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Willi stays the night

(This is my story I posted some years ago on another site. I thought Hamster readers might like it.)
I cannot describe the sensation of having my cock pumped and my balls licked by my wife while watching another man’s arse pulsing up and down between her wide-spread legs, steadily fucking her eager cunt.

But let me start at the beginning.

We were still 200 kms from home; it was already late afternoon and likely to be dark by the time we arrived.
As we drove on through another small town, there was a figure at the side of the road, thumb out, looking hopeful as we approached.
I stopped... Continue»
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Sex with an Old man

Stand completely nude in front of a full length mirror, and just imagine a group of men looking at you. Your eyes are their eyes, and whatever part of you you look at, I challenge you not to get excited, with the thoughts coursing through their minds.

If you can do that, then it goes to show you know the power you have to do it., so why are you still standing there, go out and do it, just once, and thrill yourself silly being passed from man to man and being groped without the power to stop it, until they have expended their seed all over you.

Believe it or not, I was thinking like this ... Continue»
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My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry

I looked at my wife giving her a quizzical look and asked for more information. She stared at me and thought for a short while before saying that she had found something ! My mind went into overdrive because if she meant what i thought that she meant then my secret, or at least that one had been discovered. Although i had left my life of servitude behind me the feelings of wanting to submit and to serve still occasionally made their feelings felt and i had accumulated quite a few DVDs on the subject of Female Domination and related subjects.which i used to watch when i was alone. I asked her w... Continue»
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seeking to make friends. I am looking for true lov

LOVE IS THE BEST THING IN THE LIFE- I am looking for deep, true love and happy marriage. ♥♥ I am looking for true love and happy marriage. Committed Relationship,Intimate Encounterو Searching for love and tenderness. affection.

Hi, Fall greetings from Egypt and from me to you!.Is not it nice to have someone so far away looking for you ?!. My name is Mohamed El-Sayad, I am strong Egyptian gentleman, handsome, good looking, attractive, my birth date is 27th January, 1967, Young at heart and look yanger, zodiac sign:Aquarius, Height: I am 185 Cm.tall,or 6 feet.1 inche, my Body Type: Average,... Continue»
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6 mature big breasted, white ladies bbc cottage5

6 mature, big breasted white ladies have delivered 35 black babies over their past 4 yearly breeding sessions. Ladies are; Tryphaena (my wife), Elaine, Connie, Wendy, Steph and Beverly. 4 young black men are; Randolph, Sam, Tom and Danny. They will all meet at our cottage for 5 weeks on none stop love making for their fifth breeding session. Date is fast approaching.

After delivering their 4th set of babies from their last breeding session. All the ladies who are between 50-55 immediately start to work out together to drop their gained baby weight. They also start a foot reflexology, shiats... Continue»
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me and my lass

Well I been with this lass now well shes actually older than me and if you check my videos then you get the main picture of this story by seeing the video and soon more videos.

Well had long day didn't see her all day and kind of missed her and when I went to hers on a night we had nice hot bath together where I got undressed and I got in the bath took me while to sit down as water hot and didn't want to burn my balls off lol. And as I eventually sat in the bath I turned and watched her undress and enter the bath with her bold pussy all a glow and her big tits as she climbed into the bath a... Continue»
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My wife has it her way

I opened the door to a cuckold life style so now I have to live with it. It all started when I suggested that my wife give one of our friends a blow job. He was staying over after a party where heavy drinking was involved. Untill that night she had been the perfect wife. After having sex that night she was in love with having thicker cocks in her.

My wife has read stories on line about how to cuckold your spouse. She has talked with the ladies in the office she works in about having sex outside the marriage. She said a couple of them where doing it without their husbands knowing. My wife t... Continue»
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No body knows it but me!

This is the mixed story real after all but disguised for some reasons, about a Mature and very sexy mother, she seems pretty normal, hard working wife, husband, two sons about 20 Y.O., everything seems to be pretty normal with her.

As in many marriages they pretended to be a happy f****y, like 6 months ago she asked another friend to go out and have some coffee because she needed to talk, of course just the to of them call it girls night out.

She stated that she was pretty unhappy with her hubby, frustrated with her boys because they put no attention at all, in other words she felt lonel... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 4

Chapter 04: Binita Around the House

The woman massaged the oil into his limbs. Thakur Hari Singh luxuriated in the ceremony of the long oil bath he treated himself to once every week. His weekly routines had been interrupted for a while now because of the preparations needed for his son's marriage to that saucy, town-educated girl Binita.

"Binita," he thought and sighed. The girl had come to talk to him about the stalled marriage when both he and she had descended into lust and for a good hour, they were only man and woman. No relationships, no norms, no taboos crossed their minds as the... Continue»
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MMF - BI -

Donna and I were talking one night after having a good fucking session, she said “I think we’ve done everything sexual now except a mass orgy which you know I won’t do” I had to agree we have done everything. Then she said “I want YOU to suck a guy while he fingers me” I said “You do?” “Yes like you did to that lad from the coffee shop years ago”.

If you read our stories then you’ll know what she’s talking about. I replied “If the situation turns up then I’ll do it for you” she said “Yes you will I do stuff for you” and I answered “But you enjoy what you do” “But I like to see some stuff yo... Continue»
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A Mothers Secrets


I will try to tell you how my love for young boys turned into something much more than just a daydream.

But before I start I will let you know a little more about me. I am a mother of two handsome sons and I currently live in Sweden.

My first sexual encounter with a boy was when I was 19 and he was only 13. The relation was kept a secret. I was ashamed of my feelings for young men at the time so I went the "opposite" and married a man almost 10 years older than me.

I met my husband when I was 19 and I got pregnant at 21 - at that time I thought I had lost all contact with my de... Continue»
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Affair with Not my Mother In Law

This is a work of fiction.

I've always been attracted to my 50 year old mother-in-law Amy. I love her fat ass and pretty eyes. She gets me hard when she wears her white pants you can see through. I'm always staring at her ass enjoying the view. My wife knows how much I want to fuck her and sometimes agrees to pretend to be her. This has been going non since we've been married and I've gotten to cop the occasional feel of her ass and tits.

One day my wife told me my mother-in-law needed some help moving boxes. Her dad was going to be at church and refused to miss it to help out. He wasn'... Continue»
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Frustrated League Cup Liverpool Home perfect endin

Phoenix Ticker May 9 morning, Premier League last game of the 37th. Liverpool sits Anfield home 4 to 1 victory over Chelsea. This is the second time the two ultimate teams clash in four days. FIFA Cup final opponents Liverpool lost 1 to 2 missed the National Cup crown, while the game's victory greatly ease the recent weakness of the Red Army, which temporarily exceed Fulham ranked eighth in the Premier League standings. FA frustrated FIFA 16 players turned gorgeous half after blasting the Blues defense Suarez is absolutely central Liverpool, his play is directly related to the ultimate... Continue»
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Bondage play

He lead her into the room with his hands over eyes, but this wasn’t some romantic flowers and chocolate scenario, oh no she was going to love this much, much more! He removed his hands and she opened her eyes and looked around. It was their bedroom but different. It was almost empty in comparison. Where the bed was usually, stood a lone wooden chair standing proud centrepiece. She looked at the room in more detail, chains hung from the ceiling and there was a sheet over the old book shelf that peaked her curiosity.

“So my dirty little sub” he began with a wicked grin. “come to the chair” h... Continue»
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Stories I like: Great Grandmother Comes Alive

Great Grandmother Comes Alive

My great grandmother, Edith has been in a care home for some years. She is 93 and, put bluntly, is not all there -- it's not Alzheimer's but a form of dementia which means her mind wanders and she behaves irrationally much of the time - although she sometimes recognises the staff in the home, she less often knows her f****y but can cope with the majority of routine activities in the place.

I'm now 18 and until recently had only visited her when f***ed to. It's not that I'm callous but she's been in there since I was a little k** and I don't really kno... Continue»
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Eating pussy and no birth control

I love eating pussy, what better way to get a woman turned on fully and hot to trot. It doesn't matter really if they are bushy, trimmed or shaved although the last two are preferred . I've had em sweet, tangy, buttery, and juicy as hell but all of em have been clean in all ways needed. I've gotten to know all these women a little bit before actually meeting and through that made sure that they were clean, a mutual trust and I could provide proof of me being clean, still can. During our chats I left birth control up to them and all I would ask or wanted to know was if they were on the Pill, to... Continue»
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Found in the www. "82yo Mother In Law"

82yo Mother In Law


I have always been sexually attracted to my mother in law and have had many sexual fantasies about her and have come close to getting inside her knickers a few times but have always been to scared to do anything about it until now……..

My Mother in law Betty is in her 80’s, the typical woman of her age, 5’ 5” tall, bottom heavy, tight grey perm, glasses, average breasts (Saggy) and dresses to her age slacks or a skirt usually worn with tights and a blouse or a jumper.

Last week she asked me if I would clear out her ... Continue»
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My BBC Experience

Hello to all
This is a true story that I have been living for about 3 months. I am writing this to remind me how it all started. I will add new posts as events happen in the future. I see no end to this cycle. Please understand that I am a Bi White male 55 years old.

One afternoon I was cruising a website and a profile caught my eye. He was a 52 yr old Black male seeking friendship and someone to just hang out with. I understood his profile and sent him a quick “wink” and thought no more about it.
The next day I logged in to find that he had sent me a nice note simply saying thank ... Continue»
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My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry.

It took me a while to come clean to my wife about my time before we met. In that time i had been a submissive to a Professional Mistress in the Midlands and it was from her that i developed an interest in both servitude and crossdressing. Mistress/Madam had always insisted that i should be dressed as a woman whenever i was in her presence. After Mistress/Madam and i had gone our separate ways after many years of being together i had to admit to feeling a little alone and deserted and with no direction in my life. i had several relationships and none of them had any idea about what i had been ... Continue»
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Rush hour with a black man

Rush hour with a black man

Friday afternoon I left early my office and caught the train during the rush hour. I was going to meet my friend Paula, to arrange a birthday party in a club.

It was summer time in L.A. and that warm day I was dressed up in a tight black fitting top, with no bra; a silk skirt short and flirty and nice high heels.

As I was standing and waiting for the train, I got some attention from men around, when my skirt lift up with the light breeze. I could only hold the front of my skirt as my other hand was holding a big paper bag with a present for Paula.

Ever... Continue»
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