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at last

some time back I posted a story about how i used to try and get 'caught' wanking off in B&B's/motel's that sort of place.

Someone recently asked me if it ever worked. Did i ever get caught and it lead to full on sex? Well not read on

It's been some years since I started this game and up until this event the best I'd ever had was some chalet maids stay and linger (watch) as I wanked off. But no-one actually said, "let me".

Skip forward many years to just a wee while ago. I was in a northern town, on business, staying in a mid range sort of place, saving a few pennies ... Continue»
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Pimped out at the movie

My BF likes to see me get fucked by other guys because he knows that I can never get enough and like to cock tease and get fucked by strangers. My BF has a very kinky mind and likes to think up new sexy adventures. If you've read any of my other stories, then you know that I really enjoy being a super nasty slut and getting fucked and passed around by strangers. There's just something wonderful and a big big turn on to have some new strange guy put his hands all over me and lift up my skirt and finger my twat. I'm a slut and don't care, because I know that most guys are just horny cheating bas... Continue»
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Worship my Manhood!

I love to have my cock and balls and asshole worshiped teasingly and slowly until I erupt like a volcano! When YOU do it, start with me in the doggy style position and you kneeling down behind me. Open my asshole to see my most private and sexy area. Study my anus and see the wispy pubic hair around my shiny pink rosebud. Open me up further and inhale deeply to smell my manly odor and essence. Sniff all around my asshole, noticing the fragrance get stronger as your nose moves in closer to my anus. After smelling me out for about 5 minutes, you get to taste me. Start by licking the top crevice ... Continue»
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The second time a stranger saw my cock

This happened when I was much younger. I was about 18, actually. I was still a virgin, and trying to find some way to have fun.
I heard about nude beaches, and decided that was a good way to find hot girls for sex, or at least to have a good look at them...

So I packed a beach towel, got sunglasses, and swimming trunks - just in case, I was not actually very comfortable thinking about going naked myself.
When I arrived, the place was quiet - far from the usual beaches. I had to pass through a small pine grove. I met no people while walking to the beach. I started to doubt this is the righ... Continue»
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Tit Fucking the Mature Clothing Store Clerk

Tit Fucking the Mature Clothing Store Clerk!

Have you ever entered a store and looked at the store clerk and thought, “I would LOVE to help her pass the time until her shift ends?” If you have, maybe you will like this story!! I hope all women that have ever worked a store especially appreciate the fantasy……


Walking into a women’s clothing store for my wife is one of the least enjoyable things I do. I am safe in my masculinity but after alm... Continue»
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Watching Anita taking care of herself

Watching Ana taking care of herself

Barely two months after moving to L.A., I suffered some injures in a car crash. Nothing bad, but I was supposed to stay in bed with some broken ribs for at least one month.

One week later my sweet Ana confessed me she was getting horny and we should do something, because she needed an urgent cock to satisfy her and calm down her.

I was still so sore and could barely move by myself.
Suddenly Ana got her beautiful face red and left the bedroom, telling me she was coming back in two hours. I felt sad, thinking she had gone to pick up the first man out... Continue»
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Dirty s****r in law

Fuck me I'm in absolute heaven. My Mrs is the better looking of two s****rs, she got massive nipples, big saggy tits that have a beautiful wobble when I fuck her, her cunt looks and tastes amazing, bald or hairy she has a beautiful tidy cunt, packed away inbetween her outer lips. So in that respect I'm one lucky bastard. She loves being fucked hard & will do anything I ask, I fancied fucking her up the arse, so she went & bought some lube, I wanted to see her fucking herself so we went out together & bought her a massive vibrator.... you get the picture....

Well on top of all that luck, as... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 07

It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning when I arrived at the airport with my beautiful girlfriend, Becca.

Normally, it was difficult to find parking near the airport. However, luck was on our side today.

There was an available parking spot that was relatively close to the airport doors.

“We're here,” I told Becca, as I parked the van that I recently rented.

“Thanks again for the ride, dear,” Becca said, as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“You're quite welcome,” I told her.

Becca was heading to Orlando, Florida for a cheerleader competition. She was planning on recr... Continue»
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If you just met a girl called Maria

As we arrived in the cool shade of the bridge, the opportunity for last a embrace was seized. Head nuzzled into Maria's neck one hand pushing between her shoulders the other exploring her incredibly round bottom. She gripped the cheeks of my bottom pulling me towards her, using her pelvis to grind my hard cock in my jeans.

Just then I saw the stranger approach,

Maria kissed me, and confidently walked across the narrow path to near the end of the wall, resting casually against it, to await the young stranger. Without hesitating they started to embrace.Putting her hand to his hip and tilt... Continue»
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Old Friends

Phil and Gary hadn’t seen each other since they were about 14 when Gary’s f****y moved away. Now 40 years later, they still couldn’t believe that they ran into each other by accident not to mention that Phil remembered Gary so quickly. Back in the day, they were inseparable and were heartbroken when Gary’s f****y moved to another state. Now they sat in the bar talking nonstop – playing catch up.

There were a lot of similarities in their lives. Both attended the state university of their respective home state and both competed in athletics while there. Gary married his high school sweet... Continue»
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Naughty d***ken Claire Part 1

I’d been on a night out with the girls and was a bit worse for wear due to too much alcohol. When I got home I stumbled through the front door and into the hall when I heard voices in the lounge, I thought oh no who is here and tried to straighten myself out before opening the door to the lounge.

I walk in as best I can hiding the fact that I’m really d***k, and hubby and his mate Steve were there watching match of the day, I said hi and hubby asks if I’ve had a good night, after a bit of general chatter with hubby and Steve I excused myself as I was desperate for a wee. As I’m sat on the l... Continue»
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Second Zumba session ...

Written by PM on 02-05-2015

Hello !
Sorry for delay ... I've a real life too ... lol

So, Tuesday, 19h, guys come in (one already fucked, and another I've already see : very nice guy ). I'm not ready for my session. Take them beer, and massage book (they are here for that lol ! ).
I go to my room, don't close the door, and change to my black swimsuit (with full back coverage : speedo hydrasuit). They can't see me when I change.Put baskets on, remake ponytail, and go with them. They help me to close the back zip of the swimsuit.
I run my session. Start with warmup stretching, th... Continue»
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Stinging Nettles on my cock, May 2016

This story goes with my video:

Whilst out walking my dog last week her ball got lost in the hedge. When I reached I to retrieve it my hand brushed against some stinging nettles. My fingers tingled for ages and as I continued my walk it brought back memories of about 8 years ago when I read a few accounts of guys using stinging nettles on their cocks and I had tried it. At that time I lived in a first floor flat in London so had to go out and walk along the road to try and find a patch of weeds t... Continue»
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My Fantasy.

Being curious this is what my fantasy would be for my first time.

It was a nice night and with football being on the TV decided to take a walk down the local pub to watch it and have a quiet drink so wanders down not too busy but none of the local bunch in so orders a drink and settles down on a bar stool to watch the game.
Another guy comes in alone orders a drink and stands at the bar next to me soon both of use being your normal guy's start shouting every now and again at some of the referee's decision which leads us into chatting to each other about the match.
The game ends and we j... Continue»
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The house keeper gets used

It was May and the weather had been most suitable for travelling. Lady Winton has taken herself off to Yorkshire, visiting her poorly s****r, Lord Winton in London on business. This had left the young 17 year old master in charge of the estate.
The young mans growing lust had been noticed over 2 years ago by the house keeper Elizabeth Webb, Miss Webb to everyone. She herself had caught him masturbating in his rooms, and the maids had complained about the state of his sheets in the mornings. The last time she had walked in on him he hadn't even stopped or tried to cover up. He... Continue»
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Babysitter gets educated by an older woman

Jade had been asked to do an evening of babysitting for a friend of her mothers, Alison. Alison had a 5 year old daughter but the father had never stuck around to be of any use. At 18 Jade was desparate to earn a little money to let her go out at the weekend.
Alison was not without means and lived in an old barn conversion in a nearby village. Being 5 miles out of town Alison had invited her to stay the night after she had returned from her night out. What exactly the night out was going to entailed had not been mentioned.
The evening had gone quietly and the little girl had gone to... Continue»
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My wife and I have fun on Holiday

Holiday fun with wife and neighbours Part 1
We recently returned from a couple of weeks in the sun. This was our first holiday since my wife had discovered her inner slut and exhibitionist.
So without further ado:
We had Villas either side of us, but you had to be really nosey to see who was there and in any case they seemed empty to start with. We had enjoyed some nude sunbathing and outdoor fucking and life was good.
However, on the 4th day we heard a f****y next door. We had a little roof terrace from where you could see who was next door so I went for a spy. It seems they were a f***... Continue»
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My webcam pet. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Her hand firmly grasped the vibrating toy I had instructed her to pick up. She slowly pulled the 6" dildo up to her parted lips and slipped her tongue out to lick it. I told her to stop, hold it down next to her clit for a moment because I wanted her to taste her own juices as she showed me her oral skills. Her eyes were on fire as the pulsing toy touched her clit. A long slow moan escaped her as she held the toy next to her drenching wet pussy as long as she dare before pulling it away for fear of it causing her to explode before allowed. She held it upright in front of her face,... Continue»
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Ana takes care of a stranger on a plane

Ana takes care of a stranger on a plane

I had enjoyed a quick trip to Ohio with my loving Victor, he had invited me to go with him and I had been delighted. My loving husband had been very busy during three days and finally we were boarding a plane to fly back…

While sitting on the plane I asked a blanket and received one and a pillow. Victor’s seat was in the aisle and I was on the middle. We had to get up to allow a huge man go through us, to his window seat. The man was really huge, bigger than my husband. Sitting in between, I had no room to move.

The plane took off, for a nice fo... Continue»
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choot ki pyaas

Reena is a 32 years old married woman. Her husband is an engineer in merchant navy and he comes home once for a month or two in a year. She is a school- teacher and also gives private tuitions in the evening to pass her time. She was sex-starved until last year and used to masturbate to satisfy her sexual desire.

Last year, She visited her friend (Nisha) of college days, who lives in Delhi. Her husband is a doctor in UAE and she is a teacher like Reena. One day Reena accompanied Nisha to a ladies kitty-party where she was compelled to drink more than her usual capacity. When they reached ho... Continue»
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