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Amazing Sexperience With My Married Cousin

She had perfect round and firm boobs and a big juicy ass. Before her marriage two years ago, she used to live with us. But after marriage she shifted her house.

I always had a fantasy to fuck her ever since I first saw her naked while she was bathing. But my fantasy could never be fulfilled. Until one day, I finally got into bed with her and ripped her apart.

Her husband had to attend some conference in the United States. So she asked my parents if I could stay over at her house. Since even I was having a vacation then, I
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Amazing Gracie (Pt 3 Cont'd)

PART 3 (Continued)

NOTE: First, thank you all for the kind words and feedback I have received. My stories are retellings of actual experiences I have had. As such, I can’t really can’t alter the facts or endings. If you are looking for stories that will follow a certain storyline and conclusion you prefer, I suggest you read any of the fine fiction pieces on this site. Again… Thank you!

This is the continuation of Amazing Gracie 3. While this is a stand-alone story, reading #3 might give you a bit more understanding of what lead up to these events. Hope you enjoy!

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Katie first 3-some

As in my first story all events are true except for the names. After getting to know Katie we had a few hook ups but she had a super sexual appetite. We became more friends than lovers. She soon found out that listening to true sex stories was a very big turn on for me. So she started to send me details everytime she went out and sucked or fuck a guy' This story is in her words is the account of what happen when she had her first WWM 3 some.

We started out on the couch, Lily and I were kissing and Mike was watching. After kissing for a few minutes Mike separated us and sat in t... Continue»
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Minister's Wife Pays for her earlier fun

If you want to know the background read s****r in law and the minister's wife.

Angela was worried that someone would blab about the weekend orgy, mainly because she had no idea what went on. The following day she had such a head ache and that was not something she was used to.

Angela had asked Jane what went on during the weekend but Jane told her “Nothing happened. It was you and me and it was a very civilised time we had watching boxed sets.

One day when Angela was shopping in the local super market when “hunk” she did not recognise sidled up to her and said “We should meet in p... Continue»
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Jenny and the Johnsons

Jenny and the Johnsons

It is fair to say that the tale of Jenny and the Johnsons is a little unusual. It comprises of many different incidents, some of which are brief and others more protracted; most - it will please readers to learn - are filled with wild sexual escapade, which, on occasion, border the realm of the bizarre.

Before delving into these events, I will give some background regarding our main character, Jenny Harrington, beginning with a description of her physical appearance.

Jenny had a slender, naturally petite frame. The subtle curves that constituted her brea... Continue»
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For most, the first sexual experience stays in the memory forever for obvious reasons. For some, these memories are cherished, for many, however, they have often turned out to be bungled sessions of clumsy groping and premature ejaculation, just to be treated as learning experiences from which to improve in the future.
I am now in my mid-sixties, have been married and divorced more than once, and have been fortunate enough to have had more than my fair share of women, some wonderful, others less so. I have experienced great pleasure, and hope that I have supplied it as well... Continue»
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My wife, Jan and I go away for one week a year and camp at a large event with friends. Glamping, is glamor camping. It is extravagance and excess to the extreme. We have a large tent, and a queen sized bed and other furniture. Imagine a Renaissance faire atmosphere and furnishings and it would be about right. The people we camp with are all foodies and we all take turns trying to out do the others when it comes to food and libations. There are several couples and several singles in our group of friends and we have a great time. Most of the people are in their 40's with a few of us close in ag... Continue»
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Gang Banged granny at the CHURCH

I have to admit it, I'm a long time slut and have done things that I am ashamed of but who really gives a shit!..LOL
Since I was in grade school, I have loved boys and I worshiped cock, balls and especially loads of cum! Of course in grade school, you don't get

much cum but I would let boys play with my pussy and I would let them put their little cocks in my mouth. I did it whenever possible and all the

boys knew that all they had to do was ask and I would pull my panties down and lay back with my legs apart.

Of course, I grew up, but I never lost my desire to be a slut and in h
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Granny's ASS was the PARTY HOLE

Those of you who know me and are members of my site KNOW what a SLUT I am and that I always get fucked bareback! I love feeling those hard slippery cocks penetrate me and then the feeling when the guy shoots his hot cum in me, makes me cum every time!

One of my girlfriends, Amandaa, took me to a party where she and I were the only two girls going. There must have been 50 men there and we both knew that we were going to be fucked all night long! I love gang bangs anyway and the more cocks the better for me! We arrived to the man's house who was throwing this thing and after a few drinks
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my friend wife

I am S***y 5.9 medium built fair, handsome, jolly. I had a friend who was not so close to me but we did met each other in the town’s restaurant for a small drink. Once during our drink session he asked me to come to his house the next week end for dinner but I refused and told him no, let us have dinner at a restaurant and it will be a treat to your f****y from my side and he agreed to it. Any way the next days passed by and on Sunday he called me and reminded of the treat. I told him I will be there on time.

Wow my cock responded immediately after looking at his wife. She was damn sexy I m... Continue»
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i am bowled

Hi,Only a few days back did I get a chance to go through the ISS. Immediately I decided to share my experience with ISS readers.I am S***z age 35 working in Dubai for last 8 years. My physique, height 6 ft, weight 80 kg, well built and fair complexion. I wouldn’t waste much of your time and come straight to the point.I came to Dubai in the year 1999 and joined an audit firm. Being an auditor, I was visiting various companies for audit and was interacting with lot of employees especially the accountants. During the final audit of one real estate company I found lot of discrepancies in the accou... Continue»
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true story of life with my wife (shared) PT 7

well the next morning i got up early and woke marta to see if she wanted to go with me to get some breakfast..she said not really cause she felt bad and just wanted to sl**p a little longer she appologized and told me to go ahead.
I decided to call mike and see if he wanted to grab some breakfast with me he said sure.When i got to his house he jumped in the truck we got to the restuarant and mike was still saying how sorry he was and he thought i was mad at him he asked if everything was ok at home.I told him everything was fine.I told him about last night and what marta had said about maybe... Continue»
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damn virginity

All I wanted was a nice, safe, monogamous relationship.Of course in high school I was a simple guy, a bit different from the rest of the people where I grew up. I had a direction and a purpose; where most k**s were interested in going to parties and getting d***k (and maybe a peek if they were lucky), I wanted to study and make something of myself. You know the kind. Poor white trash tryng to make something of himself; the k** in the corner with the glasses held together by tape, calculator in hand. If this were an earlier age, he'd be trying to read the little black numbers off the slip stick... Continue»
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chachi ki chudai

hello dosto mera nam ravi hai or me mumbai ka rahne vala hu.meri umar 23 sal hai.aaj me aap ko meri or meri chachi ki kahani batane ja raha hu.meri chachi ka nam reena hai or unki umar 39 sal hai. meri chachi gav me hi rehti hai.mere chacha mumbai me kam karte the is vaj se wo do teen mahi ne me das din ke liye hi chachi ko milan jate the.un hai ladke ki umid thi par har bar unhai ladki he hoti thi is vajse unke ghar 6 ladki ho chuki sal pahle me collage ki chuti yo me akela apne gav gya tha tab chacha mumbai me hi the.gav me meri teen chachi thi or teeno chachi mere sath bahut payar se... Continue»
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The Admirer.

In the early 90's we moved to a new home in Kensington, I had grown tired on the upkeep on a large property, the new home was handy to all of the cafe's and restaurants of the city and nearby suburbs. We moved in in early January and on Valentines day Anne was surprised by a bunch of red roses from an admirer, at first she thought it was me being romantic but I had just bought a single specimen rose and was taking her out for dinner. The following month there came a single rose from an admirer, okay she thought it was one of her past lovers, but why the roses. For the following two months on t... Continue»
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Best day at work ever? Close to it anyways. My business takes me to the lovely bowels of Detroit, Michigan several times a week. I park in a private structure where maybe my precious car will be unharmed while i run here and there. As fancy as the outside of this building looks, the inside lacks security, employs slackers, has minimal lighting and head clearance issues for someone my height.. (6'7"US) i.e. low hanging pipes and exit signs. The corner 4 spaces i lease are deep within the sub-basement..and are under the only light in the immediate area. Rarely do i encounter vehicles on th... Continue»
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Lawn Boy Toy

It was ninety degrees out. The sun beat down on me as I was about to finish mowing Mrs. Harkin's yard. Sweat dripped off of me. As I turned the mower off Mrs. Harkin appeared on the porch with a tall glass of ice water for me.
"Oh thanks Mrs. Harkin." I began to gulp down the fresh water.
"Oh look at you. You're all sweaty and hot. Why don't you come inside to the air conditioning to cool down."
I followed her inside her house. Her husband was still at work and would not be home for hours yet. She led me to the dining room where we sat. Mrs. Harkin was a very beautiful lady. Bu... Continue»
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Hot Aunty Group Sex With College Boys

Hi this is Suraj going to narrate a real incident. While in College final days I used to roam with my Area friends. They were not studying in college but used to do other stuffs like helping their father in shops. My close friends were Bapi and Dinesh.

Dinesh used to roam around full areas and used to collect all sorts of information. He used to collect Chandas also for Pujas. So one day we were drinking and discussing about females , Dinesh told that he had seen a Hot Aunty at some function. He had collected information and
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true story of life with my wife (shared) PT 6

the next morning i went to work but couldn't concentrate on work because i just kept thinking about mike and marta fucking and that she had sucked his cock and drank down his jizz something she had never done with me.
i started thinking that maybe i should never have let this happen and i should have left it a fantasy, i was also thinking that this scenario my have ruined my marriage what if marta wanted to leave me to start seeing other men i just didnt know what marta's intensions were and i was afraid because she never said a word to me about mike,. and before mike i was the only man she h... Continue»
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Seduced by co-worker

This is a true story and my first time writing The place I work at I am surrounded my many younger employees, When this happen I was 57 and Katie( not real name) was only 29.
Katie was married with 2 k d s . We never talked much at work so I was surprised one day when she came up to me and asked if I like to buy some g s cookies she was selling for her d ter . She handed me her number and said if you were interested call me.
After work I thought about it and decided to call her and place an order. We got to talking about work and everything else. All of a sudden she said ... Continue»
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