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As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies - you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!

Remember when AOL was ‘the’ ISP? Remember the chat rooms they used to have? Remember IM’ing?

I hooked up with a lady called Ruth. After some sexy chatting back and forth we met up for a bit of actual, rather than virtual, interaction.

We explored each other and ha... Continue»
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Make me Love DICK

It's crazy how I enjoy talking to guys that think woman only belong with men and how....let me explain better.

I was on my way to the gym. I take the bus I like to look at how i'm dressed for the gym make guys stare at me. I dress kind of sexy for the gym. Very tight work out pants and a top that is slightly too small but its perfect for me. I wear heals not sneakers until I get to the gym. I know what i'm doing to the guys. I enjoy getting a rise out of them. Let them fantasize about my body. Maybe it will help them have a great day. Or when they get home give their woman a good fu... Continue»
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New Neighborhood New Lifestyle: Part 1

Jack and Sarah are in their mid 30s and have been married for 4 years. Sarah is a cute brunette with long hair, shes 5'8" with a gorgeous curvy frame, plump tits and ass. Jack an average sized 5'9" white guy. They're moving in a couple months from a predominantly white upper-class town in rural Indiana to Detriot for Jacks new job and Sarah being really picky is taking care of finding their new home. They've always had an ok sex life, nothing really exciting just a quick blowjob to missionary, maybe doggy to Jack ending in a condom or pulling out and finishing on her stomach. Sarah didn't like... Continue»
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Precum Bubbles

Can I have another PRECUM LOLLY, Daddy? Please? I’ll be a good. I’ll kiss it on the lips to get him BIG AND STRONG, so his BULGING VEINS are Throbbing and sticking out like a 3D ROAD MAP. I’ll lick up and down every road going up and down those Big Hills until I get to my REST STOP at the TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, where the CLEAR LAVA Cums out of that DEEP HOLE going down to the Center of the Earth. I’ll rub my tiny warm wet tongue on that hole as far as the tip will reach so I can taste it every time it climbs up to the surface. Sure, Sport. MMmmm Daddy It tastes so GOOD. Whoah! there is so... Continue»
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A little Fun for both of us

A couple weeks after I got back from my trip I was working late on Friday night. I was sitting there working when the phone rang, when I answered it,it was my wife. She had called to see what time I would be home, I told her I wasn't sure and she asked if I minded if she went out with cindy for awhile. I told her no go ahead and have a good time but told her not to get too nasty. She laughed and said why not, then said she wouldn't she would wait till I was around so I could show off for the two of them. We talked about having fun and she started telling me what she would like me to do fo... Continue»
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My best exhibitionism (real event):
When I arrive at the edge of the woods I start first to check around so no one is around, I start to take my clothes off and starts to put on my sexy lingerie(Long fishnet lingerie, fishnet stockings, open panties), lipstick, wig and my dildo(32cm X 20cm). I inserted my dildo hard in my ass and using my panties to hold the dildo in place, so it does not fall out. I look quickly around one last time so I'm sure that no one is around, I leaved my regular clothes in a bag and leaved it in a ditch and throw some leaves over it so no one can find them. I'm star... Continue»
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One pleasant afternoon a beautiful yet sexy woman was walking down the trail tthrough the woods.Heading to her relatives cottage few acres away from her home.To pay a visit.Whom she haven't seen for ages.Her name is Isabel.She is very pretty at 27,smart and most of all sexy.With her stature,no one would think she is still a virgin. Isabel paused for a while,taking her time off admiring the beauty of nature. The blooms of the wildflowers.Gasping, she touched the blooms and eagerly nudged her nose to them enjoying their refreshing smell,even in the mid afternoon.She paused,and contin
... Continue»
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One pleasant afternoon a beautiful yet sexy woman was walking down the trail near the in the woods.Heading to her relatives few acres away from her home.To pay a visit.Whom she hasn't meet for ages.Her name is Isabel.She is very pretty at 27,smart and most of all sexy.With her stature,no one would think she is still a virgin. Isabel paused for a while,taking her time off admiring the beauty of nature. The blooms of the wildflowers.Gasping, she touched the blooms and eagerly nudged her nose to them enjoying their refreshing smell,even in the mid afternoon.
From the oth
... Continue»
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Episode 45 - Jenny on the Farm

Manchester Airport
The usual interminable wait in the baggage pickup area, Jenny standing, waiting, looking for some talent, miles away day-dreaming of her Great Dane Toby – all that lovely cock stretching her wide.

A hand on her side, a cock pressing into her backside: “Hope you liked the Tribute, Babe”.
Jenny melted into the black Co-pilot’s arms – he had cum all over her tits, in First Class, while she was asl**p – now she wanted him properly: “Don’t tell anyone” he whispered in her ear “I sent our photo to a mate in Security, and he wants you too. See you soon” and he was gone... Continue»
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Funny experiences

Here you are some of the funniest moments related to sex I've had :)

The first happened a lot of time ago, I was just 17, still a virgin (for a few months) and a porn addict. Yet. My parents went out shopping on a Saturday afternoon so I was alone at home. What can a 17 yo do with a free house? He may either call some friends or watch porn. I watched porn. It was a hot and sunny afternoon in a small town in Southern Italy, and nothing should happen in such a day. At 4 pm I turn on my PC, downloaded a couple of midsized movies (one starring Briana Banks, the other Priya Rai) and decided to h... Continue»
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We were having the basement painted all the furniture had to removed to the garage. The furniture was wicker style pit group and about 18 pieces not heavy but a bit awkward to carry up stairs and out the door to the garage. With the tables and wicker units it took all afternoon into early evening. Everything was set up in the first bay as a joke we set it like it belonged there into almost a living room. One of the guys who helped stayed and had supper with us and later my girlfriend came over as he and I were sitting in the garage watching the night fall. A bit of the light from the old candl... Continue»
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It was less than ten minutes after we drove away together from our rented wedding reception hall that my almost 23 year older than me and brand new bride Bobbie shocked me with the following. "I've known all along about your Secret Little Queer Thursday afternoon Suck visits to the Gay Costal Cruising Park in Portsmouth honey." " In fact except for your nice f****y business position and Daddies future inheritence, its the main reason why I decided to marry you!"

So sitting and driving in mostly stunned silence during our two hour drive to our reserved plush Catskills honeymoon resort... Continue»
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My Latina Houekeeper

I am a sales man for a large auto part chain and travel around the country selling parts to local car dealerships. I usually leave Sunday night and come home on Friday after 6pm from the airport. My wife works as a principle of a elementary school on the other side of town. Her f****y lives in the area and her s****r comes over and keeps her company. We met in college and she fell in love with me. She was cute but her boobs were only a size 34B and I always tried to get her to get a boob job to make them bigger. She always told me to be have and it had been almost a year since I brought it up.... Continue»
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The Challenge Part 3

The call back

It was a normal Monday as far as work. Nothing eventful and 5 o'clock didn't come soon enough. Nothing fun happened over the weekend so I was looking to find something fun to do. As I was contemplating what, I suddenly remembered my new buddy Jeff from the restaurant the other night. Maybe it was time to see if that invite was open. I grabbed my cell and called Tim. Tim unfortunately had a dinner to attend and couldn't participate tonight however he gave me the number and told me to go for it and report back to him when I got back home this evening. I got off the phone wi... Continue»
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My step-s****r and I had a strange relationship, growing up.

Well, not strange, per se, but definitely on the "taboo" side of things,
according to religio-societal structuring.

Siblings, whether by bl**d or their parents' marriage, should never
engage in any form of sexual relationships with one another. Never. It's
wrong. It's sinful.

Yeah, right. Like we should all just blindly abide by the decree of
some decrepit old men wearing cassocks.

Oh, but it's sinful. It's perverted. You'll go to hell!

This coming from men who have allegedly sworn off any f... Continue»
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Opening Pandora's Box - Chapter One

Would you love me if I told you?


I carry secrets.
A life-journey's tale that has only till now, never been spoken of.


There is a serial killer on the loose.

He has targeted ladies of the night. Dumping the bodies in plain sight, mutilated, for all to see.
No one has been able to catch him.
Six woman have been found till now. The police speculate that there is more than one killer.

My phone wakes me from my slumber.
It's Casandra. She is asking for a tip off. I would never do that, for it will taint my reputation.
Casandra is a very young girl, pretty and inn... Continue»
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Plump and Plumer

So I was out one night drinking with some friends when I was invited to a house party, I figured hell yea I would go seeing as at the time I was only twenty and there was supposed to be a load of girls my age. Well that turned out to be total crap as when I got to this amazing house party it was a cock fest, all men and maybe a few girls all of which were with there boyfriends. It was a really lame ass party the type where they didnt want you to be d***k and they all shared a bowl of chips. I figured I would just leave but my friends wanted to stay as they were talking crap and seemed to be ha... Continue»
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Testing Limits

Matt and I sat on his sofa with our legs locked and the soft flicker of the TV illuminating the room. I wasn’t really paying attention to what was on the screen in front; I was more so lost in my own thoughts, which consisted of what seemed like everything and nothing. The blanket covering my legs was warm and I welcomed Matt’s body on top of mine as he leant over to kiss me with lips so wet and soft.

“Are you tired?” he spoke against my lips; smirking as I shook my head. I could tell that he was restless from the agitated caress of his hands running over my thighs and up the sides of my bo... Continue»
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He Approached Me on the Subway (Pt 2)

Since I had met that horny ol' man on the subway, I had been back to his apartment several times to whack off for him. What I thought would be just a one time thing had become an obsession, as I would go over to his apartment, strip naked and slowly stroke my cock in his face as he watched. For him, it was a dream to have this hot young thing do this for him, and for me, it was just fucking hot to know how bad this ol' man wanted to fuck me and taunt him with by oiled up body and my throbbing cock. Then one day, as I went over to his apartment, I was surprised to find that he had a friend o... Continue»
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older maif obsesion { true story }

when I was a young lad I developed an interest in shall we say the more mature woman.Sure I had the odd kiss and cuddle behind the bike shed with girls of my own age, but as time went by I got more and more interested in bbw type women.I still lived at home and liked to kick a ball about in the garden/ the fences in between the properties were very low and often the ball would end up over the fence at the bottom of the garden, I had seen the lady who lived there a few times and had the occasional smile. On this day the ball went over and broke a window in her greenhouse. I had to go to her f... Continue»
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