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Abbot Colombanus was sitting behind his study desk viewing the list of boys and girls that would present themselves before him today for punishment. Some names he recognised,some would be over his knee or feel his cane for the first time. The old Abbot had spent almost thirty years at the Monastery,during that time he had punished many subjects,as he called the boys and girls. He had seen many red,sore and weal covered bare bottoms in his time.He had become almost immune to the cries of pain,the excuses and the begging; the subject begging the Abbot to stop,to stop the pun... Continue»
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A ride to heaven!

On of my first jobs was working in a factory in the next town. After I had been there a while a rather nice girl called Mas (not her real name but just for this Story) started working there to. As the weeks passed Mas and i started to get on really well and our friendship developed. We both used to also catch the same last bus home and were normally the last ones on it. Mas would also normally sit on the row in front of me so we could both sprawl out and chat the 45 minutes ride back to the town where we lived.
Well on this particular day we had both finished work a few hours earlier than no... Continue»
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Believe Me I'll Be Back

Having recently moved from the country into town you have discovered that you have a bit of an exhibitionist side.

The small town you moved to has lots of regular evening walkers. It seems like everyone on your street walks around town every night or at least down your street. Not being used to living so close to other people and also having a sidewalk right outside your front door, is an odd circumstance. You don't always remember to pull the blinds.

At the outset of the first night in your new house, you plop down in front of a large flat screen telly. You put a porn movie in the dvd ... Continue»
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Here cums the train!

This is my naughty story and I'll start from the beginning:

l was on my way to Nottingham this morning to visit some f****y and thought this was the perfect time to start this series for you guys! So I was on the train, l'd managed to get a seat with a table and the train was quite busy. I'd bought my lil black love egg and I'd got my phone out to watch a couple of vids and read some stories to get inspired! I was watching one of my favourite videos of a library masturbation and I was getting very horny.

l kept thinking to myself l can't wait until l get to my parents and then to my old ... Continue»
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A friend in need is a slut indeed ;)

This is from the time when I had just joined college. It was a rainy day. I was hanging out with my friend at his place, playing some video games. We were smoking weed and the conversation we had was everywhere. He got onto the subject of how he hasn't hooked up with anybody in almost 2 years. The only reason for his dry spell seemed to be was because he would spend most of his time playing video games and smoking weed. He was a nice guy, handsome, slightly chubby, with short hair. After he told me about his lack of a sex life, I couldn't stop thinking of his aching cock.

The fact that he ... Continue»
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Cougar on the Prowl

This is a sequel to my "Hot Encounter with a Sexy Cougar" story. This is about one of the more memorable hook ups with my sexy fuck buddy. This is written in the third person and I am Tony.
Pam checked the clock and let out a frustrated sigh that it was only 2 PM. It had been one hell of a week and she was ready for this Friday afternoon at work to pass and the weekend to begin. She had been horny as hell all day and it was only getting worse. She squirmed in her chair again and the friction felt good to her tingling crotch. Pam felt her nipples stiffen, straining against her bra, and hoped ... Continue»
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My first time

This is a true story and a very accurate retelling of the events,all I have changed is the name of my lover;

I hope you enjoy

I had always liked women from my earliest memories but it wasn't until a few weeks after my
sixteenth birthday that I finally became aware that I was sexually attracted to, and aroused by women.
I started to realise that seeing some of my class mates in the changing rooms after PE made me very
sexually aroused.
I was terrified and excited in almost equal measure. Terrified that the other girls would find out and I'd
be seen as different or weird or an outside... Continue»
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first time half sex wz neighbor

This is real story 6 years ago in africa, im not that good writer but i have tell my real story.
I was the oldest in my neighbor, which is i was trusted by the people. All my neighbor girls were so beautiful and hot, i was afraid to talked them, because of their f****y. And i was liked one girl the closest neighbor and also her parent were very close friend, specially with my mom they were good friends. That is why i been respectful, but their girl make me crazy, everytime she saw me , she talked me dirty. And one day my mom visited for one weeks to her mom, and i left with my siblings, i w... Continue»
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College Roommate needs support masturbating

This is a story about an experience I had with a college roommate. I didn’t originally think it was much but a bator friend I jerked off with last week persuaded me to write it after it made him so hard. As usual, this is not a fantasy story with huge cocks and tits or impossible situations, since it is a true story. But sometimes the fact that a story is true has as much impact. It's another story from my college years.

In my senior year of college, I was an RA. That’s resident assistant and usually an older student who helps maintain order in their wing and orient new students. An RA als... Continue»
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Checking the night at work.

Normal bat as always Railway control room Featuring an hour. 23:40
A car drew up behind trumpeted opened the window to find out who and went to open the door.
Mr. Thomas was a nice hunk controller always liked it. Elegant cool little that is low.
Consequently, that turns me off sex with men recently came over me on anglers or guys in rubber boots or waders fishing.
So, as always, I sit alone on duty brought himself to work waders that at the time of excitement with masturbation excite them and imagine what would I do with a guy in rubber Wellingtons.
Mr. Thomas came in asked for a book, e... Continue»
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My X-Factor audition with Cheryl Cole

Okay, so this fantasy isn't about going on X-Factor.

Similar show, but I want Cheryl to switch and be a judge on Britain's Got Talent.

I've jerked to her so much over the years, so many cocked and cummed pics, and vids too, over pics like these:

[image][/image][image] Continue»
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hard cock at the beach

We were on holiday in Spain. The sun was shining and the sea was warm. I took a stroll to the beach to freshen up in the water and soak up the sun a little. I noticed a young guy approach the beach too. He promptly took off his clothes and lay down his towel, revealing a firm and slowly rising dick. I grinned to myself, wondering if he was embarrassed and went back to my sunbathing. A few moment later I feel his shadow cross my path and, when I open my eyes, I see him wading through the shallow water in front of me with the stiffest, shiniest cock standing to attention. I couldn't believe my e... Continue»
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The rehearsal dinner pt 3

For the next couple of weeks I settled down to my regular life I hadn't thought about Greg for a while. Hubby was always away on business so that left me to my trusty toys when I was horny. I thought about possibly hitting a bar or nightclub but I was afraid of running into somebody that I knew.
One day my cell phone rang and I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voice mail. When I retrieved the message it was Greg. I called him back and asked him what was up. He laughed and said that his cock was hard and wanted to know if I could do something about it. I chuckled said that I wi... Continue»
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My CL Hookup (True)

One summer day the weather was horrible when I woke up. Pouring down rain and thunder and lightning. I made some food and hopped on the couch. Turned on the TV to some movie I had seen a million times. I reached for my laptop and started browsing porn. I browsed for hours not paying attention to the time. I was actually surprised I did not decide to play with myself. I had heard of people getting casual hook ups on CL so I decided to check it out. Most of the adds did not interest me in the m4m section. Lots of creepers for role playing, and all the w4m were looking to cheat ads, I ai... Continue»
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Life in the Burbs

A few weeks ago I ran into my next door neighbor and she asked me if I wanted to come over for a drink or two and some chit-chat because both our spouses were on business travel. Having nothing else better to do I accepted. Now before I get into the story there was never anything beyond simple chit-chat that occurred in the past. We had gotten together before with our spouses for a simple dinner and drinks at each other houses and never had a single conversation that was even sexual in nature.

With no expectations at all I went over and knocked on the door, she greeted me wearing shorts and... Continue»
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Sunday morning

It was a Sunday morning, I woke up as I usually do, and immediately head for the kitchen. I needed my morning coffee. It's a morning ritual. Of all the things I may or may not be, I am decidedly not a morning person. This one ritual trip to make coffee, drink it, and finally wake up is a distraction. It's a delay- a necessary delay to be sure, but a delay nevertheless from what I actually want to do. And what I actually want to do is be with him. I look across the lake and realize it has only been a week since he left and only nineteen more days until his return, it seems like forever, yet his... Continue»
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Let me take you back to the summer of 1966. I am driving along Maple Street and on my right, I see a gal walking on the sidewalk. It's Darleen, a girl that went to the same school as I did. She is a couple of years younger and now at 20 she is looking not too bad at all. I do not think any of my fellow chums at school ever dated her while she was at school as she was going steady with a guy who was out of school and from the next town. When they broke up, she dated a guy who worked at the local lumberyard. It was gossiped amongst my classmates that she put out.
Now, 3 years later, I am so bl... Continue»
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Two Exhibitionists Meet

Recently I had to go to New Jersey on business. When my work was done I decided to disappear for awhile. I turned off my cell phone, and a bus ride later I arrived in a mid-sized city I had never been to before. No one knew me or cared. I rented a hotel room and relaxed for the first time in a couple of weeks.

After three days of sl**ping and eating I was getting antsy. I hadn't even been able to expose myself to the maid. She always cleaned up while I was gone. The weather had turned warm and my cock wanted to get out into the sunshine. If I don't show it to someone for awhile it starts ... Continue»
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hooking up after months of chatting online

after many messaging together, we agree to meet half way in a hotel, the room was big and had a nice bath and large bed that could easily fit 5 on, there is also a large sofa. You seductively walk to the sofa, as you sit down you open your legs whilst biting your bottom lip and pulled your top down reviling your ample breasts! I walk up to you and kiss you, putting my hands in between your open legs, your pussy wet i begin to rub your pussy! You unzip my trousers reviling my massive cock. I take off your clothes and i begin to tit fuck you, licking the cum off your beautiful body. I work my wa... Continue»
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Anita in Paradise

I can’t believe what’s happened to me! Here I am in a swingers’ paradise on a beautiful Caribbean island. Last night I had sex with seven people and tonight – who knows? Maybe more!
Well I better put you in the picture – my name’s Anita and until about a month ago I was just one of those lonely divorced women who thought they’d never have sex again. That was until my wonderful, wonderful friend Lorraine came round with a gift – and what a gift! A magic wand which unlocked my sexual yearnings and within the hour on that morning I had had multiple orgasms, squirting orgasms and full on messy se... Continue»
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