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You Meet the Nicest People in Irish Pubs - Chapter

I had a great day today, unlike I've experienced in years. In visiting f****y on the West Coast of the USA, I was getting hungry and came across a lovely-looking Irish pub in an old town section of the community. I'm VERY glad I entered and patronized.

I was fortunate to get the last table open in this small to medium-sized establishment. Having been served a drink, and my food order submitted, I sat relaxing and watching the people in the pub. Lots of chatter, hoisting pints of ale, and laughing. I noticed two younger women (younger than I, by far) enter. They approached the bar (no host ... Continue»
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You Meet the Nicest People in Irish Pubs - Chapter

The ladies were quickly invited into the house. Their arms were full of snacks and wine. "Let's have a good time" were Valeria's words. I popped corks, and filled snack bowls. We toasted again, "To a Continuation of a Great Day!" Wine began to flow - snacks were consumed - and music played from the sound bar.

Interestingly, Amelia finally spoke and asked, "Can we see the hot tub?" I took them through the kitchen, through a passage door to the patio, and there was the hot tub. I'd already popped the top on the tub, and turned on the jets and lights. Valeria shouted "What are we waiting for?... Continue»
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Massaging a man I got horny

'You can undress in here', I gestured with my hand, pointing to the small cubical, sufficiently sized for a man to strip nude and await my services.

My name is Amber, and yes, before you comment on it, I know it's a very online feminine sex name, and it'd for that reason, why I call myself it.

My service is mainly for girls, as I am a qualified sports doctor, a sports masseuses, and now adding intimate waxing, to my listing of extracting money from willing people.

I am in my mid 20's and unattached, an athlete in my own rights, a qualified downhill skier, and gymnast, so I practice wh... Continue»
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The Night Mare

Originally posted @storiesonline, this tale is part of a longer series exploring a teenage boys coming-of-age during the 1970s. Each 'apparition' represents an aspect of his psyche, some of which are yet to emerge, in a Jungian nightmare that delves deep into his tormented soul...

The devilish apparition loomed over Jimmy with fiery eyes burning his soul to cinders:

"Feed on my flesh."

A deep voice, redolent with attar and unspeakable lust, rumbled through his mind.

This can't be happening, he thought, frantically scrabbling away from the b**stial figure. It followed ... Continue»
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An exhibitionist on the road.

For anyone who read our previous true stories, you'll be fully aware of Mrs. O's love of flashing. Her latest show came during a drive to the coast.
It was a hot day and we were both at home off work when she suggested driving to the coast for the day. We got our stuff together and set off with me driving. Mrs O was wearing a white vest top and shortish red cotton skirt. As she settled into the seat beside me i couldn't help noticing how much of her legs were on show, the skirt barely covering her panties. At the fist set of lights we came to i leaned across and ran my hand up her leg resting... Continue»
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Lunchtime Munchtime

As was his habit at lunchtime, Hal left the building and walked through the office park for exercise. It was a partly cloudy day, and for the moment it seemed overcast. On his way to a small path through the woods, he saw her.
Sandy was an attractive redhead with a sensual voice who almost always wore a tailored blouse, a roomy ankle-length skirt, and one-inch pumps. Her wardrobe varied in color, patterns, and material, depending upon the season, but always the same ensemble. Hal watched as she walked to the back of the lot and opened the back door of her minivan. He waved but she didn't w... Continue»
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'Nap Time'

I'm too sentimental for my own good. I knew I was going to blow off messages to write this story. Time is precious. It probably took me an hour to dig through my memory boxes to find that paper heart. I hadn't seen the damn thing in filteen years. The red construction paper is now a pleasant pink. I put it in a ziplock bag before I stored it. I didn't want glue and glitter embedded in other mementos. You could read the words 'I love Kara' plain as day. I did promise him to keep it forever. It would blow his mind to know I still have it.

When he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the to... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 9

Joyce woke up at 0630 on Monday morning not feeling very well. Her mouth felt like she'd eaten a bag of peanuts and her head was full of hand grenades. She turned over and met the gaze of the Pearson who had contributed to her bodily state.

"Morning gorgeous, you ready"

"For what?"

"Your funny!.... Sex of've shagged me all night. Your fucking insatiable"

"How many times?"

"One less than mum so far"

"Oh....whys my mouth feel so....salty."

"You've swallowed my cum..... twice"

"Really!... God I feel awful. How many know...."

"At 10....230....5... Continue»
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The passage of Lydia Part 1 Aunty Bev

Every time I get ready to transform in to my glamorous self I always give a silent thanks to my ‘creator’ Aunty Bev. I have a few minutes to spare so sit comfortably and I’ll share a tale with you ..

I wasn’t your average 18 year old, sure I liked football, music and all the teenage stuff but I always felt different, I was somewhat taller than the rest of my peers by a good few inches, 5’11” and fairly athletic build from playing rugby and swimming for my school. But I felt different something I couldn’t put my finger on until later but something that lingered in my sub conscious. I had h... Continue»
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Thailand part 1

About 20 years ago, I was lucky enough to get a 9 month project in Thailand. They set me up in an apartment with a gym and a pool and I spent my day working and Friday and Saturday nights in Patpong Soi cowboy and Nana Place get d***k and having my cock played with by young Thai bar girls.

A friend who I knew for a couple of years, suggest him and his wife came over for the week to keep me company and to have a cheap holiday. I agreed I knew his wife who was a good looking women with big tits and a come and fuck me attitude. On the organised day they arrived and the trip from the airport wa... Continue»
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Hope and Sam

I have a s****r a year and a half older then me a a b*****r three years older. We lived in an old farm house in the country and were close growing up. My b*****r Sam liked to wrestle with us and would pin us down and tickle us. My older s****r like to read a lot and played with us less as we got older.
By the time I was 13 or 14 I was tall for a girl, almost the 5' 10" I am now. My little boobs were an a cup while I hoped would get bigger, they did not. Sam was 6'2" and athletic but and could be a jerk. He always teased me about everything.
One warm day I was watching tv in shorts and... Continue»
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Phone Sex

I was woken by the ring of my mobile which was on the table next to the bed, I looked at the alarm clock its red display was telling me in was 45 past 2 in the morning. I looked at the phone it was the wife calling. She was out for the evening with a couple of friends, all the same type, happy when being wined dined danced and fucked. but not always in that order. However 2 of the three had settled down a little (my wife included I thought) and lived for the occasional night out talking about the old times, etc.

I answered the phone and the wife shouted at me, telling me her card had been ... Continue»
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tease tag

Written by female.
meet amy! your average slut, with and alverage agenda
Tease tag
GENRE-Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female solo, Job/Place-of-work, Males / Female, Masturbation

Hey, I guess I can start by introducing myself. That’s always a good place to start. My name is amilyn. But you can just call me amy; Everyone does. I Have dark red hair, I guess you can say its almost the color of the perfect apple. Im usually a pale white but tanning does wonders. I have a tiny waist and a huge ass (or so I’ve been told) and to top it all off, I pack a D36 bra ... Continue»
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Our Time Togethe

This chapter does not include any sex, just an intoduction and a prelude to what is to come.


Although her real father has always been somewhat in her life my stepdaughter (Anna) and I have always been extremely close. During the f******n years I have been in her life she has only called me daddy a few times and I had never pushed her to do so. I always felt I should be as good as a friend to her as well as daddy, I seemed to work great. Over the years I have always communicated with her on a higher maturity level than her mother had so she always seemed to act ... Continue»
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Molly the Manager: Part 3 Afterglow, home cooked

This is a true story. I changed the names of the people, but geographical locations, names of defunct department stores are real.

Molly lay on her back, still breathing heavy for a couple of minutes. The warm glow of the candles she lit and the wine I had consumed in the hot tub made the events surreal.

"Either I had multiples or I had one long, long orgasm. I have never had that before. "

"Everything just happened. I guess it started when you were running your hands on my chest. That just did something. Actually, things were popping up and I was getting a little embarrass... Continue»
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Seeing s****rs

Chuck rang the bell at Laurie's house, hoping she was home. He couldn't remember if she'd said that she was babysitting or not. He paced back and forth on the front porch wondering if she would be up for a late movie, some popcorn and a nice long fuck by the lake. They loved sex in the car during thunderstorms and sex outdoors on warm summer nights. She was pretty much the only girl he'd ever been with, but she never left him sexually unsatisfied. After dating for a year and a half, their passion still burned. They liked one another, liked to talk and liked sex with each other. It was possible... Continue»
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Lesley part 22

"Right Ernie. I'm taking you back to ya room, and me and you are gonna have a wee chat. Ok" McPeevie was in a bit of a spin and had some loose ends to tidy
up before his visitors arrived. His day had so many ups and downs he had very nearly lost track. The inspection had gone reasonably well and his session with Lesley nearly a total success until the very last minute. First he had to deal with Ernie Hedley.

"Ok Ernie here you are. Back in your room"

"I'm not ducking blind"

"Never said you were"

"Stop, treating me like a fucking idiot then."

"Right I've had enough o this shit... Continue»
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Samantha's Release. (A story about public mas

It was a cool November night, and the life of a quiet town was at its slowest when the clock struck midnight. The atmosphere was damp and cozy. The street lights dazzled and danced on the wet black-top. The stillness interrupted occasionally by the clawing of dead leaves. It was on this evening that the lust for late night comforts took Samantha.
Samantha was 22 year old hard working lass with a focus that drove fourth her ascension in the professional realm. She had wonderful brown almond shaped eyes that burned dimly with a friendly ember that could melt anyone. She was a brunette, and h... Continue»
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I uploaded my first self porn pics here...

This story is true, see my "Me in some of my swimsuits plus cum" gallery. You should view it, it will illustrate the first part of this story. This is my first attempt at writing from a first person perspective, hope you enjoy!

Here I am, my spandex clad images on the internet for other people to enjoy... I feel exalted. I had spent over an hour doing my own half-assed porno shoot and then more time editing it to keep my anonymity. There I was... posted on xhamster, and had a couple of views already. I am hard just from editing my own pics, and seeing them online, I want to finish th... Continue»
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Stressful day for her.

You have just come home from work. Stressed and aching. You grab the tv remote slump yourself on the sofa and turn on the tv. You being to day dream of a break from work and a spar day. All of a sudden you hear a knock at the door. You manage to drag yourself to the front door. You are greeted by an attractive man you subconsciously look him up and down he interrupts you mid way and say. "Good evening miss I hope I didn't  disturb you". You look into his eyes and reply "not at all" with a seductive smile on your face. He hands you a business card and say "I've just moved to the local area and ... Continue»
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