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From the Casino to the Hotel

I was sitting at the bar in a casino when I noticed this babe near the other end of the curved bar whose face was exactly what my sexual fantasy was about. She looked at me and I smiled, and she smiled back. We smiled at each other again after a few minutes, and after a few more minutes, I decided to go sit in the empty chair next to her before someone else did. She looked like she was by herself. I sat down and introduced myself. She put her hand out to shake mine, but did not let go. We talked as best as we could over the loud music all the time running our fingers around in our hands.... Continue»
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My first BBW

The 1st time I had sex with a BBW I was 17. I had sex before that but never with a big girl before but I had seen some BBW porn before and I did like it.

The girl wanted me for months (she had told me afterwards).She was latina, probably about 5'7, and weighed somewhere from 180-200lbs if I had to guess. We would go to the park and she would always bring liquor and we'd share stories of sex. I remember the 1st time I wanted to fuck her she had these tights on that made the outline of her ass and thighs look so plump, so delicious. I tried so hard to hide my dick as it was getting hard.

F... Continue»
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Alice Daniels, A Slut for Teens

Bored housewife helps herself to 18-year-old men.

Alice Daniels sat at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and looking out the window at the back yard swimming pool. What she really needed, she thought, was a good stiff drink, but stiff drinks were the cause of her problems. As she sipped her coffee she asked herself just how in the hell did she allow herself to get in such a predicament. It just wasn't fair! She did every thing she was supposed to do. She cooked, cleaned, kept the house spotless, and was a good mother to her two c***dren - Tom couldn't ask for a better... Continue»
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Our First Anal

We were mostly curious people when it came to sex and we were pretty open about our desires and fantasies and today as we cuddled together on the sofa in front of the TV the subject of anal sex came up. I'm not sure why but it came into the conversation.

It was something that neither of had tried, maybe it was fear or caution. "What do you think of anal sex?" I asked.
You look up at me, quizzically, "Why do you ask?"
"I was just wondering if you've ever tried it?" I ask, trying to sound nonchalant.
You give it some thought for a moment before answering. "I don't know" you say "Doesn't... Continue»
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My First Time with My Dad

Mf f-solo inc father daughter exhib first

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – My Life Before i****t
Chapter 2 – An Attitude Adjustment
Chapter 3 – Debating i****t
Chapter 4 – “Seducing” My Dad
Chapter 5 – First Time Sex With My Dad

Chapter 1 – My Life Before i****t

My parents have always kept themselves in pretty good shape and my mom still
looks fantastic in her bikini while my dad still wears almost the same pant
size from when he graduated from college. Indeed, when I was a teenage my
Mom loved it when people wo... Continue»
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Swinging with my Sister

(MF, couples, swing, inc)

You'll remember when I wrote my last story I said that
it might be my last since fantasy had finally become
reality after I had sex with my younger s****r. Well,
she's gotten hooked on reading these stories and told me
that I should continue to send them and write about what
we're really doing.

It's been tough getting together much since last month
when we finally fucked. Her husband is always around and
he's a jealous guy too. s*s and I have managed a couple
of quickies these past two weeks, and last Sunday I got
a blow-job in the car while pa... Continue»
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Susan's Island Man

(MF, wife, rel, voy, cuck, intr, preg)

Wife goes native on vacation while husband watches.


The vacation last year started like every other. Susan my
wife and I had decided on a Jamaican holiday. Married for
9 years, we were looking for some kind of adventure. Sex
was pretty straight, that is no swinging. Susan recently
turned us on to x-rated movies to spice things up. In
fact it was a movie we had recently seen, that had given
us the Jamaican vacation idea. Looking back, I remember
how turned on Susan got during an interracial scene. We
actually watched that movi... Continue»
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Back Home from The Farm

My s****r Beth and I grew up on a farm in Indiana.
Living out in the country was pretty much a dull and
restricted sort of life for teenagers. Since we had to
ride the school bus, we had no opportunity to
participate in extracurricular school activities--it
was off to school in the morning and back home right
school was out. This schedule cut down on our
opportunities for dating, too, since it gave neither of
us much chance to develop any kind of serious
friendships or romantic relations with others our age.

This wasn't that much of a problem to me--I was shy
around gir... Continue»
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Nicolas story pt2

well it s being some time now so the next part of the story
About a week later we were home together and mom was out in town or some were but that dos not matter i was in my room in bra and panties and he was watching tv i was horny so i called him and asked it he wanted to play again before he could answer i could see him getting hard he came over to me and started to kiss me and i him i pulled his top off him and kiss him all over his front working my way down his body with the help of his hand on on head i pulled down his pants and his big cock jumped free it jumped like it had a mind of ... Continue»
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The Game

Pam was just twelve and loved her b*****r a lot. He was three years older and she would do anything for him. They were together a lot as their parents worked long hours at their business. One day Ray took her into his bedroom and told her "We are going to play a fun game that grownups like to play. It is our secret and you can not tell any one at all." She smiled and said okay. He then told her "We have to take our clothes off and I will show you more about the game." As they both got naked Ray began to run his hands over her body. Then he licked on each flat tit and sucked on a tiny nipple. H... Continue»
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The first time

Don't misunderstand what the title says. It's not the first time I was cuckolded or even the first time my wife had sex with another guy. It was the first time one of her bulls found out I was in fact a knowing cuckold. We took a trip to Panama City Florida on year for a little vacation. My wife invited her friend Tim along as she explained it to me so she could have some fun too. The first day there we hit the beach and enjoyed the ocean , that night the three of us showered and dressed to go out to eat. My wife was wearing what looked like a bikini coverup and sandles.. it was really a pull ... Continue»
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I am older now as you guys all know but when I was in grade school, I really didn't have any sexual experience at all and had really just discovered that touching my own under-developed clit felt good! I had seen a few old black and white pictures of naked women and men fucking that my dad had stashed in the closet but really nothing else and back then, there was ZERO nudity on cable TV or the movies at all.

I was really curious about sex and having only my own little clit to play with, I would get under my covers in the bed at night and play with myself. I learned a few things about d
... Continue»
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Mother Teaches

Lisa could not remember having a normal loving home life. Her mom never knew who her dad was and mom had many men friends. Lisa did not know till she was in her teens that her mom was a whore and very popular. It was mom's desire to make Lisa a whore and they could do threesomes together. Lisa always knew her mom was good looking and sexy. That is what made her such a great whore. Her mom would go to hotels with men or bring them back to her own house. When they came to her house she would have several men each night. When Lisa was just thirteen her mom took her and showed her how to shave her... Continue»
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Fist visit to my sexy new female doctor

Yesterday I went to the doctor because i felt like i was peeing too much, i'm sitting in the waiting room and the doctor calls me, and she is the hottest woman i have ever seen. Late 20s/early 30s, gorgeous middle-eastern face, nice curvy lips, big dark eyes. She's very friendly with a thick Persian accent which i find very sexy. i explained to her my situation, and then she asked if i was sexually active, and i said no a bit too quickly, and she looked surprised for a second. She got me to pee in a jar, dipped the testing strip, and came over to show me the results. She got me to hold one end... Continue»
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Bareback Bi Couple Gangbang

Sonia & I meet Kathy at via a bareback internet forum; It wasn’t clear why she was so interested in our bareback swinging activity’s. She knew we were married & both enjoyed receiving anal from bare cocks, she mentioned she had a boyfriend or two who were into bareback sex. So at first it seemed like she was just a friendly and open person like us. I didn’t know that Kathy had plans for a couple like us.

Kathy told us she knew a guy or two that would help us to explore and with a wink and a sly smile said they would introduce us to a whole new world. We eventually arranged for a meeting on ... Continue»
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Caught By My Black Stepdaddy

I was 19 and had just finished my first year of college and I couldn't wait to get home. It's not that I didn't have fun, I did. But I wasn't able to do my favorite thing. You see, I have a little secret... I like to wear...BLACK PANTYHOSE AND RED SPIKED HIGH HEELS WITH ANKLESTRAPS and dress up as a girl. And after nearly a year without doing so, I was just a few hours away from being able to feel like the sexy girl I knew I was born to be. What made things even better was that my stepfather Marcus, a big and sexy black man who I've found very attractive ever since my mother started dating him... Continue»
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A girl with needs agrees to help her horny b*****r with his problem. (mf-teens, youths, inc, rom)


The redheaded girl studied herself in the tall mirror; head cocked to the side and disordered hair flowing halfway down her bare back, one spiraling curl almost to her well-rounded ass. She smiled and licked her lips, stroking her young breasts with both hands, pinching her nipples until they hurt. Her body was really developing nicely, but then, she thought, I am thirteen.

She arched her back and turned to the side, admiring the arch of her back and the curve of her buttocks, th... Continue»
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Older Man Gets a Young Visitor

A young girl who is lost, knocks on an older man's door and gets more than a drink and peanut butter sandwich. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, mast, oral)


I am up in years, age 66, a widower living alone in a nice neighborhood. I am still active sexually, but it's only been masturbation since I have not dated in years. It's unusual for sales people to come to my Neighborhood, since it is out in the country where houses are spread far apart.

But this one afternoon, my doorbell rang, I went to the door, opened it and saw a young girl, who appeared to be a teenager. She was very pretty and wa... Continue»
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The guy next door

I told my girlfriend I loved her and gave her kiss goodbye at the door. I see this guy looking at us. He looked angry. I rolled my eyes and closed the door. I've been with my girlfriend for over 4 years. I haven't even seen a cock/dick in over 4 years. I had a bad break up and I was done with men.

I went outside to walk my dog and who did I see again? The angry guy he must of just moved next door lately. Never seen him before. Weeks went by and I would walk my dog same routine he would be outside everyday watching me kiss my girlfriend and walk my dog. I'm slightly shy, but he w... Continue»
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The first time I saw you

I remember that day.
I was working for the college, finishing out the last years of my degree and picking up work at the gym. It was boring as all hell, checking the sign in sheet, orienting the new students, cleaning up after the students. It was a special type of hell, but hell, it payed. Not near enough, but it payed.

It was another boring afternoon, and i noticed you coming in for your workout. You had never been in before, but that isn't why i noticed you. you were attractive, but for a second i couldn't tell if you were a boy or a girl. Short, boy cut hair, originally brown, but col... Continue»
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