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My first BJ also my first story, not very exciting but sure what the hell.

Was quite a few years back now, in the days when you stand outside the off license and ask people passing by to get your drink..
My friends and i (about 15 of us) heard about a bonfire party in the woods (deerpark for those from Dublin :D)
It was brilliant there was loads of people up there dozens of groups massive bonfire music blaring and plenty of babes My friends didnt seem to be enjoying themselves and decided to leave and head to McDonalds (how that seemed the better option i will never know).
Against all lo... Continue»
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The hotel maid, the other guy, and me.

6:00 am, time to get up, shower and get ready for the day. With nothing to do, this would be a good time to just sl**p on the sofa with a ball game on the tube. After the shower I made some breakfast, cereal, not much of a life on the road, and I had been gone over 6 weeks, 6 weeks of stroking my cock, and being alone. Of course the internet provided the sexual stimulation, more than enough to get an erection. And my cock enjoyed the attention and cumming in my hand.
I do like being nude in the hotel rooms, erotic, kinky and sensual. I had learned to put towels down wherever I sat, you j... Continue»
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Those were the days: Part2 Sarah's (POV) poin

My name is Sarah and this is a story about me growing up in a small city. Due to financial issues, mom and dad were usually out on “business matters” and only came home to be with us at night but they never actually felt the need to hire a baby sitter for us, so my older brothr Danny would babysit me a lot, since he was 7 years older than me… I was your average little girl, a pretty one at that, with long light brown hair and hazel eyes. I loved summer because I would enjoy eating ice cream on a hot summer day, but there was one summer in particular that I will always remember…

Part 2: It w... Continue»
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Son moves back in with elderly mother

Andy sat by the bed on the hospital ward reading the daily paper whilst his Mum slept in the bed beside him.
It had been a worrying 12 hours but things seemed to have settled down now. His 70 year old mother had called him from her home in the early hours of the morning, with pain and had subsequently been rushed into hospital where eventually she was diagnosed with angina.
With some medication the hospital could get it under control and with some rest she would be okay.

Andy looked up as his mother stirred and started to wake up. She smiled when she saw him still sitting there and then t... Continue»
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Neighborly Love

It's been awhile since I have posted on the blog, but yesterday an 1st came to me. It involved a neighbor woman - Linda. Linda is a middle-aged (40+ y/o) bbw who has always been overly-friendly neighbor - to me. Greetings have always been more than one neighbor to another.

Anyway, recently, Linda brought me a cake (she bakes REALLY good cakes). Having finished the cake, I told her she could pick up the cake plate anytime. Thinking nothing more about it, I went about my business. Getting ready for a couple of business meetings and a lunch, it was time to shower, shave and get dressed. I ste... Continue»
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Blackmailing my b*****r part 1

My name is Emma and i am a 17 year old teenager and i am 5ft 6 inch tall and i have blonde hair, brown eyes and my bra size is 36c. I am your average teenage girl really, i like going out with my friends, shopping and most of all i love boys. Like most other girls i often find my self fingering myself to guys i know or even some celebrities but today i was a very different day. When i go to bed tonight i would be fingering myself but not over any guy i know or a hot celebrity, i would be fingering myself over my little b*****r which of all people is wrong but somehow it felt so right. Let ... Continue»
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A Shower Surprise

The following story is an original work of fiction.


Hi, I'm Michael. I'd like to tell you a story about an experience I had

not too long ago. It really was just sort of a taste, but it's something I

can't stop thinking about- something that just makes me want more.

It was just a normal Friday night and I was hanging out at an apartment

with a bunch of my friends. The apartment isn't anything special - just a

small two bedroom/bathroom with sparse furnishings - ... Continue»
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Big tit redhead mature lady

Getting the laundry done at the hotel was a challenge. There were not enough machines to be able to do laundry during the week, so I had made it a practice to get up really early on Sundays. Today I woke up at 4:30 am! Outta bed put on my robe, (I sl**p nude) slip on some flip flops, and down the hall with dirty laundry bag, soap and quarters. I swiped my room key, and got inside, and one of the washers was already running! Who was up at this hour doing laundry!! Oh well there were t empty washers, just enough for me, whites in one colors in the other, some soap, in go the quarters, and ... Continue»
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Experience With My Older Neighbor From Down The St

I’m sharing an experience that I had a few years ago over the summer that led to many other things. One that I most likely will never forget, not because of what we did, but because she was way older than me. I live in a nice upper middle class neighborhood, a gated in street with decent and big sized houses. Okay well to tell you a little about myself, I was 18 at the time, 5’11, body toned and fit, 8inches long, and 2inches thick. Anyway, it was a normal hot summer day, just sitting around the house playing Black Ops, staying cool. It was the summer I was going to leave for school. My ... Continue»
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Caught Cross Dressing by my daughters friend

I stop suddenly as I here a noise downstairs. No-one is home I am thinking whilst my heart races. Everyone is away for the day. I have phoned up to check. Both my wife and daughters are in London shopping so who the hell is that in my kitchen. I look over into the full length mirror and catch a glimpse of myself. The door is over to the corner of the room and as I walk I pass the mirror properly. Even in my panic I look at myself and think. Hell I look good. The reflection is myself dressed up in my wife's Lingerie. A cute crop top with a black strapless bra underneath all padded out. Looking... Continue»
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My son got seriously hot

Well, life sucked after divorcing my little sheboy, he was everything to me, but I had to let him go see the world, he went to college, after leaving his job as a freelance babysitter to find himself, he was very good at his job, he worked as a babysitter for a filthy rich f****y, he used to make over £400 in 6 hours spread over a whole week, sometimes he takes overtime, however this overtime was more like parentsitting than else.

He would stay for a further hour to take care of the parents by getting into naughty games together, the couple were rather young, the man was just midway through... Continue»
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"Spuckly" Part 2

I told you how I got my nick name in my previous story, "Spuckly". Check it out.

I kissed and are out the frat whore without ever fucking her or getting much more than my nipples twisted or my ass grabbed by her. We were friends and met while she was mooching beer and being a generally filthy whore at out frat house. You know, sl**ping on our floor and sucking dick for food and beer. It was like a few months maybe that I remember seeing her with cum on her face sl**ping. Like waking up on the floor with hardened cum on your face. Being made fun of and treated like shit. I kind of steered c... Continue»
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Hidden Benefits Of Life Modeling

It's hard to say whether me staying a virgin through the whole of school and until I was 20 was my choice, or just bad luck with girls. Either way, it opened me up to one hell of an experience later on that I wouldn't trade anything for!

Through school, I had my friends, they had their girlfriends and boyfriends, and there was of course porn around. I never really got into porn myself. I wasn't overly social either. Quite often I just preferred my own company. As an only c***d, no mother around, and a dad who's happily single, sex and stuff was never really on my radar for the first 20 year... Continue»
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Aunty Milked Me Like A Cow

My s****r’s marriage got fixed recently. Because of that, now she is not sent out for any jobs including as the helping hands of the milking lady. In my s****rs place amma decided to send me instead as it would give some money, however small it might be. Reluctantly I had to go to the milker’s house in my summer vacation. Her house was a small one. I called out her name and she came out. She was in her traditional mundu and blouse dress. Probably since being at home, she was not using any thorthemunde as pallu to cover her enormous big boobs or the cleavage. I was instantly awestruck by the... Continue»
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young boy taught by older women

As a young lad I always fantasized about having sex with a older women and one day I had the opportunity to live out my fantasy, it was a real warm day and my parents had gone out, I was on study leave as my A levels where starting in 2 weeks, I had done about 3 or 4 hours study and decided to take a break, being a hot day I decided to sit in the back garden and enjoy the sun.
As I sat in the garden I could hear next door neighbor moving about Greta and Jezz (aka Jerry) where a middle aged couple no k**s and always on the go working, Jezz worked in the city in finance and Greta run her own bu... Continue»
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Those were the days: Part 1 Sarah's(POV)Point

My name is Sarah and this is a story about me growing up in a small city. Due to financial issues, mom and dad were usually out on “business matters” and only came home to be with us at night but they never actually felt the need to hire a baby sitter for us, so my older brothr Danny would babysit me a lot, since he was 7 years older than me… One of the things I enjoyed growing up was when the ice cream truck came down my block and I would hear that famous tune that rang for all to hear. I enjoyed eating ice cream more than anything as a little girl, I guess it was because I was born in the su... Continue»
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Caught doing it, by my horny uncle, then again

Girls and boys masturbate, we do it regardless of how we appear to others. I started just before my menstruation began, and even then that was earlier than most of my friends, and if I am honest, I think perhaps I brought them on, because I just could not stop touching myself.

I was staying with my cousins Alexis and Sophia, and one night we were out playing out back, 'Hide and Seek', nothing new for c***dren, but a game that does do things as you wait to be found.
I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach about being caught, as I hid low behind the row of Wheely Bins.
I was squatting wit... Continue»
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Charlie and his mate

This is another story about my Uncle Charlie. He occasionally did some fencing work for his friend Sam Ellis who owned a small farm in the next village. I was visiting the farm one day with Uncle Charlie to help him with some repairs to the fencing around the paddock where the farm horses were kept. After we had completed the work, we were leaning on a fence rail and the horse that was standing in front of us started to make his cock get bigger and longer. I watched amazed (I had never seen a horse's cock that close up before). It was the biggest cock I had ever seen and it just grew longer an... Continue»
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Small penis which was able to satsify wife

When we first got married, my ex-wife and I had sex normally and I enjoyed myself, although she insisted I wear a condom every time. After half a year of marriage, the "honeymoon glow" wore off, I guess ... and my wife told me that I was too small to satisfy her (I suppose she was faking her orgasms).

My wife’s first solution was to purchase a "butt-plug" for herself. It was shaped like a large fat cone and made her vagina squeeze tighter on my erection. That didn't really work for her because she said my hard-on still didn't have enough girth inside her (not to mention being too short,... Continue»
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Milena need for seed

After milena posted a request on a cumslut adding site, in order to quench her thirst of cum, she didn't expect any answer so fast.
A sex shop owner organize a cumparty for her. During the walk from her condo, she can't stop thinking about semen, thick veiny dick swollen with cum,
spurting theirs man juice on her face, in her mouth.

When she arrived at the backdoor of the sexshop, it was opened with a banner where it's wroten "Enter here, ye who is cum thirsthy"
As milena was aroused by the banner she entered into the room. As soon as she step in, the door automatically lock. Milena insp... Continue»
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