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Woman Judge Was More Than Fair 2

Sandi and I dressed and just in the nick of time too as the doorbell rang just as I fastened my belt. "Welcome" Sandi says to the judge as she opened the door. "Come on in, I have someone for you to meet." As they approached I could easily see that the judge was a woman. Not only was she a woman but a very gorgeous one at that. "Dee, this is my neighbor Jim." "Jim, Dee."

"Nice to meet you Jim" she said as we shook hands.

"And nice to meet you" I replied, holding on to her hand longer than most first time handshakes. When she looked puzzled over this lengthy handshake I quickly... Continue»
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BBW Sarah

Sarah and John have been friends a few years now. Sarah was a sexy BBW, brunette, pretty, nice tits, and loved sex. She was 20 years old but loved hanging around 43 year old John. They had lots of fun together especially partying. They drank almost every weekend. She had a hard time keeping a boyfriend because of her size. Younger guys don't really go for chubbier chicks.

Saturday night came, Sarah and John went to the bar with some other friends drinking beer and doing shots. Sarah tried all night to get a guy closer to her age. Not much luck for her though, she even told a guy she wante... Continue»
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Jenny - Part 1

John and Jenny are great friends. John is divorced, Jenny has a boyfriend. John is 43 years old, and Jenny is 25. They work together and almost always have lunch together. Jenny is very attractive, 5 foot 4, blond hair with highlights, small A cup breasts, dark brown eyes. They have been friends a few years now, and knew each other well.

Jenny was outside during her first break, having a smoke. John strolls out and sees Jenny sitting there. He lights up too, and they start to talk. John being the horny old guy that he is, is of course thinking dirty over Jenny. His cock wakes up, starts t... Continue»
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Mary the Secretary Part One

Mary just got hired as a new secretary for the company. She is about 40 something years old,4 foot 10, blond hair, big D cups, and is little bit on the chubby side. She's married from what I heard.

John was a maintenance guy, and got a call for fixing the drawer on Mary's desk. Just so happen that day Mary wore a knee length skirt with a sweet blouse showing her huge cleavage. John arrives knocks on Mary's office door.

"Come on in, door's open", Mary yells. "Hey, John glad you're here, this dang drawer keeps getting stuck, see what you can do huh".

John says sure, no problem and... Continue»
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The ‘Hot Mom’ and the Foot Rub

The following is a true story.

When my friend Lena went off to college out of state I was crushed. Lena and I had been part of a fun-loving crowd in high school, but after graduation, everyone disappeared one by one. Except for me. Stuck in my small town, I found going to the local “commuter college” boring and anti-climatic.

So when Lena called from Arizona State to tell me to pick up some “stuff” I’d left at her mom’s townhouse, I was happy to oblige. After all, what else did I have to do?

“My goodness, you look like you’ve come from a funeral,” said Lena’s mom, Lois, when sh... Continue»
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His wife cheated, and he did what had to be done.


His name was Carl. Carl Montefiore. He was a tall, angular guy--good-looking, I guess--with a smug look. Even if he hadn't been fucking my wife I would probably have wanted to kick the shit out of him.

But at the moment his look wasn't smug--it was stunned. When I came into his office he thought he was meeting a prospective client for his software firm, not coming face-to-face with a cuckolded husband. He stood to greet me with an affable smile, and I could see he didn't even remember my face, though we had met se... Continue»
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sexy work girl first real meeting

Well I have been prompted to write this by xhamster friends, names change + work place.
We both worked from the same company but in 2 different location and chatted on the phone most days and had a good bit of banter going, the first time we were face to face was at a works party in town, and it was just a hi nice to put a name to the face for both of us, she was not a stunner and I am just a average guy so none of the bullshit that some people write on hear and nothing happened that night.

After that meeting the banter got more risky pushing the bounders a bit to see how far I could go, s... Continue»
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Wife on her own

Firstly let me say that this is a story written by the husband, as told by the wife's account. We have discussed this meet many many times and she wanted me to write it for her. So please accept my apologies if it sometimes goes from 1st to 3rd person. My wife has proof read it and is happy it is as she experienced and reads as if she wrote it.

Husbands Account.....

We had been talking to this guy online for a while and the usual tell tale sign that she wants someone cock is to introduce him during during love making and if she starts calling his name to fuck her, then it's like a 'we k... Continue»
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Fucked in the Local Club

Fucked in the Local Club

This story starts out at our house it was just Terry and I. We had been watching a XXX movie and drank a few beers, which always gets me horny. We moved to the bedroom and started to undress when a knock was at the door hubby goes and checks and it is three of his friends. He called for me to come me out I said wait a second. He said no you don't need to get dressed come on out. Well I'm not shy plus a little d***k so what the hell. I walked out with the only things I hadn't taken off, which were my stockings and panties. My tits were out for all to enjoy. Terry... Continue»
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Aftermath of Mom's Confession comes to an end

This is the third part of “Mom’s Confession Land’s her in Trouble”. Months had passed since the incident in the Police station. Now a day’s mom spent most of the time in the church praying or to be more correct to escape from dad’s beatings which had grown worse since our arrest. He rarely used to sl**p at home spending the other nights with prostitutes. It was in those days that a headline in the news paper caught my eye.
“Convict escapes from Jail,” it read.
It was Andrews all right. I informed the matter to my mom who had almost fainted when I narrated the entire story. We were caught ... Continue»
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Parent Teacher

“That has got to be one of the longest days of my life,” I said wearily, as I reclined on the sofa, “I’m just glad that it’s finally over and I can relax.” The look that I received from my wife Edith was anything but a happy one, and it didn’t help that she had her hands on her hips in defiance. This certainly didn’t look good, as it almost appeared that I was in the doghouse once again. “Don’t look so worried, I’m not really mad at you,” She began, her expression softened, “I need a favor, a big one,” She trailed off and regarded me intently.

Maybe she was expecting me to immediately refus... Continue»
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Older Lady From The Resturant

My f****y and I were eating at a buffet on Easter Sunday this year. I was in town from school and was headed back after we finished eating dinner. As I am talking, I look up and spot this older 40 something year old white lady checking me out from across the restaurant. She quickly turned away and acted as if she wasn’t. It was her and I’m guessing husband or boyfriend sitting at the table. I act like I didn’t see and kept eating my food. Slowly but surely I see her out the corner of my eye looking and staring again. I tell my s****r about it because it was starting to get uncomfortable. I was... Continue»
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Deb and Jays first time swinging

We had been to a party with our friends Kate and Andy an had a few too many drinks, however it was back at their place after that things got interesting.

Kate is slim and sexy, very outgoing while Andy is the quiet type with an athletic body that Debbie always liked.

So it was back at their place over a few more drinks that talk got to sex as usual but tonight it was different somehow more intense.

Kate as ever was quizzing Debbie about her boobs as she has small titties about 32b, but lovely nipples that I have admired poking through her tops and the odd "accidental" down blouse.
... Continue»
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Break Time Surprise

Its been a rough day at work so I step out back for a break and take out a smoke, picking the usual spot on the wall to lean my back against, rolling my head back, eyes closed.

So quiet...

Except for the sound of my zipper.

I open my eyes and there you are before me. All you do is grin before sinking swiftly to your knees, your fingers working and tugging at my pants. AHHH yes, it takes you just seconds to tear into me and release my hard cock from my pants. I see your eyes light up at the challenge of taking it all. You start at my balls, licking your way slowly to the tip of my tw... Continue»
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Guys asking ME to write a story about one of our,

Jay and I went to a movie one night, and I wore a miniskirt and a low cut pull over top. Yes I had panties on, but no bra. At the show, Jay had his hand up my skirt, and under my panties for most of the movie. There were times that Jay pulled his hand out as the movie was a good one that we both wanted to see. After a while, I reached up under my skirt, and pulled my panties down and off. I thought I would make it easier for Jay to get at my pussy.
At one point Jay had to pull his hand out because I was starting to make some noises. I was starting to cum, and I guess I didn't realize I was ... Continue»
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A Meeting of Minds

I'm feeling nervous about this and its unusual. I'm not used to it. Something about finally being here and meeting you is making me feel almost as anxious as I am aroused.


But not quite.

I've been like this for hours now, uncharateristically anxious but also as hard as a rock since we spoke on the phone earlier this morning. I've been like this for so long now, or so it seems to me, that I've long since given up trying to hide my erection.

It's uncomfortable now. My balls are aching, my dick throbbing.

I need to be in you.

If not now, then soon.

Everyone in this pl... Continue»
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Pity fucking and old lady.

This past Halloween a few of my co-workers and I had attended a costume after work that day. One of my co-workers Barb needed a ride and since we lived close to each other I offered to drive her. Barb I had found out later is 71 yrs old and we had worked with each other for about 8 years and we had become a bit friendly over the years. Well anyways it was about 10 that night when we decided to wrap it up and on the way to dropping her off at her house and at first she was a bit quiet almost nervous when she got in the car. About a quarter of the way to her house she nervously asks if I would b... Continue»
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My girlfriends mom part 4

It was almost close to 10 by the time we left Shreya's place. It was a
Sunday the next day and it was almost impossible for Mala to get out of
the house with her hubby around. I had plans of my own too, had to
catch up with a few friends. We had planned a friendly cricket match in
the morning. Mala dropped me close to home in a cab and went home.

Snehal called me in the morning and asked me my plans, she wanted to go
shopping and I told her I was off to play a match. She knew better than
to ask me to cancel my plans, she knew I was crazy about cricket. She
asked me what time I ... Continue»
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OMG I got more than expected when Luke fixed my la

I havent been on much lately as I thought the site has broken my laptop.
Monday was my day off, and I was passing the office so I decided to drop it in to see if Luke, the office IT geek could sort it out for me.

I went in and pretended to sort some urgent emails, then asked Luke to have a look. He said he would but didn't know how long it would take. I left him my mobile number and he said he would ring when ready to collect.
I said I could get it tomorrow when I came back in to work.

I go off and return some orders and then go home.

Day passes by then at about half four my mobile ... Continue»
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my s****r in low 2

"Don't say anything Mitch, not now. I want you to call me next week in my office, and we'll have lunch."

I had to ask. "Nikki, did Cassie put you up to this?"

She smiled and walked over to the bed, kissing me soundly. "No, you amazing man, she didn't."

I could have sworn just as she closed the bedroom door after walking out, she whispered, "Sara did..."

I laid in bed for a bit musing over the best sex I had had in two years. I had some extraordinarily quick, but satisfying, sex with my s****r in law, Nikki. If you've ever seen pictures of Candice Cardinelle, that's about right, but... Continue»
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