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Weekend away with mom and aunt

It had only been a couple of months since my aunt Tina had moved in, for her gratitude she invited me and mom away for the weekend, we decided on a cottage by a Lake about 4 hour drive away, I knew from the minute of getting in the car what sort of weekend this was. from my previous stories you'll know I duck my mom cathy and aunt Tina.

My mom cathy was going to drive down there, I hopped in the back wearing only shorts and vest, mom had a white top and these tight denim hot pants on which stuck to her ass like they was painted on, I couldn't help but get hard just looking at it. Aunt Tina... Continue»
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The stock boy (straight)

"Almost finished, Zack," Judith asked, while the eighteen year old stock boy hefted a roll of roofing paper onto the shelf!?!" "Just about," he answered, "I've still have some paint to restock, but other than that I'm pretty much through!!!" "Good," she replied, "when you're all done, stop in my office for a minute, will you please!?!" "Sure thing, Miss J," he replied, "I'll be there in ten minutes!!!" Zack had been working after school at the hardware store for about two years now, and while it wasn't the greatest part time job in the world, it did provided him with a steady income! He placed... Continue»
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Older Lesbian with Four Inch Tongue

The much younger Alma looked down as Gretchen’s head bobbed up and down between her legs as her older lesbian lover explored her pussy with her magnificent four inch tongue. The tongue that had conquered her like so many women in the past. Gretchen had skillfully worked her way up from her ankle, up her calves and finally to her inner thigh leading to her now sopping wet pussy. Gretchen’s long tongue started at the base of her pussy as she ran it up to her clitoris, the flicking it gently over her “button” until she began to writhe in pleasure. Then it hit!! Gretchen lowered her head and inser... Continue»
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First Story (wrote this one maybe 4 years ago... i

I walk into your office, wearing a long black coat, black spike heels and dark glasses. You look up from your desk, puzzled as I turn around and lock the door behind me. I walk around to you and twist your chair around so you're facing me. I take off my glasses and you suddenly recognize me from my picture, you smile and lean back in your chair as I begin slowly unbuttoning my coat. As I unbutton the top buttons and pull my coat half open, I hear you inhale sharply as you realize that I have nothing on under my coat. I stand in front of you, rubbing my tits before continuing to unbutton... Continue»
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Love My Mom

This all started when I was young. I would go over to a friends house and we would sneak up to his old man's closet and look at the old man's stash of porn. This was back in the days of no computers and we had to look at magazines. His dad would have the latest issue of Playboy, Penthouse, Oui, and even a few Hustler. We would look at those then dream about seeing real pussy. Where was four of us and we would spend the night at each others house. We would all try to get beaver shots of each other moms. For some reason, my mom would always be the one that everybody always got a real good look... Continue»
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What happens on the island - part 5

After a couple days of more or less non-stop fucking, sucking, fingering, masturbating, and generally any sexual thing our perverted minds could imagine, Julie, Adam and myself settled into a comfortable routine, relaxing, camping, swimming, etc., always completely nude. Being horny teens, we still had plenty of sex (mostly either Adam or myself fucking Julie), but it wasn't the main focus of our attention the way it was earlier. In fact, we got so comfortable that we pretty much forgot we were nude. We were just friends on a camping trip, basically. We were so far into the wilderness that... Continue»
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Thai time

I had always wanted to get a posting to the Far East when I was a soldier, but postings there were as rare as rocking horse shit. My mate had been in Malaya in the 60's and raved on about the fanny he had had. Cheap as chips he would say.
I was stationed at Nienburg in Germany and one Saturday night there was the usual fight started in the NAAFI, this time for some reason some arsehole set fire to the bar area, big time. All the spirt bottles started to explode which made the fire 10 times as bad, the fight suddenly became a rush to get out of the place but there was too many for the one door... Continue»
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Enjoyed by devar

Hi to all my name is Gayatri Saha and I am from Delhi. I was married to a guy named Nitin and I was completely virgin on my suhaagraat. It was a love marriage. We met in disco's and pubs a couple of times and danced, started dating, fell in love and he proposed me and I agreed.

The simple the story seems to be like ye utni simple hai nahi. I can assure u guys that once you'll read this you all will try to contact me so my email address is but please don't ask for any nude photos and phone number in the beginning. And for your assurance I am posting my real story or ... Continue»
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I met this guy Andrew on a website. He wanted to meet for coffee at the local coffee house. I agreed and met him at 2 in the afternoon. When I got there, he was conducting a meeting with some of his colleagues. I grabbed me an iced tea, then walked towards his table. Andrew pulled me to sit next to him on the booth bench.

He wrapped up his meeting, then turned his attention to me. We sat close as we chatted about our likes and dislikes. His hands were all over my legs and arms. I didn't push him away, actually I was touching his cock through his pants. The man had a nice dick that ... Continue»
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Mrs Ellis

True to his word, it was not long before Sam introduced me to his wife at an intimate level. I had seen her quite often at the farm when visiting there with Uncle Charlie - she was always a very welcoming woman and seemed rather jolly and happy all the time. She was well built with big broad hips, a large arse an ample tummy and a really huge bosom which seemed to rest on her tummy under the apron she always wore. I had noticed her underwear on the washing line from time to time. Her bras seemed enormous compared to my mothers and she also obviously wore corsets occasionally because they were ... Continue»
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Aunts pool party

As you know from my previous stories I live with my mom cathy and aunt Tina .It was in the middle of summer, mom was away with work and me and Tina was sat around the pool at the house. Where we lived was in the middle of the country side, no houses around for miles and the whole property was surrounded with 12ft walls and big gates. The house itself stood proudly in it's 250 acre settings, the was a winding driveway up to the house and then garages to the right.

The pool was at the back of the house, no one could see what went off in this area which is pretty good really. Anyway back to th... Continue»
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Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 6 – Or

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 6 – Orgy at Secluded Beach
Friday, September 7, 1985
I woke up Friday morning to someone whispering in my ear asking me if I was ready for a day of wild sex on a remote beach. I rolled over and it was Ginger and I told her I was ready and looking forward to seeing her and Pepper have a lot of fun.
We got up, got dressed, grabbed our hats, suntan lotion and several large beach towels they provided in the bungalow. Being the first ones at the restaurant for breakfast, we asked them for a table for seven and then pushed two tables together and arranged the chairs.... Continue»
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2 Men Use My Mouth and a Lot More and I Love It

2 Men Use My Mouth and a Lot More and I Love It

Imagine girls this could be you, I was expecting a salesman to drop by at noon to show me some samples of wallpaper. I start my day by taking a shower at 8 AM, and by 9 AM I finish up by shaving my legs and pussy real smooth. I go and put on a pair of skimpy white panties. Next I pick out a lovely see thru bra that makes my size D Tits look real nice, and has holes in for my large brown nipples so that they can stick straight out. Then a thin stretchy slip dress and pair of my 4 inch heels. Then my make up and some hot smelling perfume... Continue»
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Fucking My Aunt Lindsey (True Story)

This is the true story of when I went to stay with my aunt Lindsey for a couple weeks. A couple months after I turned s*******n my parents decided they weren't in love anymore and that they were going to get a divorce. My dad had decided to move out and since he and my mom had been fighting so much they called my aunt Lindsey who lived about three or four hours away from us and asked her if I could stay with her for awhile until my dad had moved out. She of course agreed and the n... Continue»
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New house surprise

This story is about how I ended up sl**ping with the estate agent who sold me my new house, I'm 24 and just managed to scrimp and save to put a deposit down in a new house, I'm 6ft 2 and very athletic due to being into most sports. Elaine is the estate agent who works permanently from the site where I now live.

She had always been a little flirty when I started looking around the estate, giving me some sexy smiles and winks and the occasional dropping the pen routine but I assumed it was to sell houses and thought nothing of it.

Until the day I went running around the lakes , it was a ... Continue»
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Going back to my old friend - part 1

I had moved out of my region of birth for more than 5 years now, married and the rest of the package...yet never able to forget my past as a submissive little slut for one my older gay neighbors. Despite having focussed more on fucking females, I still got hard as hell wearing her lingerie and putting one of her several dildos up my hungry ass. Hein had been my older lover long before I met my wife, he was a dominant gray haired overweight bus driver with a strong thick dick. I cannot count the times I swallowed his tasty cum and neither the times he came bareback inside me....from the first t... Continue»
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Mother & daughter bond over sex toys.

Veronica lay on her bed and watched as Anita slowly undressed in front of her. The 53-year-old women mesmerized her daughter by gentle exposing her barely contained breasts under her bra. She eventually removed her demin jeans and allowed her daughter to see her fleshy camel toe bulge under her white panties. Anita’s slightly wrinkled skin glistened in the morning light perfectly exhibited her mature figure and this sight was clearly exciting and yet frightening for Veronica.

Anita noticed a slight reaction from Veronica and chuckled “Not bad for an older woman V? – Trust me you are goi... Continue»
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My return to the ladies club

My return to the club.
I got a call from the store lady, asking if I could spend an evening with the girls from the club. She assured me I would like a large, enthusiastic audience, and would be grateful if I could perform, as before in both sessions, and there would be dinner included. Wow, could I believe my ears, dinner a good audience, two performances, too good to be true? “Yes” was my reply. And what time should I arrive? “We could have drinks, and introductions around 5 on Monday, if you can make it”. “See you the” was my reply.
I got off work as early as possible on Monday, and ... Continue»
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A Chance Encounter of a Swedish Kind Part 2

It was with this Desire and Passion for Her, it was in this moment of Pure Lust, that I totally gave into the magical moment of chance, of a chance encounter with this beautiful women who seemed so sensual and sexy but in truth, who who so hurt and broken from being left by her boyfriend while on vacation together and yet here I find myself giving pleasure, women are so such strange creatures, and so pushed hard while pulling her into me. I stop and kept the full length of my 9 inch cock deep up in her tight pussy. I held her close to me and whispered nothing but sweetness into her ears.

S... Continue»
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Classy women but filthy

The first time I went to Starbucks in Stratford I saw this older beautiful busty lady with amazing curves. She looked classy and I saw she had a wedding ring on her finger. I was in front of her and I ordered my large luxury hot chocolate. She look at me and said "that's what I get every morning", I replied and said "that's the way to start the day". But the truth is I meant fucking her is the way to start your day. So I left and and so did she going different ways, but being the man I am I couldn't help but look back at her amazing big round ass.
I saw her again the following morning in Sta... Continue»
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