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The pleasure of watching

This guy gets married for three times in his life but as he find out later he is not meant to live with a f****y, he has the addiction of watching women in action and that is what turns him on!

I was married 3 times. Now I’m single. If you are interested I can tell you the reason.

My first wife loved me much. And that was the main reason to marry me. But probably together with the love feeling she was sure that I belonged to her. She was sure that she was the only one woman who had rights for my fondling and sex.

She was pretty active in sex – she wanted it as often as possible and as... Continue»
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PART 2 whith My Friends Uncle

On the way to his place Bill kept looking at me, and when we got to a spot that I had been to before with another man. Turning to me bill said I was turning him on and as his new girlfriend he need to do something about it, I smiled and he automatically took this to be an agreement as he moved closer to me, and kissed me still with the seat belt tight around me making me helpless to repel his advances on me, which I found rather exciting. Soon I was at Bills mercy as he lifted my frock and pulled my panties down and proceeded to lick then suck my boy cock and with in minutes he'd made m... Continue»
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Watching my room mate fucking!

Do you have any idea what it’s like to live in a students dormitory? Lots of sex, fun and sex, so let’s get back to the times when we were students and have fun…

It was when I was going to college. I lived in a hostel: it was a big free level building with several sections. Dozens of students from all over the world lived in this place: Indians, Latinos, guys from Saudi Arabia, Russian chicks, several guys from Europe etc. Actually, it was very international community, where everybody was rushing somewhere, where different speeches were heard almost in every corner. It should be noted that ... Continue»
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Can you imagine seeing all those nude high-school girls who showed up for their annual check up? That must be very hot and exciting…

In my youth, as a young college graduate, I was sent to a mountainous province to teach at a complementary school of adult learners aged 18 to 32.Naturally I had to behave properly, warding off sex scenes or sex topics in our conversations for fear of being spied on by my students. In fact’s themes hardly have a place in our Asian culture and literature, let alone voyeurism which is considered to be deviant, highly offensive and an immoral act. Tom peepers onc... Continue»
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Mr. Wong

This guy loves to hang around in the book store where he can get a pile of porn magazines to read and jerk later, but this time he becomes the witness and sees the store owner fucking the shit out of the sales girl…

You might say it is because I have a dirty mind that I like to hang out in adult book stores.

I live on the west side of Chicago and there is one very close to where I live. It is an old building with a brick front. It is owned by a certain Mr. Wong. I thought he ran the place alone until I saw a girl pop out from the back. I thought that she must be his sales clerk. She was ... Continue»
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Do you like spying on other people when you are sure they are not seeing you and you can see them doing things that would never do in public? If you like voyeurism, this story is just for you…

The female genitals are parts of the body carefully covered and protected against any exposure to people, especially in our Oriental cultures. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are proscribed and condemned by the whole community. Women who commit a public nuisance by peeing along the roadside or in a dark corner of a wall merely bare their buttocks and squat down to piss. Very occasionally, in rural areas o... Continue»
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Living With A Beauty Out A Night

“Aadhi, who are you with, on the phone this whole time?” I heard mom yelling out from in the kitchen. “Right, I will call you back and let you know” I hung up the call. “May be Aadhi has a girlfriend” Anu couldn’t wait longer before she turned me any red. “Haha very funny. How about we split the credit with your boyfriend who found me, his s****r?” I knew it wasn’t a great come back but it sure made people laugh. I know, I make terrible jokes at times. And then you know, she hit me with the remote and I ‘playfully’ fight for the remote where I can feel my s****r up a bit without, she realizing... Continue»
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I think I have jacked off in ever state and showed my dick too lots of girls . I love too jackoff I drive around and hunt for girls at the malls watch where they park and get as close as I can . the little malls are the best the girls don't stay long and its easy too get close too them .like the k marts in TENN .I parked next too a ford four girls get out and go in as they come out I and in my car next too them jacking my dick with the window down .as the girls get in one girl looks in my car and she sees me jacking my dick .she tells the other girls that he is jacking off .the red head looks ... Continue»
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The Babysitter - Gina

It was Friday, and I was homeward bound. School was done, and no
homework. Seventh Grade was going well, but my mind was focused on other
distractions. I was thinking about the weekend, and what I wanted to do.

As I walked into the front door, I heard Mom talking on the phone. By
the tone and what she was saying, I was sure she was talking to Dad. "Yes
Dear, I will have Pete's supper ready by the time you get home, and the
Baby Sitter should be here by 5:30," she said. "Baby Sitter!" I thought.
"Yes, I know... No, I will be ready. I know it is important to you Dear,"... Continue»
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Daddy gave me a Black Man to play with.

Daddy called out for him, by name, for him to enter our living room.

I stood to the side, then decided to sit down on the wooden chair by the side of the cabinet, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, after all what has a girl of thirteen got to do with dealing with servants, no, I would leave that to daddy, I was here on vacation and just wanted to get a tan.

When he entered the room the first thing that struck me was his colour, jet black, was the only thing that sprung to mind, I had never seen a man so black.

He smiled and acted very subservient. He spoke in polite English a... Continue»
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The Monks Habit.

I was driving along this country lane when I saw this Monk walking the same way. I stopped the car and asked him if I could give him a lift. He said bless you my son but if you have the time I'm heading to the old Monastery over the hill. I said I thought it was not used anymore and was deserted, he replied as he got into my car that I was right, but he was the caretaker, and lived in it alone, and that he'd been into town to order some timber for repairs that need to be done. He also introduced himself as b*o,John, but I could call him John.
As we drove he asked me about my self and I... Continue»
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So I wanted to write about something I have been dealing with. It's a little weird and deals with themes that may get this post banned or never published, but I want to stress from the outset this is based in reality but the dirty parts are all strictly fantasy and I have no intention of acting on any of them. But I can't help the way I feel.

My niece is 18. She lives in another state far away (thank God for that). Her parents are religious fundamentalists (seems more like a cult to me, but whatever) and she does not get along with them at all, especially her b**st of a father, who be... Continue»
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Her First Time!

Kate and Laura had been friends for years. They did everything together and even at the age of 18 they still loved nothing more on a Friday night than having sl**povers and dishing juicy gossip, watching movies and reading style magazines. On this particular Friday night though something was different, Laura's older b*****r Alex would be there.

Alex was away at college all year and didn't come home much only during the summer. Kate had always thought Alex was super sexy and he had played the leading man in many of her fantasies. He was tall around 6"2, and very toned and tanned, had strong ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #13: Lisette-1

Lisette is a friend for a few years, we shared my sexy smoke several times with some Mary Jane

Lisette looks lovely, she is a slender sensual sexy sweet tender terrific tasty tiny tit teen
I invite her to my sex studio for an interesting intimate interview on her sexual experiences
She gladly accepts with a blush and a smile, so I give her the address and the code to enter
Easily we set the date for her visit, which will be her first ever naked appearance on camera
Tasty you look in those cute cut-offs, I do love your looks! I tell her as I take her coat
Thank you
... Continue»
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s****rs friend showed me how nice she was

Back in the 80s I had a visit from my s****r and her friend (who I did not then know). My s****r lives a good few miles away and we rarely get together due to the distance. As she was driving over to mine she had asked if her friend could come to help drive and stop her being bored on the journey. I readily agreed as it had been some time since we had last seen each other.
My s****r and her friend were only staying over the one night which was handy as we only had space really for 1 extra person so s*s's friend agreed to the sofa for the night.
As luck would have it, my s****rs friend was ... Continue»
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The day I felt slutty

Not so long ago, there was that day where I felt really like a slut. I'm really not the kind of girls to dress like a slut everyday,
despite being free and liking to wear things who let my best body parts (my legs!) shine :) But here is how it happened for a day:

Months ago (last October), I still hadn't my own car so every Friday, I had go back to my parent's house for the week-end after class,
by taking a train then a bus. I hadn't much time to take the train, so I had to rush to my dorm room, take some laundry and go to the station.
Usually I like to change some clothes too before ... Continue»
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My First Time

I was very nervous the first time in a gay bar on a Friday night especially on my own.

I ordered a drink and observed the fantastic men and women in the bar all having a great time.

I got chatting with different men through the night until a much older man came over and introduced himself.

He was taller than me and in very good shape for 65 compared to my 36. After a couple of drinks I could feel his hand under the table reaching in between my legs and start to rub my cock. I told him not in the bar but to go somewhere else.

I was a mixture of nervousness and excitement as we fou... Continue»
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Her Sexy Little Panties

Mitchell stood at the door of his bedroom watching his fiancé get ready for the party. She was slowly putting on her high heels and as she bent over her black dress was riding up her thighs. She was wearing this sexy little black dress with spaghetti straps. Kacie always looked great in anything, but tonight she looked amazing! Her jet-black hair was flowing and the dress hugged her curves in all the right places. She was wearing a strapless black satin bra and matching satin spaghetti sting bikini panties. Mitchell had watched her slid her tiny little panties on after she had showered, and it... Continue»
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Friends: A Dry Spell

Ross hadn't had sex for months. Sure, he had gone without sex before. In fact, many times Ross had unwilling considered himself a sexual camel. But usually his dry spells were only for a few weeks at a time, and this one was slowly becoming a full-fledged, horn-dog, sex drought.

Now there he was. Sitting and watching Baywatch at Joey's place. Halfway though the opening credits, a hard-on filled his pants, as he watched the sexy lifeguards running. So many luscious and various breasts bouncing. Big ones; small ones; medium ones. All bouncing... bouncing.

Ross used every trick in the book ... Continue»
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My Sexy, Dirty Mother Pt2

This is a true story (Lucky me ;) )
Mum's boyfriend- Mike
Mum- Libby

It was around 7 in the morning on a Thursday. I was awoke by the sound of a cupboard shutting downstairs in the kitchen. I went downstairs and saw my mum getting ready for work, at this point she was making a coffee before she went. She was all dressed up and had makeup on and I instantly thought of last night, listening to her get fucked. She saw me and smiled. "Good morning darling, sl**p well?" I felt like taking off of her clothes and eating her pussy but I managed to resist the urge. "Yeah thanks mum, you?" She imm... Continue»
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