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Me as maid and a couple in Greece

This is a story that a guy wrote for me ......

He wrote :

"Last summer my girlfriend and I went on holiday to the beautiful Greek island of Lesbos for two weeks of fun in the sun. I had a met Sasha a few months earlier at a club when I was out dressed as Tania. She was fascinated by my appearance and looks even though she knew that I was a slutty transvestite. Sasha was herself a free-spirited woman who was looking to meet other open-minded people so right from the start we hit if off with each other. We quickly got involved in a relationship and she completely accepted the male and fema... Continue»
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The most erotic f****y story ever. by Mariel

‘I just wanted to fulfil a dream and have sex with him. I love his body'.

These are the words of a woman, a Chilean Playboy bunny, Daniella Chavez, who cheated just for the sex, yes you heard right, we cheat on our husbands because we want to fuck other men.

Can I repeat that one more time, I have and still do cheat on my husband, because I cannot say 'NO', to a fuck.

1. In the Beginning

I had never saw Porn either in magazines or film, but I did witness it live. I saw him put his cock in her pussy many times as I watched, and was left in no doubt, as I felt my own s... Continue»
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My Birthday Present

It was Saturday, the best day of the week and it had also been my birthday at the beginning of that week. I was doing what I normally did on those weekends when I had no football which was to go round Melissa’s house. We’d been together for nearly a year and both shared a love for football going most times when our team was at home and then saw each other each Saturday they were away. Melissa was three months older than me and in the year above me at school so we didn’t see a lot of each other during weekdays but we saw each other whenever possible in the evening and at weekends.
Although we ... Continue»
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Pantyhose on a plane

She looked down and realized the view he was getting and slurred a little as she said" look what you're doing to me you making me be such a naughty lady". My friend told me he realized how d***k she was and vulnerable and decided to take advantage of the situation and he told me this is how went down
He told her" you love being a naughty don't you"and she panted "oh yeah I love it I've always been such a good girl" Then said" you love showing me your pantyhose pussy don't you" She responded " I want to be a naughty girl just tell me what you want me to do"
Then he slipped his hand... Continue»
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I walked across the field, the sun starting to set, following
a thin, foot-worn path toward the sunset. There was a tight
grove of trees where I had been told to meet my friend Dave.
Dave had been my friend since I was 8 . We had grown up together.
The two of us had an intimate relationship, but nothing
steady. Basically, if I felt horny, and wasn't going
out with anyone, and Dave was between relationships, we
would meet up, and have fun. This was such a time. However,
this time, Dave told me he wanted to try something different.
He promised me that I wo... Continue»
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Angela's Adventures by loyalsock

Angela sat on her bed and touched herself. Her fingers flew across her clit with a desperate urgency and her entire body convulsed as she reached her climax. With a sigh and a shudder she stood pulling her robe down over her perfectly toned pale body, and grabbing her habit off of the small inn table and pulled it on over her gorgeous smooth blond hair. She checked in her tiny mirror for hair sticking out and pursed her lips. Then she crossed herself and sent a prayer for forgiveness to God, for vanity and self pleasure. She made these prayers to often, but she firmly believed that He would fo... Continue»
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Under His Spell

A horny housewife finds herself unable to resist the advances of her daughter’s new boyfriend.
Under His Spell
by Pan

When I felt the hand of my daughter’s boyfriend on my ass, I didn’t say anything.

How would you have reacted? We’d been asking Georgia to invite her boyfriend around for weeks now—we didn’t know anything about him, except that the two of them seemed to be getting along. My husband and I had literally no idea what to expect—and yet, Ash still managed to surprise us.

He was eighteen, the same age as Georgia, but he held himself with the confidence of a m... Continue»
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Alice Upside Down

Alice Upside Down

Alice sits in her study behind her wooden desk. It's winter and the small fireplace glows with a roaring fire. The crackling flames make good background noise for the rooms only other sound is the tick of a large grandfather clock. The beat seems to be getting slower and slower as time swings by. "Oh I'm so board." Alice declares to herself as she lays the fountain pen she got for her eighteenth birthday down on the desk. She starts to fiddle with the hem about the neck of her frilly blue summer dress.

Her innocent fiddling soon turns into something a little more tabo... Continue»
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Lady Bug - Trick or Treat

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I had my hands full as I put all the candy by the front door in a big orange bowl. I put a small wooden chair next to the front door. I have to pass out candy to the trick or treaters. I don't live in a big neighborhood. But I usually give out allot of candy to the k**s. I think they mark my house every year to stop at. There usually a few girls who stop bye. Either with the k**s or just to say hi. I prefer bodacious women. The more voluptuous the better. I'm glad bigger gurls like to dress up for Halloween. I try to dress up. This year I got a big s... Continue»
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Fucking Melissa's Hairy Pussy 2

I woke up at 6:00 am to find Melissa had gone. I could still smell her on the pillow and sheets. My cock was hard and my head was spinning remembering the hours that had preceded. What started out as a casual end to a long work day ended up with me on top of Melissa balls deep in her fat hairy pussy. While I was fucking her she grabbed her phone and called her husband and told him what I was doing to her.

She had him on speaker and he said the he was going to have him and I both fuck her when we got back and that he wanted her to send him pictures of the aftermath of me fucking her. ... Continue»
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in the car park

The Car park

One rainy evening I escaped the storm and found myself in a small back street Irish pub, so thought to myself what the hell stay for a few hoping the storm would die down soon, after a couple I slipped to the alley for a quick smoke,I noticed a young lady she was hot, I mean wow, she stubbed her cigarette out and walked back to the pub, I finished my cigarette went back inside and ordered another drink and there she was, luscious looking; long black hair like raven's feather, smooth skin like you wouldn't believe, and those hot small tits? Mmm she served me my drink and asked i... Continue»
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Secretarial Duties 3 - Conditioning Patricia

Patricia arrived at her office at little early, planning to complete the several reports she had due before the weekend so she would have both days free. She and Bill hadn't seen much of one another lately, Bill being occupied with his new job and the required travel. Patricia was hoping to make up some lost time together this weekend. She had been occupied, too, but only partially with work.

First, there had been Barry, Patricia's erstwhile superior. Barry had tried to **** Patricia by d**gging her. While the experience had been enjoyable for both of them, Patricia had definitely emer... Continue»
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Alone until he snuck in

As you lay middle of the bed legs spread with a tight wet throbbing pussy one hand rubbing on your pussy fingers sliding in and out while the other has pulled the t-shirt up to reveal your tits and is slowly caressing and groaping them both you close your eyes and moan as you imagine me fucking you ... While your deep into your play I walk in to catch you at first I'm surprised but I don't say anything your so wet and rubbing so fast with your eyes closed you don't even realise I'm standing at the door way ... You open you legs a lil more and put your feet on the bed bracing yourself as you ... Continue»
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Sometimes there is a moment in your life in which you know at once and for sure that it is a very special moment, a turning point in your life. Bad things can happen in these moments but also wonderful things.

For me it was the moment I first saw Alice. She wasn't 'just' stunningly beautiful, well built, clever, sexy and social. She was far beyond that. She seemed from another planet, a planet with people so far ahead of us that we even couldn't imagine how far. Intellectually and physically superior. Unreachable. But not arrogant or something like that. Friendly, kind and attentive.... Continue»
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Anything for you

Kate sits looking out the window as it poured with rain, hitting the ground hard and heavy, she just wanted to be in it. Kate loved the rain, it was tough, unpredictable and wet, all her favourite things in a woman. You see Kate was married, to a man of many talentd. Strong, handsome, great cook and very capable with his hands, not to mention the size of his cock, but Kate couldn't help herself, she loved pussy aswell. She would sit and think about the things she would do to one if she could, she would come up with dirty ideas, and sit in a day dream of girls bent over, rubbing pussy in her fa... Continue»
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Sandra (Part 2)

One Tuesday night during the week of mid-terms, my girlfriend, Rena, and I were taking advantage of my roommate being stuck in a long evening lab session to enjoy a nice, leisurely fuck. Rena was on her hands and knees on my bed, her head down in my pillow, while I moved in and out of her from behind in a slow doggy-style. I was getting close to coming, and had just started to pick up my pace, when someone knocked on my door. I froze for a moment, but Rena reached back for me and moaned into the pillow, "Tom, don't stop. Fuck me, baby." I held still for another moment, but then went back to pa... Continue»
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Colleen by Candlelight

Lying there on soft sheets, her beautiful body slowly writhes in pleasure as her delicate hands glide sensually over smooth curves. The light of many candles flickers nearby, dancing over her sexy body like a lover’s careful touch, as if this light exists for her alone. She is absorbed in the rapture of her fantasy and the ecstasy of her hands, unaware of my presence and my hungry, lustful gaze. I know it’s wrong, I’m violating her; but I cannot turn my eyes away from this goddess of light and ecstasy. But no, I see the subtle smile at the corners of her lips and the almost impercepti... Continue»
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Punk Slut s*s

"C'mon Billy, it'll be fun," Jenny urged me.
"I'm not sure," I shrugged, "It sounds cool and everything but..."

"Not scared are you?!"


"Then come on then! Come ooon!" Jenny whined, grabbing my arm, "I hate going there alone, it sucks. I can't go with that twat of a boyfriend anymore 'cos he's not my boyfriend anymore since he met that fucking cunt he's now banging."

"So you're dragging me there so you don't look like a sad recently-dumped singelton," I grinned.

"You motherfucker," sniggered Jenny, giving me a playful punch on the arm.

We were in the living room of our... Continue»
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Lesley part 5.

Ernie Hedley was sitting in his chair gazing at the scene playing out before his very eyes. Little did he know, when, two hours ago he spied a photo on his carers phone of her boy friends huge but flaccid cock. He had teased the girl unmercifully until he had then decided to blackmail her further. She was now about to take her clothes off and let him look at her naked body. He had a little something tomreveal to her first.

"Sexy Lesley. Hehehehehe. Now take that uniform off ever so slowly. I wand to drink in every second of this. Heeheehee. Who'd have thought it eh? George Ridleys daughter... Continue»
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My Buddy Dick

I've always been intrigued with my dick. It isn't the
biggest or the smallest cock I've seen. In junior high
school, I first began showering with other boys. Very
few had hair around their balls. The few that did were
the older guys and there wasn't much even on them.

All the swinging dicks were about the same size. In high
school, I noticed that guy's dicks started to turn into
real adult sized cocks. Most were about the same size as
mine. There were a few that were longer or wider. And a
couple that were pretty small.

Grab ass was the name of the game in those days. T... Continue»
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