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I am strong Egyptian man, handsome,

LOVE IS THE BEST THING IN THE LIFE- I am looking for true, deep love and happy marriage. chat on Y.a.h.o.o! Messenger ID: egyptian_souvenirs(AT)y,a,h,o,o.c. o. m skype name: egyptianman1967

My name is Mohamed El-Sayad, I am strong Egyptian man, handsome,good looking, my birth date is 27th January, 1967, Height: I am 185 Cm.tall,or 6 feet.1 inche, my Body Type: Average, I do not gambling, I do not use d**gs, I do not smoke nor drink wine, Alcohol at all, I never make sex with all and any girls before, I am clean do not have ill "HIV" AIDS, my health is very sound and strong, I have so hig
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Lesbian experience with Varsha

"Aaaaah... just like that baby, just like that..." I hissed. My back was arched, my head thrown back, eyes closed and my legs wide apart, bent at the knees. Varsha had her face buried in between my legs, doing wonderful things to me with her tongue. I was gripping her head with one hand and squeezing my breasts with the other. I pulled her up, and we kissed and wrapped our arms and legs tightly around each other, enjoying the sensations.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Swati, 19, a slim, medium complexioned girl with average sized breasts. Varsha is my roommate, and she has been an athlete all... Continue»
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Shwetha Enjoying Lesbian Sex With Khushi

Hi, I am Shwetha from Bangalore. I am 28yrs old 5.5 feet tall, fair, a 34 30 36 figure, deep black bright eyes with long lashes and Long black hair ending exactly above my crop top. I have had an inclination towards girls since college.

When I look at their face the pink lips the strawberry flavored lip balm, expressive eyes, the body the tshirt dat hugs around their breast the jeans fit tightly around their back n thighs feels like caressing each part that brings pleasure.

My fantasy came true when I saw Khushi. She is a 26yr old girl from Ranchi, an intern at my office. She is 5.2 feet... Continue»
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When The Tied Turn

I woke gently from my deep sl**p, my eyes straining against the brightness of the morning light. It was too bright. Our bedroom was never this bright in the morning, the smell of dew mixed with cut grass and the chattering birds outside were altogether overpowering. Our room wasn't normally this bright, the smells not normally so vivid and pungent, I could almost feel the warmth of the sun touching my skin first hand.

As I finally f***ed my eyes open I could see my husband had left the blinds open, the sash window pulled up as far as it could go to let a gentle breeze tickle my body, and ti... Continue»
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Wet Dreams to Crossdressing

Confessions of a Crossdresser

I am a crossdresser. It is an addiction. I’ve tried, but I really can’t stop myself: fantasies, endless looking at pornography, shopping, dressing, masturbation, and inevitably, seeking men to please. I started out as a young teen as a panty fantasizer and have progressed to where I am today. I think that I am pretty “normal”: dating girls, and now a responsible man, married with a f****y. But, I have evolved to a cock sucking crossdresser. I’m writing to try to understand how I have evolved.

If I was a woman, I would be a cum dumpster: intelligent, attracti... Continue»
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Sex Stories from a Girls point of view.

Honesty it meant nothing to me at the time, sex meant nothing to me at the time, it felt no more different than when I ran around nude on the beaches in Southern France, little girls do that sort of thing all the time, little realizing the effect we were having on the men looking at us darkly, and the sinister thoughts running through their heads. That would come much later in my life, by then I would be prepared for it.

'I'm going for an early shower baby, you want to use the bathroom'?

Daddy was now in his late forties and we had lived together as a single parent f****y for ten years, ... Continue»
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First Anal

I want to tell you about getting my new toy and the fun I’ve had with it!

My favourite way to masturbate has always been to rub my clit with a finger or old lipstick tube in my arse. This always gets me off! I’ve fantasised about having a cock up my arse, but always been too scared to try it and my husband hadn’t really made any moves in that direction.

Last week I read about Tristam Taormino’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. I was instantly hooked. I felt too embarrassed to do anything about it for a couple of days, but on Wednesday evening when my husband was out, I looke... Continue»
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Lilith the 8mm Shemale Queen

(This was written after viewing Lilith's (fetishmy) video "A Rapid Cumshot. the way it is shot it looks like an 8mm film you would see in the old-time smut booths of a dirty bookstore)

I have an interest in the XXX world from the 40's 50's 60's 70's. Porn back then was not easily of accessed like today from the internet. the difficulty to get ahold of a dirty picture, magazine or film made it a prized possession. Today there is so much that it is rare to find a truly erotic person. One that exudes eroticism as much as exhibits it. Lilith, you are a truly erotic, sensual person.

In the ol... Continue»
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Ghost Lover

Ghost Lover

“What’s that you’ve found?” Jo asked her husband John as he fished something from under the floorboards.

“Looks like a dusty old diary of some sort,” John replied. “But it’s got a small lock on it.”

John passed the diary to his wife and took the cup of coffee which she had brought him.

“Ooh, this looks intriguing,” Jo said excitedly. “I'll see if I can pick the lock.”

“It’s probably full of dirty little secrets,” John said raising his eyebrows suggestively.

Little did he know, but it was indeed full of dirty little secrets!

John and Jo had recently moved i... Continue»
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Cuckold in the Making

Funny all J and I had done was kiss. But in a way my crush on J was a harbinger of a lot of my future relationships. It was an innocent age then, the 1950s and I was a good Catholic guy. This is how I learned the hard way that other guys weren't so good.
One Saturday afternoon, I was at a movie double feature to escape the heat. Back then oppressive summer weather was uncommon to Buffalo, NY, so no one had air conditioning except for the neighborhood movie theaters. I was sitting in the middle of the back row when a couple sat two rows in front of me a little after the newsreel came on. It w... Continue»
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Little Bit of Fun

"Do you know what would be fun?"
"No. Tell me."
"Stealing a transporter band and going to Earth."
"You think it would be fun to break the law?"
"Nah, I think it would be fun to go to Earth. I don't care how we get there."
"Well, you go on your own then. I'm not getting involved. They'll lock you up for life if they find out you've been to a forbidden planet. Especially the most forbidden planet in the galaxy."
"They'll never know. We'll be back before anyone realises we're gone."
"Enough of the "we". You're on your own on this one. I don't want anything to do with Earth."
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My Weird Uncle J Cums in My Panties

"There it is again!" I said aloud but to myself as I inspected the unworn pair of panties from my open underwear drawer. With the pads of both thumbs, I ran it along the inner lining of my favorite yellow panties to sample some of the residue, both sticky and slippery at the same time.

This certainly wasn't the first time, with much of my underwear having some foreign substance deposited on them, always on the inner lining that sheathed my flesh. Sometimes the liquids were dried and old, turning a soft cotton pair fresh with extra fabric softener into a crusty rigid pubic plate that sc*... Continue»
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First Day of Her Life

First Day of Her Life
by Rodney Clifford

Her husband had just died the day before and it occurred to her as she sped down the 8 lane freeway in her sports car that she truly had no feelings of tenderness for the man whatsoever. She hadn't thought so but death sometimes makes you realize things you did not know you cared about until it was gone. She did love his money though and would continue the rest of her life, which at 32 was a long way aways she hoped. Brake lights ahead of her on the freeway snapped her out of her brooding about it and she swore lightly not wanting to be stuck i... Continue»
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the first date

So this is half real. All the way up to me showing him the jiggle balls but I wasn't brave enough to put them in and he didn't suggest it because we were both too shy but after he confessed I should've gone ahead and done it or just showed him porn (I was watching it in the car on mute next to him) All names have been changed

I looked anxiously at my phone waiting for the message from Ashton. Sat in the living room in my little black dress that showed plenty of cleavage and the black flowered flip flops I dug out from the cupboard under the stairs (and wiped down as they were a bit dusty),... Continue»
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Cuckold’s Confession

This story was written by THE DARK WANDERER. I did not write it. I loved it so much, I decided to share it with the rest of you. Enjoy!!!

Me and my wife Emily got married four years ago and have enjoyed reading about cuckolded husbands, especially the ones where Black studs fuck the wives. They fueled our fantasies. For the last couple of years I had badgered her to give it a go herself to find out what makes Black guys so good.

I became even more insistent when a Black youth joined the firm straight from college and became one of my apprentices last year. Carl was 18 but fr... Continue»
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4 Hour Sybian Ride

So recently my girlfriend and I decided to buy a sybian for fun off of ebay. We bought one where you can change the cock shape to any size or shape of the ones that it came with, including one that was practically flat with a slighting bulge for not penetrating vibrating fun. This is my story of how I decided to ride the sybian for a couple hours non-stop. So the other day I went out and bought some rope and wiches, and an extension cord from the local hardware store. I used the extension cord to allow the sybian to be all the way up on our bed (the only place that I could be tied to). Then wi... Continue»
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My GF plays with herself for me and a mate

This story took place a few years ago when I was still living at my parents’ home; I was going out with a girl called Jess who was blond size 10 and attractive. On the night in question I had a good friend over for a smoke a few drinks and a session on the PlayStation. As the evening progressed we got d***ker and Jess was getting more bored so we decided to stick on a film.
As the film was ending everyone was getting tired so we set up the sofa bed for my mate and settled down for the night. Jess and I were spooning and I asked her if she fancied a threesome, she wasn’t really up for it but s... Continue»
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The Nerd – Part 1

The Nerd – Part 1

Geek. Nerd. Dweeb. Take your pick, any one of them would describe Pete just fine. At sixteen, he’d never kissed a girl, never even held hands, and was more at home with his books than with people. Yes, books. Although he was perfectly good with a computer, the kind who’d teach himself how to program it, he’d rather read an actual book than surf the Internet.

He wasn’t interested in Facebook, or Twitter, or any of those things. Didn’t even really like to watch TV or movies. When he did, he was always trying to figure out how he would re-write the scripts to... Continue»
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Father in law helps

Trisha’s adventure
Trisha was a young 20 year old who had been brought up a church Gower every Sunday since she could remember it was church, confession when she was older and of cause be polite and respect your elders, she had been taught that pleasing herself was wrong, that she found was a lie and no sex before marriage, Trisha had found that pleasing herself was exciting and very pleasurable all by mistake, she also had a boyfriend she met at college John James or JJ,

Trisha had taken weeks to convince her parents to let JJ up to her room just to listen to music, but tonight was the ni... Continue»
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Hot sexy horse rider

I was walking along a old railway line which is now a public footpath when I heard a horse behind me getting really close So I moved over to one side to let it past,
The female rider thanked me as she pasted by,I have always had a thing for women on horses must be the tight jodhpurs,boots & riding crop!
She had blond hair which was tied back in to a ponytail,white blouse and brown very tight jodhpurs & black boots,she was about early 40's & very fit.
As she disappeared round the corner her tight arse bouncing up & down on the horse I was having a fantasy wishing that was me she was bouncing... Continue»
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