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My early troubles: My diary Chapter 1

My diary, Chapter one: 
It's my favorite time of the year again, it's my birthday so I'll be getting plenty of gifts and we'll have a party at my mom's big house. I invited all of my friends from school so it'll be lots of fun, plus that cute boy Josh will be there too. I was turning 7 but I still had to wear pull ups diapers to bed because I had a "bed wetting" problem meaning I peed my bed at night without knowing it. I hope the party is gonna be just as fun as last year...

...Tonight's party was great I'm so glad my mom gave me this diary so I could write all of the cool things I do. To... Continue»
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Sexy Tiffany:)

My name is Tiffany and I recently got engaged to my boyfriend, Bruce. Although Bruce’s mother lived nearby, and I had done several things with her before, I had never met Bruce’s father (who was divorced from his mother) before he proposed, so a week after I accepted his proposal, he arranged for me to spend the weekend with him at his father’s home.

Bruce’s father, Jerry, lived in this huge, sprawling house, which was more like a mansion. Jerry was immediately friendly and made me feel very comfortable from the moment that I met him.

Jerry opened a bottle of wine to celebrate and the th... Continue»
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Fun with a cross dresser

I had a really good experience with a cross dresser yesterday. A mutual friend had recommended him after enjoying his services so I got in touch and he immediately responded by inviting me to go and meet him. It was most enjoyable. I have never been with a CD before but he seemed okay. He is late 50s and very slim. It was really quite strange. He came to the door in a dressing gown and invited me into the lounge where he explained how he had got involved in all of this by dressing up in his wife's underwear when she was out. He said that this was a real turn on for him but eventually he got so... Continue»
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A Girl addicted to cumming.

After that night that my friend Megan taught me how to make myself cum It became a regular activity for me. It was like once my clit had been awoken I just couldn't help myself. Those last few days of summer I spent hours holed up in my room ferociously grinding on my pillows, the edge of my mattress, and one deliciously firm stuffed penguin whose name I changed from Pengy to James. At dinner one night that week my mother asked me why I was suddenly in my room so much, I made up a lie about all the summer reading I'd forgotten to do and she bought it. And so I was left alone the rest of the we... Continue»
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8 Clothed Females 4 Naked Males.

The fun below involved Laura, Eleanor, Ann-Marie, Rachael, Becky, Alicia, Zoe, Nicola. Mike, Ewan, Ryan and Jon.

Sorry it has taken so long to post my CFNM night but I needed to concentrate on my exams first ...
Everything below actually happened and can be confirmed by one of the guys involved, Jon, who has been on xhamster for years :)

About two months ago my friend Rachael was getting married and I decided to organise a femdom night for her hen party. She thought it would be a giggle but said she would not get too personally involved on the night in case word got thru to her fiancé... Continue»
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Tropical Island - Fun on the Beach

Imagine we are on a long white sandy beach, fringed by palm trees, the waves are lapping, no one is around and we have a lovely fire to keep warm, as the sun sets and we are laying side by side and there are buckets of Ice cold champagne....... what would you want me to do with you........?

I would love to spill some champagne over your neck & breasts and then I pass my tongue over your beautiful body, licking and sucking - I guess the cold champagne would make your nipples very hard and delicious to suck.....

I'd be so gentle on your nipples. I could take some ice cubes and rub them aro... Continue»
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The new selling job part 13

The first time Daniel took a cock in his mouth, John's cock, he was sure
the humiliation could never have gotten worse in his life. He was wrong. He
now stood naked in front of his three friends from school; not just
physically naked, shaved cock hanging loose, but exposed as a cocksucker
for them and everyone else.

"So you're really gonna do this huh," asked Eric. "You're gonna suck our

Daniel nodded his head only once. Eric was tall with red hair, he and
Daniel had known each other since grade school.

Eric, Phillip and Jason followed Daniel into the locker room. "W... Continue»
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My Cousin's Visit on a Quiet Afternoon

(This is a recollection of a teen-aged escapade)

I have an unfathomable desire to somehow create a hilarious situation where I will be naked with an erection in front of my cousin. I'm not sure exactly why the scene plays out in my mind, a surprise of some kind based on an improbable joke and the unbridled laughter that will accompany my standing nude with my excited cock pointing up in front of me.

Maybe it's the Playboy magazines my friend Joey found in his grandfather's garage last week that have made their way into three or four different teen bedrooms in the last several days... Continue»
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A wet woman's best friend

Carla is a single woman who is in her late twenties and she lives alone... Well aside from Benny, her faithful dog. Benny is a well trained boxer that's 4 years old, soon going on 5 and to Carla he is truly an obedient dog. Carla works at an office with computers and she always loved it when it was time to go home. 

After the end of one of those typical work days Carla went home to her two bedroom apartment. As she approached the door with her keys making jingle noises she could hear her most faithful companion approaching on the other side of the closed door and he started to bark. Carla's... Continue»
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Sis and Me ~ Part 1

Hey! Most of you know me by now as the boy who fucked his mother, if you don’t know me then my name is David! This story, like my Mommy and Me stories, is based on real event but also is just my imagination….feel free to kik me and ask what’s real and what’s a fantasy…or just leave it a mystery 

It was a hot summer day, my b*****r, Tyler, was off at football practice, my s****r, Sabrina, was in the pool with friends, my dad was in London for a business meeting, and my mom was out with friends. I was alone in my house, aside from the servants, and was getting bored. I called up Luke. Luke w... Continue»
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Yacht Crew

Karen was searching an internet dating site and she met this guy he was a rugged good looking. They started chatting and flirting and one night while I was away working. Karen was bored and horny and Dave suggested he show Karen what she could have when they met. Karen described his cock as thick and long and she gets very turned on watching guys play with themselves thinking about her. She was getting more turned on when he told her he would have a crew of two or three guys with him, and would she like to be shared. As she watched him, and thought about the possibility of having three guys to... Continue»
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The horny Germans

There I was stationed in Munster in Germany for a short time awaiting my one week leave, I had planned to travel north to see some friends and spend some time with them doing what I did best.
As the Friday drew closer I had spent more time on the phone planning who and when I was going to which swingers club with (you see both my friends was bisexual females but lived together to cut down on the expense of rent and so on.)
I was so looking forwards to licking there sweet pussy's as we had had many a good fuck's together but not as a threesome and I believed this week was about to change that... Continue»
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The perfect afternoon

There would be five of us, two men, one obviously me, the other a handsome well built sensitive and gentle man with a more than passing interest in cross dressing and also interested in mature well built women. The other three would all be that, fantastically shapely well built women at least around our age (forties),but older or younger there are no rules here. The day would begin with us all meeting up in a house away from everywhere (so we all could play outside naked without fear of being overlooked if the weather permitted of course) after we had all showered and dressed , all of us woul... Continue»
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Strength of a Beast

A sudden rush of air left your lungs as Kyungsoo pushed you against the fridge, kissing you roughly. His hands, positioned at your hips, slipped under your thin shirt and started roaming as his tongue pried your willing mouth open. A breathy gasp left you as his fingers brushed a sensitive spot on your back and he quickly took the opportunity to push deeper into your mouth.

Fighting for a shred of dominance, you closed your lips on his eager tongue and sucked, pushing your knee against his growing excitement. Kyungsoo growled, and with his mouth never leaving yours, he pulled you away f... Continue»
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The commute!

We are creatures of habit. Take my daily commute into work. For over 2 years i have completed the rat race into London on a busy train. I stick to the same carrage every morning. i decided on this carrage not because it is easy when getting off but solely due to the fact that the gorgeous ladies are in a higher number in this carrage. There is one woman who i have been undressing with my eyes for 2 yrs now! Commuter etiquette is to
smile and nod to say hi. On the occasions where the train is delayed we would do the huff and knowing sigh.

My train lady is so sexy. She has blonde hair. Deep... Continue»
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Cute tiny girl goes Black for the first time (Fant

Angela is a really cute 29 year old girl who comes from a really good f****y with money. She went to grad school and works out a lot. She is great shape and really petite. She lives in a nice neighborhood near a major city in the U.S. Now I've had this fantasy about her the past few months. I always get to hear her tell me stories about the loser guys she goes out with. All of them are these white guys who are very average type of guys in the U.S. She has really pale skin and is really thin. I've always wondered if she had ever fucked a black guy since I know she has slept around town.... Continue»
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Playing In The Shower

The sunlight danced through the window blinds making me wake up. Thank god it was the weekend. I roll over, loving how the feel of my sheets rubbed against my naked body. I am barely awake and already so fucking horny. I feel my pussy getting wet. I sigh and gently massage my tits. Kneading them, making my nipples start to ache. I pinch them, letting out a light moan. I slowly run my hands along my body – delighting in the shivers that go straight to my clit. I trail my hands along my thighs, gently brushing my pussy lips. I can feel the wetness on my fingertips.
I slide one finge... Continue»
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She loved it hard

Tanya was a 40 year old mother of 3 lovely c***dren 2 girls and a boy, Tanya was married to Andrew a business man in the city, and she didn’t have to work had a beautiful house a decent sex life and their c***dren all away at university studying. Andrew was Tanya’s school sweetheart and had known each other since they could talk, Andrew spent many days away on business but this worked well for Tanya as she would go out with her friends regular, she also had a eye for younger men, what you would call a cougar, Tanya was stunning, tall blonde, brown eyes, and a figure that women would kill for, ... Continue»
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All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said…read on!

Many years ago, my first wife and I, along with our two small c***dren, took in a young woman that went to our church and who was struggling financially. Lisa was of Jewish decent, in her early 20's, very pretty, had long dark hair and an athletic build. Her chest was a little on the small side, but I liked that, and her legs were shapely and always gave... Continue»
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Surprise Cumshot on Vacation

I was on holidays the last few days and I experienced such an amazing story, I thought u all may be pleased to hear such a horny holiday story as it made me once mor cum whilst writing it ;)

(Pictures are taking from the internet to enhance ur fantasy =) )

Cumshot surprise on holidays

It was a sunny and hot day at at the beach, a chilling wind was blowing from the sea and I was chilling in my beach chair. I was enjoying the great view when a hot dark haired girl was taking her place next to me. The beach wasp' that crowed but luckily she chose to be next to me. She was 24 year... Continue»
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