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Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

That summer Victor and I had decided to spend some days in Brazil; later we could continue our trip to Buenos Aires, to visit some old friends and relatives…

On the fourth day there, Victor told me he was feeling sick, maybe he had eaten too much during dinner the night before…
But he told me he would have some rest at our hotel room and I could enjoy that last afternoon at the beach. I offered to stay there with him, but my loving husband insisted he would feel better if he was alone, knowing I was enjoying the sun…

I put on a tiny thong I had purchase... Continue»
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Mature ladies Trinidad & Tobago trip

Mature wife and her best friend (Elaine) went for a 10 day trip to Trinidad & Tobago, mainly Tobago though. They thought about relaxing, sun, sand, drinks on the beach to totally de-stress! First couple of days they did that, felt fantastic. On day 3 they met Anil, a tall young very black man (he joked that his relatives must have been from darkest Africa), he was fun to be around. Ladies enjoyed his energy, they travelled together to catch different sites and have some good laughs.

Both ladies couldn't help but notice he seemed to appreciate their curvy, mature, big breasted figures. Elai... Continue»
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Horny Mother Gang Banged Her Son With Her Friends

This is the real incident which happened with me an years back..
now come to the real lady of this story who changed my life.. my hotty mommy sujata…she is 46 years old…quite chubby… her statistics is 38-36-38…she is fatty women but a realsex bomb..whenever she walks on a road every man watch her bulky ass..

I live with my mom only in mumbai because my father had passed away when i was in 10th…after that my mom was totally depressed but as days were passing i seems like mom seems to be happy..
she started going for parties
... Continue»
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Camp 2

Things between Traci and I continued to heat up as the summer was ending. The last camp was in session when Traci confessed her mixed feelings for me and her fiancée. She had decided to tell me in bed while I was slowly going deep inside her. My mind was racing .... I didn't want to stop having sex but I didn't want to lie to Traci as she stared longingly at me. I did have feelings for her too but just not as strong. I reluctantly stopped moving but left my cock inside her. Traci's chest was heaving with anticipation. I paused even longer worried that my words were hurt her. I decided to tell ... Continue»
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workmate mark and our newfound friendship.

When I was working as a journeyman. I was often put with trainees since I enjoyed being around young guys and the older guys had no patience. I was about 28 when I met Mark. His girlfriends dad was the business agent for the union. He got him a job since he had knocked up his daughter and wanted the k** to have a descent living. I liked Marks looks. He was 18, thin, 5 ft 9 and weighed about 170. he was light brown hair and blue eyes with eyelashes that any girl would love to own. We got into a job and he was learning real quick. I had to pause several times to get a whiff of his sweat. He had ... Continue»
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Park Service Thursday (in July)

There has been more delay, sorry, perhaps you read about the harassment investigation in the park service. We had to cool it as we were all questioned. We are all willing adults in this, no one coerced. but the investigation threw a LOT of cold water on us. So now I will from memory be relating the last 2 events in July

Not a lot has happened since then---but we have stuff planned (he-he).

As Wednesday passed I wondered what Thursday would hold. Cindy left the note saying she would be back.

Thursday was just plain HOT, even up in the mountains and the bugs were taking advantage of... Continue»
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A Visit To The Asian Massage Parlor.

I love Asian women. Their delicate features, small tits, hairy pussies, perfect asses, sweet shy personalities, loyalty: everything about them drives me wild. As such, I love going to Asian Massage parlors (“AMP”s). Since my wife died 10 years ago, I have been to hundreds. Not only in my home states of Massachusetts and Florida, but any time I travel to a major city throughout the world. I’ve been rubbed in Sydney, Berlin, Rome, Shanghai, Tokyo, Vegas, Reno, Minneapolis and San Francisco just to name a few. My favorite place is my regular place 2 miles from home.

A typical experience would ... Continue»
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The cottage cacation

This is a fantasy of mine i hope will come true someday...

My friends and i had been planning and anticipating this trip all year, especially since it has been so hot and dry this summer. It was supposed to just be a trip with the guys like last year... beers, good buddies, plenty of 420 and lots of fun times, but this year would be a trip i will never forget...

After the long drive up to the cottage we put our gear away and all went for a refreshing swim in the lake, it was cold at first but felt great on a day that hit +33c. We got out and went to chill on the deck with a cold drink an... Continue»
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a surprise for Geraldine

”You are WHAT?” she jelled, because she was getting really angry.
“I am going Hong Kong for one or two, max three weeks, because the company needs me there, you know how it works, Geraldine..”
Geraldine was breathing so hard that her nostrils were visibly moving a bit. But Paul was cool as ever.
“But don´t worry, Hun ,I took the time to arrange something...special for you...”
He said it casually. It worked. As it usually did, in situations like this. His wife lowered her shoulders a bit. Her mouth formed a big O.
“ it..this time?…
“A surprise” he said and kissed her on the foreh... Continue»
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Phase One (1 of 3)

She sent me the message to come over for some fun. She was middle aged with a beautiful face and a lovely figure. We had met only once before and I could barely control myself around her. I arrived at her apartment and we exchanged pleasantries before heading into the bedroom. I told her I had an idea of a 3-phased encounter. My pleasure, her pleasure, then mutual pleasure. She pondered very briefly and agreed. She was submissive by nature so she said she was fine with me controlling what happened. This made me quite happy, so I began.

"OK, the first phase is my pleasure. Remove all your c... Continue»
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Sāo Coquettish

Start forehead began to kiss, then the ear, nose, lips, tongue, chin, neck, chest, belly, around his penis, Tim Mao and inner thighs, and then add up the balls from below. Sucking his balls, preferably two together into his mouth. Suck enough, then slowly add up from below the penis. Around the glans, then f***ed to suck it suck it, suck him Jiaochuang. . . (Listen to their own kind of man Jiaochuang surprisingly rewarding) mouth mouth glans while the tongue do not idle, kept in the mouth circling around the glans. Lap two laps, hands do not idle, stop touching his testicles. The final step is... Continue»
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Maa aur aunty ki chudai bete se hindi sex

Hi my name is satrunjay .me 20 year old boy hu.or me delhi uttam nagar east ka rehne wala hu. Meri height 5'11 or athletic personality hai. Mere ghar me meri maa ,papa, or sirf me rehta hu . Meri maa preity bahot hot or kamukh badan vali aurat hai. Maa ke doodh bade or sudoul hai jinhe dekh kar kisi ka bi khada ho jaye. Ab me kahani par ata hu last year october ki hai hm apne naye ghar me shift huye the sb kich naya tha . Thode din bad naye padosi se jan pehchan hui. Meri maa ki achi frndship ho gyi thi pados ki sudha aunty se sudha aunty dikhne me chubby or bahot hi gori thi. Vo hamare ghar r... Continue»
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Right after graduating highschool, I needed to make some serious money before going off to college. A friend of mine told me about a job at a camp. I was unqualified for the job when I applied but was surprised when I got the call for an interview. I drove out to meet with the manager of the camp. Her name was Karen. She was in her mid 40's, average body, very tan, not great looking, but had very nice legs. I came wearing dress pants, a short sleeve button shirt with a tie, and my best pair of dress shoes....only had one pair. I guess I was overdressed since Karen was wearing a purple T-shirt,... Continue»
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Barb’s Full Cut Panties

We went to stay with Barb and her husband at their house in New England over the holiday weekend. I’ve had many chances to pilfer and sniff Barb’s panties over the years, and I was hoping for an opportunity on this trip as well. I though Barb may have suspected something, but she never said anything, but did seem to setup plenty of opportunities for me and her underwear to be alone. Barb has maintained her figure over the years, still slim with a tight ass. The little extra weight she has put on has gone right to her boobs (now 34DD) and a little bit of a belly. Well, this trip I got my w... Continue»
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Sitting Friends Disabled Mum

One of our oldest friends came up to see Donna and I, she was having a break from looking after her disabled mum who was 89. Her mum was on 24 hour oxygen and really couldn’t be left on her own, but our friend needed to go to a hospital appointment and asked me if I’d ‘babysit’ her on this particular day, I said I would.

Tuesday came around and I went up to her mother’s house, our friend was there and she showed me where everything was, her mother, Mavis, was sat in a chair wearing her oxygen mask, the cylinder at her side. “The only thing you may have to do is help mum to the toilet otherw... Continue»
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My First Time

She was one of those ladies that did everything. She was a part of everything, always volunteering to head up something, on the school board, on the church board, on some other board. She was not too old, maybe 45 I think. I never thought of her as good looking, but looking back on it she was alright.
Her name was Eva and she was heading up some kind of fund raiser for something and it was at the country club where I worked. Any way a bunch of the high class ladies from around town were there. Afterwards I helped Eva clean up and put stuff in her car. She was putting away the wine the wh... Continue»
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Me and Charlie

I'm a gay make-up artist working in Hollywood (I know. Real original). I am attracted to older, chubby men with grey to silver-haired or even bald. As a rule, the men that catch my eye are well-matured, aged 50 and over. Though I'm not necessarily fixated on a certain type and find in each man something nice or interesting for me! Most of the old men that I work with are straight and mostly married, but in Hollywood, that might be a problem. But I try to be real careful (well, I try to be) when I have an occasional hook-ups here and there, so I don't get black balled. Because if that happens, ... Continue»
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First meeting part 1

The taxi pulled up in front of the hotel,inside the cab was Kathy a female who was in anticipation of what that evening was going to bring her, she was there to have her first sexual encounter with a man much older then her 35 years,she had met him online and had persuaded her to at last meet,she wasn't sure if this was going to be a good thing as she had been told by her friends that older men were no good in bed,but he had persuaded her to turn up.
The cab door opened and out got Kathy,she was petite,but her body was just right,he had told her to dress slutty that night, so she put on a gol... Continue»
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Adriana running the company part 2

Adriana running the company
part 2
Adriana looked at him. There was fire in her eyes.
She was sitting on the floor, and when she had removed her jeans and panties, she put her sneakers on again. Took the keys to the company out of the pocket, before she threw the clothing over in the corner.
“I told you that you would not get free help” Baz said and burped. Then he opened his second beer. She looked at the watch, on the wall above the door to the garage. It was not yet 10 am on a Sunday morning.
“But I just wanted to go out for a cigarette,” she said, “Martin don´t want me to smoke insi... Continue»
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Exploits of a Sissy Slut - The Prof

My Craigslist ad simply said:

Mature, non-passable sissy wants to service cock to completion. No reciprocation desired. Be clean, STD free and discrete.

Soon I had a reply and after the usual email exchange screening to make sure that the guy was sincere and not a jerk, I arranged to go to his place to satisfy both his and my own needs. His need to be sucked off and my need to suck a stiff cock and to swallow a tasty load of cum.

As was my usual way, I wore a pair of panties under my pants and felt rather nervous hooking up with a total stranger. But I have been down this road man... Continue»
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