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A Couch Trip

So I'm awake and alone. I find myself thinking of you as I so often do. And, as so often happens as you creep into my thoughts, I find that before long my mind has slipped away, become lost and out of reach and my cock is rock hard in my pants. I know too, if I don't cum before long my balls with be so full they'll be throbbing. Aching so much it'll be uncomfortable. My hand slides into my crotch and starts to stroke. I'm as hard as a stone yet warm and my own touch makes me gently moan your name. I picture you here on the couch next to me your legs apart and your cleavage heaving. I know how... Continue»
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Fingered on the dance floor.

Would love to stay in a hotel and then go to a club on the night with you wearing a short skirt, top and high heels and no knickers. We'd have a few drinks and I'd let you dance In the club on your own, watching you until a bloke approaches you. You start dancing with him getting closer and closer until he starts putting his hands on your waist. You both start getting closer and dancing raunchier. The dance floor is pretty busy and people are d***k so it goes unnoticed. I'm sat watching from a stool and table next to the dance floor.
Your not really looking at him much your just lost in the ... Continue»
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Mayhem Room 69

Feb 12, 2011 10:24 Am

You were supposed to have checked out of the hotel by 11 am. The bags were packed but you had needs that must be tended to before leaving. A long flight awaited you at the airport and knowing you couldn't stand to be this horny all the way home you decided to take matters into your own hands one more time before leaving.

I had been given the key to your room from the hotel manger. This was a room that was scheduled for remodeling and my contracting firm was putting in a bid for the job. I needed to see a room in order to prepare the estimate. I was told the room w... Continue»
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The Rise Of the Star (Chloe Grace Moretz) Ep:2

>> The Following is the work of fiction. Non of it is related to actual life events of anyone mentioned in the context. Do Not copy or reproduce the following. This is from the personal collection of cleanslate, the author of the following context. <<

Episode 2: Invitation To Treat

October came; with it came the largest fan following for the dame, Chloe Grace Moretz. The fan following was saturated in all over the globe anywhere you name it. Everything seemed to be working well around Chloe. An untouchable actress whose fame was undoubtedly sovereign n... Continue»
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Coquilles à la me

Continuation of "Espresso for two":


"Good evening, mister nice dev," Aidna smiled.
"Miss gorgeous amputee," I smiled back. "Welcome, and do come in."
I let her go first and watched her graceful one-legged steps. She was wearing a black stretch-legging, tailor-made to seamlessly fit around her sexy stump as usual. And while I enjoyed her no doubt thought-out choice of dress, I was also smiling from the way we'd welcomed each other. It had become a naughty little tradition to do it this way, one we both found fun. Yet... Continue»
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The lookout and the Stranger

We like fucking outdoors. The trick, given that Wendy doesn't play or want anyone watching us in person, is finding somewhere private but with the possibility of getting caught. That does excite us both.

Now that the weather is warming up we thought we might get outdoors for some fucking... A couple of years ago we fucked and did some pics at a secluded bush lookout not far from where we live (pics posted - look them up and comment if you like them) and as we both had a day off this week we thought we might go back... so we did.

Driving there and knowing that we are both going to get of... Continue»
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We'll Always Have Paris-2

When they finally broke apart, Susan slid her arms around Diana's waist and said, "Let me do you."

"Do you want to?"

"Yes, but not here. On the bed. I don't want to be distracted by all this water!"

Susan quickly toweled herself and then helped dry Diana. She found the more she touched the other woman, the harder it was to even think of stopping. She hastily dropped the towels and d**g Diana after her back to the bedroom. She almost tripped in her haste.

She slowed just for a second, allowing Diana to pass her. She wanted Diana, she wanted her in ways she could barely imagine. The ... Continue»
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We'll Always Have Paris-1

When the taxi lurched to a sudden stop, Diana nearly fell off the back seat.

"Voila!" the driver said, his right hand gesturing at the hotel entrance.

Not much of an entrance, Diana thought. Well, she'd wanted the Left Bank and now she had it. When she climbed out of the taxi, she could see the St. Germain des Pres church up ahead, which made her feel much better. The hotel might be small, but at least here she was in the midst of youthful memories.

The driver happily carried her two bags into the hotel entrance, and when he returned she tipped him, he tipped his cap, they smiled at e... Continue»
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Pat, Edward and me make three (Almost)

This happened about a week or so after the weight room.
I went over to Pat's house to hang out.  He was not doing much just little stuff around the house.  We started to watch TV and shortly after he asked if I wanted to watch his new porno that he just got in the mail.  Well of course I did, so he put the movie in.  I was not sure of the name but it started right in to the sex first was two girls going at it.  Lots of licking and fingers it was great.  He was sitting on the couch I was sitting in the chair by the couch and we were both just watching the movie.  About 3 min in the doorbell ra... Continue»
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Just a Job

As a student, beside part-time job in office I started to work as e****t and massage girl. Soon, my schedule was full and many clients wanted to take session with me. One gentleman in late thirties set up session for Saturday afternoon. After I let him in, we had small chat about massage he wants to get and prices.

His words were “Darling, I will take the most expensive one and you can do to me whatever you want” I said “Of course, but please you have to pay in first”.

[... Continue»
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The Hunter

Part One: Showtime

When our new neighbor forgot (?) to pull her shades down she put on quite a show for my husband and me.

"Honey," my husband called to me from the bedroom. "She's doing' it again. Come watch."

We had a new neighbor, a single woman named Shayla. We had talked to her over the fence a few times, but really didn't know her very well. We thought she was a little shy. We were going to be proved wrong on that.

A few weeks after she moved in Lee and I were lying in bed with the lights out when he noticed Shayla turn the lamp on in her bedroom. As we lay there she... Continue»
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The Day We Caught the Train - Part 2

Edinburgh Waverley

The taxi pulled up in front of Kate's house and we stepped out into the shadow of the house. The air was a little chilly and Kate had picked up a light jacket from the hooks by the front door and carried to the taxi. She commented on how cold the air was but once she'd stepped in to the sunshine she warmed up immediately. I was walking a few steps behind watching her very well proportioned arse, hips and legs sashay casually to the car....and enjoyed it very much. It's nice to observe from a distance what you ... Continue»
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Lesley part 36

Geordie Ridley parked his car in the visitor car park, at the nursing home where Lesley was in employment. He had been here once before, but only to drop a bag off, for his 'daughter' Lesley, when she'd left home without it. He didn't know where to go. He walked around the corner at the nearest point, and came to a door where their was a wooden shed outside. Two women were sitting inside, of what he assumed was the smoking hut.

"Hello Geordie....god I haven't seen you for years! How you doing?" Said a surprised Dot.

"Oh Dorothy. Yes...oh, it must be ten years. I've heard our Lesley spe... Continue»
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New Beginnings Chapter 1

It's fair to say, I was a nervous wreck. I had long since dabbled with idea of swinging by joining internet sites and having sexy chats, uploading photos and playing on cam but to actually go to a club for the first time well that was a different story.

I sat in the bar opposite the club having a few for luck or dutch courage. The bar was not that busy with a few guys at the bar, some others playing pool and two couples sitting at a booth having dinner. I watched the club entrance for what felt like hours to see who was going in and to my surprise and little to my disappointment it did appe... Continue»
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Monday afternoon, after dropping my wife off at her s****rs, I went to the park.
As I exited the car, I noticed that the guy in the front seat of the car beside me
was rubbing his jeans between his legs. I took a brief walk and when I returned
to the car, I gave my package a rub in such a way that he could clearly see it.
I drove around to the washroom at the opposite side of the park. I saw in the
rearview mirror that his car was behind me. I went to the washroom, it was empty.
I stood at the right side urinal, He stood at the other urinaql when he arrived.
His cock was cut, maybe 3 ... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r inlaw

My wife and I have been married for six years when her father died. Her mother had left after giving birth to Casey, my s****r
inlaw.Casey was s*******n and a total knock out. 5 ft 8 in tall long auburn hair small hips and waist , long legs and 38 C cup tits.
She was very good looking and very athletic. She was the star of the HS volley ball team and had scouts talking to her dad
before the wreck. Casey went into a shell afterwards. She had fought with her dad and said how she hated him as he left for
work. She knew he was upset when he left . A car slid on the icy road and hit him ... Continue»
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Here is a true account of what happened to me a couple of weeks ago, totally unplanned and totally unexpected!

My Husband and I went out for a walk around a well known place not far from us in Berkshire, lots of greenery, a lake and plenty of fresh air to take in as well as enjoying the sun and having a little picnic. I was wearing my black cotton see through leggings, white lacey knickers and white vest top. My Husband had commented on how see through my leggings were in the sun and that my knickers were clearly visible!

We had been wandering around for about 20 mins and passed several... Continue»
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Claire & Angie's Holiday Adventure

Pretty much a true story, this comes from an old clubbing friend I hadn’t seen for years.

Claire & Angie’s Holiday Adventure

I never really intended it to happen, but sometimes these things just do. Blame the heat, blame the booze if you like, and you can even blame me, because I don’t regret a thing. At least we’ve managed to contain it to once or twice a year since then, Brokeback Mountain style, but for women.
I’m Claire, she’s Angie, and we met at work five years ago, hitting it off immediately, finding we had a matching humour of a sick and hilarious bent. We would share the odd... Continue»
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Living with my two lovers. Part 2 The spitroast

I never did make my flight home. After amazing sex with Rick,we fell asl**p.When we woke up,we fucked again.Then we nodded off.We were both soaked in sweat,and I was dripping cum from both my holes.I would have been dripping from my mouth as well,but of course I swallowed that greedilly,as It tasted so good.I could smell sex and cum and sweat in the room.I wondered if Jack had jerked off again.He told me weeks later that he did.
So I stayed.The three of us in our small apartment.There were many times we all saw more flesh than we should,but none of us wee shy.If anyone was in the shower,it wa... Continue»
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Seeing my shy ex's dick for the first time.

About a year and a half back, I had a boyfriend named Brandon. It was an online relationship, but I knew him because he was a friend of a friend I actually know in reality. We dated for a few months, and we were so shy and subtle about dating. Thus, we never actually said anything about sex. At all. But I always had dirty thoughts about him I just couldn't tell. Until 3 months after our untimely breakup...

I was getting out of my shyness I've had for years, and finally told him how much I really secretly wanted to see his dick and talk about sex with him. I know it's awkward to talk lik... Continue»
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