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used again

I meet my daughter at a hotel room to help her set up for her first wedding anniversary, she had candles, a sex DVD ropes for the bed, wine and some sex toys, we spend about 2 hours setting things up, we had been sweating pretty good so she told me to grab a shower before heading home, so i did, as I got out of the shower my clothes were gone all that was their were a pair of crotchless panties, I walked out of the bathroom warped in a towel and asked my daughter Jennifer where my things were, she pointed to the bed, and told me she got the panties for me and asked me to try them on, once I h... Continue»
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Our First Cuckold

It was a cold, February day in Tulsa. I just returned from New York on a business trip and was waiting for my wife to pick me up from the airport. I had been gone from home for about week. My job requires me to travel a lot. About every two to three months I have to take a trip. I was excited to see my wife and two c***dren. At that time me and my wife had been married for 12 years. I was 36 and she was 34. We met in high school but didn't start dating until college. My phone vibrated. It was a text from my wife, Julia. She was at the airport and waiting for me. I grabbed my bags and made my w... Continue»
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Wife tag teamed at party

It's been several months since the night my wife became the main attraction for two very horny and perverted young men that were attending the same party as my her. Let me give you some background of the events that lead up to the night my wife of 26 years was taken by two bold guys half her age. Carol, yes her real name had plans to stay at our friends acreage to attend a party as I was out of the country working at the time. Our friends have a beautiful place way out in the country and like to have large parties where there usually ends up being lots of drinking. Many of the guests take thei... Continue»
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Getting fucked at adult theater without husband kn

This happened several years ago when my husband and I first started going to adult theaters. I'm very out going never met a stranger type and my husband is complete opposite, he doesn't say much of anything to strangers just likes to get in do our thing for a little while and then back out. He is also very nervous when we first go in to a theater, has a hard time getting a hard on for the first 10-15 minutes but once he does it stays hard as a rock for as long as I want him to! On this day I was feeling really horny and I had a plan of having a time to remember and boy did I ever!! We always w... Continue»
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The paramedic and my rectal temperature

The paramedic and my rectal temperature

I was alone that long week end; Victor had flown away from town and would come back on Tuesday.
By Sunday evening I felt my corporal temperature was burning me to flames; I decided to call a doctor to come home to check my warm body…

By midnight somebody rang the doorbell.
I stood up from the bed; I was little bit flimsy, but I made my way to the entrance. I opened the door and found there a young paramedic… a very young and handsome one.

I let him in and asked to go with me to the master bedroom upstairs. He followed me; I was sure he was e... Continue»
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Craigslist bear daddy! Part 1

It was a Tuesday night during a hot and my parents were out for the week. At just 18 I couldn't get enough of wanking and sex. The weekend was pulling time and until then a vibrating plug up my hole and slow stroking had to suffice my horny state. I had only been with girls before although I was bisexual. It wasn't the lack of guys my age, rather a lack of older horny to find. It was time to change that, I sent an ad for my area on craigslist. Reading simply

''130lbs, smooth, slim virgin twink boi looking for older hairy, big daddy for play this week. Looking to fuck, suck and whatever els... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature -2

It took Sam a long time to fall asl**p. When she finally did, she began to have erotic dreams. She was in a sea of large breasts. They were everywhere. She was sucking on one and playing with two others. Then, there were other women all around her, waiting for her to suck on their breasts. She was surrounded with flesh. Suddenly, Sam's eyes opened and she was in a cold sweat and very sexually aroused. She tried to put the dream out of her mind, however, each time she went back to sl**p, she had another erotic dream and it always involved women. When the morning light finally came through the w... Continue»
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Keith and Lilli Rose Continued Encounter!!!

The couple slept peaceful through the night, naked and wrapped in each other's arms.

Lilli Rose woke up first know that she would have to go to work soon. As she laid there awake, she ran the thoughts of the previous night through her head and she realized how hot and wet she was getting just from remembering. She wanted Keith, but he looked so sweet and peaceful just sl**ping there next to her. The more and more she reflected on the night before, the more and more she wanted to feel his hard cock.

She didn't know what to do but then it came to her and she smiled a girlish grin.

Lill... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature

Samantha Edwards rushed from her car to the administrative building as the rain poured from the sky. She held her briefcase over her head with one hand in a useless attempt to keep her hair dry, as she struggled to hold books and papers in the other. It was another damp, cold, and dreary day in the northeast. The kind of day you would expect in mid-November in this section of the world. However, Samantha was a southern girl, used to sunny skies and warmer climates.

The click of her high heels on the tile floor echoed up and down the long hallway as she hurried to the administration offices.... Continue»
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Watching Mom Fuck My Best Friend (Trilogy)

If you want to see some pictures of my mom, check out my profile.

PART I- Bedroom Fuck

The following is based on a true story…

My friend Ryan and I have been friends since high school. We would hang out at each other’s houses. We eventually graduated from high school and went to college. I stayed close to home by going to a local college. Ryan did the same thing. We would still hang out on a regular basis.

Ryan would be considered the ring leader of our group… the alpha male. He always got the ladies, while I was always pushed around and laughed at. Ryan always s... Continue»
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New Young Neighbors

We had some new neighbors move into our neighborhood recently.They were really young, in their late twenties. It is nice to have some young bl**d. They asked me to babysit their puppy so they could go out. The puppy was no trouble at all. But when Kimi and Bruce came home they had been drinking. They ran right past me and to the bedroom. Minutes later they were having sex very loudly. A week later we did this again and they came home and went straight to "work". Then we skipped a week but the week after that they came home with another man, Bruce and this were carrying Kimi and I thought ma... Continue»
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We shared at the glory hole

It had been several weeks since my wife and I went to visit a glory hole together. The last time was in Salem and since we were in Corvallis we thought we’d stop there and see what kind of cocks we could share.
We got there midafternoon and went right to the booths. The one I liked and had visited several times by myself was in the very back. As we walked by the other booths we noticed only a few lights on indicating that someone was there. We closed and locked the door and she sat down. These booths have 2 holes in the same wall, one’s a little higher and more towards the front of the... Continue»
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GIrlfriend pays rent

A few years ago something amazing happened with my girlfriend.

My Girlfriend at the time Lets call her Mindy who looked like a really cute version of Velma from scooby doo. she stands about 5.5 a tiny bit on the chubby side with glasses and cropped hair like velma. Her tits were not huge the were bcups a little pointy but very nice. She also had somewhat of a bubble butt. Okay it wasn't somewhat she did. This girl gave the best head I had in my life, and she loved it too. We would be relaxing watching tv and she would just bend over and start sucking my cock out of nowhere. But enough of ... Continue»
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While walking the dog

My husband and I have not been getting lately, he is always having a go at me, and I think he is getting a little frustrated with me, mainly in the bedroom if you know what I mean.
I think mainly Oral and my refusal to suck his dirty cock.
I am in my late 40s so I think I am going through the change, I have slowed down with anything to do with sex but I do still get horny at least once a month, but when I do, I get very aroused, just don’t show it to my ass of a husband.
I have a dog, sorry, my husband has a dog he keeps reminding me, that I take for walks while my husband is at work. One r... Continue»
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Fucking Not My Aunt in Law

Fucking Not My AIL

*Some parts of this are true*

I'd always had a thing for my AIL Dana. She was so sexy it was crazy. She's in her 40s, short blonde hair, and 5'5" thick with big tits and a juicy ass. She was a total pawg. She'd always wear tight shorts and yoga pants to show off her big ass and low cut shirts to flaunt her cleavage. My cock would get rock hard anytime I'd see her. I totally fantasized about fucking her on tons of occasions. One night we had all gotten together to play poker. I was dressed up all clean cut because I was going to a birthday party afterward. I walked into... Continue»
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Anita used by a horny bartender

Anita used by a horny bartender

We were that night enjoying our last day in Jamaica and Ana had chosen to have some drinks at a bar close to the beach…

I had been to the bathroom and on my way back to our table I noticed that the huge black bartender, whose name was Julius, was talking close to my wife.
Ana saw me coming back over and smiled: I could see some relief in her face.
That black bastard had been making moves on her all night every time my back was turned, and we were thinking about moving on to get away from him.
I could not blame the guy for fancying her; Ana was reall... Continue»
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She Says It's Not Her, But...

This is a true story. Some time ago I came across a sexy video on the Internet of a couple fucking titled, "Fucking My 10 Years Older Neigbor Missionary Fuck", which caught my eye because of the title. It's been one of my fantasies for a long time to have some well-hung young stud fuck my wife! The video kept my interest because of the good pounding the guy was giving the woman. The couple's faces were partially obscured because of the angle of the camera except for glimpses of the woman's face through their flailing limbs and once or twice when the man looked back over his shoulder at the ca... Continue»
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My Skin Crawled, but I could not say, 'Stop&#

It was Friday evening and I was unsteady in my new heels, standing amongst the throng of men in a crowded carriage. They were foreigners and I was suddenly afraid for my safety, as they spoke with accents I did not recognise, and even though the subway carriage was swaying violently at times, I knew instinctively, the body contacts were becoming more frequent and more personal.

I started to move out from the throng, the body odours around me were starting to make me feel sick, strong odours like cumin and garlic, and the appearance of the men, were unkempt, unshaven, with a lot around me ho... Continue»
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Seduction Of The Student

Last summer, when I booked my night’s accommodation at a comfortable and cosy private guesthouse in a small country town, I had to share the establishment with the other only guest, John, a semi permanent border. My hosts, who were going out for the evening, assured me if there was anything I needed I only had to ask John. He’d look after me.

I watched TV for a while, but then decided a shower followed by a read of my book in bed might be better. I tapped on the door of John’s bedroom just along the corridor from mine. He was busy on his computer. No, he didn’t need the bathroom. It was mi... Continue»
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Jen's Holiday Sex Plan

As soon as the tail lights of Sharon’s car disappeared, I’d gone around to Jen’s. This was the first Tuesday that we had got together. She opened the door whilst standing behind it, the reason being she was naked. As soon as the door closed she threw herself at me, her arms around my shoulders, and her tongue in my mouth. I cupped her buttocks and pulled her close, as we kissed passionately. We stumbled into her lounge and fell onto the sofa. She quickly had my jeans undone, her hand slipping inside to fondle my hardening cock.
She slid off the sofa, and pulled my jeans and boxers down my thi... Continue»
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