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Lilly's Audition

“I can’t believe you’re going to do this!” Juliette Bancroft said.
“Neither can I,” Lilly Xo replied, nervous.
“Can I ask you a question? Why?”
“Why?” Lilly didn’t want to say the first thing that came to her head, that she wanted to do this audition because she wanted to do the audition. That would make her sound like a slut. Instead, she said: “I need to get into a good college, and I don’t have a trust fund like you and your b*****r. You know my folks can’t send me anywhere but Community College. I want more than that, and the Miller Pharmaceutical Work Study is how I can get it.”
“If m... Continue»
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Anal Discovery

Looking back I guess I was very sexually reserved as a young person. But by 18 I was beginning to feel more relaxed about have sexual desires and fantasies.

I didn't start masturbating until I was 19 but it soon became a very regular thing. I would often think about touching myself during the day and I thought I was terribly sexually liberated because I knew I was going to act on it that night.

I thought people would be astonished to know that I touched myself sexually. I now know that I was doing nothing out of the ordinary, but at the time I thought I was a real wild one.

I was stil... Continue»
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Night on the 9th

I love hotels. Not for their comfort or cuisine but their ability to lower people's inhibitions. There's something about a hotel room that's intensely magical; step inside and you become just one of hundreds of strangers in the building, thrown together by circumstance. Families or couples on holiday, business people on stopovers, honeymooners and busloads of tourists make up small-knit groups of strangers that mill about in the lobby and gradually disperse to their personal, rented spaces for the night. And there's plenty of opportunity to enjoy the relative anonymity that affords. Moreso, it... Continue»
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My dogging story I read to her

It's a Saturday and we have planned for a nice dinner for ages. It gets close to 5 o'clock and you start with a warm relaxing bath then get dressed but wearing your long flowing dress gives you a naughty idea to leave your knickers at home. At 8 we leave for the restaurant it's dark but warm air so a nice evening we head off through the lanes as its a star covered sky. As we near half way the car starts to slow then stop we pull into a side layby realising its empty of fuel, the petrol station is ten minutes so I walk to get us on our eyes quickly. Bored you get out the car and go for a short ... Continue»
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college girl auctions off her uniform and her mode

CHAPTER ONE: Lilly’s Audition
“I can’t believe you’re going to do this!” Juliette Bancroft said.
“Neither can I,” Lilly Xo replied, nervous.
“Can I ask you a question? Why?”
“Why?” Lilly didn’t want to say the first thing that came to her head, that she wanted to do this audition because she wanted to do the audition. That would make her sound like a slut. Instead, she said: “I need to get into a good college, and I don’t have a trust fund like you and your b*****r. You know my folks can’t send me anywhere but Community College. I want more than that, and the Miller Pharmaceutical Work St... Continue»
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Sienna fucks Felicity in pantyhose

I opened the door and there stood Sienna in all her finery. I invite her in and take her through to the lounge. She sits down on the sofa as I pour a couple of drinks. I sit beside her on the sofa and we sip our drinks and explain that Felicity is just having a bath and getting ready. I ask Sienna if she has dressed as I requested and lifting her skirt she shows me her lovely clit covered by a pair of sheer tan pantyhose and a pair of sexy see through panties. I reach out and place my hand on her bulge and give it a stroke through the nylon before standing up and removing my dressing gown to r... Continue»
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the most viewed videos of all time

alone in the dark. sitting in front of my computer. naked. looking at the most viewed videos of all time page. it's all moms or step moms. pale skin, plump, soft flesh, big hanging tits. giving hand jobs to younger man.

it's all of us guys. watching the same videos on the same porn site. can't stop masturbating. catching the same disease. slowly getting tuned in to the same fetish. the mom and boy thing is not bad. we are the nice guys. just regular horny. not aware of how all of those hours alone, with our dick in our hand, changes us. mom and boy is where we all end up. what about the gu... Continue»
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Masturbating with my hot coworker.

This was a while ago, a little less than a year ago. I've known her for a while and we where pretty close and comfortable with each other becuase she took my virginity when i was 17. She is about 5 years older than me, nice slim body, big tits. After we had sex we kinda just forgot about it. But after a couple of years we started to work with each other again, almost every day. We started talking about sexting and i remember telling her i always send girls pictures of my hard cock. She blushed and didnt believe me. So i told that i would send her a pic but she'd be scared (jokingly of course) ... Continue»
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David in Bangkok 2001

It was the middle summer 2001 in the back streets of Bangkok and it was unusually hot, even for the Thai City, as the three young local girls, Mi Ling, Su Lin and Kim Su, were keeping cool in the large air-conditioned gym. They are employed to look after the sexual desires of tourists and they are very experienced in sexual techniques even though they are only 18 years old. All three had learnt to speak English as c***dren, which helps them now in their work with the tourists.

The previous day Mi Ling had looked after the sexual needs of David, a tall, well built, Englishman, and she coul... Continue»
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Story of a girl

The wonderful sweet naughty willing girl -> Cindy

How it all began...

Cindy is a 21 year old Chinese girl, here is her story:

Cindy was a typical girl-next-door sweet-looking type of girl and she was raised solely by her father. Relationship with father was never very close and she tends to rely on friends more than f****y. She always believe and trust in whatever her boyfriend say.

Her boyfriend, Ken had pretty strange thinking and very sexual and has very strong liking for:
bra fetish (a bit panties fetish too)
exhibitionism (always feel she should wear lesser very short hemli... Continue»
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Boat Trip

Sarah and I met in college and hit it off immediately. The very first moment I saw her eyes light up as she laughed at one of my awkward jokes, I was in love. We were both housed on the top floor of the school's most remote dormitory. She was in the room at the end of the hall, and, for some reason--which turned out to be lucky--the housing department decided to put me next to the bathrooms.

Most days, I would leave my door open hoping she'd pop her head in my doorway as she made her way to the ladies' room. Often she'd stop by in the evenings before "being dragged out" with her friends. In... Continue»
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Asked to Flash (Cont-1)

After Cindy had left the room my wife sat there rocking back and for on my cock. I think she had thought I had passed out because I sat up and reached around her and grabbed her tits and started pinching her nipples. When I did she jumped a bit and turned to look back at me and asked if I had been awake the whole time. When I said yeah she slide off me and turned around and sat down on the edge of the couch and asked if I was mad at her. I asked her why I would be mad and she said because I pulled your shorts off to let her see you. I said that is what you wanted wasn't it, she leaned over... Continue»
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Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True - Chapter 2

Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True - Chapter 2 - School

Every morning, the last five days, Kim had the same problem; she didn't have enough time. Enough time to finish the dream, enough time to masturbate. If she started to masturbate, she would be late and her mother would come looking for her. Or even worse, the twins. So, she went and make a quick shower, put her clothes on and went down to have breakfast, still very, very horny.

In school, she had a hard time concentrating in anything other than a male body. She was aching to have a quickie, just to get off, but for the being ... Continue»
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Masturbation is his hobby, common in retirement co

About 5 years ago I met up with a much older gentleman over the holiday while visiting f****y in FL.
Not cut for a porn movie but at least it was real. I only embellished a few things. Guess and I'll tell you at the end what I exaggerated.

Anyway, this old man, 70, had several hobbies, including one new hobby, one we had in common.
It was early evening, shortly after dinner, and his wife had already gone to bed. I knocked softly, as instructed, and he greeted me in a shirt and bathrobe.
"I always get comfortable in my bathrobe after she is off to bed" he quipped.
He had no hangups o... Continue»
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James and Myself (Roy):Our Meeting:

Thursday. The 4th.of September.2014.
(Roy)I will never forget that day,it was the day I would meet the nicest boy I had ever known.
My dad borrowed my car on the Wednesday morning to go into work(Honda CRV S Reg)because his car had to go into the garage for a service,my b*****r,(Ray)drove it home when dad collected his from the garage on the Wednesday evening,he forgot to switch the sidelights off.
The next morning I was going to go out in my car,when I went to start it the battery was flat so I called out a breakdown garage,they came out and got me started,t... Continue»
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Asked to Flash Con't

When my wife and cindy left the room I just laid there on the bed relaxing. As I laid there I could here my wife and cindy in the living room talking and heard my wife tell cindy I'm sorry about that, It wouldn't have happened if we could have found his swim suit. With half our things still in boxes all we could find were a pair of my shorts. Cindy said it didn't bother me at all, but he should have been a little more careful wearing them. My wife asked why and cindy said that everytime he came back up and sat down I could see right up the leg if them. My wife said is that why you sat wher... Continue»
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Exibitionist fun at the beach ch 2

[b I left the couple to their own space, walking down to the sea for a refreshing swim and clean up, everything that had just happened was all i could think about, my cock still semi hard as i swam , wondering what else this sexy couple had in mind, the afternoon still very hot, in many ways.
Wet and dripping i toweled myself down, noting that my new freinds had stopped reading to watch me dry off , finding my sun lotion, i reveled in rubbing my self down whilst putting on a show, for my onlookers , rubbing my thighs and cock, causing it to swell knowing i was only a few feet away from their ... Continue»
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How I got started dressing my true story.

As far back as I can rememeber I have always gravitated towards fem things. As a young boy I played with whatever girls clothes I could get my hands on. Which wasn't much. At 12 y/o I had a few pairs a panties and bras stolen from my cousins. One thanksgiving after dinner the girls changed and one of them left behind a black knee length dress and white pantyhose in the guest bedroom. I was so excited when I found them...needless to say she never saw that dress again. With the bra and panties I alrady had from her and the new black dress and white pantyhose...I had my first total outfit. My tr... Continue»
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slow sunday

so sitting here on a slow sunday bored and thinking of a good time i had with the girl i mentioned in the previous story.

she has hounded us to go out the house on a slow sunday ...bored we had gone into town for something to do! we went shopping (not my fave). after suffering being dragged round a few hours i suggested we have a cheeky drink in the pub. she agreed. late afternoon drinks are always the best. we hit up the pub having just a few drinks but this led to a few more and this more again... we were having a good time in an empty pub on a late sunday evening. the quiz machine lost i... Continue»
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Dark Nites

DarkNites I

The slap reverberated around the room. Jason gritted his teeth trying
desperately to keep hold of his temper. Daphne started towards the door but
Jason caught hold of her wrist, his eyes steely.

"You're not going anywhere until we've got this settled. Daphne
glanced coolly at his hand and then back to his face. Then she brought her
foot down on his. Hard.

Jason gave a furious growl and exploded into action. Grabbing her,
he swept her off her her feet and headed toward the bedroom. Daphne
gasped in anger.

"How dare you!", she bit out, starting to jerk and kick as... Continue»
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