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On the way home from work

I had had a bad day in the office, only a month since I’d qualified. A client had been really awkward and had given me major grief, because it took us longer than usual to complete his audit, in our defence when my team of juniors had arrived, his accounts were in a mess, and a lot of his documents were missing. He ended up complaining to my manager, who spent an hour lecturing me on how to deal with clients.
I should have stayed in bed, the night before I had a massive argument with my boyfriend, we were out for a drink and I caught him eyeing up a leggy blonde sitting at the bar, by this mo... Continue»
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Catching You at a Good Time

One of my VERY first pieces...written a very long time ago. I hope you can still enjoy it. Please let me know in the comments!!

Background Info: This morning I emerged from the shower to discover my
parents had left to run errands. As always happens when I find myself
completely alone in the house, I was instantly horny. I haven't talked
to one of my online friends in awhile, so I decided to send him a
little treat. (He happens to be the person that co-wrote my "Fantasy
Into Reality" story.)

The following is the exact email I sent him. I apologize that the
format... Continue»
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Samurai Time

(Reading "All-You-Can-Eat Buffet" and "Back For More" is helpful, but not required. Comments welcome.)

I woke to a mass of red hair in my face. I kissed the head it belonged to, and pulled the attached body closer. Something was amiss, however. It didn't feel like my wife's body. This one was a little bit thinner. Then it turned over, and all the previous night returned to me.

“Good morning,” Sally said.

“I'm not so sure. It was morning when we went to sl**p.” I looked at my phone on the nightstand. 12:01 p.m., as if to prove a point. I rolled onto my back, and pulled her head ont... Continue»
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I made one of those bold mid-life decisions a few months ago when I
decided to leave a company I spent 15 years at to start my own
business. The idea of waking up, lounging in my house all day needing
only a computer, fax machine and a cell phone to consider it a work day
appealed to me. I took my client roster with me and in no time business
was a success.

One morning, sitting at the breakfast bar in my kitchen, scanning the
finance pages on my laptop. It was a lazy, warm day for me as I sat in
an undershirt and boxers. This is one of the perks of a home office.

Bored from... Continue»
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Just this Once

I woke up sitting on the papasan in my dorm room, my textbook over my chest and my bottle of water spilled on the floor. My attempts to study were fruitless as my mind wandered from Greek mythology to erotica. I had a throbbing erection in my jeans from the images in my dream.

I got up, stripped out of my jeans and into a pair of shorts. It was 11:35 and I knew my roommate was out for the night. I locked the door and switched off the light to go to bed. I noticed my laptop was still on.

Before I could power down, I felt the urge to log in. Why, I don't know. But I did.

A few hours ear... Continue»
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My "Aunty" and our sexual awakening

I was a young and naïve virgin at 19. I was very horny and had been masturbating since before I was into my teens after I had, along with friends, found a stash of porn on a building site but I had never been with a real live woman.

I got a job miles from home where I worked odd hours and could not socialise much, contributing even more to my inability to meet girls, never mind have sex with them. Travel was a real problem and this was solved when an old friend of my mothers agreed to let me stay in her huge house in the spare room. She refused to take payment for my lodgings but was happ... Continue»
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Kathleen's House of Excitement

I was laying in bed thinking about the things I had done with Kathleen, and soon realized I was still very horny and wanting more. It was 12:30 a.m., and although I knew I should just try to get some sl**p, my hormones were begging for release. I took a shower, put on some shorts and a polo shirt, and headed over to Kathleen's house thinking about how warmly she responded to my first late-night visit. I coasted into her driveway to find the house dark, and the garage door closed. Fishing her house key out of my pocket, I let myself in.

As I walked from the kitchen past the f****y room, the... Continue»
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Humiliation on a long weekend - the follow up

A few weeks after our weekend away with my dad, we were getting close to our final exams. Every time we met up, the conversation was mainly about, the holiday, and all the girls kept commenting on how erotic the night had been, most of them admitting the thoughts of what had happened would regularly lead to serious masturbating and many an orgasm.
It was Jen’s birthday, she turned eighteen and as she was at some running event I decided to send her a text;
“Hi Jen – hap b-day”
“Just came 3 in the final” came back a quick response
“You on way home – smiley face – drop into me”
“Ok any news ... Continue»
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College room

I thought I was a grown up but in reality I was a 21 year old with no life or world experience. I hit puberty very late compared to the guys I went to school with and it made it hard for me to find a girlfriend. I was a top grade student and was pretty much considered a geek.

Living on campus was expensive, so my parents gave me the choice to find another place to live and use the extra money on whatever I wanted to use it for.
The first apartment I had shared with a couple of other guys, but it was too noisy and too many parties when I tried to study. I barely ever took part in any of p... Continue»
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Chinese roomate

I had date this girl for only a few weeks, but I had not met her room mates yet. It seemed that both girls that my new girlfriend share apartment with were never home.
My girlfriend, Chen said that they both had boyfriend and worked crazy hours.
It was perfect for us, we had the place to ourselves every night and often ended up having sex in front of the TV in the living room since we did not have to worry about someone else in the house.

One night, after we had finished making love and was laying on the couch cuddling. The front door opens and a girl walks in. My girlfriend was Chines... Continue»
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Omegle 4

You: lick my throbbing shaft
Stranger: k
You: cool
Stranger: i know
You: m/f?
Stranger: f
You: hi
You: as you can tell male
Stranger: yeah
You: first female response so far
Stranger: sweet
You: so back to the shaft licking!!??
Stranger: k
You: where shall we begin?
Stranger: me stripping for you
You: sounds good
Stranger: thx
Stranger: so......
You: as you can tell I'm already hard
Stranger: thats how i like it
You: what are you wearing?
Stranger: my panties and a shirt
You: not a lot to take off then
Stranger: thats the point
You: i can see your nipples throught the sh... Continue»
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Locker room blackmail

It was a warm spring Wednesday afternoon and I had been playing football
but needed to leave early for a music lesson. I started making my way back
to the locker room looking over the fields at everyone playing their
different sports.

I pushed the door to the locker room open taking in the stale smell of
male teenage bodies while looking around to see if anyone else was in the
room. There were a few locker rooms to choose from but I had chosen the
furthest away so I would be alone. Today it looked like I would be as there
was only one other set of cloths hanging up, I walked over... Continue»
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Skinny dip in own pool with husband and his mate

It was a balmy Queensland summer night and I was sitting topless with my hubby by our pool when the phone rang - it was his mate and he had a power cut at his place and wanted to come round to our place and share a few drinks - we said "of course"

Hubby and I had been drinking for an hour or so and were feeling a little daring, so my hubby said to me 'don't put a top on when he comes around - stay dressed like that" "No problem" I replied and settled back to enjoy showing off a little - then my hubby said - "I dare you to take your bottoms off too!" - "what's in it for me" I asked "plenty ... Continue»
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Caught by the Neighbour

My story happened many years ago, when I was 16, I lived with
my mother and grandma as my dad left I was 7. My mother told
me that grandma and herself would be going away for a long
weekend on friday, great I thought, the whole house to myself
for4 days...
Friday came and it was a hot day, I raced home from school
in excitment of the 4 days i had ahead of me, as I got home mother
was just getting out of the shower, she is a good looking woman
aged 42, slim and 5'7 tall, grandma was in the kitchen all packed
and waiting to go. Grandma was 63 on the tubby side and 5'7
the same as mo... Continue»
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5 Year Elder Lost Virginity

I wanna tell you my story how i met a girl and how we have enjoyed. My name is raghav, I am 5’11″ with athletic build and have 6″ tool size that can make any girl satisfied and take her to heaven & the girl name was pratibha(neelu) let me describe her Stats 36B-26-38 fair complexioned girl who can make any guy discharge on seeing her.

It was year 2010 when i came to Delhi for 6 months internship in MNC. One day in a market i was roaming with my Aunt where i sa
... Continue»
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Passion and Persuasion

I find us a place for you to sit/lay down, and after locating some lotion, I'd start rubbing your feet for a while, working my way up to your ankles, onto your calves, the lotion making sure I don't give you an Indian burn. Gently and slowly working my way up till I can feel your thighs in my palms, tracing circles at this point, making my way to the insides of your thighs, I stop just shy of your sweet spot as I motion for you to turn over onto your stomach... You oblige, and my hands go back to work quickly as I start on the outsides of your hips, working my thumbs into the center of the sm... Continue»
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Playing with neighbor's 42C tits while she gi

I knew it would happen. My wife is out of town for 2 weeks and the blonde BBW next door is also home alone all week. On Friday afternoon she called me with a computer problem. I said I would come over right away and she said "Give me 5 minutes I need to change" When I got there she had the lowest neckline shirt you can imagine, with her 42C cleavage and I could see nearly all of those tits. She said her husband's overseas till next weekend - hint - I kept looking at her cleavage while I was talking to her fixing her network. When I was done she thanked me and I decided this was the time to pus... Continue»
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Tribute Story for Cokokisses

This is a tribute story, meaning it is for someone in particular, but that doesn't mean you all can't enjoy it. Please note that this is fiction, and hasn't actually happened, the star in question being cokokisses. Lovely woman, very sexy. Very arousing video's and stories. Check her out, you won't be sorry ;)

A few months of exchanging emails with a gorgeous and intelligent woman would be enough to stir any mans loins, and I'm no exception to this rule. In fact, I'm probably more susceptible to it than most would admit, given that the thrill of the chase, the flirting banter... Continue»
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Another locker room story

I'm , 5'10 and I weigh about 120 pounds. I don't have a six pack but I'm not fat. I don't consider myself gay. But I do feel I'm rather bisexual and here's why. I like girls, a lot, as much as the streightest straight guy there is. However, there's this k** in my English class, his name is Steven, he plays lacrosse and football, so you can imagine how athletic he is. He has an amazing six pack, perfect pecs and biceps you could just take a bite of. He was about 14 I think. He's also just about the king of popularity in my school. Anybody who's anybody knows who he is. Myself being not to popul... Continue»
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A Night To Remember

Tonight was a night to end all nights. To begin with, I have a s****r and a b*****r. I’m the oldest, 18. My b*****r is Mike and my little s****r is Ginger. Dad died before my Ging was born, and mom had a rough go of it. Working two jobs and three mouths to feed, but she took care of us and we did alright. We lived far away from the city, growing up in my grandparent’s old house (They died years ago).

Growing up in southern Florida, it’s always hot. VERY HOT! Having it be 95 degrees at midnight was not unusual. It also wasn’t unusual for one or all of us to be naked, trying to beat t... Continue»
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