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Discovering My Love For Milfs

New to this and not exactly a journalist so excuse any poor grammar.
The following is a true story and still makes me horny to this day.

My love for MILFS all started when a new neighbour moved into my neighbourhood. 5 ft 2 blonde hair slightly curvy and gigantic tits. At first being 13 I didn't pay much attention. She had a hubby and 2 young k**s.
Over time she got pally with my mother. I remember one day in the house she was bending over petting my dog and I could see she was wearing a g string- A GSTRING!!! This made me interest in her increase 10 fold. Being 14 I was raging hormones a... Continue»
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Part 12 - The Next Few Years

Just as an update – my wife is 5’0”, 34B, short blond hair, blue eyes and a nice ass. She never wears panties, doesn’t even own a pair.

The next 5 or 6 years we were limited in our activities due to f****y conditions. We could not party with anyone at the house nor could we spend all night out.
My wife would still hook up with her young couple. He was always ready to stay late to fuck her or get a blow job. She was a little more hesitant and did not hook up as often as the guy wanted. But about every month or so she would have a threesome with them in her office after work. He would f... Continue»
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My Evil stepmother part 6.

So after catching me fucking his wife again, my stepmother Melinda, my father moved over sea's indefinitely and Melinda and I were left to our own devices.
We soon were fucking like a regular couple and things were good for a while, then my father cut off the money, and stopped Melinda's credit cards and Melinda had to go to work cause I didn't make enough money to take care of us both and a house.
It take Melinda long though she was in fact a well educated woman and very quickly she got a job in advertising with a big advertising firm and with in a few months she landed a very important big... Continue»
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You win some, You loose some - That's life I


Many of my long time fans have been asking me lately, "Sue, why haven't you posted anything new in so long?" For a while, I have basically been telling people, "I think you have seen just about all there is to see of me...I don't know what else I could show you that is new". This was only partially true.

However, there's actually a reason why I haven't been posting my encounters with strangers lately and it's far more complicated than you may imagine. In the spirit of keeping it "r... Continue»
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Victoria 72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 6 Vicky & Mary

Victoria 72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 6 Vicky & Mary

It had been over a week since Vicky and I were together as we were both busy. She called me and asked if I was ready for her and Mary tomorrow and I said it just so happened I was free and best of all I could spend pretty much all day with them. She was really excited with that aspect and said the she and Mary had plotted a day I would never forget.

I arrived at Vicky's house wearing only a t-shirt and my bathing suit. Before I could ring the bell, they opened the door and greeted me with big wet sloppy kisses. They were wearing matching ba... Continue»
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The New Manager

Eventually Donna got a permanent job at the store, she had been working there in a temporary part time position but now she’d landed a permanent part time position. After she’d been there a good couple of months she was doing an extra two hours when her line manager, Sally, asked if she’d sort out the clothes for the sale in the store room at the back of the store.

She was walking round to the area when Steve caught up with her, “Oh you’re back with us” he said, “Yes and I’m permanent” she replied, “Shame as I’ve got a promotion I leave the day after tomorrow but be careful the new guy does... Continue»
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First time with older man

Even as a woman in my late 30s I was a little shy. I am not a prude but I had only ever had sex within a committed relationship. However, after a difficult and painful breakup I was not ready to date but found myself occupying my time by watching porn. After a few months of browsing and discovering Internet porn I noticed that I was gravitating to videos of older men with younger women. At first I was shocked but then came to embrace this fetish. Watching horny old gandpas was a real turn on for me. The older and the larger the better.

The idea that I might actually want to have sex wi... Continue»
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On the Balcony

I was on vacation with two of my mature female friends. We were sitting around the pool checking out all the young men and women. I saw this one young man starring at me. He looked to be in his early 20's and very good looking. I made eye contact with him and smiled. He waited a little until I smiled again at him and then he approached me. I was surprised because my two lady friends are much better looking than me and have great bodies, which is why I like them. We are all bisexual.
He stood over me and asked me if he could talk to me. I got up and we started to walk slowly away from my frien... Continue»
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I watch you shower yourself with a thickening cock i hang my towel off my now stiff cock to show you the effect you are having on me. I grab another towel to finish drying me the ask you to turn shower off and let me dry you off and pamper you

You turn shower off and step out i wrap the warm soft towel around your body and hold you close and our lips meet and kiss gently and softly. I turn you around and tell to stay there as i start drying you shoulders and back lightly with the warm towel. Down over your hips and bum cheeks butterfly kissibg were i have dried. I ask you turn round and do ... Continue»
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As the swining continues

You probably noted that we took down the national park series.
That was done for several reasons, we noted that the reads were dropping off and we found out the the people we called Mike, Deb and Betty all are planning to return to the area in March. We really never had their permission to post the story and it would seem a distrust if they saw them and did not like the exposure, especially if it endangered their employment.

So we are working up to being with them under the same roof together. This had not worked for us before, but now that we read each others experiences, we decided to t... Continue»
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the most viewed videos of all time

alone in the dark. sitting in front of my computer. naked. looking at the most viewed videos of all time page. it's all moms or step moms. pale skin, plump, soft flesh, big hanging tits. giving hand jobs to younger man.

it's all of us guys. watching the same videos on the same porn site. can't stop masturbating. catching the same disease. slowly getting tuned in to the same fetish. the mom and boy thing is not bad. we are the nice guys. just regular horny. not aware of how all of those hours alone, with our dick in our hand, changes us. mom and boy is where we all end up. what about the gu... Continue»
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Brynnboi and the Oversexed, Married Mouthfucker

Brynnboi and the Oversexed, Married Mouthfucker

Brynn's schooling was online and he had worked far ahead of the normal schedule and he did so because he wanted a lot of free time. He was slender, young, had soft brown eyes, longish brown hair, and, at the time, he stood five-feet-five. He didn't consider himself to be gay because he wasn't into anal sex or kissing and hugging. But, maybe that definition fit because one thing he loved dearly was sucking cock, and lots of it! Simply said, it wasn't hard for a horny male to get his cock into Brynn's mouth or down his queer t... Continue»
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An offer I couldn't refuse.... final part.

June led me to her bedroom. There stood a huge four poster bed, before it sat a chair with a high back. On the back legs of the chair were leather cuffs, on the high back of the chair in the middle was fasten a neck collar.

June saw me looking at the chair, ''It's for sissy boy, I'm going to tie him there and he can watch us fuck our brains out. When we're finished he will be made to lick your cum from my pussy and ass. Yes Peter you're going to claim my virgin ass tonight and clity boy is going to have a ring side seat for the show.''

There was a knock at the door and June said, ''Com... Continue»
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Fucking 3 of my wife's friends

A few years ago I celebrated the New Year by going to bed with 3 of my wife’s friends. I had always been hot for these three girls but my wife at the time was a bit possessive so I never had the chance to check them out if you know what I mean! After celebrating New Year's Eve together, we were feeling no pain! Everyone else was passed out so we all started making out with each other. First kissing, then french kissing, then petting, then rubbing and caressing...then we got so hot and horny that we raced each other to the bedroom and crawled into bed! To begin with, they all took turns wo... Continue»
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Oma amd Opa

Ever since I can remember, I would visit Oma and Opa and spend the night with them. We would all sl**p in the same bed. Oma on the right, Opa on the left, and me in the middle. We would all sl**p naked.

Some times Oma and Opa would get on one side of the bed. They would kiss. Oma would be on the bottom and make the bed bounce. Other times Oma would be on her hands and knees, Opa would be behind her. She would make moaning noises and Opa would be grunting, it sounded like Opa was smacking Oma and the bed would really be shaking and hitting against the wall.

I noticed things about the... Continue»
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Walking in on Daddy

I never stayed out that night like I said I would, instead I had come home after 11pm and got a shock.

Mum was away for the weekend down into Germany with her work colleagues, leaving dad on his own. I announced my arrival as I normally do, by calling out at the front door, with the sound coming from the TV being the only noises I could hear.

I opened the living room door and was immediately greeted with the smell of alcohol, and dad's gentle snoring.
I pushed the door open and my heart leaped, dad was naked, lying full length on the sofa, facing the TV, his clothes lying on a pile on t... Continue»
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My first experience with my own mother came about when I heard her making strange noises from her bedroom one morning. I looked through the crack of the door and she was lying on her back on the bed totally naked with her legs wide open. She was vigorously rubbing between her legs and thrusting her hips in the air. I stood and looked at my mother and realised that she was pleasuring herself. I soon became hard and started touching myself through my trousers. It was so sexy and I became very aroused. Just as she brought herself off, I unfortunately sneezed. She immediately called me into the ro... Continue»
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My lil slut wife sucks off me and my friend

So the other day I was laying in bed hard as a rock and decide I wana to smoke some weed and have my dick sucked only problem was I had no weed so I call a friend and have him bring it to me all while this is happening my is showering not knowing wa
hats goin on I go tell my wife to put on her short skirt with no panties on under and her low cut shirt with no bra on bein the good girl she is. he does so with no question then then a knock at the door she asks who is it at the door I tell her it steve my friend she then says omg is he smoking with come you didn't tell me we were having c... Continue»
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Fuck Buddy - the fun continued

So after our first session where my friend was f***ed to walk along corridors naked (amongst other things), it was pretty clear that she enjoyed being submissive and was open to try new things. A couple of days later i saw her and she said she was keen to meet up regularly. I couldnt see her for any sexual encounters for a week, so set her two tasks to do for my enjoyment. The first was drive to work with her ti*s exposed - not to much as i didnt want to distract other drivers causing an accident and to send me a pic. Which she did. Now she has fabulous ti#s - 36 dd with nipples to die for, s... Continue»
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The last four stories are ones that I wrote in High School

I was working for the school district going from door to door with another person taking a survey on school age k**s when my next adventure happened. I rang the doorbell and a guy answered, yelling to his mom that there was a guy at the door who wanted to borrow her for 3 or 4 hours. She came to the door and what a knockout. She was in her early forties, large breasts, nice legs, and a wonderful Mouth. We asked the normal questions and when leaving I waited for the other person to leave first then I asked what was meant by borrow... Continue»
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