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Gretchen's Thursday

Thursday Morning
“You’re crazy, you know that don’t you?” asked Crystal Grant not meaning it really. Gretchen Evers knew it was a rhetorical question and went on adjusting the velvet sash. She was using to bind Crystal to the coffee table. “Actually I like to consider myself simply devious.” Gretchen answered. “Deliciously devious.” Amended Crystal and was rewarded with a kiss from her lover. “There, try them now.” Said Gretchen standing up and over her bound girlfriend. Tugging on the restraints Crystal found herself held fast. “Perfect.” She replied. Gretchen reaches over her and picks up ... Continue»
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With a new Aunt in Bangalore

this real story happened at age of 21 ,during my B.Tech Exams and i am from Bangalore.I live in a individual house with two portions consists of 2 single bhk rooms,As we are the owners the tenants are new and they are very generous,Mainly aunt is very good she repsects me well,I love to see her she is a good looking girl age around 36 years old and has two daughters.She is used to stay in our home almost for 2 to 3 hours daily.One fine day i closely obeserved her boobs and her body she is too good,When i am alone at home she comes and sit and ask for something else.and stays with me at that t... Continue»
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The Cornholing

The Cornholing

When I was a k**, there was a slang term used to describe anal sex between boys or men. It was called “cornholing”. No one thought of cornholing as gay or queer. It was just another sexual activity. It was an activity that I developed a fascination with and it became a favorite sexual fantasy of mine. Since I cannot write about early sexual contacts here, I will have to be intentionally vague and fast forward to my adult life.

I have always been a voyeur and many times I have witnessed others engaged in a variety of sexual activities. There were a number of times I stumbl... Continue»
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Fucked by a mature woman after tennis!

This is a true story from a few years ago about my first time with Karen.

I'm a pretty keen tennis player, and have been all my life. I started attending a weekly roll-up session at my local tennis centre a few years ago with my ex, after we split up I continued going but mainly because of all the MILF's that went, and because it was during the day time, I was the only guy under 50, which meant I was generally the focus of all their flirting. Generally we would play a set or two of men's doubles and a set of two of mixed doubles before maybe grabbing a cup of tea before heading home.

Ov... Continue»
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Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 1

The Story I am telling is my true story which happened 13 years ago. I will write this story in many parts, so make sure to check back.
A bit about me
I am a pakistani Housewife based in Pakistan, now aged 41. My husband is 20 years older than me (I was remarried after my divorce). I was divorced from my first husband because he found out about my affair with someone. My current husband is not good in bed so I had to get my sexual satisfaction elsewhere. My husband is a business man so has to travel much and doesnt have much time.

The Beginning
It was the end of August 2003... Continue»
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Love Boat (Part one)

Narrow encounter
Last summer I set off on my annual 4-week cruise on my Narrowboat, into the second week I came to a certain set of locks which involve a staircase of some 10 locks, waiting for a boat that was descending the last lock was a Hire boat, there were two ladies standing by the side of the boat, I moored up behind them, and walked over to pass the time.
Ailsa was a 45ish years old, an attractive Red head, her hair was cut short and it suited her, I have never been mad on Red heads but she looked great, she stood ab... Continue»
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The GILF Down The Hall (Pt. 2)


Gracie and I embarked on a period of time where we had the “mutual irresistible” for each other. It was strange but she and I could not get together without feeling a heat. When we would go out in public we would usually end up cutting our evening short and hurry back to one of our apartments for private, carnal activities. As I learned more about Gracie’s history her current attitudes made more sense.

Gracie had been born and raised in a semi-rural area of Kansas. Her parents had a large, successful farm and the nearest town was about 15 miles away. She had one o... Continue»
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Sweet Cheese

My wife is Italian-American and proud of it. We are in our 40's and she has worked hard to keep the beautiful curvy figure she had when I married her. She aslo has a secret and that is the point of the story.

My wife has a beautiful pair of full breasts, dark brown hair, brown eyes and a beautiful, round bottom. She is sexy and outgoing and can be the life of the party when she is in the mood. She is smart, funny and keeps up on current events. We like to entertain and this fact plays into the story as well.

I am an unabashed ass man. I have loved women's ass cheeks and the dark, moist s... Continue»
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Ana and the movers gang

Anita and the movers gang

After four months living in L.A., Anita and I finally decided to move to a bigger house in the suburbs, with a nice back yard and a pool.
Ana called a movers company to help us. Early afternoon three young and muscled guys came in a big truck and quickly began to load all our stuff.
They were two huge black guys and a Latino type one.

We moved things for about two hours into our new home until almost everything was in. All of us guys sat on the couch in the living room as Anita finished unpacking some small things in the kitchen.

We talked for a while w... Continue»
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Girlfriends Cruise to the Bahamas Turns in to the

What happens on a cruise ship stays on the cruise ship, Right?

Earlier this past year my wife and her girlfriend turned 38 in the same month, and so to celebrate her girlfriend Julie called to invite her to a “girls only” cruise to the Bahamas. Julie said she was calling about 15 of her closest friends to see if they could do a girls get-a-way for a seven day cruise. In all 7 women joined the cruise and my wife Peggy was the first to respond with an overwhelming, “yes let’s do this.” Julie and Peg have been friends forever and so we thought no problem, they both turned thirty-eight, ... Continue»
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Beautiful Firm Boobs Of Married Colleague

I’m a great fan of boobs and admire from such a long distance because of a habit which was started during my school days through a teacher. From that day till now I love to admire beautiful big firm boobs in bus/trains/roads/ offices.

Coming back to the story, When I joined that company I was trained for a month and assigned to a team of people who were experienced. Since I was a fresher I was very much nervous in doing anything. Though my manager used to help at times I had fear in asking him and became I was slow in finish
... Continue»
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s****r in Law with 18 year olds Part 4

After Jane put the mobile down. I said "Well?" "Well what?" "Jane do you want to take a dare from me?" "Oh i don't know. "What does that mean? Why would you not take a dare form me? After all the tings we have done together today it would probably be very tame." With that I poured another glass of champers from the latest bottle to arrive courtecy of the management. "No pressure Jane lets call room service and get something to eat. I could do with a big steak. What do you fancy?" I kept plying Jane with glass after glass of champers. We were still in the buff when there was a knock on the door... Continue»
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Anita's night in Las Vegas

Anita’s night in Las Vegas

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, I invited my sweet Ana to spend a week end at Las Vegas...

After checking at the hotel, Ana told me she would have a shower and get ready for going out to dinner.
A while later she came out from the bathroom and I was really surprised about how she looked.

My sweet Ana was wearing her shortest black skirt, which barely covered her ass cheeks; a very sexy white low cut blouse and a pair of black high heels. Her makeup was perfect. She was the sexiest woman in the world...

In the taxi on the way to the restaurant I r... Continue»
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Ana in the back of the van

Ana in the back of the van

I came very tired from office, but my sweet Ana was waiting for me at home with a very nice dinner.
Later on, while I was sipping a perfect glass of scotch, she came by me and told me she was real horny and she needed a good hard dick inside her. Ana also told me she knew I was very tired to fuck her that night; so, she wanted my permission to find out a man who could calm her down…

My sweet Ana added she wanted me nearby to watch…

She wanted me watching at her spreading her thighs and taking another man's cock. She would have a strange hard cock nudging... Continue»
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My wife's first time

We had been married for about 8 years. My wife was a very beautiful young woman and that was not just my opinion. When we had first moved into the new house, the lady next door came over to see this woman that her daughter had described as the most beautiful woman in the world. Our sex life was good, but I had this crazy idea that I wanted to see my wife with another man. Sound familiar to anyone?

There was this one guy I knew who always wore really tight pants that usually showed off the size of his cock. He was always talking about sex and wanting to try new things. So I decided to see if... Continue»
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Sex With The Ex Part One

One of the reason (out of many) that I left my ex was that we were not on the same level sex wise. He never initiated it ever and when we did have it, it was good, but rarely OMG good. Wasn't his lack of skills, I just think we didn't mesh well together. But the last few days I have been so fucking horny. After much debating I came to the conclusion that I was going to seduce him because I needed to get some.

I tormented him for hours...I laid on the couch with nothing but a robe on playing with my juicy wet pussy....fingering myself and flicking my clit. I could see his cock got hard... Continue»
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back to my friends apartment

At home laying in bed thinking about what I did. My dick wakes up as I replay this afternoon in my mind. The sting my butthole felt is just a memory, yet my dick gets harder as I think about it. I roll over holding my young shaft and stroking it I drift off. The next day at school my butt hole starts to tingle and I get hard, I have trouble paying attention in class and find myself starring the large belly of my teacher. He asks what the problem was. I tell him nothing why do you ask, he said the bell rang and I'm going to be late for my next class. I jumped up and ran put of the room. Sure en... Continue»
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My Re-awakening

It was a long time since I had been to Sydney and even a longer time since my misspent youth had taken me on a journey descending into the world of all night underground dancing clubs, flying on eccies, dancing, touching and being wild. I am not gay but curious and as a young jilted 23 year old girl I took safety with the gay men and women of the dance scene with their beautiful bodies and energy to dance all night to powerful house music.

At 44 my body is still a pert size 8-10 of an 18 year old which still turns heads of men. I have a dancer’s body shape and stamina, training 6 days a wee... Continue»
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Loosing My Virginity (Yes the true story with just

I grew up in inner city Detroit. All my neighbors were black. From kindergarten to High School I did not leave Michigan or Detroit and graduated from Universal Academy one of the worst High Schools in Detroit. My parents were hardworking people they made sure that I and my siblings were not part of the mess that is Detroit. Their parental involvement paid off and I graduated from HS with a decent GPA and decided to join the Army. I went down to the 9 Mile Road Army Recruiting Station in Detroit and joined the delayed entry program, and 2 months later I was in Benning Georgia for Basic train... Continue»
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Swinger’s night out

I have to tell you all about a story of two hot couples, and what happened one night when they met. One night my wife Jenny and me (Jimmy) were out on the town to Chicago. We were away from town on a personal vacation trip in a city in another state. we were eager to get out and have some fun with some sweaty dancing, and hot love making to come later, and drinks galore. Jenny gets pretty easy when I get some drinks in her, and tonight we were going to get pretty toasted, so I knew she would be putting out pretty heavy.
I was wearing a nice button up shirt, skin tight blue jeans and boots... Continue»
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