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Lady Millie

With a good portion of pride mixed with nerves, Brandon stepped into his brand new Peugeot 208, which he got since yesterday as a present from his parents for his 21st Birthday. With his hands shaking a little, he pressed the start button and the engine sprung into action. Carefully he drove off and decided he was going to just go round the block and maybe through the main shopping street of the village, hoping someone he knew would see him. The initial nerves slowly subsided and Brandon felt confident, enjoying his new wheels. He turned right into the shopping street and slowly drove through ... Continue»
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trip with coworker

It's was a rare occasion that I have to make a work trip but I was asked and knew who I would be going with. Leah was a thick milf. She used to be a real hot,sexy fox in the twenty and thirties but had let herself gain some weight in marriage. Her ass was still nice and thick.
I took an overnight bag just in case even though it was just a day trip....but you never know with weather or vehicle problems. I told her the previous day of my plan and he decided to do the same as we had experienced some rough weather lately.
All was well on our trip as we talked . I loved hearing her say things t... Continue»
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Part 3 Saturday
At nine exactly I invited them both to join me for breakfast. Both Tom and Sarah were both dressed in white dressing gowns as I had instructed and appeared surprisingly calm and composed. Tom and I ate a full English breakfast whilst Sarah just nibbled at some toast. Over the coffee I told Sarah I had decided to give her a "strapping" and to make things a bit more interesting I produced a pack of cards and told her she would have to choose three cards, Tom and I would pick just one each. I shuffled the pack then spread the pack face down on ... Continue»
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Der Busfahrer mit dem Riesenschwengel

Setting the Stage

David wohnte mit seinen Eltern in einer ‚kleinen’ Großstadt irgendwo in Süddeutschland in einer soliden Mittelklassegegend. Sein Vater war Busfahrer beim städtischen Nahverkehr während seine Mutter als Oberschwester in der hiesigen Uniklinik tätig war. Er selbst war noch auf dem Gymnasium und der Abiturstress machte sich zusehends bemerkbar aber er war ein guter, leistungsstarker Schüler. Leider litt sein geliebter Judosport unter dem zunehmenden Zeitmangel. Seine beiden älteren Geschwister waren bereits aus dem Haus und studierten in anderen Städten.

So weit so ... Continue»
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In the Sauna with Leslie Mann & Tea Leoni

As far as Celebrity Tennis Tournaments go, it doesn't get much better in terms of both star power and actual talent, than the Andre Agassi Tennis Classic in Los Angeles. Andre seems to have the personality that draws the best celebrities from all over the country. The majority of the players are women as this year they have 24 competing in the double competition, while there were only ten men playing. Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock were the two-time defending champs, and had to be considered the favorites again this year. One team to look out for was Tea Leoni and Leslie Mann. Tea, wh... Continue»
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Man Fantasy 2 The Hotel

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“I will be there shortly” the text read “Don’t forget the pizza.” Its true I had agreed to order pizza as an excuse for her excuse to leave the house. Both her and the pizza were on their way and I had planned it so that pizza would arrive just a few minutes before, I was good at that.

I had just put the pizza on the desk when I heard the knock at the door, perfect again thinking highly of myself. I checked the peep hole just to be sure and got an eye full of gratuitous cleavage, yep it w... Continue»
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Der Busfahrer mit dem Riesenschwengel Teil 2


Herr Leinberger wirkte nun sichtlich erleichtert und schob David sanft in Richtung Wohnzimmer. Er machte nur eine gedämpfte Beleuchtung an um die heimelige Atmosphäre beizubehalten. Die beiden Männer begannen nun sich nach und nach ihrer Kleidung zu entledigen wobei David darauf achtete den Genitalbereich von Herrn Leinberger nicht zu sehr in sein Blickfeld zu bekommen. Diesen Moment wollte er nämlich richtig zelebrieren. Er stand nun mittlerweile nackt auf dem Teppich und enthüllte seinen schlanken doch sportlichen, unbehaarten Körper während sein 15-cm-Pimmel bereits ... Continue»
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Confessions of a tgirl slut 2

His first time with a tgirl.

Friends often ask me how I meet my sex partners. As with so many other people these days, I rely on the Internet. In my Berlin days it was different. There I generally did not rely greatly on online contacts. The online world is full of fantasists whose fantasies rarely leave their desktop.

In Berlin I found actual bars - both straight and mixed - preferable. Berlin is very accepting of sexual difference and gender identities and I never had a problem sitting in a straight bar as a tv. I've written in other 'Confessions' that there are few commercial outle... Continue»
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Wife serves more than coffee to friends in my wood

It was usually me that brought up sharing with my wife, but occasionally she would offer. She was shy about it, whispering to me even when we were alone. It wasn't on my mind one evening as I puttered in my wood shop on a nude statue I was working on. I had two regular friends, and a younger friend of theirs visiting. Checking on us she could hear we were talking about boobs. She pulled me out side and ask if I'd like it if she served coffee to the guys topless. We hadn't done anything kinky for several months, so I agreed to her offer. Over a few visits to the shop, each time revealing more, ... Continue»
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Sarah and the Silver Master 2
Well you having read part 1 I suppose I had best start by describing my consulting rooms, they are situated in the lovely Alkam valley, just between Folkestone and Dover in the lovely county of Kent.
For our overseas friends Kent is a farming county of rolling hills, its green and pleasant and for most part on earth covered chalk ground.
My home and workplace is a red brick and peg tile farmhouse, set in an old chalk pit, once numerous in the area. There is little traffic on the lane connecting it to civilisation and its name is after its builder Geor... Continue»
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Kim Brown, My Office MILF Fantasy Secrectary!!!

Kim Brown, My Office MILF Fantasy Secrectary!!!

Chatting with a delightful MILF named Kim Brown the other day had me hard physically and mentally my mind was racing!!! Following our conversation, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to do…. The following!


I was stiff before I even entered the office. Every day at the end of my shift I had to stop by Kim’s office and drop off the production numbers. Kim is a short, recently divorced MILF that of late has taken to wearing a little deeper plunging necklines, a little more seductive smile and best of all, shorter... Continue»
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they both came so fast

So here is the story about my first and recent DP.

If you have read any of my earlier writings, you may know that years ago I hated anal, essentially my first husband had an absurd forearm thick cock. And he was a brute who used his cock as a weapon when he thought i misbehaved.

Osei has a very long slender cock and he is very gentle. That makes all the difference. I enjoy Osei, well, except for the stain of p*o on his cock afterwards. OK, enough of those details.......

Kristen and I were together waiting for either one or two of the boys. We were just nibbling. Both men came ... Continue»
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It was in the semi-darkness of the town library that the two closeted lesbians came together in a bearhug and a long and wet French kiss which had their saliva dripping on their chest. Both women knew there was no going back, no changing your mind, and that, after this kiss, the next step was sex. The women had a lot to say, either about the recent conversations, their attempts at getting together, their shyness, and mainly their lust for each other. But that was neither the time nor place for explanations and reminiscences.
Because of the darkness, they fumbled wi... Continue»
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so here is was a once in a million chance that I am actually at home all alone ! there is always at least one k** or the wife or someone home with me always ! so now when I realized I was here all alone and actually kind of horny too! so I just started to rub on the outside of my shorts along the outline of my coc and started to think about some hot times I have had ! well it definitely worked because before I knew it my coc was rock hard and pooping out of the bottom of my shorts! I had not actually cum in quite a long time since the wife got injured at work 8 months ago well I get to cum but... Continue»
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Adriana running the company

part 1
They had met a few months before, at some anniversary for some-one they both knew professionally. Adriana had found him one of the most loathsome persons she had ever met. He had been so obviously undressing any women in the room with his eyes, he had been making several very lewd comments to any female within shouting distance and after he had left, people actually talked about how he usually was much worse!
Only now she actually needed him!
Her husband, Martin, was still in custody (but that was a mistake, the accountant had just been late with the paper-work), and she just didn´... Continue»
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Sue' meeting with the boys

Sue' meeting with the boys

One day things were slow as far as playing things around the neighborhood. David and I voted to go jerk off In my basement. It would be cool compared to the hot summer day. We arrived there only to find my Mom doing laundry. That usually took all day so we had to find another spot. So off to the woods we trotted. The blackberry bushes always offered shade and the big flat rock offered a place to lay without getting dirty. We were passing behind Sindee's house and noticed she had company. There was a strange car in the driveway. She came to the back door and... Continue»
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This story promises to be a long saga, and it should be read in order.
I should explain I do consultation work giving assistance with sexual mental problems of a serious nature mostly to women who have hang-ups about guilt. Some I find require actual chastisement, some just consultations.
This case all began with this letter plopping onto my mat one morning (I have withheld her address for professional and security reasons)
Address withheld
... Continue»
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At Work

Have you ever had one of those days when everything you do just seems to go wrong? The alarm didn't go off... The car won't start... Well, today was one of those days for me.

I got up late for work because I didn't hear the alarm. I guess my boyfriend must have accidentally turned it off when he got up to leave. He has to be at work a few hours before me, so I generally just stay in bed. Luckily he is pretty quiet when he gets up!

Anyway, I had to rush to get ready. Grab a quick shower, dress in a hurry, then rush out the door with my coffee and a granola bar...

Luckily, my car DID ... Continue»
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Passing through

After a long day closing on a job bid I decided to clean up go have some dinner and a beer or two. My cell phone buzzed a text from a couple that I had called earlier when I got in town wanting to know what I was into so I explained where I was and asked them to join me. They came and we had a few drinks and Ann excused herself to go to the restroom. Her husband told me that she had hopes we could have another encounter like we had in the past. I told him sure I was always up for that but I had a new twist. After explaining it to him before she returned I convinced him that she may get so turn... Continue»
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I'm sure most of you who read this are familiar with tributes. I started tributes to an older lady, Tara. She was in her early 60's, been married for over thirty years and happy. I met her and her husband online f******n months ago. They were relatively new to posting nude pictures of themselves online at the time, when they first posted a full frontal nude of Tara. Even in her early 60's, she had a very slender frame, small saggy breasts, cute face, long grey hair, and she was completely shaved between her legs. I was one of the first to comment how great she looked and asked if I could do a ... Continue»
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