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Christmas Gifts pt 1

The first half of his college freshman year was the most sexually frustrating period of Luke Gerard's life. He was tall, handsome with his mother's blue eyes and his dad's dusty blonde hair, and had taken a baseball scholarship at Brown University. All of these factors lined up to get him laid, and he had still been dumb enough to try the long distance think with his high school sweetheart Kelly Gibbons. So he had resisted. He had been faithful. And he hadn't been home three hours before she paid him a visit and tearfully told him that she had moved on. Strangely, he wasn't as depressed by thi... Continue»
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college bathroom masturbation.

I had about 3 hours between classes, so I did as I usually did, and went online. I went to my usual chat room and began talking to strangers about what got me wet. I was almost alone in the library, maybe 2 other people were there s**ttered by at least 5 computers and facing a different direction. I was having a rather steamy conversation with someone and in my horny impulsiveness I agreed to do a few things to myself. Me and my crazy promises. I needed to cum, and since I didn’t exactly have a briefcase of vibrators at my fingertips I had to improvise.

I quickly ran to the pop machine to s... Continue»
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Meeting Freddy

I’e been trying to set thing straight in my mind. Was it me who began the pursuit of Freddy, or the other way around. I’m not quite sure. My wife and I and met another couple Freddy and Althea at a nudist camp. We had campsites close to each other and saw quite a bit of each other (more than most people will actually see of another couple) on weekends. I’m unsure just how it all started, but I do remember seeing Freddy jogging down the path to the showers that were below our campsite. What I actually remember is the sight of his stiff 9-inch dick bobbing up and down as he jogged along. It was ... Continue»
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Fantasy Turned Reality

Another EARLY story, written many years ago with the help of a friend. Please comment! :)


Quick explanation: I wrote the first and last part before and after the
*** marks. My male friend treated me to the second part. Hope you
enjoy! I love feedback!

I love long hot showers because we have a shower head that has a few
different settings on it: gentle shower, hard massage and one that is
only a beating, single, stream of water....that's my favorite. ;)
Actually, I think I'll go take a shower as soon as I'm done writing to
you. Usually, I walk a... Continue»
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Chapter 3. Growing Up with Panties

After Aunt Florence got me started enjoying ladies panties, I found my need to jerk off my nylon-covered cock exceeded her ability to entertain me. Sure, we still played together whenever we had the chance, but that wasn’t anywhere near often enough for my hormone raging boy cock.

As I noted, my mother was not a source of inspiring panties. I did take advantage of her in other ways.

Mom worked as a domestic. She would go and clean other people’s homes, and she sometimes would bring her clients’ laundry to our house. For a while both presented opportunities for me to enjoy sexy linger... Continue»
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Chapter 2. Fun with Aunt Florence

And so began my sex education at the hands (and mouth and pussy) of my Aunt Florence and my lifelong love affair with nylon lingerie.

Florence herself did not have much in the way of sex experience, but she knew when she felt good. So she experimented with me, and we learned together. Among other things, I learned why she didn’t have a pecker and how she peed without one. But I was always lured into it with the promise of her silky, sexy, nylon lingerie and the feeling I got from having it on my body, especially my cock.

I started to find excuses for stopping by her house after school... Continue»
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A present and a deal for the son pt 2

That night I set my alarm and got up early the next day. I found a spiral notebook lying on the floor in front of my bedroom door, with a pen sitting on top of it. I picked it up and sat back down on my bed.

I opened the notebook.

"MASTER LIST" was written at the top of the first page. The next two and a half pages were a list of chores on the left, and their point value on the right. All the chores I did the day before were on there, as well as a host of new ones. Some of the chores, the ones marked with asterisks, could be done everyday. Things like washing dishes, doing the laundry or... Continue»
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A present and a deal for the son pt 3

It was a Tuesday night and after dinner my mom suggested we play scrabble. My dad and I agreed and she went and got the game while we cleared the table.

We drew letters. I drew an A, my dad drew an S and my mom drew a W, so she got to go first.

We all drew our tiles. She examined them and frowned. She laid down 'get' on the star for 8 points.

"Get?" I asked.

"I didn't have any letters!"

I smiled and laid down W-I-N-E-S to make 'bets' and 'wines'. With the double word score that gave me 21 points.

"You think you're pretty good, huh?" my mom asked.

I shrugged. "I am pretty g... Continue»
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A present and a deal for the son pt 1

"Son. Come in here," I heard my dad say from the living room. I went in there to find him sitting on the couch.

"Yeah, Dad?"

"Well, it's your 18th birthday," he stopped.

"Yeah?" He stared at me for a second.

"Your mother and I want to give you something special."


"Something you'll remember for a long time."

"Alright . . . What is it?"

"Look, just follow me." He got up and headed up the stairs. I followed him up to my parents' room. He opened the door and I followed him in. My mom was sitting on the bed in her bathrobe.

"Did you explain it to him?" She asked m... Continue»
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Evil Stepmom.

My f****y had been an ordinary f****y until my father decided he wanted to live with another woman.
Melinda was a skinny brunette haired woman with rather pale skin and nasty attitude, what my dad saw in her I do not know cause she really seem to hate me and mother and did nothing to hide it.
Well that all happened while I was in my teens and then I grew up, now in my twenties I had a just got a great job in a office, in the city and by chance it happen to be closer to my fathers house than my moms, so after a long discussion with both of my parents it was decided I could live at my fathers ... Continue»
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Chapter 1. The Start of My Panty Passion

Unlike many of you, my love affair with feminine lingerie did not start with my mother.

We were rather poor, and my mother came from a rural f****y. Together that meant her underwear was pretty cheap, plain, and unexciting. It was my aunt, my father's oldest s****r, who fueled my fire.

I am the oldest of three boys, with a b*****r 14 months younger and another 10 years younger. My story starts when I was 10, and my mom was in the hospital delivering my k** b*****r. Back then, new mothers stayed in the hospital for several days. My dad was at work so my aunt came over to stay with my... Continue»
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Foreign Exchange, Part 1 of 3

Another one of my early stories...please enjoy, and gets me hot, REALLY!! :P


A brief background: I'm 21, still live at home, and a sexually active
bi-woman. My parents continue to believe I'm their little innocent
angel. If only they knew. Anyway, this year, we've taken on a foreign
student from Australia. She is staying with us while she goes to
school. She's 18 and so hot! She's about 5'2" (2" taller than my
height), with deep green eyes, sandy brown hair and has the most
perfect B sized tits. I'm guessing she's about 107 - 110lbs, ... Continue»
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Uncut Gym Encounter

Just got back from the gym
I go during the middle of the day because usually there is no one there at that time and I have the steam room to myself. I was working up a nice hardon in the steam after my workout, rubbig my dripping precum all over my glans, corona, and frenulum. I knew I had gotten my cock to a point where it was going to be nice and swollen when I walked out into the shower. Usually after I get a really good hardon in the steam room I can start to control the bl**d flow to my cock a bit better, making it as easy as a couple quick pulls to bring it right back to attention.

... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot At the Mansion - Part 2

I was staring out the window toward the lush greenery surrounding the pool and the hot tub.  The realization of just how lucky a bastard I really am was running through my mind.  I am fit, strong, decent looking… but I am 51 years old.  How many 51 year old men in the world were ever going to stand a yard away from two twenty somethings, who were as hot as these two, nearly naked and get to take pictures?!?!?  I am lucky!!
The sound of the doors to the Master bath opening, caught my ears and I turned around and almost died.  Saranya was on her hands and knees like Cheri’s pet, perfectly fr... Continue»
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Pool service masturbation

It was the summer before my senior year of high school. My parents had given me “the ultimatum”, either get a job or take a class but don’t just lay around and waste my summer. It turned out not to be so difficult since a neighbor guy down the road had parents that ran a pool cleaning service. He was off from college and was given the same ultimatum- he was expected to work over the summer in the f****y business. I did my sales pitch and promised to work hard and they took me on.
Joe, that’s the guys name, took me around to several expensive homes and showed me the ropes of pool cleaning an... Continue»
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Just A Little More

The old man came home d***k again. Michael could hear him clumsily closing the front door and dropping his keys on the floor. The he trudged up the stairs and down the hall. He could hear him mouth breathing as an out-of-shape old bastard does. He was probably sweating, too, as usual.

Michael knew what was next. He leaned his ear on the wall in the place he knew he'd hear the best. The old man stepped into the bedroom and Michael heard the bed squeal in pain from the mound of d***ken flesh that dropped its weight on it. Michael pressed his ear against the wall more as he made out their voic... Continue»
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On the way home from work

I had had a bad day in the office, only a month since I’d qualified. A client had been really awkward and had given me major grief, because it took us longer than usual to complete his audit, in our defence when my team of juniors had arrived, his accounts were in a mess, and a lot of his documents were missing. He ended up complaining to my manager, who spent an hour lecturing me on how to deal with clients.
I should have stayed in bed, the night before I had a massive argument with my boyfriend, we were out for a drink and I caught him eyeing up a leggy blonde sitting at the bar, by this mo... Continue»
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Catching You at a Good Time

One of my VERY first pieces...written a very long time ago. I hope you can still enjoy it. Please let me know in the comments!!

Background Info: This morning I emerged from the shower to discover my
parents had left to run errands. As always happens when I find myself
completely alone in the house, I was instantly horny. I haven't talked
to one of my online friends in awhile, so I decided to send him a
little treat. (He happens to be the person that co-wrote my "Fantasy
Into Reality" story.)

The following is the exact email I sent him. I apologize that the
format... Continue»
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Samurai Time

(Reading "All-You-Can-Eat Buffet" and "Back For More" is helpful, but not required. Comments welcome.)

I woke to a mass of red hair in my face. I kissed the head it belonged to, and pulled the attached body closer. Something was amiss, however. It didn't feel like my wife's body. This one was a little bit thinner. Then it turned over, and all the previous night returned to me.

“Good morning,” Sally said.

“I'm not so sure. It was morning when we went to sl**p.” I looked at my phone on the nightstand. 12:01 p.m., as if to prove a point. I rolled onto my back, and pulled her head ont... Continue»
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I made one of those bold mid-life decisions a few months ago when I
decided to leave a company I spent 15 years at to start my own
business. The idea of waking up, lounging in my house all day needing
only a computer, fax machine and a cell phone to consider it a work day
appealed to me. I took my client roster with me and in no time business
was a success.

One morning, sitting at the breakfast bar in my kitchen, scanning the
finance pages on my laptop. It was a lazy, warm day for me as I sat in
an undershirt and boxers. This is one of the perks of a home office.

Bored from... Continue»
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