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Redbook e****t Ashley---Mature Meth Queen Part I

I first met "Ashley", who's real name was Wanda, in September of 2008. After searching Redbook for a mature, sexy lady who liked to have a drink or two, I called Ashley to set-up an appointment the following day. Her voice was very upbeat and cheerful yet very soft and sexy sounding. We agreed to meet at 9 the next morning so I offered to bring a fresh cup of Starbucks for us and some Bailey's to add to it. I always enjoyed ladies who drank and smoked as I saw that as a sexy and naughty approach that often helped determine the ones who had less inhibition.

Her pictures showed a women in he... Continue»
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When a new fat cock is king.

My name is Gopal. I have recently joined college after completing my High School exam. We are a large f****y and if we add to it f****y friends, with their friends spread all over India, you might get confused. Any way, as soon as our summer vocations started my Mom, Sheela, Called her old friend Sajeeta in Agra and told her that Gopal is coming over to stay with you for a few days in his vocations. I was received by Sajeeta aunti and her small daughter at the Railway station. They made me feel at home instantly. Next day auntie called me for tea in her room. There was another auntie, who was ... Continue»
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Anonymous Stranger Sex

When my male friend and I began to seek sex partners by appearing as a couple the response for me a retired well spoken woman in her sixties was rather overwhelming! After he had sorted out the inevitable time wasters two groups emerged as potential sex partners for me. Young men aged 16-24 and a group of men who felt that sex with an elderly woman was especially attractive of all ages.
I tend to be celibate for several weeks between sex partners as I find that way I can have a week before actual sex being highly aroused. Women reading this will know of the secret pleasure of being close to a... Continue»
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I was walking through the mall after buying a few things when i met a friend of mine i have know for a long time. Her name is Cathy, her and her husband Jim are in their 50s her ,and 70s , him have been married for over 30 years. Their c***dren are grown and have grandc***dren.
I know them as a couple i met at a coffee shop i frequent as well as several other couples and singles i have gotten to know. Her husband Jim i always never cared for as he is opinionated and disrespectful to her and even to others. He has a quick temper and has embarrassed both of them with his manner... Continue»
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Softball Whores

I was hired about a week ago. I was the new girls softball coach for the local community college. I used to play some professional baseball in the minors, before I injured my knee sliding into home. I took a buyout from the major league team. Maybe next year after rehab I can return. But for now I was starting practice the next day. I looked up the team from the previous year. They finished in last place in there league. Most of the players went to school to learn. You needed a high score on your SAT and straight A's to get in. A few girls were just on the team because there parents where prof... Continue»
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Paper Boy vs The Hot Latina

It had been a month since I got home from college. I did not want to get a serious job just after graduating. I still wanted to party and enjoy the summer. My parents had other ideas. I went on a few interviews and filled out a ton of applications. But not many people were hiring. I had worked when I was younger as a paper boy. But I had grown out of the job. Not many 6ft 4 athletic college guys riding up and down the streets throwing news papers. Plus my friends would make fun of me. Some of them were working at Law Offices in town. I rolled out of bed around 11am.

About an hour later ... Continue»
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Hubbies Birthday

Hubbies Birthday
Hubbie has put some memoirs on here about how he used to play with his s****r. I also come from an f****y playing background having first f****d my Dad when I was f**fteen and have been playing with John, since I was about 17. My Mum never got involved as she was a bit of a prude and apparently boring in bed, hence my Father f***ing me. I wasn’t a virgin but his cock was big so the first few times he had to make me very wet to get it in me.
John was and still is a nice 8 inches with good girth. I was delighted when Hubbie spoke of his background as it gave me the opportunity... Continue»
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Olivia Mom is a Whore

I was sitting in our small break room at work. I’d been working a week straight without a day off. I can’t even remember what I did on my last day off. It had even been over 3 months since I went out on a date. I was working too much. But I needed money to pay the bills. It was close to the end of my lunch. I had a bad slice of pizza and a coke. I work at a big box store. One were you pay a membership to shop at. I’m the under cover guy. My co-workers only see me when there trouble.

I pretty much stay away from everyone and mind my own business. Better not to be seen. All ... Continue»
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2 Cougars on the Couch - A True Story

True Story - U asked - I thought it be good reading

It was close to 1am on Friday Night. (April 16, 2010) I was sitting on my big black leather couch in my living room. I had a beer in one hand and the remote in the other. I was watching sports center. Trying to catch some replays of a few games from the night. I had helped a friend with his computer at his house. He lives down in Columbia MD. About 40 minutes away. I had dinner with him on the grill. I left about 7pm. I was a little tired at 10pm but got my second wind after making some pizza in the oven. I had a few slices. I checked ... Continue»
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My First MILF - Part 2

This is the ongoing fictional saga of the best summer of my life … the summer of my "first" … which also just happened be my first experience with the MILF of my fantasies. To maintain the continuity of the story, I strongly urge that you read Part 1 before reading this submission …

My First MILF
Part 2

The following Monday afternoon, I was back in the shed waiting for Brenda to get home. I felt like I still needed to hide; despite what had happened in Brenda’s dining room, I still didn’t feel safe. What if I had only dreamed about what had happened? I had relived that dream so man... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 10

Robbie briefly contemplated making dinner. Briefly. He'd never made a meal in his life and being a self-centred teenager didn't see why he should start now. It was woman's work. His contribution to the end of Joyce's working day would be to bend her over the back of the chair and ease some of her built up 'tension'. He'd run her a bath.....A small gesture, but, he knew women appreciated such things.

At 530pm he heard a car pull on the drive, dashed upstairs, started the bath running. then was back down before his landlady was through the door.

"Evening sexy....good day?"

"Just so...... Continue»
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The neighbour's Son Part 2

We were lying in bed in the morning a few days later enjoying a nice cuddle. Jane was on her side facing away from me and I was behind her, my stiffening cock rubbing against her soft arse cheeks. This never fails to arouse me. There had been no mention of Peter since his visit, but there was something different about Jane. It would be difficult to describe, but often she looked like her mind was miles away. Also we had sex every day, which we had not done for a while. Every time I fucked her, I pictured Peter wanking off over her tits.
So, I was lying there getting excited, rubbing my cock ... Continue»
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The neighbour's Son Part 3

One morning I bed I told Jane that Peter’s mum, Sarah had asked my advice a week or so ago about a problem with Peter. I confessed that she was concerned about him using her underwear to masturbate with. My wife was a bit shocked.
“His own mother’s underwear?” was her reaction. I explained that it was not that uncommon and that I was sure he also used his s****r’s but did not say why I thought so.
Obviously I did not tell my wife about the phone sex I had had with Sarah after our little discussion which had got her so turned on she needed some relief, as had I!
I suggested that we should ha... Continue»
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Мой первый раз с бабой валей

Мне было 18 лет лето подходило к концу. Через 2 недели мне надо было идти на учёбу. Как-то дома я работал помогал по дому. После работы я пошёл в дом лег на диван и начал отдыхать. Мама на кухне готовила кушать. Вдруг зазвонил домашний телефон тут же мама пошла и подняла трубку после не долгого разговора она сказала мне что бабе Вале нужна помощь по дому, т.к. её дочь с мужем и детьми уехали на море она осталась одна.

Ну вот я у дома баба Валя меня встречала ей недавно исполнилось 50 лет. Меня женщины в возрасте не привлекали ни как, хотя Бабушка Валя выглядела очень даже красиво для своих... Continue»
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Sex vawe in Indian culture.

My name is Kumar. I have recently grew up mature. Everything about me is changed. My voice has become heavy like my Dad's. My height hs now 5 feet 8 inches and I appear taller than I was only a month ago. My genitals now give me a sensation when I look at them in mirror. My Dick is fat and full length. We have a very large f****y on both paternal and maternal sides. As such I had many boys and girl friends. In our school age, we boys used to compare our private parts in secret. We used to be very intimate with our girl cousins and take great interest in marriage and its pleasures. I had friend... Continue»
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Jenny the Korean milf

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I usually go to grab a bite at this diner right by my house, and it's run by this Korean lady Jenny. She is 54 years old, small tits petite with shoulder length hair, full lips and a gorgeous face. I went their maybe 6 times before i even attempted to talk to her because her accent is strong. But i eventually decided i should make some conversation as she is always polite.

I asked her about her background and we started to chat about different cultures. She asked me where i was from, and she told me her cousin was married to a man from m... Continue»
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Two Grannies Get Even!!

I’m Jim, a 54 year old guy who loves his GILF’s especially when they are over sixty, then you know you are getting a genuine sex-starved Granny. I belong to a Senior Single’s Group and because they aren’t many younger guys in the club, I have my pick of the best looking MILF’s and GILF’s. That’s my dilemma, at any one time I am screwing three to five different GILF’s. My answering machine is always full. Most of my stable of GILF’s know about each other; but some don’t and that’s where I got into serious trouble last Saturday.

Well my bad habits finally caught up with me. Two of them Grann... Continue»
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A very QUICK one in the toilets

I had taken my wife and our son to a shopping retail park about twenty minutes out of our town. We’d been shopping around fifteen minutes when the time was right he needed to start trying some clothes on, as my son disappeared into the fitting room with my wife in tow I sat on a chair outside, next to an older lady who was waiting for her husband.

As we chatted away about this and that I learned that she was 68, her husband was 76 and they were both retired. She wasn’t bad for her age, a little plump but a cracking arse and some beautiful tits, she was dressed in snug fitted jeans and a blu... Continue»
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Showing for neighbour (2)

As you will recall I had masturbated for my neighbour as she watched discretely from her toilet window that overlooked my utility room. Later that evening I noticed that the window was once again fully shut, and so it remained for the coming days. I was beginning to think this was just a one off, but was so hoping it would happen again, I hadn't felt so horny in ages. I hadn't even seen the neighbour, I didn't know if she was avoiding me or whether it was just we hadn't crossed paths.

About a fortnight later, I once again noticed the window open one morning as I was getting ready for w... Continue»
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an eroitc pantyhose encounter

my fantasies of a fetish encounter with my long time online pantyhose pal were finally realized this past friday as he finally decided it was his time to explore the alternate world of cross dressing - an exciting evening of erotica that we both enjoyed and will not soon forget - so this goes out to cyndy

he was to meet me at my apartment around four pm - i really wasn't sure whether he would show up but as one with hope i made my preparations to be ready just in case - leaving work early , i commenced to feminize myself - i love wearing nail polish so i stripped naked and did my finger nai... Continue»
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