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Sex at Village lake

Hi guys, hope you are doing just fine. This is Rahul back with one more sensual and erotic incident. The incident happened with me with one of aunt. I was studying in my class IX. So I after exams I went to my ancestor’s village to enjoy my vacation. My parents also came with me and after staying 2-3 days they left me there for rest of my summer vacation.
In my village my uncle and aunt were staying. I was very close to them as they don’t have any c***d and treated my like one of them. My aunt was seeing me since I was a c***d. She was married at very young age. Now she was around 33-34 years... Continue»
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The Surprise of our First Meeting

The room was dark with only candles illuminating the tables as I walked inside. My heart was racing as I contemplated what I was getting myself into. I had agreed to meet to see if I met their screening criteria to join them in a rendezvous for sex. This meeting was set up via an online chat room and we had never seen each other. We planned to have dinner together and then decide if we were compatible and we would take it from there.

My eyes almost popped out of my head as this wonderful blonde in a black evening dress walked up and asked, "Are you John?" I said, "Yes, you must be Shari," a... Continue»
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The Security Men

Well us girls like the Shopping Mall, bright dry and full of shops to entice us in, to spend our hard earned cash.
I go to mine constantly it tends to get full of young gangs of men, unemployed and full of spunk.
So the other day I am sitting on a comfort bench, which is not very comfortable, knowing full well there is a smoking ban, I dug deep in my hand bag for my electronic cigarette
e-lites they are called, bring on the steam!!!
Placing it to my lips and inhaling I found myself being watched by several guys leaning against a marblesque wall,was my stocking top showing... ah no it was m... Continue»
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A Surprise Dessert

by hotngr82002©

One summer day, my daughter, Cindy, brought two of her friends over to my house. She introduced them to me, "Mom, these are my friends Tom and Grace." I knew that Tom and Grace were master wine makers as Cindy had told me about them. They had won all sorts of competition on every kind of fruit wines possibly made. One of their favorites was Meyer Lemon wine. But it can only be made with Meyer lemons. These lemons are impossible to buy. You have to know someone that has these trees, then beg for them. Well, it happened that I had a nice big tree that was always loaded with ... Continue»
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wifes surprise

Wifes surprise
I would like to spare with you all a fantasy that I always had about my wife. It all began when my wife and I, would fantasies while we had our carnal way with each other. Our sex life has never been routine and most days I would have my wicked way with her, however to enhance, our sexual relationship I like the thought of my wife being fucked by someone else, male or female, just the thought as I write this would makes my cock so hard it feels as if it was going to burst like a banana from its skin.
I was usually the provocateur of these fantasy sessions while ... Continue»
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I Pushed My Wife Into The Arms Of Another Man

“ I couldn’t believe what I had done. I was really stupid!“ I thought out loud.
Lets go back a few months ago when this story started. My TARA and I are in our early 40’s and hadbeen together for 20 years. I had been my wife’s only partner and things were good between us. Oneday out of the blue I decided I wanted more out of life so I just moved out of our home and into aapartment. I guess you could say I was going through a mid life crisis. I really had no idea w... Continue»
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The hottest story ever from Mariel

Babies have that smell that makes them appealing and cuddly to most adults. Most of us lose it as we grow older, developing other smells, from what we eat, and from our genes.
Girls are naturally sweeter, we maintain that aura, but being unaware of our allure to men, we tend to aid it with perfumes and soaps, so when he commented that night as I lay in my bed, in the seclusion of the top floor of our house, “You smell so good,” he murmured and I noted his eyes were closed, as he did so and the look of pure pleasure was written all over his face, that was when I almost literally threw up.

... Continue»
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Meeting Mary (Part one)

I had been sent to train some staff at another depot and was probably going to be there all week, I had booked myself into a cheap hotel to save the company money, all I new was it had a bed and the reviews said breakfast was great.

When I arrived to do the training, everyone was very friendly, especially the Team leader. She appeared to be in her 40's probably about 10 years older than me.

As the day wore on I got to know the Team Leader better, her name was Mary, and she was divorced and now lived on her own. Just as we were finishing off for the day Mary asked me where I was staying... Continue»
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My friend big ass mother

I grew up in the hood. And this story happen when I was 15 years old

When I was 15 my best friend mom and dad was fighting all the time because she became a crack head.
So he would leave for weeks at a time so I spent the night all the time she was about 5"8 small waist big ass
And hips dark chocolate short hair
One day I was over there house playing ball when she told my friend his dad was on the way
To pick him up for the weekend she had on a silk robe and it that moment you could see everything
I knew she was smoking crack because I saw her Buy some for my b*****r so I waited f... Continue»
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My Secret Closet

My name is Barbara, and I would like to tell you a story. I also prefer the name ‘Barbie’. It sounds so much better. This reminds me of all the different Barbie Dolls that have been circulating for years. I do have a couple of Barbie Dolls, like Ballerina Barbie, and Prom Princess Barbie, and quite a few of Barbie’s pretty, frilly fashions. There are bridal gowns, prom dresses, short little ones. I like to dress my Barbie in her pretty things, and then pretend that I am her going out to all these fancy functions.
Of course, when one speaks about Barbie, one has to mention, Ken. I... Continue»
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My First glory hole experience (not true, made up

A d***ken night turns into glory hole fun

I had just broken up with my girlfriend of two days. She just decided to up and leave one day and wasn't exaclty nice about it. She ended up cleaning out our entire apartment. In an attempt to cheer me up a few good friends decided it'd be a good idea for me to get out and have a couple of drinks. After a while of pounding them back I decided to just head out and drive home.

As I was driving home I passed a run down looking sex shop. My d***k curiosity got the best of me and I decided to wander in. After wandering around for a while I came to th... Continue»
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It was a great weekend that both Victoria and I had with sex master Phil. I will never forget how hot that his dominate personality really had a great impact on me as a woman who is exploring herself sexually and professionally. I sometimes wonder if ha d not left the firm to pursue my political appointment; things would have been very different. I really cannot turn the clock back to do over my past decisions that I had made, but I am now focusing on what Phil has in store for me. Now that ... Continue»
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My First Timing Fucking in the Outside!

A friend and me were going to go mushroom hunting on the land I watch. We got to the farm, and I had him hop on the back of the four wheeler and we took off into the woods to search for mushrooms. He held onto my sides on the ride and I thought his grip was more of a caress, but I didn't think to much of it and besides that it felt really nice.

We parked the ATV and started to look. I was paying attention to the floor of the forest looking for Morels, and I heard him right behind me. I thought that he was going to show me what he found when I felt him put his arms around me from behind.
... Continue»
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The Married Woman I met Online (cont.)

After meeting up with Keri the first time, she was texting me constantly; at least 20 times a day. Although it was a huge turn on getting a blow job from a married woman in her car, I still wasn’t that interested. I figured I’d keep in touch in case I was in need of an emergency booty call, plus it was fun texting her dirty messages.
I came to learn that Keri and her husband hadn’t sex in years and even when they were having sex, he would pre-maturely ejaculate. In fact, Keri said he had never given her an orgasm. Sadly enough, Keri had only been with one man her whole life! She also said th... Continue»
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Amy & My Friend

My good friend Tim came over to visit for the weekend after we haven't see each other for a couple years. He was traveling back from a business trip and wanted to come see us. He was my best man at my wedding and I was excited to see him, as well as Amy, my wife. We all have been friends for quite some time. Tim has been divorced for a couple of years and hasn't been able to get involved with anybody during that period. So, me and Amy invited him over for dinner and to stay overnight. Amy felt bad for him cause she always thought he was a good guy and also very attractive. I joked w... Continue»
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Sex After The Movie

I wanted to see a sci-fi film where a macho dude vanquishes the tyrant who hunts him down while she wanted to go see the latest tear-jerker, feel good movie about a White House butler. She wins every time when it comes to movie choices; something that I tolerated in order to be with her. She just doesn't understand that I enjoy identifying with the macho guy on the screen who can be brutal in his own way, but only toward those who cross him. It’s because I don’t have the muscles the-on-screen-actor has that I enjoy these type of films. After watching a film like that, I walk out of the movie t... Continue»
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An unexpected surprise.

I drink in a small social club, one of the members of which is an elderly widow. She is plump, not too short, a shock of permed white hair, and nice full breasts. She always has a nice smile, and a flirty word to say. One evening, however, she had had rather too much of her favourite tipple (Scotch, she being Scottish herself). She said she needed to get home, and asked me if I would call a taxi for her. I told her there was no need, I would give her a lift home (I wasn't on alcohol, having the car with me).

She accepted, and we left. When we got to her place, she invited me inside. We went... Continue»
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My buddies Mom (Written by a friend, i just tweake

This is about Bobby’s Mom.

To start with, my name is Joey and my best buddy for most of my life has been Bobby and this is about my 18th birthday. Well at least the celebration of it the weekend following my 18th birthday. As I was still in High School had to wait until the following weekend to whoop it up and that is just what Bobby and I had planned.

So early Friday evening I drove over to Bobby’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin for the weekend that was close to a small country bumpkin college town inundated with plenty of hot co-eds. Grant... Continue»
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A Dogging Tale

It was a Wednesday evening and everything had been planned. I had made contact with an English MILF in a private advert, and her name was Vanessa.

According to her advert she was 46years old and a bit of an exhibitionist.

Given our similar interests we had agreed to meet in a local park/common and I had arrived and parked up in the gravelled parking area which was extremely secluded from the main woodland area. I locked up and switched my car lights off and was now waiting under a large oak tree.

Darkness has fallen and it was now 9PM which was the time we had agreed to meet. In the ... Continue»
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Doctor Patient

Here is the biggest mistake I made in my life. I slept with a patient. That is due to the second biggest mistake in my life. I am a doctor.

Of course, there is a story involved. Here goes.

As a k**, I wanted to be a doctor. But not to people. I wanted to be a vet. That didn't work out. My old man pointed at medical school. I loved my dog, and my dog died, and soon, I found my dream dead. I was a people doctor. I studied my ass off, read as much as I could and finally made it to medical school. On merit, by the way. Its been an interesting journey since then.

Six months ago, I graduate... Continue»
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