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Fun in the sunshine state

Fun in the Sunshine State
My wife(Mary) and me always hear and want to go to Flordia, go to Dayton Beach Bike week beacuse we had heard great time and would be our chance to go to Flordia. So off we went to Dayton Beach to final be in Florida and get to see this bike week. We arrive at our hotel for the week, check in and get luggage to room when Mary say" Let go check this Bad Ass bike week out, see some of the sights." I say "ok"! We start look going through the tent t- shirts for the even... Continue»
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Perfect night

Perfect night

I take my wife out for dinner and after for drinks at a local bar. She's dressed casual showing off a little cleavage. Little does she know I have plans for her tonight. After a few drinks and shots I meet up with a guy at the bar that I set a meet up with. I give a quick intro to the wife that he's an old but I used to work with ages ago and we chat for a while. Before we leave he insists on doing a shot with us and goes and gets a round before we leave. He gets the shots but adds a little something to the wifes shot. We slam it down and head our seperate ways, as far as she ... Continue»
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Summer Job Pt 1

I'd taken a job as a handyman at a caravan site in Wales. Nothing too grand but it suited me fine. Few doors mended, sinks unblocked , the usual that holidaymakers seem to create when they stay over. I'd moved up on my own and was loving the care free life. A few beers in the club bar, the odd trip into the local town for a drink and a walk, but mainly just enjoying doing very little and having time to myself. The first few months had gone by okay, nothing too special to write home about. That , thankfully was about to change.

I'd gone a few days without anything too troublesome to do when... Continue»
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40's spring break

My wife and I decided to take a weekend trip to St. Pete's Florida for a few days. We didn't realize that it was also spring break. So on our first day we were at the pool drinking while these 2 college guys were checking out my wife. Now for 40 and having a few k**s she's still in great shape. 5'6" and 120 with a nice 36b chest. She still wears bikinis, which I love, and I think age still loves to show off her body a little. Anyway, these guys kept looking over and I told my wife there was some interest in her going on. She laughed and said they are too young with a smirk on her face. So as w... Continue»
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hot date

hot times I

I'm home sitting in front of my computer working on estimates completely absorbed in the moment.

Quietly you enter the house and sneak into the kitchen.....grabbing a clean tea towel you silently come up behind me and slowly and gently cover my eyes from behind, tying the ends of the Towel together.....

turning in my chair I stand up, you lead me blindfolded to the bedroom...... you lay me down in anticipation on the bed, you still haven't said a word or anything to give away, your intention...... I can sense some hot vibes....feel myself getting wet

You leave me ... Continue»
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helping hand from Mom's friend


I was 18 years old, still at school and enjoying life to the best of my ability. This particular evening mum and dad had to out for my parents evening, in the old days we pupils weren’t allowed to go with our parents, nor were we allowed by law to be left on our own at home, therefore mum had arranged for one of her friends also her work colleague to come to our house and sit with me.

I knew when they’d left as I could hear them talking at the door, I was upstairs in my bedroom, laid on my bed having a slow leisurely wank. About ten minutes after I noticed out of th... Continue»
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I took my own virginity on uncle's cock

I stood over his d***ken body as he lay there snoring. He lay dressed only in his underpants, the noises of the porno still reverberating of the walls, the smell of his sweatiness, in the heat of the room, sweet and sickly, the **** of the girl being fucked by the numerous black men, against her will, flickering on the big screen, made my own cunny tighten, as my eyes fell on my uncles underpants and the outline of his cock, hard and thick, tempted my resolve for me to reach out and touch it.

I was but a girl of twelve, barely starting on her journey of change in both mind and body, menstru... Continue»
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Craving for Dog Meat: It Runs in the f****y (conti

Young Joy spent the whole week looking forward to getting fucked by her f****y's German Shepherd, Rusty. The thought of her mom's cunt inundated with dog sperm was etched in her mind. She kept repeating bestial scenes in her head and masturbating herself several times a day in the school bathroom to the thought of big dogs fucking petite women. Each day of the school week she spent with a dildo in her pussy, stuffing it in her cunt before she got on the bus and keeping it secured in her white cotton panties for the entire day at school. Her parents wanted her to watch her mom fuck the dog some... Continue»
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The Plumber by loyalsock

Jake was just about finished installing the new hot water heater for Mrs. Drake, as the old one had been leaking like a sieve and must have cost a fortune to run. Jake lit the pilot light and waited for the familiar whoosh that came when the burner fired up. Mrs. Drake leaned around the corner and asked if everything was O.K. “No problem Ma’am, all finished,” Jake said, as he wiped his hand with an old rag hanging from his tool belt. “Be upstairs in a minute!” After gathering up all of his tools, Jake headed out to the truck to make out the bill. After all the parts and labor were included the... Continue»
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The Maid by loyalsock

Mary was depressed. Out of high school for three months now and not one decent job offer. She was getting desperate!!! Her parents were on her back and she couldn’t blame them,underfoot all day and just generally in her mom’s way. As she scanned the want ads for the 23rd time her eye caught sight of an ad she must have missed. It read, “Older widowed lady needs live in female for general household duties and companionship. Will pay top dollar to the right person! Start right away. Call Mrs. Bradford at 555-1534.” Mary reread the ad several times trying to decide if she even wanted to get into ... Continue»
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The Sales Girl by loyalsock

Kathy stood by the front door of Cox Shoe Store waiting for the last few customers of theday leave. It was almost five o’clock and she had a lot to do before Mark picked her up to go tothe movies. As luck would have, however, at five to five another customer walked through the door. Kathy groaned to herself, “Why me?!?” She looked to see if either of the other salesgirlswere free, but no such luck, they were both still showing shoes to the two ladies still seated inthe try on chairs. Kathy moved towards the fiftyish lady who was by now looking at a display ofhigh healed evening shoes and asked... Continue»
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The Librarian by loyalsock

Ryan pushed the heavy cart containing at least on hundred books down the narrow libraryaisles, stopping occasionally to return the volumes to their proper place. To most people rummaging around a bunch of dusty books and periodicals would be a chore to be avoided at all costs, but Ryan was different, he loved feel of the books in his hands, the aroma of old manuscripts filling his nose, but especially the wealth of information found like buried treasure, between the sometimes frayed covers. He was only sixteen, but already he knew what he wanted to do with his life, go to college, major in lib... Continue»
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Ana playing all night long

Ana playing all night long

That Friday afternoon Anita called me from her office, telling me she could hardly think at work. She had been locking herself into the restroom and masturbating wildly during the whole day.
She begged me for some more fun on the weekend. I asked her what to do and she answered whatever I could arrange it would be nice for her….

So I set up one of my favorites, a small group gangbang, with at least three black guys.

Saturday evening passed and about midnight the doorbell rang. Ana went to answer and came back holding the hand of a nice looking young black m... Continue»
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What Katie Did in the Parking Station, by Katie_tt

You couldn’t call what happened between me and Mr Burgess an affair”, because we never really made love, not physically, but what did happen had a very profound effect on my sex life. Exactly how it affected him I would never know.
You may have already read about my inclinations towards exhibitionism, and how I would partly satisfy that urge with role-play with my old friend and lover Alex. (Look for “How I started being an exhibitionist”.) Mr Burgess flickered briefly but brightly into my life shortly after that but I can recall every detail, every feeling, as if it is happening as I w... Continue»
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The seduction......

As the weeks passed it, the sexual tension was immense. Anna had been servicing her son for long enough for it to feel, oddly normal, but it was time things started to develop. Pete and his mother had been remarkably restrained, for the only thing holding the barrier in place between the two of the them was the sense that things could get too strange or too hot. It would either ruin the entire relationship or allow it be swallowed up in a twisted gaping hole to depths of depravity, filth and absolute sexual ruin. Pete had gone over it all in his head but still didn't make sense. Or it did but ... Continue»
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Wife's Confessions

My wife and I decided to get away for a few days. We had no real plan, just kind of drifting, stopping here and there when we saw something interesting. We ended up finding an old dated motel room in a small town. The room really wasn't that bad at all and when we want out for dinner we found an old drive-in theater outside of town that was showing triple-x-rated movies. Sandy was a much for going as I was. At dusk we pulling into the theater. We had our wine, beer and snacks.

The first movie was about a group of middle age, everyday people at a party. Most of the women were waring ... Continue»
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Patience pays off

Sylvia and Tommy had been working at Meyers trucking together for 2 years. Sylvia is a married white female and is 43 years old. She has two grown c***dren who are both away at different colleges. She works as the administrative aid at Meyers and has been there 20 years. Tommy is a 28 year old single Black male, he drives one of the trucks for Meyers and has been working there for 2 years. He also has a side business doing carpentry and cabinet work.

Sylvia and Tommy have become good friends through their work together. Tommy always asks about her f****y, especially her k**s. He always
... Continue»
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Womens Club by loyalsock

The meeting of Conway Street Masturbation Club was just about ready to come to order as President Teddi Graves called for order, "Okay ladies, let's quiet down and get ready for business!!!" The twelve naked females between the ages of 26 and 58 all sat down and waited for Teddi to start the meeting! "It looks like were all here," she began while surveying the crowd, "I guess everybody has the "itch" today!!!" A titter of laughter rolled across the room as the women looked sheepishly at one another, but Teddi quickly asked for order and continued on, "As usual, we have a young man from the l... Continue»
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Old/Young Sex Fantasy.

This will never happen but is a complete fantasy featuring real people.
I have not changed any names. If you know who you are, then you know me inside out.
I hope others will enjoy my delve into the(almost)perfect scenario.

Having just retired I decided it was time to visit some old friends. Rob and I went back some 50 years but it had been 20 years since we had seen each other. I arranged to meet him in Bristol where he had lived more than half his life.
However, also in Bristol, lived an old friend of my daughter. The last time I had seen her was before her worldwide tour several years... Continue»
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Growing Anticipation

It was the beginning of summer. Time for sun and fun was here. Mom and myself had just arrived at
a secluded cabin that my uncle owned by the lake. It was just going to be the two of us for a month.
With as stressful as school was for me and work for her, it was a much needed vacation. The car
pulled to a stop and we got out. I went to the trunk and pulled out the luggage and took it inside.
Mom only took in a couple bags. She was the small type, only 5'2". Long wavy brown hair with deep
brown soulful eyes. She was honestly one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. She just had
one ... Continue»
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