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Vegas Jackoff Party

Hi my name is Rob and the story that you are about to read is completely true. It happened two years ago and I have to say that it was probably one of the strangest nights that I have ever had.

A little about myself, I am 50 years old, 5ft 10 inches, 185lbs, with about a 7 inch cut cock. My wife doesn’t like a hairy man so I do manscape and keep myself trimmed close or completely shaved. I live in Las Vegas, I am happily married with 2 grown k**s and why I did what I did is still a mystery to me.

I am not gay, I am not bi, but like all men (and I know there are some who will deny it) ... Continue»
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That one night part 1

I scored a ticket to an event that is sponsored by my company. This event the prior year was dope, but what I was more exited about is the chance to see a girl that I used to work with at another store. I don't get to see her anymore since we do not work together. Working together we became friends, sexual tension began to build through the years of our friendship. Opportunities to take our friendship to the next level arose. We had never capitalized on the opportunities that came about.

The anticipation was killing as I stood in a sea of people waiting to get in. A man up ahead was direct... Continue»
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BBW Nik Nak & The Cabbie

I'm going to tell you a quick story of what outrageous activities went on at a party I was at last night.

It was an 18th birthday party. My best friends cousin turned 18 last week and her parents organised a party for her at the local labour club last night. I wasn't really up for hitting an 18th but my bestie, Jenn, practically begged me to go with her. So, I scrubbed up and went out.

When we first got there, at about 7:30pm, it just seemed like a low-key f****y event. The usual oldies and uncle knobhead, etc... we hit the bar starting off with a tequila shot followed swiftly by a vod... Continue»
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church story

church story
by rock clifford

I was raised in a very religious home, my dad was a minister and church was mandatory. Especially Sunday Morning. It wasn't all bad though, as it was also where some of the hottest girls my age attended church and we had a pretty nice sized group of k**s around the same age. We usually had fun when we were together, even at church. I remember In junior high after vacation bible school one day ending up in a little broom closet with two of the most popular and certainly hottest girls in my school playing truth or dare and french kissing with both of the... Continue»
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Chat with a girl from belarus.

Connected to somebody.

Location: Belarus

Languages: English, german

: hi
: beautiful photo
: thx, you also
: where was it made?
: thx
: uhh
: northshore germany
: nice sixpack :-)
: thank you:) you have nice body too
: look like a model
: :-)
: are you?
: no...
: you seem to be high
: whats your height?
: 175cm
: wow great!
: love it
: long handsome legs
: long legs XD
: thx
: im 178cm
: ohh also tall!
: cool
: yeah
: will be a good pair on tht beach lol
: lol :-)
: how old you are?
: 35
: you?
: 28 :-)
: older
: good ;-)
: you are cute
: you are ... Continue»
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Number 67 - Story by MrsAnaC - Part One

NOTICE: In a rush of inspiration I have just put this down, night owl for the win. :)
I've had a writer's block for far too long. This story is fiction, no resemblance to RL context/characters/names so on doesn't apply. It is my intellectual property and any individual or institution is NOT allowed to redistribute it without my written permission.

I wanted to create a build up, and mainly this was the purpose of this first part :) There will certainly be more as time allows, probably within some weeks. Real life has been far from sunshine and rainbows for a while now, so, I find myself d... Continue»
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Blondie at the Club

My story begins this past summer when my friend and I took a visit to South Carolina. We spent most of our time in Myrtle Beach, and lodged in the neighboring city of Conway.

Besides playing golf, and spending time on the beach, we came to SC so my friend can have his first experience at a strip club. This visit was my 3rd, so I had sophomore skills at these clubs.

Anyway, we went on our first night to take a whack at it.

My friend danced with a blue haired chick he thought was sexy as well as a couple others. He enjoyed his time. However, the way he was so confident had one stripper ... Continue»
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f***ed Fun Is Highly Orgasmic for this Girl.

I came home one day from school and found my twin b*****r and three of his friends watching one of our parents Porn DVDs.

When I entered both his friends were embarrassed and tried to make out they were not interested in what was being shown on out large TV screen.

There were the awkwardness of being caught, but as soon as they realized I was easy about the fucking scenes their attitude changed, and the atmosphere completely changed.

I was the older girl in the group, one minute older than my twin b*****r, but light years ahead on sexual awareness.

'Frida gives great blow-Jobs', he... Continue»
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Public Panty Jacking

This kind of relates to the two videos I posted of me cumming in my pink bra and panty set. (there will be more to follow soon)

When my birthday came and I enjoyed my new panties, I decided to go a step further - wearing them in my car.. with nothing else! I waited until it got colder so it would be dark longer (I want to cum in public, but not get arrested), and I grabbed my black crotchless thong and loose jeans and jacket and left home. I went driving and got nice and aroused letting porn play on my smartphone, so I found where I wanted to be and started stripping. I had strapped my seat... Continue»
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birthday treat

She opened the parcel and held out her present. A gorgeous black lacy pair of knickers.
“they’re gorgeous!” she says hugging her boyfriend Tom. She had truly been spoilt for her birthday. New makeup, new jewellery, perfume and now these.
“They’re naughty knickers” Tom says winking “wear them tonight and you’ll see”
7pm rolls around and Lisa goes into her room to get changed. On her bed lies a final present and a note that reads ‘don’t forget the new knickers’ she opens it to find a stunning little black dress and black shoes with silver diamante and cute heels. She gets ready and meets he... Continue»
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Used Sissy

I was now a fully fledged Crossdressing Sissy Slut even though still only in my teens I needed and craved cock..........any cock as long as it was loaded with spunk for me to swallow. I had been sucking cock at various toilets around my town and had met some really kinky bastards in my time but John was way ahead in his kinky ideas. He was a mature respectable male in his late 50's a white collar worker with a nice property in the country.....he was married and had 3 k**s so to any one taking a casual interest would think him a normal man.
I met him in some toilets and sucked him off on my kn... Continue»
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Adam and Bre go to Miami!

Adam and Bre Visit Miami

1. Airport
Florida is beautiful. Everything there is lush and healthy. The sweet ocean breeze cools your skin from the sultry heat, the smell of the ocean enticing. Miami...the most sexual city in 'Murika...a beautiful (and dirty) place.
Adam and Bre arrive at the Miami international airport just after 2 in the afternoon. It had been a long flight, 2 layovers and a 5 hour delay. They were tired, angry, and dirty. Adam is hungry so they stop at a Cuban joint for food before getting a taxi to the hotel. During the meal nothing is said between them, mostly just irri... Continue»
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Enounter with my Moms boyfriend

I was twenty three when I ended up moving back home with my Mom after a horrific split with my fiancé. I'd been with him since High School, and months before our wedding everything began to fall apart.
Moving back home wasn't an ideal solution, reason being my Mom had recently moved in with her new boyfriend, but it was the best thing I could do in that situation. At least my old bedroom had been left untouched since I moved out. My bed, old dresser, pictures on the wall... everything was still where I'd left it. With some sense of familiarity, this transitional period in my life wasn't quit... Continue»
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The only white cock I have touched - wanking off m

Hi there

This is a true experience that happened a little over 20 years ago when I was 16. The reason for writing the story is that a few xhamster friends have asked me if I've ever been with a white guy or had the pleasure of a white cock. Well, I have but only once!

So, a little bit about me. I'm an Indian woman in my mid (OK, late) 30's. I am married and have a couple of k**s. I'm a little bit overweight and my hubby calls me curvy but I think he's just being nice. I am a size 12 on a good day or a 14 the rest of the time! I'm about 5' 6" and have long black hair. I have a big round b... Continue»
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The Stock Take

I was working my way through college in a sandwich shop at a shopping centre.

One Sunday morning the manager asked me to go into the stock room in the basement and to count the non-perishables. Having spent about an hour in there I heard the voice of one of my female colleagues, Gemma. She was calling my name and came in to offer some help with the counting. I had done majority of the things on the list when she came in. Gemma was the most attractive of my colleagues always well turned out, immaculate hair and make up that accentuated her facial features perfectly, and despite the unflatte... Continue»
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3D Printing for Pleasure

3D Printing for Pleasure by [user]sexcadpro [/user]

I am old enough to remember when the VCR ushered in a golden age of pornography. 3D printers may be starting a golden age of sex toys. 3D printers can create custom sized or engraved toys in the privacy of your own home (or local library, hackerspace, or service provider). Regardless of your exact fetish, there are a three steps you follow each time you create your own 3D printed sex toy.

Step 1: 3D Model

Every 3D print starts with a 3D model. You can create your own 3D model if you have CAD software like A... Continue»
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Two years ago I was working for an advertising agency. I had been an executive for several years when Miranda was hired. She was very bubbly, perky, voluptuous 23 year old. I have always had a weakness for curvy women. Miranda was a temp hire, she was filling a position by another woman who was one maternity leave. Soon after she started working there, several young men tried to woo her. On occasion I would use my dry sarcastic humor to scare away Miranda's would be suitors.
Miranda assisted me with monitoring the frequency and time of when our advertising ads aired. We met daily at 4:30pm d... Continue»
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More glory hole fun

I write this with the taste of fresh cum still on my tongue. I had not been to visit a glory hole since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This would turn out to be a great day at the glory hole in Salem. I got there about 3:30 in the afternoon. Once I got in the booth I fed the machine my money and selected an appropriate movie. This one happened to be from their vintage collection. I watched and stroked for several minutes until someone entered the next booth. I looked through the hole as this guy unzipped and lowered his pants. He started stroking. I watched for just a few minutes as h... Continue»
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The Interview

The teenage girl was past caring who or what got her off provided the ogasmic torture stopped soon she had no way of knowing how long she had been kept in this state by the two, no three people using her body.

“Fuuuckkk” she howled as a cock or was it a dildo roughly slammed inside her tiny soaked pussy , “ homy god, homy god, homy god.” she breathlessly panted in time with the thrusts of her a****listic lover. It was him she realised as his spunk emptied inside her it meant,

The thought was never finished as she cried out with her own release before passing out in bliss. She never felt... Continue»
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A night to remember

Well my husband and I decided to get a sitter for our k**s and we go have us adult time. Well my friend and I have been out and got our nails and pedicure done early that day. While we setting and getting our nails and stuff done we was talking about my husband and my date night. Well first of all let me just say she is married too but her husband is locked up. I started feeling bad talking about the night my hubby and me going to have since her man is locked up. So I decided what the hell I invite her along my hubby won't mind since we role play about her sometimes. So I called my hubby up an... Continue»
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