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Adventurous Office Worker Part 3

I was so excited that morning I could hardly sl**p the night before. I packed my book bags with everything I would need for an overnight stay. It was a beautiful sunny day. Summer was slowly coming to a close and the days were getting shorter but that day it was exceptionally warm out. But I couldn’t care less. It would make no difference on my mood tonight I was going to see Valerie.
She had contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted me to come visit her. She offered to cover my flight and put me up for the night. I could not resist. The plan was simple, I go stay the night and return home in t... Continue»
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Granny Susan Finally Gets Laid

I love grannies, short ones, tall ones, skinny ones and especially those with silver gray hair. I’m a 52 year old guy who loves his GILF’s over 60. I belong to a Senior Single’s Group in Oro Valley, Arizona outside Tucson. There are over 100 women in the group and only 35 men and most of them are over 70. So I have my pick of the best looking GILF’s in the club. These women have one thing in common, they don’t get fucked anymore!!!! That’s where I come in, at any one time I am screwing three to five different GILF’s, my answering machine is always full. Most of my stable of GILF’s know about ... Continue»
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The Beach Part 2

As I continued to apply the suncream, I noticed that her breasts had swelled out on both sides. I started to make sure that I worked the suncream so that my hands were touching the sides of her breasts, almost massaging her. It felt amazing, her smooth skin taunt under my fingers, the cream applying a gloss and shine allowing my hands to slide and caress her warm body.

As I moved my hands to ensure I didn't leave a gap between the lower back and costume, I worked my fingers under the material slightly, onto the top of her buttocks. As I did so, she shifted position slightly, her legs moving... Continue»
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Summer Holiday

This is what happened to me on my holidays last year .
My husband and I bought a villa with friends of ours in Spain about 15 years ago we have spent many a happy time there but what happened last year will stay with me forever .
What usually has happened over the years is my friend and I take the c***dren out with us and our husbands catch up a week or two later when they finish work .The same happened this year although the k**s are all grown up and go off and do there own thing now .
It was one night when the k**s had all gone off to a local club for a big party night my friend and I ha... Continue»
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A Cougar's Story

After my indiscretion with Bob that Oktoberfest weekend, Jim and I's sexual activity increased considerably, mostly if the truth be told, because of my initiating 'fooling around'.

There was no doubt about it anymore, at least for me, that the night with Bob had reawakened a part of me that wouldn't go back to sl**p. One evening, after Jim and I had finished a very delightful 69 session, I lay with my head on his thigh, enjoying the cleaning I was doing of Jim's cock after he had climaxed.

He had gotten me off, as well, to be sure; few men I've ever been with can eat pussy like Jim. I al... Continue»
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Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

Looking back on it, those summer days seem so unreal; unbelievable. Sometimes I can't believe it all actually happened at all - let alone happened to me! Yet, during the summer of my junior year in college, I found myself, for a few glorious months, passionately involved in a hot and heavy affair with a fantastic woman, an older woman - who happened to be the wife of my Dad's business partner.

Even today, when I think back on it, I still hear 'Scarborough Fair' going through my head. It was the song Mrs. Robinson used to hum in that deep velvety voice of hers, whenever she was getting dress... Continue»
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A Three Year Drought

So i have this ladyfriend we will call Charlie who, like me, tends to go long durations without sex. Funny that some pansexuals such as ourselves will be open to anything and then end up with nothing. It's a matter of standards, it's a matter of wanting to be single and it's a matter of simply not being the desperate kind, believe me!

Charlie and I met through friends a few years back and found it funny that not only did we share the same birthday, we were both single for the same duration and had suffered that particular drought for the same amount of time. Well I did end up having sex a f... Continue»
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Photo Session... and More!

She had asked me to take some portrait pictures of her so I went to her house in the early evening and following a simple pasta meal with a couple of glasses of wine and also telling her she looked really nice, I suggested we get started. As well as the pictures I also fancied her a lot as I liked her nice looking tits but she probably guessed that.

She turned out to be a good poser so after a while taking various portraits which made me fancy her even more, I said, "Let's do some a bit more sexy, unbutton your blouse a bit, just one button“. She smiled then did as I asked revealing some s... Continue»
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Hotel fun with an Italian Milf

For those that didn't read the first part:

Her- Italian 41 years old 5'5 38c cup thick athletic body with curves in the right places

Me- Black mix 34 years old 5'11 in decent shape with a 8 inch cock

A week went by after our lunch/car encounter. We had texted back and forth a little and eventual set up a date to meet again. I arrived at the hotel at 11am as planned and got us a room. No sooner then I unlocked the room door I hear my phone go off, she texted me that she just parked. I sent her the room number and she was knocking on the door within a few minutes. My cock twitched w... Continue»
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Mom's Roadtrip

nother good day. The sun was shining brightly. Not a cloud in the sky, and very warm. So why was I so unhappy? A few reasons, actually. One being quite obvious. My husband of twenty-four years ran off with another woman. That didn't help. I'm suffering from empty nest syndrome as well. No, not both my c***dren have left. My oldest is in-between his sophomore and Junior year at college. But this summer he took an internship in Denver. That left me and my other c***d Carla here all alone in our split-level ranch in suburban St Louis. At forty-six, I've matured somewhat in looks, nothing out of t... Continue»
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In The Saddle With Mom

The first time I really noticed my Mother as a “woman” and not as my Mom, was when I was only thirteen and Mom was twenty nine. I had been getting spontaneous erections for the past year and a half, but I wasn’t about to embarrass myself by telling anybody about them, especially my Mother.
One night we were getting ready for bed. I had already undressed, turned off the light and got in bed. Mom usually went into the bathroom, closed the door, took a shower and changed into a long t-shirt for bed. This time she did not close the door completely when she went in. I looked across the bed and saw... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 6

I had finished putting up the shelves and began to wonder where the wife was and the k**s?
Stepping into the kitchen I found a note "k**s at friends, I've gone out with Bridget back soon" I knew that couldn't be good Bridget seem to be a magnet for sex with strangers and where ever they were it was bound to get my wife involved.
So I strolled out into the garden and stood thinking about where they might have gone, after all the village was small so couldn't be far and I was right, because I suddenly heard voices coming from next door.
Wandering over to the fence I peered over and there was ... Continue»
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My milf tale 2

DRAFT ONLY. Fucking dog" I felt sick it felt wrong but at the same time I never came that hard in my life. I didn't want to look but I had to see those big juicy tits one more time. I slowly peeked around the trunk of the tree the window was dark. A panic it me I was found out " O shit'. I pulled up my pants, wait a minute if she saw me then wouldn't Timmy's dad be running out to beat the fuck out of me? I waited for the sound of a screen door a almost frozen in place. Nothing not a sound even champ was silent. So I crept out trough back yards the ran like hell when I emerged onto the next st... Continue»
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The Beach Part 1

Stretching my towel out on the beach, I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. It will be another hot day, my tan improving daily.

That is nice, but what is nicer is the selection of beautiful ladies who seem to frequent this section of the beach, reserved for those who like to be clothing optional.

There have been a selection of both men and women there most day off holiday. Some keep covered, many are topless, a small handful are totally naked. The only problem is this damn trend for young women looking like stick insects. Where are the real womanly curves?

After an hour or so, I de... Continue»
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Something different ....part 3

I looked in the mirror as the curtains behind me opened, my hands went to cover up the growing bulge in the dress i was wearing as i stared at the reflection of the woman who now stood behind me. Just been sorting through the racks and thought that this might suit you she said as she held out her hand towards me which held a corset. I turned a little making sure that my front was facing away from her conscious still of my bulge. I thanked her and took the corset from her and told her that it looked a little bit on the small size. She laughed and replied that it was a lace up corset so that th... Continue»
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Seeing What I Could See Chapter 8


Yet another story of fantasy based on a shred of fact. A young man's relationship with his beautiful full-figured middle-aged, almost senior aunt in the time of the late 1960's, early 1970’s. Based on conversations with this woman late in her life...maybe these adventures could have been true if I had been a little bolder.
It was now the summer before my senior year of college and my Auntie “A” and I were beginning our 7th year of sexual encounters. We both had seasonal jobs at a local food processing plant that provided good paying jobs for college s... Continue»
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fantasy gangbang in a black nightclub

so, I used to have a good friend from nigeria that we sometimes went out with. because she likes to dance we often went to a latin place where lots of black dudes would be showing off their dance moves. I liked the tension and she likes the attention. this night was different because we agreed to get someone else involved at some point.
She was wearing a super tight mini skirt that showed off all her curves. I told her at home to take off her underwear that evening, so every now and then you could catch a glimpse of her pussy and ass. especially once she started dancing. She was really getti... Continue»
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My Lesbian Sailor

It was 1984 and I was a Drill Instructor at the U.S. Naval Station, Orlando, Florida. This was long before “don’t ask, don’t tell” came into effect. But despite the regulations the Navy was a haven for lesbian women. I guess we were attracted to the military discipline and order, or the fact that we were always in close proximity to women; some of them very beautiful women. At the time I was a very feminine beautiful twenty-nine year old. Despite my good looks I was a lesbian through and through. I had dozens of short term relationships but never found that “perfect” women. That’s before I met... Continue»
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Car fun with an Italian Milf

This is a true story and it happened a few weeks ago.

It started when I checked my mail on a sex site that I'm on. Her message said "Hey Matt...would you like to have a nsa hot sex session ?" I checked out her profile it says she 41 years old italian mother of two that is recently singled and looking to have fun. I messaged her back yes but I would need to see a face pic as her profile only had a picture of a nice set of tits 38c cup I later found out. She ignores this and we trade a few emails back and forth. I'm beginning to think she's another fake but then she sends her pictures and my... Continue»
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My Son's Secret Desire - Ms. West

Tony was thrilled with how things were going. His mom was his lover and his sweet teen girlfriend Samantha was a part if their love group. It had been so sexy watching the two women he cared so much about have sex with each other. Even better he and Samantha now knew how much they wanted to have sex with other people.

Samantha's tastes were varied as she wanted to try different ages of men and women. Tony still had his biggest desire to fuck mature women. He was already thinking of who he would love to fuck most. The new semest... Continue»
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