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Your neighbor knows my name

"C'mon bytch. Hurry up." Connie screamed at her friend Lisa as she struggled with her luggage, dragging her bags up to the check-in counter at the Luxor Resort. She was a tall, lean, deep chocolate woman with high cheekbones, big brown eyes and a full gracious mouth. She had her hair done in short twisted braids. Lisa huffed and puffed as she came up behind Connie with her bags. She was shorter, thicker and caramel-skinned, with huge 46DDD breasts. She sat her things down, out of breath.

Both Lisa and Connie had three big suitcases with them. Their friends Stacy and Monique had only a small... Continue»
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Deceitful Chocolates: Part 1.....


"Hey, baby," Shawn said to his girl as he walked into the bedroom. He quickly walked over to her then gave her neck his undivided attention. "Damn, you smell good," he whispered as his nose slowly ran up and down her neckline.

"Shawn," she giggled, "you know that’s my spot." Karen playfully pushed his lips away then continued to search through her jewelry.

"Baby, you're still going out tonight?" Shawn asked worriedly as he sat down next to her.

"Shawn, I told you ten times that all I'm going to do is go out with Chelsey for some food and drinks. I'll be back before you ... Continue»
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Deceitful Chocolates: Part 2....


Chelsey grabbed on to her attacker's wrist then tried to pry his hands from around her neck but she couldn't; he was just too strong.

"Oh no! Don't try to stop me now!" he yelled as he choked her harder.

She took her foot then pressed it into his crotch. "Let me go or my foot will break this hard dick in half," she whispered.

He let her neck go then slapped her again. She jumped then slapped him as hard as she could. She pushed passed him then giggled as she ran into the kitchen. When she remembered that her back door needed a key in order to get out of, she realized th... Continue»
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Marine Zack meets new Daddy, Part 3

Part 3
Zack spends quite a bit of time preparing himself for the evening. He showers once and then decides to take a bath. He enjoys the warmth of the soapy bath water. He relishes the sheen the soap leaves on his skin as he splashes himself over and over again. Finally, he connects the wand to the shower extension and gets the water at the exact temp. He sprays his asshole and slowly places the tip of the wand next to his pucker hole, reveling in the sensation of the water spraying up inside him. He plays with himself awhile, filling and emptying himself several times, until the final ... Continue»
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Fun with MILF Sue

Sitting at work one morning all my paper work completed and filed and waiting for further instructions I was surfing the I-Net and came across one of those "Meet Up" sites, After a few brief conversations with various women most from outside the area I got a message from this lady, Sue, We messaged small talk then over the course of the next few days we gained some intimate knowledge of each other, We made arrangements to meet at a local coffee shop not far from her house, I sat in the booth awaiting her arrival, From her description, I was looking for a tall short haired blonde in the mid fo... Continue»
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Lesley and Denny do a threesome.

Lesley and Dennis. True story!

My wife met Lesley at Primary school walking our boys to school, often walking there and back together. Later, I met her, then her husband Dennis. Lesley was not a very attractive woman, overweight, rather like a ball! She did not try to look good and had a huge chip on her shoulder about men in general.

One evening, we had a small party to try out some homemade beer I had brewed; my first! Dennis, my inspiration, had made it before and his beer is quite pleasant. The problem is that home brewing makes strong beer!

Lesley, on this occasion wore he... Continue»
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Donna and her friend had gone out shopping for the day and I was sat in the garden reading. It was a warm summer’s day and I was minding my own business when out of the blue stood Judith, Barry’s wife. You remember Barry if not you haven’t read all my stories have you? She was stood talking to me but I couldn’t hear properly so I invited her in.

She came and sat in the garden we were talking and she said Barry had gone to a collectors fayre with their daughter and she was home alone and bored. She was wearing a white summer top and blue trousers, she was blonde a li... Continue»
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The spa and jacuzzi fun with mum part 2

After our eventful day in the spa together, we had carried on our day and night like nothing had happen, the odd times we would catch eyes and smile but it just felt like nothing had happened at all. That night me mum and dad had dinner out like normal. We got back to the cabin, watched abit of tv and then went off to bed. I woke up about 11am and my parents were in the kitchen cooking up breakfast, the usual morning chat as we sat round the table and had our breakfast. Right what's in store for our day today I said. To find out that my parents was going into town for a bit of shopping, then w... Continue»
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The salon sluts part 4

As john pulled into his usual reserved parking spot, he couldn’t help but reflect on the events of the previous day. The shopping trip with the newly blonded Mitzi had been nothing short of a total turn-on. Today he would make the phone call that would give her the breasts that he had promised himself. He chuckled silently at the thought of giving her something that was actually for him.
As he walked through the shop on the way to his office, he noticed a young girl talking to Barbi. What he noticed most of all though, was that Barbi was emphasizing the fact that she had told her never to com... Continue»
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My Evil stepmother part 7.

I arrived at stepmothers office lunch in hand as she asked for, Hilda was sat her desk out side the office door.
"Hey Sammy" she smiled
"Hey Hilda is Melinda in?" I asked
"She's in a meeting" Hilda replied.
"I just want to drop her lunch off" I said holding up.
"go on then" Hilda replied.
So I gently opened the door and stepped into my stepmothers office.
Melinda was stood at her conference table with a very tall slim red headed young woman looking at some details for an advertising campaign they were working on.
"Hi Sammy I'll be just a minute" said Melinda seeing me enter.
"Okay" I ... Continue»
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Five big black cocks for me

Five big black cocks for me

When returning from New York in a plane, I met this handsome black man called Marcus.
After chatting during the whole flight, he asked me to go with him to his place, but I refused because Victor would be waiting for me at the airport. But I promised him to stay in touch and we exchanged our phone numbers. I do not why I did that ridiculous thing, but I had been horny all the while I had spent with him on the plane.

Some days later Victor had to fly out of the town and I caught the chance to meet Marcus again.
We met at the shopping mall and went back to his... Continue»
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Canyon Land

This true story happened in my middle teen years back in the early eighties. Before internet and satellite TV. A time when an older woman could fuck a younger man and it would not blasted all over the news. We had to go outside. I had my group of friends and as we entered puberty together we started to pay attention to girls and ladies. One woman stands out. She was called Canyon Land also known as Shelly Canyon. I don't know her real last name nor do I know her husband. She lived around the corner from me and me and my gang ran into her every where. We called her Canyon Land because this wo... Continue»
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VACATION 2008 - Part 4


Donna and I were sunbathing around the pool, every hour or so I’d go and sit in the smoking area as smoking wasn’t allowed round the pool, this time there were two older ladies there, they were leaving this day but their flight wasn’t for another three hours so they were just hanging around bored. We got talking and I found out that they were related by marriage.

One of the lady’s was Celia she was 71, a little chubby, black shoulder length hair, wearing a blue top and jeans. Her late husband was the b*****r of the other lady. She’d been al... Continue»
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Slut wife moni being shared again

I had another request from a internet friend for and evening out. I was not sure so I discussed it with my hubby Marc. He said I have enough friend already. So I showed him the many messages, from Dave my XHAMSTER friend. He is quite enamoured with you Marc says. Yes I tell him he seems like such a nice guy and saw no harm in meeting him and see how it goes. Ok he said but he has to come here to pick you up so I can meet him., Oh thank you dear you are a gem.

I was so excited I sent Dave a message shortly after explaining to him that it was ok to meet me and that he had to pick me u... Continue»
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VACATION 2008 - Part 3


As I said in the previous story Donna was flirting with the barman so I left her to it and went to another bar. What actually happened was, Donna had had 5 vodka’s by the time I’d left, she can easily hold her drink better than some blokes I know, when I’d gone her and the Spanish barman had carried on flirting with each other. She was wearing a revealing dress and no bra.

Thirty minutes later she was still sat at the bar when the barman announced, in broken English, he was due a break. Donna smiled at him, ordered another drink and said... Continue»
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Unfaithful Wife

My wife Caz has been a little distant over the past few weeks. This afternoon, she has told me she is meeting a girlfriend in town for coffee. Unusually for Caz, she doesn.t want to drive and has ordered a cab.

As I look at her in that sexy pink dress I bought her for Christmas, I notice that she has her best handbag out, and she is wearing those sexy matching stiletto heels. Caz had great legs but the rise of the heels make her calves tense into a shape that I always find arousing. As I sit there, pretending to read the paper, I can feel my cock swelling.... but I know she has no interest ... Continue»
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VACATION 2008 - Part 2


After a couple of days in the sun and the fact that Donna and I were shagging every day we both wanted something different, as we’d finished our evening meal we were having a few drinks in the hotel bar when it was obvious to me that the barman was flirting with Donna and she with him. I said “I’ll go and get a drink in a bar down the road and leave you to it” she said “Ok” and smiled.

As I left I walked a couple of blocks to where I knew there was an English bar, upon entering it was quite lively and I approached the bar and ordered a lage... Continue»
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Mum & son get together

Flirter was the local shopkeeper in the small village of Ruralton, and was known as being one of the nicest men in town. His wife Margeret, in her early fifties, but a few years younger than flirter, helped out in the shop from time to time, stocking shelves and going over the books, and today was such a day. The shop was very quiet though, and so the couple found themselves chatting.

"I'm sorry about last night," said Flirter quietly, from where he was standing behind the till.

Margaret was filling up the fridge with milk, and looked over at him with a puzzled expression. "Sorry about w... Continue»
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Mom & Son 2

So, later that evening, when Luke saw his mother yawn and stretch, he said, "So shall we go to bed?"

Luke and his parents had all been sitting watching the television since their chat, but nothing had happened just yet.

"Yes, I am a little tired," said his Margaret.

Luke had been horny all night though, thinking about what they were planning to do and he said so, "I'm feeling quite randy, if you feel like doing what we were talking about earlier?"

Margaret looked uneasy, but nodded after a moment.

"Flirter?" she asked her husband.

Fliter looked uncomfortable too, "Should ... Continue»
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The day from hell at work.

It was 9pm.

I knew that for sure as I'd spent the last 4 hours watching the clock every few minutes and I could have sworn it had stopped on more than one occasion. Time to head home at last, my day from hell was over. Usually I only work until 5pm so this extra 4 hours I'd made myself do to finish off a backlog of paperwork away from screaming c***dren at home was a requirement as much as it felt like a punishment as I sat there alone in the office these last four hours, long after everyone else had departed for their homes.

I got my jacket, my bag and made sure I had everything. Car ke... Continue»
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