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"Well, here we are."

My husband Michael holds open the glass door for me to enter the place. The Relaxation Station; a spa in a shopping center. I sigh inwardly; a tacky name, but as this visit is on him I can't complain too much...

We approach the reception desk, surrounded by the scent of patchouli and the sound of nondescript New Age music and within a setting of comfortable-looking if anonymous plush chairs and sofas. The young man behind the counter is handsome enough, in a Keanu Reeves-vacuous sort of way. He smiles at us.

"May I help you?"

I say, "Yes. I have an appointment ... Continue»
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remodling home

First a little about husband I 63 and 66 work are a very conservative company very proper dress and so on. our sex life had all but stopped my husband couldn't get an erection and I felted very sexual actived so we try some things at home frist he got a porn video showing men and women having sex with other and with each other some of the men were very well hung black men. Then we order a few toys such as dildo and a couple of them were black as well. We did some role play and even had my husband cross dress as I used a strap on dildo on him but here is were it gets wild we video all our fun t... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Mom in his s****r's Bed

I never really cared much for vintage pornography. When I was on a porn site, the "vintage" category wasn't something I every clicked on, like ever. That was before I knew what I'd find there.

The video was from the 80's. The girl had big hair and too much makeup. But something about her looked familiar. She was young, my age. Eighteen. I know this because the man about to fuck her asked. "How old are you?"

She bit her lip and answered. "Eighteen."

"And how much do you like cock?" The man, a middle aged fat guy, asked.

"So much" The girl smiled. "I try to have at least one every da... Continue»
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My grandmothers s****rs sneakers and boots

My grandmothers s****r has always been close to me, I have been able to talk to her about everything. She knows everything about my fetish and we have talked allot about it, she seems to be quite curious about it. Lets call her Ella. She is 37 years older than me, she is blond with a fit boddy and everythin. She has shoe size euro 41, I have been borrowing shoes from her manny times. She doesn´t look a day older than 40, I prommise!

When I was 19 I was going to her at her house, she lives about 20km from me all alone and has 1km to the nearest neighbor. She has a huge garden and I really un... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 5)

Sorry about the delay in writing part 5, had to drag myself away from all the inspiring pictures and videos of the sexy CD's Tgirls, fembois young and not so young.

"You may begin Princess, Daddy has been waiting all day for his little sweetheart to suck his cock, can't you see how excited it is to finally meet you? it is positively drooling in anticipation already." My cock was practically jumping out of her hand as it twitched uncontrollaby, causing her to grip the shaft even tighter which made the head of my cock bulge even more as she drew back my foreskin, the big purple bl**d ... Continue»
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How my Niece became my Fuck buddy PICS INCLUDED! ;

REAL PICTURES --------->

I decided to trade in my 2008 Ford truck in and get a new 2015 as the body style had changed. My step niece, Hannah, went with me to look at the new trucks. On the way back from the dealership she told me she wanted the wheels and tires off my old truck before I traded it in. I had bought some nice custom wheels and tires about a year back.
She is 18 and damn cute. I had already made up my mind to trade tires with her. I mean hell why not they won’t give me anymore if I leave them on and she has a 04 that they will fit on, but they won’t work ... Continue»
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Slut Transformation

Well my transformation did not happen overnight. I grew up in Texas like any normal k**. Did cheerleading in high school. Was the prom queen. I was hot and still am. I am a natural blonde with big brown eyes. I have "D" cup tits and petite and have been told that I a very hot woman with a dynamite ass. I have always been hit on a lot. I have only been with two men in my whole life, well up to the point where this story starts. I have been called a prude and a tease. But I had thought that was the way I should be. Even when I did have sex with my one boyfriend and my husband I would just lay ... Continue»
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Grandma's butterfly tattoo

Me Jon, Peter and Davey were yakking it up, and - as it always does - it got round to sex. The question was "who was the oldest you fucked?".
The best was Jon. 23, not bad for a teen.
"No way!" we said, and he told us about a girl he'd met on his last vacation with his folks. She'd been in the next chalet at the resort, with a bunch of girl-friends.
And he'd flirted with them all.
Or, at least, THEY'D flirted with him. The way a gang of older girls might.
And then, one day just one of them was in the room and she invited him in and fucked his lights out.
Just once, and then sent him... Continue»
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My Aunt And I {Part I}

I wrote this with a friend over a couple of days. I hope you enjoy it.

<Her Side>
I always hated going over to Toms parents house for dinner. They always fawned over him as if he was gods gift to the world. They even still had all his high school trophies up on the shelf, even though he got them over 22 years ago. And they always gave me the seat right below them, as if subconsciously labeling me his " trophy" wife. I felt like pulling off my top and showing them the bruises on my rib cage, the trophy tom gave me for burning the dinner last night.

The only thing that made visits to his ... Continue»
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Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 2

After my first encounter and fuck fest with Vicki, I waited three days to call her to arrange our next 'medical appointment." She said she was wondering if I ever would call her, but I assured her that I was a man of my word and how could I not meet with her again after our little tryst. We agreed to meet at her place two days later even though she said she didn't think she could wait that long to see me. She said that ever since I left she had had 'impure thoughts' about me and what she was going to do to me if we met up again. I assured her that I felt the same and I did have some plans for ... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The new neighbor, Helen Ramsey, lived on one side of the Stephenses and
the house on the other side was occupied by Tom and Darleen Jarvis.
They had been there longer and were about the same age as Caroline and
Jonathon, and it was natural that the two young couples should become
friends. Tom and Jonathon played golf and tennis together. Caroline and
Darleen went shopping together. They visited one another's home
frequently and once a week or so went out together to a show or a movie
or a nightclub. The Jarvis couple seemed to have a happy marriage and
an upwardl... Continue»
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Leaving her job interview

The temporary job Donna had in the clothing store in town was coming to an end but she was invited to her line manager’s office for an interview for an up and coming temporary position. As she knock on Sally’s door, she called out and Donna entered and sat down in front of Sally. They went through the usual questions and answers before Sally asked Donna “What can you do for me?”

Donna looked at Sally sitting in her chair for a moment. She was 38 years old, slim with long dark hair, wearing a brown and white striped buttoned up blouse and a pair of light brown trousers. Then Donna stood up, ... Continue»
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All work and no play...

Traveling for work is always exciting but can also be stressful at times. It's not surprise that people in my same circumstances often wind up at the bar, trying to drink the stress of the day away. You always see the same faces at the hotel bars I frequent. Those regulars are always good for conversation and a joke or two. A couple of weeks ago, I happened into a bar that I can often be found at and found the place packed. I stood at the door a while, trying to figure out if I was just going to leave before I spotted an empty seat at a booth next to Diane.

Now let me explain who Diane is. ... Continue»
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Forbidden Fantasy

Savanna and her husband Greg decided to spice up their love life. Their k**s were grown and gone. But their love life had suffered. Savanna had spent many years going to bed once the c***dren did and passing out. Unaware her husband would come to bed later in hopes of some intimacy only to find his wife passed out, snoring.

Greg himself turned to looking at porn and masturbating as normal routines for him as the years went on. He loved his wife, and very much desired her, he truly appreciated her as well. She was a good mother and a good wife. Their love life though, had taken a hard hit ... Continue»
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ostre jebanie mojej córy przez komendanta p

no moze i miał racje ten stary komendant i jego kumple ze moja cora jest boska piekna ale do dzis nie moge doisc do siebie i brac lekow na nerwy i serce po tym co widzialem co wyprawialy z nia ta banda starych oblesnych i zboczonych policjantow u mnie w moim barze nad jeziorem pod lasem zachowywali sie jak zwierzeta jebali i kurwili ja tam cala noc jak by byla zwykla tania kurwa na tych krzeslach stolikach i bilardzie myslalem ze mi go polamia niedawno go kupilem za 10000zl a te stare chuje wlazly w 4 na niego wypiely dupska jak do srania a cora im je obrabjala od spodu do dzis slysze ich te s... Continue»
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Granny leather

While this is not my personal story or experience (but how I wish it was). I had to share this wonderful story.

my first experience with the more mature lady was whilst I was sifting through charity shops in my local town,i was looking at the books and whilst engrossed in one particular book, I did not see who was stood behind me, as I stepped back I felt my foot crunch down on something soft and quite a loud yelp in my ear,as I turned around I discovered I had stepped on a ladies foot.......I could not apologise enough....all I could see was the top of a grey haired head,bent over rubbing ... Continue»
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wife wanted strange cock all 6 of them

Some Strange Cock - All 6 of Them One After Another!! Wife is horny an willing to fuck some guy we just meet.We decide to go to the local porn store for some easy cock to find. After the store clerk finished explaining how the room worked an how the hourly rate worked.Wife follows clerk into office.About ten to fifteen minutes later wife comes out an comes over saying “we got the room for the next hour” Husband notices the freshly dumped load still dribbling down her chin.Total skank! We vheaded down a dim lite hallway with four to five ... Continue»
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Maid to Serve

I had answered an advert in a magazine from a mature guy who wanted to meet sub guys into spanking role play anal and oral... well I couldn't resist the temptation.
Graham was 65 years old and retired he was also a widow so as he implied in his advert 'He could now indulge in his fantasies' I had made contact several days previously to our meeting and he seemed a genuine guy just looking for some 'fun' as was I.....he mentioned that he liked sub males to be sissified wearing undies and stockings as it added to the sense of 'Naughtiness'and 'Submission'
I arrived at his home and met Graham wh... Continue»
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Bhabhi -Padosi

Hello sabhi readers ko girls and ladies ko mmmuuuuuaaaaahhh, ye meri pehli story hai. aur mera naam saurabh hai umar 36 saal aur delhi se hoon aur ye kahani ek bahot hi khoobsurat sexy and hot bhabhi ki hai jo islam religion se hai, us apsara ka naam salma hai jo bahut hi pyaara hai aur uski tarah salma ki abhi 2 saal pehle hi marriage hui hai, main time na waste karte hue sidha story pe aata hoon, ye kahani ek bahot hi sexy si bhabhi ki hai baat do mahine pehle ki hai mujhe ek unknown number se call aaya jo ek bahot hi sexy si voice wali lady ka tha aur usne kaha can i talk to mr. uday to mai... Continue»
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Somebody's Slut Wife

Well I was in my mid teens when this story took place. My mom worked at a large high end hotel as the Customer Satisfaction Director which meant she oversaw the room service department and maid service. I would help her out when she was short handed which seemed to happen a lot. This Saturday night I was helping with the room service. People would call in and place an order and we would get it ready and deliver to the room and get a pretty hefty tip. It was easy and fun for me and a lot of the time I would get to see some naked ladies.
This order came in late for some chocolate covered s... Continue»
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