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Date Night With My Wife pt 4

As we were leaving the bookstore Shawn and I were walking out together because Debbie
stopped to talk to the clerk. Shawn was saying how tired he was and was thinking about
heading home. After some arm twisting by me and of course another look at Debbie's fine ass
in her leather skirt he was persuaded to come to our house with us. As Debbie joined us she
said she invited the dress wearing guy known as the clerk to join us at our home. Shawn and I
just looked at her not sure what was going on in her mind but with the things that had already
happened tonight we knew we were in for some... Continue»
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Good Old 60

By Roseanne Lee Wynn
I like to tell a story that happens to me year’s back while I was working at a beach club. I was working on the cable system when I saw two beautiful women walking from the tennis court. They were about 100 yards away when I first seen them and they looked find. As they walk closer to me I could that they ware a little older then the woman that I like to check out. But the lady on the left capture my eye and my heart, the way she walked and the way in witch she held herself, had me captivated. I was dumbfounded and could stop staring at this lovely lady. Sh... Continue»
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Going back to school for a spanking

There are two types of catholic school girls. The first is the type you see in videos who have “gone wild.” They have boyfriends when they are young, experiment sexually, like to flirt and have lots of fun. The other type is the type who behaves themselves and follows the directions of their parents and teachers. This story is about the second type. I was always a good girl in school. I had good grades, participated in debate club, and happily spent my evenings and weekends at the church youth group. I went to university and remained a good girl. I didn’t go out partying but rather came... Continue»
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hardworking wife pt2

A few days had gone by and I was coming to grips with what I had seen at my wife's office. I can't say I was angry, nor jealous, I was incredibly turned on however. What I had seen, though not much through the cracked door had excited me, my mind was in overdrive, how long has this been going on? Does she fuck him too? Do other people at her work know about it?
I was curious to say the least. I knew I wanted to see more just waiting for the opportunity. I was a Friday nearly two weeks from the last time when my wife text me saying, have to work over don't wait up with one of those frowning... Continue»
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Lia And I Have Some Fun

It is 11 pm and Lia is just finished with her late night shoot. She is wearing torn jeans and a little golden top that perfectly illustrates her large breasts. On the way home, she literally runs into me, making her small body fall to the ground. "Look out where you're going!" I say instinctively. Lia, still lying on the ground looks me straight in the eyes and apologizes immediately; "I am so sorry mister, I wasn't looking, are you alright?". Only then I realize that this beautiful girl is Lia, the girl who I've been fapping to for such a long time. "I'm alright" I tell her as I offer her m... Continue»
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Slut Wife Fuck’s Daughter’s Boyfriend

Slut Wife Fuck’s Daughter’s Boyfriend

I had taken a Friday off from work just wanted some time alone at home. I'm a 32 year old woman with 3 teenage k**s so time alone at home is at a premium. I've been married 22 years; I'm 5.3 175 lbs, dark brown hair, Curvy with large c size tits. I had not had sex in over a week except with myself and my toys (and people who have read my stories know I need sex all the time), and with that said that is where my story starts. I spend the morning just doing stuff around the house and garden enjoying the quiet, by the afternoon around 1 I ... Continue»
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Wednesday Afternoon by loyalsock

Marion anxiously waited for the doorbell to ring, as she checked her watch for the third time in the last ten minutes. "Where was she," Marion thought to herself, "I wish for once she'd be on time!!!" Ten seconds later the apartment air was split by the loud resonance of the bell and Marion quickly buzzed her friend in. She opened the door listened for the footsteps coming up the carpeted stairs, but oddly, she swore there was more than just Evelyn's steps she was hearing! A second or two later she was proven right, as her Evelyn and a young lady of perhaps twenty or so turned up the last flig... Continue»
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reluctantly getting a new mature roommate/fuckslut

A couple of years ago, when I got divorced I found a place to live on Craigslist. It was the perfect setup -- $450/month and it was a brand new apartment. The owner owned the house below (rented out to a f****y), and he had the apartment on top just built the year before. Everything was new and nice. It was a 2 bedroom, and for $450 I got the smaller bedroom and free utilities.

The caveat was that if he ever had to come back, he could live there anytime. However, he lived with his girlfriend at her house, so for the first 2 years I had the place to myself. Then she broke up with him, ... Continue»
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picked up a bar girl and her friend last night, no

The one who was in the mood to fuck was not my original target, when I joined the two girls at the table she stepped up. A dark haired girl in her early twenties. Not bad looking with a thick bottom end and nice chest. On the dance floor a slow dance she rubbed her pussy all over my leg. I figured she would work it good in the bed. I danced with her friend, she was a year or s younger. A thinner girl with smaller chest and a nice ass. Great long legs and pretty face. Long light brown or dirty blond hair. Slow dance she did not rub it on me, but had nice body movement.
They let me know they c... Continue»
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Young Lover

"Shouldn't you be in school?" Jennifer was taking advantage of the
warm, spring weather to get her yard in shape. She had been pulling up
weeds in her front yard, and for the past 15 minutes, she had had an
audience of one.

Kevin was the 13-year-old boy who lived next door to her. He had
strolled up the sidewalk and sprawled himself out on his front yard.
Now, he was lying on his belly with his bare feet kicked up in the air,
watching her.

"It's spring break," Kevin said flatly, as he pulled himself up off the
ground and wandered over closer to Jennifer.

"Shouldn't you... Continue»
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Tenant Surprise

So I went to the weirdo's apt and knocked on the door. He opened up.

"Do you need me to come down there and cum on her with you again?"

"Something like that, but not quite." I started walking in and undoing my belt buckle.

"Whoa, man. I’m not gay. I just got caught up in the moment. I didn’t plan to be sucking you off on a regular."

"I know you didn't plan to, but this is your life now. See this phone? If I upload the video of you eating our cum and sucking my dick, how do you think your
friends, co-workers, and the dudes around the building are gonna feel about that?"

"You w... Continue»
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Wife Reluctant To Be Naked etc. part 2

For the next two, three weeks my wife couldn't stop apologizing for what she allowed the postman to do to her that afternoon. I kept insisting that it was ok, that I was not mad or upset and she need not give in, (about wanting to go to a nudist resort), just because of that. While I would dearly love for us to go to one of those resorts for a week-end, I didn't want her to agree due to any guilt feelings on her part. I told her that, should we go, it needs to be because she really wanted to go. So, in actuality, both the postman ordeal and any nudist resort talk had been set aside for the tim... Continue»
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Black history

I didn't start out being fixated on, or even especially attracted to, black men. Events, and my experiences with both black and white men, combined to steer me into my personal black history. I think knowing a little of my background will help you understand my story.

As my story begins I'm a 33 year old product of a small southern town. It's an old neighborhood of small houses. I'm pale, about 5'9", with long legs and large breasts, I'm well read, intelligent, and a very good Mom. My ancestors not so long ago owned slaves but I never learned prejudice. I had minimal opportunity to intera... Continue»
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Football Star

My husband and I have tried to do everything to give our son an advantage over other k**s his age. Anything we could do from the moment that he was born that might give him a step up and put him ahead we did. So it was no surprise that when my son, Bill, showed interest in sports that my husband, Clyde, did everything to make his son was successful. And he was good. He became the star quarterback for the middle school team.
When Bill hit his middle teen years and puberty, he started asking questions about sex. My husband was his best friend and they talked about everything. Then one nigh... Continue»
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Fucking too much pt 2

I hope you read my true story about fucking too much. It starts with a fine ass blonde from Florida with big dd tits. She a high end hoe which means she only dates out of 5 star hotels and cost a lot of money. Anyway I had been fucking to much and couldn't stay hard. I went to see her and a friend 2 days later same thing happened. So I decided to wait for a few weeks until she came back off vacation in 2 weeks. Did I stop hell no this addiction is to strong. My cock got right after its lil break down lol. I don't no what was wrong wit dude acting all crazy not getting hard lol. She didn't come... Continue»
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And So it Began

After dating my wife for three years, we got married seven long years ago. I was 43 and she was 38. It was her third marriage and the first one for me. Her daughter who was 19 had just moved out of the house within the past year.

We'd had a good sex life while dating and that continued in the first couple of years of marriage. My dark secret was that I had always had a cuckold fantasy. My first serious girlfriend in high school had cheated on me, two of my girlfriends in college did the same (one with my roommate). A live-in girlfriend had cheated on me on several occasions. All of that tu... Continue»
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Fun with Friends

Fun Night with Friends
My wife (Mary) tell me "that she want to find her friend Dawn a guy,she tell me that she has one it is old her boyfriend Clint". I say"That sound nice, how are we going have them meet each other?" She say " That called Clint, he say for come to his state and bring Dawn with us, we'll have good time and told me where to meet him at." I say "ok." So we set out get Dawn and head to meet Clint in Tennesse. We pick up Dawn , she sit in passager seat while set in the back as head to meet Clint, i see Mary slip hand onto Dawn's leg slowly ... Continue»
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Mature Goddess Mom

You had a long day at work, and after you come home you decide to go for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Little do you know I am at your house in your room terrorizing your dirty panties and tugging on my stiffy fantasizing about my Mature Goddess Mom. You come in from your nice stroll, and get right to your yoga exercises. Mid-way through your yoga, you notice things have been a little too quiet and that I have been no where to be found since you came home, so naturally you became suspicious.

You then start wandering the house in search of your ever-so-horny slave boy. Remembering th... Continue»
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Love the Dark Meat

My sex life with my husband had not been what it used to be for some time now. My husband knows it and I know it. My husband wants to try swinging and swapping. But I am not into the whole fucking friends thing or fucking old fat sweaty guys. I had had a couple of one night stands-one guy came in about two seconds and the other guy went longer but he could not get me to cum or please me at all. One of my friends fixed me up with a guy she had been fucking and said he was really good but he did nothing for me. So I was left with my hungry pussy.
I am not ugly by any stretch. I get hit on ... Continue»
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Diane's Birthday by loyalsock

Diane was definitely hot. I first saw her at the annual flea market.

Honestly, it wasn't intentional but I kept running into her. I know

that I was checking her out and was fairly certain that she was doing

the same. Her eyes and smile hinted at a nasty streak which had me

thinking of her in a whole new way- basically, naked.

Her body was made to be seen, perfect curves filling out tight

jeans which only made my imagination go wild.

She knew exactly what she was doing. When I came by, she would

cast a quick glance, and bend over slightly, examining some

object. ... Continue»
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