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Outdoor Shower

I rented a house on the beach. I needed a mini vacation to get away. I love Baltimore but the winter was to long this year. I needed some sun, sand and warm ocean water. I picked up my towel off the dining room table. I had some white Hawaiian shorts on. They go all the way pass my knees. I have my white shirt in my left hand. Also a small cooler with some beers on ice in my other hand. I grab some sun tan lotion and the keys to the house. I put my sun glasses on my head. Flip my Ipod on. I slipped on some flip flops before I shut the glass door behind me.

It was a short walk to the bea... Continue»
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Trainer Buck

It was close to 2pm when I got home from the gym. I had just moved recently. Today was my first day as a personal trainer at the gym. It was only part time to start. They wanted to see how I did before they put me on full time. I had a step class this morning and around 11am I gave a buns of steel class. I was really working everyone out as they left all sweaty from my class. I love to work out. Being 24, 6ft 4 and still having an athletic body helps to get my clients motivated. I thought about getting another job to pay the bills. A friend of mine suggested maybe being a personal trainer for ... Continue»
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Hot Texas sex with the handy man

His eyes trailed over my whole body, stopping at my chest and then again at my ass once I turned towards the counter again. Each time I saw this particular maintenance man, he would be undressing me with his eyes. Not that I was any better. I often let my mind wander, imagining what his cock would look like pumping in and out of my cunt, staring at his muscular tattooed arms and large hands. From the way he looked at me, with a hint of cruelty behind his eyes, I bet he fucked like a bull; dominant, f***eful, and rough. He was clearly old enough to be my father. My pussy tingled.
“I’ll just g... Continue»
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wife's teen helper

Since I am often out of town, my wife and I decided to find a young man to help with chores while I was gone.
We put a tear off add in the foyer of the grocery store with our number and general area asking for a "Young man to do household chores".

we got only a few call backs and set up 3 interviews for the coming weekend. Friday evening a knock on the door turned up our first interview. The young man was nicely dressed and good looking. small frame and not quite skinny, but a bit thin.His name was Andrew and we invited him in and took him on a tour of the duties we expected to be handled.... Continue»
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Young Mistress takes Man to Hotel

This story is a true one, it just has not happened yet. Mistress L will recognize herself in the first paragraphs.
For the rest of you, this is a story of a young woman and an older man meeting in a hotel room. I have written this scenario a few times before, so if you are just looking for a hot story to go with the picture...scan down to where they get to the hotel. That is where things get.... boiling!!

There had been a flurry of PM’s and texts going by all the previous day and even this morning. At first th... Continue»
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Age is just a number.

I was sitting on the two seater sofa with a naked young Cindy on my lap stroking my rigid cock, I was watching Anne wearing nothing but suspender belt and stockings and a pair of six inch high heels dancing with Cindy's husband Stuart, who was wearing nothing other than a grin.
We had met the two of them through adult friend finder at our first attempt at Internet matchmaking, we had to admit at being surprised at their interest as they were just 19 and 20 and had been married for a whole of six months and we were pushing 50. At first we thought they weren't genuine not helped by phoning half... Continue»
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on the ladder

Donna had gone to work and I’d been sitting on my computer looking around xhamster for around ten minutes when there was a knock on the door. As I opened it there stood Geraldine, Donna’s friend, obviously she hadn’t known my wife was at work. In she came as I put the kettle on and as she sat down and lit a cigarette she was talking of her non existing sex life.

Anyway after a good half hour she mentioned that she was thinking of having a loft conversion done similar to ours and could she look at how much space ours had created. I observed her, she was in my eyes fucking ugly, short, very o... Continue»
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True Tales of a Salesman #3

Well it’s been awhile since my last true story. For those of you who have read #1 and #2, this one’s just another tale of a traveling salesman (me) as it happened.

Finally, after a few years of being on the road with my custom mobile showroom (my motor home), I relented, and decided to be a vendor at the Chicago Spring Apparel Show. Upon my arrival at the arena, part of the major chain hotel, after unloading my racks of apparel in my assigned booth, I was told that the garage could not accommodate my motor home as it had 8 floors all on a 15 degree slope. There was no option of park... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Initiation (Proposition part 2

Now kiss me like you want to take me to bed!

Rachel had only thought it, not said it. Biting down on her lip, she flushed at the thought of having said it and became embarrassed. What had come over her, all of a sudden? Donna meant to ask her, seeing as she turned red before her very eyes, but remained captivated by the beauty of her long-time friend.

'I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm doing,' Rachel apologised, becoming flustered and fanning her face. She was now burning up, partly with shame, but mostly with an uncontrollable desire she simply didn't know how to express at that m... Continue»
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The Swingers Club Night - FFM Plus Part 1

by Timmac & 69milf

69 and I had been to this club on a few occasions but were still new to the swinging scene and clubs of this nature, so we were nervous but excited. The night had been billed as a casino night. So we dressed accordingly; I myself in full tuxedo and 69 in her high heels, full length double side split super-low cut evening dress and only sheer black hold-ups underneath, knowing her curvaceous nakedness under her revealing dress made her an irresistible creature.

We arrived late in the evening and made our entrance. This is the hardest part of the night because we knew we... Continue»
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Living in cockington part 8

Just after dinner I stood in the kitchen washing up and I started to remember early in the day fucking those hot twin girls and their mother and I soon began to feel a twitch in my trousers again.
Then as I stood there I remembered what Bridget, my neighbours blonde twenty something housekeeper had said about working late and would I like to fuck her ass.
Out of curiosity I finished the washing and then wandered out into the garden and casually wandered over to the garden fence.
I could already here some voices and other noises and then peering over I saw Bridget naked, on her knees being f... Continue»
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Ringing Aunt Bells Chimes.....Final Chapter

Bell smiled at me and leaned forward telling me how sweet I was as she went to kiss me on the cheek. I saw it coming and decided if I was going to make a move now was the time. As she went to kiss me, I turned my head so her lips met mine. To my surprise she didn't pull away, rather she left her lips on mine.

The second thing I noticed was her breast was touching my arm as I began kissing her just a little harder. Again she didn't pull away as I started moving my arm ever so slowly against her breast. I could feel her move in just a hair, her breathing becoming a little more labored. Then ... Continue»
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Lesley part 26.

Rob retreated to his office when the sound of a car pulled up outside his house. He told Lesley that he would make sure nothing untoward happened to her, and told her to relax as much as possible.

"I'll be glad when mornings here!" She said. "I'm shaking".

"You'll be ok.....promise. It'll be all over soon. Remember....plenty kissing. Try to get him to say he loves you!"

"Ok...I'll try....wish me luck".

"Break a leg!" He replied in acting fashion.


"Lesley...oh my god. What a sight....fuck me...didn't expect that when the door opened!"

Lesley opened the door slo... Continue»
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summer meet

Oh the weather was sunny and it was hot, as I walked sedately through the park, c***dren were laughing and playing on the swings and the rides whilst the mothers sat chatting together, I could feel the sweat starting to gather under my arms and decided to go and sit down for a short time but where. then I saw the old band stand which now had seats on were once the bandsmen sat and played to the people.
As I approached I saw a old man who was in his early to mid 60s, tall nad smartly dressed in a three piece suit white shirt and black tie and shoes, the reason I noticed all this is because of ... Continue»
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Ana in a rock concert

Ana in a rock concert

One Friday afternoon Anita came home early from work and surprised me with two tickets to a rock concert in a town a couple hours south of our place. It was nice, because I really loved that band since I was young. My sweet Ana told me one of her coworkers, Robert, was a fan too and he had given her the tickets.
“He is a real nice guy, hun, you will meet him there”. She smiled.
On Saturday afternoon we were ready to go. Ana got dressed in her old jeans full of rips and holes and I wore my eternal “Metal” black shirt with skull and bones…
We travelled to the small t... Continue»
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Mrs. Smith {Part V}


I almost laughed when you " ordered" me to blow you. Truth was, I was going to offer to do just that as payment for getting me out of my jam. While a boys first time at intercourse should be with a girl his age, perhaps with someone he's in love with, his first blowjob should be with someone who knows what they're doing.

But I let you think you were blackmailing me, knowing it would make it even more erotic for you.

When you came, I couldn't believe how much cum there was. I had trouble swallowing fast enough so some dribbled down my chin. I knew it was unsightly but I figu... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 7

I woke up in the morning and found the house empty, Veronica had gone back to work, and the k**s had gone back to school and college, as I worked from home I didn't have any where to go so I just got up and headed down to my office.
After a couple hours I decided to go for a walk, I left the house and set off to parts of the village I hadn't seen yet.
For a hour or so I strolled around the quiet streets of the village until I spotted a cut through between a couple of hedges, so curious I followed it until I found myself standing at the bottom of someone's garden.
Realising my mistake I went... Continue»
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First time with son's 24 yr old college buddi

First time with son’s college friends

I always used to work around the house in my daisy dukes, when my son’s friends (24 ish) would come around to visit him in the evening, I never worried about changing. I love young cock anyway, and the thought of their young dicks getting so hard it would be uncomfortable for them was exciting. I had noticed they would be sitting around drinking beer and talking and his friends would always be staring at me and covering their crotch with their hands or their beer. I would take advantage of this and bend over weeding the flower beds or picking something ... Continue»
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Granny sex in Madeira

I recently returned from a 2 week holiday in Madeira and had to write down a toe curlingly sexy experience that I had.

I am 40 and have always loved older women. Madeira is the ideal holiday destination to see refined, well dressed English ladies over 60. My f****y spent most of the days out and about so I had the opportunity to lie on a lounger round one of the pools in my hotel (next to Reids) to catch the sun and the eye of a few ladies.

On the day in question I founder a lounger in a shaded area and hidden slightly from the pool and others by 2 big palm trees. The reason I sat ther... Continue»
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Visit From an Old Friend

I met an old lady friend at the store the other day. We had a few hot times together many years ago. I asked what she was doing now. She told me that she had retired and did a little work on computers for extra spending money. I told her I was having a problem with mine and she said she would stop by and take a look at it.
A little bit about us. Jen is now 69 with gray hair, she still good looking.She is divorced and has not been with a steady guy in several years. I am 70 married and still horny as hell so when she kissed me at the store parking lot I got an instant boner. We exchanged phone... Continue»
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