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Nightclub Milf Slut

I was out with my friend and we were in one of the best nightclubs in town, its plays dirty rnb were girls get wild and crazy and do made stuff, my friend Neil is a bit of a stud and he always gets the girls but this time was different, We were dancing on the dance floor when a older women in late 30’s id say kept looking over at Neil and smiling she was obviously d***k as she was all over the place but she was mighty fine for a milf, in the end she came over and started dancing with Neil, she was really d***k but was very hot wearing her sexy short skirt and short low cut top, her tits... Continue»
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Milf Gives Guy A Handjob

Hi All my names Helen im a swinging slut, im married 42 years old, a bit of a cougar some might say, the other week I met a guy at the swingers bar who wanted me to film me giving him a hand job, that’s all he wanted so I agreed to it and he came to my home when my husband was at work...

I was wearing a pink v-neck dress, why it showed of my tits perfectly and also it gave the guy who’s name was Bruce, the chance to easily grab a feel while I wanked him. Bruce came in and took all his clothes off leaving just his pants on; he then lay down on my sofa whilst I set up the recorder... Continue»
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Mom And My Best Friend

We were on holiday in Corrnwall and my best friend Jay came with us, during the first night he kept admiring my mom whenever dad wasnt around, he also kept getting a good eyefull of my moms rarther big tits which she noticed as she looked at me looknig at Jay she gave me a devilish smile, fancy a cigarette Jamie she asked him knowing i didnt smoke and off they went outside, moms short red skirt was riding up her ample married ass, during the day my mom and dad had a argument and he went out for most of the day so mom was alaready pissed off with him and she was loving the attention my 19 year ... Continue»
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Bi men and me at Chameleons

I go to a club on a bi night most weeks

Last week I was joined by my handsome friend from London, tall, blonde, good looking, we have met several times before.

He met me at a local restaurant and he wined and dined me, all the while we had a good giggle but the sexual tension was evident. He loves munching my clit and fingering me until I cum all over him. And even more he liked to fuck me and join in whilst I fuck others.

We left the restaurant and entered the club.

I slipped into a sexy little red number, with black hold ups and sexy shoes. He glanced an approving eye over my sex... Continue»
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A hottt 21 yr worked my Cougar pussy over well

Since i joined this site and view some fantastic porno,,, it made me think of some young cock i fucked about 3 year's ago ..He was 21 black african male, and i at the time was 50..I fucked him at a motel with my hubby filming and taking pic's.. It was so erotic,,at first he was shy so my hubby began playing with me and wasen't long his cloth's came off and he layed beside me and went at me with very intense passion mmmm.
He had a fantastic cock and used it so well, i really enjoyed sucking it and made him blow his load in my mouth he tasted so fine. Being young with lot&#... Continue»
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The train journey took two hours, and I sat staring out of the carriage window, oblivious to the countryside flashing by, oblivious to other passengers, oblivious to everything except thoughts of my daughter Chloe.

It had begun when my wife was killed in a car crash when Chloe was s*******n. I was devastated – it had been a terrific marriage, not least for the fantastic sex, where nothing had been taboo.

Chloe seemed to grow up overnight, taking charge and looking after everything. She was wonderful, comforting me and running the household, cleaning and cooking while I tried to co... Continue»
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Old and White

I live in a resort town, and on this night I met my friends at one of the local bars. We wanted to get away from all the out of towners. Earl and Sam and I were playing pool and drinking. The subject of girls came up and we all agreed that it had been too long since any of us had gotten laid. The bar was empty. Three white women came in and sat at the bar, they were petite and in their late sixties or early seventies and not bad looking for their age. they came over and wanted to play. We were all having a good time and getting a buzz on. They were getting nasty with the more they d***k. They ... Continue»
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Lot of taking care of.

It was the grandfather of all rugby tackles. I was running like hell, the ball tucked firmly under my arm – I glanced over my shoulder, to see a pursuer dangerously close, and then it happened. It was like the business about an irresistible f***e meeting an immovable object, except that it was more like one irresistible f***e meeting another.

He appeared from nowhere, head down, arms widespread, and we must have collided at a combined speed of about forty miles an hour. He bounced me into the bloke chasing me, who at that moment seemed to be made of concrete, and we all went down. I l... Continue»
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My wife and I had invited a mutal male friend of ours to our home in fla. We knew him to a "ladies man" of a long time and we also knew that it made no difference to him if they were married or not.
John, was a likeable guy anyway. We had a lot of fun on the tennis court with him and various partners that he brought from time to time so that was really how we got to know him well.

So, he came alone to visit us and we wanted to play a prank surprise on him so I suggested to my wife that when he arrived we would both be naked when we opened the door. It was exciting and fun for us... Continue»
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The Professor 3- Repayment

After class my history professor came over to me. “Hey Jimi, my husband is going to be on a business trip. I thought that you could come over and I could repay you for dping me.”

This was the best semester I think I ever had. My grades were up, and most of the time so was my cock. Early in the semester I started to get the reputation that I could fuck the best on campus. My girlfriend was probably the one that started the whole thing. That’s why I think it’s her own fault that I got asked by so many girls to fuck them. None of the other girls compared to my hi... Continue»
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The Professor 2- Favors

(A week later) After class my professor stopped me again. I wondered if she wanted her pussy pounded again.

“k**do, my husband wanted to try something new in bed. He wants to watch me get fucked by somebody else. He said that I could pick up whoever I wanted as long as he could watch. Would you mind firing up my engine in front of my husband?”

“Is he going to join?” I asked.

“I don’t know if he’s going to or not. He’s not bi, so if he does, he’ll just be sandwiching me. If you do this for me, I’ll be sure to repay you. ... Continue»
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The Professor 1- My Fanasy Come True

It all started after class one day. My history professor needed some help with one of her presentation she was doing.

“Jimi, would you mind staying after class to help me? I have a presentation due tomorrow for the speaker. I just need a little help.”

“Sure,” I said.

I had a crush on her since the beginning of the semester. She was in her early 50’s, but she knew how to say in shape. We ran into each other all the time at the campus gym. We would always greet one another as we passed. I could never help but take a nice look down to check out her ... Continue»
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friends son


This is true story that happened at xmas 2001.
My works put on a xmas do in a community centre in town.
It was to be held on a Friday night so at least I had the whole weekend to get over the hangover I knew I would have.
I had arranged to go with a workmate and his wife who use to be neighbours of ours on an estate with quite a bad reputation and we had known them for years.
They had since moved to a nice house on the A10 just 5 miles out town but as we still worked together we still kept in touch.
Their names are Doug and Heather and have a son called Tom w... Continue»
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Company of Men

Written by Janet(hotblackwetpussy42)

Diane a former prostitute want to escape away from her abusing
pimps, and other men. She wants to change her life around just to become a
normal person, she want to go back to school, get a good job. But, it's
seem whatever she do, she always fail. Diane loves to dress sexy, she
is 45 year old, and has an athlete shape with a size 48 D cup breast. Her
hips is very wide and her ass shake very heavy when she walk. Guys
can't resist stopping and staring at her. She just ignores them and continues
walking. One day she had an intervi... Continue»
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An encounter with a mature woman

This is something that happened to me one day a few years ago that was a very pleasant surprise that I have never forgotten. It was I thought another average day at work, I was doing a job around the house of a married couple.

I arrived in the morning and the man of the house explained what he wanted doing and then left for work. I got on with the job which was cutting down some trees and shrubs in the garden. It was early spring and there was still a chill in the early morning air.

"My wife will be back sometime this morning" the man had said as he left for work in his suit... Continue»
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Babysitting. 08----End------

I had positioned myself so that my crotch was rubbing against mom’s thigh, humping her thigh as I was sucking on her nipples, in fact I could have sworn that I even tasted her sweet milk as I did as a baby... Then I heard Pam moan as she started cumming, then mom moaned loudly as she does when she is cumming. The tension was getting so great, I fucked my mom’s thigh hard and as I moaned loudly; we all came together.

Like a good slut, Pam quickly came over and started licking my pussy juices clean and then did the same thing to mom. I patted a place next to me on the bed where sh... Continue»
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Babysitting. 07

Christy went over to her duffle bag that was full of surprises and pulled out something that I wasn’t familiar with but it looked like a man’s jock strap.

“Now stand up so that I can put this on you.” Christy said to Pam. “and you hold her steady Leslee so I can put this on your friend.” Reluctantly Pam let her put the jockstrap on her but as Christy pulled the support tight against Pam let out a screeching sound. I quickly put my hand over Pam’s mouth and told to be quiet or Christy would really get tough on her. But what I didn’t see was tha... Continue»
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in the wood shed

I wrote this to a gfriend as we were not able to see each for a while-hope you enjoy-I do have a woodshed and cut logs so there is -anyway....

I was in the wood shed today getting all sweaty and dirty as I had to find something to fill my mind-I imagined how we might be there ..................

It was a saturday afternoon .I knew you were coming over and decided that to keep occupied I would chop some wood and keep busy-already my mind was filled with thoughts of how later we would be and the night ahead was to provide untold and new pleasures as we got to know each others likes and des... Continue»
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a day in the woodshed -hope you enjoy

I was in the wood shed today getting all sweaty and dirty as I had to find something to fill my mind-I imagined how we might be there ..................

It was a saturday afternoon .I knew you were coming over and decided that to keep occupied I would chop some wood and keep busy-already my mind was filled with thoughts of how later we would be and the night ahead was to provide untold and new pleasures as we got to know each others likes and desires-would you be wearing that black negligee or those amazing stocking and suspendors I wondered and hoped.And how long before we got into bed fr... Continue»
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Speaking of Cougar....

I went to a local bar for a drink recently and had an interesting experience. While talking to the bartender I noticed this elderly lady at the end of the bar sipping and watching folks. Thinking nothing of it I continue you talking with the bartender. Soon a lady sat next to her and started talking. I happened to over hear their conversation and it was about "who would they do" ! in the bar. Now the one lady who sat down to talk was older as well but, extremely "hot". She had my vote !! But the other lady exclaimed " I don't want anybody OVER 49 ! And she was loo... Continue»
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