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The First Time

Here’s a little something I dreamed the other night while sl**ping with my girlfriend! Couldn't resist myself and had to write it down, hope you enjoy it!

I parked the car in the nearly empty lot. It was Sunday and the only cars around belonged to the mall’s maintenance staff, security guards, and possibly people who might be in the nearby lake.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my girlfriend, looking her in the eye. “I don’t want you to feel f***ed to anything…”

“Hush now… I guarantee you I want to do this… And not just for you…” She replied with a playful smile.

We wa... Continue»
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had his way with me outdoors

Longing for a nice hot cock in my ass, I posted a personal add on one of those NSA sex sites,thinking this would probably take all day for someone to reply I received a response all most immediately, he turned out to be a nice middle aged truck driver from the mid west killing some time on a lay over, Well me being as horny as I was I didn't really go through the regular screening process that the site I was on required, I agreed to meet up with him where he had parked his truck for the night. Which he told me was a nice little out of the way area where no one would bother us if and when it ... Continue»
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Shagging My Partners Milf Boss

We hadn't fucked for a few weeks so i messaged her and she said we could meet up before she started work.She let me in through the backdoor to her shop and i was immediately turned on as she was wearing the full business womans outfit.Long sleeved white shirt,Suit,Skirt(Which was much longer than what she normally wore)and high-heeled shoes.I wanted to fuck her there and then,fortunately she obviously felt the same.She dragged me in to the back alley-way and pushing me against the wall grabbed my dick.

"Your ready for it as usual.Be careful though as i have a very important meeting later so... Continue»
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The Girl From The Pub

It started off as a simple greeting to a pretty girl serving in a quiet pub. She gave me a lovely smile when asking what I wanted to drink and when she walked away from the bar to pour the wine I ordered I couldn't help seeing and admiring her figure. Dressed in a pair of denim shorts, black tights and a crop top she was certainly a refreshing sight after the crap day I'd just had. After I had paid for the drink she came back and seemed happy to chat, perhaps she was bored and I certainly needed to distract myself from todays work explosion.

I had resigned my job that day, was annoyed, sad ... Continue»
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Church helper

I was in my local church last Sunday and after the congregation had gone home I was helping to put all the books away, when Caroline a regular in church since the year dot, asked me if I'd help her sort out for a Christening later that day. As we were the only people in church I said I would. Caroline was 72, 5'5", long dark hair, slim,she was wearing a white top with black pants.

We continued to clear up when she asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, "Yes" I replied, so she locked up and we went in the back. I asked her where her husband was and she said "He's too busy on the council", she sa... Continue»
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The old man in the bus stop

It was early morning 06:35 to be exact, and in the middle of Winter, minus 20C, so how he even managed to get it hard, was a wonder, but shooting onto my coat, well that was pretty fucked up, but I knew who he was, even the smell of his semen, yes I was that kind of girl.

I was at junior secondary, which was 30km from where I stayed, and it took an hour by bus, hence my early rise and long bus journey. I came to the same bus stop every morning at the same time, and yes he started showing up, but never got on the bus, so I thought he was working at another part in town and took a different b... Continue»
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Married co-worker part 3

We kissed with me still inside her with her head turned backwards for..well, shit, i have no idea how long but I know it was long enough that we got to a point where we were still except our heads and wandering hands. I could feel her pussy still rhythmically gripping and releasing my dick kind of like an orgasm aftershock. we disengaged long enough to look at each other. I was still in awe at how sexy her body was. She was not a model type by any means. Very feminine though. I'm not even a guy with a breast fetish per say but hers were magnificent and she had just enough curves elsewhere ... Continue»
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Me and My Mom ~ Part 1

This story is fictional story based on real events, names have been changed.

My name is Davis, when I was 15 I had an amazing time with my mom. My dad was loaded so we lived in a huge house, he was always on “business trips” and my mom would stay out with her friends for hours most days. That day was one of those days, my Dad was in Germany (I later found out he was there to view the local women), my Mom was out with friends, and my b*****r and s****r where at college. So when I came home from school I was alone in our house. By the time 2:00 PM had hit I was bored and decided to masturbate... Continue»
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The seductive lover

How I would love you to sit me on a chair and tie my hands behind my back as you gracefully strip for me your perfect figure, luscious hair, beautiful tits and elegant pussy come into my view! There's is one thing I can promise you, you won't need to give me a blowjob to get my cock hard it will be throbbing! Pulsating and extending to lengths and girths I've never had before!!

As your tongue slides up my cock it will throb with pleasure! How I would love to you tease my tip kissing my head as you feel my cock turning into an iron rod it's so hard!

You stretch your mouth open and sta... Continue»
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Fucking A Blonde Milf BBW

I regularly visit a second-hand shop and one of the women in there always catches my eye.She is in her early fifties,has blonde hair,a nice firm butt and massive tits.One day i went in there close to closing time and she really caught my attention as she had a long flowing skirt on that was showing the curves of her butt off and she had a white blouse on that was bursting at the buttons.She was definitely not happy with her figure and not afraid to flaunt it.My cock immediately began to harden which i didn't mind as i hoped she would notice my bulge and want to sample it.When she said is there... Continue»
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Mother in-law secretly watches me cum

My wife and I live in a gated town home community. It has its benefits and its disadvantages. One benefit is a residents pool and fitness center. A disadvantage extremely nosy, retired neighbors.
But most of the time it is a very nice place to live.

When this incident took place I was 35 years old my mother in law would be 57 that fall.

Every morning May through August there are water aerobics classes offered at our pool. A 7am class and 10Am class. My mother in law lives about 10 miles from us and preferred to go to the 7am class.
After her class she would stop by for a chat and some... Continue»
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My Nurse, My Husband, and Me II

Disclaimer: I am not a writer so please be nice in your criticism, but constructive guidance is welcomed. This is only the 2nd time I have ever written. This story may be true or not true, you decide. But we have received some nice comments and private messages asking for more. Thank you for you comments.

Since it has been several months since we posted the first chapter. Please read part 1 first,

We are blessed as our just continue to get better, who ever thought that getting older was a bad thing didn’t know how to live and ... Continue»
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The Telephone guys

The telephone weren't working, none in the street were, so after ringing up to complain, eventually they turned up. 2 guys were sorting it out and I had to go out. Ours was the last one to be fixed and when the guys came to the house, Donna let them in to do their job. Finishing she asked them if they'd like a drink, they said they would.

As the three of them were sat at the table, Donna suddenly asked them to check the line in our bedroom. She went upstairs and they followed her. As they check the line and the apparatus she sat on the bed, when they finished they sat on the bed next to her... Continue»
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Wife's Work collegue

Donna works part time at a store in town and she's always talking about this attractive 60 year old woman called Sally, she likes the same type of music I do and wants to come up to ours to listen to some different stuff, I told her to invite her up after your shift ends on Sunday. The following Sunday I went to pick her up and there was Sally.

She followed us up to our house, we got a drink and was sat on the sofa talking. she was 62, 5'6", 12 stone and quite a big girl, she was widowed a few years ago and is waiting for her retirement when it comes she's going to move closer to her f****y... Continue»
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The shop assistant

the wife had gone to work and I had to do some shopping, unfortunately I had to go to an area that is known as 'chav towers', it's a rough area but it's the only store that sells stuff we want. As soon as I stepped in I knew it was rough. Getting my basket I was going round the store and crossing off off my list, when I saw this girl she was beautiful, young and chavvy.

Then I saw her boyfriend, he looked menacing, as I was looking at this girl a male assistant came up to me and said "She's unavailable pal", "mmmmmmm" I said, he said "I can help you with your shopping if you'd like me to", ... Continue»
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An Affair to Remember

I loved the excitement of my secret affair. I couldn’t get enough. And that was the problem…

My affair with Dan started innocently enough in an online chat room and blossomed into a series of steamy encounters. I looked forward to our daily emails and chats and longed for the times when we met. But, in the eight months since we had known one another, we only been alone a few times.

Dan and I, both married to other people, always met in public places. The coffee shops, restaurants, beaches and public pools we frequented together afforded little privacy. Our physical relationship w... Continue»
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My Second Time With Judy

Weeks went by and I didn't hear from Judy. I was beginning to think it was just one of things, an alcohol induced encounter. One day out of the blue I got a text from her. It began as idle chit chat, then she asked me if I could get away for a bit. I told her I could and she said she would text me in about 45 minutes where to meet her. I patiently waited for her text. When I finally got her text I loaded the address into my phones gps and started to drive. It showed she was about 30 miles up the highway. I drove and about 40 minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of a f****y run motel. I ... Continue»
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True Story: swinging and pushing the limits

Our few swinging experiences had gone pretty well so Jane decided to push our limits. She had wild fantasies. I was excited and a little afraid of what fantasy she would try to bring to life next. I never expected her to act on the fantasy that she did.

Please see my previous true story about Jane to get a little back story on how we did things.

It took a while for Jane to find this couple. Like before, I was willing to be surprised and trusted her judgmen... Continue»
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My Slut Mom

I knew I had to hold out just a little longer, I made a few more very hard, very deep thrust and finally mom started to shake and buck as she screamed out and her pussy clamped tight around my cock. I exploded coating mom's insides with my seed. We were both out of breath as we always were after our sex sessions. We laid there together, my cock deflating inside her warm, wet pussy catching our breath and enjoying the after glow. This is something we have done for five or six years now. "Wow mom! That was incredible. You are an amazing lover." I said. "Well thanks, I have always got good revi... Continue»
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Billy helps Jennys mom move in.

Billy is eightteen and riding home from the ball field on his bike. Little girl flagged him down and ask, WILL YOU HELP MY MOMMY?. he followed her to the Door, MOMMY, HE SAID YES!! quit yelling jenny. If you can hear me I am in here.
Billy finds her leg hanging through the ceiling and her body in the attic. putting boxes up there she stepped on the ceiling and it broke. She was stuck and her leg could not be pulled up. Billy ran in the room and broke the wood sticking her legs. helped her up and out of the attic. Helped her to the bed and looked for cuts. jenny was pretty upset and worried a... Continue»
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