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The precious aunt 2!!!!

I wrote in a previous story about my aunt who is an amazing woman at 50's.Top class milf,average face but with a body at least 15-20 years younger.So i told you that she had an affair with my dad and with her boss.When i caught her fucking like a whore in a threesome i decide to take actions and at last she became my whore too.

Now i am writing a story about my aunt and me at a holiday trip in our village.I dont remember the year,it was 5 or 6 years ago on a July.My f****y,me,my parents and my b*****r were traveling to our village.A few days later my aunt will suppose to come because she wa... Continue»
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The photoshoot

She stood in his bedroom with the bed all wonderfully made with several different pairs of underwear laid out.
“Thanks for doing this so I can further my photography, you‘re the perfect size” he says giving a quick glance up from his camera.
“It’s ok, tell you the truth I may be shy but, I kind of like the idea of someone taking photos of me, someone I trust… obviously and well… it’d be interesting to see if you can make me look pretty” she says standing in a sating negligee.

He sees the nerves in her eyes. “it’s ok we don’t have to.. Or I can just edit your face out of them but maybe ... Continue»
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My husband had a business trip to Ghana ( Accra ) and asked me to go with him...We had a nice hotel suite in the best hotel of Accra, it was really a pleasure.

On the 3rd evening we where there, i realized after dinner that i had left my glasses by the swimming pool , so i went to look, but could not see i asked at reception, and they told me to go into a store located on the other side of the swinmming-pool.

It was 11pm, and i went to this place and opened the door : an unexpected sight was before me : 3 young blacks boys ( they were 18,19, and 22 years old ) were there
... Continue»
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Christmas selection box

Christmas selection box

The following options could have been available this year if you had been in the right place at the right time.

After a hard final few days preparation for the Christmas f****y get together, she was drying herself after a quick shower and getting ready for an early night when the phone rang. Being divorced and middle aged she was not prepared for late calls on Christmas eve, particularly when she did not recognise the number. Something inside her said “its Christmas” so she answered the call.

She immediately recognised the voice as that of a very good friend o... Continue»
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A week away


Donna and I had taken a week away and was visiting a seaside resort on the south coast of England. We’d been there three days of our seven days stay and had been fucking every night. After being out in the town we’d bought some stuff and was struggling to get them back to the hotel. As we sat down on a bench for a rest Donna said “I’d really like a good session if we can” as I smiled.

Carrying on up to the hotel with our bags as we approached the lobby two guys were loading up a van when Donna winked at me, as we got level with them she stumbled and one of the lads ... Continue»
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Anyone for tennis?

Knowing I went to a gym close by my friend Dan asked a favour one week. He had to work late so asked if I would collect his wife Helen from the tennis club after her lesson.
I didn't know her that well but agreed telling him he owed me.

On the day in question I finished in the gym and not bothering to get changed drove round to the club to collect Helen. When I got there I parked in the car park looking over the tennis courts and soon spotted her having her lesson.
I quiete liked what I saw with the sun shining we always feel the sap rising but she looked good in her little tennis dress... Continue»
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www. Stories I like: Karen Returns

Karen Returns

One of my oldest lady friends, in terms of both age and length of relationship, is Karen Hawthorne, whom I have known, and whose company I have enjoyed for over seven years. One of the most memorable weekends of my life was her birthday a few years ago, when we spent three days making gentle love together at a bed and breakfast inn a few miles up the coast. Although we were both closer to fifty than to forty when we signed in as husband and wife, the other guests mistook us for newlyweds, which caused us great hilarity in the privacy of the room we shared.

Another g... Continue»
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Sky High Interview

It was early morning in New York City, everyone was running here and there on their way to work except Matt. Matt was 34 years old and on his way to a job interview after quitting his previous job die to some human resource issues. Hopefully he wouldn’t have any problems in this job.
Reaching the building he looked up in awe. The building just kept on going as if it was climbing inti the sky, he had never been in such a tall building but after all this was new York! Approaching the receptionist he asked where the interviews were taking place and it turned out that he was the only one for toda... Continue»
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Wife's Biker Boyfriend

I travel a lot for work to keep my gorgeous wife in her nice suburban country home. After all, this 45 year old petite woman is downright gorgeous with a movie star face and a great body, she is a real trophy but she is somewhat sexually inhibited. After all, she is churchgoing President of the local school PTA. This all changed one day in August when my limo driver dropped me off. I saw a customized motorcycle in the driveway, it was the kind a biker would drive with a skull and crossbones medallion on the back seat. When I got inside the house I heard sounds coming from the basement. I lis... Continue»
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Two guys in my cunt

Two guys in my cunt

I left my office early on Tuesday. By four o´clock I was home, finding a note from Victor. He would also come home early, because his friends Samuel and John would came for a poker night.

I got a warm shower and when I turned the water off I heard knocking at the door. Wrapped in a towel I asked through the door who was it and the reply was “John and Samuel”. I opened the door and they came in to the living room.

I said them I would go to my bedroom to put on some clothes.
When I came back, both men were sitting on the sofa, legs apart rubbing their crotches thr... Continue»
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First time oily massage with another man

Recently my wife was going away for 10 days and I thought this was my chance to do what I'd been wanting: get together with other men to play naked, masturbate and explore.
I am an extremely avid masturbator and I love edging my cock when the wife is out. But I really wanted to get naked with a guy, massage his naked body and stroke his cock and finger him till he came.
I found a guy on Craigs who seemed Ok. He was a bit younger and was working on the road at the time, a repair guy of sorts.
We met for coffee and both agreed to go directly to my home for a hot tub and naked massage.

I wa... Continue»
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Ladies group picnic...

My neighbors wife asked me to drive her to her ladies group meeting on a Thursday afternoon at a local parkway. She and her husband (48/52 respectively)are good people who've been known to throw some lively parties in our neighborhood. They only had one car available as her husband drove to work and her car was in the shop. I am on disability so I agreed to drive her. I picked her(Jeanie)up at around 12:30 p.m. and we set out for her picnic. Jeanie is a drop-dead gorgeous long-haired redhead, 5'9" and around 140lbs. with long legs and a totally killer ass. I was quite nervous as I had neve... Continue»
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White wife ain't going back

The experience your about to have is something I cannot accurately describe. The only useful information I could even conceivable give you is what my first date with my bull was like.

My first date with my bull took place on a Thursday in December. If you’ve ever been to Missouri in the wintertime you know that the winters here are bitterly cold and usually extremely snowy. This night was no exception but I was warm with anticipation.

My husband and I had gone through all the ups and downs over the past months that all new couples go through when entering into this lifestyle. Hurt feelin... Continue»
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The Cafe Down the Road

Danny sat perched on the edge of his seat across from Alison, who was absentmindedly stirring sugar into her coffee. A soft murmur of voices surrounded them, people coughing and scrapping chairs, hanging damp coats on brass hooks or carefully laying dripping umbrellas down on the floor. The rain sizzled softly outside, hitting the pavement and pattering the windows.

"Does this feel strange to you," Alison asked Danny, looking across at him attentively.

"What, us having coffee together," Danny asked, unsure of Alison's meaning.

"Yes, I mean I'm not with your dad anymore and your f**... Continue»
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Swinging Vacation

Pam’s skin was already warm from the sun as I rubbed and massaged the Ambre Solaire suntan oil down her back. She lay face down on the mattress from a sun lounge she had just been reclining on, now on the tiled floor in the sunshine. Pam, and her husband Frank, had joined Lisa and I on the roof top garden of our holiday apartment. We were all nude.

So far in the first few days of our holiday acquaintanceship we had learnt that we had nudism, and a few other attributes, in common. We had previously met each other a number of times in various communal areas around the apartment complex, such... Continue»
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Frisky Photo Shoot

Frisky Photo shoot
Herbert had been interested in photography since he could remember getting his first camera. At first it was landscapes and then he moved onto people the best photos were the most natural ones. But his f****y has asked him to start taking local classes to improve his skills and quality with pictures.

Over the summer he had taken the local classes which helped a little but he got bored of them quickly most of the “students” were mature and he hated that instead he decided to take them professionally through college. It was a different environment having assessments but... Continue»
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my first 3some

(all true)

I'm 52 and I think I'm the only person on the planet who has never had a threesome. I had always wanted it to be two girls and me, but hell, ya gotta take what comes along.

I was on a mission to put together a threesome and live out my fantasy, so I hit Craigslist. I answered an ad a local guy posted about giving BJ's during the day, I was feeling horny and adventurous so I replied to the ad and later that day went to his place. I was greeted by a 50something half naked guy who welcomed me in. He had a porn movie going on his TV so I sat for a few minutes. Turned out there was... Continue»
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Mistress Of The Manor

Things had certainly changed for Mistress Karen. Here she was driving down the road in her brand new car, towards her sprawling new house in the country. Yes, only twelve months ago she had bought a ticket that changed her life. £6 million was now all hers.

With the lottery won she had transformed her life. New house, new car, fine clothes and a body to die for. No surgery though, all fitness and hard work - and a lot of sexy fun thrown in. All the people in her life were catered for and they wanted for nothing.

But she was now the mistress of the manor. A large 6 bedroom house, with... Continue»
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Discipline on The Croft Part 2

The MacDonald croft was on the edge of the village in a spectacular elevated spot, set back from the road and looking out to sea. I had just started walking up the long track leading up to the croft as a Land Rover appeared from one of the fields and turned towards me. Iain MacDonald leant on the door and smiled a greeting to me.

“Young Angus! Fine day it is! You’re up and about early for being on your holidays, are you not? I thought young lads didn’t see much before early afternoon surely?”

I couldn’t think of a response but he saved my blushes by continuing.

“I’m off to Fort Wil... Continue»
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Gas Station Whore

I just got done with my job. I was working late and lost track of time. I was traveling from one side of town to the other, to get home. It was just after midnight and it was starting to rain. There was a gas station at the next exit that had cheap gas and great tacos. It was kind off the beaten path and was more or less a dive. I got lost one night and stumbled upon the place. I put my turn signal on my black SUV and slowed down.

It was a good five minute drive off the interstate. The rain had picked up as a drove into the beat up gas station. I quickly got out and pumped abou... Continue»
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