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Business Trip

I finally got to the airport just in time to catch my flight to Arizona for a business meeting. As I was seated, i found myself sitting next to this handsome man. As we got ready for takeoff, he asked me where I was going. I told him I had a business meeting in Arizona. He asked me my name and I told him Jennifer and he told me his was Steve. The plane took off and we were on our way. He was very nice and very cute. As we chatted he kept on moving around. I asked if everything was okay and he was a little embarrassed But I noticed he had a big bulge in his pants. I ask if there was anything th... Continue»
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Hiking in the Mountains Part II

When I got home from my hiking trip in the mountains, I had a message on my answering machine. It was John whom I just met up on the mountain. I hit the play button and listened to what he had to say.
" Hello Goodhummer. Just wanted to thank you for making my day so enjoyable and making me want to enjoy life again. It has been very hard since my wife passed but you have shown me that life goes on. I would love to take you to dinner to show you my appreciation. I hope that you except. John "

I thought that was so nice that I called him back. We made plans to go out the following week on Tue... Continue»
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Driving Home.

It was around 1:30 a.m tonight 4/18/2014. I was over at a friends house to play some video games and i decided to call it quits so i said my goodbyes and headed to my car. When i got into my car i felt a little horny and thought to myself that i would jerk off a bit on the way home. I turned on my car and took off, I unzipped my pants and lowered my boxer briefs to be just below my balls my soft cock greeted my anxiously awaiting the pleasure i would soon give myself. As i drove down the street i got to the first light and their was no cars in sight so i kept stroking my cock and moaning since... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XII

“Interracial Scenes I”, with Darko (OC) and Diane (based on an Alazar pic)


Diane was the typical middle-aged woman that many would land on the ‘MILF’ side of labeling. She had been married for 14 years with Floyd and it was a very happy marriage until she knew he cheated on her with multiple women, most of them closest friends of her.

After the divorce, Diane left town and moved to the big city, where she could enjoy all the pleasures she was denied when she was married. And by n... Continue»
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getting one over on my boss Part 1 of 3

This is a fantasy story a friend asked me to write about her. We hope you'll enjoy it.

It is in 3 parts. Here's the first. Please feel free to comment.

If you'd like a fantasy story written for you, please contact me!

Have fun.

I knew, from the moment I walked into the room for my job interview, that she was going to be a tough boss.
Five years ago I believed I could crack her, soften her, humanize her but I was wrong. I couldn’t find the code to unlock that cold outer crust. That frosty glare. That aura of authority.

Firm but fair is what my new colleagues tol... Continue»
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My first time swinging part 2

I entered the porch and like a naughty school boy summoned by the headmistress waited for further instructions. Sensing my nerves Debbie took my hand and said it was OK and led me through a very lavish house and into the conservatory where her husband Bob was sat enjoying the afternoon sun. I was surprised at Bob's appearance he was much older than Debbie I would guess she was forty and he was almost sixty but had obviously kept himself in shape. Debbie offered me a drink and I accepted as she brought it through she had a smile on her face that said a thousand words I knew she was a dirty bitc... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy Episode 3

The lorry driver's name was Jim. I opened my mouth wide to take his hardening cock, and started sucking hard on it. Richie had climbed up into the cab too, and had begun to wank his young pecker. “Isn't my Mum beautiful?” he asked the trucker. “Shit, you go around fucking with your mother?” Jim asked. “Why not? She's fucking stunning and hornier than any girl my own age I've ever fucked. We've just been in the pub and she's been showing off her cunt and titties to all and sundry. That makes me so hot! I had to go into the men's room and jerk myself off because I was so hot.” “She sure is one ... Continue»
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Becoming a slut

When she was 19 Jane fell out with her Dad and as a result moved out and into a small bedsit.
Every now and then she'd have a friend over for a chat and a drink but as the months went on she became quite lonely, the other residents were old or couples and kept themselves to themselves.
She was a good looking girl, slim with long blonde hair and surprisingly big boobs but tended to dress conservatively. She'd had boyfriends in the past but not at that time.

One evening at Christmas time she went to a party and had sex with a guy in a spare bedroom. She didn't know him and they never saw ea... Continue»
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what a nice fuck

I was showing Carla the photos I had taken of my dad a few weeks ago and she screamed at the sight of them, “bl**dy hell, you didn’t tell me that your dad was so horny” I looked at the pictures for myself, “horny” I asked in surprise, “yes, if I had a dad like that I would want him in my knickers and giving me a good shagging” I looked at her, “ my dad shagging me” “yes” she look the phone from me, “he is so gorgeous, I would have had him making love to me day and night” I looked at her, “are you telling me you would let your dad shag you” “to right if he looked like your dad” she remarked, “b... Continue»
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brother and sister

We were in the taxi heading for the apartment, how quickly things had happen in the last two weeks, there I was thinking work, but my mum had persuaded me to go on holiday with my s****r, as it happened, her best mate had let her down and her other friend was ill, and as it was free because she had won it in a competition mum said it would be a pity to waste it, so here I was, me and my s****r on one of the Balearic Islands taking the free holiday in the sun, neither one of us knew anything about the area so it was all new to us.
It was about 19.00hrs when we eventually got into the Apartment... Continue»
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My friends mother

Growing up in Oklahoma in the 60's was great. I had a paper route and was an early riser, and on the summer days I only wore cutoff jeans, and sneakers, sometimes I had a tee shirt on, just to protect from chafing my shoulders with the paper bags. One day I was going to see my friend that lived a couple of blocks away, and I usually came down the alley, then jumped over the fence and went to the back door. Everyone knew each other so it wasn't unusual for someone to rap on the back door. Today I jumped over the fence and into their okra patch. Okra will make you itch really bad, and the s... Continue»
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Jordanian cheating wife

I am sorry if this is a long story, but i wanted to share this karma experience. I think i have a cheating wife. I met this married woman long time ago, when online chats were new on the internet. We chatted online for several months and later over the phone before i finally met her. In our online chats, she told me a lot of things about her life and she lived in a loveless marriage, and how bad her husband treats her.

Our first meeting was kind of awkward (in a hotel room). We have discussed sex few time online and what we would do if we meet. When i first met her we joked about how crazy... Continue»
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"Coyote and the Wolf" part 1, foreword,

“Coyote and the Wolf” part 1

In a large clearing of a forest, sets a small lake, surrounded by large rocks. Below one of these rocks, a Coyote cleans the last of his catch. “These should do for a few days, if I can find some nuts and berries in the forest” He said to himself. Coyote found this lake after running through most of the night before. Running from the disastrous battle the day before. To avoid capture, he headed west into the forest to stay hidden from the enemy. He hoped to head south again in the morning, after a meal and some rest. Though he might well ... Continue»
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Case #34: Innocence Lust (Mr.Phelps)

"You can start any time you want to Brian." I encouraged. "Take as much time as you need."

"Well...I don't know where to begin. Should I jump in, and tell the juicy parts first, like Jenny did, or can I just take it as it comes?"

"Whatever You want,Brian. Whatever makes it easier for you." I smiled at him and leaned forward to take his hand in mine. It was hot and sweaty, and he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. At a nod from me, Malinda got up and walked over to stand behind him. She kissed him on the top of his head and said "Here. This will help." then began to slowly massage the t... Continue»
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My fuck buddy sub

It all started Wednesday morning, while sitting at my work desk I sent out a mass text message to my friends basically to say hi, and give them all little encouragement. Soon after sending the text, I received a call from one of my past sluts. She called me using the text as an excuse. I am a black Dom, and for those of you that are BBC lovers, I am not a BBC. I am only about six inches, but never measured it, so it actually could be a little smaller. She is a big cock slut, so when we first met 9 years ago, she was kind of experimenting, but once we fucked, we never stopped. (smile)
He... Continue»
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WOW! I Am A Cum Slut!

It started when I hit fifty five years of age. I work out with a trainer, dye my hair blonde. Everyone says I look forty. My boobs are still some what perky and a nice C cup, I am five foot three, one hundred twenty pounds, blonde hair brown eyes. Guys hit on me alot. I am successful realtor here in this large city.
My girl friends and I get together a couple times a year at a resort or hotel for a three or four day weekend. Sometimes we just talk, sometimes we are on a mission to get laid by some strange cock. Sometimes it is a little of both. This trip turned into a talk session. There... Continue»
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Sex fun with my hairdresser

My preferate hair dresser:

My hairdresser is always sexy looking, in a good mood and even flirtish at times, if no other customers are present. I've been going to Julie's salon for a long while and we know each other a fair bit, at least as much as hair salon's conversations will allow it. She looks good despite of her forties, is very fit and exercises with passion; he body tells you that story in the best visual way possible. With time, I got to know her, appreciating the fact that she's open minded, witty, that she willingly laughs... Continue»
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Jordanian wife, karma is a bitch

I am sorry if this is a long story, but i wanted to share this karma experience. I think i have a cheating wife. I met this married woman long time ago, when online chats were new on the internet. We chatted online for several months and later over the phone before i finally met her. In our online chats, she told me a lot of things about her life and she lived in a loveless marriage, and how bad her husband treats her.

Our first meeting was kind of awkward (in a hotel room). We have discussed sex few time online and what we would do if we meet. When i first met her we joked about how crazy... Continue»
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I slipped silently into the kitchen where Mom is standing at the sink. Fot a brief momemnt I pause to admire her legs which are short and strong and support her wonderfully solid ass. Without the slightest stimulation I could feel an erection beginning to stir in my pajama pants. There was no stopping it pogression now.
She was still unaware of my presence when I moved my hand under the hem of her short nighgown and began to massage her cunt through her panties. Her reaction was similar to that of being touched by an electrical wire. Her body stiffened for a moment and then softened again a... Continue»
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I was going out with my girlfriends as we always do once a month. The other girls could not meet early for dinner, so my hubby offered to take me out and then we could go different ways.
We had decided to go Salsa dancing as this months thing to do together. So my hubby and I had dinner at a little Mexican place a block away from the Salsa place.
My hubby complimented me on my looks and said that I looked ever more sexy than normal. He jokingly asked if I had plans to get laid tonight? I said sure, if you are still awake when I get home....
After dinner he walked me to the club and made su... Continue»
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