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Tuesday night continues

After Ann was done and Elaine rode my left over cum onto her fertile cervix we all collapsed.
Ann and Cindy on one side of the tent and me and Elaine on the other.

No on slept well--except Ann.

It was hot even with all windows and the door flaps open, no air stirring
The tent had the scent of semen, sweat and still horny women especially Cindy.

She was obviously somewhat intoxicated, frustrated and angry.

Finally she announced she had to pee and crawled over me, on purpose no doubt, and put on sandals and went to the "toilet tree". I followed her out--no doubt as she intended, ... Continue»
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Parks Service 2016 Tuesday

Several interruptions, a power outage and lack of a computer have delayed this.

Sunday morning until Tuesday night seemed forever.

3 Women, how can this be, is this a joke?
Am I really right doing this?
2 want to get pregnant? If my count is correct I have fathered 5 c***dren in the past 2 years, now 2 in one night?
What is wrong with me?
My wife cannot conceive --so no my DNA is all over this state!

To pass the day (this is my week off I work 14 days and get 7 off) I volunteered to be a guide at what was a presidential retreat. It was fairly cool --in the 80's, but it is getting... Continue»
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Camping with My Best Friend's Mom

Darcy is my best friend's mom, she is 16 years my elder and all of these stories happened when I was 18 and a senior in high school, well actually they are the summer before my senior year.

Darcy teased me into, teasing her to have sex with me, and eventually our short lived romance took off like a wild fire. These stories with Darcy are true, for the most part. They (the stories) are also branded in my mind's eye for life. We have not had sex since that summer, but every now and then when I see her I think about doing it again.

Darcy had become a regular part of my life now. We visited ... Continue»
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A Rustic Bed and Breakfast

A rustic B&B located in the backwoods of a small town.
Far from "civilization", where you can hear
the sounds and smell the scents of nature. I get to the hotel,
check in to the room, light some scented candles (jasmine
or lilac, vanilla...something soothing), maybe put on
some soft music just for background noise.

I take a long, hot shower to rinse away the stress of the day.
Suddenly I hear a voice. It's soothing and sexual.
He asks if he can join me. I assure him he's more than
welcome if he can take the heat of the water. He joins me.
We slowly bathe each other. Teasing, explo... Continue»
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The Morning After . . .

Waking up, I bury myself deeper into the warmth of a body
next to me, relishing the feel of a strong body against mine,
his arms wrapped around me. He tightens his hold and nibbles
my neck, bringing a smile to my face. I reach my hand behind
me and run it along the shape of his body while turning my
head ever so slightly to give him better access.

His hands find my breast and begin to play with the nipples
sending heat coursing through me. I wiggle my ass against
his groin, feeling it begin to come to life. He wraps his
other arm around me, turning me so I am laying on my back and
... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife Ch. 05

Part 5: Kim's Change Of Life, And An End To The Story.

Andrea and Kim argued. Frequently. Kim became very emotional. She got nauseous at cooking odors, especially when Andrea cooked. She wasn't looking her normal self, and Andrea became frustrated that she didn't want to make love nearly as often as before the divorce party. I pissed off Andrea when I announced that I had bought a house down by the water, and would be moving out over the next month. Things weren't turning out as she had planned. My star was rising, Kim's was not. Women were coming to me at a rate that allowed me to b... Continue»
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New town

We moved to a town back in the 60s when I was just a boy. I was to young to remember my father when he died and it was just mom and me. Mom was pregnant with her ex bosses c***d which is why we had to move. Instead of leaving his wife for mom, he fired her. To avoid a scandal of a single mother, and pregnant she chose to leave rather than hear the gossip.
We moved into a small house on the outside of town, and mom took a job as a telephone operator working mid shift which was 2-10 at night, most of the time which worked out fine for me. She'd be home to make me breakfast and send me to school... Continue»
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99. Avis turns the tables and cuck`s Jon
Jon had left for the day and I knew that a repairman was due to arrive soon, so I made myself presentable by slipping into a black bustier with straps that held up a pair of black stockings and top off the outfit with a pair of black ankle strap stiletto heels.
Not long after the doorbell rang and I answered it, looking at a nice young man standing there before me. "I'm here to repair your washer" he said. "Please come in" I motioned him and followed him into the kitchen. I knew he was not only surprised by my outfit, but all the while he was w... Continue»
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Wife's friend not mine but had to share

Sandy was twenty-eight and single. She was slim with medium sized perky breasts that revealed wonderfully pert nipples whenever she went without a bra, which was most of the time. Her long, wavy, honey blonde hair fell naturally around her lightly freckled face. Tanned and always in shorts and sandals, she was the quintessential beach girl and she was my wife’s best friend.

I have to admit that I have always had an affinity for blondes so I had more than a platonic friendship attraction to Sandy. I had never acted on it, but I’m sure it was obvious to everyone since I never tried to hide i... Continue»
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The Adult Cinema - another fantasy that I would l

The Adult Cinema
This is another fantasy that I would like my wife to take part in.

When I lived in London I sometimes went to the adult cinemas. Often it was just full of men wanking openly, other times women would turn up, either with a partner who they played with and let others watch, but some also allowed others to join in. In the sunset Cinema in Soho there was a lady called Lisa who regularly attended (always on a Wednesday) and if you contacted her via email she would often agree to fuck you in the cinema. Unfortunately these cinemas are now disappearing due to local councils clos... Continue»
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Young Journalist & The Handsome Politician

Hey guys...

.I am now going to start posting my new story. I hope you love it.


“Sss.....Aaahh....yeaahh....” I screamed as the orgasm hit me. My head was banging against the headboard hard with his each hard, f***eful stroke.

“Yeahhh...Yeahhh...take it....yeaahhh.” He grunted as he realised that I had orgasmed and that provoked him to stroke harder. For a man his age, he was surprisingly virile and strong.

“Ohhhaaa....yeaaahhhhh.” I screamed as my pussy spasmed and clenched hard from the orgasm.

“Aaaahhh...yeahhhh....that's it bitch..yea... Continue»
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A new Granny...Finally!!!!!

I have changed jobs recently and now work in a retirement community as a maintenance man. I did so for a couple of reasons, but primarily to be around sexy old women again. It's been over 6 years since my Ruby died and almost 3 since Betty passed away and I have REALLY missed them. Please read my stories about these INCREDIBLE ladies!
I seen a few women here who caused by cock to throb just seeing them. Hoping to enjoy them. But one had started to call for me to correct small items in her apartment more and more. First light bulbs, then a clogged sink. Just last week though her hot water heat... Continue»
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My student's hospitality Part 2

This is the continuation you will probably be able to follow with out reading the earlier story.
Following my experience of my student's hospitality, I never refused and invitation to eat at his home on a Friday. Gradually it got to be that I was eating there evry Friday and experiencing hospitality that included massage and the best sex ever.

As my visits became more frequent Ali became even closer to me. One evening, after we had eaten many courses and d***k a lot of wine and spirits, while still at the dinner table, Ali spoke to his wife in Arabic. When he had finished speaking she re... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife Ch. 04

Jimmy is back, better than ever.

Part 4 Jimmy Breaks Free

I slept well that night, and awoke Monday morning with my mind still in overdrive. I took the day off from school, and spent the day writing, recording, and sending finished material to a friend in the licensing and publishing business. Shortly after lunch, my fax machine rang, and went through the familiar start up sounds. My cell phone rang immediately as well. It was my friend.

The fax printed out a contract and all the needed paperwork to get my work licensed and copyrighted. I had sent 3 finished songs, and s... Continue»
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Jayne Turns Fifty

So after 36 years of fucking guys and girls, I was nearing a landmark Birthday, one I was wary of reaching, the big 5-0!
My husband told me every day just how beautiful I was, my new fans, clammering for my newest photo sets and videos, I had a backlog of 15 guys wanting my used knickers, yet I was still about to hit my big old half century! On the morning of my birthday hubby surprised me having a taxi pick us up and take us to a favourite, cosy little hotel in Cheshire. We often went there for a break to recharge our batteries and spend a relaxing few days. We checked in and hubby car
... Continue»
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My Horny Bhabhi

This incident took place few months back. My dad was out of station as usual. One day, dad called me and said that Sanjay (name changed) will be coming to Mumbai with his wife Seema (name changed) for few days. He told me to pick them from the airport the next day. He said he will be back within 2 days. Till that time, you take good care of them. Sanjay lives in Jalandhar (Punjab) with his wife Seema. Sanjay’s father is a very good friend of my dad. Sanjay was just like a big b*****r for me. We had very good f****y relation... Continue»
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Perfect Size Measuring of My Neighbor Aunt

Hi to all. Its Sandip 26 yrs fit athletic and its for the first time I m submitting my true story. Hope I will get a nice feedback from you all. As for the first time I m writing my own story if something goes wrong hope you all wont mind it so story starts like this.

About me my name is Sandip i am from north Bengal height 5.6. I like to have sex with unsatisfied girls and ladies. I am currently doing my master degree and have an experience of having good sex. And can fulfill
... Continue»
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Being Watched

[iI noticed him firstly as I bought some salami from the deli-counter. He looked like any regular guy,5ft 10", muscularly built, cropped blond hair,in his early 30s, but it was his piercing blue eyes that seemed to bore down into my very soul. He carried a wire shopping basket with two or three items in it and as I wheeled my trolley down the next aisle I didin't have to look to know he was behind me.
I reached to get a box of dried peas, he was staring so intently at my ample backside. I wasn't provocatively dressed in any way, just a grey-marl vest over a blue push-up bra, a knee length
... Continue»
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My student's hospitality.

My student's wife.

I'm a lecturer in a university and I have an arab student, Ali, who is studying for a PhD. He is really struggling with his work, so I have to help him a lot with is English. He is working on the rat eof ageing of ancient stone monuments in various parts of the world. This requires him to travel abroad often for months at a time.

At first all of his work was conducted at “home” so we became close friends. One day he invited me to have dinner at his home. I was able to avoid accepting due to a prior arrangement. This became a weekly invitation and finally he wore me don... Continue»
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Wife's First Threesome

My wife and I were coming up on 20 years of marriage and our sex life had become far too routine. One night during a playful moment in our hot tub my wife quite out of nowhere stated she wondered what it would be like to be with two men at the same time. It caught me completely by surprise but it was exciting to hear her talk like that. I said to her I don't know but I would be fine with it as long as I am one of the two guys. I asked her almost jokingly if she would like the second guy to be younger. She said she had not thought about what age he would be but she said as long as he is ni... Continue»
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