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Lawn Boy Toy

It was ninety degrees out. The sun beat down on me as I was about to finish mowing Mrs. Harkin's yard. Sweat dripped off of me. As I turned the mower off Mrs. Harkin appeared on the porch with a tall glass of ice water for me.
"Oh thanks Mrs. Harkin." I began to gulp down the fresh water.
"Oh look at you. You're all sweaty and hot. Why don't you come inside to the air conditioning to cool down."
I followed her inside her house. Her husband was still at work and would not be home for hours yet. She led me to the dining room where we sat. Mrs. Harkin was a very beautiful lady. Bu... Continue»
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Hot Aunty Group Sex With College Boys

Hi this is Suraj going to narrate a real incident. While in College final days I used to roam with my Area friends. They were not studying in college but used to do other stuffs like helping their father in shops. My close friends were Bapi and Dinesh.

Dinesh used to roam around full areas and used to collect all sorts of information. He used to collect Chandas also for Pujas. So one day we were drinking and discussing about females , Dinesh told that he had seen a Hot Aunty at some function. He had collected information and
... Continue»
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true story of life with my wife (shared) PT 6

the next morning i went to work but couldn't concentrate on work because i just kept thinking about mike and marta fucking and that she had sucked his cock and drank down his jizz something she had never done with me.
i started thinking that maybe i should never have let this happen and i should have left it a fantasy, i was also thinking that this scenario my have ruined my marriage what if marta wanted to leave me to start seeing other men i just didnt know what marta's intensions were and i was afraid because she never said a word to me about mike,. and before mike i was the only man she h... Continue»
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Seduced by co-worker

This is a true story and my first time writing The place I work at I am surrounded my many younger employees, When this happen I was 57 and Katie( not real name) was only 29.
Katie was married with 2 k d s . We never talked much at work so I was surprised one day when she came up to me and asked if I like to buy some g s cookies she was selling for her d ter . She handed me her number and said if you were interested call me.
After work I thought about it and decided to call her and place an order. We got to talking about work and everything else. All of a sudden she said ... Continue»
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My Niece's Friend.

This is a follow up to a story I wrote about interrupting my niece and her girl friend in an outdoor shower awhile ago. Although I will try to have each story stand on it’s own, perhaps you should read, EVER ACCIDENTALLY WALK IN ON SOMEONE before you read this.

Here is a link:

I have been asked through comments left after people have read that story and through the Private Messages feature here at Xhamster if I ever took up the offer my niece’s friend gave me at the conclusion of my first story.

I can tell you that as hard as it wa... Continue»
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I’d gone to the airport to pick up a friend who was flying in from Germany, I got there 45 minutes early and after having a look around the shops and getting a drink I went to the monitors to find out if he was on time, his flight was delayed another hour, so I then went to the toilet feeling randy as fuck.

Finding the booths all empty I sat myself down in the end one and thinking from memory started to feel myself up. I was soon hard and was feeling my cock when I heard the cubicle next door, someone was in there. ‘Fucking hell’ I thought as I knew they were all virtually empty.

Knowing... Continue»
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bang with Call girl

I always look for hot advertisments in Locanto, (yes my dear go to and get laid) so i was surfing i always used to see many e****ts and Call girls advertisments but i nerver had the guts to take the plunge for it, but after lots of experiences with girls and learning lots of seduction technique i thought it would be great to put them to work.

In my mind i had lots of plans, like first I will meet her in the room and I would ask her to act as my X gf and teach her how my X reacts to few things so that i can have the feeling of having sex with my X gf again, or call her with the na... Continue»
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Me, My wife. her mother and s****r

I had married Namita against her parents wishes…It was nearly 2 years now and one fine day my Father-in-law who is around 65 years came to see us…I was surprised but treated him well. He after understanding my business and me and meeting my parents thought hat Namita had not made a mistake in marrying me. So he invited all of us to his hometown for a re-union function.

I had met Namita as a colleague 3 years ago in UK. She was working under my supervision. She w
... Continue»
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Encounter in the pub

We arrived at the pub after a slow drive through the quiet countryside, the afternoon air cooled into the early evening and gave some respite from the heat of the day. Linda sat looking so hot , her satin blouse billowing with the breeze, the cool air circulating over her sheer lace bra, teasing her nipples making them seem even more obvious. Her skirt was short, mid thigh, she had slipped on stockings and heels as she felt a little naughty as she said, the promise of a little subtle flashing was on the menu tonight I thought.

Stepping out of the car we walked across to the pub, the car pa... Continue»
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Son Marry With his Hot Mom

My mother ( .She was a teacher in the nearby DAV school. She is a beautiful lady.People say that she has got the body of Hema malini, walking like Helen that means when she walks the movement of her body from waist to back is mind bugling. Any body would love to watch that. Her boobs are very big .Her belly is like Jelly or Jam .She is a flair complexioned lady.

Sometimes I watch him hungryly. After my father got missing, she was so depressed and pained by that incident that she remained du
... Continue»
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First Night With My Own Mother

Hi to all readers this is Viskasi I’m living in Bangalore. I’m going to narrate a story about how I had a great ever enjoyment for the first time with my mother

Coming to her and my body gestures she is 40 from a well traditional f****y she has 34d boobs ((“i don’t want to mention her name because I’m publishing with her permission”)) coming to me, myself is a student of age 19 and my cock is 7″ now I’m studying be in ‘x’ college this was happened in the month of June I think this much is enough so i’m directly entering into
... Continue»
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injured stepson

I'm susan,35, pretty and i have a very nice body for a 35 year old. I am married to john,50. It was my first marriage and his second. we've been married for just 2 years now. John and his first wife are divorced. john has a beautiful son,Greg, who is 18 years old. he's tall and slightly built. He's a football player and a very active boy. he also loves motorbike racing.

I have always wanted to fuck a 18 year old. Young studs got a lot of stamina and unlike my weak 50 year old hubby, they can give me give me more pleasure and a deep long fuck. Well, i always fantasized having sex with my ste... Continue»
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nephew loves my tits

Hi there! My name is Beth. This story is about how opened Pandora’s Box, and man, did I love what was inside. I’ll start by telling you alittle bit about myself, I’m rather tall for a woman, close to 5’10” but I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not small, by any means, actually I’m quite heavy. Clothes can be quite expensive for me, as I have to buy plus sizes, the upside to this, is my breasts are actually quite huge by today’s standards, 46DDD to be exact. I don’t really care for them, but the seem to attract some attention from the more open-minded guys I see. I divorced my husband a couple ye... Continue»
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Toms sperm test

Elizabeth Blay was was anxious, because her 18 years old son, Tom, had pain in his bladder.
Fearing that it was an urinary tract infection, she wanted to take him to a doctor.
She was also worried for another problem. His son had a hospital- phobia. Even that medicine
smell in the hospitals was enough to make him very uncomfortable and uneasy. Having all those
thoughts in her mind, Elizabeth called the hospital to get an appointment for his son.

A day later she took Tom to the hospital to see Doctor Susan Heyes.
After completing the inspections and required tests Dr. Heyes said;... Continue»
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true story of life with my wife (shared) PT 5

well after all that happened the last few days i was confused marta never brought up anything about what she had seen or done with mike..i had talked to mike to see what she had been telling him he said that she had made him promise to not say anything to me about anything that they had done,He did tell me that after the first time she showed her boobs on cam that she had said to him that it really turned her on to know that so many men were watching her naked breast and loving them she had thought they were to saggy and no one would like them,He said that he thought she had perfect breast whi... Continue»
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Hijabi slut fucking and praying

It was the start of another week at work. I work at a small IT solutions company just outside New York. It was Monday and it seemed like it would be a long week.

My name is Fariya and my f****y moved from India before I was born. My f****y are strict muslims and all the women in my f****y wear the full islamic dress. I wear a niqab, hijab and abaya or jilbab. I have been called a niqabi or hijabi. I have been wearing this since turning 15. I am not the best looking of girls and boys never took much interest in me even before I completely covered up.

I am now 24 and I have never been wit... Continue»
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I have lived a very quiet and sheltered life, married mid 20s to the only man I have known.
Had two c***dren, two boys, the last one of which has only just left and gone to collage.
In all these years no one has so much as touched me, until just a few weeks ago.
My husband is friends with a neighbour and most Saturdays they go to the local club and play Dominoes.
My husband’s friend has a couple of sons too who throughout our time living here have been mean and bullies, none more so than to our two sons from about the age of 10 onwards and only seem to stop after our first then second son... Continue»
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From txt to real quit fast

It's an old story but nice.

After a work related dinner we had monthly after a meeting on the way back I suddenly got a text. The sender wished me a good night and sl**p well. The number was up till then unknown to me. But I knew I'd had to be the receptionist from the office. We could always have a nice chat about all kind of things when I wasn't working outside the office. She was a bit more then then years older then me. I thought to myself lets send back a sl**p well text to. I have to add there was always a kind off click that made talking easy, also her verly big breasts called out fo... Continue»
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Un expected from my mom

Hi all,

still i don know whether it was right or wrong yes i mean the strange incident which happened on feb 3rd morning before sharing the incident let me introduce myself my name is guna, age is 23 and i m currently working as a electrical engineer at chennai.

my mom name is chandra , age is 42 and she is a house wife.

i came to know about this site just one week before through google search yes the incident has been f***ed me to search

To be frank, till feb 2nd night i didnt have any sexual feeling with my mom bu
... Continue»
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Her name is Mita. She is a sweet and sexy Bengali lady. I first came to know her around 15 years back when I started my career in a Multinational Company at a district town of Bangladesh, where her husband was working in a different MNC. Her hubby was around 10 years senior to me by age but as our working place was same, we developed a good friendship and rapport. Her hubby took me as a younger b*****r. After a couple of months in that district town which was totally new to me her hubby became very close to me, so one day he in... Continue»
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