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Couple with stranger man

"I don't know, sweetheart. All it says is be ready at 5 and pack a weekend bag!"

"Ready for what?"

"I don't know!"

"Well what does the invitation say?" You shout down the stairs at me.

"I just told you. That's all it said!"

"You are remarkably unhelpful" you complain and retreat back into the bedroom. Pondering what to pack for a weekend we don't know where, attending an event that is a complete mystery. My bag was easy to pack, a few pairs of pants and button down shirts. Easy as pie.

There's a car honking its horn outside, a black limo as it were.

"Honey, let's go!"
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The After Date

Mom was still up when I came home from my date with Michelle. She was laying on the couch asl**p. Her night gown was very sheer and I saw her black hairy bush through the fabric. It had been a few weeks since I had her pussy. Now that I was dating Michelle I was getting my pussy from her. Mom didn't seem to mind as long as I would take care of her needs on Sundays.
Michelle and I went out to the drive in and ended up doing it at the show. She had to get up early to work so I dropped her back home at nine. It was now about nine thirty. I was still feeling horny and there was Mom. I... Continue»
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An online meeting in person

It was the morning around 10 on one of those perfect spring days, the kind that compels you to stay outside and enjoy nature. I was sitting in a diner waiting for her and wondering if her online pictures were real. She was a 40 something brunette with a beautiful body, her face was still unknown. We had both been chatting online for a few weeks and had been sexual, friendly and eager to talk to each other, in the way that you become almost d***k on a person.

After drinking some coffee, people watching, wondering if she would come and if she did come, if I would be attracted to the woman ... Continue»
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Office Mature

This is a true story.

There's a woman in my office whose ass I am in love with. We'll just call her Mary for this story. She's not particularly good looking but I find her incredibly sexy. Mary is not really fat but she has big tits, big belly and a huge round ass. I think it’s from having a couple of k**s, the type of body that drives me crazy. I was 30 when this story took place and Mary was probably in her early 50s.

I doubt I'm the only guy in the office who has noticed this ass. She always wears really tight business type pants. I've often seen her leaning on a desk talking to some... Continue»
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With my mom

This was a long time ago, I was 18 years old when this happened. I bought a computer with a printer, this was the first computer in the house that had internet. The computer would be in my room, since I bought it. My mom would use it at night, so it was little bit hard to sl**p with the over head light on. My mom started to turn that light off and just use a desk lamp. My mom wore nightgowns at night time, with nothing under it. One night, maybe 2 or 3 am I was woken up by a noise. I heard my mom moan, I looked over and my mom was masturbating, not sure what she was looking at but she had her ... Continue»
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The Final Frontier


Seeing What I Could See #9. Fantasy based on a shred of fact!
My relationship with my “Auntie A” was now been going on for nearly 9 years. It started as fairly innocent curiosity on my part as a p*****n about mature, full figured women of which “A” was a prime example. I had carried a fondness for her since c***dhood because she had no c***dren and always treated me as her own and she dressed and acted so much more “free-spirited” than Mom and my other aunt. She was also very pretty, tal... Continue»
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My Town's Story II

I could not believe what just happened! First I caught Mr. Huey fucking my sexy twenty year old coworker while his son-in-law was out of the store and then Becky caught me jerking off and had just given my very first blow job.

I managed to stumble to the front of the store where Jolene was busy with a line of customers. I quickly started to bag for her. She turned and gave a quick smile and my horny young dick began to stiffen as I thought of her being fucked from behind. If only it was me instead of that old politician!

The... Continue»
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Wife's Holiday..

At home the wife Sarah was a little down with work so i rang her mate and asked if there was any girls holiday on the agenda, she replied yes there was a hen do going to Paris. i told her to book Sarah on it and i would send the money over soon as i have talked her into it.
the days were going along and i kept saying you need a holiday to chill out let your hair down have some fun, she said that money was tight and she needed to be at home for work. i told her look i rang work and told them that you were a little down and then i rang Tracy and booked you on the hen do going to Paris so its so... Continue»
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Derrick BBC

My troubles starting when my s*xte*n d**ghter starting dating a black boy. Of course my wife and I were concerned about what she was getting into and after discussing it my wife said she would take care of it and convince Derrick to break up with her. She said she would talk to him and explain how it would not work out between them.
She invited Derrick over to the house for an early afternoon talk before the k**s got home from school on Friday afternoon. Wanting to see how things went I left work early. Our house has a long driveway making it possible to drive up without being noticed. Seeing... Continue»
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Shower With s*s

Brittany turned the shower off and got out. She began to dry herself, and marveled at how soft the cotton towel felt against her smooth skin. She felt her nipples harden as she dried them and then she saw her reflection in the mirror.

"I wish I was a cup size bigger," she thought as she cupped her firm B-cup tits in her hands.

She followed the line of her body down and thought, "I do have a firm body though." She smiled. She had just shaved and her pussy and legs glistened in the soft bathroom light. It was cold standing there without a towel on, and she saw her nipples getting hard in t... Continue»
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Thanksgiving BBC

The Thanksgiving Holiday brings back so many memories for me. Eight years ago I left my small town on the east coast to attend college in the Midwest. I was pretty good in basketball and my parents made damn sure I was pretty good with the books as well. When I received a basketball scholarship to attend college it came as no surprise to anyone. To my disappointment my first year I was red shirted. I spent my freshman year hitting the books and chasing skirts. My second (red shirt freshman for those in the know) I had moved up to the number two shooting guard. I was really enjoying the college... Continue»
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My second time with an older man

If you read my first story about meeting an older man, you'll know I lived in a remote area where it was difficult to find gay or bi men.
I eventually left home to study and ended up living in a fairly big city.

I didn't have a regular girlfriend at that time but I didn't go too long without sex with a female.
Although I loved having sex with women I still found myself watching older gay and bi men in porn videos, that is something I still do these days.
I signed up for a few different dating websites and enjoyed browsing the profiles of nice older men near me. I hadn't planned to go ahe... Continue»
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Indian Daughter-in-law's Dilema

My name is Suganya a house-wife aged 37. I reside with my husband and our four c***dren, at Chennai in India. We are a middle class South Indian f****y. My husband is a nice man and takes good care of my c***dren and myself. Though I have four c***dren with him, yet somehow, my private relations with my husband is not so fulfilling. That is because, unfortunately, my husband is a physically weak man. He is short, thin and very timid in nature. Though at least once a week, I do satisfy his husbandly needs, I get quite frustrated during those times. That is because, neither does he have the p... Continue»
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Mother-In-Law Lust

None of this would have happened if it wasn't for my first son being born with jaundice, but I'm getting way ahead of myself, so let me explain. My wife's name is Patty and I'm Mike and we had been married for about four years when she got pregnant with our first c***d. My wife is a great looking babe, about 5'7", 120lbs, very nice body, shoulder length brown hair and a face that belongs on a magazine cover. I'm a lucky guy, no doubt. We got married when she was 24 and I was 26 and had a great sex life up until she got pregnant. I have a very high sex drive and Patty is no slouch, so we went... Continue»
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Mom in law Massage

This is a story of what might be called, In(law)cest. It involves masturbation, oral sex, and vaginal and anal intercourse between me and my mother-in-law, Kathy.
I called my mother-in law in Chicago to tell her that I was going to postpone a planned business trip there and so wouldn't be able to see her the following week as expected. I had fallen while bike riding a few days earlier and pulled the quadriceps muscle in my left thigh which was causing me a lot of difficulty. Each morning when I would first awaken, it would be so badly cramped that I would have to hobble off to a local phy... Continue»
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The Adventures of Dennis Part 1--Janis

My buddy Jason and I sat on a porch outside a house party in November, watching the partygoers exit a house party. We were drinking scotch and coke and I was numerous sheets to the wind. Jason burped.

“I’m gonna flunk that test tomorrow,” he said.

I watched the legs of the girls wandering outside. A few of them stumbled on the doorstep like d***ken high-schoolers (which was basically what we still were, as freshmen ages 18 to 19), some of them were helped out by their equally smashed, wonky boyfriends (or guys who wished they were their boyfriends), and others exited smoothly and wit... Continue»
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k**s These Days

The video shows this: A cell phone moving through the kitchen at a loud party, in to the living room. A strobe light, loud hip hop. Young bodies grinding against each other. Wonky guys hoping to see some action. The women dance and flirt, but push the guys away at the last moment. Teasing is fun. The cycle repeats as the phone moves through the crowd, bumping against swishing dark bodies until–

An opening. A couch against the wall. Some people are watching and laughing, others are steering clear and pretending nothing’s going on. A guy with bleached blonde hair and gym-toned arms lies naked... Continue»
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Holiday Fun in the Caravan Part 4

We pass James' friend as we drive out. He doesn't recognise the car, thankfully. James slides down in his seat.
"Don't feel guilty, he would have done the same to you if the chance had come up."
"I know. He is one of the most arrogant and selfish people I know."
"Oh!" I am taken aback. He doesn't seem the sort to say a bad word about anyone. I glance across at him and then put my hand on his thigh. He laughs suddenly.
"I was waiting for you to ask me why I hang around with him." I laughed then.
"I did wonder but knew you must have your own reasons."
"I was bored and usually things star... Continue»
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Slut! Wife needs a hard cock: Part Six

Slut! Wife needs hard cock: part 6

I had decided to make contact with an ex-boyfriend called Steve. Steve and I were quite the item back in the day. Steve was the first guy I shaved my pussy for, the first guy to fuck my ass and the first guy to introduce me to the delights of lingerie and role play. He was blessed with a good 9 inches of hard veiny cock and boy did he know how to use it. He also was in possession of a very fertile imagination and could dish out the dirty talk better than any lover I encountered. He was and still is a very handsome man with an incredible body. He also was e... Continue»
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Portrait Photographer

In 1985 we decided we both wanted portrait photos of each other in our offices plus one of the two of us in our home, so we looked round for a professional photographer. A friend of ours recommended a photographer called Danny who had done some for them, on looking at them I had to agree as he had made her look like a film star not bad as in real life she was anything but, apparently he had also taken wedding photos at one of their friends nudist wedding and they were fantastic.
A couple of weeks later we dropped into Danny's studio to check it out, it was all very professional and he employe... Continue»
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