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Wife's BBC date night plans for 12-18 9:00pm

The details. You are to retire to the upstairs around 9:00 PM. At which time you will be getting ready for your "date". A well endowed BBC will be coming to take your hot creamy pussy. I fantasize about you taking a thick black cock and getting your pussy cream all over it for me and to tell me how good it feels. While I don't wish for it to occur in real life, the role play thought has got me out of my mind. I love how you take your dildo so deep, all the way in. It's so sexy. Your date requests that you wear:

Your strapless bra
black skirt
Thigh high stockings
Absolutely no pan... Continue»
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sexy ex neighbour part 3

went round to my old sexy neighbours house last week to drop of her Christmas present as I always do leading up to the big day. A bit anxious as I had not seen her for a long while as I know she had an operation. After knocking on her door for what seemed like ages the door was finally opened, hello love, she said, long time no see come on in and have a chat, although I have some company at the moment, one of my old friends has popped in to see me. I went into the lounge and as introduced to a pleasant lady of about sixty who said her name was Cathy . I sat down next to her on the sofa and be... Continue»
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What Katie Did (4) on the Phone with Evie

If you haven’t read any of my previous “stories” in this series, you should try to read them in order, though each can stand by itself.
How I Started Being an Exhibitionist
What Katie Did in the Parking Station
What Katie Did on the Balcony
These are not just “stories”; they are based on things that have happened to me or to people I know. This chapter is not quite as erotic as the previous ones, but this is how it happened. I hope ... Continue»
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Cuckold marriage (part 5)

Below is part 4 of my story which I posted just after Christmas last year.
Here is an update of how my humiliation continued in 2015:

Over the year Sally and Mark have stayed together and I have continued to pay the Mortgage etc to keep them happy. Mark and Sally have often visited my bedsit room to humiliate me and punishing me for being so feeble. Sally ordering me to strip off and then them both laughing at my penis. I would be ordered to stand up with my legs apart so they could take turns kicking and kneeing me in the balls, they could tell I liked it as I would usually get an erectio... Continue»
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Trapped in a Gloryhole

I had been out all day and was very desperate for the bathroom, I was half way home walking because I had lost my ticket to get back, I could really feel my bladder tightening and when I saw a public bathroom in the distance I felt a rush of relief through my body.

I quickly rushed to the bathroom already desperate and getting worse for seeing the place, when I was shocked to see that the women's bathroom was closed for maintenance. I had already prepared my body to go and now was dancing on the spot, so when I looked over at the male bathroom door I couldn't help myself.

I walked sheepi... Continue»
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Caught (him) in panties (her POV)

DISCLAIMER NOTE: So I asked FlamingDice for his permission to do the female POV of his story caught in panties linked here: and well as I'm posting this I'm sure you can guess that he happily agreed to allow me to do so. I just hope I've done it justice and not ruined a perfectly sexy story lol :) (Also if you read both Flaming dice AKA the original and read mine too, it'll clear some things up) Thanks Flaming Dice for being cool about it :) Enjoy!

_________________________________________________________________________________________... Continue»
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Vintage Nylon Lingerie Story #1

I think it's time to submit my story of how I got addicked to the wonderful world of lingerie.

As most stories start out, I was quite young. I was at my neighbor's house as usual. His parents were working and we pretty much had the house to our selves. Now this was the age when my sexual curiosity was starting up. My friend was the same too. He noticed that we would start to get erections when we were sitting there watching TV and some attractive lady was on TV.

I actually remember when a department store commercial came on the TV. It was for the semi-annual lingerie sale. We were glued ... Continue»
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Debbie's adventures.

Debbie Does Me.

As I was in the area I decided I’d call and see Debbie. She’s a good sort and always brings out the best in people.
As I arrived Debbie was about to leave but said you can come along it just might make things more interesting. She said it would be fun and there seemed to be a glint in her eye as she said it. She was wearing a long black coat heels and red lipstick. She looked devilish and bemused by her I said ok to which she replied I hope you don’t shock easily with a definite glint in her eye. I began to wonder where we were going and what was she up to. So I said no yo... Continue»
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Dallas Part 1


While on holiday with some friends about 3 years ago and not having had much female companionship for most of the previous 9 years I met with Dallas who became the catalyst for me finding myself, sexually that is.

Our first encounter was only slight while having a drink in a bar I seen her and thought now that’s one very sexy woman, with curves in all the right places, exactly how I like it. Even though she appeared to be alone, with my lack of confidence I chose to admire from a distance.

A few nights later while walking down the prom I saw her sitting on a bench just stari... Continue»
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The Making of a Fuck Toy

Chapter One – The Perfect Storm

Everyone gets to a point in their life when things go out of control. Whether it was random or planned, wanted or feared, the perfect storm had occurred in Cassandra Mumford’s life. Her parents had moved to a warmer climate. The boyfriend she shared an apartment with for the past year, up and left her. The temp job that she had been working for the past 3 months ended up hiring the other temp and let her go.

Now she’s sitting on the couch in her only clean pair of yoga pants and t-shirt, eating ice cream straight out of the carton. It’s not that she was... Continue»
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one hotel morning(true story)

One morning at the old house myself and a couple of hang arounds , friends were out in my mancave we were up all night doing the party thing and I was a little buzzed . and started to feel a bit horny , I told the boys I was going to take the women to a hotel so we could fuck and suck without being interrupted by the k**s when they woke up , and asked them to watch them when they did. my one buddie said he would and off into the house I went to get the girl and pack a few play toys for our outing . iwas getting stuff together like vibrators and xxx discs to play at the hotel room to get the mo... Continue»
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A walk in the rain

John had been waiting for 30 minutes before his step daughter finally arrived and got in the car. "where on earth have you been" he enquired.
"Just chatting to Libby" Laura said with no air of urgency.
John as usual just had to shrug off her attitude, one day, he thought, he would snap at her endless selfishness and give her the spanking that she deserved.
For now though he played the unwritten game that passed between them both, it had been lightly raining but Laura's blouse was soaked through and he could clearly see her nipples pushing onto the fabric. Once again she had put on her unifo... Continue»
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Foreskin play caught in the act

Well this story is about being caught out , my wife and I have a good sex life having sex 3 / 4 times a week , but I have a very high sex drive so give my self a handjob up too 4 times most days , could say im addicted too it , I work from home so its very easy , my wife works 4 days a week , one day not so long a go she went off too work and I was so horny the second she left the door so got on hamster tube and started watching a clip about a guy who was giving him self a handjob with an amazing foreskin , now I have a foreskin and love watching guys play with them selfs or women playin... Continue»
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In a derelict industrial area of docks and warehouses, there is a tavern where blue-collar workers gather for lunch or a beer. Most of the men that go there are middle-aged, and some are unemployed.

A friend told me that some of the unemployed men who frequent the tavern are available for sex as long as you pay them. "This is how it works," my friend said. "Go to the tavern and tell the owner that you want to have a word with him. Tell him that you need some 'milk'. He'll know what you mean."

The following week I went to the tavern with some trepidation. I did what my friend said. ... Continue»
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Mother and I

I woke up so fucking horny. My cock was so hard it was hurting me. I looked at the clock and it was late already. But there was no way I could not do anything about this erection. There was no way I could walk down to the kitchen to have breakfast with this thing sticking out.
It would only be my mother, since we lived by ourselves her and I. My dad had left a long time ago. He had found another woman at his work and started to screw her. Then he told my mother that she had gotten to fat and that he needed a woman that turned him on.
I always thought he was fucking nuts. His "new" woman was ... Continue»
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Watching nanna in the shower

When I was i was finding my body and it did help when my step dad would give me porn one day nan was in the shower and I walked in bye mistake and she opened the the shower door and asked me to wash her back I said ok then she told me when she would give me a bath she would wash all over then I asked if she was hinting that she wanted me to wash her whole body she said only if u want to I said are u having a bad day she then reply no I am just lazy then nan turned around and asked me if her boobs were still firm I looked at them and said they are still sitting high on u and not sagging down... Continue»
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I blocked this creep instantly

would grab your attention and flip this cold weather upside down!

It's a hot summers day, were relaxing in the garden on sun beds with cold drinks in our hands, laughing and enjoying each other's company. Your body is looking so sexy in your bikini I can't keep my eyes off you.

You turn over onto your front and ask me to rub some cream on your back and shoulders. I walk over, giving your bum a cheeky squeeze before sitting on your legs to start rubbing the cream on your back. I untie your bikini so my hands can glide over back and shoulders down to the tip of your bikini bottoms, up you... Continue»
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The punishment

Getting out of the shower, Lacy wraps a towel around herself and putters around the room trying to find a good outfit for a third date. She’s seriously trying to impress Michael so picks out a short and low cut dress and the tiniest silk panties she can find. She puts them to one side and starts to dry herself. The feel of the towel grazing against her nipples really turns her on so she fumbles around in her toy box and lies back in bed. She lubes up her dildo and pushes it in slowly before grabbing her vibrator to run over her clit. She has her other hand stroking the towel up and down and ac... Continue»
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Eric, Shelly and Tim: Foot Fetish Trio

It is late evening; Eric approaches the hotel room door, key in hand, and opens it into a lit room with Shelly passed out on the bed. An empty bottle of wine and a glass are on the night stand; Shelly is half under the covers with her legs sticking out and her shod feet hanging over the edge of the bed.
“Holy fuck!” Eric says under his breath
Eric ducks back out of the room, closing the door gently, and retrieves his cell fone from his pocket. He dials Jim on the phone and says, in hushed tones,
Eric: “Jim you gotta get over here. Shelly’s passed out and her feet are ours for the taking! Ca... Continue»
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Turkey Day Reunion

SO, In the latest of "odd" encounters my life has had, this one I can rank up there with the rest of them. This past holiday of Thanksgiving, I must admit that I was thankful very much! We had a f****y get together whereas most of the extended f****y was sitting at one table for the traditional feast of turkey and what-such. We haven't had a get together like this for years, even longer for me since I moved cross country a couple of decades ago, but moving back this year affords me to get with f****y a whole lot more. But, being in the "always in the gutter" mindset, I was sitting at the... Continue»
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