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What Katie did on the Balcony. By katie_tt

I’ve written about how I used to role-play at being an exhibitionist with my old friend Alex (“How I Started Being an Exhibitionist”) and told you about my minor teasing in public places and my fantasy about making love in public (“What Katie Did in the Parking Station”). In the second post I described how I shamelessly teased Mr Burgess who lives across the road from me. I promised I would tell you how things ended up with me and Mr Burgess, and here it is. And it is not a fantasy.
It is a week after the non-event in the parking station. It is another warm autumn day in Sydne... Continue»
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The one night that turned into a steamy affair

It all started the day my best friend phoned me for a favour, my friend and her mother were going away for a spa weekend.... That wasn't a problem the problem was there was no one to look after her younger siblings as her aunt had taken unwell and let them down at the last minute. My friends father worked till 9 or 10 most nights as he owned a very successful haulage company. So my friend asked would I be able to stay at her parents house and look after them, the two k**s were 5 and 2 and I loved them like they were my own siblings, my friend and I are both 21 and had known each other pract... Continue»
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My Biggest regret

My biggest regret.

My name Sally Andrews I’m 42 years of age and have a son of 16 years named Kevin,
I have been married for over 20 years to Tom but we are currently separated due to my husband having an affair with one of our best friends wife,
My son still see’s his father every week so we have time to talk about our son when he come’s,

I think he would like us to get back together as he tells me the affair is over,
I still cannot forgive him for what he has done to me and as yet but we are working on it,
My son would love us to get back together and be a f****y again.

Befo... Continue»
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My horny neighbor's daughter (part two)

"Honey, this isn't what it looks like." Mrs. West stuttered but even I, in the same position as her, found that as a feeble excuse.

"Mom, you're trying to fuck Jackson! And didn't think to even check if I was around!" Julie was pissed off, but she was justified in being so. But when I looked at her I was shocked by her, she went to the bathroom to clean up but she must have came out in a hurry.

She wasn't wearing her shirt, letting her chest be free to see.

"Honey, please. I wasn't going to have sex with Jackson." She stood up and pulled her shirt up to hide her breasts.

I sat ther... Continue»
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me and her

As I sat at home with my Flesh light in hand I began to use it for my 9 inch cock slowly stroking. Intensely I begin to do it more rapidly until about a half an hour later I was done. I wish she was here. At this time I was wondering if my friend was doing so I Text her she text back I can't talk right now in the middle of something. I know what that something was she was up there with her dolphin on her clit rubbing her swollen pink pussy. This was a slow intense process. As she rubbed a little harder. Now at this time she put her dolphin deep down inside her swollen pink pussy after a... Continue»
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My Sexual Adventures: Seducing My Hair Stylist

When I was younger I had a crush on the guy that cut my hair. He was in his thirties, was short at only about 5'6, and was athletically slim. He had very dark hair that was cut short and always immaculately styled, a nice thick mustache and a permanent five-O-clock shadow. An olive complexion along with his last name led me to believe that he was of Italian decent. His shirts were always open at the collar which allowed a copious amount of chest hair to be visible, and he always wore tight, stretchy dress slacks that made his soft package, while not huge, definitely noticeable.

About the t... Continue»
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Paying The Babysitter

It had not been a good evening. I was dressed up to the nines and was
looking my best. I'd drawn £100 from the bank and had headed out for my
date. It had been a year, or very nearly, since my wife had walked out
leaving me with our 3 year old son and I had been very much hoping that
tonight would be my night. Of course, she didn't turn up. I returned
home early, parked the car in the garage, and made my way past the back
window of my house toward the back door.

I stopped suddenly as I passed a gap between the curtains. Unsure as to
what I'd seen I looked through the gap. Fi... Continue»
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Babysitter's First Time

When I was thirteen I found a job babysitting for a friend of my
mother's. Her name was Charlene Watson and her husband was Charles,
which I always thought was a little funny. Everyone called her
'Charli' but her husband was always Charles and they were very
nice, especially to me and it seemed as if I'd known them my whole
life, really. They were more like my aunt and uncle than just

When I had a birthday, or some other special occasion, Charli and
Charles were always there, with gifts usually, even when it wasn't
called for. Like they gave me a new pair of roller blad... Continue»
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Lesley part 7

Rob and Lesley's plans were disturbed when her mobile phone rang, flashing the word 'School'. The male voice telling a distraught Lesley that one of the boys had twisted his knee and needed to get it checked by a doctor. He suggested going to the Walk In Centre at the hospital, saying that better to go there in case it needed an X-ray. He told her not to was just a precaution.

Lesley pulled on her uniform, which was still lying on the bathroom floor and was looking crumpled and the worse for wear. She had no underwear to wear and never gave it a thought. She pulled her flat work... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 3

It was one in the morning when Joyce thought to check her phone. For weeks she had been obsessed with checking to see if there were any messages from her ex,,saying he wanted her backs, or some other such fantasy. "Mums left her phone at home aunty Joyce. Steves been rained off and is coming home at nine tonight." It read. She looked at her watch and saw the time, realising that Sylvia was four hours overdue to be home to welcome her husband home.

Sylvia read the message and giggled. She put her head next to Joyce and whispered..." know what that"

"No...what...we"... Continue»
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Swimming in Cum

Swimming in Cum
by yutubeslut

I wrote this story years ago for a lovely lady I exchanged n00dz with.
It was originally titled, Housewife Night
She loved cum so this was just for her.
We lost track of each other
If you're out there, La****, PLEASE write me. I miss you.

“DAMMIT, that BITCH!!” you rage silently as you undress before the owner of the place. All because you lost a stupid bet.
He’s quite young, in his early 30’s but he’s seen it all.
You know immediately he’s Mafioso.

You stand there, naked and trembling in anger and humiliation.
He has a bored, world-weary look
... Continue»
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Single Guys & The Married Woman

This story is 100% true and happened last month, May 2015

So all my adult life I swore I'd never cheat on anyone or be the reason that somebody cheated. I don't know if something changed in me personally (or shall I say specifically as a lot has changed), or if it will remain as a one off as I so swore, but last month I ended up in bed with a woman I knew from a place of employment back in 2010-11!

The brief history was that Julia - a BBW aged 36 with huge perfect tits and smiling grey eyes - used to come to the store I worked at and took a shine to me but because she had a reputa... Continue»
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The cuckold Wedding

Rebecca was the happiest bride in the land everything she had strived for over the last 2 years was about to come to fruition she was going to marry the man who deeply loved her and would do whatever she wanted, she looked at the marriage contract which she had had drawn up by her lawyer mother and the signature at the bottom in which her husband to be had signed gave over control of all his assets which were substantial to her.
She came and sat at the dressing table in the bridal suite and her friend and maid of honour Catherine came over and did her make-up for her and when she was happy wi... Continue»
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the Awakening

This story is 100% fiction. The people don’t exist and events have never happened.

My daughter had just finished having a shower when I walked into the bathroom. There she was toweling down with droplets of water running from her hair, down her face and neck and over her breasts to drip onto her flat stomach and run down to her smooth pussy.

My heart jumped as I looked at her. Sure I had seen her naked many times before, but somehow tonight was different. Maybe it was because I had just got home from work and was about to take a shower myself and I was standing there naked also. She star... Continue»
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Ana having some fun during a business trip

Ana having some fun in a business trip

My loving Victor had to attend a business trip to Las Vegas and he invited me to share a couple of days with him there.
The first afternoon he left me alone in our hotel. It was a nice summer day and from my window I could see that no one was down by the pool at that time. So I decided to go sit out by the pool and enjoy the sun. I slipped into my sexiest bikini, a lime yellow one that really showed off my nice tits.

I grabbed a towel and headed down to the pool to lie out there.
Then a group of four guys came down together, all in their thirties... Continue»
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Lesley. Part 6

Rob was sitting in his garden when Lesley pulled onto his drive. Her battered old ford near exploding, she had driven so erratically. She slammed the door shut and walked straight into the house, not bothering to knock. She looked around, and, not being able to find him, shouted out his name. He was listening to music on his headphones and didn't hear anything. She went into the bathroom for a pee and decided to jump in the shower. She needed to get the stink of that old bastard out of her system and a shower was just the answer.

Rob saw the steam coming out of the bathroom window and dedu... Continue»
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Lucky Day

I was feeling horny and kept having erections in my tights which I always wear under my trousers, I decided to visit one of my favorite haunts a nearby wood which attracted a few kinky older men looking for quick sex.
I walked about 100 yards into the woods without seeing any body around so I slipped my trousers down and leaned against a tree and started fondling my erection through my barely black tights with the darker reinf***ed top band, I was stroking myself when I heard some noise from deeper inside the wood I waited feeling nervous but excited and sure enough two men came into view bot... Continue»
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Concert Night

Andrew knocks on the door to Natalie's apartment. Only a few seconds pass before the door opens and she smiles at him. "Right on time, lover." Then gives him a warm hug and kiss.

He looks her over and gives a grin. Black denim skirt almost short enough to be a micro, mid-riff baring bustier and her come fuck me heels. "I'm almost tempted to skip the concert," he says admiring her long, lean legs and the way her B-cups are on display

"Plenty of time for dessert later, sexy," she replies, running her hands over his tight ass. "We've both been wanting to see them, but maybe a little playt... Continue»
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I walk into the apartment I share with my girlfriend and call out, “You back yet, Beth?” No answer, she might still be at the library. We’re both master’s students, met at orientation last summer and there had been spark. We got the apartment before classes began, sharing it and the bed.

I put my laptop case on the table and go to the fridge for a beer but stop and read the note taped to the door. ‘Special present waiting in bed.’

Knowing her propensity for afternoon quickies I start getting hard as I skin out of my polo shirt, kick off my boots and head for the bedroom. I stop just i... Continue»
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"Nasty Love"


My name is Gina Evans and I’m a 29 year-old Nursing Supervisor at Bellevue Hospital Birthing Center in New York City’s lower East Side. I’m a totally ordinary woman with what I consider to be a very normal and relatively unexciting life. I am five-two and slim. My hips are a bit narrow, (often called boyish) despite the fact that my butt is very round and firm (though I think much too prominent). My breasts are small, but very nicely shaped and tilted up on my chest, displaying my little pink nipples very nicely. ... Continue»
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