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Office Environment and Fast Anal Sex

Call me a modern girl, I like sex, teasing, drinking, sex, men, more sex, and of course those facials, the dirty kind I blogged about earlier.

In the office the other day, I was greeted with a glass of champagne instead of my Espresso.

Dave, the copier guy snucked a bottle in, and as we stood in the small coffee room and poured me a second glass, he admitted he thought about me, behind his wife's back.

That should have sent my feminine alarm bells ringing, but strangely it made my morning pussy twitch, something most husbands know that females are partial to a morning shagging, 'I hop... Continue»
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My hot Aunty

When i was teen, i was jerking off a lot and mastrubating my anal with 5 fingers because i did'nt have somoeone to fuck it so i started fucking myself.I had white BBW with Big boobs looks like melon and big round ass, when she walk her ass start shaking(SHE WAS HOT)

There is day, I was jerking off in my Bedroom after watching so much porn vids and my aunty was sl**ping in her bedroom where my parents were out and she refuse to go with them cause she is tired.So she wook and went to the bathroom before that she heard yelling of woman "Ahh...Yeah...Fuck"and it was me watching porn v... Continue»
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Jacking off while being watched

When I was in college I found out that masturbating in front of my girlfriend really turned me on! The first time was a little difficult starting out; jacking off was something private, it seemed to me, something I did to relieve sexual tension with no one knowing about it. The first time I stroked my dick in front of my girlfriend, I was embarrassed for the first few strokes, but as I got into it, I got more and more turned on and my dick was throbbing hard to it's full extent as she watched, looking a little unsure as she also rubbed her pussy. She was lying back on the bed and I was on my k... Continue»
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An Anonymous Relationship – Part 2

I sat in my car as my father's taillights faded from view. My emotions ran from shock to terror to fear. I had just had sex with my dad! I did not know it was him but it was!

I started the car and slowly drove back onto the highway. I stomach was churning.

"How am I going to deal with this? Heather you really screwed up this time!" I said out loud to myself.

I knew better than to meet a stranger from the internet for sex! I had been so worried about being a*****ed or a victim of a crime. I had never even considered that the man I was to meet would be someone I would know!

I thought... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

About two years before my husband and I got married, just after we were engaged, he got the idea of me doing a boudoir shoot with a professional photographer as a birthday present. He looked into booking a photographer for an hour shoot, but after realizing that all of those who specialized in boudoir photography charged at least $500 for a session, we began to explore other options. A friend who was a professional model suggested that I list myself on a modelling website where photographers and models could find each other to do what she called "TF" or "Trade For" sessions where each trad... Continue»
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me and roger....and joy

I arrive at rogers and he invites me in. we have a cup of coffee before I ask to use the toilet. I go to the toilet with my bag where I change into white lacy panties and a short tight skirt. I return to the living room where roger is sitting on the couch in his bathrobe. his eyes light up when he sees me. I sit next to him letting my skirt ride up so that my knickers are just exposed. roger's hand touches my leg and begins to rub my thigh, slowly moving up until it is between my legs and just touching my stiff cock in the panties. my penis has begun to grow hard and a bead of precum escapes. ... Continue»
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My first story, waking up during the night.

I was awakened by a loud clap of thunder. I sl**pily looked at the alarm clock on my beside table, it read 3:47. I turned and gazed at my sl**ping husband. He looked so peaceful. I smiled, feeling the love I have for him swell inside me.
 The moonlight shown through our window blinds, casting a glow on Kevin' partially covered nude body. He looked so sexy laying there and I became aroused. I wanted him so badly but I didn’t want to wake him. I gently eased the sheet away from his body until his beautiful cock was exposed. I gazed at him and ran my hand over my breast through my nightie which ... Continue»
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My First Gay Experience.

I had never considered myself to be bi or gay but when I was 18 I had my first experience with an older man.

My f****y and I use to vacation in New Hampshire and we would always stay at the same cottage. A short walk away was a general store that sold the usual items that you would expect to find. I went there daily for various things. The owner who was around 40 with a slim build joked that he should give me a job since I was there all the time. I replied that I would help him out any time he needed it.

One day he asked if I could help him that evening unload a delivery that he was pic... Continue»
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The secret exchange (Sarah)

"Your wife told me you were a crossdresser 12 years ago, still doing it?" Sarah asked me.

Very calm, I sip my coffee and answer, "Yes."

This is how this story got to this point. Sarah has been friend with my wife for about 14 years, out of college they met in the bank they both used to work. They became very good friends. Thirteen years ago I met my wife, she did not know about Iliana, back then I was just trying to be myself with my then girlfriend and one day I decided to let her know about my closet life style.

To my surprised she reacted very well, she asked tons of questions ... Continue»
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new self adventure

I view myself as a very open and adventerous person. I have explored many aspects of sex and loved all but few.
Well, last night I ended up stepping into one more realm of enjoyment. I was home and doing some things, as wife was out running around with her mother doing holiday stuff. I knew that I was going to be alone for at least 3 hours. one of those days, where woke up horny, just had an itch that needed scratched, ever been there.
Well, as I tried to get my wife to scratch it, she was not feeling up to it, and I understand how that it and respected her wishes. As she started to g... Continue»
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First time showing

After a night out with friends and work colleagues Lisa (my wife) and I were staying at her friend Gary's house as we live quite a distance from everyone else. We and another couple made our way back where we continued talking and having some more drinks. After about an hour the other couple left and shortly afterwards the wife said she was going to bed. Gary and I wished her goodnight and carried on chatting. Gary was a work colleague of my wife's who I'd met once or twice before and had always come across as a nice guy. After a few more drinks he asked me if I knew that he was bisexual, I sa... Continue»
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Babysitter nailed

Tina and Jerry had been married 4 years and had identical twin boys, Jerry had a high powered job and was always away on business, they had an open marriage and Tina had slept with a few guys, but it was for pure sex and to quench her high sexual appetite. It was Friday night and it was Jerry’s company’s Christmas party Jerry had phoned saying he was running about a hour late and told Tina to go and book into the hotel the company had sorted, Gill turned up to look after the boys and Tina set off in the taxi, about ½ hour later Jerry turned up letting himself in “hi Jerry” Gill shouted out as ... Continue»
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Lunch Break Meeting

Lunch Time Meeting
It was another boring day at work for James and looked like carrying on that way. Out of boredom and in need of some excitement he began browsing some gay hook-up sites, which he had used before, though not having actually met up with anyone for many months. Looking at the sites, or more accurately the pictures of all the naked or semi naked men and so many hard cocks, reading their profiles and their sexual preferences and interests did add some excitement to James’ day. But now his thoughts changed to the fact that he would have some free time on Monday the following week... Continue»
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Mr. and Mrs. Sexington: Morning

It was a few days into July and the temperature felt about just a bit hotter than perfect. Which is more than perfect. This particular July was different for a couple by the name of Mr. And Mrs. Sexington. It was about 7 am and Mr. Sexington was already sitting by the pool. Writing one of his erotic stories and daydreaming of a bikini clad Mrs. Sexington floating about in the pool. Her Breasts still to hidden for his liking but… even covered they were brilliant. But this was a daydream so obviously he will simply imagine... Continue»
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Nylon Experience

Mr Williams lived down the road from us and was a widower of some years, he lived alone and most days would see him out and about in his garden during the summer but come winter you didn't see him much so my Parents began sending me around to his home to see if he needed any help with shopping or anything else he wanted. It was no hardship on my part as I liked the old goat he was pleasant enough and had many stories to tell .....if you had the time to listen that is. One day I popped around and as usual due to having done this for many months now I let myself in and called out to him.....ther... Continue»
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The dildo was in the bag

Claire had never had a panic attack, but she felt a kinship with those thusly afflicted as she stared through the windshield of her car at the establishment called "Christie's Toy Box."

She'd never done anything like this. In her opinion, had someone looked up the entry for "good girl" in the dictionary, her picture might be there. Not that she was completely innocent. She'd giggled with her friends as they watched the occasional porn video, but that had been years ago, decades, in fact.

And while she'd heard quite a bit about sex toys, she'd never owned one. The very idea of going into ... Continue»
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The dildo was in the bag -2

By the time she got to the restaurant, Claire was no longer constantly conscious of the fact that she had a dildo in her purse. Part of that might have been because as they walked to the restaurant, she knew that Cindy had something similar in her purse too, and even though she knew that, Claire couldn't see any hint of it.

Cindy chatted about other things as they walked. She did not, in fact, bring up the subject of tools for helping females gain sexual satisfaction until after the waiter had brought them their drinks and taken their order.

Then, without preface, she reached into her pu... Continue»
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The dildo was in the bag -3

When she finally emerged from the bedroom, clad in a long robe, her hair was still wet from her second shower.

She had resisted the urge to fuck herself again, by f***e of will alone. She'd picked up the dildo, which had lint adhering to it from the carpet, announcing it was past time for her to vacuum the floors. She washed it off in the sink and put it back in the drawer. She didn't cover it up this time.

She felt tired. John was still in the chair, but the dishes he'd eaten out of were now on the coffee table, along with four empty beer bottles.

Anger replaced her weariness and she... Continue»
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Sub & dom car wash

I stood out in the front washing his car, his pride and joy. It’s a hot day so I’m wearing a white vest top and small denim shorts and to be fair… I’m still too hot to be wearing them but needs must. The streets are dead but with the car being in the open garage no one is noticeable until the last moment anyway.

It’s so sticky and horrible and my dom has got me washing his car. It’s my fault though for misbehaving. I shouldn’t have burnt his tea because I was too busy pleasuring myself. Now I’m not allowed to orgasm without his permission for the next week and I have to do lots of tasks ar... Continue»
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My Cousin Jenn

My Cousin Jenn

I recall that it was about 8 years ago when I got the call about a big f****y reunion that was planned for the summer. I wasn’t sure if I could make it due to my work schedule and the relationship issues I was dealing with at the time, but I got the pressure from my mother that this could be "the last".... The reunion was going to be in a small town in Texas where one relative I dont even know has a big house and was hosting the gathering during the long July 4th weekend. It had lots of bedrooms, but those rooms and beds were already spoken for and the only other optio... Continue»
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