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Karen White. A lovely exhibitionist.

This story comes from Mark, who was part of the team videoing girls, including Karen White, for the video The Full Totty.

“My name’s Mark and I was a lighting assistant for a video production company, back a number of years ago. I met Karen White when we were shooting the video ‘The Top Totty’. I see that there are some excerpts from the video on Kevin Graves’s channel, here on xHamster. The production company is out of business now, so there’s no one to care about that.

The theme to the video was about men needing Viagra, but the idea was that Karen and a number of other girl... Continue»
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Allow me to introduce myself to name is "micro"...mayhem will be explained shortly. but micro will work for now.... As you can see, im blonde, blue eyes, and i weigh 69 lbs....And im a transexual. A transexual that is now going to share an amazing story with you....This way, you will understand "who" i am, and "where" i came from.....i wont tell every long drawn out detail....just enough, so you can understand the energy i weild, and the magic i conceal behind my little back and listen up!!! And here we go...........

I have no idea as to how ol
... Continue»
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Now on Offer!! (Revised)

There's this girl in a local shop I frequent. She's not conventionally pretty; rather, she's this slight, awkward thing with a constantly worn, if not exhausted, air about her. I guess her employers keep her busy. She has dark circles under her eyes, and her work attire is this rather perfunctory black number, which swamps her small frame and renders her anonymous.

Despite this, I find myself drawn to her, inexplicably so. Knowing full-well of the supposed predisposition for men to assume attraction from indifferent women, I nonetheless believe her to harbour some level of genuine attracti... Continue»
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wife in whore party

About a week ago, my wife Tammy and I were invited to a beach resort along with a bunch of her coworkers. She works in the marketing department at a large company which did very well in the past few years, and the employees were starting to get a lot of perks, one of which was the resort trip.

I was eager to go, although I was worried about meeting Tammy's coworkers. Her company had a very informal culture, and Tammy would sometimes tell me about all the flirting and pinching that went on during the workday. I worked at a law firm, which was very uptight and professional, and flirting was c... Continue»
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My Aunt

He was staying with his aunt and uncle for the weekend. They lived in a comfortable flat with a balcony in the center of the city. They were c***dless and she had always doted on him as a c***d and now looked at him in wonder that he was almost fully-grown. She was in her late thirties and still attractive so he wondered why they had no c***dren.

“Aunt Mattie” he called. “Aunt Mattie!”
She came to the bathroom door.” Yes?” she replied.
“Aunt Mattie, there are no towels here.”
“Ok, hold on” she said. She pulled a bath towel out of the closet and walked to the bathroom, opened the door a... Continue»
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Picking up a guy

“Ernst, do you like me?” She looked at him with her big blue eyes, her long eye lashes fluttering exaggeratedly.
“Of course. I think you’re great… and beautiful too.”
“But you’ve never made a pass at me?” she said with a hurt expression.
“Everybody thought you were unavailable,” he said.
“Yeah I guess that was true, but now I am… so… are you going to make a pass at me?”
He looked into her earnest blue eyes “Well in that case yes, but I left the instructions in my bag.”
She smiled. “I can save you the time… we can go to my home if you like? My parents are at work.”
“OK, I like that ide... Continue»
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Lizvette Chapter: Bananas Foster

I woke to the sound of the shower water running. I looked at the clock and saw it was time to start thinking about dinner. I had promised Lizvette a daddy-daughter date at a romantic restaurant. She said she wanted a steakhouse. My business associate, Greg, with whom I was to meet tomorrow morning, suggested Shanahan's. He said it is pricey, knowing my expense account limits, but worth it for a fine dining experience. It was a weeknight but I thought I had better phone ahead to reserve a table just to be safe. I was on the phone with the hostess when Lizvette emerged from the bathroom drying... Continue»
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47 Don`t call me Mum

47 Don`t call me Mum
Now I need to tell you my name is Wooster, not Berty from the book, but Tim, Tim Wooster, my body is large and my friends call me “big woose” for some reason and Freddy my mate refers to me a Forrest Gump though I don’t understand that either.
My mother when I was born 18 years back, had to have me adopted as she, being so young could not cope with a c***d at that time, so I have been searching for her for some time. Anyway I had one of those “genes recalled” efforts for Christmas and bingo it gave mothers name and grandfathers as well.
So being a nosey git ... Continue»
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Please Use My Wife's Picture!

This story is based on an actual event. I have embellished the facts and I hope you enjoy!

Tom was a lucky guy! He was successful in his business and had a sexy wife that really loved him. Her name was Amber and she really was every man's dream. She gave great blow jobs, was an awesome fuck, and would even take it in her ass.

One of the things that Tom had finally talked her into was to letting him take some sexy pictures of her. She was reluctant at first and said that she would die of embarrassment if anyone she knew saw h... Continue»
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My Naughty Confession 3 (My Teacher)

High school was a time when my sexual interests bloomed, sometimes feverishly, like most adolescents, I presume. I've had a lot of sexual interests towards the opposite sex, mostly for a bunch of my female classmates and my female teachers, most of whom I have actually had many sexual fantasies about. But unfortunately, they were mostly fantasies, and not exactly real sexual experiences, although I did find a few certain masturbation techniques that were useful.

Of all the ladies at my old high school that I've sexually fantasized about, there was one teacher that I will never ever forget. ... Continue»
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Lesley part24

"Thought you were on earlies this morning? come you get such a long shagging the boss or something? Hahaha" lesley jokingly asked Sylvia when she bumped into her at nearly one in the afternoon.

"Humph...not funny....anyway...I know who's shagging the boss" she replied with disdain.

"What's wound you up ya daft mare?"

"Guess...he's nearly thirty stone, bald, bearded, and has the charm of a Rottweiler.....and me tits are sore"

"McPeevie?.... Oh fuck...what's happened?"

"Missing notes....ring a bell?... other things....I had Continue»
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Pt.1.James,s Birthday,(Fun & Frolics)

James,s Big Day,Saturday11th July 2015,06.30am.
My plan was for me to awaken him,Wrong,I was awoken with James,s Cock sliding up & down between my Buns,his left hand wrapped around my Cock & Scrotum,giving me gentle squeezes,he was just about to slip his Cock into me,I pulled his hand away from me & Bailed out of bed.
"No Fucking Way,you got a Busy day,& Happy Birthday James"I said,I ran around to his side of the bed,pinning him down in the bed I gave him a Wet Sloppy Kiss,he wanted me to get back in bed with him,I pulled away from him & headed into our shower room & toilet.
I did my toilet... Continue»
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Lesley part 23

Ernie Hedley was just starting his tea when Alan McPeevie knocked on his room door and walked straight in.

"Hello Ernie. How are you tonight"

"No better for you asking. Your supposed to be invited in when ya knock at someone's door. I could have been shagging that Lesley or even the beautiful Sylvia...I might even have been having a wank...and you just fucking barge in. Did no fucker teach you manners when ya were shagging all them sheep in Jockland, now what do you want...I've got Nicola Sturgeon coming for tea and she'll not want a fucking buffoon like you eating all the scones."

"... Continue»
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league of legends

Hi this is not a story but i had an idea i am 21 an bisexuali love shemales and i play league of legends on eune server why dont we add each other and play and chat ;-)
So you know if you like shemales or guys or you are a foot fetish lover and you play games lets add each other
Please DO NOT send me friend request if you are u******e.

Hi this is not a story but i had an idea i am 21 an bisexuali love shemales and i play league of legends on eune server why dont we add each other and play and chat ;-)
So you know if you like shemales or guys or you are a foot fetish lover and you play g... Continue»
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Little Red

The true story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
[ N.B. This story doesn't have a proper ending. Once you get to the end, try going back to the start. Then it makes sense. ;) ]
Genre- Dark Fantasy, b********y, Cruelty, Monster, Non-consensual sex, ****, v******e, Virginity, Young

Her juices at that time of month were thick and white. One clawed finger dipped into her, lifted the sweet, honey-scented sap to his nose. He licked it off.

Her lips were trembling. ‘Please,’ the girl said brokenly. ‘Please don’t – ’

The Wolf laughed at her. ‘Little Red, Lit... Continue»
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Story Circle: The First Time

Everyone remembers their first time. "First time of what" you might be asking, well the first time can be a lot of things; Your first kiss, your first blowjob, your first full penetration, the list is endless. I think my most important firsts would be giving and receiving an orgasm. The orgasm is the best, and yet most superficial part of a sexual encounter. If you try to hard for it, it never happens, yet if you don't get it, the sex can seem empty and fulfilling. Those toe curling moments are the ones that I look back on with a little smile on my face. So those are the firsts I will share to... Continue»
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Story Circle: Same Sex Experience

Many people go through a "Bi-curious" phase at some point in their lives. For some people, that phase is more of a lifestyle. I have long sense considered myself to be bisexual and tend to be very open about it. The events that introduced me to that aspect of my sexuality are a long and complex list but I would love to share some of them with you.
My very first same sex experience came when I was just a teenager. Me and two buddies of mine would spend a lot of time in the woods around the neighborhood where we lived. One of our favorite places was a stretch of road where people would often du... Continue»
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Story Circle: Getting Caught

We all do it, its a healthy and natural part of life, but masturbation is one of those things people like to keep secret and often even deny doing at all. Whether you are comfortable with the subject or one of those "I never do that" types, most of us have had a close call at least once. But what about those of us who have been caught, full blown, hands down, no questions asked, red handed while treating our selves? I don't know about you, but I've been busted a few times, here are two of my favorite times that I was caught in the act.
I was once caught masturbating by my best friend's mom wh... Continue»
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Story Circle: Exhibitionism

I think most people have dabbled in exhibitionism, having sex in cars or getting a tug-job at the movies is pretty common. I have always prided myself on being daring and enjoy having fun in unusual places but nothing matches the sense of risk and danger as much as doing it in public.
My first great achievement came while I was in high school. During gym class, when the weather was bad, we would end up having to stay indoors and watch videos. The coach would still make us change into our gym shorts but we were aloud sweat pants and jackets to keep warm in the high AC of the classroom. I think... Continue»
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Story Circle: Catching Someone Else

I posted about being caught "in the act" a while back and got some great stories but some people were asking about catching other people while doing the deed. I have also done this and would love to share stories about how you have caught someone else masturbating. My first story is one that I shared a while back but removed because it had been posted for a long time and I wanted to start the blog section fresh but its a good story and deserves to be here. It happened when I was in high school.
I was dating a girl named Sarah who lived just out of town and the trips out there were costing a s... Continue»
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