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My oral fix


This is my first attempt at writing, I hope you enjoy it and would love to here from you,
It's a true experience I had a few days ago ;)

We are laying next to each other kissing deep and passionately, running out hands over each other stroking and caressing each other. We are naked our bodes intertwined as we gaze into each others eyes, our hands gently caressing each other. You move me slightly onto my back kissing my neck, your hands slowly stroking my stomach, moving up to just brush against my breasts and back down again until they just tease the top of ... Continue»
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Hot for Teacher - Part I

Christopher walked down the path from the school and by Ms. Palmer's house for the first time in what was almost 10 years. There she was, sitting on her back porch, smiling and enjoying her manicured yard filled with wild flowers and blossoming trees. Christopher passed the bushes that he once ducked between and instead opted for the side gate. She greeted him with her usual smile and a bottle of water.

There weren't many things Christopher cared to remember at the 10 year reunion, but Ms. Palmer and her house was the first place he wanted to visit. They remained in touch through the years,... Continue»
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Julie's early secret lover

The story goes like this... 
Thinking back to when I had finished my first year in middle school and I was moving on to 7th grade but before that, summer break had started, which meant I would finally get some time off after a long school year. I was 11 at the time and I was turning 12 in a week. According to mom, I was going to a summer camp this year and I wasn't much of an "outdoors" type of girl so I didn't much like the idea. I would still have every other weekend to visit my dad which made me feel better already. 

My parents divorced when I was 6 years old and it turns out that my da... Continue»
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My lust for younger women.

It has been a long time fantasy of mine to be with a woman who is at least 20 years younger than myself. My last experience was when I was living on Maui, Hawaii. I lived there for 7 years and single. I posted a note in the local paper, and met a beautiful young woman from the Philippines who was a residence of the island. Before meeting in person, I told her I was 58 years old and was looking for a woman that was opened minded, willing to learn and wanted to spend time with someone that enjoyed casual sex. She told me she was 23 years old, attractive and was willing to meet me. After meeting ... Continue»
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Mr Patterson

He appears almost every time I get myself off. I have no idea who he is though, I do not know a mr Patterson in real life (more-the pity). In my fantasies he is a faceless 6'3 man in his late fifties. He is broad and in good shape for a man that age. His dick is circumcised, the girth is incredible and he is a shower not a grower. No matter which scenario my naughty mind invents, he is always bulging. The most important detail about Mr Patterson, is that he is married. This suits me fine as he gets his sex from me and his love from his wife. In my fantasies she is barely mentioned (more later... Continue»
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Nephew's panty fetish fuels great sex

This happened quite a few years ago but I thought it was a good story to share today in the light of what happened in our house the weekend just gone.

It all began on a mid-week morning when on coming downstairs after getting dressed for work, my wife, Kath, confronted me holding a pair of bright red lacy panties.
“Is this anything to do with you?” she asked.
I had no idea what she was on about, the knickers were definitely hers so she couldn’t be thinking they belonged to another woman I might be seeing, so what was it?
I shrugged and gave her a quizzical look and simply said sharply, “... Continue»
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Danny's little secret

My name is Daniel or Danny as my friends call me. I was an only c***d, brought up by only my mother since my father left very early in my life and we never saw him again. Like every k!d I was potty trained by the age of 3, but I was still a bed wetter as my early ch!ldhood continued. I had to wear pull up diapers to bed every night, even to sle3p overs. It wasn't until the late age of 13, when I hit puberty, that I mysteriously quit the bad habit of peeing myself while I sl3pt. YES and I had to hide the fact that I wore diapers to bed every night until I was 13 years old!

I was 7 years old ... Continue»
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The wife and her best mate

A few years ago the wife (Mandy) had a friend come to stay (Matilda, Tilley for short) they had been to school together but had lost touch when Tilley moved to America with the company she was working for, Mandy searched for many years to find her and eventually came across her on a social media site, getting in touch and chatting for hours on end Mandy asked if she wanted to come on holiday to us to which she agreed all arraignments where and the date was set. One evening whilst the k**s were out Mandy got chatting about Tilley showing me a picture of her, I feasted my eyes on this stunning w... Continue»
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James Bond awoke from a light nap to the delightful sight of a small head bobbing slowly in his lap, the girl's shimmering black hair fanned over his belly. He had to crane his head a little to see the mole on the girl's left shoulder to realize that it was Ping working with measured precision on his stiff cock.
"Thank you, Ping, my darling," he said and glanced up at the cloudless blue sky above.
Ping let his cock slip from her mouth with a soft, wet pop. She smiled sweetly up at him before resuming her task, firmly holding onto the base which caused the veins to swell, her tongue trace... Continue»
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nude beach exposing (visit to nude beach , continu

After we took pictures with the young couple I was wet and my husband was hard. We walked a little more down the beach so his cock was not so erect. As we returned to our spot on the beach his cock was dripping and shiny. We got the attention from others on the as we approached our towels. The man I had made eye contact with earlier was sitting in a beach chair and said hello to us as we passed.. His cock was slightly erect and he had just oiled up....his girl friend/wife as laying on her back with her knees bend and spread apart, her pussy lips were swollen and moist.

We reached our ... Continue»
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How to train your dragon sex with toothless. part

Astrid cast her eyes on her axe before looking back to Toothless. He simply lay there waiting and accepting his fate. She could bring her axe down and end his life. End the life of her Hiccups guardian, first and best friend. If Toothless had shown himself the day after her ****, his bl**d would already be seeping across the floor. Today, however, she was conflicted. What she said to Hiccup was true she loved this b**st. Hiccups stuttered suggestion ran through her head and she had to focus to prevent herself from ripping her clothes off and riding Toothless and Hiccup into the ground.

Astr... Continue»
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Sarah's early fetish

This is a AB/DL story (Adult baby/ Diaper lover) 
-For those who are not interested in reading about wet diapers and such, this story is NOT for you. For all the other kinky fans, read up and enjoy :) ...

My name is Sarah, I was an only ch!ld growing up. I was your average pretty little girl with light green eyes, and as a baby I was the cutest, mom would say. I lived with both of my parents until they split up when I was really young. It happened, like a week after my 4th birthday and I had just started preschool a few months before that. My birthday was in mid October so that's why I was... Continue»
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Perfect finish

Finding the right pussy in your life is like finding a needle in a hay stack, for up until you cum twice in the pussy it becomes a nice hole. The best pussy have not been found yet... Ladies should throw the best piece at the right time, the first time instead of screw up every time, all the time sometimes...Short and sweet, long and pleased or studded saddle along??? Ladies have you ever, be truly real...Are there any teens or virgins saving it for me? Good stuff. You need a lesson I am more than glad and here to assist you in making that orgasm memorable... 242-533-8292 or 242-373-7741 Lil C... Continue»
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Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life

One of our friends in their “About Us” section asked their friends for their craziest, wildest, kinkiest time they had… Here goes!

When I first read Hubby's “Shy Wife Tied And Displayed” story on our site, I vividly recalled our exhilarating bondage session in the apartment that morning. I was pretty pissed to discover that a good friend had seen me naked and touched me! But after reading the hot comments about our stories and seeing the surprising reactions to our site, I forgave him. In fact the comments from the guys on our site have made me braver than ever… and, of course, Hubby is ... Continue»
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The 18 year old neighbor

It was a long day at work. As I walked in the front door, I took off my black converse sneakers and went up to my bedroom and took off my tight white spandex top and my tight orange short shorts. With only my black sports bra and black thong on, I step in front of my full body mirror looking over my 37DD-26-36. With my slightly tanned skin, I just dyed my hair blonde because I wanted to be admired more and thought It would work. Which it did, Guys at work would always stop and look at me. I loved it every time it happened. As I stood in front of the mirror, I started to think about the guys wh... Continue»
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Holiday Showers

As a hot bl**ded teenager, I went on holiday with my grandfather, not long after my nan had died. Immediately I noticed a girl in our party who was travelling with her mum and b*****r. We struck up conversation pretty swiftly but I painfully shy and inexperienced, so I was craving to spend time with her but too afraid to ask. Fear of rejection played a major part in my lack of confidence.

She was quite pretty, had a nice body and average, but well formed breasts. Well enough for me to be staring and dreaming of them. Being with your grandfather, though, made it difficult to explore those ... Continue»
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nude beach visit

I went on vacation in So. California and visited a nude beach. It was a little hike to get to the beach. The beach was crowded and lots of other couples like us. Even some groups of college girls...they were mostly just topless but many others were totally nude. Some others made the hike down and just walked around clothed.....the curious ones. But they not bothered by the nude bathers. We found a spot around some others, including some couples and single men. I took off my cover up and then took off my bikini top.. It was fun to see others glance at me....I am proud of my nice tits... Continue»
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The Goddess Of Fertility

The Goddess of Fertility

I used to work with a guy called Melvin. He was a lovely, happily married man with one
problem in his life. His beloved wife and he were finding it difficult to conceive.

I was I think 25, he'd have been about 40.

They began a programme of IVF at a private BUPA hospital not far from our workplace.

Each of them had to go on there from time to time, for the removal of her eggs, and
of course, for him to provide his "sample" for the procedure.

He used to tell me this in a very matter of fact, jocular fashion. He had to pop out
or take an early lunch a... Continue»
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Mrs Walker

Mrs Walker
I was born in a very small village in the Cotswold area of the UK, with about twenty-five houses a small pub, and village shop come post office. Everyone knew everyone’s business, and my nearest friend lived thirty minutes away by bicycle, I attended an all boys school, and I’m an only c***d. My sex education was none existent, the local shop didn't have a top-shelf magazine section, there was no internet, and the girls of my village were too old to take notice of me or too young.
Our house was the biggest of the village, situated on a small rise next to the new vicarage, new... Continue»
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Sasha's Neighbor Throws a Party

I had been retired for six months. The only excitement in my life is my neighbor Sasha, a tall, curvy, brunette, with an over active sex drive. She visits me two or three times a week and when she leaves, my nuts are drained. Her husband doesn't seem to take care of her needs, and I get to enjoy his attractive, well built wife at his expense. Once he walked in on Sasha, her friend Milan, and I in an oral 3-way. He was upset, and in the end he was bound and eating my cum from his wife. Another time I received an email, requesting I come over there and ravage her whether he was there or not. Aga... Continue»
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