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My Step s****rs are Hot, My Step Mom Hotter

Ever since I was little I was always getting into trouble. I bounced from one school to another before my Dad sent me to military school when I was 8yrs old. He was in the military and had been station around the world. I had enlisted last week to join the Marines and was shipping out to Irag in 6 months after basic training. I had not seen him since I was 8yrs old. He got married about 5 years ago and now had two step daughters. He divorced my mom and had been married twice before he married the 4th wife. He called and told me last week that he was shipping out for 6 months to sea and was una... Continue»
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Math Class - Student vs Teacher

I was new at the school. Only been there for about month before classes started in late August. I was the track coach part time and did not start training for cross country until the end of September. I kept in good shape with flat abs to go along with my 6ft 4 frame. I had to run to keep up with these k**s at the school.

I did not start until 2nd period on Mondays, so I got in early to set up my desk and write my name on the chalk board. The bell rang and the door to my class open. In came each k** and they took a seat alphabetic to there last name. I took a quick roll call around the room... Continue»
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The Hairdresser - Her Husband paid me

It had been 6 months since I received my last haircut. The top was still thin but my sides were getting to be bushy and the length on the back was long and it was just starting to cover my eyes. I had moved about 5 months ago and decide to go and check around town for a new place that was not a barber shop or a over priced hair salon. I stopped in a Vietnamese restaurant in a strip mall about 15 minutes from my house and sat down for lunch when I saw a small building in the back of the restaurant. After lunch I walked over to the building to see what was in there.

It was about noon and the ... Continue»
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Milking My Aunt Brenda

I only had a few weeks of school left. My Mom worked two jobs. She worked long hours and the weekends. I was looking forward after graduation, to spending some alone time with nobody in the house but me. No rules and even better, no adult person around, to tell me what to do. That thought last about a week before my Mom sat me down and explained my Aunt was coming to stay with us for awhile.

I tried to tune my Mom out but she kept talking. My Aunt Brenda was my Mom’s step s****r. They grew up together in a tiny house. They were related but not bl**d related. I had to look that up ... Continue»
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Snowed In - sl**ping with My Aunt

I was heading home for college break and I got a message from my Mom on my cell. She wanted me to stop and see my Aunt Tori. She lived on the other side of town about 45 minutes from our house. Tori had married my Mom b*****r and he was away on a business trip to NYC. We usually get together about twice a year for the holidays. I had not seen them since I went to college 5 years ago. I was hoping to stop and see my Aunt and then head home for a home cook meal. College food can be bad at times and I had about 8 loads of laundry in the back of the Honda.

It was just starting to snow and the r... Continue»
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The welfare queen of the 70's let me sick the

I grew up in the 70's and hit puberty. I remember the songs and stories about the welfare queens. I realized later i knew one of them.
She lived on the other street near the woods. Set of small houses with two bed rooms each, were some poor families lived. One was a single mom who had six k**s. My f****y dropped her off food and clothes from the church. I got ask to run things by to her.
A day off from school for me was a chance to go hunt. I found she would take fish and game at any time. I had shot three rabbits one morning and took them by to her. She ask me in and gave me a hot cup of ... Continue»
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Sue in the garden, teasing builders

In my eyes my wife is absolutely gorgeous. She's 5'5" tall and has a pair of breasts to die for, They are perfectly proportioned to her body she is a little over weight but still in proportion, at times her pussy can be hairy yet in the summer she will shave it all away which is very exciting for me. This is my opinion.

You might wonder why I am waxing lyrical about her in such detail. The reason is that: I still can't believe that I managed to get her for myself. To cut to the chase, we met when she was an innocent 17 year old student. She used to be so coy and shy about her good looks and... Continue»
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In that moment

It keeps happening I can't stop staring at him, his eyes burn through me like laser's setting my hole body on fire. He touches me and my body trembles under his touch, the flirting never ends and the tension continues to grow. Its getting harder to resist the urges and now I know he feels the same way. Torn by my sexual feelings for him, not sure if its his age or the fact I have grown so close to his mother. What ever it is has crippled me making me unable to make the crucial first move, so I often find myself in his presents wanting craving even silently begging in my head... Continue»
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Pregnant posh teen.

A sunny Saturday morning and I woke with a throbbing boner and a bit of a hangocer. Was out with my mates before and had little jiy with the ladies. Lying there stroking my prick and thinking about the 53 year old woman I was chatting to. She lives only a few miles away, a separated BBW, I managed to get her number. She drove me mad with her tight top, 38d titties n black tights. A frenchie goodnight had to do as her mates had a taxi booked home from the pub. Tooearly to ring her I thought, 7:30 in the morning! I wanked my 8 1/2 incher n roared when I eventually shot a huge load. Unusually, ... Continue»
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Ebony Milf and her friend.

I turned up at the house just after lunch, Mrs Williams liked me to trim the bushes and the lawn on the Friday afternoon so it looked good for the weekend.
So like usual I headed around to the back garden and with my trimmer and mower and I started my work.
About an hour later I heard a voice call out to me and looking towards the house I spotted Mrs Williams standing on the decking waving at me, so I quickly put my tools down and strolled over.
Mrs Williams was a hot mature ebony MILF with an amazing fit body, which was in a tight pink bikini that barely held in her large round breasts.
"... Continue»
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Working Late

I am eighteen years old, just finished high school and got this job working nights at this restaurant cleaning up after they close. One of the wait staff will stick around to help with the dining room. This job was not bad, I come in about an hour before they close, start cleaning and by midnight I am done and out of there. Many times we finish early and will sit in the bar and have a few drinks and talk. My favorite person to work with is Shelly. We work really hard and get along really well. We always finish early then sit around talking and have a few drinks.
Shelly is a stunning stra... Continue»
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Not sure how to put this-Mother in Law

The first time I ever met my future mother in law was when my future wife took me to her mum's card shop.

I learned the second time that my MIL (Mother In Law) had a back office being the manager of the shop, if memory serves correct we only went back cos my wife was skint and needed to borrow some money.

The third time we went in, my wife was in a hurry to get back to her 18 month old son.

I can't deny that despite her mum being 50ish and probably a size 20 or more. Being short round and definitely a bbw, that I wasn't attracted to her.

Given it was my birthday I thought my curre... Continue»
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Never let a period stop a chance for good sex.

My good friend waited until he his forty to pick a wife. I called to make sure the wedding invite was not some practical joke. In the call he ask me to be in the wedding and be home few days early.

I took two weeks vacation booked a flight and kept in contact with him. When I arrived I rented a nice car and drove to his house. I had dinner with his bride to be and her f****y. Her maid of honor came by as did some of the others. One girl would register the guest; she was the younger s****r of a brides maid. She got my mind racing when introduced to me.

The rehearsal dinner placed this y... Continue»
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Do You exist?

Maybe not. There is a philosophical movement that preaches that only "I" and, consequently, my experiences are real. Everything else, including other people, trees, furniture etc, are creations of my mind. This is solipsism.

Of course, you reading this article and have awareness of your existence, have sure it exists and that if this theory is correct, I am your creation.

Therefore, to understand better, let's put you (yes, you who is reading this text) as "existing being", to better understand solipsism.

You exist. Me, your f****y, your friends, coworkers, people w... Continue»
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Hotwife and town whore. One man could of never bee

I first spotted my wife to be working at an electronics plant in Texas. I was a shy naive 18 year old boy, her the 21 year old tall sexy divorcee. All I could think about was how hot she was. She gave off fer hones that called to all males letting them know that she was available and willing. She was popular dating every night but usually ending up at my house at the end of the night. I never dreamed of actually getting to fuck those thin tan legs. But after a couple weeks we were d***k at a bar. She cornered me and pressed her hot body against mine her hot d***k mouth pressed against mine. d*... Continue»
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Auntie Jean Rides My Young Cock

I dated a woman for a while and got to know her f****y quite well.One day i was lying in bed at home when i heard the front door open.As i lay there wondering who it was the bedroom door opened and in walked my partners Auntie Jean.She was dressed in a tight blouse,which could hardly contain her ample breasts,a very short leather mini skirt,black stockings and black boots.Before i could open my mouth to say something she came over to the bed and pulled back the covers.I had been playing with my cock just before she came in and she gasped when she saw my stiff cock.I was shocked at what she had... Continue»
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Reunion weekend Day two.....

I was awakened about 700 am the next day by a towel wrapped Maureen. She had just gotten out of the shower, was feeling better and she was HORNY. She told me she wanted eaten. Who am I to say no to hot clean pussy? I slid the covers down and revealed my rising tent and Maureen smiled as she dropped her towel, exposing her huge tits and hairy pussy. She got up on the bed and crawled up my legs, brushing her pussy against my hard cock on her way to my face. She got to my chest and sat back on her haunches and spread her pussy lips stroking the lips with a finger as she closed her eyes and m... Continue»
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Reunion weekend, later that day....

Jane looked at Maureen, and then at me, and asked Maureen again if she was sure? Maureen said “YES, you are my best friend, I know you need to get laid bad, I want you to be safe, and not be hurt. I know he loves you as much as he loves me. I know how good the sex is, and I want you to cum like I do” “Jane looked at Maureen and said she wasn't sure if she cold do this with her watching. Maureen replied that she was ok with her and I having sex, as long as she could be in the same room.
Jane blushed in embarrassment and Maureen commanded me “Danny, you know you want to make her cum, I kn... Continue»
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Devin and Nikki: jb original

Devin padded across the living room floor towards the kitchen. His quest was standing at the cutting board in a billowing shirt and yoga pants that hugged every curve slicing cheese. Wrapping his arms around Nikki’s waist he gently caught a tendril of hair that escaped the pony tail. Gently he removed the elastic freeing the bound tresses. Nikki smiled as he moved the hair and started kissing her neck sending small shivers up and down her spine. He had just showered and smelled, well he smelled like Devin.

His wandering lips moved to her collar bone. He gently nipped causing her to ... Continue»
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Taken & fuckd by my school bus driver when i w

I was a sophomore in a catholic high school, Cardinal Dougherty high school in Philadelphia, PA.. It was a pretty big school, probably about 800 students in the whole school, it was mixed half black half white. Me and my girl Chelsea lived on the other side of town so we rode the school bus to and from school everyday. It was a pretty packed route, but my house was the last stop on the route, which was a whole hour away from school to my house. There were a lot more guys on our bus then there were girls, most of the guys were all the jock cocky senior guys. They would always try and flirt wit... Continue»
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