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How i became a Toyboy - True Story

I apologize for the worse english it was just translated by a searching machine.

It was almost 4 years ago, when I went to swim in the evening again. Usually around 20pm almost no longer there and I can drag my tracks alone.
But when I walked into the bathroom that day I was struck by a beautiful blonde woman on, but I also saw that she was older than me and I thought I'm too young.

So I started my training, where I took a look under water again and again to the unknown. She was about 1.75m tall, slim, tanned with a shapely body and wearing a black bikini.

When I was done ... Continue»
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my mature woman

not time ago i knew a woman ... widow woman ... collegue from work. I work in a supermarket ... like patiseur ... and she was cleaning lady. I like her eyes ... very blue eyes and she looks incredible for her age. Some talks to her woth greats moments, make her smile. She told me live alone, and her k**s are mature persons now with theu
ir life.
I propose her to have a date ... and she said me : why want to date an old woman like me ?
I response her: i don't see anybody old woman here, just a nice woman, with beautiful eyes and great body.
She smile me and ... said to let her 1 week to th... Continue»
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Their Yorkshire Holiday

Their Yorkshire Holiday
John Kavanagh

The mail came via a profile entry that I had on one of the many swinging sites and was a blunt invitation to have sex with the sender’s wife when having a short break in Yorkshire from Aberdeenshire. His profile was short, very recently added and with an accompanying picture of a quite elderly man “seeking an uncomplicated sexual contact with a woman”, not mentioning his wife other than an inference that their relationship was sexually moribund. With nothing to lose by a positive reply, I added my e-mail address and thought no ... Continue»
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1st blowjob in over 20 years with an older gentlem

I have always had a thing for larger, older gentleman. Not sure why, but have always been attracted. I hadn't sucked a cock in over 20 years. one was my friend from when we were young. I don't know if I was any good or not at the age of 14 or I am 38 now... But anyway...

this older gentleman claiming to be 60 emailed and said he would like to get together. Now keep in mind that I had struck out MANY times on Craigslist and other sites, so I decided to try Manhunt.

We had emailed each other many times during the week, saying how I would like to meet him, and see how things went... Continue»
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Searching For The Teacher (Part 1)

He did not know why he felt this need. It was always just there poking at the back of his head. He knew that he had to do something about it, but the question was how. How was he going to get this done, and more importantly was anyone going to go along with it. For what seemed like forever he just sat and thought about what was going on and the best way to approach this. Regular dating sites like Match or OKCUPID were not going to cut it, and some of the more “adult” sites were defiantly out of the question because they were always asking for money. Being a poor college student he knew that he... Continue»
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Mom & Me In The Cold, Cold House!!!

When mom got home after working the second shift, I was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs bundled in a heavy sweater and blanket. For a hot Florida home, it was a cold winter’s night. Very cold. I was only 1 5 and out of school for the winter break. Ginger and Mikey were staying with Grandma for vacation.

"My Lord, Donny, why don't you have the heat on?"

"Sorry, mom, I think there’s something wrong with it. I just got home myself and it was freezing in here. I turned the thermostat up, but nothing happened."

"Did you check the breaker box?"

"That was the first thing I chec... Continue»
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The landlords.

This happened several years ago but worth sharing I guess. I had a job that transferred me to different cities and as such was always looking for a place to live. Mainly motels but they get old quick. When I was transferred to Tucson I decided to see if I could find something better. Looking on line I found an efficiency apartment advertised. I went to see it and it was perfect. The couple, Ralph and Judy had converted their garage into an apartment complete with a bath and kitchenette, and fully furnished. The price was very good and I wrote them a check on the spot. They explained that ... Continue»
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My Crazy Week...

so last month I ended up having sex with 4 different women in a matter of 2 weeks and when I stopped to think about it I figured that's quite an accomplishment for me so I thought why not try and out do myself this month and just so happens things were able to fall into place heres how it went...ill upload some pix to go along with this that i took during the encounters except for my mature bbw shes camera shy

the night before I get a text from my latina bbw fwb that ive shown here before saying she wanted to come over Monday turns out that she lies to her husband that she has to w... Continue»
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For all the wifes / our special time

Breakfast is over. Your husband is off to work and the
k**s have left for school. You sit quietly at the
kitchen table finishing the last cup from the coffee
pot, daydreaming about nothing in particular... getting
ready to start another weekday.

The doorbell rings once, startling you from your
morning musings. You rise slowly from the table,
wondering who it might be. As you walk from the kitchen
to the front door you think "what a sight I am, hair
all mussed, in an old robe and worn slippers... well
the hell with it, whoever it is they probably don't
look much better ... Continue»
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I came for one reason, and loved it for another...

This is 100% real (every detail and picture) and the best sexual experience of my life to date, I can't wait for the next time i'm lucky enough to be in these circumstances.. I just hope you get at least a fraction of the excitement, experience, and pure ecstasy that I enjoyed through reading this.

When I was freshly 19 My high school sweetheart and only lover I have had at that time moved out of our house and moved on, I thought my young life was doomed to be sexless and pretty much over. Being that I was an inexperienced 125 pounds, and 5'10 I wasn't big or ripped. Thou... Continue»
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some where over the rainbow part three :)

The Sun was so warm on my skin, just laying out on the pagoda, the waves crashing against the shore, the sound of the gulls down by the docks. couldn't help but relax. i looked around, no one is sight, i took my top off and was just leaning back against the bench, the side weren't tied back but than again how cares if they see me, its not everyone hasn't seem breasts before.(i hope) you yell out to me if i wanted anything in town and i said no, just please bring me something to drink before you leave, you bring me an ice tea and was shocked to see me sitting topless, i smile at you... Continue»
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Mature neighbour caught naked leads to sex

I own a few houses which I let to students in Guildford and every year when they move out there's the endless ritual of cleaning and repairs to take care of.

A couple of years back, I was going through the motions of this and found myself there for a few days late in June. I was out front, clearing the garden an so on, when I got collared by my retired neighbour, who was called Liz.

I'll tell you a bit about her first though. I had met her many times and chatted across the fence or I'd popped round to her place for a coffee and a chat - I guess she was a bit lonely, as she lived alone ... Continue»
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Making A Cheating Wife Squirt

A couple of years ago I was out with a few friends at a local bar. It was a very upscale establishment located in an area of town filled with private golf courses and large homes. This of course brought in a cliental that offered very good scenery while enjoying a couple beers. On this saturday night it seemed like every booth was packed full of gorgeous housewives out with their friends and beautiful couples out for the night without their k**s. Me and my two friends that joined me that night looked very out of place in this bar. This was not your typical college bar atmosphere and the p... Continue»
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The Good Neighbor

Summer! For someone still in school this is a magical time!
You get to sl**p in and stay up as late as you like. You can go with your friends or stay home. Mom and Dad would be at work all day so I could look forward to surfing the net watching some porn and jacking off to my heart’s content. Yes, summer vacation was going to be the best!
Then reality hit.
“Jason, get down here!” I heard my mom yell
Damn it what the hell does she want now? I strolled down the stairs waiting to hear what my mom wanted from me on my first day of summer.
“Jason, you are not going to sit around here all day. ... Continue»
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Fat Ass Ass Ass Ass!

If you haven't please listen to Nicky Minaj' and Big Sean's Dance (A$$)" before reading this one.

I sat on a chair in a garish living room with golden curtains, red walls, red and green wool run, and 2 LAZboys. There was a small center table that had been moved into a corner to keep the center of the room free and open. The only "art" on the walls was a life sized painting of a naked woman breast feeding a small man or a boy in her bed.
There was a bottle of whiskey and few tablets on the side table. I had taken a shot of whiskey but didn't touch t... Continue»
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BJ for the bouncer

Last Friday D?? and I went to The --- club again. It's mostly black. No sooner did we walk in the door and we were swarmed. It felt like it was open season on the white bitches. We must have danced with every guy in the place. You know me, I always show off the "girls". Well after a while the guys got so worked up they would grab them. Then one guy literally reached in my top to play with them. I gave a fake laugh and turned away and cover them up again. As the evening progressed they became bolder. My gf and I talked at one point and both realized if we didn't act a little restrained we would... Continue»
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My mother inlaw introduces me to leather 2

Continued from part 1.....

As I looked at my mother inlaw (Sarah) her leather clad body still straddling my cock... my mind was in overdrive.. I couldn't believe what has just happened.. Have I really just had the most erotic filthy sex with my gf's mother and blew my load inside her 48 year old pussy.

As I composed myself and realised that I wasn't dreaming.. it really has just happened.
At this point although I was still in heaven and was as horny as ever the guilt started to set in and I was thinking about jess and what it would do to her if she was ever to find out that her bf of ... Continue»
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i night i spent with my mum part 3

Here's part 3 of I night I spent with my mum.
Thank you to everyone who liked my story and red it im very happy you enjoyed it.

Its been a couple of months since me and Leanne became lovers, I have finished college and have found a job so I can help pay for our bills I have even moved in to Leanne room now where we shear our bed, nobody knows about us apart from my auntie Lou she's coming round a lot more since she found out about me and my mum, we all joke around flirting with each other but nothing more then that.

I thought we could all go away for the weekend just for a l... Continue»
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In the weeks since he had moved back into his action packed stay at his parents, Kevin had regressed into an almost teenage state. He would spend most of his time in his room, in the last few weeks he had been sl**ping with his mother and had taken advantage of his father. This made for slightly awkward moments at the dinner table, although his mother rubbing her foot up his leg with the occasionally foray in to his groin area, helped him get through it. He and his father didn't really speak, certainly they had not spoken about the recent event in which Kevin took advantage of his tied up fa... Continue»
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Outed at My Office

In the 1980's I was working as a System's Implementer for AT&T. My job was to coordinate the installation of large telephone systems, it kept me out of the office about 95% of the time. In 07/1989 our group of 18 people (6 male implementers, 4 female implementers, 5 female order writers, 2 female clerks, and a female supervisor)moved to a small satellite office in Lisle from the main AT&T marketing location in Oak Brook, Illinois.

On most days I would just go home from the job site because I rarely completed working until after 5:00P, but this day I got done earl... Continue»
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