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Parking Lot Affair

I met Clare online in my young 20s. She was around 10 years older than me, though she wouldn't give me her exact age. She was married and, according to her, had never been with anyone in her life but her husband. She had been looking to experiment in the bedroom but her husband wasn't much for changing up their routine after all those years together, so she turned to the internet to try and satisfy her cravings.

It didn't take long after meeting Clare for our conversations to turn sexual, and soon she had spilled her guts about her lackluster love life at home and her desire for adventure. ... Continue»
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Stacy 2

"Jack, climb out of your pit and give me a lift to work, will you?"

Mum's voice penetrated my hard-achieved slumber and I groaned as the morning light burned my eyes. Rubbing my face, I blinked the ceiling into focus and stared at it while my mind assailed me with lurid images. Had last night really happened? Could I have been so stupid that I did not realise the young, teen pussy I was thrusting eagerly into did not belong to my s****r's gymnastic team-mate, but to my little s****r, herself?

How could I possibly reconcile the fact that the most wonderful and arousing sex I had ever had ... Continue»
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Stacy 3

I made my way down to breakfast, unsure of how Stacy would react. I had thought yesterday morning I had been confused, but today I was worse. This time, she had come to me, and it had been she that had initiated the sex. So why did she leave in tears?

I now knew that I loved her in more ways than just as a b*****r, but I did not regret a single thing anymore. No, that is not true; I suppose I did have a regret. It was that it had taken until Stacy was eighteen before we began to get along. I felt we had wasted all those years getting on each other's nerves, when we could have been close.

... Continue»
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Meeting My New Friend Part 2

I started the truck up and we headed over to my place. I asked her a question as we drove.
"Have you ever done this before? You know, cheating on your husband?".
She looked at me and replied "Not until I met you.  You don't treat me like a piece of ass and you actually listen to me.".
I was listening and driving as she said that and looked over at her.  Damn I just now noticed how big her tits were.  I had to do a double take.  Being a tit man, I didn't know how much longer my pants could contain my member. 
That's when I noticed her eyes staring directly at my bulge as she talked. ... Continue»
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The Lonely Wife 10

Chapter 10
Jenny and Donovan laid together holding, caressing and kissing each other. They may not know yet but they were in love.
“Did my pussy feel good?” Jenny asked as she gasped for air.
“Oh Jenny, I have fantasied about fucking you so many times. I wanted to ask you out but I was terrified that you say no. That would have destroyed me.”
“Well now you know that I want you and when you want some pussy or your cock sucked you can come to me. Of course you still have my Mom’s pussy available as well”
Donovan looked at her trying to see if she was serious.
“Donovan, I want you to know ... Continue»
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Grandad of love 6.

It had been a couple of day's since I had fucked the young woman in the park and Faith my house keeper still hadn't been round.
Things had gone well at the hospital and now she had her first grandc***d but her daughter was not coping well so Faith was now stuck at home helping her daughter look after the bundle of joy.
So after the third day I decided I should go visit some friends, it wasn't that I couldn't look after myself for a while it was just I preferred some one around the house, so I made a call, packed a bag and was on train heading to the coast to visit David and Zoe.
David was a... Continue»
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Nurse Abby

This happened long ago-early seventies. I was about to start my final year of high school and I went to my f****y doctor to get a note to play football. Back then we just needed a note saying we were good. Doctor Harris was my doctor and had been forever. He was in his early seventies. He loved watching our high school football games and was excited to see me play this season. I was good, and he thought I was the best. Doc gave me the note with out even looking at me. Then like he was one of the guys he asked me if I was ready. I told him yes. He said the best thing to do before a game was t... Continue»
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I slept with my boyfriend moms' boyfriend.

I was a sophmore in high school, met a boy at a fair. He bought me cotton candy. We got on rides together and he walked me home, exchanged numbers and he kissed my cheek. He was very sweet and I like him. He called every night and we saw each other everyother weekend. We started dating, going to dinner with our parents or movies with our siblings and many other events. He visited me at home & vice a versa when our parents were home ofcourse.
So my mom has an emergency her and my step dad had to fly out. She took my younger siblings and left the older pack behind. I snuck my boyfriend in my r... Continue»
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Working Senior Care Led To Sex

My name is Trisha and I am eighteen years old. I moved from my small, rural hometown to a town that wasn't really that big but to me it was like New York. I decided to go to school for nursing because I always enjoyed helping people whenever I could. I got a small apartment where I spent most of my times studying and looking for a job. I wasn't sure what I should do for work when one of the girls in my class told me about a place where you basically help seniors. I applied and a couple weeks later I was hired. I was kind of nervous starting this job but I soon learned everyone was very nice an... Continue»
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c*** 2

The next week the women of the f****y stayed away from any sexual relations with Jake. He was building his strength and except for a hand-job from his physical ther****t Lena he had no sensual action at all. It seemed as if the women came to their moral senses and realized what they were doing was wrong now that he had recovered.

It was almost two weeks from the time he woke from the c*** before something sexual happened again with a f****y member. Jake was eating breakfast when Annie walked in wearing her normally short nightgown. As she leaned over to take the milk out of the refrigerato... Continue»
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c*** 1

Jake was returning from his second year of college back to his home town of Juliet when he saw the brake lights of the car ahead of him suddenly flash. His car spun to the left to try to miss the metal pile-up in front of him but it was too late. His right front bumper caught the rear bumper of the pickup truck and spun his car around and around into the middle island. He saw the bridge support just before he blacked out.

Jake's mom Brenda was at her ladies club meeting when her cell phone went off. She glanced at the number and it was her younger daughter's cell phone. "Excuse me." She sa... Continue»
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Cocksucking college s****r 4 FINAL

Mom let her shocking question linger in the air for the remainder of the song.

My head spun with the double revelation that:
1. Mom knew about Lilly and I having sex and was not outraged by it.
2. Mom had just asked if I would like to fuck her.

My cock was instantly at launch and ready for takeoff mode at the thought of fucking mom. She had been a constant stroke fantasy throughout high school by myself and all my buddies who called her a MILF. Unlike my shy s****r who had always dressed rather conservatively, hiding her nice body, mom had always dressed provocatively but classy (if th... Continue»
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Mom’s BBC Hookup at Wedding

The following is based on actual events. I just recently created an xhamster account because I feel like my story needs to be told. I still can’t believe what happened…

My mom and dad are open swingers. I have known about their swinging lifestyle since I was in high school. Today I’m 22 years old and in college. This past weekend, we all attended my cousin’s wedding in Las Vegas. My mom, who is in her mid-40s, wore a tight leather dress to the wedding reception. I have to admit she looked really sexy. While growing up, it wasn’t easy having a sexy mom. All of my friends wanted to fuck her.... Continue»
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Beach camping

It's been an interesting couple of weeks, lots going on at home and at work.  I really love my life right now, my husband lets me, and encourages me to explore my wilder side, and I have really gotten into it.  I love sex, all types, and have been trying many new things these past couple of years.  Up until about 5 years ago I was a nice middle class housewife living in Hawaii, than my hormones got the best of me and I started flashing guys,this  leading to blow jobs, than getting fucked, to groups of guys, swinging, and just lately more domination and other wild adventures.  I am in my latter... Continue»
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Mom have anal ride

Later that day, after dad's quickie with mom at the front door me and father went to the garden to have some work.

I was looking forward to mom back from job 'cause I knew she will continue in that what she and dad began in the morning.

I had to do almost all the work in the garden 'cause dad was talking with our mature neighbor for most of time in there.
They were chatting and laughting, having fun and I noticed that dad is looking to her with some weird thing in his eyes. He seemed her attractive and wanted to fuck her! definitely.

Our neighbor is a few years older than mom. In fac... Continue»
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Sujata, My Mother, My Wife Pt. 01

My name is Vikram and I live in India.

I was born as the only c***d to my parents when my mother was barely sixteen years old and my father was 27 years old then. He used to work in a hazardous chemical factory in shifts. As the earnings were not good enough we lived in a small studio apartment which is called one room kitchen, where you have a living room a kitchen and a toilet no bedroom.

As my mother Sujata had married my father when she was only fifteen and the next year I was born so she had to discontinue her studies to look after me. But she was determined to study further so afte... Continue»
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Educating Stan Part 1

Stan was my third husband, I met him while visiting my friend Judy in Florida. He was a young sailer, barely nineteen, and I was twenty four and married twice before. I guess you could say that I was his first real love and absolutely his first sexual experience. We had been dating for almost a month before we had any intimacy at all. He was so sweet to me, which was charming but I was a woman in my mid twenties and needed some dick. It occurred to me that Stan was probably a virgin and I would need to "educate" him One night when we were staying at another couple's house, they went for a mot... Continue»
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The Lonely Wife 8

Chapter 8
The next month went by quickly as Jack and I both continued our outside activities but more and more we liked telling each other about what we had done.
One evening when we sat at the dinner table Jenny was full of the latest from her friends and teachers and all the things going on at school. There was latest gossip of who liked who and who was breaking up. She mentioned that she and Beth wanted to do a sl**p over.
We all agreed that the next Saturday would be perfect.
After cleaning up Jenny went upstairs to do her homework which left Jack alone with me.
“Jack, how about we ... Continue»
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The Lonely Wife 7

Chapter 7
When I got home Jack and Jenny were watching TV.
“Hi Mom, what are we going to have for dinner?”
“There is some chicken we can fix with some pasta. Perhaps you could get it started while I change clothes and clean up a little.”
“OK, take your time I can fix everything for you.”
I went upstairs and took off my clothes and touched my pussy which was sloppy with sperm and my own juice. Fuck what a mess. Suddenly the door opened and Jack came in. I was startled and jumped. Jack looked me up and down with a lustful stare. He was picking a hell of a time to want to get romantic. If h... Continue»
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The Lonely Wife 5&^

Chapter 5
The next Saturday I was to meet my teen lover again and was looking forward to a good fuck session with that big cock. I went to the same hotel and checked in. I pulled my car around the backside of the hotel since I wanted to get my car out of sight. As I turned around the corner I got a big shock when I saw my husband’s car parked there.
Son of bitch that bastard was already there probably fucking his lover!
I moved my car about a block away and walked back to the hotel. I went to my room which looked over the parking lot where his car was parked. I wanted to see who he was wi... Continue»
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