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MILF Home Alone

It was a Monday and my Mom left a note on the dining room table. I was to stop by her work and pick up some grocery for a friend of hers who lived across town. It was noon when I picked up the grocery and got directions to Mrs. Gloria Beam house. She lived in the rich part of town. Her husband had violated his parole and was sent back to jail for a few more months to serve out his sentence. After putting away the grocery I was to ask if she need any help around the house.

It took about 30 minutes to get to her big house. I parked at the end of the driveway and walked up the hill leading tow... Continue»
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Milk U Later

It all started on the drive to work. It was just before 9am. I had missed all the traffic on the beltway. I took the first exit. Then down some side streets. I was using a short cut to get to work faster. I was hoping my Friday would fly by. Then I could go out tonight. It had been a few weeks since I got out. I took a sip of my Coke. Before I slowed down at the next intersection. I was looking out the side window. I was minding my own business. Sitting in my big SUV.......

"Wham! Crunch!!!" I felt my SUV roll through the intersection. I quickly moved my hand off the radio d... Continue»
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Dr. Kelly - Breast Milk Exper

I was just pulling my car into the trailer park. The dust from the gravel came up over the top of my hood. I looked around. There were quite a few trailers as I pulled around to the last one on the left. It had pink siding going down the double wide. I can't believe I spent 6 years going to college, just to make house calls or should I say trailer park calls. I had no degree. The money ran out before I got kicked out. I had a few jobs ever since. I just happen to stumble upon this one. You could say it just dropped in my lap.

I had a neighbor at my apartment complex. She was close to being ... Continue»
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Daughter was Big the Mom was Bigger

My dick was stuck to the side of my leg. It was all dry and sticky form doing Tracy Bittler all night in her Cinderella Bed. She had just turned legal and I had seen her around the used car lot checking me out. I worked in the body shop and loved when hot chicks would come in to check on there cars. I had gotten many phone numbers and pussy working as a mechanic. I learned long ago to fuck little girls hard but there mothers harder.

I rolled over and looked at her Hello Kitty alarm clock it was just after 7am and saw her 40 stuffed a****ls strewn across her bedroom. She had a little pink de... Continue»
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Married Muscle Coach

My second daddy was Ed Marston. Strength training coach at the
university. Not my university, but one in my hometown. That summer while at
home, I'd been doing my best to keep up weight training at the Y. I thought
I'd been doing OK til I literally bumped into a large, muscular older man
at the GNC. We got talking about supplements, then he started giving me
advice, then asked me about my workout routines. One thing led to another
and the man invited me to work out off-hours at the university gym.

The better equipment was great, but the best thing was the rapport I
developed with Mar... Continue»
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The Ultimate Tease at my first job. *young vs matu

I was 18 when I got my first real job at a video store.

It was a really fun and unprofessional environment. I was just a customer service rep, I aimed to please.

I had a very attractive supervisor named Bonnie. She was slightly shorter than me, long black hair, tight petite body with a plump butt. She was generally bubbly but she was a real hardass when dealing with troublesome employees or disturbing customers. I was shocked by the punch this lil chick had. After a few months we started getting comfortable with each other and she would spank me to let me know I did a good job. I was a... Continue»
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My first time with an older man

This happened on a trip to my local bar one night, around ten years ago.

Where I grew up is a small place where everyone knows each other, during the week there aren't that many people out drinking in the bars but as I had time off work I went for a couple.
The bar is quite big with tables spread around but when its quiet most people sit up at the bar.
I ordered my drink and sat and had a chat with the barman. There was only three other people in, sat at the other end of the bar, two of them were a couple of workers in the area who I recognised but there was someone with them I'd not seen... Continue»
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Mom have anal ride

Later that day, after dad's quickie with mom at the front door me and father went to the garden to have some work.

I was looking forward to mom back from job 'cause I knew she will continue in that what she and dad began in the morning.

I had to do almost all the work in the garden 'cause dad was talking with our mature neighbor for most of time in there.
They were chatting and laughting, having fun and I noticed that dad is looking to her with some weird thing in his eyes. He seemed her attractive and wanted to fuck her! definitely.

Our neighbor is a few years older than mom. In fac... Continue»
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Last weekend my parents had anniversary of their marriage. 30 yrs together.

They invited me for a little celebration, some steaks, beer, vine and talk at our garden.
Everything was fine, we were chatting and laughting but when was getting late and my parents more and more d***k, they started behave more seductively.

It was getting cold so mum went to home for a sweatshirt, when she come back I noticed that she doesn't have bra and her nipples are getting harder.

Mom was flirting with dad, smiling to him,touching his ass and arm so I realised they wanna be alone.
I got up and left th... Continue»
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My dirty parents

Same night, after their sex in bathroom.
Mum jumped to her bed and rubbed herself while waiting to dad.
I was waiting in my bedroom to start their show.
When dad finally came to my mom, she immediately started sucking him fast and hard. I heard sloppy noises even in my bedroom so I went out to enjoy it.
I was lucky, dad forgot to close the door so I had a quite good view to them.
Mum was sitting on the edge of the bed with dads cock in her mouth. Dad was standing at her and moving her head up and down when sometimes he grabbed her tits or gave her a little slap.
Mom laid on her bed and s... Continue»
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My parents in wedding

One sunday me and my parents went to wedding of our friends.

At morning mom went downstairs to the kitchen where me and dad were waiting for her. She was absolutley hot.
Red lipstick, long brown hair and so sexy dress big cleavage and short skirt. We were shocked how sexy she can be.

I went to bathroom and take a peek to dad, 'cause I saw staring him at mums tits.
He was touching her ass nad grabbing her tits. Tellig her how sexy she is.

¨Honey you are driving me crazy, look at my cock! I need you right now....¨
Took mums hand and put it on his bulge at his pants.
¨Not now, maybe... Continue»
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Parents in costumes

My parents went to the helloween party in costumes.

Dad had a costume of a police office. Big hat, shirt with badge and belt with fake gun, shackless and baton.
Mom went out as a catwoman. They were preparing and changing their clothes into masks when mom called me down, to check her outfit.

To be honest, I was sure that dad will fuck her righ in the car. She was so hot!

Her ass looked so lovely in her leather tight pants, on her legs she had high boots with high heels and her tits were looking really small underneath her zipped leather top, but at least her nipples were visible a li... Continue»
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I was heading out on a business trip and asked my wife is she wanted to join me. She was a bit reluctant as she did not enjoy flying. So I surprised her and said I had rented a care to dive the 13 hour there. She smiled and agreed to go with me, we had some planning to do with our k**s and get everything in order for the trip. To my surprise my wife handled everything in such a quick and orderly fashion. I came home from worth the day before our trip to find the house empty of our k**s just my wife and I ALONE. She had made a very nice dinner and had our bags packed and ready. We where heading... Continue»
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Girdle Lover Part I

Many years ago I was working in this one office, I was about 25 years
old, single, and living with a male roommate. There was a lady
working there named Betty who was about 45 years old and was an
office manager. She was
brunette, about 5 ft 2 inches, a little chubby, but
very cute. She always wore business suits or dresses with pantyhose
and sensible heels (like 1 or 2 inches high). I must admit I found
her attractive and I enjoyed looking at her very shapely nyloned legs
every day. Her office was near to mine and we used to talk at lunch
and sometimes after work. We got to ... Continue»
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Girdle Lover Part II

So Betty and I would meet whenever we could. One fond memory was
going to a shopping mall helping her try on various high heels after
dinner. Betty was still wearing her work clothes and it was such a
turn on seeing her sexy cute size 7 feet with pretty painted toenails
covered with tan pantyhose slipping into various shoes. I finally
convinced her to buy these 4.5 inch spiked heeled bright red pumps
which were difficult for her to walk in but made my cock hard as
steel. The young saleslady probably thought it was pretty strange
that this middle aged lady and this young guy wer... Continue»
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BBW Hook Up-Donna-Perfect Fuck Buddy

I met Donna on the same web site I met Gail (BBW Hook Up-Gail). Donna was about 42 yrs old, married for over 20 yrs and one grown son. She lived nearby but in the next larger city to where I lived. She was married and her husband worked nights, spent his paycheck on beer and lottery tickets and sexually pretty much ignored her. She said that he never, ever in all their years together went down on her and she said she could probably count on one hand how many times he brought her to orgasm. She never had another man except she admitted giving some guy a blow job one night after her college clas... Continue»
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First time with real British granny

This is 100% true you can choose to believe it or not but it is to date by a country mile my greatest sexual experience ever.

Couple of weeks before Christmas me and a couple of mates thought it would be a good idea to head into Leicester sq/ Covent gdn while all the work Christmas drinks where going on to see "if we could pull any girls" as expected every pub was rammed so we ventured off to a backstreet pub which was still quite busy. Without meaning to I make eye contact with a short grey haired older women in her mid 60s who's in a group of women who range from late 30s to mid 60s we bo... Continue»
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Male sex problems: I want, but can't

From your passion shake mountains, oceans overflowing and somewhere in the darkness of space flash of a supernova. And here you are on the bed of love, clothes long torn down, and... And not a very pleasant surprise. The young man uh... how would it be more correct to say... not quite ready to indulge in sensual pleasures. Or just use a banal sex five minutes. He does nothing ready today.

It is considered that the erection in young men - thing for granted. It is believed that any Mature individual male ages 15 to 30, as a pioneer, everywhere and always ready for a long and sophisticated se... Continue»
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Donna's Overtime

Donna was doing some overtime at the store one evening in April. It was her job to check that the goods leaving were the correct stuff. As the lads emptied the massive artic they were sent on a break thus leaving Donna and Sam, the manager, and Donald the driver in the part empty container as one lad pushed two cages full of goods in, Donna started to check them off.

As she bent up and down this 8 foot cage, Donald the driver was making sure his truck was stable, as Donna bent down to check some stuff her skirt rode up, Donald saw this and stared at her, as she stood up her skirt remained r... Continue»
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Vacance à Cannes La Bocca

c'était au mois d’Août je passais de bonne vacance à Cannes La Bocca avec ma femme , où nous avons loué un appartement , le soleil , la plage , les visites de la région etc. et chaque soir au niveau sexe avec ma femme était un peu plat et j'avais d'autre envie d'autre désir sexuel et machinalement je consultais sur mon pc un site de rencontre qui s'appelle "Lieux de Drague" dont je recherchais des lieux de drague entre hommes à cannes et je suis tombé sur une annonce d'un lieux à Cannes la Bocca aux rochers rouge sur la plage pas très loin de la gare réputé pour cela à partir de 23H00 et je se... Continue»
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