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daddy, daughter duo

So, it all started when my daughter turned 16, it seemed like all of a sudden she became full, gorgeous and most of all- sexy. Now I understand it is quite wierd to have a infatuation with your teenage daughter, but I did. And here is my story.

"Daddy! We have to go out and pick Jason up now, he's waiting." said my daughter, Eva.
"Just gimme a seconds angel."
As Eva and I were about the go pick up her boyfriend, I saw her slip a condom into her 32B cup bra. When we pulled into Jasons driveway, Eva got out and went to go knock on the door. Boy, did her ass look nic... Continue»
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step s*s

This a true story of the first blow job I ever got.
My mom and dad got a divorce when I was very young. Until I was 9 I lived with my mom, then I moved to my dads. My dad happened to live with his evil tweeker girlfriend, the only thing she ever provided was a hot daughter who was the same age as me. Her k**s never lived with us but visvisited every other weekend. By the time we were 13 she started puberty and began to grow very nice tits and ass. Being mature our parents decided it was ok to leave us at the house by ourselves while they went to the casino. It was a hot day so we... Continue»
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Me and My Cock(True).

Ive had loads of wanks in my life,infact,if wanks were pound notes,I'd be a fucking millionaire by now.
some were horny as fuck,others were over in a flash and some were just plain funny.
Like the time I went to the garden shed with the latest copy of play boy magazine.
I was going at it like hammer and tongs when I rested my arm on a shelf to try and get a better position for the vinegar strokes when crash...
the brackets gave way down came the shelf,followed by tins of paint and all sorts of other crap I lost my balance,fell to the floor and landed in a puddle of red paint.You think... Continue»
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The Hotel worker

I’d worked in the hotel for over a year and couldn’t believe what I was about to do. I had booked a room out and he was there waiting for me. The room was in darkness. I couldn’t see where he was so I walked to the window and stood looking out at the city lights. It was peaceful here at night. This hideaway. Tucked away from the world. I leaned my shoulder against the wall and closed my eyes to absorb the atmosphere and engrave this night in my mind.
A soft noise behind me made me straighten away from the wall, then strong arms wrapped around me pulling me back against a ha... Continue»
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The beach

Thought about the comments you made about the story near the beach. There are other beaches which are secluded, and some which have a more interesting geography. Welles on the north coast, has a wooded area behind the beach. Proper woods and trees, and then the slope down to the beach which is obscured from view. Somewhere like that would be fun to explore when it is warmer, as there are loads of opportunities for illicit outside sex, always with the chance of being caught. A gorgeous, warm summer evening would be perfect. I could wear a pretty beach dress, without a thong on, so that wh... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

I was let out of work early one day,things had been quiet and my boss was a tight wad who saw his chance to save a few quid.
I was pissed off,I needed the money so me and my boyfriend could go on holiday.
The bus journey home was long and tedious and seem to take forever,it was a lovely warm day and |I just wanted to strip down and sit in the garden. I let myself in my front door I was feeling more than a little angry with the world in general.
I flung off my shoes and marched into the kitchen to put the kettle on.
The kitchen window looked out onto our back garden which was nice and secl... Continue»
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Submisive girlfriend

I love the idea of you telling me what you want to do and how you want me to do it. I would love being really submissive for you and pleasing you in whatever way you want me to. I can dress up for you in my white lace basque and lace topped stockings with white high stiletto platform heels and a tiny lacy thong. You would be sitting on the bed watching tv and thinking I was in the other room, wouldn't expect me all dressed up for you. You would turn to look at me and just stare at me, not being able to catch your breath, seeing me dressed up like that, looking gorgeous and sexy for you. I... Continue»
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[EAGERTO] As a strapping young lad my first job was delivering grocery orders to householders in the neighbouring district. I rode a bike with a huge basket on the front, and an equally huge erection in my shorts. It was a marvellous job - I was young and strong and very virginal, with a cock that was always pointing up, always ready, but untouched by human hand, other than my own! And i was constantly jerking off -- even the sight of a woman's pants on the clothes line was enough to make me spunk in my pants.God knows what I smelt like, cause I wore them every day, and without underpant... Continue»
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Virgin Trains..We get you there

It had been a hard day at work!
I was fucked and had a long journey ahead of me to go and see mt f****y in Scotland.
As I waited on the Platform for the train to pull in,little did I know that that was not the only way I was going to be fucked that day.
About an hour into the journey I was aimlessly staring out the window,watching the countryside go bye,quite pretty but I had seen it a hundred times before.
We pulled into a station and I fumbled in my bag for a fag.I got up as the train pulled away once again and then I got up and went to the alley between carriages,leaned out of the wind... Continue»
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the last time i masterbated

I was home alone. I got myself turned on walking about naked, had just watched some really hot porn and my little pussy was all wet. I lay down on my bed, spread my legs wide, and gently ran my fingers up and down my slit, making my clit throb and my body squirm. I began by rubbing my clit gently with one finger, rubbing it up and down, then from side to side, then round and round, feeling myself get wetter as I did so. I lay there with my eyes shut, biting my lip and moaning, and then began to let my fingers slip down, feeling my hole round and round, before letting just one finger slip in, b... Continue»
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Late Night Eggroll Delivery

I'm feeling pretty good today. An old friend of mine stopped by last night and we slept together. Susan is a gorgeous 38 year old redhead with a luscious body and a pair of really big breasts. When she gets excited, which is pretty much all the time, her nipples swell hugely. I swear that they become an inch long and they're very thick too. I just love to suck on them. Her clitoris swells hugely too and it is heaven to suck it into your mouth.

Susan and I didn't get to bed (sl**p) until pretty early this morning because we were in this 69 for two or three hours last night. I... Continue»
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CreamyMilf sniffs a young woman's panties

I have wanted to sniff another panty girls dirty panties for a while now. I read a post recently in a dirty panty forum from a sexy young woamn who was having the same thoughts that I was. I have sniffed a lot of my friends panties, but I had been wanting to compare my scent with another established panty seller for quite a while. I talked with this sexy 20 year old several times, and we were both very turned on by the idea of comparing her young scent to the smells of this self proclaimed MILF. I made sure to get mine nice and creamy, and very well scented just like I do for my customers. The... Continue»
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Pooja aunties cum extravaganza

hi,this is a true story.

i used to go to my friends house for sl**povers all the time.the moment i entered his mom would immediately go into the bed room to put her bra my visits began getting more frequent,she stopped going to put her bra on.Ever since then i could see her huge nipples staring at friend would leave me and his mom alone on many occasions,when he would go to buy smokes or go for his animation course.i noticed that his mom would usually go for a bath as soon as he left.i used to use this time to masturbate in the other bathroom.what happened this one time was that... Continue»
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A Widower's Two Daughters

After my wife died, I had trouble sl**ping in our bed. We had too many pleasant, and I admit, sexual memories under those sheet. I tried replacing the sheets and mattress, but that did not work. I spent too many nights crying myself to sl**p from loneliness

I was now the widowed father of two teen-aged daughters. One was nineteen, the other eighteen. They each had their own rooms. I’m sure there were nights I kept them awake with my sobbing.

I went to the oldest, Colleen, with a request.

“Honey, I was wondering if you would like to have my room?

“Why, dad?”
... Continue»
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I need to fuck you...
it's an ache, leaving me breathless...
so erect...
wanting... wanting...

I'm pulsing...
pulsing as I write...
my warm cock hard in my hand...
so damn good...

masturbating for you...

I need you here...
need you touching me...
just like this...
stroking me...
your hand wrapped around my cock...
just as mine is now...
sliding up and down...
up and down...

ohhh god...
can you see how hard I am...?
how much I want you...?
I need your lips...
your tongue...
lapping at me...
taking... Continue»
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First time masturbating with another man

I wrote this up a few years ago, and many men and women have told me that they like this story. So I figured I would post it here and see what sort of response I get.

So I started getting curious about getting with another guy about 8 years or so ago. I had been doing some erotic story writing and cruising chat rooms to meet ladies to send them to. Hoping I might hear back from them on their own masturbation stories from reading them.

I had been approached by some guys to cyber together but always said no thanks. Well as it went I talked with a guy for a while and he said his fantasy w... Continue»
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My bset friends little s****r( true story )

This happened on a weekend when a lot of my friend Chris's friends were over that weekend. i was there because i am always there because i live across the street. at the time i was 17, Chris was 17, and his little s****r was 15. Since the first time i saw her i wanted to cum all over her pretty little face.

So that weekend i got my chance. the only reason i did that is because everyone was over. So the first night i planned out how i was gonna do it. first i would lay there until everyone was asl**p, then i would sneak into her room, then pull out my 8" dick and jerk above her... Continue»
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Caught in the Act

It has been a hard day, traveling always is so tiring. You go to an airport, get on a plane, leave an airport, visit 4 or 5 customers make presentations, go to a hotel, from the hotel you have to read and return email, listen to VM make calls, maybe get to sl**p late, up early start all over again. This had been a brutal trip, on the road 3 days, how many places have I been? I've lost count is 4 airports in 3 days or 5. The only thing bright about the day is at least I know this Hotel, I can find it with out even thinking, which is good, my brain is shot, and I've got at least an hou... Continue»
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how i masturbate (true)

i slipped my hand down the front of my panties and fondled my clit. i was already a little wet. further i probed, inserting two fingers, up as far as i could go. i pulled out my fingers and sucked my juices from them. i stood and pulled my short skirt off entirely. i looked in my mirror, even i had to admit i looked pretty hot in my bra, panties and high heels. i slipped my hand back down there and was greeted by moisture. fuck it i thought. i removed my panties entirely - easier access. i sat on my little stool and leant back againtst the wall. i spread my pussy wide look at in my mirror - it... Continue»
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In the Wild

Fiction - well the masturbation part is, the rest is memories of real experiences.

In the Wild

My daydream today seems to be counter to the weather.
It’s raining.

But if I close my eyes I can feel the sun on my face as I stand at the crest of a mountain.

Looking around I see mountains and valleys, the forest and of course the road I drove in on. I didn’t pass a single car once I took the logging road off the highway; he and I found this spot once when we were just out driving. I think that day my jeans were off and I was bent over that log with my hai... Continue»
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