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First Visit To A Nude Beach 2

If you read the first installment of "First Visit To A Nude Beach", you will recall that it ended with Chasity and I being in a crowd of onlookers who were watching two men and two women engaged in, well, sex on the beach. I did not think my wife would be interested in watching such an open display of people engaging in sex with no concern who might be watching. But there we stood, with about 25-30 others, mostly men, (who were openly jerking their cocks). A few women were also watching, and another woman did join in briefly, but I think only because her husband might have dared her to do so. ... Continue»
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My first Bi sexual Experience.

My first Bi sexual Experience.......
After months on adult sites,Chatting to horny couples I came across Emma and Will both in there 40's. Been married for 15 years and have four k**s. Like a lot of married couples after years of marriage there sex life wasnt very good. Till a few years ago when they decided to fuck other people. Both being bi sexual it made it more fun and there was never a shortage of willing partners. For a couple in there 40's they where very attractive. Emma was about 5.6 with short black hair, Her boobs where big and firm for a woman her age. She had that yummy mummy l... Continue»
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My Spiritual Awaking

This true story was sent to me by our Xhamster b*****r Josh. I made some tweaks to it and here it is for you to enjoy!
This happened to me 33 years ago. I had just turned sixteen and school was just a couple of months from being out for summer. My best bud, Jack, lived next door and we had been best buds as long as I could remember. The best part about Jack was that his mom, Jenny, was a model. I mean a real model. Commercials, magazines, newspaper, even bill boards. And she was hot, genuine hot. She did not wear a lot of makeup nor did she ever have any plastic surgery. She had blonde h... Continue»
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Mrs. A, part one

A few years back I got a call from an old friend who I’d lost touch with many years earlier. I’ve written about Mrs. A in other stories, she was a neighbor when I was young, mom of one of my friends. We had a very special relationship and she taught me many things: she was the first adult woman I saw nude, hers tits were the first ones I sucked, she was the first adult woman to suck my cock and her pussy was the first one I ever tasted.

She was in her 30s when we were neighbors, 40s when I lost touch with her and 70s when we got back in touch. We exchanged emails and photos, many of the on... Continue»
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Mrs. A, part two

“We fucked 13 times over five years, you were always so gentle,” she said, then gave me a stern look. “You ate my pussy only 14 times, but I swallowed your cum 19 times.” I smiled back at her, “well you were a little more experienced than me to start.” We could both feel my cock starting to get hard again between us and she looked at me over the top of her reading glasses.

“Fair enough,” she said and kissed me again, then held my face in her hands and looked in my eyes. “If you only knew how much our time together meant to me … the last time we fucked, I would have run off with you right t... Continue»
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Accidental i****t With Stepmom

My mom died when I was 7. So, my dad married this young chick when I was 16 years old. I’m 19 now and we still don’t like talking to each other. She has tried approaching me from time to time but I guess I was angry at her and didn’t like to talk much.

This incident happened on a weekend which changed our lives. I was in the kitchen and had made a terrible mess preparing some food, and Jane (My Step-mom) arrived home after spending the whole evening with some friends. After saying ‘hello’ we started arguing about the state of the kitchen.

I was done arguing so I told her I was gonna leav... Continue»
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Birthday present for a nice lady

I was around 27 when this night happened. I was single and had not had sex in a while. Still this was not on my mind when I went to this club in downtown Oslo. I went to listen to a friend of mine and the band he was playing with. The room was fairly packed but there was a spare seat between two tables by the wall. I sat there for a while with a beer in my hand just enjoying the music and not really pay attention to the people next to me. This was while you could still smoke at a club so I went for a cigarette. I had noticed the couple on my left. They were smoking so I figured I would not ann... Continue»
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South African Hadji

In 2007 I met this sultry, widowed shopkeeper. At the time I was 40 and I later found out that she was 50 yrs old. She was a very rude bitch who liked to swear at people. I bought my daily paper from her shop every morning before work.

She was quite sexy, had small tits and a big ass. When she walked, her ass would jiggle. A person could see the thong sticking out around her hips. I just though "damn, a 50 yr old with lacey thongs" I decided I just had to see her in just the thong.

I decided to start flirting and eventually asked her out. She said she could not as she recently returned ... Continue»
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big nick and the old smoking woman

I was waiting to be pick up and I saw this older hot girl having a smoke I love girl smoking so I was hard I was watching her I she saw my I thought o no what going to happen now she said I saw you watching me smoke and I tell her I love girl how smoke she said ok maybe we could have fun I got number then later my phone ring I did not think I would be her but it was she said guess what I'm doing she said have a smoke I was hard again I said can I came and see she was older but she was so hot I was 22 she was like 36 but I won't to put my big dick up her bottom when she was having a smoke she s... Continue»
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Tammys new job

The Cafe Creme is not one of the city’s best known attractions, even among the red light crowd. For a start, we’re well off the beaten track, a couple of bus rides from where the rest of the action is, and even the taxis don’t like heading this far out. Our neighbors are no more glamorous than the news-stands, groceries, and broken down repair stores that the fringe of every city is overrun with. Our clientele are more likely to be bored laborers, passing shoppers and curious college k**s than high rolling city slickers and businessmen.

This probably explains how the place has been here s... Continue»
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Suck off two strangers and me

It was Christmas time several years ago. Jane was about 32 and a good looking busty blonde and a total slut, with my blessing I might add.
Delighted at being home for the Christmas period for a change Jane and I chilled out and feasted to excess. We also spent plenty of time in bed. One evening after lots of cuddling and foreplay she gave me a blowjob and I had to admit it was the best one I'd ever had!
She got me to explain why? So I did - deepthroating, teasing my hole with her tongue, licking and tickling the helmet with her tongue, squeezing my balls, licking my balls and more...
She m... Continue»
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smoking crack with wifes friend pt 1

after a night clubbing my wife ann invited liz her friend back for a toke I got a crack pipe out as liz asked what it was as I told her asking if she wanted one after me and ann had a couple each
liz said yes and as she took a smoke she said it was amazing and as we smoked chatting we got round to sex as ann said to liz I always wanted to stick my 8 inch cock in her saying the thought turned her on as we had fantasised about it many times
liz was red faced asking what we thought about
as I told her how I imagined her to have nice tits with big dark nipples and a dark hairy cunt liz said I ... Continue»
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my wife my cousin andy and i

I always believed that in a sexual act; two men only (not one) can satisfy a woman and one woman can easily satisfy two men. We arrived back at andy and paula promptly went in and took a shower. When she came out she had only a towel on and asked where she should ****. andy told her we could have the bed. We each then showered, first andy then me. When I came out I saw andy was lying on the couch. His legs hung over then end almost to his knees. paula was asl**p in the middle of his king size bed so I went over and told him there was enough room for all of us in the bed. He told me no, he'd **... Continue»
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First time with a MILF

Hi i am romeo (name changed) 24 yrs of age,, delhi -ncr and this is the story of a real incident that happened with me a while ago.

So first of, i am an athlete i love playing outdoor games and all sorts of adventure sports so you can imagine how fit my body is. And my cock is neither too big nor too small i.E, 7 inches.As soon as i hit my twenties i started having this insatiable crave for aunties and mature ladies. Although i’ve had many girlfriends, no offense but a teenager or young girl seldom provides what a mature lady can.

Anyway here we go..

It all started when i first saw ... Continue»
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After hubby and I had had our first MMF I felt the desire to do it again although this time without my husband. I know how he works and what he does and how good he does it, I wanted to experience someone else doing it. We talked about it and he agreed it was Ok as he’d done something similar with his best mate not too long ago.

Ten days after we’d spoke my mum asked me if I’d go down to her house and wait for some furniture that was being delivered, she couldn’t get time off work. Hubby said this could be my opportunity if I wanted it, I agreed it could. Wednesday morning I was sat in mum’... Continue»
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Peal necklace pleasure

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies - you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!

My first proper job involved me basically being a dogs’ body, doing this and that, helping out where needed, working in a variety of departments, and meeting heaps of people.

In the office there were 4 women, a young housewife, a even younger typist, a older spinster an... Continue»
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Pay Back part2

Pay Back, part 2
She made the call for someone to take care of my needs while she was out of commission. Then she told me grab a shower and head to the bedroom she would send her in when she got here. I was excited Susan was no 10 in the eyes of society in general but she turned me on for some reason. It was going to be weird with her being Sugar’s best friend though. I started hoping it not mess up their friendship or Sugar and I’s relationship. I wondered if I made a mistake. Maybe I should call this off before it happens and there is no going back? Fuck…. What do I do now? Were things rol... Continue»
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MILF or teen? A threesome

I've never been a fan of group sex. Never loved watching it, never thought about taking part in it. But a few years ago I experienced a threesome for the first and only time in my life. And I won't do it again. Yes, it's something I really don't like, because i love focusing on one woman. However, this is my tale.
I was on holiday in a secondary Italian beach location. Nice beaches, no crowd. I had stayed there for 10 days and had met (and fucked) an Italian girl. I was 25 and she was just 19 and a virgin. Until she met me haha
In the afternoon the two of us decided to take a long walk on t... Continue»
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[b]May Day Weekend in Lockwinnock[/b]

May Day Weekend in Lockwinnock

Note: This is the third story in the Lockwinnock trilogy. It is suggested that the reader read the other two stories in order to fully understand the story context. The author hopes that these fictional stories have provided entertainment and comments are invited.

A sweet smile had convinced the bus driver to let her off at the round about. The ride down from Paisley to Glasgow had taken longer than she had expected. The bus had stopped at every nook and cranny. With only two short blocks to go, Beth extended the handle on her wheeled overnigh... Continue»
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re-write so innocente

so innocent
this is my very first attempt to write a story that actually happen when i was very young i was about 9 years old im 35 now.
i was at a f****y gathering everyone was out having a great time at backyard
bbq music drinking i was inside my uncle house watching tv a relative of mine not sure if cousin or aunt she was 5'7 about 140 nice voluptuous beautiful round breast as nice as nikki fritz thick sexy legs
nice tanned smooth skin, long brunette hair lovely brown eyes any how..
her name was tatiana.

what happened next was she came in... Continue»
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