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Lesbianism in Modern Literature -10

Sam didn't say so, but thought that sounded pretty good right now, considering the turmoil she was going through. The conversation moved on to other topics about work and where they lived with Sally and Deborah joining in. Then someone suggested that they dance. This time Sam didn't hesitate. SHE grabbed Sally's hand and pulled her to the dance floor. They had danced and were laughing when Sam suddenly realized that she was really having a good time.

They went back to the table and ordered another drink. Deborah and Marie were sitting close to one another holding hands. Sam reached for Sall... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature -11

While this was setting up, other groups of two to four women were looking on, in various stages of undress stroking themselves or their partners. In a large chair in the corner, Suzie was sitting with her legs spread out on the arms, looking over her domain. In front of her, a blond head with hair tied in a ponytail was noisily bobbing up and down and licking the hostess' crotch.

Looking over the scene, Sam felt someone come up behind her and cup her breasts over her dress. She then felt lips nuzzling her ear and neck and heard Marie whisper, "What do you think? Enjoying the view?"

Once ... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature-9

December 26

Samantha stumbled out of her front door and walked to the waiting airport limo. It was 5 am the day after Christmas, and it was dark and cold. Handing her suitcase to the driver, she waited for him to open the passenger door. When he opened it, she peered inside and saw two older couples and a businessman, none of whom she knew. Sitting in the back row, however, was the person she was looking for. She smiled to herself and made her way to the back where Sally sat waiting. Once they were on their way, she snuggled closer and squeezed Sally's hand and heaved a sigh of relief.

I... Continue»
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Penny's First Day

It was Penny's first day at an exclusive finishing school for sluts. She proudly wore her new uniform and thought it made her look stunning, showing off her pretty cunt and her beautiful bare arse that could be just seen beneath her short pleated skirt. She paraded in front of the mirror admiring her new uniform and anticipating the day ahead with excitement.

Her journey here started some time back. She came from a well to do f****y, her father was a radiologist and her mother was an executive for a large software company. They had a nice home in the leafy suburb of Turramurra on Sydney's ... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature -8

Later that afternoon, as they ate a late lunch, Sam told Sally that when her husband called earlier he said that he had called a friend at the roads commission. He had arranged for a truck with a snow thrower to dig them out tomorrow.

It was obvious from Sally's reaction that she wasn't delighted with the news. In fact, Sam was not overly delighted by the news either. However, she also knew that she had to get back home. While the last several days had probably been the most exciting time Sam had ever had, it had brought a great deal of distress.

For the first time in her life, Sam was s... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature -6

Sam lay in bed listening to the sounds of pots and pans in the kitchen as she recovered from the intensity of her orgasm. Her body was still tingling all over. In her thirty years, she had never experienced anything close to what had just happened. She never knew that sex could be that good. And, what could she say about Sally. Every time she saw her face in her mind, her heart would burn with fire and butterflies would start fluttering in her stomach. She had never felt this way about someone before, even when she had fallen in love with Larry. Then, as she lay and watched it start to snow ag... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature -7

It was a somewhat cloudy and windy day on the slopes. Sally gave Sam another ski lesson. She had already shown a great deal of improvement. Her experience at water skiing was paying off after all. Still, Sam moved slowly and fell often. Fortunately she didn't hurt anything, except her pride.

Several hours later the two of them made their way back to the cabin. Before they went inside, Sam indulged Sally's desire to build a "snowman". While Sam was creating the head, Sally was working on the body, forming large mounds of snow to represent breasts.

When Sam saw what she had done, she burst... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature -5

The smell of coffee brewing and bacon cooking awoke Sam. She opened her eyes and stretched. A feeling of great euphoria rushed over her and she smiled. All of her upbringing told her that what had happened last night was wrong. However, every other part told her it was so right. It was like she had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They were arguing right and wrong. But, she couldn't tell which position the angel or the devil was taking.

Sam got out of bed and put her robe on and walked barefooted down the stairs. The fireplace was already roaring and the house was filled w... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature-4

The two women were mostly silent and avoided eye contact as they ate an early dinner. They were both feeling a little guilty and embarrassed. However, Sally was also elated. What had happened was beyond her wildest dreams. Now she knew that Sam wasn't totally opposed to a little contact with another woman. It was also quite thrilling to know that she could turn on the older woman.

When Sam finally spoke, it almost startled Sally. "Well, since I'm not going to get home for a few days, I need to make a few calls."

"Can... uh... can we work on our essay afterward."

"Yes, that would be an... Continue»
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Watching Mom Fuck My Best Friend (Trilogy)

If you want to see some pictures of my mom, check out my profile.

PART I- Bedroom Fuck

The following is based on a true story…

My friend Ryan and I have been friends since high school. We would hang out at each other’s houses. We eventually graduated from high school and went to college. I stayed close to home by going to a local college. Ryan did the same thing. We would still hang out on a regular basis.

Ryan would be considered the ring leader of our group… the alpha male. He always got the ladies, while I was always pushed around and laughed at. Ryan always s... Continue»
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Having Sex with my Boyfriend's friend

I use to tease my boyfriend and his friends. I didn’t know I would end up fucking one of them.. My boyfriend Nick would bring a friend over and they would play video games. So I thought it would be fun to put on a nightgown that was about 3 inches above my knees and walk around the apartment. I wanted to see if I could get there attention. I know Nick’s friend Don would stare at me while I walk around, because Don kept losing at some games. Nick would had other friends over, but Don was about the only one that watched me. I would sit down near them, prep my legs up some where they could see my... Continue»
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Spying 2 hot neighbours undressing

If you have looked at my profile you will see that I love am a voyeur and love it when I get another noteable spot.

We moved house recently; as usual one of my first jobs in a new house is to check out locations for potential voyeur opportunities. My initial thoughts were that I had lucked out. The back of the new houses faces another row so there are 4 maybe 5 houses with potential for some good views and exhibitionist opportunities. They are quite a distance so one of the first new house jobs was to purchase some binoculars.

Despite my initial positivity about amount of opportunity t... Continue»
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Hot Gym Story Locker Room

You can call me a pervert if you like, I don’t care.

I work in a gym and being surrounded by so many seriously hot guys makes you do stuff. I’ve worked there for five years now, it was my first job out of school and it pays pretty well. I’m head of maintenance, but that’s not hard to be when you only have a staff of three cleaners.

It’s my job to make sure everything is working, everything’s clean and tidy. I’m the first one in and the last one out.

For the first year I used to find any excuse I could to go into the showers and the locker room when it was busy, or when one of the regu... Continue»
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Voluptuous pantyhose girlfriend again.

On my next visit to your house, I let myself in as you have instructed me. I walk through the house which seems deserted and find a note telling me to help myself to a drink and to get comfortable. I drink my drink and undress down to my sheer to the waist crotchless tan pantyhose. I sit on the sofa wondering what will happen when I hear a noise coming from one of the bedrooms and get up and walk to the door and listen. I can hear noise of movement and opening the door I step in. My cock springs instantly to attention at the sight which greets me. There lying on the bed with her legs and arms ... Continue»
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Disciples of Meridiana - excerpt #3

...In which our hero finally finds the promised land, of a fashion. I noted it included sex, but didn't say what kind and Bill Clinton would not agree that it does. But here it is:

"So," Diana croaked once her lungs were full of smoke, "what's one of the fantasies you've never gotten to do? Something you always wanted?" She exhaled an impressive cloud as punctuation and handed me the pipe.
After considering it through my own draw, and handing it back, I swigged a little Dew and said, "OK-- This's a simple one, but it's also one of my fondest and probably inspires the most longing.... Continue»
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Moral of the story

A real story with name changes to protect the parties involved.

A little bit about me

Right my name is Jeff and I have been married to Daphne for 24 yrs this is my 2nd marriage, my wife has a extensive f****y and to my surprise her niece only lived up the road from me when I was growing up her name is Cindy, she had 3 k**s and married to Harry. Right that’s a bit about who was involved and at the end there is a moral to the story.

I had just dropped Daphne off at her s****rs and decided to come home, I have a high sex drive unlike my wife (not a good combo) and usually watched a bit... Continue»
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The Pill - Part 4

This is the Fourth chapter in the story of my adventures in London, on the day when I took a small pink pill and my face and body transformed into that of a beautiful young woman. However, I knew that I only had 24 hours before the effects wore off and so determined not to miss any opportunity, I had a day of sexual adventures, some planned, some on the spur of the moment.

The story so far: I had started my day in the back of a van, in a multi-storey car park, choosing the outfits I would wear during the day, and discovering the wonders of my new female body. I had then greatly improved th... Continue»
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Disciples of Meridiana -- Excerpt #2

This is Excerpt 2, picks up immediately after the end of the previous post, Excerpt #1. Too much exposition here, especially for what amounts to a jerkoff fever dream, but fleshing out the characters and their motivations is something that makes the fantasy more compelling, at least for me (which is really the only person this is written to please.) Also I get they need to police their site but XHamster's propensity for censoring even innocuous words is fucking annoying. That is all. There is a part 3 where things cut loose.

I noticed then that I could see her so much better than be... Continue»
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My first time in a strip club

It was a cold October night back in 2013 about two days before Halloween and I couldn't sl**p so I got in my pickup truck and went for a drive. I was twenty six at the time and still a virgin due mostly to my upbringing I was extremely shy around women and was and still unable to display emotion. I live with my parents in Astoria, New York having been born and raised there before it was gentrified I was used to and took a liking to the gritty crime and garbage strewn streets of my youth, so driving around queens bridge housing projects and queens borough plaza at twelve in the morning did not ... Continue»
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Disciples of Meridiana-- Excerpt 1

-- this is an excerpt taken from a way-too-long piece I wrote up trying to document and explore further a particularly vivid fantasy I recently had during a long, solo car ride. There's tons more, it may be turning into a novella or something, but I guess I just wanted to see if anyone were interested in reading any more of this before I uploaded the whole thing (it's past 8K words and still not done, lol). Yes, it's unrealistic, but that's why they created a word for it-- "Fantasy". Anyway, in this part we join out protagonist (Mike-- yes, it's me, mostly, so sue me for starring in my ow... Continue»
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