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Another Granny pick-up

I’d just been shopping and was sat in the car having a cigarette watching people when I saw this chubby elderly woman struggling with her shopping. Being the gentleman that I am I got out of my car and approached her, “Can I help you with that” I asked she replied “Oh yes Thankyou” as I loaded the shopping into the boot of her car.

“Anything else I can do for you today” I asked, she looked bemused and said “What do you mean” I replied “Are you married” “Widow actually” “Oh how long” “Six years and I nursed my husband for four years before he died” “Ok again is there anything else I can do f... Continue»
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30th birthday gangbang

Cassandra stood staring at herself in the mirror of the poshest hotel in Glasgow , the night had been nearly 2 months in planning when during a d***ken night of sexual play with her husband when he asked her what she wanted for her 30th birthday she joked a gangbang . well it was mostly a joke , like a lot of ladies it was a fantasy she had always wondered about but like most ladies never done anything about it . in the time between then and now as her husband brian teased her about how he was setting it up she had cancelled it and then reagree'd to it so many times until here they stood , her... Continue»
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A Better Whore than his Mother

Twisted families and cocksucking betrayal with his mother's boyfriend . . .

Times had been tough since the f****y breakup and she did what she had to do to make ends meet. She spoke of how some of her dates were “professional” and since it was evident that she liked sex and needed money, then so what? At least she was discreet.

Early in life, she had been a runaway; a prostitute, so prostitution was by no means a new thing. Then, she married a smooth-talker who, like so many men, was a philanderer but, unlike many, not a good enough one to... Continue»
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Nylon Experience

Mr Williams lived down the road from us and was a widower of some years, he lived alone and most days would see him out and about in his garden during the summer but come winter you didn't see him much so my Parents began sending me around to his home to see if he needed any help with shopping or anything else he wanted. It was no hardship on my part as I liked the old goat he was pleasant enough and had many stories to tell .....if you had the time to listen that is. One day I popped around and as usual due to having done this for many months now I let myself in and called out to him.....ther... Continue»
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About Julia

A story of temptation and opportunity

If Stevie Nolan had been born a hundred and fifty years ago, he'd have been one of those lone drifters roaming aimlessly across the wide open spaces. While it would now be impossible, he still managed to live a relatively similar lifestyle. As a representative for a large global company specialising in electronic process control systems, he spent three weeks out of four on the road. Stevie started career his as an engineer and drifted into sales, he however just couldn't keep his hands off his tools which he still carried in his late model compan... Continue»
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The dildo was in the bag

Claire had never had a panic attack, but she felt a kinship with those thusly afflicted as she stared through the windshield of her car at the establishment called "Christie's Toy Box."

She'd never done anything like this. In her opinion, had someone looked up the entry for "good girl" in the dictionary, her picture might be there. Not that she was completely innocent. She'd giggled with her friends as they watched the occasional porn video, but that had been years ago, decades, in fact.

And while she'd heard quite a bit about sex toys, she'd never owned one. The very idea of going into ... Continue»
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The dildo was in the bag -2

By the time she got to the restaurant, Claire was no longer constantly conscious of the fact that she had a dildo in her purse. Part of that might have been because as they walked to the restaurant, she knew that Cindy had something similar in her purse too, and even though she knew that, Claire couldn't see any hint of it.

Cindy chatted about other things as they walked. She did not, in fact, bring up the subject of tools for helping females gain sexual satisfaction until after the waiter had brought them their drinks and taken their order.

Then, without preface, she reached into her pu... Continue»
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The dildo was in the bag -3

When she finally emerged from the bedroom, clad in a long robe, her hair was still wet from her second shower.

She had resisted the urge to fuck herself again, by f***e of will alone. She'd picked up the dildo, which had lint adhering to it from the carpet, announcing it was past time for her to vacuum the floors. She washed it off in the sink and put it back in the drawer. She didn't cover it up this time.

She felt tired. John was still in the chair, but the dishes he'd eaten out of were now on the coffee table, along with four empty beer bottles.

Anger replaced her weariness and she... Continue»
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Jason's sexy new neighbor

Little did I know that it was going to be the summer where I went from being an awkward 18 year old boy, and graduating to manhood.

All this thanks to a beautiful divorcee' that moved in next door to me and my f****y. As I was spending a typical Saturday afternoon mowing the yard I noticed a black sports car pulling into the driveway next door.

It was one of those Infinite's, the hot ones with the duel exhaust, and the high whine of a nice power plant under the hood.

I watched the door open and the sexiest pair of legs I'd ever seen poured out of the door. I stopped mowing and turn... Continue»
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My nephew called and asked could he spend 2 weeks at my house. He was going to a basketball camp not too far from where I lived. I told him sure and my b*****r called and we ironed out all the specifics. My nephew was a great BASKETBALL player and had high hopes of being in the NBA. By eleven, he was already 6 ft tall and he was actually pretty good at the sport.
I hadn't seen my b*****r or his f****y in almost 2 years as he was in the military and he and his f****y travelled often. My b*****r and his f****y arrived at my house that Friday and they got Aaron settled into his c... Continue»
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my wife's first massage from a male masseur

I have come across many stories of husbands… fantasizing or in real sharing their wives. I always thought how would it feel to experience this bliss. Now this is my true story and I have tried to write it in the simplest possible way.

We are a couple in early thirties… and are married for 5 years now. This all started a year back when I read all the wife sharing stories, saw pics and watched videos… I kept on thinking how will it be to see my wife acting like a slut and enjoying with other men while I Watch… will she react in the same way as she does when I fuck her or is she going to enjoy... Continue»
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Hitchhiking part 2

It's been a long time since i've logged in here an i'd almost forgotten about this story. What follows is not the best story ever but what I found already written in my documents library. I hope it will go some way towards satisfying the fantasies of some of you freaks :)

Part 2.

Against my hip I felt John's whole body tense up and in the rearview mirror I saw Mary's jaw drop open. Jessica still looked back at me with lust filled eyes, and so, like any good pervert, I invited Jess round to my front where her father remained in position on his knees, neither objecting nor consenting to th... Continue»
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Sub & dom car wash

I stood out in the front washing his car, his pride and joy. It’s a hot day so I’m wearing a white vest top and small denim shorts and to be fair… I’m still too hot to be wearing them but needs must. The streets are dead but with the car being in the open garage no one is noticeable until the last moment anyway.

It’s so sticky and horrible and my dom has got me washing his car. It’s my fault though for misbehaving. I shouldn’t have burnt his tea because I was too busy pleasuring myself. Now I’m not allowed to orgasm without his permission for the next week and I have to do lots of tasks ar... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 02

Chapter 02: Binita & Thakur Meet at Home

Laju looked up and saw that the young daughter-in-law had been transfixed on the spot looking at her father-in-law reduced to a mass of pleasure seeking, spasming flesh. She got up on her haunches and then stood. She held both hands up as one was lathed in the cum and in the palm of that hand she held some of the flow. Her other hand was stained with the white streaks and oil that came from the fisting she had given with that hand. She used her shoulder to shift her pallo into a slightly more respectable cover of her torso, but the signal that her l... Continue»
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Hitchhiking part 2

(part 1 ( It's been a long time since I logged on here and i'd almost forgotten about the first installment of my hitchhiking story. What follows is the followup I found in my documents library from a few inebriated nights writing, It's not great but it's as good as i'm likely to do anytime soon and I hope it will appeal to some of you freaks more perverse fantasies. I'd love any feedback you feel like giving me. :)

Part 2.

Against my hip I felt John's whole body tense up and in the rearview mirror I saw Mary's jaw drop open. Jes... Continue»
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Chapter 1: My new boss

Just moved to Chicago with my gf to work at a small boutique hotel. If you can't tell by my profile, I have a fascination with by fat dicks, and am bicurious, but have never done anything with a guy. I will be adding chapters as things progress

My boss is the manager and I work directly under him. Its a great job that pays well with lots of benefits. My boss is probably in his late 40s, early 50s, and im 22. He is a powerfully built man, about 6' 2'', at least 230 lbs thick with muscle, bald head and a manicured goatee. He also loves to assert an aura of authority, barking orders, standi... Continue»
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Turning the tables

1984:in an English supermarket,a young man is pushing a trolley-rather 'weedy' looking,he reaches out for a milk carton-as he grabs it it splits-a young woman nearby is covered in milk 'watch what your doing your stupid idiot!'-the attractive curly haired young blonde woman in her mid 30's looks angrily at the young man-who is instantly transported back 5 years earlier to his time in an English boys-only boarding school-the cold showers,the endless cross country,the maths teacher miss Halam-who all the boys fancied-even him,although he only privately admitted it to himself-he remembered the fo... Continue»
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Camera slut - part 1

“I’m sorry darling, but your pressie hasn’t arrived, I brought it online……..sorry.” I said.
“Don’t be silly, look here’s your’s.” Dan said.
I gave my husband a hug, pressing myself against his chest, and felt the predictable reaction in his crotch.
“Come on Mum, open yours,” Suzie yelled.
I broke away, reluctantly. Then I opened the parcel. He stood there smiling. As I opened it, so our son, Mike snapped away with his new camera. It was underwear of course. But this year, he’d out done himself, and then some.
“Wow,” I managed to say. “Wow.”
They were silk, and designer. The soft filmy ma... Continue»
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Diane's New Lover

Diane walked through the house passing by the den as she did. A quick glance told her that Glen was absorbed in the football game as usual and would be for at least a couple more hours. They had hardly spoken since their big fight last week which was not that out of the normal anymore. They just didn't make up overnight like they had back in the old days. Now in their 50's the fights could sometimes lead to 2 or 3 weeks of just cordial conversation and no affection at all.
She decided tonight was going to be more of the same and decided she would go ahead and turn in for the night. Stepping i... Continue»
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How to Lick a Dick

How to Give Your Man the Hottest Blowjob Ever and Lick n Eat His Dick to make him cum again n again

Giving head is not as simple as you think. It’s actually an art. Art, you say? Why yes! It’s not just about unzipping your man’s pants, pulling his penis out, and sliding it up and down your mouth. If you want to give the best, mind-blowing blow jobs, understand that it is a process that should be done with passion and so much gusto.

Let me give you a step-by-step process in achieving just that.

1. Be in the mood.

First of all, condition yourself. You have to want it. You have to b... Continue»
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