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Fucking around can be hard especially when your doing it on the DOWN-LOW. Meeting guys can be tricky and especially finding places to fuck! Last summer is a prime example.

As you know from those that have read my stories before prior to growing up in Australia I now live in a smallish country town. Now meeting guys can be a challenge. For one thing it can be a small issue of meeting someone at work or in a social environment and hopefully you get the signals right. Thank god for the modern technology or chat rooms etc and the forums like Squirt and the others, or our gooses would be cooked.... Continue»
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Boy Takes Cousin's Virginity

Cousins are thrown together during a f****y visit and find ways to keep entertained, (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal)


It all started a few years back when my parents said we were going to North Carolina to visit relatives for the holidays. Well I was intrigued and was sort of happy all the same time.

After the long ride there we, finally, arrived. We went in and said our hi's, and gave our hugs and stuff like that, the usual f****y greeting. When out of the corner of my eye I noticed and sweet young girl standing on the other side of the room. She was about the sam... Continue»
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Watching My Wife Fuck The New Neighbor's Son

My wife Brittany and I live in an apartment building and have met and get along with most of our neighbors except the older couple that lives next door to us who I'm sure can hear us fucking all the time which explains the weird looks we always get. A couple months ago a couple moved in across the hall and they had a son named Micheal who had just turned s*******n and seemed very shy at first but since his parents worked all of the time he spent a lot of time at our place. The first day he came over he saw out collection of rock and roll albums and began going threw them saying that he had mos... Continue»
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My wifes best friend.

The other night i came home to find my wifes best friend sandy in the house with out my wife there. i though that was quite odd but not unsual for her to be there but not by herself. So i asked where my wife was oh she said she had to go to the grocery store to pick some stuff. I said oh okay no problem. I noticed that she had been drinking some wine. We started talking i asked her about her husband bill. She said oh hes at work like usual working long hours this time of year. I told her that sucks a wife like you he shouldnt be working long hours like that. He should be home with you. She blu... Continue»
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Kathie - The Teenage Neighbor

A guys gets the opportunity of a lifetime when his pretty teenage neighbor asks him for some help. (M/f- teen, oral, anal)


I can remember the day about six months ago when the new neighbors moved in. They were a couple I would say in their mid thirties with a sixteen year old daughter. I saw them move most of their stuff in as I always spend a lot of time working in the yard on the lawn or trimming the shrubbery. I always managed to find some project to work on to keep me busy. I couldn't help noticing the daughter. From a distance she appeared to be a rather cute looking girl.

... Continue»
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break my lil ass in ;)

i am just posting this to try and find someone willing to let me experiment with them and see if i like the taste and feel of cock, I love pussy, but I really wanna try cock. What I am looking for is a smooth feminine shemale or tranny or a dom female that would let me use him/her for an experiment... an experiment to see how far I'll go.

i would love for them to slide there pants down and let me play with there cock
i would run my hands up and down there cock from base to head, then slowly kiss down the shaft to get the taste of cock, then slowly lick from base to the head and lick around... Continue»
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A Day at Amy's House

Jenny's best friend Amy invites her over for a day by the pool with a few surprises from Amy's mom. It turns out to be the best day ever for Jenny. (Ff, ped, reluc, exh, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast, anal)


At f******n, I rarely get a chance to spend a day away from my mom who seems to hang on me at every moment making my day very tedious and boring. Today Amy called me inviting me over her house across town to spend the day with her mom, who is so cool, by the poolside. Gee, I wonder what I should do? Spend it with mom inside watching television or... well you know the answer to that one... Continue»
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Movie Theater Surprise (Fiction)

Rob was 11, and was sitting in a seat just inside the theater, watching people come in. He was looking for a boy alone, about his b*****r's age, 13. He wanted a cute one, thin and good looking, one who would sit alone. Rob had finally decided to act on what he had wanted to do for a long time. A couple of months ago, he had walked into his older b*****r's room while he was masturbating. Rob didn't know at the time what his b*****r was doing, but he was fascinated. He had seen his b*****r naked many times, but his penis had always been small and limp. Rob was always interested in his peni... Continue»
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My first time dressed as a girl (A True Story) The

My first time dressed as a girl (This is a true story, the conversations in it are only as accurate as my memory can supply, as this happened Thirty years ago)
When I was s*******n I was dating a girl from the local college. I lived in a medium sized college town in a western state and it was 1983. It was Halloween weekend and we were both drinking some wine coolers she’d bought, the drinking age was eighteen at the time and she was nineteen, and smoking some pot I had brought over. We had planned on going to a party at a local frat house but it had gotten cancelled because the police had ra... Continue»
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I was his bitch before the end of our first time t

I grew up in New York and was introduced to gay sex before I was 14. I was working in Brooklyn Heights one day and met a man named Ariel. He was from Argentina and had just moved to NY a few months before. He asked if I could help him with moving a chest up to his apartment from the car. I said sure. I was about 23 and he was near 50 and was very good looking. Once we were inside it took only a few minutes before he leaned towards me and said thank you and kissed me, I kissed him back. He took my hand a led me into the living room were we sat on the couch and we kissed again. I was so hot and ... Continue»
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The hotel

Sarah stepped out of the lift, cool air greeted her. She scanned the lobby is could not see him, but she really did not expect to see him yet, she was early, they had arranged to meet at 8pm and it was only 7. The lobby was big a desk in one corner a bar to the left a dining room to the right and near the doors a couple of soft chairs and tables. She looked around there were a couple of business types sat in the chairs a man who was sat with his back to her and a woman opposite.
Sarah walked over to the reception desk the girl behind it smiled, Sarah thought she had a cute ass and then she... Continue»
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My friends Dad

Well it started when i was in my early teens and went to visit my friend after school one day and his dad came to the door and told me he was at ball practice but could come inside and wait for him if wanted. so i went in and sat down and noticed he was wearing cut off sweats and no underwear and obviously was hanging out and he wanted to know if i was ok with watching some porn with him...well being i was a horny young guy at that age i agreed and we watched some pron for a few minutes before he was fully erect and hanging out the side of his shorts...he calmly asked me if that bothered me an... Continue»
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saving marriage

Story begins at day when wife Tessy noticed her husband Eddie doesn't make love with her with same passion as she does. Cause of that she started to spice her sex life with some hot lingerie such as corsets with breasts out, crotchless panties, bras with hole at nipples,...
Either that didn't help much, her husband was always to tired because of work, something else on his mind, or he said she will get cold wearing that. So, as their anniversary was coming soon, she promised herself to make him a surprise he wont forget, and that he will make love with her even with greater passion than she e... Continue»
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Bus ride rom bangkok

Arriving in Bangkok 3 days before Chinese new year is a bad idea I you want to travel onward. All the tourist buses are packed with people heading home or the holidays but I just had to get down south where the action is, so I found my self crammed on a bus that couldn't take another sole.

Whilst waiting for the bus to pull off a young Thai lad came and took his seat next to me. as he sat down he turned to me and flashed one of them great smiles that the thais are well known for and introduced himself to me in almost perfect English "hi. I'm Min, pleased to meet you" he said. Giving him my ... Continue»
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This morning I was sitting naked in front of my laptop masturbating to pichunter when I decided to go to the bathroom to get some lube. However, before I returned there was a knock on the door. Then I heard the knob start to turn. It was the maintenance guy coming to grab the fire extinguisher for its annual inspection. I had forgotten about the flyer that was left on my door the day before and had not left the extinguisher outside the doorway as was asked. Since I’m not usually at home during the day, he must’ve assumed it was okay to enter so abruptly.

I was really in a tight spot becau... Continue»
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I My First Time As A Girl

My First Time I Had Sex With A Boy, I Was Dressed As A Girl.
The boy next door first noticed one Halloween back in 1971, My s****r helped dress up in one of her cheerleader uniforms. In the seventies I wore my hair shoulder length. Blue and gold. To hide my penis, (Not that it took much hiding) She put me in a tight panty girdle. The funny thing was, that my tiny testicles went right back up into a pocket just above the point where the penis came out. My s****r was just amazed and had never seen this and ask if it hurt? To me, I told her "in fact it felt a lot better, that they do that all t... Continue»
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An SMS That Changed My Life

I was late for the office that day, in fact, I was late every day!I took my laptop bag and was rushing towards my car. Suddenly, my wife’s cell phone had a message alert that I didn’t care much about. I just said bye to her and zoomed away to the office.

I was stopped by the routine traffic and signals, and in fact, one signal was really more than 2 minutes! Suddenly, my thoughts went around the message alert and started thinking who could that be and just wanted to check it out of curiosity and rang my wife. For a surpris
... Continue»
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b*****r of my late grandfather had a house at the seaside. I’ve bee spending free summer vacations there since I was k**. He and his wife were retired and had a nice house in a quiet neighborhood of the town. I would spend whole day at he beach, hanging with local k**s and exploring the nature and landscapes.
I was having another beautiful month of a summer holydays there. Unfortunately, my grandmother (wife of my grandfather’s b*****r; I called them ’grandpa’ and ’grandma’) started to have a hard time with her rheumatism and arthritis, so her daughter found her a parlormaid. The maid was ki... Continue»
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Dairy conversion chapter 2

Dairy conversion chapter 2
My wife and I had been “going through a bad patch,” surprisingly we had discovered we had a mutual interest in the, shall we say more unusual side of sex and had converted our old dairy into a dungeon type playroom in the hope of saving our flagging marriage.....
Thus Ann and I awaited the post with increasing enthusiasm; first to arrive was a parcel of gags and restraints, delivered during breakfast on the Tuesday morning. All good quality leather straps, with soft padding where appropriate and gags which Ann said where colour coded with soft mouth-size balls of b... Continue»
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My masturbation diary, commencing 11th January 201

We'll even if I'm the only reader of this I hope to get some pleasure in writing. They say writing is a good form of therapy, I'll find out, but in the meanwhile I'll write about my fantasies and actualities. Feel free to contribute. If you don't like what I write about, don't read it.

So I was away for a couple of days, travelling on business, staying at a hotel. Whilst I always hope to meet a lovely woman for some company, the reality is this is never as easy as one's fantasies would suggest. You look at the services card they place on the desk area offering various services. They neve... Continue»
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