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Judy from Golds Gym

Judy from Gold's Gym (Part 1)

Hi all,
My name is Jake. I am 25 years old, and have never had any interest
in women that are "Grannies". They just never turned me on.
I actually engrossed myself in my work in materials management for a
manufacturing company, and never really had time for a long term
relationship. However, I met Judy while working out at my local Gold's
Gym, and she changed my thoughts on older women. This story is
about the relationship I had with her while I worked that job.
I worked down the street from this Gold's Gym that was pretty plain.
It seeme... Continue»
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Hockey mom

This happened 2 years ago, and another true story. 100% true

I've know Liz and Ted (Not there real names) for at least 7 years I think. our youngest boys go to school together and have played hockey together for sometime.

Liz is 5.9 with blond hair brownish green eyes full figure large fake tits not sure how big but they are not her's and are very nice her Nipples are about an inch in length at all times longer when she is horny. Nice round bubble ass with long legs. I wouldn't say she was hot or beautiful. But there is something about her that makes men just wanna fuck her. So that I ... Continue»
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My bro-in-law's second dip

As Indian’s do, after marriage, we all lived together as a f****y the first year, It’s so I got to know everyone at my in-laws. My both b*****r-in-laws and I became close friends and f****y. Few months after marriage I learnt from the older one that the younger one had a crush on me, which was cute I thought. As the years went on hubby and I moved out from his parents, the younger B*****r-in-law was growing up and his little crush on me either disappeared or maybe he just got better at hiding it. He was still sweet to me and on a few occasions I caught him stealing a glance here and there. But... Continue»
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Chapter 2: Mother and daughter bond over sex toys.

Chapter 2: Veronica borrows the toy.

The echoes of her mother's scream's still reverbrated around V's head. She was so wet and couldn't help but say yes. " Ok mum but I haven't even tried using a toy before. It's kind of silly but I don't want to embarrass myself in front of you - I might cum even harder than you just did!!"

"pffft don't be silly Missy, these toys will 100% make you cum and I'm here to guide so you shouldn't be worried. Put this way - if you want scream as deep and as loud as you want I dont mind

Veronica thought about it and smirked. "Well if that's ok then mo?"

A... Continue»
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The First Time

My wife Brenda and I parked our car at Sauton Sands Devon and walked along the beach until we found a secluded spot among the dunes. We had seen nudists on previous holidays but never felt confident to try it ourselves, but it wasn't to long before we were both naked, but sheilded by our straticly placed windbreak.
It must have been about an hour before I noticed a face between the grasses looking down on us. I wispered to Brenda, "we have company". To my surprise, she said "I know he's been there for about five minutes. I found this quiet a turn on. I imagined given this situation, she woul... Continue»
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Doctor student doctor part 2


As I lay on the exam table with my legs and feet up in the stirrups the five doctors stood at the end of the table. I has just had a breast exam by all five, my doctor and 4 students including one woman doctor. My ob/gym taught at the university and he wanted to have them observe and participate in an exam. Of course they all had or had seen a vulva but not in a formal exam. The doctor had just removed my gown as I reclined on the table with now my newly shaved pubic area exposed and very wet. I had consented to this situation because he asked me to assist him in helping trai... Continue»
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Chapter 1: Mother and daughter bond over sex toys.

Veronica lay on her bed and watched as Anita slowly undressed in front of her. The 53-year-old women mesmerized her daughter by gentle exposing her barely contained breasts under her bra. She eventually removed her demin jeans and allowed her daughter to see her fleshy camel toe bulge under her white panties. Anita’s slightly wrinkled skin glistened in the morning light perfectly exhibited her mature figure and this sight was clearly exciting and yet frightening for Veronica.

Anita noticed a slight reaction from Veronica and chuckled “Not bad for an older woman V? – Trust me you are going ... Continue»
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Gloria Is Always Ready For Me

I had been busy at work, and in a mood where I wanted to take a break from the women I had been involved with. My plan to "lay low" had been working quite well until one evening when Dara - my "Aunt Lorene's" s****r called to see how I was. We talked on the phone for almost two hours, and she encouraged me to fly to her home in Texas for a visit. As we spoke, she told me it had been very hot, and that she could hardly wait to come home from work and change into comfortable clothes. In what I knew was a lure, she told me that she was wearing only a black panty and a short white nylon robe. "Yo... Continue»
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Storm shelter hand job

We had our practice evacuation drills, and the severe storm drill. Everyone knew where to go, and when to go. So, when the severe storm alert went off, we all got up from our desks, and went to our appointed places. Sure it was crowded in the storm shelter rooms, but we should be safe from a direct hit by a tornado. There were even battery operated lights, some survival water and food and an outside fan operated vent. We were very safe.
Standing on the back wall as the people moved in, I was amazed at how calm everyone was, no panic or nervous chatter, just a calm resolve n most everyone... Continue»
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Mother, her Bother, and I, his Niece.

Dad had left us a long time ago, so as each step neared my mother's room, the noises and moaning she was making got both louder, and intense, competing with the noise my heart was making in my ears.

I was frightened and curious in equal measures, as there was someone else in that room with mother, I could hear him too, their voices mere mumbles, incoherent but there was passion and rhythmic movement in everything they were doing.

I stood in my bare feet outside the door, pressing my ear to the cool wooden panel, and shivered, as the cold of the night and the draft air on my naked legs ma... Continue»
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Charles mom enjoyed her self and me as well.

Charles went to his grandparents for the summer. This made old habits hard to break. I woke up and rode to his house and knocked on the door. No answer so I stuck my head in and yelled, Charles where are you?
I got an eye full when I saw his mom on the sofa nude; a porn video playing on the TV. I backed out and closed the door. Grabbed my bike and started home, I head BILL come back here!.
Come in please, Charles is with his grand parents for the summer. Sit down and lets talk.
Now he is gone and I know you two do this all the time, open the door and yell for each other. I am enjoying so... Continue»
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My Mystery Man

I went to a local pub this evening for a music pub quiz with my friends, and half way through a group of men three men sat at the table next to us. We were struggling with the quiz kept asking the men for help with the older songs, as we are in our early 20s and they looked to be around 40. I immediately fancied one of the men; he had a couple of tattoos and the stupidly attractive facial hair some men my own age struggle to grow. Throughout the night I kept throwing glances his way, and occasionally I'd see him staring at me (or my breasts).

Now I have to admit something about myself whic... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 5

From PL:

Laura is an online friend of mine. She occasionally sends me a hot e-mail (or series of), which I clean up some and put into story format. Here\'s her latest, due to a lack of time it\'s not quite as cleaned up as some of the past ones but I think you\'ll enjoy anyway.

Laura\'s Story: - Fun with Steve

I\'ve had some really hot experiences lately, let me tell you about one that\'s making me horny right now. I think I mentioned before my neighbor Steve, the gay guy. Steve is in his late 40\'s, about 5 foot nine, clean shaven, gray hair, pretty big belly (too many keg parti... Continue»
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Laura 6 - Laura Makes A New Friend

Laura is an erotic pen pal of mine. In her 40\'s, she is a self described big beautiful woman. Curly black hair, green eyes, five foot nine, 44 DD Cups and plump belly and ass. She has developed an insatiable sexual curiosity, and is interested in trying out new things.

She occasionally sends me e-mails of her latest adventures, which I combine, clean up and turn into a story for her. In exchange she allows me to repost where I wish. She swears all this is true, I have only her word for it though, so read at your own discretion...

I finally did it! I\'ve been saying for a while I wanted ... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 4

From PL:

When I wrote \"Other Peoples Houses 1\" I sent it to a few friends for them to review, Laura being one. Even though I hadn\'t heard from her in some time, she sent me back this delightful story. I cleaned it up, removed the \"hey how ya been\" stuff, and put it into her perspective.

Laura was delighted with the result, so without further ado...

Laura\'s Story:

Wow Plump, what a hot story [Other Peoples Houses 1]. I really got off on reading about you two fucking in the house. I wound up playing with my pussy, right there at the computer.

What really got me hot though wa... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 1

The details of this story were sent to me in an e-mail by a lady who calls herself \"Laura\". She asked me to help her turn the raw details into a readable tale. Over the course of a two months and many e-mails the story below evolved until she was happy with it.

My contribution came mainly from simple things like breaking into paragraphs with white space, spell checks, rearranging a few things, suggesting some alternate words, and cleaning up sentence structure here and there. All of the details though came from Laura, dispensed slowly over many messages.

It also grew quite a bit, as ev... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 2

A note from Plump Lvr:

This story is one that Laura and I had worked on as part of her original story, only it got left out for reasons of length. I convinced her to complete it with me, and submit it. Here it is, hope you enjoy...

Laura Masturbates At Work

OK, before I can tell you the main tale, I have to give you a bit of history. Since I was quite young I have enjoyed the taste of my own body. I don\'t remember how young I was when I first started, 12 or 13 maybe, I just recall thinking that I smelled good and wondering how it tasted. Naturally curious I just did it, sticking a fi... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 3

From PL:

Laura sent this to me, it was pretty hot so after jerking off a few times to it, I decided to clean it up some and share with the rest of you...

Laura\'s Story:

I was really turned on by bhan\'s story, so much so I decided to do some of what she described. I waited until the day before my day off, then before leaving work I made sure to drink, and drink a lot. When I got into the car, I slipped my bra off so I could easily reach under my shirt and play with my big DD cups.

I squirmed inside my faded blue jeans the whole way home, but knew I wanted to save it. I got to my a... Continue»
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Mature Handjob and Titfuck

... she entered the room wearing a black skirt and white blouse, slightly open to expose her ample cleavage. I lay naked waiting for her. She closed the door and made her way to the foot of the bed.

“Ready?” she asked while adjusting her glasses.

She unbuttoned her blouse slowly and removed it to reveal a set of breasts barely restrained by a frilly white bra.

“Wow ...” I commented. She cupped them proudly.

She pulled her skirt down and tossed it onto the chair next to the bed. She was clad in a black thong which fit snugly over her ample hips. She reached behind her back and unc... Continue»
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older couple naked party

Older couple naked party

Here I am naked laying on a bed with a skinny blond sucking my cock and I'm
thinking back how this came to be.
Got a e-mail a couple of days ago from Julie and Mark in the double wide
telling me to save up some cum for a party that they have arranged with another
couple for next weekend.
They had told me about her younger cousin and her bi-husband that they like to
play with. And they wanted to meet me and all of us play together.
So when I arrived at the double wide there was a older pickup truck all ready
there. When I walked into the living room, ... Continue»
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