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The naughty f****y pt3

As I pulled onto the campus of the state university, I could feel the anticipation of the moment tingling inside me, mixed up with the horniness I had felt since I'd woken up this morning and called home. There hadn't been much conversation -- it's really hard to have a phone conversation with people when they're fucking, especially when it's your husband and daughter gasping and moaning between "Hello" and "How are you?"

I had burned up the cell phone minutes, stroking my wet pussy while listening to Jilly and John being swept away by their morning fuck, my daughter nearly screaming into t... Continue»
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Caught in her undies

I've been home from work for a few days and although I get plenty of sex I love trannies, my wife doesn't know this though. I woke up with the raging horn and decided as soon as she went to work I was gonna treat myself. The minute her car pulled off the drive I was in her knicker draw! Black and pink lacy knickers, matching basque and fish net stockings.....oh and a raging hard on!

Next came the toys. I lubed myself up and popped in the large vibrating butt plug, four cock rings around my balls to stretch them and one around the shaft so I was nice and veiny. Next the porn, shemale of cou... Continue»
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The naughty f****y pt2

I woke up hungry. It was dark and I was on the couch, stretched out, a light comforter thrown over me. I sat up and leaned over to turn on the lamp sitting on the end table. An antique clock Sandra had inherited from her grandmother that was sitting on the dormant fireplace mantel informed me it was nearly eleven o'clock. I suddenly realized I was missing my pants and then I smiled, the memories flooding back of having Sandra stretched out on the couch, one of her legs propped up along the back of the couch while I was on top of her, slamming my cock into her with a vengeance, both of us caugh... Continue»
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Exibitionist fun at the Beach.

I had just been for a swim in the sea, walking back to my things in the dunes, glistening in the sun it felt so good, being naked on this beach, the fine white sand and weather trap made this place much hotter than the rest of the bay.

The sand dunes backing up the beach made it suitable shelter from any sea breezes, i made my way up to the top via a small path, and through the pampas grass to a sheltered spot in amongst the dunes.

I reached my things and noticed a couple had arrived and parked up opposite me only twenty feet away.

He was charming and asked if i minded them being the... Continue»
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Jerking off with the mother of my b*****r-in-law

Last Monday I've had one of my most interesting sexual experience to date.

My wife called me in the morning and asked me if I can go to her s****r's and her housband's house (my b*****r-in-law owns the house) to take the drilling machine for some later use at the house of my mother-in-law.

As I've finished retouching some pictures for the magazine I work, I decided that I have enough time to go by my b*****r-in-law house to get the drill and come back to finish my work at the office.

I've jumped in the car and drove for 45 minutes. It was almost 11:30 am. Got to the place and used my ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #4

iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #4 – Cat

"I wish we could all get away from everything and spend all our time on the beach."

"Hey, Baby Girl! Wake up!"

Cat's eyes felt glued shut but she could clearly hear Andre yelling at her, which wasn't really what she wanted to hear first thing in the morning. The first thing Cat felt, however, when she woke up was the warm salt water rushing over her face. She was so easily startled that she convulsed and freaked out at the feeling of waking up with ocean water, and sat up, looking down at her clothes. She was wearing her... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt2


After having been wanking in private for so many years
and being careful not to have mom catch me whilst doing
it, it had felt quite liberating to have done in front
of her, and, even better, with her doing the 'wanking
off' part for me.

It was an amazing, exhilarating feeling. It felt like
some chains on my sexual freedom had been removed,
although why I had these aches in my balls was still a
bit of a downer in the whole situation. Hopefully, it
was just a phase that would pass, as Dr Taylor had said.

After a few moments of pondering my thoughts, I decided... Continue»
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It turned out much better than expected!

If you have been following my blog, you know I have contemplated having a session with another xhamster user WHO I have actually met in person. His name is Jesse and I met him at his place at 1 pm on Chrismas eve as planned the day before. Kind of a strange time to meet but he had f****y to visit that night and I was getting ready for a trip to see friends on Christmas day for a few days; it was the only time we could make work.
Jesse was a really sweet guy. He had a nice bottle of wine on hand and he suggested, because I was a little nervous, that we watch some porn and perhaps just mastu... Continue»
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My wife and the Neighbor

About a year or so ago, we were living in a apartment building. The neighbors were nice, the one across from us had c***dren. Linda my wife, she sometimes just have a shirt and pant or shorts on with no bra or panties on. She would only wear them when we go out, but around the apartment she didn’t. Linda had 36 C breast, so she had some nice tits. Linda put on her shorts and a shirt that button up, and of course had no bra nor panties on. She went to the mail box that was across the parking lot. Linda didn’t notice that her top 3 shirt buttons came undone, so that was showing some cleavage.... Continue»
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My cuckold marriage (part 4)

... continued:

As Sally kept up her cuckolding of me soon after her birth I was left in the evenings with my 2 "daughters" to raise, the older girl thought it odd how mummy had so many friends.
After about a year, Sally starting giving me less and less of any sex, let alone wank offs after her dates. It became obvious that the situation we had agreed was changing!
Sally said there was one man she would like to have dates with at home, I was a bit reluctant but agreed, she told me that it was this man that persuaded her not to give me sex anymore and she has also stopped seeing other men.
... Continue»
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Loving Grandpa- Part 3

My grandfather and I got closer as time went on. I still spent time with him whenever I could. I would either go to his house after school or he would come and visit me at home.

He came to our house one afternoon when my parents were still at work. I was watching tv and then going to start some dinner. Grandpa asked what I was up to and I said not much just watching tv. He came over and sat beside me and asked how I was. I told him I was good and looking forward to a couple days off school.

He put his arm around me and hugged me and let my hand fall in his lap. I felt his cock ... Continue»
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Best Roadtrip Ever

Best Roadtrip Ever

Summer of 2014 my girlfriend and I were going to take a trip to California. We had planned just planned this and we were set and ready to roll. She then recently found out about her little cousin. Just graduated high school. Boyfriend broke up with her and had to head to college. Seems like a bad way to end your senior year. No celebration? We were late 20's and weren't much older but she called us her aunt and uncle. So being mature wee decided to take her along. It wasn't intended for a long trip we had already told her yet she decided to take up on our offer. My girlfr... Continue»
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Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 3,Diane

I had been enjoing my new found sexual freedom with other men for a while.I had two regualar fuck buddies giving me more sex than I ever had in my life.Sex with my hubby Jack was even better than it had been in years.Probably due to my increased enthusiasm I suppose.Course usually I was imagining that it was someone elses cock inside me.Most times now if I was horny in bed I would tell Jack to rub his cock on my arse.I would lie face down while he did this.When he got too horny and tried to enter me,I would turn over and tell him to rub my hole while I rubbed my clitoris till I came.Always me ... Continue»
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Massage for Men

One day whilst I was looking in my local paper, i saw an ad saying" Massage for Men, by mature guy!
My heart went into my mouth as i thought that maybe this was a safer way for me to have my "first experience".
It took me three days to pluck up the courage to make that telephone call and I was shaking when I lifted the receiver. After a couple of rings a guy answered and said “hi John here, how can I help you“.
I said I’d like to make an appointment for a massage, to which he replied, “ do you want to come today?”
My silence seemed to last a lifetime, but I nervously said “yes ok” and i... Continue»
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Booths with gloryholes

I visited a new store and ventured back into the booths and much to my surprise, there they were, what I was searching for. Booths with gloryholes. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I couldn't wait to give it a go. It was a Sunday morning, and there was not a lot of activity, but I figured what the hell, I would go in sit down, start watching a flick, stroke my cock, and keep an eye on the glory hole next to me. I was in there for about ten minutes engrossed in the flick when much to my surprise I looked up, and there next to my right arm was a wonderful sight.... sticking thru the... Continue»
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My First Bisex experience

I was thirty something when I first laid my hands on another guys cock and it happened something like this. It was summer time and my then partner and I along with her grown up k**s were planning to go on holiday to Greece in about six weeks, I was moaning to her about the fact that I was a whiter shade of pale because of my indoor job and would stand out as a typical Brit on the Greek beaches. She jokingly suggested that she would ask her friend Stuart, one of a couple of gay boys living two houses down the street who had a sunbed if I might borrow the the use of it, although I was on speakin... Continue»
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Periyamma kalla uravu

Yen lifela nadatha vishayatha share panathan intha blog open panen,just padinga ..

Yen name siva (name changed) na college 2nd year padikum pothu ithu nadanthathu.. na enga periyamma vetuku ponen mathiyam 2.30 irukum,na epayume door thatalam maten sudden ah!! poiruven apdiye annaikum poiten sudden ah!! room kulla yen periyamma pavadaya matum katti irunthanga na vanthathum kaiya mela vachutanga na veliya vanthuten,apram sagachama peasitu irunthom na anga oru letter kuduka ponen kuduthutu vanthuten apram enaku night thonuchu intha sambavam yen periyamma vayasu apo 37 irukum but nalla white ah... Continue»
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My teacher taught me how to jerkoff and fuck

This is a fantasy

I became addicted to porn during my 9th grade from then i used to watch porn it gave me horniness,pleasure also a hard dick
but i never learned to jerk off until my phy teacher came into my life.

Her name was shreya and was every man's dream
SHe was 5.2foot,blackhair,blackeyes, she was in her mid 20's
her tits were a 34d sized and a round ass and perfect long legs
Everytime i saw her it gave me instant boner
she wears a saree to class which shows blouse covered left tit i would think of sucking her tits and fucking her between her tits and spray on her face with my babyma... Continue»
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Molly,Tom &Carmel

Molly held Tom’s cock and started to rub it up and down, it was the first time she had wanked Tom’s cock his shaft was real thick and a huge cock head, she was scared to have it in her, Tom and Molly had been together for 2 years and wanted to take their relationship to the next stage they had done the preliminary fondling and had made Molly have a small orgasm, she so wanted to have Tom inside her but still being a virgin she was scared it would hurt, Tom groaned as she rubbed it a bit faster, she wet the head to make it easier to rub she looked in amazement as Tom’s cock got bigger every tim... Continue»
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My cuckold marriage (part 3)

Continued ...
Back home Sally was out about 3 nights a week on a date and often she would have dates in the day and evenings at the weekend. She told me that there are about 20 men now who "service" her.
Sally told me that the young rugby playing stud had asked her if she would put on a show for a mate of his Stag night do. She said there would be about 20 other rugby players there and it was at the rugby club in a month's time. She said it would just involve stripping off and giving the stag a lot of attention by sitting on his knee etc. Plus they would pay her, she did not say how much but... Continue»
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