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Sowing Off Wfe to Neighbor Part 2

Well my wife told me how Ralph started to touch her nipples, and she felt his big hard veiney dick, and she was about to have an orgasm by just touching it, so she pushed him down, and started to rub her pussy lips up and down the length of his shaft the bumpy veiney coarseness of his cock felt great as her clit rubbed across it. Then she said she needed to have it inside of her, so she lifted herself up and directed his dick head to the opening of her vagina, and started fitting his fat dick into her tight pussy.
Her pussy was really wet, and Ralph was oozing precum, but he was so thick, th... Continue»
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moms and sons

How many women can honestly say they've fucked the same boy they once babysitted? I'm one woman who can.

Believe it or not, I first heard the term cougar on one of those afternoon TV talk shows I'm addicted to. This one had a bunch of women on it—women of a certain age, as the expression goes—all of whom had one thing in common: they were over forty and they had fucked men half their age. The women on TV were pretty well preserved, considering, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I still thought that none of them had anything on me. At forty-nine I think I still look great. I work out... Continue»
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RoadToGlory: MilfHunt - Lisa White Cock-Sucking As

This is a short story about an Asian milf teacher who loves to suck white cocks subdue to sexual humiliation..
Name: Jing (Lisa)
Age: 37
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: ~170cm
Weight: ~57kg
Breast: A cup
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

A few years ago, I've first met Lisa during the final year of my college life. She was a lot younger then and single at the time. She was the centre of all the college boys students as she often dressed in her neat white t-shirt that tease your eyes as is sometimes can be seen through. She coupled her white t-shirt with a tight skirt that exposed close to half of he... Continue»
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Tanya's Campout

The phone rang, picked it up, it was my s****r Teri. She called and asked if me and the hubby would be interested in camping next weekend. Told her I would ask Phil, my husband, and call her back. Phil and I discussed it and decided, why not. Called Teri back and told her we would and discussed the where's and when's.

I am Tanya, forty four years old, short with a nice build. Phil and I have been married twenty three years now. It's been a good marriage. He has a wonderful job. I stay at home. Things were great until about five years ago when the sex went to the toilet. We rarely have se... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 02

Lucy is brought to her knees.

I called Mark on my way home but he didn't answer. It was only after I went through a traffic light that I realized it was red. Slowing down was difficult; I watched the speedometer tick down until I was only doing 10 above the speed-limit.

He waited for me on the couch. A baseball game was on, volume low, and he held a glass of whiskey in one hand.

Mark's eyes met my own when I locked the front door. We studied each another. His eyes traveled down my body, and swept back up to my face.

"Was yoga fun?" he asked, breaking the silence. He d... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 03

Lucy is backed into a corner and has a few decisions to make.

I was in the bathtub when Mark came home.

He found me there, his tie undone and his shoes off. Men looked so vulnerable to me in their socks. Naked, or still in a suit, the sight of their socked feet made me ache.

Mark leant against the door and smiled. Bubbles covered my body, making the tips of my nipples and knees seem extra pink, and his eyes devoured the sight of me. I searched his face to see if he'd received a joyous message from Patricia, or a smug voicemail from Bruce.

There was nothing in his expr... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 04

The conclusion.

The only place I could go was to my parents'.

I tried calling my mother on her cell but it immediately went to voicemail. I didn't bother trying my father; he never used his phone. It didn't matter because it wasn't as if they'd turn me away. At least, I didn't think they would.

They lived about two hours north of the city—maybe an hour and a half away from my house. What used to be my house.

The bus ride felt interminable, but the driver did make good time. It was nearing 8pm when I stepped outside, blinking back tears. A bunch of taxis were lined up ... Continue»
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My wife, Kathy, and her s****r, Linda was not very close, so I was surprised when I one day came home from work and found Linda sitting at our dining table with a bunch of suitcases next to her.
Kathy told me that Linda would be staying with us for a bit, since she had left her husband.
I was surprised to hear this. I thought that Linda was in a strong solid marriage, but it turned out that he had been cheating on her. Linda did not know who the other woman was, but she knew enough to leave him.

So Linda was going to take our spare bedroom until she could figure out what to do next.

... Continue»
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The Babe At the Gym - Part II - 'The Carwash&

The Carwash

Layla decided to go to the carwash right away. But not until after a shower. There she gave me every inch of her incredible body and sensuous litheness. Goddam she was a dream of a dream, like she was made just for me. She straddled me with her arms around my neck and feet against the tiled wall. At first I held her ass high andshe took me full in one sliding sleek motion to the hilt. Then she ground her cunt slowly and circularly, then up, then kissed my neck, my shoulders, my lips, then pausing to grind and throw her head back into the sp... Continue»
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A New Drier

We had to buy a new drier as ours was fucked, we chose one at a well-known retailer and they said they would deliver it the following Tuesday. I was working out of town on the Tuesday so I told Donna to make sure they wired it in properly. Ten fifteen there was a knock on the door, there stood the delivery man with our new appliance.

As he unwrapped it and pulled the old one out of the space it became apparent that because we have a fitted kitchen the mains lead would have to have the plug taken off, Dave, the delivery man got out a knife and cut the plug off and then took the old drier out... Continue»
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Hi, this is a test page for a novel I wrote years ago. It's more to boost my ego, than anything else. So I'm sorry if it seems that I'm writing just for me, but I hope you like it.

                SUMMER LAWNS
                BY STEVEN LAMBERT copyright ©                                         CHAPTER 1   
    Sex was the only thing Charles was interested in. It was the only subject he thought about and the only thing he really wanted to do. Life would have gone on as normal if not for the strange vision that past before him.
    Charles was walking through the village of Ampstw... Continue»
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Unexpected Threesome

For your interest let us tell you about a recent event in our lives with an unexpected twist in the saga. A few weeks ago I took a day's leave from work so Lisa and I could have some quality time together after we got the f****y off to school, college and work. There was going to be no rush as the youngest wouldn't be home until 3.00 pm!

We started the day with Lisa naked face down in the middle of the bed. It is lovely to have her spreadeagled, a pillow under her lower tummy to raise her hips slightly, her legs apart to expose that rear view of her pink shaved pussy. I started our session... Continue»
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Wife Gets felt up at Bar

My wife and I went to a local bar and restaurant to have some drinks, and a few appetizers. I asked her to wear something sexy, and she wore a white sleeveless tee shirt, and a miniskirt, but she was wearing panties and bra, a little disappointing. We went to the bar, and had some drinks, and she was getting pretty d***k. She had to go to the bathroom. So she got up and went. In order for her to get to the bathroom, she had to walk through a group of guys who were standing around drinking, and it was close quarters getting through. As she was slipping through, one of the guys squeezed her tits... Continue»
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Mother-in-law fuck

Mother-in-law opportunity
Sam noticed Jim had left the door open for him, and couldn’t resist going straight inside. He saw Wendy inside, spread out on the bed, deep asl**p. She was still wearing her party clothes…high heeled sandals, black stockings, a low cut halter dress that barely contained her tits.
He stood inside the doorway, debating. She was breathing heavily and evenly. She’d probablly had a lot to drink and passed out. He felt safe having a closer look.
Shutting the door quietly Sam walked into the room. A bottle of vodka sat in a bucket, all the ice melted. He picked it up and... Continue»
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Massage Dude

It was summer between semesters at college. I took a full time job at this high brow country club to cover my bills till school started back as I did not want to have to go home and lose my apartment. I had taken a course in massage so they put me in doing massage which was not so bad. Turns out massaging old white people pays pretty well.
Then one day this older white guy comes in. As I am massaging him he starts in with these questions. "How big is your cock, they say all you black guys have big cocks?" Thinking he is heading to some gay massage thing I say "Its big enough for the ladi... Continue»
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A Great Fucking Dressed as a Girl

Since I was introduced to being cross-dressed about two or three months ago bi the married bi-couple and their bi-friends and the mind-blowing sex that followed, I had this insatiable desire to be dressed once more as a girl and let men enjoy my body.
Earlier I told of my experiences in my true story Excellent Advice! Mind-blowing Result!!! which took place in the toilets of a bar in the city where I attended university and now I wanted to go back and take my sexual pleasures to a new height.
I had a problem!!! Being in a strange country and city and not having brought any girly linge... Continue»
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A Helping Hand

My wife and I have been married for five years. We have a good relationship, but my wife's sex drive is much more than I could ever keep up with and it had started to cause a few problems.

We were having dinner with some friends when the topic came up in conversation. Veronica and John said that friends of theirs had a similar problem, so had advertised for a bloke in a contacts magazine. Neither my wife nor myself were particularly keen at the time, but as the weeks passed, the thought of watching my wife being shagged by another bloke increased my sex drive no end and it became a bi... Continue»
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Sally's Sith Conquest.

I admit, I have never set up sex for another person before. But I felt that I had to set up David.
I guess that you think I must have more cock in me than a Tijuana whore, but that really isn't fair, the number of cocks pleasuring me is around eleven now. Three before I got married to Paul and seven others after we started swinging, Randy included. I guess I can have some strange every four years on average without wearing the Scarlet Letter. I have learned to love living again. I look forward to my next encounter. At my age sex is shaking a fist in the face of death. I am alive, and eve... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 8)

We lay there a moment, Claire's quiet sobs lessened until she lifted a hand to wipe her eyes, i stopped her, "Your makeup has run and you'll only make it worse if you rub those beautiful eyes baby, i'm going to end up fucking a panda" This made her laugh which i'd hoped it would, she lifted her head to look down at me and i could see her eyes still wet with tears, eyeshadow smudged and a dark streak running down both cheeks. I lifted my hands and took hold of her head between them, pulling her down to me i licked the tears from first one cheek and then the other before planting a soft ... Continue»
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Chapter 1 - The beginning

After turning 18 I wanted to tape myself with my bf at the time. We had been fooling around before of course but turning 18 is so dramatized that I felt I had official permission to be a slut. No need to hide behind closed doors, behind foggy car windows, turning off the lights and hiding. I hated hiding my sexuality. I hated hiding the fact that I wanted cocks to slap me on the face. I hated hiding and wiping all the cum that ran down my face, my thighs, ass and pussy. I was tired of hiding.

After celebrating with my girls, I decided to visit my bf. I called but he didn't answer. Assumi... Continue»
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