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Port a Potty

I had just drank 2 bottles of water running through the park. It was

hot near the lake and I now had to use the bathroom very badly. I

had to really take a piss. I scanned the park and saw some portable

toilets near some trees at the edge of the park. It was still early

and I was hoping they had not been used just yet.

There were five large blue porta potties that I open the door and

they were very small inside. There was just the toilet and no where

to wash your hands. All of them did not have toilet paper so I went

down around the last porta potty and about 40 feet ba... Continue»
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Teresa's Torture Part 2! (Prologue.)

I naturally never forgot the incident when Teresa cuckolded Dad and in a way, me too, selling herself and becoming a temporary sex slave to the SM circle.

Some time after I finally saw the film, the infamous film of my Stepmother's willing but unprecedented prostitution of herself to an exclusive BDSM circle to save us from debt and poverty, I visited a sex shop in a big city in the south.

Minding my own business, looking through the goods, I was surprised to hear a customer ask the staff for the sequel to Teresa's Torture!

Initially I thought somebody had recognized who I was and was... Continue»
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Nymphos Are Best

I had spent the night at my best buds, Mikey, house. We had paid some money for a DVD of one of the cheerleaders from our school having group sex with some older men and women. It was Saturday morning and Mikey and his dad had to go somewhere and would not return till noon. This left me with some alone time with our new video. I figured I had the house to myself so I kicked off my pants and grabbed a pair of Mikey's mom's dirty panties and started to watch the video and get some much needed alone time with my cock.
I got pretty deep into this video, it was great! It had swallowing, cum s... Continue»
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The Tulsa Hook Up

This is a true story. It happened in January 2015.

We had chatted online for 5 months in preparation for my trip to Tulsa. I was to be there for 4 days on business and was hoping to find someone to spend some time with. I found her. Her name was Tara.
Tara is about 6ft 1 in tall, blonde, 36c cups, shaved, married and never gets any sex at home. She has several “friends” with who she meets and finds release with from time to time. I consider myself one of those friends.

Tara is 50 and Im 10 years older. We set things up so that when I got to my motel, she could come to the parking lot, w... Continue»
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Sexing the Bride’s Mom Ch. 03

Thanks to all who provided great feedback, both supportive and critical, in support of this series. DkGy

Guilt filled Vanessa's psyche and large tears welled up in her eyes. She, a middle-aged housewife and mother, had just fucked a young man who was one of her son's best friends and acted like a wanton slut while she did it. He had satisfied her by fucking her like no one ever had. She'd never felt such passion and lust in her life. She felt thoroughly satisfied physically, but that did nothing to assuage her guilt. And she feared what she now knew - that she would always want and dream ab... Continue»
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My cousins and uncle

I was driving to my Uncle William’s one day in a nearby village just after I got my first new car to show him what I had bought. I was about 25. On the back lanes near to where he and his f****y lived, there was an old semi-ruined farm building which had been used for storing equipment and other things. It was well known in the area for providing suitable cover for the sort of activities best done in private. is a tree. As I slowed down for bend near to where the building was, I saw that there were two bicycles parked alongside the side wall nearest to me. I thought it might be worth a look so... Continue»
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I now look back with fond memories of that summer when I was delivering papers in the old part of the city where the houses were large and the women were mature. The one that I will always remember is MsPaddySpurs, she was about 56, 5 Foot 4 in Black Nylons, 124 pounds, reddish brown hair, pouty Red Lips, hour-glass figure and 36DD breasts which were always cradled in a sexy Bra. The reason I remember her is that when I came around to collect she was always wearing Black Nylons, a Tight Skirt or Dress, Tight Sweaters or Blouses, MsPaddySpurs Red Lipstick and Spike 5 Inch High Heels. She was ... Continue»
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It's a cool morning ....

It is a cool morning. I have no need to get up. Lying here, I think about loving you. I can see your eyes looking at me, smiling at me. I can feel the warmth building in my pussy already. I slide my hand gently over my breasts as if your eyes are following them. My nipples immediately respond, becoming hard. I lift my head to suck one gently into my mouth. I feel your lips closing around the other nipple and a deep moan escapes my lips.

I feel the juice as it starts to slide down from inside my pussy. I move my hands all around my stomach and then to my abdomen, envisioning your hands touc... Continue»
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Eyes closed.. arms embraced.. Soft lips barely touch..
Anticipation builds.. the kiss deepens..we search for more.
Tongues caress.. lightly nibbling.. gentle sucking ...
Passions flare.. shaking to the core.

Hands roam.. fires ignite.. wanting.. skin on skin...
Gasping breaths.. eyes glazed with lust.. heated to the brink.
Moans escape.. with whispered encouragement...
Wanting... needing... the desire.. in a daze... cannot think.

Your shirt unbuttons.. fingers fumble.. my hands slide up ...
Your stomach clenches.. lightly grazing .. I reach your chest.
Heart racing.. br... Continue»
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50 year old mature with warehouse lad

a few days ago my partner told me about an incident that happened to her when she worked for the local branch of a large retail store. I will tell it in her own words.My job consisted of filling shelves during the day, and to do this I had to make several visits to the warehouse to refill my trolley with stock. There was several young men that worked there, all in their late teens and early twenties. I was fifty five at the time, and going through a rather nasty divorce. I still regarded myself as attractive with shoulder length blonde hair, lovely brown eyes and still had a reasonable figure,... Continue»
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I was sold to other men

First a little background. I was 18 at the time, in the service and stationed in a town that had a lot of old, horny men who delighted in using my young body for their a****listic urges. Of course I was very excited to allow them to do just that. I had a few rules which were no tying up, no whipping or spanking. In other words no pain, just me giving as much sexual pleasure as I could. Now these men were in their 40's or older and most of them would remind you of your Uncles or Grandfathers. Some were short and some were tall. Some were hairy and most were not. They didn't have flat abs or... Continue»
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The Boss's Desk

The Boss's Desk

Diane and I worked together in the same office, but had little interaction as far as our positions were involved. One night after work we both ended up visiting a co-worker who recently had surgery and left together. I suggested going to dinner which she gladly accepted and the next thing I knew I was invited back to her apartment and we fucked for the first time.

Now Diane was not pretty or cute but very plain looking. She was 5'10" with incredibly long perfectly shaped legs and a nice small and firm ass. Her tits were really nothing but puffy nipples, but I'm partial ... Continue»
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In the spa and jacuzzi with mum.

We had taken a trip away for the weekend to a log cabin in the country side as part of a gift my parents had won. I had the weekend off and decided I would join them as there was enough room in the log cabin. When we arrived we found ourselves in the middle of know where, there where 3 log cabins on this plot of land, a house which I believe the owners lived in and another big cabin which we later found out was the spa area. I must admit it was really nice, the wooden cabin we stayed in was open planned with a nice big log burner, huge bathroom and two double bedrooms. When we had got in my pa... Continue»
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Kat in the Hat

I nearly spewed my coffee all over my iPad. "Say What?!"

"I said it's time you got laid!" My step-daughter Allison never was
one to mince words. Just like her mother, God rest her soul.

"Thank you very much for your thoughts, young lady, but my social life
is not the business of a 17-year-old yenta."

"Oh yes it is, Hank," she said, all serious now. "You've been
miserable since the anniversary and it's not what mom would have

Alli's mom Jill was killed a little over a year ago in a car crash
caused by some dumb-fuck holiday d***k driver who barely got a
scratch. He ... Continue»
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Open House

"For sale?" I wasn't too surprised to see the sign go up on the empty
place next door. It has been more than eight months since the Cooke
f****y moved out. They were the kind of neighbors you like to have -
friendly, quiet, and on the rare occasion they had a party they made
sure you got an invitation if for no other reason than you could make
plans to be somewhere else if you wanted to keep your sanity.

And they had a beautiful 16-year-old daughter Sally who liked wearing
the smallest bathing suit possible when sunning herself in the back
yard. Yeah, I looked. More than a few times... Continue»
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Slow Pump

I'm not sure what was more depressing -- having to work on the
holiday, or watching a big chunk of the bonus money I earned go right
into the gas tank of my decade-old Subaru. I pulled into the service
station on the opposite side of the pumps from a beat-up grey Ford
Taurus. Duct tape was holding part of the bumper together. As I swiped
my credit card at the pump, I saw a slender blonde in short white
shorts and lacy black sleeveless shirt start walking my way. Well,
this was certainly a pleasant diversion from the task at hand.

She looked to be in her early 20s, about 5'2" and pr... Continue»
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Old Man and My Busty Girlfriend

This is a true story.

AND A LONG ONE (You've been warned)

My name is Robby (obviously) and I have been with my girlfriend Angie quite a while now, she has a beautiful bubble butt, a lovely pair of 34DD's and prefers to trim down below, rather than shave.

Earlier this year me and my girlfriend Angie took a two week holiday up in McCall, to a camp site; a rather expensive one!

The view was gorgeous, fresh air, country all around and the site was full of mostly older men and women, we even shared a garden with an older man named Curt.

Curt was easily nearly 60, mostly bald and what... Continue»
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One More Time

One More Time
I’m not sure I want to try a threesome again. I did enjoy sucking Chris’s cock while you licked my pussy,,, I don’t know
Gill sighed, knowing that, it would be so much fun to not only be involved in a threesome with Chris again (a chance to explore his bi-curious fantasy) but to watch her be given so much pleasure again would be fun
"Well, let's at least meet him for lunch and see him again," Gill said Chris is what they fantasized about . . . someone who would put Lisa first, be willing to please her very well, but also willing to play on the bi-side a little bit, not to me... Continue»
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A young mans obsession with me


A young mans obsession with me

My name is sally and I have been married to my husband John for 15 years and in all that time I have never looked at another man in my years of marriage,

My husband and I have a very active sex life and he is a great lover and sex is amazing with him,

I love john very much and would do anything for him, we are a normal couple who like to experiment in the bedroom our favorite is fore play we love watching porn films while in bed,

John loves me to dress up when we go out and always say how sexy I look I do look after my... Continue»
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David's second affair meeting

I can picture you in a room waiting for me to arrive and fulfil your need for sexual release. You are sitting on the bed in just your underwear as you prepare yourself for a lust filled night. Thoughts race through your mind about a similar scenario over 30 years ago. Will it be as good, or will it be more highly charged? Neither of us will know until it actually happens. I am already more than twenty minutes late and you are getting frustrated, wet between your thighs, nipples aching to be taken in hand, a body waiting to be embraced with love, not wanting to wait any longer for me to come a... Continue»
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