and (sometimes) going to college.

I would like to say that there were 2 times that being the luckiest guy around in regards to pussy wasn't as great as it sounds. April was one of those times.

For a few brief moments during the 2+ years I was busy being a fuck machine, I did find two girls that were actually nice, the type you would like to marry someday. Unfortunately for me (and... Continue»
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A One Night Stand With Ann From The Bar

Ann, The One Night Stand.

First, let me be upfront about this. Ann was a bitch. I knew Ann from campus and from my freshman year in the dorms. I tried to fuck Ann all freshman year, but like I said, Ann was a bitch.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, this is the story of how I finally ended up fucking Ann.

She started coming into the bar at the end of junior year. I noticed her right away as I had tried to fuck her for most of my freshman year, before I had become a bartender. She was hot, had a really tight body with hardly a flaw on it. Great tits = Check! Long legs= Ch... Continue»
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The story of how this all started, and ended.

The true story of how I became a "pornstar" thanks to my pervert of a roommate.

So how does one go from being a VERY lucky bartender, banging lots of customers and co-workers, to a maker of many personal porn movies?

Well, in my case, it’s simple. My roommate. I'll call him Larry, because I'm sure if he's still alive, he will eventually find me on this site.

Larry was the perfect roommate for a guy like me, he was my opposite. If I was considered a party a****l my freshman and softmore years, he would have been the nerd. He was the perfect pick when I moved off campus mid soft mor... Continue»
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Finding Ex-Wife and Girlfriend on A Porn Site

My ex-wife Kim was a 43 year old nurse with short hair and could be seen as having a somewhat lesbian appearance. Apparently, the wealthy doctor she worked for learned from her female co-workers that Kim was a great cocksucker. In order to keep her job she was blowing him during the lunch hour and after work. Then she began accompanying him to medical “conferences”. Her friend told me on one trip she got d***k and as a favor to the Doc she blew three of his doctor friend’s one right after the other.

Well, I was no saint; I was fucking a single Irish exchange student I met at a bar. Maureen... Continue»
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My Ex and her s****r

My Ex and her S*ster


Me and Kat went out for about 10 years, we had two k**s together. We split up about 4 years ago. We stayed friends for the k**s sake but hardly talked or had contact apart from when it involved the k**s. That all changed about 6 months ago when she split up with her boyfriend. We go talking about stuff one night on the phone and I chanced my arm and invited her round for a shag. She accepted the offer and we began sl**ping together again just going out getting d***k and fucking no romance, just the way I liked it. This is a story of one said night out. Her... Continue»
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Remember when we used AOL to hook up ...

I have been dating or married to the same woman for over 12 years now. So my single days were quite a ways away at this point. Therefore, much of my sex and hook-up stories resulted from the use of AOL chat rooms. For nostalgia sake, I'd like to take you back to 1998 and recount a pretty interesting and amusing story.

As some of you may remember, on AOL you could scan member's profiles for people near you. As would most, I would customarily have three or four chat boxes going with three or four females. The hope (and thankfully, the reality) was that one of the 3-4 would be willing to meet ... Continue»
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Samantha's Breezy Shorts - The Wrestler

(This fictional story is based in a world where professional wrestling is 100% real and non-scripted, the fights are treated as seriously as say a boxing fight or any other competitive combat sport. I'm not the most knowledgeable on pro-wrestling so apologies to any fans of it if I get any of the technical terms and move names wrong. Enjoy!)


"- and weighing in at 128lbs, she is the World Women's Wrestling Champion... Sammy Bunns!!"
The ring announ... Continue»
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The one night stand camping trip

Many years ago my roommates s****r was going to a small college about 3 hours drive from the house. My roommates s****r Cindy had been seeing a mutual friend of ours, Peter and my roommate had been seeing his s****rs roommate, Megan. One day my Roommate Matt told me that he and Peter had been talking to the girls and were planning a late fall camping trip at a state park near the town where the college was located. Matt also told me the girls had another roommate, Jess that wanted to come along and she could be my weekend date. I was a little leery of the situation since Matt tended to manipu... Continue»
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Afterschool Hours 01 - Intro to characters

It is the eleventh grade and most of my classmates are around 17 years old. Of course it is still one year before they turned 18, the legal age when they could start doing whatever they want. But in this High School in Albany, NY, nobody cares for the rules; sometimes not even the adults that do know what happens care. Hell, they were our age once before. The thing is, while most of the other guys are able to do what they want under the noses of their oblivious parents or behind the backs of clueless teachers I could not - I have stricter parents who laid down the rules clearly - sort of blame... Continue»
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It happened to me sometime this week, with one of the finest women I`ve ever had. Milf, but a little bit younger than me, happy mother of a c***d, but with a great body and a pussy tight as hell. That was a “wow!” for me. I mean, after giving birth to a c***d, many women become more fat, or at least the pussy is not the same.
This particular one I had just llloves the cock. She sucked me, and altough she couldn`t get it all the way `til the throat (this made me feel very proud about my cock), she sucked it very good. I had to stop her, because I almost cumed, and I wanted to fuck her too.
I ... Continue»
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Days went by after the episode with which I ended the first part of my story, without anything interesting to happen.
Then came this hot sunny day, it was in the month of May…maybe, I can`t tell you for sure. All I know is that, in that day, I was in a really bad mood. For me it was just one of those days when you don`t want to do anything and don`t want to see anyone, and especially, you don`t want to go to work. But I went eventually, and maybe it wasn`t such a bad thing I did…you`ll decide in the end.
In that day came a moment when I went in the same office, with my same female collegues ... Continue»
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