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Discipline on The Croft Part 2

The MacDonald croft was on the edge of the village in a spectacular elevated spot, set back from the road and looking out to sea. I had just started walking up the long track leading up to the croft as a Land Rover appeared from one of the fields and turned towards me. Iain MacDonald leant on the door and smiled a greeting to me.

“Young Angus! Fine day it is! You’re up and about early for being on your holidays, are you not? I thought young lads didn’t see much before early afternoon surely?”

I couldn’t think of a response but he saved my blushes by continuing.

“I’m off to Fort Wil... Continue»
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Gas Station Whore

I just got done with my job. I was working late and lost track of time. I was traveling from one side of town to the other, to get home. It was just after midnight and it was starting to rain. There was a gas station at the next exit that had cheap gas and great tacos. It was kind off the beaten path and was more or less a dive. I got lost one night and stumbled upon the place. I put my turn signal on my black SUV and slowed down.

It was a good five minute drive off the interstate. The rain had picked up as a drove into the beat up gas station. I quickly got out and pumped abou... Continue»
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Roommate Intweview

Jenna sat at the foot of her bed, it was her first day in the new apartment.
She had just turned 18, recently graduated, and had found a possible roommate for her apartment.
After days of getting the apartment ready, she sat, wearing booty shorts and a tank top, her long brown hair thrown up in a messy bun.

She was about to close her green eyes as she laid on the bed, but suddenly she heard the doorbell ring. She quickly hopped up and scurried out to the living room and looked through the peephole of the front door. The small window made the figure before her look like it had a filte... Continue»
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Secretarial Duties 4 - Entertaining a Client

“Todd, hold my calls,” Patricia walked quickly into her office, trying to hide her excitement. She set her purse and briefcase on her desk and sat down. She was still flushed and trembling. What an exciting morning! Patricia rocked back in her chair, reflecting and trying to calm herself. She couldn't believe she'd actually done it! Just thinking about it gave her butterflies.

“It must be Dr. Schmidt's influence,” she thought. “The hypnosis. He's made me bolder. I like that. I'm having more fun because of him.” She smiled. She remembered flashing the workers, holding her blous... Continue»
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Ana and my old friend at home

Anita and my old friend at home.

That weekend an old friend of mine would be coming in from another city. He would be staying with us for a few days. He was a real good friend…
We had been through a lot together. When his marriage was ending, my sweet Ana had been fooling around with him a little bit. I knew they had not gone so far, just some oral… But tonight I wasn't sure what would happen.

Ana was positively excited. I could see it in her face and the way she flitted around the house, cleaning up and making things look comfortable. I knew what she was thinking about was what she wou... Continue»
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Confessions of a tgirl slut

When the day started, I had no dates, no arrangements of any kind. But I was feeling horny. I needed cock. I'd gone over a week without sex and I am one cock hungry sissy slut. I'm getting on a bit but I know how to dress and do my makeup. I like to think I can embody a straight guy's fantasies and give him the sex his wife won't and dress in a way genetic women generally can't be bothered to do. So I never wear tights - always seamed stockings, generally with a Cuban heel. I'm also crazy about garter belts with multiple straps, the more, the better. Heels - no less than six inches. A corset... Continue»
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Aunt in Heat

I could hardly believe my ears. I was walking up the hall as I heard moaning from my Aunt Sarah's room. As I paused I heard her say "Oh yes David.....Slide that cock in me". I was staying with my Aunt for the summer as her husband had run off with his secretary. My Dad thought it would do me some good since I wouldn't be able to be playing Xbox all summer. My Aunt Sarah was a beautiful lady mid 50s. Average size tits but such a beautiful ass. I had jacked off many times after seeing her ass in tight jeans or her yoga pants. I was starting college at the end of the summer and Dad had offered Au... Continue»
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Uncle p*o

I stayed with my Aunt & Uncle In Northern Illinois for a few months while trying to get my life in order after doing 3 years in the Army. Although moving into a brand new, big buck Condo, the water heater, located in a corner of 2 open walls, froze up. hot water. It was a very exclusive neighborhood, and had a nicely equipped clubhouse. Indoor/outdoor pool, sauna...all of the goodies.

My Uncle & I went down to take a swim. It was -26F, so It seemed to be a really good idea at the time. Sweat it out. It worked !!

It was my Dad's b*****r. We went for a nice swim, and decided to ... Continue»
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Saturday in July

I am back, this is a continuation of real events while my wife and I were Park Volunteers this past summer (2015).
Due to a security breach I had to pull down as much as I could from my former profile (amaturservice 147)

The park is now closed for the season and folks have moved on to new assignments, the person involved in the problem is no longer a concern, so I will relate the rest of the nude weekend and one other event, also my wife has an orgy story to tell--later.

I may not get all of the "Changed" names correct as I have no point of reference on that--but the events are true.
... Continue»
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Helping MIL

My wife and I have been together over 20 years. When we first started dating her mom seemed to be somewhat of a bitch. I don't know if it was because I was 3 years younger than her daughter or what. My relationship with her daughter blossomed, got married and had k**s. Over the years my mother in law warmed up to me, and we developed a great relationship. Over the years I had grown attracted to my MIL. She's not overly attractive, but she's not pond scum ugly either. She's around 230 lbs give or take, but she carries it well. I would call her on my day off and see if she wanted to go to lunch ... Continue»
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The GILF Down The Hall

I was in my mid 40’s when this took place. At that time, I was living in an apartment on the 11th floor of a building in a downtown area. My job had me traveling frequently, and sometimes for extended periods of time. But during this time I was enjoying some time at home base following a six-week assignment to the great northwest (Washington state).

There was a very nice lady that lived down the hall from me. Her name was “Gracie” and she was a widow in her late 50’s. Gracie was not a little old lady by any stretch. She was attractive and slender. She appeared to have (my guess) about 34... Continue»
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Pure Motherly Sensual Love and Care

Name Rajanna. A very good person. But looked thin and weak. He worked in a lathe cutting factory. Was a d***kard because he will be very tired working in the factory. Even though he was drinking he took care of the house very well. Used to get less salary around Rs. 3 thousand. So it was difficult to maintain the house. Was aged around 30 – 32

Name Shobha. She was also a very decent and soft spoken homely lady. Took care of the house very well. Even though husband brought less salary she used to maintain the house very well. Never saw them fighting each other. Always wore s... Continue»
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My Wife's Secret

My Wife and I are not prudes when it comes to Sex and her past sexual experiences' when she was single is not a Problem for me but for the most part a Turn On
we have been Married for quite a few years and have shared a couple of MFM experiences ,
But as far as new she has never ventured out sexually with another Man alone --Until Now--.
last week I discovered she has a Friendly relationship with a Younger Man that works in the same building as her
Conversation and Flirting I was told in passing buy one of her so called friends at work .
So I thought I would let my Gut tell me if ther... Continue»
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The Affair

Night One

She is totally naked and exposed. He is laying on the beds lusting for her sexy body. As she stares into his eyes, he grabs his dick and begins to stroke it, making her pussy begin to melt. She crawls into bed with him and he slowly rubs her clit while he licks her neck and breathes warmly into her ear. Her hips begin to thrust into the air and he knows why. Her throbbing pussy wants to be filled by his long piece. When he is not inside her she longs to be filled up by him. She knows she is going to get what she has been waiting for and so her hips continue to crave... Continue»
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It was New Year’s Night

It was New Year’s Night and Party night in our local pub. I was prepared for some heavy drinking and knew it would last sometime, so prepared myself by eating beforehand and wearing a wet pad in my underpants as I have a tendency not to make it to the toilet after a few drinks.

This ended up the case on this night as after around an hour of drinking I felt the urge to urinate and headed for the toilet. No surprise the toilet was busy and I had to wait in line for a free space as there were only 3 urinals. I glanced across while waiting and spotted 2 males urinating up against the wall out... Continue»
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Having Sex With a Co-Worker

Few days ago at work, I was talking to a server named Mary, Mary is a year older than me and she is a BBW. She’s not that big, I would say close to 200 lbs. Her tits might be D or DD, I didn’t asked.

She is a single mother with 2 k**s, her ex-husband left her about 3 years ago for a younger woman. So, at the end of our shift I was talking to her and joking saying she should take me home, and she said ok come with me. We clocked out and she told me to get in her car, she didn’t live far from work. I got in and off we go. On the way there Mary was telling me she haven’t had sex in 4 years, he... Continue»
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New year eve

First of all I need to put you in situation, you could see my profile but summarizing I'm a 28 old guy who crossdressed but stopped it because i felt ugly and manly, then i consider myself between gay and a woman and i have desires over men with me as a man but mostly as a woman. many months ago I met a guy chatting online in IRC's who's much older (he 65 me 28) and he gave me confidence enough to start a relationship with him, he has changed my whole world and we started dating 2 months ago but me as a guy, and for new years eve i planned a date for me as a woman. that's it.

Well, here i a... Continue»
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True story my wife lretens blind virgine to 3 old

after last time when me and my wife was not succesfull with old man we v got conversation. She said i have to find a way how she could have anal sex but not been f***ed to have pussy sex. Finally i have found way very strange but possible soluyion. I have got place in man s WC with some dirty drowing and wrote a note that "young virgine but blind, searching bulls to be anally sutisfied by Matures,ask her b*****r to entry fee and audiences (it suppose to be me),meeting weekend at 7 PM, adress..." Before this i visited a shop for party things and bought a contact ldnses that look... Continue»
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I Married a Stranger

Story of a girl - "I Married a Stranger.."

I was on the bed, feeling terrified. I opened my diary and wrote, 'I married a stranger' and quickly hid it under the bed. My whole body was shaking.
"What do I do?" I questioned myself.

"Do I act like a virgin?"

"But what if he finds out? Do I tell him to wait for it for a few days? But what if it makes him angry?"
The front door opened and my heart jumped in my neck. I was breathing heavily. The sound of his footsteps gave me goosebumps. I looked down and pretended to be calm. I saw him stopping at the door though I wasn't looking at him.... Continue»
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sometimes you just need a fuck

At 23 Cass was still broken hearted over the breakup of her relationship to her first older lover , it was only a few weeks since it and since then she had committed herself fully to her work but the last thing she needed at that time was to be half way across the country for a meeting the following day .
she sat sipping her wine in the hotel bar and thank fully it was quiet as she went through her paperwork for the next day's meeting . by 10pm there was only her and a gentleman left in the bar , they made eye contact a couple of times and exchanged a friendly smile while inside she just hope... Continue»
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