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My Changing Life- The Diary III

The night seemed so surreal. I woke up surrounded by 3 women that I adored who had made me feel such a part of them. I began to cry. Damn these hormones messing with my feelings. I never used to cry about anything. Now, since being on these female hormones, I cry at everything. But, it was a happy cry. LOL. Never thought I would ever say that.

I fell back asl**p until that pain hit me. The milk was in again and I needed to go pump or something. Maybe Chris was back by now and could drain me. I slipped off the bed and walked into the living room, then the guest room. No Chris to be found. S... Continue»
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Neighbor in Need 2

I have over 100 stories posted on here all original with me. The first of this series was probably accepted his best as any I have ever written. So I hope you enjoy this one as well!

As I pulled into Lynn’s garage my heart was already pounding in anticipation of what the evening held for me! I could still taste her strawberry flavored lips and when I closed my eyes her firm full mature breasts swaying and leaping filled my mind and imagination. God that woman had me as hard as stone just remembering how wet she was!

Turning off the engine to my truck, I spit my gum i... Continue»
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Best friends mother wants it

My friend Dave mother is a naughty naughty lady.
I been going over the there house for 10yrs now we used to love to watch wrestling. at the time i was just 16 so at that age we still like to copy wrestling moves on each other. He was a only c***d so him and his mum are close. I can remember one night i stayed over, we stayed up late watching Tv and playing computer games, The next day we both sat down to watch the sunday wrestling. After it all finished his mom came into the living in a sort of wrestling costume. Tight leggings and a leotard over the top saying I'm the champ who whats to ch... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife - Chapter 1 (Betrayed)

She brings another woman home, and leaves him out.

She came to bed late that night. I remember her walking in the room, her body silhouetted against the light from the hall way. I could tell she was wearing her special robe, the red silk one with the royal blue collar and lining that made her body glow like the embers of a fire. She turned to close the door, and her backlit silhouette changed form as it began to bask in the subtle moonlight that spilled in from the large glass door that led from our room to the little deck outside. As she turned into the light, she revealed her bosom... Continue»
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Mandi's train ride

About me:-
I am a successful business executive, happily married and in my forties.
I have a figure that attracts attention, men and sometimes women and I dress sexily always in stockings.
I enjoy teasing and flirting with the people I meet or see as I go through my normal daily life.
I suppose at some time it had to happen when a situation would arise where those I had teased would get their revenge.
This was that day!!!

Dressed as usual in a wrap over dress, stockings and heels, very skimpy panties that didn’t cover my trimmed pubic hair and a thin see thru front fastening bra, e... Continue»
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Finally Fucked Lisa

Lots to be said about fantasizing about sex with friends. I've wanted to fuck Lisa since my wife first introduced me to her six years ago. I always kind of thought it was mutual, the flirting and her going out of her way to talk to me at get togethers, etc. Lisa is a big girl, I like bbw's if you haven't been with one you have no idea what you're missing out on...they are so much better in bed than fit women are. We would flirt, usually smile and make googie eyes with each other when we'd speak, Lusa would occasionally tell me how attractive she thought I was and even said she thought I ha... Continue»
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The Oldest Man I've Been With

The oldest man I've ever been with was Tom, an 84 year old. We've gone to the same church for years and even though he was a quiet old man everyone knew him because he had gone there so long. His wife had passed away a while ago and everytime we talked he would always say I reminded him of her as a young girl.
One day he was talking with me and my mom when he mentioned to her he has trouble keeping up with cleaning because he was getting older so my mom volunteered me to come over and help. I was ok with it because he always seemed sweet and I liked to help so one day after church my mom drop... Continue»
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The nurse who masturbated Galisa on my behalf

This is the true story to my next clip.

Five or six years ago I had a 3 month assignment abroad. I discussed it with Galisa and we agreed that we need to look for a trusted person who could masturbate Galisa during my absence. I was unthinkable that Galisa would not get it at least once or twice a week. We checked contacts but there was nobody who matched our profile and had time on a regular basis. But then we met this women in the elevator of our building and i remembered that i spoke once to her and that she lives a couple of floors above us, is single and a nurse by profession. I asked ... Continue»
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Neighbor in Need

I have a buddy whose wife has always caught my eye and a few months ago he told me she was wearing him out. I laughed at him and told him that was what he got for marrying a girl ten years his junior!! He corrected me as he always does and said it was only eight years!

Now Lynn is a tall square shouldered woman, who is just a shade under 5’10” and with a few extra pounds that make for nice full hips and eye catching breasts that she loves displaying and having guys stare at. She has jet black straight longish hair which stands in co... Continue»
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The Superb Jenny

Before I met my wife I was a reclusive bachelor, hanging out at the local college theatre in western Montana and going fishing during the days.Work was never more than a way to make money for beer, fishing tackle and rent in that order. I was often cast in plays and had a pretty high opinion of myself in that aspect of my life. I met and bedded a lot of college-age girls, or women as they peferred to be called, and generally , life was good.

After a minor run-in with the law I withdrew from my fringe life in society for a while, fishing more, drinking beer with my neighbor and staying away ... Continue»
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When I was young always went to a male barber but later found the women cut it much better.
Last week I went to a new young woman who had recently opened a salon in my area so though
I would give her a go.
It was late afternoon when I went to book in but beside being gorgeous had a great body.
After staring at her she asked did I want a cut - at that time was thinking of a fuck.
Ah Ah yes but thought I had to make an appointment.
'I was about to close up but think I could take one more" she said pointing to the chair.
I sat down and she put the robe over my shoulders and my hands which ... Continue»
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Craigslist Bear Daddy (Part 2) !

I felt his big muscular hands lift me up and he then placed me down on the bed, propped up against the pillows. I could taste his cum on my mouth still, my own cock was dripping with precum. He took hold it and slowly wanked me. I pull my knees up for him. Inviting him to awaiting hole.
''That's a good boy''. He spread my legs apart further, I felt so dirty and exposed. I realised he was in complete control, I so badly needed to cum and was desperate for it. He wanked my cock even more slowly, he teased and circled my hole with his index finger.
''Mmmmm, please daddy''
He put his finger t... Continue»
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Turning a soccer mom into a hotwife - part I

I’m walking down the hallway and stop in front of room 325. Taking out my phone just to verify the number I received by text earlier that day. „Meet us at room 325“ it says, „my wife’s been horny all day“. I knock on the door and hear footsteps. Some few seconds later, the hubby opens the door and welcomes me with a huge grin and let’s me into the hotel room. “Pleasure to finally meet you! I’m happy that it’s now working out”. I barely hear his words as I can hear my heart pounding. The first thing I actually notice is the nice sweet scent of a woman’s perfume.

I feel the excitement rising ... Continue»
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Gloryhole Fantasy

This naughty thought came to mind. Like I stated in the opening blog, we decided… Well she decided to play a game with our “Fuckit List” we made in another blog entry. Right now, I have the ball and I get to choose anything on our list to do. I could lose possession but right now I have the choice. We aren't sure anything like this will happen, but it’s kinda nice for a fantasy and even nicer to talk about while we are fucking. One of the rules is that I have to tell her while I’m fucking her, so recently I told her about this. I knew she might be reluctant but when I whispered it into her ear... Continue»
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Sunday Afternoon Snack

I saw a window of opportunity to get out of the house and away from the husband. I text Mike and asked him if he could get away from the wife as well. He said yes. During our plans, he kept asking me where I was saying I was going, how was it going to work, that sort of thing. I finally had to spell it out for him: Just get a hotel room at 1:30 and be naked when I get there. His response? I can do that!

It had been almost two weeks since we have gotten to see each other and we were both so anxious. He told me to text him before he left to let him know it was still a go. When I was sure I c... Continue»
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Quick but oh so satisfying...

We are lovers, so time can be a problem. But I will take a quick meeting over not seeing him anytime. We were meeting after work. The anticipation of getting to see him that evening had my pussy so swollen and so wet I couldn't even focus on work. All I could think about was ripping my clothes off and letting him fuck me.

I called him when I was leaving work. He was already there waiting for me. Just the sound of his sexy voice sent thrills inside the pit of my stomach. My pussy was so hot and so wet by this time that my pants were moist too. We wasted no time getting in the back seat of m... Continue»
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Weekend Getaway

We are lovers who can't get away from our spouses often enough to satisfy our desires for each other. So when we got the opportunity to get away a couple days after Christmas, we took it. The anticipation leading up to the trip was almost uncontrollable. Were we really going to have more than 48 hours of uninterrupted time together? My panties stayed soaked in anticipation for days before we even left. He was practically panting by the time I got in the vehicle with him. The drive to our destination seemed like it took forever and we even had to stop along the way just to kiss and touch each o... Continue»
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She was running late, as usual lol. Being lovers that have to steal away moments here and there is a problem, but when it works out, it's a slice of heaven. I was waiting in the usual spot. Waiting in agonizing, but very naughty hot anticipation. It had only been a week, but it felt like months. I can't get enough of her, even if I could see her every day. She must have some sort of voodoo doll in my likeness hidden away that she rubs her pussy with because she has a spell on me. I can't get her off my mind. I'm constantly thinking of the next time I can look into her eyes, kiss her perfect li... Continue»
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Friday Fuck Frenzy

We were dying to see each other. All week long, the texts kept going between us. "I need you" "I want you" "I miss you terribly" "Three more days" "Two more days" "I need to fuck you" "I can't wait". The anticipation and the waiting was driving us insane. Being married to other people causes complications. We have to plan carefully and be alert to our surroundings. On Thursday night, my plans to get away fell through. I scrambled to come up with an alternate plan. Not seeing him wasn't an option. I not only wanted him, I NEEDED him. We had to alter our plans just a bit and get a hotel room Fri... Continue»
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Mid-week Hotel Fuck Session

It had only been three days since we saw each other, but it felt like months. We weren't sure we could pull off a mid week rendevous, but we sure wanted to try. He had the day off from work. But I had a husband off work too. We wanted to see each other so badly though. I had this burning desire to please him more than usual.

We met at our hotel. He already had the room and was eagerly awaiting my arrival. As I walked in, he smiled that smile. He gave me that look. It was going to be a very hot sex session. After taking me in his arms, and kissing me passionately to say hello, I quickly got... Continue»
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