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A crowd of mischievous people were pelting stones at a woman, whose language was unknown for the local people. Her body and clothes were messy dirty, one can’t judge her skin or cloth colours, her hair were uncombed dirty and s**ttered. She was shouting something at the crowd and shouting something at others, which was not understood by anybody. Even elders were there, but no one cared to save her. Instead they were laughing at her and making fun of her. Anish was passing through the same street. Anish a man around 45 is manager in a nationalized bank. He is well built and very kind. He is app... Continue»
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Special Needs

Jean Hayes-- 40-year-old wife of business owner, Rodger. He's in his early 60s and has totally lost interest in sex for the past year and a half.

Troy Martin-- 19-year-old son of Jason and Mica Troy. Jason is Rodger's business partner. Troy is a low to moderately functioning autistic. He has one younger b*****r, Carl, who's 18.


"It's only for an afternoon and overnight," Rodger said.

"That's one afternoon and night too much," I said into my phone.

"Jean, you know I wouldn't ask if it wasn't absolu... Continue»
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Driven To the Breaking Point

I had never cheated on my husband in twenty-three years of marriage, but he was absolutely convinced that I was having an affair and obsessed with the idea of getting me to admit it. The Inquisition had worn on all summer and after spending the last couple months of getting grilled about it on a near daily bases, I found out that he was having an affair of his own.

When I confronted him about it, he insisted that his affair was perfectly justified since I was already having one, and refused to believe that I hadn't. Far from helping matters, if anything, confronting him about his own affair... Continue»
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The Act

Part One – the mtg
I enter in the classroom dressed very casually today. I was running late so I didn’t take the care to shower or even put on my makeup. I threw on my long orange dress, looked in the mirror and thot, “it fits snug but it’ll do” and I headed out.

As I sit thru the lecture, my mind wonders. I watch the way she moves, the wrinkles on her aging face; I notice the tits sagging lower than the other professors and the pantyline under her slacks. “Granny panties” I think to myself. I continue my eye exploration of her body. Yeah, she’s got a few years on her but she looks hot! Sh... Continue»
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Our new chubby neighbour

A new neighbour moved in four doors down from us, she was asking us the logical questions over the fence, when does the trash cart come? Where’s the nearest store? Etc, etc. As it was a lovely day and the sun was shining I invited her over to our house, saves shouting over the fence. I opened the front door and she came through our house into the back yard, sitting at our table I made her a coffee.

It turned out she was a lot chubbier than Donna, I’d say 15 stone easy, 48D tits and a really pretty face. It turns out she was 28 years old and had moved here from around 50 miles away to escape... Continue»
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Call Center - Merry Christmas

This happened after last year's Christmas Party.

I once worked for as customer service representative in a call center for a big telecommunications company. Like all work places, there are always rumors about casual sex being a past time here for those who worked in the grave yard shift.
I was still a trainee so one of the HR rep, Elaine, would often come in the training room and talk to us. She was particularly fond of me, it’s not one of those things guys brag about, I mean she’s hot but at the same time she gives off a sense of “you’re being hunted”. I was her prey. I tried to like th... Continue»
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Insatiable Redhead

We were sitting around one Friday night,with nothing to do,so I thought,Hey,what could be more fun than letting a "Friend",from one of the Swinger Lifestyle sites,have his way with Red while I take some pics.So I logged into SLS,set up a hot date,and like Niagara,the emails were pouring in.
So many in Fact there is no way I could even reply to all of them,let alone,converse with each and every one trying to work out details.
Anyway much like playing the lottery,we stuck our hand in the hat pulled a few interesting replies,that might seem compatible,and emailed them back.Of course schedules a... Continue»
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Office carpet ......... part 2

As she sits in her car, adrenalin rushing through her body, Is she doing the right thing?
Should she go and meet him?
The one thing she knows is she will have fun.
She starts the car, her cunt twitches with excitement, he nipples firm as she thinks about his masculine hands on her breasts.
Her phone beeps, “ where are you?”
It beeps again “ my cock is hard for you….. Get here NOW!”
A small smile spreads across her face, she know’s his playing with her, she knows his cock will be hard, longing for her.
Her mind wonders to previous times together, how his firm cock enters her always mo... Continue»
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What happened next ...

My nerves deserted me and i reached out to open the door but before i could touch the handle the door was already being opened from the other side. I stood and looked at the middle aged man who was standing there, he smiled and i'm not sure what the expression on my face was but it certainly didn't resemble a smile ! The smile went from his face and i was asked if i was alright, i nodded and said that i was just about to leave, his smile returned and he said but what about our fun ? I explained that it had been a mistake and i was sorry that i had given him the impression that i was interested... Continue»
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Blue screen fuck session

Blue screen fuck session

When Anita and I lived in New York our marital life was not so easy. I spent most of the time travelling to near cities due to my position as sales executive and she had a secretary job in a local company at Manhattan. The best we could have was a nice fuck session every time we met at home and of course, we had a full continuous communication by means of chatting through our lap computers.
One weekend I had to fly to Baltimore and after a hard day visiting customers, I had a light dinner and came back to my hotel room, ready to enjoy a routine night chat with my s... Continue»
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Ivy, Jon & Me

My friend Jon, and I were talking in our house, we hadn't seen each other for nearly a year, he was asking what I was doing etc, when Ivy came to the door, when she'd gone I said to Jon "I fucked her last month it was the first cock she'd had in 50 years", he said "Never", I said I had, she's over 70, he said he wouldn't mind doing her either.

As we carried on talking I went to the recycling bin and Ivy was co0ming back from the shop, I said to her "Do you fancy a coffee", she replied "Ok", and with that she came in, I introduced her to Jon, saying he was one of my oldest friends, and she a... Continue»
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Lots of you are always asking what is a typical playnight at our local club like. I have found that there is no such thing as a "typical" night.
To give you an example this past Thursday night was what is called "AOL" night at the club. The basic concept is that people who are interested in swinging and chat about it on line get a chance at a reduced price to come to a real swing club meet each other and see what the scene is all about. As usual the place was packed. My hubby and I never miss an AOL night if we are in town. We really enjoy seeing the newbies and wannabies and how they react t... Continue»
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The gas fitter

Our central heating needed a service, as we couldn't get hold of our usual man we rand someone from the phone directory and just hoped he didn't rip us off. He arrived, Tom, 38 years old and divorced, 6 foot tall with dark hair, and as my wife, Donna, had remarked to me, had a nice bum although obviously I hadn't seen that.

He was servicing the boiler and the downstairs radiators when Donna told me she was feeling very horny, I told her that I couldn't leave 'Tom' as I didn't know if he might pinch something, so I suggested she go upstairs, lay on the bed, and entertain herself, she went up... Continue»
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My Horny Boss 3 :Now Im a cumslut!

And so there I was with old Mr. Chu, my boss, fucking me from behind, my feet barely touched the carpeted floor of his office as he held my hips in both arms... my panties to one side, as Mr. Han on his wheelchair in front of me resumed facefucking me with both hands on my hair, i shivered with every violent thrust in front of me and behind me... his old balls slapping on my brown thick thighs, Mr Hans uncut cock continuing to ooze precum into my tongue....I mustve looked pitiful like a ragdoll... as tears streamed down my face and lipstick and maskara all a mess....i could hear them groaning ... Continue»
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fun at the track

Now that school has ended I go to the local high school at lunch and walk on the track for a half hour. Yesterday was a hot one in more ways than one. There was a younger girl running when I got there. I always walk without my shirt on so that I can get a tan and I don’t sweat into my work short. After finishing my first lap I saw her by the side. I heard her say you got to be fucking k**ding me. What’s the problem I said. She looked at me and said I forgot my water. I told her she could drink mine and don’t worry, it isn’t d**gged. She laughed and said I wouldn’t care right now. As I was fi... Continue»
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A Son's Guide to Seduction

A Son's Guide to Seductionby J ©Inspired by CCI couldn't be tied down to a specific date, but I would guess I got the idea a couple of years ago when two events occurred at the same time that would change my life forever. The first thing that happened was that I, like every other young man at that age, realised that every morning I would wake up with a sticky mess in my shorts, and a hardon that you could balance a pair of dumbbells on unless I'd jerked off before going to sl**p. The second thing to happen was that I began to notice that Susan had a body, and a great one at that. She is 5 feet... Continue»
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my second time

after failing to loose my virginity,i decided to try again. my man friend love to fish and would make his way to inch early every sat morn. being a creature of habit he always returned at the same time. one sat evening i accidently on purpose bumped into him on his way home. standing at the side of the road he stopped and offered a lift. knowing rightly what i was doing i told him i was just out for a walk. asking if i was ok after our last encounter and seeking reassurance, i told him that i really would like to do it again.he told me that he hoped id say that and he had a surprise for me at... Continue»
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Mature man seeks mature woman who loves sex

Erotic fantasy plays a big part in my sex life and sharing fantasies
with a like-minded lover is a pleasure that is so wonderful, so thrilling,
it's almost beyond description. I'm looking for a very special woman who
has the same interests. A woman who would love -- no, a woman who would
adore -- to indulge in all forms of sexual fantasies about c***dren, with
very, very few limits, if, indeed, any at all.

Does the idea of making love, having sex, fucking, masturbating, and
talking openly and freely about c***dren excite you? Is your heart racing
as you read this? If i... Continue»
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12.00am - I was in the bathroom and I placed the weapons in the holdall of our backpacks. "We have got to get this right!" commanded one girlfriend. Another one of my girlfriends sat in the reclining chair, pondering. "Having second thoughts?" "Me? no way" said another one of my girlfriends. "Its pay back". I stepped out of the bathroom and ushered the girls to the door. There were four of us.

12.30am - It was night and the air was cool. We pulled up outside John Rosh Avenue, near the Olympic Park, in London,. Very quietly, we approached No 41, pulled on our stockings over our head... Continue»
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my mom part 2

After watching Stephen fuck my mother I was so fucking horny luckily I had the knickers that Stephen spunked in earlier so I grabbed my cock and start rubbing it where his juicey bellend spunked and my mothers filthy cunt was I shot so much spunk over them which made it more fun to lick them clean every inch of them.

Weeks later Stephen and my mother decided to bring me on holiday with them to Crete of course as an 18 year old I would rather be with my mates then with my mother and her fat cocked boyfriend.We checked in to the hotel which was right beside the beach and went to our room we ... Continue»
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