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"Oh my GOD, you're FUCKING ME!!" she screamed. "You're FUCKING ME! How
DARE you fuck me you asshole, pull your fucking cock out of me, NOW!!
Jesus Christ . . . Oh GOD you're in deep . . . you asshole! You're
f-fuck . . . ugh, GOD . . . fucking me!! How could you?? You pushed
your fucking dick in me!! You FUCKER!! My GOD . . . stop FUCKING me!
Ughhhhh, pull OUT, GOD DAMN IT!!"

"How does your little cunt feel now, huh?" I hissed in her ear. "Oh I'm
fucking you alright! You better believe it, and I'll fuck you until I
squirt my dirty cum right inside your naked cu... Continue»
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Tere, an Older Lady 2

Chapter 2: Tere’s car

When I stopped kissing her to look at her, Tere still had her eyes closed. She managed an Mmmm, that feels good, Jun. I then took it up a notch. In the darkness, and due to the full tint of her car, you could not see what we were doing inside it. I reached over her side and reclined her seat and purposely rubbed my forearm against her left breast. It was soft, so very soft, and I wanted to grab it there and then. I hesitated and instead reclined my seat. Her eyes were now on the same level as mine, and I could see that Tere was still very tipsy. Tere, can you stil... Continue»
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motel cuckold

“ Right there, right fucking there....fuck me...harder you’re making me, yes fu, uh, uh oooh.” Her voice turned into a gasp and wail, her hips rose to press his cock even deeper into her sloppy wet cunt.

Chen pressed back, impaling her on his manhood. “ Fuckin’ cum bitch, cum on my hard fuckin’ dick. “

His words seemed to reignite Carol’s lust and again she hissed and grunted out a long, long orgasm. Chen flipped her over and took her while she lay spread eagle on her belly.

I could see Carol was out of it, the booze and now several hard orgasms left her limp. Chen used her limp b... Continue»
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Tere, an Older Lady

Chapter 1: Tere

When I was a teenager simply full of raging hormones, I would always look at more mature women (i.e. 30 and above), with respect rather than lust. When I began working, most, if not all, of the thirty plus year old women I knew were either married or career oriented. But that all changed with Tere.

Here's an experience of mine that I will always treasure. I originally wrote this last year, but there were many details I left out. Here’s the story in all its uncensored and unabridged glory.

Some years ago, I was an assistant manager at one of Makati's fi... Continue»
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Antonio's Mom and the Moment I Was Not Suppos

I met Antonio at the local college in my freshman year. We were both the same story: couldn't afford to go away to school and undecided on our major. We shared two classes together in our first semester and decided to team up to help each other through the confusing maze of the commuter college experience.

Antonio was, like me, a bit nerdy but he was handsome, with tan skin and dark eyes. We were both a bit socially awkward, which is probably why we bonded. We'd spend time in the library between classes and walk to the commons for lunch. We got close enough to talk about our ambitions, goal... Continue»
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Best Friends Milf

Brandon had finished his finals at the local college and decided to see if his buddy Randy was home yet. He arrived at his house, and knocked on the back door hoping he hadn't missed him. he could hear foot steps coming toward the door. He could make out through the glass in the door that it was Randy's Mom.

"Hi Brandon what brings you by?

"Hello Mrs. De Randy here?"

"No Brandon, you just missed him. He's gone to take his finals, but he'll be home at around four. Would you like to wait for him?"

"Sure Mrs. De Carlo, if you don't mind."

"Call me Maria, Brandon, no nee... Continue»
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Master James Sub Emma

Emma and James stared at each other across the table. James lounged back in his chair, somehow managing to look smug and angry at the same time, and Emma was so shocked by what he'd said that she had actually stopped crying. James smirked at her. "You heard what I said. It's that or nothing." Emma was unable to speak, and he gave her a disappointed look as he got up to leave. "Well, you said you'd do anything; then again, you also said you'd never cheat on me, so I guess I shouldn't really take what you say at face value."

"Wait." Emma spoke urgently, trying to keep him from leaving. Her ey... Continue»
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Caregiver with benefits

I was appointed as caregiver for a friends aging uncle, my duties included cleaning house and doing laundry and assisting in bathing him because he had trouble getting in and out of shower. Anyways one afternoon after tidying up his home, i laid out fresh clothes for him and helped him to the shower. I had to strip him and help into the shower. I adjusted the temperature and soaped up my hands to wash him. Now this man although older still had a large cock even soft, nevertheless I continued washing his back and cleaning his asscrack. My hand strayed against the underside of his balls, he made... Continue»
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The story of how i began crossdressing (Part 1-3)

Entry #1:

I guess i was 17 years old and broke up with my first gf back then. barely had any sex, so was horny all the time :P

I decided to look online for couples and women who would be interested in camming with me, and a mistress responded to one of my advertisements on some swinger site (i cant remember why i actually registered there)

She told me she’s looking for a slave to entertain “them”
Thought it was a spelling mistake (since it was german its not really much of a difference)
So i agreed to be a li... Continue»
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Audrey + tape + table = explosive time

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) - you choose which you think they are!

Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)

If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touch

... Continue»
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for his love

He said hello and my heart skipped a beat, his voice low , deep and seductive had my complete attention. His intense stare warned of danger, his crooked smile froze me in place. "Come here often" he asked as he leaned in closer....GULP!" No, not too often you?" "Often enough" was his vague reply. He studied me like an open book of information he was hungry for. He leaned even closer and took a deep breath , let out a growl of satisfaction...".you smell like heaven" he said.....I couldn't breathe...his closeness made me nervous, his eyes dark and full of promise. "May I take you home" he whispe... Continue»
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Granny was gagging for some cock....part 2

Granny caroline lead me upstairs, and as she went up the stairs my eyes were transfixed on her nylon clad legs. Once in her bedroom, she wasted no time in taking her blouse off, then began to undo my jeans. She undid my jeans and pulled my pants down, and my hard cock sprang out. It was stood to attention and caroline sat down on her bed and took hold of my cock as she pulled me towards her.
'ohhh whats this?' caroline giggled
I looked down and caroline had a firm grip of my cock and it was leaking pre cum. Caroline wiped the tip of my cock between her cleavage and over her tits, then pulled... Continue»
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Luego de una intensa jornada de trabajo, en una ciudad del interior de Venezuela, llegue al hotel donde me hospedaba, me di una ducha reparadora y me dispuse a bajar al bar a comer y tomarme un par de tragos. Una vez alli y en vista de que el lugar estaba algo solitario, decidí instalarme en la barra. Pedí un trago y al cabo de un rato observe a una señora de unos 50 años de edad, muy elegante que me sonrió muy discretamente, le devolví la sonrisa y le pedí al camarero que le sirviera un trago por mi cuenta a la simpatica abuelita que dijo llamarse Silvia. Pasado un rato comenzamos a charlar ... Continue»
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Extra's at work.

When i applied for the chambermaid position in the hotel i was warned how some guests shall we say wont be shy about letting things be shown when you are in their room . from chatting to the other girls i heard how some girls have no problem with this and how even use it to gain bigger tips from the guests . i was advised to report any behaviour of this from guests to my manager and with in the first couple of weeks i certainly found how some guys have no problem showing themselves and if id a pound for every time a guy got out of the shower and came into the room naked and apologising that he... Continue»
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After a hard day's work in a country town in Venezuela, arrives at my hotel, I took a refreshing shower and got ready to go down to the bar to eat and have a couple of drinks. Once there and seeing that the place was somewhat lonely, I decided to settle on the bar. I ordered a drink and after a while observe a lady of about 50 years old, very smart they smiled discreetly, smiled back and asked the waiter to bring him a drink on my own to the nice granny called Silvia said. After a started chatting about some trivia about his work and mine while. It was then, when I get her roommate, a woman mo... Continue»
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Famous amateur milf porn model Kimiko.

Kimiko is a famous Japanese amateur porn model. you can see her in my Gallery "Japanese playboy Nory and Kimiko, famous amature milf."

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At that... Continue»
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Brenda's Turn by loyalsock

After having just watched her mother's s****r achieve a stunning climax with her new vibrator, Brenda's own pussy was engorged with bl**d and flushed wide open! "I really have a lot to learn," the young girl said in a shaky voice, "I-I hope that I can handle it all, I mean taking care of Freddy's pecker and all!!! Her mother chuckled a little before replying, "Oh, honey, don't worry, like we were both saying, you are going to get so attached to his cock that pretty much when ever you see it hard you'll automatically be ready!!!" "Let's take a little test," her mom said, "when you have sex with... Continue»
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Her Mother

"Hi, Mrs. Sherman," Steve said nervously, "Pam said you wanted to talk to me!" "That is correct young man," she replied sternly, "sit down, please!!!" After taking his seat, Steve fidgeted a bit and after looking out the window offered, "Nice weather we've been having, isn't it!?!" In almost a harsh tone, Mrs. Sherman retorted, "I didn't ask you here to talk about the weather, so let me get right to the point!!!" "Uh, sure," Steve replied, "what ever you say, Mrs. Sherman!? Although he didn't know why on earth Mrs. Sherman would want to speak to him personally, he gathered from the tone of her... Continue»
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The Nubile Nymph by loyalsock

Virna Reynolds was lonely and depressed! Her best friend Alicia was vacationing in Europe, and coupled with the fact that her husband of forty years had been gone for less that six months, and you had a woman who wasn't used to being alone for such a long period of time!!! After wandering around her apartment for about a week, she dialed the number Alicia had given to her before she left! After two rings, a sultry feminine voice on the other end of the line answered, "Sensations Unlimited, how may I help you, this is Miranda speaking!?!" A pang of fear shot through her, but since she had alrea... Continue»
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The Potion by loyalsock

While Mr. Duncan's senior world history lecture droned on and on, it was all Tommy Farrell could do to keep his eyes open. "Why did the most boring subjects always have to be in the last period," he thought to himself, "it made every day seem like an eternity!" Tommy didn't think it was possible, but old man Duncan was making World War II seem as dry as burnt toast! Here he was yammering on about the Nazis and Hitler, but never really getting to any point, just a bunch of loose ends with no conclusions. Tommy started doodling on the front of his notebook but he snapped to attention when Mr. Du... Continue»
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