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Living in Cockington part 7

I woke up in the morning and found the house empty, Veronica had gone back to work, and the k**s had gone back to school and college, as I worked from home I didn't have any where to go so I just got up and headed down to my office.
After a couple hours I decided to go for a walk, I left the house and set off to parts of the village I hadn't seen yet.
For a hour or so I strolled around the quiet streets of the village until I spotted a cut through between a couple of hedges, so curious I followed it until I found myself standing at the bottom of someone's garden.
Realising my mistake I went... Continue»
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First time with son's 24 yr old college buddi

First time with son’s college friends

I always used to work around the house in my daisy dukes, when my son’s friends (24 ish) would come around to visit him in the evening, I never worried about changing. I love young cock anyway, and the thought of their young dicks getting so hard it would be uncomfortable for them was exciting. I had noticed they would be sitting around drinking beer and talking and his friends would always be staring at me and covering their crotch with their hands or their beer. I would take advantage of this and bend over weeding the flower beds or picking something ... Continue»
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Granny sex in Madeira

I recently returned from a 2 week holiday in Madeira and had to write down a toe curlingly sexy experience that I had.

I am 40 and have always loved older women. Madeira is the ideal holiday destination to see refined, well dressed English ladies over 60. My f****y spent most of the days out and about so I had the opportunity to lie on a lounger round one of the pools in my hotel (next to Reids) to catch the sun and the eye of a few ladies.

On the day in question I founder a lounger in a shaded area and hidden slightly from the pool and others by 2 big palm trees. The reason I sat ther... Continue»
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Visit From an Old Friend

I met an old lady friend at the store the other day. We had a few hot times together many years ago. I asked what she was doing now. She told me that she had retired and did a little work on computers for extra spending money. I told her I was having a problem with mine and she said she would stop by and take a look at it.
A little bit about us. Jen is now 69 with gray hair, she still good looking.She is divorced and has not been with a steady guy in several years. I am 70 married and still horny as hell so when she kissed me at the store parking lot I got an instant boner. We exchanged phone... Continue»
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Something about Sarah

I first saw Sarah when she was 17.She was dating my son. We moved to another state and she moved with us when she turned 18. To describe her, She is 4൓" about 110 lbs. Her body seemed perfect.Long brown hair, a perfectly round ass and amazing C-cup tits. The first time I saw her perfect ass was when I walked by the bathroom and she had her shorts down to go pee. I saw her and she just stood there and let me take it all in. My cock got instantly hard.I went to the other bathroom and stroked out a load. Several times i had to go wake up my son and found her laying on the bed in her bra and panti... Continue»
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My Inner Slut Takes Over

As a girl you learn that guys all want to fuck you. We are told by our mothers, s****rs and society in general that we must keep our own sexual desires in check.

I had always been that kind if woman. I was never a prude but I only had sex with guys that gave me an emotional commitment. As a result I had only had sex with three men in my life including my husband.

Despite how most of us act on the outside we all have what I call our "Inner Slut". This is the part of us that see a hot guy and we just want fuck and suck til... Continue»
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Slut Stripper Fun part one

Slut Stripper fun:

I was at work being my usual flirty self, teasing Adam, one of the young guys in the office. This guy was straight out of college and very confident with the younger girls but he was intimidated by me! Probably it was my curvaceous figure and the tight revealing attire I would adorn! I noticed him on many occasions looking at my figure and one time I was sure I saw some movement in the trouser area after he spent a long time gazing at my tits! You all know I did a bit of stripping and dancing a few years back and I’m sure Adam would have been privy to some of the office g... Continue»
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Rugby Team Parties hard on a slut wife

You read stories about total sluts, but how often do you just happen upon one? Well the lads and I at the local rugby club just did. Our club isn't very big, but we have a members bar and a function room separate from it. Well the other weekend we were down there socialising and drinking (obviously) and there was a party on in the function room. No idea who it was or what they were celebrating. Through the night you'd go the toilet and see some of the people from the party, the young women always catch your attention in their short tight dresses. We'd seen a few we wanted to fuck and were talk... Continue»
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Happy time with Aunt!

I am Shaw, 24 years old, mature lover from Sri Lanka. This is the story of how I had sex with my aunty when she was 39. She is a sex bomb. white colour skin with lil bit chubby curved figure. She is my dad's younger b*o's wife. This was happened in 2012 and I was studying aboard at that time.
I came back to my home for a vacation in mid of 2012. My aunt's and our homes are near by. They don't have c***dren. So they loved being with me. So am I. ;) I loved being with my aunty and watching her. I knew she also had some kind of feeling on me too. When I was in Sri Lanka, my uncle went on a busi... Continue»
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Gang Banging co workers wife at Office Party.

(True story) At our company's Annual end of Summer party I observed my co workers very attractive wife getting d***k as hell on the liquor that was flowing during the party. I must've admit I found Marie very attractive blond blue-eyed late 30s.. they were typical yuppie couple, very conservative .. He was bit arrogant & she bit stuck up, but she was definitely getting hammered and I was watching her as she got plastered. By the time the party was starting to die down I had noticed that Marie had left and made her way to the restroom on the next floor up. I took the opportunity to follow of he... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Proposition

What a waste!

Such was the thought that crossed Rachel's mind as she lay naked atop her bed during the more restless nights. Because Steve had become disinterested, and more and more distant as time went by, she had put herself into raising their daughter right, holding down a career and trying to save her marriage in little ways, like making more of an effort around the house.

It wasn't for the lack of trying. She knew deep down, middle age's greatest fear, that he was having an affair. to his credit he'd had a string of them while she endured their sexless marriage and now he wa... Continue»
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I maried her twice

My first wife Cheryl.
We met at an early age, she was 22 I was 24. both of us were not virgins but I was totally unaware of her sexual history.
we met at a neighborhood bar, she had just turned 21 a cute red she wasn't drop dead hot or anything just an attractive
fun person, at 5'3'' 110 # 34 b I found her sexy as hell and we chatted all night.
I asked her for a date that night for the next weekend and she agreed, I was excited and could not think of anything else and went to work as usual...our town is a small place and there are a few clubs and watering holes around so if y... Continue»
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Sex with an e****t

I did it. Finally I'd picked up the courage and booked an e****t.
Her name was Jane she was 27 and was due to call at 2pm. I'd booked her for 2 hours and hoped it would be money well spent.
I'd seen a picture of her online and just hoped she was as good looking in the flesh.
"Ding Dong"... that was her. Already i was shaking.
I answered the door and beckoned her in. Wow...the picture didn't do her justice. She was a stunning Blonde and was dressed in casual clothes that hugged her very curvy body.
"Hi., you must be John?". " please come and make yourself comfy. Can i get you a drin... Continue»
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Summer Work With Benefits Pt 4

Summer Work with Benefits Part 4

Jill had worn a pair of very baggy shorts and a boat neck halter top. She was wearing a pair of lacy panties and a black pushup bra. Mary was wearing her tennis skirt and a white blouse tied just under her black bra.

“So I hope you have a lot of time, what about the k**s?”

“Oh they are fine I have a babysitter for the night. So this is going to take that long?”

“Oh you never know how long things will take. So I think I am going to talk to John about your situation next time he is here but we have to be clear he is at my place on Thursday and ... Continue»
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Ana enjoys the plumber's company

Anita enjoys the plumber`s company

That morning Victor left early on a business trip and I stayed at home waiting for the plumber, because something was wrong in the kitchen’s sink.
Around eleven there was a knock at the door and I let him in. He was a young, handsome guy, athletic, huge, with a strong shaped torso. I showed him what the matter was in the kitchen and then left him to work on it.

I went to my bedroom and changed into a black skirt and white blouse, no panties at all; I had a glance and the mirror and saw a real horny woman…
As I sat down on the bed I ran my fingers ov... Continue»
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Mom Scared

Mom usually gets scared at night when she sl**ps at night because she thinks there are ghosts that attack her and give her bad dreams. She feels much better when she sl**ps next to someone or has someone in the room with her. My dad use to be there to help with this problem. However, my dad left us two years ago and we have been on our own since. I have been working to help pay the bills. My mom worked part time as well to earn extra money.
One night my my got so scared that she couldn't sl**p so she told me to sl**p next to her in her bed. I was annoyed that I had to sl**p next to her... Continue»
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A Blindfolded Mum At Camp

I was looking forward to the weekend that was coming up, house to myself as my parents were going away for the weekend. The weekend was drawing closer and I got asked if I wanted to go away as my father couldn't make it as of his work commitments. I wouldn't normally have wanted to go as it wasn't my thing, but I knew my mum was looking forward to it, so I decided I would go.
All I knew of the trip away was that it was kind of like camping but a bit posh. Apparently it wasn't tents we was staying in but little log cabins. As I packed my back and loaded up the car I was now kind of looking fo... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XX

“The Harder They Fuck, The Creamier They Cum”, with Bella (based on an art by 100evthepronger), Serge Leonard (based on an erotic art) and Don (based on an Douglas art)

Serge Leonard:
Don (the bottom one):

“So, what the guys would like to do today?”

“We came here to see you, my darling. You are the one that we want”

This was a small part of the chat that happened at a regular house at a midspring afternoon where a mid... Continue»
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studlands best ever

As previously mentioned, I've enjoyed the pleasures that the dunes and beaches of Studland had to offer, but there was one occasion that was above all others. Back then another website mentioned a particular couple who........well read on and you'll see why they were the best doggers of Studland.

This couple indicated their presence by the means of a Citroen pennant flag besides their windbreak. I'd been told by someone else that they were early morning, mid week doggers and to be honest I so wanted to meet them that I made a special effort to 'be passing by' early morning mid week!

Fo... Continue»
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Double Trouble: Mom And Aunt Ellen

Just short of nineteen, being a horny guy was nothing unusual. Chasing after everything of the opposite sex was supposedly normal, what wasn’t so normal was the lust I had for my mom and my aunt. For the past year I’d been having wet dreams about my mother or my aunt. Not that this was unusual for a teen male, but it was not the sort of thing a boy was supposed to do. Especially for me, a skinny awkward k**.
What made matters even worse was the fact that my mother Eve and her s****r Ellen were identical twins. Even people that had known them for years sometimes had trouble telling them apart,... Continue»
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