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Rene & Me Chapter 1

I suppose we began like most prteen or teen boys. Well actually I had begun a long time before our beginning. Rene lived next door and was my age. We had been friends since we were two years old. We walked to school together in grammar school and participated in all of the same things growing up until we reached the 5th grade, maybe 10 years old. Rene was more intellectual and into things like poetry and reading. I was into sports and typical boys games and activities. He was teased and bullied as he was very feminine and not a "boys...boy." But he was my friend and I would protect him when I ... Continue»
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Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 03

Sometime you have all the occasions to have the best sex, some other time you are stressed and horny and your mind try to cope with the situation with some bizarre fantasy.
Sometime you can't help but make them into reality.
At that time I was fixated in masturbating in a train compartment with people around while going at my workplace.
Well, i'm not bold enough to do it just in front of people but the fact that someone could get me in the act was driving me nuts with excitement.
I tried many times to do it and planned all with great care but I was really picky with the scenario of my fant... Continue»
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MOM is Son's Slave

Dear all

I am starting a new story. This is all regarding of a MOM who turns into a slave of her own Son.

this is not my story. Copied. Its worth reading.

Pls see. Appreciate if you like it.

It was ten years ago when I first noticed the welts on my mother. Being so young it didn't mean anything to me at the time but I was worried about the obvious injury on her legs, high up on her thighs. So I asked her, "What happened to your legs?"

She jus
... Continue»
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Holiday Pleasure

Michelle was looking forward to her holiday after having such a bad year; she had always wanted to go around Ireland see if she could find her f****y ancestry, she had worked out her route and set off she landed in Dublin and got to her hotel, she relaxed and then went to eat, as she sat at her table a young waiter approached “good evening madam and what would you like to drink” Michelle went weak at the Irish accent she loved it and could feel the wetness of her pussy, she gave her order and re adjusted herself.

She ate her dinner and went for a walk, it was a warm pleasant evening and Mic... Continue»
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Our REAL threesome my ex gf and my my f

It happened like girlfriend and I were good in bed...I had an intention of wanting to see her getting fucked by another guy...I didnt dare tell her about night over phone I told her what I feeling and she didnt get upset with me...when we met up she said that even she wants to have a threesome from long time but did not dare to talk to me about it...later when we decided that the idea is nice...she said she wants to have with a girl but she didnt like the idea of me fucking another girl...later she said that she wants to involve a guy...I didnt speak a word against her and q... Continue»
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Sneaky In A Strip Club

I went to a strip club with a budget and a plan. This is a true story.

I entered the small strip club with a plan of busting a nut and spending no more than $75. As I entered the small, dark club, the smell of baby powder and perfume instantly enveloped me. The club speaker were screaming Lil Jon East Side Boyz’s “Get Low.” The DJ who reminded everyone that ten more dollars would "get her nude."

I made my way to the bar and ordered a Corona. I'm not really a beer drinker but having the beer made me feel a bit more comfortable amongst the blue-collar b*****rs in the club.
I found ... Continue»
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This is a very long piece - 16 pages of A4.
It's three stories - fantasies.
The first two are lesbian stories of sensual pleasures rather than full bore sex.
The last one is a re-telling of an ancient sex story about a king who tempts a maid with tasting 3 types of honey.
There is a central character in all three stories - she is young and virginal and she enjoys woman's bodies, hard cock, blndfolding and light bondage.

To the outside eye Nathan seemed to have it all, he was comfortably well off, he and his wife Jane, lived in a large house on the ... Continue»
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Young Man

Santa's Little Slut

So, since I love big, hot, hairy men, and I love getting presents,
obviously Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays! I just
wish I had really been able to enjoy sitting on Santa's lap when I was
younger. By the time I was twelve or so, I felt like I was too mature to
do it in public, but that didn't stop me from fantasizing about being held
in Santa's lap and making out, feeling his big dick pressing up against me.
With that in mind, I'd like to tell you what happened at my dad's office
holiday party that year when I was twelve.

His firm always... Continue»
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A weekend of unhuman fucking...

by Biggiver

Here is a little fantasy of mine. You bring your wife to me blindfolded on a friday night. Blindfolded because I want to use her for a weekend as pure fuck meat.

As soon as you have left I will undress her and start to examine her body. Then I will tie her hands behind her back to increase the feeling that she is pure fuck meat. Of course it is also very exciting to imagine what is going through her head the whole time. The blindfold and tied hands will never be untied.

She will lie in my bed the entire weekend. I will cover the bed with water tight m... Continue»
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Over the Railing

My fellow chikans, when there is a railing nearby, take advantage of it. At concerts, parades, large events with metal barricades, the sexy victim can be pinned against a railing while she's bent over, enjoying the show, with her humpable ass stuck out for your enjoyment. It's so wonderful when there are two girls together, and you pick one of them and start rubbing yourself on her. They'll look at each other and talk out loud and smile, and you'll see their profiles and you are in heaven, b*****r!! You can even d**** yourself against her, folding your body over hers, as you feign struggling t... Continue»
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My Milf Maid !

So I have money and a nice house near the beach, and I live the lifestyle most single guys would kill for.
So I have a maid, or house keeper to give her proper title, she cleans, does my laundry and shopping and generally looks after me, but not like your thinking.
Admittedly Maria is a chubby curvy middle aged, half Spanish woman, who is a good looking with her curly brown hair and large cleavage underneath the loose blouses she wears and chunky thighs and fat ass crammed into a pair of black tight leggings, but I've never really thought of her that way before.
So anyway Friday afternoon a... Continue»
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The cam

We live too far apart. Hell , just on the other side of town would be too far. But you live in another state, another time zone. we know that the two of us getting together is impossible. We both have issues that prevent us from being one.
You sit down at the computer, just seconds to go before we have a scheduled meet, your panties feel moist already. You turn it on and watch the screen come to life. Tap, tap, tap, you hit the mouse to send you into the net. You open up Facebook and wait.
Moments later you see my profile pic light up. And you receive a message, " Hello my love."
"Hi to ... Continue»
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Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 02

Our time at the summer house was always pretty fun and full of ecting moments: lots of people came visitng us, lots of occasions to admire dangerous curves and tanned bodies, sometime even an occasion get more physical.
A freend of my father came to stay with us for two weeks, bringing with him his wife, his son and his daughter. We knew each other since c***dhood and I always had a soft spot for Laura, the daughter.
She was a bit on the chubby side but that made her curves just more explosive: her breasts were really gorgeous, her shirt seemed to burst open at any moment filled with such ... Continue»
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Masturbating for Candy

Candy came into the den while I was watching TV and plopped down on the couch across from my easy chair and started talking. I was surprised at her a little, since at her age she barely ever notices I’m around.
“My volleyball coach says we should be aware that our dads masturbate over thoughts of us,” she said. “She said they even get our dirty panties out of the hamper and sniff them. Or they’ll put them on their faces or even wrap them around their penis when they ‘do it’.”

I just sat there and didn’t say word. What could I say anyway?

She wasn’t content with just telling me tha... Continue»
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Phone calls late at night

“It’s after midnight!” she complained. Her voice was sl**py, irritated.
“Connie’s gone on a trip.” I said.
“Oh, … well then there’s only one reason you’d call me this late.”
“….Yeah.” I tried to sound shy, but not too pathetic.
“Oh … alright …” she said in a mock exasperated tone.
“Do you remember that first time with me?” she asked. “Do you want that?”
“yes, … please.”
“How I sat on your bed and reached under the sheets?”
“uh huh.”
“How I touched your little cock and made it hard?”
“How I masturbated you? It was your birthday. You were so surprised.”
“Uh huh.” I said.... Continue»
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sissy slut is humiliated and loves it

New story:
I get off the plane in Fort Myers and you are there to pick me up. I get in the back seat of your vehicle and you tell me to open the bag. I look inside and it's a pair of vanity fair full-bottom panties, pink acetate and practically see thru. A full, open-bottom panty girdle with six thick straps and white; a pair of wolford white thigh-high stockings and a pair of sandal strap five inch stiletto heels, white. The ensemble is finished with a pink chemise, silky and smooth as candy.
"Put your outfit on sissy," your request, I interpret as a command from my wonderful mistress.
... Continue»
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Its been just over nine years since i ended my first proper relationship, after i had split i went on a long shagging spree with various types of females including some slim n some bbw etc.

The one i want to tell you about is about a female called Zoe, who i met online, she was 18 small in height slim, blue eyes n from a Lancashire town called Blackburn which is about an hour away from where i am in Manchester.
We exchanged a few messages and arranged to met up, at this point i didn't have a pic of her. So a few days later we met up, we arranged to met Outside the local hospital, i waited... Continue»
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Morning fantasy.

I yawn and stretch my arms but suddenly become full awake, my eyes spring up and I shake my head to clear the fog of the sl**p. I am still in my bed but I am stark naked and my hands are tied to the bedpost! Movement catches my eye and I try to focus, but the apparition is mostly a blur, so damn difficult to focus without my glasses, I tear at the restraints but it’s no use.
“Who… who are you?” my voice sound a bit weak and feeble.
“It’s only me you silly!” a pearly light laughter fills the air and I relax a little.
“Thank God for that, now please release me.” I pull at the restraints once ... Continue»
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My first time with a woman part 1

I woke up that morning quite excited but very nervous. My best friend knew my fantasy and had arranged for her friend and myself to "hook up" and that day had come. I started the day by visiting this site, talking to my lesbian friend about how nervous i was and how the girl i was going to be with had sent me a text saying she'd be an hour, she's finding a double ended dildo and got a surprise for me. I didn't even know they existed so my nerves grew even more. By the end of this conversation i was actually quite horny and a small wet patch on my blue panties so i threw them off and began to p... Continue»
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Next Girl Door Turned Me Lesbian

This is Poonam from Bangalore. A incident with a girl next door has ignited the lust and crave in me for a women’s body. I was not a bisexual before, just few incidents when I was 18. I have always been crazy for sex right from my c***dhood when I use to see my parents mate and few times I had seen house maid’s making love with driver.

For my introduction, I am poonam married and settled in Bangalore with a businessman. I am over satisfied with my sexual life, as my hubby sanjay satisfies me 2 or 3 times a week and he is just awesome in bed. I am 32year old and am on leaner side. People
... Continue»
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