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Xhamster kay friend ne Meri Maa Behen chodi (REAL)

Hii Dosto, Mei cuck hubby apne sabhi friends ko apni real life ghatna bataane ja rha hu jo abhi 5Din pehle hi ghati.
Mei apni badi gaand aur mote mumme wali mummy ko bahot pehle se hi bajana chahta .. Aur aap sabne bhi uska jism dekha hi hoga
Uske leaked video mei jisme wo change kar rahi hai.Aha har kisi ka loda kas jata hai meri mummy ki gaand Dekhkar.
Toh meri issi badhti hawaz kay chalte hue maine status bhi daal dia kya koi meri maa chodega?
Bahot users se baat hui meri .. Koi sai tareeka nahi bata pa raha tha ..
1-2Din kay andar par meri aamir (changed) se baat hui ..wo paas mei hi... Continue»
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Wanna Bet? 2: Higher Stakes

This time, it was mostly my cousin Lara’s fault. She knew what she was getting into, and she knew what she was getting my s****r Faith into. That I enjoyed it along the way is beside the point. If not for her, all our lives would have turned out very differently.

It started with a bet, of course. There have been three bets, or series of bets, really, that have changed my life, and my relationship with my s****r. This is the story of the second.

My s****r and I had been betting against each other since we were k**s. A bet was almost a sacred thing in our house. If one of us b... Continue»
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Pre-dogging Fun With Strangers

My wife and I were insatiable when it came to sex. I was bi-sexual and she was not. Sally just loved cocks and plenty of them. To show how much she loved cocks, I went out to clean her car very early in our marriage and I was amazed at the massive stain on the back seat of the car which must have been 6-9 inches in diameter from the edge of the seat. I tried everything to get the stain removed, but couldn't. It was obvious that it was a mixture of her cunt juices and her fucker's cum which had dried up. I asked her about it and she told me it was a result of many fucks in the back seat at lunc... Continue»
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A guy visits his aunt and gets to meet her friend,

’m 20 and my biggest problem is that I’m absolutely not interested in girls my age and younger. I love mature babes, you know really old ones. I like when they’re 60 years old and senior, I just love when they have really big asses. I’m ready for anything just to fuck an elderly lady’s sexy ass. It’s all due to the story that happened soon after I turned 18. That summer I was fucking Mrs. Lopez who was 69. That’s how it happened.
I visited my aunt Judy. She was old too and she often asked me to help her round the house. That day I was home alone and didn’t really know what else to do but to g... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 8

Chapter One

The recovery from my Birthday party took most of the weekend. I was totally exhausted from all the punishment and sex. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have changed anything about it. I met so many new friends, with so many great experiences, and I have memories that I will never forget. When we did get back to Daddy’s house, I basically passed out. I slept late and we ended up just snuggling most of Sunday. We talked about what had happened and what I liked and didn’t like. It was a good discussion. When we were through with the Birthday party discussion, Everett dropped a bo... Continue»
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my mom

This story is fictional
Inspired by a popular porn site

My mom was a milf. She had thick tits a huge ass and a sexy mature face.
A true milf. I had a small fantasy where I would find her on a milf porn site getting fucked. Fantasy would soon turn to reality.

A true milf in looks she was single and carefree. I always knew she slept around but I never saw anything with my own eyes. I didn't mind. I wanted to see her sexy body more and more.

The best opportunity for me to marvel at her milf body was when she would chill out and cool off by the pool. I'd gaze as she lay in the sun wi... Continue»
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Mom's Secret

My mom and I were pretty close, or so I thought. My growing up was pretty normal. My dad was gone a lot. Well most of the time. If he showed up, mom and him would fight. I never knew about what. But they would fight big time so it was better that dad was gone. Sometimes would go out. She would get my aunt to come stay with me or sometimes not. Every once in while there would be a strange man leaving the house the next morning but since dad was an ass I was never going to tell.
I finally got my drivers license and thought I was pretty cool. I was ready to go out and fuck a girl. But mom w... Continue»
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Camping at Ayers Naturel Bridge.

I had to go on business trip to Sheridan WY. I asked my wife Allison, if she wanted to go on a road trip, she always does. As we were travelling along I-25; Allison noticed a sign for historical site on the old Oregon Trail. The name for the site is Ayers Naturel Bridge; she asked if we could stop, I told her on the way back we will. As promised we stopped on our way home.
Ayers Natural Bridge is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the high desert of Wyoming. After driving five miles down a county road we come to a little canyon. This place is amazing; red sand stone canyon with stream runnin... Continue»
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Mum and son

Me and my mum.

This happened about 10 years ago.

Abit about my mum, well she was 37 at the time, 5ft 6, long brunette hair down to her shoulders and big brown eyes, she's slim and a 34c bust.
I had just turned 17 and a good looker, I kept myself in good shape, went to the gym and played a lot of football, I had been with a few girls but never had sex, had a lot of oral and hand play but that was it,

My dad left me and my mum when I was just a baby, he was having an affair with a women at his work, my mum used to always say she was too busy to find a man what with being a single pare... Continue»
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Last Minute Customer

It had been a long day, and Sabrina was looking forward to locking up and going home. She let most of the employees leave, and was about ready to lock up when a customer walked in the door. She looked at Sabrina, smiling and the walked over to some suede boots that were sitting on a table by the window. Sabrina sighed, this was the last thing she needed, a last minute customer. She recognized the woman having seen her several times before.

She gave Sabrina an uneasy feeling, like she was always checking her out or something. She would look her up and down, and seem to ask question that had... Continue»
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sexy net wife

This story relates to my wife rittu and I got married with her in 2005 and after ten years of marriage and 2 k**s rittu had blossemed herself into full fledged ripe woman with sexy fig of 36 32 38 and with long hair and fair skin we had an active sex life but that was becoming boring night by night with same sex positions.Rittu was fully satisfied with me but for me it was becoming monotonous and then I decided to change into something new.
I started chatting on yahoo id and started making new friends and all were male friendsand they were desparetly looking for a female to chat.I frankly to... Continue»
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"Wanna Bet?"

We never would have had that argument if Mom hadn't asked me to give her a ride home. So, really, everything that happened is also her fault. And my Dad was the one who started us on that method of resolving arguments. So it was his fault, too. Of course Faith had her share of the blame. So, although I don't want to downplay my own role in things, they were all partly responsible. Them, and Samuel L. Jackson.

School was out for summer, at least for me. Exams were still on, but our school board had a policy that if you did well the rest of the year, you could skip the final exams. Both me... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 10

“This should be fun to watch,” added Maddy.

To our left, on the end of the couch, I watched Randy spitting all over Bobby’s hard cock, and sucking on it really aggressively. She took it out of her mouth and started stroking it hard, and was begging him to come on her face.

“Give it to me baby, come on, I want your hot come all over my face,” and she put his cock back in her mouth and started gagging heavily on it.

“Oh yea, ok…here it comes…ahhhhhhhh” moaned Bobby as Randy took his cock out of her mouth and started stroking it hard as streams of cum shot out and all over her face and u... Continue»
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Park service Wife's version

This ongoing adventure picks up in late April, we started to put it in writing and were interrupted by a f****y emergency. So this is now from memory and there may be a few inconsistencies, but it is all true.

After my introduction, the rest of this is my wife's experience.
As park volunteers we never know what our weekend job will consist of. My wife worked an information table, handing out maps and information packets.

Me I got lawn equipment repair duty. It seems the Park Service's idea of storage is park it at the end of the season and let it set until spring. So I smell like old... Continue»
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Next Door Neighbour

Let me tell you about the f****y next door. There is a wife and husband with three sons (no daughters). The sons are adults in there mid 20's, but the story is about their mum, the hottest woman I know personally. She has good looks, shorter than myself and a round ass with a good size chest.

I’ve been attracted to her ever since I can remember when we moved next door to them, of course I could only fantasise about her when I was younger. But once I became a young adult, here is where I could maybe entice her with my charm. I hardly ever saw her husband still don’t really know what he does,... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 9

“Give it to him baby, cum all over his face,” Maddy said to Claudia and leaned down to suck on her nipple which sent Claudia over the edge.

“Oh shit, here it comes, oh yeah…” and with a huge sigh and moan I felt her body start to tremble and shake and I started sucking on her clit and rubbing her g-spot even harder, resulting in her pussy becoming completely slippery and sloppy just the way I liked it.

With a massive groan that stopped all the action in the room, Claudia began to squirt all over may face, onto my back, down my throat and all over my chest, dripping down to my hard cock a... Continue»
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Ana at the stripper pub

Ana at the stripper pub.

That business trip to Chicago had ended one day before schedule and I was flying back home. My cell phone was out of order, so I decided it could be nice to surprise Anita arriving home early.

The strange thing was I could not find her at home…. on Friday late evening. It was really strange.
I spent a long while calling some of her friends, asking if she was there, but it was useless. Nobody knew about her since that morning.

I found a kind of business card on the floor, close to the main table at the dining room.
I was even stranger, I could not recognize t... Continue»
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Ana and a pair of gay guys

Ana and a pair of gay guys

My loving Victor was out of the town during that long weekend and I really was starting to get bored home alone, but then my old friend Jeremy called me. He invited me to take a walk that Saturday night and of course I accepted in delight.
My good friend was younger than me, a handsome guy, polite and a real Gentleman, fire in his eyes, a nice thick cock, but… he was gay…
That night I made my best to get sure I was looking good. A short black silk dress and a pair of five inches stilettos, just to consider myself “a little bit fuckable”…
Jeremy was at my door... Continue»
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Spice Is Nice

"Dave, could you look after my nieces? They are here for the week, but I have to attend a meeting and I don't want them alone. You don't have to stay in my trailer but if they need something, I told them to come to see you, ok?"

My neighbor Kate was a very nice lady but she smelled of cigarette smoke all the time. I thought about fucking her, but she wasn't my type. She did have some nice boobs, I'd seen most of them on a few occasions, when she would bend over to pick up her newspaper in the mornings.

"Sure, Kate. How old are they?"

I was working on my 54 Chevy and was head down ... Continue»
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Uncle Gregg

Thirty five years ago I married Liz and moved away from f****y and friends. After 35 years of marriage with no c***dren Liz left our marriage. It felt strange, confusing, to be alone. Last summer I returned home for the first time in 35 years for a kind of reunion. It was a good move. Things felt normal again, even though everyone there had aged 35 years.

At the reunion my youngest s****r Mae introduced me to her 19 year old daughter, Trixie, whom I had never met. Trixie was breath taking. She had a girls face but a 30 year old woman's body. Mae asked me to consider helping Trix get into ... Continue»
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