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Slut! Wife needs a hard cock.

Slut! Wife needs hard cock.

Steph and I have been married for more years than I care to remember. It’s not derogatory my statement, just that my life without her doesn’t exist as we have literally done everything together. We not only have a strong loving relationship, but we have until recently, had the most fantastic sex life. In the early years of our marriage, we both took part in a lot of swinging, as was the trend of the day. Steph has watched me fuck lots of different ladies and I have watched her taking quite a lot of cock. She would always try to re-assure me afterwards that the bi... Continue»
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Рассказх моего препода..... Част 2

Смазка из моей молодой пиздёнки и слюна уже пенились от продолжительной ебли моего рта, губками я крепко обхватывала член моего классного руководителя и он долбил мой ебальник не хуже чем задницу пол часа назад, на миг вытащив, он позволил мне вылизать его яйца.

- Нравится тебе, Азель? Любишь быть давалкой?
- Дааа, выебите пожалуйста мою попочку ещё раз, она соскучилась по вашему хую, заполните её спермой, мне нравится как вы долбите меня раздвигая булочки попки в стороны!

Довольно улыбнувшись, взрослый мужик снова одел спермоприёмник школьницы на член и сделал несколько фрикций, ему нр... Continue»
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My slut fucking other men

I don't normally fuck strangers because I always get thrush If they use a condom.
This weekend I decided to anyway.
Me and the hubby were staying in a premier inn in leister, there's a bar and restaurant in the hotel so we went down for a drink. We had been in the bar for about an hour when this black guy comes in and stands at the bar. He's about 6'2" great build and very good looking, as I sit looking at him on the sly he leans one elbow on the bar and twists round a bit and I can see the shape of his cock through his tracksuit. To say it was impressive would be an understatement, it mus... Continue»
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At home

After parting ways with Joe, I made it home and checked my messages. My friend left one apologizing for leaving.
I called he and told him it was okay and how I met Joe. He said Joe was one of his teachers and a good friend of his fathers boss. We talked for a few moe minutes and he had to go. I went to my room, stripped down and laid in bed thinking about what happened. I reached between my legs and felt my butt hole. A little sore and swollen from the abuse it received and rubbed my dick till it was hard.
Eyes closed and fantasizing about Joe I heard the phone ring. "Hello, I answered. "T... Continue»
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Losing my husband to suicide shattered my comfortable world. Meeting a former friend of my late husband, who later became my Ass Master rocked my world and introduced me to heights of passion I had never ever known. Usually, the passive one at the beginning of a liaison, this time I could not contain myself when we first coupled because I was so irresistibly drawn to this man that I had to plan my seduction carefully. I knew he was a classy man, so I had to be careful not to scare him away with too much bluster or fanfare. I invited him to my house, and, before he arrived, I dressed... Continue»
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The visit

The visit
When one is divorced and have business together one always have to maintain ties. When you are divorced and Zefa is your ex-wife is no different. My current wife knows this and one or two weekends a month I travel to the house of my ex to take care of common matters.
There I was on my way. I took the ferry. I takes almost an hour to arrive and when I got there Zefa was waiting for me at the exit. I noticed she got some weight. Her current husband wants her like that. But she’s still very attractive. A short pink dress, very sexy. Foreshadowed the absence of bra, as usual. The nippl... Continue»
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The Window

Note: This is just a simple little tale of first time experience... it is somewhat an autobiographical tale... enjoy!


"Jeez, Andrew, that's my teacher's window!" One of the players howled.

When the long fly ball went through the neighbor lady's kitchen window, two entire baseball teams full of Andrew Wilson's friends and peers disappeared.

Now certain that the world as he knew it would end in a manner of moments, Andrew was stuck with the ball bat and the consequences of his own actions.

This was old lady Heloise's house, and everybody knew she was a k** hater... Continue»
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Work with Granny

I was off again with my 61 year old grandma with my 19 years .......
and Friday night was terribly boring village. My grandpa was a truck driver and rarely at home, so I had often help out the Farmstead. For too often that sexy figure of the mother of my father I had noticed.
I was already in bed early, I took down one and thought about it a plan for how I could use the old fuck.
On Saturday night Granny was sitting as usual in me far corner of the couch, I on the chair. It was quite warm and grandmother wore a flowery dress. I went to the toilet and had through the keyhole grandma in full ... Continue»
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wife with stranger - the details. True

This is NOT a story, rather it is a true recollection of one of my wifes slutty encounters. Almost two years ago I could tell my wife had something she wanted to ask me but she wouldn't say what. Finally, a week or two later she went for it. Honey, she said to me, remember how I've been wanting to visit some friends down south from my high school days and get out of this cold Ohio weather for a bit? And you said we couldn't afford another trip right now? Well, A guy I dated a bit back when I was going to school saw me on Facebook and we got talking. When I mentioned you weren't the most je... Continue»
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wife fucks lorry driver

Wife fucks a lorry driver

My wife and I do a lot of travelling up and down the country and so use our car a lot. It used to run pretty well but last time we attempted it we suffered car trouble. It was late at night and suddenly all the warning lights started to flash on the dashboard of our Ford Fiesta. Fortunately we were close to services on the M1 so I pulled off the motorway and parked up in the car park. However, the place looked deserted. It was about 11pm but it looked like it had been shut early. There were a couple of cars in the car park and a few lorries parked nearby. My wife... Continue»
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On the job training

One of the worst things about having graduated to the "Real World" some
years ago is the thought of work. Used to be that when I felt like blowing
off a class and getting stoned and listening to music all day while sucking
down beers was the norm. Now, it's hit that alarm at 6:30 in the ayem and
crawl to the office. Face it, if you don't do it, you get shit-canned, end of
discussion. Sometimes, of course, the things that happen at the office make
all the annoyance of having to get up at some ungodly hour and dragging your
ass in worth it. Usually, it's something simple like wr... Continue»
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57From cheating housewife to who knows what? last

57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt4
Jack appeared at his normal getting home time, he seemed a bit on edge, so after the meal when he went to feed the fish, his pride and joy, I went out and we sat on the bench that only an hour or two before Eddy and I had shared.
He said he had been told he was nominated to go to Berlin for a month`s course, however he wanted to talk to me before he agreed to go.
We discussed the options and agreed to him going and he brightened up a little, looking round he spied the new nail and the chime that Eddy had fortunately provided. “I lov... Continue»
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Mom Fucked My Girlfriend Part 2

This is part 2 to a fictional story I came up with for fun. Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes and i hope you enjoy.

Part 1 Recap

I introduced a girl I met online Trish to my mom. She came over for dinner and they both really hit it off. So much so after a couple bottles of wine and flirting they began to grope each other. Realizing I was there they knew it was wrong but didn't want to stop. So mom asked me to leave so they could continue and as I reluctantly watched from upstairs jerking off. It escalated until they were passionately fucking eachother. After they were done mom w... Continue»
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57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt1o

57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt1
My name is Christine Slack, I live in a big west country town and I am married to Jack , yes I can hear you sniggering, Jack Slack! We have been married for 3 years and his name is very appropriate as believe it or not he has not been able to raise much more than a laugh in the last two years poor lamb.
He`s a year or two older than me at 37, we live together in a fairly posh area of suburbia, he is manager of a security company, me, I am a very respectable housewife, at least on the surface. Stand 5ft 6” tall, have a 36C-30-32 figu... Continue»
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57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt2o

57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt2of4
Next day was Steve`s day with that cow at number 19 so I slept in till dinner giving my situation some heavy thought, here I was a married respectable housewife with a hubby that was more keen on alarm systems than my body.
I have a three day a week tryst with my postman and now have a weekday afternoon`s date with a delivery driver whom I hardly know except that he`s a photographer and a big bodied blackmailer! I must be raving.
At 2, after a light lunch I started to dress for Eddy, the driver, black lacy knickers and bra, sus... Continue»
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57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt3

57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt3
Tuesday began with the usual late brunch, rain drizzled down the windows, thou roughly depressing, Jack hadn’t seemed to notice either me or the lousy weather and had set off with his phone in his ear without even a cheerio.
I burnt the toast daydreaming, and it was the last of the bread, so it was a quick run to the shops or a soggies breakfast, the shop won and dragging on a mack and wellies off I set.
I got back to find my instructions from Eddy on the mobile, which I had left on the dresser, my instructions were to wear just the... Continue»
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A Walk in the Park

It's beautiful night out as we walk through the park together arm in arm. We have just finished having a great evening out together including dinner, wine, and a stunning lady sitting across the table from me. As we are walking home together I can't help but admirer your sexy body and how amazing you look tonight in that short skirt. My mind drifts to seeing your wet pussy under that skirt and how I wish I could just take you right here in now. The sound of your voice pulls me back to reality as you lead me over to a park bench. We have a seat as I put my arm around and hold you close against ... Continue»
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Hookers I Have Known

Downloaded from the internet with the author's permission, this story has certain clues as to where it is set!

Author's Preface
Goddesses, Divine Beings, Ministering Angels and Objects of Worship;  or alternatively, Trollops, Strumpets, Jezebels, Sluts and Whores;  what's the difference, I love them all.  Whether it's because bad is good, and wicked is even better;  or whether they offer an irresistible gift to mankind for which they truly deserve our love, is no matter.  Fair enough, I'm a romantic;  I need to make love where some other men just need to unload.  I'm a natural cuckold, t... Continue»
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Company of Women

Three days into the job and things had already taken a very peculiar turn.

Eric never expected to be laying under the desk of one of the three most powerful women at the firm, let alone with her scuffed Klogs resting firmly on his chest. Liz, the junior VP, had seemed so professional in her fitted jacket and slacks. But since when was resting her feet on a colleague's chest professional?

Liz grinned as she laid out her "rules".

"Rule number one," she said in a clipped and even tone, as if she expected his ready compliance in all things. "Do what I say and exactly what I say. That's ... Continue»
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New Lover - Hotel (Part 2)

I stand before you as you sit on the bed, you undo my belt and trousers, as you pull down my briefs my erect cock springs out you grasp it firmly in one hand, with the most softest of touches you rub my precum all around my glans with a finger, you then suck it and simulate with your finger want I am wanting you to do with my erection. You lean forward and kiss the very end, then you lips envelop my shaft deeper and deeper far into your throat, the sensation is wonderful, I pull your head hard against me, gagging you pull your head back, my cock is joined to your mouth with strings of saliva. ... Continue»
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