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My New Nephew

This is my first attempt at writing a story. The best part is that this one is true. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. My older half-b*****r had just remarried, and I learned that I had a new nephew, that we will call Bobby. I had just turned 18 and he was one year older than I was. After the normal introductions, my parent and my b*****r and his wife started supper, but suggested Bobby and I go out and grab a burger and get acquainted better. I didn't have a drivers license yet, so he drove his Mom's car and we went out to town. We grabbed a burger at a local b... Continue»
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my seduction part 2

Thanks guys for the great comments and glad you liked my story of my first time. I get so horny and hard as a brick whenever I relive it. I will try to complete this part 2 today, but my 45 yr old friend with a gorgeous cock is coming over for his weekly blow job this morning. Im gonna try to get a video made with him soon. He's married so his face wont be shown.

So I woke up late the next morning with a pounding headache, my first ever hangover. I guess that weekend was a lot of firsts for me. ha ha. I laid there in bed for a little while thinking about what happened the night before an... Continue»
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Tracy the Vicar and her lingerie

I thought you might enjoy reading about a lady vicar that lived in the village where I live. I was a bout 6 or 7 years ago now but still fresh in my memory

Its a bit of a long story to be honest and started when I was a governor at the local school and Tracy the vicar was also on the board. I had noticed a couple of times that she would sometimes sit opposite me and give a little flash of her stocking tops. I wasn't sure at that time if it was intentional but I was often sat there with a throbbing cock and sit in a manner that she could see my bulge but again not really sure if she had no... Continue»
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Beach Fun 2

Beach fun ch2


The ice well and truly broken, the air of anticipation was still there, us all being highly charged it seem inevitable that more would could, should happen yet , and we didnt have to wait long Phillippa is a live wire, she gorgeous and very sharp but witty with it, enabling her to get away with whatever she likes, pretty much all of the time.

Both Louis... Continue»
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The Shower Block

The Shower Block.
You both decide to take a walk to the shower block just after the sun set, of a hot day,.
you both have caught the sun, and with it your libidos have also been well topped up, with the stirrings in both of you that come with the outdoor style, of chilling and enjoying quality time together.

Your wife has only her skimpy bikini on, and you admire her ass as she wal... Continue»
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my seduction

Growing up and coming of age in the 60's had its advantages as well as typical teenage stuff. With my parents permission I would have friends sl**p over on occasion and we would stay up late watching tv and talking. Johnny was my best friend and he would sl**p over often on the weekends. My bedroom only had a full size bed, so we would sl**p next to each other.
We would invariably compare cock sizes and have sword fights, or what is now called frotting. Johnny liked to take my hand and put it on his cock, which was very thin and about 6", but it curved sharply upwards towards his belly. I ... Continue»
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Another ride in the mountains

My wife and I were driving in the mountains a few days ago. We not only wanted to escape the heat but also wanted to stroke and buzz while we were driving. We had been on the back roads for about an hour and both of us were already well into stroking and buzzing. My wife had leaned back in her seat with her 6”” vibrator nestled up against her clit. Her shirt was opened and her tits and hard nipples were fully exposed. Her legs were spread and this gave me a great view of her smooth dripping pussy. I had my pants open and my hard 6” cock was in my hand.
We had gone to the end of one road... Continue»
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Mutual Shower Masturbation with Refugee Immigrant

The showers were just glass cubicles, in both male and female sides.

The building was due to take the first shipment of refugees the following morning, and those of us who were there adding the finishing touches, stayed overnight to further and expedite to ensure the smooth running of the expected influx of both men and women.

We had been working late and I had decided to take a shower before going to bed, due to the dust and filth being generated by the finishing touches.

I went into the 'Ladies Section', undressed and stepped into the end cubicle and shower. There was a safety clip ... Continue»
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Caught Flashing co-workers in office (Recorded)

During the summer I was sweating in the office environment, the air-conditioning was working intermittently, and temperatures were rising, as well as body heat.

The following day I brought a fresh change of underwear, which amounted to panties, as my breasts were firm enough, and smallish, not requiring me to wear a brassiere.

After lunch I was sitting behind my desk, shifting uncomfortably, feeling rivulets of sweat run down both back and front, and more annoyingly, my panties had worked into an embarrassing 'Wedgie', more like a string cutting through between my labia and ass cheeks, t... Continue»
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A scientific experiment with my slut wife

Since that day I was excited and curious. At the same time I wanted to tell my wife I'd seen her fucking with that guy and say I liked it, too, was thrilled with the secret, with the fact that my wife be fucking other men, but ignoring I already know she's a bitch.
But I wonder if that was not an isolated event, given the circumstances. After all, we had already d***k enough, she was quite d***k and location favored sexual arousal. She could have acted on impulse, contrary to the normal conduct. When I thought so, I confess I was sad about the possibility that she was not a bitch and that she... Continue»
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public island

It had just rained, she took me by the hand and walked with me, climbed up on one of the smaller islands in the archipellago. We left the boat behind, walking deeper into the island. It was a very small island indeed, and yet you could see it from miles away.
She started to undress, showing nothing but a perfect figure, her blonde hair blowing in the wind.
I had forgotten my swimming clothes, and so had she. It was surprisingly hot outsite, so i decided to also take of my clothes.
Her, now fully undressed stod there infront of me smiling and telling me to hurry up. She then again grabbed m... Continue»
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Apartment next door

Gail was 24, ( I was 41 ) when this took place. As her 2nd floor neighbor I would help when the car she had didn't start, T.V. went on the blink , washer stopped working, etc.

She had a nice job as a bookkeeper and very steady hours. She was 5'10", slim and nice looking, she did not date a lot.

She was waiting for me at my front door, seemed the doors were locked and she needed the spare key she kept at my place in a secure lock box.

After she opened the front door, she said I should come over for some pasta and a salad in a hour.

We had eaten on the main balcony a few times ... Continue»
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I'm a CockHero!

I've just discovered the best video game ever. It's kinda like GuitarHero... only different. It's called CockHero... it's a video game for your wiener and it's awesome! Has anyone else played it? I'm addicted. It's not actually a video game... it's porn.

The game is simple enough. Each game (usually around an hour) is made up of several shorter rounds... the rounds are sexy music videos set to a thumping, good stroking beat. The early rounds usually start slow... a pretty girl or two... dressed sexy... dancing to a slow steady beat... maybe one beat per second. Your assignment... should you... Continue»
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Summoned by Miss Adams for the Cane

I had just avoided a slippering from the green track-suited, stocky and powerfully built, sandy complexioned, Mister Butcher the P.E. teacher, when the internal phone buzzed...

October 1973: I was just eighteen years of age and my name, Jules Black.

'Butch', as he was more commonly known, marched over and with barely concealed irritation, picked up the receiver.

‘Sports hall, Mister Butcher speaking... yes, he is... right you are!’

The sports master turned and then barked at me in his strong Yorkshire accent: ‘Black! Get yourself down the Headmaster's office - pronto!’

I felt mo... Continue»
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There was a hot thirty-year old guy in the library washroom yesterday. He saw me looking across at his cock. He looked at me and smiled. He was done pissing but continued to shake and stroke his cock. He was soon erect and proceeded to jerk off. I watched as cum spurted out into the urinal.
Last night, I had a dream about him. What if:
I saw him again one afternoon at the mall. He walks up to me and says, "Remember me?"
"For sure", I answer and give him a big shit-eating grin.
"Do you have time to play around a little?"
"Actually I do. My wife is out visiting today. I have a couple of h... Continue»
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6 dicas para ela atingir o ORGASMO

No auge da paixão na cama, ela curva as costas e solta um gemido gritando que ecoa pelo quarto inteiro. As mãos dela estão apertando suas costas, mas o que você consegue sentir somente são as apertadas e súbitas contrações musculares dela, enquanto ela se perde em meio ao prazer.
Logo após, ela sussurra no seu ouvido “Wow, isso foi incrível…”.
Mesmo que isso pareça mais um sonho do que a realidade neste momento, existem alguns “botões mágicos” que você pode apertar para fazer sua parceira atingir o orgasmo. Se você quer ser esse cara, e que sabe que todas as amigas dela têm conhecimento dest... Continue»
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Meena My Landlord’s Daugther’s Friend

This is story how me and my landlord’s daughter’s friend meena for intimate with each other.

Leaving hostels to live in a rented room giving an excuse that studies are disturbed in hostel atmosphere can sound silly. Though true enough, but living in town is damn expensive. Well, all my regrets vanished when I came to the place I rented. It was a fine room on 1st floor of a bungalow.

Just a room with a vast terrace, plus the house itself is at one end of the town. May be that is why I could get the room on rent, in this ol
... Continue»
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Phoning a Stranger to Masturbate With

'From small acorns, grow large Oaks', or how about, 'Sowing seeds of despair'.

Sounds like an opening line from 'Gardeners World', but there is an earthiness about this problem I have had since my c***dhood, and it is mired with sex.

'Self abuse', my old priest once said during a confession, 'You were the man in my dream Father', that small statement from a girl of eight, spoke volumes of the woman about to emerge from her first decade on this earth, I had confessed about my masturbatory habits to a supposedly celibate man, not that I was truly 'Dipping my Fingers' or 'Polishing my Pearl... Continue»
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Self Cock Teasing

You need a random element to kind of simulate having an external teaser there. Maybe you can work out something with turning on the TV and only allowing yourself to stroke when a woman is onscreen or something. If not, I'll lay out the way to do it with the computer.

Download a whole bunch of sexy images.
Run a program that will display them in a random order.
Set the program to display each random picture for 10 seconds.
Before you start, make up a rule about what you get to do for each type of picture, depending on what types of photos you've got.

Maybe you only get to stroke (ful... Continue»
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