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Teacher and her lesbian schoolgirls. Part 4

Finally, I have written the next part to this story. Hopefully, part 5 will follow a lot quicker!!!

That afternoon I found it hard to concentrate on my teaching, especially as the last lesson of the day would have my two new young lovers sitting at the front of the classroom.

Sure enough, just as the lesson began, the two of them walked into the classroom and sat down immediately in front of me, and just as immediately, opened their legs showing me that under their short uniform skirts they were wearing nothing whatsoever, and I could clearly see their trimmed pussies, displayed for me o... Continue»
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A few years back I had a situation arise that caught me totally off guard. This occurred while I was s******n and Becky, my cousin, was t******n. While we didn’t actually do things together because of the age difference at the time but we were together a lot because of f****y and only living a few houses from each other. We would run into each other at school because the eighth through twelfth were in the same school building.

It was Saturday morning about eleven AM. I was in our garage working on putting things in order. Mom and dad had decided to spend a weekend at som... Continue»
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On that day, I was reading stories in iss in the morning and I listened sweeping sounds at the outside of my house. I was so horny by that time because of the stories effect. I understood that its my maid sweeping outside. I dont have any intentions on her upto then.As I read many maid stories, I wanna try my luck that day.

So, before she enter home I started acting as if am still sl**ping in my bedroom. My dick which is of 7 inches is in its 90° because of stories effect and can be seen through my shorts as there is no underwear inside. She came inside and started sweeping hall and then my... Continue»
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My Panty Wank Story

Part 1

Chapter 1
I am in my 60's, single and semi retired & so have lots of time to plan my big wank sessions.

I am obsessed with jerking off while wearing panties

While I have bought panties myself I prefer to use panties that have been worn by girls that I know.

I spent lots of time working out how to get these 'used' panties.

I live in a block of apartments and am on the management committee which has many advantages. I have many reasons to be wondering around all over the place.

I put on a pair of sexy lacy panties & loose clothes (to hide my hard-on) & wonder around ne... Continue»
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The Program or World Editing Software (revisited)

Damn was it hot outside! And humid too. Overall, it was miserable outside with the heat, the humidity from the threatening rain clouds, and the heat radiating from the pavement while I sat at lights on my motorcycle. To say I was glad to be done with class and back in my apartment would be an understatement, I left a trail of clothes from the door to my room where I stood naked in the blast from the A/C vent. When the sweat had evaporated I grabbed a pair of gym shorts and went to my desk, booted up my laptop and decided to check out the summer Steam sale. I usually don't spend much time on St... Continue»
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The Wife's Tale 1: Fucking in the Sauna

We're lying in bed together, naked. It's a hot, sticky summer night. The windows are all open and we have fans running, but it's still hot in here. We're both horny as hell, but it's almost too hot to fuck. Hard to imagine, eh?

I'm idly stroking my cock, she's slowly caressing her cunt. Every now and then I reach over and tweak the nipple on one of her DD tits. Or maybe suck it into my mouth and give it a gentle little bite. Every time I do something she makes little moans and whimpers...indescribable little sounds that let me know she liked what I did. They make my cock start to harden. My... Continue»
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Meeting In The Woods

It was about 7.30 in the evening and the sun was going down, but as it was summer it was still quite warm.
I parked my car in the road across from the wood, then clutching my carrier bag I walked down the road a little then crossed over and went into the wood.
The place I liked to go to was about 200 yds into the woods and over by an old wall that surrounded a large section of the Whipps Cross hospital grounds, you wouldn't go over there normally as it went no where, so for privacy it was ideal!
As I walked along I could feel my stockings and suspenders gripping my legs, I could feel the st... Continue»
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Sitting at the table our hands touched, the electricity generated was almost too much to take.

When my future wife first introduced me to her best friend Kirsty the chemistry and sexual wanting was instant. She was not what you would call call the classic beauty but she was striking; with high cheekbones, short dark hair, pouting full lips, sensational breasts that you could tell homed the most suckable nipples and hips that could move you to cum in seconds.

She was ridiculously sexy.

As the years passed and friendships were built between husbands and wives nothing was said, nothing ... Continue»
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Funny thing about "MEMORIES". In my senior years, I can not remember the name of the movie I watched last weekend or the name of its lead actor but I recall perfectly the events of May 11, 2009.
The washrooms at the mall were bereft of cock so I walked a couple of blocks to the library to see if there was any action there.
When I entered the washroom, there were 2 guys in there. One was standing in front of the right urinal and the other guy was at the left one. The middle urinal was where I headed.
Whilst groping for my cock, the guy on the left, left. Whether they had something going o... Continue»
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1-At the gym the other day a guy came out of the shower towelling his hair and I got a really good look at his fat uncut dick. He was a really white guy, no tan but his dick was beat red. Either he was jerking off in the shower or the water was really hot, lol, but then wouldn't the rest of him have been red too?

2-Today at the mall a guy came into the bathroom and stood beside me. He had a wonderful long uncut cock. About average in girth but bl**dy impressive. He pulled back his foreskin and pissed away and when he was done he flicked his foreskin back and forth over his knob several tim... Continue»
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Living with my two lovers. Part 1. How it began

I had only been dating Rick for 3 months when he told me he was going to England for the summer to work in a holiday camp. We had both finished college for the summer,and I thought we would try find bar work like the previous year. But his best mate Jack had worked in the camp before, and said he could make twice as much money.Jack was from London,but had lived in Ireland for years.I wasn't happy at all. As we weren't dating that long,we were still in the honeymoon period.We were having sex daily,and it was incredible.
Rick was 6 foot tall, a couple of inches smaller than Jack, and was blond... Continue»
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Cuckold after seven years of wedding(Cuckold1)

One night, begin of last spring, my wife after having spent the day with her friend Veronica, told me about rumors going around amongst the women of the neighborhoods about one of the doctors of the town. It seemed that this man had the hugest dick they ever saw with balls a bull would be ashamed if compared. It also was told that he did not hesitate to seduce some of the women and that he was a good shot.
I started laughing and asked if Veronica was one of them and of course my wife denied.
Some weeks after, my wife started talking about Veronica’ b*****r in law; he also seemed to have a hu... Continue»
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Tight foreskin in the massage parlour

Tight foreskin in a massage parlor

Having read some of the stories in this section I thought you may be interested in a story I have to tell.
If the gentleman concerned recognizes himself, I send my best regards!

In 1985 I worked for a time in a massage parlor in east London. We had a few regulars; one sweet guy I remember came once a month or so for a year. He was from out of London, a single man probably mid 20s. He was quite plump and had ginger hair, His name was Ben. He was always dressed smartly and, after his first time, always asked for me.
The thing... Continue»
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Several years ago, at dusk, I am driving home from a conference. Traffic is light and I am bored and I start to fantasize about a naked hunk I saw, very briefly, in the locker room yesterday. He was gorgeous with an uncut cock and a toned body.
Next time in the locker room I am going to get on my knees and reach out and pull down his zipper. I'll undo his pants and pull them down to his ankles. I'll check out his package, fondle his bulge with my finger tips, first with my left hand and then my right. I slip my fingers inside the leg of his briefs, briefly touching his hairless balls lying ... Continue»
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Spring Break With Mommy

Stacy's tits were bouncing violently. Her father's cock was smashing her pussy as he rushed to finish and cum. It was early morning, still dark out, just before sunrise. Stacy hadn't had time to even wipe the sl**p from her eyes before her dad had spit on his cock and slid it into her waiting snatch. He had walked in, kissed her awake, then led her by the hand and leaned her over her bathroom sink and began pounding her harder and harder. It was the last pussy he was going to get for the next two weeks. He had brutally fucked his wife Sarah the night before while Stacy was at a friends ... Continue»
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Panty Lover

I'm not really sure when it began...possibly one of those mornings after I retired and found myself home alone while wife was out shopping.
I'd make a pot of coffee and sit at the computer enjoying the luxury of not having to rush to work. Just sitting and checking emails and sipping
the hot brew trying to wake up. Since I was alone it was my time to frequent the sites I couldn't while wife was around. I'd go to the porn sites I
had secretly joined...all the free sites where I could post the occassional picture or two and chat or email with others who were doing the same.
I'd respond to... Continue»
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About 15 years ago my wife and I had a devastating argument that very nearly destroyed our marriage. She was 110% at fault. To this day, she has never admitted that she was to blame. If it had not been for the k**s being at home and in school & the financial devastation a divorce would have caused, I would have left. During our married life, I have never looked at another women nor considered having sex with one. However, about a month after this disagreement and things being still very strained at home, I was at the grocery store picking up milk one day. Heading towards the dairy section, I m... Continue»
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I was on my way home when I decided to make a last minute pit stop at the mall's washroom. This washroom has 3 urinals. A guy a little older than me was standing in front of the far urinal so I stood in front of the closest one. I pulled out my dick and even though I didn't need to go I played with my cock with my left hand. I looked over and down at him and I could see the knob of his uncut dick. I stared at him awhile and he exposed more of his cock and gave it a couple of shakes and rubbed it a bit. His cock was "short and not too big around" as Roger Miller would say. I continued to watch ... Continue»
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On a busy Saturday afternoon I was at a downtown mall & decide to visit the washroom. There is a guy ahead of me & as it happens he is going there too.
As he is opening the door, I notice a guy in a green shirt on my right and it may be that he is going to the washroom as well. I follow the guy into the washroom.
There is a guy at the far urinal so the guy ahead of me takes the near one, leaving the middle one vacant. That is where I go and stand.
The guy on my left is up close to the urinal so I cannot see his cock. The other guy unzips and pulls out a fine cut pecker. It's about 4 inch... Continue»
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100% hook up Xposed

So the guy responded. I text with him for several hours. I told him I was very interested in meeting him and that I knew exactly where this pace was. I was on Xhmaster getting my every day nasty jerk when he asked to skype with me. I sent him my skype "cpwny0825" and he called later and we talked more about the place and he edged me on by telling me what I could expect if I was game? I came all over the place.

So we planned to meet at 2:30. I got off at 2 and was contemplating on goin or not. I went and got a beer and slammed three shots at a bar near he place and skyped the guy and mess... Continue»
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