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Brad's Birthday Surprise

Brad's boss told him to take off an hour early, since it was his 30th birthday. Looking forward to dinner with his wife Donna, he headed directly home.

Perhaps, he mused, there would even be enough time before dinner to demonstrate to his wife that he was NOT "over the hill".

Not that he had ever been accused of it. Brad and Donna were both in excellent shape, and had a regular, although a bit routine, sex life. As newlyweds, they had been a little wilder, screwing in elevators, cars, and more than once in Brad's office at work. Now, six years later, the festivities were mainly limit... Continue»
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A Fishing Trip in the Rockies

I have always enjoyed hiking, camping, hunting and
fishing -- with others or on my own.

That's why I happened to be camping alone one summer
day a few years ago at a secluded site on the northwest
edge of Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. In
fact, I was taking advantage of the remoteness of the
area since fishermen rarely hiked in to the high
valley. The valley's pristine mountain creek was
strung with beaver ponds that were teeming with unwary
brook trout.

For two days I didn't see another soul and I was almost
bored with catching and releasing fish after f... Continue»
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Susan & Her Search.


After a long day Susan could think of nothing better than to go home, draw a warm bath, crawl in and let Calgon “take her away”. It seemed that she was having more of these days than before. Ever since her company was taken over the work was no longer fun and her boss was a ass hat too boot. Never in her life would she have thought that after so many years working her way up in the world that she would have reached the point where her boss was less qualified than she was, and basically stole every idea she had and claimed it has his own.

When the tub was full and soapy she disrobe... Continue»
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Lawn Boy

It was summertime. I had just graduated high school and the first thing on my agenda wasn't college or a career, it was getting a job and making some much needed money. I drove a clunky car and wanted to move out of my parents house as soon as possible. It wasn't that I was unhappy living with my folks, I was just ready to be a man, be on my own and get some pussy.

One day, I was chatting with a good friend who had been mowing lawns and he offered to share some of his lawns with me. I gladly accepted the offer and started working the following week. It was brutal work. The temperatures were... Continue»
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Sorting out mom

It had been a couple of years since I f***ed myself on mom and things weren’t getting any better in the house, Dad was still playing away but mom and he were staying together for what I didn’t know. I was laid on my bed having a slow leisurely wank one afternoon, when I heard mom and dad arguing again, then the door slammed as he walked out, again.

A couple of minutes later I heard the bathroom door open, getting up I went and opened my door, peering through the bathroom crack in the door I saw mom sitting on the toilet running her finger over her slit as she moaned. I walked in and she pul... Continue»
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Lesley part 4

Leslie Charleston drove home with a feeling of desperation.

Three days ago she was a working class single mother of twins, devoid of any love or excitement. She lived virtually week to week to survive, and her long term ambition was her next payday just to keep her head above water. She was now embroiled with a patient of hers, who has now taken over her life and she just doesn't know which way to go.... She has just spent the day getting her body transformed in decoration to please a man she has known for approximately 60 hours.

She looked in the interior mirror of her beaten up old f... Continue»
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Good things are worth waiting for

They say that when the time and place are right, life's true course will occur. I was 18, my parents were driving my b*****r and his girl friend somewhere. Just 8 months prior I had my first sexual experience with a woman more than twice my age. I'd had been living torture since then, I had no girlfriend, and my only release was at the end of my wrist. Her warm soft thigh pressed against mine and each bump in the road moved that sensation to a new level. Her scent was deliciously feminine and her shapely legs enticing. I looked down at the lines of her breast against the fabric of her dress an... Continue»
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She SHALL go to the ball

She Shall Go To The Ball

I used to live by Acocks Green in Birmingham, and I used to get my hair cut opposite the Aldi at a place called
Savva Savva. I mention this because a few readers know the area.

I can't remember the name of the girl who used to cut my hair, but I used to do photography for her. No, not that sort, I mean portrait work of her and her chap and their k**s.

I shall call her Tracy.

I was single at the time and I was in for a haircut on a Saturday morning.

I was waiting whilst Tracy was putting up the looOOng and lustrous ash-... Continue»
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Pool table fuck

Years ago I enjoyed a longish affair with a woman ten years older than me. We lived far apart so only got together maybe 3-4 times a year, if we were lucky. And, of course, when we did get together we spent a lot of time fucking. This woman was not conventionally beautiful, but she loved sex and was always ready to spread her legs or get down on her knees for me. This was the first woman I was with for more than a one-night stand who loved to suck my cock and have me cum in her mouth. She was also the first woman I ever fucked in the ass. But that's another story for another time.

Today's t... Continue»
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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 1

This all happens within a few weeks/months of each other, i will separate the stories up if i can get positive feedback from this one, this is my first time writing a story and as its from a real experience it may not be that great, enjoy.

A little back ground information to start with, my mom is quite young, she had me at a young age so the age gap is not that big, we are very close friends because of it, she is slim, with big breasts and a very nice figure.


My D*d is a very h... Continue»
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Ready, Mom?

Introduction: I think I should tell you about my f****y first. I’m your average 18 year old teenager. Dark hair, brown eyes, athletic figure and 6 feet tall. My dad works as an accountant in a local firm and manages to do pretty well. He’s about the same height as me and is starting to put on some weight at 41. My mom on the other hand, has kept her figure in check over the years. She’s a typical stay-at-home 37 year old mother but doesn’t even look a day over 30. Motherhood has been kind to her. She has a beautiful 5’8 hourglass figure with firm 36D breasts, which I managed to find out while ... Continue»
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I showed her how (pt2)

So there we were,both of us, looking into each others eyes. Me; still in aw, her; licking her lips! She leaned in to my ear and whispered;
- How was that love?
- was great I mumbled.
- You like it when "mommy" takes control baby?
- Yes, I said, more firmly this time.
- Well, let's continue!
She took a step back, undressed herself and for the first time I saw her naked. And what a sight! Her breast perky and perfectly sized, her stomach tight and firm leading you down to her well shaped and trained tighs and then; as she turned around to take off her shoes, she ent over and agai... Continue»
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The Cock Suckers by loyalsock

"Come on in, Peter," Laura Rogers said with a big smile, "how was school today, dear!!" "Pretty good, Mrs. Rogers," the eighteen year old replied quickly, "but I was so excited about our session, my mind wasn't really on my studies!!!" "How sweet of you to say that," Laura answered while kissing the young lad on the cheek, "now be a good boy and show me your penis!!!" Hurriedly Peter unbuckled his belt and shoved his jeans and boxer shorts down around is ankles, letting his semi hard penis bounce free from its cotton prison!!! "My, my, "Peter," Laura Rogers whispered in a very husky voice, "yo... Continue»
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Catholic School Girl by loyalsock

Mary's all girl school was no picnic. The classes were hard, and the teachers mean. 18 year old Cherry, a sophomore at St Mary's was a model student, although she secretly hated the place. All A's in her classes, a star volleyball player, and very, very beautiful. Cherry with her shoulder length auburn hair, nice 36 C breasts, and a sexy smile that seemed to leave time frozen for anyone caught looking. Life was indeed good for Cherry, she however didn't agree. Cherry was tired of being in an all girls school. She was old now, a full 18 years. She wanted to see boys and go on dates, holding ha... Continue»
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Fucking After English Class by loyalsock

I sit in the front row, staring at her uncontrollably. Her name is Ms.Davees and she is my English teacher, just saying that would do her no justice so i must explain that she is perfection at its finest. She's tall, about 5'8, shes slender and has amazing tits. If i had to guess, i'd say they were a perfect C36. Her shiny honey blonde hair falls to her nipples. God i want to fuck her like she's never been fucked before. I think about her naked everytime i see her, i try to picture it but its so hard when you've never seen someone that beautiful without clothes. She is my own personal movie st... Continue»
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The Train Journey by loyalsock

I was travailing to see a friend in Norwich and I had caught the train from Liverpool Street we had just left Chelmsford and a woman across the train had been looking at me and given me a smile from time to time. She was I would say about 50 and had a slim body(a great figure) and wonderful boobs they looked big and firm and really stood out due to her slender body, she had dark brown hair and what looked like deep brown eyes nice long eye lashes and I would guess at about 51 10" tall and looked great.

I got up to go to the toilet and shut the door behind me had a pee washed my hands and we... Continue»
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Step Daughter's First Fuck

Stepdaughter’s First Fuck
I am married to Carol, a gorgeous 45 year old MILF who is one hot lady and sexually adventurous. Abut now here I was lying flat on my back looking up at my gorgeous twenty-year old step daughter Angie. Here she was in the throes of passion as she straddled me and feverishly rode my eight inch cock. She rode me so well she was literally going to pump all of my sperm into her young tight pussy. What had happened here? Two months ago she was a problem in our marriage. She has been trouble since day one, flunked out of college twice, run in’s with the police, a steady st... Continue»
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Class Dismissed by loyalsock

"Class dismissed," Dr. Monica Gutierrez announced with a smile and gathered up her papers. "James," she called to one of her students before he could leave. "Stay after, please, I have to discuss something with you." The sandy haired biology major took a seat on the nearest desktop and waited for the rest of the students to file out of the small lecture hall. Monica took her time putting away her things and clearing off the desk.
"Professor" James prompted nervously. "Is there something wrong"

Monica sighed. "I'm afraid so, James. You see, the thing is that I've noticed your grades seem to... Continue»
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THE BOAT (A Lesbian Tale)

THE BOAT (A Lesbian tale)
This story takes place a few years following World War II on one of the regular shipping routes between Penang and Singapore in Malaysia. All characters are fictitious.

Once every month Evelyn went shopping in Singapore and took one of her female servants with her. The trip lasted a few days depending on the weather and usually two nights were spent on the large wooden motorboat which also carried a lot of supplies and from 50 to 100 passengers. Evelyn was British and had joined her b*****r, who had been in the army there, to help in maintaining rice fields. Unfor... Continue»
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This is whats got me always excited!

My first wife and I were married for several years and got divorced and until this day I can't really understand all the reasons why but when I got married the second time it really changed my life. This is all true and believe me I have got one nice wife! Nice in the fact that she is 21 years younger than me and at least 42dd in the chest with the prettiest eyes you have ever seen.

It all started after we got married and we had a few ups and downs and split up for a little over two weeks and she stayed at her mothers house for that time. We would talk to each other mostly at night and ... Continue»
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