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Lesley part 13

The 64 year old Rob Brownlee and the 49 year old Lesley Charleston, walked hand in lovers...through a large wood. This wood...which separates the pub from Robs housing a half hours walk, and is a very popular walk in nice weather. This Friday evening was quite a balmy night, and therefore the path through the wood quite busy. Couples were walking to and from the pub, some just out for a walk, and some walking there dogs. Few would be walking home with drying sperm in there hair, and that sperm not belonging to the man on there arm.

Lesley had just sucked the cock of... Continue»
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Meeting my new slave part 2..............

Following a pleasant meal at the restaurant Slave P and I walk just around the corner to my friend Pete’s late night sex shop. He hosts a monthly sex night at his premises and tonight my Slave is going to be centre of attraction. She doesn’t know it yet, I have told her we are going to buy some new bondage equipment.

I introduce Slave P to Pete and I can tell from his smile and wink that he knows she is going to be a big hit with his clients this evening. Slave P and I wander around the sex emporium looking at Pete’s enormous range of bondage equipment, my Slave constantly inhaling the sme... Continue»
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Meeting my new slave........

Today I am looking forward to meeting a new slave who is coming all the way from Sydney to visit me, an epic journey which I hope she will find worthwhile. Slave P and I have been chatting on the internet for some time, during which time she has divulged some of her fantasies, so during her stay I hope to help her live out some of her deepest desires.

The door bell rings and my excitement grows, the first meeting with a new slave is always an interesting encounter. I open the door, standing before me is Slave P and the first thing that strikes me is her gorgeous red hair and beaming blue e... Continue»
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Meeting And Fucking My Son's New Best Friend

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

It has been almost a year since my husband left, leaving my son Ryan and I behind and after many months of personal healing Ryan and I seemed to be getting our life's back on track. Ryan always tells me that its just him and I now to look after one another and so far its been amazing. Since my husband left Ryan and I began doing all kinds of things together while he's been on summer vacation and eventually it was him who one day told me I should start trying to date again. I wasn't sure if I was ready but tried to start d... Continue»
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My parents and the neighbors were away this weekend so that left myself and their son Tim alone,but since I was still a junior and Tim a few years behind me Mrs C was having her mom babysit, granny was OK. Granny was about 60, but had a hot body still , average looking for her age , a real GILF one thing she liked to drink,and pretty much always had a buzz on,she could be fun. I spent most of the day at home,around 4 I walked across the yard and knocked on the door, playing video with Tim and watching TV,would pretty much be the rest of the ... Continue»
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I found her online profile

I was just checking my internet browsing history to make sure that Ii hadn't left anything there that shouldn't be there when I had got back to when I was away on business for a couple of days.There were some unusual browsing that I saw so I opened up a couple of the pages to see what they were. All I got was the header pages from a couple of porn sharing sites so I knew that Linda was looking up some stuff. Then I saw that there was a page for email in the history as well. Again it just gave me the opening page, from the history I could see the user name so I treid a couple of passwords of Li... Continue»
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Fine Older Wine

Last October, a group of friend and I went to The Central Coast G****s and Grains Festival. We tried all sorts of beers and by mid afternoon I had a light buzz going and decided to try something more. Going to the wine section, I started tasting the different red wines at various booths. Jokeing with all the tasters and haveing a great time. At one of the local booths another taster bumped into me almost spilling her wine on my tee shirt.
"whoops, you almost got me!" looking up at I saw a brunette hottie in a blue summer skirt with a light blouse top. I guessed her to be in her sixtie... Continue»
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Bisexual Theatre Slut

My wife, Toni and I were out drinking one night in San Diego. At
the time we were both in our early 30s. Toni was 5'6" 200lbs, long blnde
hair, 44DD tits, and kept her pussy shaved bald. We staggered out of one bar
and headed up the street to another when we past an adult theater.

Toni grabbed my arm and said, "Come on, lets go in. I want you to
fuck me in there."

I was happy to go along, so I paid the man and we entered the dark
theater. I held her hand as we stayed in the back of the theater to allow
our eyes to adjust to the darkness. On the screen, a large breasted blonde
wa... Continue»
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All in the f****y

I sit here in front of my 27 inch I mac with a cock so hard< I surprised I have any bl**d left thats not boiling between my legs, to write this story. The movie Im watching is All in the f****y. I was hopping to see meathead Mike, fat polish cock in hand, face fucking Edith with his eyes glued on his wife Gloria as she sucks on Archie Bunkers surprisingly large cock. But instead I have a Father who is my age plowing his daughters best friends sweet little 18 year old ass. That's not f****y. I except to see a 18 year old boy fuck his hot 40 year old mother while licking his twin s****rs hot sna... Continue»
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Little problem turned into a big problem

First I felt that I had a small problem and then it change to a big problem.
I had recently hit puberty, I was a late bloomer and already 15 years old with a very boyish penis. It was so small that I was the joke of all my schoolmates.
I felt sick to my stomach when I had to change after gym class. The other guys were so mean and hurtful.
It got better when I hit puberty and my penis grew. Soon I had the normal sized penis, but the nickname Tiny had already been attached to me.
I never got any dates due to my disadvantage. Girls giggled and said no thank you! I felt that it was so unfair... Continue»
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My China Doll by loyalsock

I'm an over-30 manager at a small marketing research firm. I keep myself in good shape and look younger than I am. I date much younger women whenever I can - they are sexy, fresh, and open to my particular tastes in sex and interaction. I love to teach them sexual techniques, and I have enjoyed being a sexual mentor with a number of young ladies half my age.

This is the story of one of these younger women. She's a lovely Chinese girl named Lanni, about 20 years old. Very petite and young looking. When I say very petite, I mean really small, but very well proportioned. The fact that she's o... Continue»
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Suprise Sex With Girfriends Mother And Father

One night we were watching TV at her house. Her mother
came in and sat down across from us. As they were
engrossed in the movie, I was more interested in looking
up the mother's dress. Her dress was only slightly above
her knees. Her legs were parted and I could her white
panties. She caught me looking, got up, and left the
room. She came back and sat down. She scooted up the
edge of her chair and resumed watching the movie. She
had taken her panties off! I could clearly see her pussy
hair. Her lips were big and ... Continue»
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My wife had been going on at me for awhile that granny Carolines garden needed tidying up, so I finally gave in and said that I would do it. I had been busy weeding the borders and edging the lawn, I was on my knees pulling up the weeds from one of the borders when Granny Caroline said
'You will have to let me know how much you want paying'
'Don't worry about it' I replied
'Well how about I about I pay you with this?' Granny Caroline said.
I stopped what I was doing and turned around and there was Granny Caroline stood in the back door way wearing just her support Corselette and stockings ... Continue»
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young man spies on my milf, her young lover and me

I arrived home and saw Joeys car in our driveway. I figured he and Peggy were making love in the pool so I went out back. Sure enough he was lying on top of her balls deep in her luscious pussy with her heels digging into his cute ass cheeks. I didn't want to break the mood, so I stayed on the patio out of sight for a few minutes watching him thrust over and over plowing deeply into her pussy while she held him by his back and her heels making such deep dimples in his bum cheeks. I was so caught up in it that I was near cumming and as peggy let out a deep moan and joey said awe fuck here I cum... Continue»
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When my girlfriends mom caught me masturbating in

I was living over at my then girlfriends moms place
After moving out of home.
I was 18 and my girlfriends mom was 36, I had just
Got home after work and Linda (my girlfriends mom)
Said "I'm doing a load of laundry so why don't you
Jump in the shower and I'll wash your work clothes for
You" as she said that she bent over to grab some clothes
From the basket and I could see right up her skirt and saw
That she wasn't wearing panties, I felt an instant rush and
Tingle in my penis as I became hard and said in a nervous
Trembling voice "ummm ok" and headed to the bathroom.
I stripped nake... Continue»
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First my hubby let his friends use me

First time Hubby let his friends have me.
A true story by LadyM/Sue122
It was my husband’s birthday and we had gone out to dinner with four of his friends. It was a very nice dinner at a steak house in town. I had two glasses of wine which is my limit, after that I am totally d***k. All the wives accept for me where out of town, so I was the only girl out with five guys.
After dinner my husband invited his friends over for some pool and a few beers. All the guys gladly accepted the invitation. When we got home I got the guys their beer and they started playing pool. I was in the kitchen mak... Continue»
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Sarah: Lessons in Mild Kink - 1

Sarah…I’ve written about her before…about bending her over a pool table in her hotel suite and fucking her…and about fucking her by the light of a full moon. She was ten years older than me and way more experienced. She’d been married twice and had given it up to innumerable boyfriends in and around the marriages. She taught me so much about sex. She was intelligent, well-educated, and a respected professional in her field.

And she made it very clear, very early on in our relationship that she wanted me to treat her like a whore. And she loved to act the whore for me by introducing me to n... Continue»
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Anita and tha black bachelor party

Anita and the black bachelor party

My lovely Anita and I were hanging out on Friday night when she got a call from Francis, a black guy she had met one year before, whilst I was out of the town.
According to her story, he had fucked her wildly just one time, but then had dissapeared until now…

For sure he was telling my wife something hot because her face got bright red and excited.
She hung up and explained to me that Francis was attending a bachelor party and the stripper they had hired suddenly got ill and had to walk out. And now he was asking her to go there; “just to perform a ... Continue»
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Tricked The Older Neighbor Lady Into Fucking

I see the lady neighbour over the road brushing the step. She is older and quite attractive, and for quite a while now, I have had very lewd thoughts about her.

I have devised a plan. Will it work or will it all turn out to be just terribly embarassing for us both...? I have to try it...if I don't I will always wonder what may have happened if I hadn't been so unsure of myself. She is wearing a short nylon overall. I have been told that she wears this short overall to turn on the k**s who play football outside her door. Here goes...

I go over to her and ask if she will do me... Continue»
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Lesley part 12

Lesley closed her eyes and listened to the Eagles CD that Rob was playing in the car, smiling to her self as she listened to the words, "Take it to the more time"....very appt she thought, as she savoured the salty taste of Robs cum still in her mouth.

Her day had been as expected, but different....she had a very good idea there would be lots of sex...but, definately not at the hands of two lesbians. Flashing her bits, and letting Robs friends touch her, she'd discovered, really turned her on. But.....blatantly being made aware, that giving sex for free clothes, or whatever....... Continue»
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