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An Afternoon with Kimberly

Newspaper Carrier Route
My name is Will Jones and I'm forty-five years old. I got laid off a job that I'd held for twenty years and due to a slow economy I was having a difficult time landing a job in my field as a computer software consultant. Just to pay the rent and eat, I worked at many odd jobs. I got a few computer jobs as a temporary, but just didn't get enough work so I took on a job with a local newspaper delivering papers to the company's carriers with consisted mostly of boys and girls in the ten to twelve year old range. There were a few teenagers too, but most teens worked at fas... Continue»
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My Wife Tina Takes Care Of Her Needs

My Wife (Tina) and I have been married for 27 Years and she has been telling me how she would like to spice up our sex life after it has become doll. (Tina does go out and FUCK other guys but she says getting FUCKED in the bed of a truck or in a car or on a car hood does not take care of here needs not one COCK at a time it is a turn on but she says she needs more.) So I ask her what she would like. She said she would like to FUCK Two COCKS at the same time. So one night we were talking and she told me she would like to FUCK one of our friends and he i... Continue»
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The Couch

I fall asl**p on the couch on a cold, rainy night. We’ve been watching a movie and I fell asl**p lying next to you. I am lying there with nothing on after having showered from another wonderful day spent together. Cuddled up next to you under a blanket. You too are naked next to me as you quietly slip away. You go into the bedroom, light some candles, and prepare the bedroom for the events that are going to take place.

As you come to wake me on the couch, you slide your warm hands under the blanket and begin to feel my cock and balls. I slowly awaken and sigh with pleasure as you continue t... Continue»
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This is certainly not the best part of the big city. Sitting in the parking lot across the street from my destination, I see nothing but dull, worn, dirty brick. The street level windows are covered in metal caging. Graffiti is sprayed here and there. The building I am interested in is two stories high and at least a hundred years old. The ground level started life as a small manufacturer, with offices and living quarters on the floor above.

The entire neighborhood is made up of similar structures, interspersed with garbage strewn, potholed, parking lots. At one time, serio... Continue»
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As I quietly enter the bedroom, I see you lying in the twilight. Your hair has grown longer, your eyes are closed, your skin is darker, your breasts are larger and your body glistens with sweat. You are beautiful lying there naked. I see you laying there on the bed in all your beauty. I continue to look at you, unseen, as you gently squeeze your breasts, and rub your clit. You slide your fingers inside you, bucking and thrusting them in and out. Your nipples harden, you pull them, squeeze them and pinch them gently. As I continue to watch, you slide the toy out from under the pillow and gently... Continue»
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The Journey

As we journey across the mountain pass, the sun shining and the cool breeze blowing, we stop for a brief rest. It's been a long day... You've been touching my thigh during the drive and looking at my package hungrily... As we stop, you unbuckle your seatbelt, slide over on top of me, and plunge your tongue down my throat... Kissing me madly as you grind against my quickly awakening shaft....

Your kiss goes straight to my loins, causing me to harden as you grind against me... I pull you in tight against my kiss as my arms wrap around you, your breasts aganist my chest.... You pull your top o... Continue»
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The Balcony

It's early and i find you outside on the balcony, robe gently flowing in the morning breeze, the air is crisp and cool.... I wrap my arms around you, bury my face into your neck, place my lips on your skin, and suck gently.... You respond by tilting your head away as you reach up an grasp my head pulling me into you.... My cock begins to harden as I'm against you... I suck harder as my hands wander around to tease your breasts, gently squeezing them, as I open my robe to your hand that has come to find my firming member... You moan in delight and giggle as my fingers glide across your skin... ... Continue»
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My Mums stockings

I had been back home with mum for nearly 2 months and I had settled in well. I helped out around the house and was waiting to hear if I had a pace on an engineering course at university.
It was great being home and I think mum liked the company. It was a Saturday night and mum was waiting for her good friend Sue to pick her up for a night out.
They returned about 11:30 and a little d***k, I went to the kitchen and made them a coffee and had a chat, Sue was quite flirty and even worse now she was d***k, but I liked her she was funny. I had the tv on watching MTV when I looked up a group of gi... Continue»
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hi my name is andy . im a tv repairman . and about 6 months ago i had a call to fix a tv in the country . so i got the address from a lady caller . and arranged that evening to call and see if i could fix her tv . well that evening i drove to this little cottage . i walked up to the door and rang the bell , where this lady answerd the door and i explained that she had called me to fix her tv . the mature lady about 58 yrs well figured .as i could see nice huge breasts though her top . well with this she invited me in as i walked though her house i noticed that she had a freind around with... Continue»
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After party with Jeff and Thalia

We came off stage and Thalia sat at the table I the far corner they reserve for guests of the band. As she scooted out from the table, I got a quick glance up her short skirt. Her thick thighs were shaven, and they were fat and juicy. The dress was form fitting with a low neck line that revealed her slightly saggy tits. “ Thalia, “ I said holding her hands out as I “jokingly” eyed her over, “ if this man EVER treats you wrong, or doesn’t treat you …erm, right. You give me a call.” “Flattery will get you nowhere young man!” she said in her best school teacher voice, “I’m nearly twenty years o... Continue»
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watched my sister become a whore

home from school sick when I heard my s****r and some guy. I did not say anything and figured she knew I am here. Heard her say in my moms room we can fuck on her bed.
now I started to worry.
From my room I can see into moms room using the hall mirror. No idea who the guy is but he is nice looking and my s****r is sucking his cock.
Set up my phone camera and filmed a few minutes to use later if mom blamed me for being in there. I started filming and could not find a good place to stop. She sucked him until he came in her mouth.. I have sucked my boy friend will NOT let him cum in me.
I... Continue»
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The Artist and the Client

My neighbor came to me at a gathering asking if he could speak with me privately when I had a moment. I liked my neighbor Bernie as he was almost f****y and an artist. He always urged me to find and develop my creative energy. He provided me with art materials and instruction in the use of them, and I would help him around his studio, giving me many opportunities to watch him paint.

As a younger guy I was very sexual. But yet I was always surprised in an innocent way, when I discovered that another person who I never suspected to be overly sexual, might have those same desires. Bernie was... Continue»
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The Artist And The Client......Part 2

Bernie took me by the arm and gently directed me to the chaise, "Here....sit here and put your leg on the cushion....stretched out flat......leave your other foot on the floor.....your thigh relaxed.....lean it to the right.... legs spread a little.....more.....that way I can see your gorgeous cock.....Mmmmmm.....G.....Oh my God!" I looked up at him and his cock was so close to me. It was as if he was purposely standing so close his cock head was inches from my lips. There was pre cum oozing from the head as I heard him sigh, almost begging for attention from me. I knew he wanted my lips kis... Continue»
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The Twink Next Door

I love Gay and Bi teens. I have a fem boy that lives across the green way from me. He still at 19 lives with his parents. I remember the first day I saw the young man. They had just moved into the townhouse next to ours, just a few yards actually from each other. He possessed that seductive look that said I'm shy, but very hungry. It was like we both knew.

His bedroom is on the second story across from my office. I have always talked to him and teased him, almost flirting at times. In the beginning I don't think he knew how to take it, as he seemed embarrassed that a 50 something year old ... Continue»
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32 birthday of nima aunty

32 Birthday of Nima Aunty

As I Write this story I’m 25 years old and my sweet love 32. Not so time ago we went for vacation to cox’bazar at saint Martine Island of the Bangladesh. She is a chef account officer from a private company and I’m just freelancer. I have visited many countries and not so clever with girls so far as I join a company as a independent contributor I met with “nima choiti” a beautiful woman with slim chubby body. I was flown when I saw her. She has goddess ass, breast and sexy hand, feet. So project needs to complete with her. As we mat at coffee shop ... Continue»
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Another true experience with mature white wife

I picked up a load of tires at a warehouse in S.C. last weekend. It was on a Friday afternoon and the shipping clerk asked if I would like to come home with him and have a nice home cooked meal with him and his wife. He was an average white guy probably in his 50s, overweight with a big belly and I knew what he probably had in mind but I had been on the road for a couple of weeks and a home cooked meal sounded great and the other possibilities didn't sound bad either. On the way to his house we made small talk and I asked him how long him and the wife had been marries? He said 35 years and I t... Continue»
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Jenny in the beginning

Jenny is the reason why i'm such a fucking pervert. From when i was a k** she was my next door neighbor. When I was about 16 though I started getting feelings about her. She was about 50 single with two boya. Very dark hair lots of it.Pretty for her age. I loved her juicy shapely arse more than any thing though.I started watching her through my bedroom window and wanking off over her. I loved seeing her in her work clothes. Very tight black trousers caressing her round shapely but full arse. Usually with Tights or stockings and black high heel shoes. For some reason I wanted her to see me nake... Continue»
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Watching the wife fuck another man!!!

We go to the bedroom where you lay back and start vibrating your clitty. Naked, I start stroking my cock as I watch you knowing that soon there will be a knock at the front door.

You’re lying there with your eyes closed, your left hand holding your pussy lips apart, your right hand holding your bullet shaped vibrator on your clit when the knock comes at the front door. You look up and say “who the hell could that be?”

I tell you I don’t know but you keep vibrating your clitty while I go check so you go back to what you were doing.

I slip on my pants and go to the front door wh... Continue»
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Time with Claire.

On my way from work, walking in the rain i passed through the town centre, popping into several shops in order to stay dry.
Entering one shop i held the door for a lady following me in, as she passed she dropped something from her bag. I picked up what i could now see were a bunch of keys with several key fobs attached.
"Excuse me", I said.
The lady turned and looked at me, "Yes" she replied.
"Oh, i think these are yours", i said as i held out the keys.
"Yes they are, thanks"
handed the keys over and the lady smiled. She was smaller than me and now that the umbrella she was holding wa... Continue»
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Watching Mom Get Deliciously Fucked

I woke up with a start, my brain slowly coming into focus. I smiled as I realized it had only been a dream. But what a dream! In my dream, my mother and I were naked on her big bed, making love. I often fantasized about being in my beautiful mother's arms. She was awesome. She stood five feet seven inches and weighed in at one-hundred-and-f******n pounds.
Her face was gorgeous. She had big brown eyes and a small nose. She had beautiful hair, thick and luxurious, extending down to her waist. Her ruby lips were full and her complexion was smooth and creamy. I had seen the rest of her body, t
... Continue»
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