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Office Revenge

I gasped in surprise as I felt the cock f***e its way into my wet cunt. I knew it was big, but was not expecting it to feel so fucking big. After all, my cunt was not as tight fitting as it used to be when I was younger. I was 50 years old, and had been around the block a bit during my time. I'd been married and divorced 3 times – and to be honest each divorce was my fault entirely – I'd whored myself around quite a bit and acted like a total slut. I'd slept with numerous men and had always been pretty adventurous sexually. I had tried and enjoyed most things – but staying faithful was not s... Continue»
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School Head Mistress Loves It Up Her Part 1

School Head Mistress Loves it Up Her! Part 1

It’s supposed to be a secret but our Head Mistress Miss Sharp has been Fucked by god knows how many lads here over the years! God knows how she has got away with it but we don’t care as she’s our own Cum bucket so we are not going to say anything! Not sure but I think it all started years back when she started seeing this young lad that was here back then! Sometimes when in a class she tells us what she has got up to & such like with School Boys’ Lets just say she has a thing for Young Boys’ When I first got to find out about it all was when my ... Continue»
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Tina the Slut Willingly Services My Friends

Tina the Slut Willingly Services My Friends

(If you met my wife you would think she is the most innocent and proper girl you have ever met, Let me tell you more about her.)

My wife has a great body and the prettiest smile I have ever seen. I swear she has the most extra sensitive clit, tightest and beautiful pussy I have ever played with on a woman. My wife and I have been together for a long time and we still love each other. She does go out for a quick fuck now and then, but she says it’s only to help her learn new things to help us. She tells me she needs to be a... Continue»
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Mrs. Grant and her new Sissy

New Little Sissy

"I'm done planting the flowers Mrs. Grant," I said.

"Justin honey, I swear I have no idea why you keep coming over to do
chores around here."

"I am rich you know just like your Mother, I do have a gardener."

"There's no need for you to do these things."

"Not that I mind paying you, but you certainly can't need the money

"I just like coming over here Mrs. Grant."

She appraised him slowly now, was this a little slip, or was she just
imagining things? Was he actually saying he was attracted to her? No that
was silly, he was only 18 and she was 4... Continue»
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Well; I never expected that !

My name is Jane, I am 40 years old, and would describe myself as being of the athletic type. I work out every day down at the local gym, and have a 38-26-36 body, long shapely legs and short brown hair. Not bad for a woman of my age, even if I say so myself.

It had been quite a few years now since I last had any sex, and had almost forgotten how fantastic it could be until; ................well let me tell you about what happened to me just about a week ago now.

I had just come out of the shower clad only a bath towel around my body and a smaller one around my head, when I heard some unu... Continue»
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The Unexpected (Part 1)

The Unexpected
As a freshman in college I was just finding my way. I was somewhat reserved but I still had women hit on me. I just didn’t find a lot of women my own age attractive. There was a sense of maturity not present, one of the biggest turnoffs for me.
Linda was a light skinned black professor, short and curvaceous who soothingly referred to students as her “babies”. I was often the only male in the class because I was a primary education major which inevitably attracted attention. She spread her attention equally until one day she took notice of my gradually changing app... Continue»
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All Grown Up Now

Part 4

I'm all grown up now I am in my forties and my and mum and I still sl**p together. I have had a few women over the years but no one special so I went onto a dating site and I started chatting to a woman on there for a month.
We got on like a house on fire then one Sunday out of the blue she said about meeting up, so we sorted an evening out that was good mutually and I went round to her house.
I was so nervous I struggled to hold my cup of tea lol but she soon put me at ease.
I surprising even myself, I made the first move and got on my knees in front of her and kisse... Continue»
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Camping Swingers

After our sandy encounters a few years ago we continued to enjoy a hot, sexy holiday anticipating the arrival of our friends. We reserved a campsite next to ours under the shelter of some shady trees. We were quite excited when our friends arrived and we renewed our acquaintance. After setting up their camp we decided on a walk along the beach.

After a short time our conversation turned in the direction of matters sexual and we 'flirted' with each other in a low key manner. The talk about sex, a bit of rubbing and feeling and the undressed bodies on the beach soon had a swelling occurring i... Continue»
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Tracy the vicar part 2

The very next day Tracy phoned me to chat about what had happened and to say that she had not stopped thinking about it and how much it had turned her on. She asked me if I had enjoyed myself and if I wanted to do it again. I said that I thought the fact that I had cum twice with one lot on her lingerie that it was a good indication of how much I had enjoyed it.

We met up a couple of days later at her place and she led me upstairs to where she had laid out some various items of lingerie on her bed and asked me to choose which ones she should wear. I had a good feel of her panties bras basqu... Continue»
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Reconnected And It Happened Unexpectedly

Hi friends this Amruth from Bangalore…I am fan of this site ,about myself am 5’10” in height…,age 30 ,married to beautiful gal ,enjoying healthy sex life with my life partner.. Fun loving guy…easy going, fair in complexion, model type…

I am going to tell one of my incident which had happen few months back and this is my first story in this site……

This story is about how I got reconnected to my junior in my engg. College her name is yonika..She is bit bubbly gal with nice eyes, pink lips, and a good pair of boobs and round
... Continue»
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Lesson Learned

The wife and I have been married for twenty years. It has been good. But like most of you all I have long fantasized about my wife, Susan , fucking another man. Susan has always been very conservative, the way she dresses, the way she acts, everything. She has always been happy to spread her legs and take my seed, but a wild and crazy fuck she is not. But over the years I have pestered her about taking another man and she always blew it off saying that is gross or she is happy with me. The way I had fantasized it happening is we would find the perfect guy, a friend, a guy I work with who was... Continue»
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Her Pants Were Wet.

Claire was at work today and she came home laughing, i said you are in a good mood? she said yes its a good day. i asked why and she said nothing really just a good day.
all week she had this huge grin on her face coming from work? i asked everyday why and everyday she said nothing i'm just happy. i never suspected anything unusual cos she is a happy girl, on the Friday she rang and said she was going to be a little late, that's ok love i am going to the pub for a couple after work also with the lads so meet you at home i will bring the tea in so no hurry home. good she said see you soon.
... Continue»
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College Boys Dream

We are both in our fifties and were going to a party at some friends house, which wasn't very convenient as I had just broken my ankle playing soccer and was in a cast. I struggled out the car on my crutches and slid in the back as it was easier. My wife drove me to the party and when we got thereI sort of settled in to a corner settee and my wife brought me a drink and some snacks. Our friends came over and chatted for a bit then circulated around the room. My wife also circulated but made sure I had a fresh drink. At one point our hosts son who was just nineteen, and just back from first yea... Continue»
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Awesome Experience With Married Woman

Dear friends, I am not mentioning names here(confidential). We respect each other a lot. I respect women & feelings.

Hello i am shadowpndt

Married lady is from sainikpuri, secunderabad… gorgeous, lovely, she maintains structure well, 5.6 in height, 38 32 38 awesome boobs, with big ass anyone would love to die for her.. She has no k**s.

The sex story starts here… we started with chatting at yahoo messenger for hours and started cam chat we use to see each other in cam, liked each other very much.. She asked me whether I have girl friend or not … I told her I use to have & she got marri... Continue»
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Beach Fun

It was early September and i usually try to hit a beach for my birthday treat.

Im a naturist so made my way down to a famous nude beach about five miles away from where i live.

Waiting for the ferry to cross the Harbour entrance i noticed a good looking couple in their car waiting in the queue also, looking like they were beach bound.

I thought nothing more as we all drove onto the ferry in the bright sunshine, gulls screaming and sailing boats passing in the tidal entrance.

I got out of my car, as the chains clanked their way through the ferry ,climbing the steps up to the top ... Continue»
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An African Adventure

Mark opened his eyes, slowly waking up from a deep sl**p. He twisted his whole body and stretched his arms and legs and sucked in a deep breath of fresh air to wake his systems up.
Hmmmmmwoooaaaah Mark yawned and reached for his rock hard morning erection. As soon as he touched it, he felt horny. He scratched his scrotum with his left hand and his beardy stubble on his face with his right hand, like most men do every morning. A little fart espaced from his butthole. Oopsy Mark schuckled…….He wondered: hmmm, shall I masturbate? or wait for Aloea? Aloea was his house or rather hut maid and help... Continue»
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Beach Fun 2

Beach fun ch2


The ice well and truly broken, the air of anticipation was still there, us all being highly charged it seem inevitable that more would could, should happen yet , and we didnt have to wait long Phillippa is a live wire, she gorgeous and very sharp but witty with it, enabling her to get away with whatever she likes, pretty much all of the time.

Both Louis... Continue»
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I'm a CockHero!

I've just discovered the best video game ever. It's kinda like GuitarHero... only different. It's called CockHero... it's a video game for your wiener and it's awesome! Has anyone else played it? I'm addicted. It's not actually a video game... it's porn.

The game is simple enough. Each game (usually around an hour) is made up of several shorter rounds... the rounds are sexy music videos set to a thumping, good stroking beat. The early rounds usually start slow... a pretty girl or two... dressed sexy... dancing to a slow steady beat... maybe one beat per second. Your assignment... should you... Continue»
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It's gonna be like ringing a dinner bell...

I'm smiling so hard my lips hurt. "You're two hours early" I say, trying not to giggle as she glides by me through my just opened door. I'm trying to be cool, I've been talking a lot of shit with this girl online. I want to act hard, but right now I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"I decided not to stop at the hotel before coming over" she tells me. "I freshened up at the airport before picking up my car... don't you like surprises?" She asks with a wicked grin.

Well, yeah, I like surprises... but I can't talk right now because I'm looking at her. I know it's rude to stare... but sh... Continue»
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First meeting off a dating site - true story

I had been talking to this lady on a dating site for about a week and it came to the part about meeting up. I was very keen to meet Meryl as she sounded great and she looked good in her photos.
Right, you had better have a description of her before we go further! Meryl is 49 years old and is about a size 22 but she does look good for her size. She is 5ft 1in tall and her chest is a generous 42HH, all natural. She likes tattoos and has a variety of them all over her body, most in view but a few not! She also has piercings, one of which I know about as she had her tongue pierced and a few other... Continue»
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