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Noises in the Night

A lil harmless noise in the night that could get anyone wild up.

It was the noise that distracted me. It was so soft at first I thought I was imagining it. But it was there: a slow and steady hum broken with little noises I couldn't identify at first, until they started coming faster and faster. They were moans. My mother's moans, accompanying her vibrator as she pleasured herself in the next room. It was the sexiest thing I had ever heard.

I was 26, recently separated from my wife. We'd married too young and three years in found me cheating on her with a woman from work. I... Continue»
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My webcam pet. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I told her that her begging wasn't good enough, wasn't convincing enough. She smiled sweetly as she said "Oh please my Master. My body craves your direction and aches to do as you tell me. My pussy is on fire at the thought of you teasing it more and my ass is aching for you to have me please it for your pleasure until you see fit to let me explode in a screaming wet body shaking orgasm." You're learning I told her. I instructed my pet to get a low, thin, long end table that would be perfect for what I had in mind. She did as instructed and waited to perform her next command. "So ... Continue»
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Muskegon gotta love your home town

Well my name is Rikko Suave. Im 32 single no k**s. About 5"11 165 lbs blue eyes light brown hair. Im White Native American and Polish. With ten tattoos.
I worked at Mr.Scribs pizza witch is only in Muskegon ,Michigan.. I worked until 4am. So i was working the drive through window that night. Busting my ass like always. So I'm working the drive through. Its around 2:30am. Almost time to close. Next thing you know this sexy ass black Ladies came to the drive through d***k.
They both started flirting with me. They looked like they both left the night club. Kiana had on this sexy ass blue and b... Continue»
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His revenge, her desire.

'Why am I doing this?' I asked myself as I crashed into the room. I was staying in a hotel with a friend for a comic convention in the city which they were fortunately still at while I sorted myself for what I was going to subject myself to tonight. I crashed on the bed clutching the plastic bag I had brought in with me close to my breasts.

"My room, 506. 6PM. Wear a dress. No underwear" was the last thing my ex said to me before walking off. I had bumped into him at the con with his friends. I had broken up with him a year before due to the long distance between us and met someone else no... Continue»
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Bus riding

Written on 08-14-2015

I've to take the bus, edge to time in. On destination, I've to edge 3 times on different places. On return I've to edge 2 more time and edge in bus.

I don't take regulary the bus, so I have to check.
I found a night line that work until 00h30. So It's a good destination.
I've planned to take the bus at 22h46 (I've 5 minutes to go to the bus stop).
The ride take 18min.
On destination, I plan to walk to a little lake I know, and return to take the last bus at 23h51. So I've 47min for my walk.
If I miss the bus, I've to walk home.

... Continue»
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Episode 59 - Father's Day 2020

Mr Jones latest K1ddie-Synth Angie is working in the kitchen when his smart-watch detects the regular up and down movement of his left wrist, which can only mean one thing –he’s masturbating in bed again. Angie quickly scans all the household sensors, detecting Mrs Jones ‘exercising’ in the downstairs gym with her ‘personal trainer’ Teen-Synth Brian. She is teaching him the best anal penetration depth to maximise the length of her orgasm on the rowing machine. Brian is a quick learner, knowing just when pound her deep and slow or keep perfectly still and let her do all the work.

Angie pulls... Continue»
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A note to all who read this, all of it except the delivery guy part did happen... That part is pure fantasy, except I might have had him carry me half naked and squirming out to his truck, but that's another fantasy for another day.

Lori was in the ladies room, touching up her eye makeup when the fire alarm buzzed and the PA ordered the building cleared. She finished the job in the employee parking lot. She used a friend's truck, which had big mirrors, and big everything else for that matter. The air was muggy summer-thick and she felt her makeup and hairspray melting into a sticky paste. T... Continue»
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More great wanking

Well another night out with friends and as I hoped a few of us were heading back to Garys house. Gary is a work colleague of my wife and the guy I first experienced the pleasure of mutual wanking with. Last time we were together Lisa (my wife) walked in on us, made herself comfortable and watched as we did what every man does best. Tonight there was another couple and another work colleague of Lisa and Gary (Rob) at the house. After a few drinks the other couple made a move home and Lisa said she was going to bed. She looked at me and quietly said have fun. The 3 of us were talking and I thoug... Continue»
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Giving her a good soaking

It had taken long enough to organize, but it was worth it.

Finally she was there, lying on her back, her white thong already darkening where it pressed against her wet, ready pussy.

But we weren't here for pussy.

No, the 6 of us, footballing mates from a Sunday league side, were here to fulfill a fantasy - hers and ours - that centered on her tits and our cum. And now, as she lay in front of us, coyly looking each of us in the eye, running her tongue over her lips, we couldn't wait.

"Oh boys," she said, breathlessly. "I do hope you've been saving it all up for me."

"Fuck" sai... Continue»
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The business trip - 2 guys, 1 fleshlight

It started on one of my business trips. My colleague, Dave and I had to attend a conference in Geneva. We are both straight, in our early thirties, and still in the phase of being horny almost all the time.
We’ve travelled together a few times before, and we always end up talking a lot about hot chicks and stuff. He is happily married though.

On my longer trips I usually bring my fleshlight. When I get back to my hotel room I take a quick shower, and have a good bate session using the fleshlight. I’m a pretty heavy shooter, so I jerk off 2-3 times a day. Otherwise I leak too much precum... Continue»
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Curious WM 30 Ch. 06

female domination – bdsm oral – bdsm anal – masturbation – cum slut – willing slave

The sun light warmed my body as I performed for Angela. It was as if I was on a stage illuminated by a spotlight; almost floating in mid air. My exhausted legs hung over one arm of the chair; my head over the other making me look like a rag doll a c***d has tossed aside. With my left hand I casually stroked my chest and ribs cupping first one tit and pinching its nipple and then lazily moving on. I was engaged in solitary foreplay. My fingers would lightly brush the skin from my chest to my pelvis, pl... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation: Pt. Seven "Triple Frott

For the next hour or so we sat on the couch playing video games. We were still completely naked and enjoying every minute of it. As we took our turns the other two would try to distract the one playing by grabbing his cock or tickling his balls. It was so much fun, being totally relaxed and letting whatever happened, happen. It wasn't long before the three of us were becoming to horny to focus on anything other than our cocks.

We got up from the couch and made a circle on the floor facing one another, our three fantastic cocks only inches apart. Slowly we moved our hips forward forcing the ... Continue»
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Horny Memories

During the early years of the 1990's I was fortunate to land on my feet after a rather disastrous few years of the previous decade. Due to work travel commitments I had to move to the north side of our city. I answered an add for house share accomodation- 'guy or girl wanted to share three room house, Brisbane North'. I spoke to one of the current housemates there and after some talk he suggested I come look at the place.
I loved the place even before I went inside. It was of an old colonial style, these days fetching quite a lot in today's market and had bay windows, large bbq area out the ... Continue»
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Fun Contest

Written by PM on 07-09-2015

07-06-2015 20h:

I'm come back from pool ...
Another fun time !
I edge in cubicle before going to shower (I have a big spot on swimsuit ... LOL ... but nobody see it ...)
With my red swimsuit, I catch attention !
Two guys (+/- 20y) ask me if I work here. I say no but I know well the mouth to mouth (bouche à bouche / réanimation in french), with my best slutty face ... They turn red quickly ... We talk about. They don't have girlfriend, so I propose to have fun with them.
We go to the toilets (a big for handicaped), and to make them hard, I ... Continue»
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Francesca's Extreme Anal Diary - capt.1

This is a story of pure fantasy, any resemblance to any place or any person,living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Let me start at the beginning. My name's Francesca, and I'm an anal slut. I love the feeling of something slipping and sliding and slamming in and out of my ass, the bigger the better.

I had the most intense punishment last night; it was so amazing I had to put pen to paper while I let my rectum recover, it needs it!

First, for those who'll read at some future time, l... Continue»
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Bath time

the steaming bath is now brimming over soapy bubbles pouring onto the floor.. I take position at the back of the bath step in smarting at the heat..... you slide backward to nuzzle into my chest... water sloshes onto the floor

more hot water you demand...

I'll just let some out...first

on with the taps let me stand up to reach over you oops excuse me...

how is that...

is that long enough? hot enough? deep enough for you? ....

let me slide back in behind you.... lean back into me aaaah

of course there is.... but first i am busy rubbing you ,... moving from your ... Continue»
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Hidden Cam

I have a hidden camera in my bedroom, so I can watch my wife masturbate when she gets horny. So one day, I was at work on my way home, I called Linda to make sure she was ready, we were going to a movie. She said she was ready and waiting for me. While she was waiting, she was in the bedroom she took off her panties and lifted up her skirt. She started to rub her pussy, after a few minutes of rubbing, she opens her night stand and pulls out her 7 inch dildo. At that point in time when I bought her those dildo’s they only had 7 and up. See my cock is only 6 inches but I still make her cum. She ... Continue»
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My New Neighbors (Chap 2) My new Boss


The next morning came too early; my alarm clock rang at seven o’clock. I got up and went into the bathroom to take my shower and get ready for work. As I stood under the warm stream of water my mind raced back to last night. It wasn’t a dream as I had hoped, and I remembered how amazing it made me feel as the hot water sprayed against my nipples arousing me as I thought about the hot sex. I came to my senses because I had to get to work and put this out of my mind.

The day at work was a normal one for me. I taught my classes in first y... Continue»
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New Neighbors (Chap 1) The beginning


I was driving down my street on the way home from work and I noticed a moving van parked in front of the vacant house next door. I was glad to see that someone was finally moving in. I pulled my car into the garage and closed the door. And as I usually did after getting home I feed my dogs, and then prepared myself something to eat and I sat in front of the TV and ate dinner. After dinner I walked my dogs around the block. I was enjoying my walk and wanted to go around again, but it was close to dark, so I decided to go back to the house. Wh... Continue»
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I was planning a trip to England and I began researching for some unusual things I might do there I came across an ad in the in the travel section for the Fantasy Fulfillment Theater. It was two lines, “Travel adventure, make your fantasy come true.”
I sent an email to the address provided and received a response in the form of a registered letter. There was a release, all matter of confidentiality stuff, an authorization for a performance bond guaranteeing my personal satisfaction and insuring against the release of my private information. I also found a fantasy request... Continue»
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