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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 7: While the Cat i

When Pamela Mainwaring went to work on Monday she wore a big smile, but
she was also exhausted. Her pussy and ass were both sore courtesy of
Darla's strap on and something called a "feeldoe," not to mention assorted
other vibrators, butt plugs, and miscellaneous toys that Darla had insisted
she try at least once. Pamela had no idea how many orgasms she had
experienced since Friday night but it was a pretty high number. She felt a
little guilty about the fact that Sean was stuck up in the Canadian
wilderness with a bunch of guys and only his right hand and a bottle of
lotion for... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 8: Sean Comes Home

The door connecting the kitchen with the garage opened and Pamela struck
a pose. Sean emerged from the doorway and saw her. He set his bags on the
floor and stepped to her, saying nothing. She said nothing. And then his
arms were around her and they were kissing.

"Oh, Sean, I've missed you so much, darling," Pamela said after they
came up for air.

"I've missed you too sweetheart," Sean replied, giving her an extra
squeeze. "Is this outfit for me, or were you expecting company," he added
with a sly grin.

"Don't spoil it," Pamela said punching him lightly on th... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 3: Home Movies

Putting down his phone, Sean got up and walked into the master bath. He
took a hot shower and put on a short shaving robe which he belted.
Slipping a pair of fleece lined moccasins on his feet he padded out to the
living room to wait for Pamela's return. Melissa had been a real
firecracker in bed and he knew he'd want to see her again. But it was
Pamela he really wanted. She was his one true love and no matter how hot
other women might be, she would always be the one for him.

Footsteps in the corridor from the garage announced Pamela's return.
Sean stood to greet ... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings, Chapter 4: Threesome

"Hi, Darla, it's Pamela.... Yes, he wants to meet you.... No, I didn't
tell him we'd had our little bit of fun.... That will be our secret for
now.... Haven't quite figured that out, no.... I think I'll surprise him
by joining the two of you and making it a threesome... I know, isn't it
hot? Christ, I feel like a teenager... Yes, a post menopausal teenager...
OK... Let's meet tonight... Food court at the mall in front of the coffee
place... Can you be there by six? ... Yes? See you then... Kiss-kiss...

Pamela ended the call and switched to text mode. She ... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 5: Consequences

"Explain what?" Pamela asked in a light tone, trying to avoid the topic
of what had just transpired. She knew it was a lost cause.

Sean snorted. "Yeah, right."

"Wasn't that intense though? When was the last time you came that hard?
I'm still all tingly from it," Pamela said.

"Explain how you ended up in bed with me and Darla. You've never done
any girl-girl sex in your life - at least none you've ever told me about.
All of a sudden you're going face first between another woman's legs. She
wasn't even surprised to see you, which suggests that the two of you
we... Continue»
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One of the things that happens when a man loses a lot of weight over a
relatively short period of time (probably happens for women, too, but since
I'm not one, and it seems rather indelicate to ask, I can't say with any
certainty) is that his libido suddenly reverts to that of a hormone infused
teenager. Well, this story is about a man who made some lifestyle changes
in his late 50's and suddenly dropped about 100 lbs. Part of the lifestyle
change was a rigorous and regular gym routine involving a good mix of
cardio and resistance training. He was fortunate to work near a Univer... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 2: Pamela's N

Pamela Mainwaring sat in a bar about five miles from her home and looked
at her watch. Her husband was probably balls deep in the little strumpet
she'd picked out for him by now and Pamela hoped that by the time her phone
beeped announcing the "all clear" signal he would be sated enough for her
to risk the bedroom without fear of being mauled. She shook her head. It
really was amazing.

She looked at her watch again and took a sip of her scotch. She stared
into the dark amber fluid and waited.


Pamela turned and saw the person she'd been waiting for.

... Continue»
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Granddad's fingers, were a welcome Penetratio

Married at eighteen and now, three years later, I hate the sight of him.

I should have listened to others, advising me about throwing myself head-long into this relationship, but another saying 'You never know someone until you have lived with them', now rings hollow, as it reverberates in my head.

Last week we were at a f****y reunion and he just got d***k, and began to talk down to me, continually correcting and belittling, honestly if I had a knife, I would have castrated him, but something later on happened, which was just as good.

My Grandfather on my fathers side of the f****y, ... Continue»
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conversation with a 19yr old girl on omegle, fanta

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: m

Stranger: Hey 19 F here looking for a Daddy

You: 54 old enough for you?
Stranger: Yes

You: good girl

Stranger: :) Would you like me to describe myself daddy?

You: certainly

Stranger: Im 5'6, brown eyes, dark brown wavy hair that stops a bit past my shoulders. I have 36C breast with perky nipples. My pussy is shaved and my ass is round and jiggly. I have tan skin and a nice curvy figure :)

You: you certainly have by the sound of it, you been reading daddy's mind with that description? i prefer girls at least a f... Continue»
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First time with Fiona

This is a true story
After meeting online I met Fiona in a pub local to her. After chatting for a while over a drink Fiona asked if I wanted to come back for a cup of tea.. We drove back to her house and chatted for ages over silly things. Fiona got up to make another cup of tea. Do you mind if I change out of these trousers and while the kettle boils she called. No you go ahead I answered, Fiona came back in with the tea in a tight figure hugging stretchy long dress. it showed off her curves and her full breast.
We sat talking again only this time Fiona sat a lot closer to me. I could s... Continue»
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My Boss, My Mentor & Now My Lover!

My name is Beth and this is my story.

I had just graduated from college and was starting my first job. It was a small business owned by Bob Johnson. He had hired me to be his bookkeeper and girl Friday.

I had always had confidence issues since I was just a youngster. Bob was more than patient with me. He actual took time to teach me. When I made mistakes he would sit with me and go over whatever I did wrong. He would introduce others to as the most important person who had ever worked for him.

That first year I bloomed fr... Continue»
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Tonight will be a sort of audition

She walked into the dark and cavernous hall, not sure what to expect. She was there at the appropriate time, but it seems she was alone, her heels clicking loudly on the wood floor. She walked over to the open study where a fire was blazing away. It wasn't particularly cold outside but the fire felt warm and comforting. She took off her jacket, laying it on the back of a chair in the corner, forgetting that all she had on underneath was her neglige. She curled up next to the warm glow and was just starting to relax when all of a sudden she heard, "you look wonderful this evening."

She jum... Continue»
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Mum me and greg after the party.

It was a Saturday evening and we had just arrived at a friends 50th birthday party. I went with my parents and didn't have much expectations for the night but I didn't have any other plans and the free bar sounded appealing. When we had arrived it was like any other party, a few of the men were fairly tipsy and dancing badly and the women all dancing round there hand bags. We had a taxi booked for 11pm and the night was coming to an end. I had spent a fair bit of the evening propped up at the bar having a drink. The last half hour I got talking to my parents friend greg, greg knew my parents q... Continue»
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The Cop

Sweat was rolling down her sides as the young thing labored above the
guy. She was squatting above him. His hands were cupping her ass. His
big, fat cock was fucking in and out of her almost hairless cunt and she
was just about to cum again. Her blonde hair was plastered to her forehead
and her cupcake size tits were covered with perspiration, her tiny nipples

Stan Thompson had a big smile on his face. This was working out quite nicely.
He was sure the young thing was going to cum again and then he was
going to get her on her knees and drive her insane. He was h... Continue»
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MILF of the Bride

I just got home and the light on my answering machine was blinking, usually not a good sign the person could not reach me on my cell. It was Mike and he needed me to fill in for another guy who could not make a wedding this weekend. It was Thursday and I had to leave for Vermont tomorrow after work if I wanted to make it. I had know Mike since 6Th grade and we both used each other for emergency situation, especially if it was to get laid or his date or mine needed a buddy to go on a double date. I usually was the guy who had to take one for the team and take ugly Betty to the prom or take the ... Continue»
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Francine Pt 1

Recently,I became friends with my big tit co-worker Francine. She invited me back to her place, a cozy, little studio with all the comforts one needs to relax and enjoy a little self-love.

Francine was about twenty-eight with a firm body that stood about five feet six inches tall; just a few inches taller than me.

Her legs were long and slender and her feet and ankles were just as lovely as the rest of her.

When we arrived at her place, there was her pretty lace underwear lying on the floor.

Looks like she had dropped them clean from a folded laundry pile she had rested on her s... Continue»
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Slump Buster Supreme (Part 2)

Disclaimer: This story is fiction for me, but it could easily be someone else's reality.

"You were honest with me" she said, "so let me be honest with you." We looked at each other and leaned in for a passionate kiss. After we kissed, she backed away and began to talk.

"I'm flattered by what you said, and it's nice to know that there are real gentlemen out there, especially one so young. I think you're cute, but the way you carry yourself makes you sexy. You seem like the kiss and don't tell type, and I like that. I'd love to go out on a date with you but truth be told, I haven't had sex... Continue»
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Slump Buster Supreme (Part 1)

Disclaimer: As far as I know, this is a fictional story. But this could easily be someone else's reality.

When I was playing college baseball during my senior season, I was in the middle of my worst hitting slump ever. I had just gone 0-5 with 3 strikeouts, and even worse, I grounded into a game ending triple play in the bottom of the 9th with the team down 2 runs to secure our 10th straight loss. (Anyone that knows baseball knows how rare it is to hit into a triple play at all, let alone one that ends the game.) Our season was falling apart and we needed a drastic shift. After the game, 4 ... Continue»
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Surpise Bi Birthday party!

My 50th birthday was right around the corner and my wife told me that she would like to do something special for me. She said dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant in Chicago and spend the night in nice hotel downtown. Sure, my kind of weekend - no big party just weekend away with my wife and good food.

The dinner was awesome and we went to a little club for a few drinks before retreating to the hotel for the night. We were both feeling pretty good from the drinks and in the elevator i was trying to get my hand up her skirt. Before we got off the elevator she put a blindfold o... Continue»
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First Voyeur Experience By Accident

It was Saturday and I had come home to an empty house. I was f******n and worked at a pizza place doing prep work part time. I looked on television and as usual nothing good on. I got bored so I wandered around the house wondering what to do. I had no idea where Mom was. I ended up in her bedroom. I snooped around looking for anything interesting. Under her mattress I found a book about sex. On the cover was a Naked woman and a young boy. The title was "A Mother's Secret". Wow! I opened and read a few pages. Thoughts of Mom fucking me raced through my brain. Did she really want me... Continue»
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