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Semester Break by loyalsock

"Hi, Mrs. Cameron," Jason said while entering the foyer of the Cameron house, "is Zoey home from college yet!?!" "She's up in her room with Sky," Julie Cameron replied, "she said to just send you up when you got here!!!" Thanks, Mrs. C," he replied while taking off up the stairs to her room on the second floor!!! "Knock first," Julie Cameron yelled after him, "I thought I could hear a lot of moaning and groaning coming from up there, "don't barge in on them, okay!?!" "Sure thing," he yelled back, "I'll knock first, don't worry!!!" Jason stood outside of Zoey's room at the far end of the ha... Continue»
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The Bad Habit by loyalsock

"What are we going to do with that girl," a very frustrated Marie Downs asked her husband, "she's eighteen years old and still can't stop touching herself in public!?!" "Don't look at me, dear," Ed Downs replied quickly, "if you wanna say something to her, go ahead, but leave me out of it!!!" "Some help you are," Marie said with exasperation, "your daughter's behaving like a monkey in the zoo and all you can do is say keep me out of it, what kind of father are you anyway!?!" "The kind that feels uncomfortable talking about sex with his grown up daughter," he shot back at her, "come on, Mar... Continue»
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Summer Vacation

My wife and I had been married for fifteen years and get along great. We will take these vacations with her f****y every so often. This trip started off like the rest. We got to the beach and everyone got settled into their rooms. The next day my wife and her s****r took all the k**s to the amusement park. All the men went to play golf. I stayed at the hotel to rest. My wife's mother, Clair, stayed also.
Clair is about five eight, one hundred thirty pounds, bottle blonde hair. 62 years old. She is not bad looking, she has a sexiness about her. She is a bible thumper. So never in a million... Continue»
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So after returning from Brighton I settled down at home just the normal things really, work seeing friends and the like, I still very annoyed with Ken talking about my mother but dismissed it really on the count that he was just horny and couldn't wait to get home and watch the video of Alf and his friends fucking my s****r, still in was in the back of my mind to watch out for my mother who at 51 had kept herself in pretty good shape and she was at a low point that my father had walked out on us to be with another woman but she seemed ok and just needed to be looked after for a few weeks to he... Continue»
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Work can be fun...

The usual, you know? Monday. No one likes them and neither do we. Of late you’ve had a lot on your plate at work and certainly so have I but as we know, that rabbit wheel keeps on turning.
So Monday nights however, they can be interesting can’t they? No. I’m doing my usual and cleaning the bathrooms while you work at the PC. Isn’t it crazy how much we have to do outside of work to ensure we stay afloat?

The light in the room seems stark as you browse the pages of your work. Your eyes begin to blur the words and you sit back to see images of our lives on your screen saver. You only ... Continue»
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The Old Bitch

There was this woman that lived the road from me. She was always mean to me and my friends. Even my parents said she was a bitch. As I entered my teen years her husband died and she was all alone. One day she stopped me and asked if I could do some yard work for her. I said yes. But I did worry as I knew she was mean as all get out.
She was not bad looking, medium height, nice tits, a little plump. She had dark hair with some gray. She was in early sixties. She helped me with the yard work and flirted with me the whole time. When we were all done she gave me some money and asked if I cou... Continue»
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mother in law seduced me.....part 2

As karen was stood between my open legs in just her underwear and stockings, her arms wrapped round my neck. I was trembling nervously, 'Relax, and enjoy' she said.
she pulled my head forward and rested it against her cleavage as I held her bum, then I looked up at her and she kissed me, just a peck at first then a full blown passionate kiss, her hands rubbing over my shaven head as she sat astride my leg and started to rub herself against it. my hands wandered up her back and stopped at her bra clasp, and karen stopped kissing me and looked at me, she reached round her back to my hands and u... Continue»
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Mommy Sits on my Lap part 2

Part Two – The long Ride Home

Mom wore a white two piece skirt and jacket. The skirt came to mid-thigh and the jacket nearly covered the skirt. The band was appropriately playing the song by 'Cake': "I Want a Girl In a Short Skirt and Long Jacket". Mom was dancing to the music with some fat old guy who couldn't keep his eyes off her long legs and his hands off her well-proportioned ass and her magnificent tits.

Mom knew she had great legs and liked to show them off. That's why she had worn the Lycra/nylon tights earlier in the day. Tonight her legs were clad in flesh-toned ultra-sh... Continue»
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Juggs XXXmas - GF & MILF & GILF

I had only been going out with my new girl friend for less than 2 months when she asked me to go her parents for Christmas. We live in Florida and her parents and relatives live in Vermont. I am not a big fan of snow but I grew up in Buffalo so its not a big deal. I said ok, but she had to promise to give me a special Christmas gift and we would have fun.

We flew in on December 22 and drove about 4hrs through the woods and back country to get to her parents. Margie was happy and could not wait to introduce her f****y to me. She is about 5ft 8 and has a voluptuous body that measure 40EE - 34... Continue»
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Kimmy Nipples - An Adult Story

Written for a friend on another website

My list of things to due today. Morning wood - check. Big breakfast - cold pizza a beer - check. Put on old AC/DC black t-shirt and tan baggy cargo shorts - check. Remove old copies of Bodacious Magazine, Juggs, Score, XL, BBW, Voluptuous magazine and old D-Cup when they had stories and cartoons off couch in bed room - check. Log on PSP and PC computer in back room - 2 computers at same time - check. Upload galleries - check.

I just got done down loading some big boob blonde pics in a new gallery when I got a message from my pal "eightiespurefan." ... Continue»
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Fucking The Neighbors

I felt guilty and married a girl I should not have. She finally let me fuck her and she got pregnant. The condom broke and my big wad leaked in her pussy. She was nice but had small tits and her parents made us move across town in a new house they got us. I think they were Happy she finally got a husband and wanted us to be closer to them. They lived about 2 blocks down from the new house. I had never cheated with any women I had been with but that was about to change.

I was out back mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges when I heard a car door slam and I heard some people talking. I look... Continue»
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SBBW Farmer & The Milk Man in France

It had been a long night and all I wanted was to find a place to eat and get off the road. I had been driving for most of the day across France heading to England. I had business in London and need to get there in a day and half. I did not leave myself much time but I had clients who were waiting on a proposal and I needed to sign some papers to make it official. It was raining and fog had set in. I was in the mountains and the roads had become dangerous. I need to find a hotel and something to eat before it got to late.

It was nearly midnight when I finally found a Pub near a dirt road, I ... Continue»
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I had always had a thing for my sexy mother in law and often fantasised about her seducing me. I had even looked at her sexy undies on the washing line and flirted with her alittle but to no avail. She is 56, 5'2, and dyed blonde hair and a nice size 12 figure. I only know her dress size and bra size due to the fact of looking thro her undies. Her boobs aren't big, size 36A but nice and pert.
Any way one day I had been mowing the lawn, like I usually do and I noticed she had some washing on the line and as I mowed closer I noticed acouple of pairs of little lacey panties. I tried not to make ... Continue»
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Fran Next door

After my divorce I moved into an apartment and for the first 6 months it was bliss. The amount of 30s and 40s women out there willing to jump into bed at a moment’s notice was unbelievable. One women who I tries like crazy to bed was Francesca. She lived in the apartment across the way. She was a 32 year old Latino, slightly overweight big tits but I always thought she would be a lot of fun. Now she did have a boyfriend / fuck buddy who comes around every now and then to see to her needs . One night over a bottle of wine she mentioned that he never makes her cum, I jokingly said, Give me a... Continue»
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Hotel meet up and fuck with a girl half my age.

It is not always easy to cheat when you are yourself. So my young lover and I have resorted to role playing to help facilitate our meetings. Last weekend I came home one day early from a job in Montana and got a hotel room on the business credit card since I go in on a flight that cost the company less. This is what played out once I hit the hotel.


I walked into the bar in the hotel lounge and saw her immediately. She was sitting at the bar, sipping... Continue»
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Sex Ed 101 by loyalsock

Helen Boyer glanced up at the clock on the classroom wall and with a couple of hard raps on her desk with the butt end of a ruler, quickly brought her fifth period Human Sexuality and f****y Planning class to order!!! "Okay everyone," she ordered, "please open your books to chapter eleven, page two hundred fifty two, today we're going to be discussing condoms and when we should be using them!!!" "Now, how many of you use condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse, please raise your hands!?!" "Well, that's almost all of you, but a few of you didn't raise your hands," she continued, "and I thin... Continue»
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Mom and dad fuck

This story is a true life experience. It tells about the first and only time when a six year old watches his parents fuck.

I remember when I was 6. On Christmas day our X-mas tree caught fire and almost everything in the room was ruined. Since our flat was only two rooms, I and my 3 years old brot/her had our beds in there while mom and dad slept in the other room. But by necessity we had to sle/ep in our parents' room for a while during the renovation process.

Maybe some months earlier my mother had told me 'approximately' how babies were made when I asked her why girls d... Continue»
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Finally Fucking my Ex Mother-In-Law

This story begins, after my Ex-Wife and I had already been divorced for a few weeks. We weren't on speaking terms, at that time (as you can see on my profile, we did become great friends later). I was still a bit upset about the whole situation, and her Mom and I, still spoke on the phone from time to time. She called me one day, just to check on me. I wasn't the greatest that day, so she said she'd stop by later. I didn't think she would actually show up though.
A few hours later I heard a knock at the door. I welcomed her in, and to my surprise received a hug. This was the first hug we ... Continue»
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The Anniversary Week - Monday

The following story is an original work of fiction


I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing - and a headache. I solved one annoyance by tapping the screeching device on my nightstand and tried to alleviate the other by rubbing my temples with one hand and reaching for the half-empty glass beside my clock, which was flashing 7:00. It didn't help much, as I knew it wouldn't. I don't often get headaches but when I do they're slow and deep and last for days. With a s... Continue»
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Mrs Henderson's problem 4. Enough? Never.

This is the fourth part of the story of Harriet Henderson. I recommend you read all three preceding parts before this one.

Mrs Henderson's problem 4. Enough? Never.

Before she got to her home Andrea phoned Jim and whispered she needed more cock. She told him a very short version of her day with Harriet and how she was on an orgasm binge..........

He met her just inside the entrance gates to their ranch. The horse was walking slowly and she was almost cross eyed with pleasure. He saw she was naked and his cock leaped to attention. He ripped all his clothes of... Continue»
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