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loop of 420 nutz


It was during the summer of 2006 and I was staying at a friends house in Boston,well actually I was working for him and house sitting. I was 24 and always horny Well one day I was really stressed and upset and my friend asked me to smoke some of his Weed. I had never tried it at this point and he smoked infront of me for years and never offered me any. That was the day that I decided that I was gonna rebel and try it. I was that green. Well at first I felt nothinf then about an hour later it happened I began to feel the floor bend beneath me and I felt really good!. I li... Continue»
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iWant To Go Further #3 - iCome Out

iCarly: iWant To Go Further #3 - iCome Out

[Carly and Sam are still early in their relationship. When the more experienced Carly wants to go faster, how will Sam take it?]

"Carly? Principal Franklin called. He said that if you and Sam wanted to stay home today, he'd understand," Spencer yelled up.

So the principal heard about it too. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. For neither the first nor the last time that morning, Sam wished cruel and violent death on Freddie's mother.

Once again, Sam knocked on Carly's bathroom door and pleaded for her to come out. Once again, t... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Revelation (Proposition part 4

She was so startled and disappointed by how things had suddenly taken a U-turn since Saturday. Having become immersed in this brave new fantasy world, running parallel with the reality that Rachel's daughter, Emma, was now a lesbian, she too had done more than dip her toes in to test these new waters. But maybe it had been a case of too much too soon.

Rachel didn't know what to think right now. It was as if the d**g had subsided, and prematurely, sending her high plummeting to the depths of depression. What world had she entered? What had she done with a perfectly good friendship that she ... Continue»
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Mum and Dad had gone out for the day leaving me alone to indulge my new found passion for wearing my Mum's undies and nylon's ...oh I was going to have lots of fun. I looked through the washing bin and found Mum's used knickers tights and 2 pairs of tan seamed nylon's there was also several suspender belts as well. I tripped off to my bedroom and stripped off.... putting on the suspender belt and rolling the nylon's up my legs gave me a huge thrill as my cock grew and throbbed with anticipation the knickers were next trapping my erection and making me throb more.....I went into Mum's bedroom a... Continue»
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The Life Model

I should warn you that this story contains no actual sex. It's very subtle, I think
women may enjoy it more than you men. It's kind of about what goes on in my head,
and it goes back to 1985 when I was s*******n and at college.

I used to do art but it wasn't one of my main subjects. One day in my final year
the art teacher called me into his office. He explained there was a life class
that day, and the model booked had been in a collision in her car and was not
able to come. I asked why he was telling me this, as I wasn't due to attend.
He went on to ask me if I'd model.

I was ... Continue»
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From the diary of jane.

I remember like it was yesterday, I was standing up my legs spread a bit with my back to him. He was holding his dick in his hand and had it press up against my entrance. I could feel the squirts of cum shooting up inside me. That boy never did put his thing all the way in me, but he loved to place his dick at my opening and let his seed fill me up. Sometimes he would slide his prick across my clit as he came, and that felt awesome too. But this particular day, this first time, he made sure to put all he had to offer in me. After he was done, he stood there for a few moments, his cock holding ... Continue»
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Mutual masturbation: Part Four "Frotting"

I had to go home the next morning to go to my cousin Katies birthday party, but we decided I should spend the night at his house again. I told him I would be back later that night.

It was around 9:00pm when I got back to his house and his mother had already left for work. Instead of wasting time playing video games or watching TV we went straight to his room. He reached under his bed and pulled out a huge stack of dirty magazines. They covered a wide varieties of porn, straight, gay,lesbian,group and Asian. We sat down on the floor across from one another and dug in.

After a couple of m... Continue»
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Taxi ride home

After a night out in Newcastle we waited in the taxi rank for our journey home, it would be a 30min taxi ride of around 18miles. It was late and we were pretty d***k.
My wife sue had a beautiful fitted black dress, and if you have read previous stories you would already know that she never wore panties when we go out together.
Out taxi pulled up and we got in, as we set off, Sue as usual started chatting to the driver about his night, was he busy ?, what time did he finish ?, bet he hates Saturday night d***ks ?, all her usual talk lol. And as usual on a taxi ride home from a night out, she ... Continue»
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Mrs. Smith {Part VI}


"What the fuck are you up to now?" I asked, stunned.

"Just checking out your toys. I was wondering which one you used last night when you called out my name"

"You bastard. Were you listening at my door?"

"No, actually I was in the room," you lied, "I was hiding in your closet using my phone to tape you. I'm sure my friends would love to see it"

"Why do you always have to ruin everything. I was so happy with what you did to my boss that I was going to give you a treat anyway. You don't have to resort to blackmail"

“A treat? What, another blowjob? Not that they aren'... Continue»
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Private Dancer

I just got done remodeling my basement. I already had a full bar. Some nice video games. A big pool table. A huge flat screen and some leather couches on one side. I put in some new carpeting. Made the small bathroom much larger. Add a huge bathtub and glass shower to make it nicer. I even built a better entrance from the back yard. I put in a poker table and some nice chairs and bar stools for the room

I had seen a movie last week. That made me think I needed to add something more to my man cave. That what I call my basement. The man cave. I needed to add a stripper pole. I had a very ... Continue»
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"Mom Flashes Puppies at WWF Event"

I had to break it to the guys at lunch. My dad was supposed to
drive us to the WWF wrestling show next week, but now he has to
be out of town, so my mom is going to drive us. At least my dad
watches wrestling with me a little bit, and is more of a regular
guy, but Mom is pretty conservative, and might put a damper on
things sitting with us in the stadium.

This was supposed to be really good. Five of us boys going to
the WWF live, followed by a sl**p-over at my house, and no school
the next day because of a teacher's institute day. It was me,
Glen and Kyle, two of my long-time f... Continue»
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Feminized by my first girfriend

This story was sent to me by a friend but it is totally true :

About 6 months ago I joined a gym because I have never had a very masculine body and now that I just turned 21 it was time to finally get off my butt and try to build some muscle. That is where I met my girl friend Brook who stands 5' 9", has a fantastic body and a gorgeous face. She looks like Tia Carrere who was in Wayne's World and True Lies but in my opinion much hotter. I have always had a thing for hot asian girls so when she walked up to me, my jaw almost dropped. I could not believe she walked up to me and started a conv... Continue»
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Doctors And Nurses

Wally always wanted to be an engineer but his father, a rich banker, insisted he studied to be a doctor. He saw it as a worthy profession and it would sit well on their f****y tree.

To go against his father’s wishes was to put his inheritance in danger and that added up to a considerable amount of money and property. Consequently he soldiered on, attended the best medical schools, and eventually ended up as a doctor at a large hospital.

Because he was smart and hard working, Wally soon worked his way up to being the hospital administrator and was bored to tears. On top of that, he’d been... Continue»
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Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation has always been one of those mythical things that ranks up there with the existence of Big Foot, Aliens, and the Loch Ness Monster.

In one camp you have the nay sayers – it’s just pee from an overactive bladder that gets released during intercourse or orgasm. Watching any of the popular porn videos will certainly make it seem like that. Others say that it’s a glandular secretion during intercourse and orgasm, similar to that of a male prostrate gland. Other, have no clue – it’s a mystery. I am of the belief that any time you can make your girl shoot ANY liquid out o... Continue»
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Pineapple Express

Referring to my last story “Sky Rockets in Flight”, “Jen” and I hadn’t been able to spend much time together since our night on the beach. She was an avid sailor and crewed on at least two racing boats, and I was working to earn money for college. When we had kissed goodbye, she whispered in my ear that we had unfinished business. I didn’t really know what that meant but I was soon to find out.

“Jen” and I got together about a week later to watch some TV and lounge. She brought over a big tub of fresh, sweet pineapple for us to munch on and our kisses wound up being sticky and sweet. S... Continue»
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Mrs. Smith {Part V}


I almost laughed when you " ordered" me to blow you. Truth was, I was going to offer to do just that as payment for getting me out of my jam. While a boys first time at intercourse should be with a girl his age, perhaps with someone he's in love with, his first blowjob should be with someone who knows what they're doing.

But I let you think you were blackmailing me, knowing it would make it even more erotic for you.

When you came, I couldn't believe how much cum there was. I had trouble swallowing fast enough so some dribbled down my chin. I knew it was unsightly but I figu... Continue»
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Visit From an Old Friend

I met an old lady friend at the store the other day. We had a few hot times together many years ago. I asked what she was doing now. She told me that she had retired and did a little work on computers for extra spending money. I told her I was having a problem with mine and she said she would stop by and take a look at it.
A little bit about us. Jen is now 69 with gray hair, she still good looking.She is divorced and has not been with a steady guy in several years. I am 70 married and still horny as hell so when she kissed me at the store parking lot I got an instant boner. We exchanged phone... Continue»
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I Cannot Have What I Want

I like this site, because it shows women and girls being controlled by men with their beautiful hard cocks. That's what I crave, but I can't have it because the real-life presence of a naked man with a gorgeous hard-on freaks me out!

Less than three weeks after I hit puberty, my pa came into my bedroom. It was a hot summer night, and I was sl**ping nude on top of the sheets, window open, trying to get some relief for my young, overheated body.

"Lili," he whispered as his left hand explored my flat tummy and budding breasts, "Your mom is being a bitch again, and I need some comfort... Continue»
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Watching a Friend - Again

Loud moaning awakened Amy. Her eyes fluttered and opened to the sultry evening. She was lying on a large patch of warm moss between the stockade fence and the garage at Renee’s house. Panic grabbed her by the throat. She was completely naked but for but for her thin, strappy sandals.
Everything came back in an instant: her walk to Renee's house where she heard her friend's moans from the backyard gazebo. Afraid of what might be happening, Amy had looked over the fence. To her shock, Renee was at the gazebo – with a man – and obviously being pleasured by a man Amy had never seen before. Th... Continue»
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Tricked my gf into a gangbang (True story)

This is a true story and I will recount it the best I can's been almost 20 years since this happened
I had been with Krystal for one year and she was a sexy little bitch of Indian decent and just barely 19 and for all purposes she was a "good" and loyal woman who would not think of anything immoral or sexually perverse .
She had a really hot thin body with long legs and was model material with the darkest nipples I had ever seen and when her pussy was spread it was so red it looked like a rose as she opened it in contrast with her dark pussy lips .
Well we talked about doing som... Continue»
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