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Lesley part 5.

Ernie Hedley was sitting in his chair gazing at the scene playing out before his very eyes. Little did he know, when, two hours ago he spied a photo on his carers phone of her boy friends huge but flaccid cock. He had teased the girl unmercifully until he had then decided to blackmail her further. She was now about to take her clothes off and let him look at her naked body. He had a little something tomreveal to her first.

"Sexy Lesley. Hehehehehe. Now take that uniform off ever so slowly. I wand to drink in every second of this. Heeheehee. Who'd have thought it eh? George Ridleys daughter... Continue»
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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 2

Here is part 2 of my true story about the happenings, thanks for the nice comments about my other story (Part 1) i will keep telling you what went on over the few weeks.

Message me if you want to know little details, im all for talking, enjoy.

It was the morning after the night of new sights, I had seen my mom in a different way, yes we were close but i never thought we could be nude together, and for her to suggest it, and her to want to stay that way.

I woke up wondering wh... Continue»
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Night Out

Kim knew that going out with Jamie usually meant a good
time, often in more ways than one. Jamie was a horny slut
when she had a few beers in her, and she was well on her
way there this night. Kim hadn't planned on much more
than a night out, but the more brazen her friend became,
the more she realized that she might get dragged into it
as well. When Jane came stumbling up with a pair of
strapping young men, she knew it was over...

Jane very often did this sort of thing; going out to get
herself laid. She also seemed to think it was her duty to
get Kim in the sack too. M... Continue»
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Let's Do It Your Way, Frank

At twenty-five years of age, Frank Rizzitti was a bit
over 6 foot tall, swarthy of skin and color due in a
large part to his Italian heritage. Always clean-
shaven, Frank was nice enough looking in his
appearance, somewhat resembling his favorite singer,
Tony Bennett. The same hooked sort of nose, dark
hair and blue eyes, even a small cleft in his chin.
What made Frank so popular with most women were
not his looks however, it had more to do with the size
and girth of his cock. A full ten inches long and thick
when erect, most women (and some men) would get
weak in the knee... Continue»
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"Please, Mark, we really need to work out tonight,"
pleaded Cindy!

Mark looked at the two women and said, "you guys know
the rules, the gym closes at ten sharp!

"Just for a little while," begged Jill?!?

Mark, the manager of the Suburban Gym, was about ready
to begin his own workout when these two dingbats showed
up just as he was closing up. "Oh well, come on in, I
was just going to work out myself, and I could use a
spotter," he said, giving in to their pleas!

Both girls rushed in past him and headed for the locker
room to change. Mark, shaking his head, loc... Continue»
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The Plumber wanted paying

I’d just got in from work and we’d had tea and I was upstairs on my laptop working out some stuff from work. I heard a knock on the door but knew Donna was downstairs I let her deal with it. She shouted up to me “It’s the plumber he’s come for his payment” ‘odd’ I thought, ‘he’s had his payment when he screwed my wife’.

As I could hear voices I carried on doing what work I had to do. After a few minutes I couldn’t hear anything so I went into our spare room. Now because we’re very sexually active in all forms of sex we’d had some cameras put in downstairs and in our bedroom so we can watch ... Continue»
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The Switch

I had always thought myself a fortunate man, having a
beautiful young wife that was willing to do anything I
could possibly desire in bed. Amanda was a true looker,
she was petite with long blonde hair, and an outstanding
pair of "D" cup tits.

When in our third year of marriage...

For a while I had talked to her about trying a threesome.
She would always ask me why. I told her, "Just thinking
about you sucking some other guys cock get me so hard
honey, I don't know what to do."

After much discussion she told me that she would go
through with it, but she wanted to ... Continue»
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Sex is part of life.

My name is Switry. I am a Hindu married woman with 3 c***dren, all school-going boys. My husband, Paran, is a mechanic and employed in a factory. We live in our own house in an industrial area of a newly developing city. As it happens my next day neighbour woman Geeta made me her friend. She had a girl of 8 yeras and a boy of 4 years. Her husband runs a provision store and they are quite well of. Bye and bye Geeta turned to talking about sex. She was most beautiful and I greatly admired her to be her friend. She used to engage me in chatting and telling sex stories. That started making me tur... Continue»
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strung up..

One early morning I received email;

Email from my lover,
He had written place and time.
Strict orders not to touch him upon entering the room,
I am to remove my jacket and purse set them down and
sit with him on the couch as he ask how my morning was
as I told him about my morning he kissed my nose,ears down
my neck around to the other side down again kissing my cleavage
and up again around my lips my nose then a gentle kiss on my

Standing he kneels in front of me picking up one foot removing
my shoe my sock rubbing and massaging my toes then my foot kissing
my toe... Continue»
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My first time with an older man...

When I was growing up, I would do pretty much anything for a bit of cash in my pocket. I worked in a sweet shop/newsagent every weekend from age 14 through until I had just turned 17. Our customer base was pretty much older men who would pop in during the day and spend as much time as was reasonably possible in the shop buying their sweets and papers, and chatting to the shop owner and me. It was during these years that I learnt how to deal with and appreciate the older man.

My boobs had started to grow before I had started work in the shop, and by the time I left I was sporting a rather ni... Continue»
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My first time with an older man... Part 2

(Part 1 sets the scene... )

Following a steamy mutual masturbation session, Steve called me and asked me to go babysit for him again that night.
I walked out of the door and went home. I'd only been home for 40 minutes and was lying on my bed masturbating again, (He had really turned me on) when he rang me saying he was going to need me tonight for sure... "Perhaps you could stay over again?"

I thought carefully about what to wear that evening. I decided on a skater style dress. I thought it was not too risque but also quite practical. I packed my silky pyjamas, as Steve had ... Continue»
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Wife Reluctant To Be Naked etc. part 6

When Sharon lowered her almost completely shaved pussy to my wife's mouth I was afraid this little party would soon end. However, more surprises were in store for me. Judy's tongue came out and disappeared inside Sharon's pussy as if she had eaten pussy for years. Sharon began to rock across my wife's face even as the other guy was still fucking her like crazy. I couldn't have imagined this in my wildest dreams. What the heck has come over Judy these past few weeks? The guy fucking my wife has reached out and taken Sharon's breasts in his hands and is mashing them rather roughly. Or so I thoug... Continue»
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Old Rocker, Mouth Fucker

Whether on tour in his 20's or out of retirement in his 50's, horny rocker dude is always looking for mouths to fuck . . .

We were a damned good band, back in the day. Never got us a recording contract but always felt we were close. Hell, one time we were offered a $400,000 development deal but our lead vocal and manager both said, "Fuck no. We got bitchin' originals. We don't fucking need a development deal. Sign us or fuck off!" I guess they fucked off.

Not the best strategy for making your way in the music biz but I reckon we ... Continue»
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Hot blowjobs from homely women #1

I've been lucky to have gotten some great BJs in my life, from a bunch of different women, but the flat-out best ones I ever had were from women who were, well, quite plain.

The first--and the first I ever got from a woman who swallowed my load--was at a convention many years ago. I didn't know much of anyone there at the beginning of the week, but found myself in situations with this woman off and on, so got to know her a bit. It got to be the last night and I was horny, tired of sl**ping alone, and had had a bit too much to drink. Turns out she felt the same way. She quite willingly came ... Continue»
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In the Booth

I lay on my back on the hospital bed, drowsy and warm,
recovering from some minor surgery or something. It was
dark, the middle of the night shift. The door to my room
was ajar, and now and then someone walked by on quiet
feet. A nurse came out of the darkness, all in white,
with a small tub of water and some washcloths. She saw
that I was awake, and smiled at me with full red lips,
professional but sincere. I noticed that her uniform was
tight on her, short and tight over a firm round ass,
tight and low-cut over big well-formed breasts. She
folded back the sheets that ... Continue»
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Cloe's Fantasy Comes True

One of my favorite things is to sit on my back porch swaying softly in the
wooden swing my grandfather built. It's large enough for five people to
sit shoulder to shoulder thigh to thigh. I love the times when my f****y
comes together. My s****rs and I will laugh and swing for hours talking of
boyfriends, husbands, and jobs. Tonight I am glad that I'm alone. My
thoughts plague me. I'm the only daughter of five girls and three sons
who is not married and raising a batch of c***dren of my own.

I want to! I want the sweet normal life with babies and a husband. I
already own my home nest... Continue»
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Good things are worth waiting for II

While we were passionately kissing, I hooked a finger through the crotch of her panties and tugged. She lifted her hips as I eased her undergarment to her ankles. My hand returned to her pussy and my fingers went to work. The unmistakeable scent soon filled the area and made my cock twitch. Her kiss became more ravenous, her hand fumbled with my belt buckle. Her had found the bare flesh of my aroused cock, she squeezed it, then began stroking int in a semi-firm grip. I broke the kiss and moved my attentions to her tits. Her nipples extended nicely from her breast and each required some service... Continue»
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Brad's Birthday Surprise

Brad's boss told him to take off an hour early, since it was his 30th birthday. Looking forward to dinner with his wife Donna, he headed directly home.

Perhaps, he mused, there would even be enough time before dinner to demonstrate to his wife that he was NOT "over the hill".

Not that he had ever been accused of it. Brad and Donna were both in excellent shape, and had a regular, although a bit routine, sex life. As newlyweds, they had been a little wilder, screwing in elevators, cars, and more than once in Brad's office at work. Now, six years later, the festivities were mainly limit... Continue»
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A Fishing Trip in the Rockies

I have always enjoyed hiking, camping, hunting and
fishing -- with others or on my own.

That's why I happened to be camping alone one summer
day a few years ago at a secluded site on the northwest
edge of Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. In
fact, I was taking advantage of the remoteness of the
area since fishermen rarely hiked in to the high
valley. The valley's pristine mountain creek was
strung with beaver ponds that were teeming with unwary
brook trout.

For two days I didn't see another soul and I was almost
bored with catching and releasing fish after f... Continue»
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Susan & Her Search.


After a long day Susan could think of nothing better than to go home, draw a warm bath, crawl in and let Calgon “take her away”. It seemed that she was having more of these days than before. Ever since her company was taken over the work was no longer fun and her boss was a ass hat too boot. Never in her life would she have thought that after so many years working her way up in the world that she would have reached the point where her boss was less qualified than she was, and basically stole every idea she had and claimed it has his own.

When the tub was full and soapy she disrobe... Continue»
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