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My So Lovely i****t f****y

Warning: This Story Is Of A i****t f****y So Whosoever Not Like It Kindly Read Other Stories.

Hi My Sweet Friends,My Name Is Janet,I Am 38 Yrs Old,Blonde And Tall.I Have Perfect Sexy Body.

This Story Started When I Was 20 Yrs Old,I Met A Young Man In A Training Course For Belly Dancing,His Name Is Stewart,He Was One Year Older Than Me.

We Were Dating Each Other For Few Months,Then We Decided To Get Married.I Enjoyed Each Minute With Him,We Had A Free
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My Mom With Dad’s Employer

Hi guys am Deepak here with my second story. This is a story about my mom being fucked by my dad’s employer. It happened on a few months ago when dad was currently working for Mr.Darshan in Dubai.

At that time, me and my mom were living in Kolkotta so dad used to visit us once or a week every month due to congestion in work. Let me intro you to my mom, her name is Harita, 50yrs old having a hot figure of 40D -36-44.

She has a long hair which goes along the back of her body.Her breast and ass are really big but the bigger
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Night at the concert!

At this point it should be obvious that Gail, my former mother in law (step-mother in law), have had kind of a "friends with benefits" type thing going on.

Gail had won some tickets on the radio to see an older, classic rock band. I can't remeber who it was, it was a band that had 1 or 2 songs I liked but certainly not a band I'd go out of my way to see. But I also never say no to free concert tickets if I can make it work. I went to Gail's condo a couple hours before the show so that we could go get some food and drinks beforehand. She was within walking distance of the outdoor amphitheat... Continue»
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I finally fucked the Dom girl

I had been to the Dom girl's house two times to get it in the butt on camera. And so far, the closest thing to fucking her was when I ate her pussy after she plowed me with a big rubber cock. Two weeks had gone by since my last visit and all I could think about was her pussy. We texted about fucking on camera. And she was just as ready as I was.

This time we agreed to meet at a motel. I showed up. It was early afternoon and the sun was high and it was hot that day. I was wearing a T shirt and shorts with no underwear so my sagging balls hang freely. That's how I normally go ; )

Since th... Continue»
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my new friend

After I shot my load he said I should go home and come back tomorrow. I said ok and stood up. My legs were like a new born calfs, they wobbled as I headed home. I went in stripped and took my shower. For the first time, when I got out the shower I wasn't hard. I laid in bed thinking about what just happened. Thinking I can't believe I not only let an other guy see my dick, I let him touch it. I climbed under the sheets and went to sl**p. The next morning I woke up from a very eventful dream. My dick stiff and wet. I dressed and went to school. All day I kept thinking about yesterday. After a n... Continue»
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at Roberts house

As Robert tickled around my crotch, he made sure not to touch my dick or balls. His fingers touching lightly up one side, across, and down the other. My heart was pounding now, and I could only take short breaths I was shaking so back. My little dick was so hard, it hurt. I reached up to try rubbing the pain away, but Robert pushed them to my sides." That's my job". He said. I looked up at him and nodded. He then licked his thumb and wrapped his fingers around my dick, then ran his thumb over the head, which made it start t throb and twitch. My head started to spin, and my breathing sped up. ... Continue»
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Making a Baby by Stephanie Sarg

Apolonia opened the oven door to check the roasting chicken, and the aroma of the cooking bird wafted across the room, filling it with sweet pungent aroma. “Another twenty minutes and it’ll be ready,” she said to herself, while giving the sweet potatoes a quick stir. Her husband Hank would be home any minute now, and as was her custom, she always had a hearty meal waiting for him on the table. Even after five years of marriage, Apolonia still got a thrill when her husband entered a room, and she often wondered how many wives could say that!?! Being a good Catholic girl of strict Italian pa... Continue»
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Adventure with new guy

I met a new guy on a webpage similar to this one, we had already like a week communicating by messages only and sharing our ideas and thoughts; we tried in different occasions to meet but always something happened that made us changed plans until this last Wednesday we agreed on meeting at 9:00 a.m. and I took a long trip from my home to the place, I was on time so this new guy said to wait there and that he will meet me in a few there.
When he arrived I noticed he was looking thinner then in the picture he sent me, I thought he was going to be taller but anyway he was looking like a ... Continue»
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John Skype idol

I have lived a hetrosexual life for all my years but when I struck my thirties my curiosity began to nag away. When much younger, I had lived in Amsterdam for a while and frequented the red light district often. At first, the excitement of the women on view drew me in but then I became aware of the gay scene and in particualr the S&M scene. I became absorbed in watching films, videos and flicking through magazines portrayig extreme gay S&M but never ventured further. Worrying for me was that most people thought I was a pretty boy and it was a tag I neither liked nor courted but I guess wit... Continue»
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I Cuckold for Shirley

Shirley's birthday was coming up and I was thinking of what to give her. I wanted it to be special because of how understanding she was about my time with Dan and Carolyn. I was thinking how lucky I was, Shirley looked great, she could have just about any man she wanted, and quite a few men hit on her. She was also very smart, she was a special education teacher, and really loved her students.

The Saturday before her birthday, we were sitting in the rec room having drinks. Shirley said she wanted something different for her birthday this year. I asked what that was, and she told me that sh... Continue»
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Good evening counselor !

I meet this guy Topher over 15 years ago from another friend. We were kinda party buddies but we remained connected as friends. He's a great attorney now an super hot , has the GQ look going on, over 6 foot and incredibly sexy. The kind that smell good an dress impeccably. In the past we had a couple sexual encounters but I have never fucked him. 

I dropped by his apartment after we had texted for a few because I was dropping off some baked goods I had made. I pull up an sat an waited for a few mins.

Topher gets in my car as usual,  gives me a nice kiss on the lips an we chit chat ab... Continue»
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No que noo

Esta historia, podría ser la realidad de unos hechos vividos por un amigo de la infancia, al que casualmente me encontré en la gran empresa donde ambos trabajamos, el me contó, en una ocasión, en la que ambos habíamos bebido algo mas de la cuenta, cómo llegó a realizar el amor con su madre y hermana, con las cuales estaba viviendo.
La historia que me relató es la siguiente:


Soy de una familia mas bien pobre, mis padres poseen una pequeña industria familiar en la que ambos trabajan y van sacando para el sustento diario. El resto de la familia la componemos, mi hermana Sandra... Continue»
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The Rota Of Big Ones

A different pair of huge tits for each night of the week.

Newly single at 32, I went on a big tits rampage. I’d spent years with a set of C cups but throughout I’d harboured an increasing desire to get hold of some really big ones. By the time I moved away from the C cups, this desire had become a need.

Once I was living alone again, the idea was simple: to search out the biggest, heaviest juggs I could find. The age, race, or body size of the woman never mattered and the face was certainly of no importance. All I cared about was the amount of titmeat she had hanging off her che... Continue»
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My First Experience And Blackmailed The Boys

Hello guys, I am Sneha new to this site and always wished to share my experience with my friends even have said to my besty and she recommended me to post in this site.

Coming to the post

I am 21 years now and about me fair in skin and 30 size of my breast that’s it. Lol

Stepping back to three years before when I was in school. We had a class strength of sixty students. I used to prefer to sit on the back benches to have fun with my friends.

One day I was totally irritated by the lectures so I decided to observe w
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My Scotsman after the Battle of Culloden !

Yes, i was sitting down with my live in bf, John who is Scottish watching the TV series Outlander. It was the final one of the season & so i had a wee dram of whiskey from John as he had one too snuggling up together as i watched my TV show. Half way through the show, John said he had to get to bed soon as he had to get up about 5am to go off to his next job. He moved towards the bathroom & he turned the shower on & went to the linen cupboard & got himself a bath towel. I looked at him confused while still listening to my show & he smiled & said," well i won't have time in the morning for one ... Continue»
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The start of a cuckold relationship

All was good for a few months. Sophie and I were having great sex and had a good f****y routine,. All seemed fine.
During the month of November Sophie had been texting people from her phone more than normal and was also being much colder in the bedroom. She seemed to take great delight in teasing me and verbally abusing me. Calling me a "loser" with a "wiener" among other things. She would watch porn or text people as I greedily licked her pussy. After she had reached orgasm i would be allowed to fuck her and cum in her as long as i cleaned it all up afterwards by licking up every drop. Then... Continue»
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Love Coach

Chuck and Anne have been married a long time, but they haven't been intimate for 10 years now. I am coaching Chuck to see if the marriage can be saved. He loves her obviously or he wouldn't have stayed this long in a celibate relationship. He has reached that point though where he is losing hope for Anne, and looking to another woman for a possible outlet for his sexual frustration.

I believe my coaching now needs to include Anne. I don't know how she feels - but I have to believe she misses the joy and pleasure of physical touch. Here is my plan then.

Chuck will rent a hotel room to ... Continue»
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Ana in a photo session

Ana in a photo session

One Friday afternoon I went to see my loving Victor at his office.
He was very happy to see me there, but he was so busy.

My husband then introduced to me a new employee of the company, a black man called Carl John. He was huge and athletic shaped, handsome and had a sensual nice smile. His dark skin was really amazing.
I felt aroused when Carl John shook his hand into mine.

Victor then excused himself because he was very busy and I came back home, where I touched myself in the shower, thinking about that black man I had met…

I had forgotten him a week late... Continue»
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Sex Show On a Cruise

The following happened about three years ago.
Many cruise lines allow passengers to buy bottles of liquor on the day before debarkation and take them to your cabin. Since we were in a celebratory mood I bought a liter of Bourbon and later picked up some canned Coke from one of the bars. In our cabin we drank enough to be high and still carried a mixed drink each to a more secluded part of the ship that we found earlier. This area provided good sun, a hot tub and fewer fellow passengers. There were two families there from England who were friends and traveling together. We finished our drinks ... Continue»
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Impregnating my mother

Ever since I was a little boy I was afraid of thunderstorms, and
whenever there was a particularly violent one at night, I would run to
my parents bedroom and climb into their big king size bed, where my
mother would hold me until the storm abated. I literally shook with
fear, and only the warmth of her body holding me close, and her
soothing voice could calm me down. One such occasion when I was twelve
took a different twist, we were experiencing the worst storm I had ever
witnessed, the thunderclaps were so loud the house literally shook on
its foundations.

The lightning bolts wer... Continue»
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