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My lovely wife impregnated by my friend for real

I’m the husband of Sabine and I like to tell you the story of my lovely wife’s latest natural impregnation.

It started a few months ago at the end of an afterwork party with my mature wife Sabine. Sabine, my mate Thomas and myself were d***k a little bit and just for fun Sabine started to smooch and cuddle around with both of us. Sabine asked me if it’s ok taking Thomas into our home for playing around a bit. I agreed but I wasn’t sure if this idea is good or bad.

At home we s... Continue»
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Sheila and June

I was up in the local pub on Thursday night when i bumped into my neighbour Sheila (67) and her friend June (64). Sheila and June were both well on and i discovered that they had been in the pub since lunchtime. After buying them a drink they decided it was time to hit the road, June was going to be staying at Sheilas. Being a gentleman i walked them back to Sheilas house. Sheila invited me in for a nightcap, which i agreed to. We sat in the kitchen with a bottle of Glenmorangie and talked, June told me about her husband who was away working in West Africa on a regular 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. ... Continue»
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Park Service continues, husbands evening

First let me say:
It is too bad I had to delete the first 2 stories last fall. There was an on-line security problem that required deletion of all my information. So how I met Deb and Betty-- which lead to my Wife meeting Mike and so forth is a bit of lost information. I could re-post it, but I doubt it would be accurate, so please keep in mind this is a journal of actual on going events.

The week end my wife and the other "girls" banned me from being with them was not a loss by any means. I had agreed to the deal anyway so why whine?
I did my maintenance work on Friday and worked as ... Continue»
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Miss Jill Comes to Visit – Part 2

Finally got the inspiration back for continuing this story. The source of the inspiration comes from catching up with an old FWB who always liked to share her fantasies with me. Some I have helped make reality for her, others remain in the fantasy world. Where this story heads now comes from her fantasies though I will continue the characters as they were.

Having spoken to both Jill and Brad for quite a while over the preceding months I knew a lot of what they had previously done but also what Jill wanted to explore further. Jill a... Continue»
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Mrs Crotchy's Daughter by loyalsock

"You vile young pervert! How could you do that to my own mother? Week after week. You're shameless!"

Here I sat in front of Mrs. Crotchy's daughter, receiving the tongue-lashing of my young life---all for something that gave her mother (and me) such pleasure.

As I was finishing up high school, I did more and more odd jobs for some of the nicer old ladies in the neighborhood. Mrs. Crotchy was the nicest. About 66 years old, a widow, with soft silver-gray medium length hair and pale blue eyes. She always had her surprisingly full lips formed into a smile or a sexy O, depending on her mood.... Continue»
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Greg's Milf Surprise

Greg had made arrangements to pick up some old furniture from his high school buddies house for his new apartment. He was all ready to pick it up, when he got a call at the last minute from his roommate to be saying that he'd lost his job, and would have to stay at home for the time being. Greg was already pulling into the driveway when he got the call on his cell phone.

As he pulled up he saw Brenda, his best friends Mom waiting for him in the drive way. She looked at hot as she had five years ago when he was at the house nearly every day. She was a beautiful Scandinavian blonde with grea... Continue»
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After the mountain wank

Three days after my fun on an Austrian mountain I felt like a dip in the local swimming baths. My wife didn't want to come with me so of I trot.

There were few people there which surprised me as it was a hot day. After swimming for 30 minutes or so I got out, picked up a little bag I had with me, walked outside, up a flight of stairs and onto the naturist terrace. Trunks duly removed and towel on the wooden lounger I lay down. The sun felt great on my skin and in a few minutes I had dried of. Reaching into my bag I pulled out the sun cream and started to rub it in the front of my body. Gla... Continue»
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Satellite Installation 3 by loyalsock

Amy opened her eyes and grinned at him. "Does your girlfriend let you fuck her ass?" she asked, in the matter-of-fact tone he was getting accustomed to.

Mickey shook his head. "No...fuck no." He groaned again as she pushed down, slowly taking more of him inside her. He had tried once with Becky before but had got barely an inch inside her before she stopped him. That had been his only experience of anal sex until now.

She smiled. "How does it feel then?"

Mickey nodded. "Fucking incredible. Jesus, so fucking tight." He let his head fall back on the pillow as he tried to block out the p... Continue»
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Satellite Installation 1 by loyalsock

Mickey looked at the job card in his hand. "So, it's a two room set up yes? Which rooms exactly?"

The middle-aged lady nodded. "The lounge, just through there," she answered, pointing to the door across the hallway "and in my daughter's room, upstairs, first room on the right. I need to get to work but Amy is in her room and if you need anything just shout her. Do you need anything more from me?"

Mickey shook his head. "No, should be fine. Seems like a nice easy job to start the week" he smiled. He picked up his tool case and walked to the lounge. "By the time you get home, you'll have y... Continue»
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Satellite Installation 2 by loyalsock

He caught his breath then suddenly felt a pang of guilt. "Shit, I'm's...ummm...all over you."

Amy smiled, then shrugged, wiping the cum from her eye. "It's cool...I don't mind."

Mickey grinned, then laughed "I wish my girlfriend was that accommodating."

Amy frowned. "What? She doesn't let you...umm...cum on her?" she asked.

Mickey sighed. "To be honest, she doesn't really" he felt uncomfortable using the word.

"Blowjobs?" Amy completed his sentence again, clearly comfortable with sexual terms. "Weird. I love it."

Mickey nodded "Well, yo... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson

Joyce woke with a start from an alcoholic induced sl**p. She opened her eyes not knowing where she was or what had disturbed her. The curtains were drawn and it was pitch black. She heard a man belching followed by the unmistakeable sound of a toilet seat banging and a full bladder being emptied into the bowl. A door closed and then it went quiet.

Joyce Dickinson's marriage had disintegrated when her husband, Garry, of 18 years decided that he wanted c***dren, and couldn't stay with Joyce because she been unable to carry a pregnancy to full term.

Joyce was a 37 year old computer an... Continue»
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Old man fantasy-Part 2

As i got home after i finished my job I got horny again,I have been thinking about the experience all the time since it has happened.I could not take off my chastity cage to masturbate..I did not know what to do I could not keep my mind off him so I called him and told him about this...i heard a lusty laughter for the first time and he sad "You will get addicted to me..I am gonna turn you into the best cum-dumpster,I will see you tomorrow".
I barely slept that night,he clearly succeeded in controlling was a big part of his plan,I was fingering myself without even noticing the reflex a... Continue»
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Jeans doc exam

So my wife goes in for her annual gyno exam with a doctor she has had for over 15 years , he is recently divorced and a decent looking Asian about 55 years old. During her previous exam a year earlier, the doctor told her he had felt a very small cyst on the upper inside of her pelvis and that it was probably nothing but he wanted to take a note on it to make sure it wasn't going to grow.

The doctor began the exam as he always did asking her questions about her health and he mentioned that since she had just turned 40 he now needed to perform an rectal exam and a few others that were stand... Continue»
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Farm fun

My sons girlfriend, Audrey, lived on farm and I would go out and help when needed. One day I dropped by just to see if she needed anything done. When I got there her truck was not there but her friend Maureen's truck was. She had a horse which was being stabled in the big coverall and came over regularly to clean out the stall and brush her horse. I went over to see if she knew when Audrey would be home. When I opened the door I could hear her horse neighing and when I looked over Maureen was sitting on a bale of hay at the side of the horse playing with its cock. She gave a scream when she sa... Continue»
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The 'Hot Mom' and the Foot Rub

The following is a true story.

When my friend Lena went off to college out of state I was crushed. Lena and I had been part of a fun-loving guy-girl crowd in high school, but after graduation, everyone disappeared one by one. Except for me. Stuck in my small town, I found going to the local "commuter college" boring and anti-climatic.

So when Lena called from Arizona State to tell me to pick up some "stuff" I'd left at her mom's townhouse, I was happy to oblige. What else did I have to do?

"Tony, you look like you've come from a funeral," said Lena's mom, Lois, when she greeted... Continue»
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Wendy's World - 1

Chapter One - Welcome to Wendy’s World

First I should introduce myself. My name is Wendy. I'm an older woman, maybe I'd rather call myself "experienced." I'm middle aged. For guys, that's the point in their life where they start thinking they've missed out on something and buy a fancy sports car and start chasing younger women. For females, it's more of settled period, where we are doting on our c***dren or grandc***dren. Not this female, I'm chasing younger men.

My husband is a hard working, educated man. He is a great provider, dedicated worker, loving husband,and decent lover, b... Continue»
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Dear Penthouse

My wife Cali works at small town store where a lot of local residents frequent. A young k** named Ryan comes in a lot and engages in small talk with Cali almost everyday. Ryan came in one Friday and was telling Cali he just turned 18 and was looking for odd jobs so he could buy a car. She told him there was nothing at the store but, if he was interested in doing some yard work he could come over to the house and earn some extra cash. I agreed to the idea, and Friday Cali could pick him up and bring him over. ... Continue»
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The gorgeous widow Ms. Leah

The gorgeous widow Ms. Leah

This is not a true story but written for a sexy older friend at her request, this one is primarily fictional, and the name Leah was suggested by her.

This starts out on an internet dating site with me trying to find people to get to know as I was off working away from home for what would be a year or more.

I've always had an affinity for older more mature women, not sure what it could be, maybe their experience, maybe it's that they just carry themselves in such a dignified and reserved manner, or possibly it's the natural, classical sort of beauty they h... Continue»
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My Adventures with Jill - Part 2

After our first encounter last night and after you came so hard that you squirted for the first time in your life, we both fell asl**p, cuddled together, my face laying on your big titts and my hand on your ass. It seemed perfect, first such a hot and naughty fuck and afterwards an initmate and (kind of) innocent night of sl**p to regain our strength.

When i wake up in the morning you are still asl**p, so i kiss you on your forhead, leave a note and go to get some things from home. It takes me about 20 minutes and when i come back you are still asl**p. I try to be as quiet as possible as i ... Continue»
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Friends Mom

Best Friends Mom

I got to know Jeff the first day of high school, we met in line to register for the same English class. We started talking and one thing led to another and before anyone knew it we were friends. He asked me to come by his house as we walked out of the student union and I said sure just tell me when. He told me that things were a bit messy right now with school just starting but Saturday would be cool. So I said sure sounds well, what he didn’t know was that I was and still am an early riser so Saturday I was over early. In fact he was still in bed when I showed up at the do... Continue»
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