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Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW

Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW!

I’ve written about my dad before when Babs posed nude for him and then had sex with him – see Wife’s Nude Portrait and Wife’s Nude Portrait 2. Just to give you a brief update, my dad and I look very much alike, both standing 6’2” with athletic builds, only dad is starting to get a little grey at the edges. My mom had left him abruptly over 15 years ago and that had devastated him. He hadn’t dated or been with a woman until Babs posed for him and then seduced him. Since that time, dad has come out of his funk and started dating.

Last Wednesday, dad calle... Continue»
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d***k MILF for 2 small gas station wine bottles.

Having just graduate High School and horny as ever I was eager just stick my young hard dick into anything. This story is 100% true. I was hanging out with one of my buddies, alex, at a local park sitting under the covered picnic area. We both were glad to be out of high school and just talking shit about random stuff. When my buddy alex told me he was having some issues with his laptop and asked if i could take a look at it. I told him sure and he went off to his car to get it.

Meanwhile i am sitting under the covered picnic area and this dark red headed milf comes over with a beer bottle... Continue»
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hot session

you were doing a bit of work for this woman selling your jewelery in her store on her pocket books and selling it as well in the store you got too know each other over the few months very well and became friends,things were going well for you and me i was doing a bit of work cleaning and you were working from home so life was pretty good for us we had a nice income coming in and we enjoyed our few nites out and going too our friends every few weekends,one day when you were dropiing into the sotroe you noticed that she wasnt there and you called out,you went into the back room too see where she... Continue»
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My New Black Boyfriend (Parts 1-4)

Due to technical difficulties, these stories got deleted from XHamster earlier. Rather than repost them individually, I'm adding them here all in one lump. I write true stories about my sex life and you can learn more on my profile page.

Part 1

Spit was getting everywhere. It was running down my chin, between my tits, it was all over my face, my hand was coated. It ran down his cock and over his balls in thick ropey strands. I'd been blowing him for almost thirty minutes and I hadn't even tasted any pre-cum yet. I had one hand cupped under his balls, the other wrappe... Continue»
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Open your throat slut

Sometimes I see dicks everywhere. A cucumber turns into a thick cock. A shower head morphs into a spewing cock. A banana becomes a curved cock.

The delusions carry an irresistible sexual craving. It can hit anytime, anywhere without any warning. All I can do is satisfy my darkest carnal desires.

If anyone found out, my life as my university's top feminist leader would be dead. My books and research would never be taken seriously. I would never be tenured.

So I write this anonymously in hopes that others who share the same problem will know they aren't alone. And maybe they'll find the... Continue»
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Making the milf list 2

We did not discuss the MILF List for some time. I called it that in my mind, a list of mother's we could fuck. For a month, I stalled and avoided. The other guys made it plain, however, they were on board. Brent, whose mother was Italian and had aged very well, invited me over to his house and then split so when I arrived, I was alone in the house with her. As always, she offered me everything to eat or drink and I finally asked for water. When she went to get water from the tap, the thing malfunctioned and water sprayed all over her. There I was in the kitchen with Mrs. Rossini being sprayed ... Continue»
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Making the milf list 1

We were five regular guys who did not specialize in introspection or self-examination till one day we were sitting around after classes were over for the week just being bored. Going to the local community college and living at home meant several things. We had to get good grades, none of us worked regularly and our parents paid for everything which meant we were broke all the time and had no fun. None of us were getting laid or getting close and we all blamed the fact that we were living with the 'rents. We had addressed the several professors who we deemed 'fuckable' when I may have crossed ... Continue»
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the teacher [3]

Well it was a whole weekend before I next heard from her she said that jack had suffered another massive stroke, he had passed away and she asked me to attend his funeral.
A couple of days later she again rang and gave me time and place, I promised to attend, the wife being away with her s****r in Middlesbrough for the week it was an easy decision to make, not that I would not have gone anyway.
On the day it was the sort of day when the rain, though light soon had you wetter than if you had been through a sheep dip, grey clouds filled the sky, and it was cold as a fridge, we were gl... Continue»
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How I lost My Virginity

I hold a special place in my heart for this woman. She was my first. Sometimes I think about her and I miss her beautiful smile. Other times I miss her warm hot pussy. We lost contact with each other a while ago but I always think about her.

It all started a long time ago. I was eleven just started going through puberty and moved into a new neighborhood. I made friends with my neighbor. He was 13. Just turned 13 and although he really didn't want to hang out with me all that much our mom's kinda made us.Ne way. One night while I was sl**ping over his house he started showing me porno's. We ... Continue»
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The Pat Wynn Look-a-like

Part 1
I had built the camper from the bottom up myself and to tell the truth I was pretty damned proud of it. It featured about any comfort you could possibly cram into a 2,5 x 6 m space in an old Bedford originally build for transporting horses. It was one of those old flat nosed trucks from the early sixties, but it had a new engine, breaks, gearbox and steering. I was a photographer working for different tourist boards and that summer I was working in Scotland. The nice thing about the work was that it gave me the right to park anywhere that for the common crowd meant no overnight parking... Continue»
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My First Mature

One of my first mature lovers was a divorcee named Jean who is 58, and a former work colleague. Jean worked in the same office, still does in fact.

We first had got together when I had been dropping her home for a few weeks, and as a thank you she said that, if I did not mind, she would like to make me some dinner.

I have always found older women more attractive and I had more than a few wanks thinking about Jean so I was happy to spend some more time with her.

We had a nice meal, than sat in her living room with a glass of wine. Jean just had the one sofa, so we sat next to each oth... Continue»
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Danielle friend's and f****y 1

With her two sons out for the rest of the Sunday evening, Danielle Kent settled herself down on the couch to watch her favourite porno. That she was the star of it was certainly the main reason she liked it so much. At 36, she didn't look old enough to have twin eighteen year old sons, but that was because she'd gotten pregnant while at university, a fact which had quickly got her expelled. Only her s****r Tanya had stuck by her and, in order to make ends meet, when the twins were old enough, she'd started modelling. With her good looks, long blonde hair, tiny waist, long legs and heart shaped... Continue»
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4 cocks 1 Mouth and then Lots MORE

4 cocks 1 Mouth and then Lots MORE

The three cocks and mine the slut likes most. They are Dave, Jim and Bill I allow these three to come over pretty much anytime they want for a quickie or a full-on fuck session. So, I arranged for the four of us to get together and surprise her with a small party that ends up a full gangbang for the slut of mine. The three friends of ours and Tina’s favorite cocks she all ways tells me showed up at our house, on time Friday evening 11-7-2014 at 7 pm. So we chat about all the naughty stuff we are going to do to Tina wait... Continue»
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Three generations

So it started off as a cold, wet,typical northern Indiana day. I had gone to the local home improvement center, to pick up some charcoal needed to cook a delicious pork tenderloin on the grill later that day. When I looked up and saw a beautiful Red head walking my direction. Her Buggy was filled to the top with wallpaper,paint, drywall compound. and a lot of the tools one would need to complete the jobs she had in mind. I figured she had to be in her late fifties, and said good morning as I passed. She said good morning in return, and asked if I could help an old lady out. Of course I said ... Continue»
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Mother and Crossdressing Son Fantasy

Mother and Crossdressing Son Fantasy

The story is about how my passion for wearing women's lingerie helped me to establish a more intimate relationship with my mother.

I'm a 42-year-old man and I still live at home with my mother. My Father passed away 20 years ago. We live in a suburban bungalow and I have a nice little apartment in the basement. It's not as private as I would like. That's important because four years ago after discovering a number of chat sites where men present themselves in women's underwear, I began to become interested myself. Now, once a month, I dress in very fin... Continue»
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My mom's slutty side

Since turning 18, I had developed a fascination for MILF's in particular. I don't know whether it was the fact that it was the knowledge that their bodies had matured or that they were experienced when it came to sex.

However being the typical college-bound guy, encountering MILF's wasn't exactly easy and so I believe it was from this desperation to experience what it would be like to meet one is what drove me to look at mom in a different light.

A bit of background on her, she's 40 years old and in terms of her body, really sexually attractive. She has long silky legs, a quite modest wa... Continue»
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A Good Husband

She was rapidly approaching the point of completely
losing herself in the passion and pleasure of the
moment. With her arms tied above her, and her legs
tethered by long silken scarves to the posts and iron
frame of the hotel bed, she could hear her own
breathing accelerate with each passing moment. The new
lacy nightgown that she was wearing for the first time,
a gift for "this special night", that her husband had
dressed her in, was now hiked up high enough to expose
her increasingly wet vulva to the attractive, young,
black stranger whose mouth was within inches of her
... Continue»
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A Helpful f****y

This wasn't Rob's best day. He was out for the day
playing golf with his friends from the office and had
his worst game in 2 years. But if you want to make
partner by 50 you need to play the game. As he pulled
in to the driveway he saw 3 cars he recognized.

His 40 year old wife Janette had 3 s****rs, Jennifer
(37), Lisa (32) and Heather (30). They were all heath
and fitness nuts so they had the bodies of a 20 year
old. And here they were in his home. As Rob pulled his
golf bag from his trunk he paused to reflect.

Rob had jerked off more than a few times looking at the... Continue»
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Wild at storm

I was sl**ping when storm woke me up. I tried to sl**p again but wind was blowing really loud and storm was getting closer and closer so after few minutes I went downstair to the kitchen to drink some water.

I noticed through glass in the door that TV is still running on, it was almost midnight but dad sometimes watch tv deep into the night. I entered kitchen quietly and heard noise from the TV. He was watching porn! Moans and screams. I carefuly peeked on and saw dad naked, sitting and watching that. But it was not all. My mother, in bra and panties only was sucking his big cock. She was l... Continue»
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The Approaching Storm

It was a warm summer night, and my window was open, a
gentle breeze blowing across my sheets. In the far
west, I could hear the sound of a summer thunder storm.
It would probably reach us within the hour, I thought.

I heard another sound --- and suddenly realized that it
was the sound of my bedroom doorknob being turned,
rattling gently. The door creaked open, and my mother
stood there. In the dim light coming from the hallway
I could see that she was wearing a short nightie, and
I had no idea what she wanted.

"Mark, are you asl**p?" she whispered.

"No, Mom," I said... Continue»
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