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Two Little Traveller Girls Watch Me Cum

(A re-post originally from a guy who is no longer on here but I felt was worth sharing again).

Two Little Traveller Girls Watch Me Cum

Just a very short experience, but one I think worth conveying:

I was at home one Sunday afternoon, when I heard a lot of noise outside, so going upstairs I looked out of the window and saw two young little girls messing around in the rear car park of some flats which are nearby. I had not seen them before but they were being very naughty, throwing rubbish about and so on.

Although they were young, they were quite cute in a sort of rough naughty wa... Continue»
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FIRST INSTRUCTIONS My briefs"s fragrance

I believe a new era has arrived for you and me. This is not about playing with shit. What I got from you is something really special. I cannot remember the last time
I got so many excitement from a woman like you!

You couldn't imagine how happy I was! You couldn't image how much pleasure you gave me!

Please don't be angry but you had no chance. That letter was beautiful.
I will keep it forever, that's for sure, whatever happens between us.
In my current situation I'm happy to live. I was soo tense, so worried and I was so horny!
I had to wait all the time; stupid people everywher... Continue»
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I Swear, We're Not Gay - Part 2

I re-ran the events of that night in my mind for days, trying to figure out just how I felt about jerking off with my older b*****r. I wished my cock was as big and strong looking as his. I really wanted to ask him if he had ever taken part in one of those circle jerks he talked about and I wondered if and when I'd ever see his dick again. As it turns out it was the very next time that we were home alone together.

Ricky called me down to the f****y room and before I got there I knew what was up. I just knew. As I entered the room, Ricky, wearing only a bathrobe held up a video tape. 'Best ... Continue»
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I Swear, We're Not Gay - Part 1

My older sibling Ricky is my hero. He still teaches me about things I need to know, or maybe just the most important things. He really opened my eyes to a few things a couple of months ago.

Ricky was a tall athletic guy, a real ladies man, and kind of a trouble-maker in his day. A year and eighteen months my senior, he always had time to help me out of a jam or give me advice. I was home during my semester break from college and ne night Ricky asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I quickly responded with a YES! I was psyched because he usually goes out on Friday nights with his friends or h... Continue»
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The neighbour .... Part 1

Nineteen eighty five was a good year all in all we had paid off our mortgage and our sex life was unbeleivable to the point nearly all our weekends were busy. A cloud on the horizon was the property next door to our was being subdivided into four acre blocks so we were expecting to lose some of our privacy, but you can't stop progress. as it happened the blocks weren't selling that well and six months later only one home was being built. The way our home was built our privacy seemed still assured so we carried on as before skinny dipping and sex outdoors for ourselves and friends. The home on ... Continue»
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Another amazing girl on Omegle

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like fucking.

You: m

Stranger: f22 horny

You: m 26 likewise

You: alome?

Stranger: in bed

You: likewise

Stranger: watching porn

You: ooh nice

Stranger: dripping wet

You: i've got a hard cock, wish it could slip into a nice wet pussy

Stranger: I'd love that cock

You: its a good size baby, you really tight?

Stranger: us cumin seconds

You: sounds amazing

Stranger: how big is that cock

You: 7.5 inches

Stranger: wat do u l9k like

Stranger: look like

You: 5 10 athletic build (I pla... Continue»
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First bi experiences - Part 3

I started visiting Mick pretty regularly after that first time I went 'all the way' with him.
I discovered that the sensation of being fucked was something I enjoyed very much. I bought myself a bigger dildo than the small plug my girlfriend had used on me and when I was home alone I used it regularly.
But what I really liked was having another person there when my ass was being penetrated. The dildo wasn't enough, I wanted the sensation but not from my own hands.
Sitting on the dildo worked OK, so that I could lift myself up and down on it. It was close, but still not the same. But one ... Continue»
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My voyeur escapades

Ism 54 years old .my mom past away 21 years ago. I started peeking on my Mom when I was 14 years old. Back then my mom used to bath and leave her panties in the bathroom. One day I was curious as to what a panty would smell like fresh off her pussy. So I waited and went in the bathroom right after she had her bath.. I found her panties in the laundry basket in the bathroom. I took 2 ,1 was pink the other was white. The pink one was the freshest , I put it to my nose and my cock got rock hard. I wrapped the white one around my cock and rubbed it til I shot my load on it . Back then our bathr... Continue»
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Jacking my old cock with an older lady

Today I had thought of cooking some rice and making a shrimp and rice dish for dinner. When I mentioned this to a lady I was working with, we were shredding some papers before closing the office, when she asked if I wanted some company, I said “yes of course, do you like shrimp and rice”? She said that sounded good and asked if she could bring some wine, I replied yes. I told her I was planning on taking a shower and would dress comfortably, she said that sounds great, but what is comfortable? I told her I would wear my pajamas, she replied “like the ones you wore last Sunday”? I gave her... Continue»
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Strokes Weren't Limited to Just The Paintbrus

I returned to Kathleen's around 9:30 A.M. to find a note saying she would be out until mid-afternoon, and that she had luch fixed for me in the kitchen. "Make yourself at home dear," was the last line. I set to the business of finishing the painting, and soon realized it was nearly 1:00 p.m. when I finished. I put everything away, washed up, and decided to have the luch she made for me. After finishing, I cleaned up the dishes and sat at the kitchen table having a soda. My thoughts turned to earlier in the morning, and the way she looked with her bare breasts and the silky black pettipants and... Continue»
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My. Co-worker part 1:

I have been working in the Student Life department at Miami Dade
Community College (MDCC) now Miami Dade College (MDC) for about a year
and I never thought about doing a story about this but now I am. Gus
started working for in the summer term of this year. He is one cute guy.
He is about 5'10 black hair brown eyes and about 180 lbs. one day I
started hitting on one and he was like what the fuck are you doing I told
him nothing. I went to the storage room to get some refreshments ready
for an event that was happening, Gus followed me to the storage room and
I said what do you want he... Continue»
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House Guest 2

Not much took place until the following week end. Saturday was a big game
with a rival team and with the help of Chuma we won 78 to 96. Needless to
say that was the big news story of the day. As I said I was never a big
sports fan so I just listened to music and graded papers. Chuma came in
around eight thirty in the evening. I got up and congratulated him on the

"We're gonna celebrate tonight!" He said.

I stared at him. "By we you don't mean me do you?"

"I sure do. Get your robe on." I said, closing the door to the bathroom.

"My. My robe? You don't mean my bath robe?"
... Continue»
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Backpacking with a friend

A few years ago, when I was 18, just before I went to university, I
travelled round Asia for 6 months with someone I knew from school. We'd
known each other since we were about 12 and were pretty good friends, but
us being travelling partners was largely down to the fact that we both
wanted to travel, but didn't want to go alone. I'd never really thought
about him in a sexual way, but there was no denying that he was pretty good
looking. His name was Nate, he was just less than 6 foot, skinny but with
pretty good muscle definition, dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.
I, on ... Continue»
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Mornings were never lost on us. Especially spring mornings. Early. In our
reverie. Early in the day when poetry made trees greener than the day
before. And grass more springy and fuller and richer seeming. More than
loam. And the beauty of the sky was crystal fragrance. As has never been
before. And the joy at ties of rainbows or chandelier dawns was that they
were shared together. And we touched up in our morning bed. Stretched our
hands and found each other, close and closer still. Not had to sail the
world at all, after the moment we first met and first were born.

We slept naked... Continue»
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Straight Party Guy

I'm not sure how old he is, but Straightboy is in early 20s... a grad
student who goes to the same school. He's about my height (6'2"), built
like a football player, medium tan, and he has a nice tattoo on his back.
When I say football player I mean thick... not fat, but kind of muscular. I
think you all can get the picture.

I call him Straightboy because he still considers himself straight. When
I'm not around, he's fucking girls. Now that he's had a taste of cock I
don't think he's as happy with pussy as he used to be, but that's his
problem, not mine! Whenever he texts I'm more ... Continue»
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Physical exam with my Stepbrother

My name is Ian and I'm 21. My stepb*****r Paul is a year younger than me
and we both attend the same university in Dallas. We actually get along
pretty well considering that we've only been living in the same house for
about 3 months. My parents got divorced when I was 15 and I lived with my
father in Denver. He travels a lot for work and that's probably the biggest
reason that my parents divorced. About a year ago, on one of his business
trips, he met Paul's mother Helen. She was also divorced and lived in New
York with Paul.

At first I was worried about all of us moving to Dallas... Continue»
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House Guest

I was working at the local university as a professor of English literature
when the basketball coach approached me. He knew I lived alone in a large
house so he asked if I could provide a room to one of his basketball
players until the end of the current semester. He told me his name was
Chuma that he was from Zimbabwe and a great asset to our basketball team. I
was never that caught up in sports but I did think the coach was quite an
attractive man and there were only eight weeks left in the semester, so I

I was divorced ten years ago because my wife found out I was gay. I... Continue»
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Physical exam with my Stepbrother

During the first week of August, Paul said he needed to have a sports
physical so he could join the wrestling team. He said he was going to book
an appointment with Dr Banks for Friday morning and wanted to know if I was
available to take him to the appointment. There were two cars in the
driveway so the fact that he was asking me to take him must mean that he
wanted me to go to the exam with him. I said "sure, I'll take you". The
appointment was for 9:30 am and we got there about 9:15. The nurse showed
us both into an exam room and said the doctor would be with us shortly. It
was a ... Continue»
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Tutoring Jocks

I'd remained on campus during Spring Break along with a few other
students. My roommate Jason, had gone home to Boston for a couple of weeks,
leaving me with some quiet time. I'd planned to catch up on an essay I was
preparing for one of my classes.

I went down to the kitchen to get some ice before I settled down to
study. As I went through the living area, I spotted Kevin King, talking to
one of the other guys in my Frat. He looked up nodded then winked at me. I
retrieved a bucket of ice from the kitchen and hastily went back up the
stairs to my room trying to avoid him. Kevin e... Continue»
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Delivering Pizza

It was almost quitting time for Charlie. Delivering pizzas
had proven to be a pretty good part time job while he was in
graduate school. Fortunately, the GI bill and a scholarship
paid most of the tuition, with his Army savings and pretty
good tips from pizza delivery making up the rest. He
certainly wasn't close to living the good life that he
planned to attain, but he was getting by. In fact, it was a
lot better than the three years he spent in the Army though
he didn't discount the skills he picked up in the computer
room nor the appreciation for personal discipline.

So when t... Continue»
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