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stuttering Jeremy -2

"I don't know Jenny," I say. "We're talking borderline i****t here. I'm just helping him overcome his stuttering," I insist but she's not dissuaded.

"Seriously, Sara, you can't send him out there to blow his top as soon as he touches something wet and warm ... you've got to help get him ready," she says. "Who else can do it?" she asks, taking my hand and pleading with her eyes. "Please, Sara."

"I'll do what I can," I promise, my pussy excited at the prospect of teaching Jeremy about sex.

"This will really be something" my s****r says quietly. "Training a young virgin from scratch. I a... Continue»
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Layla and the Professor

Good morning, welcome to creative writing 101, I'm Professor Donlon. You're here because you have aspirations, you want to be a successful, published author. Many of you believe you have the talent to be an acclaimed novelist. I'm here because I'd like to see you achieve those objectives."

Looking at the professor I could think of many objectives I'd like to achieve with him. My radar never failed me. An older, intelligent man who wanted to teach me things I didn't know, that could be more than just an objective.

"There are a number of basic implements, rules if you will, that can assis... Continue»
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Bad Teacher Ch. 02

Chapter 2: Ryan takes it to the next level

I woke up early Monday morning with a yawn and rolled onto my back. The events of the weekend began running through my mind and I thought to myself, "Did it really happen? Had my best friend's mother really sucked my cock?"

It almost seemed surreal, like a dream. I pulled back the blanket and hopped out of bed and got into the shower and began planning my next move. I would have to get Carmen alone with me again, but how I couldn't figure out.

After the shower I made my way up to the kitchen. Peter and Carmen were already up, Peter hiding beh... Continue»
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Return To Service

Return To Service

It felt just the same, yet ultimately different being in that cock-house again after almost a year. I burned with the excitement of what I had possibly missed, and felt eager for a return to service when I’d see something unfamiliar and wanting to look my way.
Not a minute after the thought subsided that very thing to happened, and let me tell you, the man had me ready with just a look into his brown-as-my-own eyes. I smiled as he stood there and looked long at me. Almost as if he dared... Continue»
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Danni's First Threesome

Danni? Can I ask you something?" My best friend of 22 years is giving me a look that I can't decipher.

"Sure. What's up?" I wait for a few minutes, the way she's biting her bottom lip clueing me in that she's nervous and unsure of herself right now. "What's going on?" My concern is rising with each passing minute that she remains silent. She's not known for being shy, always being the talkative one of the two of us.

"Okay, here's the thing. Rob and I have been talking, and you know how we've been experimenting with swinging lately?"


"Well, we've had threesomes with three g... Continue»
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Happy Wives Don't Cheat

Man wins his life and his wife back.

Happy Wives Don't Cheat

She walked up to the table with a nervous smile. She was still just as beautiful as always. Shoulder length dark red hair, blue eyes, and a small frame, yea she was the most beautiful woman on earth. Petite is what she was best described as. Not much in the way of breast or an ass, but slim and perfect. But, she wasn't supposed to be here. They promised me she wouldn't be here. I guess they lied like they have been for months. I should have known. I must be monumentally naive.

"Hi Paul, can we talk?" She was desperate... Continue»
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My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends

A wife goes out with friends and comes home with a creampie!

"Hi babe, I'm home" is what woke me up from my sl**p, I looked over at the clock on the nightstand and it read 1:23 AM. "Wow," I thought to myself, she must have had a great time tonight going out with her friends dancing.

The woman that I am referring to is my beautiful wife Yvonne. You see about every other month or so, my wife gets together with two of her friends and they go out, oh sometimes just to lunch, so they can talk and laugh, and other times, like tonight, to go out to dinner and maybe even some dancing. I a... Continue»
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Mom Wanted More Than A Kiss

I had to move back in with my parents six months ago after splitting up with the wife. I found it a little weird and slightly disturbing listening to them fucking once a week, sometimes twice a week as mom is a little loud while begging dad to fuck her.

It is hard looking her in the face at the breakfast table the next morning when you know what she has been doing, but our mornings can get hectic so that thought is soon banished.

Dad is already away to work but mom and I leave at the same time and there has been times when one of us has walked in to the bathroom to fine the other one ... Continue»
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Friends Hot Wife Burrowed.1

Chapter 1

Martin Johnson was a shattered man, his idyllic married life in tatters with the sudden death of his beautiful blonde wife in a car accident. Night after night, he sat in his empty apartment, with no sounds of life other than his own breathing. He had taken up heavy drinking that was so out of character for the previously one glass of wine a night man.

As he sat, night after night, in the semi darkness for hours on end, he wrestled, not only with the loss of his wife -- the love of his life -- but the way she died. As a passenger in the car of her boss, just after leaving an ou... Continue»
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Anna's Mom

Anna and I had been dating for some time. She is the s****r of my best friend, Dean. We have some classes together at school and went thru puberty together. We both had our first sex with together. It took a long time to get her to that stage. We started out just kissing, then touching, then more touching. Then finger, then my mouth. Finally, I got to rub my cock around her bush and up and down her wet slit. Then she let me cum on her hairy cunt. Then finally, I got to stick it in her with condom on and only for a minute. But hey, you have to work up to these things right?
Well, her f***... Continue»
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Sling Buddy

Well I finally got to meet up with a guy I had sex with over a year ago. We had only been together one time. We touched bases on Adam4Adam and hooked up at his place one rainy spring morning. He is a 50 something gay man with a husband. He and his partner have an open relationship.I am a 62 YO married man. I was attracted to his profile online that showed his thick cock with foreskin. We had a great session of hot mutual oral. It turned out he was actually cut, with a bit of loose foreskin remaining. Anyway, I was more than pleased with his thick 6 1/2 inch cock and big solid ball sack.
We tr... Continue»
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First real holiday alone after f****y

Emma and Ted had been looking forward to getting away together with no one else in tow. Just the two of them again, relaxed and having fun. When they had arrived at the resort there was the usual introduction from the rep and trips being offered and while they were both keen to do a bit of travelling and sightseeing Emma and Ted had decided to spend their first day on the beach and look through brochures later. It had been a great day for weather and alot of other people had taken the opportunity to just crash at the beach for the day.

After their lazy day and a meal out Emma and Ted gravi... Continue»
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birthday treat

She opened the parcel and held out her present. A gorgeous black lacy pair of knickers.
“they’re gorgeous!” she says hugging her boyfriend Tom. She had truly been spoilt for her birthday. New makeup, new jewellery, perfume and now these.
“They’re naughty knickers” Tom says winking “wear them tonight and you’ll see”
7pm rolls around and Lisa goes into her room to get changed. On her bed lies a final present and a note that reads ‘don’t forget the new knickers’ she opens it to find a stunning little black dress and black shoes with silver diamante and cute heels. She gets ready and meets he... Continue»
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Bad Teacher Ch. 01

Chapter 01: Using the opportunity to blackmail my best friend's mother

I woke up early in the morning with a yawn and rolled onto my back. As my mind came to life I remembered it was only Tuesday, so the weekend was still far far away. Waking up and knowing there was another boring day of school ahead didn't improve my state of mind. I sat up slowly and pulled back the covers. I swung my long legs over the edge of the bed and rested my feet on the floor, then I slowly got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

As I brushed my teeth I took a quick glans in the mirror. I couldn't see any... Continue»
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therapy session

i have been seeing my ther****t for few weeks now and we had talked about all sorts of things and i was startingbit more to feel more comfortable around him now, today was the 7th time we had met and he said he wanted to start talking about things more personal than we had talked about before, i wasn't entirely sure what he meant by that but i went in and sat down like normal.

he asked me how i was feeling today and i told him, then he told me to get comfortable and he said, we are going to talk about your sex life today and i told him that shouldn't take very long as i didn't really hav... Continue»
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My Boss

Lisa was going crazy, I was not sure what to do but lay there. Lisa was on top of me, my cock buried deep inside her wet pussy. Her boobs were flapping around, her hair was a mess, she was dripping sweat everywhere. I was not sure if I would cum, this was not how I pictured my first fuck to be. "Yes! Yes!" Lisa muttered as she fingered her clit. "Oh my goodness, Yes! I am cumming! ooohhhhhh!!!!" Lisa screamed. I could hold back no longer as Lisa ground down onto my cock. Everything went into slow motion as I felt the first rope of semen flow up my cock and into Lisa. It was a long thick rope... Continue»
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Vegas Mayhem

When I stepped off the plane in Las Vegas I was met with a cold wind. I never dreamed Vegas would be cold in the winter. It is in the desert it is suppose to be hot. I was dressed for warm weather and so was my girlfriend I will refer to as "Tattoo Girl". She has eight tattoos on various areas of her body and three of them have my name in them. The biggest, on her right shoulder simply says "Marks Girl". (not my real name but close enough) We rushed to a taxi and quickly headed to our hotel. It is getting colder so we buy some hoodies in the Monte Carlo Hotel, gift shop to keep us warm.

In ... Continue»
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stuttering Jeremy

"Hey! How's my favorite nephew?" I ask, bending at the waist to make sure he gets a good look at my tits as I lean over the chaise lounge and give him a big kiss on the cheek. My white, flower-print bikini can barely contain my well-developed breasts, which is why I chose to wear it this afternoon.

"Aunt S-S-S-Sara," Jeremy stutters as his eyes bulge out towards my tanned globes, hanging just inches from his face. As I stand up, I can't help but notice that his eyes aren't the only things that are bulging at the moment. I guess that answers the question!

"Your mother thinks your gay," I ... Continue»
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Banged by Hubby’s Fishing Buddies

Banged by Hubby’s Fishing Buddies

Hubby and I get up around 7:00 a.m. and eat breakfast. Witch he eats a bowl of cereal and I suck his cock like normal. I call this my energy load I tell him it gives me the protein and energy for the day. (He has ask me different times if my cum is the energy you need for the day why do you suck so many cocks throw out the day then, I’ve told him because I do not like being run down) Then he tells me he needs to run down to the store for a couple things. I tell him I am not going to go, to go ahead and go I am going to get ready for my day with Jill.... Continue»
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Uncle Fucked Mom To Satisfaction

I and mom stay in Mumbai, Dad works abroad and visits only once a year, Mom is originally from west Bengal where hottest of hottest women stay ( In west bengal ) and mom was very sexy and very fair which most of the women in west bengal are sexy. As Dad was abroad, Dad used to send us lot of money so there was no problem financially and mom was not working, I was doing my engineering.

We lived in an apartment in mumbai, the dressing sense of mom was quite provocative, usually she wears a saree and a sleeveless blouse, one other thing was, she never used to wear Bra and ger blouse used to ha... Continue»
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