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Fun with wife and friend (not mine but very hot)

This happened about 5 years ago, my wife, myself and a friend of mine decided to go waterskiing on the weekend, there is a lake not far from were we live so we headed there for the day. We quite often go here and it is usually quite busy, but for whatever reason this time there was no-one there.

A little about my wife, she is quite tall, great ass, and small but nice tits she is quite conservative but after a couple of drinks and if she is comfortable with the company she is in , relaxes and has a good time.

Back to the weekend, we put the boat in, had a couple of drinks and decided to... Continue»
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This is my first time ever writing or posting any sex stories. So please bear with me.

It was a cold winter night, I was heading down the road in the wind and snow, it wasn't snowing horribly bad, but I deal with it as an over the road trucker. But I was heading down the road, heading to my next destination. I had been driving for a few hours and it was getting dark, when I saw a woman walking along side of the road. Now I'm not one to usually stop, but during the weather you know something could have happened, she may have had car trouble and with her walking in the wind and snow, I fi... Continue»
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Evil stepmom part3

So my stepmom had let me cum over her naked hot body so I wouldn't tell my father about all the men she was fucking around with, then she sent me to her friends house where I was tricked into eating out her friends pussy so that they could then later both fuck a large black man together.
My Stepmom was truly an evil scheming bitch and I needed to stay away from her as much as I could.
Well my luck soon changed because a young girl in the office I worked in, suddenly became rather chatty with me and after a lot of joking around I asked Hailey out and she agreed.
For the following weeks every... Continue»
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Masturbation in the Park

This very evening, I was late leaving my place of work in the CBD. I had been playing an Android game called Ingress, and I had finally finished what I had wanted to do, and made a path for the train station. Because it was past 6PM, I couldn't enter from underneath the station. So instead I headed for the altenerate route, which cuts through a small park in the CBD which frequents considerable passers by.

I was walking around the concrete path at the edge, mostly looking at my phone and playing Ingress on the way back, when I glanced at a woman laying in the park. It was later in the eveni... Continue»
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BJ While Wife's On The Phone

Both of us were horny as we chatted online. My girlfriend was sl**ping late and his wife was in the other room.

Luis and I wanted to get together, but we were baffled on how to meet being that both of our ladies were at home. It is usually no problem during the week because both of them and at work. Unfortunately, neither one of them really ever went anywhere on the weekends.

We had just about given up when Luis asked me to wait a minute, he would be right back. When he came back to the computer, he said his wife had asked him to run a couple of errands. Luis asked if I wanted to meet h... Continue»
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Head teacher

As a dedicated teacher I always wanted to be a head master of my own school, the opportunity came up for deputy headmaster of a mixed 6th form college, after my interview I had a good look round showing great interest in all the projects, they did also noticed the amount of very sexy girls there, as I waited for a decision to be made I took great interest in the achievements in sport, being called in to the board of governors office I was given the job and showed to my office, I was told I would be shown my duties the following day and be introduced to my secretary.
The following morning I ar... Continue»
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Meeting Freddy Three

Freddy has just given me one of the best fuckings I’ve ever had. It was several minutes before his cock began to shrivel down to is flaccid four-inch length, and finally slip out of my rectum. As soon as he cock left my asshole, a flood of cum and ass juice flowed out over my balls. I stood up and grabbing the towel, I proceeded to suck as much of the our cum and bodily fluids out of it as I could. The taste of our mixed cum was like nectar to me. It excited me. As I sucked as much as I could get out of the material, my cock was beginning to ooze precum again, and started to become erect. Fre... Continue»
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Evil stepmom part 2.

So my stepmom had let me cum all over her naked body and now was fucking around with almost every bloke that came to the house and there's nothing I could say to stop her.
So I tried to ignore it and even when I returned from work and she was on her back, legs in the air getting fucked silly by some delivery bloke or the pool guy I just had to keep my mouth shut and quietly tug my self off.
Then one day I came home and Melinda was actually dressed and talking to me all nice and for a few minutes I thought she had suddenly changed, then it turned out she just wanted a favour.
"I need you to ... Continue»
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Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 13

Daddy’s Little Girl
Part 13

(Saturday Morning)

I awake, in the king sized bed, in the dark, and alone. I wondered when Connie slipped out. After last night I thought she would still be asl**p.
Her pig of a husband was right handed, as he was trying to burn away her tender bits, he had worked more to her left than her right. I finally found a sweat spot, for a lovers kiss.
But a spot so weak it would not yield but a gasp. For my finding it, she was ready for me to search out other lost secrets.

Her right leg, over mine, my left between hers. I was too able to reach her in... Continue»
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How mom made him state champ pt 3

"So how was the hand-job?" Gail asked her s****r as they spoke on the phone.

"You mean hand-jobs?" Michelle answered.

"You got him off more than once?" Gail asked.

"I got him off twice in the shower, twice in bed last night, once this morning and twice on the car right home. I believe that makes seven if I'm not mistaken." Michelle said proudly.

"Holy fuck, Michelle. Seven orgasms? Are you serious?" Gail exclaimed.

"He's like the energizer bunny. He just keep going and going and going." Michelle giggled.

"Oh my God, s*s, I want him." Gail said.

"Well, funny you should say ... Continue»
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Penis And Masturbation Survey

Age: 17
Body Type: Slim, Some tone
Grower or Shower: I'd say I'm a Shower but I also Grow like 2ish Inches..
Hard Length/Girth: 7 Inches, and I dont know the girth but I'm pretty wide
Soft Length/Girth: Around 3 to 4 Inches long
Do you consider it big, small or medium: Medium Big :)
How big compared to your b*****rs (if you have them): Soft i'd say around the same size as my b*****rs if not a little bigger
How many other boy's penises have you seen: In person, around 6 or so
What's the biggest you've seen? They were all ... Continue»
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Über mich

Name: steifbaer
Alter: 52
Augenfarbe: grünbraun
Haarfarbe: dunkelbraun
Größe: 2,03 m
Gewicht: ~110 kg
Konfektionsgröße: XL-XXL
Penis Länge: 19 cm
Durchmesser/Umfang: 5 cm
Gekrümmt: Nein
Beschnitten: Nein
Große oder kleine Eichel: dick
Schuhgröße: 45
Familienstand: solo
Wenn du in eine festen Bindung bist, wie lange schon: -
Was gefällt dir an dir: mein rasierter Schwanz, wenn er abspritzt
Was nicht: da gibt es nichts

Bist du rasiert: Klar
Wie rasierst du dich: nass
Wie oft rasierst du dich: täglich

Bist du gepierct: nein
Wenn ja wo: -
Bist du tätowiert: ja
Wenn ja wo... Continue»
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As a teenager I was into the usual things footy, music and hanging out with the crew, there was 6 of us and all went to the same school Mark and Allen James (AJ) they where b*****rs and next door neighbours, Tony Myself Craig and Karen & Sally Identical twins who lived 3 doors down, we always hung out together but nothing serious. As time went by we all sort of done our own thing we hung out together but not as much as we did, I started to fancy Karen and found out she fancied me, one day I got up the courage to ask her out to the pictures, knee’s knocking and sweating like hell I asked if she... Continue»
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Here i am again.laying on my back nude with my cock hard as a fucking rock and standing straight up.the fucking swollen head is twice as fat as my ridgid throbbing shaft.the head looks like a big red shiny mushroom with an open slit on the top.the veins are popping out along the sides of the throbbing can see the bl**d pulsing through the veins giving my meat a life of it's looks like you could just snap it off of my body it's so fucking ball sack is loose from the heat of the sun and laying on the crack of my sweating fucking nuts are swollwen with cum and ... Continue»
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My early 1990s adult video supplier’s wife T

See the video:

Back in the early 1990s I moved to London and lived in bedsit near Stratford, East London. I did find the city a bit daunting at first but enjoyed going down to soho. I saw some ‘live’ shows and bought my first porn tape there. This was pre internet so all porn was still mostly on VHS tapes. I found soho to be quite expensive and to be honest a bit of a rip off as most videos were highly censored.

Reading the adverts in the local newspaper I saw there was one for ‘adult videos’ with a phone numbe... Continue»
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How mom made him state champ pt 1

The angry roar of screaming spectators filled the auditorium as they watched Jacob's opponent throw him to the mat.

Jacob fought to get out from under the other boy. He pushed and squirmed, but couldn't budge under the weight of the other wrestler. The ref dropped to the mat beside them, watching for the pin. Jacob knew he was in trouble.

Jacob's parents jumped to their feet as they looked on.

"Get up, Jacob!" His mom shouted. Her soft little voice drowned out by the crowd.

As he struggled, Jacob saw his mom in the stands. She seemed to be doing a nervous little dance as she looke... Continue»
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A Craving for Cock

I am not sure what it is with me. I have always been straight, with my life consisting of girlfriends, a wife, and a love of pussy. But lately, I have had one thing on my mind – sucking cock.

I fantasize about meeting a middle aged man who is larger than me, and the two of us are alone in a room. He leans down and kisses me, using a lot of tongue and kissing in a somewhat sloppy manner, but done with a purpose to convey to me that he is in control and that I am his. The kiss eventually moves from my mouth to my cheek and then to my ear, with him leaving a wet trail from his tongue over the... Continue»
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Kathleen's House of Excitement, Part 2

I had just finished a shower and was pouring a cup of coffee when the phone rang. It was Kathleen sounding quite cheery, inviting me over for brunch. My new relationship with her told me I might expect more than a waffle and coffee, so I accepted her offer. "Great - be here at eleven sharp," she said, "And don't bother knocking."

I walked through her front door promptly at eleven, and called out to her. "In the kitchen," came her response. When I entered the room, I was rather shocked to see Claire sitting at the table having her coffee. Kathleen was at the range preparing the brunch menu.... Continue»
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Helping my aunt and uncle pt 1

I had just turned eighteen and school had just let out. I was free at last, ready to run around with all my friends and forget about everything. That's how I had planed to spend my summer but my mom and dad had other plans for me.

"That's right son." my dad started.

"Your aunt and uncle need help this summer with stuff around their house and I told them you would be glad to help them out." He finished and I was shocked.

I tried to talk my parents out of it but there was no way, my mom and dad had made up their minds. My mother had my bags packed already. It was like they wanted to get... Continue»
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Helping my aunt and uncle pt 2

I awoke at about five in the morning. At home I always slept till my mom would come and wake me. I looked over at my aunt and uncle's sl**ping forms. I had never had sex before, and even though my aunt told me what we had done last night was not sex, it felt like it to me. I remembered last night, my aunt had jacked me off in the darkness to get my sperm for the baby that her and my uncle wanted. She had not just jacked me off like she told me. In the darkness of their room, she had licked the head of my cock and let me suck on her boobs.

I looked up at the ceiling, I'd seen a few girls' b... Continue»
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