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Bus Load of Grannies and Matures Part III

Bus Load of Grannies & Matures, Part Three
As I said earlier I work as a government inspector and stopped for a boring night in Oklahoma City, later I found it was to be one of the most exciting nights of my life. Well, I was invited to dinner by a women I met in the lobby and danced with about six of her friends that night. As I was going to my room, I felt a jingle in my pocket and discovered there were three hotel room keys in my pocket. I checked at the front desk and learned that Alice the petite little blond minx that I had met when I first got there was in room 435. As I related in my ... Continue»
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My Aunt Linda

When I was twenty one years old I used to do odd jobs for my 55 year-old Aunt Linda, who lived up the road from us. (She was not related, but I always called her Aunt Linda). I used to paint, dig, move trash, cut grass, etc. for Aunt Linda during the summer.

One Tuesday I was painting the side of Aunt Linda's house this terrible color gray that she liked. I was painting the cement foundation of her house and I was getting pretty tired of working in the hot sun. I stopped for a break and walked to the back of the house where I could get a cool drink of water from the outside faucet. As I l... Continue»
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Über mich

Name: steifbaer
Alter: 52
Augenfarbe: grünbraun
Haarfarbe: dunkelbraun
Größe: 2,03 m
Gewicht: ~110 kg
Konfektionsgröße: XL-XXL
Penis Länge: 19 cm
Durchmesser/Umfang: 5 cm
Gekrümmt: Nein
Beschnitten: Nein
Große oder kleine Eichel: dick
Schuhgröße: 45
Familienstand: solo
Wenn du in eine festen Bindung bist, wie lange schon: -
Was gefällt dir an dir: mein rasierter Schwanz, wenn er abspritzt
Was nicht: da gibt es nichts

Bist du rasiert: Klar
Wie rasierst du dich: nass
Wie oft rasierst du dich: täglich

Bist du gepierct: nein
Wenn ja wo: -
Bist du tätowiert: ja
Wenn ja wo... Continue»
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My Sexy Neighbor Beverly

I never paid much attention to my mother's friends, but she was the exception. She lived next door to us and always seemed to be wearing tight fitting dresses, or skirts with sweaters, to show off those mature curves. She also seemed to make sure that her outfits were completed with black seamed nylon stockings and 4 to 5 inch spike high heels. She had been divorced for some time, but never had male friends around. She had deep sexy eyes, the kind of mouth that just made you hard with a teasing smile. Her legs were the stuff that fantasies are made for and very sexy breasts.

From ... Continue»
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Fun at Sturgis

Fun at Strugis
My wife (Mary) and Me had alway to go to Strugis Bike Rally , so got the money to go and took our friend Dawn with us.We had just arrived and checking at hotel, just got lugage to the room. When Mary say " Let go out see the sights and see what is going right now at Rally". So We'll head out of hotel an start walking down the way, when Mary run into a c***dhood friend. We stop Mary say"How are Joann"? Joann say" I am fine, how are u? Mary say "I am... Continue»
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A Mother and Son Tale


A Mother and Son Tale.
By Spectre

I liked this story and couldn't leave Mark without sampling his s****r as well. Part one belongs to Spectre.

It was two days after the funeral that Mom had her worst breakdown. Nobody expected Dad to die, although many of us had long wished he would. He was a mean d***kard who regularly beat us as k**s although Mom worshiped him. So when he died she was the only one who took it hard. So I was lead to believe.

"She's not ... Continue»
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Home invasion, part one.


Robert hit the sidewalk-hard!The breath was totally knocked out of him, and he had to gasp for air.
He was lying flat on his back, in the midst of the contents of his backpack.
Looking up he saw the grinning face of his attacker, Kevin.
“O no”, Robert thought, “Not again…”.
The burly boy had pushed him, and made him lose his balance, taking a stumbling fall and s**ttering his books and other school materials all over the pavement...
Kevin was sixteen, just as old as Robert, but he was about twice the size of him, and three times meaner...
It seemed he had made it his... Continue»
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All I know

By Jordan hennessy

Sir stop its me joey you'r best freind, My heart was beating mad sweating like a man in the isle of no return,Cars and people rushing like I would have been placed in the middle of london,Screams and shouting someone help us!!!! Please man look at the people around you calm down I can help you out of this, A short barrel pistol locked and loaded pointed to the tip of my mouth. Jo Mate shut the hell up dont make me pull this trigger, Felling the cold steel on the lips like that gun was going to be carrying death with it Closing my mouth lookin... Continue»
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My early 1990s adult video supplier’s wife T

See the video:

Back in the early 1990s I moved to London and lived in bedsit near Stratford, East London. I did find the city a bit daunting at first but enjoyed going down to soho. I saw some ‘live’ shows and bought my first porn tape there. This was pre internet so all porn was still mostly on VHS tapes. I found soho to be quite expensive and to be honest a bit of a rip off as most videos were highly censored.

Reading the adverts in the local newspaper I saw there was one for ‘adult videos’ with a phone numbe... Continue»
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I'd been talking to our neighbour about this and that, she was 72 years old, around 15 stone and lived with her husband. We were just passing the time of day when it started to rain, we said our goodbyes and I came in the house. I was looking on xhamster when I decided to have a good long wank as I was gagging for it, and the wife was at work.

So there I was stroking my rock hard cock, when there was a knock on the door, I ignored it and carried on in my own little world watching my favourite videos, I heard a noise but disreguarded it as nothing, when in fact my heighbour, Nancy, had come ... Continue»
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I had a session scheduled with my favorite model. She is a full size model with curves at all the right places. Some people might say she is too big, but I find her extremely sexy and she comes out so perfect in my pictures.
I am married and my model has a boyfriend, so I would never dream about trying to get laid with her. It does not stop me from thinking about it.

We had discussed some new poses and I had seen some plump ladies online that looked so good with some hand wrapped around their waist or touching their breasts. I ask my model if she would be OK with us trying to do something... Continue»
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To be perfectly honest, I was a bit ashamed and felt like a weirdo when puberty hit. I was pretty late bloomer, but when puberty hit it did so with f***e. My voice changed very quickly, my body got a lot more muscles, and most of all my cock grew huge. My trouble started when the other guys in my sport teams saw my cock in the shower. Funny how someone's body part can make other people either hate you or admire you, some at the same time.
I felt like an outcast, since my cock while soft was still more than twice the size of most other guys. Of course, what the guys saw in the shower got out a... Continue»
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Did you know that when I start thinking about you in a sexual way, which is very often, I get this mental image of you standing on all fours with your butt in my direction. You have your knees pretty far apart, your shoulders are lower than your butt so I have a pretty clear view of your breast hanging down under you. I might see one breast between your legs and the other is visible from the side. You swank your back lower, which in turn raises your butt and exposes your pussy more. I can see wetness on your pussy lips. I am not sure if you have just got in ahead of me to the bedroom and onto ... Continue»
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Your friend was getting a divorce, she had come to stay with us since she had nowhere to go. I thought it was interesting since she looked very much like you, it was almost like she could be your s****r. Same body type, she might be slightly heavier, but both of you had big breast, nice big butts, and nice happy smiley face.

We had a spare room next to our bedroom that she got to stay in. We had a very active sex life and would make love at least once a day, but more often a couple of times. Since your friend moved in a few weeks back, our lovemaking had changed. Often when I got home from... Continue»
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Village traditions

I grew up in a small village with maybe 100 families and every single f****y attended our non-traditional church. Most couples were married into arranged marriages and it was widely accepted as the norm. There was many more unusual traditions.

My parents were a very happy couple and I had several siblings. I was the second oldest with an older b*****r. There was only about a year between us so we were close.

The church had dinners every week and most of the k**s had sl**povers when the adults went to the dinner together. It was great as a k** to have a sl**pover almost weekend. We got bu... Continue»
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What a party it was. My girlfriend had talked her single mother into letting us have a party in their house and there must be 40 people at one point. We were all in college and home over the weekend, so my girlfriend talked her mother into letting us party there instead of going out and get d***k somewhere else. Lisa's mother, Bella was a cool 40+ year old who thought it was better if we did not drink and drive. Or got in trouble for being d***k out on the streets. We were all over the drinking age, so that was not a problem. Bella spent a lot of the party hanging out drinking with all of us. ... Continue»
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How mom made him state champ pt 1

The angry roar of screaming spectators filled the auditorium as they watched Jacob's opponent throw him to the mat.

Jacob fought to get out from under the other boy. He pushed and squirmed, but couldn't budge under the weight of the other wrestler. The ref dropped to the mat beside them, watching for the pin. Jacob knew he was in trouble.

Jacob's parents jumped to their feet as they looked on.

"Get up, Jacob!" His mom shouted. Her soft little voice drowned out by the crowd.

As he struggled, Jacob saw his mom in the stands. She seemed to be doing a nervous little dance as she looke... Continue»
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How mom made him state champ pt 2

So how did it go with Jacob?" Gail asked her s****r.

"Well, it didn't go exactly the way I thought it would." Michelle answered.

"Did you show him your tits?" She asked.

"Well, the deal was, if he won, I'd take off all my clothes." Michelle explained.

"Holy shit, Michelle, he saw your snatch too?" Gail asked.

"That was the agreement." Michelle said.

"I bet he about creamed his pants." Michelle's s****r giggled.

"Well...he did actually." Michelle continued.

"No sir!" Gail exclaimed.

"Look, Gail...If I tell you what happened, you have to promise me you won't tell anyon... Continue»
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Kathleen's House of Excitement, Part 2

I had just finished a shower and was pouring a cup of coffee when the phone rang. It was Kathleen sounding quite cheery, inviting me over for brunch. My new relationship with her told me I might expect more than a waffle and coffee, so I accepted her offer. "Great - be here at eleven sharp," she said, "And don't bother knocking."

I walked through her front door promptly at eleven, and called out to her. "In the kitchen," came her response. When I entered the room, I was rather shocked to see Claire sitting at the table having her coffee. Kathleen was at the range preparing the brunch menu.... Continue»
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Carolyn's Gift

It became very clear six months into our five year relationship, which only ended when her f****y moved out of state to take care of her parents, that Carolyn loved me and really didn't care who knew it, including her f****y. When her b*****r, my co-worker, walked into the shop while she was giving me a lunch time blowjob, she simply waved at him and never missed a stroke of her mouth on my cock. He said later that he thought she was fucking me, but now he knew for sure. Her f****y life sucked and he was sure she was happy now. He wished me luck with her and would make efforts for private time... Continue»
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