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Public Toilet Encounter

I have always loved wanking myself off in public toilets, and seeing who else is hanging around: either to wank or show off their cocks. I stopped off on a number of occasions in Chesterfield - a market-type-town in Derbyshire, England. Two real hot and interesting cruisey toilets are located there: one on the bottom level of a multi-storey car park and the other on the edge of town.

The one on the edge of town is quieter, and I called in around 8pm one night in late autumn - I was in my early 40s at the time. The toilet lights were off, or broken, so the only light available came from the ... Continue»
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My Love For Vintage Pussy

I would have to say that my love for vintage pussy started with my three older s****rs that used me as their practice sex doll. They wanted to know what it was like to kiss a guy, they would practice on me. Wanted to know what it was like to jack a guy off, they would practice with me. The same for giving head, getting eaten out, fingered, and of course sex. And they shared me with their friends also. So my early to mid teen years were pretty much a cornucopia of fresh pussy and not only did my s****rs learn a lot but I learned tons about women and their pussies.
So then I dated and fuck... Continue»
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Cumming to School

Cumming TO School by Dogcrusher

Night school. I was working on my Masters degree in Computers. It was a long time since I'd been on campus. I almost forgot how it felt.

I looked around and saw nothing but young people. Ok. I'm 59. That means most of the people here are about one third my age. I could be their father, or maybe grandfather.

It really didn't bother me. I appreciate the scenery so much more. I see young women in various stages of life. All sexy in their own way.

I remember how I thought with my cock when I was in college. If it moved, had big t... Continue»
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Molly,Tom &Carmel

Molly held Tom’s cock and started to rub it up and down, it was the first time she had wanked Tom’s cock his shaft was real thick and a huge cock head, she was scared to have it in her, Tom and Molly had been together for 2 years and wanted to take their relationship to the next stage they had done the preliminary fondling and had made Molly have a small orgasm, she so wanted to have Tom inside her but still being a virgin she was scared it would hurt, Tom groaned as she rubbed it a bit faster, she wet the head to make it easier to rub she looked in amazement as Tom’s cock got bigger every tim... Continue»
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my friend fucked my wife..

My friend Mike is a long haired biker and nudist and known him for about 10 years when I got a Harley we started hanging out more and doing some rides to biker events then started coming over to his place more for bbq's and swimming.
Since he's a nudist he don't wear anything in the pool and my wife Anita asked me if she could take off her bathing suit and swim nude I didn't have a problem with it nor did Mike..
Anita found she really enjoyed swimming naked and laying out nude so started wanting to visit more so she could do so which was fun for all, one day Mike said I hope I don't piss you... Continue»
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My neighbor


I have a neighbor who is 50 something. Very successful in her career and very good looking. She is always wearing these shirts that are cut just low enough to show just enough of her breasts to get attention. Usually in tight jeans that show her ample butt.
She has this habit of always either bending over in front of me and letting her breasts roll almost out of their bra. I have seen just enough to see that she has enormous auras. Then other times she wiggles her ass when no one is looking especially if no one is outside.
So anyway my wife is away on busin... Continue»
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Tom and Diane are out to dinner one evening. The place is busy and fully packed. They are at a booth setting across from one another. They had been friends for many years and had never been anything more. They had recently become very close friends and can and do talk about everything and we were talking about our k**s and she asks if it would be OK if she came over and set next to me for a change. I said sure.
They are setting there talking and her leg starts rubbing against his.
After a bit of this she reaches over and takes Bens hand and puts it on her leg and tel... Continue»
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An offer I couldn't refuse ... part 2.

My head was spinning, full of all sorts of weird thoughts. I'd just agreed to fuck a man to please a woman. June was playing with my cock, purring like a kitchen as she told me how wonderful it was going to be to feel my beautiful cock pleasuring her long neglected pussy and her never before fucked virgin ass.
''Oh Peter it's going to be so good to have a real cock in my pussy. ''Yes I have my toys that I pleasure myself with, but it just not the same. I need a man. A man with a real cock. I want to feel flesh and bl**d in side me, not a plastic toy''.
''I'll do my best to make you feel ... Continue»
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"Ex Daughter-In-Law"

It's late Friday night when the phone rings. A quick look at caller id shows that it’s the ex-daughter-in-law Amy.

"Hey, what's up?"

"David and I got into a big fight, can I stay there tonight?"

It's late I'm tired and not thinking so, "Yeah sure."

I'd be lying if I said I never had any sexual fantasies about Amy. She's got a sweet B cup and a nice ass. But she is the mother of my grandson, married, and currently about 4 months pregnant. While doing a quick pick up of the house before she gets here I suddenly think, where is she going to sl**p? I only have two beds, the gran... Continue»
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The Laundrette

I went to the laundrette to do some big items that wouldn’t fit in our washer, when I got there, there were two other mature women doing their washing. The lady that runs the place came over to me and said “I’ll do that for you” “Thanks” I replied. I’m just popping out for half an hour she said she’d watch my laundry for me.

Upon my return she’d dried it all and it was neatly folded, as I sat down she came and sat next to me, we were talking and I could tell she was flirting with me. She was short, shoulder length black hair, a little plump and on her own admission 49. She was wearing black... Continue»
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Romote Control

The first text message arrived whilst she was at work.

`Play with your cunt as you drive home', it read. She looked around the
office expecting it to be some kind of joke, but no one was taking any
notice. She scrolled down the message to see who it was from, but the
number was withheld. Dismissing it as some kind of spam she got on with
her work.

The second message arrived just before 5pm. `Don't forget', it read.
It was a withheld number again.

The drive home that night was the usual slow trawl through the traffic.
As she crept inch by inch home her mind kep... Continue»
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Donna's last day

It was Donna’s last day at the store and Steve the manager of the store asked her to come into the office, as Donna knocked on the door Steve opened it and asked her to sit down. He was sat behind his desk as he talked her through all the stuff that Sally had talked to her about. He did say “You’ve done a really good job here I hope in the future we can get you back”.

Steve then said “What time do you finish?” she answered “8pm” and looked at the clock it said 7:25pm. Steve smiled at her, got out of his chair and walked round to where Donna was sitting with his hand out, as Donna shook his ... Continue»
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Victoria-72 yr old hottie part 3 MARY

If you're reading this and not parts 1 & 2 you should read them first to follow the story line. Thanks!

After reading the card Vicky had given me I couldn't wait until I hooked up with her friend Mary, but decided to play it a little cool and called her two days later. She sounded sweet on the phone with a little southern accent that I fell in love with from the start. She said that she knew all about me from Vicky; that I was 6'1, a little heavy but not fat; handsome with brown 'bedroom' eyes that attracted Vicky and my cock was just the right size for fucking and sucking. Oh, I also knew ... Continue»
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My First Time Cuckolding with an Old Girffriend

An old girlfriend recently contacted me over Facebook, just to say hello and keep tabs on how our lives were going. We struck up a renewed relationship, and things were going well, very cordially, although there was always something in the back of my mind that had me asking myself what it would be like to be with her again, despite my commitments to my current partner. Then, during one chat session, she asked if I would call her. I did. We spoke several times over a few weeks-- she lived in a city a few hours from mine-- and, eventually, decided to meet for coffee (I would be passing thr... Continue»
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The salon sluts part 3

Suzi felt uncomfortable as she walked into The Adult Toy Store. She had to park two blocks away and with her short skirt and heavy makeup she had been approached four times by men who thought she was out turning tricks. Once inside, things hadn’t gotten much better. She imagined everyone in the sleazy place was a pervert and her mere presence had solicited everyone’s undivided attention. She was amazed at the selection of filthy items. Most of the things, she had never seen or heard of before.
She decided to minimize her time in the seedy place by simply biting the bullet and asking the unsha... Continue»
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"Well, here we are."

My husband Michael holds open the glass door for me to enter the place. The Relaxation Station; a spa in a shopping center. I sigh inwardly; a tacky name, but as this visit is on him I can't complain too much...

We approach the reception desk, surrounded by the scent of patchouli and the sound of nondescript New Age music and within a setting of comfortable-looking if anonymous plush chairs and sofas. The young man behind the counter is handsome enough, in a Keanu Reeves-vacuous sort of way. He smiles at us.

"May I help you?"

I say, "Yes. I have an appointment ... Continue»
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remodling home

First a little about husband I 63 and 66 work are a very conservative company very proper dress and so on. our sex life had all but stopped my husband couldn't get an erection and I felted very sexual actived so we try some things at home frist he got a porn video showing men and women having sex with other and with each other some of the men were very well hung black men. Then we order a few toys such as dildo and a couple of them were black as well. We did some role play and even had my husband cross dress as I used a strap on dildo on him but here is were it gets wild we video all our fun t... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Mom in his s****r's Bed

I never really cared much for vintage pornography. When I was on a porn site, the "vintage" category wasn't something I every clicked on, like ever. That was before I knew what I'd find there.

The video was from the 80's. The girl had big hair and too much makeup. But something about her looked familiar. She was young, my age. Eighteen. I know this because the man about to fuck her asked. "How old are you?"

She bit her lip and answered. "Eighteen."

"And how much do you like cock?" The man, a middle aged fat guy, asked.

"So much" The girl smiled. "I try to have at least one every da... Continue»
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My grandmothers s****rs sneakers and boots

My grandmothers s****r has always been close to me, I have been able to talk to her about everything. She knows everything about my fetish and we have talked allot about it, she seems to be quite curious about it. Lets call her Ella. She is 37 years older than me, she is blond with a fit boddy and everythin. She has shoe size euro 41, I have been borrowing shoes from her manny times. She doesn´t look a day older than 40, I prommise!

When I was 19 I was going to her at her house, she lives about 20km from me all alone and has 1km to the nearest neighbor. She has a huge garden and I really un... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 5)

Sorry about the delay in writing part 5, had to drag myself away from all the inspiring pictures and videos of the sexy CD's Tgirls, fembois young and not so young.

"You may begin Princess, Daddy has been waiting all day for his little sweetheart to suck his cock, can't you see how excited it is to finally meet you? it is positively drooling in anticipation already." My cock was practically jumping out of her hand as it twitched uncontrollaby, causing her to grip the shaft even tighter which made the head of my cock bulge even more as she drew back my foreskin, the big purple bl**d ... Continue»
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