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A Farewell To Summer by loyalsock

She stepped from the train, and hurried to the station's bathroom. Checking herself in the mirror, she took some deep breaths, and tried to tidy her wild hair.

"You can do this!" she told her reflection. She left the train station and made her way to a nearby park, full of nervous excitement.

That morning she had woken with the urge to do something different, something that would take her out of her comfort zone. For many years the fantasy had been only in her mind. Why she had decided that today she would pursue it more, she did not know. Her confidence had been high in the previous wee... Continue»
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Tent Sex Extravaganza 1 by loyalsock

When I was first met Kat, I was with my ex-girlfriend. I was having a party, and she was standing in my kitchen, being super chatty and loud, and looking better than anyone else there, including my ex. She was a small Mexican girl that couldn't have been any taller than 5'1. Her skin was light-brown, her hair was long and black, and she had these gorgeous brown eyes which were accentuated by just the right amount of eye-liner. It was a chilly evening and she was bundled up, so I couldn't get much of a feel for her body, although her ass certainly looked nice and plump in her jeans. My ex and I... Continue»
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Tent Sex Extravaganza 2 by loyalsock

"Yeah, that was wonderful," I mumbled feeling very sl**py. "You don't mind if I fall asl**p, do you?"

"Dios mio, already?"

"Mmm-hmmm," I said, struggling to keep my heavy eyelids from dropping.

"Fine, but if it gets cold in the middle of the night and I want to have sex to warm up, you have to fuck me, okay? And you can wake me up to fuck if you want, too. I don't think the blanket's going to keep us warm."

"Okay," I said before nodding off.

Lying on top of rocks under a drenched blanket and sharing a pillow with a girl with lush, long hair was not a good recipe for a good night... Continue»
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The First Time

I can still remember vividly the very first time I came and ejaculated semen from my penis, well it had never happened to me before and when it did happen I didn’t quite know what was happening to me. I was in my teens and quite well developed for my age, my voice had long since broken, I had started shaving regularly, my face that is and I had grown a really good bush of pubic hair around my penis.
One evening I was naked in the bathroom ready to take a shower and the door was locked so no one was going to disturb me. Since puberty my eyebrows looked like they were joining together in the mi... Continue»
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Creampie Chrissy by loyalsock

Chrissy was alone in her apartment, on her bed with her slender legs spread wide. She had masturbated herself until she was creamy, without coming to orgasm. Her trembling hands reached for the ear syringe; she dipped it in the powdered sugar and water solution and picked up some of it into the syringe bulb. She closed her eyes as she inserted the tip of the syringe into her pussy.

"Oh, yes, cum in me now!" Chrissy exclaimed aloud as she pulsed the fake semen into her creamy receptacle. "Mmmm, yes, babe, give me all your cum!"

More aroused than before, she reached for the breast pump and... Continue»
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Suzy's Awakening

Ever since Cathy Jorden's pajama party, Suzy Morris
could keep her teenage mind on only one thing. Sex!
That warm, mysterious, delicious feeling between her
silky young thighs.

And this particular morning was to be no exception.

What woke the pretty teenager was not her mother's
voice calling her to breakfast and school. And it
wasn't old Mr. Henry's German shepherd barking in the
yard next door.

It was that beautiful sexy dream again. The same
dream that had visited young Suzy in her bed each
night for the past two weeks. And just like always
the dream ended much ... Continue»
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At The Park by loyalsock

It is a dark suburban park in a trendy inner city suburb. The kind of park that during the day would be filled with c***dren in designer labels and with women watching over them whilst discussing their house cleaner. We are there for other purposes. My girl pulls me close to her as we sidle up to the equipment. c***dren's play is not on either of our minds as we turn to each other. I stare into her eyes and see such lust – it would have shocked me except that I know I that the spark is mirrored in my own eyes. I pause for a moment to savour that look she is giving me before she pulls me into h... Continue»
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A young man's summer [full story]


My name is Jason, and I am a typical teenaged young man; lean, horny all the time and really happy that I have reached the age where I can get a job that pays better than mowing lawns or delivering papers. My parents work all the time and me and my older b*****r John, have had the house to ourselves since I was 8 and he was 13, which meant no more getting up at 5:30 to go to a sitter who would either keep us all day or make sure we got on the bus for school.

I discovered the concept of sex early on; John would jerk off constantly if he thought no one was watching, this sta... Continue»
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Emma's Naked Mall Run by loyalsock

'Oh my god,' thought Emma, 'I can't believe I'm about to do this!' She had thought for a while about it... going naked, through a crowded mall... she had fantasized about it for a while, but never thought about actually doing it... until now. So there she stood, about 200 feet from the mall, on a secluded hill beside a small forest. She decided to take her clothes off there, so she'd have longer to walk to get her clothes at the end. She stripped down... taking her shoes off, then her socks... shirt, skirt, bra and panties, and finally she was completely naked. She blushed a little, but smiled... Continue»
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her graduation present

A recent road trip to see my f****y and watch my niece graduate led to a very interesting night and morning. See I was part of my nieces life for the last 10 years, usually watching her and her best friend Britt. I moved away four years ago and only been back once since. This trip was a change of pace for me and for my life at the time. The plans were made for me to crash at my s****rs house instead of a hotel, and to take the quest bedroom, which normally Britt would go. This time Britt was staying with my niece. Britt stood out from the pack, in part of her long flowing blond hair, and her ... Continue»
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Wendy's World - 1

Chapter One - Welcome to Wendy’s World

First I should introduce myself. My name is Wendy. I'm an older woman, maybe I'd rather call myself "experienced." I'm middle aged. For guys, that's the point in their life where they start thinking they've missed out on something and buy a fancy sports car and start chasing younger women. For females, it's more of settled period, where we are doting on our c***dren or grandc***dren. Not this female, I'm chasing younger men.

My husband is a hard working, educated man. He is a great provider, dedicated worker, loving husband,and decent lover, b... Continue»
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My girls thong Reveals huge lust secret

I've been with my girlfriend for awhile now and things are great. It'll be a year soon and I've never been more committed to anyone else in my life. My girlfriend is short roughly 5'2 with a flat stomach, a nice juicy ass and to top it all a 38DD bra size basically a porn stars body . So she is stacking for a short little white girl.

When we started dating. We let everything out and told our past and who we dated. She informed me that her first was a black guy. Kinda made me feel weak inside because my girth is only 5 1/2 inches. She also told me she dated a black soccer player who was fi... Continue»
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The Wedding Singer

We were at a wedding of the daughter of her best friend. I hardly knew anyone there, and she knew only a few. Lots of people from the groom’s f****y there. The wedding was held at a big outdoor facility with acres of beautiful grounds. Great flower gardens, ponds, fountains, etc. The wedding itself was held outside but then we all moved inside for the reception, which included a sit-down dinner.

The food was only okay, and we were stuck at a table with a bunch of people we didn’t know. Making small talk with strangers is high on the list of things I hate doing. But we survived.

What save... Continue»
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Me as maid and a couple in Greece

This is a story that a guy wrote for me ......

He wrote :

"Last summer my girlfriend and I went on holiday to the beautiful Greek island of Lesbos for two weeks of fun in the sun. I had a met Sasha a few months earlier at a club when I was out dressed as Tania. She was fascinated by my appearance and looks even though she knew that I was a slutty transvestite. Sasha was herself a free-spirited woman who was looking to meet other open-minded people so right from the start we hit if off with each other. We quickly got involved in a relationship and she completely accepted the male and fema... Continue»
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The most erotic f****y story ever. by Mariel

‘I just wanted to fulfil a dream and have sex with him. I love his body'.

These are the words of a woman, a Chilean Playboy bunny, Daniella Chavez, who cheated just for the sex, yes you heard right, we cheat on our husbands because we want to fuck other men.

Can I repeat that one more time, I have and still do cheat on my husband, because I cannot say 'NO', to a fuck.

1. In the Beginning

I had never saw Porn either in magazines or film, but I did witness it live. I saw him put his cock in her pussy many times as I watched, and was left in no doubt, as I felt my own s... Continue»
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My Birthday Present

It was Saturday, the best day of the week and it had also been my birthday at the beginning of that week. I was doing what I normally did on those weekends when I had no football which was to go round Melissa’s house. We’d been together for nearly a year and both shared a love for football going most times when our team was at home and then saw each other each Saturday they were away. Melissa was three months older than me and in the year above me at school so we didn’t see a lot of each other during weekdays but we saw each other whenever possible in the evening and at weekends.
Although we ... Continue»
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Pantyhose on a plane

She looked down and realized the view he was getting and slurred a little as she said" look what you're doing to me you making me be such a naughty lady". My friend told me he realized how d***k she was and vulnerable and decided to take advantage of the situation and he told me this is how went down
He told her" you love being a naughty don't you"and she panted "oh yeah I love it I've always been such a good girl" Then said" you love showing me your pantyhose pussy don't you" She responded " I want to be a naughty girl just tell me what you want me to do"
Then he slipped his hand... Continue»
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I walked across the field, the sun starting to set, following
a thin, foot-worn path toward the sunset. There was a tight
grove of trees where I had been told to meet my friend Dave.
Dave had been my friend since I was 8 . We had grown up together.
The two of us had an intimate relationship, but nothing
steady. Basically, if I felt horny, and wasn't going
out with anyone, and Dave was between relationships, we
would meet up, and have fun. This was such a time. However,
this time, Dave told me he wanted to try something different.
He promised me that I wo... Continue»
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Angela's Adventures by loyalsock

Angela sat on her bed and touched herself. Her fingers flew across her clit with a desperate urgency and her entire body convulsed as she reached her climax. With a sigh and a shudder she stood pulling her robe down over her perfectly toned pale body, and grabbing her habit off of the small inn table and pulled it on over her gorgeous smooth blond hair. She checked in her tiny mirror for hair sticking out and pursed her lips. Then she crossed herself and sent a prayer for forgiveness to God, for vanity and self pleasure. She made these prayers to often, but she firmly believed that He would fo... Continue»
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Under His Spell

A horny housewife finds herself unable to resist the advances of her daughter’s new boyfriend.
Under His Spell
by Pan

When I felt the hand of my daughter’s boyfriend on my ass, I didn’t say anything.

How would you have reacted? We’d been asking Georgia to invite her boyfriend around for weeks now—we didn’t know anything about him, except that the two of them seemed to be getting along. My husband and I had literally no idea what to expect—and yet, Ash still managed to surprise us.

He was eighteen, the same age as Georgia, but he held himself with the confidence of a m... Continue»
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