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Roommate Part 2

Jess didn't see her boyfriend for five days.

The last time they had been together, Kyle had been recovering from a bad hangover. He had gotten caught up in an impromptu party thrown by his neighbor Ian and wound up in a bad way. Ian was an asshole—he was always staring at Jess and mistreating Kyle. Jess went to Ian to get him to lay off. That's where things started to go bad.

Ian was in many ways Kyle's superior. Where Kyle was pale and pudgy, Ian was tanned and muscular. Kyle, on his best day, was still a short unremarkable man. But Ian was tall and handsome, lean and athletic. Jess alw... Continue»
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dad i have a question

“Dad, I Have a Question.”

This is the story of a man and his curious teenage daughter, and his efforts to answer her questions about human sexual arousal and response. Although he attempts to explain things to her, she prefers a “hands-on” approach to learning.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Dad?” my daughter asked, as she handed my car keys back to me.

“What, sweetie?”

“Can I ask you a question?”


“It's kind of embarrassing,” she said.

“Jamie, you know you can ask me anything. What do you want to know?”

“I asked my friends Melody and Kiersten, and they just laughed at ... Continue»
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Uncle Joe slept in my room

Sex stories or stories about sex are meant to excite and titillate, usually other men who read and substitute themselves into the story, and take their turn with the author, namely me, Mariel, a women in her prime of life, a woman who knows what it is she wants from life and men, married, but still slave to the excitement sex brings, knowing men crave to lie between your legs and enter your slit and feel your inner warmth close around their cock as they push in as far as their length can take them, and feel my response, as I symptomatically hump their cocks for my own pleasure, my utterances i... Continue»
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College Sexual Health Teacher, my first experience

I have only had sex with a few women older than 50... only 2 actually. But that was more than a decade ago when I was a freshman in college. They surprised me because both were really into sex, a hobby actually, even at that age. Some intercourse but mostly wanted to suck my cock and watch me masturbate for them then have me make them cum with their favorite toy after they got hot. Changed my mind completely about age and sex.

First was actually my teacher in Human Sexual Health class. She seemed very sexual herself, wearing light, low cut tops that made it easy to see her nipples t... Continue»
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Holiday fun with mum

I was on holiday with my parents, just to get away and relax. We was staying in a apartment in greece and mid way through the week I couldn't help but keep peeking at mum in her bikini. For her age at 54 she was still a fairly attractive women. Shes about 5ft 6 small brown hair, brown eyes, a little chubby, size 12 with a 34dd chest. We was mid way through the week and had got ourselves into a little routine, we'd go down the pool, have lunch, sunbathe more and then go for dinner. Dad wasn't a massive sunbather so it felt like it was just me and mum most of the time. I quite liked that as I co... Continue»
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Mother's Religious Affairs

My name is Teja people say I look a like the actress kavya madhavan and I am in quiet fair and slightly hairy on my hands and my stats are 34 30 36 ( during I was at my 20's). I am married with one k** and I was at my early 20s when this happen to me. Me and my hubby are happily married coupled after the first year of our marriage I gave birth to my son during that time we called up the local temple gurukal for our baby naming ceremony.

On that day I still remember it was around 11 am and the gurukal came to our house. He wa
... Continue»
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My fiancés birthday

It was the day of my fiancés birthday, it was her 42nd. She was really excited about this one as I had told her for weeks she was getting a double surprise. Through out the day I teased her what it could be, I sent her naughty messages to get her horny , she responded with pictures of her amazing breasts which were a natural 32DD and incredible ass that looked like it was off a model 20 years younger.

For dinner I cooked her favourite meal, lasagne , I wasn't a fan of it but I'd do anything to make her happy, it was around 8pm and she was on her second bottle of wine, I whipped out her birt... Continue»
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Three some in the van

My friend Mitch rang me up on a Saturday night, explaining that he had got back with his ex girlfriend Lucy , as you may be aware, I've mentioned Lucy in one of my previous stories. A quick recap- Mitch is about 5ft11 and well built , being my best friend and gym partner we do a lot together. Lucy was a size 6/8 really toned ass and size EE fake boobs.

Anyway as I was saying , Mitch rang me and told me the situation he was in, he wanted to give Lucy an amazing night, and she wanted to be treated like a slut. I had just the idea, I told Mitch to take her out in his van, go for a meal and a f... Continue»
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Mr. Texas

There was a knock on my door early that morning.
I glanced up from my bed and moved my fingers away from my glistening, begging pussy, waiting for another knock. Maybe they had the wrong address. The knock came again and I rose to my feet, letting my t-shirt d**** down and partially cover my nakedness. I went to the door and opened it a crack.
“Is this Ms. Em’s residence?” a voice asked. I saw a blue eye peer in at me. The accent was soft and sweet. Something from the south.
“Yes,” I answered again. I could feel the juices from my pussy dripping down my legs. I wanted to finish ... Continue»
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I am an Exhibitionist

Seriously...? Nobody responds to these stories on xhamster. I'm telling you now... Any story I will share here is true! I get no physical satisfaction by sharing fantasies.

Any story you see me post is completely true and it gets me off to know you've read it. But nothing is better than receiving your comments, good or bad. So I challenge you... Don't be a lurker... respond to shit you see on here!

My GF was friends with 2 strippers who liked to party. One was a tall brunette (we'll say named Cheyenne) with great big tits and a fine ass. She also had a confident sassiness. She w... Continue»
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French Vacation

Travelling with a well known airline it was a fairly long drive in our hire car to the appartment we were renting. Having arrived late Linda had ffered to do the breakfast run down to where ever the local shops were to pick up some essentials.

I must have been asl**p when she had left as I was awoekn by the smell of fresh coffee being served at the bedside. Linda was wearing a tiny tubedress and heels which made the occasion even more special. I thanked Linda for dressing up just for me. As Linda placed the coffee down she slipped her hand under the hem of the dress to take down her knicker... Continue»
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Ingrid in the cafe

   Ingrid's lips moved up and down on My shaft with such fragile want that it was amazing to watch. Her right hand was underneath her pussy with her right forefinger deep inside. The sound of her juices flowing matched the slurping suckles her mouth made on My Dick. I knew she was sucking Me off so she could feed but there was something more about this act of devotion, it was her way of getting off like she had grown up getting off. Ingrid stayed a virgin until she was married because she had an insatiable appetite for Dick and she never let that stop her. She didn't let the boys play with h... Continue»
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Vacation, What Could Go Wrong? Part 3

Their trip from the airport to the resort was uneventful. Ron had managed to not touch, rub, or think indecent thoughts, about Pam, Beth, or Amy for that matter. Even though he knew he was "allowed" to lust for Amy, given the propensity for his hair-trigger penis to fire to attention, he felt it best to avoid any distracting thoughts for the time being.

Their beach front resort was quite nice, with extensive grounds, pools, bars, etc. Their room, however, had been purchased with a budget in mind. It was a one-room efficiency unit. It was nice and clean, but not very big. The front room con... Continue»
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Rubbing my teacher's pussy with my foot under

Back during school in my Senior Year (Year), I had parent-teacher interviews at my school. Anyways, I was there waiting for the student before me to finish up with my psychology teacher (Alias: Mrs. San) but as I was waiting, I looked over at her and she was wearing a nice and beautiful short red dress. As I was staring at her, I noticed her legs were spread open a bit so I looked and as I was looking, I didn't only just see the sexy as thighs, I saw her nice clean shaved brown pussy. I continuously stared at her pussy for about 2 and a half minutes straight.

When my mother and I were ther... Continue»
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A shave and a suck (lesbian)

Connie Eubanks was feeling a little low that morning, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get into her job, and constantly had to remind herself to get back to work! Even while taking phone calls, her mind would wander and she had to ask several clients to repeat what they had just said because she wasn't paying any attention! At about 11:15 her phone rang and it was her best friend Millie calling to see if they could have lunch together. "Sure Mil," Connie replied, "why not, I'll meet you by the elevators in five minutes." When they hit the lobby Millie asked where Connie wanted to... Continue»
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Vacation, what Could go Wrong? part 2

Beth was quite pleased with herself as she admired her friend Pam in the lightweight sundress she had picked out for her at the airport boutique. Beth had wanted to show her appreciation for being invited on the trip, and had not let Pam talk her out of buying a new dress for each of them.

"You look fabulous." Beth had told Pam only minutes earlier.

She had used all her powers of persuasion to convince Pam the thin, cotton blend dress was not too revealing. The spaghetti strap style didn't lend itself to wearing a bra. Although Pam and Beth had both seen Amy and other young girls proud... Continue»
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Quite the Surprise at a booth....

True story... not gonna be a long one due to it being real so I hope the visual you guys will enjoy...

So I was working in the wonderful city of New York. This day I was sent on a different route. As I was doing what I had to do, which was delivering things, it was lunch time and that day I wanted to do something different for lunch. As I'm driving I notice an adult video store. There went my hormones!!!! I was like, "Eff it!!! I'm going in!!!!". I found parking and started walking to the store. I must admit I was nervous cause I didn't want to get in trouble by someone from work seeing me,... Continue»
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Quite the Surprise at a booth....

True story... not gonna be a long one due to it being real so I hope the visual you guys will enjoy...

So I was working in the wonderful city of New York. This day I was sent on a different route. As I was doing what I had to do, which was delivering things, it was lunch time and that day I wanted to do something different for lunch. As I'm driving I notice an adult video store. There went my hormones!!!! I was like, "Eff it!!! I'm going in!!!!". I found parking and started walking to the store. I must admit I was nervous cause I didn't want to get in trouble by someone from work seeing me,... Continue»
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My return to the ladies club

My return to the club.
I got a call from the store lady, asking if I could spend an evening with the girls from the club. She assured me I would like a large, enthusiastic audience, and would be grateful if I could perform, as before in both sessions, and there would be dinner included. Wow, could I believe my ears, dinner a good audience, two performances, too good to be true? “Yes” was my reply. And what time should I arrive? “We could have drinks, and introductions around 5 on Monday, if you can make it”. “See you the” was my reply.
I got off work as early as possible on Monday, and ... Continue»
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Uncle Charlie, Sam Ellis and the Barn

After my first double solo encounter with Uncle Charlie and Sam Ellis, it was not long before I was involved again with them. About a week later, Uncle Charlie asked me to help him again with some repairs to an old barn/cow shed which stood at the top of the marshes where Sam kept his young cattle during the summer months.

We had not been there long when Sam appeared. It was a hot day and he had brought some home made beer by way of refreshment - we went inside the barn, sat on some hay bales and each had a drink. The two of them were discussing the repairs and then suddenly Sam said "Have... Continue»
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