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Got a quick blow and with no words out the door I

This is also a true story and I admit when I was a little younger I was by far no saint but the truth is that the story I am about to tell you was not intentional. I had meet a young red headed girl who worked at a dollar general store. Now she was actually a pretty girl with a nice body but she had a look about her with the way she dressed and cheap jewelry(I mean a blind man could tell it was fake gold) but like I say trim is trim so I got her number and called her up and this was like a what they call a situation(on a gravy train with biscuit wills) because I never spent one dime on this gi... Continue»
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My boss discovers my love of stockings

I love to wear stockings, I really enjoy the whole experience of them. Choosing a new pair, what colour? what denier? Im always a hold ups man as I like to wear them under my trousers to work. My favourite colours are always natural black, or any other shades of black at 15 or 10 denier and then Ivory white, I love to order stockings from Bridal websites that offer such fantastic sheer ivory stockings, that are extra silky for 'her special wedding night' with lovely lace tops. I love to wear those under my trousers when I go to management meetings.
One time I was at a boring conference at a s... Continue»
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Redefining the statement(Once you go black you nev

I was at a party and accidentally met this short blonde haired attractive woman and I say accidentally because I found out later all of her life she had only been with black men but I new a friend of hers from my old job and after the party a few of us ended up at her apartment and as a lot of people know I have a warped dark sense of humor well come to find out the lady in question had one also and we stayed up all night laughing. Well two days later I get a call from my co-worker/friend and she tells me she was shocked but it was true her friend(blonde whom had only been with black men) like... Continue»
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games friends

History created by rextian

I 've always wanted her and she has always wanted me -O that is what you want to believe - . I've always thought it would feel his lips on mine, it would feel like touching tongue to tongue grounds while my hands on your skin. What I would hear the words " I wish " or "I'm yours " that woman ? Why do I feel so carnal these attractions to this person ? The answers may not have, but I'll tell you who this person is my best friend and also the girlfriend of one of my friends.

Her name is Diana and I have a friendship with her for many years , we have always talked... Continue»
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"Here?!"..."Please don't stop!

Hello boys and girls!This is my first adventure I've uploaded here on xhamster or anywhere for that matter.It's a true story and maybe because it's true, you'll enjoy reading it.
I was seeing a girl, around 2 years younger than me.She had dark hair, big brown eyes, a beautiful smile and a look in her eyes that would make you think she is innocent and pure.The type of girl that could make you move mountains.We were in a normal relationship and had sex plenty of times.In fact, we had all kind of sex a couple could have.Always with passion.We loved to role-play, even if it was only a simple "s... Continue»
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Slutty Sarah is back !

I didn’t think I’d hear from Sarah the Slut again, after this blog caused her to break up with her boyfriend, but last week she rang me and said she needed someone to talk to. She came over to my place and obviously wanted to talk about something, but couldn’t find a way of starting the subject. I gave her a few drinks and she started to talk. She’d been up to her slutty ways again. She said…..

‘I just have to talk to someone. I must tell someone, I just must. I’ve been so, so bad and I can’t sl**p just thinking about it.

It was a couple of weeks ago. You remember Maria, the Fren... Continue»
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Camp Dsvid

Camp David

I met him on a train. I was working on my laptop, and he walked past. He was incredibly fashionable and everything he had on looked like it had come out of the pack moments before. He had rather a sharp nose which was the only masculine thing that stood out. stood out through his hair. He wore very tight narrow legged black trousers, very highly polished pointy shoes, and a short tweed coat with sleeves so narrow you would have to have pipe cleaner arms to get it on. The coat was open at the neck, exposing a bright green/blue jumper, and beneath that a bare and hairless ... Continue»
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My story lol

I work long, long hours at a New York digital media property that shall remain nameless. It's a super-crazy schedule and I am forever getting home at midnight, much to the dismay of my saintly, ever-patient husband Bill.

One night, when we had a crushing deadline and I was there until after midnight and had to come back in the office first thing the following morning, my (male) boss gave me an Ambien so I could sl**p easier that night and come in early the next day. There are about fifteen things wrong with this picture, now that I think about it, but that is the craziness that is my media... Continue»
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The good story of the day [I mean it... lol]

I write essais for the sake of ART, great litterature, propaganding my ideas, changing the world's face : D : D : D, make weird things happen, express myself and feeling horny over writing it. I want to share with you the exquisite memories I got from the life I live. And do chose to live.




I mean, if you're not happy with my stories.. You can actually go fuck yourself. It's not even my maternal langage. So shut the fuck up.

*taking out a flash light and lighting up my face in some kind of creepy way like... Continue»
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The Really Popular Cunt?

Just me and her now; well, just me.

I gaze into her steel blue eyes to try and see her soul. I see nothing.

She blinks once.

I slap her hard across her left cheek with the palm of my right hand.

She sways and nearly over balances onto the bed.

It feels good to hit her. I like hitting and brutalising females; it's the only thing that really turns me on. I guess I'm a real nasty cunt.

She brings her hand up to her face to massage her cheek bone. I would like to believe that it really stung.

'Why did you do that?' She appears stunned, bewildered. And sounds[... Continue»
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British Sex

Last month hubby and I headed out of town to a swanky resort for a golfing getaway, only I spontaneously changed up the game plan a bit. While hubby took some practice shots out on the range I took my own shot at a British businessman in the hotel bar. One martini led to another, and next thing I knew that British bad boy had his hand up my skin tight little purple dress and into my white thong, flicking my clit with an expert touch as the bartender looked on with a knowing grin. I admit, it was a little embarrassing trying to hide my ecstasy as I came right there on the bar stool in broad day... Continue»
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Black coffee

One morning recently I was up before my hubby Jason who had pulled an all-nighter editing a hot new video we had just shot the night before. I was still feeling a little frisky from that shoot even though I’d been used every which way by a strong well hung military man (my contribution to the war effort). While hubby slept in I intended to make some coffee and perhaps sext with a hot BBC I’d met on Yahoo. But my morning plan was foiled by an empty coffee can. No caffeine buzz makes me a very cranky slut. My empty cupboard meant a trip to our local coffee house where the beans are roasted dark ... Continue»
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Birthday girl

For quite a long time I had fantasized about a night with a dominant black bull, a real sexual free-for-all where I would be completely submissive to an experienced BBC lover. To be honest, I’d always been turned on by black men, but I was quite shy sexually until my husband encouraged me to enter the hotwife lifestyle.

When my husband first broached the subject of sharing me with other men, I thought he must be k**ding. I couldn’t believe that he seriously wanted to allow other men to have me. I wasn’t sure whether to be insulted or to jump for joy. Secretly of course, I had intense fantas... Continue»
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hot wife caught

One of my favorite past times is shopping. Big shock, I’m sure! What woman doesn’t love to drop a few bucks at the mall now and then? Sometimes it’s a shoe-shopping trip, because again, what woman has enough shoes in her closet? Certainly not me, though I must confess to storing a few dozen in my garage. Sometimes it’s a new little summer dress or a tight pair of naughty jeans that I’m in the market for. Kind of depends on whether or not I have an upcoming hot date!

Well, the other day I was wandering around the mall, sipping a raspberry latte, when I happened across Frederick’s of Hollywoo... Continue»
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Valerie paused in the stairwell to shift the heavy shopping bag. She had gone out late so had had to park her car right at the top of the multi-storey. And of course today the lifts were out of order!
The day had been hot so she was glad she had flung on the light shirt and short skirt. Even so, she caught a whiff of her own sweat as she toiled up the stairs; she looked forward to a nice shower when she got home! The clip of her light sandals echoed in the dim stairwell. She was sure she was alone so she suddenly jumped as a figure pushed past her.'My apologies !', the voice was reassuring, ... Continue»
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BBW confessions...hehe pt1

Hi, im Emma and this is my first go at writtin down some filthy nonsense thats gone on in the last 10 years. Im 25 and and the big side, id say more wide than anything, not reqally fat, apart from my bum. I have long black hair, brown eyes, dress size 14/16(uk) and 40f but often spill out.
Im a teacher so there will be no face pics sadly.
Anyway..... thought id start near the beggining. my first handjob.
I was to young to type here, but not like horrifically you, half 28, see not that bad. My chest was already on the way to a d, and my bum was gaining heft every month, but was always n... Continue»
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Life is a bitch

I am now in my 60's and I have had a very good life. I haven't fucked that many women but the ones I did fuck were good. well that is apart from a couple of blacks in Africa. Maybe my cock just wasn't big enough for them, who cares. They will always be in my memory because of their smell. Blacks are not too hot on the old personal hygene especially the females, they would rather squirt some very cheap scent on their cunts and arse holes than wash the fucking things. If you are ever in Nairobi go into the Hilton Hotel, give the doorman a big tip like 5 euro and he will let you into the Hotels n... Continue»
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Mr. Gosford's Dilemma

In the spring of 1813, Mr. Gosford rides to Dallylong to see his beloved Elizabeth Carleton. His longstanding fantasies are fulfilled. (MF, 1st, humor, rom)


It was that time of year when woodland plants, newly charged with liquid power, churn the earth in their struggle to the light, and when birds and frogs monotonously advertise their availability. Dreadnaught, as he printed his proud hooves in the soft April soil and rocked smooth muscles beneath his master's loins, was dreaming of complaisant mares. His master, too, was not immune to seasonal blandishment. Mr. James Gosford, 21... Continue»
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On a night out with friends a few years ago Maxx and I found ourselves in Time Square in New York City. If you have never been there, the flashing billboards are amazing lights flashing here and there... The people rush from place to place with all the assortment of tourists from every country and culture one can imagine. If you stand still and just watch, the world will walk past you. It’s a wonderful place to be a Watcher!!! But I digress for my main story.
Being in Manhattan with friends that were there for there first visit they wanted to see and
... Continue»
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The Benefits of Joining a Fraternity

I have a strong sex drive and back when I was a college freshman my sex drive was unstoppable. I tried to get laid as much as I could but still that wasn’t enough so I often had to resort to jacking off in my dorm room.
I was taking a lit class one day and feeling very horny. There was this girl sitting about two rows in front of me that I took notice of. She was cute but not so hot I would have to put effort into getting laid I figured. After all, all I really wanted was a wet pussy to blow my load in. Her name was Leslie; she was a brunette with tan skin, and kind of nerdy looking with gl... Continue»
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