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How Claire and My Wife's Shoes Came to Be

Claire was a former co-worker of mine for over a period of eight years. We were both married but could speak openly about all issues and subjects. The one thing that really got me about her where her feet. They were perfect in every way; always clean and smooth, nicely trimmed toe nails and beautifully formed (toes and arches). The one thing that killed it for me were her shoes, ugly would be an understatement, big and clunky, even her sandals.
It took a while, don’t get me wrong, I had to work at this, but over the course of time I was able to gently poke at her about how her shoes and how ... Continue»
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Master and couple

I have been a Master now for a number of years but have only ever worked with woman and younger girls but never with men but one day not so long ago I got a message from a woman called Kelly asking if I ever did anything with couple's or not and she told me how she had always fantasised about being used by a dominant man while her Husband Steve is f***ed to watch and she also told me how the sex life was getting less and less so they needed to do something to wake it back up and that maybe something like this might be what they both need.

I messaged he back saying that I had never done anyt... Continue»
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Enjoying a Strangers Cock!

We were going home after a day at the mall , as we got on rt 43 , I reached over and rubbed Ed's Cock! I asked him if he wanted a blow job as he's driving! Hell yea! Ed pulled out his Cock , I started sucking! Ed started to pull my top off,I said people will see me! Good he said! Ed said get nude ,I want truckers to see you! I took everything off! And see me they did! Truckers were checking out my Ass as I gave head! You know how truckers are,sharing over the CB! We were close to our exit and it was getting dark out! I was grabbing my clothes , when Ed said keep them off! We live two blocks... Continue»
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A Story for Susan - Part 3

Susan was delighted at being appointed to Chief Buyer for Sex Toys at Amazon and set about building her team to improve the products and achieve her annual targets. Her first recruit was of course Bindi – the beautiful, busty, Indian who devoured men and women in equal numbers – appearing to be innocently hetero-sexual one minute and then deeply-lesbian the next. Susan strode into the board room, delighted to see her old boss Mike fully clothed this time, with the new Head of HR, Mary, sitting very close, with his hand on her stockinged thigh.

Bindi outlined her ideas for the new male mast... Continue»
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HOW TO: First Dry Prostate Orgasm

I am only posting this to help spread the joy to others who have tried to achieve a DRY Prostate Orgasm but never could. Or anyone who just is not sure how and needs pointers. Firstly just a bit of background. I am in my late 20's and never really though about anal play until about 5 years ago. I am also straight and married but do wonder from time to time what a gay/shemale/bi experience would be like so I guess I am open. I am not saying you have to be like that to achieve this wonderful orgasm but that is just my mind set. It might not work for super straight people. This is going to be lon... Continue»
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Indian Student Cheating on Boyfriend

Hi Again!

Wow! What an amazing reaction to my last bit of writing. Thanks for all your lovely comments and words of encouragement. I really wasn’t expecting quite so much interest in my sexual encounters but it seems like you naughty boys and girls want to hear some more!

So let’s fast forward from my first experience of cock which you can read in the other post. This happened a few years after the last story. I'd finished my A levels and got into Uni. I was away from home but still in the Midlands so it wasn't too far for my parents to come and visit or for me to come home. As I said be... Continue»
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While I was looking at Bullchat, I spotted a profile that said "Looking for straight guy who wants to give up control". Intrigued, I said hello like the profile. He said he wanted someone under 50, but I hit him up anyway.

Soon I got a reply asking for a picture, which I sent. He talked about how he like taking control of straight guys and playing with them.

We figured out that we were on the same page and talked about various scenarios that we could play out. Eventually we decided that I would come visit him. He told me that I was not to cum until he finally allowed me to.
I visited hi... Continue»
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My Roommate's Boxers

When I was in college, I had a roommate who was a bit of an asshole. Let's call him Brandon. Brandon was one of those straight b*o types who seemed to always blare his crappy music when I was studying. He was also kinda cute, and I loved looking at him in his boxers as he climbed out of bed each morning. I never saw Brandon without his boxers, but I sometimes jerked myself to sl**p, imagining his cock carelessly slipping through the unbuttoned fly as he pulled aside his sheets.

Peering at Brandon's bare shoulders peeking out from under his covers, I would reach for my crotch. Slowly, s... Continue»
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The Day My Life Changed Part 2 Oral

It had been almost 2 weeks since Cheryl and I had had sex. I had wondered if all was well, as she had not said anything to me about our first adventure. And what an adventure it had been, I did not realize how kinky and over sexed she was. I had already shaved my pubic hairs, and they were itchy. Some lotion helped, but the little whiskers were sticking to my under shorts, and the whiskers on my balls made my cock sensitive, all the time. So I had a semi erection most of the day. It was, actually, kind of cool, walking with a small, soft, boner all day.
Around noon Cheryl called me into... Continue»
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Slutty Roommate fucked by two cocks together

This is two stories in one..enjoy:

For a few years my roommate was a hot piece of ass named Shalimar.

Shalimar worked as a cocktail waitress and wore skirts that her perfect ass would just be covered.
When she bent over, her thong would be visible. She would glance behind her to see if anyone noticed and then give a shy look, as if she was all innocent. Then she'd find someone who she figured could give her a good thumping and bring him home and rock his world.

I had told her how much I liked listening while she was getting railed.
And that I usually jerked off while her moans o... Continue»
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My introduction at the hands of Kay, in 1980

I feel the train slowing down as it pulls into Walton on Thames station on a drizzly winters day in 1980 I am wildly excited, but more nervous than I have ever been in my life. Its my first year at university, and I am here thanks to answering an advert in a contact magazine called Good Vibrations that I found in a newsagent in Mill Road while surreptitiously sneaking a look at the magazines on the top shelf. The advert read 'Mature housewife seeks young man to help work out masturbation fetish - only genuine need apply'. As a genuinely desperate 20 year old (not quite a virgin, but thinking a... Continue»
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What can you find in that sexy T-shirt....

It was a warm summer day and not a cloud floated in the sky which made the warmth of the apartment complex's small laundromat that much warmer. Sean sat on a plastic chair and idly flipped through a magazine that he had brought down with him. He had moved in about two months prior and had been accepted to a university far from home. His next door neighbor was a gorgeous brunette who looked to be in her mid twenties, although he remembered someone saying that she was in her early thirties. All he knew about her was that she was hot and that her name was Chloe.

Sean watched her as she took h... Continue»
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Vegas Jackoff Party

Hi my name is Rob and the story that you are about to read is completely true. It happened two years ago and I have to say that it was probably one of the strangest nights that I have ever had.

A little about myself, I am 50 years old, 5ft 10 inches, 185lbs, with about a 7 inch cut cock. My wife doesn’t like a hairy man so I do manscape and keep myself trimmed close or completely shaved. I live in Las Vegas, I am happily married with 2 grown k**s and why I did what I did is still a mystery to me.

I am not gay, I am not bi, but like all men (and I know there are some who will deny it) ... Continue»
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That one night part 1

I scored a ticket to an event that is sponsored by my company. This event the prior year was dope, but what I was more exited about is the chance to see a girl that I used to work with at another store. I don't get to see her anymore since we do not work together. Working together we became friends, sexual tension began to build through the years of our friendship. Opportunities to take our friendship to the next level arose. We had never capitalized on the opportunities that came about.

The anticipation was killing as I stood in a sea of people waiting to get in. A man up ahead was direct... Continue»
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BBW Nik Nak & The Cabbie

I'm going to tell you a quick story of what outrageous activities went on at a party I was at last night.

It was an 18th birthday party. My best friends cousin turned 18 last week and her parents organised a party for her at the local labour club last night. I wasn't really up for hitting an 18th but my bestie, Jenn, practically begged me to go with her. So, I scrubbed up and went out.

When we first got there, at about 7:30pm, it just seemed like a low-key f****y event. The usual oldies and uncle knobhead, etc... we hit the bar starting off with a tequila shot followed swiftly by a vod... Continue»
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church story

church story
by rock clifford

I was raised in a very religious home, my dad was a minister and church was mandatory. Especially Sunday Morning. It wasn't all bad though, as it was also where some of the hottest girls my age attended church and we had a pretty nice sized group of k**s around the same age. We usually had fun when we were together, even at church. I remember In junior high after vacation bible school one day ending up in a little broom closet with two of the most popular and certainly hottest girls in my school playing truth or dare and french kissing with both of the... Continue»
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Chat with a girl from belarus.

Connected to somebody.

Location: Belarus

Languages: English, german

: hi
: beautiful photo
: thx, you also
: where was it made?
: thx
: uhh
: northshore germany
: nice sixpack :-)
: thank you:) you have nice body too
: look like a model
: :-)
: are you?
: no...
: you seem to be high
: whats your height?
: 175cm
: wow great!
: love it
: long handsome legs
: long legs XD
: thx
: im 178cm
: ohh also tall!
: cool
: yeah
: will be a good pair on tht beach lol
: lol :-)
: how old you are?
: 35
: you?
: 28 :-)
: older
: good ;-)
: you are cute
: you are ... Continue»
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Number 67 - Story by MrsAnaC - Part One

NOTICE: In a rush of inspiration I have just put this down, night owl for the win. :)
I've had a writer's block for far too long. This story is fiction, no resemblance to RL context/characters/names so on doesn't apply. It is my intellectual property and any individual or institution is NOT allowed to redistribute it without my written permission.

I wanted to create a build up, and mainly this was the purpose of this first part :) There will certainly be more as time allows, probably within some weeks. Real life has been far from sunshine and rainbows for a while now, so, I find myself d... Continue»
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Blondie at the Club

My story begins this past summer when my friend and I took a visit to South Carolina. We spent most of our time in Myrtle Beach, and lodged in the neighboring city of Conway.

Besides playing golf, and spending time on the beach, we came to SC so my friend can have his first experience at a strip club. This visit was my 3rd, so I had sophomore skills at these clubs.

Anyway, we went on our first night to take a whack at it.

My friend danced with a blue haired chick he thought was sexy as well as a couple others. He enjoyed his time. However, the way he was so confident had one stripper ... Continue»
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f***ed Fun Is Highly Orgasmic for this Girl.

I came home one day from school and found my twin b*****r and three of his friends watching one of our parents Porn DVDs.

When I entered both his friends were embarrassed and tried to make out they were not interested in what was being shown on out large TV screen.

There were the awkwardness of being caught, but as soon as they realized I was easy about the fucking scenes their attitude changed, and the atmosphere completely changed.

I was the older girl in the group, one minute older than my twin b*****r, but light years ahead on sexual awareness.

'Frida gives great blow-Jobs', he... Continue»
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