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After chatting for over a year, you decided to fly into SAC airport and I would pick you up. We both knew it would be a tough 1.5 hour drive home to my apt. But at least we would be together and could chat. We had an awesome hug and exceptional kiss at the airport. While we waiting for your bag, we had some nice hugs and you were behind me with your arms around me. I could feel your hard erection against my back side. It made me very wet. Finally your bag came, you picked it up and we left to go to my car. We had a few more awesome kisses at my car. We touched each other i... Continue»
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I sit in the stylishly decorated but dimly lit waiting room. Women flipping through magazines, reading books or playing on cellphones fill the room. No one looks directly at each other, only looking up to hear the nurse when she calls a name. One after another, names are called. Finally she calls for me.

As always the nurse runs through the mandatory mundane pre-examination questions. When she is satisfied with the answers she hands me the dreaded paper top and large sheet. She says, “go to the bathroom and undress completely. Put the paper top on and d**** the sheet across your bottom”. T... Continue»
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Daydream of an Evening Surprise

I had this daydream today and I thought I should write it down so we could enjoy it. It’s a weekday after work and it’s just the two of us.
We talk on the way home from your day at work. Our morning “wake up activities” were awesome and still fresh on our minds. It felt so good to have your mouth on my cock this morning, followed by mounting my very hard cock and riding me. Your pussy was wonderfully tight & wet! As usual, we’ve both been thinking about making love all day long. Making love this morning has only served to make us both hungry for more lovemaking! You’ve been thinking ... Continue»
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More than just a peek- a little comedy

I couldn't believe I had just taken a long set on the treadmill. My head felt like it was swimming, I was dizzy, I was not used to it at all in any way!

Stumbling at the gym I barely hit the off button when I ended up falling back and into a strong pair of arms.

"Whoa, buddy!" he cried as I felt his upper bod against mine.
"Yeah... it's just I can't believe that."
"It's alright. I think you should check with a doctor you shouldn't be running on something if you can't handle such a machine."

I heard little snickers of the 'roid infested men who went by. Didn't care 'bout them though.... Continue»
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Egy este a színházban

Egy átlagos hétköznapnak indult mint a többi. Már két héttel ezelőtt megvettem a jegyet a szerda esti premier előadásra, azonban a múltkori színházlátogatásom miatt némi izgalom is volt a háttérben. Ugyanis legutóbb a szünetben megismert tündéri tinilánnyal igen hamar kimerítettük a barátkozás fogalmát és túl is jutottunk rajta. A büfé előtt álldogált egyedül amit nem tűrhettem szótlanul. Pár pezsgő elfogyasztása után hamar megtaláltuk a közös hangot és mindketten éreztük azt a bizonyos rezgést. 15 perc múlva már nem az előadáson találtuk magunkat, hanem a fiatal, tüzes és kiéhezett tini ágyáb... Continue»
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Car Repairs

Ok, so I have an older car: 2002 Ford Taurus. It’s getting up there in age and things just happen to go wrong. I’m tired of taking it to the Ford dealer to get my repairs. My friend Stacy told me about the shop her dad goes to. She gave me the phone number and said to ask for Jimmy.

The next day I called. A nice man answered the phone. “May I please speak with Jimmy?” I asked. “This is him, how may I help you?” Jimmy said. “A friend of mine told me to call and see if you could possibly help me with my car repairs. I can’t afford to pay the dealer anymore.” I said sounding desperate.... Continue»
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The picnic

This happened in 1997.

As it was a beautiful sunny warm summers day Donna and I decided to go and have a picnic in a local beauty spot not too far from where we live. We soon found a bushy area where we could enjoy the sunshine and yet be a little private. She was wearing a long summer white dress and looked radiant.

After we'd eaten we laid down getting some rays, just talking and being silly, when she turned to me and we started kissing. I was laid down and she was kissing me from above, usually it's the other way around. We'd been kissing for around ten minutes when I was getting frui... Continue»
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Last time in church

Again the clearing up was left to Caroline, I offered to help as I know I'll get a fuck out of it. As I cleared away all the hymn books Caroline was talking to a young girl, she looked about 17. As she went into the back room with this girl she said to me "Tea?", "Yes please" I answered. After I'd locked up I went in the back room and they were talking.

Caroline said "This is Joanne" I said "Hello Joanne", Joanne said "It's Jo". As we were sat down drinking tea Caroline asked Jo how old she was "16" she replied, then Caroline looked at me and winked. Jo was a slim girl with long dark hair a... Continue»
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Adult Theater Fun

One afternoon I had some time to waste so I decided to go to the Adult Theater in the city by me. I had been in there before a few times and had my cock sucked by some Daddy’s . Today I am standing along the back wall and watching a guy and girl getting it on when an older man comes up to me looking at me while holding and stroking his cock. It was a nice sized cock so I reached out and took him into my hand and I keep right on jacking him. He soon moved up against me and rubbed my cock through my pants with one hand while his other rubbed my ass. He was leaking some pre cum which I licked an... Continue»
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College Fucked!

I was visiting my daughter at college for a week, she lived in a dorm room with a roommate. It was small, she gave up her bed and lay a foam mattress on the floor for her to sl**p on. Pam had classes most days so I was on my own, I would go out for walks, sightseeing, shopping. One day I ran into Justin a friend of Pam's he was a Large Black Man who was on the basketball team he was 22 years old about 6.6, 220 lbs. with short hair very handsome. He asked how I was doing I said the days are long but I've been keeping busy, I'm just on my way to the mall to do some shopping I told him. Oh he rep... Continue»
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Doctor exam adventure...2...cum on face

After my exam where I showed the doctors my swollen pussy I got dressed..but was so flushed and embarassed that my pussy was used that I dressed without putting on my bra. My husband had insisted I not wear panties so I just had on a skirt and top. I Left the office and my husband was just outside the door. He grinned..well he said did the doctor like your swollen pussy....?...I told him there were 2 doctors, my regular one and a new one. I told him I was so excited to be so exposed just after he had screwed me in the stairwell that it only took a touch from the doctor to make me cum. As ... Continue»
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It has been way too long (Part 1)

We met at a neighborhood bar near her home. She had already grabbed a small table, out of the way, but knew I was the one as soon as I walked in. She was small with greying short hair. She was in jeans and a sweater and my first impression was that she was not particularly pretty. But her smile was very welcoming and she made me feel at ease. The first words from her mouth after she introduced herself as Anna were: "I don't know what made me write to your ad, but it is kind of exciting now that I am here."" Then she stated "Have you actually done this before?

I stated that I had met... Continue»
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Bab’s First Other Man

Bab’s First Other Man

After introducing Babs to the nude beach in Australia on our honeymoon, I didn’t realize what kind of sexual appetite I aroused in her. After we got home, all she could talk about was the nude beach and how turned on she got watching all of the guys staring at her naked body. She would describe each guy and how his stares made her pussy wet.

One night during our lovemaking, I started teasing her about wanting to be touched by one of those men and she had a massive orgasm at the very mention of the idea. Then when we made love she would start describing what she wou... Continue»
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Friendly surprise 2

From the last story....
I awoke to my cock in a mouth...Lilly's mouth.
I looked down and saw Mandy with a strap on pounding Lilly's ass, she was moaning as she sucked my dick. Mandy looks at me and says "Glad you are up now, wanna take a turn on the sissy?" I said "Sure, If you want"
She pulled the 10" dildo out of Lilly's ass and tells me that she is good and lubed up and to take her hard. I grab a condom, skin it on and get behind Lilly doggy style and start pounding her ass. The Strap on was a bit thinner in girth than my cock, so she had to stretch a bit to allow me to thrust the whole... Continue»
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My Sons Mate

Sheryl was just walking in through her front door when she nearly got knocked over by her son and his mate running out into the street "watch where you're going " she scolded "sorry mum" said her son mike "sorry mrs Hulme" said simon her sons best friend "thats ok" she said "just be careful......where are you two off in such a hurry" "footie" they both said and ran off. Sheryl sighed"bringing up k**s was hard work sometimes"she thought as they ran down the street both her son and his friend were 16 year old and 6 foot now both sportie both young and fit looking " ah well on with the tea" she t... Continue»
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Linda's Punishment Golden Night Two

Linda sat back on top of her bed relaxing the glow of her bath.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she whispered to herself though no one was around to hear. She reached her hand down and started to touch her smoothly shaven hips and legs. “Why was this so exciting,” she wondered.

“Linda, wake up, you need to get ready,” she heard her mother but she seemed distant. Suddenly Linda was jostled out of her sl**p. “You need to get ready, now.”

Linda looked up at her mother. Her mother who had a couple of hours ago made her body shake uncontrollably with delight.

“I’m sorry,” Linda ru... Continue»
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The M.I.L.F (True)

One day I was at the store doing my grocery shopping when I saw a very sexy lady shopping with her daughter. Her and I exchanged glances and smiles and as I went to walk by them the lady's daughter said "Look mommy" pointing to the tattoos covering my arms. I stopped and bent down showing them to the girl who seemed to really like looking at them. "Sorry" the lady said to me with a smile "Its all good" I told her as she reached out her hand "I'm Rachel" I shook her hand and we started talking while walking around the story shopp... Continue»
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Terry's pleasure

As Terry sat in his room watching a porn movie he had his hard cock in his hand rubbing it slowly, he watched the guys huge cock slip in and out of the women’s pussy making her moan, he lay on the bed rubbing his long thick cock closing his eyes, all he could hear was the moaning of the women on the film, his cock started to throb, as normal Terry knew he was about to cum, with a few more rubs, huge streams of thick cum shot from his cock into the air and onto his naked body, laying there breathing heavily Terry cleaned himself up and went and had a shower. Terry was living at home with his yo... Continue»
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Sex with crush!

During my teen age I was very sexually active and loved girls alot. I just loved to have some nice squeezings and getting a handjob not until I was 18 before I broke my virginity.
There was this hot girl I really had a deep crush on. Every night, I keep on imagining and dreaming of her nice and attractive perky boobs. I mastubate every night wising she would let me suck on them. She was younger than me with 2 years and we weren't so close. So I had to get close to her, the girl of all my fantasies.
We began chatting with each other regularly on webcam until one lonely and boring day she sho... Continue»
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Doctor examine adventure

After my exam with the doctor and his students where he exposed me and then had a very personal exam I was anxious to see what the next exam would be like. (see earlier stories). I told my husband all the details and it excited him and he loved to hear about the young interns examining me as I laid there nude. Many time when wwe had sex I told him details and he acted like a student and it excited me too.

I was due for my annual exam. My husband said he wanted to make it special..He woke me early and wanted sex...we started slowly as he licked my pussy and played with me. Then he wanted... Continue»
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