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Unexpected Encouter!!!

This story I'm about to let everyone read is very Real and True to the fact!!

It all began when I was 17, I had just moved suburb's with my parents and my 2 b*****rs.
I didn't know many people in the area and finally got to meet some people around my age that lived just down the road, there were 2 s****rs and 2 b*****rs, the oldest was one off the s****rs, she was sixteen and very very attractive, she had the perfect figure a size 8 and a lovely round tight little ass and from what I could tell she had the most perfectly round and firm breasts, which most girls do at that age, we got to kn... Continue»
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It all started when I asked her to play

Quite a lot of men and women after a few years of marriage / relationship when the excitement and the reality of having fun in the bedroom fades a little, start thinking about how to enhance their love life and think about how to keep the spark going. Men of course at least most I think, think about watching their wife / partner playing with another male and seeing how she is being pleasured.

Well, this is a true event that led us to having a few meets with other men over the years on an occasional basis and if the meeting was good and C had enjoyed it as well as teasing me knowing it gives... Continue»
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Nude Beach for Christmas – Day 2

Nude Beach for Christmas – Day 2

The next morning we met Nick and Suzette for breakfast but saw no sign of Rolf and Heather. During breakfast we decided to hit the nude beach again in the morning before the sun got too hot and then see some of the sights in the afternoon.

After breakfast, we got our stuff, picked up some bottled water from the resort and the four of us headed to the nude beach. Being it was a Sunday morning, we were not that surprised to see the beach virtually empty and then it could have been because of the time of day.

Regardless of why it was so empty (only 1 ol... Continue»
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Massage at the Convention

Leslie and I had just finished a long day standing on our feet working a booth at a convention. We were both physically and mentally drained and not looking forward to two more days of working the booth. We put away all of our samples for the evening and started walking back to the hotel to get ready for a business dinner. Both of us were wishing we could just sneak off to grab a quick meal but instead we have a long drawn out business dinner to look forward to. We walked up to our respective rooms and told each other we'll meet down in the lobby in 20 minutes.

Having taken a quick shower I... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 1

"So do you think uncle Harry hid money or valuables around his house?" I ask my mom as we're driving down the interstate.

"What makes you think that?" She asks, surprised at my question.

"Well, he was pretty eccentric, you have to admit. He seemed like one of those guys who would stash things around the house and then forget where they are. We are going to search for hidden stuff, right?" My mom's b*****r died in a car accident a couple of months ago and my mom is executor of his estate. Uncle Harry never married and as his younger s****r, mom is his only living relative. Uncle Harry was... Continue»
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Exibitionist fun at the beach ch 2

[b I left the couple to their own space, walking down to the sea for a refreshing swim and clean up, everything that had just happened was all i could think about, my cock still semi hard as i swam , wondering what else this sexy couple had in mind, the afternoon still very hot, in many ways.
Wet and dripping i toweled myself down, noting that my new freinds had stopped reading to watch me dry off , finding my sun lotion, i reveled in rubbing my self down whilst putting on a show, for my onlookers , rubbing my thighs and cock, causing it to swell knowing i was only a few feet away from their ... Continue»
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My Mom and I

I had a strange relationship with my mother. After she and dad divorced she became less inhibited around me. Maybe because she thought since I was an adult I didn't mind seeing her naked, which I didn't. She would walk around after her shower without any clothes on, and she was very playful around me. She would walk around and flash me or just be plain naked for no reason. She loved showing her body to me, and I loved seeing it, but I knew this wasn't a normal thing.

But who was I to fuck with a good thing? After a few weeks she started talking about sexual matters with me. And that ... Continue»
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Mom and I Take a Bath

It was near 11:00 PM as I pulled into our driveway. I noticed some lights on upstairs so I naturally assumed that Mom had also ended her evening.

When I reached the top of the stairs I could hear her humming softly. The light in her bedroom was on and the door was partly opened. It would be down right rude of me to go to bed without telling my mother goodnight so I eased up to the open door. No one was in sight, but the bed covers were turned back ready for use.

"Mom?" I called out softly.

"Hi there, come on in here and talk to your mother, baby. I'm decent so come on in."

I eased ... Continue»
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Exposing Amy

This all started one day when my wife was sat on a bar stool. We were having lunch in a pub and my wife Amy decided she needed to go to the toilet. As she spun around her dress seemed to catch and as she lowered herself from the stool her dress rose up her thighs. The lads sat down across from us had a clear view up her skirt and they can't but have seen her panties.

This innocuous incident changed our lives.

Amy was really seriously embarrassed, and anyone else would have thought that she was really overreacting. That is anyone but me. The thought that other men had seen up my wife's ... Continue»
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Our One Time 3 way – Part 4 (final)

The 3 of us headed to the bathroom and the large walk in shower. The hot water felt good and mom took time soaping up Tony’s and my bodies. She paid special attention to our cocks, getting them nice and clean. I returned the favor for her while she washed Tony. I loved soaping up her tits. I worked down her body to her pussy and well-rounded ass. Once all clean and tried, mom led us to the bed. It was a nice huge king and we all easily fit. Mom grabbed our cocks and started to stroke us to life. As we hardened, she told us why she invited Tony.

“Tony, I needed you here for me. I ... Continue»
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The lesbian factory

When Jill woke she found herself strapped to a bed, nude and spread eagle.
Standing around her were several women, also nude.

"What's going on?" Jill said, confused.

A beautiful redhead, with a shapely figure stepped forward. "My name is
Erika. Welcome. You have been sponsored into our lesbian society."

"But I'm not gay!" Jill said.

Erika smiled. "That will soon change."

"What? Untie me... let me go!" she said struggling against the leather

"Each day," Erika continued, "we will give you a lesson in lesbian love. At
the end of your training, you will be a full ... Continue»
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Adventure with Hubby's Friend--Part1

Randip had been known to my husband for years before our marriage, in
fact when I came as a newly wed bride, he had welcomed us and had
helped me set up home in the building where we all lived. He was in
the habit of dropping in some evenings and staying over for dinner as
he was divorced and lived as a bachelor. This closeness through the
days between us had been on a very innocent level and Randip has
always been a gentleman. Once in a while I would catch him staring at
my breasts or legs, but I always felt that was normal behavior for a
man. And I had also cum to know that he had so... Continue»
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The Picnic

It was late September, the k**s were back in school and the days were getting shorter and cooler. We had come into the city for supplies. Peter and I had discussed the possibility of my hooking up with Tom, one of my old lovers, this trip to town. Peter loved it when I got together with a lover and brought him home a pussy full of cum, or at least details of fun I’ve had.

I was thrilled, a chance to score some great sex with an old friend. I called Tom and he was glad to hear I was in town and of course, he would love to get together with me. We arranged to meet the next day. I would... Continue»
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Our One Time 3 way – Part 3

As mom and I waited for Tony to arrive, she pulled me to the sofa in the living room of the suite. She unbuttoned my pants, pulled them and boxers off. My hard cock sprang up unleashed.

“Mom, we should probably close the curtains.” They were fully drawn open and lights were completely on. There was another hotel and a couple of condos on the neighboring blocks that were as tall or taller that could look into the rooms of our side of the hotel. Anyone looking towards our room would be able to clearly see a half-naked woman on her knees and about to give a blow job to a man with a larg... Continue»
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Our One Time 3 way – Part 2

Our One Time 3 way – Part 2

The next morning, I awoke to one of my favorite memories of my time with mom. She was under the covers providing me with a morning blow job. My cock was nice and hard, waking up well before I did. I threw back the covers and mom looked up at me with her mouth full of my cock. She winked at me before pulling my cock out with a loud pop! “Good morning baby. I didn’t think you’d mind me getting started.”

“I’ve never had a problem mom. One thing though…”

“And what would that be baby?”

“I think your pussy is feeling left out.”

With that mom, shift... Continue»
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Black Christmas for my wife

We went to vegas back in October for my birthday we wanted to have a lil fun and since she opened up to black guys a short time back she let me decide what I wanted to see her do so I posted a add on a site vegas about looking for a hung black man for my wife, needless to say I got about 80 replies most was guys that didn't send pics so they was deleted and kept narrowing down till we had a few that seemed ok but the two that seemed real and fun turned out to be
So the first night was a bust and the second night decided we would catch a show since didn't think we would meet anyone... Continue»
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Blowjobs by the Dozen

A lazy Saturday afternoon, trying to suck off a dozen
unknown men, because my girlfriend was out of town, and I can't find my
friends, so I needed something to pass the afternoon. I
often went to the local ABS to trade blowjobs on a
Saturday afternoon. Besides loving to suck and to be
sucked, I think it makes me a better fuck with my
girlfriend on Saturday night.

Well, this afternoon, I had nothing else to do, and
didn't need to save anything for Saturday night. I
decided this trip to the ABS would be one to remember

I loaded my backpack with my Polaroid camera, film, a ... Continue»
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I walk into the kitchen and see you baking some cakes. All the mixtures over the table and work tops. I come quietly up behind you as you are concentrating on what you are doing and humming a song. I get right behind you and can smell your perfume mixed with the baking smell. I put my hands around you and cup your full breasts and pull you back top me and nuzzle your neck. You gasp and sigh. I turn you round and we start to kiss I can taste some of the cake flavoring. My one hand moves on to your back pushing your groin onto mine as the other still cups your breast but moves down and under you... Continue»
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Fucked by 3 black youngs boys in holidays

As my husband had to spend 15 days in Ghana, I went with him to know the country ,and we were in a beautiful hotel with swimming pool ... one evening after dinner I realized that I forgot in the pool my glasses ... the reception told me to go into a store located on the other side of the was 11pm , and I went to this place and I opened the door ...

An unexpected sight before me : 3 younsg blacks boys ( they were all 18 and 19 years) were touching and masturbated together ..they were naked in front of me, in full erection with great cocks , I admit, i was really attracted ..
... Continue»
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Teresa the Dirty Stripteaser!

My Stepmother Teresa hadn't done much, it seemed, in quite a while, since her last experience documented in her other stories. She dressed pretty conservatively again, and all seemed quiet and placid in our lives.

This peace was broken one day, however, when I was walking with Mum around the corner, past the local shops. There was a group of youths in their late teens hanging around outside the shops, and although I knew their faces from experiencing their nuisance making and petty vandalism in the area, I didn't know any more about these 18-20 years old people. They were certainly younger ... Continue»
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