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housewife bobby fucked by a black guy

Hi readers it’s me Bobby (not real name just a fake name) again with
another experience. Again I am introducing myself am 36 year old
beautiful housewife with white color huge sexy boobs and nice curved
ass. My body size and structure is similar to Tamil actress Namitha.
Those who are reading this first time please go through my other
posts housewife bobby fucked by young guy and bobby again fucked
by young guy. Please forgive my mistakes. Thanks for your feedback’
u can mail me at
So coming to story after I had a wild experience with a young guy who
I met in metro city, just ... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 5

Joyce lay on top of the bed staring at the ceiling. She had watched the clock go round for three whole hours. Two cars had started up within that time, one almost immediately after she got back to her bedroom, and the other one two hours later. An hour ago she had heard Robbie in the shower, then twenty minutes later heard a door down stairs slam shut. All was quiet.

She slipped into the ensuite and started the power shower. She cleaned her teeth and looked at her clouded reflection in the misting up mirror. She looked dreadful. Her eyes,were completely bl**dshot and her face in general ... Continue»
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'What the fuck?' I heard Barry say from the landing. As the door flew open and my friend appeared in full view, his mother's sopping snatch was wrapped around my cock and impaled halfway, still struggling to get off me. To make matters worse/better I was in the process of dumping a gallon of spunk in her love canal. Finally she managed to pull free in her panic, yelling for her son to get out of the room, not to see her like this. 'Oh shit,' I stammered as my cock sprang free and sent a jet of pure white come shooting up against... Continue»
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June 18th Update

Sorry about the delay in getting more of my wife’s (SD) stories to you. I’ve been kept pretty busy by her, my FIL (Father In Law) and SD’s new friends (FILs friends).

Becoming a every other Wednesday night tradition. Over the last few months three of my FILs friends have been coming over to use my wife’s (SD) services which she has agreed to provide to them as her way of saying thank you for being her dad’s friends. She originally said she’d provide her services to them anytime – anywhere and the first couple of weeks she was busy at home (day and night), at their home (day and night) and i... Continue»
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Wife's s****r Shocked At What We Did 3

Penny and Harry listened intently as Judy described her sexual encounters of recent weeks. I was trying to gauge their reactions to see if Penny would be willing to explore her sensual side. I know Penny has one but she may be surpressing it not knowing how her husband would react. And Penny's involvement, if any, might be more of attempting to one up her s****r rather than a sexual treat for herself. Penny, being two years older than my wife, has always thought of herself as being a leader over judy as they grew up. First to date. First to have her own car. Always first in everything. However... Continue»
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Horny when d***k

Hi all,
I am a 38 year old married house wife. I have always had a bit of an issue when drinking. I get really horny when d***k and have trouble keeping my knickers on. This has been an issue all through my life and started at uni and I have repeatedly cheated on a number of boyfriends. None found out. All the cheating happens when I am d***k. After getting married I didn't cheat for about 5 years but then it started again. I want to tell you about the most recent....

I am a size 10/12 and fairly fit. My husband has started to work away from home more as his career has progressed. He was ... Continue»
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Erotic Summer With My Three Aunties

Hi all. Well I am raj from Bangalore. Age just 23. This incident happened after finals exam. Thanks for the iss to share my true experience with three aunties. Well let me tell you my experience now. My father has three s****rs who are my aunties Smitha. Nandini and Rani (names changed). Let me tell their sexy structure so that you all can image how sexy they are. Smitha is younger s****r and cute and has 32-25-36. Looks sexy her husband working in mnc and Nandini’s and her hubby working in Dubai size is 34-28-36 and Rani (widow) is most elder s****r with the size of 36-30-38. I was little ang... Continue»
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Conference Bonus - Part 1

It was the late nineties and I was attending a work conference in Nashville as the sole rep from my company. During the first two days of the conference I struck up an acquaintance with Bob. On the second day he indicated his wife had come along on the trip and he invited me to join them for dinner that evening. I gladly accepted as dining alone wasn’t very exciting and Bob appeared to be a good guy and conversationalist.

We met at the hotel restaurant at six. Bob and his wife Lydia were waiting when I arrived. I was in my late thirties at the time and they both appeared to be in their... Continue»
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Taking my Anal temperature, with Daddies Cock

I was a girl of menstrual age, in the bloom of my youth, with barely a hair on my pubis, a tantalizingly thin fleshy line, curving between my thighs and ending at my buttocks, my back-door, as daddy explained, 'Not one that could be unlocked with a key, my sweet darling', he whispered into my nervous ear, as he smeared his cock with oil, and my anus with butter, 'No daddy', I replied, resigned to my duty, holding my pert cheeks open, and burying my head and teeth into my pillow.

I was the oldest daughter of three girls, both my s****rs equipped, like myself, to pleasure that part of men, of... Continue»
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Threesome with my girlfriend and her moms best fri

One morning, my girlfriend (Rachel)and I were asl**p, her mother had a friend (Julie) over for breakfast and to catch up. I had met Julie before, the last time she had come over a long time ago while I was there with Rachel. Everyone now and then for foreplay either Rachel or I would tell a sexy story/fantasy to the other involving us for something different and they often involved another person.

This particular morning Rachel and I had slept in, I rolled over with my hard morning wood and pressed it against her arse while spooning her. Both in a very sl**py state with our eyes closed, ... Continue»
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Harold's First Time Part I

There is one thing in this world that will always be consistent, the sexual desires of a teenage boy for older women who are clearly out of their league. Having been a teenage boy and knowing how much truth there is to it I decided a little story about a young G.I. and a barber might be something worth sharing…

Harold was 17 years old when he enlisted into the military. He was about 6 foot tall, 160 to 175 lbs, medium build, black, and in pretty good shape due to high school athletics. He was a decent student in high school but could not afford college. Enlisting in the military was a q... Continue»
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Car sex I had with a Friend

This true story dates back to last summer, and takes place outdoors, well over a car hood to be exact.

I had been chatting to this lovely guy called Dave, we had been chatting on a different site and arranged for him to come over from where he lived to where i live in NY. Well I had been getting my self ready most of the evening showering, shaving my self totally smooth including my pussy, made a real effort to look hot with my makup and clothes. The usual things, stockings garters, 1/4 cup bra with matching thong, and high heels, a loose fitting top and a short sexy miniskirt. As the ti... Continue»
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Lesley part 10

Rob and Lesley walked through the precinct, out a side entrance, leading on into the rear end of the multi-storey car park. Over the road from there were a few bars, two restaurants and an Ann Summers shop.

Rob led Lesley by the lovers....into the shop. There were directional signs up pointing to different areas according to the requirements of the customer.
"Well Lesley....Let's get you some underwear....yours are now not fit for purpose, and if we are going to get you regular cock we need your underwear modernised. Those knickers you had on this morning were awful. I got ... Continue»
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whoops it happend again.

Well what can I say, after being a fuck toy for my two best friend I decided to try out normal life, my gay and cross-dressing day's to be burned and buried in the past, and a new me to arise from the ashes like a phoenix, all my panties , bra's, and other girl clothes were taken to the incinerator in my home and destroyed, in my head I was straight as a dye, hehe. no more did I sl**p in nothing but silk panties, no more did I wank off thinking of getting my bum used, I met a nice young lady (Tina) who loved me and my fake/false life was going great, then one d***ken night with Tina fast asl*... Continue»
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Aunt Show´s Me

Aunt shows me how
By Greyhalm©

I grew up without a dad who died in the Second World War so when I entered puberty at the end of the 1950´s I had no one to really talk to. At school in the showers we all compared our puberty progress and nature had blessed me with a really large or better said thick penis. At 15 it measured 18cm before arousal however when aroused it did not grow so much as my friend’s cocks did´, but it grew amazingly thick. I could not get my hand right around its girth to masturbate it. I was given nicknames like ´Donkey´, ´Snaky´ or Horse. Of course the girls found out ... Continue»
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Wife's s****r Shocked At What We Did 2

So, Penny and Harry have come over to hear about our little week-end adventure. We want to loosen them up a bit first so we have a few round of drinks before getting to the details. To kind of ease them into things I ask Harry if there had ever been an occasion where he had seen my wife in any stage of undress. I already knew the answer of course, I just wanted to see if he would admit to it. Actually, if he had any decent memory at all he should be aware that I do know of one occasion for sure as this happened recently, within a year or two. Judy and I had spent the night with them and usuall... Continue»
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Helping our Father when Mother left our home

I stood silent and naked, admiring myself, in my full length mirror. I was looking for tell-tail changes, any signs of what had just happened.

My breasts were still small, too small for my personal liking, and my nipples were off a soft cherry red hue, rubbery to rigid, and sensitive, I felt they might just remain in their aroused state, it felt nice to touch them.

My stomach ached, did that mean I was pregnant, he went bare-backing into me, neither of us could stop this juggernaut of an urge, feeling him probe between my labia, was a no return point, I wanted it as much as he did and co... Continue»
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Just a normal day really where I had to pop round the in laws as father in law wanted a hand moving some stuff. I went round and karen was wearing a nice summer dress that showed off just enough cleavage to get me going, and she knew it.
I had helped father in law and karen had been stood watching us, giving me a cheeky smile whenever I looked at her. she knew I would want her badly, and soon my cock got hard which I had to try and hide incase my father in law noticed.
karen noticed my predicament and smiled as she looked at the bulge in my trousers and mouthed to me
'I want your cock'.
w... Continue»
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My Casino Adventure

My Casino Adventure

I glanced down and thought to myself how lucky can you get. There was a beautiful blond who I had only met three hours ago with her head bobbing up and down between my legs with my cock halfway in her luscious mouth. For a second I forgot her name, but then I remembered it was Karen, whom I had just met at a slot machine three hours ago. I knew I could only take a few more minutes of her fine cock sucking and then I would discover if she was a swallower or not. I was hoping she liked sperm in her gullet because there is nothing more I like than to have my cock in a girls... Continue»
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You should not come back home so early

You should not come back home so early

That Friday afternoon I left my office early, hoping to surprise my wife Ana and maybe we could go out and have some fun, movie and a romantic dinner perhaps.
Pulled my car into the garage and walked into the kitchen expecting her to be there, but the house seemed to be empty. But then I heard some strange sounds coming from upstairs. I called my wife's name and still got no response so decided to head upstairs to see if she was there.

As I was going up the strange noise was getting louder but I still couldn't figure out what it was. It seemed t... Continue»
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