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my insatiable cravings for cock part 2

After leaving Harvey's house, i went to my favorite sex shop that had tons of movie cubicles in the back. There has been many times that i have watched moves and masterbated while an eye was glued to the glory hole in the side wall. Iwas never a dissappointment as i would always completely strip before playing. Tonight would be different as i had set my mind on an anything goes night I got my rolls of quarters and made my way to the back where the boothes were. As usual there were plenty of men just hanging around. Imade eye contact with all i passed and entered a booth that i knew had glory h... Continue»
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College Stories 3

Annie and I decided to meet up later that night after dinner and hit a movie. As I went though the line at dinner, I could see her working in back of the cafeteria. She had to wear the most unflattering outfits in the cooking area with a hair net holding up her long straight blonde hair. It normally hung to just about the arch in her back. Even with the crummy outfit on, I was growing hard staring at her. She started laughing as she saw me gawking and people passing me up in line...
I couldn't wait for later. As the rest of the guys headed up I stopped outside the caf's side door. I op... Continue»
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I watched them fucking and felt an urge

I was on the beach last Sunday with a large group of friends. We sunbathed for a couple of hours, swam to cool off, then I went for a walk on my own.

I ventured up onto the edge of the beach where it was a lot quieter and down a few dunes, enjoying the peace and quiet. I stopped and looked back to where I head came from and saw I had walked a lot further than I realized, so I decided to head back.

I started to walk when I heard what sounded like a woman's moan drift from a clump of reeds and bushes off to my left. Curiosity got the better off me so I ventured down the embankment and made... Continue»
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My first experience... Accidental Flashing

When I was 18, I was riding my motorcycle around on the trails and stopped for a smoke. I pulled out a cigarette, lit it and puffed away. I was leaning against my bike, and it was nice outside, I was in the middle of a small clearing in the woods, all alone. So I whipped out my 8" cock and dropped my pants completely, stepping out of them (no underwear, of course). I strolled around slowly, looking around to make sure nobody was around, listening to the sounds of cars passing by the road, about 15 yards away. I finally got into a stride and decided to get serious, so I went back to my bike, dr... Continue»
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I have your arms secured to the headboard with leather cuffs. You are shirtless and barefoot, wearing only a tight pair of jeans. I begin by lightly stroking your face, tracing your jawline, down the side of your neck, feeling your pulse. My hand ventures down past your clavicle, exploring your chest, and further down your side. All the way until I reach the waist of your jeans, where I stop. I begin again, on the other side, savoring the texture of your skin, running my fingers through your hair as my hand travels. I feel the beating of your heart as my hand rests over it. Your breathing beco... Continue»
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Soy su sirvienta preferida...

Tengo 20 años soy delgado Moreno claro, mido 1.66 y tengo un culito hermoso. Desde los 12 años me ah gustado vestirme de mujercita, me encantan los vestidos, amo las minifaldas, me encaña ver mi culito con tanga o cuando me pongo lencería eso me prende mucho, me gustan mucho las blusas color rosa y el labial rojo me queda muy bien.

Llevaba una vida normal como cualquier chico de mi edad hasta que conocí a Alberto, el era un hombre de 35 años vivía al lado de mi casa, quedo viudo 3 años atrás. Mis padres salieron de vacaciones en verano y yo me quede en casa por cosas de la escuela pero cad... Continue»
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Usada y humillada regalando a mi novia, pero fel&i

voy a narrar lo que sucedió una noche, con la ayuda de mi amigo juan carlos, así perdí a mi novia pero gané un novio. Exitante para mi todo esto que sucedió, espero les guste mi historia.

Bueno, siempre he tenido mis momentos en la vida, y el ponerme ropa de chica en casa es cosa que desde niño hacía, soy un chavo normal pero que varias veces a la semana siente esa necesidad de sentirse femenina, libre, y pues he salido por las noches vestido con pantalones de mezclilla de mujer pegaditos, sandalias y digamos que muy "putito" me gusta como me veo ya que soy delgado, de cara chica y mido 1.6... Continue»
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Only Time I Was Caught Masturbating, Ever

This is an account of the one and only time I was caught masturbating.
I was 15 and it was the summer between 10th and 11th grade.
My best friend at that time, Jeff, were in school bands together and inseparable running mates for several years. We both had paper-routes, loved riding our bikes - all the typical stuff youngsters do at that age.
His f****y lived near mine so we'd do overnights at each other's house fairly often. His dad flew for the Air f***e and would be gone quite a bit but his mom and 2 s****rs were always around Matter of fact, sometime after this event happened I started ... Continue»
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hot commute home

6.15 ish Saturday last weekend.

Already melting from the beautiful weather, I boarded a hot, sticky and obviously packed train home from work. After embarrassingly navigating over to the back of the unstable carriage, I find a spot wedged against the small perch seat by the secondary doors.

Arriving at the next stop seeing the expected swarm of people waiting to get on the train was daunting. I put away my phone as the doors open and the train fills. It immediately becomes more comfortable to face the window with my back against the hoard of people

The train takes off again. Still w... Continue»
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Chat between two mature bi men

That was three days ago, I had watched some videos on hamster, I was excited like a flea. I really needed to shoot my load. So I chose a sixty years old man in the list of connected and I contacted him

Me: Hello, want to chat?
Him hi, ok
Me: I'm bi, married
Him same for me
Me: hmmm I want to turn myself on with you
Him hummmm
Me: I have been stroking myself for a while ... I'm starting to get wet
Him hummmm, are you well hung ?
Me: normal, 15 cm
Me: I'm in underwear
Him: naked and me 11x4
Me: hmmm your wife is not there?
Him: no, she went to work
Me: cool
Him and you
Me: she... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock

When i was in my 20's i was living in SF and got into the d**g scene. Coke made me so horny with no care on how i got off. First of all, i am a slim asian male with no body hair. I am bi and not too picky when it comes to sex. The stranger the better!.
I always go to my friend Harvey's house to do some coke. My usual habit is to do some lines have a few drinks and then head to the bathroom with a stack of porn. Ialways tale off my shoe laces and bind my cock and balls really tight and then tie the lace to the door handle tightly. Ilove the pain and when i am high i go much tighter.
Tonight w... Continue»
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Adult Theater Bukkake

I work up the other day feeling extremely horny and decided to wear some lingerie under my conservative work clothes. I choose a black outfit which consisted of a garter belt, stockings and a shelf bra and off to work I went. That mood stuck with me most of the day and on several occasions I hiked up my dress and played with my pussy in my office. I had been chatting with one of my Hamster friends and I suggested that I drive home with out my dress on and hoping others could see my in only my lingerie. He suggested that perhaps I should pay a visit to the Adult Theater which I thought was ... Continue»
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Episode 51 - HUMANS

HUMANS is a British-American TV series currently airing on AMC and in the UK Channel4, where humanoid robots called Synths are being bought as home helps, but increasingly becoming indistinguishable from humans. I have only watched episodes 1-4, so have to anticipate some of the plot lines. In episode 3 we see the gorgeous female Synth Anita standing in front of a speeding car to save Toby from being knocked off his cycle. She undresses in the garage so that Joe can assess the damage to her skin, but he seems incapable of seeing her as a sex object. Elsewhere a male Synth ... Continue»
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big nick and the old smoking woman 2

I had not seen the older woman for about 4 years I was Woking around the shop i Woking past one of those sexy bra and under shop and I could see this hot older woman then I said it her she turn around and said I well just be a couple minutes I said ok so she come over said do you won't to get same thing to eat I said yes so we went and talk I was hard she said we should have fun again I said ok she said I can show you what I buy from the shop she said her my new house is I said i would came around later so I went home thinking about her smoking and how much fun we had last time so I went to he... Continue»
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Chapter 3 - Cotton Candy


Hee hee hee! Baby we're only just getting acquainted!


I thought I just did?


Ha ha Haa!... I LOVE YOU, BABY!

I thought... you said.... we were just... getting acquainted?

Well, is it working?


. . <much more heavy breathing> . .

So... You were a pervert right from the beginning, huh!

Well it's kinda hard NOT to be when ya got tits AND a cock! Back when I first started showing my femininity I was my own wet dream. All I had to do was look at myself ... Continue»
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How I got a serious one piece swimsuit fetish. (pa

When I was in junior high, I would get home about an hour before my mom got back from her part time job. This gave me plenty of time to masturbate on my parents bed. This was in no way a fetish or fantasy of mine, they just had a way softer bed than I did and better yet, their door had a lock. I just locked the door, got naked, laid back and waxed the dolphin until I came on my stomach. Our house had those locks that don't have a real key, just a piece of wire you put through the keyhole and push a button inside the doorknob, so I was worried about intruders. My parents kept the little wi... Continue»
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My First b**st

Written by my cousin.
It was 9:30 am, and I had to go home to get some papers I’d left there. I entered quietly, because I didn’t want to wake Scott. Exactly why I didn’t want to wake him was a mystery to me: we had been dating for several months, and he’d moved in with me a couple of months back. He had been looking for a job since I’d known him (except for a short-term stint helping a friend out with his yard business), but he didn’t rise early enough to find one, it seemed to me. He assured me that these days, everything is done online, and he was really busting his ass to find work, but i... Continue»
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College Sotries 2

I called Annie later that day. When she answered she sounded out of breath. She said she just go out of the shower and ran to catch the phone. She also mentioned she was standing there completely naked. I said she was probably wearing a towel or robe or something, she said no she dropped it when she turned the corner. Then she said, I'll prove it! I laughed and said how, keep in mind these were the days prior to cellular phones and selfies... She said look out your window. "Can you see me?" she asked. I'm like no, where am I supposed to be looking. She said count the windows on the d... Continue»
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Episode 50: BJ and the Gynaecologist

Jenny dropped Baby Jane off at school on Monday morning after their fabulous weekend of sex, sex and more sex. Jenny had watched her lover Rob repeatedly making her gorgeous black daughter BJ cum with his fingers, lips, tongue and finally cock. BJ had so much sperm inside her; it would be a miracle not to get pregnant. Jenny had given birth to BJ at the age of thirteen and hoped that her daughter could at least finish school before having her own fam1ly.

So first thing on Monday Jenny rings her gynaecologist to make an appointment to get Baby Jane onto the pill.

Jenny and BJ arrive, ner... Continue»
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Another Uncle Niece Fuck

A Little f****y Secret

'I Wish to be a fly on the wall'.

A well known expression, especially if he was the fly on my wall, my bedroom wall to be more precise, every uncles dream, watching his niece discover sex.

I was a good girl, I felt his hard cock when I was 10, during a f****y get-together at the Summerhouse. I was lying on a sofa like seat reading, when he came over, reeking of booze, lent over me, and pulled my hand onto it.

I had mixed reactions, but loved the feel of it, big, strong, warm, and soft, and when he covered my hand and made me move up and down the... Continue»
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