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When the Dogs away, the cat's will play

A few years ago I was working out of town and thought I would be working over the weekend and told my wife and I would be and that was about 8:00 pm that Friday night when we spoke over the phone.She told me that she would have her girlfriend over to keep her company since she didn't like being home alone like she was all that week and I said that's fine. My boss then called me at the motel about 10:00 pm. to say that there was a material delay, so there is no since working the weekend. the material wouldn't be there till Tuesday. So I said well alright I'll tell the rest of the guys and be he... Continue»
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Good evening counselor !

I meet this guy Topher over 15 years ago from another friend. We were kinda party buddies but we remained connected as friends. He's a great attorney now an super hot , has the GQ look going on, over 6 foot and incredibly sexy. The kind that smell good an dress impeccably. In the past we had a couple sexual encounters but I have never fucked him. 

I dropped by his apartment after we had texted for a few because I was dropping off some baked goods I had made. I pull up an sat an waited for a few mins.

Topher gets in my car as usual,  gives me a nice kiss on the lips an we chit chat ab... Continue»
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Repeat Encounter

The encounter with my married friend I wrote about earlier has had many starts and stops. For the first few months we got together whenever the opportunity presented itself for one of us to host at home. Then, for some unknown reason, the intensity seemed to wane and a period of abstinence became a month, then six months, than a year. We talked about getting together whenever we saw each other, but it didn't happen. We were still very good friends it just seemed the urge to get naked and play had definitely peaked. To be honest, I often thought about his strong orgasms and hot throbbing cock. ... Continue»
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John Watson's Insane Story


John Watson, popular young college professor, groaned as an errant ribbon of cum arched over the safety net of toilet tissue in his lap and landed directly on the mouth of a big-breasted Penthouse magazine model whose picture had been the focus of his fantasy. More and more of late, John found himself stroking his own cock in attempt to satiate his horniness. His almost perpetual state of arousal was taking a toll on his mental health.

It started with the daily parade of lithe young maidens wearing very short skirts and very tight tops in his college classroom. During the hot, su... Continue»
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Mum's Hand

A fictional story that has no connection to any person living or dead.

Hi I’m Tim also known as Timbo, Timmy, Tim and Timothy, I am 18 and this is my story.

My mother passed away when I was 6 and dad was devastated, he met a lovely lady called Beth she had 2 boys Jack and Garry, we all got on well and after a few years they moved in, it was cool having 2 b*****rs as football was the game and as we all supported different teams the rivalry was brilliant, Beth was the same age as dad and very modern, in her looks, dress sense and the way she looked at things, on the odd occasion I would ... Continue»
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Party starts earlier than expected

The sun was shining, and I had just finished the new deck ahead of the evening’s barbeque party me and my wife were throwing. I decided it was time for a break and thought I’d try to soak up some of the sun in the hammock. Knocked out from the work and the heat, I started dozing off, but the image of the neighbour’s two younger s****rs popped into my head. The two of them were visitng from the east coast, and had been enjoying the day spread out on the neighbour’s lawn in the summer sun. Both were atractive to me, and I had glance... Continue»
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surprise in gas station

I was sat in my car at the gas station when I saw her going into the bathroom.

She was wearing a grey track suit and running shoes. Pretty face with long dark hair tied up. Hot curvy body with a nice full ass.

I watched as she closed the door behind her.

Time went by and she didn't come out. 10 minutes. 20 minutes.

I thought I'd better go check if she was OK.

I got out of my car and went over to the bathroom.

I knocked on the door. "Um.... hi, are you OK in there?"

"Yeah I'm fine" she said. Sounding a little surprised.

Then I noticed that the door wasn't closed properl... Continue»
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Exposed XXXX

I know I'm a tease. I wear short tight dresses I have nice breast and my hips were made for bearing c***dren but since i'm in a lesbian relationship right now that won't happen. I know what guys want. But I just tease. Sometimes I go a little too far. One time.....
I was on the bus short tight dress yellow breast not in hiding. Ass poking out. I knew I could of sat down but I saw the entire rear of the bus was all guys. I decided to stand for the remainder of my bus ride. I can feel them looking including the gay guy he was looking cause he liked my shoes and bag. Even when there was... Continue»
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a little about myself

My father decided he had enough of the f****y life when I was very young, leaving my mom to raise me by herself. In order to work she hired sitters or when she could afford it send me to day care. After a few years of the pressures of bringing up a boy on her own she became an alcoholic, and some of her decisions were flawed. Not appointing blame, she did what she could.
Some times I'd be sent to a womans home for the day. She watched many k**s and couldn't keep an eye on all of us at the same time. At a young age I knew girls didn't have a dick and some boys weren't circumcised and I was. M... Continue»
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The one that got away

My man and I live in an apartment complex. About two years back, my neighbor and I were good friends. She was blonde, about 5' 4" size six, small but perky breasts with an incredible round and tight ass. She and I would have lunch together occasionally-usually at my apartment. Completely platonic. That was until one time I invited her over for lunch and my man prepared the meal. She was impressed with his skills in the kitchen. She also remarked to me how lucky I was that he cleaned up the kitchen and cleared the table allowing her and I to talk. She mentioned that on the phone later. Now I wa... Continue»
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Would you Marry a Girl like me??

As a little girl I used to prowl through my mothers wardrobe to wear her things, and the first surprise was the smell of leather, hanging there. This weekend I laid out these garments on my bed, as I had inherited them after she had gone, and as I looked at these expensive hand sewn garments, through experienced adult eyes, I could only imagine the beautiful woman inside them, that was my mother, and the scenery around her, that could only be imagined in an adult mind.

That was my dear mother, a temptress and a disciplinarian, a lover of young men. I am sorely tempted to use the word 'Very'... Continue»
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First anal experience.Első anális él

Szeretkeztünk a párommal és egyre jobban elkezdte újjal izgatni a lyukamat nekem meg egyre jobban tetszet.Éreztem ahogy elazulnak a záró izmaim és egyre beljebb tudja tolni az uját.Közben egy kis időre néha bekapta a farkam és a heréimet felváltva hogy jól megszívja ekkor még jobban elazult a záró izmom és beljeb hatolt.Majd az uját bekapva nyálazni kezdte persze ez is izgatott nagyon hisz nemrég még a lyukamba nyuljált és mosta meg nyalja.Majd újra elkezdte a nyálas úját feldugni.Amikor már nem ment bejebb le ment a lyukamhoz és nyalni kezdte és éreztem a meleg nyelvét ami isteni volt. Mindez... Continue»
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After a long day at work I began my long journey home, the day had been filled with laughter, and flirtatious fun with male and female work colleagues, which had got me me slightly in the mood. Unfortunately my then partner Kelli (35) I knew would have been asl**p at that time, so it was a case of rushing in, showering and then off to bed. Little did I know though what was about to greet me. The time was about 02:00am which was about my normal time on returning home, on closing the gate I could hear through door without even opening the back door moaning and the sounds of squelching. Kelli by ... Continue»
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Making Jeri Cum

This has been a very difficult letter for me to write. Like other notes I've written and will write in the future, this is about real life. These letters are about how I love to be made love to. Until lately, I've never thought much about exactly what I like most, in such detail. Having to think specifically about how I love best to be fucked, eaten and fingered has been too distracting. I have to stop writing to get myself off after just a few paragraphs.

I love to masturbate, and I love even more having a sexy partner get in on it with me. Sitting here on the couch, with him sitting in th... Continue»
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Revenge Fuck - PT2: At The Office

Spencer arrived at work a little earlier than usual Monday morning remembering the previous weekend's activities. After their morning fuck session Saturday, Sasha and Spencer talked about continuing their liaisons in the future since they both found out they were sex starved people. Spencer knew partially because he accidentally saw Sasha masturbating at work.

"You saw me?" she asked slightly stunned.

"Yeah," Spencer said guiltily.

"What did you do while you watched?" Sasha asked very curious.

Spencer was surprised that she didn't snap at him for seeing her masturbate. He thought b... Continue»
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boots bound all day

Boots bound all day
In my pursuit for sexual satisfaction i was looking for some fun and tried a local dating forum, i was advertising myself as a sexy cross dressing sub who is disabled, i had a few hello’s and some who were curious about me and my disability, i had 3 pics on the site, one of just my high heel boots and the two others of me in my spandex leggings,boots and gloves and fetish hood.

I had a couple of messages from this guy called simon he was a straight guy nice and slim, and he wanted to have fun with me, we talked and shared a lot of stuff, he knew my levels and was happy,... Continue»
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Our First Kiss?

The sun is barely coming up and I am already in the barn. I notice an extra horse in the barn and wonder discover that it is Biscuit – Ella’s horse. Why is Biscuit here, I wonder to myself, but the concerns of Biscuit’s presence are quickly replaced with thoughts of Ella.

Recently, I have seen a lot of her…in the barn down on her farm, in the woods…always with a boy, but I dream at night of her with me. I wonder how she tastes, how she feels. Before I know it…the discovery of Biscuit has me sneaking into an empty stall…I lie back on the hay, confident that I won’t be discovered this early... Continue»
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Toms camper

My heart pounding, I blushed and wanted to cry. No one has seen my private parts except my mother when she use to wash me. now I'm laying here my dick stiff in front of my new friend. "I'm sorry" I told him," it just does that". Tom smiled,"it's ok, I won't tell if you don't". He said." I started to feel better. " maybe I can help it if you want" he said. "Really" I said. I wiped my eyes. " can you make it stop hurting" I asked. He stroked my head,"I can try, so you mind if I touch it" he whispered. " ok, but you have to promise not to tell anyone". I told him. He kissed my forehead and said" ... Continue»
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written on 2015-08-08

Maybe one of my best experience.

To refresh the context. On this period, with my best friend we have try some things.
My last acquisition was a magic wand and a full lycra hood (total obscur).

She love playing with me. And I'm in total trust with her

We have not play again since some month (I was on couple in the meantime

We are at my flat in the evening.
The deal is if I refuse to do whatever, I will not have the right to cum tonight.
Nothing to eat, so we order pizza.
Waiting, we talk, and she want I show her some t... Continue»
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An Officer & A Gentleman

The alarm went off and I groaned while reaching over to hit the SNOOZE button.
“Damn.” I said getting out of bed.
As my usual routine, I turned the TV on, turned to channel 2 and waited to see what Atlanta rush hour traffic would have in store for me.
“We go now to Karen Minton with your weather.” Fred Blankenship said on the television.
I shook my head.
“Makes no sense how fine that man is.” I said walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
It was supposed to be cool that day, a nice November day. I turned the shower on, just as I heard that all lanes were blocked on GA-400 due y... Continue»
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