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Teresa the older woman who just likes to cheat

I first started chatting to an mature lady on a dating site who I was instantly attracted to & she looked so stunning in every way , When I first messaged her we seamed to hit it off right away, We spoke for a few days before deciding to meet . The first meeting went really well I just clicked with this woman , At first things was just based around sex even though I wanted more than that , we was perfect for each other as we both was into ,liked & was willing to try the same things , but things was completed for her & I didn't think she would want the same as me which was to be in a long term ... Continue»
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My mother-in-law in heat...

Over the years, I have spent my share of time traveling on business. During that same time, my wife was not always happy about it, because she was the jealous type and thought that I wasn’t always behaving myself when I travelled. Although I was always on my best behavior, this year turned out to be quite a bit different.

About three years ago my mother-in-law moved in with us after the passing of her husband. She seemed very lonely and depressed all the time. I think she was also lonely because she moved away from her friends out of state to be with us. During the time that she’s lived wit... Continue»
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india pune

Ayesha badi khushi mai ghar aaye. Jab woh gaye thi tab ladki thi lekin Rajesh ne usse aurat banake bheja tha. Ayesha koi pata bhi nahi tha ki uski zindagi ek raat mai itni badlegi. usake dil-o-dimag mai ab Rajesh kaka bus gaye thay. Woh janti thi ki Rajesh kaka ke liye woh kuch bhi karegi. Apni beti ko itni khush dekhke uski maa Fatima begum ko bhi accha laga. Ayesha ka baap hardum jaise tour pe gaya tha usaki maa ne bataya ki uske daddy 4 din ke baad aanewale thay. Rajesh kaka ke plan ke mutabik Ayesha ne uski maa ko baar-baar bataya ki kaise ek ajnabi ne usse train ke safar mai madat ki aur ... Continue»
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Something happened to me and I reacted like a fool, and I took the initiative to solve that problem for a short time.

It was in 1990 and there was something wrong in the bathroom. Indeed, all the water has been invased the room and the best way was to call the plumber.

So, I gave a phone call and said that there was no problem and could come immediately because they had plenty of time.

When I opened the door, I did not realized there were three man.

Of course if I describe them : the first one was almost bald because he had 55 and was the boss : his name was Kevin and said he had b... Continue»
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d**gging The Mother in law

Wendy sits in a local bar on a Saturday night waiting for Jim to pick her up and take her home.
Wendy is a beautiful woman, she's 50 yrs old, she's 5'4 with shoulder length blonde hair, and, a nice b cup chest, and, tonight, she's wearing a black party dress, no bra, and, no panties.
She sits at the bar, nursing her Vodka, when, Sam enters and sits down next to her.
"Hello, Sam, She says, what are you doing here?.
Figured that I'd check out the local bar." Sam replies.
"Well, Sam, what do you think of this bar?"
"Would it be wrong of me to say, that you're the best part of this bar, Wend... Continue»
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hindu &muslim chudai hindi

Ayesha badi khushi mai ghar aaye. Jab woh gaye thi tab ladki thi lekin Rajesh ne usse aurat banake bheja tha. Ayesha koi pata bhi nahi tha ki uski zindagi ek raat mai itni badlegi. usake dil-o-dimag mai ab Rajesh kaka bus gaye thay. Woh janti thi ki Rajesh kaka ke liye woh kuch bhi karegi. Apni beti ko itni khush dekhke uski maa Fatima begum ko bhi accha laga. Ayesha ka baap hardum jaise tour pe gaya tha usaki maa ne bataya ki uske daddy 4 din ke baad aanewale thay. Rajesh kaka ke plan ke mutabik Ayesha ne uski maa ko baar-baar bataya ki kaise ek ajnabi ne usse train ke safar mai madat ki aur ... Continue»
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Woman Judge Was More Than Fair

I never imagined I would attend a same sex marriage but I did last month. I did so out of respect for my neighbor, a woman who had been divorced, (yes from a man), for almost 30 years. This woman has been my neighbor for almost that long. Matter of fact, the house I am in, right next door to hers, I purchased from her. Her ex and her had bought it for investment purposes, one of many they had, and she got the house I am in. I moved into it to downsize after becoming widowed. Over the years this lady, I will call her Sandi, and I naturally became good friends. On rare occasions, she woul... Continue»
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Me and my wife - forever fucking, everywhere

Me fucking my wife's big ass in latex strings at home. We are fucking with fully opened doors to our room. A number of other people are presented at our home together with us at this moment, so they can freely enter our room and see that we having sex. Clapping sound of my wife's ass is so loud that it can be heard anywhere in our home, even in distant rooms. But we try to fuck even louder to pay more attention to us. All other people are hearing this sound and they know that we are fuck... Continue»
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His Affair, Her Affair

Married salesman picks up married hooker in a hotel bar.

He sat at one end of the bar, nursing a drink. His sport coat was unbuttoned and his tie pulled down. His eyes kept darting down to the blonde sitting at the other end. Of medium height, she wore a black leather skirt. Already short, that skirt was cut up the side, showing the tops of her fishnet stockings and the straps of the garter belt that supported them. She crossed and recrossed her legs, obviously aware of his scrutiny and just as obviously ignoring it.

The next time the bartender wandered down to his side of... Continue»
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"Best Wife Ever!" 12 Days of Sexmas (Mus

Summary - Wife plans 12 sexual adventures for herself & husband.

THE FIRST DAY OF SEXMAS...Wednesday December 14th, 2011

I woke up 12 days before Christmas with my wife, a third grade teacher, already in the shower. I rolled over and there was an envelope on the bed. The envelope said DAY ONE. Curious, I opened the envelope and there was a note inside.

Dear Jeremy,

If you dare, get ready for the 12 Days of Sexmas. Each day will be a whirlwind of sexual pleasure. You will never know when, you will never know how, and you will never know where you will come. But I pro... Continue»
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Shopping Day With Granny

One summer day When I was fifteen my mom sent over to my granny's house to help her go shopping. I had brought my friend Joe and granny had her friend Maggie join us. We set off to the mall.
My granny looks like Mrs. Howell off of Gilligans Island if any of you remember that show. She was about five foot five, small boobs-b cup I think, bottle blonde hair. She was very upscale classy looking lady. Her friend Maggie was much the same way.

We must have a million stores that day. Granny and Maggie were drinking the whole time. When we finally got back to Granny's house Joe and I were tired ... Continue»
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And She thought that she could cuckold Him

Wife surprises husband, husband surprises wife.

Cassandra breathed a sigh of triumph as she pulled her car into the driveway. The outside lights were blazing. She could see the back of the house was brightly lit also. Good. Harold was still up and by now was frantic wondering where she had been. He would be receptive to the changes that she was going to make tonight; that she had already made in fact.

One part of her regretted what was about to happen. Harold had been a fine provider and a dutiful, if slightly boring spouse. His love-making was adequate, but without the fire and d... Continue»
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Willingly Cuckolded for Love

Summary - A happily married couple both submit to her Dom ex-lover.

Willingly Cuckolded for Love

Warning: Please note this is a story about cuckolding that includes gay submission...if these do not appeal to you please don't read.

0. Prologue

My wife is the complete package. She is beautiful (blonde hair, green eyes, 36C breasts, legs to die for and a smile that would melt Jack Frost); she is intelligent (a hotel manager by trade, an avid reader, politically involved and challenges me at every level); she is patient (understands by sports obsession, listens to my daily rants... Continue»
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One fucked up f****y

I was fucking my s****r for the second time, actually, she was fucking me and just like last night she was telling me what to do. Nothing. All I had to do was lie there so she could mount my cock and ride it. I wasn't complaining, damn her pussy was tight.

It all started a couple of years back, not the i****t with my s****r, that's new, Dad was the problem. He was screwing around behind Mom's back and was unlucky, sort of, to have a heart attack in the middle of a fuck with an u******e girl. She panicked and left but didn't call 911 and Dad died right there, in a sleazy motel room on th... Continue»
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Sex is spring time in all weathers.

We are two big Indian families. My name is Gupta and wife is Sonari. My friend Shanker called me on mobile and said "our c***dren wants to pass winter holidays with you and. Sonari immediately called his wife Bindia and said "let us make the occasion a spicy hot sex Pizza Hut for whole families." The two girl friends had a length chat and pinching me at my arm and whispered in my ears "I will make it a real fex festival, and winking mischievously, touched at my cock and said "this rascal is going to taste the flavour of hottest p**** of our two f****y girls, young and small. It made me erotic.... Continue»
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Mom's Gang

It was the Summer of seventy five. I had lost my virginity that May. The way it happened was very unique. It was in my Mom's bedroom where she had seduced me. She bared her hairy pussy spread eagle exposing her incredible cunt to me. She fed me alcohol and then began playing with me. A few weeks later she caught me masturbating in my room and road me until I exploded inside her. It took me several days to sort through my various thoughts and feelings. I had some sense of shame knowing it was wrong. But she was so fucking hot that I could not resist her. My friends didn't know. No on... Continue»
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Well here we were, Friday night, back at our local club after the convention and my minor surgery. Since it had been a few weeks since we were at the club it felt good to be back!
Being the day after Thanksgiving the club was packed! It seems the swing community had had enough of f****y and turkey and were ready to let loose. It has gotten to the point that we know so many people at the club that it takes us about an hour just to say hello to all our friends before we can even get to the dance area to start our night of fun.
As we were heading to the dance area I noticed this very young (I g... Continue»
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A Visit with my s****r

I work as a field engineer going to various maintenance jobs throughout the
day as I'm dispatched. My only link to the company is through my pager.
They page me and I go to the next job as soon as I finish the one I'm on.
So I pretty much control where I go and when I go through the work day.

One day work was pretty slack and I found myself in the suburb where my
s****r lived. It was lunch time and I hadn't seen her in a while so I
thought I'd just drop by for a visit to see how she was doing. My s****r
works at odd jobs, mostly house cleaning, so she is often home in the
middle ... Continue»
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mother and son made to fuck

I have posted a few stories of how a son, desperate to fuck his mother, has a Horney friend act like he is breaking in to steal some jewels, but ends up stripping the mother and son stark ass naked, gives the son a viagra and shoves his face inbetween his mothers legs and when his cock gets good and hard, he makes mom suck on every inch, till she gags. I usually come all over the keyboard before the intruder makes the son fuck his own mother.
So much to my surprise when I had a new friend from Mexico ask me to be that intruder in a letter to me on hxamster. The letter went something like th... Continue»
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We are, by my standards, a pretty average couple. We are in our late forties, both very attractive and successful, and have both been career driven throughout our lives. We have raised three beautiful c***dren, the youngest of which left home three years ago. My husband is a wonderful, kind man that I met shortly after I graduated and started my career.

I was attracted to him because of his stunning good looks and his quick wit, which both still shine from him brightly. He has been the most wonderful husband and father I could have ever hoped for. He has always been supportive of my decisio... Continue»
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