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Texas Hold Them - Part 1 of 2

Texas Hold Them - Part 1 of 2 - An Adult Story

I fumbled with my keys to my apartment as it had been a long day at the office. I had just started about 3 weeks ago and with the end of month falling on Tuesday we all had to work late. I had just started to make some friends with the guys hanging around the water cooler. Before I left for the day I ran into Tim from accounting and he invited me to a poker game at his house after work. He said "it's just some of the guys from the office and my next door neighbor Mike, we will be playing Texas Hold'em, bring some cash and come over about 7:30pm... Continue»
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Texas Hold Them - Part 2 of 2

I had finally left before Tim got home and my dick was raw and ravaged from his wife. Buffy had fucked me in just about every room of there house. She was one hot MILF that needed some cock. I am sure Tim will thank me for turning her back into a sex demon. If he gets mad I'll have Buffy deny his attempts and hold out on him. I made sure Buffy got my note and she delivered it to Summer, Tim wife and I watched her from my car as she went down the sidewalk to Summer house. Buffy had on a sundress and no underwear and her ass jiggled and she lifted it up when she saw me. She didn't even take a sh... Continue»
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Milf vs Nerd Guy

I had started to work at a local computer store helping in customer service. I had taken a few college courses in computer design and graphics. I was pretty handy when it came to fixing computers and when a new department at the store started I transferred to the Nerd Squad. Most of the jobs for the first week were for help setting up new computers at home. Helping with customers questions and problems. I had hooked up a few computers at a college and a computer at the town hall. It was just over a week and half when I finally got a big call. The computers had crashed at the a local business a... Continue»
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The MILF Finder

I dropped my boxer briefs onto to the bath room floor and opened the shower curtain. The water was just steaming as I put one foot on the top of tub and shot my warm liquid from my half erect penis into the water. I had been working hard for last 3 weeks trying to keep my job but as of yesterday the computer shop closed for good. The water hit my face and I soaped up my dick, it had been about a month since I had rubbed one out and about six months since scoring with a librarian on a sales call at the library. I was getting a tingling sensation when I thought I would stop and go back to my roo... Continue»
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Lorry Sex

It was a very cold winter’s day as she pulled in to the lay-by.

Also parked in the lay by was a large red lorry exactly where he said he would be parked.

It had all started with an online chat on a sex site that she visited. She had chatted about her fantasies with him, one being having sex in the cab of a lorry.

So here she was as arranged, she got out of her car and as she did he jumped down from the driver’s side of his lorry. He as not the normal sort of man she would meet but needs must!

He said he was 40 years old but she instantly though that he was nearer 60 than 40! He was... Continue»
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Deceitful Chocolates: FINAL Part.....


The morning after Valentine's Day, Chelsey woke up crying. She too had insomnia and couldn't sl**p. She couldn't help but wonder how her life got so bad. Yeah, she was a cheater, a liar, and to some people, a hoe but she still felt that she didn't deserve to have been pregnant and dissed by her baby's father. So what that Shawn wasn't her man and so what that he was with her best friend and was kin to her boyfriend, if he was the father of the bab,y he had to be honest with Karen and be there for her and the baby.

"If Shawn and I can't figure things out, Dre is just go... Continue»
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Final Day With Granny in Las Vegas

If you remember my last two stories were about Dawn the 66 year old granny I met on the plane to Vegas. We had made love now for two days in a row and I had experienced the pleasure of pleasing Dawn, my appreciative granny.

We met in the afternoon for our third and final night in Vegas. Again, we went to dinner, played the slots and some blackjack and walked away with a few hundred dollars. Dawn was her usual self, she wore a dark blue pencil skirt with highlighted her slim figure and small perky breasts. Her hair and make-up were perfect, at 66 she was still a knockout. As expected we ... Continue»
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the nude model's first sitting

Mary was surprised to see the young man as he walked into the studio.
She had submitted a request for a model in the local newspaper, but didn’t really expect anyone in the small town she lived in to respond.
About six feet tall, muscular and very handsome with a head full of wavy brown hair. He asked if the model position had been filled and she asked him his age. When he responded by saying he was 22, she told him he had the job if he wanted it.
“You do know that the job is for a nude model?” She asked.
He looked at Mary and smiled. She was attractive for a 65 year old woman, but he didn... Continue»
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Mature and panties

Mature and panties first thing I want to say is that my name is Carlos and I am 28 years old. I consider myself a normal person in my daily life, but I have two hidden weaknesses that attempt to quench whenever I can: my passion for lingerie and my craze for mature women. I'll explain what happened to me about a year ago. I was flirting with a girl named Tina; we had met on a trip to Tenerife that summer, and when the two of Barcelona had I hit it off and were left to go for a drink and a chat. The relationship had not been there, but my mind all kinds of fantasies succeeded. Tina was 24... Continue»
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My hot aunt ate my cock and then I fucked thorough

My hot aunt I ate all the cock and then m
She was very young when I lost my virginity hand of one of my aunts. I am an only c***d and f****y reasons I raised my grandparents. Perhaps then just start whistling summer holidays came to the village to spend with them 3 months of vacation.

In the village along with my grandparents lived one of my aunts, Pilar, the older s****r of my mother, for those then should be around 50 years, the f****y called her the Rontenmeyer miss, even though he was married, had to fear it, it was worse a green stick. Very strict and severe. All the cousins t... Continue»
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I'm going to fuck one of these days

Two years had cost maltitol Luis approve this subject, and when I saw the board approved the faculty, jumped for joy. The companions congratulated him and were to go for a few beers.

Luis called Rosa, his mother, and told him. Rosa almost cried with joy. He knew what he had suffered Luis with that subject. He said that as soon as he got home would give him a big hug.

Mom, I'm going to compis to take a beer to celebrate.
-Enjoy, My love. At the end you will have a peaceful summer

He hung up and went to have fun with buddies.

After a couple of ... Continue»
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Love Rollercoaster

Chris had a big smile on his face as he drove home from work. It was Sunday and the first day of his three day break. He was thinking of his sweetie, Trina who was at home waiting for him. She had sent him a sexy photo of herself in the bathtub covered in suds with the caption, "all of this is for you". The thought of her body made his nature rise. He was ready to ride those rollercoaster curves of hers and he couldn't wait to get home. He shook off that thought and laughed to himself. He had to concentrate on the road.

Chris and Trina had been dating for five years but had only recently mo... Continue»
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Mommy Dearest

Lorenzo Collier closed his eyes and rubbed his temples in frustration. "I'm tired." he said into his cheap throwaway cell phone. He was talking to his half-s****r, Joy.

"Lo, you have to turn yourself in. Please... The cops are looking for you. If they catch you out on the street, they could kill you." Joy said, using her nickname for Lorenzo.

"I know, little s*s. I know." Lorenzo said. "I can't keep on like this. No money, no nothing. And she won't talk to me. She hates me now." he continued.

Joy closed her eyes as tears ran down her face. Lorenzo was referring to their foster moth... Continue»
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Quickie in Afternoon

It was a warm sunny July day as she pulled into the picnic area. She had arranged to meet her friend whilst she was at work so her husband would have no idea that she was having affair.

As she drove in she saw his car parked at the end of the road near a path that went into the woods.

She pulled up beside him and he got out as she did.

She was now 46 years old but her friend was a lot older than her at 57 years. Despite his age he was so fit as he worked on the oil rigs for 4 weeks at a time. He had just come back and she had no seen him for over 4 weeks.

He had texted her as soon... Continue»
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She brought out the freak in me!

Shaw, was awakened by the golden sun streaming through a, slight slit in the black out curtains. He stretched his long muscular body. From his well defined long fingers to his bulging biceps, to his broad shoulders, his body comes to a perfect "V". The V ends with a dark purple, 10 inch , cut, fat head, veiny dick. Last night's activities have his entire body sore especially his eight pack core section, his long dark muscular thighs and that fat head that always seems to rise and shine before he can open his eyes. He turns on his side to get out of bed and he is aware a deep muscle soreness th... Continue»
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In The Rain

Ronald Casey sighed and endured the verbal abuse being laid on him by his wife, Janice. She was complaining that the house wasn't clean. It was but not to her satisfaction. Ronald did his best but it wasn't good enough. For him, all of this was getting old.

They lived in Pensacola Florida. He had been unemployed for the past month and a half and he was desperate to get back to work. Ronald had been working as a customer service rep at a telecommunications company until a recent realignment eliminated his job. Now he was home playing Mr. Mom until he could find work again. Janice was an exec... Continue»
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Joi was seeing stars. Literally, she was. Her head was spinning, too. Her whole body had just locked up like Master and her muscles were slowly starting to relax. She was coming down off a huge orgasm. It was the Fourth of July. Joi and her fiancé Omari were supposed to be going over to a friend's house for a barbeque. No chance of that happening now. Joi and Omari had their own fireworks going off.

Omari had come home from work that morning to the sight of Joi bent over on his bed doggy-style with her head and shoulders under the covers. Omari dropped his backpack and drove his face into h... Continue»
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Constantly Aroused Conditions

I can't imagine, you truly understand how it feels..
To constantly leash primal passion, must not let it be unveiled.. Every Sense Alert.. Will power to prevail.. Yet these thoughts threaten my sanity.. so I just author these erotic tales..
There's no play in my foreplay.. Make providing your pleasure my forte.. Sexy Lady lay back on the bed, let us begin this soire..
Grasp and clasp along ya calves, to the back of your knees.. Spreading ya legs open, fully displayed for me to see.. Tracing patterns on the back of your thighs, lightest grazes of teeth.. Eyes focused on your glistening mound... Continue»
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Young Holiday Cock

On a holiday we had in India there was a f****y in the chalet next door. We had drinks with the husband and wife and their 2 k**s. We got on really well with them. We found out that the boy was turning 16 while they were there.
I got teasing the son asking about girlfriends etc, he didn't have one and soon he admitted that he was still a virgin.
While we were shagging one night I told the girlfriend this and she joked that maybe she should help him out for his birthday present. I knew she had fantasised about a virgin lad before.
We were on the beach and I got up to take a dip, the lad sa... Continue»
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Losing my virginity at 18 to my 30 year old aunt

This is the story of how I lost my virginity when i was 18 to my aunt; my uncle's wife.

I always fantasized about my aunt, even though she was married. Her name was Wendy, and she was by far the sexiest older woman I had ever seen. To compare, she looked like the pornstar Dylan Ryder, with brown skin. She even had the same haircut.

She was so sexy that i became obsessed with her. I would jack off thinking about pounding her pussy doggystyle while grabbing her ass. I would even look at porn videos of dylan ryder and imagine that Wendy was the pornstar.

Everytime i talked to her, i wou... Continue»
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