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Cheryl's the Center of Attention

Cheryl is the center of attention at a party

My wife, Cheryl, knelt on the floor of our living room, you might think she was praying, but that was only partially true. She was praying in a way, to the big, ten inch black cock aimed at her mouth. She licked the head of the black dick as she slowly stroked him, then took the head of the cock in her mouth, slowly letting him deeper into her throat, as he gently held her head. She pulled her head back, the cockhead popped from her mouth. She then lewdly rubbed the head of his cock all over her pretty face, smearing the pre-cum obscenely over... Continue»
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The Christmas Party

The Christmas Party
This year the work Christmas party was being held at the Cataloo Lounge in the town over from the factory. My wife Lisa and I were excited to go to the end of year event as it was a nice night without the k**s for a change. I was dressed in white slacks with a light gray button down shirt, tucked in, and a charcoal vest. Lisa put on a dark blue dress with a plunging neckline and her Greek goddess sandals.
It started raining as we drove to the Cataloo but we weren’t going to let that dampen our night. I parked the car and we went in and found our seats. We were seated... Continue»
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Pulling The Bridal Train

Mary sat looking into the large mirror that rose above the antique dressing table
and smiled at her image the glass. She looked stunning with her golden blonde
hair flowing down out of the wispy wedding veil, framing her creamy white
cheeks in an almost angelic halo. Her silky white wedding dress dipped down
in the front revealing her milky cleavage and she felt her breasts rising as her
breathing grew short. Her nipples, always sensitive, reacted to her
thoughts and rose up creating dimples in the otherwise smooth cloth that
barely covered her breasts. She smiled at the sight, ... Continue»
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Wedding Night Bliss (Pulling The Bridal Train cont


Mary stood in her wedding dress, posing for the camera. She could feel the
cum dripping down her inner thighs, and she was sure she could smell sex
wafting up through the air from her abused pussy. She looked over at her
new husband. Greg looked so handsome in his black tuxedo, and a small
pang of guilt washed through her.

She knew from the soreness that was already settling between her legs that
she would not be able to give him the wedding night that he deserved and
wanted from her. She should have been satisfied with just fucking his
father, just a quick release bef... Continue»
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Peeping Mom

Peeping Mom
I looked up and I saw a pair of feet under the heavy curtain at the door. 'Oops!" I thought to myself that I forgot to shut the door. I hoped the owner of the feet would go away. To my surprised it did not happen.

"What is going on?" My wife asked in a not too happy tone as I stopped. She was under me and could not see the door.

"Nothing." I lied not to alarm her.

She pushed her groan up and her soft and silky pussy muscles tightly gripped around my rod and she let me know in no uncertain way her intention, "Why have you stopped?"

I looked away from the door and took... Continue»
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Visting a collegue and his wife part 2

Katya kissed me on my cheeks ... "wow ... Paul Delicious" she slipped away from me, turned to her husband and began to suck his semi-hard cock. I watched and saw how her mouth and tongue his dick was hard again. For a moment she stopped, looked at me, come Paul, help me ..

I looked a little surprised at her. I had never done anything like this. In a fantasy I have thought about it, but nerve in real. I doubted. The water had a refreshing effect on me, and after I got my orgasm my sense for sex was far less. Gert looked at me, then took the head of his beautiful wife in his hands. Dar... Continue»
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How we started our adventures 1

Quite a lot of men and women after a few years of marriage / relationship when the excitement and the reality of having fun in the bedroom fades a little start thinking about how to spice up their love life and think about how to keep the spark going. Men of course, at least most, think about watching their partner playing with another male and seeing how she is being pleasured.

Well, this is a true event that led us to having a few meets with other men over the years on occasional basis, (we are not hardened swingers) and if the meeting was good and C enjoyed herself would sometimes go out... Continue»
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My drive through the woods

A few weeks ago I went for a drive up in the woods not too far from where I live. I had intended to find a secluded place and stroke my cock for an hour or so until I couldn't stand it and finally make myself cum all over the truck. Sorry to say that it didn’t work out that way but I came home happy just the same.

It was hot that day so I wore shorts and a tee shirt with nothing else on. As I drove up to find my spot I had my cock sticking out the leg of my shorts and was slowly stroking it, it was really feeling good. There were just a few houses on the way to this spot. When I round... Continue»
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Big Mature Farmers Wife at Hay Time

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on my first day, Mary the farmers wife big colossal tits were hanging down, swaying from side to side in her white bra as she bent over. Mary had told me yesterday to meet her down in the hay field after offering me some work because her husband was in hospital for a hernia operation. It worked in well with my other job as a milkman, delivering bottled milk in the mornings.

As I got closer to the tractor I became a little more excited with seeing her big mature tits on display, only being sixteen I had never seen tit this size and so nearly naked da... Continue»
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Cheryl's Return to the XXX theater

Back to the XXX Theater

We were parked in the dimly lit parking lot behind the XXX theater, I stepped from the driver’s side and quickly moved around to the passenger side to let Cheryl out. As I opened the door I also extracted my cock from my loose fitting pants.
“What the fuck are you doing?” She chuckled as she watched me begin stroking my cock.
“Jacking off, slut, so suck the head of my dick while I jerk it,” I directed my wife as she turned, placing her feet on the ground, legs spread her bare pussy quite visible in the light.
“Ahh, I’m there, cunt. Jack me off you fuckin’ cock w... Continue»
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Mauricio - Part 1

One evening while my husband was out of town I decided to go out to eat and have a few drinks with a few friends at a local restaurant. There were several of us there sitting at a large table, talking, drinking, eating and having fun. As we sat there, I noticed the owner was paying particular attention to our table. He made sure every few minutes to check on us himself to make sure we were all doing ok. I also noticed he was trying rather hard to make eye contact with me.

I decided to go to the restroom to see if he was actually giving me the eye or if it was just in my head. As I wa... Continue»
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My best night, and best partner. Part 1

I have had a good run of some great times of sex. I usually have to count the many conquers that make up my little list. But all have to measure up to each other, measuring on the best to the worst. Right now this story is my top fuck. Its not how many I did, or how big things were, its more about the time spent and the build up to it. I am all for call and then fuck, but this one was a nice build up to an amazing night and morning. So here we go.
I met Melissa when I came for a visit to my s****r's house. I knew of her but this was the first time we met, as an adults. Melissa as a young l... Continue»
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Night on the Dock

Well it was a nice moon lite night out and we had made our way down to the boat dock over looking the bay. We sat and had a few drinks as I was sitting on the top of the steps and you where just on the steps bellow me. You was leaned against my inner thighs as I started to massage your shoulders. Not much was said as I continued to massage them. I would with each massage motion run my hands down your outer arm. As I brought them back up to massage your shoulders I would brush up against your breast. After several minutes of massaging you I started to run my hands over your breast I could feel ... Continue»
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Mother's lover Harry, was now my boss.

'This is your big chance'.

His words echoed in my head. It felt as if I was on the verge of something big in investigative journalism, working in my home-town rag, a little newspaper with a readership of under 5000, but it was a start, during Summer recess from collage.

My meeting was to kept under wraps, a morning coffee with the editor, a man known to my f****y, a man I had known since I was eight years old, so I trusted him, and oddly it was he who encouraged my interest in reporting and it was he I looked up to for advice, and now, after that meeting, all I could think about was bein... Continue»
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Surprise surprise

It was the early hours of Saturday morning and, not unusually, my wife was working away. I had been out for a few beers and almost immediately crashed on the sofa when I got in. I'm not sure how long I'd been asl**p when I was awoken by a text message. I jumped up, startled firstly by the loud alert and then secondly panicking who could possibly need to text in the early hours of the morning.

The number wasn't one I recognised and the message simply read "hey, you up?". Curious as to who it was I immediately replied "I am now. Who is this?". I could see they were almost immediately typing ... Continue»
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Picked up in the DIY store

The wife and I were looking for some shelving at a local DIY store, when this young man caught my eye, strange I thought. As we looked around the store, it took us around 20 minutes and then we decided to leave, on our way out he came up and slipped a piece of paper into my hand, when I got home it read ‘If you fancy meeting up text me’.

I must admit I was intrigued. A couple of months later he was still on my mind so I text him. ‘You doing anything tonight?’ about ten minutes later I received a reply ‘I finish at 8’. I told the wife I was going out with ***** a good friend for a drink or t... Continue»
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s****r In-law (wife's s****r)

I really can't remember when it started. Somewhere in my 8 years of marriage, though, I had become infatuated with my wife's younger s****r. Twenty seven years old, with an athletic build and wonderful smiling eyes, Ginny was anyone's definition of a knockout. I was captivated by the beautiful shape of her ass, and I found myself stealing glances at it whenever I could. Wrapped in a skirt or barely hidden by a bikini bottom, my eyes were drawn to it like a magnet.

Six months ago, while expecting our third c***d, my wife and I went on vacation to the Delaware shore. On our second weekend t... Continue»
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A Hot Morning At Work

Liv and me had been getting closer for months and it seemed inevitable that something would happen between us. I do some “care” work and one of my clients is Liv's adult bedbound son who I, in effect, watch over once a week while she gets a precious few hours to herself to do as she pleases. In fact I'm just a presence in the house as he is very often medicated and I rarely see him. As time had gone by it seemed that more often then not what Liv wanted to do was to spend time with me because her trips out became shorter and shorter.

Liv is a “rough diamond” and been given a lot of bad card... Continue»
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The Bet

I sat in disbelief-Kim just made a bet with these guys. The bet was Kim and would give hand jobs to all four if these two dude had the biggest cock we had ever seen. "Don't worry Lisa, look at these guys they are young, skinny, ugly, how can they have big cocks, they are white! We have this, don't worry." Lisa said with confidence. Lisa and I were out on a girls weekend get away. Our husbands and k**s were at home and we were at the beach for a short weekend of fun and relaxation. We had only had a few drinks and had been flirting and dancing with every guy in the hotel bar. Now we were goin... Continue»
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My Town's Story III

Becky pulled me down to her and kissed my mouth. My eyes remained fixed on the picture of her daughter Debbie. My mind was reeling as I tried to reconcile what had just happened.

Debbie Stewart was the girl at school that I wished I had the nerve to talk to. Like most young guys I had trouble thinking of anything to say when the pretty girl that I jerked off thinking about was standing there. Now I had just fucked her mother!

"Wait a minute! Becky's last name was Robbins! Maybe Debbie was not her daughter!" I thought to myse... Continue»
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