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Rest Area - An Adult Story

I was driving my big rig. I had the fuzzy dice on the rear view. I was heading across country again. I had to deliver some new cars in my hauler. I had a few days before I had to get to my next stop. I was making good time. I checked the CB and my cell. I was getting low bars on both. It was close to noon on a Friday. I had big breakfast at a truck stop this morning. I had unbuckled my tight jeans to let out some air. I had some white leather cowboy boots on. A big white cowboy hat on with a tan leather rim. A big black n white checkered shirt. I had the two top buttons undone. I was not weari... Continue»
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How I became a Bi GURL

So how did you become a bi gurl?

That's the question almost everyone I meet or chat with asks me... how did you become such a sexy transvestite, when did you figure it out, when did you learn you liked cock.

I actually love the question, because it turns me on to answer it.

When I was 15 or 16 I used to sneak into my parents room, find my dad's stash of Playboys and jack off to them. The girls were sooooo beauitful, I just couldn't believe it. I wanted to see and touch one, which led -- I guess this is common among us gurls -- to digging into my Mom's s... Continue»
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The venue was packed, and the lights had now been lit whilst the stage was set up, and the sound testing took place.
Fortunately, when we arrived the supporting act was on their last song, and how glad were we to miss their full set list, especially judging by their exiting track!
We decided that I had plenty of time to go to the bar, and get us some drinks, before the main band came on. The anticipation was building within the venue under the expectancy of the upcoming act, and Jill, not being an exception, was dying to get down to the front. With the bar starting to get swamped by the thi... Continue»
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First time with a guy

So after my first time tasting my cum I progressed into tasting it more and more often to the point where it was part of my routine. Only a month afterwards did I start watching porn and trading mags with my best friend Mat. At first we just traded and I remember a conversation about masturbation where I was embarrassed to admit that I did masturbate regularly. Mat made fun of me but after about a week he admitted he masturbated regularly too. This lead to us not only trading mags but also looking at them and together. Often what we would do is shut ourselves in either person's room, pull... Continue»
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BtVS: Buffy's Secret Fantasy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Secret Fantasy

Buffy Summers came home from school one fine day without her usual sidekicks in "evils of the night" eliminating, Xander and Willow. She had just got in the front door and realized that her mom was not home yet, so she took advantage of the opportunity to be alone for a change by bolting up to her room and locking herself in.

Buffy recalled that earlier that morning her mom said she was working a little overtime on this particular day and Dawn was staying over at her friend’s, Janice, for the night. She could now relax for a... Continue»
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Wife Training : Chapter Three - Second Day

I had a restless nights sl**p in the spare room - awoken numerous times by the sounds through the wall of cries, and mumbled groans from my wife.

At some point in the early hours there was the unmistakable sound of my wife tearfully pleading but to no avail and of then receiving four savage swishes of the cane as she was disciplined yet again for some unknown reason. Her cries were heart rendering - but I felt little sympathy for her: - We'd only had sex once in the five weeks prior to Jim arriving, and I couldn't help thinking about how - in the space of the last 24 hours - she'd mastur... Continue»
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She is in her mid 30`s, married woman, mother of a c***d. Her husband has a job that keeps him at least 7-8 months per year away from home, abroad, so she doesn`t really get any. Plus, even when her husband is home, she is not very interested in having some with him, since she doesn`t feel attracted to him anymore. The only sexual stuff she lets him do to her is lick her in her pussy and give her a little bit of oral pleasure, and she sucks his cock too, rarely (maybe once in an year), and never lets him cum in her presence, when the load is about to come sending him to the bathroom to finish ... Continue»
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There's A First Time For Everything

I was in my second year of college when it happened and while most had to put up with annoying roommates who left their dirty laundry on the floor and almost always had a sock on the door I got lucky with my roommate. A beautiful brown skinned girl named Margaret who instantly went from stranger to best friend. She was had the most beautiful deep brown eyes i'd ever seen and long black hair that stopped just about the small of her back. She was perfect. Now, I wouldn't necessarily say that I am a lesbian but I know for a fact that the line that is my sexuality isn't straight either.

Anyway... Continue»
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Unexpected encounter in the woods

Yesterday, I was drivving from one job to another one, and happened to be driving past a cruising spot I sometimes go to (but I usually strike out): nobody around, police squad car parked there, mosquitoes savagely biting anything with a pulse etc.). But I also had to pee, and I know a few spots near the bush there, in high herbs, not far from the parking lot, where you are not seen from people jogging or biking on the nearby main path, especially at this time of the year.

I parked my car, made a few calls to the office, then stepped out and proceeded down the main path.I saw that there wer... Continue»
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Smelly Sex

Donna had gone to work and I was deciding what to do with myself as I hadn’t any jobs to do this particular day. I’d just started up the laptop as I really needed a wank as Donna and I hadn’t had sex for a couple of days, when suddenly there was a knock on the door, which startled me, as I approached the door I saw one of Donna’s oldest friends stood there.

Maize was ten years younger than me, 44, she was also heavier than Donna by about 5 stone, ugly to me, wearing her work trousers and black top. As I let her in she started to moan on about her husband, apparently he’s not touched her for... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 20

I awoke late in the morning and everyone else seem to be already down stairs having breakfast.
As I stood in the bathroom having a morning wash, I heard the door open and Zoe my hot blonde cousin stepped inside.
She was wearing a T-shirt and short shorts that showed off her long tanned legs and with a smile she proceeded to use the toilet right next to me.
"I need a pee" she said quickly pulling her shorts down revealing her bald shaved pussy before sitting down on the toilet.
I heard the flow of water and tried to look away, the image of her bald pussy reminded me of being with her the ni... Continue»
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John's Spunky Panties!

I clicked, "Enter" and the page changed to my email, Mmm, about 20 or so mails, most were the usual junk, so tick those and delete, some from friends keeping in touch, and then a new one from someone I hadn't heard from for quite a while.
I clicked "Open"
It follows ---

Hi Annette.
Hope you're ok long time no hear. i just wondered if there is any chance of another pair of your spunk stained panties to play with. I will pay you for them. Any chance of a couple of days wear and wet when I receive them. If I get some panties and spunk into them would you wear them wet to work?
I ... Continue»
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Grunthos Vs Sexy, slutty Soph - Part 1

The story continues.

I was quite a while after we met in Sydney before we met again.

Soph had been away in Brisbane doing God knows what, ignoring me for the most part. But there came a time where she needed to see me again.

We agreed to meet down near where I live as it was on her way back home, which was very handy for me.

I booked a room at a nearly motel and let her know the room number. I’m all class. Well, it was good enough for what I had in mind.

She was a bit upset that I had not taken down some pictures she had posted to the site we both met on – yes XHAMSTER (is there... Continue»
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What Helen Likes

What Helen likes

A lot of you have asked questions about my dear wife, Helen – what she likes and does not like.

Physical things first – she is in her mid to late 50s.
She is 5 feet 10 inches tall.
She weighs about 80 kilogrammes – (which is about 175 pounds)
She is a size 14, sometimes 16.
She has a narrow waist but quite full and curvy hips and a round full bum.
Her bust size in the UK is 34E or 34F. Her tits are full, but heavy and I like them a lot because whilst they are heavy, they do not flop much.
She never shaves around her cunt, apart from a bit in the summer around t... Continue»
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Written 20 years ago - Future for Males

(an old story, I just found - about the future)

1995 Dr. E Bircumshaw mastered the complexity of human DNA.
Actually, she found the DNA of female homo sapiens too complex to discern,
but the male genetic material was easily reproducible and alterable. On
submitting her research to the National Organization for Women's top brass,
she was granted 100 billion in secret research and development funds.

The secret R&D group was known as FATHOM Females Administrating the
Harnessing of Man). Funding had come from from the overhead of the
gynecological corporations, whose CEO's were long st... Continue»
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Having a brazilian waxing

I had developed a bit of a fascination for male waxing after watching a few videos on the internet. I am an exhibitionist and it having it done appealed to me. I figured that if a girl is prepared to do it she will be comfortable with a naked guy. My first time I entered the ther****ts and was told to wait. There were about 6 girls working and being treated and they all seemed to have a little smile on there faces and I felt a little uncomfortable. Then I was pleased when a girl about 23ish took me to a treatment room. She told me to take my trousers of but leave my boxers on. I had a hard on ... Continue»
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Lesley part 37

Big Al Mcpeevie pulled his car into the car park and parked in the reserved bay marked 'Manager'. It was 0730, Sunday. The day before he was due back. It was quite a warm morning and he was dressed as if he was heading for the pool. Had he worn a Bermuda tee shirt or a 'kiss me quick' hat and he would not have looked out of place....for the beach or pool....not work!

"bl**dy hell, boss. What are you doing here? Thought you weren't due back till Monday or Tuesday?" Exclaimed a startled Dot, who nearly dropped the tray she was carrying. She stared in amazement at the attire her boss was act... Continue»
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Wife Training : Chapter 2 : Day One

Chapter 2 : Training Begins.

I didn't see my wife for the rest of the night - or the next day either - she stayed locked in the spare room and refused to answer. However when the doorbell rang at 3pm the next day, I was both surprised and relieved to see her appear and slowly walk down the stairs. She had dressed as requested - wearing a white blouse and knee length black skirt with black stockings.

Her eyes were red and tearful. "I'm doing this for you" she said as she opened the door to let Jim enter.

"Hello Jenny", said Jim walking through the hall into the sitting room carrying... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 19

I was sat with my shorts around my ankles in the middle of my living room, rubbing my cock as I sat watching some porn and thinking about my cousin Zoe who I had just fucked up the ass.
Then Bridget my neighbours twenty something housekeeper came wandering down from upstairs, where she had just been fucking my teen daughter and sat next to me.
We had in fact fucked a couple of times previous so I didn't bother covering up but continued rubbing my cock.
"Here let me" she said taking over, her soft warm hand gripped my shaft and began rubbing up and down in a nice steady motion.
"So what are... Continue»
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My Wife's New Job

'I wish we could afford a nice holiday!' Julie said, sulking looking at her friends latest holiday pic's on fb.
Things hadn't been going so smoothly for me lately with work, coupled with some expected large outgoings, our finances weren't looking great.
'You know its been tough for me lately!', I replied. 'Maybe you could get yourself a job!'
That didn't go down too well. My wife got up and stormed off to the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Damn she looked sexy when she was angry!
The next couple of days around each other was tense, but on the third day, Julie seemed pleased with he... Continue»
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