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I fuck my b*****rs elder wife

Helo guys .. I would like to share my experience with my elder b*****rs wife .. She was my masturbating queen since i started masturbation... I was so attracted to her .. She is 25 years old.. With curvy ass and boobs .. My b*****r is working abroad .. So they wont have sex usually.. When i was 20 the incident happened ... She came to my home and no one was in my home ... We had some conversation .. After sometime we talked about my girlfriend .. And she asked me weather i had sex with her or not ... I said no... I was surprised to hear that.. Then she told why not? I told iam not interested i... Continue»
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Seduced by Neighbor's Son - Pt 2

After being seduced by Otto, my next door neighbor’s high school aged son, my life was rocked and my thinking changed. My husband Jerry knew nothing about what happened, but later that night he admitted that the idea of another man seeing me naked was a huge turn on for him.

That’s when I began to hatch a plan that would involve Otto, me and Jerry.

I didn’t see Otto for several days as he had told me that he had a new part-time job cleaning pools and that he started fairly early in the morning. One afternoon, I saw him come home from his job and called over to him. When he was close eno... Continue»
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The hotel fun with mum and her work friend.

It was coming up to Christmas and it was that time of year when all the Christmas parties happen. This year I had started work in the same office as mum, so instead of normally picking her up from them parties I was now going to one. The company had taken everyone to a hotel for dinner and dance night. Being a bit of a distance away and both wanting to drink we stayed about 5 minutes away in a travel lodge. We had only booked the one room but with single beds. Me and mum are pretty close so it would never bother us about sl**ping in the same room. After checking in we had started getting ready... Continue»
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First Time in a Swinger's Club

I was at a conference in Phoenix fifteen years ago. It was a good conference in a large city with many amenities not found in my small town. After the day was over I went driving looking to see what kind of hot fun I could find. I was driving down Indian School Avenue when I saw a building with a sign blaring out Enounters. Swinger's Club.

I wasn't at all sure if they would allow singles into the club, but they were very happy to take my $35. It was around eleven P.M. I walked in and saw many people sitting at small round table talking and sipping sodas. A commotion in a far corner... Continue»
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The Lunch Lady

You can see her photos in my album (I want to fuck her)

I hooked up with the lunch lady. After weeks and weeks of going over to her house everyday after school she finally let me up. She is kinda a weirdo. She doesn't have cable...uses an antenna to get basic cable and doesn't have the internet. Anyway. I went up stairs to her house cause it was snowing and she said I can come up to get warm before going home.

As I walked in I realized that lunch ladies really don't get paid very well. She lived in a small studio apartment. No bedroom, the living room and bedroom were together. Her bed ... Continue»
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A long nite

I'de met a man online. I watched his cam, saw his need and his wonderful cock.We'de had a difficult time actually meeting so I told him I was going to Lowes, he should meet me there.We described what each other was wearing, I arrived there early.Frank was tall at 6'4", older and had a goatee.In the tool section (of all places) I saw a man meeting his description.He smiled. I smiled at went down a deserted aisle.Gathering my shorts I pulled them tight on my ass and bent over to look at something on a bottom shelf.In a security mirror over me, I saw him at the aisle opening, leering at my ass.He... Continue»
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Two Strangers... a lustful meeting

My name is Jack. It was a hard time in my life. I was 28 years old. My
marriage was dissolving, (through no fault of my own of course). Our
separation was mutually agreed upon, we had not been together sexually in
nearly 6 months. I had moved into an apartment with just my clothes and a
bed. It was bizarre coming into this place after work and seeing just boxes
and a bed.

I usually stopped by a convenience store on the way home from work each
night to get a pack of cigarettes. I had noticed this cashier working behind
the counter. She had "Anita" written on the ... Continue»
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Granny at the Garden Centre

This happened in 2001
Donna had sent me to a garden centre to collect a new Christmas tree about 15 miles from home. I soon located the correct tree and after paying and putting it in the car I decided to have a coffee in their café. I got a drink and was sat in the corner minding my own business when an older couple seemed to be having a disagreement opposite me, the café was quiet it was a Monday morning.

He was whinging on about something and she said “just go and sit in the car you miserable sod”, as he walked away she turned to me and said “he’s a boring old fart” I laughed and so did... Continue»
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The adventures of Acerboy12

The adventures of Acerboy12
This adventure is of the time when I was young and my cock was smooth and it would touch my belly button at the sight of a pussy. My girlfriend at that time was younger than me and the nearest I got to her sweet young pussy was licking it in her back garden, in her tent on a gorgeous sunny day but I was not to concern about not fucking her young pussy because I was shagging her mother silly every second I could get my cock into her delicious fat juicy pussy.

I was living at home at the time with my parents who were running their own business which my girlfriend... Continue»
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I sat open-legged in front of Teacher

I rushed down the long wooden corridor, his class would start soon, and I wanted to be in place, at the front, with my legs open, mother insisted I do, 'He fantasizes about fucking you, then let him see your cunt'.

The whole thing excited me, I was a girl on a voyage of discovery, and after fucking my b*****r with mothers help of course, nothing was sacred.

I stopped outside the classroom and resumed my composure on the outside, on the inside I shook and had severe palpitations, playing the sex starved slut, was as alien as it was exciting.

My knees wobbled as the thought of my b****... Continue»
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Farmed Out

Just after my eighteenth birthday, my now fifty year old neighbour and her husband told me they had arranged a treat for me. It would again be a Saturday night in their house. When I arrived I was astounded to see another two couples sitting in their living room. They were introduced to me as of the same sexual preferences as my neighbours. This was very exciting for me and I sat down on the floor facing them. My female neighbour said, "I see you have brought all your lovely clothes with you". i had my by now famous little bag with all my lingerie and gear with me. She said let's go upstairs a... Continue»
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online can be such fun and then...

It all began online:
I was chatting to a guy online recently.
He said he was ‘dominant’ by nature and could be a ‘Daddy’ type figure to my sweet sissy self. We exchanged a scene play - all seemed ideal for me and oh so sexy, erotic and tempting. How could I refuse? So a date was fixed but then I had to cancel and expected the 'timewaster' tag that often comes our way when real life issues stop us getting out for fun, but no, he understood, accepted the situation and we set a new date.
The day arrived. I bathed in luxury...smelling oh so sweet I dried my pampered body and slipped into som
... Continue»
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Weekend Away - Part One

Thursday night found us packing the cases ready for a very naughty weekend. It seemed to have taken forever to get here. We were now middle aged, without f****y responsibilities, free to do what we wanted and to please ourselves. Both still fit, good looking, me slim and blonde, Rob tall and dark and both with a hunger for plenty of good adventurous sex.

Rob came into the bedroom and looked at the piles of my sexy clothes next to the suitcase. "We're only taking one car," he joked.

I was already damp and excited merely getting my sexy outfits together and trying to decide which ones to ... Continue»
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Seduced by Neighbor's Son

We had new neighbors move in next door at very beginning of summer. They seemed like a nice f****y with a high school aged son. I made an effort to meet them a day after they moved and took them a plate of homemade cookies. I gave them our name and phone numbers on a card in case they needed us for anything. They seemed grateful and thanked me.

A couple of days later, I carried a load of laundry upstairs to our bedroom and began folding everything up to put away. I noticed the neighbor’s son cleaning the pool. He was wearing a tank top and swimsuit and looked very athletic. I recalled them ... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Mom

This is a true story of how I lost my virginity to my best friend's mom.

My High School job was working a gas station and this was back in the day when you had full service: check the oil, tire pressure, wash the windows. We had self-serve which was a little cheaper but no service.

My best friend at the time was Jonathan Wilson. We were typical teen guys that liked our hot rods, drinking beer, smoking some pot and wishing some girl would give us some pussy.

Up to this point the closest I had come to getting laid was a blo... Continue»
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The adventures of Acerboy12

This adventure is of the time when I was young and my cock was smooth and it would touch my belly button at the sight of a pussy. My girlfriend at that time was younger than me and the nearest I got to her sweet young pussy was licking it in her back garden, in her tent on a gorgeous sunny day but I was not to concern about not fucking her young pussy because I was shagging her mother silly every second I could get my cock into her delicious fat juicy pussy.

I was living at home at the time with my parents who were running their own business which my girlfriend mum worked for them so I wou... Continue»
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My first time with a man

I had my first time with a real man last night. Im 32yo married guy & hadnt had any gay sex since I was about 20 when I sucked the cock of a young guy backstage at a theatre once. I met this guy on gaydar. Wed been emailing & having very horny chats & cam sessions for a few months, but hadnt had the opportunity to meet. He was 57, and lived local to me. My wife was away this weekend, so on Saturday night I arranged to meet him. I was so fucking nervous, absolutely shitting myself as I walked to meet him in a nearby car park, so nervous that my cock had shrunk to a fifth of its size !!!

It w... Continue»
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Mother-in-law and I Fall in Love part 4

When Linda and I finished telling June every thing we knew about Bill and Brenda and how Linda and I got started seeing each other, June said, "Since dad treats me the same way as he does mom as far as talking to him, I want to move away from him, so would it be okay for me to move in with you two till I find a place of my own?"

"I have no problem with it, and you can stay as long as you would like as far as I'm concerned. How do you feel about it mom?"

"Knowing Bill like I do, it would be a good idea. All thou, she may have to stay longer than she wants too."

Since we had all that Li... Continue»
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Another First Time Story

This true story was sent to me by David in Texas. Please keep sending your stories to me! These are great. This is as told by David...
My neighbors have lived next door to me for as I can remember. Debbie Lawson and her husband, Willard. They were older than my parents but Willard still worked. They kept their house, yard and everything immaculate. Always had new top of the line cars. Willard Lawson made a lot of money at his job and traveled a lot. When ever he left town I would keep up the yard work. Willard told precisely what had to be done and how to do it. They paid me good money fo... Continue»
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Your first holiday together

You are on your first real foreign sun holiday with your wife, the place you have picked is everything you thought it would be. The scenery, the restaurants, the pool, the beach, the only thing your wife has found to complain about is that her bikinis are a bit out of date and she needed to buy some new ones. Shopping for new bikinis wasn't your thing but you could go and find a good place ot eat and meet back with your wife back at the square in a half hour or so.

Your wife was a little lat, but as she explained the sales girl was really helpful and helped her chose a few more modern style... Continue»
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