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1st part.

In a hotel room:

It is a heavy night, with heat and low clouds that reflect the lights of the city, a gentle northerly breeze comes without being able to change anything.
It's hot in the room, the man lying in the bed barely covered with sheets, naked. Only the reflection of the city lights illuminate the room. He lies sprawled on the bed, sl**pless, staring out the window trying to find that place within oneself that brings the dreams.
She appears at the door like a ghost, wrapped in a towel, without a sigh or murmur, her body still wet from the shower.
The man turns in the bed to look ... Continue»
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The Massage

I'd spent 4 days at the gym after work and my muscles were so, so sore. I had seen a massage place in Osborne Park and thought I would go a get some help. It looked like any normal massage place and when I went in they led me to a room that was much larger than any massage room I'm used to. It had a couch, beautiful lighting and amazing music playing. I took my clothes off, I'd just shaved every where so my balls and cock felt amazing on the towel as I laid down.

The door opened and shut quietly. I had my face down on the massage table so I couldn't see anything. As she walked past though I... Continue»
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Dogging with TXLassy

If you have not read my other “Dogging” stories here is some back round info. I am a ex stripper and exhibitionist who loves to suck cock and fuck outside where there is a chance to be seen by others. Dogging combines technology with swinging, cruising, exhibitionist and voyeurism. To wit: Couples, single men, women and strangers watch exhibitionist couples who've met on the Web have sex in cars or outdoors in parks, hiking trails, forest, country roads and sometimes they join in.

We have been dogging in the daylight, dusk and in the dark of night.
We have been dogging outdoors in par... Continue»
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Anita enjoys three huge black men

Anita enjoys three huge black men

Friday afternoon I was at my office when my loving wife Anita texted me.
One of her old black lovers, a young guy called Thomas, had called her telling that he wanted to come home and give her a good fucking because he was feeling horny.

Anita asked if this was fine to me and obviously I told her that would be right…

I got home a bit later than usual and expected her to tell me all about what Thomas had got up to with her.
As I opened the door I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex done by Anita. There was grunting from the guy, moaning fro... Continue»
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Company Lush

Lisa was the company lush. I think she even drinks on her lunch hour at work. But, nobody really cared, because she was still a good employee. She's in her late 40's, blonde hair, huge tits, and has a very nice figure. She's married to an insurance salesman, who travels quite often. She gets along with everybody fine, but sure loves her drink.
My friend had set me up on a blind date one Saturday night. She was attractive, but was one sandwich short of a picnic. I just wanted the date to end. She knew things weren't going well, and asked to drive her home. I drove her home, but it wasn't tha... Continue»
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A night of many firsts...

I was never a big hit with the girls in High School and I was a virgin by the time I graduated. Now with living at home and just working I didn't have a real chance to date. It was the 80's and I didn't have a computer yet and when I hit at the age of 18 I was able to go to the Adult bookstores and I was a k** in the candy store. Well I would gather up some masturbating supplies and race home to jerk off, some of the items I would get were the local swingers magazine. I figured that I wanted to get laid, the people in the magazine want to get laid and there is no B.S. with a teenage girl that ... Continue»
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75 year old granny neignbour

By Gazza1234

I’m 58 years old and haven’t had a very full sex life as the women in my life were never really up for anything challenging in the bedroom – but I can dream……..

Fantasies with granny

A 75 year old granny, from across the road, asks me in to her house for coffee. She sits in a high chair and after a few minutes of pleasantries leans back and very slowly opens her legs so that her girdle with suspenders pops into view and there’s a hint of white panties further in. She asks if I like the view? Am I horny? What do I have on under my trousers?
She’s not at all surprised to ... Continue»
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Wife on stage & gangbanged (true)

Please comment if you read and like this. Even if you just type "read". Other than comments there is no way of knowing if these true stories get read and are worth putting to type
I met my wife about a decade ago. She already had quite a few notches in her bedpost, and also a few guys she still "played" with from time to time without her boyfriend of the moment knowing. By 4 months after we met she had realized she could do what/ who she pleased and it only made me happier as long as I got pictures or watched. We made arrangements to go out to a strip club with an old boyfriend and she told ... Continue»
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Great Morning

I stopped by your house early in the morning as you had instructed me to, and as you opened the door, I see you standing before me dressed only in 5inch spike high heels, wet red lipstick and nothing else. I take you by the hand and draw you to me, we kiss hard and passionately, our tongues probing and playing, your breasts tight against me, I can feel your hard nipples pressing into me. Your hand around my cock, grasping it, massaging it, mmmmm, you unzip my pants and wrapping your hand completely around my cock you lead me to the couch. You quickly sit down and spread your thighs as I take ... Continue»
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Russian Woman


d***k, horny, older lady. A woman with brown eyes, a thick accent, short black hair and beautiful saggy handfuls of breast. Smoking outside the local pub drinking some whisky and she recognizes me. We chat for a while, small talk. I had recently broken up with my ex whom tore my fragile emotions of love .. However, it's not all doom and gloom.

I walk her home and she invites me inside, it's very utilitarian and quiet. She'd lost her husband some years prior and I think she needed some hot, manly, rough love. I ask her if she's okay, she replies "I wouldn't mind some compa... Continue»
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I had put an ad in the local adult newspaper seeking sexy mature 55 Plus ladies that would like to pose in sexy lingerie and outfits, I had said that there would be no nudity or sex, just cheesecake teasing photos tastefully done. You called me late one night and we discussed what I was looking for and what I had in mind in the way of dress and poses, I was really excited when you said that you wanted to pose for me. We made an appointment for the following weekend for you to come by my house, and there, we would do the layouts.

I was setting up when there was a knock on the door and whe... Continue»
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Husband become a slave

I had my husband tied to the bed, as he claimed he loved to be. I timed my
bobs to correspond with his thrusting hips. John's cock, purple with need,
slid in and out of my wet, red-lipsticked lips effortlessly. My fingers
encircled his shaft, stroking in time with my mouth and urging him to cum.
"Oh God!" he cried. "I am gonna cum!" My response wasn't spoken, because
that would require me to break suction from his cock. Instead, I hummed a
pleasurable sound that conveyed my willingness to accept his sperm. I felt
his cock swell as cream flowed through the shaft, and knew that it w... Continue»
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Friends mom online

I recently started online dating again I have a decent job,car, house ect. One night after a night out with some friends I decided to take a look who was online. I spotted a familiar face one. It was a mother of a guy I went to school with it must have been 12 years since I saw her last and she was married at the time. She hadn’t aged a bit and all the lads had a thing for her back then!

As I was d***k I thought what the hell. Tracey? What you doing on here!! This place is full of creeps looking for some fun, especially this time of night... You still look amazing I see. Well I fell asl**p... Continue»
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Helping MIL part 2

A recent wind storm brought down a large tree limb at my in-laws house. My FIL called me around 5AM and asked me if I knew of a good company to cut it up and get rid of it. I informed him I would swing by a little later and take a look at it, and see if I could take care of it for them. He informed me that he wouldn't be home to help (not that he can do much anyways, his health isn't the greatest), as he had to go to work, but my MIL would be there. I immediately thought back to the time I sunk my cock into my MIL, and began to wonder if I could do it again today.

I took my time getting my... Continue»
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Work milf

I started the job at the beginning of July and was shown around the office for a quick meet and greet. At first I didn't notice her, I mean I'd obviously said hello on my way round, but I hadn't realised how gorgeous one of my new colleagues was. That said, it didn't take long. As I sat at my new desk looking around and taking in my new surroundings I saw her walk from her desk to the kitchen. Wow.

"How old is she" I asked myself. It was difficult to tell. From the body you would have thought late 20s, but she was obviously much older than that. She clearly kept herself youthful and that a... Continue»
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New Lover - Hotel (Part 1)

It is the day of our meeting at a country hotel, a lovely sunny day, and the drive seems to take an eternity or is it just my impatience and anticipation at our meeting ? I pull into the car park and look around at the grand hotel and the lovely surroundings with the sun shining through the trees. I look around but I cannot see you then your car is pulling along side. You get out, stand beside your car, your hair blown by the light wind, you smile, my heart is uplifted (together with another part of my anatomy - sorry). We embrace and kiss, it is wonderful to see you, to hold you, to smell yo... Continue»
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Sherri had been off visiting her s****r for a week, more duty than love, up there in Delta up in Utah, she was happy, fairly tired and hot, glad of the draft from the open topped Oldsmobile as she cruised along not a care in the world she would be home in Vegas by the end of the day home with her husband Jason.
She was a sensuous 30 year old, a size 12, about 5ft 3” 38d chest and still growing, filling her tee shirt in a provocative way. Hair, well more of a deep chestnut brown trailing in the breeze, sun glasses, jeans, sandals, and a fine tan. She drank a soda ... Continue»
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Barebacked By Older Pervert named Vinicius

Hello Xhamster.
Long time I do not post stories.
I hope my English has improved and have more time to post more fun experiences.
A lot has changed since my last story, I work full time and travel a lot inside the country.
In these travels, I have the chance to be slutty without worrying about a person from my city discovering.

So I am in Fortaleza, in the north of Brazil. I arrived Monday and will return to my home city on Friday. After a very long Monday, arriving in the hotel late, I decided that I needed some crazy fun last night. After work, I went to my hotel, took a shower and pu... Continue»
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In love with my Mother in Law-1

I live pretty far from her so any chance I get to be close to her drives me crazy. When we first meet we did not get along at all, but over the years she has grown to love me. I have been trying to figure out a way to show her how I feel. It all started very innocently with a f****y photo actually.( I might be reading into this WAY to much), but the whole f****y crowded on the coach. I end up sitting crammed right next to her. Just that bit of contact had my heart racing. I intentionally rested my forearm next to hers....and then my wife sat on my lap for the photo. I continued to push my arm ... Continue»
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Poor 17

I am not a story teller like most people here, but I got really turned-on watching my cousin when I was 17; she was 16. She was staying with my f****y, because the school was better and her mum was no more with them. Being my mum’s favourite niece and all, her b*****r and her, stayed at our house during the term. Their dad was well off, but a polygamist and had lots of k**s, so it was no surprise that they considered our house a f****y home.
I decided not to go to school one day, because I had plans, so the night before; I told my parents I was sick. I had no idea, the next morning my cousin... Continue»
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