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Just A Little More

The old man came home d***k again. Michael could hear him clumsily closing the front door and dropping his keys on the floor. The he trudged up the stairs and down the hall. He could hear him mouth breathing as an out-of-shape old bastard does. He was probably sweating, too, as usual.

Michael knew what was next. He leaned his ear on the wall in the place he knew he'd hear the best. The old man stepped into the bedroom and Michael heard the bed squeal in pain from the mound of d***ken flesh that dropped its weight on it. Michael pressed his ear against the wall more as he made out their voic... Continue»
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For as long as I could remember, I have wanted to fuck a really old man of like 60- 80. Wow turns me on!I always thought I would seduce him on the bus, and he’d be a shy fat old man of 76 or more. Just the idea of it makes me wet. I often touch myself and think about it, and I always have a huge messy orgasm.

One day I got to try it. I was riding the bus next to a dirty old man with a box on his lap. I sit down by him and subtly flash my cleavage, and then my panties at him. His eyes got big when he caught site of my nipples or my clean s... Continue»
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chennai aunt`s affair with me

This is a story of me in capacity of a gigolo had deflowered a longing aunty’s ass. I have a strict clientele with mainly mail id as contact point and only act on references. I am quite happy with my small clientele, when one of my clients referred this lady and said she would mail me. After a couple of days I received a mail from say lets call her Shiela and she told about the reference and said she wanted to be fucked in the ass.

As my policy is no personal questions I did not ask her about her situation, she said she was 35 and wanted to explore her sexual desires. We exchanged pics and ... Continue»
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BDSM Club in Netherlands. Chapter 2.

I was standing at her door with a big folder of medical documents. Knock-knock.
"Come in." - This was the beutiful confident voice with huge German accent.
I opend the door. It was a big dark room with a lot if black and red color. She was sitting at the leather couch doing something on her iPad. I could say she was in her thirties. Tall, blonde with beutiful blue eyes she was dressed very sexually. Black blouse over pushup bra and black leather skirt... awww she was awesome.
"Take off your shoes. You don't have the permission to wear shoes in my office."
I did as she said and came near he... Continue»
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The effect of 'tina' had just washed over me. I had never felt such an exhilarating rush of horny in my life. Up to this point I had only ever used rush (amyl's) to enhance sex.

But this was something completely new: sexuality and horniness washed over me in a way I had never imagined before. It was intense and relaxing at the same time.

I was to be a party favour for a regular FB who was hosting three other tops. I was being pimped out and trialed to see if I was what this group wanted as a regualar bang-bang/bukkake boy.

I had spent the previous hour and a bit at my FB's apartment. ... Continue»
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crazed and aimlessly wanting

it all starts in the morning. i wake up and i need it bad. i manage to make it to work on time. it take so much will power to do anything. it's more like ignoring how much my body wants it. i day dream about writing. but i do want to make a connection. i hope someone picks this up. i'm trying to make you see, be here with me. naked on my chair. i want it to be real for you. i'm hard, on and off. my asshole is so aroused from the cold wood chair. my arm pits are a little sweaty. i like writing about my biggest turn ons. in great detail. but maybe you want to hear something real? there's plenty ... Continue»
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Blindfold fun..

we went away to London for a weekend and it was just a weekend for us and to get d***k and be like a young couple in love again. we spent the day walking round and looking at the sites having some nice food and planning our night out and where to go.

we went back to the hotel and got showered had some fun playing with each other and was looking forward to a night on the tiles. we went down stairs in to the hotel bar and we got served by Sol a big black lad from London,so we asked him for some advice and where was the best club to go to,he said go to Moonlighting nightclub in Soho.

so we ... Continue»
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Finally saw friend's wife

My friend’s wife, Allison, has always been a hot commodity in my circle of friends. She has big C cups, a pretty face, and has always been generally fit. Unfortunately, she and her husband Tom are quite modest, and she rarely flirts or even shows off her cleavage. When we go to the beach together, she will be the only woman there in a one-piece swimsuit, despite her amazing body. I’ve known Tom and Allison since college (25+ years), and though I’ve always lusted after her body, I’ve never been able to see much of it. I resigned myself to the fact that I probably never would.

I got more than... Continue»
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Just this Once

I woke up sitting on the papasan in my dorm room, my textbook over my chest and my bottle of water spilled on the floor. My attempts to study were fruitless as my mind wandered from Greek mythology to erotica. I had a throbbing erection in my jeans from the images in my dream.

I got up, stripped out of my jeans and into a pair of shorts. It was 11:35 and I knew my roommate was out for the night. I locked the door and switched off the light to go to bed. I noticed my laptop was still on.

Before I could power down, I felt the urge to log in. Why, I don't know. But I did.

A few hours ear... Continue»
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Lisa And Gets Her Young Stud

My wife Lisa was turned on by it but wouldn't go through with it. So we went on vacation and she was wearing this tiny bikini and I excused myself to grab us some drinks. These three guys I had seen that morning while she was still sl**ping saw me leave and knew what I wanted. They were young, muscular and much better hung then I am.

Half an hour later I get back with our margaritas and these three guys are all around her, she's had a few beers with them and they are freely touching her and rubbi... Continue»
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My "Aunty" and our sexual awakening

I was a young and naïve virgin at 19. I was very horny and had been masturbating since before I was into my teens after I had, along with friends, found a stash of porn on a building site but I had never been with a real live woman.

I got a job miles from home where I worked odd hours and could not socialise much, contributing even more to my inability to meet girls, never mind have sex with them. Travel was a real problem and this was solved when an old friend of my mothers agreed to let me stay in her huge house in the spare room. She refused to take payment for my lodgings but was happ... Continue»
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Olgun Kadinin Götünü Yirttim - Resi

Selamlar, öncelikle şunu belirteyim ki bu hikaye gerçektir ve daha bugün yaşadım.. Sizlerle paylaşıyorum çünkü bugün yaşadığım olaya kadar hiç seks yapmamıştım porno izleyerek kendimi boşaltıyordum. Sosyal fobim var aslında insanlarla tanışmaya çekiniyorum binevi bir utangaçlık. Neyse kendimi anlatmayı kesip olaya geleyim dostlar :)) Facebookta sahte profilimle gezerken karıya kıza mesaj atıyordum tabi, birden sikiş sayfalarının birinde bir kaç fotoğraf gördüm. Hatunlar amlarına götlerine adında bir seks arkadaşlığı sitesinin ismini yazıp yayınlamışlar. Biraz inceledikten sonra... Continue»
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My 18 year old mistress. Part two

So, I had a fantastic time driving Ashley home. I felt like a teen again and couldn't wait to give her a ride home again. The next time we worked the same shift I asked if she needed a ride home. She answered that she had her car but wouldn't mind going for a spin before she went home. The day went on forever. There was the now usual grope here and a squeeze there but it was merely prolonging the torture. I could not wait to see what was going to happen next. The day finally ended and she met me out back by my car. She looked delicious! Dark hair with stunning blue eyes and her athlet... Continue»
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Kathleen's House of Excitement

I was laying in bed thinking about the things I had done with Kathleen, and soon realized I was still very horny and wanting more. It was 12:30 a.m., and although I knew I should just try to get some sl**p, my hormones were begging for release. I took a shower, put on some shorts and a polo shirt, and headed over to Kathleen's house thinking about how warmly she responded to my first late-night visit. I coasted into her driveway to find the house dark, and the garage door closed. Fishing her house key out of my pocket, I let myself in.

As I walked from the kitchen past the f****y room, the... Continue»
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Listening and watching my parents part 5

Mom and I went and go cleaned up after being nasty with each other this morning. I went to my room after taking my shower. Mom opened my door and stood there in just her robe, which was not fastened at all. She could see that my cock was getting hard from looking at her. Jimmy, do I turn you on that much, she asked? Just looking at you mom turns me on, I told her. Wow, I think I like that, she said. Just then we heard dad’s car pull into the driveway Damn, mom said, I thought we might have some time for more fun but not now I guess. You just wait and don’t let dad know you are here honey. Okay... Continue»
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Listening and watching my parents Final part

was great, mom and I had just finished fucking each other after I watched her let grandpa do her first.

God baby you're the best, mom told me rite after I came in her. You turn me on so much. Knowing that you are watching me and how much you love to watch me doing someone else. You know you are alot like your father. Sometimes he asks me if I would do one of his friend or go to an adult theater and see if we can find someone clean enough to fuck me rite there in the theater. The big difference is that sometimes he can't take it and he gets really pissed off at me and calls me and fucking w... Continue»
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Mom's wish!

I am Kamal, 28 yrs old, based in Madras. I was gifted with a cock that is almost 8" long and a little over 2" thick.

My mom and dad had divorced, when I was younger. Dad was 10 years older than mom and was a driver. So with dad left mom & I were on our own. Mom was only 19 years older than me. She got pregnant with me, on her 18th birthday. She said that was dad's gift to her that day.

When I was 18, my mom caught me masturbating, in the garage, while looking at an old playboy magazine, that my dad had left out there, before he left. After I shot my cum, mom startled me by saying, "Well,... Continue»
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Listening and watching my parents part 3

I came out of my room and went to the head of the stairs. Mom was standing at the bottom fully dressed now. What mom, I said? I think you had better get down here young man, and she turned and walked to the kitchen.

Shit, I’m in big trouble now, I thought. I slowly made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. Mom was standing at the counter fixing herself a cocktail. Sit down honey, she told me. Well she didn’t sound very mad and she called me honey, so maybe it is not so bad.

I sat in one of the high back tall chairs that was at the island counter. Mom finished fixing her cocktail ... Continue»
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Listening and watching my parents part 4

When I was back in my bedroom all I could think about was putting my cock inside my mother. I had gotten so close just a few minutes ago then dad pulled into the driveway.

I heard dad come through the door and asked mom where I was. She must have know that dad was going to do something or say something that I might want to hear, so she told him I was out.

Honey that was so hot last night, you must do it again, she said. I don’t feel like it Billy. I thought I might, but when it happened it just felt wrong. But honey it got me so turned on, he said. Mom came back with, then you fuck him a... Continue»
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College room

I thought I was a grown up but in reality I was a 21 year old with no life or world experience. I hit puberty very late compared to the guys I went to school with and it made it hard for me to find a girlfriend. I was a top grade student and was pretty much considered a geek.

Living on campus was expensive, so my parents gave me the choice to find another place to live and use the extra money on whatever I wanted to use it for.
The first apartment I had shared with a couple of other guys, but it was too noisy and too many parties when I tried to study. I barely ever took part in any of p... Continue»
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