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He gets a lesson in love on his birthday

Craig Mitchell got up before the sun had risen over the horizon on the morning of his 18th birthday. He was giddy with excitement at the prospect of what lay in store on his special day. His heart was racing away at a mile a minute inside his chest, and his brow was drenched in sweat. Craig had never felt as nervous nor as excited as he was feeling at that very moment before in his life as he slowly got up out of bed and made his way down the long hallway towards his parents’ closed bedroom door. He felt as though his cock was made from pure granite, incredibly hard and bulging out against his... Continue»
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He makes his mother's Valentine's Day th

"Dad, you are a fucking idiot," I said for about the hundredth time since this morning.

"Watch your mouth, John and watch the goddamn road," replied my father as he grabbed onto the dashboard. I just laughed as I negotiated the heavy traffic of the Interstate, crossing several lanes of traffic to hit the exit that said "Airport."

I glanced at my watch and said, "Well, you said to get you to the airport on time and I do believe you're going to make it." I glanced over at my father and repeated for about the one hundredth and one time today, "You are a fucking idiot. Dad, it's February 10t... Continue»
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"Do you feel like taking my cock...

…up your ass?"

I've already fucked her to one orgasm, with her lying on her back, legs spread wide open, me pounding into her cunt. But I haven't cum yet and I desperately need to. I think about having her turn over and get up on all fours so I can fuck her doggystyle, but I crave the feeling of something tighter around my cock. I haven't fucked her in the ass for at least a couple of months. I’m overdue for a bit of buggery, and I suspect that she is, too.

She gives a sharp intake of breath. I know I’ve touched a nerve by bringing up something that she really wants but is too shy to ask... Continue»
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First threesome

My sexy wife Christi is usually pretty reserved but sometimes after a few glasses of wine she lets herself loosen up a bit. I have always wanted to share her but haven't been able to get her to consent. Christi is very sexy. She has long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes amd what I think is a smoking hot body. She is five foot six inches, weighs around 120 pounds, has nice firm 34b breasts and long sexy legs.

This particular night she looked especially hot. She was wearing a short dress that went to about mid thigh and had a sort of halter top that tied at the top. She has always wanted larg... Continue»
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Surprise Surprise part 2

We'd been fucking for hours and I'd lost count of the number of times I'd cum and which holes I'd filled with my cum. Her arse, pussy and mouth had each received at least one load and she hadn't cleaned up at all yet. Her lower region was covered with cum and despite working the load I'd shot all over her face into her mouth with her fingers her face still glistened from the earlier facial she had happily received. It was a huge load that had shot onto her pretty face and naturally some had ran down her chin and onto her pert little tits but after so much intense fucking it had long since disa... Continue»
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Watching my sweet Ana in a hidden cam

Watching my sweet Ana in a hidden cam

When living in L.A., just months after been married, I started suspecting that my sweet Anita was cheating on me. I had to fly weekly due to my business and I finally was sure she brought her lover to our own home.
I bought a small camera and installed the device in our bedroom ceiling. I was almost sure that Ana was not going anywhere, but fucking her lover right there, in our bed…
On Friday afternoon I confirmed her I was to fly late night and then I dragged her to the kitchen, made her bend over the counter and fucked her pussy in a wild way. I ... Continue»
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Ana takes care of a stranger on a plane

Ana takes care of a stranger on a plane

I had enjoyed a quick trip to Ohio with my loving Victor, he had invited me to go with him and I had been delighted. My loving husband had been very busy during three days and finally we were boarding a plane to fly back…

While sitting on the plane I asked a blanket and received one and a pillow. Victor’s seat was in the aisle and I was on the middle. We had to get up to allow a huge man go through us, to his window seat. The man was really huge, bigger than my husband. Sitting in between, I had no room to move.

The plane took off, for a nice fo... Continue»
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A Latina babe with a surprise

A Latina babe with a surprise

That Winter we had escaped from the New York`s cold weather and had gone for a week to Miami.
My sweet Ana was so horny during these days… On the fourth night, after dinner outside in a nice restaurant, she suggested to go down to the hotel bar and pick up somebody to enjoy a good time for the rest of the night…

We decided finally to go out from our hotel and we ended in a nice pub just a few blocks away from there.
A nice brunette girl, Latino type, started a conversation with Ana.
My wife tried to speak in Spanish with her, but the girl said she only ... Continue»
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The Stalker

When I entered my teen years I started to work out alot along with masterbating. My bedroom was large enough that I able to put a work out bench in there. I wanted to get buff, you know, in the hopes that I would attract lots of women wanting sex. As I worked out I would get the feeling of being watched. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of a shadow in the upper window of the next door house. I assumed that Mr. Foster might be spying on me and that he might have some kind of fetish for me.
The Fosters have lived next door for as long as we have lived in our house. Their master bedroom w... Continue»
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First Swinging Meet

A couple from Preston, not to far away.
we meet up at a local pub just around the corner from my house.
Sue and Carl were a middle aged couple about 40 to 45. she was medium build with big tits, dressed quite sexy and you found yourself asking are those tights or stockings?
after a few drinks and getting to know one another, Carl asked Sue if they were doing this or not.
With a smile Sue nodded and we were off to their car on the way to my house.
Once there, we all made got comfortable i sat next to Sue, while Carl sat a few feet away.
we all watched a porno to relax and get into the mo... Continue»
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choot ki pyaas

Reena is a 32 years old married woman. Her husband is an engineer in merchant navy and he comes home once for a month or two in a year. She is a school- teacher and also gives private tuitions in the evening to pass her time. She was sex-starved until last year and used to masturbate to satisfy her sexual desire.

Last year, She visited her friend (Nisha) of college days, who lives in Delhi. Her husband is a doctor in UAE and she is a teacher like Reena. One day Reena accompanied Nisha to a ladies kitty-party where she was compelled to drink more than her usual capacity. When they reached ho... Continue»
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My work colleague's soft and shiny tan stocki

This is a recent and real experience I wanted to share with you...

My colleague is in her late 40's and is extremely fit for her age. She has been divorced for a number of years and recently rejoined the dating game. At work she dresses rather conservatively and doesn't wear too much make-up but we've been out for after work drinks on a few occasions and for those nights she dresses up a little more. She is extremely attractive in my opinion with dark hair, decent size breast and long legs. She always wears knee length skirts with shiny tan tights - even through our miserable cold winters. ... Continue»
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Sexy Neighbor Part 1

Sexy Neighbor Part 1

After a rough divorce, I moved into a fairly cheap duplex apartment. I hated leaving my wife, the sex was always great, but things were just not working out after over 20 years of marriage. So here I was, all alone in a crappy apartment with nothing to do but regret over things. I had no idea who lived next door and I hoped they weren’t too noisy. I hadn’t lived in an apartment for quite some time, but remember the last time was not so fun.

My second night at the apartment, I got up late to take a leak. When I entered the darkened bathroom, I noticed light comin... Continue»
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The Math Teacher

This story is somewhat true. Names used in story are fake for privacy. I had just graduated high school and I had got a call from my Math teacher, Ms. Brisk, that I had left somethings in her classroom and that if I didn't come to get them that they'd be thrown away. I hated Ms. Brisk's class to be honest. She was always so annoying and got on everyone's case. She did have a fairly nice body though. She was in her late 30s with brown skin. She rarely wore bras so you could visibly see her nipples through her tops and can tell that there was some sag in her D-cup breasts. Her ass, however, was ... Continue»
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Brab's Bushes

“I feel bad about this. You really don't have to do it. Dorthy should not have asked you.... it was none of her business.” Barb tried to explain to Alan. She felt terribly guilty. She hated for people to think of her as was a helpless old widower. That she wasn't able to do things for herself. It was just that Barb hadn't thought about the bushes for years and now she realized they had taken over the back yard.
“Don't worry about it Barb. I really don't mind. I have nothing going on and besides it is going to be a long weekend. I will go crazy just sitting around.” Alan answered hon... Continue»
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The customer is always full of surprises

It was a Saturday, early afternoon, and I was relaxing at home. I just came back from vacation the day before. I did not plan on taking any customers until Monday. So I only took a limited number of urgent personal calls. If a customer called, they would be forwarded to a voice-mail with Daniel's number, my friend and my backup in cases like that. Most of my clients were regulars, seeing as how user error was the cause for about 80% of computer and even network problems, and he was a reliable backup.

I was a bit surprised to see Daniel's number pop-up on the caller ID screen. Usually I woul... Continue»
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My s****r and Lover

My s****r and Lover
By Don Cauley

This story is pure fiction and the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to any living person or place or thing is purely coincidental.

May not reproduce this story in any form nor use it for any commercial gain with out the written consent of the author.

This story is meant for adults only. If you are under the age of 18 please do not read it. Close your browser and go else where. Or if sexual content is offensive to you please gonot futher. Thank you.

Part 1

Chapter 1

The Johnson’s lived in a sl**py little town that is a suburb of... Continue»
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sorry if they are some faults but a translate it form my Dutch story

It would be very hot on Friday. I had only an informal agreement in Zwolle, so I decided to go after the shower and have breakfast today but in shorts.
On the outskirts of Utrecht, I paused to install the TomTom when I saw her.
She came with freshly washed blond hair of a kind reception of the Salvation Army walked into an airy pants with a leopard shirt. I was immediately sold. This could not be a hooker? She saw me looking, hesitated and ran my car off.
"Or they could help me with something ...." She asked through ... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman

Frank or Francis as his mother called him was entering his freshman year at university. He was staying at the residence on campus sharing a dorm room with another first year student who was very athletic and popular with everybody especially the girls. Francis was a chubby guy and had very limited experience with girls. The vast majority of his sexual experiences was masturbating while dreaming and imagining being with a variety of sexual partners. Recently he had explored a variety of porn sites and found that videos with older men and young guys excited him the most. He discovered sites whic... Continue»
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A rewarding experience

I was horny, I was alone, I was 19 and I was on the internet. I'd never posted anything on craigslist before, but I decided to bite the bullet. I wasn't initially looking for a man. My post was a very generic "NSA hookup" sort of thing. I was looking for a girl. I posted a picture of my cock and.. well I got a few messages from older guys. I turned them all down, because I wasn't interested. But my thoughts begin to change as I found out all these men wanted a piece of me. So, "Why not?" I said to myself.

One reply was quite interesting. He was married, but he said he was always attracted t... Continue»
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