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Daughter home from summer camp

Rick continued driving down the street towards the high school. He had to pick up his 16 year old daughter, Katie, as she had just came back from summer camp. Rick was a handsome 32 year old man with a strong jaw and broad shoulders and combed dark brown hair. He was recently divorced and he obtained sole custody of Katie. He parked his Mercedes in front of the school. Because of the heat, many of the girls decided to take a quick dip in the school pool until their parents came to pick them up. And so many of them were wearing bikinis.

Rick observed their succulent bodies through the tinte... Continue»
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Cindy has a sailing lesson

For Cindy397

Cindy had organised a sailing lesson for a few days, I was assigned to the job, as there was going to be only 2 people on board I was given the smallest yacht to take.
When I met Cindy at the boat, I was glad to see a very attractive lady, smartly dressed for the occasion, but I kept my thoughts to myself and tried to remain professional. I introduced myself as Tom, went through the itinerary, and we were soon on our way.
After several hours we arrived at our overnight stop, a very quiet place, with a pub that serves decent food. After a hard days sailing it was nice to get a... Continue»
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Our New Life Together

Having discovered the den of perversion that is xhamster, we are enjoying the mix of videos, photos, stories, posts, and profiles. We are exploring ourselves, and after decades of being together, we are finding new ways to excite each other sexually - this new approach is almost like having a "new life together".

Upon creating our profile, we immediately noticed the cum tributes people are posting. For him, it is very flattering to see other men horny for her, lusting for her, jacking off on her images, and imagining cumming all over her big natural breasts or inside her pretty pussy. Fo... Continue»
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A hard BBC night

A hard BBC night

Home alone again, hubby Victor flying away for a long weekend.
My slut girlfriend Barbara called me on Saturday evening. She was happily married and I suspected that she had never cheated on her loving husband Roy, but now he had gone fishing with his mates and she was a little bit horny and in the mood for a good time.
She asked me to have a “girl’s night out” and see what could happen…

We both got dressed like whores in heat and ended the night at a dark bar, where some strippers entertained the customers. We were sipping some margaritas when two young black men app... Continue»
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Caught jerking by neighbour

This actually happened to me this summer.

It was during the hot weather we had in July this year and I was at a loose end one-week day, on my own in the house, and decided to sort out the shed as it was full of rubbish and I could hardly get in the door. I was wearing just my shorts and trainers and was in the shed sweating and swearing as I moved stuff around. I picked up a box and turned to put in in another location but walked into the edge of a pile of other boxes and squashed by balls on the corner.
Only a guy knows how much this can hurt and I dropped the box I was holding and clutc... Continue»
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While husbands away boat ramp BJ

Boat ramp BJ
I was surprised nobody was at the boat ramp just 4-5 fishermen’s trucks with empty boat trailers. It was 6 am the two young men I had met on Instant messenger were there waiting next to the trail, my husband had already met them for lunch last week when I was out of town. I just parked my van next to them let them get a good look at my hard nipples thru my thin summer dress and after we talked a bit we walked up a trail that loops back to the lakeside with a nice place next to the foggy shore.
The shoreline was covered in early morning dew as I spread the blanket out. I loved w... Continue»
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A new TV Delivered

Donna and I had decided we needed a new TV, we went to a big electrical superstore and ordered a 50" flat screen, stand, DVD player and as we already had satellite TV, not only would they deliver it they would also wire it all in at no extra cost. We bought it and booked them in for a week the following Sunday.

We got a phone call saying the delivery guys would be here around 4pm and we were their last drop off. I said to Donna "Have a shower one never knows". As she got out of the shower, and dressed in a skimpy nightie and smelled delicious there was a knock on the door. The lads soon got... Continue»
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My First BBC

My husband and I have owned this department store in this small town for over thirty years and his dad had owned it for fifty years before us. Its a small store in a small town. I keep myself in very good shape working out with a trainer several days a week and have for most of my life. I have to say I am not bad looking for being seventy years old. I have always been hit on and have had my share of affairs. I am not a slut but I have enjoyed some strange every now and then.
I am about four foot ten, ninety two pounds, gray blonde hair, "b" cup boobs and green eyes. I have two other ladi... Continue»
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Slut wife never failed to amaze..

The morning after my 30th birthday I awoke with a start.
I gradually gained consciousness and tried to piece together the events of the previous evening.
My throat was parched my head was thumping the sun was blazing through the annoyingly thin curtains I was sweating and my cock was rock hard!
Looking to my side I saw Jane lying on her back naked, eyes closed as if she were asl**p with her legs slightly raised and apart.
"That's quite horny" I thought as I watched her slowly caressing her pussy with one hand her other hand gliding up and down her belly and boobs lingering over her nippl... Continue»
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Buck and Gina, Part IV

The saga of Buck and Gina and the beach holiday continues. Hope you enjoy!

The days seemed to fly by, in a damn good way. Woke up Thursday to Gina licking my cock, then my balls, then sucking me until I came in her mouth. She worked me over quickly, seemingly in a need for a morning shot of cum. She licked me clean then kissed me deeply - a big smile on her face. "Its almost Friday - I have something special for you", she teased. She refused to give a hint. She did tell me that she'd be gone for a good part of the day, as she had to meet some art friends - so that I was free to do w... Continue»
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It had taken some time to get over my divorce, not that it had been particularly messy or sordid, quite the contrary as we had settled everything in a business-like and polite manner. It was simply that after 15 years of marriage, I found the transition back to bachelorhood to be difficult.

I had always thought myself to be fairly open and friendly and enjoyed meeting people and good conversation, but now I was conscious of the fact that I was treated with some degree of scepticism. I could almost hear people questioning my motives if I started to chat to their wives and girlfriends and fin... Continue»
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Fucked my Mature Hot Boss

I'm 20 years old, work in a small store where I'm usually the one closing at night. My boss Gail is a married 52 year old woman who has aged very well, she would be what you would call a MILF in every essence of the word! One night Gail stayed to help close the shop, we decided not to do a deposit, just put the receipts in the safe. Once everything was locked up we went to the back office where the safe is located, Gail got down on her knees to open the safe I handed her the bag, stood behind her as she put into the safe then turned the dial to lock it up. Gail slipped as she got up, I caught... Continue»
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Oh My Gosh! - Part 3

Before you start reading part 3 - I challenge you to NOT touch yourself.
If you can get through and are still not hard or even semi-hard, I do wanna hear from you. Otherwise, just leave me a comment here.

You should read parts 1 and 2 or this won't make much sense. Also if you get they whole story, you won't be able to stop masturbating.

It was Friday, our third night together. Mom looked a little upset and unsettled. Everything in her bags was on the be... Continue»
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My sons friend

My name is Dawn, but for reasons that will become obvious i have changed other names and places.
What i am about to tell you happened 4 years ago. At that time i was 40 years old, i'd been divorced nearly 2 years and my son was 19 and living away from home whilst at uni.
I'd not really dated since my divorce but at that time i was feeling ready to start. I was never short on male attention and i've always had a high sex drive but just hadn't felt ready.
It was actually my son "nick" who told me i should get out there and start dating, little did he know how much he was going to play a part ... Continue»
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Just a cameltoe tease

Just a cameltoe tease

My computer one day refused to start and I called Saverio for assistance, an old friend from college who was also a neighbor and some kind of computer genius. He came home and took the machine out with him, telling me that he could solve the matter in a couple of days.
I always had a pretty vivid fantasy life and spend more time than I would like to admit masturbating or having sex with other men, especially well endowed black men. Sometimes I even write down my fantasies and post them in adult for fun. I never used my real name when I post, but I always incorporat... Continue»
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Picked up a granny at car wash ladys day

Tue every other week is ladys day and car detail is half price. Pulled in and noticed the large number of older women there. When I reached the door, a sign "Ladys day" and that explained it.
Went in and had a seat while my car was being cleaned. A white haired woman sat beside me and ask about her key fob. Said it did not work correctly. Popped it open, handed her the battery. She ask me to follow her and install it for her.
Met her at her house where the key fob was fixed. Edna ask me to have coffee with her and talk. She was lonely and had been. Edna was a tall and well built women of 6... Continue»
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Committed to mistress. Part 1. The beginning.

Committed to mistress. Part 1. The beginning.
The summer after I reached legal age was unforgettable for me.
I have had ended my classes and I had a long time to enjoy the summer. After one year studying quite hard and with hot weather I needed real sex crazily.

In the seventh floor there was living a 36 years old woman who had given birth his second c***d five years ago. She was a beautiful woman: nice blond colored hair, pretty nice body shape. She was used to go upstairs up to his apartment and after two and a half years lactation of his youngest c***dren she got really nice tits she l... Continue»
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An unusual f amily 1

The first time I suspected my f****y was not like every other f****y was when I was 18. Being a teenage boy, I had all the normal hormones and urges, and I had become fond of masturbating. It wasn't something my f****y talked about a lot, and I knew that my older s****r on occasion played with herself. But it was certainly not discouraged, and to me it was normal to fondle myself in my pants or even out in the open while we were watching television or sitting outside on the patio. In my f****y, people just did things like that in the open, and no one ever said anything about it. That was how i... Continue»
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The hard cock for Mandi

I have to admit that this past week or so hasn’t been one of my best times. I caught an intestinal bug that just wouldn’t go away. I took quite the ribbing from my husband, as day after day he would ask if I was ready to enjoy one of my favorite cocks. My answers went from “no way”, to “definitely not”, to “maybe tomorrow” followed by a resigned shake of my head. It was truly sad to see Mandi in such a state. When I don’t feel like enjoying a hard cock, my Hubby knows I am definitely sick.

Eventually, the bug passed, but it took a week before I finally felt up to fucking. While I was... Continue»
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Seducing my mon

Like many other young men, I had fantasized more than once about my mom during puberty. I think the breaking point occurred days after my 18th birthday, I had a wet dream involving her and couldn't resist it anymore. I awoke to soaked bed sheets and made my mind up—I was going to fuck my mother! At that time I was still a virgin at 18 years old, and very embarrassed about that. Oh, I'd french kissed a couple of girls and women I worked with at the restaurant, even felt a few bare breasts and fondled a couple of times through pants or panties; but that was it. I was hungry and needed to "pop my... Continue»
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