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Erica and I lived together at the Novotel Resort in Surabaya for about 9 months during the mid 1990’s.
Erica was a mamasan at a karaoke bar and part owner of a very low rent bordello that catered to local customers special interests.
We have many adventures in sex – here’s one.
I closed the door behind me, getting back to the apartment a bit later from work, than usual.
“Hi honey! You here somewhere?” I called out as I tossed my bag onto the couch.
“It’s been long day, I just want to ... Continue»
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Introduction to all male activities

My Uncle George was the youngest of my mother's step b*****rs and he lived at home for some time after returning from doing his national service. He was always a little bit on the strange side but his great passion was cycle racing and he had a little shed in my grandfather's business yard where he stored his racing bikes and all the bits that went with them. We occasionally would go to see him at the shed and he would show us how to mend punctures, tighten chains, adjust the gears etc.

On one particular occasion, I went to see him about a problem with my bike. He sorted it out for me and ... Continue»
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Morning Sex

What's not to like about about morning sex?

I woke up once, my boy friend (at the time) and I went away for a holiday together. It was just over a week, and I remember the day we had to leave, the woman on the desk saw our door number and told us she'd had a few complaints about our room from people. Apparently, we'd made a bit too much noise...Oops!

We did have a lot of sex, day and night. In fact on the day we first came instead of sorting of things out once we had everything from the car, we just got straight to business. He took a bag out of my hands threw it across the room, pushed... Continue»
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Everyone experiments in sex. I think that's one thing we can all say we've done, because even just trying something for the first time is experimenting. And it's all going to have a different take on people, and it may be different with other people you do an act with. For instance I normally can't stand someone going down on me, but there are two people I absolutely love it from. And I don't know why it is that it's only two people I like it from. The first time I experimented was when I was about 11, and then was just on myself. The first time I did something sexual with another person I was... Continue»
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Alexandra's Dildo and her Little Brother

There I was, 5’9, I was very tall, a brunette and very skinny with my braces just being taken off a couple months ago so now I have a very pleasant smile. I am 17 years old and I have a younger b*****r who is 13 years old. He is a chubby k** who plays video games all day whereas me; I play baseball soccer and basketball. I am sports kind of girl.

My name is Alexandra. I always got boys attention at school but never did any of them ask me out. I had sports practices everyday afterschool and never got home before 6 on schooldays except for Fridays. My parents only get home at 6 so I ne
... Continue»
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Christina pleasures me (with a wank)

I parked up near to the bank and we walked along the High street, heading for a pub to catch a crafty pint before our table was due. As we passed a little service alley that ran between the Royal Hotel and a jewellers, Christina grabbed me and pushed me in. Three steps into the alley and we were sufficiently in the shadows enough that anyone walking by the street - and there weren’t many people about - wouldn’t be able to see us clearly. The end of the alley was in darkness.

“What’s going on?” I said.

Christina pushed me against the wall, pressing her body against me and kissed me har... Continue»
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Dad and Son Bonding

Greg is, to be frank, the most beautiful and sexy b*y I have ever seen. I have to admit, however, that I am a little prejudiced, because he is my son. I have watched him grow from a scrappy little k*d into the teen stud that he is and I have been proud of him every step of the way.
Greg is a soccer player. I have attended all his games and have marveled at how all that running and kicking have helped him to develop beautiful, well muscled legs and a perfect butt. His blond hair and blue eyes, his dimples, and his smile would melt even the hardest heart. It is hard not to fall in love with a ... Continue»
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My Super Orgasm

I am lonely and really horny at the same time. Have been for the longest time. But if I had a choice to mend just one, I would choose the loneliness. I need a woman to hold me all night. And when I wake, her legs and arms would still be wrapped around me in a full body hug. I try so hard everyday to be humble and sincere in every second of my life but there is no substitute in the way a woman's embrace can raise a man spirits into the heavens. Ok with that being said, lately I have been getting so aroused and usually masturbation calms those urges. However, this morning, I woke up and had m... Continue»
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In the Movies

Nervously she looked around trying to look non-chalant so that no one would suspect that there was anything unusual going around. His directions were spot on though. She quickly found the box and opened it. Her heart began to race as she removed the movie ticket and paused to look at the two small egg shaped devices that lay underneath.

She handed the attendant the ticket and headed straight to the restroom. She seemed singularly focused as she went into a stall and closed it. She sat down and opened the box, staring at the devices without touching them.

He was here. Somewhere in that th... Continue»
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my sexy old neighbour

some time ago I moved house and after a few days had to return to my old residence to get my mail and I was expecting a few parcels. when I got there the house was still empty and after collecting my mail I noticed that the parcel I was expecting had not arrived or had been stolen. I decided to knock on next doors was opened by my old next door neighbour whose name was iris. this is how I would describe her. about five foot tall, sixty five years of age, slim, with big heavy breasts, she always flirted with me, and I can remember talking to her one day when a wasp went down her top. no... Continue»
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Our recent strapon session

While the Mrs. loves to see me dressed, she doesn't like me sharing but I have to recount our most recent strapon session...

We hadn't "played" in a while, so I told her that I was going to look for some new clothes, a new wig and a new toy for her harness. I figured it was time to move into more intermediate dildos. I went on to Adam & Eve and bought something called the Legend Anal Pleaser. It came a couple days later and we just had to try it out.

I wanted to be really clean for her, so I asked for an hour to get ready. I gave myself a good enema, shaved (face and cock) and showered. ... Continue»
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Home Alone Imaging your cock

After cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, I turn to check my email. Then I turn to check our xhampster account. I see a couple of friend requests and couple of comments. I smile.

Then I check some of my favorite videos and pictures. I so enjoy seeing all the wonderful cocks available. I let my imagination wonder and enjoy. Sometimes I do this at the kitchen table or take the pc to the bedroom.

I often wonder why I am so fascinated with the wonder of a man's cock and balls. His strong chest, arms and hands. But I am so drawn to look at a man's cock. To see them move and ... Continue»
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A New Apartment

After leaving college I found myself working for a small firm of about 20 employees, I was initially based in their main office and within a few months was offered a promotion. Unfortunately the promotion would mean moving to a town about 2 hours away for a couple of months. Part of the deal was that I would get the use of an apartment the company owned. When I told my girlfriend she wasn’t too happy, although with a wedding being planned she was looking forward to the pay rise.
We decided before I took the job to check out where I would be staying just to ease her worries. We made a weekend ... Continue»
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The True Story Of My Cousin Casey And I

This is the true story of my cousin Casey and I and the first and only time we had sex. When this happened Casey and I had both just turned eighteen separated only by a month. Casey is a little on the chubby side and has brown/blonde hair and hazel eyes. I will attach the picture that I mention in the story, Enjoy.

Casey and my aunt lived in a small town that was about twenty five minutes away from my house. Since we were the only f****y that we had that lived anywhere near each other we saw each other a lot. Casey and I were... Continue»
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"What I Did To Please My Master Today"

Sir I was a good, sexy, little slut for you today.

You instructed me to be while you were away at work, and I am so very grateful Sir.

I honestly do not know how many times I came today as I looked at your photos
and as I enjoyed watching videos of you.
Sir as I did this I was with you, your naughty little slut
and, Sir, you were with me.

On my bed, the morning light shining over my naked body from my bedroom window.
(Sir anyone that walked by would have seen me)
As I watched you and looked at you, I began touching my body without much thought.
(Sir I had... Continue»
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me and a friend

sorry about the spelling
no name will be said thru out this

about a month ago are girlfriends broke up with us around week a part so we hanging out at my place and talking but the girls and when we where talking about the girls we realize hoe horny we where so we hear about the lady lager from a friend that's said he bought one and it's work its better then your hand he said so we finger we should buy one each so we went online to look at them we ended up liking what we seen it was 60 bucks for one so we each broke out the visa and order them with lube. we waited a week for them to come ... Continue»
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A receint trip to the strip bar

So the other day I went to Emperor's in Holiday, FL. It was day shift just hanging out having a few beers. The place was not very crowded about ten guys and at least a dozen girls. I didn’t know any of the girls working that day except for Holly the bartender. Now when I go to the club I tip everybody who gets on stage, a buck for getting up there and two if you get nude, FYI all the clubs in Pasco county FL are full liquor and full nude. I had been there for about an hour, the girls were doing three song sets, so on the third song I'm up there tipping even if you got bullet scars, bad fake ti... Continue»
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Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly

In my last story “I Found a DVD”, I told of how I had witnessed my work colleague, Jane, getting cum splattered over her face from her husband and how this made me so horny everytime I saw her that I had to find ways to achieve desperately needed orgasm at work.

I decided I should expand on this part of the story.

So, as I mentioned, I had found videos of Jane getting cum squirted into her face and it made me sooo horny. Every time I saw her at work, we would stop and chat, usually by the photocopier, coffee machine etc. As we chatted, all I could think about was the ... Continue»
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A Birthday Lesson

Hello, my name is Clara, and I am going to tell you about the time I learned what it really was to be fucked. I was adopted at age 7, by my mother Nina, and now I am eighteen... On the say of my 18th birthday, my mother threw me a huge bash, invited all the f****y and my friends, and let me tell you, it was something I will never forget.

On the day of my 18th birthday, it was hot and humid, the kind of humid that makes your clothes stick to your skin. I came out of my room dressed in a white cotton midriff, no bra, and white jean shorts, almost so short they barely covered my firm ass cheek... Continue»
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My BDSM Extreme Fantasy Day One Part One

Him and I walk into a hotel room. It is on a top floor, no one surrounding us, just me and him. As soon as we walk in the door, I kneel in the corner, waiting for my master's command. He puts the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door knob and closes and locks the door.
My pussy trembles in expectation, my butt squeezes the butt plug that I have in my ass under my panties. He puts the bag with toys and our luggage on the floor next to the closet, then he takes off his leather jacket and his T-shirt.
I sit on my heels, waiting, getting more and more aroused and I moan without realizing. He hears... Continue»
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