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Rest Area - An Adult Story

I was driving my big rig. I had the fuzzy dice on the rear view. I was heading across country again. I had to deliver some new cars in my hauler. I had a few days before I had to get to my next stop. I was making good time. I checked the CB and my cell. I was getting low bars on both. It was close to noon on a Friday. I had big breakfast at a truck stop this morning. I had unbuckled my tight jeans to let out some air. I had some white leather cowboy boots on. A big white cowboy hat on with a tan leather rim. A big black n white checkered shirt. I had the two top buttons undone. I was not weari... Continue»
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Breast Reduction - An Adult Story - Her Second Fir

A had my cigar in my left hand. I had a drink in my right. I had thrown down a straight on the poker table. "What the fuck. You never loose man. Buck are you cheating man?" said Tony I got invited by some guys from the gym to play some poker. I knew almost all of them except for Tony. He was a cool guy. I only met him twice before tonight. He was a little arrogant. "Relax man. Were just playing for fun. I guess I am just lucky tonight." I said. "Yeah he is lucky in cards and women." said Oscar. "Lucky in cards yes. Lucky in women maybe. I am still single guys." I said. They all laughed. Tony h... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot - An Adult Story

just started to branch out from my usual 9 to 5 job. I work at a local big department store in the mall. I am the photographer in the f****y photo center of the store. I am the guy who shoots the k**s on there parents lap or the f****y portrait that no one likes to take. It's very boring. It's been getting on my nerves lately but it's a job. The only saving grace of the job, is it allows some free time when ever I need it. I just got into lightning and set up for photo shoots. It might take awhile until I can start to take photos of models. I have to work my way up before I get a chance to do... Continue»
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The MILF Camping Trip - An Adult Story

His bully was going camping with him and his big boob mother.....

It had been about 18 months since I had taken the school bus home. My car was in the shop again. My parents could not pick me up. They were on vacation for the next two weeks. I had the house to myself. They left me some cash, and some numbers were they would be staying. I looked around the bus. I recognized a few k**s. I was trying to hide my face. Being the captain of the football team, it was not cool taking the bus home.

I had about three more stops before I got off. I was sitting in the l... Continue»
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My Puerto Rican Papi

Tonight's Gentleman Caller was Marcos, a regular customer of mine. Tall, dark hair and golden brown skin, plus a gentle smile...he is a heartbreaker. He got me pregnant last month and when I told him he was so happy and so excited (that a 52 year old man could impregnate someone as "young and hot" as myself was like an aphrodisiac to him) that he fucked me senseless....he spent the weekend with me and fucked me (ass, tits, mouth, hair....whatever his pleasure was) so hard and so often that I blame it for my miscarriage. Granted it was two weeks later, but between that and all my other gen... Continue»
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Traffic Copter - For the Lovely Jade 38H - An Adul

It was a warm morning as I drove into work. It was going to get hotter as the day progressed. The first day of spring was going to be very nice. I tied my shoe lace as I buckled my safety belt inside the helicopter. I was riding with screaming Dave Osbourne. He was the pilot for the Channel 6 News helicopter this morning. I do local traffic on the morning drive for a local radio station. I also help out the local news for there morning traffic on channel 6. I report wrecks, heavy traffic, Fires, or Police emergency. Last week we followed a high speed chase on the tri-state. I took a sip of som... Continue»
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Fucking a friend

I use to work with this girl named Michaelina, heavy set woman but still good looking. We use to work at a deli in my home town, I was going out with Linda at the time and Michaelina came up too me and brush against me a lot. I remember one night I was in the back working, Michaelina came up too me and grabbed my cock, it was soft but she put her breast closer and I got a hard on from that. She squeezed it and went on with her work. She wanted to fuck me very badly, I know because one closing night it was me, her and another employee, the employee went on break and Michaelina went in the walk... Continue»
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The Grey Nomad

The Grey Nomad

I met Sylvia and George through a mutual friend - The Kat - in her far northern Australian city as they were travelling around Australia. As a retired couple , they were doing what thousands of other retired couples do. They buy a 4WD and caravan or a large camper van ( Winnebago) and set off for a protracted period of time driving around this vast country. We refer to them as Grey Nomads.
I’d known for a long time there was strong undercurrent of senior sexual activity within this group, often only discovered after they got on the road and met similar couples in the campi... Continue»
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First 4 some

I am a late life awakened bisexual married man. I did not experience man sex until two years ago, shortly after turning sixty years old. It wasn't that I hadn't thought about it,quite the contrary, I had fantasized for many, many years. The fact that my wife had lost all interest in sex was a big factor in pursuing my urges. Somehow having sex with a man does not seem to me like I am cheating on my wife. Right or wrong, that is how I feel.
I have had several short term or one time encounters with different men. I am not very keen on anal, either giving or receiving. I love oral,maybe giving s... Continue»
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student seduction

Chapter one. the student poses

It was a strange predicament I found myself in, standing naked in front of the fire. Normally I am embarrassed by my body but Mr Jacobs has the room lit only with two red globe lamps and my curves became voluptuous and sexy in the rose coloured light. With the flickering of the flames in the hearth casting dancing shadows across me and the room I felt beautiful, as of course we all should but rarely do.
I faced the room my front slightly cold and my nipples very erect both from the cold and from the tense excitement that I felt, the fire warmed and redde... Continue»
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The Student House

As Louise sat on the sofa, she really had no idea how she'd found herself in this predicament, although to say that she regretted it would be stretching the truth. The plan for that evening was for her and Claire to meet up in Reading where Claire had recently been undertaking a study course, and they were to have a quiet dinner out where they could catch up, perhaps get a bit tipsy and just talk and talk and talk until they fell asl**p, just like they'd so commonly done in college. Now it was one o'clock in the morning and she was in a house in the Reading suburbs with Claire and five young g... Continue»
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Polishing Mr. Cleans pole..

It was Sunday afternoon almost dark out. I was sitting in a Starbucks enjoying a coffee and thinking about what to do that night. I had not sucked a cock in a while and had a need for seed. I pulled out my iphone and opened my Craigslist app. I had had some luck looking through the personals before maybe this time something would come up.

I saw an ad for someone wanting a full body massage. He said he was 27,single and living alone up in the nearby mountain area. I responded back I would give him a really good massage. I really did not expect him to respond back since I am in my late 50's. ... Continue»
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fucking my dads girlfriend

I've been fucking my dad's girlfriend for a couple months and last night she let me go bare inside her. Her pussy was amazing. For a woman in her late 40s she's still got it going on. My favorite thing about her is the dirty things she says when my cock is inside her.

Last night my dad's girlfriend Elizabeth told my dad she was having a girls night out. I had been home all night and got a knock on my door at 11. It was Elizabeth I didn't have a chance to say anything and she was grabbing my crotch and pushing her way into my apartment. Within seconds we were passionately kissing and... Continue»
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(My Diary The Series) I'm not the one to blam

Last weekend I was over at my uncle's farm watching the MLB playoffs with the rest of my f****y. I got there Friday and ended up back home on Sunday night after a wild weekend.

I had a great time with my aunts and uncles eating, drinking, dancing and FUCKING.
My aunts always invite their friends over to our gatherings and most of them are married cougars/milfs so you know I was on the prowl to see if I can get some PUSSY without disrespecting my aunt in front of her friends.

Luckily I didn't have to because when a house is burning down it must be wrecked, or better yet demolished in my ... Continue»
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Moving to Brooklyn, as a medical technician, didn't afford me the luxury of a hi-rise apartment. Instead I found a 2 bedroom apartment situated over my Landlords garage. It was completely renovated and had central air. It was detached from the main house and you had to walk a narrow pathway along the side of the garage to get there.
I loved it and the rent was affordable. My landlord was a Widow from Jamaica, she was a school teacher and lived in the house with her teenaged daughter. My landlord was about 55 still had a nice body, but her face was butt ugly. Mrs. Barnes was a nice w... Continue»
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Unexpected encounter in the woods

Yesterday, I was drivving from one job to another one, and happened to be driving past a cruising spot I sometimes go to (but I usually strike out): nobody around, police squad car parked there, mosquitoes savagely biting anything with a pulse etc.). But I also had to pee, and I know a few spots near the bush there, in high herbs, not far from the parking lot, where you are not seen from people jogging or biking on the nearby main path, especially at this time of the year.

I parked my car, made a few calls to the office, then stepped out and proceeded down the main path.I saw that there wer... Continue»
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collage play

collage play was 2 girls one as a guy and one a girl . I share dorm with the one who a guy DAMN she flat a a cup look like a guy
casey was trying to fool the rest of guys . Why k.c ? if i can you get robin big c tits all for yourself she promise . cool so i went with gag for a while but i had the make up team make her mustdash since it was the 1970's . She share dorm with me i was sl**ping she hop on top of me nude she yelled eat it . okay if u as for it her clit was was 2 inches big than most girls she shaved it too i was pig in heaven she cum all over me . she said after ca... Continue»
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My first creampie with a mature amateur hooker

One of my other weaknesses is mature women, at least +40. I had a new job and moved closer to the capital, so the possibly of finding a sweet amateur hooker above 40 was looking good. Still in the early days of internet, I used a sex/dating site to find one. She was 45-47 years old and I was just 25, her profile said no one under 35, but I gave it a try since her pictures looked great and she was doing it for money. After some emailing, she agreed to meet and her deal was she only did whole nights and no weekends – so had to arrange it on a weekday and tell the boss I would be in 2 hours later... Continue»
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Mature Latina Hooker Bareback

I was working in South America and even if I had found friends, I used hookers when in between dating GF’s. At one point, I called the add in the newspaper and they said beautiful Latin girl, late 20’s and nice firm tits.
Made a deal with the e****t, that she should be there at 8pm. She knocked on the door and there stood a very lovely Latin woman, slender, big hips and thighs, firm tits and a smile to die for. A real Latina – with golden colored skin, long black hair and black eyes. She was late 30’s, so +11 years on me and was still smoking hot and being a mature woman, I knew I would fuck... Continue»
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Pussy Glory

I'm having my morning coffee and scanning the Sunday newspaper; she comes in all wrinkled after her sl**p BUT FRESH and in her nightie. She bends over a bit and gives me the morning kiss. I kiss her back grabbing her waist with my left hand, lifting her nightie with my right and sticking my head inside her nightie; she smells GOOD. I kiss her stomach softly and smell the sweet smell of her still naked pussy. She's clean shaven with just a bit of pubic hair on her pelvis.

I'm not letting her go and just ask her to play along. I'm moving aside my empty cup and newspaper, push back my chair a... Continue»
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