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Chris's hard Choices Index-4

Chris awoke early the next morning with his lovely mother and aunt lying on each side of him. He lay there replaying the events of the previous night over in his mind. He never realized how wild his mom could be. He knew his Aunt Leah was a little wild but never in a million years would he have guessed his mom was too.

He started thinking back to last night when suddenly he was startled back to reality. The doorbell was ringing. Gently shaking his mother he told her. "Mom, wake up. Someone is at the door."

When she woke up, Carolyn suddenly remembered what happened last night. She though... Continue»
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Kathy's free house

Kathy’s mom and dad were going out for the night, so she had invited her friend Melissa over to stay and keep her company. At fifteen they had known each other for most of their lives.
Melissa arrived just as Kathy’s parents were leaving, and after getting the usual instructions of what to do and what not to do, Melissa put her overnight bag in Kathy’s room, the plan was that Melissa would use the blow up bed, on the floor.
The two girls settled in to watch the TV, American idol was on, they were watching for around half an hour when Kathy went in to the kitchen. She brought back two beers, ... Continue»
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How I met BBW Shelley

It was in Philadelphia on business eating at an Applebees myself. Shelley was sitting a few tables away with a gilfriend. She sent a drink over to my table. When the waitress pointed out who had bought me the drink I looked at Shelley, she gave me a beautiful smile and winked at me. I walked over and asked if I could join them. She said of course. So I had dinner with her and her friend Tammy. When dinner was over I picked up the check. Tammy was kind of a third wheel and we really could not get to where I wanted to in the conversation. After I paid the bill I asked Shelley if she would like t... Continue»
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By Amanda Wrighter


Karen Burke’s Apartment
6:15 PM


Thirteen year old Janet Burke stood just over four and a half feet tall…half a head shorter than her own mother. Unlike her mother though, she had reddish blonde hair that she wore down…bangs often times covering her brows. Unlike her younger s****r who always had her own hair yanked back in a vicious ponytail, she preferred to let her own swing free…but that wasn’t the... Continue»
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Chris's hard Choices Index-5

Chris's first weekend at home was great, his mom and Lea made sure his cock stayed wet, either with their mouth, or with their cunts. Today was Monday and they both had to work, and for once his life, he was glad to have the day to rest from sex.

His life was looking up, he had movement in his legs but needed help in strengthening them. He decided to call Maria (his physical ther****t) and see if she could give him a helping hand. Once he had her on the phone, he began explaining to her what he wanted. "I need some help but I don't want anyone to know what's going on. I needed to talk to so... Continue»
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My Best American BBC

Sam, my husband, promised me a special steamy night, and asked me to dress up extra nice and sexy. I love to make Sam happy, so I really wanted to look super hot for him. I took a nice long shower, spent a lot of time doing my hair and nails, and carefully did my makeup. Of course, I shaved my legs and groin area really well too! I checked myself out in the bathroom mirror, and then slinked into our bedroom to show off my primping to Sam. He was sitting on the bed, so I stood a few feet in front of him to let him get a good look at me.

"What ya think?" I asked as I dropped my robe to expose... Continue»
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Chris's hard Choices Index-2

Chris awoke the next morning thinking he had had the most wonderful dream. It didn't take long before he realized last night was not a dream and it was real, his mother had actually jacked him off. He did not remember when she left but he knew she would be back because today he started physical therapy. Yet, he wondered how she would act towards him after last night. What would he say to her? He knew things would be different now but he wanted more, he just hoped his mother would to.

Carolyn stared at the bathroom mirror trying to get ready to go to the hospital. She was as nervous as a cat... Continue»
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Chris's hard Choices Index-3

Prologue; for those who have not read the first two chapters I will give you a quick synopsis. Chris is a young man who was injured in a car accident and while at the hospital he has many sexual adventures with the hospital staff, his girlfriend, and his mom.

This story is purely fictional. It is just a fantasy story not to be a realistic in any form.

The rest of Chris's stay in the hospital was normal aside from the daily blowjob or quick fuck from one of the nurse's or his girlfriend. If not for the fact that he was paralyzed from the waist down he would have thought he had died in gon... Continue»
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Not Wendys Delivery

This is the original story, a copy can be found on other profiles.

Wendy was angry with herself for not dealing with the issue faster. The washing machine had broken down a week ago, the repairman a short balding smelly piece of useless manhood, was big on promises but delivered nothing apart from frustration and a broken washing machine. She now sat at the kitchen table with a glass of Chardonnay in a loose top and “daisy duke” type jean material shorts and little else as her underwear and a substantial part of her casual ware was waiting for the delivery of a new washing machine today.
... Continue»
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MILF Next Door

I am a geek, always have been, always will be. I am not good with girls or very good looking. I am short and chubby. So I have been picked on a lot by bullies. My neighbor is one of the bullies that beat my ass on a regular basis. He was a jock, as was his whole f****y. He would nice to me every so often, but get him around some guys and he turns into a dick. He had a dick b*****r too. And a couple of hot s****rs, they were stuck up most of the time. His dad was a dick too. The mom on the other hand, was not too bad. She was not very friendly towards me, but not mean.
Her name was Loni a... Continue»
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When The World Changed

If you have read my profile, you know about me. If you haven't, don't be lazy. Read it! But if you can't be bothered, the snapshot is married a long time, 50s, great woman, no so great sex.

f****y life puts so much pressure on you as a couple that sometimes you drift apart while you are just trying to keep the f****y together. Ironic huh? This is a story about what I did in 1999. It was a turning point in how I understand my own sexuality.

In August 1999 my wife and I bought our first PC. This was a time of dial up Internet and clunky digital cameras. The cover for buying the PC was wor... Continue»
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Two mature white ladies bbc weekend adventure2!

My white wife is, 42DD-35-41, all natural, curvy, large clearly visible pussy lips, long blonde hair, blue eyed gorgeous mature woman. Her best friend is Elaine, she's white, roughly 38DD-32-38, all natural, curvy, brown eyed beautiful brunette. Both ladies have a full bush, breasts (my wife's breast veins show through, catches most guys attention) hang down with nipples facing straight down. Wife and I have been visiting an adult nude campsite for years. My wife likes to hook up with a man (black preferably) about every 6 months or so, her friend Elaine has never been with a black man, few me... Continue»
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Greek statues photographed

After retiring I was at a bit of a loss as to how to fill my time and a friend suggested going to the University of the 3rd Age meetings and after checking the dates online I decided to go to the next one. On arrival one of the organisers explained to me how the U3A operates and gave me some leaflets about the special interest groups. The speaker invited that day gave a talk on 18th century pottery decoration which sounds extremely boring but I found it interesting as I like visiting antique shops.
Reading the leaflets I discovered that there were an Artists group and a Photographic group. ... Continue»
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Mommy's Time for a Massage

"Don. Come here. It's massage time."

The young man rose from the couch, flicked the television off, and trudged up the stairs to his mother's bedroom. As he entered the room, he approached a large king sized bed covered by a bedspread imprinted with little lilac flowers. His mother lay face down on the bed, a beach towel over her buttocks. The rest of her was bare.

This activity had started a couple of years ago. Don was sixteen at the time and his Dad had recently died. Don's mother Lilly had been devastated with her loss and the stress had built up to the point where headaches were a g... Continue»
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Sexual Awakenings with a Mature Couple

I've been wanting to write this story for a while now, as thinking about what happened the first time I met John & Linda really turns me on and I hope it turns you guys on too!

I'm a 40yr old man, living in the UK and separated from my wife. This story took place around 12mths ago, just as me and my wife were splitting, although it had nothing to do with that. I love sex, always have, and what has happened during the last year has really awakened some hidden feeling that I'd never acted upon before or even knew were there. I watch a lot of different genres of pornography on this website,... Continue»
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There She Was

There she was.

As a young man she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. She was the subject of every fantasy, every naughty dream and every relieved hardon.

At 26 my step fathers s****r was a good 11 years older than me but that did not stop me hoping that she saw in me everything I saw in her.
How I would look forward to those moments when she would stay over and I would hope for a glimpse of her in a state of undress or even better that she may decide to sneak into my room and slip of her clothes.

It would remain nothing but a fantasy.

My mother and step father went there ... Continue»
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Fucking before church

"How about a quickie?" I ask.

She's just out of the shower, getting ready to go to church. She's gotten as far as putting on her (40DD) bra, but is wearing nothing else. She's standing in front of her dresser, starting to rummage around for a pair of panties or something.

I don't wait for an answer but just push her up against her dresser. She gives a startled little cry but offers no real resistance. I push on her head to bend her over. She braces herself with her arms on the top of the dresser. Our eyes meet in the reflection of the big mirror.

"I need some cunt," I say.

"Take it... Continue»
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The real story of Mrs Wach

I was a teenager when Mrs Wach started chasing me. I wasn't attracted to her at first. She was about 5'3" and around 200 pounds. She was a heavy smoker and she liked to party. I on the other hand was a semi-jock who played sports. I was pretty lean at 5'9". I wrestled at 148 pounds. But she would often tell me how cute and handsome I was. She wanted me to be her boyfriend. I asked her how that would be possible seeing as she was married and about twenty years older than me. She responded that her husband was useless. Plus she added she wasn't a regular mom. So over the ... Continue»
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hiding in the wardrobe

How did I get myself into this position, I was sitting inside my own wardrobe, looking through the smoked glass door at my husband Joe, how was being seduced, by a sixteen year old.
He had been going on about it for ages, how she made advances towards him all the time, any time they were in the same room she always seemed to be dressed provocatively, how she’d linger if they touched, how she’d smile at him and lick her lips in a seductive manner.
I had told him he was dreaming, a sixteen year old wouldn’t show interest in a forty year old man, let alone Joe. However the idea had lead to some... Continue»
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Licking Linda

Returning home from work one day I found Linda, a neighbour in her late 50s, leaning against the kitchen doorway telling my wife Jean how another of her husband's get rich schemes had failed. I was standing behind her listening to her problems and put my hands on her shoulders intending to move her out of the way so I could get past but instead started massaging her shoulders. After about 10 mins I moved my hands down to her waist to move her and she jumped in surprise. It was several weeks later that Jean said Linda had been over and told her my massaging had made her feel better after the ar... Continue»
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