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The cow girl

DAY 1 The week before started
The story starts from a little town in Nebraska call Crisfield. MY name is Amy Jo I was 5 foot 7 and 135 lbs. measurements 44-30-38 I well-built cowgirl going off to the big city in the Irish Hills of Michigan. Where I met an attractive redhead that was 5 foot 9 140 pounds with measurements of 38-24-38. We were both going to college the redhead name Ginger was much more experience than Me. Ginger was bi she loves to eat pussy but she also likes a good stiff dick some of the time. So as we settle down in are new apartment we began to drink until Ginger decid... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation: Part Five "A New Friend&

Please see my page for the first four chapters.

 We continued to masterbate together over the following weeks, but not as much as either of us would have liked. Our sessions had actually been pretty uneventful. Although fun, we really didn't try anything new. Mostly we would jerk each other off while watching porn.

He called me one day and said he was going to have the house to himself one Friday night and told me I should come over and hang out.  I agreed and told him I would be over around eight o'clock.

 When I arrived I was a bit dismayed to find our friend John in the living ro... Continue»
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The training begins


My friend Al called round this morning. We'd been fuckbuddies off and on for a few years but the snatched hours we had had were always filled with quick, crazy, messy and dirty sex leaving  little time for exploration of our fantasies. Now I'd split from my long term boyfriend, Al seized the opportunity to cheer me up a little. We'd never discussed anal sex in any great depth before but we both knew that arse fucking was something he had longed to do with me and vice versa. Last night I told him I was so fed up and frustrated I felt the only thing to shake me out of it would be a... Continue»
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Spied upon

Spied on by the Girls Pt 2

I lay on the bed one evening after a long day up in the city flicking through the channels and not finding anything worth watching. Suddenly my phone rang and kicked off another night out.

Hi said a very quiet voice on the other end, it’s Karen, Julies house mate.

“Oh yes” I said remembering and a little excited as I recalled her parting words. “what’s your pleasure” which was a silly thing to say as she immediately said “you”. “Can we meet pretty please” she almost whimpered down the phone. “I’ll come over” I said, “no, I am not there. I am at my mother’... Continue»
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A little Spa encounter and whatever pops in mind

This is my first entry in here so where do I begin. I'm an 18yo female, bi-sexual (By the way, it's quite strange that you can't check a box somewhere for being bi-sexual on a site like this) and I was born in Germany but I've been living in the US for a couple of months now. So if anything I have written is totally unintelligible feel free to correct me so I can edit it; I promise I won't get offended ^^

I was thinking about telling the 3 or 4 people who will be reading this about an amazing encounter I had recently.
One of the things that thrills me the most is masturbating in publ... Continue»
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The Adventures of Peter and Louise – A memor

My name is Louise, a 52 year old slim attractive brunette. This is a little memory I have in a time before I met Peter my partner. Peter who loves me very much and says “for your age you still have the body of a twenty year old”, which is rather sweet, however I do keep in shape and I am very proud of it.

After my twelve year marriage ended in the mid nineties, I decided to quit my boring 9 – 5 civil service office job in the midlands and become a holiday rep for a major tour operator, a job that I had wanted to do since I was a young girl. I always wanted to travel and see the world and s... Continue»
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Naked Pictures of my Wife at Indy 500

I like to carry naked pictures of my wife with me when I travel, and I do lots of traveling for work. Every year I used to go with friends to the Indianapolis 500, and it was a crazy time, we would go down to Indy the night before, and party all night, and look at all the girls down there who would show their tits, this was the main attraction, then watch the race the next day. This time I was riding with my buddy Bret in a van his b*****r in law had. I didn’t know his b*****r in law very well, and so I wasn’t sure what kind of van he had. My friend Bret and I had known each other for a while,... Continue»
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Happy Trails

Once every so often, I go out of town to indulge in my crossdressing fetish. Nothing too fancy, just a reasonable motel within an hour drive. Just far enough away from the daily personal and professional grind.
Most of the time, this involves me playing dress up in the room and satisfying myself with my toys. Over time this has gradually progressed to a point where I have gone outdoors dressed up. The most recent event involved me enjoying a quick late evening dip in the hotel hot tub.
My most recent excursion was a step further for me. About a 10 minute drive from the hotel is a mixed use... Continue»
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Home alone with cousin Michelle

When I was a sophomore in High School my dad Had to take a long term
temporary transfer for training at the FAA facilities in Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma. So they took my younger s****r and b*****r with them but left me
home to continue with school so my education wouldn't get screwed up by
multiple schools.

My Grandparents were supposed to be my legal guardians while my parents
were in Oklahoma but occasionally my sixteen year-old cousin Michelle was
given the job of babysitting me because she was now a married "responsible"
adult. That was a laugh, she was married because her boy... Continue»
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CAMERA-SHY…. an adventure in Japan

When I started crossdressing, not so long ago, I just used to take photos of myself in a garter belt, then I started dressing more completely, with nice HIGH HEELS... and gradually progressed to make-up and wigs. Then I progressed to video as well as photos, but I was always frustrated trying to ‘perform’ with one hand occupied with the camera.

After a while I discovered a Japanese meet-site called Nan-Net and registered there (censored photos only of course, since it’s Japanese). From time to time I would browse the profiles of all sorts of members and one day I found a man who wrot... Continue»
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Camping Up North (Fiction)

Camping North

I had never been camping before like this, normally I would just camp in my back yard and when it rained go inside. Was never a nature lover. Anyway last summer I decided to start exploring Scotland and decided to go camping to Skye. I’ve never been this far North, to be honest I think the furthest North vie been is Edinburgh (and that not even north tbh more west to me) I started my day by getting everything loaded into the car. Everything managed to fit into my little Peugeot 206 although the boot was a bit full of my tent, sl**ping bag, stove, and all the waterproofs I was ... Continue»
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Awakenings (first time, bi-male)

The crowd at the outdoor concert was wild. The bands were fantastic and the air contained the scent of marijuana and orchids. The orchid scent came from the long, flowing hair of the three girls in front of me.

My friends had drifted into the ocean of people and had missed out on the sight of these lovely girls gyrating to the music. Their long hair had danced in unison and their butts swayed sensually.

The last band had finished their encore and the volume changed from ear splitting to tolerable. I followed the girls towards one of the exits, hoping I would spot my friends on the way ou... Continue»
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Mrs Jone gets a taste for young cum

Mrs Jones lived on a grand 5 acre plot, centered with a large mansion. Her husband had several car dealerships and worked most weekends, their busiest time. Being such a large property they had struggled to keep on top of the gardening. To solve the problem each Saturday Mrs Jones had employed a young lad to mow the lawns, cut the hedges and clean out the stables.

At 45 Mrs Jones had been married for 23 years. After only one c***d she had remained slim with larger than average bosom. Her marriage was comfortable but uninspiring, and her love life was somewhat unsatisfactory too. Mr ... Continue»
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Adventures of Peter and Louise 1 - The Lone Sunbat

Back in the early 80’s when in my twenties and still coming to terms with my sexuality , I lived in North Yorkshire and would enjoy days riding my motorcycle to the coast and walking along the coastal trails. I set out on a hot sunny day to walk along the coastal path between Whitby & Scarborough. The path in those days was very secluded in parts and as it was mid-week there were very few walker’s out.

As I rounded a cove the path dipped into a hollow & to my surprise there was a slender grey haired man in his early forties laid out naked soaking up the sun in a natural sun trap.
He must... Continue»
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Rose, my slutty neighbor.

I live in the city but I have a country house where I spend some days now and then. On this specific occasion my wife stayed in the city and I went there to mow the lawn. The area is quite big so I have one of these garden tractors on which I spend some hours. It gives me a lot of time to think filthy thoughts especially when I, as was the case, have had a very dirty chat on xHamster the night before. I started mowing and had a really nice time. I was thinking of the dirty chat and my dick got real hard after a while.
Suddenly I saw Rose, my neighbor, wave at me from her garden. She is a woma... Continue»
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Caught my mom fucking my best friend (Trilogy)

PART I Bedroom Fuck

The following is based on a true story…

My friend Ryan and I have been friends since high school. We would hang out at each other’s houses. We eventually graduated from high school and went to college. I stayed close to home by going to a local college. Ryan did the same thing. We would still hang out on a regular basis.

Ryan would be considered the ring leader of our group… the alpha male. He always got the ladies, while I was always pushed around and laughed at. Ryan always said, “Joe you have a smoking hot mom.” I didn’t want to say anything beca... Continue»
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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 4

Here goes Part 4


The morning after our film night I woke up around 5am and I went to go to the bathroom, today was the day that dad would be back he was hoping to be home around 10am.

As I was walking to the bathroom my mom was in the kitchen on the phone, I thought to myself, who is she on the phone to at this time? as I approach the kitchen I realise she is on the phone to dad.

They were talking for a g... Continue»
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Public Masturbaton

This happened a few years ago and is a true story.

I worked in London and was rushing toward the Underground (tube) station to make my way home. It was a typical English November evening, wet and windy. I reached my station and wove my way through the crowds onto the platform which was also very busy. I had my overcoat on and was pretty warm.

The train pulled in crammed as usual. I squashed myself into the compartment and the carriage jolted as it moved off. Thank god only three stops I thought to myself. I could feel someone pushing against me from behind not unusual in the crush. We a... Continue»
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WIfe Training - Chapter Four - First Week

It was several evenings later, and we were all in the sitting room. Jim was on the sofa watching TV with my wife naked, stretched face down across his lap, with her bottom arched up for him, and her legs parted to afford him easy access to her slit. He’d been casually teasing her twat for a couple of hours – bringing her to the brink of orgasm time and time again before stopping to spank her buttocks hard. My wife alternatively moaning, squealing, and then groaning with disappointment
I sat in the armchair next to them reading her journal. Jim had insisted that she kept a full diary – han... Continue»
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Dominating my Sibling and surrendering my Virginit

“My super bohemian parents have always insisted on walking around our house naked. So the first penis I was exposed to was my dad’s.

Usually I’d see it when it was flaccid. But one day I walked into my parents’ bedroom when I was about five, and when my dad got up to go to the bathroom, I saw this thing protruding straight out from between his legs.

He had a raging boner, a morning 'Woodie', something this little girl would learn later in life, was an early morning gift for good sex, as I always seemed to find myself in a state of arousal, thank you to my brain making up dirty dreams,... Continue»
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