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My naughty sexy stranger

to look at me i hope you would think i was a quality woman of substance. Married and very straight. I always dress impeccably and always wear high heels and expensive stockings when i go out.
I had just arrived home last Tuesday when my new neighbour knocked at the door and asked if my electricity was off. i checked and all was good. he said he had been cut off after just moving in and asked if he could use my power point to plug his mobile charger in. Sure thats fine, shall i call you when its charged. Ill just come over in an hour he the way he added youre looking very good.
Thank ... Continue»
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Hot easter surprise 3

We all seemed to be frozen, me with my cock inside my mother-in-law for the third time that day and my hands on her 36DD breasts, and my fiancée, who had just come downstairs and caught us fucking, staring at the scene she saw before her.

I waited for the tirade of abuse to start, for the tears, the pain and anguish to come flowing forth, but to my immense surprise, none of them did.

"I thought I'd come down to drag you to bed," My fiancée said, breaking the silence. "But I see my mother beat me to it!"

She walked over to where I was sat, with Anita on my lap, my cock still impaling h... Continue»
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Hot easter surprise 1

It was the Easter holidays and my fiancée and I were staying with her parents. I woke up and looked at the clock next to the bed, it was 10am. It was a Saturday, so that would probably mean I was the only home, my fiancée had gone out shopping with her best friend earlier this morning, her dad would be at work and her b*****r was away for the weekend, I had no idea where her mum would be though.

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, as I walked back to our room I paused to look out the window, it was a really beautiful day, the sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky; loo... Continue»
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Business Trip

It was a chilly January morning. In the Midwest the winters can get damn cold and with this relentless wind, winters feel like they will never end. The only saving grace is I love to crack the window in the winter and crawl under my big thick down duvet. This morning was different from most. Different because I remembered having a dream. I never remember my dreams. This one felt so real. Real enough that I woke up feeling guilty, and really horny. I rolled over and moved up close to my husband of nine years. I nuzzled my ass into him hoping for a rise. I reached behind me and rubbed ... Continue»
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Gang Bang Vacation

Gang Bang Vacation

The holiday in Melbourne was special. We were there for a week to celebrate my wife’s fortieth birthday. Some months before our departure I’d tried to organise contacts with couples and singles through local adult contact websites but had no luck. That disappointment was resolved through us finding clubs advertising in a number of tourist brochures. We selected a club that claimed to have facilities that interested us, for singles and couples, situated on the outskirts of the business district; and arrived early in the afternoon after a morning of sightseeing and shoppi... Continue»
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My First Time

I just turned seventy years old the other day, and as I sat there thinking of the all the women I have had sex with over all that time I could not help but think of the first one, the woman that started it all for me.
It was 54 years ago in 1960 and I was at the Doctor Jackson's office for my sports release so I could play another season of football. I lived in Texas and football was the big thing and I was one of the best. Back then we just got a note from our f****y doctor to play. Doc Jackson, our f****y doctor since I was born, asked me a couple of questions and handed me my note to ... Continue»
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F amily holiday 3

It had been ages since we had seen my wife's f****y, not since our f****y holiday 6 months ago. Of course I had seen Kate, my b*****r-in-law's girlfriend since but that is another story! The holiday had ended with me shooting my load into my mother-in-law's pussy, whilst my wife who was riding my face agreed with her mum that next time she would get my load inside her. Since then my wife had chatted on the phone to her f****y every week, and I spoke to them occasionally, but from what I could gather my wife had quickly re-thought her feelings around the i****tuous threesome and as such I expec... Continue»
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F amily holiday 2

The five of us left the villa early the next day to get a whole day on the beach, after a 30 minute drive that seemed like we were heading nowhere we got there, it was definitely secluded all right - the only entrance was by a manned barrier that we had to pay a Euro each for entry. We drove down the road and to our right we could see a large mansion, obviously this used to be a private beach, to our left was the beach itself and from what I could see, it was definitely beautiful - golden sand, blue sea, looking every bit the unspoilt hidden gem we had hoped for.

We parked up and headed for... Continue»
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helping widow mom date again Part IV - Blackmail

The final day had come. I arranged a meeting in our house pretending to be my mother and specifically noted that this would be the final and only payment to this guy blackmail. I was hoping he would be the only one with access to the video, although it was possible that the other college students that banged my mom would not resist in sharing the video file. I was hoping this wouldn't happen in the next years or my momma teaching career would have to end sooner than expected.

My mom was terrified with this encounter and wanted that I would be present in the house hidden, in case the guy sta... Continue»
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A New Transaction


I had just received my new real estate license last week. I was getting settled into my new office when my phone rang.

This gentleman said he was interested in a house for sale listed by our office. We made an appointment for 3:00. I would meet him at the house.

When I got dressed that morning I knew that I was meeting a girlfriend after work for drinks and dinner, so I had worn my black mini skirt with a nice slit up the center of the left leg, matching black top with long sleeves, low cut neckline, black stockings and heels.

When I pulled into the driveway o... Continue»
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F amily holiday 1

I woke up and rolled out of bed, making my way out to the rear patio to see the rolling French countryside bathed in an early morning glow. I was on holiday, staying a French villa for two weeks with my wife, oh and the rest of her f****y - her mother & father, her b*****r & his girlfriend.

The villa itself was all set out on one level, so my wife and I had the rear bedroom with the en-suite bathroom, whilst my mother and father-in-law had the room in the opposite corner of the villa. My b*****r-in-law and his girlfriend had the smaller room next to ours.

We had flown into the country ye... Continue»
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The Old Way (MF, bond, inc, rom, sci-fi)

The Old Way

By SpectreOfHell

“It is time,” J'ter said to the boy. They were standing on the high balcony overlooking the empty city, the dead city. The city once filled with vibrant life where aristocrats ruled an empire spanning a thousand worlds. That was long ago. There was still life up there among the stars, but it was closed to them forever. These men, women, and the one c***d, they were all that was left of the ruling class. Superior to those genetic slaves who bred like a****ls and filled worlds with their stinking kind, and yet here they were, a nearly dead race while th... Continue»
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First swinger club

A woman who I chat with shared this fantasy when she goes to a swinger club for the first time.

I have visions of watching play at the club while you are behind me, cuddling and kissing. There are people beside us. You are stroking me... Kissing and I am watching! As you move to my nipples, I shut my eyes to savor the touch, my towel falls to the floor but I hardly notice.... I am in the moment. You are behind, stroking my nipples and kissing me, enjoying the stroking. My brain is fuzzy trying to work things out... Your hands are on my nipples but I am being stroked too.... Pleasure is p... Continue»
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Rachel Fucking the Tourist

Rachel Fucking the Tourist

My name is Rachel; I'm from London, England. I moved to the United States to start a new beginning. Living in Sunny, California I thought I'd see movie stars everywhere I went. I was wrong, but not disappointed many of the people here in the San Francisco, Bay Area are nice, and fun to be around.

One night, I ran into a fellow Britt named Peter. He was asking for directions to get back to his hotel. I knew how to get him to his hotel, but I wanted to take him home with me. I haven't fucked another Britt since I left home, and Peter was hard to resist. I told hi... Continue»
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Boss asks - Want to keep your job?

Jane had been married for just over a year. She was 25yrs old, blonde, slim and good looking with big tits.
A couple or 3, of her work colleagues had fucked her before she'd got married and many more wanted the opportunity to have sex with her, she was well known as a slut.
One day at work whilst chatting to her supervisor Greg, she let slip that she got a bit bored with her husband Paul being away working for long periods and as such, she'd be happy to work any available overtime.

A couple of weeks later Greg was chatting to the store manager Colin when Jane walked past. They eyed her up... Continue»
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First taste

I was not foolish enough to think this was going to be easy. If it were easy I do not think I would be so attracted to her. I whispered in her ear low and sweet, “Josephine, my dear, you are almost burning hot. Is there something you want from me?” My heart was racing at this point, I was keeping everything cool and calm internally under the hood. I couldn't let it out yet. Not here, but I could play a bit. A little internal chuckle of intention escaped my lips. She was barely speaking, a whisper of an answer her desire was burning in her so badly,“Kiss me.” With a knowing tone, “Kiss me….what... Continue»
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New place

Beauty, Warmth & Elegance!

Elegantly appointed for entertainment both indoors and outdoors in this 6,392 sq. ft. home that boasts a one of a kind feature that no other home for sale on Grand Bahama has - 28 foot wide, 10 foot high folding sliding door in the great room that opens up to the spacious outdoor covered entertainment area that is complimented by the pool and the canal.

Built by one of the most elite developers of Grand Bahama who ensures there are no needs or wants left out. You will find almost everything you need in this home. This 4 bedroom 4 ½ bathroom home is built wit... Continue»
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The perfect little slut

I dare say we've all seen someone on the pages of xhamster that presses our buttons. You know, that instant " I have GOT to fuck her!" ( or maybe him, depends who's reading this)Well I got talking to a guy on here who enjoys, and I mean enjoys, watching his wife being fucked by other guys. The more I spoke to him the more I was certain this wasn't a guy saying he has his wife fucked but DID have her screwed in front of him. And the more pics of her taking part in group sex sessions the more I wanted to take part in one. I spoke to him about it and he said if I could arrange for a few guys he... Continue»
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Yoga Pants

The practice of yoga is known to raise to the surface thoughts and emotions we may consciously or subconsciously bury. This is why at the end of class, our instructor makes pen and paper available to write what's on our mind.  Feeling fully relaxed after savasana, I slowly crawl over to the center of the room where the paper is spread out on the floor.  I lay on my stomach to write a few thoughts down.  Most everyone has already rolled up their mats and left the room.  I notice you are still sitting on your mat with your legs crossed and eyes closed breathing deeply.  My pen moves smoothly wit... Continue»
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A Friend in need

This happened in 1999

A good frined of ours who we hadn't seen for about 5 years got in contact because her husband had died, she'd been nursing him for the last 3 years. We were quite shocked because he was only 53 and she was 45. So we arranged to go over, about 30 miles from where we lived, after the funeral and make sure she was ok.

Ten day later we travelled over to where Maggie lived. She welcomed us with open arms, as she hadn't seen us for some time. She was now living on her own as her k**s had married and moved away. She told us all about her husband's illness and how she now f... Continue»
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