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Haunted House Hook Up

In well done, professional haunted house attractions, adreneline runs high, need to be with someone else becomes paramount and strangers are knit together in strange circumstances that otherwise would never happen!!!

That's what happened the other night for me. I don't kiss and tell all... But I will tell you how the most fantastic weekend of my life started!!


I have always loved haunted houses! I went to them all of the time when I was single and for several years I worked in seasonal haunts on the weekends! The downside though is that when you are 50 and your w... Continue»
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The Wrong Draw

Three years in and there was nothing. No love, no happiness and very, very little sex. We’d been through tough times before but our relationship was literally at breaking point. A part of me wondered if it was just a lack of release causing all the problems but bear in mind, I was the first man she’d slept with… she was not the first woman I’d slept with. Not by a long shot. For this reason, I constantly found myself comparing the little sex we did have with my past experiences and becoming horrifically bored with the routine. Kiss, clit rub, missionary, cum, tissue for her and relax.

Her ... Continue»
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Sonia And Lance And I - An MFM Meeting

In a country city I met Sonia and Lance, a couple in their thirties, in a dance club for the mature age set. We got talking and seemed to like each other, so sat at a table to have a few drinks together. Lance was a solidly built muscular dark haired guy. Sonia was of medium build, with a very pretty face, and large breasts apparent from her low cut cleavage. They were happy people and we had a good time enjoying the place without anything unusual happening; that is until I went to buy a round of drinks. On the way back to the table I noticed that Sonia didn't have any panties on; her mini and... Continue»
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Roadhouse slut

After turning 18, Helen was working in a roadhouse and lots of young truckers came through the joint. Helen had fucked most of them after only 4 months slinging hash........she had slung her juicy young cunt at a lot of cock.
She had been fucked in Whites, Macks, Freightliners and even gang-banged on a pile of tarpaulins by a gang of truckers. She loved the feel of cocks ramming deep in her young pussy driving her over the top with orgasm after orgasm. Eventually the inevitable happened........the Bullsperm she was taking everyday finally made its way up through her cervix and into her womb a... Continue»
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We got together at a party in a hotel that was all inclusive. We booked adjoining rooms so our party could start early.We brought snacks and booze with us.We arrived first with Joe and Carol arriving an hour later. We started our party early with some wine and beer and some sexual foreplay. I had already gotten Beth naked removing her skirt and blouse skirt and blouse. I stripped and Beth dropped down on her knees taking my cock in her mouth. She was really doing a great job when we heard the door and Joe walked in.saying I see you started without us.Beth got up walked over to Joe planting an ... Continue»
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Time to dance

The soft candle light flickers on the wall you walk into the lounge . Your wearing a silk dress just above knee height that folds over and ties behind your neck a nice black lace panty and no bra as the silk hugs your body I can see the shape of your full firm Brest and your nipples pressing against the soft fabric. With soft music in the background I hold my hand out to you taking it I pull you to me your hands to my shoulders as my one cups your waist and the other strokes the side of your cheek as I kiss you hello . You smell nice and the aroma fills the air as my hand moves to rest with th... Continue»
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Dave's night out

Unhooking the zip of my dress with a shrug of my shoulders it landed on the floor. I had been looking forward to this night for a while. A night when I had our small apartment to my self. A night I could spend pampering myself.
Dave called me. At f******n he had really began growing up in the last few months, tonight he would be staying in his friends house so I would be home alone. I divorced his father when he was very young and I still managed to turn him into a lovely young man.
"Where's my mobile phone?"
"It's in the kitchen pet, have a good night". His friends parents were ... Continue»
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Teachers involvement

A story very loosely based on an experience I once had at school, which involved my geography teacher, head mistress, and the assistant deputy head master.

My name is Catherine, I had just entered my teens, and was about to take my geography test, when I went down with the flu, so on returning to school, I had to take the exam on my own in the supply room behind the class.

Now I always had a crush on my geography teacher Mr Harper, as I had a thing for older and more mature men, a sort of father figure you might say, and secretly I'm sure he fancied me, as I often caught him looki... Continue»
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Deb at Walmart

My wife Deb is 58 but in great shape and very pretty. We both keep slim and exercise regularly. She has a luscious set of big titties that hang nicely. Even at 58 she looks great when going braless in a sheer top and it drives men nuts. They can’t take their eyes off of her. Deb is submissive to me so when I tell her to wear one to go out, she does it. She knows that refusing to do so will result in a spanking.

Two weeks ago we went to Walmart because I wanted to buy her a couple of "whore blouses" as I call them. A young man (David), perhaps 28, was shopping for his GF alongside us and I ... Continue»
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fantasy land

Straight..finitely love online dirty sex chat...accommodating horny sexy women.....sometimes I feel like fucking a slut, like I enjoy picking her up and holding her naked in my arms in the air while fucking her up her cunt so wonderfully as her cunt juices make gushy sounds while my cock pumps in and out of her hot pussy...I like to flop her slovenly on my bed and fuck her like there is nothing better to do...hoping for mutual multiple orgasms...I love getting an unexpected blow/suck job in the most unexpected and most discreet places at the most unexpected moment by a lady who I never thought... Continue»
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Why We Like Threesomes

This writing is my attempt to explain why I love sharing my wife with other men. There really is no other feeling that matches what it’s like to be lying in bed next to your naked wife, having caressed her, kissed her and hold her and she responds likewise to how much you love her, and seeing her on her back with her body giving her up showing how much she needs and wants raw, uninhibited sexual satisfaction. The man we have both agreed to share her and our bed with is now naked and his cock expresses how much he desires to take her and make hot, naughty love to her. She is eagerly spreading h... Continue»
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Mom Catches Son Masturbating Using Her Bra And Pan

My interest in mom became more and more. At least I felt like going her and sitting there next to her and massage her legs with her permission even while she read the porn books.
That would give a great arousal I thought.
this afternoon as usual I peeped into mom’s room. She always left her room door open. She could see me as I stood by the door.
holding the book in hand she asked me ‘yenu’, meaning what.
‘Nothing mom,’ I answered.
I didn’t know how to begin the
... Continue»
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Got home after a year away

Where to begin to start off I am married to a 5’3 Latina little chubby with brown eyes and dark long hair that goes to her middle back we here in TX during this time. This story come to when I got home from a deployment, when I left to go overseas her and I talked about should the sexual urge happen I don’t mind if she jumps on it. For me I got no problem with her playing around. Sometimes thought I did not know how much she played around. For the first few months all was well until the ninth month. She sent me a letter and once I got the ability I was able to talk to her where she asked if sh... Continue»
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Helping my wife's Boss

My wife is all the time volunteering me to help her boss, Julie. It involves household repairs like changing out a faucet, checking out her air conditioner or trimming her trees, the kind of stuff that I don’t want to do around my own house let alone someone else’s. I usually try to get out of doing it but my wife nags me until I give in. Julie doesn’t even pay me, at least until recently, but my wife makes it up to me by giving me sexual favors in return for helping Julie out.
Julie is not an attractive woman but she is not ugly either, she is only about 5 feet tall and I would gues... Continue»
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Kristine takes advantage of my having the hots for

Kristine had noticed me staring at her during the office party. How could I not the way she looked that evening, in that tight black dress and wearing fishnet pantyhose. To be fair, I’ve had the hots for her a long time. I suspect Kristine knew this, and enjoyed the attention. She often mad an effort to put her hand on my lower back when she spoke to me. More than once her hands have graced my thighs, I’m thinking deliberately, as she has leaned over my desk to point out something on my computer or on a sheet. But I had not acted on it. I was married after all. I’ve jerked off thinking about h... Continue»
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My i****tuous Relationship Journey With My Mom

I am Rajesh from south Tamil Nadu, 22 and currently doing my final year in engineering. My mom’s name is Madhu, 43. She is a normal lady, fair brown and medium height. My dad works in gulf and he comes home once in a year. Hope this led to all my desires with mom.

When I was nearing 17, I had my first erection and sex was the topic of discussion among my friends. I started masturbating and watched porn. I am not familiar with internet but watch movies in cds, those were famous that time. Also i used to read stories those boo
... Continue»
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Behind open doors

So, there we were, the wife and i heading off to Savannah for a long overdue week away. We would be celebrating our 35th year of marriage in the middle of the week. This one had a little less importance it seemed to both of us, maybe she was getting tired of me, or me of her. Either way we needed to just get away

Now here we are, first day into our week and we decide not to drive all the way after all, she is getting cranky from riding, my old 60 year old bones hurt from sitting so we stop in a motel in Augusta Ga, get a room for the night. We wandered out to the pool after our usual ""ge... Continue»
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Road trips with k**s in the car is frustrating

Like every time we are in the car for long distances my mind begins to wonder. It all starts when I look over at you and see the seat belt separating your beautiful breasts, my eyes begin to drink in every curve of your body. I see your cleavage, and I feel my cock begin to stir.
I reach over and place my hand on your leg, slowly rubbing my thumb on the seam of your shorts, hooking my thumb under them to slowly raise your shorts just so I can look at your thigh.

As a slowly rub my hand on your upper thigh you can feel that I'm working my way up moving the leg of your shorts up. You look a... Continue»
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Misstress Kim part 1

Hi all my name paul and i decided to post this story that happened to me and still is now. i am 20 years old living in Dublin Ireland and recently i lost my job as a I T consultant and have found it hard to get a new job i have been designing web sites for people to make ends meet but its not enough to keep my own place in the iner city so iv been left with one option witch is to move back home witch is something i really didnt want to do but ou got to do what you got to do as im not in a relationship iv no were else to go. now that iv run low on cash iv still enough to eat and suvive but not ... Continue»
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WELL, what happened was that I like a huge number of others like to watch porn, logically the follow on from that is to watch it for real and that can mean cuckold if you’re a married man like me.
Now cuckold to some means having a large black screwing the good lady. Now I am not racist, you sir could be black brown yellow red or white and it don’t bother me a jot; to screw my misses you just need a dick and a sense of humour cos though I wish to watch, I don’t expect to be treated like I am some sort of week or wobbly Nancy boy, I don’t cross dress, o... Continue»
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