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I Love To Have People See Me Naked And Love To Be

I love to have people see me naked and love to be naked in public. It is exhilarating to post my nude photos on various websites and I love to read peoples comments about looking at me. It turns me on to know that men and women like to look at my naked body and fantasize about taking me to bed. My husband and I both get excited reading the various comments people send to us. We get tribute photos sent to us, and it really gets me going. I love to see a man get hard and erect saluting my naked body and cumming all over me.

My husband and I have swapped with several different couples over th... Continue»
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The Craftons

The Craftons! A well off African American f****y living the American dream in their upscale neighborhood. However, like most families, they have secrets, dark secrets
The Craftons! A well off African American f****y living the American dream in their upscale neighborhood. However, like most families, they have secrets, dark secrets

This story contains i****t, bisexuality, interracial sex and other taboos and deviancies. If you are in ANYWAY offended by any of these themes, do not even start reading!
Chapter 1

Carter and Caitlin Crafton lay head to toe on the couch in Car... Continue»
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Biker slut (1)

A horny Biker slut

Day 1 :

She is a handsome blond married woman of 39, big natural tits who likes attention of other (foreign) men.

During the month of May there is always a Harley fest in the south of France where she rides together with her husband on a big Harley.

Her husband is not jealous and enjoy to see his wife being naughty with other men.

A blonde slut with big tits is always provocative when she is sitting on a Harley dressed up like it.

It was a sunny drive on the highway and they picked up on a Group of 8 Bikers, Harley riders who were on their way to the same f... Continue»
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Is having sex with your stepdaughter when she is a grown woman i****t? Before you make up your mind and judge us, read this story.

I'd started my `second career' that summer. I was trying to be a writer. My c***dren - I call them my c***dren, but they were really my second wife's f****y, my step k**s - had grown up and moved on to lives of their own. Rachel was 27 and her b*****r was a couple of years younger. She left home for college at 18 and was now, after a few false starts, successful - as successful as any parent could wish.

Based at her own design studio overlooking the river a... Continue»
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Goodbye to my Hymen, Hello Cock

I closed my eyes as tightly as I could, lying there, on the cold leather couch, nude from the waist down, I felt violated, as his cold fingertips touched my warm thigh, and ever so slowly made their barely touching way until they stopped on my reason for being there, in this situation.

I heard him say to my mother, who sat on the other side of the curtain, 'Puppy Fat', and as he said it, he was parting my labia and touching my clitoris, pressing it down into its small sheath, which his fingernail had sc****d back, causing initially pain, then a warming deep pleasure, as I started involuntar... Continue»
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My Wife from Straight-laced to Cum Slut pt. 3

The next day Jan went shopping and return home with several bags of new clothes and I asked
" What ya got there ? "
" Oh some stuff , you 'll see ' she said coyly
" That and and stuff for Zack "
" What ? "
" You'll see "
" Come on , what'ya mean "
" Well I thought I'd replace some of my everyday around the house stuff with some spandex and the like . Is that alright "
" I guess , just don't get too carried away , don't drive insane "
I left to go pick up Zoe and upon returning the two of us headed for the kitchen where J... Continue»
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Lingerie Salesman by loyalsock

Cindy looked in the mirror and after staring at her out sized form for several seconds, broke down in tears as her rolls of fat began shaking gently in time with her sobs!!! While she wasn't really tall, she packed a very hefty two hundred fifty five pounds on her large boned frame, and as she sobbed away, her huge breasts, that hung nearly to her waist jiggled back and forth as the tears rolled down her cheeks all the way down to her nipples!!! It had be so long since she'd had a man that she once joked to herself that she wondered what a cock even looked like or whether man had evolved into ... Continue»
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Jock Strap by loyalsock

"Sarah, can you please lock up for me today," Mr. James asked while putting on his trench cost, "I'm meeting my wife for dinner down town, I'd really appreciate it!?!" "No problem, Mr. J," Sarah Wagner replied while pulling down down the shade over the front door and giving the lock a twist, "I'd be glad to, and tell Mrs. James hi for me, okay!?!" "Sure will," he answered while heading for the back door, "and thanks again, see ya manana!!!" Sarah went directly to the cash register and pulled out the daily receipts and began sorting the bills by denomination when she heard a persistent tapping ... Continue»
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True story of an old man in the woods

I was just a young lad the first time i did any thing with another guy, i was still living with mom in the house she inherited from her father after he died in a small village that mainly had elderly people living in it.
There certainly wasn't any one my age about so contact with other youth's was limited to school.
Most of my time was spent playing alone or helping mom about the house, then some thing happened that was to change me for ever.
It was a Sunday morning and mom was home doing some house work, i was watching cartoons on the TV when she called to me to help her get the washing in... Continue»
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fucking to much

I didn't think we could fuck to much but I think different now. I was in the room with this white upscale hooker thick tanned long blonde hair black stockingS big D cup tits just got a boob job. Her clip and video is on my site along with hundreds of real prostitutes I fucked on camera with one or two vids added every week. Now adding videos every week means one thing I'm doing a lot of fucking with different women. This big booty big chested upscale blonde is a hoe I been wanting for a long time. Every time she came to too town I would text her but it never worked out for over ... Continue»
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Extras at work 2

As brian stayed at the hotel for 2 nights every week due to his commute to work it soon became a regular thing , nothing sensual and barely sexual , we chatted as normal like two life long friends and he received a handjob before he left .
it even took a few times before i had even removed my tunic top and bra ( yes id remembered to wear a sexier one from that first time ) .
i had set rules from the start and he was totally happy with them and had never tried to cross them like no touching below my waist , no kissing etc .when we first started doing it i wouldnt even say it was overly sexual... Continue»
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Another satisfied Granny

A month after re-fucking Nancy I was pottering around in the garden when Nancy was stood talking to another older woman. As I approached them she introduced me “This is an old friend of mine, Liz” I looked at her she looked around 65ish 5’5” quite over weight, silver hair, she was wearing a red and black dress that came to just above her knee.

As we talked Nancy had to go to an appointment and I was left talking to Liz. Her husband had died 15 years ago but she was glad cos he was a right bastard, ever since she’s been on her own. She has a good social life so she isn’t bored or anything. A... Continue»
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Doing some odd jobs 1

On following some adventures of a fellow XH friend this week has spurred me on to something that happened to me a number of years ago!
During 2004 I was yet again made redundant from my employment and did not find another job quite straight away and was asked by quite a few friends if I could do some odd jobs, fencing, painting, gardening etc.
I was at my employers office picking up some final papers etc and a good lady friend of mine asked if I was working or up for any jobs? I said I could do something depending on what it was! She wanted all her interior doors in her house re-painting. I ... Continue»
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How to fuck mom Part 1

And so begin, my name is Roma, my mother Lida, my father Oleg, besides, I have a s****r (of which we are not talking) we are the most ordinary f****y. I'm in grade 11, I'm 17 years old, my mother 37, 4 breast size, I have her best ass and the most beautiful legs. My dad is a soldier, and the house once in half a year (he was in another city, comes a week)

This story consists of several cases

My mother always dressed frankly, today was supposed to arrive dad. Mom cook something in the kitchen, and I was sitting in my room and masturbate (well, I loved this deal) Mom called me, I went into... Continue»
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Mother Olga

Chapter 1
     The Beginning
     This is the real story about the relationship between a mother and her son. Initially start with a description of her mother. Her name is Olga. This is a very beautiful woman 35 years old, who always looks great. Take care of yourself, stylish and expensive dresses, preferring all the best. As I said in her gorgeous appearance: height 174cm, beautiful breasts, beautiful face and ...
     In general, it simply does not have flaws, and all the men only dream about it! Son's name is Sasha, he just turned 11 years old. Still lives with them their father... Continue»
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She is pretty little thing. About 5'3" , 115 and tiny little A cups that are mostly just nipple. She does have beautiful brown eyes.
We had met at lunch with some of my buddies. There were five guys and two girls, but she stood out. I was imidiatly taken by her as she was pretty shy and not the flirty slut that her friend was. I got a nice little handshake when she arrived, and a hug (and her e-mail) when I left about an hour later.
Her friend, is a pretty Hispanic girl who is a stripper and a fine piece of ass, but not a very nice person.
Tinkerbelle though, is a sweetheart. 19 years ... Continue»
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A nuns seduction

It was late July and s****r Joanne was walking back to the convent after inspecting the apple orchard. She would do this more and more frequently through summer, thinning the fruit and improving the crop. The orchard was some 2 miles from the convent and she enjoyed her walk as it allowed her to relax, and let her mind wander away from her religious teachings. Her route took her past the garden being worked by a middle aged gentleman who she recognized. It was the painter, Mr Robins, who was employed by the abbess to attend to the exterior or their buildings.
Mr Robins was clipping t... Continue»
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How I Started being an Exhibitionist

I was in my early forties when I finally succumbed to the urge to show myself naked to a strange man. I was always proud of my body, with my large breasts, thanks to my Greek grandmother, and my not-too-big other parts, thanks to my French grandmother, who I suspect also gave me my appetite for sexual adventure.

I always enjoyed surprising my lovers by letting a house-gown fall open when they least expected it, or let my tits show as I leaned over to pour their coffee at breakfast. Even after a night of being naked in bed together, the brief flash of my big tits was a great turn-on, for... Continue»
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Making love with a friend

It was a winter afternoon in Arizona when I lost my virginity to a girl named Emma. At the time, we were merely k**s. I was 14 and she was 13. At the time, we had known eachother since I got into middle school. We even dated for a while until she moved to Maine. During that time we never made love. Now every once in a while she would let me touch her, but no sex of any kind and she had the most amazing body in the whole school. And since we were in the eighth grade she had the most amazing body in the entire class.
Smooth curves. C sized breasts. Long, brown hair with brown eyes. She was wha... Continue»
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Explode inside me

Part 1: I was alone all day watching tv. There was pretty much nothing for me to do. Getting up, I opened the window shades and the sun shined in. It looked like it would be a good day. I headed to my room and got dressed. I grabbed my phone, wallet, backpack and my gun and went to the front door. As I opened the door, I looked back and said "Today is going to be great".

I walked outside feeling the weight in my stomach. The feeling you get when you are on a roller-coaster. I could feel the coldness of the gun pressing against my thigh as I walked down the road. I looked around trying to sp... Continue»
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