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Granny Knows Best

I could feel the cock swelling inside me, any moment I would be receive the reward I had been working so hard for. With every thrust, then he pulled my hair and pushed in deep and everything just froze for a moment. Then he exploded deep inside me, I love this so much that when that gush of spunk hits my walls it triggers my own orgasim. My pussy clamps down tight around the cock, almost as if to milk more cum from it. It was a large thick load. As soon as we both calmed down he pulled out of me, I turned and knelt down and cleaned our juice from his cock with my mouth. I stood up and he pul... Continue»
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The neighbours wife

I've always been infatuated with the neighbours wife, she is very attractive for her age which must be 50 something at least. She has a young face and a very curvy body. Every time I see her she never looks bad and always seems to want to look her best all the time no matter what.

During the summer months here in England we can enjoy a lot of rain but on the rare occasions it decides to be sunny she is in the back garden in a tight flowery sun dress or laying on her wooden chair trying to tan in a variety of revealing bikinis. She must be a show off as we live down a country lane where pass... Continue»
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My Slut Mom Fucking Campers And Chaperons

This is a fantasy story of mine..Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I always hated when my mom made me go on our schools yearly camping trip because I was more of a keep to myself kind of person and hated being around a bunch of people from my grade most of whom I barely knew or talked to. To make this year probably the worst yet my mom signed on to be one of the chaperons along with two other of the dads. Now I loved my mom but I hated the way everywhere we went guys leered, catcalled and would just come up to her to ask her out even when I was with her. My mom is very pretty with long blonde ... Continue»
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Cuckold Husband and Librarian wife 3

After giving her wish some thought...She decided that she wants to spend more time with him...Like staying over Saturday night without me. She had to work at the Library for the 9-6 shift. The got together for lunch most days this week as she wanted to explore his masturbation issue. She was mesmerized by watching him make himself cum and really likes when he cuts with his big load onto her. She is taken by the fact that she can turn someone on like this and then having him jack himself off all over her. He said that after she gets off from work he has something special planned for her. When s... Continue»
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My First Black Cocks

I discovered that I enjoyed watching porn films when I mistakenly clicked on our PC's history and found out that Richard my husband, had being viewing various sites. I guessed he was watching when I'd gone out or to bed. I didn't mention it to him, reckoning that most men like porn and anyway I had my own secret fetish which he was unaware of. There was nothing wrong with our sex lives, we were quite adventurous, though with him frequently travelling and working away we didn't fuck as much as I'd have liked.

Sometimes I'd look at the history and find he'd deleted it, more often he forgot. ... Continue»
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The Addictions To Mature Swapping Part 1

My wife is a very sexy and hot looking 54 years old. 5'5" 127 lbs, 34DD's and a size 4/5. It takes a lot to keep her satisfied sexually; as an example, being fucked 3-4 times a week just does not keep her content. During one hot fuck session as she was bouncing up and down my hard, thick, Italian shaft I asked what more she wanted and needed to be happy sexually. When I first heard her say she wanted me to watch another man fuck her I was taken back, but when she added that I should get to do another woman as well that truly spark my openness to her suggestion.

So Trisha went on her quest t... Continue»
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Lesley part 36

Geordie Ridley parked his car in the visitor car park, at the nursing home where Lesley was in employment. He had been here once before, but only to drop a bag off, for his 'daughter' Lesley, when she'd left home without it. He didn't know where to go. He walked around the corner at the nearest point, and came to a door where their was a wooden shed outside. Two women were sitting inside, of what he assumed was the smoking hut.

"Hello Geordie....god I haven't seen you for years! How you doing?" Said a surprised Dot.

"Oh Dorothy. Yes...oh, it must be ten years. I've heard our Lesley spe... Continue»
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Gym buddies

Every week I go down to my friend’s bar for a couple of beers and a catch up to moan about life, people, love and talk about any news we feel may be of interest. Recently I’d joined a gym with my mate, and 3 times a week we’d begrudgingly meet early morning to work out and encourage each other to finish our circuits. Chatting over the week’s events and sinking another beer, we started going on about the gym and what we could do to improve things, when a voice from behind the bar asked “which gym do you go to?”

Emma was about 5’7”, brown hair tied in a short pony tail, always smiling showi... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r inlaw

My wife and I have been married for six years when her father died. Her mother had left after giving birth to Casey, my s****r
inlaw.Casey was s*******n and a total knock out. 5 ft 8 in tall long auburn hair small hips and waist , long legs and 38 C cup tits.
She was very good looking and very athletic. She was the star of the HS volley ball team and had scouts talking to her dad
before the wreck. Casey went into a shell afterwards. She had fought with her dad and said how she hated him as he left for
work. She knew he was upset when he left . A car slid on the icy road and hit him ... Continue»
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Art of seducing in sex.

This is the real story of a Grandpa (Dada in Hindi) how he seduced girls and married women while in youth and lovely teenies in old age.
My name is Jay Chand. I live in Delhi. Me and wife are now old. Ours is a love marriage. I was a college student. There was a girl, Shanti, then newly grown young living in our neighborhood. She was friend of my younger s****r Nazia. She was a frequent visitor to our house. One day, I found Nazia and me alone in home. I have been very nice to Nazli and she used to run errands for me. I called her and said to her: " Nazli, I have today something very special ... Continue»
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being supportive to a friend

My wife, Laura, and I had been working for several years in the same company. She was up on the 10th floor, and I down on the 3rd. We had a good work life together, and a good married life together. We still had sex, even after 15 years, but not as often as we'd have liked.
Our best friends were a couple we had met at work. I worked with both Jeff and Ginny when they moved into the company. Ginny stayed on, while Jeff moved on to a better job with a different company.
About 2 years ago, things started getting bad. Something happened and Ginny's self-esteem tanked. She was always a good wo... Continue»
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Owned sissy girl of dom couple Part 1

I met the mature dominant couple that I now call Mummy & Daddy on the internet. I am a 52 year old sissy who loves to be dominated, feminised and made to be a humiliated mincing sissy slut.
Their ad said they were looking for a full-time live-in mature sissy plaything. After we made contact they invited me to their house. I was instructed to bring any sissy clothes with me and to refrain from orgasm for two weeks prior to my arrival - a daunting task to say the least...
They answered the door together - he was a tall very masculine mature man in a suit, his trousers had a large bulge at the... Continue»
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Albert 2

Albert was a good talker and he had me feeling relaxed and chilled by the time we reached his home.....he invited me in and gave me a drink as he sat at his kitchen table. I was excited at being with him and new things would turn sexy soon.....Albert talked and asked questions as he slowly rubbed his crutch through his trousers I was getting a stiffy on myself and Albert noticed so he reached out and placed a hand on my bottom pulling me to him '' How about you and me having some more fun'' he asked as he stood up and led me into his bedroom.
He slipped his trousers off and lay on the bed hi... Continue»
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couples first acting out a sexy role play with a g

ann and me (jim) had chatted on a swingers site to lots of couples and singles we had fantasised about many scenarios
ann is a 40 year old curvy brunet with great tits and loves to get fucked I am 49 and fit with a good 7 inch cock
after a few chats about what turned us on we decided I should get a guy to join us
I arranged a meet with a guy called dave who was 52 and had a huge 8 and a half inch cock and it was very thick also
after I had talked to him over a few weeks about how we wanted to act out a scenario he was well up for it he suggested he come over for a drink and we could chat... Continue»
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Lush sex oasis.

This is a true story of an Indian Auntie named Nirmala. She is known only as Auntie. She lives in a suburb of Delhi. She is married; having a teenie daughter. Her husband runs a grocery store. He is a passive person and not much inclined towards sex. Auntie is young, buoyant, and a vivacious young woman. She has gathered a couple of like-minded passionate and chirpy youngish married women to have real fun and excitement of xex life.
Let us hear the story from her at first hand. I was a teenie myself when my story made its beginning. We had a driver. He used to take me to and back from my sc... Continue»
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Spying on Anita and my special guest

Spying on Anita and my special guest

That Friday evening I had invited home to have some dinner an old friend; a black guy from my former office; who I had not seen in any time.

Anita seemed to be disappointed. She surely would have preferred to go out that nice night, alone by ourselves.

Everything was ready for a nice dinner, but then I noticed we had no more red wine. I told my friend Lukas I could run to a near store to get some.
I kissed goodbye Anita and left, but after walking two blocks I realized I had forgotten my wallet, so I headed back home quickly.

I opened the fro... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part 1

I had no interest spending Halloween in the suburbs. My friend, Billy, had been spending almost a year trying to convince me otherwise. He and his longtime girlfriend, Sara, were invited to party last Halloween. Actually she was invited by a coworker. She wouldn’t go without him, so the hosts let Billy join her.

Sara worked for some engineering firm in the ‘burbs. She has been there for four years. Last October her best friend at work convinced her to... Continue»
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the Night Whispers Index -10

We're here, Kira.

It was the first time I'd heard Jackie's voice while watching someone else's experiences.

Kira was seated on the edge of Dex's bed, my son hunched over with his back against the wall at the top of the mattress, his hands held over his crotch. I couldn't help imagining that the opening in his boxers might have otherwise shown his genitals. My daughter watched him quietly, then said, "okay ... they're watching, Dex. So ... can we talk?"

He shrugged.

"I'm sorry you had to find out like this ... you know I always loved playing games with you ... I always looked forwar... Continue»
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the Night Whispers Index-10

My door opened and Kira followed my son into the room. He wore only his boxers, already tenting. Kira was clothed in a nightshirt, her swollen breasts pushing out the fabric, her nipples visible beneath.

I nodded towards the bed, and they sat next to me. I stood and faced them. "So ... I take it you two are eager to get started." The looks and nods confirmed my thoughts.

"I want to introduce you to each other's bodies. You should get to know each other, first with your fingers and your lips. And I'll show you what feels good to me..."

I knelt in front of my son and smiled up at him. "... Continue»
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Lesley part 35

Kevin thought he heard the noise of a door closing, but was too engrossed, watching his unprotected cock disappear into Lesley's backside to care. He'd had anal sex before....just once.....and it had been a disaster. This time, the experience was mind blowing. This Lesley, while not being n oil painting was by a million miles the best fuck, he had ever had....and he'd been here less than an hour! While attempting to enter his first anal partner, she had screamed so loud she woke a neighbour who nearly rang the police. It didn't go much further. Of course, attempting to go in dry, had been mu... Continue»
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