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Laundry Day

Once again this is a story from my old profile. Enjoy and keep the comments cumming.
Ariel is a perky little 18 year old red head who moved out into an apartment with her best friend Amanda who is a very fit black haired girl. Both of the girls work full time and hardly got to spend time with each other or their boyfriends. Ariel works 3 nights a week at restaurant and 2 nights a week at a grocery store, and Amanda works at a bar.

Early one Sunday morning Amanda knowing she had the day off decided to do some laundry while dressed in nothing but tube socks and a red thong. She poked her hea... Continue»
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Like every morning, with sun or rain, hot or cold, I was at the train station always at the same hour. In the morning's rush hour no matter how many people can fit in a train after some weeks you start to recognized everyone. That morning, one of the last of the summer, I was still sl**py so, when the train came I let the crowd drove me inside until I was against the wall of the wagon so I stopped. At the next train stop came in one of the most intriguing girl that I could see at that hour. She looked like a secretary or a personal assistant in her always well fitted dresses and the expensive ... Continue»
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A Day On The Dunes

A Day on the Dunes
by, APerv2

My name is Samantha. I’m 41 years old. My story begins one afternoon this last July. My son Steven asked me if I would take him to the sand dunes to do some dirt-bike riding.
This was something his father used to do with him ever since Steve was eleven. Now, since his father {My ex.} had married his twenty two-year-old secretary, three days after our divorce was finalized, he hasn’t had time for his son.

Steve is fifteen now, almost sixteen, and loves to ride that dirt bike. I don’t ride with him like his father used to, but I help him load up the bike ... Continue»
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Tammy, baby - part one

In high school I worked as a teacher’s aid at the local junior high school for extra credit. Since I was in high school and had my own car, it upped my cool factor with the girls at the school. Many of the girls would flirt with me, but most of the time it was just joking around, nothing serious.

My favorite was the little s****r of one of my classmates. Tammy, was four years younger and maybe 4 foot 6 with dirty blonde hair and barely filling out a training bra. She had deep brown eyes, sexy little bubble but and great tanned legs. “My s****r says you’re a good kisser,” she said to me one ... Continue»
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My First Blowjob

Where does it all begin? Sex, that is. For me it was in my teens with male friends of my own age, usually from my own class at a single sex college. What did we do? Wank, nothing more. Play with his cock, make it hard then wank until his hot cum spurted over my hand. Then he did the same for me. No finesse, just straightforward curiosity driven by hormones. Where did we do it? In the toilets (bit risky) or in nice weather a trip across the road to the Common where there were many secret places deep in the undergrowth. Well that was the norm, until one day …..

Kevin was my best mate,... Continue»
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My Pleasure (Female Pleasure, Masturbation)

Of course I have someone who gives me pleasure. He's very attentive and he knows all of those special places that really drive me wild. But his touch isn't as gentle as I would prefer. He licks my pussy and massages my clit but uses a little more f***e than is necessary for my pleasure.

Yes, I'm relaxed when the lovemaking is over, but my body doesn't necessarily tremble with excitement when he finally rolls over, once his dick has filled my pussy with his seed. And his breathing becomes the soft, measured breath of content sl**p. He has been satisfied.

So, when I hear that deep sl**p br... Continue»
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My Son wife`s pussy is juice .

Tian Hai bedroom is large, open air conditioning, interior is warm, put a big bed in the middle. Into the bathroom, shut the door Jing Jun, only to find that the door is not the small lock, just think of the father's move, she was a little shame and fear, but also a little ...... husband away for a few months, has not touched the man, and just let the father the few times she stroked lifted repressed lust months.
Jing Jun stripped the clothes, open shower, carefully wash the white body. Tian Hai went into the bedroom, I heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom, fantasy soft daughter'... Continue»
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Fucking next door

This guy moved next door to me and my girlfriend. He's average height with curly black hair and a full beard. He speaks to me but never my girlfriend when we see him. The other day I could hear him having sex with a young lady that screamed and screamed until he was finished. I was home alone so I sat there enjoying what he was doing to her. Then it started again about a half hour later. Maybe he was hitting the right spot inside her. Or maybe his dick is huge and it feels amazing to her. I can hear her cumin and the walls were not that thin so he must be making her feel really good. ... Continue»
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Kathy Exposed Me

Kathy Exposed Me
I was in my late twenties and had only one prior sexual partner when I met Kathy. She was in her mid twenties, dark hair and eyes, about 5'5' and 120 pounds. She had a shapely bottom and very well shaped, though small breasts.

Kathy was very sexually adventurous and I entered a completely new world when I met her. I had more sex with Kathy in a month than I'd had in my lift to that point. By that time she had me hooked and could talk me into just about anything.

For many if may not seem risqué but for me, sex in a car parked on a street, in a park, a boat on a lake and... Continue»
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Tina gets Gangbang

Tina gets Gangbang

This Story was told to me by Tina as it took place when I was gone on a work trip.

Tina told me she posted an ad on Craigslist for a gangbang. She got an answer from a group of guys (Thirty-Five) who had done it before as a team. Tina talked to them over a week and said she really wanted it but was totally nervous but they finally talked her into it. She met them at one of these chain bar/restaurants, they had a couple of drinks and they all got to know each other. She said she wore heels and a black mini skirt and a black t... Continue»
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Recently,I became friends with my big tit co-worker Francine. She invited me back to her place, a cozy, little studio with all the comforts one needs to relax and enjoy a little self-love.

Francine was about twenty-eight with a firm body that stood about five feet six inches tall; just a few inches taller than me.

Her legs were long and slender and her feet and ankles were just as lovely as the rest of her.

When we arrived at her place, there was her pretty lace underwear lying on the floor.

Looks like she had dropped them clean from a folded laundry pile she had rested on h... Continue»
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Stranded After Naked Bike Ride

This is my first story on this site, and I wanted to share.

Tags: public nudity, enf, embarrassed nude female, betrayal, humiliation, nude in public

Paige was proud of herself. After weeks of convincing she had finally conceded to her friends' efforts to get her to participate in the 25th annual Miami Naked Bike Ride. For one day a year, the people of Miami could freely ride their bikes, rollerblade, or jog naked down a designated main street for the freedom and enjoyment of those doing it and those watching. Paige had heard they hosted a Naked Bike Ride in California, where they were... Continue»
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Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 3,Sarah

Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 3,Sarah
I had been enjoing my new found sexual freedom with other men for a while.I had two regualar fuck buddies giving me more sex than I ever had in my life.Sex with my hubby Jack was even better than it had been in years.Probably due to my increased enthusiasm I suppose.Course usually I was imagining that it was someone elses cock inside me.Most times now if I was horny in bed I would tell Jack to rub his cock on my arse.I would lie face down while he did this.When he got too horny and tried to enter me,I would turn over and tell him to rub my hole ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #14: Simone-3

Simone spends more and more time at me after school to do her homework in the armchair in my library

Simone frequently visits me for a few hours after school, soon she stays for some nice nights at me!
In her last year at secondary school she has less classes to attend before her exams start in Spring
My library has many erotic novels in the languages she takes a major in, so she reads my literature
On the shelves are loads of erotica, from famous photobooks to standard and rare books on sexuology
Nice to watch that tasty teen, who is always naked at my place, playing her pu
... Continue»
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A Peek Into My Diary:True Story (How We Met)

The feeling of being unfulfilled had captured me. Here I was beautiful, married, successful, and yet lonely. A combination of circumstances that I never thought in a million years that I would have to own. But I did! It's amazing how one lonely desire can lead you on a wild and crazy journey. Let me tell you my story.

Part One:

It was a typical morning in the house. As usual, I was awakened by the sound of keys dangling from my husband's hand along with the sound of his shoes pounding across the floor. He was fully dressed and headed out to get into whatever he had planned to do for that... Continue»
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Grits and groceries

It was a typical summer Saturday afternoon, the sun beaming down, the wind almost nonexistent, just a lazy day. I hated to get up, but I needed groceries bad, as the fridge was about bare.

I dragged myself from bed and took a quick hot shower, which woke me up and sharpened my senses as well. I threw on some hoop shorts and my Piston's jersey, my Nike flip flops and headed out the door.

I jumped in the ride and headed to the store. It was busy, all the parking spots filled, so I had to drive around a bit before resigning myself to the fact that there were no spots close to the entrance.
... Continue»
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"Am I a stalker?" I said outloud to myself as I sat outside in my car down the street from Lani's house. I might be. It's not your typical rhetorical or hypothetical question. I miss her. Really, REALLY miss her. But I can only blame myself for my misfortunes. Sometimes you can only appreciate something after it's gone. It's a very painful price to pay.

As you may have figured out, Lani is my ex-girlfriend. We dated for three very good years. Then I got comfortable and caught a case of the dumb-ass. A real bad case of the dumb-ass. I cheated on her a couple of times and she found it in her ... Continue»
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It's not that I don't like k**s. I like them just fine. But
when I'm trying to conduct business, they can be distracting, if
not a downright nuisance!

On the other hand...


So there I was, trying to explain to this proverbial blond how
her computer had mysteriously come to be infected with the latest

"No no Carol, it really isn't the FBI at all. That's just a
scare screen the hackers put up to scare you."

"But, I didn't do anything! I mean, sometimes I click the wrong
link and end up on some porn sight... but I always click right
back off of it!"

I coul... Continue»
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Spanish MILF in the red bikini

Living in Southern Spain for a lot of years was a voyeurs dream. Fuck me there was wall to wall pussy everywhere that looking at bikini clad, half naked girls and women was just an everyday thing. After years of this a good voyeur like myself wanted a bit more!

The wife and I lived in an apartment on a typical coastal Spanish golf urbanisation. Every apartment was virtually the same and each one had a balcony, some like mine on the ground floor had gardens. There was a communal swimming pool in the middle of the urbanisation.

After the economic crash a lot of homes were vacated so neighb... Continue»
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When Celeste met Frank

One night, this woman I used to hook up with on occasion told me this story, one of her favorite sexual experiences. I filled in some details, but the gist is exactly how she told me.

When she was almost 18, Celeste was a high school senior, and was hanging out with her friends, including a few that were a year older and were already in college. Celeste was a thin girl with light-brown hair. She had a nice figure and was popular and outgoing. More than a few guys had explicit crushes on her as she looked like the girl next door, but also gave off kind of a sexual aura. Celeste and her frien... Continue»
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