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re-write so innocente

so innocent
this is my very first attempt to write a story that actually happen when i was very young i was about 9 years old im 35 now.
i was at a f****y gathering everyone was out having a great time at backyard
bbq music drinking i was inside my uncle house watching tv a relative of mine not sure if cousin or aunt she was 5'7 about 140 nice voluptuous beautiful round breast as nice as nikki fritz thick sexy legs
nice tanned smooth skin, long brunette hair lovely brown eyes any how..
her name was tatiana.

what happened next was she came in... Continue»
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eliza tied to the bed

Last weekend, the lovely eliza came upstairs to see what I’d been doing. Before she reached the bedroom, I stepped out to meet her and slipped a red leather blindfold over her eyes. I kissed her deeply and her tongue immediately responded, flicking out against mine. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took her bra off, her bit tits falling free and in all their glory. She tried to cover them with her arms but I told her that she had to do what I said and that she should put her arms to her side, which she did. I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, making her squeal and squirm in front of... Continue»
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son/b*****r cuckhold.

This is a story about me fucking your mother and s****r at the same time while you are unable to do anything but play with your cock.

Your mum & s*s are laying on the bed in there sexy lacy undies. You are sitting in a chair in the corner. I walk in the room straight past you and kneel on the bed in front of them both. Your s****r starts running her foot up and down my inner tight. Her foot stops on my bulge and she begins to rub it with her bare foot.they both can see I'm rock hard just thinking of what is going to happen. Your mum sits her self and plants her sweet sexy lips on mine. ... Continue»
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The New Neighbours.

Last week I got new neighbours, Dave and Jess, they seem to be a fairly nice couple, Dave was an older guy with a beard and glasses, and Jess was a tall thin woman with long red hair and pale skin.
The next day I was out in my back garden, the sun was shinning and I was relaxing with a drink when I heard them step out of the house, after a few minutes I could hear them chatting and laughing and feeling curious I wandered over to the high fence to say hello.
However i didn't get that far because as i peered through a crack i could see into their garden and to my amazement both of them were co... Continue»
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La mia storia inizia da quando avevo poco più di 18 anni, vivevo come tutti ragazzi della mia età. Solo che in casa viveva anche mia madre ed eravamo da soli. Ogni tanto fantasticavo con pensieri erotici e una volta è capitato di pensare al corpo di mia madre ed al suo bellissimo culo mentre mi masturbavo.
Ma il nostro rapporto cambiò nettamente un giorno, il quale dopo una brutta caduta, giocando a calcio, ritornai a casa con evidenti abrasioni un po' da per tutto. Quando mi vide mia madre si impaurì e preoccupata mi disse:
---- Vieni subito in bagno !..hai bisogno di una ripulita ed una... Continue»
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The reunion weekend (more fun with Jane)

My wife, Maureen and I decided to go to our 35th High school get together. We live in the same small town we grew up in and normally, our High School reunion is boring and held in town during homecoming weekend. This year, it was suggested that we all do a get together weekend at a resort in Virginia. So, Maureen said that it sounded like fun and made the hotel arrangements. As the weekend approached, she told me that she had invited Jane to go along and share a suite with us. If you recall from an earlier story, Jane, Maureen and I all went to school together and are good friends.
We pac... Continue»
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Full i****t service

My mother was acting strangely. She had been for the last month or so, though not in any overt manner, no specific ways that stuck out, but in much more subtle ways that anybody who didn't know her as well as I do after eighteen years would ever notice. Other than bitching at me about little things, (growing up, learning the meaning of 'responsibility', getting a job, how I'm so impossible) it was as though something had been on her mind, distracting her and, while we didn't dislike each other, our relationship wasn't close enough for a mother-daughter talk about it. That early evening, howeve... Continue»
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Mike Zostant wasn't all that big on flowers or plants but when he would notice his next door neighbor working in her garden on warm days, he usually made a point of giving the middle-aged woman a glance either from his bedroom window or if her attire warranted a closer look, going out to engage in conversation with Rita Cox.

Mrs. Cox, the divorced mother of a couple of k**s who were a bit older than Mike and now out on the own, wasn't a ravishing beauty but Mike found her attractive. He didn't mind that she was a little chubby because while she was a tad plump she was solidly built and the ... Continue»
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They Call Me The Babysitter

So, there I was in graduate school, jacking off half a dozen times a day while fantasizing about the really hot girls in the tight-knit group of hippies (the "freak community") that I had started hanging out with a few months after I showed up on campus. Now, you might be asking yourself, how does a physics major come to be hanging out with a bunch of hippies? The simple answer is, they were the friendliest bunch of k**s I had ever bumped into. They were totally accepting of me and my nerdy ways. They were also mostly serious students, and most of them were on the campus newspaper staff -- whi... Continue»
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First Visit To A Nude Beach

I've always been pretty much a voyeur, getting my thrills in my earlier years at strip clubs and topless joints and the like. But as I got older the girls got younger and I began to feel like an old pervert so my voyuerism was limited to sites on the internet. As much as I liked voyeurism I never once gave any thoughts of exhibitionism, that was for the women to do whilst I voyeured. In my mid-forties I became single again and re-entered the dating scene. That's when I met Chasity. Chas, (as I call her), was in her early thirties then and had already been married three times. Tossing caution t... Continue»
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First Time

First Time

The first time I saw you, you were sitting on a barstool chatting away with several friends I presumed. Smiling faces and occasional laughs assured my presumption. There was a stool next to you vacant, so I sat down. Your back was toward me and I got to look you over good before I said anything, if I got the courage to say anything. Black polyester pants, fit was perfect as were the curves contained within. A simple but very nice white top with your light coat still on. Black loafer type shoes and no socks.
Courage built by my second gin and tonic convinced me to tap ... Continue»
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The huge black neighbor

The huge black neighbor

When living in L.A., Anita and I met some interesting people out there.
A couple of months after we moved there, one of our neighbors had a holiday party and we were invited. It was always a real nice evening with good food and alcohol.
We mingled together for the first hour, then our host wanted to show the men some new electronics he had purchased and Anita went over to talk with some ladies.

My wife was no doubt the sexiest woman at the party that night, wearing a red dress that had a big open slit along her left leg. Much of her leg was exposed and she look... Continue»
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Made to fuck mom

"Johnny, what is wrong with you tonight? "is there trouble at work?" "don't you feel good?" "JOHNNY ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?"

"Yes Mom, I'm sorry I'm fine, just tired"

""you sure sweetie,? you haven't said a word or have you touched your food" "I bet you have a fever"

With that being said mom sprang from her chair and walked over to me and placed her check on my forehead

"Why baby your burning up, your forehead is dripping wet"

"Mom I'm ok Im just warm from working outside all day"

I wanted to tell her I was all sweaty do to the fact I was about to bone her, but I figured she... Continue»
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Cindy’s First Cock

Cindy was a curious girl!
It had started several years before when she use to listen outside of her mom’s bedroom door while her mother had sex with her latest boyfriend. Even though Cindy had been young she knew that the sounds coming from the other side of the door made her feel funny.
Shortly after that time Cindy found the joy of fingering her little pussy. She quickly realized that she made some of the same noises as her mother did. Cindy wondered if having a guy play with her pussy would feel even better than her fingers.... Continue»
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Grandma's Rituals 1

Its long but gonna make you cum like hell

On the king size bed in the privacy of their bedroom Alka was thrashing her body wildly while her husband was pounding his cock deep into cunt. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her cunt and knew that any moment he may spurt. As she lifted her legs and allowed his cock to penetrate deeper, giving a final trust her husband spent his sperm into her and being exhausted lay upon her crushing her on the bed. She liked it as it was on rare occasion that he fucked her, more so when he had planned to go on a tour. It was his way of telling ... Continue»
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A little about us. My wife and I have been married 20 years.
She was a virgin on our wedding night.
I started talking to her about me sharing her with other guys and maybe even a couple. First time I brought it up she was very upset with me. Thought I was not enjoying her anymore and I wanted an excuse to play around.
well I told her I know how much she enjoys sex and she had never experienced another male before. I thought she might want to. She said no I was all she wanted and had no thoughts of having another man.
at this point she had never seen another mans dick. Just from movies.... Continue»
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Running naked in front of Jerry

Jerry and I used to meet at a local park in Sacramento late at night. Jerry loved to see me naked. Many times he would walk over to my car and demand that I strip and walk over to his car totally naked. I would comply ... removing all my clothes except my running shoes. I have a runner's body ... having run several marathons. And I keep running now.

If other cars were in the park, obviously other guys, Jerry would invite them to park behind him car to watch a "naked guy" walk through the parking lot over to his car.

Sometimes, there were two or three cars lined up for the show.

... Continue»
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Pay Back

Pay Back
Sugar and I have an agreement that if want to fuck someone bad then we try make it happen. Susan and she were out together few months back and I get a call from Sugar. Susan’s boy toy is out with them and Sugar sounded excited. I heard the noise die off some as she sneaked off to the bathroom to talk to me. She was being a bit weird like wanted tell me or ask me something but wasn’t sure how or if should. I told her just be honest with me and everything be ok. “what’s going on?” she was still bit hesitant but I told her trust that I love her and everything will be ok. We have a rule... Continue»
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from sitter to tutor

hello fellow writers, readers I would like to share yet another story with you in hope's that you will enjoy and have great pleasure when reading like you have in previous ones.

another situation that occurred with Shelley...yes you guessed it the same Shelley as my babysitter when i was a young boy whom later became my girlfriend but that is another totally different story.

besides being a great babysitter and beautiful she is a math tutor..which was not my strong subject so she would help me my home work from time to time and even reward me when I got an answer right with clothes co... Continue»
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Fucking Sluts all Day!

My story starts early in the morning at work, I work as a physical trainer in a gym I'm a black guy 23 years old, I'm 5.10 about 185 lbs, love working out so the gym is a perfect job for me. I had an early appointment with a new client who's name was Susan, she was 52 about 5.8 tall long blond hair, with a nice pair of C cup tits. We went in an office so I could conduct a consultation, she was wearing a tight pair of Black Yoga Pants with a white Tank Top she was one HOT Mature woman! I asked her to step on the scale she moved over started removing her clothes, I told her she didn't have to do... Continue»
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