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First Time With Grandma

Tom turned to do another length of the lawn with the mower. He had been at it for over an hour and was barely half way through. However he needed the cash and mowing his grandma's grass would help tremendously. She had always been very generous with her money especially to her only grandson and he hoped that he would get enough to buy that new game for his X Box plus a little bit more.

Just as he reached the house he saw his grandma waving from the kitchen window, she then held up a can of coke indicating that he should stop for a drink. Tom stopped the mower and sauntered into the house. ... Continue»
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Chance Meeting

It was a very hot day, you got on the bus and sat opposite me even though the bus was not crowded. Mature and beautiful, you wore an elegant light summer dress. Make-up and hair immaculate. The window was open allowing a draught to blow through the bus.
The material of your dress was very light, there was a suggestion of a nipple pressing out but I couldn’t be sure maybe wishful thinking. The wind caught the hem of your dress and briefly I caught a brief flash of your pubes. A second later, another glimpse of pubes. You didn’t move to readjust your hem, just sat looking out of the window. My ... Continue»
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GMILF Nextdoor

All persons and events of this story are all just figments of my imagination and are not intended to represent any persons living or dead in any way, shape or form. Enjoy.

Beep. Beep. Beep.
I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock: 8:22 am... on a Saturday. I listened for a minute trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. Trash day? No, that was Wednesday. Car alarm? No, not quite right for that... Back up alarm? Yep, that was the noise. What the? I got up, threw on a pair of shorts and a shirt and walked to the front door of my apartment. There was a... Continue»
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my girlfriends married work mate

I had not met any of angelas work mates until we went to a night out at a hotel she had talked about Michel who was early fiftys and married
she was a very sexy lady with dark hairbelow her shoulders and was curvy size 12 with ample tits she wore a figure hugging black dress with a split up the front and her tits looked good in the low cut front
for her age she was very sexy and as I kept looking at her the more I wanted to fuck her
later we ended up chatting and she said with a cheeky grin angela told her all about me saying how I was a horny bastard and the things we got up to and said ... Continue»
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Neighborhood weirdo pt.2

So I visited kevin a few times after that. We pretty much just got high and fucked. We didn't really need to change the routine. We were both vers while I tended to bottom only slightly more than half the time. I think this was mostly just because he was older and more experienced, and partly I guess because I loved it that way.
After a couple weeks kevin brought up my promise to get revenge on david for stealing: read part 1, basically kevin kinda used weed to seduce my friend david, but when it came time to do the deed, david ran out,swiping a baggy of weed off the rolling tray. Later he t... Continue»
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My Best Friends Mom is a BBW Whore

Ring !!Ring! Ring - My phone is ringing and I whip open the shower curtain and run for the mobile phone on my night stand next to my bed. "Hello. Hello! You reached him now give me some news!" I say. "Hello, is this Jeremy best friend. My name is Ms. Keisha and I was hoping you could come over right away. I just had a big fight with Jeremy and he stormed out of his room and the house." she said. "Oh Ms. Keisha,how are you? It almost 10 o'clock and I have to get up early for my paper route on Saturday. Do you really need me to come over? I am sure Jeremy will be home in the morning, I could try... Continue»
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Adventures of Big Boob Candy - Trailer Park Whore

I had lived in the Old West Trailer park just outside of Las Vegas for 4 years. I had a string of bad luck at poker and craps. I had lost my house, my wife and my dog over a short period. Being 23 years old and broke sucks big time. I now play poker tournaments on the Internet and have won enough to pay for a trailer and beer. I have open my second beer since I started writing this story. I am not sure how it happen but I am glad it did. It all started about a month ago.

I was hanging my wash on the clothesline behind the trailer. I had about an hour before another poker tournament started ... Continue»
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Big Boob Speeder - The Speeding Ticket

I just got the job as sheriff of a small town in North Carolina. The old sheriff retired and moved to Richmond to be near his f****y. He had worked for more than 50 years in this small town and the town people had gotten use to him. I was new but had been working as a policeman in NY and wanted to get away from the high crime and noise of the big city. The pay was less but the life style in North Carolina was less expensive and it made up in other ways. There is one traffic light on main street that goes out once a month and the crime is near non existent. The town officials ask me to hand out... Continue»
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The Coach's Wife

It had been a long a boring summer and I had to start a new year at another new high school. My dad was in the Navy and we had to move every 2 years to another base. This one would be different because we would stay 4 years and I could get to graduate at this High School. I was working out 3 times a week and just got a play book to study before summer football season would start. The coach was nice and he liked I could play both offense line and defense line. I was about 6ft 4 and 255 pounds and could move pretty quick for a big guy. I had lead are previous school in sacks and loved to hit peo... Continue»
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My Latina Houekeeper

I am a sales man for a large auto part chain and travel around the country selling parts to local car dealerships. I usually leave Sunday night and come home on Friday after 6pm from the airport. My wife works as a principle of a elementary school on the other side of town. Her f****y lives in the area and her s****r comes over and keeps her company. We met in college and she fell in love with me. She was cute but her boobs were only a size 34B and I always tried to get her to get a boob job to make them bigger. She always told me to be have and it had been almost a year since I brought it up.... Continue»
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Aunt Bettie The 'Church Lady'

It was the Monday after Thanksgiving and Jack was headed back to his Aunt Bettie's house. He had forgotten his jacket. Bettie called him the day before to tell him and they agreed to meet today. It was 2 PM when he rang her door bell.
"Well hi Jack. Come on in."
Bettie was always sweet as pie. Jack had a very special liking for Bettie. Not only was she really sweet, but Jack always found her to be very attractive. There was something about her that held Jack's attention. The way she looked him straight in the eyes and smiled so slyly always made him think she liked him. Bettie was s... Continue»
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Mountain Air

My buddy, Ty, and I decided that we would take a week during the summer to ride our horses up into the mountains and camp to get away from it all. School had been really tough and I needed a break. So we backed our gear and headed out the back door. Our homes are near the national forest so we could just ride. We rode along ways, most of the day. We found a nice place to camp. It was very isolated, or so we thought. About a hundred yards from us was another camp, we happened upon each other when we were collecting firewood.
They had packed in much like us. But they were nudist and hippie... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Perhaps Caroline was not really jealous of Helen Ramsey as far as
Darleen was concerned, but she would sure as hell have been jealous if
she had known what had inspired her husband's rare morning hard-on, and
more jealous yet if she had realized that such a morning hard-on was
not, in fact, rare at all, but that he usually saved it for his
secretary. The sight of naked Helen Ramsey, doing her morning
exercises, had been responsible for a lusting in his heart--but the
lust that he had for Brenda had nothing whatsoever to do with his
heart, except that his heart be... Continue»
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Ms. Whitman, Teacher of The Year - PART 2

Charlie Part 2

Charlie and I rested in my bed for a while. He was still rock hard laying on his back propping himself up by his elbows looking at my body while I did my best to look good while he did so.

“Charlie,” I said as I extended my arm and ran my hand up and down his hairless torso. “I had no idea a boy your age could eat pussy so amazingly.” A smile grew across Charlie’s face clearly proud that he could satisfy a grown woman using only his mouth. “If your mouth could do that to me I can’t even imagine how good it’s gonna feel when you fuck me.”

At that moment Charlie’s facial ... Continue»
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Grandma's Secret Part 1

My grandmother Lynn was my grandfather's second wife and was about 20 years younger than he. She married him after his first wife died and Lynn raised his c***dren as her own even though she was only 12 years older than the eldest c***d, my mother. When my mother was married and had her first c***d at 18, Lynn was about 30 years old. Lynn is young thinking, young looking, and young acting which made it strange to have her as a grandmother because she certainly looked more like an aunt than a grandmother.

When her first grandk** (me) came along she was understandably freaked out. Only 41 yea... Continue»
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Benefits of the Job

My mom was not a looker, I mean as far as hot moms go MILFs go, my mom would not be at the top of the list. I know this because as boys growing up, we always talked about the hot moms and who's mom might be the best fuck. My mom never made the list. She is petite, maybe weighs one hundred pounds wet, small boobs, nice ass though but you would never know it because of the way she dressed. Mom's face looked older than she really was and the way her hair was cut and the clothes she wore made her look much older than she was. Mom and I got along really well, more like b*****r s****r than mom and... Continue»
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Mom's Roommate Part 2

**This is the second part to Mom's Roommate. Enjoy!**

Written by, klrxo

"Oh wooow, Mom!" Garrett whimpered as he watched Kristen's tan bare buttocks beat against his midsection.

The naked mother fucked her cunt back onto the horny hardness of Garrett's teenaged dick as they went at it doggie-style on the center of the bed.

The handsome 18 year old youth watched in aroused fascination as the warm meaty ass rippled, clapping against midsection over and over. His vieny erection glistened with Kristen's juices as it emerged, her cunt-mouth clinging to the beefy prod. Then quickly he wa... Continue»
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My s****r In Law 02

Its my second shower of the day, something I thought I really needed after my wife’s s****r coming down on me earlier, it was the first time anything like that had ever happened to and it left me a bit stunned.

Standing with my back to the bathroom door I am, looking out of the bathroom window, but, as I dry the back of my head with the towel I can see in the full length bathroom mirror my side view silhouetted showing still a firm member, there is no problem about exposure it is so remote here that there is no chance of being caught, but I pride myself of a firm physic so there might be... Continue»
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Jennifer and the Headmaster

Sitting in my car daydreaming, listening to the music and waiting for my Daughter to come out of school, there is a tap at the window. It startles me and I jump, looking out I see the Headmaster, Mike Johnson so I put down the window and he apologizes for surprising me. He informs me that Sarah will be a little late because she has some project she wants to finish up and then asks if I would like to join him in his office for tea while we wait. I accept his invitation and he opens the door to let me out, as he stands and holds the door he gets a good look at my bare legs, compliments of m... Continue»
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Taboo 2015 Pt. 1

I am not the author of this story. The author is Kinkybelle

It all started when I saw my 14-year-old son masturbating for the first time.

Over the winter, my son Nick moved his bedroom down into our finished basement. I guess he was feeling crowded up on the second floor with the rest of the f****y and moved down there to get some more privacy. What he got was just the opposite.

While puttering around the backyard on a warm day in March, I passed by the small window that sits down near ground level and looks in on Nick’s bedroom. His bed is positioned practically under that window, an... Continue»
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