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Cant sl**p?

'You ok babe?' he asks,still half away in his dream. From the morning glory I feel teasing my back and the way he places his mouth on my neck, I hope he's dreaming of waking up and sliding his cock inside me. I want to feel better, I want to be put back asl**p for awhile so I can sl**p this off. He has what I need.

'I'm feeling a little sick baby, I'm gonna sl**p it of but I can't sl**p right now'. 'Oh' he teases nuzzling his mouth into the point where my spine begins at the top of my back, planting soft gentle kisses on my skin. 'And why is that?' He bear hugs me and turns me around so we ... Continue»
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Used Sissy

I was now a fully fledged Crossdressing Sissy Slut even though still only in my teens I needed and craved cock..........any cock as long as it was loaded with spunk for me to swallow. I had been sucking cock at various toilets around my town and had met some really kinky bastards in my time but John was way ahead in his kinky ideas. He was a mature respectable male in his late 50's a white collar worker with a nice property in the country.....he was married and had 3 k**s so to any one taking a casual interest would think him a normal man.
I met him in some toilets and sucked him off on my kn... Continue»
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Adam and Bre go to Miami!

Adam and Bre Visit Miami

1. Airport
Florida is beautiful. Everything there is lush and healthy. The sweet ocean breeze cools your skin from the sultry heat, the smell of the ocean enticing. Miami...the most sexual city in 'Murika...a beautiful (and dirty) place.
Adam and Bre arrive at the Miami international airport just after 2 in the afternoon. It had been a long flight, 2 layovers and a 5 hour delay. They were tired, angry, and dirty. Adam is hungry so they stop at a Cuban joint for food before getting a taxi to the hotel. During the meal nothing is said between them, mostly just irri... Continue»
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Enounter with my Moms boyfriend

I was twenty three when I ended up moving back home with my Mom after a horrific split with my fiancé. I'd been with him since High School, and months before our wedding everything began to fall apart.
Moving back home wasn't an ideal solution, reason being my Mom had recently moved in with her new boyfriend, but it was the best thing I could do in that situation. At least my old bedroom had been left untouched since I moved out. My bed, old dresser, pictures on the wall... everything was still where I'd left it. With some sense of familiarity, this transitional period in my life wasn't quit... Continue»
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The only white cock I have touched - wanking off m

Hi there

This is a true experience that happened a little over 20 years ago when I was 16. The reason for writing the story is that a few xhamster friends have asked me if I've ever been with a white guy or had the pleasure of a white cock. Well, I have but only once!

So, a little bit about me. I'm an Indian woman in my mid (OK, late) 30's. I am married and have a couple of k**s. I'm a little bit overweight and my hubby calls me curvy but I think he's just being nice. I am a size 12 on a good day or a 14 the rest of the time! I'm about 5' 6" and have long black hair. I have a big round b... Continue»
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The Stock Take

I was working my way through college in a sandwich shop at a shopping centre.

One Sunday morning the manager asked me to go into the stock room in the basement and to count the non-perishables. Having spent about an hour in there I heard the voice of one of my female colleagues, Gemma. She was calling my name and came in to offer some help with the counting. I had done majority of the things on the list when she came in. Gemma was the most attractive of my colleagues always well turned out, immaculate hair and make up that accentuated her facial features perfectly, and despite the unflatte... Continue»
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3D Printing for Pleasure

3D Printing for Pleasure by [user]sexcadpro [/user]

I am old enough to remember when the VCR ushered in a golden age of pornography. 3D printers may be starting a golden age of sex toys. 3D printers can create custom sized or engraved toys in the privacy of your own home (or local library, hackerspace, or service provider). Regardless of your exact fetish, there are a three steps you follow each time you create your own 3D printed sex toy.

Step 1: 3D Model

Every 3D print starts with a 3D model. You can create your own 3D model if you have CAD software like A... Continue»
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Two years ago I was working for an advertising agency. I had been an executive for several years when Miranda was hired. She was very bubbly, perky, voluptuous 23 year old. I have always had a weakness for curvy women. Miranda was a temp hire, she was filling a position by another woman who was one maternity leave. Soon after she started working there, several young men tried to woo her. On occasion I would use my dry sarcastic humor to scare away Miranda's would be suitors.
Miranda assisted me with monitoring the frequency and time of when our advertising ads aired. We met daily at 4:30pm d... Continue»
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More glory hole fun

I write this with the taste of fresh cum still on my tongue. I had not been to visit a glory hole since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This would turn out to be a great day at the glory hole in Salem. I got there about 3:30 in the afternoon. Once I got in the booth I fed the machine my money and selected an appropriate movie. This one happened to be from their vintage collection. I watched and stroked for several minutes until someone entered the next booth. I looked through the hole as this guy unzipped and lowered his pants. He started stroking. I watched for just a few minutes as h... Continue»
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The Interview

The teenage girl was past caring who or what got her off provided the ogasmic torture stopped soon she had no way of knowing how long she had been kept in this state by the two, no three people using her body.

“Fuuuckkk” she howled as a cock or was it a dildo roughly slammed inside her tiny soaked pussy , “ homy god, homy god, homy god.” she breathlessly panted in time with the thrusts of her a****listic lover. It was him she realised as his spunk emptied inside her it meant,

The thought was never finished as she cried out with her own release before passing out in bliss. She never felt... Continue»
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A night to remember

Well my husband and I decided to get a sitter for our k**s and we go have us adult time. Well my friend and I have been out and got our nails and pedicure done early that day. While we setting and getting our nails and stuff done we was talking about my husband and my date night. Well first of all let me just say she is married too but her husband is locked up. I started feeling bad talking about the night my hubby and me going to have since her man is locked up. So I decided what the hell I invite her along my hubby won't mind since we role play about her sometimes. So I called my hubby up an... Continue»
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masquerade party



Carry was driving along when suddenly her car spluttered to a stop. “No, no, no!” she shouted banging the steering wheel. “you stupid piece of crap!” it was absolutely horrific weather outside but thankfully there was a big house just opposite to where she broke down. She hoped they’d lend her a phone as she left hers at her s****r’s ... Continue»
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Educating Ariel

Educating Ariel, a story by Ariana! - My actual name :)

“Ariel”, I whispered as I came to sit next to you on your bed, you were taking a nap and looked up at me and smiled. I remember that smile, it was the same one you’ve given me the previous few weeks when we sat next to each other in math class. I didn’t pay much attention then but I can now remember how you moved your leg under the desk so that it would touch mine, your summer dress revealing your gorgeous leg up to mid thigh level - I made as if nothing happened but it sparked a whole new feeling deep inside of me….and a... Continue»
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My Life Stories: Gym Nite

I just wrapped a towel around my waist and took one step towards the gym showers when someone asked, "hey, do you know if they have soap and shampoo in the showers or do I need to bring my own?" Turning around to see who was talking to me, I was greeted by a middle aged man who, aside from the towel around his neck, was totally naked. "Hi, I'm Sam, I just joined this gym tonight and wasn't sure." I reached out to shake his hand and I felt his eyes ripping my towel off me. Before looking at my face and smiling, his eyes went up-and-down my body at least twice. He shook my hand firmly and held... Continue»
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Craigs list ad

I was looking at crags-list one day in the MwM section in a city
near me, and saw a local ad for a husband and wife looking for a
older fellow for an afternoon of fun. Right up my alley.
I made a e-mail contact and received a reply the next day.
Older couple looking far a like minded guy for an interlude.
As I drove up to the house, nice house in nice suburban neighborhood.
Ringing the bell was answered by a nice looking guy about my age.
He invited me in and said his wife was in the bathroom, would I like something to drink, I told him an ice tea would be great. He came back from th... Continue»
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New Balls Please

It's a hot day and I'm wearing only my boxers. Warm thoughts fill my mind as my cock head chaffs lightly on the cotton material. There's tennis on the TV and I watch extremely fit young women sweat, yelp and groan whilst arching their fit bodies. Occasionally the camera lingers a little too long and a teasing glimpse of lycra clad arse or, better yet, pussy mound flashes onto the screen before an overly precious producer changes camera. I feel my cock thickening and I know what will have to happen. I drink in images of tightly held boobs that still bounce with the effort of play. I note the ri... Continue»
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tale of sex of another feather lead by the same fe

It is funny how sex can just pop up in our heads. Sometimes its a simple suggestion, or a look from a person. Each time it tempts us to go for the gold...and be sexual a****ls. I side on the shy side with sex, more so in that I don't push for it like I want part from bad experiences. Recently I was friends, and my wife at a bar. At this bar was more then drinks, it was people singing, which is funny in its self. One friend, named Pat had wandered away, soon to come back with a friend. Stood before me was a tall black built dude named Omar, a cousin of Pat. My wife blushed at the size o... Continue»
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A little Cheri on top!

The night started like a Death Metal Video. Cannibal Corpse blasting out of the speakers at full volume. The lyrics are dark and sinister. The lead singers voice is strained and demonic. The thunderous chords of the guitar and bass are slamming me like a sledge hammer. My ears are hurting but I don't care because I feel alive. This is what fun is suppose to be like. I drop all of my pretenses and prejudgements because tonight I re-invent the lost boy in me.

The car pulls to a stop in front of small, college town bar called "Eruption". The music is still blasting from the car speakers as we... Continue»
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My Unplanned Foray Into Lesbo World

I am Vaishali (Lovingly called “Vaishoo) and am writing on one of the deepest secrets held within me. Sometime back, I was unsuspectingly drawn into a scandalous Lesbian affair with my office colleagues. I was quite scared in the beginning, but finally things got so hot that I gave in to the moment.

I had gone to Digha with my colleagues on an Annual Picnic. Digha is a beach resort near Kolkata in India. Initially, I was reluctant to go because I was recently betrothed to my engineer fiancee & the wedding date was drawing near. Upon strong persuasion by all friends & colleagues, I agree... Continue»
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Popper Immersion Tank

“A Guild Navigator is a fictional humanoid in the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert. In this series, starships called heighliners employ a scientific phenomenon known as the Holtzman effect to "fold space" and thereby travel great distances across the universe instantaneously. Navigators are able to use a limited form of prescience to safely navigate interstellar space. To enable their prescience, Guild Navigators consume large quantities of the spice known as Melange which is found only on the planet Dune. The Navigators are continuously immersed in large tanks of highly concentrated a... Continue»
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