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f****y Wife

She hummed and moaned as the fleshy shaft moved in and
out of her sensitive velvet tunnel. As it swelled and
then pulsed hotly inside of her, tingles spread out
around her crotch, but the explosion of pleasure did not
come. She wasn't concerned. That would get taken care of

Her husband rolled off and was immediately snoring, the
usual outcome of his ejaculation. She slid over to the
next sl**ping mat in the f****y communal sl**ping area
and was quickly mounted by her husband's older b*****r.
He was erect from listening to the coupling next to him,
knowing his turn... Continue»
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Fucking My Friend's Mom

I don't know Jenny, it's just like he doesn't care
about me anymore. He's more worried about his job. When
we have sex, he only takes care of himself and then he
goes to sl**p. I haven't had an orgasm in years."

My ears went on full alert when I heard this. I have
been trying to find a way to fuck Mrs. Hudson since I
was 13. She has been my fantasy when I jack off or have
sex for years.

Mrs. Hudson, or Stacy, as she liked to be called, is 36,
about 5'4", and looks to be a 36"-24"-36". She has
beautiful dark brown hair and a face that makes her look
10 years younger. Sh... Continue»
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Pussy Pleasures

As I rested myself into the soothing hot tub, I heard a voice call me. I had just entered the hot tub with my drink only moments ago. Since I didn't want to exit the nice hot water immediately, I answered, "I'm here in the hot tub."

This tub is in the backyard. The voice was coming from the front of the house and sounded like that of my neighbor. In a few seconds I saw my 19 year-old neighbor, Mary, come around the side of the house and walk up to the tub. I had just placed my towel on the side of the hot tub and slid into the tub with only a drink in my hand, the bottle on the ledge, and ... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Mother

I grew up knowing Trevor and his parents and siblings since I was five years of age. We grew up as k**s tend to do along with changing of times Trevor's parents found themselves divorced when were around the age of 19.

Trevor and I found ourselves enjoying the bar life when we became of age. Loved the new attention of women and I found a new talent, Karaoke. I was a good singer and that impressed the women. Trevor bragged to his mother one day just how good I was and that she should go sometime just to get out of the house. She decided to go one night and this story is how I learned the fac... Continue»
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How real are those Mom-son Videos - A research art

Lets face it. We love porn. All of us and I am no exception.
I started watching people fuck each other silly quite early in life and since then my fetish has only grown. All my relationships so far are based upon what sex positions and fetishes I can enact with my partners.
But more recently the porn has changed. We see lot of mom-son role plays and that has always made me curious.
While you can tell when Ava Devine plays a slutty mom, it is hard to guess when complete amateurs play that fantasy on the screen. Through grainy, hand held cameras you can tell that the woman has never has her... Continue»
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Former Student Matures into Hot Nymph

I used to teach high school and the parade of hot young girls never stopped. Of course 18 is the legal age of consent and they could not be students if you wanted to have sex with any of them. Though I might have fantasized about it I never touched one of my students. One particular student was not that attractive in high school she was not one of the girls that wanted to show off her budding young body. Krystal was peculiar in an emo type of way. I was visiting a hospital in the area about 10 years after Krystal graduated. I was no longer a teacher and she was a grown woman in a job as ... Continue»
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Saving Daddy!

My name is Candice but everyone calls me Candy and this is a story about how I saved my Daddy from making a terrible mistake.
You see my mom had died a few months back. I was extremely sad that she had died so suddenly. My Dad was devastated but as time went by he seemed to settle into a new life which focused on his work. I would check in on him once a week or so but other than that I went on about my life.
Then it happened one Saturday I stopped by and my Dad had company. It was a woman just a little older than me. I was shocked... Continue»
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A Peek Into My Diary:True Story (How We Met)

The feeling of being unfulfilled had captured me. Here I was beautiful, married, successful, and yet lonely. A combination of circumstances that I never thought in a million years that I would have to own. But I did! It's amazing how one lonely desire can lead you on a wild and crazy journey. Let me tell you my story.

Part One:

It was a typical morning in the house. As usual, I was awakened by the sound of keys dangling from my husband's hand along with the sound of his shoes pounding across the floor. He was fully dressed and headed out to get into whatever he had planned to do for that... Continue»
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Grits and groceries

It was a typical summer Saturday afternoon, the sun beaming down, the wind almost nonexistent, just a lazy day. I hated to get up, but I needed groceries bad, as the fridge was about bare.

I dragged myself from bed and took a quick hot shower, which woke me up and sharpened my senses as well. I threw on some hoop shorts and my Piston's jersey, my Nike flip flops and headed out the door.

I jumped in the ride and headed to the store. It was busy, all the parking spots filled, so I had to drive around a bit before resigning myself to the fact that there were no spots close to the entrance.
... Continue»
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"Am I a stalker?" I said outloud to myself as I sat outside in my car down the street from Lani's house. I might be. It's not your typical rhetorical or hypothetical question. I miss her. Really, REALLY miss her. But I can only blame myself for my misfortunes. Sometimes you can only appreciate something after it's gone. It's a very painful price to pay.

As you may have figured out, Lani is my ex-girlfriend. We dated for three very good years. Then I got comfortable and caught a case of the dumb-ass. A real bad case of the dumb-ass. I cheated on her a couple of times and she found it in her ... Continue»
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Hollywood Mom- Young Darla's Shore

Darla, the Hollywood heart throb, the good girl, and now, Sexy Siren. Known as the face found by movie mogul Fred Miller. Fred Miller and Darla were the scheme that made each other.

Fred stumbled onto Darla by chance. He was a site location investigator working his was to the production side of the movie business. He had stopped in Darla's hometown for an over night rest only when he spied Darla at a convenience store. She was coming out the door as he entered and held the door for her. Her fresh face, sexy body and short skirt caught his eye. Her manners and soft Kentucky accent gave h... Continue»
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Fucking My Boss’s Pregnant Wife

I just got promoted from lonely night manger to day manger just last week. I can't tell you were I work but the guy I work for has a crown on his head. I work for the king. I started as a fry guy just out of high school and decided to be a slacker for many years until I could not pay the rent and pay for the beer in the fridge. Working nights sucks with long hours over night and no sl**p but at least there are few customers and no management. I decide to change my hours and they had just got a new general manger to run the operation and he needed a day manager to help him.

His first job was... Continue»
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Dr. Juggs

They call me Dr. Juggs

It had been a long night of pulling a double at work. I just closed the bar when I whipped out my cock and was taking a leak in the restroom at work. I had work my last shift for two weeks and was looking forward to some rest and relaxation when it hit me. I was always looking for an angle to meet hot chicks with big breast. I had opened a big tit lingerie store a few years ago but did not stay in business very long. I had stained too many bras and panties and tried to resell them and got busted by a up tight bitch. I got to fuck a few bitches in the back of the store... Continue»
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Work Bitch

The Plane shuttered and I closed my eyes, we were 50,000 feet up and I just got done drinking my second Bud when I decide to take a nap. It had been a long week and my wife was leaving me and my dog ran away and I lost my car. My job did not give me a raise or the promotion I was looking for and they decide to hire a women to run the sales office. I was up for the promotion but they wanted to capture the women market at the up coming trade show in Houston, so I went along for the ride. I new a guy at the ticket counter, we went way back and he upgraded me to first class so not all was lost.

... Continue»
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Commuter Nightmare - Bitch Slap

It had been a long week and getting stuck on the train for about 2hrs was the last straw. It was hot and my maintenance uniform was soaked with sweat. I borrowed a co workers shirt before I left. I am about 6ft 4 and 195lbs and I just got a buzz cut and had my roommate shaved my head bald the day before. My head was sweating bullets and my glasses were beginning to drop on my nose. I got of the train when the doors open and walked around the construction cones to the elevated level to catch the next train to my apartment in the city.

The doors closed and a sat down facing the entrance for t... Continue»
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Pregnant Whore Next Door

It had been awhile since I had fucked another women besides my wife. We had moved about a month ago to a new part of town. The houses were still under construction and there were 4 houses at the end of our circle. I had made some money on a Internet company and decided to take some time off. My wife still had a good job and we had been married for about 2 years.

We had met at a swinger / sex party. I had come with a girl from work who wanted to hook up with other guys but needed a date to get in. I played shy and hung out then I spotted my future wife. She was being fucked by a small girl w... Continue»
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I was in college when i met her. when i went to college, it wasn't the happiest of times for me. i thought it'd be a time of making friends and parties as well as broadening my mind, which it was for a while, but joy had become sadness and even though i had 50 roommates i was lonely. my grandfather had died a month before i left, my f****y and friends were away and hardly called let alone visited me. so i had known about "CL" but never thought id find an actual person and if i did it'd probably be an old horny man or a crack whore or something. so i put out my ad anyway and about 1hr later, i ... Continue»
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Spanish MILF in the red bikini

Living in Southern Spain for a lot of years was a voyeurs dream. Fuck me there was wall to wall pussy everywhere that looking at bikini clad, half naked girls and women was just an everyday thing. After years of this a good voyeur like myself wanted a bit more!

The wife and I lived in an apartment on a typical coastal Spanish golf urbanisation. Every apartment was virtually the same and each one had a balcony, some like mine on the ground floor had gardens. There was a communal swimming pool in the middle of the urbanisation.

After the economic crash a lot of homes were vacated so neighb... Continue»
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Mom and I Equal Love

Growing up I was an only c***d living with my mom and never knowing where my so called dad had gone off to, since he left my mom as soon as he found out that mom was pregnant with me, shortly after their marrage.

To hear mom tell it, he just wanted to be able to have sex without having any k**s to get in the way and the only way to have sex with her was he had to marry her and she thought she loved him and he loved her no matter what but, as soon as she got pregnant, he said he didn't want k**s at this time and if she didn't get rid of me, he would leave which he left, since mom didn't want... Continue»
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When Celeste met Frank

One night, this woman I used to hook up with on occasion told me this story, one of her favorite sexual experiences. I filled in some details, but the gist is exactly how she told me.

When she was almost 18, Celeste was a high school senior, and was hanging out with her friends, including a few that were a year older and were already in college. Celeste was a thin girl with light-brown hair. She had a nice figure and was popular and outgoing. More than a few guys had explicit crushes on her as she looked like the girl next door, but also gave off kind of a sexual aura. Celeste and her frien... Continue»
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