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Forbidden Fantasy

Savanna and her husband Greg decided to spice up their love life. Their k**s were grown and gone. But their love life had suffered. Savanna had spent many years going to bed once the c***dren did and passing out. Unaware her husband would come to bed later in hopes of some intimacy only to find his wife passed out, snoring.

Greg himself turned to looking at porn and masturbating as normal routines for him as the years went on. He loved his wife, and very much desired her, he truly appreciated her as well. She was a good mother and a good wife. Their love life though, had taken a hard hit ... Continue»
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ostre jebanie mojej córy przez komendanta p

no moze i miał racje ten stary komendant i jego kumple ze moja cora jest boska piekna ale do dzis nie moge doisc do siebie i brac lekow na nerwy i serce po tym co widzialem co wyprawialy z nia ta banda starych oblesnych i zboczonych policjantow u mnie w moim barze nad jeziorem pod lasem zachowywali sie jak zwierzeta jebali i kurwili ja tam cala noc jak by byla zwykla tania kurwa na tych krzeslach stolikach i bilardzie myslalem ze mi go polamia niedawno go kupilem za 10000zl a te stare chuje wlazly w 4 na niego wypiely dupska jak do srania a cora im je obrabjala od spodu do dzis slysze ich te s... Continue»
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Granny leather

While this is not my personal story or experience (but how I wish it was). I had to share this wonderful story.

my first experience with the more mature lady was whilst I was sifting through charity shops in my local town,i was looking at the books and whilst engrossed in one particular book, I did not see who was stood behind me, as I stepped back I felt my foot crunch down on something soft and quite a loud yelp in my ear,as I turned around I discovered I had stepped on a ladies foot.......I could not apologise enough....all I could see was the top of a grey haired head,bent over rubbing ... Continue»
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wife wanted strange cock all 6 of them

Some Strange Cock - All 6 of Them One After Another!! Wife is horny an willing to fuck some guy we just meet.We decide to go to the local porn store for some easy cock to find. After the store clerk finished explaining how the room worked an how the hourly rate worked.Wife follows clerk into office.About ten to fifteen minutes later wife comes out an comes over saying “we got the room for the next hour” Husband notices the freshly dumped load still dribbling down her chin.Total skank! We vheaded down a dim lite hallway with four to five ... Continue»
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Maid to Serve

I had answered an advert in a magazine from a mature guy who wanted to meet sub guys into spanking role play anal and oral... well I couldn't resist the temptation.
Graham was 65 years old and retired he was also a widow so as he implied in his advert 'He could now indulge in his fantasies' I had made contact several days previously to our meeting and he seemed a genuine guy just looking for some 'fun' as was I.....he mentioned that he liked sub males to be sissified wearing undies and stockings as it added to the sense of 'Naughtiness'and 'Submission'
I arrived at his home and met Graham wh... Continue»
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Bhabhi -Padosi

Hello sabhi readers ko girls and ladies ko mmmuuuuuaaaaahhh, ye meri pehli story hai. aur mera naam saurabh hai umar 36 saal aur delhi se hoon aur ye kahani ek bahot hi khoobsurat sexy and hot bhabhi ki hai jo islam religion se hai, us apsara ka naam salma hai jo bahut hi pyaara hai aur uski tarah salma ki abhi 2 saal pehle hi marriage hui hai, main time na waste karte hue sidha story pe aata hoon, ye kahani ek bahot hi sexy si bhabhi ki hai baat do mahine pehle ki hai mujhe ek unknown number se call aaya jo ek bahot hi sexy si voice wali lady ka tha aur usne kaha can i talk to mr. uday to mai... Continue»
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Somebody's Slut Wife

Well I was in my mid teens when this story took place. My mom worked at a large high end hotel as the Customer Satisfaction Director which meant she oversaw the room service department and maid service. I would help her out when she was short handed which seemed to happen a lot. This Saturday night I was helping with the room service. People would call in and place an order and we would get it ready and deliver to the room and get a pretty hefty tip. It was easy and fun for me and a lot of the time I would get to see some naked ladies.
This order came in late for some chocolate covered s... Continue»
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my name Jamse i am 19 years old not so long ago i moved in with my aunt as my mum caught me getting a blow job of a girl i knew from my street when i got my aunts ( who lives alone as she never married ) shw welcomed me with open arms and we went in to the kitchen and my aunt asked if i wanted coffee i said yes as we set down to have our coffee and tea my aunt said first thigs first i have a few ground rules for you and she starts to tell me MANLY and MOST IMPORTANT you wont be getting up the sort of thigs you did at home if i ever even think you have been i will do what ur mum should have don... Continue»
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My Birthday Surprise

I went wild one weekend, and had a hedonistic birthday. I checked out a website, and made plans with 2 hookers and an old girlfriend. One of the hookers turned out to be a cop, and I was warned off of her before we met.
The other one, was a little redhead. I guess that you know how I feel about gingers by now. This little girl was a dancer and part time e****t.
She was tiny, about 5' nothing and 100 or so pounds. NICE little breasts and a fine , tight ass.
Her name was Sunshine, and she was only 20 years old. She showed up late. I know that youngsters these days have no scence of time, d... Continue»
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Rude awakening by future Mother in law

It's an unusual day in many ways.

For a start I've got the day off work and have the entire day to myself. It is very unusual for me to take time off work, but I have just been on a long business trip and did not arrive home until the early hours of the morning. I sent a text to my boss when I got home informing him that I would not be in work today.

When I do have some time off it is not unusual for my girlfriend Jean, to spoil it by giving me a huge list of household chores, but not today! She must have felt sorry me.

My first priority is to catch up on some sl**p. I have been drift... Continue»
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An offer I couldn't refuse.... part 1

It was midweek and I was sitting in a bar alone. There wasn't many people around.
I was away on business and didn't know any pick up places, so I just decided to have a few drinks and turn in for the night. I walked a short distance form my hotel and popped into the first well lit bar I found, sat and ordered a drink, a jack and cola. I was checking my emails when she walked in. Tall good body, what I could see of it, I guessed she was in her mid thirties. A very good looking woman, the type that turned a few heads as I would say.

My interest was peeked so I watched her as she sat on ... Continue»
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hot tub

This happened 3 years ago, but I remember it like yesterday. It was late August and we was on the lake boating with neighbors and friends. The wind came up and the clouds came over and it got cool on the lake. Everyone was packing up our boats and leaving. Our neighbors (Roger and Sue) came up and said are you up for company at your place, maybe some hotub time ? I said sure, see you in 30 minutes.

They showed up with some beer and a bottle of jack. We had a beer and then headed out to the deck to the tub. I told them that I had 1 requirement, I dont allow suits in the hot tub as it screws... Continue»
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Quaver Ch.2


Chapter 2: The Amber Pearl of the Orient

I was startled by a grumbling noise. I look around to find out that I forgot to lock tightly my casement windows.

“It’s still raining.” I mumbled to myself.

As I walk back to my bed, I was surprised to see my newly recruit muscle cub still on my bead. To think that he taught that I can never break him; he is still very naive. I climbed back to my bed; my hands are at the back of my head when my cub cuddled me. I can pill his lips pressed near my nipple while his right hand wanders my furry rock hard stomach.

“Fuck” I whispered. I’m... Continue»
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Vicki-72 yr old hottie

Vicki-72 yr old hottie
I had to see my MD for a follow up on some pretty extensive knee surgery one afternoon. As entered the office I noticed that the waiting room was full and at the receptionist's desk stood a tall, maybe 5'8" slender woman with long silver hair shoulder length. Her ass was flat but after all, she was on in years, but the rest of her seemed to be well kept. As it was my turn to check in she stood next to me and filled out some paperwork and I got a glimpse of her face. She was beautiful! I could tell she was probably 5 yrs older than me, but I couldn't keep my eyes off o... Continue»
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hard day at work

It was a long day at work, people screaming because their Christmas gifts for their loved ones didn’t come in as promised. When it was finally closing time, I was very happy to lock the front door, close the blinds, turn the closed sign to face the public and go to the office to prop my feet up.

I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes to relax, before counting the money for the nightly deposit. Quickly I doze off into a dream. I’m remembering one of the first nights of getting the job as a cashier for the company I work for now. When I came home after the first day, my daddy was si... Continue»
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My first time with another persons shoes, my aunts

The very first time I fucked another persons shoe was when I turned 18. Before that I had been doing it with my own shoes for years, but we will skip that for another story.

One day I went to see my aunt at her house, she lives about 5km from me and is about 15 years older than me. Let´s call her "Helena". She is blond, quite small and good looking! She almost never buy new shoes, so all of her shoes are several years old.

That day it had been raining quite much and she had to cut the grass because it was way to long to let it be just one single moore day! When I arrived she was almost ... Continue»
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Husband Caught on xHamster

Hi my name is Sherry and my husband is Steve and this is our story.

Steve started spending a lot of time on the net and I became curious as to what he was doing. I had good reason since a friend of mine had caught her husband having an affair using his computer.

I was trying figure out what do when I found out about spy cameras that could easily keep track of what he was doing. I set my trap and waited to see what would happen.

I watched some of video and could see that he was out on x-hamster. He watched porn videos mostly... Continue»
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Chapter 1: The Green Alba

The room is deaf and silent, the only thing you will hear are the ticking of the clock and the sound of computers clicking. It’s really a slow day here at LifelineIT, a computer specialist shop at downtown Detroit. I was assigned at the repair department. There are only three costumers today, the two clogs in the cartridge and the other one only wants consultation about her pc overheating. Now I am stuck making “reports” about the store’s inventory which sucks because it’s not even my job but at least my job pays the bills.

I’m done with my work today with 8 min... Continue»
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Rob explains his journey and continues the story.

This story is of an interracial sexual relationship between a married white couple and a dominant black man. Everybody is happy. If that is not what you like then please read no further. It is the second part of a true story that we intend to write in several episodes. At this stage it is slow and sensual, we hope. We hope you enjoy it and welcome constructive comments, as we are very new to this.

I had always thought that Sue would be very upset if I told her that I yearned to watch her have sex with a well endowed black man. It had been my only real fantasy for a few years but how t... Continue»
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Tuttut and Nylomn have drinks

Nylomn took the crystal whisky tumblers from the drinks cabinet. Hubby powered up the wall mounted 32" flat screen and loaded up xhamster via the Samsung tablet. He loaded up a cuckold scene in which the cuck hubby cleans up the BBC bull's load from the wife's arse. Tuttut had seen it before and the background sound of sex reminded him of how he got to know this sexy couple and made the journey across the Irish sea. He would spend evenings scrolling through pictures of Nylomn gorgeous pussy and arse on one of his dual screens while playing a video on the other. There must be sound and it must ... Continue»
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