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From Nowhere She Came by loyalsock

"No worries, it happens," I told her outside the playschool. That was the first time we met. Her son and my daughter had had a fight, just a k**die thing, nothing to worry about.

She invited me for coffee and I accepted readily. We chatted and laughed the whole morning. I noticed a thrill running through me every time we stood close or accidentally brushed past each other, I put it down to the relief and fun of finding a friend in a new area.

Every morning we dropped the k**s off and went to Caroline's for coffee, it was a great friendship. We spent our time helping each other with the m... Continue»
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The demise of s happy marriage part 2

Sylvia felt like she was on an operating table and was being woken up after anaesthetic, she felt so woozy. She felt something underneath her bottom, someone was moving her leg. She opened her eyes, her mouth felt salty. She looked down and saw her friend Mr Jackson. Her memory came flooding back. His cock in her mouth, his tounge in her pussy. She looked down at him and wondered what he was doing. My Jackson mare you ok she asked groggily. Her body did not feel her own.

"Oh hello Sylvia I was just making you comfortable. Are you feeling ok? We both got a little carried away there didn't... Continue»
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For some time I've had a crush on my older neighbour a block over from my house. I'm mid-30s and although she's in her fifties you wouldn't know it. She's petit, half-Indonesian and dark skinned, and with short dark hair with the body of a ballerina!

I met Mandy at a BBQ a decade ago and hit it off instantly, since we're both like-minded and honest people with a similar sense of humour. She's married to an investment banker who's never home and her three k**s are always off out somewhere, so whenever we catch up it's always just the two of us.

I'm also an aspiring chef, so knowing Mandy ... Continue»
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Fucking ex-wife's friend

This happened maybe 25 or so years ago. My wife had become friends with a woman I'll call Nancy. When we got to know her she was in a relationship with a guy who we thought was sort of a dork. Nancy eventually came to the same conclusion, broke up with the guy, moved to another city a day's drive away, and got herself a good job.

Some months later I had occasion to go to the same city for a f****y wedding, and made arrangements with Nancy to stay at her apartment so I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel room. I got there the day before the wedding and that first night duly slept on Nancy's cou... Continue»
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Panty theif part 3

Threes an old saying...."once a cheat, always a cheat". ....Always bear that in mind, when you marry a woman who has had your cock when she actually 'belongs' to someone else.

Sheila was one of the best lovers I had. She was up for nearly anything, and she wore underwear to turn me on, which to a man of my sexually scrambled brains, was certainly welcomed.

What she didn't realise, was, that I don't take fools gladly. As I stated in part 2 I loved to fuck Sheila with her panties on and catch the cum in the gusset. I would then check them out after discarded. Now I was very careful with ... Continue»
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After that night I never thought I would cheat again. My husband didn't suspect a thing about my infidelity. Our sex life continued on as it had always gone without me going down on him and the mediocre orgasms I would get from oral and occasionally during intercourse.

At night I'd lay in bed unable to sl**p because my pussy ached for a much deeper more filling satisfaction that I wasn't receiving at home. I was also curious about other things that I had never given much thought to. What would it be like to touch another woman? Are black guys really better in bed? What about toys? What woul... Continue»
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Nursery nurse turned sex slave

A few years back my baby daughter started at day nursery. Over the first few weeks you start to get to know the staff, particularly those who were caring for her. Each c***d is assigned a key care worker and your point of contact. Most of the girls there are in their late teens early 20's and all shapes and sizes. Our key worker Jessica was a large girl with very large breasts, certainly from day one the thought of a tit fuck had crossed my mind. The weeks had turned to months, and you have idle chit chat when you drop off and collect your c***d.
One Tuesday I was working at home when there ... Continue»
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Lesley part 2.

This is part 2 of my story of Lesley. She was a girl I was involved with a few years ago. She loved cock.

Lesley Charleston got home at 2 pm. She had time for a bath before she went to pick her k**s up from school. She had just spent nearly 7 hours in the company of her patient Mr Rob Brownlee. She had been offered many chances to leave, but had declined each time. She had had so many orgasms that at one stage passed out for a few minutes. He had brought her round by pinching her nipples so hard she screamed. Her last task before she had left was to rim his 64 year old arse hole. He had t... Continue»
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the meeting

As I sat there in the middle the night thinking about her and I'm just wondering is she thinking about me so I get out my toy and start rocking my hard cock in and out in and out as I Morn with joy but just 10 miles away she is also up at night with her rabbit in hand as she slowly rub her clit her pussy wet and juicy as she rubs her pussy lips .with her other hand she gently rubs her breasts ever so slightly then she starts to suck on her own nipples as they stood out .then she slowly puts her toy her swelled pussy lips ever so slowly as she morn with joy and she began to move faster and fast... Continue»
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Last Minute Customer Pt 2

It had been several days since Sabrina had seen Veronica. In that time Sabrina couldn't get Veronica, and what she had learned about herself out of her mind. At first Sabrina was confused, but as she thought about her experience the more she realized that she had kept her true desires hidden from herself.

As she thumbed through her receipts looking for Veronica phone number, Sabrina felt a tingling between her legs. Once she found what she was looking for, Sabrina went into the back stockroom where she would have some privacy. As she dialed the number, Sabrina's heart began to beat a littl... Continue»
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Susan and John.

The story's of Susan and John are based on a friend of mine at work. She confides in me about her sex life. They aren't there real names

Susan was sad. It was a Sunday and John had been back for 4 days. He was leaving in the middle of the night do drive to Aberdeen where he was to catch a helicopter to an oil rig. He wouldn't be back for three weeks. She hated when he left. There were always tears. She ran her morning bath, John was having a lie in. She checked the temperature and took off her robe. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror...mmm she thought not bad for 42. She cupped... Continue»
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Stacia by loyalsock

It was a chilly night in November, the football team sucked a big one but Mike just went to hang out with his friends, and watch Stacia cheer in front of the stands. She was beautiful. They had known each other for as long as they both could remember. High School had been harsh on both of them. Stacia had just got out of a long term relationship and Mike had just had a few short-timers.

Stacia was still a virgin, an extremely sexy one. She was about 5’6” tall and probably about 105 lbs, and just barely 18. She had beautiful blonde hair just past her shoulders, and the smoothest, sexiest t... Continue»
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PantyTheif part 2

My confidence was fully restored after the break up from my first love Anne. My collection of stolen panties was about 40 having discarded some through weakness. In my mind, if they were soiled by me they were tainted. Sometimes after having a drink I would be having a wank and would wrap a pair of pants round my erection and end up cuming into them. They were thrown. I had a thought years later that it might have been fun to have tried to get these cum stained pants back into the original owners drawers, but that might just have been a tad dangerous.

I met a girl called Lynne when I was ... Continue»
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Amherst - Part 1

I switched jobs after saying good bye to Flamenco Beach. While my new job had some field work as part of my responsibilities, it was bureaucratic in essence. Fortunately, traveling was heavily involved.
Two years forward, I had been assigned to work at Buffalo, New York, and was staying at a motel in the Town of Amherst. After three months, I had already been to most of the sites of interest in the city area and the Niagara region. I had already photographed about every angle of the Niagara Falls from both, the US and Canadian side.
It was a Sunday, but it was raining copiously, so ins... Continue»
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A Handyman's Adventure by loyalsock

You're working at home one morning, the house all quiet. Your work phone rings. It is a woman, asking if you can come and check out a sticky door, and just a little plumbing problem with a dripping faucet. You know you have nothing better to do, so you tell her you'll meet her in an hour...... you're wondering, is this for real? Her voice was sounded very nice, warm, like you might know her --- could it be? Nah - no way....
You already have your truck packed, so you go to the address she has given you. It turns out to be a very secluded, private, and beautiful home -- the type that never has ... Continue»
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A rainy day in March.

Susan woke early, the rain battering her window. Her clock said it was 0730 on a Saturday morning. She went for a pee and slipped back into bed. She tried to get back to sl**p but failed. She lay there wishing John was home. He was working in Holland and wouldn't be back for two more weeks. Two more whole weeks with no cock. She was horny. Ha she thought I'm always horny. She picked up her iPhone and through the bed clothes back, getting her camera phone ready. She jumped out of bed and stood before her full length mirror. She pulled a sexy pose, displaying her naked breasts, and running her h... Continue»
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My pre-uni days and dabbling with sex.

'To much of anything, is not good for you'.

Mr Sweeney owned the sweet shop, way across from the entrance of my finishing school, 'Queens Gate', an exclusive all Girls finishing school.

We knew boys and men were keen on snaring one of us for sex, as rumours abounded about our insatiable lusting and d**g abuse, non of which were true, just 'Red Top', chitter-chatter to sell papers, with page three exposing three sixteen year old girls topless, who just happened to be a year ahead of me.

The scandal was so bad all three were expelled, but as we all came from well to do families, they j... Continue»
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Panty thief

From probably about the age of 16/17 I started to switch my priorities in life from playing football to girls. Till then kicking a ball round around and watching my local team was all that mattered. My s****r was 2 years younger than me and my mother would be in her mid 40's. Bearing in mind I'm now in my 50's they were not role models in my development sexually. I've read about how some men would try to get peeks of the female members of there housr naked or in stages of undress. Not me. I borrowed begged and stole porn mags as did every k** my age. The pages were invariably stuck together ... Continue»
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Mutual masturbation: Part Three "Can I use my

Mutual masturbation: Part Three "Can I use my mouth"

 It was only a couple of days before we started planning our next mutual masturbtion session. At this point we had both come to the realization that masterbating with a friend was a lot more fun then doing it alone.

Experimenting and trying new things with one another was very exciting. We were both learning new things we would never have thought of on our own. Another and possibly the best advantage to having a friend jerking you off was how much more intense our orgasims were.

 He was going to have the house to himself on Thursd... Continue»
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bath tub fun

written for and about ivy-girl []

now where do i start this story about the best fuck ive had

well it all started when i was online talking to 1 girl called ivy-girl.
she was super sexy with nice jucicy breasts all full of milk. long black hair and a set of the most amazing eyes ive ever seen. after a few days of non stop dirty emails she couldnt stop her self from soaking her pantys every time she thought of me.
thats when i got the "message" husband is gone for a week cum and stay :).
i was there within 10 mins.

i pull up the drive way and about t... Continue»
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