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handy man

I’ve submitted a few stories from my past and I hope that they were enjoyed. I have one that has recently occurred that still has me shaking my head in disbelief. I’m now 50 and in ok shape, I’ve mellowed quite a bit and pride myself on being community minded. I’m somewhat of a handy man and have frequently helped neighbours with small house hold repairs and home improvement projects. I have one neighbour in particular that is a few years younger than myself but we have built up a friendship and since we’ve known each other he has had to take an employment opportunity out of town. This has lef... Continue»
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The Reunion

40th High School Reunion. My wife and I were both looking forward to the reunion. It was my high school reunion…but she wanted to meet the friends I had talked so much about.

The day of the reunion, at noon time my wife got sick…so sick that it looked like we were not going anywhere except maybe the emergency room...After a two hour nap...and she never naps she was much better. Even ate some toast. Well she wasn’t in shape to go but I felt ok going without her.

I arrive at the banquet hall where the reunion was through the side door. So that I nearly missed the check-in... Continue»
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E-Mail from a friend Chapter 3

Saturday we got up late Lise and I had spent a good part of the moaning making out.

After lunch.

"Fran , I promised you a nice surprise for today it is time to get ready to go."

"Will you tell me what it is?"

"No but you will enjoy it I am sure. You will not be hurt Marge would come down here and kill me if you were. I once saw what she did to a guy that hurt one of her girls It was 5 years ago and the guy did not walk straight for a good six months and I don't think he can get it up to this day."

"I am learning a lot about my dear s****r."

"You will need an enema but don't w... Continue»
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Linda's wider f****y

That weekend, Linda and I went out for a walk but the weather changed and it started to rain. Linda’s house was closer so we decided to go there before we got too wet. On the way there, Linda couldn’t resist asking, “Did mummy make you be a good boy for her”? “Well do you think I was going to resist her”? I replied.

Linda said there could be more fun ahead as her Uncle and Aunt would be visiting for the weekend and, as they did not come home that often, they often reverted to how things used to be when they were younger. When we arrived home, Linda’s mum and her Aunt Ellen were not there. H... Continue»
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My movie world

After getting a lot of experience in watching the porn movie, I thought of making my own movie. This thinking was looking simple but when I get started planning on the same then everything really kept me busy and finally I drafted a plan to make the movie. There were many wrong ways to make such things but I had no such ideas or plan to get into the negative side. As I wanted my actors to behave properly with smile as many of the western porn movies have. I had sea... Continue»
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Umang’s Hot Mom

Hello friends, my name is Vipul and I am from Mumbai. Basically I am a Gujarati and live in boriwali. This story is about me and my friend’s hot mom Neena. Neena aunty is Umang’s mom. Umang and I have been studying togther since our school time. But now he is in B.Sc and I am doing my diploma in engineering. This happened last month when I got the chance to fuck this hot mom. I was going for a small trip to Pune and wanted to check whether Umang would like to join.... Continue»
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Fucking My Aunty While Uncle Slept Upstairs

This is the story if how I fucked my aunty. It all happened when my parents had sent me to stay at my uncles for the long four weekend. My aunt was my uncle’s second wife and she was only 37 she had huge boobs which I would stare at all the time and a nice curvy body with a fabulous ass. I was 18 when I first started to imagine and fantasies about her after seeing an old video of her dancing.

I arrived at my uncles house on Thursday morning and she greeted me at
... Continue»
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Boss Screwed My Mom

Hi friend my name is Jay and I live in delhi. Without wasting any time let me come to my story. This is a true story which happened in my life. I work in an office and my boss Sundar is a good guy. He is over 50 and very humble to me. He was well built and around 90 kilo in weight. Coming to my mom, she is nice looking 38 years of age lady. She is well built with nice boobs and protruding ass.

Once my boss had to go out so he gave me charge. But as I was sick on
... Continue»
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A Train Journey With Mom

I want to share with you one of my story with you all. This story is all about how I had sex with my mother in a train and how I and my friend fucked each other’s mom. It is a real story. In the next story I will tell you how I had sex with my mom for the first time but let me describe this story.

The story is totally real. Let me tell you about my mom she is still a very sexy lady. After having sex with my mom for the first time I was in continuous sexual relatio
... Continue»
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Friends Mother

Ashley was spending the night with her best friend Carol. The two had been friends since high school, and had just completed their first year of junior college.Ashley and Carol were alike in many ways, but there was one major difference; Ashley was a lesbian.

She had know at a young age that she was different than most girls. She didn't care about the boys, or going out on dates and all the other nonsense girls cared about when it came to boys.

She had been introduced to lesbian sex when she found a stash of her fathers old porn movies in the basement by accident. Thrilled with her ... Continue»
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Babs' First Nude Beach

When Babs and I got married, she was pretty straight laced. She made me wait until our wedding night to have sex with her. She was so beautiful and her athletic build made me want her all the time, but I honored her request to wait.

Our friends had rented us a hotel room for the first night before we flew off on our honeymoon. All I’ll say about that first night is that it was very much worth waiting for.

Both of our parents had got together and sent us on a two week honeymoon to Australia and we were both excited. Some of that excitement waned on the long flight over to Ozzieland. Fro... Continue»
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Mrs. Robinson Stays In

She takes best friend's son in front of her cheating husband.

"Have you ever done any riding Dan? You've grown up a lot in the last couple of years. You look like you'd be pretty comfortable in the saddle."

"Well mom did take me to a pony ride when I was eight..." Dan answered, rather cleverly he thought given how much trouble he was having keeping focused on Mrs. Robinson's casual banter.

She had asked him to come over and do some stone work on the artificial waterfall by her pool. Dan could use the extra money but that wasn't what had made him jump at the offer.

A c... Continue»
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Office boss 2

"So what am I doing this morning?" I asked my secretary Karen as she bent over my desk with her skirt raised up, showing off her big white ass cheeks and long toned white legs.
"You have a meeting with Mrs Wood at 10" she replied with a gasp as I penetrated her wet hot pussy.
Yes it wasn't even 9 am and already I was fucking my redheaded secretary, but this wasn't unusual, I had fucked her many times like this and even though she had a husband and a k**, she didn't mind bending over and taking her bosses cock once in a while.
You see its all about compromise, I fuck her big wet pussy now an... Continue»
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Young and Old...Part 1

Matt was what you would consider a normal senior manager from your workplace. He was far enough up the ladder to warrant a parking space and had the usual mid-life crisis car to park in it. Work was stressful but financially rewarding and at 56, had discussions each year with his accountant as to whether now was the time to cash in those share options, take the pension and go and retire to Spain. One thing however, stopped all that, or rather, one person.

Outside of work, Matt had discovered XHamster and more importantly, the dating element contained within it. Over the previous year ... Continue»
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Jane and a trucker, and more...

After reaching the ripe old age of 32 Jane felt it was all downhill now!
We'd enjoyed our time together and she'd enjoyed the freedom in our 8 years of marriage.
We had what was described as an open marriage, basically provided we were truthful we allowed each other to have sex with others. What this actually amounted to was Jane having sex with other guys and telling me afterwards or me trying to watch her in the act although we did have a couple of threesomes.

Jane was feeling a bit low and it coincided with her not having any extramarital sex for a while.
Her confidence was low, she f... Continue»
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Waiting for the bride

Waiting for the bride

That Saturday evening I regarded myself in the mirror. I was alone at that moment; everybody was waiting for me at the church, including my loving Victor, the groom.

Oh, yes; it was the day we had been waiting for so many time; our wedding.

The night before some of my girlfriends had dragged me to a bachelorette party and the time ended with my pussy and asshole filled with some stripper`s semen. It had been very painful but also wild: I had given my anal cherry up to that stranger black man and now was so excited again, thinking that later Victor would ask for ... Continue»
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Linda's parents

I was s*******n when I started going out with one of the girls from the village called Linda. Eventually, I was invited to her house for tea although I had yet to have any real sexual activity with her other than quick fondles with her breasts. Her dad was a tall man who was the manager of a grocer’s shop in the nearby market town; her mum was small and chubby. She had similar size breasts as my mother and somewhat larger than Linda’s. Linda’s dad was very off handed and did not seem too pleased that I was there. However, Linda’s mum was a cheerful person.

He seemed surprised that I offered... Continue»
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Helping widow mom date again Part II

Late that night I was alone in the room trying to sl**p and I heard the door open downstairs. Nobody talked but I could notice more than 2 persons walking. I got so anxious."She drove him here. To her own house. At least I know she was safe and not being gang banged some place else".

I heard her high heels knocking towards her that was next to mine. But surprisingly she opened my door. I pretend to be asl**p. She than close the door and went downstairs again and heard the indistinct sound of the living room door being locked with the key. She went to see if I was asl**p to pursue with her ... Continue»
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A Hero's Return Pt. 01

A soldier returns to confront his wife and her affair.

"Daddy please, you need to come home." Those were the first words out of my daughter's mouth when she Skyped me at my duty station in Afghanistan.

"What's wrong baby?"

"It's mom dad." Even with the poor video quality I could tell she was in tears.

"What's wrong with mom?"

"She's seeing another man." My heart stopped. My beautiful wife of 18 years had always been so dedicated to me and Stacy our daughter.

"Honey, how do you know that, surely you're mistaken?"

"Dad, she's out with him two or three nights a week. ... Continue»
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A Hero's Return Pt. 02

War savagely changes everything.

"Mom, god, answer the phone, pick up, pick up."

"Stacy honey is that you? You sound scared to death, what's wrong?"

"It's dad mom, he's been injured, he's hurt bad, real bad."

My heart stopped. "How do you know Stacy? What's happened to him? Where is he?" I felt like I was going to pass out.

"He's over there, in Afghanistan. The army called me. They said something about a roadside bomb explosion and dad's Humvee was caught in the middle of it."

"Oh god No!" I screamed. "He's not dead is he? Please tell me he's not dead."

"They said... Continue»
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