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Wife Has To Please Or Ex-Wife Will

Like many guys, I'd been trying to talk my wife into a
threesome for a long time without success. The first
thing that I had to convince her of was that I didn't
want another woman in our bed that just wasn't my
thing. No, what I wanted was to see her with another
guy. Not just any guy would do either. I wanted to see
her with my friends.

Well, that sounds a little kinky, you say. Yeah, I
guess it is but let me tell you how I got into it. Many
years ago my first wife left me for someone she worked
with. After several months of living with him, she
found out that the gras... Continue»
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Xmas Gift From My Mother-In-law

It was the holiday season and I always had a hard time
finding a gift for my wife. So I decided to ask her
mother if she had any ideas that might help me. She
took it one step better and offered to go shopping with
me one evening after she got off of work. I thought
this was a great idea so I agreed.

She was a good looking woman about 45 at the time, nice
tits, dark hair, slim and about 5' 2". I had thought
for along time that she was attracted to me by the way
she sometimes dressed if she knew I was coming over and
by some of the comments she would make. She would
occa... Continue»
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Trying out anal


Donna and I had gone away for the weekend, to a nice hotel by the sea to relax, on the Saturday evening we’d had our evening meal and we were sat outside as I was smoking, and she was talking to this other bloke, apparently he was there with his grandparents as he was a nurse and one of them was poorly he’d come along as a chaperone, his name was Phil and he was 28.

Later on we said goodbye and Donna and I went out for a walk. It was around 10pm when we got back to the hotel, as I had another cigarette there was Phil, he helped to put his grandparents to bed and now... Continue»
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A summer dream ("Um sonho de verão)

Summer 2012. Like every day I woke early, despite being on vacation. Through the bedroom window, the curtain between open let in some sunshine, insistent search for my eyes as I still lethargic looked at the clock, get up and dressed. It was five-Thirty Seven. I have fixed the time in memory, because I was so marked as a scar on his face.

I went to the bathroom. Forgot towel and when I returned, I had the impression of seeing the window glass, brown hair fluttering as if they were leaving the room.
Was home alone. But being around women, suddenly thought to be one of my three friends who h... Continue»
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Tina gets Gangbang

Tina gets Gangbang

This Story was told to me by Tina as it took place when I was gone on a work trip.

Tina told me she posted an ad on Craigslist for a gangbang. She got an answer from a group of guys (Thirty-Five) who had done it before as a team. Tina talked to them over two weeks and said she really wanted it but was totally nervous but they finally talked her into it. She met them at one of these chain bar/restaurants, they had a couple of drinks and they all got to know each other. She said she wore heels and a black min... Continue»
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My ssbbw granny

Fictional story everyone

When I was a young lad we use to summer at me grandmum's every year. My parents would drop off me and my 3 older b*****rs for a couple of weeks. Each of us were only about a year apart. my parents had us when they were young a d wanted a large f****y quick. Grandmum was a large gal to say the least. She was about 5 ft tall and weighed about 200 lbs when I was growing up. When I was 12 years old me granpappy passed away. Me grandmum was very depressed that first summer. When we were there all she did was watch the tele and eat. Mostly ice cream and sweets and... Continue»
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Grandad of love 11.

I awoke Christmas morning to a strange pleasant sensation and as looked down the end of my bed I saw Faith kneeling between my legs bent forwards licking my morning hardon.
"Merry Christmas Eric" she grinned before she gobbled my length.
"Oh yeah..." I groaned as I felt her tongue slid along my shaft down to my balls.
She then continued to suck my cock rapidly, her head bouncing up and down on my cock soaking my balls in saliva.
I lay back enjoying her tongue and her lips on my shaft, it was a fucking great Christmas present and I was loving every second.
Then after a few more minutes Fai... Continue»
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Dirty talking gets the dick

I was living with my soon to be ex husband. We were sharing the house as a matter of economic convenience but we stopped having a physical relationship, which was his choice not mine. He was seeing someone else in another town and making a half assed attempt to be faithful. I, on the other hand , was still married to him and wasn't looking to be with someone else. I had tried a couple times to convince him to have a little fun but he was resisting. I would call him into the bathroom to talk to me when I was bathing and lean back, showing off my hard nipples. Once or twice I lifted my ass up ou... Continue»
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college boy part 2

if you read "the college boy" you know that my wife and i are a retired couple. i am bi and she is into younger cock like the college boy we found at a local college. he is 19 with a nice thick 8" cut cock with a beautiful big,pink mushroom head. i sucked him off the first time and the wife wanted to try his young cock in her old pussy.

when he came in we were sitting on the couch in our bathrobes. while he was getting naked we took off our robes and she sat on the edge of the couch and started sucking my cock while we watched him get that big beautiful cock out,the head so pink. what a hot... Continue»
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The Photoshoot...

I enter the room where you have been dressing. I stop, just to stare at you, wearing a new top, off the shoulder, so warmly sexy. My eyes feast on you until you come to greet me with a huge hug and a soft, yet stirring kiss.

As our embrace parts, you ask if I would take photos of you in the new outfit. I reply, "I'd love to". Which is so true, because I know how taking photos of you turns you on.
As I take the camera, I photograph you from many angles as you pose, tease, please and perform for the camera. And, I know, for me as well.

You purposely let the bodice of the top slide ... Continue»
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Another 4 way


We were at a friend’s house to ring in the New Year, just us and them when Danielle announced that her husband, who was twenty years older, couldn’t get a hard on anymore. To say we were stunned is an understatement, we’d known our friends for 25 years and had spent many hours together just the four of us.

Donna and Danielle went into the kitchen and were talking when ****** looked embarrassed. A few minutes later the girls came in the lounge and Donna said “***** I want us to give Danielle a good time” I replied “What about ******” and Danielle said “He’... Continue»
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Taking out the Trash

This is an old story my husband wrote on Literotica after we did a roleplay. Hope you all enjoy it..


First off, I'll be polite and I'll introduce myself. My name is Rick. I live in a little dingy floating on the banks of the Seine. I used to work as a trash collector in my thirties and now I'm pretty much unemployed after I was fired because one of the guy's who's thrash I used to clear had me fired for doing something that him and my employer both found pretty unforgivable.

Years back, when I was around 38 or so, I worked around the villages around Lyon,... Continue»
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Victoria-72 Yr. Old Hottiel Part 5; Vicky Returns

Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 5 Vicky Returns

It was two days after being with Mary and Marcie that Vicky came back from visiting her son. She called me to let me know she was back and wanted to see me that day. Frankly, there was no way. I really got my nut off with the other two and being 65 I'm not that young any more. If I was in my 40's or so, I would have gone, but I hate to admit I'm getting to be an old man, especially with these two hotties that seem to be insatiable. We agreed to meet three days later and I anticipated another fuck marathon.

When I arrived I was surprised. Vi... Continue»
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Mom & Son Love Pt. 1

I walk downstairs to the kitchen and see my mom there cooking breakfast. She's in a velvet robe that goes down to her mid thighs clearly showing most of her breath taking thighs. My mom is 45 years old but doesn't look a day past 30. She has long blonde hair that reaches the top of her ass, beautiful blue eyes, and incredible curves. I'm talking D cup breast's and an ass that an ass so big I wonder what she feeds it. As she's cooking breakfast, I stand there for a little bit taking in the view. I've never thought of my mom in a sexual way I mean, I've never really looked anyway. Suddenly she d... Continue»
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Learning from mom

This story is how I learned about sex and crossdressing. It takes place back in 1984 about the time I hit puberty. My dad had took off about 2 years before this and my mom put all her focus into her job. Back then with no internet and being my age I would mainly look at the women in the sears catalog. I was always drawn to the lingerie and how good they looked in it. So I did feel confused cause I felt like I wanted to be more like my mom and wear what women were wearing. Ok this started the first week of summer break. My mom was on my ass about cleaning the attic and I was grounded anyway so ... Continue»
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The Office Affair while temping in Belfast

I was 22 years old and just started temping in an office in the city centre. As the boss was showing me around the place thats when i saw her, she was tall and tanned with blonde hair down to her shoulders and i guessed she was about 28 yrs old, the first thing i looked for was a wedding ring.. There was none. There were a few temps starting that day and over the next few weeks of lunching and chatting together the conversation turned to women, someone asked what age you reckon the tall blonde is, he said 32 i said 28, we argued for ages so when we went back up i introduced myself to her and a... Continue»
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Black Nylons & High Heels

The first time that I remember, is that when a friend of my mother’s had come over to the house to give her a permanent. She was in her late twenties, single, medium build, a pair of sexy legs, red full mouth and I was horny and in a constant state sexual arousal . She kept smiling at me and licking her lips while giving my mother a permanent. I think it was because I kept staring at her sexy High-Heeled legs. She was wearing a very Tight Fitting Red Sweater, Black Form Fitting Skirt, Black Nylons and Ivory Spiked 4+ Inch High Heels. Karen (a fictitious name) knew she had me as a captive ... Continue»
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an ex is an ex for a reason

so id had a falling out with gf at the time. i as any bad bf would do was still texting my ex a lot.. she was a dynamo a lot of sexy and a bundle of crazy to go with..thinking about it the only reason we were together was cos of the sex lots of experimental shit...we once house sitted for her nan her being 17 and all we made sure we had sex in every room on every surfance.. mutliple times... lots of energy lots of willing... we split up as she was bundles of crazy... my new girlfriend was hotter an a nicer person...but my ex still the better shag... i fell out with my new girlfriend...she just... Continue»
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The naughty f****y pt4

"Mom, can you go any faster, Mom?" My son, Scotty squirmed excitedly in his seat, straining against his seat belt as he would lean over to peer at the minivan's speedometer and repeat the same question he'd been asking me for nearly an hour. Of course, his eyes would wander from the speedometer to my partly bared breasts, my meaty tits bouncing as we drove down the interstate, barely contained by my black bustier that I'd struggled to get back into at the adult bookstore in the city.

I was amused by my son's insistence that I speed. His mild neurological condition, a form of Aspergers Syndr... Continue»
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The naughty f****y pt3

As I pulled onto the campus of the state university, I could feel the anticipation of the moment tingling inside me, mixed up with the horniness I had felt since I'd woken up this morning and called home. There hadn't been much conversation -- it's really hard to have a phone conversation with people when they're fucking, especially when it's your husband and daughter gasping and moaning between "Hello" and "How are you?"

I had burned up the cell phone minutes, stroking my wet pussy while listening to Jilly and John being swept away by their morning fuck, my daughter nearly screaming into t... Continue»
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