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1st Class Journey

I sat down heavily in my seat; I hated these days when I had to travel to the capital. Early start waiting on the station in the frosty morning, train usually late. Then a full day of meetings, idiots spouting forth their latest ideas, so called leaders vomiting out the latest management speak making no sense. Then this, the late evening train back home. I always used the 1st class "Quiet Zone" as it was less densely packed, the idiots couldn't stand more than 10 minutes without their phones so I often had the carriage to myself.

Tonight I was sat in my usual seat, a single seat next to th... Continue»
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The room is dark, all but for one soft light casting a warm hue over a bare bed. Two large armchairs are facing the bed, one on each far corner of the bed, maybe 3 or 4 feet away from the bed.

"What did I agree to?" you think to yourself as you are sitting in the chair. The chair is soft with cushioned arms and a high back. When I had asked you to come over because I wanted to show you something, you were surprised when I asked you if you wanted to play along, no questions asked. You looked at me and responded with a hesitant, "ok?"

You did as I had instructed and now you are sitting in ... Continue»
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Camping Trip

Five summers ago, I went camping with my cousin Ron and his friend James. We had a three bed camper, it was nice, it had a mini fridge and they brought a little propane grill. There was a T.V. as well, what more could you ask for. If we had to take a shower or use the bathroom, we had to walk to an area that had that. The camp was in the national park. We were going to stay a week or two. So this is how it went with the beds. There were three beds, one on each end of the camper and the 3rd one next to one of those ends. Ron and James slept on the ends and I had the bed next to Ron. The first n... Continue»
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The Weekly Shop

It’s a chore, but one that has to be done.

In the winter months, I always try and make it more interesting for me - and the other customers - by wearing skin-tight leggings and boots. Of course, I need to make sure I’ve got a really good tuck when I’m wearing them. If I’m careful, I can get quite a convincing camel-toe, and of course as I’m always wearing a thong, the fabric not only clings to my butt but disappears neatly between my cheeks.

So yesterday I was heading off to my local superstore, wearing wet-look black leggings, leather boots and leather jacket. Catching a glimpse of my r... Continue»
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The nurse who masturbated Galisa on my behalf

This is the true story to my next clip.

Five or six years ago I had a 3 month assignment abroad. I discussed it with Galisa and we agreed that we need to look for a trusted person who could masturbate Galisa during my absence. I was unthinkable that Galisa would not get it at least once or twice a week. We checked contacts but there was nobody who matched our profile and had time on a regular basis. But then we met this women in the elevator of our building and i remembered that i spoke once to her and that she lives a couple of floors above us, is single and a nurse by profession. I asked ... Continue»
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Wife has a thick cock for lunch.

I stayed home today from work. Things are running smooth at the shop and since I'm the owner I thought I'd take Wednesday off and spend time with my wife. I didn't let her know my plan so when she walked into the den this morning she was surprised to see me watching TV. What are you
doing home she said? I answered I took the day off to spend with her. She said well I have plans for lunch. OK that's fine I said. She got herself some coffee and came back to the den.

I kept waiting to hear what her plans where but she never offered. She looked very sexy setting on the couch with her legs cro... Continue»
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Big Cock

Being female I have always craved big cock . I guess it started when I saw my first porn.. I was 14 when I saw my first porn. After school some girls from school we were on the internet .We were looking at Big Cock pictures. I had never seen a picture of a cock. I went home after we spent like a half hour of looking at Big Cock pictures and I could not quit thinking about what I saw those big hard cocks . Some real long and not real fat . And then the ones that were just huge fat and long. The black ones how some were curved and some were straight. The different size heads on cocks. Well of c... Continue»
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Kei's Story

This story is about a young oriental girl from a the Philipines. Her name is Kei, and she is 18 years old. I have known Kei for two years.

First, I will tell you about Kei. Kei is a very shy and modest girl, probably the most modest I know. In the two years I have known her, she has never worn anything that would reveal more than her hands and face. She is also devastatingly beautiful. She is small, around 5", slight build, and has beautiful dark brown skin, similar to a white girl who has gotten a very deep tan.

Since Kei is so pretty, I have always thought that it was unfair that her b... Continue»
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Amy the Thai Tease

Dr. Robert Allyn walked quickly down the hall to his 8 am class. Not because he was late, for he always arrived a few minutes early to be sure to start his class on time. He enjoyed teaching and especially liked early classes, him buzzing from three cups of coffee and half the class waking up to jolt of his lectures. Another thought putting spring in his step was the image of the lovely young women who took his class. Faces fresh and beautiful were always there, sometimes with the added bonus of sexy fashions. Occasionally blouses with an extra button left undone or a top with a scoop neck cut... Continue»
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Handjobs Under The Table (By Jenna2222)

I am a 19 year old female, full-time college student and part-time assistant at a local bank in my area. This past summer I attended a young businesspersons forum expo out in Arizona, that consisted of 3 days worth of nothing but lecture seminars. While some of these seminars were interesting and fun, others were downright long and boring.

Most of these seminars consisted of 200-500 people sitting in a room listening to a bunch of college professors up on stage, sitting at a banquet table talking about the various themes of each seminar.

On the 2nd day of the event, I was in the middl
... Continue»
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Masturbating in pantyhose again

A few days later I get a text telling me that my new friend will be at the car park in the woods later that day. All that morning I am hard with anticipation. I take a shower to refresh myself and dress again in a pair of my favourite tan coloured sheer to the waist pantyhose. I pull on my trousers and tshirt, slip on my shoes and leave the house. I drive to the wood and entering the car park I see several cars parked including my friends. I pull up next to him and wind down my window so we can talk. He tells me that he thinks most of the other cars belong to people walking their dogs so we si... Continue»
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A Warm Spring Morning

It's Tuesday 7AM, a thin sliver of sunlight shines through my bedroom window, as I roll over in bed. My boyfriend, Gavin, has just left for his job and I get to laz-around until I start work at Noon. I stretch out under the covers, wipe sl**p from my eyes, and toss my hair. Something comes over me, I feel a little naughty this morning. Oh, Gavin and I had great sex the other day, but I've got a need THIS morning.

I leave the comfort of the bed and slink to the closet. Under a stack of folded clothes, I pull out an oversized handbag and retrieve my favorite toy- the rabbit. My "never ... Continue»
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My ex wife (Part 2)

Continuing my story about my ex wife Kate.........

I've told you all about Kate's sexual awakening while on our holiday, a holiday that I wanted to never end, well she didn't stop transforming from a religious virgin to an exhibitionist slut when we got home! The blue touchpaper had just been lit.....

We moved into our first house, after lodging with a relative of hers. It was great to have our own space and freed us up more to explore our sex life.

After throwing off her religious restraints, and discovering how much she liked everything to do with sex, we really started to explore ... Continue»
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finally some foot fun with hot blonde in tights/pa

so today i got a message online from a female who i am quite friendly with who is in her early thirties and i have bought lots or pairs of tights and stockings and panties and lingerie items from her before on numerous occasions (a few pairs of worn tights that she has wore for me then took off when i went to her house and saw her in them). she has also let me take pics of her legs and feet and arse with the tights (which are in my galleries on this site) on also but i've never managed to have any foot fun with her as she usually has her k**s in so we have to be discreet when i've taking the p... Continue»
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Relaxing in the Sauna

The fall semester was nearing its end, and as usual, my stress level was increasing. Papers, final projects, and exams began to pile up, and I soon found myself with little free time. After my biology class on Wednesday, I hurried out of the building and entered into the cool darkness of a December evening. On my way back to my dorm, I stopped by a convenience store and picked up a pint of chocolate ice cream. I needed some sort of pleasure in the midst of school stress and depressing weather.

As soon as I got back to my room, I sank onto my bed and peeled off the cover of the ice cre... Continue»
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Had a dream last night about my friend Harrybush 1. I stayed over her house and was sl**ping in her guest bedroom. In the morning she must have opened the bedroom door to see if everything was ok and while I was sl**ping I must have kicked the covers off of myself.

When she looked in she noticed that the covers were pushed down by my feet and came in to pull them over me. As she was walking up she noticed I was laying there on my back nude and my cock was hard and laying on my leg.

She stood there staring at my engorged manhood fantasizing how she would love to play with that rock hard ... Continue»
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Diane educates two young men

The following morning after his encounter with Mrs M, Charles didn't go to the pool, though that's where his mother thought he was off to when he left early with his swimming bag over his shoulder. In reality he had an appointment to keep with a Mrs M, the mother of his team mate. A last minute hitch had cropped up. His friend Josh, had called to tell him his mother had taken off to attend a sick grandad, and he was going to bunk off school as he had the house to himself. They could get girls round for a day party. Charles told him to hang on as he might have a better plan.

A few... Continue»
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Caught Masturbating

I was in my early twenties and i was home alone living with my mother had just broke up with this girl. Had lived with her and we broke up so i went back home to live.It was a real hot day and i was laying out on the back deck It is pretty much hidden from view of all the nieghbors eyes .It was like 1:00 in the afternoon the sun was beating down and i had on this pair of cut off jeans that were real short . I had a bottle of baby oil and i was all oiled up laying back and the sun had me blinded . i Moved my chair so that my head was in a patch of shade and my vision came back to me . I looked ... Continue»
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As I lay'd on the bed next to Mike, his cock in my hand and the taste of his cum still in my mouth, I knew I needed more, i rolled over laying next to him ,my stocking cover'd leg over his, the feeling of it sliding over him,as I moved up and down the rush was new and exciting. I could feel Mikes cock becoming full and heavy ,the look on his face told me he was enjoying it,so I rolled over on top of him and began slowly sliding over his body, I could feel his cock rubbing against my panties so I slowly began to lightly grind on him,I felt him getting harder as... Continue»
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Caught flashing - story

"Excuse me, we've had a report of a lady teasing guys by displaying her underwear, throughout the shopping centre so would you come with me back to the main security office please" said the security chief as his hand gripped your shoulder and turned you towards his offices.......
You can feel eyes looking at you wondering what you've done to be lead by a guard but a respectable looking lady, even if the skirt is just a little too short and an extra button undone on her shirt, she doesn't look like a shoplifter? The guys eyes are drawn to those legs and the bounce of your cleavage

As you en... Continue»
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