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My horny stepdaughter

My horny stepdaughter

Stepfathers get a bad press. All the time in the news you hear about someone or another who is in trouble for abusing his stepdaughter, or some youngster who has left home because she just couldn’t live in the same house as the guy who has had the audacity to marry her mother. I guess it’s understandable: it becomes a tug of war for the affection of the mother and it’s usually the daughter who comes off worst.
It seems I’m the exception to the rule. Paula and I married second time around five years ago, and among the luggage she brought with her was her teenage daug... Continue»
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Shagging Two Preston Prostitutes For 30 Quid!

Preston's good if you want to empty your sac and not spend a fortune boys.
Red light district is next to city centre travelodge so you can check them out on foot , make your choice & take them back without driving. Some dirty old skanks but I got lucky last week after several poor returns. Picked up a couple of girls who said they were trying to get some money together for a big night out. Didn't look or act like smackheads & were obviously new to it as I got the pair of them for £30 for an hour. Drove to nearest Asda, went straight to George underwear section & got them some slutty knickers... Continue»
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My Horny Boss 2

And so my boyfriend brought me home, not knowing anything that had transpired that afternoon at work, my pussy still wet and wanting to get royally screwed, I wanted him to fuck me but I felt guilty just having gagged on my boss' cock... I decided to lay in bed and finger myself as I thought about that afternoons events in my boss' car, where I was face fucked and made to swallow my first load of cum... old man cum, I cant forget how hot and salty it was... I could feel gobs of it still in my fact I came several times just frigging myself in bed... thinking how yummy and nasty it ... Continue»
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One Night Stand

One Night Stand

My name is Lisa. As I stood signing the registration form at the motel reception desk in the country town I felt his eyes on me. I turned to glance at him and was immediately charmed by his engaging happy smile. He knew I’d caught him perving on me but his grin of pure pleasure wiped away my initial unkind thoughts. My job on the road causes me to meet many men who put me off with their obvious lust. While I still have a good figure, based on the looks I receive, as a married woman in her mid thirties with a husband and two c***dren at home I’m not really looking to be picke... Continue»
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Karaoke King (True Story)

I was with my mates when we decided to go to the local Karaoke bar for a nice chilled out laugh. We're bored of the club scene with the macho guys prancing around thinking they're hard and saying that they're ex-army or marines... it gets our goat and we usually end up in fights.

So we went there, twelve guys, one lesbian girl and a fuck load of giggling. We knew we were on to a winner when we got in and found the place packed to the ceiling with hot cougars and their nieces and daughters. It was like a gold mine of beautiful women and we felt like Aladdin's, or maybe the 40 thieves.

O... Continue»
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mom i love your ass

My hands were shaking. The knot in my stomach was a
constant reminder of what I had to do if I was ever
going to be sane again...
She, who is my mother, was sitting on the couch
reading one of her many romantic novels, oblivious to
my pain. Before I get into my problem allow me to
describe what has been torturing me for the past five
years: My mother is what I would call cute and pretty.
She's a natural beauty who never needs more than a
little make-up to enhance her beautiful hazel eyes or
her plump, red lips. Her straight, chestnut hair has
blonde streaks which makes her look youn... Continue»
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BFF fucks my wife

My wife and I have been married for ten years and she
is very, very sexy. She is about five foot six inches
tall, one hundred and twenty pounds with long naturally
loose curly auburn hair with a figure and legs to die
for. For the last few years, I have had this fantasy of
watching another man taking my wife sexually.

I have talked about it with her, and slowly she has
become more interested. She told me that she does not
know if she could have sex with another man in front of
me. I said that maybe she should have sex with a man
without me there, in order to break the ice... Continue»
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my wife

Wife part 1
I have always want to watch my wife Sue fuck another man. As far back, when we first married I would jerk off in front of her while she told me her sexual experiences. We are now in our early fifties and my fantasy came into reality.
While on holiday in North Devon we had been out to dinner at well-known restaurant just on the borders of Dartmoor. Sue looked gorgeous all the men could not stop secretly staring at her ample breast that heaved to the top of her thin colourful Alexander McQueen summer dress making them look like two chads peering over a wall. I knew she was only ... Continue»
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Horny for Mum - part 4

Hope you enjoyed the last one. I tried to make up for part 2.

Happily I was enjoying watching mom get off on the couch while watching porn. There was always a good selection of porn as she turned over tape every week or 2. Mom was continuing to date but there was no regular relationship other than her porn supplier. It was a year later and I noticed mom was getting sexier, if it was possible. She’d become a little more fit but still had great curves. More sexy lingerie appeared in her drawer and closet.

I thought of other cute girls at school and was starting to get interest... Continue»
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Tall Blonde Mature Milf Fucking Session

I worked with a 6ft tall blonde milf in her early fifties.She had an amazing body with a fantastic tight ass.She was way out of my league though so i never thought i would get a chance with her.One day i was walking through the back area and i saw her bending over a workbench.Her trousers emphasised her ass and my cock immediately sprang to attention.This made me decide to take a chance.I walked up to her and put my hands on her hips before grinding my stiff cock into her ass.I fully expected her to turn around and slap me but instead she just reached her hand round and squeezed my cock.

"M... Continue»
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Horny for Mum - part 3

Sorry for the slow build of part 2. In this part I get to see mom masturbate.

Mom decided it was time to get a job as I entered the 6th grade. As I mentioned, dad’s insurance policy provided us with the luxury of mom raising me and my s****r without having to work. I was t****e and Wendy was a s*****n year old sophomore. We were old enough for Mom to not have to waste her time at home and she felt the extra income would be good.

Mom had a friend that worked for a title company and convinced the hiring manager to give her an interview. She’d never had a job, but I’m pretty sure... Continue»
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Horny for Mum - part 2

Again, some of the following is true and some is fiction, I’ll leave it to you to guess.

I was a very confused k*d. My hormones were just starting to kick in and my cock was constantly switching to an instant hard on whenever I was around her. I was embarrassed, not really understanding what my body was telling me. I was constantly staring at my mom. It was during this time that I really started to take in how hot she was.

Mom was a MILF before the term had been invented. She was still a young woman at 31 with a petite 5’4” frame but the most sexy, luscious curves. She was a sk... Continue»
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wife dogging

Wife part 1
I have always want to watch my wife Sue fuck another man. As far back, when we first married I would jerk off in front of her while she told me her sexual experiences. We are now in our early fifties and my fantasy came into reality.
While on holiday in North Devon we had been out to dinner at well-known restaurant just on the borders of Dartmoor. Sue looked gorgeous all the men could not stop secretly staring at her ample breast that heaved to the top of her thin colourful Alexander McQueen summer dress making them look like two chads peering over a wall. I knew she was only we... Continue»
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Jane – S.L.U.T.

As John enters her home Jane dressed like a whore, her skirt very short, almost to her stocking tops, her face and hair as beautiful and made up as only such a girl who is confident in her mission can get away with, sensual yet seductive, private yet open, knowing very well that her visitor would struggle to decide whether to cast his eyes on her glowing face or perfect nylon clad thighs.

Before introductions were barely satisfactorily over, and without asking permission or caring if she minded, John kissed Jane's mouth tenderly but still hungrily whilst  gro... Continue»
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Afternoon Delite

I remember felling funny that day, it was a Saturday, and I had a rare afternoon shift at the fast food place where I worked. I had this creepy feeling, there was something I wanted, something that I couldn't put my finger on and it made me somewhat cranky with my fellow workers. It was slow, really slow and a couple of times I saw the manager looking at his watch, and surveying the store and our lack of customers. We had washed everything that could be washed, wiped everything that could be wiped, swept and filled our supplies when Chet, our manager said, "Okay folks, I've put if off ... Continue»
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My mom part 1

My name is jack and this is my story of my mother and her slutty ways.

My mother and father broke up when i was 18 which led to me living with my mother,she drank a hell of a lot going to pubs and clubs in Dublin where she wanted to be young again and have a good time.A brief description of my mother shes a lil chubby but she is the spitting image of Sarah Beattie(check her out on here).

While she would go out to town I would sit at home and go through her washing basket where I found a sexy red thong.I picked them up for closer look and the smell was the first thing that got me was the ... Continue»
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How my wife got pregnant

Hello again for those who know me, been asked to write again about our sex life so this one seems fitting! The ones who do know us know we have a very open relationship (I even first met my wife while she was getting fucked by several men at a party) and many partners. Anyway some months ago we started talking about getting pregnant and i told her how turned on I would be if we didn't know who the actual father was, in fact it would be amazing if the father was a black guy. That way it would be obvious to everyone that my wife slept around and was a slut. To my delight she agreed, so we decide... Continue»
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Wife and Business partner

In our small business world myself and Johno often travel and also often party while we are away. Unfortunately this trip my wife wanted to come with us. She had never been to Dallas so she pleaded to come with us. Long story short she got to come with Johno and me. Our meeting was first thing in the morning so we got up early and we were already for the presentation while Sally my wife stayed in bed and planned to go shopping later.
The meeting went well, in fact we closed a big deal that day. We arrived back at the hotel and had a drink to celebrate, my wife joined us about 3 in the afte... Continue»
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Me, my mom and my friends

Let me start this story by describing about my mom. Her name is Bhavya Reddy, was 36 at the time of this incident. You can say she was in her prime. She had full breasts which fit in tightly into a 38D bra. She had a pretty slim waist for those huge tankers and her ass bulged out so sexily from there, it always jiggles around whenever she walked around. I still wonder if that is natural or deliberate. She always managed to turn heads wherever she went and I don’t only mean the heads on the shoulders. She was pretty fair and my dad always said she had uncanny resemblance to actress Hema Malin... Continue»
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Hot sex at the lake

There's a warm summer breeze blowing across the lake, carrying with it the sounds of playful laughter from our closest friends. A roaring bonfire burns bright in the background lighting up the night. Everyone has their own little groups huddled together talking and laughing. I'm standing next to my best friends talking and laughing about all the cute guys that have shown up for the evening. Then a man named "Steve" approaches me from behind placing his hand on my forearm. I turn to see who it is and he flashes me a big smile full of pearly white teeth. I vaguely recognize him from past outings... Continue»
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