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Valentine's Day Surprise

I had taken a part time cleaner job on Saturdays just for a little bit of income while I searched for another job in he mean time, and the job itself was pretty easy, I just had to clean up a woman's house for a few hours. Her name was Susan Bates, she must have been about mid 50's and she was quite slim and had a good well tucked body. Medium length brown hair, glasses, and had a good dress sense, which suited her age. Honestly she could have probably done it herself, she lived cleanly and she was an active woman, I guess she just wanted to help out someone with a little bit of income, as wel... Continue»
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As soon as we made eye contact, I felt my knees start to weaken with the urge I felt to get down before him.
“Fuck yeah daddy!” I whispered as he walked past. I continued to watch him as he first entered the room, left the door open and then he again looked at me. He watched me blatantly stare over his 6’2” dark haired and bearded manliness and smile. He then tossed his head in suggestion that I join him there; I was quick to step in his direction.
Just after I rounded the corner, before I got to the doorway, I unfastened my jeans. Brown eyes had seen his hairy stomach and my mouth be... Continue»
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The pursuit is in the genes

Cheryl, my high school crush and I are both in our late 60's. We got re-connected through our 50th high school class reunion just last year. My wife did not attend, as usual, and Cheryl is divorced. She does have a "beau" but it doesn't sound that serious. We sat with a small group of old classmates, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion. Cheryl sat next to me and her twin s****r (Stacey) sat across from us. Double the pleasure for me, that's for sure, because these gals are still quite attractive: dark eyes and dark hair, clear complexion, luscious lips, big tits, trim hips (they work o... Continue»
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Bea Hive's

President Beatrice Kendall the first 3 term president in 280 years, elected by landslide. Her first term election won on one theme, "give Women a Chance". After Men as rulers of the world nearly destroyed it, she proposed radical changes. Prior to her election, men said, what would not happen and those things did. Her second election won by the fact that the female sex had become an endangered species. A terrorist plague released in the USA killed millions of females for years. Her third term stood on one platform, reproduce. She introduced "Bea Hives".

With men outnumbering women 17 to... Continue»
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Mature Asian

An Asian f****y moved into our cul de sac and had been living there around a couple of months, they were Ok, practising Muslims but only on certain days otherwise they dressed in Western clothes and were the same as the rest of the families in the road. This particular Sunday they were having a party some of their relations were here from other parts of the Country.

The road was chock a block with cars and after been out I had to leave mine a distance away from my drive. After a few hours a space became available so I moved the car and got closer to the house. This Asian guy stormed up to m... Continue»
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My Son wife`s pussy is juice .

Tian Hai bedroom is large, open air conditioning, interior is warm, put a big bed in the middle. Into the bathroom, shut the door Jing Jun, only to find that the door is not the small lock, just think of the father's move, she was a little shame and fear, but also a little ...... husband away for a few months, has not touched the man, and just let the father the few times she stroked lifted repressed lust months.
Jing Jun stripped the clothes, open shower, carefully wash the white body. Tian Hai went into the bedroom, I heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom, fantasy soft daughter'... Continue»
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Cuckold Threesome - Wife Allows Herself Ultimate P

Rebecca sucks your cock and strokes it with her hands, feeling the weight of it change as it swells and gets hard for her. She loves the feel of your cock - it is bigger than mine, and it is harder than it too, as I have not been able to get as hard for her lately as I used to be. She needs to feel a hard cock. Her pussy has been aching for one. She loves the way your cock drips precum as she strokes it and she takes it in her mouth, tasting it like honey. You eat her pussy, enjoying her musky perfume, and knowing it is because of you that she is so intensely aroused. Her clit is pulsing... Continue»
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This is a TRUE story…..well 90% of it is, I just can’t remember the other 10%. The names and places HAVE NOT been changed to protect anyone.

In 1991, while in my pool, with my 18 year old step-niece, (my wife’s s****r’s daughter), after she had caught me by surprise and French kissed me in the morning as I was getting dressed, I found myself staring at her skimpy and ragged bikini top that was not able to hide her ample tits very well. We stood there, facing each other with the water up to our waists, and I could see that the sides of her top were gaping away from he
... Continue»
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We lived in a small art deco block of 8 apartments while house hunting in
Florida. Ours was on the upper floor and to the rear with a lovely large deck over the ground floor utility room. Behind was a row of upmarket duplexes which I looked at when apartment hunting so I knew they go for $1 mill and above. The one located directly behind has a nice splash pool and has been standing empty until about 3 months ago. I knew because one of my bedroom windows faced directly onto it, and I noticed that lights were suddenly blazing and then I heard a guy talking on his mobile in the yard. The fun st... Continue»
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Aunty Sheryl

Sheryl was in her kitchen tidying up, her f****y had all gone for the day k**s to school, husband Steve to work so she was looking at a full day of housework.
She was just starting in the front room when there was a knock at the door she answered it and there was her nephew Simon, she smiled at him and ushered him into the front room pleased to have an excuse for not doing her chores. She had always been fond of Simon whos 16th birthday party she had been to the previous month, she cast her mind back to the summer before when they had all been down the river, her f****y and her s****rs, there... Continue»
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Tina gets Gangbang

Tina gets Gangbang

This Story was told to me by Tina as it took place when I was gone on a work trip.

Tina told me she posted an ad on Craigslist for a gangbang. She got an answer from a group of guys (Thirty-Five) who had done it before as a team. Tina talked to them over a week and said she really wanted it but was totally nervous but they finally talked her into it. She met them at one of these chain bar/restaurants, they had a couple of drinks and they all got to know each other. She said she wore heels and a black mini skirt and a black t... Continue»
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Recently,I became friends with my big tit co-worker Francine. She invited me back to her place, a cozy, little studio with all the comforts one needs to relax and enjoy a little self-love.

Francine was about twenty-eight with a firm body that stood about five feet six inches tall; just a few inches taller than me.

Her legs were long and slender and her feet and ankles were just as lovely as the rest of her.

When we arrived at her place, there was her pretty lace underwear lying on the floor.

Looks like she had dropped them clean from a folded laundry pile she had rested on h... Continue»
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Gloryhole Beginning

My parents took my s****r and I to a store in the
mall to by school clothes. My dad really hated to shop
so my s****r and I went with mom to look for clothes
while dad went to a bookstore in the mall.

After purchasing my clothes, my s****r wanted to look
for clothes so we went into the miss's section.

I was really bored and suddenly had to pee. So I asked
my mom if I could go to the restroom. She wasn't crazy
about it but knew I was bored and that they'd have to
cross the store to find the bathrooms, so she let me go
and told me to meet them at the clothing store at ... Continue»
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Soccer Coach's Wife

Karen Johnson had a problem!

Karen was now in her late thirties and her body had developed a serious need for sex! All the worse was the fact that her husband seemed to be moving the opposite direction. They still had sex but it seemed to be by rote.

This left Karen to spend a significant amount of time doing self-service with her vibrator. It was during these little sessions that her mind would wander to whom she would like to have sex with. In the last week she found herself coming back to one person on regular basis; Justin... Continue»
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Mom and I Equal Love 2

The first night mom was home from the hospital was a whole learning experience in the caring of mom as far as her bathroom needs, bathing her, and in trying to feed her, and I stayed hard most of the time and had to go jack off a few times.

After eating supper that night, mom wanted me to clean her up a little bit, then mom and I sat in her bed while I did the little bit of homework that I did have from the classes that I did attend that day at school, before having to leave to go to get mom from the hospital and just as I was finishing up with them, mom said, "Ray, would you go in and get... Continue»
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Anything for an A

I did not know what I was in for as I knocked on the Professor’s door that night. I needed help with the upcoming mid-terms and was in trouble if I did not pass them. I could have been out of school if I failed. I was about to find ut what it was going to take to pass. I was wearing my tight jeans with the rips and studded belt with a black shirt that showed off my left arm tattoo sleeve and I had just had my hair dyed blue so I was looking even more like my true Emo self. I have a pierced lip and right nipple as well as the holes in my ear.
He answered the door in a white shirt and jea... Continue»
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My 18 year old wife seduces my 82 year old neighbo

Back in 1975, my young wife and I had moved from our hometown to El Paso, Texas. I had taken a job there and we moved about 700 miles early that summer. As I have told in my stories earlier, we had purchased a house with a swimming pool. I worked various shifts in my job and my wife was unemployed and staying at home working around the house.

Our home was in a quiet neighborhood. We had two neighbors on either side and one on the back of our yard. The previous owners had raised the height of the walls around one side of the house and the back, but on one side the wall was about 4 fee... Continue»
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Wife takes first step.... Further developments

Things have moved on a bit since my earlier post regarding the wife possibly taking the first step... Please read it if you can. I'd love advice / thoughts from others who are or have been in a similar position

We've continued to fantasize about others whilst having sex. K continues to tell me how much she wants this and about how horny she would find it riding another cock while I watch. She's offered further details about what she wants.. she wants me in the room with her but not joining in. She is insisting that the "lucky bloke" will meet certain criteria (clean shaven, under 40, n... Continue»
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Mom's Man Of The House

June 14th – the first day of summer vacation, and
Nick Williams was going to make the most of it.
Leaving high school behind, the 17 year-old wanted
nothing more than to hang around the house until
autumn and his first year at Westchester University.

Nick went into the f****y's den and rummaged through
the DVD cabinet, eventually choosing one of the
racier selections. In fact, it was actually porn,
truth be told – though of the "soft core" variety. He
popped it in, unzipped his jeans and slowly
masturbated as he watched the couple on the TV make
passionate love.

He ... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt8

"Go and give yourself a quick wash upstairs," said mom
after a moment. "And you might as well stay naked for
now," she added.

I got up, my now limp cock and balls flapping a bit, and
started walking out of the room. I noticed mom looking
at my dick as I went. Just being naked like this in
front of her in our living room was exciting, and it
sent a tingle through me.

I gave myself a clean in my bathroom, and in double
quick time I went back downstairs again.

Mom was still topless, and wearing just her black thong
and stockings and sitting on the sofa with a glass of
w... Continue»
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