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Mom’s Bed

I lived with my 36 year old mom in an apartment ever since a year ago. (I’m 15.) However, recently we ran low on money, and had to sell a lot of our stuff, including my bed. The evening after the garage sale we had, she asked me if I wanted to sl**p with her, and I agreed. Later, She went into the bathroom to get changed, and came out with a nighty on. She bent down in front of me to put her slippers on, and I saw she only had a bra on underneath. I was getting hard underneath my shorts, and hustled into the bathroom to get cha... Continue»
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The characters: Manju – the mother in law, Usha – her daughter, Suresh her son in law.

MANJU: A widow of 42 years with a recently married daughter of 23. 5.6 tall, slim with lovely cute eyes and very fair in colour. Has some in built sorrow on her face. Works as a Head Mistress in a local school with sufficient money at the bank. Owns a fairly big house. Resides with the recently married daughter and her husband.

USHA: An average girl of 23 years married just
... Continue»
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Uncut And Raw 6:27:2015

I am a man that is uncircumcised. Women think that if you are uncut that you are dirty. That you will tear the foreskin if you put it into a tight ass or pussy. That you cant feel it as well when they give you a blowjob. And the one I have just heard that you cant cum as much as a cut man.

This is the question I got from a little redheaded woman that worked in my office. She was hot. A plump ass, perfect breast and hips that flared out. She was a perfect woman. Little did she know there were many times I watched those bouncing breast or jiggling ass. Then I would have to jerk of... Continue»
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Asha – The Voluptuos Aunty

Asha was my friend’s mother with whom I studied in the college. Puneet, my college friend, and I met on the very first day of the college and became fast friends. We were in the same class and lived in the same area of Mumbai. We had never met before, but once we got to know each other in the college our friendship grew within days and we used to spend a lot of time together. One day Puneet invited me to his house to study and then play cricket in the evening. I got my books and headed to his house, I rang the door bell and wai... Continue»
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The Wedding (Challenge #2)

It was the day of my 25 year old daughters wedding. As far as I know she had never had sex with a man. How did you have a talk about what is expected. I am sure she know. She was 25 and we had never keep the talk about sex from her as a k**. She know a lot sooner then her friends.

So I a 45 year old woman was having a talk with my 25 year old daughter. I have to admit I was wondering what all she knew.

Sara, what do you know about pleasing a man? Sara looked at me and smiled. Mom I have gave a blowjob before. Just because I never had one in me don’t mean that I have not done... Continue»
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Internet hook up in Muskegon,Mi

Well we are talking on the phone for a while . and we are getging to know eachother. So we decide to meet up at the bar.  So i put my jean shorts my jordans and a button up on. I then drive to the bar. But you call me and ask me to stop and pick you up. so i pull up to your house . and get out and stand next to my passenger door. So when i lift my head up. My jaw drops.i see you walk you. You are wearing this really sexy dress stockings garderbelt no panties and some matching high heels. Your heels match your dress. So you walk up to me wrap your arms around my neck. And give my a hug. So i ... Continue»
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My girl at the bar

    My girl at the bar

Well im gonna invite you out to the bar. You are gonna turn me down again so i get all bumbed out. So i end up at the bar getting d***k. Next thing you know. This sexy ass ladie puts her arms around me and kisses me on the cheek. I said hold on girl i have a girl friend and. Im loyal. You whispered in my ear . i know. I slowly turned around and smiled once i seen you. And as soon as i turned around. You jumped in my arms. We started kissing. And then you hugged me so tight. I looked you up and down  And started drooling a lil bit. Lol when i seen you were wearing a sk... Continue»
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One Hot Night

The day was hot, record setting hot and the night was no better when my air conditioner stopped working. A call to the manufacturer informed me I had operated the machine eleven hours longer than they recommended. They tell me to leave it off for two to three hours then see if it functions. What to do in the meantime? Without the air conditioner, the temperature rose quickly in my shitty one bedroom apartment. I desired to be some place else. Might as well hit up the Yellow Clam, seeing how my last visit left something to be desired.

The Yellow Clam was originally a brothel for Chinese wor... Continue»
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my 1st dirty (female) teacher

Hello thank you for reading this! I would really appreciate any comments this is my first story. Message me if you have a request for a story!

The first time I met this teacher I was in year 9 of high school. She wasn't currently my teacher but she still got me hard every time I saw her! So not a lot happened until year 10. In year 10, she was my English teacher and I was so happy. I got to see her everyday. Every lesson my cock would be rock hard and she'd have a different sexy outfit that was always tight to her curves. As soon as I got home I would run upstairs, lock the bathroom door ... Continue»
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How I became a Voyeur Part 4

This is the last installment of my true experience probably best to read them in order
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

The next morning after beating off again (my cock was sore) to the memory of her. I headed out back to her place. On the way I was trying to come up with an answer if she asked me if I was by her bathroom door yesterday while she was having a shower. The best response would be deny deny deny. It was an old house so floors just ... Continue»
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Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla Part two

Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla Part two
The phone rang. It was 3 AM on Thursday. The boy awoke and fumbled around for it. It was someplace under his hoodie by his desk. He found it and answered it, half rolling away from his sl**ping roommate in his bunk so as not to wake him.
"Mmnnn Hello?"
"Hello Vic! How is my nice hunk of Vanilla dick?" It was Wendy. She was horny, excited, and on the phone.
"I'm good," he said trying to keep his voice down, "what are you doing? It’s a little after three,"
"I am thinking about you; about your cock, and about being fucked by you. I'm thinking... Continue»
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The Story the Date!

So...I had just had an orgasm like I had never experienced on my own before and Tom was now sitting on the bench in front of me, his hard cock pointing up and oozing pre-cum steadily. I also had at least 2 people watching every move I made through the gloryhole... My heart was pounding as I leaned in to work on this cock in front of lips parted as I grabbed the base of his cock and my tongue instinctively flicked the twitching cockhead in front of me taking the precum off easily in one quick swipe. It was sweet and sticky and I ter that I just lost myself in making Tom enjoy this. In t... Continue»
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nurse ke chudlam besh kore

Sedin baire theke firtei shunlam amake naki Aratat phone korechilo, ki naki joruri dorkar. Ami vablam ki bapar kalkei to dekha holo, azke abar ki joruri dorkar. Ami phone korlam. O bollo ze or borovai naki accident koreche, serokom serious kichu na, kintu pa venge geche. Ekhon Dhanmondir akta clinic e ache. Or baba ma geche desher baire berate, ar oke zete hobe boro bonke niye indiate, ki daktar dekhabe. Azkei sondhay flight. Ekhon or vai porche fande, dekhashona korar keu nai. ?dost, tui zodi kindly shudhu duto rat aktu okhane thakis tahole khub valo hoy. Ami zoto taratari pari bonke okhane k... Continue»
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Geetha’s Tailor : An Exotic Fun

Hi, this is geetha sharing with you an experience at the tailor’s. Once yashwant had an invitation to attend an important congregation of commercial photographers. He wanted me to look at my absolute best on that evening which was a week away. Now, I look tempting for a 28 yr old. I am 5 ft 7”, 36c 30 38 and fair. He wanted me to dress up for the occasion. So, I reached my friend deepa for suggestions. She mentioned about the shailesh tailors. She said that the place was *popular* among women and strongly advised me to try it. ... Continue»
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Seduced by Older Ladies

I go to a house, knock on the door, one woman answers, dressed in skirt above the knee, blouse, hair down, but is on the phone, so she asks me to step in so that the door does not slam, so I do. She drops something on the floor, leans forward to pick it up, revealing her boobs, which I see, and she knows it, so she goes red, I say no need to get embarrassed, fine figure, great boobs, lucky guy to play with those, she then starts to say how her husband is not interested, and starts to this point I think there is just two of us.

So, she then starts asking me questions, about what... Continue»
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Minister's Wife Gets Measured for new clothes

Jonny texted Angela to check if she was able to take a call in private. Angela was in company at the time but she knew she should take the call so she said “Give me 5 minutes to get to a private place.”

Angela excused herself from the company and found a private place. She waited anxiously wondering what Jonny had to say. She was aware that the promised punishment ad not been visited on her so she wondered is that what Jonny wants to say.

It was nearly 10 minutes after his first call when Jonny rang. He sounded cheerful, so Angela took that as a good sign. “Following my examination o... Continue»
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Sara and me ( married guys please read)

This is a true story and my first writing one . I have more stories so if u like it comment or email me at . Married guys please read this before going through with any plans you my have . You can also email me

This story begins with me on the internet on yahoo chat in the user rooms ( god I miss them yahoo user rooms ) . I was on there seeing what trouble i could get myself into and checking on the girls that was online . And just chatting asking if there was any girls near my town when an im popped up and i started chatting with her . Her name was Sara . After abo... Continue»
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Glamping 2- later in te week

In my previous story, I wrote about our experience "Glamping", the story of a good friend of mine and I "helping each other out". This is what happened the next night.

So, after having my balls drained by Summer, and after eating her hot, sweet pussy, I went back out to the dining tent and began to go over the events of the morning. My cock hardened thinking of Summer and Jan going wild over my cock and then licking each other as I watched. But reality set in when Jan got up hurriedly walked out of camp to the bathroom. She came back a little while later. She sat next to me and gave me a mo... Continue»
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Bit of Black on Jen's Birthday

Being with Jen had changed me. Her confidence and lust for life had rubbed off on me and seen me progress at work, gaining promotions that I wouldn’t have dreamt of when with Sharon, and leading to a move from retail (high-street) banking to the more exciting world of corporate banking. The downside of this progression was that I was having to give that bit extra to justify the increased salary I was getting, and this meant I had less time (certainly during the week) to spend with Jen.
After Vicky had moved out to her own place in London, the whole dynamic of the relationship between Jen and ... Continue»
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My first time sex with neighbour

This beautiful memory I am going to share with you all is about me and my beautiful naughty neighbour Meena. She was around 35 years old and me 22 years old when we first made love. Meena was a mother of 3 k**s and had beautiful glowing skin naughty smile long black hair till her waist round big ass with 34 bra size. We were like any other normal neighbors you have in your area. Meena and her k**s use to frequently pop in and out of my house so did we as in my f****y.

I always had a crush on her and always dreamed to get her in bed with me at least once but never got a chance or would say... Continue»
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