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All I Ever Wanted

I was playing outside, pestering the frogs and newts in the little pond
at the end of the garden, when I heard Gran calling me. As it usually
meant I was in trouble, or she wanted me to do something, I burrowed
further down into the long grass; frogs and newts are more interesting to
8-year old boys than chores, or a telling off; besides, I had almost
captured a beaut of a frog to show off in school the next day.

"Harry! Haaarrryyy! She shouted from the doorway, "I can see you, come
here, now, your fathers' on the 'phone! Hurry up!"

Dad. That was a different thing, ... Continue»
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All I Ever Wanted Ch. 02

Sai Fong Speaks:

So now I had Harry, nailing him after years of chasing, teasing,
tormenting, and finally trapping him. So what if he's my half-b*****r,
he's worth it; the poor lamb's such an innocent, he might have gone off
with some local girl, someone I knew, that would have been too dreadful for
words, seeing him tied-up with some local trull, or worse, some tramp he
met at uni, that would have been unspeakable. I couldn't allow that, he's
mine, I saw him first; really speaking, that first time, I f***ed him, but
then he didn't exactly fight me off tooth and nail, defen... Continue»
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All I Ever Wanted Ch. 03

Sai Fong Speaks:

Waiting nearly 4 weeks to see Harry nearly had me climbing the walls.
After the nights we'd spent in London, and the frustrating week that
darling Harry spent back home, I was ready to just do a disappearing act,
turn-up on his doorstep and scream "You want it, Big Boy, here it is, come
get it!"

Common sense prevailed, and though dad, poor, dear deluded dad, had
given in on the Art School thing, he wasn't prepared to let me go just yet,
poor dear, and insisted that I spend this last summer at home with him. I
had to go with it, insisting on heading d... Continue»
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Accidents Happen

There are some things in life that are not planned. They just happen!
My s****r Donna is 4 years older than me and we have never been real tight.
We were just typical siblings with an age difference. We would fight all
the time over just about anything, but as we got older we managed to become
friends. My s****r was a wild c***d; I caught her more than once having
sex with her boyfriends at our parents' house. I never said anything but
she knew that I knew.

There were times, and I am sure it was my imagination, that she enjoyed
teasing me by having sex while I was in the ... Continue»
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Giving and old man a good foot job.

I had to run and by the time I got into the station I had minutes to get to the platform. The day had been hectic, the last day before summer semester, and four hours of drinking before realising my train was due to leave.

I ran and almost threw up during the sprint, but I made it, feeling faint my hand was shaking as I turned the brass knob to get into the carriage.

I heard the guard call out and blow his whistle, too late for me as I realised I was in the wrong carriage, occupied by an older city type gentleman, who was looking me up and down, taking in my dishevelled appearance, my sw... Continue»
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My Little Slut Wife

My wife, Susan, and I have been married for over twenty years now. We have two wonderful k**s and get along great. But for a while now I have been imagining Susan with another man. She would not think about going one on one with another man so I tried to talk her into a three way or swapping or even a swingers club. I don't know what it is but I really want to see her getting her brains fucked out by another guy. I bring it often to her but she just laughs it off and says she will think about it. She loves to fuck and she is a little dynamo. Susan is blonde, almost five foot tall, about a hu... Continue»
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Mardi Gras Meatfest

While in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, my husband and I left the Quarter very late one night after some serious partying. On the way back to our hotel, we passed a porno theater and on the spur of the moment, decided to go in. We found a couple of seats at the back and I slumped down in my chair. It wasn’t very crowded but I was sure I was the only woman there.
Having never actually seen a porno flick before, I was shocked at the action being displayed on the screen. The actress was sucking on one absolutely gigantic cock while another actor rammed his equally large dick into her from beh... Continue»
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Tow Truck Fuck

It was late one evening around 10 pm when the phone rang. It was Melanie and her car had broken down in Pasadena. She was calling me to give her a hand. I got dressed and got ready to drive over there to help.
It took about 20 minutes to get over there. Her car was parked near a gas station and the battery was dead. Mel was glad to see me, she was wearing a black pantsuit with boots and a black leather jacket that looked very sexy in the dark. I pulled my car up to give her a jump, but my battery juice wasn't strong enough. I offered to call AAA for a jump and it would take about 30 minutes ... Continue»
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Fucking My Grandk**s' Tutor

This is a true story that happened about a year ago.
My grandk**s had to live with us because there parents were unable to care for them. They needed everything including some private tutoring so I took them to a private learning centre to enrol them. As soon as I met their instructor we had that sexual tension. Nothing happened for some time, but she always had that look and smile for me whenever I tooth k**s for lessons. She made sure I received a special shirt and other treats so I knew the attraction was there, but we kept everything professional for about 2 years. One day she said s... Continue»
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Me and my sexy teacher part 1

This is my first attempt at one of these stories so please like and leave comments about what you think add me and message me if you want something done or to ask Mr anything! Thank you!

My teacher miss. Steele I'll call her, my English teacher through year 10 and 11 she was so sexy and classy it was unbelievable. She is short curvy with black hair and big blue eyes! She wore such sexy things like tight dresses and skirts with stockings and heels. She would tease me so bad, bending over to show her incredible as as she picked up a pen, rubbing her tits against me when helping me with work a... Continue»
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Ana riding a night train

Ana riding a night train

Still Victor and I were in Portugal, where I had been wildly sodomized by a perfect stranger in a lonely sandy beach… a perfect black man stranger…

My girlfriend Julia, who had invited us to stay at her home, suggested me to make a quick trip from Porto to Madrid. I accepted, but Victor decided to stay with his friend Ramon, Julia’s husband.
Julia and I took the night train from to Madrid. Before leaving, Victor advised me about sex on these night trains. He was warning me, but in a way was telling me that he would like me to get fucked by other men…

My girlf... Continue»
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The boys institute.

The Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, Ch.01

Irene was very pleased with how things were developing the first several weeks with Craig. He had taken to his milking schedule very well, and the daily pill and lotion applications seemed to be working well also. The boy's already prodigious genitals seemed to be growing larger, and he was becoming almost constantly aroused. It now took only half an hour from the time he had recovered from his milking to the time that he began to show signs of involuntary stiffness and easy arousal again. All she had to do was mention something about his ge... Continue»
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Sally and her black lover Eddie invite me to visit

Sally and her black lover Eddie
Invite me to Visit
(Third in a Series)

[Author’s note: This is a true story. Sally and Eddie really do exist and live in Pennsylvania. Sally’s story was related to me through voice messages and e-mails and I agreed to write it down and publish it so that large, mature white women can realize that there are men in this world who appreciate and worship large women. Sometimes the worshipers are white men and other times the worshipers are black men. But, no matter what a man’s skin color, these obese women shouldn’t be ashamed of their looks and should ... Continue»
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Dr takes her vitals...

Wrote this for a friends wife tailored just for her.

Patient and dr. I take total advantage of you at my office. Using you and your body at my pleasure......

Twice a year you go to your regular check up. And every time its the same ordeal. Lay down try to relax and then the ultimate all clear have a good day bit. But this time when you go to the office they mention that the dr is running a couple min late. No worries you think as you make your way to the private room and dress in the paper gown. You pull out your phone and play a game as you wait .......
I'm just leaving the hospital w... Continue»
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Sat Afternoon Fuckfest

It was a hot Saturday afternoon. I had just comeback from running a few errands, and was laying back on the bed for a rest. I had the fan going as the air conditioner wasn’t getting the cool air around the house. Andrea comes up after putting a movie on for the k**s. She’s all hot and bothered. I’m wearing my shorts and am OK, but she’s wearing her jeans and a white top. She rushes in and goes to the bathroom, takes off her top and pants to reveal a sheer white DD Bra and dark green hip hugging panties. Seeing her undress gives me an instant hard on. I reach into my crotch and stroke myself as... Continue»
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The crazy sex

my girlfriend and her mom. We just went in city for shopping, food, ect. At Walmart, after I walked off from my girl to go piss, I came back and she hadn't seen me. I wanted to see how she would react to this. I walked up behind her and grabbed a big handful of ass and rubbed my hand down her thigh. She was wearing some extremely short shorts, yes jean daisydukes pretty much. She freaked at first and then realized it was me and then she was ok. I continued to give the little gestures of getting her excited.. the usual. My arm around her hip would slide down her thigh with a little pressure. Sh... Continue»
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Fucking Andrea Remix

Fucking Andrea Remix

It was one of those weekend nights when Andrea and I were separated but still fucking each other. I had called her a few times and she had called back several times too. One night I recommended we get together and see a movie. During the conversation it turns out that we don’t have enough time, so I invite her to come over my place to watch a video. She says yes.
We meet up later near the grocery store and hook up. I buy her some Coronas and I get myself some wine coolers. We keep talking, not disclosing how horny we are. I drive her over to my studio apartment. It wa... Continue»
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Fucking Christine

Fucking Christine
Christine was a full figured sex bomb. She had long brunette hair and a nice set of tits. She had deep grey eyes and was one hot Mexican bitch who wanted to fuck me off. I remember dancing with her, and my hard on bulging between my pants. Her pussy probably got real wet from my manhood. I waned to cup her ass cheeks in my hands and ram my tongue down her throat.
I can imagine having her hot pussy—fucking off together. We’d start frenching and grinding on each other, she can’t wait, so she reaches into my pants and pulls out my erect dick. Stroking it hard, she gets on her... Continue»
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First meeting with married dom

I had met a few guys off various chat sites as I started to finally explore my bi side. Most of them were married guys like me. Those sessions were over all too soon, nothing more than fumbles and the occasional suck which usually ended when I made the other man cum. I was looking for more, a fuller experience, one that would include getting naked with a man, maybe a man that was a bit more dominant than the nervous, tentative guys I had met previously.

I started chatting online with an older guy named Chris. He told me he was also married, but seemed much more experienced and relaxed t... Continue»
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That Sexy New Guy

I almost not want to tell you honey cuz I really like my new Filipino lover. I almost fall for him. But not you worry. He was my dentist last year. You keep telling me to get my teeth checked and clean. So I make appointment. Oh wow, he was sooo cute. And only about 33, younger than me. I imagine my panties just disappearing with him. He looked at me too with desire. I knew we could not do anything cuz he my dentist. His touch was so gentle and sensuous as the touched my lips and did his work. When I make appointment I have give my cellphone number so I know he can call m... Continue»
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