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Here is a true account of what happened to me a couple of weeks ago, totally unplanned and totally unexpected!

My Husband and I went out for a walk around a well known place not far from us in Berkshire, lots of greenery, a lake and plenty of fresh air to take in as well as enjoying the sun and having a little picnic. I was wearing my black cotton see through leggings, white lacey knickers and white vest top. My Husband had commented on how see through my leggings were in the sun and that my knickers were clearly visible!

We had been wandering around for about 20 mins and passed several... Continue»
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Claire & Angie's Holiday Adventure

Pretty much a true story, this comes from an old clubbing friend I hadn’t seen for years.

Claire & Angie’s Holiday Adventure

I never really intended it to happen, but sometimes these things just do. Blame the heat, blame the booze if you like, and you can even blame me, because I don’t regret a thing. At least we’ve managed to contain it to once or twice a year since then, Brokeback Mountain style, but for women.
I’m Claire, she’s Angie, and we met at work five years ago, hitting it off immediately, finding we had a matching humour of a sick and hilarious bent. We would share the odd... Continue»
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Living with my two lovers. Part 2 The spitroast

I never did make my flight home. After amazing sex with Rick,we fell asl**p.When we woke up,we fucked again.Then we nodded off.We were both soaked in sweat,and I was dripping cum from both my holes.I would have been dripping from my mouth as well,but of course I swallowed that greedilly,as It tasted so good.I could smell sex and cum and sweat in the room.I wondered if Jack had jerked off again.He told me weeks later that he did.
So I stayed.The three of us in our small apartment.There were many times we all saw more flesh than we should,but none of us wee shy.If anyone was in the shower,it wa... Continue»
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Lesley part 35

Kevin thought he heard the noise of a door closing, but was too engrossed, watching his unprotected cock disappear into Lesley's backside to care. He'd had anal sex before....just once.....and it had been a disaster. This time, the experience was mind blowing. This Lesley, while not being n oil painting was by a million miles the best fuck, he had ever had....and he'd been here less than an hour! While attempting to enter his first anal partner, she had screamed so loud she woke a neighbour who nearly rang the police. It didn't go much further. Of course, attempting to go in dry, had been mu... Continue»
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Very True Sexual Encounters with Strangers.

GoT more than I bargained for on a Train Journey

Friday night meant a night out in town with my girlfriends, and as they all lived in town, it meant a short train ride for me.

Being a leggy blond meant short skirts and stocking as an added attraction for men to buy me drinks, all part of the cheap night of fun and perhaps sexual pleasure if the bloke appealed.

I got on and sat down in an empty seat, admittedly showing an awful lot of leg, as the hem of my short skirt sat under my bum. Don't get me wrong, that was its sole intention, and I quite liked how my legs looked,... Continue»
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Lesley part 34

Kevin the delivery driver was delivering his cock into Lesley's well stretched rectum at 215am by her bedside clock. Sweat was running down his face and dripping onto her backside, then watched as the drops ran like drizzle into the crack of her arse and joined his dick sawing into her well oiled fuck hole. She was insatiable. He had been driving for most of the day, and had broken many driving regulations, just so he could get into this old birds knickers. He wasn't disappointed. Their was 15 years between them, and he had never fucked any woman as old as Lesley. And boy, was he getting a le... Continue»
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Sony Sissy Diary

I parked my car and walked across to the entranceway of a 1960's block of private flats. Rang the bell of no. X and walked in as the buzzer sounded. Down the hallway and the door to one of the flats opened as I approached. He waited inside and ushered me down the hall, pointing to a bedroom and inviting me to keep my bag in there before going on to the lounge. He looked relaxed but I could only say “I'm very nervous, let's go and watch some Xhamster”, so we went into his study and he pointed me to the desk chair. I logged in and he sat beside me in another chair. I clicked up four of my... Continue»
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Lesley part 33

Geordie Ridley let himself into his 'daughter' Lesley's house, calling out her name as he entered. It was 730am and he was there to let her go food shopping before starting work at 11. He was tired, but tried his best not to show it, doing his utmost to support her with bringing up the boys with the lack of a father figure. He shouted again, but couldn't be heard over the noise of a radio and the running water of a bath being run. She was always late. He put the kettle on, popped some bread in the toaster, and sat at the kitchen table, observing the room he sat in. In years gone by they had ha... Continue»
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The Day We Caught the Train - Part 1

Edinburgh Waverley

It was a bright morning and sun flooded the fields at the back of Kate’s house and spilled through the windows warming the dry air and carressing Kate's skin. She was preparing herself for a day out in Berwick and awaiting her Master’s arrival, and put on a loose fitting silk dressing gown. A cool autumn breeze blew in through the open patio door and evidence of this could be seen through the thin dressing gown as Kate’s nipples hardened.
Upon hearing the doorbell she unlocked the front door and Dair, walked ... Continue»
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8 months pregnant, horny, and I let him in

Five months into my first pregnancy and we just stopped having sex.

(As my husband has put me online for his friends to jack off to, I took this photo 4 hours after this story happened)

It was maddening, I was getting hornier and feeling weirder, as my hormones were all over the place, and my nudity was magnified, I was imagining I was ugly, and just hated to look at myself in the mirror, as my breasts and hips ballooned, and my nipples became darker and as large was wine bottle stoppers.

I found myself at lunch ... Continue»
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I have to tell you that i have a fetish. I love to smell used panties. I realized that when i was a teenager.
This year i am working at the pool bar of a hotel. Before one week a couple from UK arrived.
The guy was 25 and the girl was around 18. She was tall and chubby with tattoos at her legs. Her tits were big, not enormous, and when she was wearing her bikini you could see two very nice nipples with piercing. Her belly button was also pierced.
The bottom of her bikini was a brazilian thong with pink colour. It was rubbed at her legs and i was trying to imagine the... Continue»
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As I stood there watching her through the crowd sitting there in her tight top showing off those wonder tits whilst I drank my beer. I felt my cock twitch and my heart started to race and that familiar rush started to simmer. I thought to myself maybe she not out of my reach after all? With my new found sexual pleasures that Diane has started me on, maybe I can get the next best thing....

Denise, 5'6 toned firm size 12, 36c breasted sporting a shoulder length brunette hair with blonde highlights, she would either wear hair in curls or straight, tied back. It didn't matter as she looked stun... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt1

Getting all my experiences for the first time in one weekend.....

I was in the boys showers at school after Friday evening track practice. I'm not big, but I'm quick with endurance and, even as a high-school junior, I was representing the school in the 1500 and the 5000 meters. Training for middle and long-distance is a solitary endeavor and I was alone in the shower room.
It was the end of the track season and the start of football so the football team had been out on the field running drills and they all piled into the showers just as I was finishing. All big and buff and naked and full... Continue»
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Teacher and her lesbian schoolgirls. Part 4

Finally, I have written the next part to this story. Hopefully, part 5 will follow a lot quicker!!!

That afternoon I found it hard to concentrate on my teaching, especially as the last lesson of the day would have my two new young lovers sitting at the front of the classroom.

Sure enough, just as the lesson began, the two of them walked into the classroom and sat down immediately in front of me, and just as immediately, opened their legs showing me that under their short uniform skirts they were wearing nothing whatsoever, and I could clearly see their trimmed pussies, displayed for me o... Continue»
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A few years back I had a situation arise that caught me totally off guard. This occurred while I was s******n and Becky, my cousin, was t******n. While we didn’t actually do things together because of the age difference at the time but we were together a lot because of f****y and only living a few houses from each other. We would run into each other at school because the eighth through twelfth were in the same school building.

It was Saturday morning about eleven AM. I was in our garage working on putting things in order. Mom and dad had decided to spend a weekend at som... Continue»
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On that day, I was reading stories in iss in the morning and I listened sweeping sounds at the outside of my house. I was so horny by that time because of the stories effect. I understood that its my maid sweeping outside. I dont have any intentions on her upto then.As I read many maid stories, I wanna try my luck that day.

So, before she enter home I started acting as if am still sl**ping in my bedroom. My dick which is of 7 inches is in its 90° because of stories effect and can be seen through my shorts as there is no underwear inside. She came inside and started sweeping hall and then my... Continue»
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My Panty Wank Story

Part 1

Chapter 1
I am in my 60's, single and semi retired & so have lots of time to plan my big wank sessions.

I am obsessed with jerking off while wearing panties

While I have bought panties myself I prefer to use panties that have been worn by girls that I know.

I spent lots of time working out how to get these 'used' panties.

I live in a block of apartments and am on the management committee which has many advantages. I have many reasons to be wondering around all over the place.

I put on a pair of sexy lacy panties & loose clothes (to hide my hard-on) & wonder around ne... Continue»
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Meeting In The Woods

It was about 7.30 in the evening and the sun was going down, but as it was summer it was still quite warm.
I parked my car in the road across from the wood, then clutching my carrier bag I walked down the road a little then crossed over and went into the wood.
The place I liked to go to was about 200 yds into the woods and over by an old wall that surrounded a large section of the Whipps Cross hospital grounds, you wouldn't go over there normally as it went no where, so for privacy it was ideal!
As I walked along I could feel my stockings and suspenders gripping my legs, I could feel the st... Continue»
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Sitting at the table our hands touched, the electricity generated was almost too much to take.

When my future wife first introduced me to her best friend Kirsty the chemistry and sexual wanting was instant. She was not what you would call call the classic beauty but she was striking; with high cheekbones, short dark hair, pouting full lips, sensational breasts that you could tell homed the most suckable nipples and hips that could move you to cum in seconds.

She was ridiculously sexy.

As the years passed and friendships were built between husbands and wives nothing was said, nothing ... Continue»
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Funny thing about "MEMORIES". In my senior years, I can not remember the name of the movie I watched last weekend or the name of its lead actor but I recall perfectly the events of May 11, 2009.
The washrooms at the mall were bereft of cock so I walked a couple of blocks to the library to see if there was any action there.
When I entered the washroom, there were 2 guys in there. One was standing in front of the right urinal and the other guy was at the left one. The middle urinal was where I headed.
Whilst groping for my cock, the guy on the left, left. Whether they had something going o... Continue»
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