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Out Of Control by loyalsock

It was driving her out of her mind this condtion of constantly being sexually aroused, but the only thing Alaina could do to relieve the tension was to slip off to the restroom and masturbate furiously until achieving the necessary orgasm to calm her nerves!!! Here it was only ten o'clock in the morning and already her vagina was becoming a burning cauldron of sexual desire, so on somewhat shaky legs she slipped out the side door and down a long corridor to the women's restroom on the twenty eighth floor!!! Once inside a toilet stall she quickly shoved down her panty hose and bikini panties, a... Continue»
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A Quickie: working late.

Sarah put the last of the files on her boss’s desk and sat back down at her own desk. There was no one else about the office and all she could hear was the hum of the computers and lights. She began to collect her things when the phone on her desk rang. It was Jason.
“Where are you?” he said.
“I’m at work,” Sarah replied. She sat down in her chair. “I had to work late and I’m just about to leave.”
“Come around to my place,” he said.
“I can’t,” she replied. “I have to go home. But I’ll see you this weekend.”
“But I wanted to see you now,” he said. He sounded anxious.
“What’s... Continue»
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Losing Virginity with Best Friend's Girlfrien

This is the story of how I lost my virginity when I was 16. I am an average looking guy, I stand at 6ft and although not fat I'm not muscular either. For those wondering I also have a 5 and half inch penis, not the biggest but it gets me through the day. This is a true story (names changed) and it takes place over many weeks so it is quite a long story.

My girlfriend and I had been dating for around 8 months. Just like most teens we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We had done practically everything, except sex. Every time we planned to do the deed one of our parents ended up checkin... Continue»
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Opps....the end, or is it?

Recap, I met Jen on a phone app. It started out as friends, but the sex couldn't be denied. Jen a Asian Latin woman, small size but nice round curvy body. We started fucking in her place, and it we went out in different places, right up to my apartment door. Nearly getting caught by my wife, but caught by Sarah the next door neighbor, leading into this story.

It took time for Jen, Sarah and I together. Jen met me at my door, and we went to Sarah's Door. As we waited for Sarah, Jen had her hand down my pants, playing with my cock. Her hands were massaging it nice and hard. Once the door open... Continue»
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Performance for me

I like the idea of coming home to you, my Baby Doll and you are wearing a half bra that is ribbed to hold your big titties up and support them and your nipples are standing out beckoning for attention. You have on a garter belt made of soft leather and it has many hooks for your stockings. No panties to cover your shaved pussy. Your makeup is heavy on eye liner and your lashes are very long. The heels you wear that you know I like are very high and you take little short steps in them and you sway your hips as you do so. You know I Love watching you walk in them as you gyrate like a movie star,... Continue»
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Masturbation for the Advanced Novice

Recently I've had more free time. Time from work, and time away from f****y and friends. Of all the constructive things I could do I've taken to jerking off a lot more. Normally when I do this I pull my dick out of my shorts, sit in front of my PC, complete with triple monitor set up, throw something up on each screen, crank up the volume and stroke my dick until that familiar feeling surges and I cum.

No harm in it, routine as can be. And it feels good. Lately though it's been lacking; lacking in the flavor of porn I jerk to, lacking in potency, and not as satisfying. Obviously the answer ... Continue»
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Audrey and the cucumber

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) - you choose which you think they are!

Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)

If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touch

... Continue»
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stepdaughter fantasies

It was a beautiful August afternoon, warm but not too hot, only an occasional breeze stirring over the garden as Sam woke from his lazy slumber. He got up slowly from the deck chair and turned to see the cottage bathed in the bright afternoon light. He rubbed his hand lightly over his naked bronzed body. It had been a good summer, and here in the privacy of his garden, both Caroline and he had enjoyed the rays of the summer sun completely uninhibited. Just the thought of Caroline stirred something within him.
They had been together for many years now, but even now in their more mature years,... Continue»
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A Quickie: the feeling is mutual.

I’ve known Kate since university, but she’s quite pretty and curvy and olive skinned, so I thought I wouldn’t have much of a chance with her, so we’ve remained good friends but nothing more. Every now and again we meet for coffee at a cafe and discuss world events, or go to a movie. At one of our cafe meetings, she mentions her wish to watch Deep Throat because she saw a documentary on it. But her husband isn’t into those sorts of movies.
I think nothing of it. But one day she rings me up and invites me over to her place to watch Deep Throat. Her husband is away for the weekend.
I t... Continue»
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The Temp

The Temp

The week started off kind of special... my regular secretary
was off on a two week vacation and it was the first day of the new temp...
usually they are older woman...plain... and not very exciting...but this
one was more than special as i was about to find out... you walked into
the room ...tall blonde and very attractive... your smile brightened up the
my day immediately... your dress was conservative by it still had a hint of
your sexuality...its very hard to hide that and i could see from the way
you walked and your actions that it ... Continue»
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My Little s****r and Flashing a Maid - by Bigsofte

I have always loved flashing my cock and seeing the reactions to my actions. I've driven up to girls on the street and flashed them as well as let my cock hang out of my shorts when my wife had one of her girl friends over for a visit. I always got good reactions from flashing them and sometimes I'd even cum while they watched.

Well, a few years ago I was on a trip from NY to Florida with my k** s****r (she was 35 at the time). We decided not to drive straight through so we stopped at a motel. They had only one room left and it only had one bed but we took it as we were both very tir... Continue»
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The Anniversary Week - Tuesday

The following story is an original work of fiction.

I awoke feeling refreshed and excited. Of course part of my energy was from my early bedtime the evening before. Sierra and I had gone to bed right after our dinner and bath time together, which couldn't have been much later than 9:30. But mostly it was because my mind was abuzz with all of the possible scenarios Sierra might have planned out for us to engage in throughout the week. With her in charge, they could be anything... Well, almost anything. We did have a budget to think about so we couldn't do anything too crazy. C... Continue»
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The Bath by loyalsock

Marcia Ingram glanced out the window from her living room and then checked her watch for the tenth time in the last five minutes, "Where is he," she said softly, "he's fifteen minutes late!?!" She continued paging through her magazine and was startled when the doorbell chimed indicating someone was at the front door, she jumped up and quickly covered the twenty some feet, opened the door, and invited the blonde haired young man into her parlor!!! "Good afternoon, Peter," she said graciously, "and how are you today!?!" "Just fine, ma'am," he replied softly, "and you?!?" "Uh, good, very good," s... Continue»
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Another Day at the Office

The story your about to read is true and took me completely by surprise,
And I still can’t believe it happened at my desk at work.

To keep my sweet disposition at work I have page open on my computer.
Usually to blow off the stress of the day.
Keeps me nice & helps my sunny disposition with all of my customer service duties.
I do enjoy chatting a bit usually the dirty the faster my mood improves.

I went to work wearing a cute short skirt & low cut top. Which is not the normally the case and usually I wear pants… as seen in my photos.
But it is a nice spring day an skir... Continue»
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Listening to my co-worker, Jessica talk about her latest 'adventures' with boyfriend, Mark, had left me feeling pretty depressed and probably doubled my own frustration. Being sent on business trip after business trip as part of my new job as an Assistant to a major CEO within the US had left me feeling lonely at night as I lay in a double bed alone in a empty Hotel room. I haven't seen Ronan, my boyfriend in a few weeks, and the different time zones had limited our interaction through phone calls, iMessages, Skype and social media.

I dropped my towel to the floor, still feeling damp from ... Continue»
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The Lustful Wife

Erica paced nervously taking quick deliberate drags from the glowing cigarette between her fingers. The wind blew her long brunette hair back and forth, as the chilly December night air caused her tiny pink nipples to stiffen upon her gorgeous perky 34c breasts. Her nipples poked out against the sheer fabric of the old Chicago Bears t-shirt she had thrown on to come downstairs. She cautiously looked around again as she took the last couple of drags from her cigarette. The wind blew once more causing the shirt to rise slightly, exposing her tight bare ass to the darkness. Erica flicked away the... Continue»
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Lets play a game.

“Jake where are you? This isn’t funny.”

I’d walked into his house to be met by the pitch black, suddenly, I felt two hands grip across my eyes.

“Jake for God’s sake stop it!” I heard an impish giggle coming from him as his hands slid down from my eyes to round my waist, I spun around to face him, my eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness as I saw his cheeky smile shining through even in this low light.

“What are you doing?” I questioned him.

“I thought we could play a little game Ashley” his eyes were lit up like a little boy, filled with excitement.

“Huh?” I asked with genuine c... Continue»
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The first night out

They walked back to Steve and Susie’s place from the pub. Jim and Carla walked behind everyone in an air of nervous anticipation. Jim quipped, “She’s got a nice arse.”

Carla retorted, “Advantages of being 22. And stop rubbing your crotch in public.”

“Well, I can’t help I’ve been staring at your tits all night.”

As they enter the house Susie asks, “Anyone want a drink?”

Jim and Carla look at each other and after a moment’s hesitation Jim bleats out, “No, let’s just get down to it.”

Another moment of confusion then Steve says, “Bedroom.”

Steve and Susie rush off showing a ... Continue»
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College cock-crush

I grew up in an environment where sexuality wasn't even discussed let alone encouraged. None of this mattered to my typical-male raging hormones but outlets for their expression were limited.

My early experiments were fueled by clandestine glimpses of Playboy at a neighbor's house; later, by the tight jeans and swelling breasts of my prettier classmates. So on and so forth, until I was married and free to indulge as newlyweds often do, for a while.

Backing up a bit, there were the inevitable curiosities about what other guys did to relieve pressing urges. One semester at college I had a... Continue»
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Lustful Wife

Erica paced nervously taking quick deliberate drags from the glowing cigarette between her fingers. The wind blew her long brunette hair back and forth, as the chilly December night air caused her tiny pink nipples to stiffen upon her gorgeous perky 34c breasts. Her nipples poked out against the sheer fabric of the old Chicago Bears t-shirt she had thrown on to come downstairs.
She cautiously looked around again as she took the last couple of drags from her cigarette.
The wind blew once more causing the shirt to rise slightly, exposing her tight bare ass to the darkness. Erica flicked away... Continue»
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