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A new kind of experience by my uncle

The business meeting was stressful. The meetings amounted to a bunch of special interest idiots just trying to get their way. Sandy could not wait to get out of this meeting and get back to her hotel room. A nice bath awaited her. By the end of the meeting, Sandy was more than ready to leave. She packed up her stuff, and started to the elevator. The elevator was packed full of people. Sandy did not enjoy crowded spaces, but she wanted to leave. She fit herself into the elevator and told the person closest to the panel ground floor.

A young woman was standing next to her. She turned to Sandy... Continue»
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Wife's s****r Shocked At What We Did

(this is the aftermath of wife reluctant to be naked etc.). When our wild week-end of discovering just how well my wife got over her reluctance of being naked, (and doing even more), finally ended and we were back home, the following night my wife's s****r and her husband came over for a visit. They live just a few blocks from us and we have had many a night of some fun and games, (none sexual), with them but here lately those nights have gotten a bit rowdier. By that I mean, a bit more drinking than usual. And saying things here and there that could have double meanings, if the recepient to... Continue»
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Dirty MILF Stolen Journal Entry

I spent the weekend at my slut s****r in law's house and started snooping through her computer late one night. I checked her recycle bin and found this journal entry that I'm sure she wanted no one to see. Being near 50, she probably just didn't think to empty the bin. I changed her name to MILF and made up the rest of the names as well. I hope you enjoy. =)

I'm trying to wrap the events of yesterday around my head and I think this is the only way to do it. My trusty journal. I'm not sure if I will delete this or not after I'm done. I guess we'll see at the ... Continue»
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Lesley part 8

The twins were playing football in the garden, giving Lesley time to sit down and relax. It had been a day of mixed emotions and she needed some quiet time to try and clear her head. She had a cup of tea and a biscuit and went upstairs to her bedroom and stripped off the now dirty uniform and through it in the dirty basket. If that garment could talk if would have a serious tale to tell.

She went into the bathroom and ran her bath, returning to the bedroom to get a load of washing ready. She went into the k**s room to pick up any debris and quickly made there beds. There wasn't a lot of me... Continue»
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While the Girlfriend's away...

While I was stationed in Korea, Chuck, a guy I worked with, was living with a Korean girl named Haijin, a dancer from one of the clubs downtown. Haijin was about 5' tall, probably weighed all of 95 pounds fully dressed and sopping wet, with long black hair and brown eyes (like all Korean girls). She had nice-sized tits, not too big, but bigger than average for a Korean, and a truly gorgeous ass.

Chuck used to rave about what a good fuck she was, and how she gave great head. One night, while we were out drinking and carousing, he told me that she was the only Korean girl he knew who really... Continue»
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Mother is my whore

My mother Uma has been a deeply religious lady(at least I have believed so far) until yesterday. What I saw shocked me. My father works in USA in a big form and I live with my mother in our big bunglow. My dad comes once in three months. I am Rahul, a second year student, aged 21. I live in hostel and visit my mother once a week. Uma Devi has her own temple in one part of the house. In this temple she prays and worships God and often has great Gurus and Swamis visiting her. Yesterday I came home and found mother and her Swamiji. Mother asked me to touch Swamiji’s feet and I did. Swamiji was an... Continue»
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Caught Masturbating By Mom

It was a week night and I had school the next day. Mom was laying on the couch in her night shirt and panties. She would usually fall asl**p at some point. This time it was no different. I sat watching a show when I noticed her snore a bit. I looked over at her. Her shirt was fairly thin and her nipples were poking the fabric. My eyes traced down to her panties. I could see some of her black pubic hair spilling out the sides of the front.
It had been a month since she had seduced me and stole my virginity. It was quite an embarrassing thing for me. I had struggled with wondering ... Continue»
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The Longing

The Longing

I know when she's ready. Mya goes quiet and distant and dark for a couple of weeks, she won't let me get close to her then she makes that long distance call from my office with the door closed. When she emerges an hour or so later I can already see a change in her demeanor. It’s like a weight's been lifted from her shoulders and her dark mood seems lifted, she smiles and d****s her arms around my neck, holding me close and kisses me fully on the lips for the first time in weeks. This is the pattern of her life that re-emerges sometimes, it's been almost eight months now a... Continue»
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A MILF in the Night

During my college days I was a very determined person. I had goals for my career I was working hard to fulfill them. Unfortunately that meant that I didn't have much time for dating and girls. For my first year of college, I was in a bit of a dry spell. I had broken up with my high school girlfriend Abby and with the exception of a couple 1 night stands I had not had any sex.

During the spring semester I had gotten a job in an Emergency Room in a hospital near school. Having almost next to no skills, my job was to transport patients back and forth from the ER. Most of my shifts were from 7... Continue»
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MILF gets BLACKED at mall

When you publish a story on here, you have certain categories you can label your story with. One I rarely use in interracial. But a woman recently asked me to write a fantasy for her of a mature woman taking on 2 young black cocks. The story turned out well, and she asked for another one.

It got me thinking. How would a MILF, a mature white woman go about finding a young black stud to anonymously fuck?


Tina knew she looked obscene. That was the whole fucking point. She was 52 and still had... Continue»
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Top 5: 4.

1986 I am stationed in Germany; I am young and handsome, which equals stupid and over-confident. I thought I could get any woman I wanted, what I didn’t know was I was at a place where there were 20 single males to every single woman! (That sucked), I was fighting an uphill battle just to get near a woman.

One evening I was at the NCO Club and I meet a woman, I tried to talk to here but I was getting nowhere, and she knew it, I left the club feeling dejected and angry. The nest day at work I was doing record screenings for a support unit and some soldiers came in for one on ones, to my surp... Continue»
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Slowing becoming a Cuck...what next?

I have not gotten rock hard in over a year and a half. It is a medical condition and it slowing getting better, but it is causing my wife and I to try new things.

We always had good sex, but because of her beliefs it was pretty straight forward. She did not enjoy me going down on her, because she had issue with me kissing and licking her where she pissed. She would give me a little head, normal foreplay (kissing, tit sucking, fingering) but within minutes we were in position to fuck! I could cum quick and go again...rock hard.

But that ended in January last year. I can orgasm now, b... Continue»
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She lay on her stomach on the bed. Pissed as hell. He was sitting on the bed, just after coming out of the shower. She could smell him and how clean he was, but she was still pissed at him. She just stared at her iPod and kept trying to read something online while she tried to ignore him.

Feeling his hand on the back of her leg she snapped her legs shut…holding them tight together. There was no way he was getting any tonight after the stunt that he pulled earlier today.

But he was relentless. He was not going to be rejected. She just kept reading, giving him the silent treatment. So his ... Continue»
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What Katie did on the Balcony. By katie_tt

I’ve written about how I used to role-play at being an exhibitionist with my old friend Alex (“How I Started Being an Exhibitionist”) and told you about my minor teasing in public places and my fantasy about making love in public (“What Katie Did in the Parking Station”). In the second post I described how I shamelessly teased Mr Burgess who lives across the road from me. I promised I would tell you how things ended up with me and Mr Burgess, and here it is. And it is not a fantasy.
It is a week after the non-event in the parking station. It is another warm autumn day in Sydne... Continue»
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The one night that turned into a steamy affair

It all started the day my best friend phoned me for a favour, my friend and her mother were going away for a spa weekend.... That wasn't a problem the problem was there was no one to look after her younger siblings as her aunt had taken unwell and let them down at the last minute. My friends father worked till 9 or 10 most nights as he owned a very successful haulage company. So my friend asked would I be able to stay at her parents house and look after them, the two k**s were 5 and 2 and I loved them like they were my own siblings, my friend and I are both 21 and had known each other pract... Continue»
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My Biggest regret

My biggest regret.

My name Sally Andrews I’m 42 years of age and have a son of 16 years named Kevin,
I have been married for over 20 years to Tom but we are currently separated due to my husband having an affair with one of our best friends wife,
My son still see’s his father every week so we have time to talk about our son when he come’s,

I think he would like us to get back together as he tells me the affair is over,
I still cannot forgive him for what he has done to me and as yet but we are working on it,
My son would love us to get back together and be a f****y again.

Befo... Continue»
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My horny neighbor's daughter (part two)

"Honey, this isn't what it looks like." Mrs. West stuttered but even I, in the same position as her, found that as a feeble excuse.

"Mom, you're trying to fuck Jackson! And didn't think to even check if I was around!" Julie was pissed off, but she was justified in being so. But when I looked at her I was shocked by her, she went to the bathroom to clean up but she must have came out in a hurry.

She wasn't wearing her shirt, letting her chest be free to see.

"Honey, please. I wasn't going to have sex with Jackson." She stood up and pulled her shirt up to hide her breasts.

I sat ther... Continue»
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me and her

As I sat at home with my Flesh light in hand I began to use it for my 9 inch cock slowly stroking. Intensely I begin to do it more rapidly until about a half an hour later I was done. I wish she was here. At this time I was wondering if my friend was doing so I Text her she text back I can't talk right now in the middle of something. I know what that something was she was up there with her dolphin on her clit rubbing her swollen pink pussy. This was a slow intense process. As she rubbed a little harder. Now at this time she put her dolphin deep down inside her swollen pink pussy after a... Continue»
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My Sexual Adventures: Seducing My Hair Stylist

When I was younger I had a crush on the guy that cut my hair. He was in his thirties, was short at only about 5'6, and was athletically slim. He had very dark hair that was cut short and always immaculately styled, a nice thick mustache and a permanent five-O-clock shadow. An olive complexion along with his last name led me to believe that he was of Italian decent. His shirts were always open at the collar which allowed a copious amount of chest hair to be visible, and he always wore tight, stretchy dress slacks that made his soft package, while not huge, definitely noticeable.

About the t... Continue»
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Paying The Babysitter

It had not been a good evening. I was dressed up to the nines and was
looking my best. I'd drawn £100 from the bank and had headed out for my
date. It had been a year, or very nearly, since my wife had walked out
leaving me with our 3 year old son and I had been very much hoping that
tonight would be my night. Of course, she didn't turn up. I returned
home early, parked the car in the garage, and made my way past the back
window of my house toward the back door.

I stopped suddenly as I passed a gap between the curtains. Unsure as to
what I'd seen I looked through the gap. Fi... Continue»
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