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Me and mum part 1

Part 1
It all started when I was about 9, thinking about it my mum would wash me in the bath but she would spend a lot of time cleaning my cock and that sort of area.
That is my early recollection when it started then the next thing that would happen would be when I was having a pee my mum would just walk in on me (no locks on doors) and not say a word but just look at me having a pee I never thought much of it back then but over the years I got used to it.
As I was starting to get bigger and reach puberty she would just walk in to the bathroom even when I was in the bath and just pull h... Continue»
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A MILFs vacation

Kate was feeling frustrated. She felt very much like a spare wheel. She was currently sat on a bar stool in a cocktail bar in southern Spain has one of her old school friends snogged the face off her husband right next to her. Kate was a 40 year old mother of one who had taken up the opportunity of a week in the sun staying with her friend Julie and her husband Paul. it was her second to last night and so far she had hardly seen anything of Julie. Her and Paul ran a coffee shop and ice cream parlour in the town and had been gone for long periods of time most days. Initally Kate hadn't minded. ... Continue»
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Self suck and first time ass play

So one night in bed i was smoking some weed i had just used this nice gar wrap to roll a blunt...high ass fuck i start getting horny a dn begin rubbing my cock getting it nicr amd hard it has been a hard week and been quite a few days since ive cummed soni had a huge load ....i pull out some playboys amd begin jerking offbut the playboys just wasnt doing it for me looking down my cock was so hard and big it was makng my mouth water so i decided id try sucking my own dick ive been able to do so before with some persistence and i started rubbing my cock i got it nice and hard i cross... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure

I loved Saturdays. They were easily my favorite day of the week. There was something so great about them. Yeah, having no classes was nice. Yeah, the beer was great. Yeah, the football was pretty awesome. But my favorite thing about Saturdays was the cheerleaders. College cheerleaders. While I had a hardon for most cheerleaders from most of the nation's schools, the cheerleaders from my own school, Rasington University, were the sexiest of them all. Those firm breasts, those short skirts, those big asses. They were perfect.

Our colors were gold and blue. Rasington's mascot was the Roosters.... Continue»
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Our Holiday - Part 1

This is basically a true as it happened story with a few small changes. We'd like to introduce ourselves.. I'm Mark, totally straight and my wife is Kel who is bi-sexual, we're happily married and are on holiday celebrating Kel's 30's birthday! :)

Please don't be too cruel in the comments as this is our first attempt at a blog.

Kel and I begin to wake, holding each other close as the morning sunlight streams through our hotel suite window. Opening my eyes I glance at the clock seeing its still quite early so continue to cuddle Kel and we begin to kiss, pausing to say "morning" to each o... Continue»
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My Wife Use to Masturbate a lot

Linda and I been married for 14 years now, the sex is maybe once a week maybe. She use to be a horny woman when we first met. We fucked every night, and when she was horny at night and I was a sl**p, she would suck my cock and get on top and ride me, of course that woke me up. I fucked her for 30 min to and hour, then go back to sl**p. If she wasn’t pleased with the sex she would masturbate. Some nights she would just masturbate and not wake me up, but I heard her moans and lie there and listen. One night she was rubbing her pussy, she was moaning and I guess she was about to cum, well I got a... Continue»
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Oh my God I had never had such a raging hard on cock was stiff and throbbing as Albert slowly teased me pumping his old calloused hand up and down my shaft before pulling my foreskin right back and dipping his head he sucked the tip into his mouth and sucked as he slid his lips down my shaft to the base and slowly oh so slowly back up to the tip. I was being sucked and wanked by an 71 year old pervert who had persuaded me to let him into my toilet cubicle ... a place I often frequented after school for a quick furtive wank looking at all the graffiti and drawings of huge cocks ... Continue»
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2 guys at a lake.

Wouldn't have exspected it to come down like this.
I was going fishing with my cousin Mike to a lake near his house.
I went on Vacation with my f****y, so he kinda had the duty to show me arround and keep
me entertained, but we were getting along well.

However, this evening was crazy.

We had sucess fishing a few and he showed me how to cook the fish over a fire.
I thought it was disgusting at first to eat them 'raw' like that, but i
did not want to pussy out, so I ate them too.

After a lot of talking about casual stuff we started talking about girls.
I have never had a girlfrie... Continue»
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Jade's daddy is a sex addict

This is Jade:

At 18 she likes to go to the gym, keep herself fit and healthy and make sure she looks fit for all the lads. She hadn't passed her driving test yet so going to the gym she had to rely on her daddy to drop her there and pick her up. Every time she would leave the gym she would always be wearing her tight little spandex two piece out fit looking a lot like this...

She had been working hard a... Continue»
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My first time having sex

The time was the fall of 1978. My parents were both deceased in an auto accident and I had dropped out of school and had spent the previous six months clearing out their property, homes and business for the big sell off.

I lived in a po-dunk community where 'outsiders' were looked at with suspicion and long time residents, fifth or six generation descendants from the original pioneers/49ers were called "Poison Oakers." My parents were the 'outsiders' as they moved into that place, opened a business and became a success. "New Money" was also frounded upon.

When I was not busy, I di... Continue»
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Waiting for the Bus

I was at this bus shelter late one night, waiting for a bus. There was no one else about and often, in situations like this, especially after a few beers, I am quite likely to unzip and let my cock take the night air. Masturbating in a public place, even if there is no one around, is almost as good as masturbating in public.

But then I heard someone coming, so I decided not to unzip and waited to see who it was.

It was a woman, mid-40s, I suppose, not unattractive with a east european look about her. She seemed a bit lost and nervously tried to ask me a question about where the bus was... Continue»
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Photo Shoot In Tights

I had a phone call from my agency saying a customer wanted to book me for a glamour / topless photo shoot and he had booked me for an hour.
The pay was good and as it was a Sunday it wouldn’t interfere with my work, I told them I would do it and was given the details, I was to go to a engineering company the following Sunday at 2 pm.
It did appear to be a bit strange but I set off on my own with a bag of clothes, my boyfriend was playing football so could not drive me for once.
I turned up at the company on an industrial estate and rang the security door; a guy answered and showed me in.
... Continue»
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The Discrete Beach Exhibitionists

How far do you think you could go, I mean sexually and I mean right out in there in the public domain…how much do you think the people would tolerate regarding open but discrete sexual expression before the line was crossed…before someone would be offended, before it would just become a lewd exhibitionist act…before the cops or someone would intervene…well we had discussed this many times (Layla & I (Slowhand)) and decided to test the waters and explore the boundaries…push the envelope by engaging in a tasteful discrete sexual act in an adult public setting…Layla agreed to give me a handjob a... Continue»
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Sex and Religion part 3

Basically the problem is your god is a jealous woman.Think about it I went on as we lay side by side together both as naked as the day we were born Together in my large comfortable, cosy bed. For the first time ever like two people who just made love.

I really wasn't sure where I was going with this, it was completely uncharted territory. I'd had onky the most minor bi encounters in my life before this and they were years ago. Gay or bi sex wasn't even on my horizon when i'd first encountered the priest. It was his sudden consuming lust for me, mixed with his weakness while remaining sanct... Continue»
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The Wank Part 2 "First Date"

The Wank Part 2 "First Date"

You really must read THE WANk first, because I can't be arsed to recap.

Six weeks after "The Wank", I had been fancying the pants off Rob for a year or more,
and I still had not managed to shag him.

Now this was partly because I had chosen to have him as a friend. And friends don't fuck.
Well, in theory.

In my case several of my boyfriends and lovers had started out as friends initially, and platonic,
then had progressed to kissing and then sex. And then later we'd become an item. So
do I shag on a first date? Well, no. I have already shag... Continue»
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Tied up in the woods

The firelight was dancing over them as she lay snuggled up between his legs, listening to the crackling of the logs. The only other thing she could hear was the sound of his breathing.

He reached down and caressed her cheek; she leaned into his hand.

'Bed?' His voice was soft. She sat up and turned to him, nodding sl**pily. 'I'll be there in a minute.' She leaned into him and kissed him, melting in his arms as the feeling of his lips on hers took over her senses. He broke the kiss and she stood and moved towards the tent.

As she bent down to undo the zip she heard him behind her and s... Continue»
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F Machine Pro Review

F Machine Pro Review

I was contacted by a gentleman called Ian and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing this machine having seen pictures of them I was more than happy to review them as they look amazing and I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a robot. Upon my interest he emailed me the machines image and an instruction package so I could read about it and get advanced knowledge before the set date. Ian was very helpful and efficient in providing answers to questions allowing me to feel completely relaxed and comfortable before the shoot. Within great time we had set a date that I was abl... Continue»
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Sybian Box review

My adventure with this extraordinary device began when I was contacted by a man called Ian, who worked for the company His suggestion was clear and straight to the point asking my interest to trying out this unique machine. I was very interested after all a girl has to try something new and definitely at least once. Upon my interest he was very open to answering all questions I had, and went out his way to send me by email a package which included a picture of the product and an instruction set, so I would be able to read about the Sybian Box before it arrived: allowing ... Continue»
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s****r Seduces Younger b*****r – Part 3

Below is the link for the previous story which as Part 2 :

My name is Anita (pet name Anny) and I want to continue to tell you how I seduced my b*****r Raju. Little bit f****y background, my father is deceased, my mother follows her village traditions wearing white cotton loose blouse and skirt (mostly in house she just wears loose blouse her 38 inch breasts always hanging in easy view. About myself, I am 5feet 4 inches tall, tan colour body 36-28-34 (my breasts are firm with long nipples and covered only with loose blouse made by mothe... Continue»
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Guy Teaches Gal All about Eating Pussy

Many years ago I lived in a small apartment building, the landlord, a friend of a friend, lived on the first floor with his wife and daughter. When I moved in, his daughter Jackie was under eighteen years of age. I would pay her to feed my cat when I was out of town, but, otherwise, I didn’t see much of her. I might run into her once a year in the hallway, some years not at all. Once my girlfriend and I passed Jackie in the hallway, and we exchanged hellos. My girlfriend commented on Jackie’s good looks, but I kept my own counsel, Jackie was, after all, still a minor. I will submit a descript... Continue»
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