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More fun with Fiona

I met with Fiona again the following week but she had called and said come to the house instead. I arrived at the front door and as I went ring the bell the door opened, Hi Mike she beamed. Hi Fi , you're a bit eager, I replied. Oh no she said I just didn't want you standing in the cold she laughed. Walking in I notice Fi's nipples were poking out through her blouse, yes there is definitely a nip in the air I said joking. fi looked down at her blouse, Hahaha she laughed. Let's go into the louge she said it's a lot warmer in there with the log fire. Fi went and made a cup of tea coming back in ... Continue»
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Watching Joy Gladden

When I was 18 I had a friend named Steven. We used to go to his house after school and play video games and such. Steven lived with his mom, Joy and younger b*****rs and she usually got home from work around five or six.

Joy was around forty five, average looking a little over weight , maybe 5’4” and had short blonde hair. She always wore a skirt or a dress and was well dressed for work. I used to check her out when she came home. I was always kinda hot for her. On several occasions I was able to sniff some of her used pantyhose. She always wore pantyhose and often left them in pla... Continue»
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My stepmother has a surprise for me

My name is Robert, I'm 18, skinny and not too tall. I've never had much luck with girls, in fact I never dated one and I used to spent my days playing games on my computer and watching porn. Shemale porn. Dominant shemales fucking men. I wish i could be one of those men on the videos, that turned me on so easily.

I was alone one day jerking off watching a scene of Yasmin Lee dominating a tied up guy when something unexpected happened: my stepmother arrived early from her job, entered the house quietly and caught me. Stephanie married my father some years ago, she is a stunning white 30 year... Continue»
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Fantasy To Reality

Phil had just finished mowing when Phoebe pulled into the drive way. Sweat streamed down his face and glistened on his sculpted shirtless body. Phoebe whistled at him the way construction workers would do to a hot woman.
"Hey baby!"
Phil smiled and waved his hand to her. He was breathing heavy from the yard work. He put the mower back in the shed and met her in the kitchen of their suburban home. The air conditioning hit him as he walked through the door. It felt like a relief on this ninety degree day. He grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat from his face.
"Hi Hon. How are you?"
... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Mother Has a Secret

A young man, 18, is caught spying on his girlfriends mother in her bedroom, and is taught a hard lesson. Characters: Tim, 18, Student; Susan, Tim's Girlfriend; and Julie, 44, Susan's Mother ;-).

Julie sat at her dressing table, preparing for bed; she brushed her long dark, which was one of the pride and joys. Normally, this would help her relax and unwind, but tonight, and on several other nights, she found that remained tense. She couldn't get over the feeling that somebody was watching her, for several days, perhaps a week; when she was alone around the house; she'd have an odd sensation ... Continue»
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He Wanted A Turn Too

This past September, I did something that changed me forever. Prior to September, I had been going through a bit of the tough time. My husband and I had started a f****y and since having our baby, he had become very busy at work. He was spending less time at the house since he was often on business trips. He was bringing in plenty of money but at the same time it was affecting our love lives. We were spending less and less time in the bedroom and more and more time tending to other things. Obviously, our son was the most important thing in our lives and my husband definitely made sure that he ... Continue»
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Easter Weekend in Lockwinnock Part 2

The adventures of Beth and Aaron continue...

Easter Weekend in Lockwinnock Part 2

Beth stirred in the bed. There was noise in the kitchen and the smell of fresh brewed coffee. She slowly stretched and drew back the covers. Sitting up she found her terry robe neatly folded at the end of the bed and her slippers at her bedside. Beth slipped them on her feet and smiled.
The touch of the soft sheepskin against her toes brought back the memory of the night before. Her left hand involuntarily caressed her breasts and the thumb of her other hand brushed her pubic hair. The sound... Continue»
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trip to brighton with mum

I’m Sam I am 19 I live with my mum her boyfriend my 2 s****rs and little b*****r one summer my mums boyfriend had to go away for 2 weeks and my s****rs wore both on a collage trip for a week so there was only me her and my little b*****r so we took a drive to Brighton and stayed in this nice little hotel me and my b*****r wore right next door to mum.
On our first night mum went out on the town for a drink she was wearing a tight black spandex skirt that hugged her hips thick thighs and fat ass and a black spandex strapless top that hugged her big round globes of silicone.
I could see she was... Continue»
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Dogging slut

Dogging! Do you love it hate it or just don't think about it?

One of the guys on here, 1voyeurhubby, has a slut for a wife. She has been for some time but over the last few years it seems to have taken on a much more permanent role in their sex lives. She just cannot get enough cock, she loves being fucked. Me you ask? Well I got talking to him and wanked off to the pics he posted of her being well and truly slutty. Liked it so much I had to try her out for myself.

During the summer his wife was feeling extra horny, it was sunny and warm and she just gets extra wet between her le... Continue»
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Here cums the Bride

I was working as a bell hop at the Grand hotel when they came wandering in, I say wandering but they actually stumbled in and barely made it to the reception desk.
"Mrs winter and Mr winter checking in please" said a blonde haired mature lady in a white wedding dress, as she did her best to hold up her new husband who was clearly very d***k and barely conscious.
"Yes here we are the bridal suite" said Jenny behind the desk.
She then waved me over and I quickly went out to the car to get their suitcases before showing them up to their room.
As we stood in the elevator heading to their floor... Continue»
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my new babysitter

The new babysitter

At this time i want to tell you a story of when i got a new babysitter.

one evening my parents chatting and came up with the idea of going out on a romantic dinner for two being they were married for about 11 years and didn’t get the chance to go out much for some alone time for a long time now,
being i was sick often and had
and therapy and other activities and a baby s****r my mom had her hands full.

my dad brought up the idea of perhaps having dinner just the two of them
meantime i stayed him with a babysitter so they planed it out for a few days now.

my mo... Continue»
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Hunt for the Pirate Princess

After 6 long months at sea on the hunt for the notorious Pirate known only as the Princess I had decided it was time to sail to dry land and let the crew have a little time drinking, gambling and whoring. The past few months had been incredibly profitable we had sunk several Spanish galleons all loaded with gold and riches from the new world, and stopped a couple of rookie pirates who had started plaguing the Atlantic crossing. The crews had been killed, some joined our ranks and the captains all in the hold below decks locked up ready to face trial back in England, the ships had been sunk. Be... Continue»
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My s****r In Law 01

My s****r In Law 01

It had been a hard day working in the wood clearing fallen rotted trees, chainsawing them into manageable sections and carting them up to the house to be stacked really for the wood burner in the lounge.

The shower was most welcome the pulsating hot water eased the stiff back muscles and the rough towelling down acted as a Swedish massage, putting on a bath-sheet tucked tightly around my waist I brushed my hair then padded down to the kitchen.

Although it's an old farmhouse, it has not been a working farm since the 1950s, the biggest job we did was to replace the s... Continue»
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Welcme Home

It was a warm sunny July day as she pulled into the picnic area. She had arranged to meet her friend whilst she was at work so her husband would have no idea that she was having affair.

As she drove in she saw his car parked at the end of the road near a path that went into the woods.

She pulled up beside him and he got out as she did.

She was now 46 years old but her friend was a lot older than her at 57 years. Despite his age he was so fit as he worked on the oil rigs for 4 weeks at a time. He had just come back and she had not seen him for over 4 weeks.

He had texted her as soo... Continue»
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Lorry Sex

It was a very cold winter’s day as she pulled in to the lay-by.

Also parked in the lay by was a large red lorry exactly where he said he would be parked.

It had all started with an online chat on a sex site that she visited. She had chatted about her fantasies with him, one being having sex in the cab of a lorry.

So here she was as arranged, she got out of her car and as she did he jumped down from the driver’s side of his lorry. He as not the normal sort of man she would meet but needs must!

He said he was 40 years old but she instantly though that he was nearer 60 than 40! He was... Continue»
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Two men and me

The car park of the Premier Inn was half full as she pulled in. She had arranged to meet the two men in the adjoining beefeater at 1.30. She was slightly late but soon got of her car and walked in to the pub. He had told her that they would be in the bar area as she entered the pub. There were only two men sat together and as soon as they saw her come in on her own one of them came over and said’ Sally’ to which she replied ‘Yes’.

‘Can I get you a drink?’ he asked and she replied ‘Yes please, I’ll have a glass of red wine please’.

He told her to go and sit with Jeff which she did, intro... Continue»
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my friends mom

I don't know Jenny, it's just like he doesn't care
about me anymore. He's more worried about his job. When
we have sex, he only takes care of himself and then he
goes to sl**p. I haven't had an orgasm in years."

My ears went on full alert when I heard this. I have
been trying to find a way to fuck Mrs. Hudson since I
was 18. She has been my fantasy when I jack off or have
sex for years.

Mrs. Hudson, or Stacy, as she liked to be called, is 36,
about 5'4", and looks to be a 36"-24"-36". She has
beautiful dark brown hair and a face that makes her look
10 years younger. Sh... Continue»
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Change of Plans Results in Our First 3Some

From our earlier story you know we have only recently been exploring alternative sexual experiences. We hadn't worked up the nerve to try full swinging; especially in a swingers club or anything like that. Up until a few weeks ago we didn't know what dogging was, but we had our first dogging experience and it really turned us on at the time and since then our sex together was off the charts.

We had made plans not having any obligations on Saturday night so we could try our luck again dogging. We were excited and couldn't wait to see what the weekend would bring. Our plans were dashed wh... Continue»
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M Part 2

More opportunities, more forks in the road, happened in my growing relationship with M. Two weeks following our first weekend together, I had another opportunity to drive down to see her.

I arrived Friday afternoon. M had put the same welcoming sign on the garage door that was present on my first visit. There was a note on the front door to walk to the back yard and come in the back (kitchen) door. The yard had been cut and the smell reminded me of the better days of my youth. Hibiscus shrubs were full and blazing with their colorful blossoms. The sound of falling water from the fount... Continue»
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Personal trainer

I am Louise, married and always very straight laced. I am 44 year and i always keep in shape, having nice legs and a D size breasts. Life has been quiet for me and I had been a good girl. Since I had put some weight on over Christmas I had decided to go to training in the park to get fit and loose some weight
I joined a group that meet in the park at 0600 and train to 0700 then i could shower in the gym next to the park and then get dressed for work
we trained each Monday and Thursday all through January. Then last week Louise who trains us was away and we had Greg for one session.
I had n... Continue»
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