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Quickie: Getting caught.

I was out hiking by myself along a nature trail in a state forest. I was about an hour from my car. I hadn’t met anyone, but my thoughts turned sexy. My hand kept moving towards my cock, which was starting to stiffen in my shorts.
I realised I needed to clear my head if I was going to enjoy my walk. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t jerk off in public; that was what weird people did. But I couldn’t take it any longer. I turned off the trail and crept through the trees until I thought I was out of sight. My heart was pounding, I didn’t want to get caught.
I put my backpack down a... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 2

Chapter One

I slept fitfully for about four hours. I didn’t have another erotic dream and somehow, I’m upset about that. I did have a text when I woke up. It said that I should use the debit card he gave me to purchase sexy clothes, short skirts, sexy blouses, and lingerie. There is a $3000 balance on the card. I am to purchase what is needed and then the rest can help out with school, rent, or whatever I need.

I’m still a little upset about the money. I don’t want to be someone’s whore. But I rationalize that he wants me to wear certain things and I don’t have the money to purchas... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 1

Chapter One

My name is Michele, yeah that’s right, one L only. That’s the least of my worries now. You see, I got an e-mail the today from an unknown co-worker. In the e-mail it told me that I had left my journal in his office and he have been reading it night and day. I have no idea who it might be, but it has all my secrets in it. Things I wouldn’t want anyone to know. Now he’s telling me that unless I do exactly as he says, he will make my journal public and I will be ruined.

My journal has all my dark secrets in it. I’ve been writing it since I was in High School. I don’t have ... Continue»
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Un sueño convertido en realidad.


Una de mis mayores fantasías es sentirme muy femenina; lo disfruto mucho y en la intimidad me agrada comportarme como tal. Vivo deseando una intensa descarga nerviosa de orgasmos que se extiendan completamente por mi cuerpo. Mi piel es sensible a las caricias y al toque de unas manos deseosas de cada parte de mi cuerpo.

Hace años trabaje, con Noé, mi jefe, que no sólo lo admiraba por sus capacidades laborales sino por su seriedad y atenciones hacia mí. Frecuentemente salíamos a cenar juntos con nuestras respectivas parejas, pero muy en mi interior sabía que a él le agradaba mi com... Continue»
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Friends meet to explore thier kinky desires. Part

Part 3 – The Hotel Gardens

Your panties sit on the table in front of us, in normal circumstances you would have grabbed them, to hide them from anyone seeing, but here and now and with what you now knew and what you had recognised as seeing after being given an explanation, the panties were left laid on the table between us. Your hesitation was not about not being aroused, or willingness to feel a collar fastened signifying your submissive role....these things aroused you greatly, but how far would things go?
Recognising your hesitation and the reason for it.

“Suzie...I know this is a b... Continue»
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En ese sector hay un bar de solo travestis pues bien hay estava yo tomando fumando y desestresandome loss que atienden el bar son una pareja y son muy elegantes al atender a los clientes y laas travestis que entran alo bar son y seleccionadas y despues de la medianoche cierran las puertas y alos que quedan adentro los atienden a puerta cerrada lo genial es que ya nadie mas entra y quedan adentro verdadera mente los que son el unico personal que entra son travestis.

caminava por el bar cuando los que atendian me dijeron : hay una travesti que te ha visto y te quiere conocer ven que te la vam... Continue»
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Fernando llego a casa por amistad entre nuestras familias, principalmente la de su padre,( viudo este), quien debia ausentarse por cuestiones laborales y economicas por el termino de un año aproximadamente....mis padres aceptaron con agrado el encargarse de la crianza de fer por el tiempo que fuera necesario.. para entonces ambos teniamos 14 años con algunos meses de diferencia..

la casa no contaba con habitacion extra por lo que fernando compartiria dormitorio conmigo, en principio me senti invadido de mi "lugar" y m*****o por el hecho de que no podria desarrollar tranquilo mi fetichismo y... Continue»
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The holiday beach cabin with mum

I was away on holiday with my parents to a friends villa in Spain. We was only away for a few days so I took advantage of a free relaxing trip with my parents. We was a couple of days into it and was a bit bored of the pool and as we had hired a car dad said he would take us to the local beach 15 minutes away. We had a cool bag packed and our towels and we set off mid morning. I didn't no until we pulled up that dad wasn't actually coming to the beach with us he said that he had things to do. He dropped us off and said that he'll be back to pick up us round about 4 ish. As me and mum got out o... Continue»
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Lunch with mom and her friend

My mom is a blond girl in her 50´s with a nice mommybody, she lives alone in an nice apartment.Its been over 15 years since she left my dad, and i have never seen her with another man.

Im in my 20´s and have always feelt drawn towards women in all size and age, and as many other men have had some toughts about our moms and other f****y members.

So yesterday i was at my moms place, she had some problems with the internet and asked if i could try to fix it for her, so i brought my pc and went over. When i got therem around 12 o´clock, she was on her way out, she was in some tight blue jean... Continue»
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The Interview

It was the moment of truth; they had chatted online for a little over one week now, but finally, she would get to meet the man she had fallen in love with over the internet. He had kindly offered her a possible job as his care assistant if she thought she could handle working for him, but this was obviously based on the assumption that they hit it off in real life and that she could do the job. "A little cooking, cleaning and ironing doesn't hurt anyone" thought Beth as she walked up the path of his small house for her interview.

She looked down at herself before she knocked on the door t... Continue»
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my first real sexual experiance

For me learning about sex started early in my youth, and the first time I seen any action was walking in on my parents doing it. I got the long talk and all my questions were answered the best it could be. I didn't think much about sex afterwards, but being 11, there is not much to think about.
When I was 14, sex started to be a thing that I thought about a lot. It didn't help that I saw my parents couple times. The very thing that started my little tale is the hot Milf who just moved in next to us. I spotted her several times in tight clothes, earning her the title neighbor slut. One nigh... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #30: Moms & Dods: Helena-2

I wish I have cameras not only in my Sex Studio but also in my mind as a naughty one is a joy forever
I long to record my long sexy sessions with my most favourite moms, while their dear doddies watch us
I love to make love to several of my female friends, to initiate their dear doddies under their eyes
I will mention and describe below my all-time first favourite fantasy with a mom and dear daughters!

I introduce Helena who has two beautiful blonde dear daughters, whom I watched grow up to tasty teens
I intend to skip some of our sexy sessions by providing only a short summary of
... Continue»
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Mr O.

At the end of homeroom Mr. O told me to meet him in his office, my friends patted me on the back and said they would see me later, the boys made disgusting noises as if Mr. O was going to spank me in his office. After I packed my backpack I walked as slowly as possible down the quiet hallway leading to his door, I could hear him on the phone, it sounded like to his wife he was talking in a very low sexy tone and I thought I heard him say "I love you".
I knocked on the door and opened it. He motioned for me to sit down. As he ended the call he walked to the door and I heard him lock it. "Brit... Continue»
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Lia And I Have Some Fun

It is 11 pm and Lia is just finished with her late night shoot. She is wearing torn jeans and a little golden top that perfectly illustrates her large breasts. On the way home, she literally runs into me, making her small body fall to the ground. "Look out where you're going!" I say instinctively. Lia, still lying on the ground looks me straight in the eyes and apologizes immediately; "I am so sorry mister, I wasn't looking, are you alright?". Only then I realize that this beautiful girl is Lia, the girl who I've been fapping to for such a long time. "I'm alright" I tell her as I offer her m... Continue»
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Peter Plucks #2: Panda's Peach-1

Panda is as petite as pretty at barely five feet with her lovely long red hair and green eyes
Panda is as fresh as feminine, at barely eighteen she is a slender sweet nice naughty newbie

Panda is still a virgin and almost inexperienced yet with men and mutual arousal, sexy excitement
Panda is still playing the innocent girl, knowing well that her lovely looks are a turn-on to men

Panda is since a few weeks old enough to have an account at sites for adults, which is how we meet
Panda is starting to add a gallery of her pretty pictures and soon some blogs with erotic encoun... Continue»
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Susan had been going to the group for 2 months and today it was her turn to speak. She was so nervous. She had heard the stories of the other people, all of them anonymous, of course. The self-help group had a great reputation, something like the AA, alcoholics anonymous.
Still she was afraid, because her story was so much weirder than anybody’s. Nobody had done the things she had done.
Sure, there was the 30 year old businessman who hired a new secretary every week, fucked her through and then dumped her. That was the way he ticked, he said.
And the lady who had a relation with tw... Continue»
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The Green Light

I was so excited, my b*****r and I were in our very early teens and my father was taking my b*****r and I on our first elk hunting trip up in the mountains. After a long bumpy ride up the mountain roads we finally made it to a small hunting cabin. It was just about dark as we unloaded and stored our gear and then made supper. After supper we sat around the wood stove in the light of a couple of coleman lanterns chatting about tomorrows hunt. Then out of the blue my father said, "You know fellows, I ask you to come hunting with me because your mother thinks its time for me to talk to you about ... Continue»
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Two Tits by loyalsock

As I walked in the door, coming home from the office, I saw my wife Carolyn standing by the cabinet preparing dinner. Carolyn has a body built like a brick shit house with all the fixtures in the right place. Today she looked especially good wearing a skimpy halter top with a pair of low cut shorts that fit snugly around her ass with the outline of her bikini panties showing through.
Crossing the room and walking up behind her I reached around and cupped one of her tits with my hand while caressing her ass with the other and gave her a little nibble on the earlobe. "Whats for dinner?" I asked... Continue»
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strangers fuck my wife's feet (true story)

About mid march 2015 me and my wife had got into an argument over the idea of going to a swingers club. I liked the idea but she did not whatsoever. I had just gotten back from a business trip and most of my nights away I watched DP videos and Footjob videos jerking off each night but not cumming figured i'd build one up for my wife. But that wasn't happening.

Later on that night she went to bed and I left to the bar. I figured I'd get d***k then go home rub one out and go to bed. When I was at the bar it was semi empty a few ladies and two guys. As I had a few drinks some guy started talk... Continue»
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Submissive S!sters #1: Louise-1

Louise is a shy slender black-haired beauty in her early twenties with firm tiny tits as a young teen
Louise is desperate to break her block, finish her MA thesis before the end of Summer as time runs out
Louise is accepting my final offer of help and my condition of complete obedience to her new Professor
Louise is to learn a lot from him, not only in academic skills, but also as a submissive sexy servant

Louise is a lovely looking long time sweet sexy fine friend with a writer's block before her MA thesis
Louise is glad for the substantial help I offer her, but still she ca... Continue»
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