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Feel Like A Woman

A First Time For Everything.

I was aware I was interested in different things about sex, & was not put out when I got caught wanking by a girl in the ladies toilets at school and managed to not to tell, if I let her watch me everytime she was around. This lead to me visiting Yvonne's home at weekends & holidays where I stripped off & slowly stroked my cock until shooting into my hand before sharing my jizz with Yvonne. This soon became less exciting & when Yvonne helped me stay hard by removing her top clothes showing me how fabulous her 36B ti... Continue»
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Coming home

It was a typically dreary overcast Friday in London. Brooding grey skies stifling the verve from the shoppers, workers and loafers populating the city centre. I left work early, making my excuses, promises to finish irrelevancies that will be long forgotten by Monday, were enough to secure my release.

I sat on the overcrowded bus, a sea of warm sweaty flesh struggling to breathe beneath a variety of raincoats and winter wear. The air was palpably moist, barely enough oxygen within to feed the lungs of all its disgruntled occupants. The older, posher woman perched next to me fidgeted and fli... Continue»
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A Conversation

A DM conversation between Amateur cross dresser (ACD) and a Horny (H)

[H]- Hi

[ACD] - Hello there. Love your pic posts. ;)

[H] - oh thanks hony
Loved yours
Sexy pics and loved your legs
I'm horny, how abt you

[ACD] - Thanks! I'm always horny. ;)

[H] - can you help me finish

[ACD] -What would you like me to do? ;)

[H] - how would you help anyone finish? any ideas
I can help u finish if you want
wht du u think?
... Continue»
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The Office Party

You should know dear reader, that this is not autobiographical, but oh my it is a fantasy for me. I'm not Lisa but I could be... And yes, when I finished this story I was a half dressed basket case, and had to lay down. I hope you do too.

"I would rather go to a root canal than an office party," Dan told his wife when she finally got up the nerve to ask. "But you go and try not to get yourself fired. And if, I mean when, you drink too much, have somebody sober drive you home".

Lisa pouted. "And when I get home, I suppose you'll want... something...?"

"I just might, if I've been watch... Continue»
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The Camcorder

When I bought my husband a camcorder, I had a feeling I knew what he’d want to do with it. Sure enough, he soon suggested we film ourselves having sex. I dressed up in stockings, a garter belt, and a tight waspie corset and looked a real screen slut sucking his cock on camera. I really enjoyed doing it because it was soo nasty. When Hank was away on business, I’d watch it and use my favorite dildo. I’d be working myself to a dripping wet orgasm as Hank balled me on the TV screen.
Last week Hank was away on business, so I decided to watch our video again. As I looked for the tape, I foun... Continue»
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the Horny Month with Anna and Dave - Part 1 ( the

( before you read this , I just want you to know that you might find some errors in the text , after all ... I'm not a professional )

this is a story about a girl named Anna ... her mother passed away when she was very young , so she never really got the chance to know her ... Anna's Dad work at a huge company that keep him busy all the time ... so out of boredom , she gained interest in Porn through the internet ... at first it was just for fun , but soon after ... porn was the only thing she can think about ... and whenever her Dad isn't home , she would watch tons of sex videos , ... Continue»
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The Ultimate Male G-Spot Bonking Machine for Unlim

So ~~~~ after many years of wondering how it worked, and after investing in several name brand prostate simulators with little success, I decided to build my own prostate stimulating machine.

Soon I will attach a picture of my "p-spot stimulator" which I have entered into a production agreement ~~~~ and hope to have a retail line.

Here are my observations:

#1 ~ do not touch your penis. An erection is not required, or necessary.

#2 ~ use Vaseline as your lubricant ~ you need something that is going to last a long time.

#3 ~ the machine needs to go fast for it to work (a whole l... Continue»
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Transformation experience UK

I'd like to take you back to the late eighties.

I had been dressing off and one for several years by this time but had never had a professional make over.

A business named Transformation had started such a service and they had a place near Euston Station.

I had been in the shop to buy things before but never for a make over.

I decided one Saturday I would pamper myself I take up their offer of a 4 hour make over dressing experience for £50.

After telling the sales girl what I anted I whisked off to the back rooms.

There was a room with 2 leather chairs which were used for the... Continue»
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First time in public

A few years ago I was sent out to Paris on business. The first night was spent as Billy No-mates in the hotel watching French television and I don't speak French!

Second night I wandered out into the night and spotted a porn cinema. Now ever since I was about a f******n years old when I was introduced to Parade I have always had something of an interest in porn, so I plucked up courage and went in. The cinema had 4 screens, a.k.a. dingy viewing rooms, so I decided to go to No. 1.

I felt as nervous as hell, and pretty excited! Sexual or nerves I don't know but my dick was stiffening. On ... Continue»
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My Panty and Clothes Stealing Adventures Part 1

This is a small series of REAL life experiences, with slight changes to them to be more interesting, but based heavily on my own experiences.

I had just finished basketball practice for my highschool team, now I sat in the empty lounge waiting for a response from my mom. It was late, 6 pm, and my house was not walking distance. I got a text back from my mother, "Ill be there in 30 minutes".

Great. I sat there, finishing up my graphs for physics. It was a fast job, and I was faced with 23 minutes of boredom. No wifi, and I wasn't an iphone gamer. I decided to move to the other sid... Continue»
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Bosses Teen Daughter Caught........

Many years ago in the 1980's I was renovating a house for a friend . My friend Karl was a good bloke but liked to rub his wealth in his friends faces. Whenever he bought anything new he would go round his friends showing things off.He was the kind of guy that would disappear when it was his round in the pub. He had bought this old farm house just outside of Hull near a village that needed extensive internal work doing to it ,he knew I was cheap labour and got me to do the work on my own . I got a phone call one Saturday morning with Karl complaining how long the work was taking.
"Karl , I a... Continue»
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Service or pleasure?

I was looking forward to sharing this story from yesterday afternoon in Moncton. I met this older fellow in a public washroom. Although I know he was nervous, it was him who opened his stall door showing off his stiff un-cut cock, and I couldn’t help but go down on him.
Looking up at him letting his glistening cock slip from my lips I asked if he knew of a better place for us to go. Out in the hallway he had me follow him to a handicap washroom where we had much more room. I had my jacket off, my jeans to the floor; my belt removed, now my sweeter and t-shirt removed; so naked from below ... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation: Part Six "A weekend of c

Mutual Masturbation: Part Six "A weekend of cum"

The next time the three of us were able to get together was about two weeks, but it was worth the wait! Jeff was going to have his house to himself for the entire weekend. He had invited John and myself to stay over Friday through Sunday. He said he had a surprise for us, but we would have to wait till we got there to find out what it was.

I got to Jeffs around 7:00 on Friday night, put my bag in his room and went back into the f****y room. John arrived about a half hour later and the three of us squeezed onto the couch and started playing... Continue»
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More dirty adventures with Susie

This story is a sequel to my story "A story-tribute to Susie," where I write about how I really, really want to fuck XHamster user soeager2.

While being in Boise for two weeks on company business, I tried to make time as often as I could to get together for some hot times. Susie had some limited availability and we could only spend the most of two Friday afternoons together. She also came by the office all dressed up so we could sneak off to a nearby hotel for a lunch-time fling at a nearby hotel a couple times during my business trip.
Like all good things, it had to come to a... Continue»
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chat with a slave girl

I started chatting with a slave girl recently. She had a master in the past and is looking for another one. She says she is about 5'5" and has 36c breasts. She is black and shaves her pussy daily. Below is transcribed from a recent email chat:

Me: Do you have any sex toys, dildos, vibrators?

Her: I don't have sex toys, but there are a lot of clothes pins in the house. Sex toys are not easy to find here and even if you find they cost so much....

Me: Have you ever put a clothes pin on your own body?

Her: yes, i have put a clothes pin on my nipples... Continue»
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I used to work over in the South of France were the weather in the summer was beautiful. Three of the lads I worked with used to rent a villa which had a swimming pool in the garden and its own personal grounds surrounded by a low wall, a road and pathway running by the villa one side and a simular neighbouring villa to which a couple also from the UK rented in there mid 20's lived.

One weekend my two room mates had decided to go home for the weekend, leaving me to the villa and pool for the weekend all to myself. During the Saturday afternoon the weather was amazing, me been outside in m... Continue»
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My pathetic life

I look out the window at the dark grey sky passing by, clouds overlapping the tips of evergreens fading into dusk. I am wrapped by white walls and digital dreams, the tv, the plush couch in which I eternally lie, masturbating furiously in the spit of noon washing against the windows. Mom comes home. I pretend to play video games while searching for bizaar pornographic content on the incalculable internet, that stream of consciousness permeating the folds of the cerebral destiny, flick-flashing images of white women engorged with donkey dicks and black shafts, oozing out sweet race-baiting cum ... Continue»
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The Marine Studes

I just love the common toilet and bath of the place I stay in this southern city.
The urinals have no separators that I've seen lots of dicks during my stays from locals to foreigners.
The toilet/bath even though with wall wall separators have almost 6 inches gap from the floor so that one can easily see the reflection of another bather esp when the lighting is good.
This alone makes me want to bathe all day.
It was such my lucky day that during my stay it coincided with the field trip of marine students that I had a field day of transferring from one stall to another looking at the refl... Continue»
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Fun at my mates stag party

I lay on the bed exhausted and Jane makes me promise not to say a word to Dave about what she had just told me. It wasn't gonna be hard as I was heading back home in the morning and probably won't see Dave for a while.
All this happened eighteen months ago and I have been following Janes exploits on fab all this time, her verifications confirm she is still being a filthy cum loving slut.
I'm heading back to Leeds this weekend for Dave's stag weekend I have messaged Jane suggesting we could meet up for some fun, I await her reply........

Jane has messaged back saying she'd love to see me a... Continue»
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Brief encounter on a nudist beach

15th July 2014

It’s not very often that I find myself with a day with very little to do especially on such a sunny and hot day in the middle of the week. But, I decided to go and spend a few hours at the beach and as I enjoy being naked it had to be a naturist beach. I had been there before but not for a long time so it was going to be like discovering the beach all over again.
I arrived at the parking lot wearing just a tee shirt, a pair of thin silky short and flip flops, got my bag out of the car which contained a blanket, towel, sun oil, a large flask with cold drink and my book, and I... Continue»
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