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First Anal With My Irish Exchange Student

I woke up as usual on a Saturday morning and expected to see my boring 45 year old wife lying next to me. Instead, I looked over and realized how lucky I was. I glanced over and there was my beautiful naked Irish exchange student twenty year old Kathleen next to me with her long red hair covering the pillow and gently brushing up against her bare breasts. Then it all came back to me. Last night I was lying flat on my bed, Kathleen straddled me as she furiously rode my cock. Out of the morning fog I recalled how she had her third orgasm of the night as I exploded inside her, filling her pussy w... Continue»
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Sex is luxurious in sharing.

It was around midnight. Me and my wife Freeha were seeing a hot porno movie. The mobile started ringing. Hi, said Dilshad, dear Anwar, I hope I haven't disturbed you, I and my wife Seema aur feeling bore."
Dilshad is our most intimate friend. Our spouses are chums and and sexy. We are free with each other and share ;life's pleasures together.Freeha had dinned into my ear a couple of times that Seema is attracted to you; She pinched me in my arm and winked mischievously. I asked her what about you? She had a grin on her face and said most of my married friends like sharing sex with each oth... Continue»
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The Surprise

A divorced man finds love unexpectedly.

My wife left me a few weeks after my fortieth birthday. She ran off with a coworker, leaving me with our condo in the city. Getting dumped was a wake up call for me. I joined a gym and began working out and eating healthier. I was never fat or anything, but I got really lean and cut and began to feel confident in myself.

My friends looked out for me, inviting me out to dinner and fixing me up with friends. Maybe I wasn't ready to date yet, because there really wasn't any spark with any of the women they were introducing to me. I wondered if ... Continue»
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hot mom -4

When Jodie woke the next morning and found her son in bed with her, she gasped. Then she came fully awake and remembered their wild fucking of yesterday, and she shivered with excitement. It hadn't been just a dream. She'd really had the satisfaction she'd craved for so long.

Of course, she'd had it with her own son, and that made it a lot different from the average love affair. Also, she'd spent the night fucking with Dane just after she'd gotten engaged to Craig. The whole situation was pretty weird, she had to admit.

But wasn't that basically Craig's fault? If he didn't have this sill... Continue»
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hot mom -5

"That's pretty funny, Jodie!" Craig grinned. Shouldn't you be telling me why you're making it with your own k**?"

"I think you know the answer to that, Craig," Jodie answered.

"Yeah," he said, "you're right--I do. I know I drove you to it. But I'd never have found that out if my plane hadn't been delayed on account of bad weather. I'm not leaving till tomorrow, so I came over here to spend the time with you."

"And you found us fucking!" Dane said. "Oh, wow, heavy. Listen, man, I hope you're not gonna punish my mom for this. Like you said, you drove her to it."

"Don't worry, Dane Cr... Continue»
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The rehearsal dinner pt 4

I'll refresh your memory. My name is Kim I'm 53 5-11 175lbs I have 44dd boobs. I've been having an affair with a college buddie of my nephew. He has come to visit me while my husband is away on business.
On Tuesday morning hubby left for the airport and I was getting ready for work. I couldn't wait till the day was over so Greg and I could spend the night together. At noon time I called Greg and asked if he wanted to meet me for lunch. Greg said to just come to his hotel room. When I arrived I knocked on his door he opened it and he was naked. He pulled me in we started kissing he said that ... Continue»
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The GILF Next Door

My roomate and I had been renting the house for nearly 8 months now, both of us college students at the local University. Most days I had the place completely to myself because my buddy Mark was always at his new girlfriends place. Our next door neighbor Mrs. Jones was an older woman in her sixties, she had bright blue eyes, long blonde hair and was always dressed in the most expensive, top of the line clothes. For being middle aged she still had a great body and I had been fortunate enough to catch a few glances of her in her backyard in her two-piece sunbathing. I had met Mrs. Jones a week a... Continue»
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The Market Place

One fine spring day I was visiting Toronto. The best way to see a city is to get out and walk and enjoy the sites and sounds of the big city. I was walking down one street and started to smell the aromas of spices and ethnic food. I wandered into a Punjabi market to explore all its offerings.

As I made my way through the market I was watching all the people in their fine dress. I noticed one older lady who caught my eye with her beautiful suit and salwar. She had a nice scarf over her head to complete her look. I casually follow her down the market stopping to look at what she is interested... Continue»
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Trade Show Affair!

I work for a large supply company as an inside sales representative. We had a booth at a trade show in the mid west, our sales manager could not attend so the company sent me down to work the show with 2 other salesmen from our other two branches. It was a long 3 days standing in the booth we stayed in a very nice hotel Chuck & Ted were outside sales reps. from our other branches, on the last day of the show Chuck had an early flight out leaving Ted and I to tear down the booth at the show. We got it all done since we were not leaving till the next day Ted and I went to dinner, we had a great ... Continue»
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Sharons Boys Little Bob

Sharon's Boy's- Little Bob

Unknown to Big Jake and the boy's, Sharon's like of Bob was much more than they could imagine. She knew his father. He wasn't a random selection for foster care, she had tracked and followed him for years. Having him in her care was a lifetime goal. Bob's dad had been a ladies man, fathered k**s in every bed he slept in. Some said as many as 14 k**s before a jealous husband laid him to rest. Bob was a picture image of him and had inherited his “horse cock”. Being different, he was often picked on about his c... Continue»
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Corrupting Tanya

My name is Miranda Myles.I am 5 foot 10 inches tall,I have long black hair
and hazel eyes.My measurements are 38-26-36,and i am 37 years old.I am
married,but have no c***dren and i love to eat pussy.We live in Western
Ohio,in a lightly populated area.This story is just one of my many
adventures.It was Saturday morning,and i was standing in the kitchen,as i
do every Saturday to watch Tanya,the next door neighbour girl,go for her
morning jog.Tanya would begin by doing her warm up exercises.When she would
bend over to stretch her legs,i could see the outline of her firm young ass,
a... Continue»
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A day in the Park with Denise

My husband Ray talked me into going to Volcano Days at Mountwood Park. This is a big event and always attracts a big crowd. I thought it would be fun and a good opportunity to meet up with a guy I had been chatting with on AFF. I sent him an email and told him we were going and invited him to join us. We didn't make definite plans to meet but he told me he would try to go. I gave him an idea what time we would be there and where we would most likely be but I didn’t tell Ray about inviting him.

Saturday morning came and I spent all morning getting ready, I took a long shower, shaved my legs... Continue»
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My Ladys Gown

Rebecca sighed as she picked up Lady Christine's gowns to put in with
the washing for the day.She wondered what it would be like to have gowns
made of silk and lace.Looking around she held up a crimson gown lined in
velvet around the cuffs and hemline with a sprinkling of lace around the
low cut neckline.It was a lovely gown,one of Lady Christine's favourites.
I would give anything to wear this,for just a day,Rebecca thought to
herself.She stood there,day dreaming about the places she would go,the
people she'd meet in a gown like this.Lost in her own thoughts,Rebecca
didn't hear the... Continue»
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Janet & Sherry

Janet had been married for more than 30 years to the same man.Now
beginning her 50's,she was well into a secondary school teaching career
which had placed her in a hotel in Rochester,New York,while attending a
professional teaching conference.With her was Sherry,a fellow teacher
from the same high school.Sherry at 30 was to be her roommate at the
hotel for the two days the conference would last.Sherry had been married
for 5 years.As well as teaching in the same high school,Janet and Sherry
also lived in the same city not far from each other.At school they'd
become not just profe... Continue»
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Next Step - - - Sucking Cocks for the first time.

My married 47 year old girl-friend and I were invited back to the home of the married bi-couple whom we met on Craig's List.
On the last visit I had my cock sucked by the husband who took my cum in his mouth and swallowed. That was a major first for me which had my cock lusting for more when I got home.
As usual, when we arrived we were given a few drinks to relax us and also some groping among each other. That certainly relaxes both body and mind, especially for a young guy like me, who is basically embarking on a bi-sexual life-style.
The wife, as usual, asked me to accompany her on the s... Continue»
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Julie pinned, plowed and creamed by the old man

Dirty Old Man slips his hand into his pants, slowly stroking at his cock while looking over Julie's body.*

Julie raises her arms above her head, lifting the bottom of her shirt up so her belly button is uncovered, and she slowly rocks her hips side to side.

Dirty Old Man grins, running his fingers up along the crown of his cock, twisting around his head and tugging upwards, stroking himself beneath the fabric while sitting back and enjoying her show.*

Julie sways her hips as she rhythmically moves in close. Standing just before the older man she turns around, displaying her panty-cove... Continue»
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Anna, Milf from Aberdeen

In 2010, I got speaking to a 53 year old woman on fastflirting, her name was Anna, she was half German and Scottish.

We exchanged face pictures, and after a little while she sent me private posing pictures of herself, which were very hot and had obviously been taken by someone else, poses included her straddling a chair in a clear plastic outfit wit tits hanging out, a lot of her pics also included her playing with a large black rubber dildo, which she told me had a name "Leroy".

We arranged to meet in Aberdeen, for a night of fun. We stayed at a Travel Lodge near Bridge of Don, checkin... Continue»
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My First Pussy

It was a huge wedding with people from all over the country there to watch and celebrate. I knew the woman who was getting married but not very well, she was a distant relative. There were members of my f****y there but mostly people I had no idea who they were. The wedding was a big church and the reception followed. It was and evening wedding. The reception was good with a lot of drinking and a live band. I found some dudes my age and we hung out trying to be cool. I ditched my parents. We were all talking about who we would fuck and who was hot, like we even stood a chance. As the night... Continue»
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The Cuckold HUSBAND

My wife and I have been married for 20 years and we never, and I mean NEVER had sex with anyone other than each other, at least after we were married. We have a large f****y and they are all in college now and live away from home. The house is empty except for us and we generally had a boring life and had sex maybe two times a month. I work and my wife writes novels for a romance publisher. She is a beautiful woman with an awesome body, long legs and tits and an ass to die for. I'm lucky to have her and I know that most of my buddies would fuck her if given the chance...LOL!

One night, I
... Continue»
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Exploring my Bi-sexual Desires.

In my previous true story, "My Introduction to Fucking", I told of my relationship with the mature married woman and of her husband's approval of us having sex together.

This progressed over time to us having sex in her own car and eventually in her own home. her husband was extremely willing for his wife to take me up into her bedroom and have sex in the comfort of their bed. I have to admit that I was very naive about the importance of the marriage bed. All I was interested in was a good fuck in comfort, which she willingly gave me. She taught me a lot during those months about fingering ... Continue»
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