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Aroused as stranger watched me Breast Feed.

Erotic Lactation is the medical name for it, breast-feeding and experiencing an orgasm, and I recently, and embarrassingly, experienced it.

I am a woman who has ultra sensitive nipples and my mind goes into an erotic overdrive as milk flows through my nipples.

Not long after giving birth I was breast feeding alone in my hospital bed. I found the feeling pleasant enough, but when a friend of my husband suddenly appeared unannounced, the look on his face triggered an immediate sexual response.

I was of course bare breasted, nude from the waist up, and both my nipples were huge, and swol... Continue»
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Ssbbw neighbor-titfuck facial

I was ccoming in town from college I was 23 and surprising my parents!
I couldn't wait to hangout with my parents and by the pool, but most of all see my old neighbor she hand to be about 52-56 but I didn't care.
She was a SSBBW giant tits huge ass and big round belly with big back rolls and love handles (a Latino cotton candi is the best description)

When I was younger I used to watch her sunbathing in the backyard in small bikinis and thongs bottoms! I used to explode cum all over myself watching her tan and swim!
And also my bedroom was directly across from her on the secon story and ... Continue»
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Boarding School initiation

I was sent to a boarding school in Yorkshire when I was 13. I was sexually innocent and although I got regular erections I had never ejaculated and knew very little about it. The school house I was in had a dormitory with four corridors radiating from a central hallway with washrooms. Each corridor was separated into cubicles by wooden partitions, which gave some privacy although there was an opening in the top half of the door so that prefects and masters could check on us during the night. Each corridor was presided over by a prefect who had the cubicle nearest the hall. Everyone went to bed... Continue»
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Molly The Manager

This is a true story. I have changed the some of the names for grins and giggles. Others, including store names and geographical locations are true.

Fall, 1982. These neat toys we use to communicate with were either in their infancy or very expensive. I was finishing up University and when things slowed down in what I liked doing, I found myself alone, and needing a job to pay the $80.00 a month for the six by nine foot room, some food, gas for the 1966 Chevy Malibu. I lowered myself and decided to go retail and stopped by a local department store. It just so happened the head of se... Continue»
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Chapter 5 - Eat At Joe's

Hey, that guy over there just bought you a drink.

Yeah, and his wife just bought us dinner.


Yeah, she just paid me a hundred bucks to cum on her in the ladies room.


Hee hee hee hee!! ... Hey, you'll never guess who I saw over at the blackjack tables....


JOEY!! You remember Joey...?

How could I forget?!

Well, c'mon, I'll introduce ya!


Well, why not?

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Whatever gets the job done

Working late at night, the building is quiet so I can hear most noises from my office. I heard doors in the building. 'That's strange', I thought to myself, and figured I should investigate. Nobody else works late that I know of and anyone else might need a break too. We could get some coffee.

I left my office and made my way to the general area from which I heard the door sounds. Nothing. I was sure I heard something. Then I heard a moan coming from the ladies bathrooms. I pushed the door to open it slightly, but could see nobody inside. Sneaking in, I still couldn't see anyone. I couldn't... Continue»
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Grandma's Crossdressing Daugther!

Hello, My name is Nina and I'm a 18 year old crossdresser, I love to show my female side and aswell write stories about crossdressing with ofcourse some
fantasies in it. I have always been dreaming about my grandma dressing me up and certain stuff, so here is a story of my fantasy!

So it was June 12th and on that day I was home alone since my parents went away for 1 week to New York. I had the whole house and stuff
for myself. I was asked to visit sometimes my grandmother to help her out with certain stuff and I did as asked from my parents. I decided to call my
grandmother and ... Continue»
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How I got a serious onepiece swimsuit fetish pt2

A quick foreword for you all, this series is the first thing I have tried to write for the entertainment of other people since high school. Everything you read in the "how I got a serious one piece swimsuit fetish" series is loosely based on TRUE REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES I HAVE HAD, names and a few details have been changed/made up to protect my identity and the identities of other people. The masturbation scenes are embellished a lot, but all the key points are true.

Part two: a swimsuit of my own

This is a few years after part one of my story. I was now in high school and larger t... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock part 2

After leaving Harvey's house, i went to my favorite sex shop that had tons of movie cubicles in the back. There has been many times that i have watched moves and masterbated while an eye was glued to the glory hole in the side wall. Iwas never a dissappointment as i would always completely strip before playing. Tonight would be different as i had set my mind on an anything goes night I got my rolls of quarters and made my way to the back where the boothes were. As usual there were plenty of men just hanging around. Imade eye contact with all i passed and entered a booth that i knew had glory h... Continue»
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College Stories 3

Annie and I decided to meet up later that night after dinner and hit a movie. As I went though the line at dinner, I could see her working in back of the cafeteria. She had to wear the most unflattering outfits in the cooking area with a hair net holding up her long straight blonde hair. It normally hung to just about the arch in her back. Even with the crummy outfit on, I was growing hard staring at her. She started laughing as she saw me gawking and people passing me up in line...
I couldn't wait for later. As the rest of the guys headed up I stopped outside the caf's side door. I op... Continue»
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I watched them fucking and felt an urge

I was on the beach last Sunday with a large group of friends. We sunbathed for a couple of hours, swam to cool off, then I went for a walk on my own.

I ventured up onto the edge of the beach where it was a lot quieter and down a few dunes, enjoying the peace and quiet. I stopped and looked back to where I head came from and saw I had walked a lot further than I realized, so I decided to head back.

I started to walk when I heard what sounded like a woman's moan drift from a clump of reeds and bushes off to my left. Curiosity got the better off me so I ventured down the embankment and made... Continue»
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My first experience... Accidental Flashing

When I was 18, I was riding my motorcycle around on the trails and stopped for a smoke. I pulled out a cigarette, lit it and puffed away. I was leaning against my bike, and it was nice outside, I was in the middle of a small clearing in the woods, all alone. So I whipped out my 8" cock and dropped my pants completely, stepping out of them (no underwear, of course). I strolled around slowly, looking around to make sure nobody was around, listening to the sounds of cars passing by the road, about 15 yards away. I finally got into a stride and decided to get serious, so I went back to my bike, dr... Continue»
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I have your arms secured to the headboard with leather cuffs. You are shirtless and barefoot, wearing only a tight pair of jeans. I begin by lightly stroking your face, tracing your jawline, down the side of your neck, feeling your pulse. My hand ventures down past your clavicle, exploring your chest, and further down your side. All the way until I reach the waist of your jeans, where I stop. I begin again, on the other side, savoring the texture of your skin, running my fingers through your hair as my hand travels. I feel the beating of your heart as my hand rests over it. Your breathing beco... Continue»
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Only Time I Was Caught Masturbating, Ever

This is an account of the one and only time I was caught masturbating.
I was 15 and it was the summer between 10th and 11th grade.
My best friend at that time, Jeff, were in school bands together and inseparable running mates for several years. We both had paper-routes, loved riding our bikes - all the typical stuff youngsters do at that age.
His f****y lived near mine so we'd do overnights at each other's house fairly often. His dad flew for the Air f***e and would be gone quite a bit but his mom and 2 s****rs were always around Matter of fact, sometime after this event happened I started ... Continue»
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hot commute home

6.15 ish Saturday last weekend.

Already melting from the beautiful weather, I boarded a hot, sticky and obviously packed train home from work. After embarrassingly navigating over to the back of the unstable carriage, I find a spot wedged against the small perch seat by the secondary doors.

Arriving at the next stop seeing the expected swarm of people waiting to get on the train was daunting. I put away my phone as the doors open and the train fills. It immediately becomes more comfortable to face the window with my back against the hoard of people

The train takes off again. Still w... Continue»
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Chat between two mature bi men

That was three days ago, I had watched some videos on hamster, I was excited like a flea. I really needed to shoot my load. So I chose a sixty years old man in the list of connected and I contacted him

Me: Hello, want to chat?
Him hi, ok
Me: I'm bi, married
Him same for me
Me: hmmm I want to turn myself on with you
Him hummmm
Me: I have been stroking myself for a while ... I'm starting to get wet
Him hummmm, are you well hung ?
Me: normal, 15 cm
Me: I'm in underwear
Him: naked and me 11x4
Me: hmmm your wife is not there?
Him: no, she went to work
Me: cool
Him and you
Me: she... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock

When i was in my 20's i was living in SF and got into the d**g scene. Coke made me so horny with no care on how i got off. First of all, i am a slim asian male with no body hair. I am bi and not too picky when it comes to sex. The stranger the better!.
I always go to my friend Harvey's house to do some coke. My usual habit is to do some lines have a few drinks and then head to the bathroom with a stack of porn. Ialways tale off my shoe laces and bind my cock and balls really tight and then tie the lace to the door handle tightly. Ilove the pain and when i am high i go much tighter.
Tonight w... Continue»
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Adult Theater Bukkake

I work up the other day feeling extremely horny and decided to wear some lingerie under my conservative work clothes. I choose a black outfit which consisted of a garter belt, stockings and a shelf bra and off to work I went. That mood stuck with me most of the day and on several occasions I hiked up my dress and played with my pussy in my office. I had been chatting with one of my Hamster friends and I suggested that I drive home with out my dress on and hoping others could see my in only my lingerie. He suggested that perhaps I should pay a visit to the Adult Theater which I thought was ... Continue»
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Episode 51 - HUMANS

HUMANS is a British-American TV series currently airing on AMC and in the UK Channel4, where humanoid robots called Synths are being bought as home helps, but increasingly becoming indistinguishable from humans. I have only watched episodes 1-4, so have to anticipate some of the plot lines. In episode 3 we see the gorgeous female Synth Anita standing in front of a speeding car to save Toby from being knocked off his cycle. She undresses in the garage so that Joe can assess the damage to her skin, but he seems incapable of seeing her as a sex object. Elsewhere a male Synth ... Continue»
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big nick and the old smoking woman 2

I had not seen the older woman for about 4 years I was Woking around the shop i Woking past one of those sexy bra and under shop and I could see this hot older woman then I said it her she turn around and said I well just be a couple minutes I said ok so she come over said do you won't to get same thing to eat I said yes so we went and talk I was hard she said we should have fun again I said ok she said I can show you what I buy from the shop she said her my new house is I said i would came around later so I went home thinking about her smoking and how much fun we had last time so I went to he... Continue»
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