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Mother/Step-Daughter Swingers Party Part II

Our monthly swinger’s party had gone well for my wife Carol and my step-daughter Angie. Carol was in an upstairs bedroom getting fucked by a young stud and my step-daughter Angie had just been introduced to the joys of lesbian sex. I saw my wife on her way to an upstairs bedroom so she could suck some young Marine’s cock. I later learned this young stud had only started; she was in for another good hour of fucking at best. My step-daughter was in the basement with her head between some dyke’s legs doing God knows what. And here was I alone, with my dick in my hand. My luck changed when I spot... Continue»
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Sharing My GF With An Older Co Worker (True)

This is a true story of mine based on the time I shared my girlfriend Sarah with an older co-worker of mine. Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I suppose I should start by telling you a little about Mark. He has been with our company for thirty years and is kind of a quiet guy but after learning we had a lot in common we quickly became friends. Mark is a HUGE Lynyrd Skynyrd and it shows. Mark is in his fifties but in good shape for his age about five foot six, stocky, long dark and grey hair, goatee and has a couple tattoos on his a... Continue»
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Little Pig Pt. 2

This time of year seasonal cheer was in full swing, you also have those who aren't so happy. Case in point, the two white guys everyone refers to as Grumpy #1 and Grumpy #2. Both guys are in there 50's. They spend most of their time playing cribbage. Well with everyone, for the most part, going outside for yard time, Lil' Pig decided he was going to shower. When he got there Grumpy #1 was showering, with soap in Grumpy's face & his eyes closed it was the perfect time to take a peek. A peek that revealed a nice looking piece of meat. It was clean shaven with no hair.

Once in the sh... Continue»
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Five (5) Short Stories by Pia

Most of you know me, Mariel, and for years I have mentioned my daughter, the precarious and wonderfully uplifting Pia.

Teens are not blank canvases for your fantasies, as many writers try to convey in their stories, yes they can and some will allow that extra step, but more for their own curiosity, than the man's pleasure, but when put together, they are both the same, as from my own experience, I wanted to see the man cum because of who I was, just as much as he wanted to put his seed into something considered i*****l.

I now hand you over to my girl, and through her short stories I hope... Continue»
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Making The Grade by loyalsock

The school was empty as 18-year-old Sharon sat alone in her English Lit class, awaiting the return of her teacher, Mr. Smyth. It being a Friday, the school emptied even quicker than usual, and Sharon,herself! pretty 5 foot 7 blonde senior, doubted anyone, from students to faculty, were still around.

Perhaps some administrators in the main office downstairs, but here on the third floor it was as empty and quiet as a tomb. She was also in danger of not graduating, since she was holding a solid F in this class. She'd been able to use her looks and charm to get decent grades in her other classe... Continue»
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Glory hole

My wife, Tina and I have been together for 20 + years. We meet in college and have had a great life together. k**s are now old enough to let mom and dad go out and not worry about the k**s and returning home early enough to put them to bed.
So our life started to change a bit when the k**s got older. We always had a great sex life.

My wife felt very secure in herself and her needs. I loved her more than ever before and our relationship was better than ever.
Lately she had liked to explore and use sex for fun and not only pleasure. We did role playing and fucked out in public on a couple ... Continue»
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The start of it all

The start

It is so cool to find people that started thinking about sex around the same age I did. As I told you I started thinking about sex and naked women when I was 9, it didn't help me much that I would help my mom put her bra on every morning and I got to see her tits while I waited to help her. I would jack off every morning after helping her with her bra. I would use one of her panties to catch my cum in and then I would put them back in the dirty laundry. No I didn't sniff them just use them to catch my cum. My dick at the time was about 4 inches long but I was very thick guess fr... Continue»
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My girlfirend's mother (part 3)

In parts 1 and 2 I let you all in on my past as a teenager in Salt Lake City and how I had sex with my girlfriend's mother while we were alone. Also, how it turned out I discovered that my girlfriend's parents were closet swingers and had been having sex with the lady next door. The weekend that I house sat while they were at their cabin I discovered all of this and then amazingly I ended up having sex with the neighbor lady. She also let me in on how enormous my girlfriend's father's dick was and that the neighbor lady had been pleasured by him.

Anyway, after I learned all this and my girl... Continue»
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Older woman who tended the chicken farm got lonely

This video reminded me of her, and brought back memories.

I took a summer job with the chicken Co my dad worked for. I helped pick up eggs deliver feed and medication to farms. Many of those farms were in the middle of no where, and those who worked them were woman. Some single some widows and some married. The one woman I remember the most was a single woman about sixty something.
I worked with her picking up eggs and the first shift was at 6 am and the next at 6 pm. I arrived at the farm and s... Continue»
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Mature Woman at the Beach – Another True Sto

Ok, so after the last two stories a few things have happened, but I thought I’d write a quickie about something that happened a couple of years ago first.

Let me just say, before we start, I’ve always been attracted to women. I’ve had several sexual encounters with them, however, never one in her late 40s. I’ve always been attracted to older males (I have daddy issues :) but hadn’t really thought about older women…until this day.

I was 20 years old and on holiday alone. The local beach in the summer is fairly quiet, but not quiet enough to get away with going topless. So, I head for the ... Continue»
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The Triangle Part 1

The Triangle Part 1
By Anonymous

Note: I am not the author. I discovered this story on an different site and felt it needed to be shared. The author never signed it, but the story held me spellbound until I read it all. I did some small editing with spelling and removed some redundancy in sentence structure but by no means did I change the story or the characters personalities. I hope you like it as much as I did.

The story begins;
It's funny that we had never really done anything sexy with each other. Moira had lived across the street from me most of my adolescent and young adult life... Continue»
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Something different ...part 2

He awoke late, he had overslept and his trip into town would be later than he had planned. He showered and still nude he walked by the windows in his flat often, knowing that people in adjoining buildings would if they were looking be able to see him. He then went into the bedroom, he picked up a make up bag and then sat on the bed and from the bag he pulled several bottles of nail polish. He chose a deep red colour, opened the bottle and started to paint each of his toenails. He looked down as the polish dried and smiled, this truly was the start of his new life. he had vowed that whilst in t... Continue»
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My lovely wife impregnated by my friend for real

I’m the husband of Sabine and I like to tell you the story of my lovely wife’s latest natural impregnation.

It started a few months ago at the end of an afterwork party with my mature wife Sabine. Sabine, my mate Thomas and myself were d***k a little bit and just for fun Sabine started to smooch and cuddle around with both of us. Sabine asked me if it’s ok taking Thomas into our home for playing around a bit. I agreed but I wasn’t sure if this idea is good or bad.

At home we s... Continue»
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Sheila and June

I was up in the local pub on Thursday night when i bumped into my neighbour Sheila (67) and her friend June (64). Sheila and June were both well on and i discovered that they had been in the pub since lunchtime. After buying them a drink they decided it was time to hit the road, June was going to be staying at Sheilas. Being a gentleman i walked them back to Sheilas house. Sheila invited me in for a nightcap, which i agreed to. We sat in the kitchen with a bottle of Glenmorangie and talked, June told me about her husband who was away working in West Africa on a regular 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. ... Continue»
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Park Service continues, husbands evening

First let me say:
It is too bad I had to delete the first 2 stories last fall. There was an on-line security problem that required deletion of all my information. So how I met Deb and Betty-- which lead to my Wife meeting Mike and so forth is a bit of lost information. I could re-post it, but I doubt it would be accurate, so please keep in mind this is a journal of actual on going events.

The week end my wife and the other "girls" banned me from being with them was not a loss by any means. I had agreed to the deal anyway so why whine?
I did my maintenance work on Friday and worked as ... Continue»
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Miss Jill Comes to Visit – Part 2

Finally got the inspiration back for continuing this story. The source of the inspiration comes from catching up with an old FWB who always liked to share her fantasies with me. Some I have helped make reality for her, others remain in the fantasy world. Where this story heads now comes from her fantasies though I will continue the characters as they were.

Having spoken to both Jill and Brad for quite a while over the preceding months I knew a lot of what they had previously done but also what Jill wanted to explore further. Jill a... Continue»
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Mrs Crotchy's Daughter by loyalsock

"You vile young pervert! How could you do that to my own mother? Week after week. You're shameless!"

Here I sat in front of Mrs. Crotchy's daughter, receiving the tongue-lashing of my young life---all for something that gave her mother (and me) such pleasure.

As I was finishing up high school, I did more and more odd jobs for some of the nicer old ladies in the neighborhood. Mrs. Crotchy was the nicest. About 66 years old, a widow, with soft silver-gray medium length hair and pale blue eyes. She always had her surprisingly full lips formed into a smile or a sexy O, depending on her mood.... Continue»
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Greg's Milf Surprise

Greg had made arrangements to pick up some old furniture from his high school buddies house for his new apartment. He was all ready to pick it up, when he got a call at the last minute from his roommate to be saying that he'd lost his job, and would have to stay at home for the time being. Greg was already pulling into the driveway when he got the call on his cell phone.

As he pulled up he saw Brenda, his best friends Mom waiting for him in the drive way. She looked at hot as she had five years ago when he was at the house nearly every day. She was a beautiful Scandinavian blonde with grea... Continue»
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After the mountain wank

Three days after my fun on an Austrian mountain I felt like a dip in the local swimming baths. My wife didn't want to come with me so of I trot.

There were few people there which surprised me as it was a hot day. After swimming for 30 minutes or so I got out, picked up a little bag I had with me, walked outside, up a flight of stairs and onto the naturist terrace. Trunks duly removed and towel on the wooden lounger I lay down. The sun felt great on my skin and in a few minutes I had dried of. Reaching into my bag I pulled out the sun cream and started to rub it in the front of my body. Gla... Continue»
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Satellite Installation 3 by loyalsock

Amy opened her eyes and grinned at him. "Does your girlfriend let you fuck her ass?" she asked, in the matter-of-fact tone he was getting accustomed to.

Mickey shook his head. "No...fuck no." He groaned again as she pushed down, slowly taking more of him inside her. He had tried once with Becky before but had got barely an inch inside her before she stopped him. That had been his only experience of anal sex until now.

She smiled. "How does it feel then?"

Mickey nodded. "Fucking incredible. Jesus, so fucking tight." He let his head fall back on the pillow as he tried to block out the p... Continue»
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