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The Chamber Of The Goddess by Cactus Juggler

Audrey Lehman was tired by the time she got off the truck. She was also excited at the prospect of what she had started to think of as her summer adventure. The other eleven young women traveling with her emptied out of the truck around her.

Together, they all clustered around the woman with short brown hair that was leading them. She'd introduced herself and Janice, and she appeared barely older than they were. After that she hadn't said much of anything to them on the last leg of a journey that had included three plane flights before ending with a bumpy four hour ride in the truck. ... Continue»
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The "bad points"

With my wife, we put in place some rules.
If one of us doesn’t have a good behavior, he or she obtains what we call a « bad point ».

When my wife has 3 bad points, she receives a punishment. Usually, it’s a small punishment. Most of the time, it’s just a spanking on her bare bottom, between 10 to 30 smacks on each buttock with the hand.
When I have 5 bad points, I also receive a punishment. But my punishments are much stronger that the ones she gets. The spanking are harder and given with wood spoons or other useful instruments that my wife has at hand.

A Sunday morning in July last y... Continue»
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Mom Dom - Part 2

Read Part 1 first.
A strange series of events had turned my mother into a dominatrix (read part 1) and now she was beating the crap out of me abusing me verbally and physically.
"You motherfucker! Your asshole is bigger than mine and I was a whore for 10 years!" she said running her index finger roughly along my anus, pulling it open.
I heard her spit and then a wet blob landed on rim of my asshole, still in her grip. Her saliva started flowing in... Continue»
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Bro-in-law and sis-in-law...unwillingly

This is one of my favorite stories I've found on the internet about a b*****r-in-law impulsively forcing his s****r-in-law in his bedroom, so I had to put it on here to share with my fellow xhamsters. I just love the build up, drive, and anticipation...

This story really happened about 6 months ago. This is a true story that happened between my s****r-in-law and me. My name is Bill I am 36 and my s****r-in-law Louise is 33. I have always liked Louise and have fantasized about her a lot and have always wanted to know what it would be like to have sex with her. I have never planned to... Continue»
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Diane's Submissive Adventures 1- The Treadmil

Diane’s Submissive Adventures

The Treadmill

Diane tried to focus on her breathing and walked. It was difficult for many reasons, but the most pressing problem at the moment were the high heels. That and the fact that she was blindfolded . . . and her hands were tied behind her back.

Whatever the main problem was, the entire situation made it difficult. The twins were masters at pushing her buttons, but now she was beginning to think they were going too far. They had stripped her down, tied her hands behind her back, and made her wear the high heels before showing her ... Continue»
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My first time being tied down with my gf Robyn

It was 7pm and I just got home from another overnight shift. I flop down on my couch and then in walks my beautiful gf Robyn. Shes in her black 6' heels and she looks sooo busty with her 32E tits. She tells me she wants make me relax. We then go to the basement where she has the bed frame with ropes and handcuffs laying on a pillow. She tells me to lay down and relax. I lay down and then hear the sound of handcuffs closing around my writsts. Then feel ropes being tied around my wrists and ankles. Last the takes a belt and ties it around my torso so I can only move my head. She then takes a kni... Continue»
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Amanda Wrighter



“I don’t know what you’re complaining about, Morgana. You always bitched because you had to be her sitter. Now you have been relieved of that duty.”
“Don’t patronize me, mother. I know what’s really going on here. I’ve displeased Him somehow. I don’t know what else I could have possibly done. Ophelia seems intent on spiting me.”
Morgana paced the small room as she awaits her meeting with the Dark Lord. She knew being fearful w... Continue»
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Chapter 4 FemDom pt4

"Am I interrupting?" Baroness said

"no Baroness." i blurted out before Mistress could get a word in. "Mistress was just giving me some much needed encouragement and instruction Baroness."

Baroness smiled at Mistress. Mistress smiled at Baroness.

"Good bitch, you will need it." Baroness said

"yes Baroness, and thank you Mistress." i said.

"You are such a good boy." Mistress said as she reached down to give my cock a few hard slaps before returning to her seat of luxury.

Baroness released the leash connected to my cock ring from whatever it was attached to, i did not move. ... Continue»
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The Fantasy

The wife has a fantasy she confessed to me a while back. Every time I think about it I get hard. I finally decided one day to make it come true for her.

It took some doing but I finally got it all together. I told her we were going out on date night. Little did she know I had packed a goody bag in the trunk and that she was in for a ride.

I told her I wanted to surprise her with where we were going, so I made her wear a blindfold. She hesitatingly put it on. We drove to the place where the "surprise" was waiting and I stopped the car. We were at a small unused warehouse that I... Continue»
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Seeking cuckolds and sissies for use

This is the tale,
Thursday, may 2013
Hubby Abuse
Well there was me thinking it was going to be just another bog standard run of the mill afternoon, how wrong was I.
When he arrived to assist me in making my Hubby suffer by having him tied to a chair and made to watch me getting what the pathetic bastard can’t give me, things started to become emmensely fun very quickly. As the he walked in and took his jacket off I couldn’t help notice straight away how muscular he was, with a wickedly evil glint in his eyes.
I had hubby helplessly tied to a swivel office chair ready and waiting... Continue»
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After a night out

As he was driven up to the house he noticed a black Mercedes pulling off and his wife at the door fiddling with keys. The car he was riding in stopped in front of their house. The driver said nothing as he got out, and drove away as soon as the door shut.

He checked his watch…8 a.m.

Walking quickly up the steps he grabbed his wife in a tight embrace. They both had so much to discuss, but were so exhausted. Neither of them had slept at all in over 24 hours, and it had not been an easy evening. She slumped against him as he hugged her, but also jumped a little when he squeezed her tight.... Continue»
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my first time cross dresser

It all started when 13.when I on a chat room talking to this really nice guy and he sounded hot so I added him on msn. He went on cam and he was stunning he was clean shaven thoses jaw droping abs and huge 8 and half inch cock I woz dribbling just looking at him. I told him that I loved wearing girls cloths he love it too he told me he love young boys cross dressing so I got dressed up in my s****r slutty outfit that was black lasce g string thong matching bra grater and fish net stocking when I show him. He loved it so I did a sexy cam. showfor him letin him say any thing he wanted. As... Continue»
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Its Tuesday, and Sir is on his way over. I love Tuesdays, the few hours a week I can relinquish all control.

I have an hour until he gets here, and I am preparing myself. I have all my toys laid out as per Sirs instructions. I have 75’ of rope on the table, including 25’ of my favourite red rope. This was the first rope Sir tied me with, the first breast bind he did. I always get excited when I see this rope. He brings his own as well. And it now carries the aroma of my juices when I am turned on, from the consequence knot he tried a few weeks ago. The thought of the rope making h... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 30)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Thirty

Doc walked in the house with Jayme in tow, she was dressed in leather, her massive tits bulged and were barely restrained by the smooth, straining hide zipped tight over her bosom.

She staggered on high heels that had to be near 6” tall. Doc tugged her inexorably forward with a leash clipped to her collar, she took ginger steps behind her cruel Master on the towering heels.

... Continue»
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Fantasy stories about my hot MILF wife

Imagine this hot body would be all yours for a night, or a weekend. Owned by you, to fulfill your every wish. No questions asked... it's only fantasy, after all. Will you keep her for yourself, as your private fuck toy, or take her out to share her with friends, or total strangers?

What are your fantasies, your dreams, your plans...? Contact me by PM or at

If your fantasies are more on the dark side, imagine her nude and helpless body, slightly bruised already from being gang****d by the eight guard... Continue»
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Underworld: Eternity

I still remember Lady Jenova's harsh words, "I think you need to reflect upon the realities of having so willingly accepted your destined place as one of my pleasure slaves, perhaps a little long-term seclusion, some time to reflect upon your new place in the Underworld is in order." I still the coldness in her voice as she continued, "Who knows, perhaps given enough time, you may even re-discover your long suppressed masochistic desires."
Let's face reality, on that fateful night when that ghostly specter materialized to offer me Ereshkigal's obscenely dark bargain, I was d***k. I'd spent t... Continue»
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After a short distance Tyra staggered and fell to her knees. She knelt here momentarily trying to balance the heavy burden across her shoulders, but couldn't. She fell forward onto her face. Two soldiers had to put her back on her feet and the on-lookers laughed. The procession moved on. When she fell a second time, the centurion became worried that she was so weakened by the severe flogging that she could not carry the patibulum from the Praetorium to the site of the crucifixion and still have enough life left her for a good show on the cross. So one of the on-lookers was summoned to carry he... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 29)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Monique was whimpering as I tugged on the leash attached to her collar. The sound of her crying was muffled under the thick black hood, though not by much. There was a ring-gag wedged behind her teeth, keeping her mouth wide open. There were holes in the hood for her to hear; I wanted to make sure she heard everything, everything they said to, and about, her, as she was getti... Continue»
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Bondage Dream

You awake in confusion with a sensation of confinement, your limbs feel tight, your mouth is dry and it's dark. Not just normal night time dark but impenetrable darkness, as the fog of sl**p clears your mind you try and remove the obstruction from your eyes but realize you can't move your arms, nor your legs, pulling and twisting you realize your tied spread eagle on something soft, presumably your bed. You skin is chilled and you realize your bed clothes have been removed. You attempt to call out but realize your mouth is stuffed with something and as your discover whatever it is there's some... Continue»
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My Boss, My Master - Part 2 - Morning Dictation

This story is a work of fiction. Constructive feedback is welcomed, as are suggestions and requests. This chapter was written on my phone while I waited on work stuff, so there may be autocorrect errors. Let me know if there are!

The remainder of my first day went as most do. The receptionist,whose name I learned was Jenny, showed me around the building and have me the basics of what a personal assistant is expected to do. She didn't say anything about my "extra duties," and I didn't ask.
There were papers to sign, of course. Really good papers, with the revised salary Mr. Smith ha... Continue»
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