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Shoot it on her Prego Tummy - An Adult Story

I had only lived in my small apartment for about two weeks. I was done unpacking and getting settled in. The last box I opened was my BBQ grill. It was small but did the job. I reached into my fridge to pull out a steak and a cold beer. I dumped some charcoal in the grill just outside my sliding glass door. I then tossed the steak on the grill. I put some tin foil on two ears of corn and a bake potato. I tossed them on the hot side of the grill.

I was sipping my beer, minding my own business. I could see the smoke coming from under the hood of the grill. My apartment building runs... Continue»
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Young fat dick

This story actually began 6 months ago. My wife and I
just finished fucking like rabbits and the conversation
invariably went to sex. My wife and I had been recently

She was 23 years old, 5’2" and very thin. She wore a B
cup bra but more than made up for that in her youthful
and beautiful face. When she began teaching Literature
at the local senior high school a few months ago, many
older teachers, unfamiliar with her, asked her what
grade she was in. With her long straight blonde mane
that reached half way down her back, her big green eyes
and baby face she wa... Continue»
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Nighttime Lover

Steve crept into the darkened bedroom were his mother
slept. His entire body shook with nervousness. He
barely managed to close the door without rattling the
knob. Steve closed his eyes and took several deep
breaths. He needed to be calm if he was going to pull
this off.

Steve tiptoed over to the queen-sized bed his parents
shared. Steve’s father wasn’t there. He was working the
night shift at the factory and wouldn’t be home for
four more hours. Steve’s mother, Cindy was sl**ping
with her mask on as usual. Dim light shone through the
window curtains allowing Steve to ju... Continue»
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One Night Stand

It was Saturday night and my friend and his wife had
invited me out to a popular gay nightclub. I'd never
been to a club like this, and thought it would be
interesting to experience something new and different.

I am a 41-year old bisexual woman, who lives a
different lifestyle than most people I know. I
discovered my sexuality over the past year through
encouragement from a friend who taught me confidence
and encouraged me to act out my desires and fantasies,
through this I learned about myself and how I love to
be slutty and somewhat of an exhibitionist.

I love to dres... Continue»
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Halloween Body Painted Costumes

Halloween Body Painted Costumes

Our group of 4 couples had a great Halloween party this past Friday and Saturday. Instead of costumes we decided to do body painting. (I have to tell you right now that because of our jobs, we cannot share photos, but I hope you allow your imaginations to envision how we looked.) Babs and I have a hobby of doing airbrush artwork and t-shirts and decided that it would be fun to paint on our costumes on. The other couples liked the idea also but they were reluctant to try painting each other so it was decided that Babs and I would do all of the artwork.

We p... Continue»
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Strange ways

One of my mother's best c***dhood friends came to stay with us when I had just turned 18.
My mother and Karen had been best friends since high school and went to the same college. They knew each other real well and it had been hard on my mother when Karen moved to another state after she got married. That was over 10 years ago. Karen had not found the right man until she was in her 30's. My mother had got married pretty young and a few yours later had me.

Karen had was going through a very difficult divorce. Her hubby had been caught cheating with some woman and got her pregnant. It was e... Continue»
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Mom's boyfriend

Around the time I had my first period, I realized that I loved sex. I hit puberty much later than my friends, so I think I was 16 when I got my first period. But the hormones wrecked havoc in my body and with my mind.
I could not keep my hands away from my pussy and my clit for long in any day. My itch was so bad that I even snuck away during school to masturbate in the bathroom.

I grew up with my mother, my father left early in my c***dhood. My mother, Donna dated a lot of men through the years, but they never got to move in with us.
After my puberty, I started to realize that my mother... Continue»
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Halloween to remember

Halloween, this is my favorite "holiday" of the year. More so after this last year's Halloween night.
I was going to a Halloween party with my girl friends like we had done the last 5 or 6 years. It was always at a little club in our town and normally a really fun time.
I packed my stuff in my bag and went over to my friend Grace's house. We were all over 21 finally so we could drink without getting caught. Not that were drinking much, but we did not need much to feel the affect either.

I was dressed like a witch with lots of dark face paint and also a mask. My dress was very slutty and ... Continue»
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House helper

I grew up with only my mother for most of my c***dhood. My mother, Lisa met my father, John while they attended college. They stayed together after college and got married young. Both my parents found good jobs and their careers took off.
My mother got pregnant with me after about 4 years of marriage. Unfortunately, the pressure from their jobs and having a baby so young, their marriage only lasted another couple of years.

My mother could not stay home and raise me even before the divorce. They had developed a lavish lifestyle, so to keep the big house and all their "toys" she had to keep... Continue»
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Right from the start when I started to date my future wife, Mary often brought along her best friend, Amelia. They did everything together and they acted like s****rs. I did not mind, since both of them were attractive and I thought outright hot.
Mary and I got married after dating for a couple of years. During the wedding reception, Amelia was pretty d***k and acted a bit funny towards me. We had always got along and often hung out without Mary. It was Amelia at times lived in our apartment. So I was surprise when she made some mean comments and walked away. I asked Mary what was going on an... Continue»
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Fucked in Mexico!

I'm a 43 year old mother of 3, I'm 5.10, 220lbs. could be described as chunky with large tits and very wide hips. My husband and I were on holidays in Mexico at an all inclusive resort. My husband loves golf and played almost every day while we were there. On Wednesday morning we got up had breakfast then Chuck left for his tee time. I was wearing my blue Bikini, that didn't cover much but hey what the Hell I'm on holidays and I'll never see these people again. I sat by the pool for a couple hours drinking margaritas, probably a little too many it was getting later in the day when I decided to... Continue»
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My first lucky threesome

It was a Saturday night and after a long hot day at work, I decided to go to the local pub/hotel for a well-deserved drink. It was a busy night with wedding guests mulling around before the evening disco got in to full swing after a big wedding from that afternoon.
Holding on to my pint, I headed outside in to the beer garden to see if any mates were about, it was as busy out there as inside and very little space left to sit. I spotted a table with a lone woman, her dress telling me that she was part of the wedding crowd and I asked her if she would mind me joining her at her table.
Her na... Continue»
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I wanted to share my first sex adventure with a ma

I was 18 and she was 37 and we lived in Rosehill . She lived on my block. I was walking my dog once and she invited me in with her husband home and everything knowing i repaired electronical stuff. It was nice as we sat at the kitchen table and had small talk about the neighborhood and fixing their laptop as well . Before I left, she said, “Come back any time.” The way she said it struck me odd. It wasn’t the usual way a woman that age would talk to me. She had also mentioned her husband worked Tuesday nights. Why would she mention that?

I returned Tuesday night to find out. I was nervous ... Continue»
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Evil stepmom - Evil steps****r 4.

So last night I nearly got fuck my stepmother Melinda like I use to before Chrissie my steps****r decided to drop by, then instead of having sex with my hot stepmother I ended going to fetch my steps****r from a party where I then fucked a total stranger my steps****r was having group sex with before Chrissie then sucked me off.
It had been a strange evening but it was all over now and as I left work I knew it would be just a matter of days before Chrissie was heading back to college again, I hoped.
Opening the front door as I arrived back I heard the sound of laughter and excited chatter an... Continue»
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BDSM f****y

Hi guys,
This story is about me helping ma master for r****g my mother. I m Ram 22 yrs old this happened when i was 16.
Our f****y consist of me , mom and dad. Ma dad works abroad and used to come here once every 2 yrs.
My mom is a house wife her name is Simren. She has a hot and chubby body 38D breast
somewhat stomachy. She usually wears night at house and salwar outside home. She only wears saree in any party.
I was interested in BDSM since i was 13 and i had a master wen i was at the age 16 nd he used to come to ma home but ma mom never knew tht he was ma master he cam to ma home as ma... Continue»
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The Salon sluts part 1

It was almost noon as John returned to his office downtown. As he reflected on the events of the morning, his thoughts turned to Suzanne. He imagined her at his beck and call. He would enjoy this new challenge, as unlike his usual playthings, this one was married. Somehow, manipulating another man’s wife made it seem all the more stimulating.
As he walked past Jennifer, he couldn’t help but stop and tease her about her appearance. John enjoyed watching her squirm, especially knowing that she longed for his affection. He had purposely manipulated her weak little mind to follow his suggestion... Continue»
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Hotlanta Lovin'

I've wanted you forever and now I have you. I play it cool, but my head is wild with joy as we wrap up our dinner at that nice gothic themed restaurant in uptown Atlanta. "Check please" I shout, and as the waiter comes over with the bill, I look deeply into your eyes and realise the wine has done its job..............they are loaded with mischief and made worse by the crooked smile on your lovely, thick lips. As we go out to the car and we are about to get in, without warning, you lift your black lace skirt pull your panties down and pop a squat, realeasing a sustained golden shower which spla... Continue»
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A CRACK ON THE BEACH PART 3 -- all about the bum c

...for more chapters and the complete story, A CRACK ON THE BEACH IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM AS A KINDLE DOWNLOAD!
The next day as we lounged on the beach and as Shy took a swim nearby, I looked over at Cee.
“I hate saying this, “I began, “but I don’t know if we can carry on getting her d***k like this every night.”
Cee nodded. “I know.”
We watched Shy in the waves.
“But I haven’t finished yet,” Cee suddenly murmured.
My stomach flipped. My God, what was going on in this woman’s brain?
“Maybe we don’t have to get her that d***k,” Cee suggested. “Maybe she’s not as inhibit... Continue»
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married hmong affiar- part 1


6 years ago, i have this affair with a married hmong woman at my work place...I have a wife and 3 k**s at the how we connected to each other:

when I first saw her on my dept, I was very impress on her sizes(butt, face and long hairs)...she has beautiful face (w/o make up), great smile and eyes...she was like 4" shorter than me and she has slim body...she was 24yrs and I was 30yrs and I have slim body too...I love watching from behind her back especially on her curve/butt...when I saw her butt moves side to side, it made me hard...not sure why but I have... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 3)

Forgive me any errors in certain details about physical characteristics of the two central characters, to be honest i have been to lazy to write part 3 and when i came to write it i couldn't find the heights of both in part one. this is only a short part as i got bored and stopped, only posting it as i couldn't work out how to save it somewhere on this new laptop, windows 8 is shit. give me 3.1 back.

An hour later i was letting myself in the front door of my new neighbours house, locking it behind me. I made my way to the kitchen and made sure the back door was locked as well, i knew Davi... Continue»
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