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Just something that happened today I feel like sha

I never really thought about writing anything on here, but today is pretty different...because I had the biggest and the best orgasm ever!

It all started earlier this morning after I ate some cereal. I don't have classes on Friday so I contemplated going to campus just to go to Starbucks and get a matcha green tea latte...then I also contemplated going to the library to masturbate on the 4th or 5th floor again. In the end, I ended up staying in bed in anticipation of a day of doing nothing; gracefully avoiding my responsibilities.

I turned on my computer and decided to look at porn. I lo... Continue»
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I knew I was gay early in high school, when I found myself getting really aroused in the locker room during gym class, watching everyone walking around in jocks,the full pouch and straps tight over smooth ass cheeks, those in the showers,soaping there smooth hairless bodies,cocks and balls hanging as the water ran over them.,After gym I always hurried to this out of the way bathroom, where I could jerk off with the locker room fresh in my mind, at my age going twice was easy,I really enjoyed it,I was always so horny after class.
... Continue»
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New adventures

Laura's vibe curved slightly. The controls were easy to reach while the shaft laid nicely from her opening to her clit. She loved the way it buzzed against her stiffening button. She was always a girl who enjoyed the heavy stimulation of her clit and this vibe did the trick.

She moved it up and down as she became so very wet. The air smelled of her delicious pussy. Soon her opening easily accepted the girth of the vibe shaft and Laura could watch it move as her strong pussy walls held the vibe in. This was Laura's favorite part. She quickly found the combination of pulses that pleased her ... Continue»
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Looking Under and Up Part 1

It was another day, but after a week or so of planning, I decided to go and get some upskirts and then get in some pics in the dressing room.Everything was set and ready, camera and disguise. Just make sure that I dont get caught.
It was another sunny and beautiful day, great for getting some upskirts. I went to the nearest shop and lurked around for half an hour or so, but no luck, they were either wearing shorts or pants. Guess it is time for my back-up plan. I decided to place a camera within the shop, as it has only 1 bathroom, so the bathroom is shared. I look around, trying to fin... Continue»
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A letter to a sexy girl, but she was not there any

Hey my love, I hope you are reading this. I suspect you have moved on now if so I am sorry, I will send it anyway.

Dear Donna,
Pretend you are here with me my love as I take you on a trip to paradise.
Its early evening you are in your nighty and I am in my undies it’s been a warm day but evening has brought relief. We are in the kitchen you are at the sink when I come from behind you and put my arms around you my hands both on your breasts caressing them as I rub myself against you.
“My God baby you make me so horny” I say as I nibble on your ear.
“Oh Johnnie, I can feel your hardness ... Continue»
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Elizabeth was friends with my s****rs and slept over often..her choice in night clothes was compelling, she wore only a waist length night gown and her panties..i found this to be highly stimulating, i never looked at Liz before in a sexual way until then. she would lay on the living room floor watching tv with her butt hanging out six ways to Sunday giving me major wood every time she was over, and what still suprises me is that my parents never said anything about this. it became a game, she was turning me on and she knew it..after she was asl**p, i would explore..she would either be on the ... Continue»
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Friendly Encounter

Friendly Encounter

At two am this morning this is what was going through my mind.

I was thinking that I went to your hotel and met you in the bar. You were thrilled to see me. You even admitted to missing a heartbeat when you saw me and could feel your clit tingle and your pussy contract a little as you felt it moisten with excitement. Your nipples even stood out and I saw your hand lift to touch one but you stopped yourself. I was in earshot by now and heard your friend say oi watch them or you'll have someone's eye out and laugh. That brought you back to earth. She then asked what has ... Continue»
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A Lewd Awakening

A little something I wrote for a certain someone! Enjoy!

It was with the familiar mask of warmth that buffeted her pristine features that she began to stir. The morning rays of sunlight had crept through her window and infiltrated past her curtains, shining onto her beautiful face and basking it in a glow that almost made her look like divinity. Her eyelids began to flutter open, quickly blinking away the blurriness of the deep sl**p that took her whilst her spine contorted and arched into a lazy stretch underneath the covers. She felt the deliciously soft fabric of her covers rub ove... Continue»
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A Collector

Jeremy pulled just past the open parking place, turned on his blinker and putting his car in reverse he carefully backed into the space, swinging his wheel as he cleared the car in front of him. He then put the car into drive and straightening his wheel he pulled forward. It was quite rare to score a parking place close to the laundromat and he just parked directly in front. He then walked around his car, opened the back door and pulled out a bin of clothes.

Looking around the place he saw that he was the only one in there, so he quickly dumped his clothes into the dryer and then set his bi... Continue»
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Suffolk hotel first bi experience

By Gazza1234

Another night – another small hotel is my way of life with the work I do travelling the country selling a variety of products, as a sales agent, on behalf of my clients. It’s a living, and sometimes quite lucrative, but here I am in nowhere Suffolk on a January night.
The hotel’s quite nice but, as far as I can tell, it’s almost empty. The Christmas and New Year trade’s long gone and the spring visitors are some weeks away which is why I got a good room at a very fair rate.
Orders processed, e-mails checked and replied to, I head to the small bar for a pint and a few pages o... Continue»
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my first sexual encounters pt 2

PT. 2

The following is a continuation of a recollection of events from my youth. I was never for ced to do anything I didnt want to and was a willing participant in everything I did with any of the individuals I had sexual contact with. I look back on these events fondly, and enjoyed them very much at the time they occured. I have tried to keep the events in chronological order as they occurred, but it was a long time ago, so here goes...

Following the first attempt at anal sex, things went back to normal. I would still hang out with Eric and we would jack off and I would suck... Continue»
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Public pantyhose masturbating again.

After the last wanking session in the woods with my friend where we had the added excitement of being watched we decided that a third person in pantyhose watching us and joining in would be even better. How to find that third person? The answer? Xhamster. I checked out lots of people's profiles who seemed to live in a reasonable distance of us and finally settled on one who seemed to fit the bill. After exchanging several messages and some private pics he agreed that he would like to meet with us, so we arranged a date and time. The day came and I dressed as usual in my sheer to the waist tan ... Continue»
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Led Astray and I LOVED IT!!!

We all say "I was led astray" and last night,it was my turn....Went out last night with my future s****r in law and some of her friends,drinks were flowing,wine was good the men looked good and the girls well,who doesn't enjoy a group of beautiful 40 somethings with wine in there systems???Well I have never been with a woman but my lesbian friends tell me "Every woman is attracted to other women whether she knows it or not."I aren't going to lie,I know I am attracted to women,I go to the gym with friends we do classes,go for a swim,Jacuzzi,sauna etc and all the time after finishing class I che... Continue»
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10 Minute Window

I was busy. Really busy.

I heard her car pull into the driveway while I was on the conference call in the office next to the kitchen. She was home early because her yoga studio was having some repairs done that evening. It was a f***ed vacation for a workaholic. Zen, my ass.

Between her growing studio clientele, my consulting firm and three teenagers, we didn't have enough hours in the day. Somehow we got it all in and had time to ourselves. The flexibility of my work usually balanced the rigid hours of her studio and the k**s' schedules. But this week was packed for me. So I hadn't to... Continue»
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I Rented a motel room to masturbate! What a turn o

So, let me start by saying how much it sucks to not live alone! I really love to masturbate and it's only a matter of time until I get my own place. However, my parents will only pay for my school if I stay at home so for now I'm trapped. I shouldn't have to say this but to give people a better understanding about me this is a true story. I've really become addicted to masturbating in a rented room, that I only use for that purpose. I do not have allot of money but the little money I do have goes towards me pleasing myself. A vibrator is my favorite toy to use! I cum really hard using them and... Continue»
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Poor 17

I am not a story teller like most people here, but I got really turned-on watching my cousin when I was 17; she was 16. She was staying with my f****y, because the school was better and her mum was no more with them. Being my mum’s favourite niece and all, her b*****r and her, stayed at our house during the term. Their dad was well off, but a polygamist and had lots of k**s, so it was no surprise that they considered our house a f****y home.
I decided not to go to school one day, because I had plans, so the night before; I told my parents I was sick. I had no idea, the next morning my cousin... Continue»
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Friend and a Fleshlight

The clock struck midnight. Matt was officially 18 now.

"Happy birthday old fuck," John said from across the room. The two were up late playing video games since it was spring break.

"Old fuck? You just turned 18 a few days ago yourself, you know!" Matt shot back.

"True, but I carry it better."

"Yeah, okay," Matt retorted sarcastically.

This type of exchange was typical between the two. They had been best friends since 2nd grade, when Matt moved in from a few towns over.

"So what are you going to do now that you're 18? Buy cigarettes? Rent porn? Buy a scratch-off? You can... Continue»
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A New Toy

It was back about our 5th year of marriage when I decided to do something different. I was gone to Norfolk Virginia on business; I was gone for nearly a month and a half. After going out with the guys several times I started missing Trish even more. So for a solid week I did nothing more that think of how I can improve our love life. I thought of so many things, knowing that Trish had a good past before we married; I just was not sure how I could improve ours.

I did what every red bl**ded American man would do in this situation. I stopped by the local triple X store to see what they had. I... Continue»
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Driver's Seat with a View

While there are other video people at our company, it's always a thrill when Sara and I are assigned to work together. That usually means crafting scripts together, in very close contact. We'll sit at the table in my office, and I'll find myself smelling her perfume, looking at her blonde hair, undressing her with my eyes...

Ahem... while we are in the office, she is very careful to remind me that while people SUSPECT we are having an affair, no one has any proof, so I will occasionally get a stern look reminding me to keep my mind focused on the work at hand, instead of running my hands ov... Continue»
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Black Satin Thong

He opened his bag and started to unpack. He hadn't been away long so there wasn't much. Before long he was at the bottom, only the small bits and pieces remained, then his fingertips brushed against satin. He smiled as he remembered the last time they had felt it. It was only last night, in the car before they had parted. He didn't take it out of the bag straight away, blindly savouring the feel of the satin. He closed his eyes and smiled, in his mind his fingers found that damp material between her legs and brushed lightly over it. He could hear her moan with pleasure as she had when his fing... Continue»
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