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whore i still got a hard on for.

a couple of years ago i noticed this real skinny. no tit. ugly whore. kept driving by. one time she was all that was out that night so i stopped. she was not bright. but she was willing to show her pussy. and it did not stink like some. we went to her place. and got a bj and fucked. she did not act like she liked the fuck. i tagged her as a complainer. turn off. nutted and bye bye.
she lived in a house on the street she walked on. she was always their willing to jump in any car. from time to time i let her give me a blowjob. she got pregnant and i fucked her a couple of times. her pussy was ... Continue»
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Energy Audit

I had just started college and one of the classes I took involved the students to go out and do these energy audits st peoples homes. Basically I was to go around and tell rich white people if they turn off some lights they would save money on their next electric bill.
Now part way thru the course I go this big house on the golf course. It is a pretty amazing house. I knock on the door and this woman answers. I tell her who I am and she knows why I am there. She is a tall slender very good looking woman. Long platinum blonde hair. Mid to late forties. This woman could be a model. I mean ... Continue»
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friend ki mom ki chudai

hey dosto me apni phli kahani likh raha hu yakin h apko psand aygi to me ab story start krta hu
Mera ek friend hai vishal jo mere saath MBA kar raha hai hum ache dost hai main aksar uske har jaya karta hu mere ghar se uske ghar ki duri lagbhag 15 km hai vishal ke ghar me 3 log hai vishal, uska papa pankaj jo subah se raat tak dukaan chalate hai aur uski sexy maa sakshi. Ab main sakshi aunty k baare me kya kahu ekdum sex bomb hai 42 age hai lekin lagti hai bilkul 30 yoga aur excerise karne ke karan unka umar samajh me nahi aata wo dikhne me bala ki khoobsurat hai boobs 40 honge aur gaand ka t... Continue»
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She Says It's Not Her, But...

Recently I came across a sexy video on the Internet of a couple fucking titled, "Fucking My 10 Years Older Neigbor Missionary Fuck", which caught my eye because of the title. It's been one of my fantasies for a long time to have some well-hung young stud fuck my wife! The video kept my interest because of the good pounding the guy was giving the woman. The couple's faces were partially obscured because of the angle of the camera except for glimpses of the woman's face through their flailing limbs and once or twice when the man looked back over his shoulder at the camera as if to confirm it was... Continue»
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Spying 2 hot neighbours undressing

If you have looked at my profile you will see that I love am a voyeur and love it when I get another noteable spot.

We moved house recently; as usual one of my first jobs in a new house is to check out locations for potential voyeur opportunities. My initial thoughts were that I had lucked out. The back of the new houses faces another row so there are 4 maybe 5 houses with potential for some good views and exhibitionist opportunities. They are quite a distance so one of the first new house jobs was to purchase some binoculars.

Despite my initial positivity about amount of opportunity t... Continue»
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A nice night after a nice dinner

A nice night after a nice dinner

Victor and I had a romantic dinner outside at a nice restaurant that night.
On our way home, my loving husband said I was dressed so sexy that he could not wait to reach our bed to fuck me… he told me he would look for a dark lonely place where we could have sex…

He drove along a country lane until we reached a dark quiet car park. There was nobody parked there; then Victor stopped the car and turned to me.

That night I was dressed really sexy; a short black strapless silk dress, high heels and a tiny black thong that barely covered up my shaved mou... Continue»
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My husband and I have been married for 25 years. We are in our mid-fifties. We are attractive and fit. Our sex life has always been very good. We have been occasionally been adventurous. WE have had a number of mfm threeways, we have a once in a while play time with a couple who are good friends and we have had the very occasional dalliance outside the marriage. We tell each other all about those. My husband is bi. I wouldn't say I am bi but have done things with the female half of the couple we play with but it's more to entertain the guys than any real predilection of mine. The point being t... Continue»
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Wife and Mother in law camping trip experience par SeXStoRY

So me, my wife and her parents went on a camping trip this past weekend. We brought two tents. We had them setup for a couple of days. The tents were about 8 or 9 feet apart we setup a hammock between both. My father in law went out to get a few things back home that we forgot. My wife and I went swimming and my mother in law said she wanted to read a book in the hammock. My wife and I went swimming and had a good time. We made our way back to the campsite and went in our tent to change. I took off my shorts and lucky me! My w... Continue»
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This happened when I was 18. I had a friend named Judy and she was totally Les, in fact got bothered when I would do a guy and then she would not talk to me for weeks. Well, anyway, I had not seen my grandmother for a few years. She was, at that time, 74 and I was surprised that she was coming to see us at all. Judy and I drove o the Atlanta airport to pick her up one afternoon and we saw a woman, obviously her, that, while she was old was not disabled or her shoulders humped over as so many seem to be. I went o her and she hugged me very tight, "Grandma Elaine, this is Judy." I said and she h... Continue»
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The Artist And The Client......Part 2

Bernie took me by the arm and gently directed me to the chaise, "Here....sit here and put your leg on the cushion....stretched out flat......leave your other foot on the floor.....your thigh relaxed.....lean it to the right.... legs spread a little.....more.....that way I can see your gorgeous cock.....Mmmmmm.....G.....Oh my God!" I looked up at him and his cock was so close to me. It was as if he was purposely standing so close his cock head was inches from my lips. There was pre cum oozing from the head as I heard him sigh, almost begging for attention from me. I knew he wanted my lips kissi... Continue»
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mother in law

There I stood in front of my mother-in-law. She was wearing a pair of my wife’s black back seamed silk stockings, black bustier, thong panties, and a pair of super high heels shoes that my wife only wore once for my birthday. I was heading to get something out of my walk in closet when I discovered her hiding there. She stood in front of me all embarrassed and her face started to turn red.

She wasn’t the only one embarrassed. I was standing there naked and as I looked at her beautiful plump body, the bl**d started to flow into my cock giving me an instant erection. In a moment of panic we b... Continue»
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The Artist and the Client

My neighbor came to me at a gathering asking if he could speak with me privately when I had a moment. I liked my neighbor Bernie as he was almost f****y and an artist. He always urged me to find and develop my creative energy. He provided me with art materials and instruction in the use of them, and I would help him around his studio, giving me many opportunities to watch him paint.

As a younger eighteen year old guy I was very sexual. But yet I was always surprised in an innocent way, when I discovered that another person who I never suspected to be overly sexual, might have those same des... Continue»
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Kate's "Rich Bitch" Fantasy

I dreamed this up one day, imagining what I might be like as a spoiled rich bitch!

I have my driver, James, pull the car around to the back of the warehouse and park there. He steps out and walks around to my door, looking sharp, as always, in his crisp, grey
uniform. Standing straight and tall, he opens my door and waits as I step out.
“Wait here, James,” I tell him. “I will only be a short while.”
“Yes, ma’am,” he replies, closes the door and dutifully stands to wait for my return.
I stroll into the large warehouse, my high heels clicking on the floor. The four worker... Continue»
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Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 02

Not long after Michelle and Tony's visit, it became clear to us, that they had told Peter about our relationship. The past couple of months Peter had only been making sparse phone calls but that changed all of a sudden. It seemed to me, he was regretting divorcing Carmen. I just enjoyed it and decided to do my utmost to rub salt into the wound.

When Carmen's telephone rang on a Saturday evening, I answered it as Carmen was just putting Eva down to sl**p for the night.

"Carmen! Peter is on the phone," I yelled with my hand over the mouthpiece. "He was wondering if you had a minute to talk... Continue»
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Teacher, Teacher

I had no great expectations for my senior year of high school. It was the late 1960's and I was voluntarily missing out on the "Love Generation". I had a close call with the girl I lost my virginity to, she thought she might be pregnant, and I had avoided all girls I might have had a chance with since that memorable night. Not that I wasn't still attracted to girls and thought about them every waking minute, but I wasn't going to risk being a daddy before I was ready. I figured I could jerk off until I was twenty-five if I had to do it.

Of course, I was a nerd, or geek, or hippie freak, or ... Continue»
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fantasies of my friends for my sexy mother

well, u know these days when you are out of luck? but let me begin some days before that day. your mom won a trip to the east usa because she was the 1.000.000 customer in her local store. she was quite happy because she wanted so hard to take a trip to the beautiful country. she had some problems at home with her work (got fired) her house (got sold because of outstanding depts) and she paned to
think about her future while taking her vacationtrip. she sold nearly everything she got at home. she asked you if you could take care of the last (or too persoanal) things like her photo-albums, her... Continue»
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A bull's experiences with cuckolding.

In 2012 I answered an ad on craigslist by a married woman looking for something on the side. I'll call her Ginger. She was in her mid-40s and I was 27 at this point. I love older women so the age difference was an immediate turn-on for me (I love being the young stud who satisfies the older established woman with a lacking sex life; it's a very hot dynamic to me). We exchange a couple of short emails before I'm given a phone number. Turns out that it was actually her husband who posted the ad. He works a lot, doesn't have much time for her, and can't please her in bed: after 25 years of marria... Continue»
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Goeorge - The Start of a Great Career

George was not quite yet nineteen years’ old, and already pretty experienced sexually. Back in London he was screwing a couple of his mother’s friends on a regular basis. They just loved his cute girlish little face and his giant cock.
He told us how he lost his virginity at f******n, just after his balls had dropped and was making transition from boy to man. Every summer he used to visit the French side of the f****y. They had a house on the coast in Normandy, and one day he went with his cousin, Eric, and his aunt Jeanne to the beach, which, when he got there, to his embarrassment, fo... Continue»
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Young black man, mature white female2

My mature, gorgeous, big breasted, mature white wife was thrilled to have delivered her recent 3 black babies with the young black man Rodwell as of two months ago. He'd like to see his three babies as my wife tells him they're beautiful. So arrangements are made for Rodwell to visit for a weekend, my wife has arranged for our 3, 17 year olds to be away for a 4 day weekend. I was going to be away on business. Rodwell arrived early Friday morning, was thrilled to see his 3 beautiful babies. He's still 19, my wife is 55. They play with the 3 babies, lots of goo-goo-gaga and such, nothing intelli... Continue»
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Una Brava Mamma Per Ogni Occasione

Io sono la Mamma, il mio compito è rendere felice e contento mio figlio assecondando ogni sua richiesta e tenendomi sempre pronta a soddisfare ogni suo desiderio.
Mio figlio vuole che io sia sempre una brava Mamma per ogni occasione, Provvedo alla pulizia e all’ordine della casa in cui viviamo e preparo da mangiare da brava casalinga quale sono.
Mio figlio vuole che la sua Mamma sia sempre bella, in forma, ben curata e profumata, vuole che tenga le unghia di mani e piedi lunghe e sempre ben smaltate, il rossetto ed il trucco sempre apposto, i capelli in ordine color biondo platino, devo ... Continue»
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