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First Blowjob From My Irish Exchange Student

I watched Kathleen my 19 year old red haired Irish beauty head bouncing up and down between my legs, and she sucked hungrily on my engorged cock. Who knew that four weeks ago this 19 year old virgin had never had a man before, so much as tasting a man’s cock in her sweet mouth? Kathleen had been sucking me for about five minutes now as I felt my cum rising from my dick. I moaned and arched my back as my young Kathleen realized I was cumming. Kathleen had learned her lessons well; she sucked even harder on the head of my erect cock in order to draw the semen from me. Then it hit!!! I shot a l... Continue»
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Smelly Cunt for delicious eater

She was 48 Black and a BBW and she had just knocked on my hotel room door. I was a little nervous about this encounter specially since I had never done something like this before. I had met her through the net and I knew how wild and kinky she could be – it excited me online but here in real life I was actually scared.
I opened the door and let her in and there she was all 250 pounds of her – 5’9” tall, big –with black hair till her shoulders. She was wearing a denim skirt and a white shirt, which was buttoned down so I could see her large 50EE breasts all ready to burst thro... Continue»
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Been a while

So it has been a while since I went looking for a new fuck buddy, years in fact... but felt the urge so started to look. Well with a cheeky grim and happy face it did not take me long to meet a nice slim 48 year old woman... boy she was fit as well. We met in a cafe to see if we hit it off, I guess we did because while neither of us could do more than have a coffee when I walked her to her car we kissed... she rubbed my semi hard cock through my trousers and said she would like to feel that inside of her... I was not going to say no so we arranged a meet the following Saturday at my place.

... Continue»
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Mature Mom Starts a New Life ( Part 3 )

My third day in Jamaica I woke up around noon Very Sore and with a Hangover! I managed to behave myself the whole day just took it easy to let my body recover from all the pounding it's taken! I managed to get to bed alone and early! On day four I actually made it up for breakfast I decided to get off the resort go into town too see what's there. I managed to get a taxi that took me into town I walked around checking out the shops after a while I decided to go for lunch in this little bar, I sat alone the bartender brought me a beer it wasn't very busy we talked for a while his name was Trevor... Continue»
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Hung Threesome

After I had my first anal fucking by my buddy Bob, I was anxious to get spit roasted by two big cocks. After talking it over with my Bob, we agreed it should take place in a motel room for our comfort and privacy. Unsure about finding the third participant, the thought came to us about taking a trip to the Gay/Bi Men's club we frequent. I sent Ralph,another club member, a message that we heading up to the club for some fun,in a couple days.. I met and played with Ralph at the club in the past.I knew his 8 inch cock would be a fine addition to our little group.
When we arrived at the club, w... Continue»
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Another Sunday Morning

It’s early Sunday morning. It’s still dark outside and our radio hasn’t even come on yet. I’ve been sl**ping on my side with my back to my wife, but now she’s snuggled up tight behind me, so we’re like a pair of spoons. She reaches around me and begins to stroke my cock. She whispers into my ear: “Wake up and fuck me.” She’s often horniest in the mornings, especially on Sundays before we go to church.

Still half asl**p, I turn onto my back, grab the back of her head and push it down into my crotch. Her mouth goes right to my dick. She loves, and I mean loves, to suck cock. I keep my hands o... Continue»
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Extra marital sex saved my marriage.

My name is Miral. I am a married woman. My husband's name is Mushtaq. Mine is arranged marriage by my maternal uncle Farman. Our marriage started nicely, though in hardship in the early period. Mushtaq has six other b*****rs and four s****rs in different ages. All are younger to him. He moved from Lahore to Karachi at the invitation of a friend. He got a regular job in a multinational company and like his friend, Salman, took two part time jobs besides. Life started rolling a little more comfortably. Time seemed flying on wings and we had no c***dren even after six years. I found women in my f... Continue»
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Ana picked up in the street

Ana picked up on the street

That Friday would be my third night home alone. Victor was in a long business trip and he did not even when he could be backing home.
On late afternoon I went to the local mall; some shopping would calm me down for sure. I felt really horny; my desire of fucking a good cock was keeping me on fire. But there was nothing I could do than wait for my loving Victor’s coming back home…
When I was on my way back, I met a black man on the street.
He stared at me from head to feet and I did the same. He was a handsome man, athletic and muscled, ebony giant really.
We... Continue»
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A Fantasy, Susan - My Dream Girl.

A Fantasy, Susan - My Dream Girl.

Susan - A mature lady with long straight blonde hair, fringe, curvaceous body with huge tits and I mean huge such that they sag down to her waist - gorgeous, big thighs encased in nylons and a liking for lingerie.

I sit on the bed, my erection throbbing with expectation, she enters the room dressed in white lacy lingerie, waspie with frills, bowes and satin, suspenders, white lace top stockings, open crotch lace knickers, a satin and lace bra, too small which makes her tits bulge over the top. She walks towards me, my cock twitches, she kneels between my... Continue»
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Mature Mom Starts a New Life (Part2)

I woke up late missed breakfast on my second day, I made my way to the shower cleaned Jake's smell off my body, I dried myself off put on my new Blue Bikini and headed out for a different pool than yesterday. Not sure if I just wanted to stay away from Jake and his buddies or just wanted new adventure! Once I arrived I found a chair took my cover off and lay down. It was another glorious day the weather was sunny and hot. The woman next to me started a conversation with me asking if I was here alone, I said yes I am just here for a nice relaxing trip with some Fun and Adventure. She introduced... Continue»
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My fantasy come true

I am 22 years old. This happened to me one year ago, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her name is Suman. She has two k**s and even after bearing two babies. Still she was beautiful. They used to stay down to our floors with her husband who is a businessman. She is just a housewife. I like Indian ladies in a sari, they look very sexy. As my house on two units I could get a chance of looking at neighbor’s house. My next door neighbor had a perfect figure as I always blushed staring at her lower body part. There were times I leave my room curtain open as I used to do body building. I noticed she gave me appe... Continue»
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My first time in a swinger's club

It was about fifteen years ago I was almost ready to retire as a teacher. I asked the principal to let me to go a science teacher meeting in Phoenix which he granted since I had never gotten to go to anything that I asked to go to before. I wanted to do this one because I knew there were swingers clubs there and I wanted to see what they were like.

I found one called Encounters. I was told that there wasn't really much action until after eight o'clock and that it was really jumping around midnight. It was open until four in the morning. I was glad to see they would allow single me ins... Continue»
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Alan's Story

It was just a few blocks away. Not too far to get her too sweaty and far enough that
she would never get caught. Like any other day, she was in typical jogging attire only
cuter than any other mid- thirties woman that ran around the lake, and probably the only
blonde. Whatever guilt she felt was overcome by the certainty that her husband had been
having his own little secret liaisons through the years, so she was determined to similarly
pleasurably degrade herself. Of course, she did not know that her suspicions were totally
Alan heard the soft knock he had been... Continue»
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young old sex, with a nice fling to start with.

This is a true story. Sometimes in life, a geek like me can just get wise, and sometimes they pay a price for that sex. This story is about a fling a good 10 years ago. I am a young 26 year old man working at a nursing home. I work with residents and their families all the time, and its only natural to make friends with them. One lady who I visited all the time on my routes around the building, her name is Terri. I always stop in, and seemed to always bounce into her daughter, Lois. Terri was nearly 96 and Lois was just turning 60. I never knew her age, as for looks; she was amaz... Continue»
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57B The Mayflies’

The Mayflies’ Chapter B
Her father, her pimp, her partner in life sat on the bed-end admiring her as she removed the now wet seated tracksuit, dried cum mixed with wet in rivulets from her sex and her gaping backside, her eyes shone in the light of the bedside lamp and her nipples stood proudly erect as she stood before him.
“Well, did you achieve all the joy you wanted on the bucket list,” he asked, she smiled her thanks blew him a kiss and was soon in the shower.
Next day they paid their bill and quietly slipped away in the mid morning sunlight, the taxi dropped them at the pri... Continue»
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57C The Mayflies’

The Mayflies’ Chapter C

They began again, the soft flogger warming her body for a number of strokes. He nodded to Trudy, a signal for her to up the pace.
She turned to Jane and said that her master required her to draw bl**d with a whip.
Jane nodded shrugged then repeated “we have agreed if he wishes me to suffer for him so be it!” it was Trudy`s turn to shrug.
Kneeling to fit a spreader bar between the victim`s ankles, spreading her legs and making her feel very vulnerable, Trudy stood, smiled, then dug into the bag, returning with a short single tail whip that had been modified with ... Continue»
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6 mature big breasted, white ladies bbc cottage2

6 mature white ladies, my wife and 5 of her friends, Connie, Beverly, Wendy, Steph & Elaine all delivered a healthy black baby from their 9 day adventure at our cottage last summer. 4 well endowed, young black men greatly enjoyed their breeding of these 6 mature, curvy, big breasted white ladies. Women were all between 47 (youngest was Wendy) and 53 (oldest was my wife, Tryphaena). 4 young black men were between 18 (Tom the youngest) and 24 (Sam the oldest). All had very distinctive features all 6 ladies liked and enjoyed, Tom was about 9", reasonably thick penis, good sized head, incredible s... Continue»
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Our trip to Belize

Last spring my wife went on a trip to Belize and rented a condo in San Pedro. She was 62 then but still very fit and attractive (her pics are on my profile). While we were there we went to happy hour at an upscale outside bar near our condo. The bartender was a very good looking friendly, probably late 20s early 30s black man and we became friends, him always giving my wife a hug every time we came in and they exchanged Facebook information.
She knows she has my permission to have sex with a younger black man since I can seldom perform any longer. On the night before we left he texted her and... Continue»
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57A The Mayflies.

57A The Mayflies.
A story of the last 9 weeks of an i****tuous couples lives as like mayflies they have a brief but heady taste of life and of last devil may care sex as they play out their final fling and bucket list wishes
Originally issued as a 12 chapter series, here in 3 long chapters, the last being dark bdms.
The Mayflies’ Chapter A
The tea trolley rattled loudly, the ward assistant clattering and banging the cups, indifferent to the feelings of the patients, slopping tea into cups she knew she would have to collect and wash later.
Jane lay uncaring, no longer did the daily... Continue»
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Crabby Old Woman

Right after college I got a job at a car dealership that sold high end autos. I was a customer satisfaction agent and my job was to go out to customers and help them with any problems they may have with their cars. When you pay the kind of money these people paid for these cars, someone should come to your house and kiss your ass when you are too dumb to figure how something works. I wanted to go play football in the NFL but that did not happen.
I was dispatched to the owners of the dealership house. Seems his wife was having a problem. I drove there knowing she had a reputation for bein... Continue»
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