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Mommy and I Pt. 1 - f****y Davey Series

If you don't like f****y stories then this series isn't for you, TURN BACK NOW!

My name is Davey. I'm eighteen years old, I have an average athletic body, Blonde hair, Blue eyes,

and an average size cock(8 inches).

I live in Russia with my f****y. My Dad has inherited a huge estate and moved here to get a huge

house and property. That day my Dad was in Germany on a business trip. My Mom was out with friends shopping, my b*****r and s****r were at college; So when I came home from school I was alone in our house and decided to watch a movie. By the time 14:00 had hit I was bo... Continue»
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Park Service (true adventure) day 3

We were all trying to sl**p in the living room as the fire place was still the only source of heat (beyond the obvious).

In the middle of the night the electric was restored, lights came on, the 2 way radio fired up with skip and static, the refrigerator buzzed to life.

Everybody stirred and half asl**p went to their own rooms for the rest of the night.

When I woke up, my wife was not in sight and there was the sound of a "discussion" coming from Mike and Deb.

I thought this is how it usually ends, a fight and everyone flees for their life never to return!
Suddenly my wife ap... Continue»
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Mommy Help's

He lay in his bed, thinking of the beautiful girl on the TV, wishing so bad that he could stroke himself. It was hell not being able to move. Two broken arms, two broken legs and your back in three pieces made it just a bit hard to do anything.

"Damn it!" Jake growled as his cock grew and grew. "I need a hot cunt wrapped around that poor thing!" he said wondering why none of his friends from college ever came by.

It wasn't his fault the car wrecked that night and killed two of his closest friends. He was in the back seat fucking the shit out of Tracie Campbell. They were going at it bi... Continue»
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Confessions of a lonely mother II (Crazy night)

My son Andrew has grown up since our trip nothing has happen he now has a girlfriend and I respect that although I have to confess that I always remember that special night with him and I wish we could repeat it for now there is nothing but good memories, out life has been normal as I told you my father passed away when I was 19, now I am 32 Andrew is 18, and we still live with my mother, since my father left my mother has been all alone, one night a pretty hot one Andrew told me that his girlfriend was going to stay with us at night since she study with him, when she sl**pover at our house sh... Continue»
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Соседка по даче Ирина Андреевна

-Костик, ты мне не поможешь?

Симпатичный белокурый паренек, лет 18-ти, оглянулся, и поспешил к стоящей невдалеке от него рослой женщине, с ведром яблок. До нее было метров двадцать. Костик быстрым шагом прошёл мимо старых тряпок, вечно висящих на частоколе забора.

Женщина, позвавшая его, была его соседкой по улице Ириной Андреевной, которую, по привычке, звал тетей Ирой. Она вытирала тыльной стороной ладони пот со лба, другой рукой подергивая халат за пуговицу, остужая крупные груди, висящие в разные стороны.

Лифчик она не носила.

-Жарко сегодня!- произнесла женщина как бы опра... Continue»
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i woke up feeling horny

woke up feeling horny as fuck. You know what it's like. If you're a guy you wake up with a stiffie. Well I woke up all wet and sticky. I was feeling so horny, no way would one shag satisfy me. I was gagging for it. Didn't even bother to have a wash. Opened my front door, this was half eight in the morning. It's easy to get cock on my estate. I don't have to place an ad; I can get cock anytime I want. Just thought it'd be fun, that's all, see what I got.Anyway, Mr Dean from Sefton Street, he was on his way to work, about to catch the number 42 bus. I shouted to him across the road, asked him if... Continue»
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Wife Gang Bang

This past Saturday Jim invited some guys over to have fun with me

Sunday Jim had four of the guys over and Kim came over also. Jim had invited Kim so while I was busy having sex with the guys he could have fun with Kim. Jim had invited Rob, Mike, Tony, and Pete over and they all arrived almost at the same time. I was out back wearing a skimpy one piece bikini type thing.

Kim arrived a little later and Jim greeted her as soon as she came grabbing her kissing her and running his hands all over her. Kim said to Jim that she wanted to spend the afternoon with him in bed. The guys were outbac... Continue»
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Her Wiggle

Patricia had just finished her shower. Ever the tease, she walked nude into our bedroom, smiled at me, turned her back to me, and walked with a exaggeratedly feminine wiggle towards the bed. I stepped up behind her and put my arms around her hips, sliding them down along the valleys between her legs and her torso. Her skin was soft and absolutely smooth.

She stepped back a bit, pressing herself against me. “Did you want something, dear?” She turned again to face me, giving me one of her teasing, sexy smiles. Then she slid a hand down my bare abdomen and under the waistband of my paj... Continue»
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Hardware Store Milf

I'm in my mid 20's and it has always been a fantasy/fetish of mine to fuck a hot sexy milf. There's nothing sexier than a woman in her 40s who's got big fake tits and an amazing ass and just loves showing them off. Fucking a hot milf is something that I'd never gotten to do until yesterday. I went to the local hardware store to pick up a few things, it's a small store with only about 12 aisles. As I'm down one of the aisles in the back of the store I hear a worker and a lady coming my way talking about a product. As they turn the corner to come down my aisle I get almost an instant hard on, p... Continue»
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Paying for the takeaway.

On a drizzly Thursday evening I arrived at my local Chinese takeaway and ordered my usual, after about 15 minutes I was still waiting so I politely asked what was going on.
Mrs Lee then stuck her head out from the kitchen.
"What's the matter?" she asked.
"I was wondering where my order was?" I replied.
"Its coming, its coming" she replied.
"You just wait"
"I have been" I replied.
"What's the problem?"
"My husband is away, its just me cooking, so you wait" she replied.
After a few more minutes Mrs Lee finally appeared with my takeaway.
It was then I realised I didn't have my wallet o... Continue»
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In The Swing Of Things

My ex-girlfriend, Alison, was a sick little bitch. There are reasons why we are no longer dating, but that has nothing to do with this story. Without her I would still be sexually demure. Despite our later differences, she pushed me into trying new things, being comfortable in my own skin, and loving women instead of the feel of getting my cock stroked.

I had been dating Alison for about six months before she started bringing i****t roleplay fantasies into the bedroom. Now, many of you may find that disgusting and believe me, I understand. The first time she called me daddy was shocking; ... Continue»
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Cash, Grass, or Ass

Getting a new license at the age of sixteen is always an exciting event. Jacob was getting his license today. The first time in his life he had more mobility, which meant more freedom. His mom had driven him to the DMV but he had driven home. “Now, I want you to know,” his mother said, “that you need to help drive Lisa around sometimes.”

“Oh, mom,” Jacob said, “she is such a pain in the butt.”

“She is also your s****r, and I need some help getting everyone to their after school events.”

“I’ll never get to go anywhere myself. I”ll always have to drive her around with her annoying fri... Continue»
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Edwina,s Strang Birth Defect

Cool crisp air filled the room as Kyle opened the window. There was a distant sound of birds chirping. To him, they sounded as a big brass band. The flowers were beginning to bloom, showing off their vibrant colors. Spring had finally filled come and admiring it was a great way to spend the morning. A fantastic morning was a good way to ensure a fantastic evening.

Kyle was expecting an evening of spectacular adventures. Not long ago his friend of many months and moon phases, Jed, had informed him of a most peculiar woman. He had also set Kyle up on a blind date with her. Jed made no men... Continue»
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Sweet Sherrie and Her Mom

The first time I ever saw Sherrie I was blown away. I tried to look up but I just couldn’t stop gawking at her. Those things had to be the largest natural breasts I had ever seen. I had never seen a woman with so much jiggle up top. I didn’t even know they made bras that big. I now know that a woman can buy an F cup.

I didn’t start dating Sherrie because of her naturally large mammaries. Of course they have been a really enjoyable bonus to being with her but they are not why we are together. She is a wonderful woman, loving, kind, generous, intelligent, and surprisingly active. It was h... Continue»
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The Preacher’s Wife

I am still amazed at how much jealousy and vanity exists among all these church going women. Of course I would have never learned this had I not married Dan. Being the shepherd of a religious flock my preacher husband usually ended up resolving many of these quarrels. And by being his wife I sometimes got dragged into the middle of them. I had to be the example that all these envious women looked to. I didn’t do it for personal social status. I did it for Dan because I really love him.

I wasn’t always pretending to be the perfect woman. Before I met Dan I was a slut – A real whore’s whore... Continue»
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A b*****rs Plan

It all started when he went off to college. That’s when I noticed it anyways. My b*****r’s behavior changed so dramatically. He used to be rather shy. It started with a weekend visit. He had learned about, acquired, and utilized an operating system for his computer that I had never heard of. Linux. It was the first time I had ever heard that word.

Consequently I had been given the old f****y computer. It had soaked up enough viruses and malware to be nearly useless. For my b*****r this was a great testing ground. He came into my room and installed this new operating system. The whole time h... Continue»
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Abbie's Dream

The hotel room was dark. Abbie lay nude on the stiff sheets of the hard bed. She felt like a little girl again. She was giddy and so in love like a young teenager with her first crush. She was so exited for what was about to happen, knowing that her life would never be the same again.

The bathroom light turned off as the door opened. The flash of light was temporarily blinding. Abbie watched the male figure walk to the bed. He knelt down in front of her and grabbed her legs. She willingly moved her body as requested by this soon to be lover. No words were exchanged, just simple physical ges... Continue»
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Big Cleavage Cleaners - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

It had been a few weeks since I got a break from work. It had been even longer since I got laid. Being single and not going out, does not help. A few months ago a friend recommend a cleaning company, that comes to your house. The maid, will go topless and clean one room in your house for certain amount of cash. I was not really expecting to be so horny when I saw the maid. But she was very voluptuous. I adore women with curves. One thing lead to another and the maid was riding my cock for the day. She forgot all about cleaning my kitchen. She also forg... Continue»
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Ho Ho Ho Big Tit Secret Santa - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Ho Ho Ho....Secret Santa

Normally I be happy coming home for winter break. The semester went really well. I got my grades up. I was looking forward to some much needed time off. But my parents volunteered me to help with this Christmas charity in town. They email me a message before I left campus. I needed to stop at the Christmas charity warehouse and make a delivery. It was Christmas Eve. I just wanted to go home and relax. It was beginning to snow as I pulled out of my dorm and got on the interstate.

I had about a 3 hour drive to get home. I tos... Continue»
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Sharon the d***ken racist gets her comeuppance

I did not get back from work yesterday evening, i was starving hungry but unforunately Susan had consumed quite a lot of wine and was very d***k.
I wanted to eat so i told Susan that we were going for a meal.
I took her to our local indian restaurant and luckily even though it was quite late the owner agreed to serve us as we were regular customers.
As always the meal was superb even though Susan was being very annoying as she was so d***k, Susan being d***k was not really a problem as i had already deceided that i was going to have some fun when we left the restaurant.

We finished our ... Continue»
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