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Grits and groceries

It was a typical summer Saturday afternoon, the sun beaming down, the wind almost nonexistent, just a lazy day. I hated to get up, but I needed groceries bad, as the fridge was about bare.

I dragged myself from bed and took a quick hot shower, which woke me up and sharpened my senses as well. I threw on some hoop shorts and my Piston's jersey, my Nike flip flops and headed out the door.

I jumped in the ride and headed to the store. It was busy, all the parking spots filled, so I had to drive around a bit before resigning myself to the fact that there were no spots close to the entrance.
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"Am I a stalker?" I said outloud to myself as I sat outside in my car down the street from Lani's house. I might be. It's not your typical rhetorical or hypothetical question. I miss her. Really, REALLY miss her. But I can only blame myself for my misfortunes. Sometimes you can only appreciate something after it's gone. It's a very painful price to pay.

As you may have figured out, Lani is my ex-girlfriend. We dated for three very good years. Then I got comfortable and caught a case of the dumb-ass. A real bad case of the dumb-ass. I cheated on her a couple of times and she found it in her ... Continue»
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It's not that I don't like k**s. I like them just fine. But
when I'm trying to conduct business, they can be distracting, if
not a downright nuisance!

On the other hand...


So there I was, trying to explain to this proverbial blond how
her computer had mysteriously come to be infected with the latest

"No no Carol, it really isn't the FBI at all. That's just a
scare screen the hackers put up to scare you."

"But, I didn't do anything! I mean, sometimes I click the wrong
link and end up on some porn sight... but I always click right
back off of it!"

I coul... Continue»
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Spanish MILF in the red bikini

Living in Southern Spain for a lot of years was a voyeurs dream. Fuck me there was wall to wall pussy everywhere that looking at bikini clad, half naked girls and women was just an everyday thing. After years of this a good voyeur like myself wanted a bit more!

The wife and I lived in an apartment on a typical coastal Spanish golf urbanisation. Every apartment was virtually the same and each one had a balcony, some like mine on the ground floor had gardens. There was a communal swimming pool in the middle of the urbanisation.

After the economic crash a lot of homes were vacated so neighb... Continue»
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When Celeste met Frank

One night, this woman I used to hook up with on occasion told me this story, one of her favorite sexual experiences. I filled in some details, but the gist is exactly how she told me.

When she was almost 18, Celeste was a high school senior, and was hanging out with her friends, including a few that were a year older and were already in college. Celeste was a thin girl with light-brown hair. She had a nice figure and was popular and outgoing. More than a few guys had explicit crushes on her as she looked like the girl next door, but also gave off kind of a sexual aura. Celeste and her frien... Continue»
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Morning dominance

Anne was my first real girlfriend, I've had girlfriends before but never anything serious or more than a summer love, I still lived at home with my parents and in the weekends Anne would sl**p over. Those always were fun weekends with explorative fidgeting under the covers and because we were going steady for a while the exploration went a bit further every time, it didn't have the awkwardness of a one time fling. Anne had dark hair, shoulder length, a cute face with ditto smile and brown eyes, she was slim but not skimpy, there was some meat on her bones, a good C-cup with delicious nipples a... Continue»
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The Neighbours Daughter Part 3

Part 3
Mandy’s parents came home the day after the events in their bedroom, so things were a bit quiet, however Mandy was still occupying the majority of my mind, even when I was fucking my wife I was imagining it was Mandy’s hairy young cunt that my cock was sliding in and out of. My wife has nice large breasts so it was easy to imagine they were Mandy’s when I was grabbing two large handfuls.
As for Mandy’s mum, well I saw her a few times out walking the dog and it was impossible not to picture her shaving pussy clad in sexy skimpy lacy panties. I must confess I did use that vision a few t... Continue»
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Asked to Flash ( fun on my own)

One day while I was at work my boss came in and said I had to go out of town for a few days to help get our new plant set up. I was about to ask if I could take the wife along if she could get off work. Before I could ask he said the plane tickets and were in here and handed me an envelope and said hotel reservations were all set. I didn't catch that he said, tickets were in here at first but he called judy in, (a new girl) and said the two of us were going. She sat down and he told us about it and told us to take our time and make sure everything got done right. After they left I called ... Continue»
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Bathtime Fun Part 1

You lie in the bath, relaxing in the hot water, eyes closed, savouring the feel of the heat against your skin. You hear me enter the bathroom, my bare feet padding on the floor as I come over to the bath. You open your eyes to see me stood next to the bath dressed in a thin white cotton robe, fluffy towels piled in my arms. I smile at you as I let the towels fall to the floor next to me and you watch as I reach over you to pick up a sponge, my robe falling open slightly, giving you a glimpse of the curve of my breast as I lean. Your prick starts to stir under the water, the glimpse of my skin ... Continue»
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A Shot Never Forgotten

This is the first story I wrote here on XHamster on an old profile of mine that got deleted but they kept the story. I hope you all enjoy.
Lucy and Dave are a kinky bisexual couple. Dave loves being dominated by Lucy. He never use to like it, but there is just something about her that drives him nuts when she gets her way with him. One day as Dave was watching his favorite team on tv, Lucy started to suck on his ear and rub his cock thru his pants. Dave tried to shake this off wanting to finish watching the game, but she continued to torment him. Lucy lifted up Dave's shirt and started to suc... Continue»
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Pops, I think she is pregnant

How does one start with, opps I think I got her pregnant......well it turns out that I might have got my mistress pregnant. It all starts with my drought and sex, plus the wife going thru her womanhood stuff. I got bored on night at work, and tapped on my phone for apps to keep me sane. Checking out, I came across one that caught my eye. Jenn Latino Asian and sexy as hell, and soon we met. The first time was just us talking, and that's all I was expecting from this new friendship. The next two dates were led to me massaging her bare ass naked, and she massaging my back. Each time we... Continue»
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Fucking Hard Naked s****r

I grew up on a farm with my twin s****r and both my parents. The farmhouse is a nice big cottage in the middle of big open fields and woods that are miles in every direction. Back in the woods is a great big pond that nobody knows about and sometimes when we were younger my s****r and I would sneak off and go skinny dipping in it. There was nothing sexual about it. We both just liked the feeling of being naked outside and swimming.

We are very close, my s****r and I, being twins and all. Our mother would sometimes joke that we were conjoined at birth and that’s why we’re so close, like we h... Continue»
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Made My s****r A Chocolate Cake!

My name is Rahul! I’m 22 year old! I’m an athlete, with 6′ long dick!

It all started in my 12 standard holidays when my cousin s****r Roopa (name changed) came to my house for holidays; we used to be like best friends share each and every thing of our lives. Forgot to tell you guys about her; she was 22 at that time with curvy body that any boy would easily get turned on just looking at her with clothes on!

As I told you Roopa would share everything with me. One day she started telling me about her love stories, how did she kiss her boy friends and all, these types of talks were pretty c... Continue»
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A Mother Confessions

My son is 24. Two months ago he called me and said that he had got on hurt playing flag football. He said that he tore his groin and that he was on crutches and needed bed rest for a few days. He asked if he could come to my house to recover and so I could help him with any of his needs. I told him that was fine.

A few hours later, his friend dropped him off and helped him into my house. He brought along a gel pack that you put in the freezer for an hour or so until it hardens. Three times a day he needed to ice his groin area. He asked me to wrap the ice pack around a bowl so that when it ... Continue»
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The pleasure of watching

This guy gets married for three times in his life but as he find out later he is not meant to live with a f****y, he has the addiction of watching women in action and that is what turns him on!

I was married 3 times. Now I’m single. If you are interested I can tell you the reason.

My first wife loved me much. And that was the main reason to marry me. But probably together with the love feeling she was sure that I belonged to her. She was sure that she was the only one woman who had rights for my fondling and sex.

She was pretty active in sex – she wanted it as often as possible and as... Continue»
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PART 2 whith My Friends Uncle

On the way to his place Bill kept looking at me, and when we got to a spot that I had been to before with another man. Turning to me bill said I was turning him on and as his new girlfriend he need to do something about it, I smiled and he automatically took this to be an agreement as he moved closer to me, and kissed me still with the seat belt tight around me making me helpless to repel his advances on me, which I found rather exciting. Soon I was at Bills mercy as he lifted my frock and pulled my panties down and proceeded to lick then suck my boy cock and with in minutes he'd made m... Continue»
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Watching my room mate fucking!

Do you have any idea what it’s like to live in a students dormitory? Lots of sex, fun and sex, so let’s get back to the times when we were students and have fun…

It was when I was going to college. I lived in a hostel: it was a big free level building with several sections. Dozens of students from all over the world lived in this place: Indians, Latinos, guys from Saudi Arabia, Russian chicks, several guys from Europe etc. Actually, it was very international community, where everybody was rushing somewhere, where different speeches were heard almost in every corner. It should be noted that ... Continue»
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Can you imagine seeing all those nude high-school girls who showed up for their annual check up? That must be very hot and exciting…

In my youth, as a young college graduate, I was sent to a mountainous province to teach at a complementary school of adult learners aged 18 to 32.Naturally I had to behave properly, warding off sex scenes or sex topics in our conversations for fear of being spied on by my students. In fact’s themes hardly have a place in our Asian culture and literature, let alone voyeurism which is considered to be deviant, highly offensive and an immoral act. Tom peepers onc... Continue»
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Mr. Wong

This guy loves to hang around in the book store where he can get a pile of porn magazines to read and jerk later, but this time he becomes the witness and sees the store owner fucking the shit out of the sales girl…

You might say it is because I have a dirty mind that I like to hang out in adult book stores.

I live on the west side of Chicago and there is one very close to where I live. It is an old building with a brick front. It is owned by a certain Mr. Wong. I thought he ran the place alone until I saw a girl pop out from the back. I thought that she must be his sales clerk. She was ... Continue»
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Do you like spying on other people when you are sure they are not seeing you and you can see them doing things that would never do in public? If you like voyeurism, this story is just for you…

The female genitals are parts of the body carefully covered and protected against any exposure to people, especially in our Oriental cultures. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are proscribed and condemned by the whole community. Women who commit a public nuisance by peeing along the roadside or in a dark corner of a wall merely bare their buttocks and squat down to piss. Very occasionally, in rural areas o... Continue»
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