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Slut Wife For A Night

I know I am not a super model. I am a homey nerdy looking 40 year old with "b" cup boobs and light brown hair with brown eyes. I am on the skinny side, 110 pounds and 5.5 feet tall. I wear dark rim glasses. Guys have never chased me nor lined up at my door. I have only slept with two guys in my whole life and have been married for about 25 years. I have two great k**s and belong to the PTA at their school. Don't get me wrong, I love sex and will do anything to please my man, I am shy around men and just plain looking.
So my story is about a business trip for training I had to go on with ... Continue»
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Fantasy #1

I arrive at the house to do some work as promised the week before on the back garden for some f****y friends as the husband has a bad back from an accident and the damn thing is getting over grown.

I have always had a thing for Mags - about 50 I would guess with a large pair of breasts that always keep me occupied when we go round to visit, and always gets my vote when I see her in her skirt and tights/stockings (wasn't really sure what they were until that day)

It was hot and sunny when I arrived at John and mags for a days gardening and was greeted by Mags at the front door in all her ... Continue»
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CATHLEEN. Diary of a lesbian hooker of the 1930s.

CATHLEEN. Diary of a lesbian hooker of the 1930s. PART 2

My extra work on Friday evenings had never interfered with my job at the factory. The factory work was quite simple and since I had finished my secondary schooling, I was put in the office doing invoices, shipping notes, bank stuff, etc…I was one of ten clerks doing pretty well the same thing and we were supervised by an office manager who was an Irish girl like me but around 50 years old. She was about my height, a bony face with short black hair, a modest bust and wide hips. Most people would call her plain looking but on the other ... Continue»
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On trip to Sydney for a wedding

This is a true story which happened when I went to Sydney to go to a wedding.

I was waiting for my plane in the airport and my ipod was dead so I just sat there checking out the girls around the area. I saw one that was a little chubby but not fat by any means. She had great tits that were showing a lot of cleavage and a really gorgeous face with long blonde hair. As we were boarding the plane I could see my seat and just as I sat down the blonde babe reached above me to put her bag into the compartment above us. I had such a great view of her massive tits stretched out with her tight shirt... Continue»
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Taming a wild slut, or Will She Need More

Taming a wild slut, or Will She Need More

Tina the slut is going to be showed how to be more of a slut. The slut will be taught commands. Example given "now" will mean start cock sucking, "bend" meaning bend over & grab your ankles, "open" means a waist high table or chair with legs spread wide & "down" means lie face down on the floor with hands out stretched, “back” means lay down on your back with legs wide saying give me cock give me cock.

Bend! you little rotten slut, The slut quickly grabs her ankles & gets a rub on her ass! Good, that's for... Continue»
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Threesome – Me, Mom, Maid

But I received lesser or almost no emails from any women which is a bit saddening. For those who don’t know me I am Vikram, 19 yrs old studying in Sybcom in Mumbai and more interested in older women above 35 yrs of age. Here I am with a story that will interest all.

As I told u all earlier, I and my mom Geeta enjoy sex ever since that day when I fucked her first. My sexcapades with mom were not only limited to bedroom in afternoon but also in kitchen bathroom li
... Continue»
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Hot Didi And Hot Mom Make Me i****t

Two years back, I Raj 21 yrs, in my f****y mom 46 dad 49 and elder s*s 24 yrs. We are very open minded f****y, all are like friends. We share every thoughts two each other and occasionally we take drink together. I and elder s*s (Tanya) were very good friend. We go everywhere together in movie, party and disco even our friends were very common. She has a boy friend and her friend was my girl friend. We four always go for movie together and even movie we kiss and do body sex in front of each other nothing to hide. Didi was v
... Continue»
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Filling My Butt With The Real Thing.

I've always been curious about other men and have had a few casual hookups but never fulfilled my fantasy of having a warm hard dick in my ass. I had a couple girlfriends stick a finger in my ass and one even stuck a dildo in me but I wanted to know the feeling of being another man's bitch while getting a nice hard fuck.
My girlfriend was out of town for the week and I had spent a good part of my nights looking at gay porn and fantasizing. I would dress in her panties and lingerie and fuck myself with her dildo. Each day my desire for the real thing grew greater. I had heard abo... Continue»
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A cheating husbands Revenge (Part 2)

It was Saturday morning and Rick got out of bed that morning with
a hang over from the night before. Rick had been trying to break
off his relationship with Sue for the past several weeks but she
was sticking to him like fly paper. Worse is, she works right in
the same office with him and everyone is aware of their

Rick had the apartment for several weeks and moved here so he
could be close to his wife whom he missed. He had gone to visit
her last weekend and they had talked but Megan still wasn’t ready
to take him back. Rick knew how he had hurt her by having an
af... Continue»
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A cheating husbands Revenge (Part 1)

A cheating husbands Revenge (Part 1)

Megan stepped out of the shower and dried herself off and as
she walked into the bedroom she stopped by the full length mirror
she turned to admire the same figure she had when she graduated
college six years ago.

She just turned twenty-eight and still had the same figure
when her husband Rick had started dating the first year in
college. Megan kept looking at the mirror and at five foot six
inches tall and her slim figure, she could have been a model but
had an interest in business and wanted to start a f****y when she
left college but
... Continue»
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dee part 2

As I lay in bed that night, all I could think about was Dee's pussy and that it had never been used.... I felt myself harden and throb and reached down to stroke my cock remembering how her amazing little tunnel squeezed down on me and how hard I had cum... I knew right then I knew I had to have that cunt too.

The next day I wandered to the back of the barn, but no Dee. I asked the young prick where she was during their scheduled time and he said that hadn't seen her all day... I stopped in the barn office, saw her mom and knew her dad was on a delivery so I thought I'd just wander down to... Continue»
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Against the stucco wall

Against the stucco wall

Sometimes I remember that cold evening, long, long time ago, when one of my coworkers from the Attorney Office slammed me against the rough pink stucco wall, simultaneously undoing my belt and claiming my mouth with his own. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I moaned with pleasure. He sank his teeth into my shoulder and his fingers into my panties…

""I whispered, struggling to pull away. He pushed against me even harder.
Should I let him touch me, tease me, torment me, here against this wall in a deserted parking lot in the middle of the even... Continue»
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Grandad of love 7.

I awoke to Faith cleaning my room, opening my eyes I immediately saw my middle aged blonde plump house keeper bent over picking up something off the floor, and as I watched her big round ass stretching the material of her tight black trousers, my cock was soon turning my duvet into a tent.
"Morning" she smiled naughtily still bent over.
Then getting up she moved to the end of my bed and insisted I tell her of my recent adventures.
By the time I had finished she had her hand jammed down the front of her trousers and deep between her legs as she sat at my feet.
Then after deep long sigh she ... Continue»
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The Plumber

The Plumber

Hey gang, this is Babs for a change. I’m not a writer like Sean, but he urged me to write about my experience this morning so please bear with me.

Thursday our garbage disposal started leaking and Sean asked if I would find a plumber to repair it. I searched the internet and found one that had good reviews so I called. They couldn’t get anyone out that same day but said they would send someone first thing Friday morning.

Let me say that my normal attire at home ranges from nothing, to just a pair of shorts to a shirt and shorts to a short sundress. At home I rarely wear a... Continue»
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Kathy's New Clean-Up Man

Kathy first met a black man without her husband’s
knowledge and had a great time experiencing her first
taste of black cock. Kathy told me she loved meeting
them and watching the contrast of seeing a huge thick
black cock as it slices into her pussy.

Kathy still felt guilty about going out with these men
and coming home with their seed still inside her belly
knowing her husband had no idea his wife was out
screwing around.

After she told me she was going to stop seeing her
black lovers because she felt she was cheating on her
husband, I had thought she wouldn’t be makin... Continue»
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How i became a Toyboy - True Story

I apologize for the worse english it was just translated by a searching machine.

It was almost 4 years ago, when I went to swim in the evening again. Usually around 20pm almost no longer there and I can drag my tracks alone.
But when I walked into the bathroom that day I was struck by a beautiful blonde woman on, but I also saw that she was older than me and I thought I'm too young.

So I started my training, where I took a look under water again and again to the unknown. She was about 1.75m tall, slim, tanned with a shapely body and wearing a black bikini.

When I was done ... Continue»
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my mature woman

not time ago i knew a woman ... widow woman ... collegue from work. I work in a supermarket ... like patiseur ... and she was cleaning lady. I like her eyes ... very blue eyes and she looks incredible for her age. Some talks to her woth greats moments, make her smile. She told me live alone, and her k**s are mature persons now with theu
ir life.
I propose her to have a date ... and she said me : why want to date an old woman like me ?
I response her: i don't see anybody old woman here, just a nice woman, with beautiful eyes and great body.
She smile me and ... said to let her 1 week to th... Continue»
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Their Yorkshire Holiday

Their Yorkshire Holiday
John Kavanagh

The mail came via a profile entry that I had on one of the many swinging sites and was a blunt invitation to have sex with the sender’s wife when having a short break in Yorkshire from Aberdeenshire. His profile was short, very recently added and with an accompanying picture of a quite elderly man “seeking an uncomplicated sexual contact with a woman”, not mentioning his wife other than an inference that their relationship was sexually moribund. With nothing to lose by a positive reply, I added my e-mail address and thought no ... Continue»
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1st blowjob in over 20 years with an older gentlem

I have always had a thing for larger, older gentleman. Not sure why, but have always been attracted. I hadn't sucked a cock in over 20 years. one was my friend from when we were young. I don't know if I was any good or not at the age of 14 or I am 38 now... But anyway...

this older gentleman claiming to be 60 emailed and said he would like to get together. Now keep in mind that I had struck out MANY times on Craigslist and other sites, so I decided to try Manhunt.

We had emailed each other many times during the week, saying how I would like to meet him, and see how things went... Continue»
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Searching For The Teacher (Part 1)

He did not know why he felt this need. It was always just there poking at the back of his head. He knew that he had to do something about it, but the question was how. How was he going to get this done, and more importantly was anyone going to go along with it. For what seemed like forever he just sat and thought about what was going on and the best way to approach this. Regular dating sites like Match or OKCUPID were not going to cut it, and some of the more “adult” sites were defiantly out of the question because they were always asking for money. Being a poor college student he knew that he... Continue»
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