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s****rs friend showed me how nice she was

Back in the 80s I had a visit from my s****r and her friend (who I did not then know). My s****r lives a good few miles away and we rarely get together due to the distance. As she was driving over to mine she had asked if her friend could come to help drive and stop her being bored on the journey. I readily agreed as it had been some time since we had last seen each other.
My s****r and her friend were only staying over the one night which was handy as we only had space really for 1 extra person so s*s's friend agreed to the sofa for the night.
As luck would have it, my s****rs friend was ... Continue»
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The day I felt slutty

Not so long ago, there was that day where I felt really like a slut. I'm really not the kind of girls to dress like a slut everyday,
despite being free and liking to wear things who let my best body parts (my legs!) shine :) But here is how it happened for a day:

Months ago (last October), I still hadn't my own car so every Friday, I had go back to my parent's house for the week-end after class,
by taking a train then a bus. I hadn't much time to take the train, so I had to rush to my dorm room, take some laundry and go to the station.
Usually I like to change some clothes too before ... Continue»
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My First Time

I was very nervous the first time in a gay bar on a Friday night especially on my own.

I ordered a drink and observed the fantastic men and women in the bar all having a great time.

I got chatting with different men through the night until a much older man came over and introduced himself.

He was taller than me and in very good shape for 65 compared to my 36. After a couple of drinks I could feel his hand under the table reaching in between my legs and start to rub my cock. I told him not in the bar but to go somewhere else.

I was a mixture of nervousness and excitement as we fou... Continue»
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Her Sexy Little Panties

Mitchell stood at the door of his bedroom watching his fiancé get ready for the party. She was slowly putting on her high heels and as she bent over her black dress was riding up her thighs. She was wearing this sexy little black dress with spaghetti straps. Kacie always looked great in anything, but tonight she looked amazing! Her jet-black hair was flowing and the dress hugged her curves in all the right places. She was wearing a strapless black satin bra and matching satin spaghetti sting bikini panties. Mitchell had watched her slid her tiny little panties on after she had showered, and it... Continue»
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Friends: A Dry Spell

Ross hadn't had sex for months. Sure, he had gone without sex before. In fact, many times Ross had unwilling considered himself a sexual camel. But usually his dry spells were only for a few weeks at a time, and this one was slowly becoming a full-fledged, horn-dog, sex drought.

Now there he was. Sitting and watching Baywatch at Joey's place. Halfway though the opening credits, a hard-on filled his pants, as he watched the sexy lifeguards running. So many luscious and various breasts bouncing. Big ones; small ones; medium ones. All bouncing... bouncing.

Ross used every trick in the book ... Continue»
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My Sexy, Dirty Mother Pt2

This is a true story (Lucky me ;) )
Mum's boyfriend- Mike
Mum- Libby

It was around 7 in the morning on a Thursday. I was awoke by the sound of a cupboard shutting downstairs in the kitchen. I went downstairs and saw my mum getting ready for work, at this point she was making a coffee before she went. She was all dressed up and had makeup on and I instantly thought of last night, listening to her get fucked. She saw me and smiled. "Good morning darling, sl**p well?" I felt like taking off of her clothes and eating her pussy but I managed to resist the urge. "Yeah thanks mum, you?" She imm... Continue»
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[WIFE-LED-MARRIAGE] SOLVED- how a well endowed sub

Ours was a dilemma. I have always been wired different than other men. I was submissive. Ever since I was sexual, I have felt inferior and submissive to women. But I was ashamed to admit it. Long story short, I married a beautiful women and we both wanted a 'traditional' marriage.

But it ate away at me and finally 11 years into a vanilla marriage, I came clean. I told her my desires. Mine is a wonderful wife. She listened and she tried it, for me. What we found was something I never expected.

She loved the domination. She loved wearing the pants. But she had a big problem. She ... Continue»
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Why I Love Lesbians #2

Why I love lesbians over female friends, who go for guys in meeting meat virtually, or for real

Why I love lesbians over female friends fucking great guys has a second sexy secret raunchy reason
How easy it is to start friendship untroubled by confusion about future possibilities in real or not
You do not need to pretend, only genuinely share ideas about which sexy scenes you both seem to like

I easily made contact with lots of them, especially when most my friends were lesbian or bi-curious

Long lasts in my memory the first time, when I crossed borders by accident, talk
... Continue»
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Why I Love Lesbians #1

I love lesbians as female friends for several serious righteous reasons

Why I love lesbians? Well, one reason is I love to watch them making love
The next one is that I feel free with them - Clear case: they love girls!

Me too! - No beating around the bush here, nor shaved sexy pretty pussies
No illusions nor complications in any of my friendships relations with them

I am a male lesbian and a sexy singer songwriter

I am a male lesbian who happens to have a male member
It stands to alert when he sees what he really likes!

But being a bit jealous of femal
... Continue»
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Asked to Flash (Cont 5-1)

After our fun for the neighbor boy we sat talking and I asked cindy if she enjoyed having an audience. She laughed and said to tell the truth I forgot he was even watching. She said if he watched it all I sure hope he enjoyed it, I know I sure did. I was nervous at first, she looked at my wife and said once you started touching me all I wanted was for you to do it. I guess I shouldn't have put a hold on any sex other than to myself. The wife asked her why and cindy said I never thought about having another girl touch me before. The wife asked if she liked it and cindy told her oh yeah but... Continue»
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mom dad and me

Dear ISS readers, my name is akil, from a Tamil Brahmin f****y, and I am a diehard fan of i****t sex. I used to read many i****t stories and watch many i****t movies as well. I used to always dream of fucking my mother, and masturbate knowing that it could never happen in reality. But things that I thought could never happen, turned out happening. This is a true life story that happened to me when I had just turned 18 during summer vacation in Kerala. Now am in an engineering college. Before continuing, let me physically introduce myself followed by my f****y. I was a tall well built boy (and ... Continue»
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I sat in my car and blew out a sigh as I tried to get my mind right to head inside for work. It was my Friday then I was going to be off for the next three days. I couldn’t wait. These last four days may have went by very quickly but they tired me out. It had been a stressful week for me. I was a tech support analyst for a telecommunications firm and I worked the night shift.

Usually on night shift, things are easy. You do your work with no one from management bothering you about other mundane details. People leave you alone and that’s how I liked it. But this past week, I’d been involved i... Continue»
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Chris was tired. It was 10pm and he was getting ready to go home. He had been at work since 7am that morning and it had been a very long day. He worked in a call center for a telecommunications company and normally got off at 3pm. However, the next shift was shorthanded and the supervisor asked Chris if he could work some overtime. Chris, needing the money, gladly accepted the offer. When he called home and spoke to his wife Tameka, she wasn't happy.

"Aww baby, why did you say yes? I wanted to do something special for you tonight." Tameka said with a frown.

"Sweetie I'm sorry. But we hav... Continue»
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Jake fucks Jane

Jake stretched his legs out in front of him, aware that the bulge between his legs was clearly visible to the woman sitting on the sofa facing him. They were both pretending to watch TV, but Jake knew that she was watching the growing bulge in his pants. As for him, Jake could hardly tear his eyes away from the lovely sight before him. Janie was sitting with one leg pulled up under her, seeming to be unaware that the crotch of her white panties was clearly visible to him.
Jake stood up. Janie looked at him questioningly.
“Gotta go take a leak,” he grinned at her.
“Hurry back,” she said.
Ja... Continue»
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The Cum gushing incident !!

My names Liam and when I was younger like most people I went to university to further my education.
It was there I met the first love of my life Bea, she was a hot little brunette, with a big smile and an even bigger pair of breasts that she kept hidden away under her school jumper.
We met in one of my classes and hit it off straight away, but she was from a fairly religious f****y and not matter how many times we fooled around we never, never went all the way.
But that didn't stop all the fun, in fact Bea loved tugging my cock, she said she loved the feel of the veins and ridges along my s... Continue»
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f****y Loving, The day I gave my Dad a hand-job.

'There, no one will see them now'. I turned and looked into the mirror, the transparent adhesive tape formed a cross on each of my nipples, to stop them sticking out.

Mum had a smile on her lips, her awkward eleven year old was embarrassed by her bodies growing pains, 'You are becoming a young woman Mariel', she said trying to reassure me, 'these changes will become more evident as you grow older'.

I was still studying myself in the mirror, my breasts were small, so small I was yet still to wear my first brassiere, but my nipples took on a whole new life of their own, and people started... Continue»
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The Neighbours Daughter Part 2

The next day came and I told my wife I would go check on the neighbours k**s, Mandy and her b*****r who I will call Peter.
No you must understand that my mind was a complete mess. I had not thought of anything other than Mandy and what had happened since the previous morning. I had of course run through loads of scenarios in my head, like me seeing her pussy, her tits, touching her, licking her and yes of course, fucking her. I had a constant hard on and I was so tempted to wrap her now cleaned and dry panties around my cock again and jerking off into them. My cock was literally aching, but ... Continue»
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Alexandra's Dildo and her Little b*****r 3

I started to quit all my sports as I enjoyed my time at home way more. I was still a virgin at the time and afterschool was the free time me and Andrew got to ourselves. On Wednesday I had rushed home put my backpack down and instead of going to my b*****r’s room I ran to have a shower as I was all sweaty after gym class. I walked upstairs to find my b*****r sitting in my room on my desk looking at pictures of me with his tight shirt on which showed his man boobs and a sock wrapped around his hard dick.

“Oh thank god you’re finally home! Can we do something fun today Alex?” he asked... Continue»
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First masturbation

This is a true story. Reading another contributor to your excellent site, I was reminded of my first experience, when I discovered the joy of masturbation with more than a little help from my mum.

I am a twin, and my b*****r and I were always together. We were always put into the bath together when we were very young and mum used to wash us and dry us off before kissing us and putting us to bed. I can remember soon after my tenth birthday that I started to enjoy playing with my penis. I would relish the opportunity to wave it around and I enjoyed the feeling I got from giving it a rub and s... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #12: Jona-1

Jona is fine and funny to talk to luckily, as her looks are almost ideal by my private sex standards

Jolly Jona is my freshest friend and immediately she welcomes my idea to be my muse for sexy shoots
Jona lists several sexy situations and tasty themes to show off her unusual cute beauties on camera

On paper she looks like ideal and perfect by my private sexy standards: tastily tall and sexily slim
Oh boy, blue eyes she has and short brunette hair - I love to have access for my kisses to her neck!

Nice how Jona offers a wide choice to her future photographers from glamor
... Continue»
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