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sinning with the schoolteacher

amongst some guys there is an urban legend that the guy that takes a woman's virginity can always have her. while i can't say that's definitely true or not, as i've only taken one woman's virginity, in the case of me and jackie (not her real name) it is. i think jackie fell in love with me the moment she saw me about 25 years ago. i can say that because her eyes got as big as dinner plates and her jaw dropped the day i went to my friend's house where she happened to be babysitting. while cupid's arrow didn't exactly hit me, i have to say that she was definitely attractive, a perfect spinner a... Continue»
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fleeting visit

Brandi returned to her comfortable home feeling rather tired and irritable, she had had a hard day doing one thing or another and now just wanted to relax. She would open a bottle of wine and take a warm bath to refresh her before going online in search of some erotic chat.

As she entered the lounge she took a glass and opened a bottle of white wine and poured a small amount out. She then went to the bathroom to run a lavender bath and then went to her bedroom where she slowly started to undress. She felt her hand brush against her nipple and instinctively felt a pang in her loins. The clot... Continue»
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revenge medievil style

The year as 1805 and in the New Forest village of Everton, it was business as usual in the cock and pussy tavern, beer mainly spilt with a modicum actually being d***k. Lady C the owner of the establishment has been running the tavern for many years and had very had very early on realised that beer alone was insufficient to keep the clients happy, She had recruited three very nubile local girls who were willing to share their assets with the punters and share their ill gotten gains with Lady C.

Tonight was different than any other night, Miriam was currently upstairs shagging a young loc... Continue»
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"Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a Good Whor

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

"Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a good Whore!!!"

It was a dark Friday evening, just a little passed 10pm. I had been sitting in my patrol car all night. I looked around outside. I could see a light out above the old gas station. It was your typical slow boring, small town night. I had moved from the big city a few weeks ago. I graduated from the Police Academy. Worked two years on the mean streets of NYC. I needed a big change in my life. I decided to move down to Maryland. Out on the Eastern Shore. As far away from civilization, I could get. I ran ... Continue»
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Coupon Boobie - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Coupon Boobie

I rolled into the news paper plant, around 9am. I had overslept again. I hate Monday mornings. I had party the whole weekend. I had just passed my 2nd semester of college. I was interning for a small news paper in my home town. A college professor had gotten me the job. I was her pet project for the semester. She gave me good grades. I gave her my big cock after class. It was a win, win, for me. She was very voluptuous. I had been attracted to skinny girls before I met her. I changed after she rocked my world.

I got out of m... Continue»
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Early morning shag with granny caroline

I was at home alone on my day off from work. My wife was at work and I had been busy doing some housework and was taking a breather when I thought I would pop over and see granny caroline, knowing full well what would happen.
I walked the short distance to granny Caroline's house and let myself in with the key we had.
'its only me' I called thro.
'im in the living room' granny Caroline shouted back.
I took my shoes off and walked thro into the living room and granny Caroline was sat in her chair.
' Caroline, I have been waiting to see you so bad' I said.
'Oh have you now' Caroline giggle... Continue»
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Dogfucking: A Romantic Vignette

It was already well after midnight when I arrived home after a long day of work, so I entered the house quietly, figuring my wife might be asl**p. Shutting the kitchen door behind me, my heart immediately began pounding hard as my ears detected the sounds of soft moaning coming from the den. It was dark, but I knew my way around the house and headed in the direction of the moans, my prick stiffening already. In my head danced beautiful visions of my petite, tan, taut wife writhing around on the chaise lounge with her fingers in her pink velvet hole, her sweet nectar dripping from her engorged ... Continue»
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Blackmail by loyalsock

Mrs. Lucy Kent was a sitting at her desk, going through the senior English compositions from her class. She knew many teachers found it tiresome, grading, but she found it relaxing. Besides, she was in no hurry to get home. After all, her husband was off on another business trip, and her daughter, Diane, was attending a camp retreat for the weekend.

Lucy had been married to Steven for f******n years. Since he got his last promotion he has been required to go on extended business trips. The longest was two months and this trip could well be longer. Diane had just had her thirteenth birt... Continue»
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Spicing It Up by loyalsock

I realized, after something that happened last week, that it's never too late to spice up your love life. And that you can get into a rut in terms of how you view your wife, sexually. My wife, Cathy is 30 years old, about 5'3", with light brown hair and blue eyes. She stands a firm 37-24-36 with a really cute baby face. She works as the local regional manager for a national bookstore chain, so she usually dresses and acts in a fairly conservative fashion. Last Friday she had to fill in for one of her managers who called in sick. Normally she works from 9-5, but since she was filling in fo... Continue»
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Hilary Duff: A Little Time Away

The alarm on Hilary’s phone went off and she sat up in bed. She momentarily wondered where she was and then it came back to her. She was at the Farm that belonged to a friend of the f****y. She had asked if
she could stay for a few days to unwind and get away from Hollywood. She gazed out the window and smiled. The sun hadn’t come up yet. She got out of bed and headed for the shower. As the hot water cascaded over her firm young body, she washed her hair and scrubbed her soft skin. When she reached her firm breasts she spent much longer then was necessary on them, rubbing her nipples till t... Continue»
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A helping hand from Mom.

"Pete wake up!! Yeah you up there in the pit of a room. PETE GET UP!!...NOOOW. Damm k** never does what I tell him these days, I don't care if he' officially a teenager now but that k** needs wake the fuck up and get his ass outside to mow the lawn. I will tell you now, teenagers think they are adults but trust me he ain't.

I caught him yesterday and he didn't see me. I got to admit I could of embarrassed him but hey he's young, full of hormones and needed a release. We all gotta get some in our a day to day lives. My life as a 46 year old is dull - I need to get some.

Anyhow back to P... Continue»
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Saving Maddie

Rescuing a damsel in distress pays off in pussy and head like you cannot imagine!!


I walked out of the crowded club and debated just going home. It was hot, the place was packed and after two hours of striking out and consuming more alcohol than I should have I figured it was time to walk the three blocks in the shopping district to the apartment that I had leased after I made senior partner at the prestigious accounting firm that I work for.

I turned to walk down the main doors when they suddenly flew open and this petite fireball flew out dressed in a bl... Continue»
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Hilary Duff Babysitting

“No no, don’t shoot,” Benjamin Jacobs pleaded, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Bang bang,” little Luca Comrie said.

“Oh, you got me,” Ben cried, grabbing his chest. Stumbling around on his knees, he made a show of gasping for air before toppling over and rolling onto his back. Coughing, he closed his eyes and let his tongue loll out of the corner of his mouth.

“Wow, impressive,” Hilary Duff said, laughing in the doorway.

“Mommy,” Luca said, rushing give his mom a hug.

“Were you a good boy?” Hilary asked Luca as she bent down to lift him up. “You killed your babysitter, so yo... Continue»
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Today, I was at home on my day off from work. It was a lovely sunny day and I had been in my garden doing some tidying up when the phone rang. It was karen, my mother in law.
'will you come round and help your father in law move some stuff please' karen asked.
'of course I will, I will be around in a minute' I replied.
I put the phone down and walked round to my in laws. I went round the back and my father in law asked me to help him. Karen was sat on the step and was having a drink. She looked stunning as ever wearing jeans and a 'V' necked, tight,low cut top that sowed off her boobs nice... Continue»
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Is it cheating if Hubby Agrees..

My name is Becky. I am 49. I am 5'2” tall with red hair, medium sized breasts and I weigh about 145 lbs. In spite of the fact that I have a little extra padding. I carry it well and I am told that I look ten years younger than my age. I still get looks from men both younger and older than I am. My husband Steve and I have been married for ten years. He is 7 years older than I am. It's my first marriage, his second.

Although I have been sexually active since my teens. I have always been a one man type girl. I have had several long term relationships in my life and I never cheated on anyone... Continue»
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Do I or don't I?

First story.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the sight of women in nylons. All through school there were those teachers, that 25 years later, I can still remember their specific outfits. Miss B in her purple jumper with white nylons. She used to sit on a desk in front of the class and pull up her stockings. Miss C who always seem to get a run in her nylons and she would have one of us boys place a piece of tape over the run. Miss W, short lady, nice breasts, always wore nylons even with jeans. Ah the memories.

So now in my early forties, I still can't go out with... Continue»
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How it Happened.

I never imagined that this is how I would met my lover, I always though we would reach for the last cross lettuce together in the veg isle of a well known supermarket, or, we would reach for the same best seller novel in the local lending library, or, I would trip up spilling my groceries and he would be there to catch me then help me reload my bags, in each scenario I would experience a jolt that stirred my inner self causing me to look around and be swallowed up in his pale blue eyes, knowing then that my quest for the holy grail had been successful.

I had spent many hours, many days and ... Continue»
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A walk along the promenade.

The morning sun was hot and sultry that moring back in 1951 as I walked along the promanade, the holiday makers were sat taking in the sun, in front of me was a woman in her mid forties, she wore a fashionable skirt of the day a tan coloured front button which reached down to her calfs, she also wore a white blouse with ruffled neck and cuffs, as the sun caught her I could see what appared to be a wide bra strap through the material, suddenly as I watched her walk in her black botties with high heels her ankle apeared to go over and she fell lightly to the ground, I rushed over and helped her ... Continue»
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Isabella and Simon

My b*****r Simon ran away from home when he was 16, I was only 13 at the time and wished that Simon had told me he was going so I could have escaped with him. Life at home was tough, tough for Simon but even tougher for me, Simon was at least allowed to have friends, he was allowed to go swimming, allowed to do sports, all of those things were banned for me.

I went to an all girl's school, even at 16 my mother took me to school and met me out at the end of the day, every day, the school had been carefully chosen because it had a closed gate policy, all students spent the whole day at sc... Continue»
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A Touch of Honey

A Touch of Honey

Lizzie got up from bed with her husband still half asl**p. She thought about waking him and making him get the breakfast, but in all honesty it was her turn. So she did the decent thing and got out of bed. She went downstairs and made the coffee and toast for both of them. Marmalade on her toast and honey for Derrick.

A smile crept over her face and she gathered an important item from the kitchen before she started back upstairs. Lizzie was hoping that Derrick would have a bit of a hard-on by now, after all, it was morning.

When she re-appeared, Derrick was still ... Continue»
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