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Donna Hooks Up

This is a spin off from “Curious Daughter”. Here is a link to the original story:

Donna woke up before her alarm range and at first she wondered why but then she heard the steady thumping of two people fucking. She smiled as she thought of Gary fucking their daughter.

She listened as she heard the muffled moans of someone having an orgasm and concluded that it was Amber as the tempo of the fuck was steady. Donna's fingers found her wet pussy and she gent... Continue»
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The Mother and The Boy Scouts

When I accepted an invitation to accompany the local boy
scout troop on their annual week-long camping trip, I
thought it would be a chance to reconnect with my
c***dhood, which was filled with many camping outings
and outdoor activities. I am a 47 year old mom, whose
c***dren have outgrown organizations like the Scouts.
While I have been generally happy in my marriage, I felt
somewhat bored as my husband engaged in his own
activities, such as golf and fishing with his buddies.
This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to do
something fun on my own.

When we arrive... Continue»
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Slut mom

I was going to stay at friend Todd's house for the
weekend but my friend was sick so his mom said we'd have
make it some other weekend.

When I called home it went to voice mail, so I just let
a message that I was coming home and that Todd's mom was
driving me.

When I got home I used my key to open the door thinking
mom and Rick must have gone to the movie they were
talking about before I left. With dad out of town
working, mom was going a little nuts from boredom. I
mean, not nuts, but she was always hugging us and
kissing us a lot more than normal and I even saw her ... Continue»
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Best mother ever

MOM!! I need you again.

Here we go again. He needs me for something at least
every hour. I hope this is over soon, because this is
getting really old, really fast, thought Gina. So she
wiped her hands on her apron, removed the apron and
trekked up the stairs to her son's bedroom. As she got
closer, she could feel the tension building. She had a
pretty good idea what to expect and she wasn't

As she stepped into her 13 year old son's bedroom, the
first thing she noticed was his 10 inch cock standing
straight up and looking like a soldier at attention. The
... Continue»
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Visit to Aunt April's House (Ch.1-6)

Visit to Aunt April's House
by mdb9555

Chapter 1

My story begins when my fam ily visited my aunt and uncle’s house over the summer. I was going into my senior year of high school and it was time for our fam ily’s annual visit to my Aunt April’s house. She was my mom’s s*s ter and they had always been very close always making sure to keep in touch and visit. It would most likely be my last fam trip for awhile since I was going off to college the following year. I didn’t min... Continue»
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My First Orgasm

I was 20 at the time and although I certainly wasn't a virgin I was still a bit naive when it came to sex. I had never had a climax with a boy, only with my fingers. I didn't have a steady boyfriend at the time so I compensated for it a lot by masturbation. It was summer and I didn't have anything much to do. My neighbours asked me to watch their dog, Bruce, a five year old Alsation Cross while they went on holiday for a week rather than put him in kennels, they thought he might fret away from his own home, they asked me to stay there.

I agreed simply because I had nothing better to do pl... Continue»
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White wife bred by older bbc

Wife has slept with a different man about every six months for years now, really likes the excitement of it. She'll spend either a day or usually a weekend with him. We attend many nude functions to facilitate this, she likes seeing new men. Wife always has her choice in men, she's gorgeous, 42DD-35-41, all natural, curvy, blonde, blue eyed, full bush, large pussy lips. This pierced penis (picture not available here) reminds her of an experience back when she was 48.

We attended this function, saw some usual people, then I noticed this very tall 6'6" lanky built older black man, probably a... Continue»
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Lesley part30

Geordie Ridley let himself into his 'daughters' house at 0700, the same as he did most mornings when Lesley was working an early shift. She used to drop them off but now, with the boys being older, it was easier too come to them. They were at an age where all their entertainment was on-line gaming, and Geordie didn't have internet.....also,, they liked their bed.

He shouted upstairs, but no one replied. He shouted again....same result. Thinking she must have slept in, he climbed the stairs with the intention of knocking on her door. He was just turning onto the landing when he saw the ba... Continue»
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Mother In Laws Birthday Present

It wasn't my birthday sadly. It was my ex girlfriends little b*****r. He had just turned 18 and I decided to take him to the strip club. I was waiting for him to get ready and during this time I got to catch up with the mother in law. We barely talked now that the ex and I split.

It was the usual how are you things like that. She took it to an entirely different route this time. She asked why I was still single and such. She kept caressing me and feeling my muscles. She was suppose to go out with her girlfriends since she had nothing else to do. Daughter sl**ping at her new boyfriends and s... Continue»
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Showing for my neighbour ( 3 )

To refresh I had just met Gill at the front of our two houses and informed her of my need to shower, our chat left me entering my house with a heart nearly beating out of my chest and a cock straining against the confines of my briefs.

I was so excited at the thought of Gill actually watching me in plain sight, that I was unsure what to do next. I entered the kitchen poured my self a stiff drink (no pun intended) and slowly took a good couple of swigs. Senses recovering, I undressed in my bedroom and put on my bath robe and with a deep breath headed for my bathroom via the utility room. ... Continue»
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Etc., etc,. in sex.

This is a true story of an Indian upper middle class f****y. My name is Hanuman. They call me "Uncle," and they all adore me.
Let me introduce you with the characters in the story. Babu Ji is the Grand Pa. Mata Ji is Grand Mom. Bhabi is s****r-in-law. Jeth elder b*****r and Dever younger b*****r of a married girl.Nand is the s****r of husband. All small and unmarried girls are "nieces."
First story relates to a young unmarried adult boy, Ramesh. He is a boot ball player, very smart and of strong health. He has just entered into adulthood and is very proud of of him. Of course, he loves gir... Continue»
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I had seen her around town many times. I couldn't help noticing her. Tall and buxom older black ladies with a passion for tight pants kind of stand out. My GF often commented about her big butt not fitting into her pants, but I just kept my mouth shut. I liked the way her butt fit into her tight pants and smiled when I saw her. I also liked the way her huge breasts filled out her sweat shirt. I could tell there was something real big in there.

Early one summer morning, when I had the day off and was doing the shopping I saw her in the store. I had to say hello and found her to be... Continue»
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Mommy the neighborhood slut getting punished Chapt

Tanya was preparing dinner. It was a hot summer day and she was only wearing a bikini, as she had been tanning topless in the sun all afternoon. In between she took a stroll in the garden and did a little weeding, bending over to present her beautiful ass as a prominent sight for her neighbors.

Tanya was 42 years of age and possessed a voluptuous body that looked at least 10 years younger. She always had the full attention of her neighbors and their sons whenever she was in the garden, whether she did actual garden work or just strolled around top less as she had done today. Tanya loved to... Continue»
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The Games We Play

Hello All,
This is my first erotic story that i have written. I welcome your feed back Thanks.

The Games We Play.

The night was great, out dancing to my favorite local band, with my girlfriends and some drinks. It was a well needed change from the craptaskic week in the office. The dancing had worked me up to a nice horny state of mind. This one guy at the club was so hot. He stood approximately 6 feet tall. He had a air of mystery about him, long black hair and a nice tight ass. During the second set the band started to play Closer from Nine Inch Nails. As I love this song I was out... Continue»
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The Consultant and Me

It had become a long day. My body was aching and my feet were sore from heels the whole day. I finally got to sit down and relax behind my desk before I left for home.

I slowly slipped my heels off, one by one, then slowly stretching my leg, one at a time, into the air and flexing it. The pantihose I had on made it feel so smooth and sexy. It was worth dressing up a little more sexily today. The consultant I had the meeting with was also very sexy. He had a beautiful face, luminous light green eyes, dark brown hair and beautiful lips. My finger would love to trace them.

I stood up slowly... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Saga

This is a collective work of bisexual/lesbian fiction, four chapters drawn together for your reading pleasure. And maybe to challenge your attention span a little, because some of us like it short and sweet and others like to take their sweet-ass time. Enjoy!


What a waste!

Such was the thought that crossed Rachel's mind as she lay naked atop her bed during the more restless nights. Because Steve had become disinterested, and more and more distant as time went by, she had put herself into raising their daughter right, holding down a ... Continue»
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My mother in law

My mother in law

A couple of months ago I had to pop round and drop some things off to my mother in laws, she knew I was coming and we arranged for me to drop the stuff off at 1pm.

It was a hot day, the sun was shining and not a cloud in sight, I rang the door bell a few times but didn't get an answer, so I used the key my wife gave to me, I let myself in and called out for my mother in law, she didn't answer and then I noticed her out in the back garden weeding out her flower pots.

My mother in law is 60, short probably about 5ft 6, short hair, average build, and I'm guessing 34c boo... Continue»
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Married woman and a man

Do everyone is there experience?
Married woman and a man with a relationship any more mountain etc. ...
In fact we are seeded in three others wife until I ... now.

Of course birth as a c***d of the husband others wife who does not know anything .... Fear of the creature that woman and cute ....
It may be your wife are reading this (laughs)
This is such experiences.
I had the time, which has been fitted into the married woman clover.
In the early days, more than half of the woman coming to call on a weekday afternoon was a married woman.
Of course, Sakura No such thing as a stupid thi... Continue»
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Mrs. Smith {Part VII}


Damn that k** and his eternal hard on. He would probably wear me out. I then realized that I was getting carried away with his infatuation with me. I let being flattered get the best of me. What was I thinking teasing him like this? I had to end all this fooling around.

The next morning I got dressed for work. As I put the coffee on and the phone rang. It was my on again / off again boyfriend letting me know he was in town for one night and wanted to see me. Though it made me feel cheap to be at his beck and call, I accepted, thinking my getting laid would make it easier for m... Continue»
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Redbook Date --- Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part III

One week after spending the night together, Wanda and I met again. The Fremont Hilton situated next to the 880 freeway was "Ashley's" current "office". She had called me and asked me to stop by, letting me know that from now on I wasn't expected to pay her anything. I arrived anxiously awaiting to feel her next to me. I had placed my job with a "on hold", as I had the luxury of often working from home. Riding the elevator up to the 6th floor I wondered why I was going to continue to see professional, "working lady" who indulged in meth. I had seen professionals before, but not a known d**g us... Continue»
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