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First Summer Class Today - excited for summer

So here I am taking summer classes - it may seem like a bad situation - but knowing how many attractive ladies are in my class everyday; well it passes the time.

In particular there is this one girl that I had the pleasure of spending an entire spring break with on a field assignment; and it turns out this cutie was also in another one of my classes. We ended up talking here and there throughout the semester and I have creeped on her facebook profile a bit and I am very very interested in this girl. Only bad part is she may have a boyfriend; but the stuff we talk about - I'm not exactly s... Continue»
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M e and my mates,

Me and my mate's.

When we started to have to work for a living me and my best friend's Mike and Ben used to all meet up at my flat(me being the only one with a place of my own) we would play poker and watch porn and some time's even jerk off together as we watched. On this one occasion I was wearing a pair of panties something I had started to do when alone, Mike and Ben were watching the porn and Mike started to stroke his cock, being forgetful and feeling horny I dropped my jean's and as they hit the floor the room fell silent. There I was with my fetish for panties on display to everyo... Continue»
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The one night that turned into a steamy affair

It all started the day my best friend phoned me for a favour, my friend and her mother were going away for a spa weekend.... That wasn't a problem the problem was there was no one to look after her younger siblings as her aunt had taken unwell and let them down at the last minute. My friends father worked till 9 or 10 most nights as he owned a very successful haulage company. So my friend asked would I be able to stay at her parents house and look after them, the two k**s were 5 and 2 and I loved them like they were my own siblings, my friend and I are both 21 and had known each other pract... Continue»
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me and her

As I sat at home with my Flesh light in hand I began to use it for my 9 inch cock slowly stroking. Intensely I begin to do it more rapidly until about a half an hour later I was done. I wish she was here. At this time I was wondering if my friend was doing so I Text her she text back I can't talk right now in the middle of something. I know what that something was she was up there with her dolphin on her clit rubbing her swollen pink pussy. This was a slow intense process. As she rubbed a little harder. Now at this time she put her dolphin deep down inside her swollen pink pussy after a... Continue»
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My First Time

As I was sitting and relaxing with a beer and watching TV, there was a scene on a show I was watching that triggered a memory of my first time with a woman. I was young, around 19 and I was visiting my Aunt for the summer. Now my Aunt was not what one would typically picture when one thought about their Aunt.

The sweet older woman, with her hair in a bun and glasses baking chocolate chip cookies for company. My Aunt Mae was 32, with a great body, and a matching personality. She was funny, outgoing and always the life of the party. She was my Mom's younger s****r, and the complete opposite ... Continue»
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My Sexual Adventures: Seducing My Hair Stylist

When I was younger I had a crush on the guy that cut my hair. He was in his thirties, was short at only about 5'6, and was athletically slim. He had very dark hair that was cut short and always immaculately styled, a nice thick mustache and a permanent five-O-clock shadow. An olive complexion along with his last name led me to believe that he was of Italian decent. His shirts were always open at the collar which allowed a copious amount of chest hair to be visible, and he always wore tight, stretchy dress slacks that made his soft package, while not huge, definitely noticeable.

About the t... Continue»
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Caught ByThe Babysitter

Tina Mallory was an 18 year high school graduate trying to make money
for the summer. She was not very tall but very attractive. She had long
red hair flowing down nearly to her backside and although she didnt
understand why...her breasts never did get very big...An A-cup...she
was so embarrased..However, it never stopped her from getting looks and
stares from both men and women. Her own sexual experience hadnt been
much except for a few boys her age who just wanted handjobs once they
saw her small breasts.

Tonight, she had been asked by the Carters to look after there 6 year
old ... Continue»
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Lesley part 7

Rob and Lesley's plans were disturbed when her mobile phone rang, flashing the word 'School'. The male voice telling a distraught Lesley that one of the boys had twisted his knee and needed to get it checked by a doctor. He suggested going to the Walk In Centre at the hospital, saying that better to go there in case it needed an X-ray. He told her not to was just a precaution.

Lesley pulled on her uniform, which was still lying on the bathroom floor and was looking crumpled and the worse for wear. She had no underwear to wear and never gave it a thought. She pulled her flat work... Continue»
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Fantasy on the Balcony

This is a fantasy story. It is an idea of sex on a balcony at my buddies apartment with a young sexy black woman. The idea came from watching her, sexy chick dancing on the balcony, and at times she bounced her butt like she was getting fucked. I did meet her, using Amber for her name, and we joked about her sexy dancing. She had thoughts about sex up there, but yet to find anyone to do it, yet. Of course, I am working on her about trying it out, but her busy work schedule has made it tough. So I am writing this in a fantasy with hopes of doing it for real.
So I met up with Amber at Chee... Continue»
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Wow I'm Bigger

Wow I'm bigger

It had been years since Wowimbig had started pumping her pussy up, slowly seeing the results get more extreme, and feeling more and more like a freak that people would be disgusted by. At first, that alone was a thrill for her; the thought that people would point and ridicule her for her huge puffy cunt. But eventually, she craved to be told by real people, what a weirdo she was. How her blown up lips were disgusting, and how she was a freak for doing that to herself. She felt electrified by the comments people left for her on her videos. People telling her that she would n... Continue»
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Just a lingerie story

So my wife Nancy was out of town for a few a few weeks helping out her best friend after a nasty surgery leaving me all alone to do my own thing.
The first night I wandered over to my next door neighbor's Shanies house. We would sometimes share a bottle of wine and just talk,
No one seemed to be home but the door was open so I stepped inside.
Once inside I called out to Shanie
there was no one around, so I snuck into her bedroom and started
looking around. There hung over a chair was a gorgeous black garter belt,
the kind with the big wide panels for control. Also over the ba... Continue»
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A Helping Hand from an Overly-Nice s****r (Part 1)

"Is there anything else? Anything you need?" Mandy was standing next to my chair, looking down on me with that sparkle of concern in her blue eyes. "Really, anything at all. I'll do whatever you need," she reiterated for the umpteenth time over the last few days.

"No, I'm fine," I said. "You can go for a while."

She took only one step back, then half of one forward again. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." I guess because I was agitated by Mandy and generally restless, I sat up in my recliner in front of the TV and actually reached forward for my drink, almost reaching it before the bandages r... Continue»
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A Helping Hand from an Overly-Nice s****r (Part 2)

"So how are we doing today?" No sooner had Mom said bye to me and walked out the door than Mandy walked in to check on me, starting her 'shift'.

"I'm alright, just kind of stiff," I said.

"Oh really? Need some help?" Mandy replied walking around in front of me, ready to aid me.

I pushed the foot of the recliner down and rocked forward to stand up without using my hands. "No, I've just been in the chair too long."

"Oh, that. I see.” I almost laughed at her misinterpretation. “So, what? Your neck? Back?"

"Yeah," I said, stretching. "Maybe I'll run around some today."

"You sh... Continue»
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My First and Only Gay Expirience

I am not sure if anyone will ever read this but I would like to start off by saying a few things:
1) This is story is real.
2) I have never shared this with anyone and I feel that the anonymity of this site and the nature of its content is appropriate for me to share this without fearing any real repercussions.
3) Although this is a story that talks about a homosexual experience, I wouldn't call myself gay. I believe sexuality is a spectrum and I lie closer to the heterosexual side of that spectrum (although i do enjoy watching gay porn from time to time).
4) This story ended up being lo... Continue»
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Down in the sand dunes

Before my love of dressing en’femme I had already experienced the feelings and delights that another male could give me and that I could give to another male, so you will see that the ‘experience’ was there.

Near to my home on the East coast of England was a long curving beach with dunes along it. From the WW II there were a lot of old concrete fortifications machine gun posts and the like and I used to spend hours and hours exploring them, just the mystery of them I suppose. Sometimes I’d have to work for ages digging away the sand and grasses that had partially blocked the entrance of so... Continue»
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Suzie's Little S*ster 1 by loyalsock

Remember your first crush? Boy, I sure do. Little Nancy Evans. Sat across from me in grade school. She had a fabulous blond pony tail that she would swish as she walked around school. Well, we were just k**s and I never came within a hundred miles of even letting her know I secretly "Liked" her. I still wonder whatever became of her from time to time.

Many years later, I was a sophomore in College and had met a great girl in Music Appreciation 101. Her name was Suzanne. Dark eyed and mysterious, I was smitten! We dated regularly and, when I would come to pick her up at her f****y home, it w... Continue»
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Making The Grade by loyalsock

The school was empty as 18-year-old Sharon sat alone in her English Lit class, awaiting the return of her teacher, Mr. Smyth. It being a Friday, the school emptied even quicker than usual, and Sharon,herself! pretty 5 foot 7 blonde senior, doubted anyone, from students to faculty, were still around.

Perhaps some administrators in the main office downstairs, but here on the third floor it was as empty and quiet as a tomb. She was also in danger of not graduating, since she was holding a solid F in this class. She'd been able to use her looks and charm to get decent grades in her other classe... Continue»
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Lucy Likes To Lick by loyalsock

Lucy sat at the dark corner table in the restaurant, barely able to sit still from the anticipation. The mix of fear and excitement was heady and powerful. She looked around the restaurant. It was dark, and sparsely populated at this late hour. Her husband Ben was not there yet. It was their 5th year anniversary and she wanted to surprise him in a way he would not expect. She had often fantasized about sex in public but never had the nerve to try it out, until tonight.

Lucy looked at her watch to see that the time was 11:30. Her husband was always very punctual, and he said he'd meet her at... Continue»
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A Farewell To Summer by loyalsock

She stepped from the train, and hurried to the station's bathroom. Checking herself in the mirror, she took some deep breaths, and tried to tidy her wild hair.

"You can do this!" she told her reflection. She left the train station and made her way to a nearby park, full of nervous excitement.

That morning she had woken with the urge to do something different, something that would take her out of her comfort zone. For many years the fantasy had been only in her mind. Why she had decided that today she would pursue it more, she did not know. Her confidence had been high in the previous wee... Continue»
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Tent Sex Extravaganza 1 by loyalsock

When I was first met Kat, I was with my ex-girlfriend. I was having a party, and she was standing in my kitchen, being super chatty and loud, and looking better than anyone else there, including my ex. She was a small Mexican girl that couldn't have been any taller than 5'1. Her skin was light-brown, her hair was long and black, and she had these gorgeous brown eyes which were accentuated by just the right amount of eye-liner. It was a chilly evening and she was bundled up, so I couldn't get much of a feel for her body, although her ass certainly looked nice and plump in her jeans. My ex and I... Continue»
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