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Surprise Massage

I hurt my back a few weeks ago at work and decided I would seek out a massage. When I finally found a nice woman, Katherine, I sent her a message and we set a time and date.This was my very first massage and I really didn't know what to expect, so I was really nervous. All I was hoping for was some relief from my back pain.
The day finally came and I was super nervous as I knocked on her door. Again this is my first massage and really don't know what to expect. She answer the door and my chin nearly hit the floor. She was an incredibly beautiful woman. Around 45 years old, redhead and in inc... Continue»
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Always Be a Good Samaritan

If you're not in the habit of being a Good Samaritan, and helping out when help is needed, you may wish to reconsider.

Yesterday morning, finding the weather to be exceptionally nice, I decided to take a ride on my motor scooter. After donning my protective clothing & equipment, off I went - excited about the morning's ride.

I hadn't gotten 3 blocks when I witnessed a young man wiping out on his bicycle. Off he flew, over the handle bars. A couple of bounces and a short sk**, and he came to a halt. I immediately stopped to assist (I have a medical background, and carry a small first aid... Continue»
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Swinging turned cuckold part 1

After spending 143 days on xhamster and searching the perfect couple to get the first swing experience, i had finnaly convinced my wife to try it out. She was not very excited about it, but she loved me a lot and would have done anything to make me happy. Looking back i consider myself pretty selfish, my wife was 26 and she looked stunning, i just felt that i needed something new in our relationship. Swinging seemed the wright answer. The couple I found was older than we were, he was 40 and she looked 30 something. We only shared photos and she looked great , black hair and a dark sk... Continue»
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Addicted to My Ex-Wife Ch. 1

He can't stay away from his ex-wife.

"Lori is something else!" my ex-wife Denise grinned.

"She's a slut," I shrugged.

"Hey!" Denise laughed. "That's my s****r you're talking about!"

"It must run in the f****y," I said.

"You're probably right," my ex laughed as she reached out and took my cock into her hand. We were both naked on her bed.

Denise was a well-endowed blond woman with curves that still drove me wild. I loved her heavy, milky white breasts. Her areolas were large and I took as much of one as I could fit into my mouth.

My ex's current husband Bob was out o... Continue»
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New town 2

Bill said " you don't need to cover up, just wondering what was talking you two so long ". Ted told him that we were playing, and asked if he wanted to watch. I was afraid Bill was going to call my mom and started shaking.
Bill walked in and closed the door. Sitting on the bed he said " you know you need to be careful Ted, you never know when your moms going to walk in"."I know dad, I'm sorry" Ted told him. Bill reached down and pushed my hands away from my crotch, " looks like you were having fun"he said to me" show me what you two were doing Ted " While Bill was watching Ted took my now li... Continue»
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Is She Or Is She Not

relationships today follow a very predictable pattern:
They push men for
They get what they
They lose interest in sex

They become attracted to someone else

They start cheating

They become angry and resentful

They begin telling their partners that
they need time apart
They blame their partners for their behavior...and
eventually, after making themselves and everyone around them miserable for an
indefinite, but usually, long period of time, ... Continue»
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Was It A Dream?

What a visit/dream..

* I was going out after work, to meet up with some old friends that are actual great guys,*
* and we are among the few that keep our friendship*

* new.*

*We had survived. Maybe we had some survivors guilt to get over. Or maybe we just needed to occasionally celebrate still having a job during the Great Recession, since we all still worked Manhattan.*

*We went to an almost trendy little Club in Midtown Manhattan, nice atmosphere when you have some cool people as a base in between dances, since there is no table space. Nevertheless, good times happe... Continue»
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There was her Lady friend sat on the wall by my car, " I want a word with you, young man! “she said
and gave me a slip of paper, then motioned me to follow her to her house.
We went inside. As we entered her house she dropped her jacket and shoes, asking me if I wanted a drink.
She poured us both a drink cracked open a blue pill poured it into both drinks we sat on the nearest couch. She was soon whispering in my ear nibbling on my ear lobe. The pill was a Viagra, she knew I had cum multiple times in the previous 12 hours and she want... Continue»
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Missy in the woofs


I walked across the field, the sun starting to set, following
a thin, foot-worn path toward the sunset. There was a tight
grove of trees where I had been told to meet my friend Dave.
Dave had been my friend since I was 8 . We had grown up together.
The two of us had an intimate relationship, but nothing
steady. Basically, if I felt horny, and wasn't going
out with anyone, and Dave was between relationships, we
would meet up, and have fun. This was such a time. However,
this time, Dave told me he wanted to try something different.
He promised me that I wo... Continue»
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Almost Caught with My Bi Lover

This story isn't as erotic as most, but it is true, and I always enjoy relating it to other bi gals.
I had always had a desire to be with another woman, but due to my upbringing and my mother's warnings about "those" type of women, I would suppress those feelings. As I matured into my 40's, my desires became unbearable, to the point that I would taste my fingers after masturbating, and wonder if other women tasted as good!
At this time I met a gal who was new to the area. It didn't take long for me to discover that she was very bi-sexual, and for our friendship to turn into a love affair.
M... Continue»
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Favorite Fucking Fantasies... Coffee Shop Pick Up

I had been really lucky to get a table to myself, the coffee shop I always used was unusually crowded today normally I would grab a newspaper and spend an hour reading it and sipping my coffee but every paper was taken today so I was stuck with people watching, my table was tucked away in the corner but it had the advantage of being close to a window that looked out on to the main part of the shopping arcade.
I noticed her before she came in, a 50 something woman very nicely dressed in a black skirt and a white blouse that looked like silk to me, short dark hair and rather sexy high heels, qu... Continue»
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Minister's Wife Part 3

After the episode in the woods Angela felt sorry that she had betrayed her husband and she determined that she would not have anything to do with Jonny. She would take her chances with his internet threat. Anyway, she had had no contact from Jonny since that time and it was three weeks since that fateful day. Life went on as normal.

Just then Angela's mobile ring tome went to show she had a message. When she checked the text she found a link to a website and a message from Jonny: thought you would like to see what I can now put on the internet as well as emailing all the people I had to... Continue»
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Ana playing again in Jamaica

Anita playing again in Jamaica

My sweet Ana insisted that summer holiday to spend few days again at the sandy Jamaican beaches. But I knew she was thinking not in the sunny days, but in some black dicks she would meet there…
We arrived on Friday afternoon and spent the day relaxing and enjoying the sun at the beach. The hotel was celebrating a new anniversary and it had a big party on Saturday night.
The main show was around a band of drummers. The black leader of that group had Ana’s complete attention. Her stare accompanied by her standard comment that "He is so handsome!" started me ... Continue»
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bhabhi ka payar

hello dosto mera nam ravi hai.meri umar 23 sal hai or me mumbai ka rahne val hu.mere ghar me mere mummy paap or bhai bhabhi rahte hai.meri bhai ki sadi ko do sal ho gaye hai.mera bhai ek tour company mai kam karta hai.meri bhabhi ka nam neelima hai unki umar 25 sal hai.
To dosto ye bat ek sal pahle ki hai jab me apni collage ki padhai puri kar ke apne ghar aaya tha.meri padhai puri hone ke karan me result ki rah dekh raha tha. Me hostel me jayad raha tha is vajse mere aaju baju me mere bahut kam dost the.
Is liye me ghar par hi tv or laptop pe time pass karta tha. Bhabhi ko pura din kam hon... Continue»
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My first experience with mature woman

Few years ago i had an unique experience which changed my life entirely.I was 19 years old and i was working in local coffe shop to get some money for the summer break of my collage, after really hard day at work i got into the bus at nearby station thinking only about getting home watching some porn and going to bed.Bus was almost empty and i sat near a mature woman in her mid fifthies, she had straigth blonde hair, big tits and nice legs, i was looking at her and tought how i would like to fuck her.She was wearing tight t-shirt with open v neck which was showing her clevage, and tight spande... Continue»
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Watching Anita again and again

Watching Ana again and again

That Saturday afternoon I was at my desk at home, when my loving Ana came back from the gym. She blew me a kiss from the door and said she was going to have a warm shower.
One hour later I was surprised by not hearing my lovely wife doing anything around.

I went worried and moved from my desk to check out inside home.
Finally I found Ana in the garage… but she was not alone there.

My sweet wife was fully naked there, bent over her car’s trunk, exposing her bare perfect round buttocks in front of two huge black guys…

I recognized one of them as Aaron; ... Continue»
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Curiosity killed the Cat

Curiosity killed the cat

A long week end I was home alone again: my loving Victor flying away until Monday.
I was getting a little bit boring, when I saw my neighbor Thomas on the street.
He was a handsome guy and was the owner of a sex shop Victor and I had never visited. I went outside just to say hello. Thomas smiled and we chatted about his business.
He said it was going very fine, even few women sometimes would find their way there.
"Women go in too…on their own?" I asked a little surprised
Thomas smiled again, saying: “Most of the ladies use my special entrance in the alley. It i... Continue»
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My s****r’s youngest son was extremely gifted and graduated from high school early. Rather than live in a dorm with older guys I volunteered for him to live with me since I live in an Ivy League town and live close enough to the school for him to easily travel to school. I am few years younger than my s****r and few years older than Tom, my nephew, which I would soon share my small three-bedroom house with.

Tom is a lot like my father, average height with great looks, southern manners, charm and an enchanting personality. Girls always find him cute and irresistible but he is shy which also... Continue»
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aunt offers it all

Offering my nephew a helping hand, cunt, ass and mouth:
I am a 50 yrs old housewife. I have a23 yrs old nephew who has just graduated and was preparing to start a career. One day he came to visit me. My husband was away so I asked him to spend the night in my place. I have a habit of sl**ping while watching TV so he kept watching it while I went into deep sl**p. As he told me later, my dress went up so he was able to see my voluptuous thighs. My underpants shifted so he was able to see the slit of my cunt. This made his cock hard and he could not control himself any longer so he took his shi... Continue»
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our first meeting!

hello dear friends!

My name is Kwstas and i am 35 yo,
today i would like to tell you how I met my friend Val.

I am a gynecologist so as you can imagine pussy is not a rare site for me :) , but when it comes to meet a woman in my personal life I was always shy,

one day i try one of the chat rooms and i find Val, she is a 21 yo female from ukrain, she was in greece so i starting to chat with her, she send me some photos of her and even if she was a bit chubby , her gorgeous big natural tits made me so horny that i would like to meet her!

we speak on the phone and we meet for a cof... Continue»
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