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Fucked that blonde milf, finally

I allow the hard-on while staring at the screen, just imagining circling my tongue in her pussy.

Let me describe myself first before getting to her.
Age <30. Virgin guy, with an accent. Short yet sweet 5' 3" tall. Smile on my face - all the time. Love the place of work. Even better is the place because would love to bang many ladies here. 

But this one is just beyond description. She is very tall - about 6 feet. about 35 years young. She's married to a hulky guy. She also had a baby recently. Blonde hair, beautiful pearl ear rings. Picturesque face, beeming smile and a tight ass. Oh, sh... Continue»
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An alternate way to pay for computer repairs

I looked at my watch 430pm and bang on time my mobile rang it was Chris hi he said hey I replied ill be home in half hour Greg is following in his car are u still ok about it? Def I said as long as he fits my requirements lol I've told u he does said Chris don't worry! Ok see u soon I replied. My requirements were this computer man had to be 40/65 or at look it, clean,not obese and not a perv! We both had agreed a plan and as I knew Chris and Greg would be here soon I was getting more excited. I stood in the kitchen, jeans black blouse, black bra, and thought he'd either run a mile or be like ... Continue»
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MIL's Bikini Doesn't Quite Fit

Flirtations with my Mother-in-Law:
Too Big Bikini
Ballsy act on my part leaves my MIL over-exposed on the beach. And I'm not the only one enjoying it...

My MIL: The Essentials
Age (at this time): 47, Divorced
Ethnicity: Latina
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Cup Size: 34-B
Hair: Black, shoulder length
Eyes: Dark Brown, thin-frame glasses
Skin: Olive, incredibly smooth and without blemishes

We got a call from my MIL. She was going to be in town the next day, and wanted to stop by to visit. Because of the short notice, my wife couldn't get off work that day, leaving ... Continue»
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A Blackmailed MILF Slut

Chapter 1

Why am I such a slut? I knew my need for young cock was going to get me in trouble one day. I love my wonderful husband so much. But I can't stop wanting those hard, wanting cocks inside me. I've been fucked so often that I've lost count. And I've sucked even more cock than that. But until recently I had never been caught. Mark, a friend of my husband had caught me. He had pictures of me on my knees sucking a young black man.
I had gone to a local skate park to watch the boys. I had done this many times before and I suspected the boys knew why I was there. It wasn't long bef... Continue»
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Tracy Something (One night stand)

So after super storm Sandy. I was out of work, collecting unemployment. I was sort of fucking this woman from Honduras. More on her some other time. One day while having laminate flooring installed at my house. I started to get some text messages from an unknown number. I texted to find out who it was. She texted back Tracy R***. I said I don't know you. She said she saw my picture on facebook. I said oh, ok. She wanted to call me. I stalled for a few days. Soon she was sending me pics of her tits and cunt. She was wide in the hips, a little flabby in the belly and ass. Smallish tits for a wom... Continue»
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Nailed the blonde, finally!

I allow the hard-on while staring at the screen, just imagining circling my tongue in her pussy.

Let me describe myself first before getting to her.
Age <30. Virgin guy, with an accent. Short yet sweet 5' 3" tall. Smile on my face - all the time. Love the place of work. Even better is the place because would love to bang many ladies here. 

But this one is just beyond description. She is very tall - about 6 feet. about 35 years young. She's married to a hulky guy. She also had a baby recently. Blonde hair, beautiful pearl ear rings. Picturesque face, beeming smile and a tight ass. Oh, sh... Continue»
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Sex, Lies and Conquest

Summary: In years long past, Jianna's f****y had ruled over the rich and plentiful lands of Quilan before being ousted by the conquering f***es of the Highlanders. Since that time, Jianna has led a life on the run and was raised by a handful of her bodyguards who groomed her to retake her throne. Now she leads a rebellion against the Highlanders and is on the cusp of a major victory, and she will not let any barrier, physical or moral stand in her way.

Chapter 1- First Strike:

The two guards on night patrol were truly an unlucky couple. One had welcomed his first c***d in... Continue»
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Fuck-Boy Experience in His Words

My husband and I met a young man through Xhamster the other day. We have turned him into our little house slave on weekends now. This is his story in his own words…

I walked up to the door of the house with my heart pounding nervously. I didn't know what to expect. I was as excited as I was scared. I still didn't have to go through with it. But the truth was I was too horny to back out. I was about to ring the doorbell when the door opened, startling me. Before me stood a woman in her fifties.

She was gorgeous!!!!!! She might have been older but she was still hot! She was built like a Br... Continue»
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The Blonde Wife-True Story

This started when I saw an ad on an adult site, Married woman wanting to meet discreet Gentleman. I don't remember the details of the ad, but I answered with photos, and she responded. After several messages over a couple of weeks, we were comfortable and we agreed to meet.

If you have read my blogs and stories, you know that I travel quite frequently all over the US. I had reservations at an Embassy Suites in her town, and we were to meet in the bar in the late afternoon. I set in the lobby to wait for her, and sure enough she did arrive.

She was short at about 5'2", very attra... Continue»
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Thr Cleaning Lady -1

As John Clarke came into the room, Mrs Greenwood his 50 year old cleaning lady was more than ready. Over the past 4 weeks she had started to recognise her Employer's little mannerisms. She knew his needs so well.

She was a nice lady and didn't want Mr Clarke to do anything that he didn't want to do. He was after all a Senior Teacher and had taught several of her c***dren in the local High School. He deserved respect.

She was quite prepared to carry on dusting the lounge but she could see the way he was looking at her. A little pathetic really. She didn't want to take advantage of h
... Continue»
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An open sesame t sex wonderland

We're two old and most intimate friends. My name is Rehan. My friend's name is Saleem. I got a job as a Resident Manager in a posh Men's private Club. Saleem became Residnt General Manager of a five star Hotel. We had vowed to marry beautiful girls, preferably s****rs. It wasn't difficult to find our choice.. We wanted to make our wives also as intimate with us as we we two friends are. My wife is two years older and her name is Umbreen. Saleem's wife is Najma. Both are beautiful. Saleem had reserved two adjacent rooms in his hotel for wedding night. Saleem's was a complimentary to him and he... Continue»
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Anita shows me a video

Anita shows me a video

That Friday morning I had a terrific headache and a bad cold; so, I called my office and told my secretary I would stay in bed until I would feel better.
Anita woke up, brought me a nice breakfast up to our bed and then started playing with my cock as I enjoyed a hot coffee and orange juice.
She sucked me until I got real hard... and horny, despite my rectal temperature…

Ana looked at me smiling: “Seems to be your friend is in a good mood for me”
But I was really very tired, I felt weak, my entire body was very hot and with nausea.
She smiled again, performe... Continue»
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A New Gas Fire


We’d bought a new gas fire from a local shop in town, as they were strictly competing against the bigger outlets their customer service recommended that their after sales service was the best in the area, they were the last f****y run business in town specialising in this profession. Donna and I had been in their showroom and chosen a fire.

We went in the office to tidy up the paper work when the lady doing the job seemed to be flirting with me, even Donna smiled and winked at me. she was Vanessa, looked around 45, I later learned she was 52, slim but had a little t... Continue»
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Nurse Jenny

My wife once worked at a small f****y medical clinic. She handled the
appointments and insurance for the patience. The great thing about a
small-town clinic is that the whole staff is pretty chummy. My wife, Anne,
had a rather interesting close relationship with Jenny, one of the nurses,
that spilled out to include myself and the nurse's f****y.

Jenny was always kind of flirty- with nearly everyone. Male and female
patience were always getting a touch, a smile, and often a warm hug. This
had the men in this small town visiting the doctor more often than usual
because Jenny wa... Continue»
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Shirley's Enema Fetish

I have always found mature women with prominent bellys attractive,, I love to see a pregnant womans belly ,, full,, tight,, uncomfortable for them..MMMM Little did i know how my fantasys would be fulfilled.. I meet with friends occasionally male and female for lunch,, or breakfast.. One of the women Shirley is older age 62,, We often end up chatting at length about life or what ever..Shirley is average height,, a bit thick with a rather large rear end and thick legs.. Her breasts are average probably a b cup.. Shirley arrived one day for lunch and appeared to be rather bloated,, her belly was ... Continue»
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elder woman younger man relationship

Hello all,

Although I've carried along from long back, recently I've been imagining more intensely about having an older lady as my companion just like my regular friends. She could be anyone - a co-worker, online friend, lady I met from a pub, my neighbor or even a very distant relative. This has got a stronger grip on me ever since I've lost frequent touch with my older lady friend whom I was close with.

She was a wife and a mother. Fortunately she and her husband were
... Continue»
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My Grandson Brian Part 4

When my orgasm had finally subsided and my head began to clear, I heard Brian talking to me.

“Nana…Nana. You OK?”

“Ummmmm-hummmm.” I slowly answered.

I realized that Brian’s body was more relaxed now. I filled my hands with his cock and immediately felt that it had lost a great deal of its firmness and girth but still felt wonderful in my hands. I knew we were done, for all practical purposes, but I lowered my head and took the plump head of his dick in my mouth again anyway and lovingly sucked on it.

“Oh God” Brian groaned. “You look so hot doing that.” He told me.

“I mean yo... Continue»
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Am I Really Teacher's Pet?

Were lay on the sofa cuddling when I suddenly get up and say,

“I have a special surprise for you… Wanna follow me to the bedroom?''

You get this wide grin on your face and follow without a word. I push you into sitting on the bed then grab my bag and look back at you,

“I’ll be right back hun…”,

and all you do and nod with a cheesy sort of smile. I slink into the bathroom to change. When I come out you see me in a short black skirt, crisp,white, cotton shirt, my old school tie, white knee high socks, and sexy black shoes. Your jaw drops and all I hear you say is

... Continue»
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An Honest Lair ( w/ Jamaican dialect)

A thirty something year old woman should have enough confidence and life experience to not only be herself but know what she is about regardless of the heat lusting after her, which is exactly what I am. I am realistic when I find myself in any kind of relationship, men don’t tell their woman if and when they are giving bunn, so at times I might just end up doing my thing and know how things would be if the shoe was on the other foot like it is most times; fair is fair. Three years ago for about a year I was in a relationship with a nice guy, but like all relationship this one had its p... Continue»
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Chris's hard Choices Index-1

Chris was a strapping young man having just turned 19, a 'two sports' star in high school; he had a scholarship to play tailback at the University of Alabama. He had the world where he wanted it, or so he thought. The most beautiful girl in school was his girlfriend; she was the head cheerleader and valedictorian of her class. They had been inseparable since junior high. If you ever saw one of them, the other was sure to be close.

With only two days until graduation, Chris and some of his friends decided to spend the day at the beach and throw one last big party before graduation. After enj... Continue»
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